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00:00:09>>> And now enter the courtroom of judge mathis.
00:00:12Plaintiff donnie young dated the DEFENDANT IN THE LATE '80s, AND When she got pregnant she told donnie he was the father.
00:00:20However, donnie has his doubts, especially since the defendant's daughter is named after her ex-boyfriend.
00:00:27Donnie petitioned the court for a paternity test, and he's suing for an overpayment of child support.
00:00:36Defendant desiree fisher cannot believe that donnie waited 24 years to ask for a paternity test for their daughter.
00:00:46Desiree is countersuing for unpaid child support and she petitioned for her ex-boyfriend who is with her in court to take a dna test to prove he did not father her daughter.
00:00:57>> Let me hear from you.
00:00:58>> Your honor, I met desiree back in late '87-'88.
00:01:03We had a relationship that lasted close to a year.
00:01:07She lived with me for a period of time.
00:01:11She became pregnant.
00:01:14We fell out and went our separate ways.
00:01:17I ended up going to jail for selling drugs.
00:01:22Since I'veeen out I've changed my life around.
00:01:27I attend church regularly.
00:01:29>> He's a deacon.
00:01:30>> I'm a practicing deacon and i s sing in the choir.
00:01:35>> Good.
00:01:36>> What do you do for a living?
00:01:40>> I'm a construction worker.
00:01:42>> Good.
00:01:42Construction workers make plenty of money.
00:01:44And depending on how far you go, you can become wealthy.
00:01:48Become a wealthy developer.
00:01:49I say all this because guys in prison or guys with a record they think no one is ever going to hire them and their life is over.
00:01:58There's no way to get a lot of money other than selling drugs.
00:02:02You start off painting houses.
00:02:04You start off fixing the porch.
00:02:05You get a skill trader's license and start your own company.
00:02:08Am I right?
00:02:09>> Definitely.
00:02:10>> And then ten years later you can be rich.
00:02:12I know a lot of people that started off as contractors and ten years later they're rich.
00:02:17So that's a good lesson that others might learn from you.
00:02:20Glad you told me about that.
00:02:22So what happened?
00:02:22Let's get back to what we're here for.
00:02:25And you all dated in '88.
00:02:28You went to prison.
00:02:30How much time did you get?
00:02:31>> I did about 16, 17 years.
00:02:34>> You had some kilos?
00:02:37>> I was in a dug conspiracy.
00:02:41Yeah, it was kilos.
00:02:42>> It had to be.
00:02:44Yeah, that's a lot.
00:02:47Well, he's overcometh.
00:02:48That's the good news.
00:02:49Go ahead.
00:02:50>> Our relationship broke up and we went our separate ways.
00:02:54While I was incarcerated i talked to desiree on and off on the telephone.
00:02:59And she warned me that her ex-boyfriend, which is deon here, was coming to visit her.
00:03:06And when desiree ended up having deonica, she named deonica after deon.
00:03:16>> After her ex?
00:03:17>> Yes, she did.
00:03:17>> You named his child after your ex.
00:03:19>> He wasn't there.
00:03:21>> Before you had a lot of money, right?
00:03:23>> Yes, sir.
00:03:24>> And she benefitted from that money, right?
00:03:26>> Yes, she did.
00:03:27>> And so her response when i said -- >> I left her a mercedes benz.
00:03:32>> And her response to why she named your baby after her ex is, he was in prison.
00:03:39He wasn't there.
00:03:43I spent all his money and got him locked up.
00:03:46Now I can spend the money on my ex.
00:03:48>> I had the baby -- >> let him finish.
00:03:53>> Not only that, your honor, i believe she enticed my daughter to name her first child after deon.
00:03:59His name is deon, too.
00:04:03But, your honor, anyway.
00:04:06-- >> let me allow her to speak.
00:04:10>> Okay.
00:04:12>> Go ahead, ma'am.
00:04:13>> I am shocked at all of this.
00:04:14>> That's all you want to say?
00:04:17>> No.
00:04:19Yoobl now after 24 years that she'll be 24th december 5th, because he was not there when i was pregnant and he was not there when I had her.
00:04:27Him saying he left me a mercedes, no.
00:04:30The police picked the mercedes up.
00:04:34I had to pay the money to get it back because he wanted the car.
00:04:37And mind you she was born six months before he went to jail.
00:04:40She wasn't born after he was locked up.
00:04:43It was before he went to jail.
00:04:46>> Did they lock you up, too?
00:04:48>> No.
00:04:49He was with another girl when he got locked up.
00:04:55>> But they knew you lived with him.
00:04:56They locked a woman up who is benefitting.
00:04:58They lock a woman up who is driving a mercedes.
00:05:01They lock up a woman living the high life.
00:05:05>> He had a woman he lived with.
00:05:07He lived with me when I was pregnant.
00:05:10During my pregnancy he owned the house.
00:05:12>> That's not what I'm asking you.
00:05:14When he lived with you, was he selling drugs?
00:05:17>> To my understanding, yes.
00:05:19>> And he lived with you?
00:05:21And he paid the rent.
00:05:22>> He owned the house.
00:05:23>> And so you lived under the roof of a drug dealer.
00:05:29Next time don't live with a drug dealer because you'll go to prison with him.
00:05:34Let's just get past that.
00:05:35What else you want me to know?
00:05:37>> I want you to know he is the father and why is he asking for a dna after 24 years after she is here?
00:05:44I even asked him at the time when I had the baby or when i got pregnant if you wanted a dna let's get it out now.
00:05:53I'll pay my half.
00:05:54You pay your half.
00:05:55He didn't want to pay.
00:05:57>> You also petitioned the court for a dna test for your witness.
00:06:01>> Yes.
00:06:01>> Don't go away, there's more judge mathis after this.
00:06:05>> My soon-to-be ex-wife is an addict.
00:06:09She's addicted to diet pills, alcohol, gambling, a sex addict.
00:06:15Her older son -- >> she's addicted to everything you can get addicted to.
00:06:20Is there anything else you can get addicted to?
00:06:23>> And still to come -- >> Judge Mathis: This is so weird.
00:06:26You're suing for overpayment.
00:06:29>> Yes.
00:06:29>> Judge Mathis: Meaning that for 18 years you were giving the check.
00:06:35Didn't have to pay a dime in five years.
00:06:38Then you finally pop up and, well, might not be my child after all.
00:06:49I believe in tough love with emphasis on the love.
00:06:50You've proven your case.
00:06:51Have a good day.
00:06:53What do you think?
00:06:54I'm naive to the game?
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00:09:19>> Judge Mathis: Her ex-boyfriend, which is deo.
00:09:24>> You named his child after your ex?
00:09:26>> He wasn't there.
00:09:28>> Plaintiff donnie young is suing his exx who insists donnie fathered her 23-year-old daughter.
00:09:36But donnie has his doubts especially since the defendant named her daughter after her ex-boyfriend, so he petitioned the court for a dna test.
00:09:44>> Judge Mathis: Sir, why after 23 years you want a dna test?
00:09:47>> Being that she's named after her ex.
00:09:50>> Judge Mathis: Oh, you just found that out today?
00:09:52>> No, I've been knowing that for some time.
00:09:54>> Judge Mathis: How many years have you been knowing?
00:09:57>> I've been knowing this since she told me on the phone back in probably '90.
00:10:04>> How many years is that?
00:10:0623 Years.
00:10:07>> Yes.
00:10:07>> Judge Mathis: So once again, if you knew that the child was
00:00:13>> Narrator: And now enter the courtroom of judge mathis plaintiff mark nd his wife alexander said one day as mark was driving home he saw the defendant shirtless in the middle of the seat.
00:00:29The defendant jumped on his truck like super man and took off running to bite the emt.
00:00:41He is suing for truck damages.
00:00:45Ethan said he had taken two hits of acid that he never tried before.
00:00:52While high, he started to think about the meaning of life and running to tell someone his feelings when he saw the plaintiff coming toward him and jumped out of the way to not be hit.
00:01:10>> Judge Mathis: Tell me >> Plaintiff: I have seen crazy things.
00:01:14>> Judge Mathis: Spent time watching my sho you will see a lot more.
00:01:18Go ahead.
00:01:18>> Plaintiff: This is something like out of night of the living dead.
00:01:23I had picked up my toyota from the mechanic my wife was following me.
00:01:30I had just turned right on a major street and I seen this gentleman here with just pants on, and no shirt and end of january and cold out and i thought that is kind of crazy.
00:01:44I stop and I am maybe from me to you and he sees me and stares at me and runs to my truck and flies like super man and craws at my windshield I get out what the hell just happened?
00:02:05He takes off run negligent report.
00:02:07>> I am alexander johnson his wife and I was following and seeing the defendant shoot off in a neighborhood and I thought no way.
00:02:19And I go to follow him halfway the pants are now gone.
00:02:24And we are -- >> Judge Mathis: Totally nude.
00:02:29>> Naked as a jay bird.
00:02:31>> Plaintiff: Nothing.
00:02:32>> And so I follow him around and at that point my husband came to a point.
00:02:39>> Plaintiff: She follows him through a cul-de-sac and I get and see him run around and i just tackled him to the ground and I push him back down and he starts telling me, I love you and I love jesus.
00:02:55I am like talking about jesus, you are going to meet him.
00:02:59You need to stay there and wait until the cops get here.
00:03:05We keep him here she's holding by the wrist and the cops finally get there.
00:03:12And everything's good and they take over and emt strap him down not gurney and he tries to bite the emt's like a wild animal.
00:03:23>> It was awful.
00:03:25>> Judge Mathis: Let me hear fru.
00:03:27>> Defendant: I understand now why they say no to drugs.
00:03:35This is -- basically what happened, my friend called me and said you want to try acid.
00:03:42I never did it before and not in TO DRUGS MUCH >> Judge Mathis: You are into drugs.
00:03:51And you are going to begin -- not into the drugs and the first drug you took was acid?
00:04:06Go ahead.
00:04:08>> Defendant: Apparently they are from sweden.
00:04:10I don't know.
00:04:16I freak out and we start walking back to his house.
00:04:21And we were doing normal stuff and playing games and we start talking about the meaning of life and I was like I got to tell somebody about this.
00:04:33And I start run I didn't know where I was going.
00:04:38>> Judge Mathis: Tell everybody about the meaning of life?
00:04:40[laughter] >> Judge Mathis: You figured it out while you are on lsd and figured out the meaning of life.
00:04:50>> Defendant: Yes, sir.
00:04:52>> Judge Mathis: And you had to run and tell the good news?
00:04:55>> Defendant: Pretty much.
00:04:56>> Judge Mathis: Tell anybody who would listen.
00:05:01>> Defendant: Yeah.
00:05:01>> Judge Mathis: You had to do it so quickly you tried to fly and hit the hood of his car?
00:05:09>> Defendant: Basically what happened, I got to where we met and I saw the car coming toward me and I thought it was going to hit me and I dove on to the car.
00:05:20I thought that would be the way to avoid injury and not get knocked down.
00:05:26>> Plaintiff: I was complete plea stopped.
00:05:29>> Defendant: Honestly.
00:05:31I just remember run I didn't know they were chasing me.
00:05:34And he got out of the car and i just took off.
00:05:38>> Judge Mathis: How did you lose your last garment.
00:05:43>> Defendant: I don't know how i pulled that off while running, honestly.
00:05:47>> Judge Mathis: How did things end for you with the police?
00:05:50>> Defendant: It is a blur after that.
00:05:53I remember running and I thought it would be aerodynamic.
00:05:57>> Judge Mathis: Did you get a ticket?
00:05:59>> Defendant: No.
00:06:00The emt's took me to the hospital and that was that.
00:06:04They gave me fluid and thought it would flush it out of me they are like are you good to leave.
00:06:13I wasn't good to leave but I got out of there.
00:06:1616 Hours.
00:06:17>> Judge Mathis: Still high?
00:06:19Lsd today is taken in the form of what?
00:06:23That bath salt or something.
00:06:25>> Defendant: Bath salts.
00:06:28Not lsd.
00:06:31I don't eat faces.
00:06:32>> Judge Mathis: That's what bath salt.
00:06:35>> Plaintiff: You tried to eat the arm off.
00:06:38You don't eat faces just arms.
00:06:40You are trying to bite the arms of the em.
00:06:45>> Defendant: They said you were trying to fight the paramedics.
00:06:49>> Narrator: Don't go away more judge mathis coming up.
00:06:52>> I have a 90 day personal rule and I don't let anybody get close or touch no nooky or nothing.
00:07:01>> Judge Mathis: How many days did that rule -- >> like two weeks.
00:07:06>> Judge Mathis: You broke it down to 144?
00:07:10-- 14.
00:07:15>> Judge Mathis: How old are you.
00:07:17>> 14.
00:07:18>> Judge Mathis: Amir is my son.
00:07:24Look at him.
00:07:26He's a handsome guy, trying to marry him off.
00:07:30I believe in tough love, with emphasis on the love.
00:07:36You are proven your case, have a good day.
00:07:39What do you think, I am naive to the game.
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00:09:56>> Defendant: I started running and I didn't know what I was running.
00:10:01>> Judge Mathis: You had to tell everybody about the meaning of life and you were on lsd and figured out the meaning of life.
00:10:09And you had to run and tell the good news?
00:10:14>> Defendant: Yeah.
00:10:15>> Narrator: The defendant is being sued because after he took two hits of acid, he jumped on the plaintiff's truck.
00:10:23But he insists he thought the plaintiff was going to hit him and so he jumped to get out of the way.
00:10:30>> Judge Mathis: I don't believe you are responsible, sir?
00:10:33>> Defendant: If he said he was stopped, that's that, I guess >> Plaintiff: Your honor I have a police report that states I was stopped.
00:10:44>> Judge Mathis: And you have an estimate.
00:10:46>> Plaintiff: I have an estimate from the body shop and the statement from the defendant on facebook that said he jumped on the guy's car a statement from the defendant five-days after this that referenced a statement from a dui.
00:11:05>> Judge Mathis: How old are you.
00:11:07>> Defendant: 19.
00:11:08>> Judge Mathis: Are you in school.
00:11:09>> Defendant: Yes, sir.
00:11:11>> Judge Mathis: Where?
00:11:11>> Defendant: I went to victor valley college and I am going to northern arizona university.
00:11:17>> Judge Mathis: Northern arizona.
00:11:18What are you majoring in?