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00:00:00Just for my own information, is that your defense?
00:00:02>> Yes.
00:00:02>> Judge Judy: Well, if that's your defense, and just for my own information, without going any further in the case, if that's true, how much money are you out, miss blanks?
00:00:10>> None.
00:00:11>> Judge Judy: And how much money is your sister out?
00:00:14>> The same amount as me -- none.
00:00:15>> Judge Judy: Really?
00:00:16Well, no, that's wrong, you see.
00:00:18>> I don't think so.
00:00:19>> Judge Judy: If she cashed your check from her bank and her bank gave her $3,000 because she cashed this check and if the bank then takes the check to get it paid and they said, "no, this is not a real check, it's not a good check," but the bank's already paid out that money, so they come after the person who had the account and say, "you " do you understand that?
00:00:42>> Yes, but she should be going after the person who gave me the check.
00:00:46I didn't know it was fake.
00:00:48>> Judge Judy: Listen to me, miss blanks.
00:00:50Try to eliminate from your brain everything else that you have to think about for five minutes and just concentrate on what I'm saying.
00:00:58How much money are you out?
00:01:00>> None.
00:01:01>> Judge Judy: Your sister is out $3,000.
00:01:04They came and they're taking out of her bank account because they paid out $3,000, which she gave to you.
00:01:10You bought clothes for your kids, you do whatever else you had to do with it, right?
00:01:15So, you have that merchandise.
00:01:17You have whatever you bought.
00:01:18And she has the bill for the $3,000.
00:01:21Are we together on that?
00:01:26How many children do you have?
00:01:28>> Three.
00:01:31I had to pay the money back to them.
00:01:32I had to send the money western union back to them.
00:01:35>> Judge Judy: The $3,000?
00:01:36>> Yes.
00:01:36>> Judge Judy: Did you send it all back to them?
00:01:38>> Yes, I did.
00:01:39>> Judge Judy: Whose money was that?
00:01:41>> No one's.
00:01:43[ Laughter ] >> Judge Judy: Listen.
00:01:48You know, when we were in ..
00:01:50>> Byrd: Mm-hmm.
00:01:52>> Judge Judy:..Sometimes when you had a problem -- you know, somebody who didn't get it -- you had to do things visually, 'cause I don't think she understands.
00:01:59One, two, three.
00:02:04Now, I want you to take these three pieces of paper and put these three pieces of paper on the plaintiff's desk.
00:02:18I want you, miss blanks, to make believe your sister had $3,000 in her bank account.
00:02:25Pick up the papers, please, miss lewis.
00:02:29Count it.
00:02:30>> One, two, three.
00:02:31>> Judge Judy: You say to her -- what's your sister's first name?
00:02:34>> Diana.
00:02:35>> Judge Judy: "Diana, can you " and she says, "okay," right?
00:02:41>> Right, but -- >> Judge Judy: Just a minute.
00:02:45And she cashes the check, and she gives you -- now, give it to her -- $3,000.
00:02:53>> I -- >> Judge Judy: Listen to me!
00:02:55Listen to me very carefully, because that's what happens.
00:02:58That's a bank.
00:02:58That's her $3,000.
00:03:00She now gives you the $3,000.
00:03:02And I want you to take that $3,000, throw it on the floor.
00:03:08You started out with nothing, right?
00:03:10>> Right.
00:03:10>> Judge Judy: She started out with $3,000, right?
00:03:13>> Yeah, but -- >> Judge Judy: Now she doesn't have $3,000 anymore.
00:03:16You don't have $3,000, but you didn't have $3,000 to begin with.
00:03:20Are you getting that?
00:03:21>> Right, but how was I supposed to know that the check wasn't good?
00:03:24>> Judge Judy: I didn't ask you what you knew.
00:03:25>> That doesn't make sense.
00:03:26>> Judge Judy: I didn't ask you what you knew.
00:03:28We started this discussion, miss blanks, with "i'm in no worse position than she is.
00:03:32" is that what you said?
00:03:35>> Yeah.
00:03:36>> Judge Judy: No!
00:03:37You're not out anything.
00:03:38She's out $3,000.
00:03:40Don't you get that?
00:03:42All right.
00:03:44You have three children.
00:03:45How many children do you have?
00:03:47>> None.
00:03:48>> Judge Judy: Perfect.
00:03:49Pick up the three pieces of paper.
00:03:51Pick up the three pieces of paper.
00:03:54You have three children.
00:03:55Each piece of paper represents one child.
00:03:57So, you have three children.
00:03:59Your sister has no children, right?
00:04:01Give your sister your three pieces of paper.
00:04:03Now your sister has your three children.
00:04:05>> I get it.
00:04:06>> Judge Judy: Just a second.
00:04:08So, she ends up with three children.
00:04:10Are you even now? no.
00:04:12'Cause you had three children to begin with.
00:04:14She had no children.
00:04:14>> But I had -- >> Judge Judy: Now she's got three children and you've got no children.
00:04:18Are you getting it?
00:04:19>> I get it.
00:04:20>> Judge Judy: Good!
00:04:21But I had to send it away.
00:04:22So I'm sending them away, too?
00:04:24>> Byrd: But you didn't send away your money.
00:04:26>> Judge Judy: You sent away her money.
00:04:29>> How was I supposed to know that it wasn't real?
00:04:32>> Judge Judy: Miss lewis, i want to tell you something.
00:04:35Let me tell you something.
00:04:36Do you have the same parents?
00:04:38>> Here and there.
00:04:39>> Judge Judy: Both?
00:04:39>> Yes.
00:04:40>> Judge Judy: I could have sworn -- I could have made book on that one.
00:04:44Listen, are you getting it?
00:04:46>> Yes.
00:04:47>> Judge Judy: You're not equal.
00:04:49Your sister is out all the money and you're out nothing.
00:04:52So, if you were equal and if you say, "how was I supposed to know that this was a fraud," well, after my conversation with you, miss blanks, after the last 12 minutes that we have been talking, the truth of the matter is I don't think you would know that today is tuesday.
00:05:05Or is it wednesday?
00:05:06>> Byrd: It's wednesday.
00:05:07>> It's wednesday.
00:05:08It's not tuesday, it's wednesday.
00:05:10>> Judge Judy: Listen!
00:05:11You're not out anything.
00:05:14Your sister is out $3,000.
00:05:16So, if you wanted to be reasonable and say, "listen, my sister knew that this was a lottery and she knew everything about it, so if we both got skunked, I'm gonna give her $1,500, 'cause at least then we're both out the same amount " duh.
00:05:32>> Announcer: "Judge judy" continues in a moment.
00:05:35>> There's 18 other people that the same thing happened to them.
00:05:38>> Judge Judy: They must all belong to the same mensa group.
00:05:41>> Judge?
00:05:42>> Not really.
00:05:43>> Judge Judy: I mean, this is like an exercise in dumb and dumber.
00:05:46>> Announcer:..
00:05:47>> Judge Judy: I know nothing of your history, but I know all of this the same way that I know that if I said I'm sending you for a hair-follicle drug test today, it would not be a happy day for you.
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00:08:39>> Announcer: Real cases.
00:08:41Real people.
00:08:42" diana lewis claims her sister, sherria blanks, owes for a fraudulent check she cashed on her behalf.
00:08:51Sherria says she was a victim of a british lottery scam.
00:08:54>> Judge Judy: What did your sister tell you when she asked you to cash the check?
00:08:58>> She came to me.
00:08:59She said, "i've tried to cash this check elsewhere, and I need help 'cause I don't have a bank account.
00:09:04Since it's so much, they won't " so she said, "can you cash it at " >> Judge Judy: Just a sec.
00:09:09Did she tell you what the check was from?
00:09:12>> The british lottery, and that was it.
00:09:14>> Judge Judy:..
00:09:16Did you ask her what you had to do -- did she sign up for this lottery?
00:09:21>> I didn't.
00:09:21When we were kids, we didn't have a lot, and we didn't have a lot of money as we grew up, and my family -- we try to make even.
00:09:29They both worked, they both put food on the table for us -- >> Judge Judy: Listen, I know that there are some places where you can go in the daytime, and they'd be interested in this tale of woe.
00:09:39Not me.
00:09:40I'm interested in the $3,000.
00:09:42So, my question to you was, did you know what she had to do with the $3,000?
00:09:48>> Not exactly, no.
00:09:49>> Judge Judy: Why didn't you ask, is my question.
00:09:52>> I don't know.
00:09:53I was being dumb that day, i guess.
00:09:55>> Judge Judy: I suppose you were.
00:09:56Because she said she had to give the money back, because then they were gonna give her a whole bunch more money.
00:10:01So they sent her a check, and the whole idea on the check was, "you cash this check for $3,000 and then send the cash back to us and we're gonna send you " >> but -- >> Judge Judy: Shh.
00:10:13>> Oh, sorry.
00:10:14>> Judge Judy: That about right?
00:10:16Or $60,000 or whatever dumb figure it was.
00:10:18Is that right?
00:10:19>> Yes.
00:10:20She read the paper.
00:10:21>> Judge Judy: Can I see the paper, please?
00:10:23>> She read it.
00:10:23This isn't the exact one, but i got this off the internet.
00:10:34>> Judge Judy: $95,000.
00:10:36"Tax and clearance fee of $2,850 has been financed with the enclosed check.
00:10:42Kindly deposit it or cash it for " then you have to send that, and they tell you, "please contact" and where to send the money.
00:10:50>> Yeah.
00:10:50>> Byrd: Is this on the internet, judge?
00:10:52>> Judge Judy: It's all over the place.
00:10:54It's all over the place.
00:10:55>> Byrd: Warn america.
00:10:55>> Judge Judy: What?
00:10:56>> Byrd: Warn america.
00:10:57>> Judge Judy: Yeah.
00:10:58>> There's 18 other people that the same thing happened to them.
00:11:01>> Judge Judy: Oh, you must all belong to the same mensa group.
00:11:05>> Judge?
00:11:06>> Not really.
00:11:09>> Judge Judy: Listen.
00:11:10I mean, this is like an exercise in dumb and dumber.
00:11:13You have to be out the same amount as your sister.
00:11:15If your sister was dumb enough to cash this check, and she understands she was having a dumb day, that doesn't mean you get off scot-free.
00:11:22And you both can go after these people if you can ever find them.
00:11:26Go to afghanistan and find them.
00:11:28In the meantime, you have to be punished as much as your sister.
00:11:31Not only is your sister going to be punished -- you would agree with that, sir, right?
00:11:35>> Yes, ma'am.
00:11:35>> Judge Judy: Good.
00:11:36Judgment for the plaintiff in the amount of $1,500.
00:11:38That's all.
00:11:39>> Byrd: Parties are excused.
00:11:40You may step out.
00:11:41>> I still think it's both of our fault.
00:11:43>> It just hurts that I have to do this.
00:11:45>> It doesn't make sense why she wants to just come after me.
00:11:47>> I feel that she was scammed.
00:11:48>> I didn't know it was a fraud.
00:11:49>> She knows I'll always be there for her.
00:11:51>> I'm here for her.
00:11:52I'm her big sister.
00:11:52I love her.
00:11:53>> I love you.
00:11:55>> That's right.
00:11:56>> Announcer: And now the next case.
00:11:58>> Byrd: All parties in the MATTER OF CREASON vs. PAUL, STEP Forward.
00:12:01>> Announcer: 24-Year-old reggie creason is suing his ex-girlfriend, 22-year-old tonya paul, for an assault.
00:12:09Reggie claims tonya beat him with a broom handle.
00:12:11>> Judge Judy: creason, it is your claim that the defendant, who used to be your girlfriend, assaulted you with a broom over a year ago, and you want her to pay your medical bills and damages, and miss paul says absolutely not, she didn't touch you with anything.
00:12:25As a matter of fact, you were the aggressor on the day of this incident.
00:12:29Were you living together when this happened?
00:12:31>> Off and on.
00:12:32>> Judge Judy: Were you off or on when this happened?
00:12:34>> Not at the time, no.
00:12:35>> Judge Judy: You weren't living together.
00:12:38Do you remember the date that this happened?
00:12:40>> The 27th of may, 2005.
00:12:41>> Judge Judy: And just for my creason, what is it that woke you up a year later so that you decided to sue the defendant?
00:12:49>> 'Cause I didn't have the funds to process it at the time.
00:12:52>> Judge Judy: How much did it cost to process it?
00:12:54>> $70.
00:12:55>> Judge Judy: So, you saved up your money so that you could file a lawsuit?
00:12:58>> I wasn't working at the time.
00:12:59>> Judge Judy: Are you working now?
00:13:00>> Yes, sure am.
00:13:01>> Judge Judy: Doing what?
00:13:02>> I'm at wal-mart.
00:13:03>> Judge Judy: Well, tell me what happened, sir, on the 27th of may.
00:13:06>> Well, I went over to her place.
00:13:08She was smoking a cigarette, and her kid started crying -- >> excuse me, your honor.
00:13:12>> Judge Judy: Shh.
00:13:14I don't want you to say anything until he's finished.
00:13:16Do you understand?
00:13:18>> Sorry.
00:13:18>> She burned her kid on the forehead with a cigarette before, so I asked her to hold the cigarette while she attended to her child.
00:13:24She just got up all frustrated, ran off to the back room, "i don't need you, I don't need .." this and that.
00:13:28I was wondering what happened.
00:13:29She was pregnant at the time.
00:13:31>> Judge Judy: Pregnant at the time with whose child?
00:13:32>> I'm assuming it's mine.
00:13:33I'm having a paternity test done for it.
00:13:35>> Judge Judy: Okay, go ahead.
00:13:36>> Assuming it was my child, i was wondering what was wrong.
00:13:38She ran in the back bedroom, closed the door.
00:13:40I started knocking on the door to find out what was wrong.
00:13:42I wouldn't have stuck around if it wasn't my child.
00:13:45She just comes out of the bedroom, "unh-unh, I don't need you, I told you I don't need you," pushing me, shoving me, "get out of my house, I don't " I'm like, "okay, let me grab " I started walking after she started pushing me -- walking, pushing.
00:13:56I started walking while she's pushing me.
00:13:58I was starting to pick up my stuff.
00:14:00I turned around -- she hits me with the broom.
00:14:02The broom was in the kitchen.
00:14:03She grabbed the broom.
00:14:05She hit me with the broom in the living room.
00:14:06>> Judge Judy: Were you injured?
00:14:08>> Yeah, I have pictures of it.
00:14:09>> Judge Judy: Did you notify the police?
00:14:10>> I sure did.
00:14:11I have a police report.
00:14:12>> Judge Judy: I'd like to see it, please.
00:14:28 creason, prior to may -- uncross your arms.
00:14:32PRIOR TO MAY 27th, HAD ANYBODY Ever accused you of domestic violence?
00:14:38>> No.
00:14:39>> Judge Judy: Never?
00:14:40>> Never.
00:14:41>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:14:42>> Announcer: "Judge judy" continues in a moment.
00:14:44>> He lands right on top of me, and he's sitting on my stomach.
00:14:47>> Judge Judy: I don't believe you.
00:14:48>> Huh?
00:14:49>> Judge Judy: I don't believe you.
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00:17:57e e e e e e e e >> Announcer: Real cases.
00:18:01Real people.
00:18:02" reggie creason claims ex-girlfriend tonya paul assaulted him with a broom.
00:18:09>> Judge Judy: Okay, now tell me your version of the events, miss paul.
00:18:12>> When we met, we both had a drug problem, and that's how we met.
00:18:16We got together, and in february 2005, I ended up getting pregnant.
00:18:20>> Judge Judy: This wasn't your first pregnancy?
00:18:23>> No, I have a first child, a son -- he's 4.
00:18:25>> Judge Judy: Is he living with you at the time?
00:18:27>> Yes, he still lives with me.
00:18:29>> Judge Judy: Was he born drug-addicted?
00:18:31>> No, he wasn't.
00:18:32>> Judge Judy: Okay, go ahead.
00:18:34>> So, I found out I was pregnant, and I told him that the drugs needed to stop.
00:18:39That was it.
00:18:40So, we had been having issues on and off about it, and he came to my house the morning he's speaking of, and he was on drugs, completely on drugs.
00:18:48You could tell.
00:18:49So, we got into an altercation, and we were arguing.
00:18:51Well, he grabbed me by my throat and was choking me over the table.
00:18:55>> Judge Judy: Let me ask you a question -- were you pregnant at this time?
00:18:58>> Yes, I was.
00:18:59>> Judge Judy: And you told him you were pregnant at this time, and you told him he was the father.
00:19:04>> Yes.
00:19:05>> Judge Judy: Do you have any other children, mr. creason?
00:19:07>> No, I don't.
00:19:08>> Judge Judy: So, this would have been your first child.
00:19:10>> Mm-hmm.
00:19:11>> Judge Judy: Go ahead.
00:19:12>> So, I get away from him, from the table, and I'm running towards the door, and he grabs me, and he lands right on top of me, and he's sitting on my stomach.
00:19:21>> Judge Judy: I don't believe you.
00:19:22>> Huh?
00:19:23>> Judge Judy:" I don't believe you.
00:19:24>> He was -- >> Judge Judy: I don't believe you.
00:19:27>> Honestly, I could put that on anything.
00:19:29He was on top of my stomach.
00:19:30>> Judge Judy: Now, did you call the police immediately when he left?
00:19:34>> No, I called my mother.
00:19:35>> Judge Judy: Did you call -- just listen to me.
00:19:37Did you call the police immediately?
00:19:39Did you call the police the next day?
00:19:40>> No, I did not.
00:19:41>> Judge Judy: The next day?
00:19:42>> No, I did not.
00:19:43>> Judge Judy: The next day?
00:19:44The next day?
00:19:45>> No, I did not call the police.
00:19:46>> Judge Judy: Who's the father of your 4-year-old?
00:19:49>> Christopher [bleep] >> Judge Judy: Where is [bleep] >> he is back home with his son right now.
00:19:53>> Judge Judy: Back home in whose home?
00:19:55>> He's staying at my parents' house with me right now.
00:19:57>> Judge Judy: So, the two of you are together.
00:20:00>> No, we have just got back together recently.
00:20:02>> Judge Judy: So, listen to my words.
00:20:03The two of you are together.
00:20:05>> Yes.
00:20:05>> Judge Judy: Where was mr. [bleep] previously?
00:20:07>> He was dating someone else.
00:20:09>> Judge Judy: Was he incarcerated?
00:20:11>> Uh -- >> Judge Judy: "Uh" is not an answer.
00:20:13Was he incarcerated?
00:20:13>> He has been incarcerated.
00:20:15>> Judge Judy: You have to understand something.
00:20:17I've been in this business a very, very long time.
00:20:19I know everything.
00:20:20>> For domestic violence.
00:20:21>> Judge Judy: Right, for domestic violence against whom?
00:20:25>> Against his girlfriend that he was dating.
00:20:27>> Judge Judy: When you were together with him, did you ever call the police with regard to domestic violence?
00:20:32>> Um, yes, I think I have.
00:20:33>> Judge Judy: Right.
00:20:35Let me tell you, miss paul, i know nothing of your history.
00:20:38But I know all of this the same way that I know that if I said to you, "miss paul, I'm sending you for a hair-follicle drug test today," it would not be a happy day for you.
00:20:47>> It'd be a just fine day.
00:20:49>> Judge Judy: Great.
00:20:50Then we're going to send you.
00:20:51We're going to send you because he's going to go for a paternity test, and I want to see.
00:20:56>> We have paternity test july 28.
00:20:58>> Judge Judy: Good, he's gonna go.
00:21:00He's very smart -- he's taking a paternity test.
00:21:02And if the child turns out to be his, he's going to want to ask for a few things, including visitation and perhaps custody.
00:21:09>> If he's not on drugs.
00:21:10>> Judge Judy: Listen to me.
00:21:11Ifbothof you aren't on drugs.
00:21:16So, there isn't a question in my mind that this man, who may not be the swiftest can in the pack, wouldneverhave risked the baby that you were carrying in your stomach by sitting on your stomach.
00:21:28And there isn't a question in my mind, miss paul, that you are no stranger to domestic violence.
00:21:33You are no stranger.
00:21:35As a matter of fact, the person you are now living with, according to you, was incarcerated for domestic violence.
00:21:41So, if he did everything that you just described to me, there's no question in my mind that the first phone call you made would not have been to your mother, perhaps, but would have been to the police to get a protective order.
00:21:52>> The police department where i live does not do anything when you call them out.
00:21:55I called them out twice.
00:21:56You could ask my mother.
00:21:57>> Judge Judy: I'm not asking your mother a thing.
00:22:00Your mother is allowing somebody to live in the house that probably shouldn't be there and she's not watching you carefully enough, so I'm not asking your mother a thing.
00:22:07So, there's no question in my mind that you hit him over the head with a broom.
00:22:11>> And I didn't.
00:22:11>> Judge Judy: Not a question.
00:22:13No, he hit himself over the head with a broom.
00:22:17>> Announcer: "Judge judy" continues in a moment.
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00:23:32Other risks includedizziness upon standing, decreases in white bloodcells, which can be serious, seizures, impairedjudgment or motor skills, or troubleswallowing.
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00:25:24>> Judge Judy: creason, one of your problems is, sir, that you are asking for a minimal amount of damage.
00:25:30You're asking for your medical bills to be paid, is that right?
00:25:33>> Yes, I should have asked for more because she did damage the vehicle, too, but -- >> Judge Judy: Well, that's not here, sir.
00:25:38All I want to know is what were your medical bills, unreimbursed?
00:25:41>> I have three of them here.
00:25:42>> Judge Judy: And what do they total?
00:25:45>> I believe it was $858 if i did the math right.
00:25:47>> Judge Judy: I want you to listen to me very carefully.
00:25:49Is this your -- >> my mom.
00:25:50>> Judge Judy: I don't know what your mom does or anything else, but I want your mother to counsel you with regard to when you go for your blood test and when you go to court, hopefully, you are drug-free.
00:26:07If you are, I would take a copy of this tape and ask the court to do hair-follicle drug testing on both of you.
00:26:16>> I'd be more than happy to.
00:26:18>> Judge Judy: Perfect.
00:26:20On both of you, because drugs stay in the hair follicle, and they can tell how long ago you used drugs, what kind of drugs you used, what the strength of it was.
00:26:29And I think that if you are in a position, sir, to have substantial input in the life of this child, you probably will be very successful.
00:26:39Judgment for the plaintiff in the amount of $858 for his unreimbursed medical bills.
00:26:43That's all. step out.
00:26:44>> Thank you, your honor.
00:26:45>> Byrd: Parties are excused.
00:26:46You may step out.
00:26:47>> Announcer: "Judge judy" continues in a moment.
00:27:35>> I've done everything I can do to straighten out my life.
00:27:37>> I don't know.
00:27:38The girl's crazy.
00:27:38P>> I take care of my kids and he pDOES NOTHING AT ALL.
00:27:40>> She's withdrawing from drugs or something.
00:27:42>> They could give me a lie-detector test.
00:27:44I never hit him with a broom!
00:27:46>> She's in make-believe land.
00:27:47She made something up.
00:27:59Staying a lot longer than .
00:28:00>>> A new meaning to home for the holidays.
00:28:02Who is coming home and why they plan on staying longer than expected.
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00:28:26I'm allen martin.
00:28:27>> I'm wendy tokuda.
00:28:28The news starts now.
00:28:28>>> Your realtime captioner is Linda Marie MacDonald.
00:28:31Caption Colorado, L.L.C.
00:28:36>>> Kids coming home for the holidays aren't leaving.
00:28:41It's a trend.
00:28:42>> Definitely going to be home for the holidays, huh?
00:28:45>> Yeah, yeah, yeah.
00:28:47[ Laughter ] unfortunately.
00:28:48>> Reporter: Michael herbert is one of a growing number of young adults forced to move back home.
00:28:53>> Feel like I'm 16 again.
00:28:54>> Reporter: Unemployed and finding it hard to find a job, the 23-year-old had no choice but to move back in with mom.
00:29:02>> Sleep in the living room, basically.
00:29:05So it's my bedroom.
00:29:07>> Reporter: Herbert is isn't alone.
00:29:09A whopping one in seven parents say they have had boomerang kids move back with them in the last year.
00:29:14According to a recent pugh study of all 16 to 24-year-olds less than half are currently employed.
00:29:21That's a record low.
00:29:22>> They are more likely to be laid off or unemployed.
00:29:27>> Reporter: Assistant professor jerry cook with sac state's consumer and science department says when adult
00:00:01The cases are real.
00:00:02The rulings are final.
00:00:03Captions paid for bycbs television distribution kenitha roberts is suing her former friend, valinta grace, for a large unpaid loan for living expenses.
00:00:16>> Byrd: Order! all rise!
00:00:19Your honor, this is case number 273 on the calendar in the MATTER OF ROBERTS vs. GRACE.
00:00:23>> Judge Judy: Thank you.
00:00:24>> Byrd: You're welcome, judge.
00:00:25Parties have been sworn in.
00:00:26You may be seated.
00:00:27>> Judge Judy: Miss roberts, your complaint alleges that the defendant, who was a friend of yours, owes you money.
00:00:32Owes you money for a series of loans that you made to him, and the loans were sort of convoluted.
00:00:38He was supposed to work for you.
00:00:39He was gonna work off these loans.
00:00:41He never did come to work for you, so you feel as if you are entitled to this money.
00:00:48>> Yes.
00:00:48>> Judge Judy: grace says that there was never any discussion of loans or never any realdiscussion of him working off this money that you gave him.
00:00:56The time that they were converted to a loan by you was when he rejected any advances from you for a more intimate relationship.
00:01:05>> Of course he would say that, your honor.
00:01:07>> Judge Judy: That's what he says.
00:01:09>> Of course.
00:01:10I don't even know why he swore us in.
00:01:11He's a liar.
00:01:12>> Judge Judy: Well, that's what I'm here to sort of figure out.
00:01:15How did you meet him?
00:01:16>> We met at a nightclub, december 2008.
00:01:18I was introduced to him by my cousin.
00:01:20We exchange business cards, and we kind of talked throughout the week, and we decided to meet up about a week later.
00:01:26Once we did meet up, we kind of talked for hours about our backgrounds.
00:01:29I TOLD HIM THAT I WAS A PhD IN Human development and that my primary business was to write grants to receive money for foster-care children.
00:01:37He then told me that he was in the foster care -- >> Judge Judy: So, you're a grant writer?
00:01:42>> Yes.
00:01:42>> Nice. grants.
00:01:44>> He then said -- >> Judge Judy: Just a second.
00:01:46Did you hear anybody ask you a question?
00:01:48>> No, ma'am. hmm.
00:01:49>> Judge Judy: Go ahead.
00:01:50>> He then said that he himself was in the foster-care system from age 5 to 17.
00:01:54Now, of course, this resonated with me becauseihad been in the foster-care system for two years.
00:02:00And we went on to talk about our kids.
00:02:02I told him that I have a 12-year-old daughter.
00:02:05He said that he hadtwo daughters.
00:02:07He had twofosterdaughters, and that was his way of giving back to the community from which he came.
00:02:12The youngest was 3 years old.
00:02:13He was in the process of trying to adopt her.
00:02:15>> Judge Judy: These were two foster daughters who he said lived with him -- not that he was just supporting, but they actually lived with him?
00:02:21>> Correct.
00:02:22>> Judge Judy: Go ahead.
00:02:23>> So all of these issues, it seemed as if we had common background.
00:02:26And I asked if he was willing to volunteer at the foster-care facility where I worked.
00:02:30He said, yes, he was more than willing to do that.
00:02:32I asked if he could come out and mentor the children, because who better than him could do it, because he could understand.
00:02:37>> Judge Judy: Didn't he have a job?
00:02:39>> Well, he said that he worked for l.a.u.s.d.
00:02:41>> Judge Judy: What's ?
00:02:43>> Los angeles unified school district.
00:02:44He said that he did odd jobs there.
00:02:46But because of the layoffs and the economic downturn, he could no longer maintain that job.
00:02:51So he was not able to support himself and his mother and the foster daughters.
00:02:55>> Judge Judy: Well, he wasn't supporting the foster daughters, because if he, in fact, ever had foster children, thestate supports the foster children.
00:03:04>> Exactly.
00:03:04I asked him that question.
00:03:06I said, "well, don't you get money from the state to take " he said, "well, that money doesn't go to me.
00:03:12I give it to the mothers, " >> Judge Judy: The mothers of the children?
00:03:16>> Correct.
00:03:17So, this was the story, that he was not financially stable.
00:03:20He was working part time as an entertainer, and he was also working for los angeles school district, but he had just lost that job.
00:03:28I said to him that I had just received a grant, but it wasn't gonna be funded until october -- actually, august ofthisyear.
00:03:35Our conversation was in january.
00:03:37I told him that because i received the funds, I would be able to secure him a job in that position, because -- >> Judge Judy: What credentials did he have?
00:03:45>> Well, that's what the background check was for.
00:03:47He said that he went to college.
00:03:49He was supposed to provide that evidence.
00:03:51Additionally, he passed the background check.
00:03:54There was one minor blip that i asked him about, from 1999 -- an open case.
00:03:58I asked him about that.
00:03:59He gave me a story about that.
00:04:00>> Judge Judy: Where did he go to college?
00:04:02>> Ball.
00:04:03I think it was ball university.
00:04:05>> Judge Judy: Where did you go to college, sir?
00:04:07>> Ball?
00:04:07>> Judge Judy: Where did you go !
00:04:10>> I went to modesto junior college.
00:04:11>> Judge Judy: Did you graduate?
00:04:13>> No, I attended one year.
00:04:14>> Judge Judy: Is that what your background check showed?
00:04:17>> No, there was no education.
00:04:19That's why he was supposed to provide the transcripts.
00:04:22Remember, judge, we're going from january to august, which would give enough time.
00:04:26>> Judge Judy: No, miss roberts.
00:04:27You just said to me that you did a background check, and the background check came up okay with the exception of one blip.
00:04:35And it said that he went to -- graduated from -- because i assume that the government doesn't give away grants.
00:04:41'Cause this job, according to you, was supposed to pay something like $48,000 a year.
00:04:45>> Correct.
00:04:45>> Judge Judy: Yeah, I read your complaint very carefully.
00:04:48And the government is not giving away almost $50,000 a year to someone who went to modesto junior college maybe for a year.
00:04:55>> Your honor, the background check was a criminal background check.
00:04:58>> Judge Judy: So, you hadn't done any background check on his credentials for the job?
00:05:03>> Actually, that's what the process was for.
00:05:05>> Judge Judy: The answer is either "yes" or "no"!
00:05:08You hadn't done a background check with regard to his credentialsfor the job.
00:05:11>> We had not gotten to that point yet, judge.
00:05:13>> Judge Judy: Fine.
00:05:14Now, at what point did you conclude that background check?
00:05:18>> This was the middle of january.
00:05:20>> Judge Judy: No, I'm talking about including his education.
00:05:23>> Oh, no, that was never provided, because things ended in three months.
00:05:26>> Judge Judy: What ended in three months?
00:05:28>> The process.
00:05:29He was scheduled to have three interviews, because it wasn't just ending with me.
00:05:33He had the original interview with me, to be followed up with three interviews from different parties, and he had to go through training.
00:05:40He knows this.
00:05:41He was supposed to go through training so that he could -- >> Judge Judy: If he went through training from today until next year, if he didn't have a college degree, he wouldn't have qualified for the job.
00:05:50>> That's not true, your honor, because the way it was written up was that the individual would have the background experience, so life experience counts.
00:05:58>> Judge Judy: What was the government going to pay him $50,000 a year to do?
00:06:02>> So that he could be the project coordinator for these kids, so that he can make sure they had the activities that they needed -- >> Judge Judy: A project coordinator for what?
00:06:11>> Do you want me to read it to you, judge?
00:06:12>> Judge Judy: No, I want you to tell me.
00:06:14I want you to tell me about all this mumbo jumbo that I'm hearing.
00:06:16>> Okay, it's not mumbo jumbo, though, judge, when you're talking about providing services for kids.
00:06:20>> Judge Judy: It is tome.
00:06:21I worked in the family courts for a long time.
00:06:24I know all about grants and i know all about stuff and I know all about mumbo jumbo.
00:06:29And to me, if the government is paying $50,000 a year, there are lots of college graduates out there who have at least some training -- some formal training -- in social services, in psychology, in adolescent psychiatry, in something -- some formal training other than somebody that you meet at a bar.
00:06:50[ Laughter ] >> I think you're reducing -- >> Judge Judy: Miss roberts, other than somebody that you meet at a bar.
00:06:55>> Judge sheindlin, you're not looking at the big picture.
00:06:58>> Judge Judy: Oh, iknowthe big picture.
00:07:00Miss roberts, I was in the big picture for almost 30 years.
00:07:03I know the big picture.
00:07:05Believe me, I know the big picture.
00:07:07>> You understand then, judge, if I wrote the grant, I'm a co-writer of the grant, and I'm designing the position.
00:07:14And I'm looking for someone who has life experience.
00:07:16So if someone tells me they were in the system for 12 years and that they know what it's like to overcome that system, then i think they have an excellent background to provide services.
00:07:27Judge, you're not even, like, listening to me.
00:07:29It's not even going in.
00:07:31>> Judge Judy: Miss roberts, it's not going in.
00:07:33[ Laughter ] >> Announcer: "Judge judy" continues in a moment.
00:07:37>> Judge Judy: What were you doing on the weekend to cover your expenses?
00:07:40>> I'm an exotic entertainer.
00:07:42>> Judge Judy: Did this come up in his background check?
00:07:44>> No, it did not, your honor.
00:07:45>> Announcer:..
00:07:47>> Judge Judy: Would you tell me why you accepted these alleged walker if you have a boyfriend.
00:07:52>> Well, they wasn't gifts.
00:07:53They was donations to a nonprofit organization.
00:07:55>> Judge Judy: That's not a gift to a nonprofit organization.
00:07:58You're not a nonprofit organization.
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00:09:05>> Announcer: Real cases.
00:09:06Real people.
00:09:07" kenitha roberts says former friend valinta grace owes for a large loan he was supposed to work off.
00:09:15Valinta claims kenitha was attempting to buy his affections.
00:09:19>> Judge Judy: You want to know why it's not going in?
00:09:22Hundreds of thousands of people have formal education, as well as life experience, who could fit the profile of a program coordinator for children in foster care.
00:09:34And what you're telling me is, rather than advertising for somebody with educational qualifications, social qualifications, what you are doing is, you said to him, "i have this thing, and sounds to me as if you're perfect for it, even though you may not have college," because he doesn't.
00:09:53And all I'm suggesting to you is, when the government funds a program, it's entitled to get its best bang for its buck, which, unfortunately, in my 30 years' experience in the family court system, it didn't get.
00:10:08In any event, according to you, grace was supposed to do was to work off this money that you gave him, and how much money did you give him?
00:10:15>> That he wasloaned, your honor.
00:10:17>> Judge Judy: How much money?
00:10:18>> How much money was he loaned?
00:10:19>> Judge Judy: He was loaned money, and he was supposed to work it off by working at this job.
00:10:23>> Exactly, so the money that he was loaned was $9,500.
00:10:27>> Judge Judy: Now, let's say you loaned him this $9,500 in order to tide him over until the time that he could take this job that you were going to give him when the grant money came in, in august, and he doesn't now qualify for that job.
00:10:43Your contract is based upon the fact that he's going to have this job and, ergo, have the income to pay you back the money.
00:10:51If he doesn't have this job, he is not required to pay you back this money.
00:10:56That's your contract with him.
00:10:58That's why it was a loan, but it was a convoluted loan.
00:11:01The loan said, "when you start to work for me, you can pay me " now we'll get to you.
00:11:08Why did you take money from miss roberts?
00:11:10>> The reason why I accepted money from her was because she had a birthday approaching, and she's like, "i want you to go " I said, "i can't go out of town right now.
00:11:20I have things I have to take " >> that is a lie.
00:11:22>> Judge Judy: I don't want to hear from you now.
00:11:24>> I work for tips.
00:11:25So, she gives me this whole thing about her birthday gonna be in vegas.
00:11:30And I tell her, "well, a weekend to me, out here working, is very important.
00:11:35I cannot leave unless I cover all my expenses for that " >> Judge Judy: What were you doing on the weekend to cover your expenses?
00:11:41>> I'm an exotic entertainer.
00:11:43[ Spectators murmur ] >> Judge Judy: Did this come up in his background check?
00:11:47>> No, it did not, your honor.
00:11:48>> That was thefirstthing that came up in my background check.
00:11:51[ Chuckles ] >> no, your honor.
00:11:52>> Her first words to me -- she was not introduced to me by a friend.
00:11:55She approached me after she saw ..
00:11:57>> I said I was introduced by my cousin.
00:11:59>> Judge Judy: Don't.
00:12:00>> Her first words were, "how " ! are you crazy?!
00:12:04How much? how much for what?
00:12:06" >> Judge Judy: Listen to me.
00:12:08" >> Judge Judy: This is not an audition, mr. grace.
00:12:12>> Exactly.
00:12:13" >> Judge Judy: I just want to know what you took money for!
00:12:18>> I took money to cover my rent because I didn't have enough to complete my rent.
00:12:22>> Judge Judy: How much did you take?
00:12:24>> I received $1,600 from her.
00:12:26>> Judge Judy: And what else did you take?
00:12:28>> That was it.
00:12:28>> Judge Judy: Did you take any other money from her?
00:12:31>> Yeah, when she tipped it to me.
00:12:32>> Judge Judy: You're talking about only work-related?
00:12:35>> Work-related. that's it.
00:12:36>> Judge Judy: Work-related?
00:12:37Okay, but the only money that she cashed that she gave you in a bulk sum was $1,600?
00:12:43>> And that was deposited into my account, and that was so that I could go out of town.
00:12:47>> Judge Judy: Show me.
00:12:48>> Other than that, she was giving me money in dollars, " >> Judge Judy: Ugh.
00:12:53[ Laughter ] [ sighs ] what is this?
00:13:06>> A money order that was made out to him.
00:13:08It says, either payable to valinta grace or dr. roberts.
00:13:12The additional receipts are from deposits that were made directly into his account, and copies of myownbank statements where money was withdrawn and provided to him.
00:13:22>> Judge Judy: Looks like a lot more than $1,600, sir, was deposited into your account.
00:13:28>> Well, she put $1,600 into my account.
00:13:31That was all she put into my account.
00:13:34The other money -- I was teaching her how to play poker for months.
00:13:37She like, "i want to learn how " she's so obsessed with me -- >> Judge Judy: Mr. grace.
00:13:42>> I'm not denying gifts.
00:13:43I am denying loan money.
00:13:45>> Judge Judy: Shh!
00:13:46>> Never once did she loan me any money.
00:13:48>> Judge Judy: Mr. grace.
00:13:49>> Yes, ma'am?
00:13:50>> Judge Judy: Other people may find you exotic and appealing.
00:13:52I'm telling you right now, I do not, and there is no dancing you can do, shouting you can do, talking that you can do gonna change that.
00:14:00Do you understand?
00:14:01>> Exactly.
00:14:02>> Judge Judy: That requires either a "yes" or a "no," not an " >> yes.
00:14:06>> Judge Judy: Yes, you understand it?
00:14:08>> I understand.
00:14:09>> Judge Judy: All I'm asking you is, that doesn't mean that i believe her contract with you.
00:14:13>> You cannot believe that.
00:14:15You cannot believe it.
00:14:16It's hideous.
00:14:17>> Judge Judy: Shut up and listen.
00:14:19[ Laughter ] just try listening!
00:14:22>> I'm gonna listen.
00:14:24>> Announcer: "Judge judy" continues in a moment.
00:14:27>> Judge Judy: If somebody knew your mother for a couple of weeks and she gave away all your property to them, would you find that crazy?
00:14:34>> Just depends on the circumstances.
00:14:35>> Judge Judy: Well, maybe you're as bad as she is.
00:14:38[ Laughter ] >> Announcer: Closed captioning ..
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00:17:26>> Announcer: Real cases.
00:17:28Real people.
00:17:29" kenitha roberts says former friend valinta grace owes for a large loan he was supposed to work off.
00:17:37Valinta claims kenitha was attempting to buy his affections.
00:17:43>> Judge Judy: It looks as if she put in more than $1,600 into your account.
00:17:48Is that correct?
00:17:49>> She may have.
00:17:50>> Judge Judy: That's all.
00:17:52It's all I wanted to know.
00:17:53Her lawsuit is still dismissed because you didn't go to work for her, so the contract can't be fulfilled.
00:18:00Thank you very much. that's all.
00:18:01>> Excuse me, your honor.
00:18:03>> Judge Judy: Goodbye.
00:18:04Thank you. that's all.
00:18:06>> [ Exhales sharply ] I just saw a fish in the water.
00:18:10>> He's just a user.
00:18:12He's a user.
00:18:13>> She wants to keep flapping and flapping and flapping and boasting about how much money she has.
00:18:17>> He's not a true friend.
00:18:18You don't use people that are your friends.
00:18:20>> Definitely, man!
00:18:21With money orders, too, like, " >> you treat them as if they are friends, and it's mutual, and it wasn't.
00:18:26>> If I'm a friend, you know where I live and you know my whole name, you know.
00:18:31>> Just don't fall into the trap.
00:18:33>> Making the cash.
00:18:34[ Laughs ] >> Announcer: And now the next case.
00:18:36>> Byrd: All parties in the MATTER OF TRAHAN LOGGINS vs.
00:18:39Walker, step forward.
00:18:41>> Announcer: Carol trahan loggins is suing her former friend, earnest walker, for the return of a car, money owed, and an assault.
00:18:50Earnest says the car is his.
00:18:52>> Judge Judy: Miss loggins, what I read in your complaint suggests to me that the defendant was a friend of yours.
00:19:00He would have liked to have been more than a friend of yours, but you had a boyfriend.
00:19:04Is that right?
00:19:05>> Yes, ma'am.
00:19:05>> Judge Judy: And according to walker to give you a lot of things -- gifts, a car, pay your rent, pay certain expenses for you.
00:19:17When the two of you no longer were friends, according to you, walker stopped payment on a check that he wrote for your rent, took back the car that you say that he gave you, and caused you some embarrassment in an organization that you were involved with.
00:19:33You want to be compensated for that.
00:19:35>> Yes, ma'am.
00:19:36>> Judge Judy: So, let's start with, how long have you known him, miss loggins?
00:19:40>> Six months, maybe.
00:19:41>> Judge Judy: And you have a boyfriend?
00:19:42>> Yes, ma'am.
00:19:43>> Judge Judy: Now, would you tell me why you accepted these walker if you have a boyfriend.
00:19:48>> Well, they wasn't gifts.
00:19:49They was donations to a nonprofit organization.
00:19:52>> Judge Judy: No, you said that he gave you a car.
00:19:54>> He gave me a car.
00:19:55He bought groceries.
00:19:56>> Judge Judy: Just a second.
00:19:57That's not a gift to a nonprofit organization.
00:19:59You're not a nonprofit organization.
00:20:01[ Laughter ] >> no, but I run and manage a nonprofit organization.
00:20:04>> Judge Judy: Who cares?
00:20:05I don't care what you do.
00:20:06>> Okay.
00:20:06>> Judge Judy: We're talking about why you would accept a car.
00:20:10Even I find that he did, in fact, make you a gift of the car -- he says he never made you a gift of the car.
00:20:15He just let you drive it.
00:20:16Why would you accept such an expensive gift from somebody who you knew had a romantic interest in you, when you had a boyfriend?
00:20:25>> Because he told me his daughter had got killed by a drunk driver, and he needed me to go to milwaukee with him to close her estate out.
00:20:31And I told him I needed to pay my bills before I left.
00:20:34>> Judge Judy: What does anything you just said to me !
00:20:38>> At the time, I needed a car.
00:20:39I didn't have a car.
00:20:40And he said this car was not being used.
00:20:43So I accepted the car, 'cause he said it was a blessing to me from him.
00:20:47>> Judge Judy: Okay, did he ever change the title to your name?
00:20:50>> No, he just signed a notarized paper, giving me the car.
00:20:53>> Judge Judy: Oh, let me see it.
00:21:05You're an insurance agent?
00:21:08>> Yes, ma'am, and I explained to him at the time that I don't sell sex.
00:21:12I sell insurance.
00:21:13>> Judge Judy: walker, can i ask you a question, sir?
00:21:16>> Go right ahead, your honor.
00:21:17>> Judge Judy: Would you tell me why you would take out an insurance policy and make her the beneficiary of a life-insurance policy.
00:21:25Why would you do that?
00:21:27>> I have no problem with explaining it, your honor.
00:21:29It was a romantic interest.
00:21:31>> Judge Judy: When did you meet her?
00:21:33>> I met her in may of this year.
00:21:34>> Judge Judy: In may of '09?
00:21:36>> Yes, ma'am.
00:21:36>> Judge Judy: And in the same month, you took out a life-insurance policy?
00:21:40For how much?
00:21:41>> $20,000.
00:21:41>> $20,000.
00:21:42>> Judge Judy: And you paid her water bill, and you paid for holiday gifts and you gave her a suzuki forenza?
00:21:47>> Your honor, that is not quite correct.
00:21:50>> Judge Judy: I just want you to look at this.
00:21:53And I find that this is overreaching, I'm gonna dismiss her lawsuit altogether, 'cause there's something about her that I find irritating.
00:22:00>> Yeah.
00:22:01>> Judge Judy: How are you related to her?
00:22:03>> It's my mother.
00:22:04>> Judge Judy: You got what i mean?
00:22:06Did you find it overreaching?
00:22:07If somebody knew your mother for a couple of weeks and she gave away all your property to them, would you find that that's a little crazy?
00:22:13>> Well, the guy said that the car was -- >> Judge Judy: I'm asking you a question!
00:22:17Would you find that crazy?
00:22:18>> Just depends on the circumstances.
00:22:20>> Judge Judy: Well, maybe you're as bad as she is.
00:22:22[ Laughter ] >> Announcer: "Judge judy" continues in a moment.
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00:25:00EpEpEpEpEpEpEpEpEp >> Judge Judy: Is the car in your name?
00:25:09>> Yes, ma'am.
00:25:09>> Judge Judy: It's your car.
00:25:11>> Yes, ma'am, here's -- >> Judge Judy: Just a second.
00:25:13It's your car.
00:25:13>> Yes, it is.
00:25:14>> Judge Judy: I don't know what you pulled, miss loggins.
00:25:17I have no idea what you pulled, but it is clear to me that whatever you did was overreaching.
00:25:23We understand each other?
00:25:24>> Yes, ma'am.
00:25:25>> Judge Judy: Your case is dismissed.
00:25:26That's all.
00:25:27>> Byrd: Parties are excused.
00:25:28You may step out.
00:25:29>> Announcer: "Judge judy" continues in a moment.
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00:26:31>> He was trying to change my ..
00:26:32>> She used extortion to force me to sign the car over to her.
00:26:35..to dating him.
00:26:35p>> SHE THREATENED TO GO TO THE Police and say I solicited sex, which I did not.
00:26:39>> Not to trust anybody.
00:26:39>> Hopefully, she won't go around scheming nobody else.
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