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00:00:11Next at eight.
00:00:16Burglars at tiffany's!
00:00:20Which posh store was hit, thieves managed to get away.
00:00:29 we now know when the bay bridge will shut down for the transition to the new eastern span -- and for how long.
00:00:33We have live team coverage.
00:00:37We'll see you at eight.
00:00:39" now at 8-- a brazen smash and grab at a high end, east bay store.
00:00:45The tiffany's in downtown hit by burglars.
00:00:49 we show you the damage and the getaway car.
00:00:52Good evening, thanks for joining us.
00:00:54It happened in the pre-dawn as several witnesses looked on in shock.
00:00:58 stone is following the story.
00:01:01He joins us live from walnut burglars get away with?
00:01:05Tonight-- it is official.
00:02:19We now know for sure when the new span of the bay bridge will open.
00:02:22Here's the latest-- officials will shut down the f august to prepare to divert traffic from the old bridge span. to the new one.
00:02:33The new span is set to open the day after labor day.
00:02:36Which is september 3rd.
00:02:38Our team coverage tonight.
00:02:41He is live on treasure island with more details on today's big announcement.
00:02:46>> The bay bridge were shut down in less than two weeks.
00:02:53Officials say they will shut the bridge down on wednesday august 28th and it will remain closed for the next five days and reid opened early morning on tuesday september the third.
00:03:07>> The bridge is almost completely done but there is a still a little work with painting lights and stripes.
00:03:21>> New revs will have to be installed on the new span of the bay bridge appeared >> new ramps will have to be installed.
00:03:41>> A lot of planning and co ordination is going into this project.
00:04:26>> every weekday, more than 270-thousand cars cross the bay bridge.
00:04:37And -- when caltrans shuts down the span -- many of those drivers will need to find other ways across the bay.
00:04:43Kron-4's charles clifford continues our team coverage from treasure island with more on what commuters can expect.
00:04:51>> Whenever the bay bridge closes down in creates a nightmare all across the east bay and san francisco area appeared >> caltran says there will be fewer cars traveling over the bridge on labor day weekend that is why it decided to close the bridge on the holiday weekend.
00:05:16>> Options for drivers to get across san francisco bay will have to use other means.
00:05:33>> If all goes well caltrans will open the bridge tuesday morning september the third appeared >> this is a fool closure of the bay bridge on the holiday weekend of labor day september the third.
00:06:06>> Traffic will be a mess while the bridge is closed down.
00:06:20>> Bart will be ready to step up service when the bridge is closed and that includes an running trains are around the clock.
00:06:35>> Bart offers a lifeline for people who need to get to work or to the airport.
00:06:48>> Parking regulations will be in force around a bart stations and you will have to be able to park per those regulations and guidelines if you need to use bart during the bridge closed al >> all of the updated schedules will be available at bart and that glove appeared >> 16-year hannah anderson makes her first public by long - time family friend - james dimaggio.
00:08:03She was spotted walking into the boll weevil restaurant that's where a fundraiser was being held for her family.
00:08:11While hannah was rushed her father spoke outside the fundraiser.
00:08:16Right now we're just looking for her future and that's " " there are new disturbing details in the hannah anderson case-- a san diego judge unsealed the police search warrants.
00:08:31Which reveal a lot about the night of the alleged kidnapping and murder of the teenager's family.
00:08:36Casey wian reports.
00:08:39Grisly new details are surfacing in the alleged kidnapping and murder case of suspect james dimaggio.
00:08:45According to these newly released search warrants, "dimaggio tortured and killed his best friend's wife and eight year old shot and killed the " police also say they found "a crow bar and what appeared to be blood on the ground" next to christina anderson's body.
00:09:01The 40-year-old dimaggio then allegedly set his house on fire and kidnapped the couple's 16-year-old daughter, ha with "13 times" on the phone earlier that day.
00:09:12The fbi rescued anderson on saturday and killed dimaggio during the an idaho coroner says he was shot at least five times.
00:09:23>>"As for my daughter, the healing process will be she has been through a tremendous, horrific " now home, anderson has quickly taken to social media to help cope with her most recently posting these pictures to her instagram profile-- . the first glimpse we're getting of her after the harrowing ordeal.
00:09:40She writes: "God gives his toughest tasks to the strongest soldiers #hannahstrong" she also posted this picture of her mother and brother, writing: "My two beautiful angels" she dedicated this post to them, the piece of paper reading: " los angeles.
00:10:01Two men have been sentenced for their roles in the gang rape of a 16-year-old girl.
00:10:05Outside a richmond high school in 2009.
00:10:08Marcelles peter and jose montano were both convicted of sexual charges.
00:10:13The judge sentenced the suspects to 27- and 29 - years. to life in jail.
00:10:17A statement from the was read during the sentencing.
00:10:25Allowed to happen two other men have already been convicted in the and two more trials are pending.
00:10:41The attack happened outside richmond high school, during a homecoming dance.
00:10:47The teenager was beaten, robbed and sexually abused.
00:10:49While as many as 20 people watched.
00:11:07Justice for the family of a man killed by a bicycle list.
00:11:11>> District attorney sentence a bicycle is after he struck and killed a pedestrian last year appeared >> the bicyclist was charged with vehicular homicide.
00:11:44>> The accidents occurred here at the corner of castro and market with the bicycle was headed downhill and collided with the pedestrian.
00:12:02>> The pedestrian died of head trauma of march 2012.
00:12:13July >> the bicycle was convicted of so many hoursoakland police held a news to discuss the latest arrests made in what they call "operation cease- fire" investigators say, eight people were arrested they had warrants for robbery, burglary, and other violent crimes oakland's police chief sean whent says, addressing the city's violent crime is his top priority.
00:13:06 Is ceasefire" he says this is just the beginning of the operation.
00:13:19And that more arrests could be on the way.
00:13:25" the chaos continues in egypt.
00:13:32Hundreds of people have been killed in a new explosion of violence.
00:13:35It began with a government protestors.
00:13:39More than 6-hundred people have been killed -- and 4- thousand wounded.
00:13:47A real question now -- is on the verge of losing one of its biggest allies in the middle east?
00:13:52Catherine heenan reports.
00:13:58The death toll is staggering.
00:14:00Hundreds of bodies lined up wrapped in sheets.
00:14:04Wednesday's violence began when police tried to clear two protest camps in cairo.
00:14:08Housing islamist protestors who want mohammed morsi reinstated as president.
00:14:12In the clashes that government buildings, like this one, were torched.
00:14:18Cameras caught the moment a van packed with security officers went off a bridge.
00:14:25Most or all of them were killed.
00:14:28Among those killed in recent fighting.
00:14:31A young journalist named and a british photographer - mick deane.
00:14:36After being briefed by his security advisers.
00:14:38President obama took a break in his martha's vineyard vacation.
00:14:41To comment.
00:14:45>> President obama states strongly condemns violence against civilians appeared >> in a move seen as a safe, middle-ground reaction - the president has cancelled a joint military exercise with egypt.
00:15:02What he hasn't addressed yet -- whether billions of dollars in aid will continue as scheduled.
00:15:08 should care.
00:15:11Egypt has been an ally in a hostile region.
00:15:15And it controls the suez canal -- used by oil tankers and other ships.
00:15:19Any disruption could affect oil prices.
00:15:24Nats of closing bell now for today's market update.
00:15:31The dow took its biggest loss in almost two months.
00:15:38numbers-- the dow fell 225 points.
00:15:42The nasdaq fell 63.
00:15:44And the s-and-p 500 fell 24 points.
00:15:47Ahead at eight.
00:15:49What happens at the end of this high- speed chase that leaves veteran officers absolutely floored.
00:15:56Could a party traitor be pulling for hillary clinton to run for president in 20- 16?
00:16:01You won't believe who wants her to run.
00:16:20To look alive at the roof can over downtown san of say which of unspent from the morning commute coming up after the break on kron4 news.
00:16:340 To 60?
00:16:36Or 60 to 0?
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00:16:51It is about doing everything well.
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00:16:57The best or nothing.
00:16:59That is what drives us.
00:18:02hñ It happens so often that the castro valley office of the california highway patrol is cracking down on drivers not yielding to pedestrians skids oh oh because it's just that bad this driver rolled through the crosswalk while four people were still in it which is an all to common issue so the driver will have a chat with the officer sir the reason I stopped you is that when the pedestrians are crossing you have to wait to continue until they have made it all the sidewalk or the center divide and your registration shows expired.
00:20:16There have been 5 fatal collisions involving people simply trying to get from one side of the street to the other on lake chabot road two were hit on didn't make it the driver claimed he never heard of the law that pedestrians in a marked or unmarked crosswalk have the right of way ambiance this lady was caught speeding and blew through a crosswalk that I was right smack in the middle of I was inches from being run over by you and no she is not crying she is actually laughing are you putting me on tv, yea im putting you on tv you almost killed me when after you hit me after my carcuss was flying in the street 9 you know want I did not see you and that seems to be the theme of every driver stopped in including this driver but he gets his very own segment what's your name you are not got to tell me wee I'll tell you mine its stanley roberts and you almost killed me imn sorry I am a law abiding citizen with all these law abiding citizens there are sure a lot of people behaving badly in castro valley stanley roberts kron 4 news still to come tonight: A likely u-s olympian wins a silver medal in enemy but it's who he's dedicating that medal to that has all of you talking.
00:22:18New tonight at 8-- will be back after the break a kron4 news.
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00:24:23the steve jobs biographic movie titled "jobs".
00:24:24Starring ashton kutcher, officially opens in theaters tomorrow there have been a lot of as well as real-life drama surrounding this movie including the kutcher during filming.
00:24:35Kron 4's tech reporter gabe surrounding this movie.
00:26:49An actress from "that 70's show" has died.
00:26:53Lisa robin kelly died while at a rehab facility, according to her manager.
00:26:57The cause of death has not been announced.
00:27:00Since her role on the show wrapped up, kelly has been better known for her legal troubles.
00:27:05For example, she was arrested for drunk driving in june.
00:27:08Kelly was 43.
00:27:37Right now it remains a mild.
00:27:42>> More widespread fog tonight and into tomorrow.
00:27:53>> Will have more on the weather will we come back from the break stay with us on kron 4 news.
00:27:58>> -- kron-4 dot com.
00:30:46Still ahead on kron-- to out of the closet.
00:30:50The surprising admission by caught on camera.
00:30:53 it's the latest in a string of shark attacks.
00:30:56Off, while snorkeling in maui.
00:30:59 a rodeo clown caught mocking president obama, at up a firestorm.
00:31:03 two big stories involving gay rights in america and beyond.
00:31:07Makes a statement about russia's policy towards professional wrestler comes out and says he is gay.
00:31:14Grant lodes is following developments with both of and joins us with the details. grant.
00:31:18If you're not a wrestling you probably don't know who darren young is.
00:31:22But he's a really big deal and tmz caught up with him at l-a- didn't hold back.
00:31:29Darren young becomes the first openly gay pro wrestling star at the peak of his career.
00:31:34W-w-e has come out and saying it's "proud of darren young for being open about his " young said he does not expect the physicality with other wrestlers to be an issue now that he's out.
00:31:48U-s runner nick symmonds won a silver medal in russia at the world track and field then dedicated the medal to his gay and lesbian friends in the u-s.
00:31:58He said in part, whether you're gay, straight, black, same rights.
00:32:05If there's anything I can do to champion the cause and further it, I will, shy of getting arrested.
00:32:16Symmonds is believed to be the first athelete to speak out against russia's anti- gay laws while in that country.
00:32:22And that country will host the 2014 winter olympics in february.
00:32:27Some are saying the u-s should boycott the sochi russia and the world.
00:32:32This is a really hot topic on our kron-4 facebook fan page.
00:32:37Olympics in anti-gay russia meghan: I don't understand why we are okay with this behavior as long as we're entertained by the olympics.
00:32:47Nancy: Why punish the athletes, most of whom have been preparing for this their let them decide if they want to boycott.
00:33:06A former first-daughter has a surprising pick on her presidential wish-list for 2016.
00:33:11 bush's daughter, barbara, told people magazine she wants hillary president.
00:33:17Barbara bush has no political affiliation.
00:33:20The 31-year-old was being interviewed about her work as c-e-o of the nonprofit global health corps.
00:33:25"Unbelievably " but her respect for clinton doesn't necessarily mean she would vote for the former secretary of state.
00:33:32Bush told the magazine she would have to see who against.
00:33:38A rodeo clown that made fun of president obama at missouri's state fair has started a national debate that's getting louder and angrier.
00:33:45You can see a rodeo clown mask.
00:33:53Now, as athena jones reports, many conservative voices are asking-- what's the big deal?
00:33:56The rush limbaugh show jameson hsieh josh earnest white house press secretary "shut up & sing" courtesy the weinstein company wednesday fox news channel this is this is worse than " the firestorm over this clown act mocking the president.
00:34:34Has created a firestorm of it's own.
00:34:37"He put on an obama mask.
00:34:38" conservative commentators like rush limbaugh and glenn beck are defending the act that caused an uproar with moments like this: "President obama -- hey, i he's just running around acting like one, doesn't know he is " and this: "Soon as this bull comes out, obama don't you move.
00:35:22He's gonna getcha, getcha, " the missouri state fair has banned performer tuffy gessling for life.
00:35:29That's the man whose voice you hear in the clip.
00:35:32The man in the obama mask hasn't been publicly identified.
00:35:35Cnn tried unsuccessfully to speak with gessling.
00:35:39His supporters are reaching out on his facebook page -- even starting a petition on the white house website asking the president to a white house spokesman had incident: "I haven't heard about the president's reaction or if I can tell you as a native missourian it's certainly not one of the finer moments for our " steve stockman is coming to perform in his district.
00:36:00Bashing presidents -- through parody or otherwise -- is nothing new.
00:36:03The dixie chicks drew fire from the right in 2003 for saying of then-president george w bush: "We're ashamed the president of the united states is " some radio stations refused to play their songs.
00:36:13The missouri chapter of the naacp wants the secret service and the justice department to investigate of fox news' sean hannity.
00:36:19:Really, this is how they- you want your government to taxpayer dollars " california public schools this year are joining a nationwide effort to adopt uniform standards in the classroom.
00:36:31It's a concept known as ' san jose unified and hundreds more school districts across california this year have joined schools in 44 other states in adopting the so-called common core standards initiative.
00:36:41It's a kind of accountability movement designed to ensure all students have a 'common core' of knowledge they need to be successful in life.
00:36:48The new standards are designed to provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn.
00:36:53The standards will be the creating a de-facto national curriculum.
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00:42:37Tens of thousands of people have sent in audition tapes to a dutch non-profit in hopes of being picked for a chance of a lifetime.
00:42:43The organization "mars one" is looking for people willing to give up their to become the red planet.
00:42:51You just have to be at least eighteen years old to apply.
00:42:54And there are at least 100- thousand people who say they would.
00:43:00 from now on, we won't just be visiting " / "when you arrive on mars, you will find a habitable settlement on the planet, but it's not finished yet.
00:43:10 so the first half-year you will be doing a lot of " bas lansdorp is the ceo of mars one.
00:43:20He dreamt up this voyage in 1997 and is dedicating his mission.
00:43:25Billion dollars.
00:43:27Mars one is considering turning the video application process into a reality tv show in order to offset the costs.
00:43:35To send more than 100 martians to mars in the next 40 years.
00:43:40>> Cool weather ahead tomorrow will have mourn the forecast we come back from the brake on kron 4 news.
00:45:30It was 88 today in concord.
00:45:34>> 93 Today in antioch.
00:45:37>> Senate degrees today in san francisco.
00:45:45>> 70 Degrees today in san francisco.
00:45:50>> Right now may be clear conditions over the bay area.
00:46:01>> More extensive fox coverage tomorrow morning because of the sea breeze that wins.
00:46:14>> More extensive than fault coverage tomorrow morning because of the sea breeze wins >> 82 to mark in cupertino.
00:46:31>> 86 Lamar in concord and livermore.
00:46:43>> 70 Today for half moon bay.
00:46:58>> The extended forecast it will be a little cooler on friday and saturday.
00:47:10>> Scattered sundered thunderstorms on sunday and monday.
00:47:16>> Scattered thunderstorms on sunday and monday appeared >> you can get weather anytime with kron4's new mobile app. anytime you need it.
00:47:30The a's get a dominating performance out of their youngest pitcher.
00:47:33Ahead plus.
00:47:36Down to their final strike the giants rally behind one big swing of the bat.
00:47:40Gary has those highlights, and all the sports, !!! state-owned will be back with gary radnich with sports on kron4 news.