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00:00:01For adoption.
00:00:01She is suing for unpaid expenses.
00:00:05The defendant said the only reason he is sued is that heather is jealous of a new girlfriend who is with hill in courtroom.
00:00:14He clapes heather was jealous and possessive and now she will not let him see their son.
00:00:21He refuse to pay for day care expenses because heather's friends are watching his son.
00:00:27The court is now in session .
00:00:31Judge mathis is presiding.
00:00:34>>> And you may now be seated.
00:00:37>> Judge Mathis: Prove your case.
00:00:3992 Your honor, I met blake in 2005.
00:00:43He was seeing another girl and when I met him.
00:00:50It should have been a red flag.
00:00:51But I was young and everything was perfect .
00:00:54We spent every second together and moved in together.
00:00:59>> Judge Mathis: How old were you all?
00:01:01>> Plaintiff: I was 18 when i met him.
00:01:03Moved in together at what age?
00:01:06>> Plaintiff: 18 As well.
00:01:08Go ahead.
00:01:09>> Plaintiff: It was perfect.
00:01:13>> Judge Mathis: Thought he was too young to be tied down.
00:01:17>> Plaintiff: He was a womanizer.
00:01:19>> Judge Mathis: He was still sowing his wild oats he would talk to the girls and when i would confront him about it he would say I crazy and jealous.
00:01:41He works at a gay bar and thinks he is god's gift to men and women .
00:01:46He said he was gay for pay.
00:01:59>> Judge Mathis: You get concession tips or whatever.
00:02:03Let me allow him to respond, sir?
00:02:06>> Defendant: First of all I am not gay per pay.
00:02:10I get tips from a girl or guys.
00:02:14It is a gay friendly bar.
00:02:18It is girls also that go there.
00:02:21I don't think I am god's gift to anybody.
00:02:24>> Judge Mathis: Why did you break up?
00:02:26>> Plaintiff: I ended up getting pregnant.
00:02:29I didn't find out for two months and we broke up.
00:02:33Basically things were not working out.
00:02:36He pushed me to terminate the pregnancy.
00:02:40>> Defendant: Not true.
00:02:41>> Plaintiff: He said he never wanted to be a dad and if I were to give up the baby for adoption he were have more respect.
00:02:52YOU REFUSED >> Plaintiff: Yes.
00:02:54>> Judge Mathis: Is that why you broke up.
00:02:5692 No, we kept seeing each other.
00:03:00Why did you break up.
00:03:02>> Plaintiff: He just decided he was not interested.
00:03:05>> Judge Mathis: Sir, you want to give me background before we get to day care.
00:03:09>> Defendant: I feel we are here because she is obsessed.
00:03:17She is mad when I date britany.
00:03:21After you broke up?
00:03:22>> Defendant: Oh, yeah.
00:03:25We actually met at a restaurant and dated officially like a month and then we were off and finally we wanted to cut ties off and then we got a phone call .
00:03:41She said she was pregnant.
00:03:43Of course, we were young and upset.
00:03:45I never told her to terminate.
00:03:48I said adoption, keep it.
00:03:5092 No way that is true.
00:03:52Let him finish.
00:03:53>> Defendant: She had tyler and we were trying to be civil and work things out.
00:04:00We would hook up once and a while off and on.
00:04:03Any time I was single she would let me see kiler .
00:04:07If I was dating a different girl, talk to another girl she would do everything she has to keep me away.
00:04:19LIKE WHAT IN >> Defendant: Before the bar shut down.
00:04:22She would get drunk.
00:04:26My yob description we flirt.
00:04:28But she would go in there drunk and she would deplare and harass the girs.
00:04:34She would have a friend come in and she was dating a girl, she would bring her friends .
00:04:42Flip me off.
00:04:43Did you mention?
00:04:44>> Defendant: I told her to stop.
00:04:46If you don't stop harass me.
00:04:50Did you have a conversation about that?
00:04:52>> Plaintiff: No, sir.
00:04:54It never happened oh, no, sir.
00:04:58>> Judge Mathis: Go ahead, ma'am, tell me about the day CARE EXPENSES >> Plaintiff: Starting about december 08, of this last yoor when I was pregnant with our daughter.
00:05:10We have two children.
00:05:11I got pregnantgain and I kept sleeping with him.
00:05:16It was not safe.
00:05:17But my daughter is not a mistake.
00:05:20She sent me a message saying i hate tyler .
00:05:25I will never be a dad and I will gamble my money away so you don't have child support and i will flee the country.
00:05:34>> Judge Mathis: Day care expenses.
00:05:36Talk about that?
00:05:37>> Plaintiff: So blake is court order to pay 46 percent of our child care.
00:05:45>> Judge Mathis: Are you ordered to pay that?
00:05:47>> Defendant: Yes.
00:05:48>> Plaintiff: I have those documents here.
00:05:50>> Defendant: Your honor.
00:05:51>> Judge Mathis: Yes, sir?
00:05:53>> Defendant: I have child support that comes out.
00:05:55Day care, actually it is roughly I stopped paying three months ago.
00:06:03Why don't we allow her to prove the case.
00:06:07Don't gaked.
00:06:08Naked pictures of himself playing a guitar.
00:06:11>> Judge Mathis: So you don't have many hits?
00:07:01@@ p @L@@ @@F >> He stopped paying when?
00:08:45>> He never has payed on a consistent basis.
00:08:50>> Plaintiff: My son is been in.
00:08:52>> Judge Mathis: You have the bills?
00:08:54>> Plaintiff: I do.
00:08:54>> Judge Mathis: He has not paid 46 percent.
00:08:57>> Plaintiff: That is correct.
00:08:58You have the total amount that is owed and he is admitted to not 53ing.
00:09:07>> Defendant: Your honor the reason I stopped paying, there was no day care.
00:09:11She had our friends and she witnessed to.
00:09:17>> Judge Mathis: She had her friends.
00:09:18>> Defendant: She will not let me see her son.
00:09:22I dated her.
00:09:22>> Plaintiff: That is incorrect.
00:09:26You go to the local court and petition that she allow you to legal visitization.
00:09:32>> Defendant: Yes.
00:09:34>> Judge Mathis: Go to the court that give you legal visitiation and tell them you are not granting what you were ordered.
00:09:42You don't think you should pay because her friends provide the day care.
00:09:47>> Defendant: She told me there was a day care and I found out there was no day care and I am trying to find out where the number was coming from.
00:09:56>> Judge Mathis: You have evidence that you paid everything hashe is suing for.
00:10:00>> Defendant: Also evidence that, - >> Judge Mathis: Ma'am, she gives me a sworn at the same time from ashley, who is she?
00:10:09>> Defendant: An exdepirl friend from year and half ago.
00:10:14>> Judge Mathis: Saying that you made every single payment.
00:10:18Got you.
00:10:20Anything else you just want to talk about with me before I give you the money?
00:10:27Judgment for the plaintiff.
00:10:29She provides me with evidence that she has had individuals care for the child and there is no court order that said a specific day care center must provide it as long as the child was safe.
00:10:44Her mother and sister and friend can care for the child.
00:10:47She is showing evidence that she paid them.
00:10:51Judgment for the plaintiff.
00:10:53Have a good day.
00:10:54[applause] >> Plaintiff: I was trying to get money for my kids .
00:11:07>> Defendant: She said I cheat on her.
00:11:11>> Plaintiff: I don't know her number.
00:11:15He never met her.
00:11:18He was out drinking that night with the co-workers.
00:11:22She is two months old.
00:11:25>> Defendant: She was born two months ago.
00:11:31>> Plaintiff: I said my house was open to you, blake.
00:11:37>> Narrator: The plaintiff said he met the defendant two years ago and they became good friends despeet the fact that the defendant posted naked pictures of himself on the internet.
00:11:48Jason said he was at the defendant's house one night.
00:11:51He was swinging around a samari sword.
00:11:56He cut him and so he's suing.
00:11:59The defendant lye hey jackson said jason is a fun loves guy as he is .
00:12:05That's why they became such good friends.
00:12:08He hit him with a butter knife and said the hands was sweatingy and that's how it slipped and hit jason.
00:12:18Tell me what happened.
00:12:19>> Plaintiff: First of all, i wanted give I brief history of our frienhip.
00:12:26I met goo.
00:12:27Two years ago.
00:12:28>> Judge Mathis: What are you referring to him as?
00:12:32>> Plaintiff: We call him goo.
00:12:35>> Judge Mathis: I want to know why, all right.
00:12:39>> Plaintiff: I hung out with a cool guy and he's ir.
00:12:46>> Judge Mathis: Irresponsible.
00:12:48You are suing him for medical bills.
00:12:5292 Yeah.
00:12:53Because he is irresponsible for what happened?
00:12:5792 Yes.
00:12:58>> Judge Mathis: To your ear.
00:13:00>> Plaintiff: She didn't cause the ear incident.
00:13:03All right.
00:13:04[laughing] >> Judge Mathis: So the medical bills have nothing to do with your ears.
00:13:10>> Plaintiff: Not at all.
00:13:11[laughing] >> Judge Mathis: I guess I am confused.
00:13:15Go ahead.
00:13:16Well, anyways.
00:13:17He is trying to get people's attention and doing things he's shouldn't be doing.
00:13:23He has pictures of himself on the internet nake posted naked pictures of himself playing a guitar.
00:13:30>> Judge Mathis: So you don't have many hits?
00:13:35>> Plaintiff: No.
00:13:36>> Defendant: You don't even know.
00:13:38>> Judge Mathis: What you get 10,000 hits.
00:13:41>> Defendant: About 12,000.
00:13:43>> Judge Mathis: Yeah, right.
00:13:45What is your internet site.
00:13:47>> Defendant: It is cincinnati underground.org.
00:13:51>> Judge Mathis: Any of you going to go look?
00:13:55Yes, sir.
00:13:57He's naked on his internet site.
00:14:00>> Plaintiff: Posting naked pictures of himself on the internet site.
00:14:04>> Judge Mathis: I don't want to see that.
00:14:06>> Plaintiff: He's actuall memicking intercourse.
00:14:13I don't want to see that with a at that timu .
00:14:19-- Statue.
00:14:20>> Plaintiff: It just shows.
00:14:28>> Narrator: More judge mathis AFTER >> Judge Mathis: You need to grow up at this point.
00:14:33You need to take responsibility and get a job and school and stop this nonsense.
00:14:39Nwill you sign my -- I will sign -- >> Judge Mathis: It's time for and judge mathis.
00:14:50I would like to hear your thoughts on today's question.
00:14:54>> If a woman injuries a man defending herself against assault should she be held liable.
00:15:02>> Judge Mathis: Let me know what you think.
00:15:04Call to give your answer.
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00:17:51>> Narrator: Is someone sug you and you want the case held on judge mathis.
00:17:56Visit us on line at www.judgemathistv.com.
00:18:01The plaintiff is suing a friend who he claims posted a naked picture on the internet.
00:18:10>> Judge Mathis: That's a fool having fun.
00:18:14Like I said wanting attention.
00:18:18He is a fun loving guy .
00:18:23I first saw him.
00:18:26He crashed on the couch.
00:18:29There is tattoos everywhere.
00:18:35And he has perm up and down our arm.
00:18:39You shouldn't be hating because OF IT >> Judge Mathis: It is permanent.
00:18:45>> Yeah.
00:18:49It is just temporary.
00:18:55He walked around with his pants down.
00:18:58>> Judge Mathis: >> Judge Mathis: No, sir, you are talking about his exploit he can talk about yours.
00:19:06You opened the dorto that.
00:19:08>> I do goof off and like having a good time.
00:19:13And when I am not goofing off.
00:19:20I get it done like I am supposed to.
00:19:27And they do all of the partying.
00:19:30And he doesn't have a job.
00:19:35And I actually can take.
00:19:40It is on craig's list.
00:19:45He encouraged him.
00:19:49Hey wroke his if thitancing at a club.
00:19:54And when I started off it was a small crack.
00:19:58He was still out partying and everything.
00:20:02>> Judge Mathis: How are you suing him.
00:20:07For medical bills.
00:20:12Oh, you are not suing.
00:20:15>> He cut my hand open.
00:20:19Will you are a fol for weird.
00:20:25About to pay your bills and work and go to school .
00:20:29I haven't been able to afford a car.
00:20:36I don't try hard enough.
00:20:39>>> And this is what happened.
00:20:40I took a friend out for pizza .
00:20:46I am hungry .
00:20:51I took a pizza over to his house and I am sitting over at his house .
00:21:03I don't trust you.
00:21:05I don't trust you with t sword.
00:21:10Dude, put the sword down .
00:21:16I am watching television .
00:21:25It hits me on the head .
00:21:29Let me hear from you, sir.
00:21:37My hands were sweetie and I was playing with the knoif .
00:21:43They brought me cool pizza .
00:21:53I brought you fod.
00:21:56And I love knives .
00:21:58I yell at birds out of the windo.
00:22:02>> Judge Mathis: How old are you.
00:22:04>> 22.
00:22:05I am young .
00:22:10I loud music.
00:22:15And that was big.
00:22:20And I don't have a job.
00:22:24I want to work .
00:22:27He likes it now .
00:22:32>> I had car trouble to pay for.
00:22:38And he was freshly cut .
00:22:43How many stitches, sir.
00:22:45I had to get four stitches.
00:22:48Doctor in the er.
00:22:50>> The verdict next.
00:22:55What is it.
00:23:02That is a personal journal.
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00:25:58The plaintifff is suing his former friends.
00:26:03>> Judge Mathis: He has medical bills.
00:26:07Judgment for the plaintiff and you need to grow up at this point, sir you are 22.
00:26:14Take responsiblity and get a yob and stop it nonsense.
00:26:17>> Am you sign my cast.
00:26:19>> Judge Mathis: I will sign your cast.
00:26:29That is fair.
00:26:32Can you do anything?
00:26:34>> There you go.
00:26:35>> I left you a big spot right there.
00:26:38>> Judge Mathis: All right.
00:26:48>> It is right here.
00:26:49Thank you, sir.
00:26:51>> Judge Mathis: All right.
00:26:52[applause] >> Narrator: The plaintiff michael bolton said he dated the defendant five years and everything went down hill after he found a defendant's dairy in which she confessed she was no longer in love with meek mike.
00:27:13He is suing his ex-girlfriend for tires and rims and troo.
00:27:18Nthe defendant tamarajohnsonad -- admits the diary fell out.
00:27:27H wanted to be a street hustler.
00:27:32Tamarais suing after she was forced to call the police after michael ransacked her home and slashed her tires.
00:27:41>> Plaintiff: We had been together five years.
00:27:44She was like 18 years old .
00:27:46Then she moved out of the neighborhood when she was 10 i took care of the kid and everything was going good.
00:27:53One day I had looked at her dairy.
00:27:57>> Judge Mathis: Bumped into it?
00:27:58>> Plaintiff: Yeah, I bumped into it?
00:28:00>> Judge Mathis: Was it laying out on the floor.
00:28:03Plaintiff: She was out of tissue that day and she hadinose nurse thengs exiwent for the baby wipes, I seen the dairy and so I read the diary .
00:28:15Had not nothing good to say.
00:28:20Diary said she don't love me anymore .
00:28:25It feels like I am old .
00:28:28TOUGH LIKE >> Judge Mathis: You had been together five years by then yup.
00:28:33>> Judge Mathis: Were any of the notes did they about back like years?
00:28:3892 Probably six or seven months .
00:28:42So when I read that, that broke my heart.
00:28:45So that same day.
00:28:47>> Judge Mathis: Did she give a reason.
00:28:49>> Plaintiff: She never talked to me.
00:28:53In the diary.
00:28:54I don't love him because he is a