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00:00:39[Yelling in african language] what's wrong?
00:00:45Mrs. curtis is sick.
00:00:50What's the matter?
00:00:52I'd like to walk for a while.
00:00:55You all right, beth?
00:00:56This wagon isn't comfortable.
00:00:58She's seasick.
00:01:00I'm perfectly all right.
00:01:02Let's go on.
00:01:04Now, just a moment.
00:01:06What are you doing?
00:01:07Out here, perspiration must be given time to evaporate.
00:01:11You're sealed up like a tin of pears.
00:01:15Khiva, get that box.
00:01:17This may be right for shooting pheasant in sussex, but it won't do here.
00:01:22Go change and take off those corsets.
00:01:29Impertinent, wretched man!
00:01:31[Muttering] unbearable behavior, really!
00:02:01I hate this outfit!
00:02:31[Growl] don't shoot. stand still.
00:02:40That was close.
00:02:41They're not dangerous unless they're hungry.
00:02:43How do you know when they're hungry?
00:02:47If they eat you.
00:02:48How did you know?
00:03:03[Bellows] [speaking african language] [growl] [singing in african language] [hyena laughing] [snort] [snort] why didn't you shoot?
00:04:27Do you want a trophy?
00:04:29It might have killed us.
00:04:31If it tried, I'd have shot it.
00:04:34Otherwise, there's not much point.
00:04:36I didn't say to run.
00:04:38These men can stand still.
00:04:40So can you.
00:04:41[Speaking african language] [speaking african language] how far are we?
00:05:16We started here. now we're here.
00:05:19That took seven days?
00:05:20We have to head for the kaluana village there.
00:05:24Curtis' map starts where this map ends-- at the kaluana village.
00:05:28We know where the kaluana tribe is, but we know little else.
00:05:34They're said to be dangerous.
00:05:36You've never seen them?
00:05:38I'm not an explorer.
00:05:39White men haven't been near them for five years.
00:05:43They're feared as much by the natives as by the whites.
00:05:48We can't be sure henry got that far.
00:05:51We'll ask tribes on the way.
00:05:54We must reach them.
00:05:55It's the place we know curtis tried to reach.
00:05:59How long will it take?
00:06:01I don't know.
00:06:02I've never taken a woman on a safari before.
00:06:06Have I been a handicap?
00:06:08No, but the fun hasn't started yet.
00:06:11When it does, I'm sure we'll all enjoy it.
00:06:30[Singing in african language] what do they sing about?
00:06:47About all sorts of things-- about their work, about the money they'll earn on this job, about their sweethearts, everything they'll do when they get home.
00:07:04What are they singing about now?
00:07:06They're singing about mrs. curtis.
00:07:08They call her the lady with the flaming hair.
00:07:16What else?
00:07:17They say you're fortunate because bwana allani will protect you from lions, leopards, elephants-- all the terrors of the jungle.
00:07:35What are they saying now?
00:07:39They say that I'm fortunate, too.
00:08:15I'm sorry. I couldn't help it.
00:08:18.. it was a dream again.
00:08:21I'm sorry. truly I am.
00:08:36[Sobbing] [yelling in african language] where are they going?
00:08:53They're going back.
00:08:55From now on, we'll do without luxuries.
00:08:58Say, did you hear anything last night?
00:09:02I thought I heard a scream-- a human scream, as a matter of fact.
00:09:07I didn't hear anything. you were dreaming.
00:09:12Come on, let's get going.
00:09:18You sure you want to stay?
00:09:32[Speaking african language] [speaking african language] [screeching] it has a sort of majesty-- a feeling of forever.
00:10:32Forever's quite correct.
00:10:33It looks completely peaceful.
00:10:35It isn't.
00:10:36It's been tearing its own thread for a million years.
00:10:40In this small area, there are a thousand creatures killing, being killed, eating, being eaten.
00:10:47Every square inch has life. look.
00:10:50[Curtis] ooh!
00:10:53And look there.
00:10:55I don't see anything.
00:10:56Wait. it will move.
00:11:03That's a mamba.
00:11:05One nip from that, and you stay here.
00:11:12Much of the forest lives up there.
00:11:14The vines keep reaching up to the sun.
00:11:17They make that layer thicker until, in some places, they block the sun so completely nothing green grows down here.
00:11:25Look. there's a sight.
00:11:27[Monkey screeching] oh, look!
00:11:32Yeah, a scavenger.
00:11:35Everybody knows about vultures.
00:11:37There are others in the forest that keep it clean.
00:11:43Hey, careful!
00:11:46Safari ants-- they attack in thousands.
00:11:49Give them half the chance, they'll eat you.
00:12:00Eating and being eaten.
00:12:01Every forest creature is hunted by something else, except the elephant. he's king.
00:12:06The elephant, not the lion?
00:12:09No, not the lion.
00:12:10He's not brave or clever enough.
00:12:13Elephant's the king.
00:12:14And man?
00:12:15He's meat, like everything else.
00:12:17There are no souls in the jungle, little justice, and no ethics.
00:12:23You accept it all.
00:12:24You watch things hunting and being hunted.
00:12:27It's all endless and pointless, except, in the end, one small pattern emerges-- the only certainty.
00:12:34One is born, one lives, and one dies.
00:12:37The rest is yeer saba.
00:12:39What's that?
00:12:41Yeer saba?
00:12:42Why, it's a game the natives play.
00:12:44It doesn't make sense. it's quite pointless.
00:12:47"A" chases "b," "b" chases "c," "c" chases " then they go the other way.
00:12:53They try to get things away from each other.
00:12:57Bits of nothing-- twigs and leaves.
00:13:00It's quite senseless, except the fellow over here satisfied his desire to be there.
00:13:06Everybody's had the fun of running after something, and everybody's grabbed the stuff that they wanted because everybody else wanted it, and, well, it's endless.
00:13:16It's quite pointless.
00:13:18It's a silly game, yeer saba.
00:13:21I'm sorry.
00:13:24You're sick of life.
00:13:25What are you talking about, elizabeth?
00:13:29You're being confoundedly enigmatic.
00:13:32No, she's not.
00:13:33She's making very good sense.
00:13:35[Quartermain speaking african language] [singing in african language] over there.
00:14:01Meat for the zavonbardes.
00:14:06[Gunshot] I saw a face.
00:14:34Look. there's another.
00:14:35What do they want?
00:14:37Are they surrounding us?
00:14:39Why don't they say something?
00:14:41They know who I am. they're just checking.
00:14:51Did you see those fellows peeping at us?
00:14:55 quartermain's with nothing to say.
00:15:18Where are they?
00:15:19What happened to them?
00:15:21Get the meat and the salt.
00:15:25They're about somewhere.
00:15:26They're about, all right.
00:15:37Go ahead.
00:15:42I thought it was always beads.
00:15:45Here, a bag of salt is worth a hundred times its weight in beads.
00:15:52What happens next?
00:15:53I'll bargain with them to use their boats.
00:15:56We've got to cross the zavonbarde river.
00:16:00How can you bargain with people you can't see?
00:16:03I can see them.
00:17:03[Speaking african language] khiva, how long will this take?
00:17:43Not long.
00:17:44Maybe two hours, six hours.
00:17:47Not know.
00:18:08[Singing in african language] do they seem friendly to you?
00:18:16I feel we'll get cooked in that pot.
00:18:39They don't seem to be getting on.
00:18:42Khiva, what are they saying?
00:18:44Seven boats go over river.
00:18:47Is that all?
00:18:48Yes. only got seven boats.
00:18:57[Singing in african language] [speaking african language] he's seen dozens of hunters in the last two years, but he remembers henry curtis.
00:19:34He had a bearer with one eye.
00:19:37I hope so.
00:19:40That fellow's a first-class bearer-- tough, knows the country.
00:19:45Curtis was in good hands.
00:19:47What's that?
00:19:48I don't care. I'm famished.
00:20:17[Singing in african language] [speaking african language] you better get her out of the sun if we stop here.
00:21:25We're not going to stop.
00:21:41Ooh! oh!
00:21:57[Grr] aah!
00:22:36Yes, jack?
00:22:41If there's one thing that bothers me, it's those centipedes.
00:22:46I've counted 40 varieties.
00:22:47The one that leaves a slimy trail is that long.
00:22:52I'll have one mounted.
00:22:53It would make a far more interesting trophy than lions and panthers.
00:22:58I'll take a panther.
00:22:59Or allan quartermain.
00:23:02He's not a bad sort, beth.
00:23:07What's wrong between you two?
00:23:09Does something seem wrong?
00:23:12You keep watching each other.
00:23:13Each of you hopes the other will fall on his face.
00:23:18Beth, I've made a decision.
00:23:20I think we should turn back.
00:23:23I've discussed it with quartermain.
00:23:25He's willing, if you are.
00:23:27He'd like to see me give up.
00:23:29Today, he took us through that swamp intentionally.
00:23:33That's not true, beth.
00:23:34I told him you were up to it.
00:23:37We made a poor guide selection.
00:23:40His heart's not in it.
00:23:42I wonder.
00:23:43Oh, I've lost all my hairpins, and my hair seems to be a trap for every fly, every mosquito, every ant in the forest, and they bite.
00:23:55Why not try pigtails?
00:23:56I remember when you wore them, and very attractive they were.
00:24:01I'm a grown woman, jack.
00:24:02Sometimes, I wonder about that, too.
00:24:05I think you owe that man an apology and some gesture of friendliness.
00:25:04Aah! aah! aah!
00:25:06[Grr] [gunshots] [curtis] aah!
00:25:14What happened?
00:25:16There was a large animal!
00:25:18Where, in here?
00:25:19No, there--outside.
00:25:23What is it?
00:25:27Nothing. she's dreaming again.
00:25:29The animal tried to get into my tent.
00:25:32I said don't shoot, unless it was necessary.
00:25:35It dug its claws right through the tent.
00:25:38Look at it!
00:25:47You didn't hit it.
00:25:49The bullet holes are too high.
00:25:51So there was an animal.
00:25:53You turn in. I'll keep watch.
00:25:56Next time, call me.
00:25:57I did call you.
00:25:59You go to bed!
00:26:03Good night, beth.
00:26:04Ooh, he's a dreadful man!
00:26:18[Pounding] get down behind there!
00:26:22Well, what is it?
00:26:24Get down!
00:26:25[Speaking african language] what are they running for?
00:26:34A bush fire.
00:26:35They're stampeding. look.
00:26:40That's what started it.
00:26:57All right, fire. keep on firing. scare them.
00:27:00[Zebras whinnying] hey, come back!
00:27:49[Gun bearer] aah!
00:29:13What a waste of time, equipment, and lives.
00:29:16I hope the lady enjoyed it.
00:29:24[Rumbling] you wait here. come on.
00:29:41[Speaking african language] ...calecapesa.
00:30:05He apparently said the kalawanas are that way.
00:30:09Far that way.
00:30:10What does calecapesa mean?
00:30:12It means unpleasant. come on.
00:31:50What happened to your hair?
00:31:55What happened to your hair?
00:32:02Oh, I cut it.
00:32:06I cut it.
00:32:09Ah. good idea.
00:32:13Good idea. lunch is ready.
00:32:44Oh, look. there's our lunch.
00:32:48Is it an ostrich egg?
00:32:50Well, uh, not exactly.
00:32:54Look. watch. it's hatching.
00:33:01It's a crocodile.
00:33:10[Speaking african language] what a strange-looking man.
00:33:19Who's that?
00:33:21He wants to talk.
00:33:22He's 7 feet tall.
00:33:24That face and hair-- I've never seen anyone like that.
00:33:28Neither have i.
00:33:29[Speaking african language] what's he saying?
00:33:43He wants to join our safari and act as bearer without pay.
00:33:48He needs the help of our guns to get through the dark country.
00:33:53Why would he want to go there?
00:33:56[Speaking african language] I don't like him.
00:34:04He's too elegant.
00:34:05He says he didn't ask us our reasons.
00:34:08You've grown accustomed to subservience.
00:34:10I like him.
00:34:12You turning him down?
00:34:13I'd sooner have him with us than tracking us.
00:34:17[Speaking african language] are you sure he said he wanted to go into the dark region?
00:34:24He said he wanted to go.
00:34:26I'd like to know why.
00:34:46[Speaking african language] what was all that about?
00:35:22Oh, it was nothing.
00:35:23I've given umbopa to you as your gun bearer.
00:35:27Look after the rear and watch for deserters.
00:35:31You're coming with me.
00:35:33Why were they so frightened?
00:35:35They claimed that's a kalawana rattle.
00:35:37They decided it's time to go home.
00:35:40What about you?
00:35:47[Singing in african language] they're singing, as usual.
00:36:12They're not frightened.
00:36:13They're singing to boost their spirits.
00:36:15They're scared to death.
00:36:21Four of them left already.
00:36:23Cleared off without pay.
00:36:25Took some of our supplies.
00:36:27With fewer boys, we couldn't carry it all.
00:36:36I'd like to know what's on that fellow's mind.
00:36:39He often stands alone, brooding like that.
00:36:42He never joins the others.
00:36:45They like him.
00:36:46Where is he from?
00:36:48Well, he grew up in the karabda village.
00:36:51That's miles from where we found him.
00:36:54I've had several talks with him, but all I've found out is a vague connection between his mother's death and his determination to visit the dark area.
00:37:05He made her a promise.
00:37:07Have you noticed the shape of his eyes?
00:37:10They're strange, aren't they?
00:37:12I saw eyes like that in a museum.
00:37:15He's like the ghost of an ancient egyptian king.
00:37:42[Speaking african language] what's up?
00:37:48[Quartermain] see what they've taken.
00:37:50Check the ammunition.
00:37:52Well, the boys have gone, all except umbopa and khiva.
00:37:56We can take only the medicine, the rifle and ammunition, and the bare essentials.
00:38:02The rest remains here.
00:38:03Shall we go on?
00:38:05What do you think?
00:38:07Well, I'm being paid.
00:38:08I haven't finished my job.
00:38:10That's scarcely the right answer.
00:38:12This is no time for an emotional outburst.
00:38:15The travel conditions will be the same no matter what, right?
00:38:19If we turn back, we may find new bearers.
00:38:23If we go ahead?
00:38:24We may pick them up in the kalawanas.
00:38:27We're close to them now.
00:38:29We've come this far to get to the kalawanas, where we might get the first believable news of henry, good or bad!
00:38:42We haven't done so badly.
00:38:44No one likes to give up before he's beaten.
00:38:49All right.
00:38:49We'll have to remake the packs, khiva.
00:38:52Take that and that and the medicine chest.
00:38:56Come on.
00:38:59I pray that we're doing the right thing.
00:39:02None of us want to turn back now, not even allan, though he hasn't said so.
00:39:08Thank you, jack.
00:39:10Did you ever dream you were crying out, that you were in dreadful trouble and crying for help?
00:39:17People were going by, and nobody heard, and nobody cared.
00:39:21That's how I think about henry-- alive somewhere, hoping help will come, but forsaken.
00:39:28That last year in london, before he left for africa, I used to feel very sorry for him sometimes.
00:39:35Sorry for him? whatever for?
00:39:37Someday I'll tell you.
00:39:39Or perhaps, someday you'll tell me.
00:39:43I'd better help allan.
00:39:59[Leopards snarling] ha ha ha!
00:40:07Ha ha ha!
00:40:25[Moaning] uh!
00:41:01Stay here. keep quiet.
00:41:05[Speaking african language] [speaking louder] the kalawana village is straight ahead.
00:41:18She says a white man is living in the kalawana village.
00:41:58[Horn blowing] speak english?
00:42:27I speak english.
00:42:28 john goode.
00:42:31Is this your entire party?
00:42:34For the moment, yes.
00:42:36Lost your bearers, huh? come in.
00:43:11I haven't seen a white face for five years.
00:43:22Ha ha ha!
00:43:23Yes, for five years and more.
00:43:26I like it here.
00:43:27What are you doing in these parts?
00:43:30Just looking for trouble?
00:43:32No. we're looking for a man called curtis.
00:43:36Henry curtis.
00:43:40He was here.
00:43:41About a year ago, with only one bearer, a fellow with one eye and a scarred face.
00:43:48Where is curtis now?
00:43:50I haven't anything better to offer.
00:43:52This is poka. it's a vile drink.
00:43:55Do you know where he is? please tell us.
00:44:03You don't have anything better than this?
00:44:06Oh, yes.
00:44:07There's a bottle of brandy outside.
00:44:10Brandy! I haven't tasted brandy in years.
00:44:22I'm getting the brandy.
00:44:23That fellow quartermain-- I've heard of him.
00:44:37Where is curtis?
00:44:39He stayed with me for a day and left.
00:44:42Had a notion there was a northwest desert.
00:44:45His bones are probably moldering in the jungle.
00:44:49Is there a northwest desert?
00:44:51I don't know. nobody ever goes that far.
00:44:55Taboo. legends about monsters, gods.
00:44:58Not about desert?
00:44:59No. not even about diamond mines.
00:45:07I know that's what curtis was after.
00:45:11The fool.
00:45:12He couldn't last, so I let him go.
00:45:15You let curtis go because you were sure he'd die?
00:45:19It wasn't my business!
00:45:21That's not what you said!
00:45:23[Shouting in african language] you must know these fellows pretty well.
00:45:46Are the stories of murder true?
00:45:48They're naturally warlike.
00:45:56Hear any rumors about curtis?
00:45:58Only what one-eye said when he came back.
00:46:03Came back?
00:46:04Yes. alone, after about three weeks.
00:46:08What did he say?
00:46:14Tell us about one-eye.
00:46:19He came back here, staggered back.
00:46:21He was dying, lasted about four hours.
00:46:25Died right here. we buried him.
00:46:27I think we buried him.
00:46:34They're very short of meat here.
00:46:37There's not much game.
00:46:38What there is, we can't get without ammunition.
00:46:50What did one-eye say before he died?
00:46:54He was out of his head.
00:46:56Rambled on about burning sun and burning earth.
00:46:59He say anything about curtis?
00:47:01I gathered he deserted him.
00:47:07Have another drink.
00:47:16Get us out of here.
00:47:18You don't intend to let us leave alive.
00:47:21His name's van brun. I've heard of him.
00:47:24He's wanted for murder in nairobi.
00:47:27He let henry go because he knew he'd die.
00:47:30You're not sure about us.
00:47:32Get out! go away!
00:47:34Get us out before those fellows carry out your orders.
00:47:38I'm not sure I can control them now.
00:47:41We'll soon find out.
00:48:02Stay close behind me.
00:48:04All right.
00:48:05[Speaking african language] [spears rattling] [shouting] [horn blowing] [chanting] come on.
00:49:24Stop. keep up here with me.
00:49:27I can't keep up. I just can't.
00:49:31Khiva, keep him covered.
00:49:34Come on. you must try.
00:49:51Give me a hand here.
00:49:55[Shouting] [gasping] is he coming?
00:51:19[Speaking african language] I told him to lead a false trail.
00:51:32[Speaking african language] we're going up here.
00:51:38Goode, get up that tree. keep a lookout.
00:51:41You're coming with me.
00:51:43No, I can't!
00:51:44Yes, you can.
00:51:46Give me your hand.
00:51:47All right, come on. hold on to there.
00:51:51Yes. all right.
00:51:55I got you.
00:52:01I got you.
00:52:08[Drums getting nearer] [baboons chattering] [hissing] ugh!
00:54:58Well, there's the desert.
00:55:00The map was right.
00:55:01We'll stay here until dark and go on by night.
00:55:05It'll be too hot by day.
00:55:08There may be a diamond mine.
00:55:09The map was right about the desert.
00:55:12I hope it's right about the water hole.
00:55:18That fellow's probably heard about the mines.
00:55:21 it's a long way to go.
00:55:25There's the problem of getting back.
00:55:28We could always sprout wings and fly back to england.
00:55:32You're awfully cheerful about it.
00:55:34I want to see what's there.
00:55:36The map is correct so far.
00:55:39When the mists clear, one-eye babbled to smith about burning earth.
00:55:45Curtis reached this desert.
00:55:47If the water was where it's marked, he may have reached that.
00:56:08There they are-- the mountains.
00:56:10The white twins-- you see them?
00:56:13If we head straight for them, we should see the water.
00:56:18I'll take a bearing.
00:56:20What does a water hole look like?
00:56:23Well, it can look like an oasis.
00:56:26It can look like that.
00:56:28I think it'll take us about five days to get to the mountains.
00:56:33[Small amount of watersloshes] two swallows, no more.
00:57:12We'll rest here until the sun goes down.
00:57:16Get some sleep.
00:58:03[Shouting in african language] [speaking african language] good heavens! it's like english countryside.
00:59:20In the heart of africa.
00:59:22This plateau is much higher than the desert.
00:59:27[Speaking african language] some natives bury their dead that way.
01:00:00It's curtis'.
01:00:04It's got a message on it.
01:00:10..73 Grosvenor square, london.
01:00:13" ..
01:00:19Out there somewhere.
01:00:34You said someday you'd tell me.
01:00:36You said you'd tell me.
01:00:38You weren't in love with henry.
01:00:40You treated him badly.
01:00:42That's why he ran off to africa.
01:00:45That's about it.
01:00:47Hasn't this trip been penance enough?
01:00:51More than enough, in more ways than you can guess, jack.
01:00:56I'm not blind.
01:01:00The human heart's a strange thing.
01:01:03When I started this trip, I was very confused.
01:01:06I thought my motives were noble, but allan guessed the truth immediately.
01:01:12It was guilt.
01:01:13I know now. I'm better for knowing it.
01:01:16The nightmares are over, but another sort of nightmare seems to be beginning.
01:01:22What are we to do?
01:01:24Can't we face that when we come to it?
01:01:37All right, let's go.
01:01:48That's the first game we've seen in weeks.
01:01:50Dare we invest a bullet in fresh meat?
01:01:54I have exactly three shots left.
01:01:56Let's vote on it.
01:01:58I'm awfully hungry.
01:01:59All right.
01:02:01Don't miss.
01:02:05[Gunshot] allan!
01:02:22[Speaking african language] what are they saying?
01:02:41It's a dialect I've never heard before.
01:02:45This explains umbopa.
01:02:47He's come home.
01:02:48These are his people.
01:02:50[Speaking african language] he says there was a white man here.
01:02:54It was curtis, almost certainly.
01:02:58They've never seen a gun before.
01:03:00Curtis had no gun.
01:03:06Your magic frightened that one.
01:03:08He's gone to warn the others.
01:03:10[Speaking african language] [speaking african language] it appears we've been traveling with a king, a king in rags returning home to reclaim a stolen kingdom.
01:03:49He says when a king is born, they carve that snake on him.
01:03:57They belong to the watusi tribe.
01:04:00They'll lead us there.
01:04:04The present king is umbopa's cousin, called twala.
01:04:08They say he's a bad king, cruel.
01:04:10King twala is not going to be happy when he sees that snake.
01:04:15They seem to have a cargo of dynamite.
01:04:19It promises to be exciting.
01:04:22I'm sorry.
01:04:45He says there's a lot of discontent already.
01:04:48Kafa and some others don't like twala.
01:04:52There's a civil war brewing.
01:04:53With umbopa returning, it may come to a head.
01:04:57[Cattle lowing] I've seem them before.
01:05:03On the walls of egyptian tombs, exactly such cattle.
01:05:06The watusi came from the north.
01:05:09The north could be egypt.
01:05:17Umbopa's gone.
01:05:18It's unlike him to have deserted us.
01:05:21Maybe those two were in league with twala.
01:05:28Our reception committee.
01:05:29Blue-stripes did announce our arrival.
01:05:32Jack, load your ammunition.
01:05:34How do we behave?
01:05:35Friendly, but aloof and dignified.
01:05:37They've heard about our magic weapons, so show your guns.
01:05:43[Speaking african language] I don't know what you're talking about, but lead on.
01:06:09[Beating drums] [drums stop] [speaking african language] that's either a welcome speech or an announcement of our imminent death.
01:07:16[Speaking african language] I wasn't very successful.
01:07:33They don't understand the usual dialects.
01:07:39Have you seen white man? white man?
01:07:56Wait. this is the place.
01:07:58Look on the king's forehead.
01:08:01Know what that is? that's an uncut diamond.
01:08:06 the old witch doctor's wearing one, too.
01:08:12If we'll ever find henry curtis, this is the place.
01:08:22[Speaking african language] oh!
01:08:31Good shot.
01:08:32Now we know their intentions.
01:08:34They know about guns.
01:08:37[Speaking african language] curtis.
01:08:57[Speaking african language] curtis.
01:09:07I hope that means he'll take us to curtis.
01:09:11We'll have to take that chance.
01:09:30[Shouts in african language] king solomon's mines.
01:11:52[Rocks banging] get back!
01:12:28It's hopeless.
01:12:30We'll never dig our way out.
01:12:31The only end of this is suffocation.
01:12:54The torches.
01:12:55We've been in here for ages.
01:12:57The torches should be dying for lack of air.
01:13:02There's some air coming in here somewhere.
01:13:16It's here.
01:13:17Hold this.
01:13:20Come on.
01:13:40[Water rushing] take a deep breath, all right?
01:14:57[Distant drumming] the drums of the watusi.
01:15:09Celebrating our death.
01:15:11Can you go on?
01:15:12The sooner we go, the better.
01:15:15Poor umbopa--he was very nearly a king.
01:15:27It's umbopa.
01:15:32[Speaking african language] the insurrection has started.
01:15:39These are the rebels.
01:15:41We were expecting a civil war, weren't we?
01:15:44Umbopa says according to their customs, two claimants to the throne must settle it by hand-to-hand combat.
01:15:52Do we go along?
01:15:54We'll be safer with him.
01:15:55Nobody knows this isn't loaded.
01:15:58Come on.
01:16:02[Drums beating] [blowing horns] [speaking african language] [crowd gasps] [crowd cheering] [clanking spears] now the fun begins.
01:19:51[Drums beating] umbopa!
01:21:20It's all right now. it's all over.
01:21:26It seems we're going to live.
01:21:28[Drums beating] [cheering] [singing in african language] captioning performed bythe national captioning institute, inc.
01:22:20Captions copyright 1994turner entertainment all rights reserved public performance of captionsprohibited without permission of national captioning institute [woman] here. you starting all over again?
01:26:43[Man] what about it if I am?
01:26:45Supposing the police come along?
01:26:48Let 'em come.
01:26:49 the doors are locked.
01:26:52It's like a turkish bath in here.
01:26:55Don't it make you thirsty?
01:26:58Here. watch my stockings.
01:27:01Move over a bit, then.
01:27:04[Horn honking] get your knee off the steering wheel!
01:27:09I can't. I'm stuck.
01:27:11Here. I'll do it.
01:27:12[Horn stops] oh, that hurt!
01:27:17I've told you before to be careful where you put your legs.
01:27:21I was only trying to be helpful.
01:27:23I can help meself.
01:27:28They never make these cars big enough, do they?
01:27:32Well, are you all settled in?
01:27:41I suppose you think you're going to see the bleedin' titles now.
01:27:45Well, you're not, so relax.
01:27:48What time did your old man say he'd be waiting at the station?
01:27:51Never mind about him.
01:27:53That's just who I am gonna mind.
01:27:54Never spoil a good thing.
01:27:56That's a thing you women can't get into your heads.
01:27:59Enough's as good as a feast.
01:28:00Ohh, you've changed your tune.
01:28:02That horn put me off.
01:28:03I hate noise at a time like that.
01:28:07Eh, mate?
01:28:08Don't forget your napkin.
01:28:09When I first saw you put your handkerchief over your shoulder, I thought you were going to play fiddle.