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00:00:22>>> Now, enter the courtroom of plaintiff ron thomas says when he first started dating the defendant everything was great, especially the sex.
00:00:35However, ron says due to the defendant's crack addiction she started disappearing and stealing his money.
00:00:41Ron is suing because he claims the defendant vandalized one of his cars and set his other car on fire.
00:00:51Defendant says ron is obsessed with her because she gave him three symptoms and she is mad at her because she left him for a woman.
00:01:00She is counter suing for property.
00:01:06>> Actually, I like to say first that it is a true privilege to be here in your court with you today.
00:01:13Back in 2001 in detroit at the renaissance I attended the third black philanthropy conference.
00:01:24You have a full page ad.
00:01:26The key note speaker was dr.
00:01:28George frazier.
00:01:30Afterwards he took my business card.
00:01:32A few months later this book arrives.
00:01:35I'm flipping through it.
00:01:38It has bob johnson and oprah winfry on the cover.
00:01:44On page 124 it is the michigan group.
00:01:46And my name is in the first column.
00:01:49I look down and I see your name.
00:01:51I was so honored to be a part oof that.
00:02:00>> Congracongratulations to you.
00:02:06>> You see the 20 years of service to my community, the pins on my chest.
00:02:12>> Where do you live?
00:02:14>> Flint, michigan.
00:02:17>> Judge Mathis: All right.
00:02:19That's what I said.
00:02:21I am doing something every now and then.
00:02:24Now, let me see what I'm doing.
00:02:30>> Second column at the bottom.
00:02:32>> Judge Mathis: They put me at the bottom.
00:02:34Does that mean I'm doing the least?
00:02:38>> Not in my eyes, your honor.
00:02:40>> Judge Mathis: Congratulations to you.
00:02:42I am so proud to hear that.
00:02:45We need more men like you ato work in the community.
00:02:50>> Thank you, your honor.
00:02:52>> Judge Mathis: What did you do?
00:03:01Give me background on the two of you.
00:03:04>> Four years ago we met and pretty much for the first year and a half the relationship went great.
00:03:12Sex was the bomb.
00:03:18>> Judge Mathis: That helps.
00:03:19>> We had a great time.
00:03:20After about a year and a half first the money.
00:03:26And then when I wouldn't give her more money she stole it.
00:03:30And it is because of her crack cocaine and alcohol addiction.
00:03:34Now, we went through an intervention where I sat her down and said you have to get off of this and clear your head.
00:03:41You are a wonderful person.
00:03:43You have children you haven't seen.
00:03:46I have known her four years and there is only half a dozen times where she went to see her children.
00:03:55>> Judge Mathis: And let me hear from you.
00:03:57>> First of all, it is not really about the car or things like that.
00:04:01It is because I left him for my girlfriend.
00:04:04And that's what it is really about.
00:04:06And he is suing me whatever he said I did to his car, that's not the issue.
00:04:13It is because I moved out from him.
00:04:17>> Judge Mathis: I was trying to give you a chance to address the fact that he alleged you a crack head that has children taken from you.
00:04:28>> That don't have anything to do with our relationship.
00:04:32>> Judge Mathis: She doesn't want to address the allegation of her being a crack head.
00:04:39Somebody did that to me I'm going to say something.
00:04:42I'm going to say no.
00:04:46Go ahead.
00:04:48Go ahead.
00:04:49>> To rebut what she said about her girlfriend I don't care about that.
00:04:54That ain't my thing.
00:04:55I can care less.
00:04:57Some of her girlfriends I liked.
00:04:59>> Judge Mathis: You want to be part of that situation.
00:05:03>> No, judge.
00:05:04Was part of that situation.
00:05:07>> Judge Mathis: Whoa.
00:05:08>> Works for me.
00:05:10>> Judge Mathis: You got to go up to flint.
00:05:17>> After the intervention she disappears for about a week or two.
00:05:27She says I'm trying to get some help.
00:05:29Hopefully I am inducted into a program today.
00:05:31She was inducted into a program the next day.
00:05:35She is calling me saying I'm doing good and I can think clearly and I feel so good.
00:05:42Most of that was lie because a week later she shows up at my house and I find out she has been kicked out of rehab probably for testing dirty or a violent conflict.
00:05:54Since november she has had 12 violent conflicts that I know of.
00:05:58>> Judge Mathis: Do you want to address the 12 episodes of violence?
00:06:04>> First of all, I didn't go to rehab because of the crack.
00:06:08I went because my girlfriend was in there and me and him got into it and I didn't have anywhere to go.
00:06:15>> Judge Mathis: What you are telling me is that drug rehabilitation centers now allow people who don't have any place to stay to come there and live.
00:06:27>> Yes.
00:06:27>> Judge Mathis: I will tell a lot of people who are homeless to go to the drug rehab facilities even little old lady with the bible can stay in drug rehab.
00:06:40That is news to me.
00:06:42>> I did have a wee habit with him.
00:06:48And it wasn't -- he really is obsessed with me.
00:06:51That is really what takes the cake.
00:07:00I gave him three somes.
00:07:02>> Judge Mathis: And he has nerve enough to sue her.
00:07:05I got news for you, I might dismiss your case.
00:07:12>> He bought me lingerie and walked around with him.
00:07:17I do private dancers.
00:07:19I made my money on the side and cashed him out.
00:07:27>> "Judge mathis" will be right back.
00:07:28>> It's over.
00:07:30It's been over anyway.
00:07:36You just mad because you want this and you can't have it with your old [ bleep ].
00:07:43>>> Coming up -- >> Judge Mathis: Straight buddies come over there like what are you doing with a gay guy.
00:07:52You don't have to be gay to hang out.
00:07:55Is that what they were saying about me?
00:07:57Were they asking whether I was gay?
00:08:01>>> I believe in tough love with emphasis on the love.
00:08:06You have proven your case.
00:08:08Have a good day.
00:08:12What do you think, I'm naive to the game?
00:08:17Your case is ♪
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00:10:27>> Judge Mathis: She doesn't want to address the allegation she is a crack head with her kids taken.
00:10:37>> Defendant is being sued by her ex-boyfriend who claims she is a crack addict who vandalized one of her cars with a shovel and set the other one on fire.
00:10:50>> Judge Mathis: Can you get back to answering my question?
00:10:52>> Yes, I can.
00:10:53>> Judge Mathis: That is were you involved in 12 acts of violence?
00:10:57>> No.
00:10:58I was not.
00:10:59>> Judge Mathis: Any acts of violence?
00:11:01>> I was not.
00:11:02>> Judge Mathis: Get to the car, sir.
00:11:05>> On the 26th of march she comes up, jumps out of her father's car before it almost stops running towards the door screaming all kinds of -- can't say those words saying I want my stuff.
00:11:27I said I want my stuff back, too.
00:11:30I said you know you owe me money.
00:11:34Her father says how much does she owe you.
00:11:38I said come in here.
00:11:41She runs up while I'm talking to her father and kicks the storm door.
00:11:46So her father and her friend get her to the walk way and then she grabs a shovel because march in michigan it is still snowing.
00:11:55She runs to my car and starts kicking the bumper of my car and hits the windshield with the shovel.
00:12:02I go inside and grab my phone and put it on speaker and dial 911.
00:12:08When they hear 911 operator her father is like I'm out of here.
00:12:14Her friend gets the shovel out of her hand and they get in the car and the father backs up the street so I can't see his license plate.
00:12:23The police comes.
00:12:25>> Judge Mathis: Do you have a report?
00:12:27>> Yes.
00:12:28>> Judge Mathis: Good.
00:12:30She destroyed the whole car with the shovel?
00:12:32>> No.
00:12:33Just the front bumper and the windshield.
00:12:36She set the other car on fire.
00:12:39Which my witness can attest to because she heard her say I will burn everything you got up.
00:12:45>> Judge Mathis: Come on up, ma'am.
00:12:48State your name.
00:12:49Tell me what you heard or saw.
00:12:51>> On the day of questioning i was upstairs in his room watching tv.
00:12:56And I did hear a female down stairs saying give me my stuff.
00:13:04Then I heard a boom.
00:13:05When I looked out the window i seen her kicking his car.
00:13:11And then I saw them put her in a blue car and drive up the street.
00:13:18Before she leaves I hear her saying she is going to burn it up.
00:13:23She came back and burned the car up because the car was totally burned up.
00:13:28>> That is a lie.
00:13:29She is a fireman.
00:13:33It is a car parked across the street that he used to take parts for a bmw.
00:13:41I went to the house with my father.
00:13:44I did kick the door.
00:13:46I did not touch his cars.
00:13:48That is not going to help me get my things.
00:13:51>> Judge Mathis: If you will kick a man's door in while he is right there you will certainly damage his car while he is not.
00:13:59Your counter claim for $1793 is for personal property.
00:14:04>> He has my leather jacket.
00:14:08>> Judge Mathis: Do you have her property?
00:14:10>> No, sir.
00:14:10>> Judge Mathis: What happened to it?
00:14:12>> I called the police that day.
00:14:14They came and informed me that as long as she had stuff at my house she could break in and they couldn't arrest her.
00:14:22I called her father who he came back and collected the property.
00:14:29>> My father went back and collected some of my property and all of my stuff wasn't there.
00:14:34He gave me stuff that he wanted me to have so he could keep coming to see my legs and whatever.
00:14:42I am young and he is older and he wants me.
00:14:44>> Judge Mathis: I believe your father got your things out.
00:14:47I believe you have a propencity for violence.
00:14:54I am going to grant his judgment and dismiss yours.
00:15:00Have a good day.
00:15:02>> It's over.
00:15:04It's been over anyway.
00:15:10You are just mad because you want this and you can't have it with your old [ bleep ].
00:15:16>> I'll take my $4,200 with my old self.
00:15:21>> I got a girl.
00:15:23>> With my funky breath.
00:15:27>> And by the way, you heard what I said.
00:15:30You know what it is.
00:15:35That's really what it is about.
00:15:39That's really what it is about.
00:15:51>>> Plaintiff christopher yandell makes a living as a stylish.
00:15:58The defendant was concerned about people questioning his sexuality.
00:16:05Christopher rented a room in his apartment to the defendant but is selling him for rent and utilities.
00:16:12Defendant clayton cooper admits that christopher assisted him in becoming a stylist but takes full credit for his success.
00:16:21Clayton is counter suing because he claims christopher harassed him at his job.
00:16:28>> A little background, I am a stylist for a living.
00:16:30It is my job to take clients and transform them and help them discover and express their individual unique sense of style.
00:16:41I met clay in 2009 right before christmas.
00:16:44He was a new holiday hire at the store where I work.
00:16:48We hit it off right away.
00:16:50He showed interest in what I do and wanted to know more about it.
00:16:55So I started kind of mentoring him and teaching about the business and everything that i did.
00:17:04His only reservation is there is a stereotype that all male stylists are gay.
00:17:10Obviously I am.
00:17:11It is not always true, though.
00:17:14And so started to mentor him, train him, introduced him around.
00:17:19I recommended him for some jobs outside of my company because we didn't have one available for him within my company, helped him get a job and took him under my wing and brought him around my circle of friends.
00:17:33He became friends with my group of friends, as well.
00:17:38That was all wonderful.
00:17:38The one question they always ask me to this day, friends and anybody who meets him always says he is gay, right.
00:17:46I say he is a metro sexual.
00:17:48That means he has style but he is straight.
00:17:51We want more like him.
00:18:02So he is a good guy.
00:18:03>> Judge Mathis: When did you become room mates?
00:18:05>> Spring of 2011.
00:18:07>> Judge Mathis: Was he a good room mate?
00:18:09>> He was a room mate.
00:18:12He was neat which is important to me, too.
00:18:15It was awesome.
00:18:16It was a good situation.
00:18:18>> Judge Mathis: Give me some background.
00:18:20>> I met him.
00:18:21We were working for the same company.
00:18:24And so really at that point there is a little bit of truth to the fact that he assisted me in the sense that he did -- you know, we arranged a living situation on the same hands that he was one of many references on my reference sheet.
00:18:42I like to own my success.
00:18:44And I like to think that I am a proponent of my own success.
00:18:57>> What does that mean?
00:18:59>> Judge Mathis: He promotes himself and projects success.
00:19:03>>> Coming up -- >> Judge Mathis: Because he failed to pay $462 he had to pay $2,400.
00:19:11That's a hell of a late fee.
00:19:15>>> And later -- >> I found out that he was still talking to his ex-girlfriend.
00:19:21And he got her pregnant later on.
00:19:25>> Judge Mathis: By just talking to her?
00:19:27>> No.
00:19:54,,,, wasvery it?
00:20:14Yes, it was.
00:20:15I'm so glad we couldbe here for larry.
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00:22:19>>> Is someone suing you and you want to have the case heard on "judge mathis"?
00:22:24If so call or visit us online at judgemathistv.com.
00:22:33>>> The one question that everyone asks is he is gay, right?
00:22:38I say he is a metro sexual.
00:22:40That means he has style but he is straight.
00:22:43We want more like him.
00:22:46>>> Defendant clayton cooper r rented a room in the plaintiff's apartment.
00:22:55>> Judge Mathis: Sounds like you are saying he didn't help you with success?
00:22:59>> There was assistance but i own it myself.
00:23:01I like to think I have more style in my little finger than this guy does in his whole body.
00:23:08We met.
00:23:09We live together.
00:23:12It was an extremely well-balanced living situations.
00:23:17>> Judge Mathis: Good.
00:23:18First I have heard of roommates not having any problem with each other, other than the money thing we are about to talk about, the rent.
00:23:29And you weren't a homophobe like many other men are, too.
00:23:39I applaud you for that, too.
00:23:42Straight buddies come over like is he gay?
00:23:47What are you doing living with a gay guy?
00:23:50You must be gay.
00:23:51I used to hang with my buddies and they were all gay.
00:23:54Were they asking whether I was gay?
00:24:01When they said is your little brother gay?
00:24:04Because he is hanging out with us.
00:24:09I go to the mall and they say that is good stuff there.
00:24:20Now, tell me about the rent and utilities you are suing him about.
00:24:24Tell me the agreement and how he breached the agreement.
00:24:27>> The agreement was we split utilities half way down the center for every month we both lived there.
00:24:34That was all fine for the most part.
00:24:37>> Judge Mathis: The rent was how much?
00:24:39>> His share was $600.
00:24:42Total was $1600.
00:24:44>> Judge Mathis: Why did you give him a break?
00:24:47>> I wanted to live with him.
00:24:49He was a good room mate.
00:24:59>> Judge Mathis: You never hit on him, right?
00:25:02I'm making this clear because that is what these homophobes believe.
00:25:10I check my buddies.
00:25:11You are scared you are not going to be able to control yourself?
00:25:18What are you scared to be around gay guys for?
00:25:21You think your mind is going to wonder?
00:25:25I'm not gay but I'm really thinking about it.
00:25:27If you are not gay you are not gay.
00:25:29I want all of these guys to hear that just because your friend or your room mate is gay doesn't mean they are going to be hitting on you.
00:25:40Go ahead.
00:25:40So $600 a month and he was a good room mate as we said.
00:25:47>> Towards the end of it he owed a couple of months outstanding utilities.
00:25:52And of course towards the end of the lease agreement he said i will get on this immediately.
00:25:57And as more bills came in I was able to give him a final total.
00:26:01He just became unreachable.
00:26:03I couldn't reach him by text anymore.
00:26:06>> Judge Mathis: He stilled lived with you?
00:26:08>> This is like a month and a half after we moved out.
00:26:13>> Judge Mathis: Were the utilities $2862?
00:26:17You are asking for rent also.
00:26:19>> I gave him the deal on rent.
00:26:22$200 Off of rent.
00:26:24I had given him $2,400 worth of free rent contingent on him paying bills when they were doing.
00:26:32>> Judge Mathis: If he breached his utility commitment he would have to go back to that $800.
00:26:42How far back?
00:26:43>> The whole lease.
00:26:45>> Judge Mathis: You agreed to that?
00:26:48That was a bad deal, man.
00:26:51You agreed to that?
00:26:53>> In my defense I haven't actually seen it since a few years ago.
00:27:01>> Judge Mathis: Seen what?
00:27:02>> The agreement.
00:27:03>> Judge Mathis: It was written?
00:27:05>> I have it.
00:27:06>> Judge Mathis: You remember what you did.
00:27:11You should.
00:27:12Providing -- yeah.
00:27:14You agreed, sir.
00:27:20Your utilities are way less than rent.
00:27:22>> Exactly.
00:27:24That was the motivator for him to keep to the contract.
00:27:27I have the same contract with my previous room mate, as well.
00:27:32>> Judge Mathis: He went to that game, too.
00:27:35>> All I said is your good faith agreement that you will pay this on time and you will pay it and if you don't this is my legal means to ensure you will pay it.
00:27:48>> Judge Mathis: Retroactive to the beginning.
00:27:51That is a bad deal.
00:27:53You negotiate a hard deal.
00:28:01How many times was he late on utilities?
00:28:05>> Six months.
00:28:07>> Judge Mathis: How much did he owe in utilities for those six months?
00:28:17>> $462.
00:28:19>> Judge Mathis: Because he failed to pay $462 he had to pay $2,400.
00:28:25That is a hell of a late fee.
00:28:28>>> We'll be right back.
00:28:30" >> Judge Mathis: You coming in here acting all quiet.
00:28:38I can't even hear what you are saying.
00:28:43>> I do admit -- >> Judge Mathis: He did,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I'm going to leave that alone.
00:31:176 .
00:31:21>> Judge Mathis: If he breached his utility commitment he would have to go back to that $800.
00:31:29How far back?
00:31:30For the whole month.
00:31:31>> The whole lease.
00:31:33>> Judge Mathis: You agreed to that?
00:31:37That was a bad deal, man.
00:31:41>>> Defendant clayton cooper rented a room in the plaintiff's apartment and he claims after the moved out the plaintiff harassed him at his job.
00:31:56>> Judge Mathis: What do you have to say?
00:31:58>> As far as I was concerned when I left everything was square.
00:32:03The six months is news to you and I at the same time.
00:32:07I don't believe and I know for a fact that I paid on time for those six months.
00:32:12>> Judge Mathis: Were you ever late?
00:32:14>> There were times when paychecks were fumbling around and might have been strapped for cash but the payment was made.
00:32:23The agreement itself to me seems as though it is a bad faith.
00:32:27If we are such great friends then why should I -- my decreased rent amount have to rely on the utilities.
00:32:37It is almost as if I will only extend this courtesy to you as a friend -- >> Judge Mathis: If you pay on time.
00:32:44You didn't.
00:32:45>> To me it is backwards.
00:32:47>> Judge Mathis: No.
00:32:48It is frontwards.
00:32:50He said to make sure that you pay your utilities on time I am going to put a clause in here that incentivises you not to be late.
00:33:00And turns out he did the right thing because you were late.
00:33:05And do you have the months?
00:33:07Because he says when he moved out he had paid every utility bill that had been due.
00:33:14You were totally caught up?
00:33:16>> Correct.
00:33:17>> Judge Mathis: How did you all pay the bill?
00:33:20Would he give the money to you?
00:33:23How do I know whether he paid it or not?
00:33:25>> In the agreement it stated i would make the utility bills available which I did.
00:33:29I posted them and had them on the fridge.
00:33:32I wrote them on the calendar and broke them down.
00:33:35It says if he ever wants a copy all he has to do is ask.
00:33:38If he chooses to pay me rather than pay the utility directly he could ask for a receipt.
00:33:47I have a bank record of everything he has paid me.
00:33:55>> Judge Mathis: You have been a good lawyer.
00:33:56Let me see what you have.
00:33:58Do you have anything?
00:34:00>> No.
00:34:01I don't.
00:34:01>> Judge Mathis: Let's get to the defamation.
00:34:05You are counter suing him for $5,000 for defamation.
00:34:12>> It is the counter to this claim.
00:34:14Basically what happened was after I had moved out and the calls started coming bill collecting, calling me every day and texting me.
00:34:26It got to the point where he was stopping at my place of business and harassing me.
00:34:33>> Judge Mathis: Your job.
00:34:34In front of who?
00:34:36>> My colleagues and superiors.
00:34:39>> Judge Mathis: And say what?
00:34:41>> You owe me money.
00:34:42>> I saw him one time which is when he paid me the money -- >> Judge Mathis: Did he tell you to come there?
00:34:49>> I went to his job after he didn't reply to phone calls.
00:34:54>> Judge Mathis: Even the collection agency don't show up at your door and they are worse than anybody.
00:35:00>> At this point as far as i knew we were still in good terms and he has had an issue with his phone being shut off so I don't know if I could reach him or not.
00:35:11We work at the same mall or right next to each other.
00:35:14>> Judge Mathis: Did it hurt your reputation?
00:35:17Did you get fired?
00:35:18>> I left that place of employment for another opportunity.
00:35:22I want to say probably a month after I had ceased my employment there I am getting phone calls and text messages from my colleague saying your room mate has been looking for you.
00:35:35>> Judge Mathis:T THAT WAS YOUR Second job.
00:35:37>> He was showing up at myprieve s place of employment.
00:35:42>> Judge Mathis: You left there so it didn't cause damage there.
00:35:47>> This is where the defamation came in.
00:35:50>> Judge Mathis: You have to prove damages.
00:35:52In other words, he hurt your reputation there and they fired you.
00:35:55He did so and so and so and your salary was reduced or disciplined and it is on your record now.
00:36:02So when you come up for a promotion it is going tprospects.
00:36:08You left on your own to the next job.
00:36:10Judgment for the plaintiff and your claim is dismissed.
00:36:13Have a good day.
00:36:17>> All I am hearing about is getting it taken care of.
00:36:20I am fine moving forward and being friends again.
00:36:24I always enjoyed his company.
00:36:26I want nothing more than fair to be fair and for this to be paid.
00:36:34>>> Plaintiff says she broke up with her boyfriend to start dating the defendant only to discover that the defendant had another girlfriend whom he got pregnant while they were together.
00:36:45She is suing her ex for car damages and stolen money.
00:36:52>>> Defendant says the reason they broke up is because she confessed to cheating on him with a co-worker.
00:36:59Courtney is counter suing for unpaid rent.
00:37:02>> I pretty much started off, i trusted him.
00:37:05He was a good person in the beginning of the relationship.
00:37:10We became well acquainted with one another.
00:37:13Pretty much in the beginning of the relationship I asked him if he was seeing somebody and he said that he wasn't.
00:37:21And at the time I was seeing someone else so I broke up with that person to be with him.
00:37:29And in the middle of the relationship I found out that he was seeing somebody else.
00:37:33I found out that he was still talking to his ex girlfriend and he got her pregnant later on.
00:37:44>> By just talking to her?
00:37:45>> Judge Mathis: He was doing more than talking.
00:37:49>> He was still seeing her and talking to her.
00:37:54But he made it seem as though i was the only one or whatever.
00:37:58>>> More of "judge mathis" when we return.
00:38:05>> Judg .
00:38:07>> She was cheating, as well.
00:38:07She came home with a fever ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, to a co-worker.
00:40:58She is not innocent in this case.
00:41:01>>> If you're in chicago and would like to attend a taping of the "judge mathis" show call us at 1-866-3-mathis.
00:41:13>>> Plaintiff dated the defendant and she claims he impregnated another woman while they were together.
00:41:21>> Judge Mathis: How did you respond?
00:41:22Did you break up then?
00:41:23>> I found out one day.
00:41:25He came in.
00:41:26He was drunk, intoxicated.
00:41:28He was high and came in and confessed to me that he got her pregnant.
00:41:34>> Judge Mathis: Out of the blue?
00:41:35>> I was not drunk and high.
00:41:38>> Judge Mathis: Out of the blue?
00:41:39>> He told me he had to tell me something.
00:41:42He was like I got her pregnant.
00:41:45I just found out.
00:41:46And I guess she was about 7 1/2 weeks pregnant.
00:41:50This was during the course that we was in the relationship.
00:41:53So he was seeing her and still seeing me.
00:41:56>> Judge Mathis: Let me allow him to give some background.
00:41:59>> First of all, I want to say that she was cheating, as well.
00:42:04She came home with a fever blister on her lip.
00:42:06She admitted to giving oral sex to a co-worker.
00:42:12She is not innocent in this case.
00:42:15The girl, my ex-girlfriend at the time -- >> Judge Mathis: While you were dating she admitted to this?
00:42:21Is that true?
00:42:22>> That is true after I found out what he was doing.
00:42:25>> Judge Mathis: That was your response?
00:42:27>> Yes.
00:42:29>> She admits to me to having oral sex with this guy.
00:42:32That is why we broke up.
00:42:35When she moved in with me we were not in a relationship.
00:42:41We were hanging.
00:42:44>> Judge Mathis: When she moved in with you?
00:42:47>> That wasn't the intention.
00:42:48She was coming to my house.
00:42:52>> Judge Mathis: Did she move in?
00:42:54>> Yes she did.
00:42:55>> Judge Mathis: Did you have a committed relationship?
00:42:59>> That's the thing -- >> Judge Mathis: Did you have a committed relationship when she moved in?
00:43:05>> Yes.
00:43:07But she didn't have nowhere else to go.
00:43:09That is why she moved with me.
00:43:11>> Judge Mathis: Where was she living before?
00:43:14>> She was with her parents and her parents put her out for nothing.
00:43:20>> Judge Mathis: Is that true?
00:43:21>> That's true.
00:43:23>> She was at my house too much and they assumed she moved out so they put her out.
00:43:30We was just hanging.
00:43:33>> Judge Mathis: I got you.
00:43:35>> My ex girlfriend at that time got pregnant and we stopped talking.
00:43:40I found out later she was pregnant.
00:43:42I didn't cheat on her to get her pregnant.
00:43:45I started cheating on her once i found out she cheated, once i seen that fever blister thing.
00:43:51It turned me off.
00:43:53That is why we broke up.
00:43:55Later on we were broke up and got back together a couple of months later.
00:44:00We went to go hang out with some friends.
00:44:07She gets drunk and belligerent.
00:44:09She runs off.
00:44:10The next day I found out she fell asleep in the bush and somebody finds her.
00:44:18She calls me and is like I fell asleep in the bush.
00:44:22>> Judge Mathis: Bushes outside?
00:44:24>> I didn't fall into the bush or anything like that.
00:44:27>> Judge Mathis: She got sloppy drunk and belligerent.
00:44:31She is acting all quiet and innocent.
00:44:34I can't hear what you are saying.
00:44:38He did this to me.
00:44:39He did that to me.
00:44:41You come home -- never mind.
00:44:43I'm going to leave that alone.
00:44:45Do you want to respond to his allegation of you getting sloppy drunk and going off on people and him not able to find you.
00:44:55>> That was due to the fact that I had a weed brownie that he gave me.
00:45:01>> Judge Mathis: How about disappearing?
00:45:03>> That was from the weed brownie because I was tired and sleepy.
00:45:08>> Judge Mathis: What did it cause you to do?
00:45:11>> It made me paranoid.
00:45:12>> I wanted to leave because i wanted to go home.
00:45:17I felt very intoxicated.
00:45:18>> Judge Mathis: Where did you go?
00:45:19>> I was trying to find my car.
00:45:24>> Judge Mathis: For eight hours?
00:45:26>> Um -- >> Judge Mathis: Did you have brownies this morning?
00:45:31>> No.
00:45:32>> Judge Mathis: I got you.
00:45:33Let's get to the car damage.
00:45:36Don't you hear me?
00:45:37Let's get to the car damages.
00:45:40You don't seem like you have it together.
00:45:45>> Car damages basically because he hit another vehicle.
00:45:48He was text messaging on his phone and I told him to stop and he ran behind a truck.
00:45:54The truck didn't have damages but my vehicle did.
00:45:58So I had hood damage.
00:46:00That day he promised to pay for it.
00:46:02He said he would be responsible for it and he would take care of it.
00:46:06I never got money for that, no compensation.
00:46:09>> Judge Mathis: Do you have the estimate f,,,,,,,, >>> plaintiff dated the defendant and she claims he impregnated another woman while they were together.
00:48:54>> Judge Mathis: What money did he steal from you?
00:48:57>> The money that he stole from me was $$531.
00:49:05He got my debit card and made unauthorized purchases mptd.
00:49:10>> Judge Mathis: And when you spoke to him about it what did he say?
00:49:14>> He said he didn't do it.
00:49:19He said I am not giving you money back.
00:49:26I don't owe you anything.
00:49:28>> I did admit to replacing her hood which I did admit to that because I figured it would only be a couple hundred dollars because the car is a '93 camry.
00:49:41>> Judge Mathis: Do you have the pictures?
00:49:43>> It is only worth -- >> Judge Mathis: We are talking about the $200 first.
00:49:48You believed it would cost $200.
00:49:51I'm going to look at the damage.
00:49:52I have never heard of any car damage these days that cost $200.
00:49:57>> The reason why I say $200 because the hood just crinkled a little bit.
00:50:04>> Judge Mathis: Did you get an estimate?
00:50:06>> No.
00:50:06>> Judge Mathis: Why not?
00:50:07>> I never had a chance to.
00:50:10>> Judge Mathis: Are you a professional mechanic?
00:50:14>> No, sir.
00:50:15>> Judge Mathis: The professional mechanic says it costs $3,000 to repair.
00:50:20>> That can't be true.
00:50:22>> Judge Mathis: How do you know?
00:50:24You did not get an estimate.
00:50:27Should I believe you over the professional mechanic?
00:50:31>> I don't know.
00:50:32>> Judge Mathis: Say it again.
00:50:34>> I don't know.
00:50:35I wouldn't payt that amount because the car is only worth $1,700 blue book value.
00:50:43>> Judge Mathis: Is that what you have?
00:50:47If the estimate of repair is beyond the worth it is the worth.
00:50:52Do you have blue book value?
00:50:55>> I know it is around that price.
00:50:57>> Judge Mathis: Yet you want $3,000.
00:51:01>> I want the body work that needs to be done.
00:51:07>> Judge Mathis: You can't get more than the car is worth.
00:51:12And stolen money.
00:51:13>> I did not steal her money.
00:51:17I was getting music equipment and she authorized every time i used her car.
00:51:23>> Judge Mathis: You admit using it.
00:51:25>> I used her car and never stole money from her.
00:51:29>> Judge Mathis: Are you going to repay her?
00:51:32>> It was a relationship.
00:51:35It was like I'm going to support you in what you want to do.
00:51:38That is exactly her words.
00:51:41>> Judge Mathis: Did she confront you?
00:51:43>> After we broke up she said i stole it from her.
00:51:47>> Judge Mathis: When did you first mention it to him?
00:51:49>> This was after because i checked the bank account statement.
00:51:53>> Judge Mathis: When did you break up?
00:51:57>> February of 2013.
00:52:02>> Judge Mathis: And do you have the statement that you checked and found?
00:52:08>> It was between january and february these different transactions.
00:52:15>> Judge Mathis: Broke up february 6, is that about right?
00:52:19Did you break up the beginning of february?
00:52:27>> Yes.
00:52:28>> Judge Mathis: $1,000 For unpaid rent.
00:52:30How does she owe you?
00:52:32>> We had an agreement that we would stay together until may.
00:52:37>> Judge Mathis: The agreement for her to pay rent.
00:52:41How much?
00:52:42>> 250.
00:52:42>> Judge Mathis: Was there a lease?
00:52:44>> We was living with my cousin.
00:52:47He agreed we,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,eeeeeeeeee $500 a month.
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00:55:58>>> Is someone suing you and you want to have the case heard on "judge mathis" if so call 1-888-verdict or visit us online.
00:56:09>>> Plaintiff dated the defendant and she claims he impregnated another woman while they were together.
00:56:16>> Judge Mathis: Ma'am, what do you say to this sth.
00:56:19>> That is not true, your honor.
00:56:21In january I paid $400.
00:56:24And then in february I paid the february month of rent.
00:56:30>> Judge Mathis: We are talking march, april and may.
00:56:34>> He broke up with me.
00:56:35>> Judge Mathis: We are talking about breaking an agreement to pay rent.
00:56:39>> There was no agreement.
00:56:42>> Judge Mathis: Why did you pay?
00:56:43>> I was staying there and he needed the money.
00:56:46It was a loan.
00:56:47He needed the money.
00:56:49He didn't have any money.
00:56:50>> Judge Mathis: I don't believe you.
00:56:52Rent $1,000.
00:56:54That's my judgment.
00:56:55With regard to the blue book value you get $1742 and you have not proven that he stole the money.
00:57:04Just haven't proven it.
00:57:05Have a good day.
00:57:12>> I don't hate him or anything.
00:57:13I want to move on with my life and put this behind me.
00:57:17>> She tried to make it seem like I wasfluencing her to get drunk and eat weed brownies and she is the weirdo.
00:57:26I don't have anything else to say to her.
00:57:28I think she is mad because my girlfriend looks better than her.
00:57:36>>> To answer legal questions and more go to my website, askjud askjudgemathis.com.
00:57:49--Captions by VITAC-- www.vitac.com ,,,, Day mattress.
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00:00:22>> Now enter the courtroom of judge mathis.
00:00:25Plaintiffs tamara carter and her husband david say the defendant is their son and he was an excellent student, an athlete in high school, but instead of going to college, he became addicted to heroin and his life spiralled out of control.
00:00:39They're suing their son for stolen money, overdraft fees and emotional distress.
00:00:46Defendant adam carter says he has lost everything due to his heroin addiction, including his home and his family.
00:00:54Adam claims his brother refuses to talk to him and he was kicked out of his parents' house.
00:00:58Adam is desperate to get help and get his life back on track.
00:01:02>> Judge Mathis: Start with you all.
00:01:06>> Judge, I want to save my son.
00:01:08I am so scared I'm going to find him dead.
00:01:13I need your help.
00:01:15>> Judge Mathis: Why?
00:01:16>> Because he's doing heroin.
00:01:18>> Judge Mathis: Heroin?
00:01:18>> Heroin.
00:01:23>> Judge Mathis: How long has he been doing heroin?
00:01:26>> Well, I can interject your honor.
00:01:29I believe it started back.
00:01:31Let me give you a little background.
00:01:33Adam was always a really good student, a really good athlete.
00:01:38Through high school he was on varsity, baseball, varsity fastball.
00:01:42He had colleges looking at him for scholarships.
00:01:46And then he got mixed up with the wrong crowd, got involved in oxicontin.
00:01:58They met a girl and started experimenting with heroin.
00:02:02>> Judge Mathis: What suburb was this?
00:02:04>> Nevada.
00:02:05>> Judge Mathis: Upper scale community?
00:02:06>> Higher end.
00:02:08>> Judge Mathis: That is where most of the wuse is occurring.
00:02:15People misunderstand where the hardcore drugs are being used.
00:02:18Most being used by young kids in the suburbs in high school.
00:02:21Drug addicts.
00:02:24Heroin addict is the worst type of drug.
00:02:26Go ahead.
00:02:27>> He kind of got away from baseball and sports and got involved with the girl.
00:02:31They started seeing each other more and more and more.
00:02:35>> Judge Mathis: She was on heroin, you think?
00:02:37>> I believe so.
00:02:38They experimented together.
00:02:39>> Judge Mathis: Like 16 or so?
00:02:40>> No.
00:02:41He was probably 17 at that time.
00:02:50After he graduated high school, he could learn a trade.
00:02:54>> Judge Mathis: By that time you knew?
00:02:56>> Yeah.
00:02:57We knew I had problems.
00:02:58>> Judge Mathis: Heroin addiction, did you know that?
00:03:00>> Yes, your honor.
00:03:02>> Judge Mathis: What made you suspicious?
00:03:04>> Well, his mom walked in on him one time.
00:03:09>> Judge Mathis: You didn't see any other signs?
00:03:10>> Yes.
00:03:13>> Judge Mathis: Like what?
00:03:15>> Nodding and -- >> Judge Mathis: All right.
00:03:20How often would you see that?
00:03:23>> All the time.
00:03:23>> Judge Mathis: All the time?
00:03:25>> All the time.
00:03:27>> Judge Mathis: When he came home from school, what have you?
00:03:29>> No.
00:03:30>> Judge Mathis: When?
00:03:31>> When he was in his room.
00:03:32>> Judge Mathis: Catch him nodding out a lot.
00:03:36>> Judge, I have seen you save people.
00:03:44I'm begging you from my heart to save my son.
00:03:47>> Judge Mathis: First he has to tell me he wants to be saved.
00:03:50You can't save anybody who wants to be saved.
00:03:53You have to wait till they hit rock bottom then they determine they want to be saved.
00:03:58How old are you?
00:03:59>> 26 Years old.
00:04:00>> Judge Mathis: You can't save somebody who is 26 unless they want to be saved.
00:04:03Go ahead, sir.
00:04:06>> Like they said, I was an athlete through high school.
00:04:11Actually, they got a little twisted it.
00:04:17STARTED SELLING OXI-CONTIN. a That's how I got addicted, using my own product.
00:04:24It got expensive.
00:04:25That's when I started using heroin.
00:04:28>> Judge Mathis: Heroin is less expensive on the street?
00:04:32>> Way less.
00:04:34Way less.
00:04:34And you get way higher.
00:04:37>> That's besides the point.
00:04:39>> So I was an athlete.
00:04:41I had seven scholarships.
00:04:42Me and my girlfriend, she didn't want me to leave the state.
00:04:46She didn't want me to leave to go play baseball.
00:04:49Of course I thought she was the love of my life so I chose her over baseball.
00:04:56Since then, it just started spiralling downhill, downhill.
00:05:00I lost everything.
00:05:01I've lost everything.
00:05:02I lost family members.
00:05:05I've lost my little brothers.
00:05:08My little brother two days ago told me he resents me and never wants to talk to me again.
00:05:16He used to look up to me.
00:05:18Like everything -- I lived in reno, I moved to california to get clean twice.
00:05:23>> Judge Mathis: Rehab?
00:05:24>> Get out of the environment.
00:05:25>> Judge Mathis: What happened there?
00:05:27>> I was working two jobs in california and going to school.
00:05:31Couldn't afford it.
00:05:32Came back to vegas, relapsed again.
00:05:36>> Judge Mathis: Did you use while there?
00:05:37>> No.
00:05:38>> Judge Mathis: It helped you to get out of the environment and become productive.
00:05:42Long as you tied up your time, working two jobs, away from the other buddies or friends who were engaged in it, you had an opportunity.
00:05:50It's when you went back to the same environment like they said.
00:05:54>> Yes, sir.
00:05:55It started progressing and progressing.
00:05:58That was about four years ago.
00:06:04Now about 2 1/2 months ago i basically got kicked out of my house from them.
00:06:10I basically feel like I lost my whole family.
00:06:12Nobody wants to talk to me.
00:06:14Don't wants to even help me.
00:06:16Nobody wants to do anything.
00:06:17I feel like I just lost them.
00:06:19>> Judge Mathis: No one wants to help you.
00:06:21You want to help yourself?
00:06:22>> Yeah.
00:06:23I need help.
00:06:24I've been asking for help.
00:06:26I just don't have the money -- i want to go to an inpatient as long as I can.
00:06:32I don't have any problem.
00:06:33I need help.
00:06:34I need to start my life back together.
00:06:37I was a straight a student.
00:06:39The only reason I use is to not get sick.
00:06:43>> Judge Mathis: When you're referring to sick you mean withdrawal?
00:06:47>> Dope sick.
00:06:47>> Judge Mathis: Let's get to the stolen money you're suing about.
00:06:51>> Today we are here for checks that were taken.
00:06:54>> Judge Mathis: When?
00:06:55>> Starting back in july through the end of august.
00:07:00We were out of town -- >> Judge Mathis: What year?
00:07:03>> 2013.
00:07:04We went out of town.
00:07:06Me, my wife, my twins.
00:07:08Adam stayed home to feed the dogs.
00:07:10Found some check books.
00:07:11I didn't find this out until a week or two after we got home, but I noticed there were a a couple of checks that were written and a couple more.
00:07:19Before it was over there were ten total checks written.
00:07:23Totalling $1,265 in checks.
00:07:26There was $266 in overdraft bank fees.
00:07:34We went through all the running AROUND, CLOSING BANK3y6÷ ACCOUNTS, How to put food on the table, get utilities on.
00:07:46>> Judge Mathis: Did you know he was heavily into heroin?
00:07:48>> I knew.
00:07:49>> Judge Mathis: Do you know the nature of a heroin addiction?
00:07:51>> Yeah, I understand it.
00:07:54>> Judge Mathis: People will steal, sell items.
00:07:57>> We've been traveling doing female impersonation from aurora to chicago the last five years.
00:08:05Lately, she is out of control.
00:08:08She just got off work before you came in here.
00:08:11>>> Coming up -- >> Judge Mathis: Many times they are going to tell you they're ready and that's part of the con so you can open up your doors and they can rip you off some more.
00:08:22Am I right or wrong?
00:08:22>> Yeah.
00:08:23I did that about 30 times.
00:08:25>> Judge Mathis: 30 Times he's done it to you.
00:08:2930 Times you set yourself up.
00:08:30I believe in tough love.
00:08:32With emphasis on the love.
00:08:35You've proven why are case.
00:08:37Have a good day.
00:08:38What do you think, I'm naive to the game?
00:08:42Your claim is dismissed for perjury.
00:08:45I became a judge to make a difference.
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00:10:57>> Judge Mathis: Heroin is less expensive than oxi-contin on the street?
00:11:03>> Way less and you get much higher.
00:11:07>> Adam carter is being sued by his parents who claim he became a heroin addict and his life spiralled out of control.
00:11:14>> Judge Mathis: Why did you leave him at your house knowing that he had a heroin addiction?
00:11:19You thought he was just going to decide that I don't think I'll rip my parents off for heroin this time?
00:11:26I think I'll give them a break and I'll sit here and go through withdrawal?
00:11:31>> The checks were hidden.
00:11:33>> Judge Mathis: Sir, my point, he could have stolen anything else.
00:11:36He was going to steal something.
00:11:37Didn't you understand that?
00:11:39>> No, I understand that, your honor.
00:11:41I think pretty much everything of value -- >> Judge Mathis: You say you went through so much.
00:11:46He had been ripping you off in the past, right?
00:11:49Part of your lawsuit is for emotional distress.
00:11:51You set yourself up for emotional distress.
00:11:54Because you knew he was going to rip you off.
00:11:57>> I didn't think he was going to stealas going to rip you off.
00:12:02I'm not going to let you all just act as if you could not have done something to mitigate it.
00:12:11In this case, you could have done something to protect yourself.
00:12:15See, the number one job when you have a drug addict who is intent on remaining on drugs, and intent on victimizing everybody they can to satisfy their drug habit, your number one responsibility is to protect yourself.
00:12:35Then you try and get them help.
00:12:37Many times they are going to tell you they're red why I and that's part of the con so that you can open up your doors and they can rip you off some more.
00:12:46Am I right or wrong?
00:12:47>> Yeah, I did that about 30 times.
00:12:50>> Judge Mathis: 30 Times he's done it to you.
00:12:5230 Times you all set yourself up.
00:12:57I'm not going to grant emotional distress, sir.
00:13:00Sir, let me hear from you.
00:13:01Did you do it?
00:13:04>> Obviously.
00:13:08>> I don't -- I obviously must have done them.
00:13:13>> Judge Mathis: Let me tell you this, sir.
00:13:14When you get in rehab, the first thing you are going to do, they are going to teach you, one, you must be honest.
00:13:19You must try and repair the damage you've done to others.
00:13:23Then you must go through the process that they teach you to avoid relapsing.
00:13:28All right?
00:13:28So we are going to wish good luck in that endeavor.
00:13:35I'm going to grant everything except this emotional distress you're suing for.
00:13:39Yes, ma'am?
00:13:40>> I want mental distress.
00:13:42I have been in the hospital because of this.
00:13:43>> Judge Mathis: Ma'am, I am not going to grant you emotional distress.
00:13:48Your son has told me you all gave him 30 chances.
00:13:51You allowed him to rip you off 30 times.
00:13:55That's way said.
00:13:56I'll grant you your judgment of $1,531.
00:14:00That is everything he has stolen from you without the emotional distress that you all allowed yourself to endure.
00:14:10You knew he was a drug addict.
00:14:12How do you go out of town knowing that you have a drug addict there who has to steal to avoid withdrawal?
00:14:25Who has stolen chance.
00:14:28You set him up.
00:14:28Son, we are going to go out of town, give you these keys and leave you our property.
00:14:33We'll let you have a field day taking whatever you want.
00:14:36He looked at you all and said, you've got to be kidding me?
00:14:45I'm giving you everything you asked for other than the stress that you allowed yourself to endure.
00:14:52I'm telling family members now who are watching, don't allow yourself to be a victim.
00:14:59I'm going assist you and order you to get inhouse drug treatment like you said that you want.
00:15:03>> Thank you.
00:15:06>> Judge Mathis: Have a good day.
00:15:10>> I love you.
00:15:11>> Judge Mathis: Thank you.
00:15:12>> Thank you, sir.
00:15:12>> Judge Mathis: Hug your mom.
00:15:20>> We love you, adam.
00:15:22We want to you get help.
00:15:24>> I agreed to get help.
00:15:25I'm sorry, guys.
00:15:30>> My old adam, that's all i want back.
00:15:49>>> Plaintiff martel west has been friends with the defendant ten years.
00:15:53They are both female impersonators.
00:15:56Martel says the defendant is promiscuous and twerks in public.
00:16:02Martel is suing for the cost of a dress.
00:16:05Defendant blake jones says he was born a man, but he lives in is life as a woman.
00:16:11And goes by the name sasha love.
00:16:13Sasha admits she likes to twerk, but insists she isn't hurting anybody.
00:16:19Sasha is countersuing for slander because martel bad-mouthed her to other club owners.
00:16:25>> My name is martel west.
00:16:27>> Hello, judge, my name is 3 >> Judge Mathis: All right.
00:16:37Start with you.
00:16:38>> Me and the defendant sasha have been friends for over ten years.
00:16:42We've been traveling, doing demail impersonations from aurora through chicago the past five years.
00:16:50We hang out.
00:16:51We go places.
00:16:52We always have fun.
00:16:54Lately, she has been getting out of control.
00:16:56We go to walmart, she is promiscuous.
00:17:01>> At walmart?
00:17:02>> Judge Mathis: Right.
00:17:03That is a good point.
00:17:04What does she do at walmart?
00:17:07>> Ever since the woman made a video twerking at wall part, she twerks at walmart.
00:17:13>> That is a lie.
00:17:14>> She just got done twerking before you came in here.
00:17:17>> Your honor, I feel like twerking any time of the day, I'm going to twerk.
00:17:21I'm not hurting anyone, why can't I twerk?
00:17:28>> Judge Mathis: It could be considered lewd.
00:17:32>> I don't do it at walmart.
00:17:34>> There is a certain guy who works at walmart.
00:17:37>> I'm banned from walmart for ten years.
00:17:41You've been banned for walmart ten years.
00:17:43>> Judge Mathis: Why did they ban you?
00:17:45>> Because what is with him, your honor.
00:17:48>> Judge Mathis: Are you allowed to go to walmart?
00:17:50>> Yes, I can, sir.
00:17:52I go every day.
00:17:54I was never kicked out of walmart.
00:17:55I used to work at walmart.
00:17:58>> Your honor, walmart don't love him.
00:18:03>> Blake jones was kicked out of walmart, but sasha goes to walmart still.
00:18:08Like I said, there is a certain guy she goes trying to twerk on him knowing he's married, dancing on him.
00:18:14She is ridiculous.
00:18:16She twerks all the time.
00:18:18>> Your honor, these lies are just -- my god.
00:18:24Come on.
00:18:24I'm twerking with a married man?
00:18:26I should be in jail.
00:18:27He should have beat me up.
00:18:30He was married.
00:18:31>> Judge mathis will be right back.
00:18:34>> Her husband and her and her ex and his wife live together in a condo together in florida.
00:18:40Then her and her ex start having an affair together.
00:18:44>> Judge Mathis: Got you.
00:18:45They were in the same condo.
00:18:48>> Right.
00:18:49She got pregnant.
00:18:50Then after that they lost their jobs.
00:18:52Came homeless.
00:18:52Living in the streets.
00:18:54>> Coming up -- >> your honor, I don't twerk on men, okay?
00:18:58>> You twerk on girls.
00:18:59>> That's just twerk.
00:19:00I can twerk here in the middle of the aisle.
00:19:03>> Judge Mathis: No, thank you.
00:19:07>> I'm just saying I could twerk here and not twerk on anybody.
00:19:10>> Judge,, idea.
00:19:39[Man] No one told her,right?
00:19:47[Mom screams] God!
00:19:58cheer] >> Are you furious with a friend or family member who owes you money or wronged you?
00:22:05If you're thinking about filing a lawsuit visit us at judge mathis tv.com.
00:22:14>> There are certain guy she tries to twerk with knowing he's married.
00:22:17She is ridiculous.
00:22:18She twerks all the time.
00:22:20>> These lies are just, my gosh!
00:22:25Come on.
00:22:26>> Defendant blake jones was born a man, but lives his life as a woman.
00:22:31And goes by the same sasha love.
00:22:33The plaintiff claims sasha is promiscuous and often twerks in public.
00:22:39>> Judge Mathis: Did they let because being in walmart?
00:22:40>> Yes.
00:22:41>> Yes.
00:22:42>> Judge Mathis: Urbaned from going as blake or you're banned from going as sasha?
00:22:47>> I'm banned as blake.
00:22:49>> Judge Mathis: What did blake do to be banned?
00:22:54>> No.
00:22:54I was with somebody that was stealing.
00:22:57>> Judge Mathis: Blake was with someone that was stealing.
00:23:00>> Yeah.
00:23:00Would you like to know who that person was?
00:23:03>> Judge Mathis: Who?
00:23:05>> Martel west.
00:23:06Because of martel west, blake got banned from walmart.
00:23:12He goes to walmart.
00:23:15>> Judge Mathis: You love walmart.
00:23:16I see why.
00:23:19>> They call me every day to come back and work.
00:23:21>> That is a lie.
00:23:24You'd be at work.
00:23:25>> Judge Mathis: Anything else you want to tell me about your friendship before we get to the dress?
00:23:30>> Not only you can see she is loud, disorderly, after shows, we like to go out places.
00:23:37We went one night to get something to eat.
00:23:38She disappears.
00:23:40Nobody knows where she at.
00:23:41Probably twerking on some man in the bathroom, who knows?
00:23:45We go -- >> Judge Mathis: What does a man do when you twerk on him?
00:23:48>> I don't twerk on men, okay?
00:23:51>> Who do you twerk on, girls?
00:23:53>> Twerk.
00:23:54I can twerk here in the middle of the aisle.
00:23:57>> Judge Mathis: No thanks.
00:23:58>> I don't need anyone.
00:23:59>> Judge Mathis: No, thank you.
00:24:01>> I'm saying I can twerk here and not twerk on anybody.
00:24:03>> Judge Mathis: And I'm telling you you can't.
00:24:05>> I won't, your honor.
00:24:08>> Don't do that.
00:24:10We tried to find sasha 30 minutes.
00:24:12We went into the women's bathroom.
00:24:14She is on the floor laid out drunk, looked like a corpse.
00:24:20We didn't know if she was dead or what.
00:24:22>> Judge Mathis: What are you doing in the women's bathroom?
00:24:26>> We was drag.
00:24:29>> Judge Mathis: I got you.
00:24:30If you were in your impersonation outfit.
00:24:33I think it's politically incorrect to say drag if you're not an impersonator.
00:24:38You can say it, but I can't.
00:24:40>> I don't care.
00:24:42>> Judge Mathis: I'm saying the culture is folk whose call each other other names.
00:24:46You can say it, but you can't.
00:24:49Like some gay guys can slur each other.
00:24:52If you're not gay, you can't.
00:24:54Black people can slur each other, if you're not black, you can't.
00:25:01Impersonators can slur each other, but you're not an impersonator, you can't.
00:25:06SOME WOMEN CALL EACH OTHER Bs, But if you're not a woman, you can't.
00:25:15I want to make that point.
00:25:17So you went to the women's bathroom, you all, and you saw her laid out on the floor.
00:25:23>> Like a dead corpse.
00:25:25>> Judge Mathis: What ultimately happened?
00:25:26>> We took pictures because it was funny.
00:25:28Then we tried to wake her up.
00:25:30We had to literally drag her to the car.
00:25:33Another drunken night.
00:25:34Everybody got to take care of her.
00:25:35I was like, this is too much.
00:25:38>> Your honor, that's a lie.
00:25:40I've never been wasted like that.
00:25:43>> Judge Mathis: All right.
00:25:44Let's get to the lawsuit.
00:25:45>> In february we had a show together.
00:25:48>> Judge Mathis: Of '13?
00:25:49>> We had a show together.
00:25:51What is on stage.
00:25:52She was downstairs.
00:25:54We have a routine that whoever is not on stage watches the other personal stuff because a lot of stuff goes missing.
00:26:02When I come back downstairs to get my stuff together, sasha is nowhere to be found.
00:26:10I I'm like, okay, maybe she walked off.
00:26:13Where is my dress?
00:26:14Maybe she was responsible and took it with her.
00:26:20>> He doesn't have a thing no one wants.
00:26:24No one wants.
00:26:27Trust me.
00:26:28>> We found her about 45 minutes later on some man flirting doing whatever they was doing and I'm like, where is my dress?
00:26:35She goes, it should be downstairs.
00:26:37No, my dress is not downstairs.
00:26:40So she tried to help me look for it.
00:26:43Ended up not finding it.
00:26:44Next day when she sobered up, she goes I'm going to get your dress.
00:26:49I'll pay you money for the dress it's my fault.
00:26:52I left your stuff down there.
00:26:53I'm going to write up a promissory note.
00:26:56Will you sign it?
00:26:58She says yes.
00:27:00I wrote a promissory note.
00:27:04Which I lost.
00:27:06She agreed to pay me $750.
00:27:11Then gave me $100.
00:27:13>> I never gave him a dime.
00:27:15Me and martel west do not perform together.
00:27:17We did a benefit show.
00:27:20I'll explain what a benefit show is.
00:27:24It's where a certain fellow female impersonator can have anything going on and they are a good performer.
00:27:32People support them.
00:27:33A host of girls come.
00:27:34It could be like 20 girls.
00:27:36They come and perform and they get no money.
00:27:39They don't get paid for it.
00:27:41They donate it to the girl.
00:27:45Honestly, like anybody can do a benefit show.
00:27:48If I give you a wig, they could have do you a benefit show.
00:27:54They would.
00:27:55Us doing shows together?
00:27:57A benefit show is not even a show.
00:28:01>> Judge Mathis: Gotcha, all right.
00:28:05Not on your level.
00:28:07>> Exactly.
00:28:09Unfortunately me and martel west sat next to each other.
00:28:14All right?
00:28:14We did two numbers each.
00:28:18I went before him.
00:28:19We told each other while down here doing each other's numbers, we'll make sure no one takes our stuff, which is cool.
00:28:25At the end of the day, I perform all the time, I go to different clubs.
00:28:30I take care of myself.
00:28:32My stuff is one place.
00:28:37It's here.
00:28:38Do you see he is dripping in diamonds right now?
00:28:41It might not be real.
00:28:46You are going to be like, your honor, really.
00:28:51We are wasting our time on nonsense.
00:28:54>> Judge Mathis: Did you have to end up in the woods?
00:28:58Time ran out, huh?
00:29:01>> Yeah.
00:29:03>> Judge Mathis: I know a lot of con players.
00:29:06They live,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> Judge Mathis: Some gay guys slur each other.
00:31:44If you're not gay, you can't.
00:31:47Some black people can slur each other, but if you're not black, you can't.
00:31:51Some impersonators can slur each other.
00:31:54If you're not impersonator, you can't.
00:31:57If you're not a woman, you can't.
00:32:02>> Defendant blake jones was born a man, but lives his life as a woman.
00:32:06And goes by the name sasha love.
00:32:09t0L" PLAINTIFF CLAIMS SASHA IS Promiscuous and often twerks in public.
00:32:14>> Judge Mathis: Tell me what happened to the dress you agreed to watch.
00:32:18>> Okay.
00:32:20Now, like I say I performed before he did.
00:32:22It was my last number.
00:32:23I go up there and I perform my number as I've done.
00:32:26I stay up there.
00:32:27I mingle.
00:32:28I don't go back downstairs.
00:32:31I had a drink or two.
00:32:31I don't drink like that.
00:32:32I don't get drunk to drink.
00:32:34That's for one.
00:32:35For two, he performed and he was running around the club.
00:32:41>> Judge Mathis: He performed after you?
00:32:43>> He performed after me.
00:32:45I never went downstairs.
00:32:46>> Judge Mathis: You were supposed to.
00:32:48>> No.
00:32:48You had an agreement to watch each other's stuff.
00:32:52Was that a condition?
00:32:53>> Yes, it was.
00:32:54>> Judge Mathis: While she was downstairs?
00:32:58>> My last performance was only three minutes.
00:33:00She told me she was going to watch my stuff.
00:33:02When I was going up the stairs, she was going down the stairs.
00:33:07>> Judge Mathis: You say you stayed upstairs.
00:33:08>> I didn't go back.
00:33:10>> Judge Mathis: You all have two very different stories.
00:33:13>> It's a truth and a lie.
00:33:15>> That's a lie.
00:33:18You know they say you heard a white lie?
00:33:20This is a version of a big lie.
00:33:22That's the big lie right there.
00:33:25>> Judge Mathis: How does he owe you for defamation $1,000?
00:33:29>> I have a witness today actually.
00:33:32My witness was at the benefit show.
00:33:38He's my friend.
00:33:38He is a performer, too.
00:33:40He was actually in the crowd.
00:33:43He seen -- I mingled with him and everybody else.
00:33:46First of all my last number -- >> Judge Mathis: What is your counterclaim for defamation for?
00:33:51>> Oh, I'm sorry.
00:33:52>> Judge Mathis: The drama is over.
00:33:54>> It's $1,000 for slander.
00:33:56>> Judge Mathis: What did he do?
00:33:57>> He told everybody, went to different clubs don't book me.
00:34:00I'm not a good performer.
00:34:03I steal.
00:34:05Never stole a dress.
00:34:07Didn't steal his dress.
00:34:08>> Judge Mathis: Did you do that?
00:34:09>> Your honor, when I was asked about people ask me was she a good performer, I said she is a g version of beyonce.
00:34:17That's what I said.
00:34:19They asked me, well did you ever find out what happened to your dress?
00:34:23I said no, but she done bought many dresses.
00:34:28>> Judge Mathis: Did you tell anyone not to hire her?
00:34:30>> No.
00:34:31I never told anyone not to hire her.
00:34:34>> Judge Mathis: That is the issue.
00:34:35>> She books shows all the time.
00:34:37>> Judge Mathis: Have you lost any money?
00:34:39Can you prove you lost money based on what he has said?
00:34:42>> Yes, I can, sir.
00:34:44>> Judge Mathis: Prove it.
00:34:45>> My witness here.
00:34:47He works at a club.
00:34:51He came to watch a show at.
00:34:53>> Judge Mathis: Your witness works at a club.
00:34:55When is the last time you worked at that club?
00:34:57>> I haven't.
00:34:58I've been trying to get in.
00:35:02>> Judge Mathis: How have you been trying?
00:35:04>> By going, doing like little competitions.
00:35:07>> Judge Mathis: All right.
00:35:08>> There is not a guarantee they are going to, oh, just because he won that competition we are going to book you.
00:35:13>> Judge Mathis: There is never a guarantee.
00:35:15Even if you win.
00:35:16>> No.
00:35:17>> Judge Mathis: Okay.
00:35:18He didn't interfere because even if you won the competition there is no guarantee.
00:35:23He didn't interfere with anything.
00:35:25You could give the best presentation, you could win the competition and then still not be selected.
00:35:32>> Thank you.
00:35:33>> Judge Mathis: What did you want to say?
00:35:38State your name.
00:35:38What did you want to tell me?
00:35:40>> That is a lie.
00:35:41She did come to the club and tell me do not book her because she was stealing her dress or her dress came up missing.
00:35:47>> Judge Mathis: Did that you from booking her?
00:35:49>> It did.
00:35:49I'm thinking she is going to steal us from.
00:35:52>> Judge Mathis: You're here today for a thief?
00:35:57You had to believe it.
00:35:59You just said you did not book her because you thought she would steal from you.
00:36:06Meaning you believed she was a thief.
00:36:11Therefore, you are here today defending a thief.
00:36:14>> But we talked. it's all right.
00:36:21>> Judge Mathis: You can get hired, it's all right.
00:36:25$650 Is your judgment.
00:36:26Your claim is dismissed.
00:36:27He said he'll hire you now.
00:36:29You didn't lose anything if he is going to hire you, right?
00:36:46>> Who is the liar now?
00:36:48Who is the liar now?
00:36:49>> THAT IS A2kjX LYING [ BLEEP ] There.
00:36:55That is a whore.
00:36:56This is what his dress is made up.
00:37:00It's $6.99 a yard, guys.
00:37:03>> This is my dress.
00:37:07He don't even work in shows.
00:37:12>>> Plaintiff laura dejose was friends with the defendant.
00:37:15She claims while the defendant was married, she cheated and left her husband for the other man.
00:37:22Laura claims the defendant ended up pregnant, homeless and living in the woods so laura took her in, but she is suing her today for crashing her car while high on xanax.
00:37:34Defendant meghan martin insists she wasn't married when see hooked up with the guy in question, but does admit they hitchhiked to texas to live in the woods.
00:37:43Meghan doesn't remember taking laura's car because she was high on xanax, but insists laura knew that and gave her the car regardless.
00:37:53So laura should be held partially responsible.
00:37:55>> Judge Mathis: Start with you.
00:37:56>> Yes, your honor.
00:37:58I'm suing my ex-friend here meghan martin.
00:38:01I've come to know meghan through her ex.
00:38:04We were friends with him first.
00:38:06He introduced us to meghan.
00:38:08We became really good friends.
00:38:09We start inviting them over.
00:38:11They didn't have much money.
00:38:13We started inviting them over for dinner and tv and watching movies with us.
00:38:21Through that getting being friends with them, she told us they were living at florida one time in a condo with their husbands and wives and had an affair together.
00:38:32>> Judge Mathis: With whom?
00:38:34>> Her husband, her, her ex and his wife lived together in florida.
00:38:40Her and her ex start having an affair together.
00:38:42>> Judge Mathis: Got you.
00:38:43They were in the same condo.
00:38:44>> Right.
00:38:45They start having an affair together.
00:38:47>> Judge Mathis: She told you this?
00:38:48>> She did.
00:38:51She told me this.
00:38:54Then they run off.
00:38:56She got pregnant.
00:38:57Then after that, they lost their jobs, became homeless.
00:39:00Were living in the streets.
00:39:02She told me she was six months pregnant living in the woods in florida -- in texas.
00:39:09Living in texas in the woods.
00:39:11She got scared and they came back where their family was because she was very pregnant.
00:39:16It was after we got to be friends with them that her ex got arrested.
00:39:21>> Coming up next -- >> I wound up pregnant.
00:39:25We hitchhiked to texas to live in the woods.
00:39:27>> Judge Mathis: The woods are better in texas?
00:39:30>> There is hardly no woods in florida.
00:39:34>> Judge Mathis: You heard in ,,,, wasvery it?
00:40:24Yes, it was.
00:40:25I'm so glad we couldbe here for larry.
00:40:27At a time like this,friends and family matter most.
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00:42:07I've put this offlong enough.
00:42:08I'm definitely gonna callabout the colonial penn program.
00:42:23Let's hitchhike do the woods in texas.
00:42:34>> Meghan martin is being sued by her friend who ended up pregnant living in the woods.
00:42:38>> Judge Mathis: Let's start with this other part.
00:42:40Let me allow her to address that.
00:42:41>> Thank you.
00:42:43>> Judge Mathis: Living in the woods.
00:42:44>> First of all, neither one of us were married.
00:42:48I guess where she gets this idea is that -- >> that's what you told me.
00:42:53>> Judge Mathis: Did you and your mate live with your ex-mate and his mate?
00:43:00>> No, sir.
00:43:00I come down with a friend to florida where they were at.
00:43:05>> Judge Mathis: A male friend?
00:43:07>> Male friend.
00:43:08He was there with another girl.
00:43:12They had just met in florida.
00:43:13They were down there on vacation.
00:43:15You meet somebody on the beach.
00:43:17Yes, we did hook up and leave together.
00:43:19Those were not our husbands or wives, you know.
00:43:23>> Judge Mathis: There was four people living in a condo.
00:43:25>> Not a condo.
00:43:26A trailer in the back of the woods.
00:43:29>> Judge Mathis: While four of you were living in a trailer, the guy you ran off with had a girlfriend.
00:43:37>> Acquaintance.
00:43:39>> Judge Mathis: And they were intimately linked?
00:43:41>> No, sir.
00:43:42>> To be honest with you, my ex is a conman.
00:43:46He was down there running from the police and needing a place to stay.
00:43:49He conned a bigger lady into letting him stay in her home.
00:43:55That's more the situation.
00:43:56He was using her to have a place to stay.
00:43:58>> Judge Mathis: So were you?
00:43:59>> Exactly.
00:44:00>> Judge Mathis: You lived there, too.
00:44:03>> Yes, sir.
00:44:04>> Judge Mathis: All right.
00:44:04Did you all have to end up in the woods?
00:44:09Time ran out, huh?
00:44:12>> Yeah.
00:44:12>> Judge Mathis: I know a lot of con players.
00:44:14None have to live in the woods.
00:44:17They live pretty good lives.
00:44:19>> I was horrible at it apparently.
00:44:21>> Judge Mathis: Okay.
00:44:22You ended up in the woods.
00:44:24>> Yes.
00:44:25>> Judge Mathis: What were you leaving on?
00:44:27Did you have blankets or tree limbs or what?
00:44:30>> Actually, I first ended up in florida.
00:44:33We were using bubble wrap and pillows.
00:44:35>> Judge Mathis: Why did do you that?
00:44:37>> Why?
00:44:38Because I was stupid.
00:44:42>> Judge Mathis: What about him?
00:44:43>> Even stupider.
00:44:45>> Judge Mathis: How did that turn out?
00:44:47>> I wound up pregnant and we hitchhiked to texas to live in the woods.
00:44:53There are no woods in florida.
00:44:54Texas was better.
00:44:55>> Judge Mathis: You heard in texas the woods are better.
00:45:02Let's hitchhike down here to the woods in texas.
00:45:05>> That's what it sounds like.
00:45:07We moved there because he had family there and I found out i was pregnant.
00:45:11>> Judge Mathis: His family was in the woods?
00:45:14Lord have mercy.
00:45:15Good enough, ma'am.
00:45:16Let me get back to you.
00:45:18You seem like you are on target.
00:45:21>> Yes, sir.
00:45:21>> Judge Mathis: You know what you're talking about.
00:45:25>> Yes, sir.
00:45:27When her ex went to jail she couldn't pay the rent where she was at.
00:45:31We thought they were kind, credible people.
00:45:33We took her into our home and provided everything.
00:45:35We bought her a baby crib, baby clothes, diapers, I mean we provided everything for her.
00:45:42Didn't ask her for no money, anything.
00:45:44When her baby was not even born I TOOK HER TOoWH0e THE HOSPITAL.
00:45:48She said I'm going to stay with my ex's mother.
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00:48:22"Judge mathis" after this.
00:48:31>> Defendant meghan martin is being sued by her former friend who claims she left her husband for another man and ended up pregnant and homeless.
00:48:40>> She asked to borrow the vehicle to visit her daughter who was with her dad and step mom.
00:48:47I said be careful.
00:48:48She said, I'm fine, I'm great.
00:48:50I'll have it back.
00:48:51No problems, no worries.
00:48:53An hour later here comes her ex-mother.
00:48:57Shows up at the door saying she had went through the windshield, was in critical condition.
00:49:03Didn't know what shape she was in.
00:49:05Of course, I worry about her.
00:49:07We love meghan.
00:49:08Come to find out, I got the state trooper told me she never went through the windshield.
00:49:15Soon as she wrecked our truck she called somebody to come and get her.
00:49:18Didn't call us.
00:49:22How does she repay us?
00:49:23She got high on xanax and wrecked my vehicle.
00:49:26Not only that -- >> Judge Mathis: How did you find that out?
00:49:31>> That was in the accident report, which I have right here.
00:49:33Says she admitted to being on xanax and wrecking our vehicle, which is not the only time she has been on drugs.
00:49:40Her ex stated she had prior drug problems.
00:49:46>> Judge Mathis: Taking xanax three hours prior to the crash.
00:49:51>> I don't even remember going to her home.
00:49:53I actually had a babysitter for the first time, which [email protected] no excuse.
00:49:58I was single mother, getting up at night with the kids because my ex now was in jail.
00:50:04>> Judge Mathis: What was he in jail for?
00:50:08>> Child support.
00:50:11I decided to take some pills from a friend and take a few of them.
00:50:15I don't take downers.
00:50:16I have a drug history, but it wasn't downers.
00:50:19When I took them, I don't even remember going to the home and asking for a vehicle.
00:50:25>> Judge Mathis: Do you remember the accident?
00:50:27>> I remember the sobriety test.
00:50:30I remember being jerked out by the state trooper.
00:50:32I don't remember after that.
00:50:33I blacked out for another day.
00:50:36>> Judge Mathis: She agreed to repay you?
00:50:38>> Yes, sir.
00:50:39She signed a promissory note saying she would pay $75 a week every week till the note was paid.
00:50:47>> Judge Mathis: Were you arrested and charged driving under the influence of drugs?
00:50:51Even though you admitted you were high on xanax when you caused this accident, they said it was all right?
00:50:56>> They didn't say it was all right.
00:50:58They gave me a slap on the wrist.
00:51:01>> Judge Mathis: Really?
00:51:01You could have killed someone.
00:51:05They just let you go, huh?
00:51:06You have pictures?
00:51:08>> Yes, I have pictures of the truck she wrecked.
00:51:12>> Judge Mathis: A lot of people want to get arrested by those police.
00:51:15>> Yes.
00:51:16>> Judge Mathis: You tell them you're high off xanax, they see this and they let you go?
00:51:21No charges?
00:51:24>> No charges.
00:51:26>> Judge Mathis: Oh, my goodness.
00:51:29>> The gentleman came the next day to buy the vehicle.
00:51:32We told them we were sorry she wrecked it.
00:51:34>> Can I ask you a question?
00:51:36How am I -- I understand where I'm at fault, but how is she not at fault when she knew I was under the influence.
00:51:45>> No, ma'am, I did not know you were under the influence of drugs.
00:51:48>> I have a witness statement from my mother-in-law who is not necessarily a friend of mine, but she did give me a witness statement.
00:51:55>> Judge Mathis: She agreed to pay you?
00:51:57Did you agree to pay her?
00:51:59She agreed to pay you how much?
00:52:01>> Yes, sir.
00:52:01She agreed to pay $75 a week.
00:52:06>> Judge Mathis: Total amount of?
00:52:09>> $2,000.
00:52:10>> Judge Mathis: How much has she paid you?
00:52:12>> $75.
00:52:15She breached the contract.
00:52:18After she paid $75 she never got -- she knew where we lived.
00:52:23She had a job.
00:52:24She did not offer to,,,,,,,, ♪
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00:55:37>>> Defendant meghan martin is being sued by her former friend who claims she left her husband for another man then ended up pregnant living in the woods.
00:55:46>> Judge Mathis: What is your defense to this agreement, ma'am?
00:55:50>> At the time after the wreck, I was still the day after -- >> Judge Mathis: You're still getting high?
00:55:57>> No, sir.
00:55:58I was still under the influence the day after.
00:56:00>> Judge Mathis: That's called getting high.
00:56:02>> I mean from the incident before.
00:56:04>> Judge Mathis: You must have taken a lot of xanax to be high the next day.
00:56:08Does she know you took a lot of xanax?
00:56:11Is that your defense?
00:56:12>> She stated to my ex-mother-in-law on the phone that I was falling asleep and that I asked her later on, why did you let me drive the vehicle if you knew I was under the influence.
00:56:23>> I didn't know you were under the influence.
00:56:25You said you were fine.
00:56:29>> Judge Mathis: She would rather have you drive her car under the influence of xanax than to make you mad?
00:56:37>> You don't understand.
00:56:37They are awkward people.
00:56:40>> Judge Mathis: They are awkward?
00:56:41How many woods have they lived?
00:56:50Why did you sign something saying you would pay?
00:56:52>> After the accident, she told my mother-in-law at the time she could not come get my baby stuff until I come and spoke to them.
00:57:02>> Judge Mathis: You should have sued her.
00:57:03Gone to the police.
00:57:04You have a police report where you said she is withholding my property?
00:57:08Don't have that?
00:57:10>> No.
00:57:11>> Judge Mathis: What you are suggesting is she extorted or had you sign this contract under duress and you're unable to prove it and I don't believe it.
00:57:20Judgment for the plaintiff, $2,000.
00:57:27>> Justice prevailed.
00:57:29We were kind and she took our kindness as an act of weakness and took advantage of us.
00:57:34Then didn't want to pay us.
00:57:36I'm glad justice prevailed and she has to pay us.
00:57:39>> I think she was overly nice and I couldn't understand her motives.
00:57:44>> There was no motives.
00:57:46No one has been kind to you apparently because you lived in the woods.
00:57:49You didn't know what kindness was.
00:57:52>> Judge Mathis: If you can relate to any of our cases today, visit my website ask com and let me know your question.
00:58:03--Captions by VITAC-- www.vitac.com