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00:00:11Plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra.
00:00:23And now captain of the late show fencing team, david letterman Captioning sponsored by WORLDWIDE PANTS and CBS (Band playing "late show" theme) (cheers and applause) thank you.
00:00:54Thank you.
00:00:55(Cheers and applause) thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the flomax post game show.
00:01:06(Laughter) let me ask you a question, tell the truth.
00:01:11How many of you are just here tonight for the commercials, huh?
00:01:15(Cheers and applause) you folks see the super bowl yesterday.
00:01:22>> Yes!
00:01:27>> Dave: I was backstage and the pregame show is still running.
00:01:31Honest to god (laughter) congratulations to the green bay packers, they are so excited in wisconsin.
00:01:36(Cheers and applause) I tell you something, god bless the people in wisconsin.
00:01:44They haven't been this excited since they developed aerosol velveta.
00:01:53(Laughter) now here's kind of a problem.
00:01:59They were going to have the super bowl in the new texas stadium so jerry jones says you know what, I want to break the record for attendance at a super bowl.
00:02:08Okay, okay, fine, that's fine, go ahead, do it, we don't care, go ahead do it that's what you will be remembered for, jerry, that's-- (laughter) forget winning the super bowl yourself.
00:02:24(Applause) so they put in like 400 extra seats and the fire marshal comes in and says those are illegal.
00:02:43So 400 people with bona fide super bowl tickets don't get into the super bowl.
00:02:49It's a mob of 400 angry people.
00:02:53It's like you folks.
00:02:54(Laughter) (applause) I love the surp bowl and i love watching the super bowl but I got to tell you, I'm a little disappointed, a little depressed.
00:03:15I'll tell you why.
00:03:16Here's what happened.
00:03:18If the packers now had kicked another field goal, see, one more field goal and the steelers had gotten two safeties, (laughter) I would have won the office pool.
00:03:33(Applause) hey, super bowl party at the white house, did you hear about this?
00:03:44I love it when the president does stuff like regular guys do, just like dumb guys.
00:03:50He had a super bowl party.
00:03:51Here's what they had to eat at the super bowl party.
00:03:54They had beer, cheeseburgers, deep dish pizza.
00:03:58So it was a lighter fare.
00:04:02Buffalo wings and ice cream.
00:04:05(Applause) yeah, so-- so much for michelle obama's healthy eating initiative.
00:04:16All out of-- all of those items came out of her garden.
00:04:22(Laughter) were you surprised this year that bette white was not in one of the super bowl commercials?
00:04:31>> Yeah!
00:04:33>> Dave: Remember last year she was like the talk of the super bowl commercials, bette white.
00:04:37But she was not in.
00:04:38I looked into this.
00:04:39Turns out she was banned by the nfl for dogfighting.
00:04:43(Laughter) I know.
00:04:45(Applause) I was surprised also.
00:04:54And then they had celebrities.
00:04:56They had alex rodriguez and cameron diaz did.
00:04:59You see that?
00:05:00>> Yes.
00:05:02>> Dave: And at first what is this, she is feeding himing what is this, feeding him popcorn.
00:05:07Feeding him popcorn, ladies and gentlemen.
00:05:10And later in the game look at this, she's feeding him like a turkey.
00:05:14Like a turkey leg.
00:05:16(Applause) this is embarrassing.
00:05:23Can't feed himself.
00:05:24He's got bad hands.
00:05:26That's why he can't-- and then she wasn't done.
00:05:30Then this happened.
00:05:33There's john madden.
00:05:34>> Oh no, look at that.
00:05:36(Applause) remember last week and the week before we were all RIVETED TO THE TVs BECAUSE Of the riots in egypt.
00:05:47And it was very dramatic.
00:05:48At first it was just people out there demonstrating.
00:05:51Then people protesting.
00:05:52Then people throwing rocks.
00:05:54And then hosni said it's time to release the camels.
00:05:58And the camels-- (laughter) this guy hosni mubarak turns out he's worth $70 billion.
00:06:07Yup, yup.
00:06:08And you know how he made the money.
00:06:10That's the first thing i said to myself.
00:06:11Where does this guy who releases the camels, where does this guy get $70-- I'll tell you how he made $70 billion.
00:06:19By switching to geico.
00:06:20Honestly, he saved-- isn't that amazing?
00:06:24(Applause) yeah.
00:06:32I was surprised too.
00:06:35A lot of money but it's not all in cash in all fairness.
00:06:39Most of it's hockey memorabilia.
00:06:43>> Paul: Really, I would never -- >> well, it there goes our trip to toronto.
00:06:48(Laughter) (applause) we're to the going now.
00:06:58But hosni and that's why people are up set, it just finally dawned on them that their president's name was hosni.
00:07:06He says that he is not going to step down until september.
00:07:10And I think he just doesn't want to go home and spend time with his wife joy.
00:07:14I think that's what the problem is.
00:07:16>> Paul: Is that what it is?
00:07:18That's why.
00:07:18(Applause) >> Dave: I tell you something, I was watching that super bowl last night.
00:07:28Any time in a public forum when somebody is called on because I have no musical ability whatsoever.
00:07:35Any time anybody's called on to perform in a public forum like that, like christinea aguilera, she's got to sing the national anthem.
00:07:43And not only for like the 60,000 people or was it 54,000-- 54,600, I don't know-- (laughter) >> Dave: 59,600, I don't know what it was-- (applause) I'll till, I get nervous because the national anthem, we don't sing it every day.
00:08:06When are you a kid maybe you sing it every day, maybe you don't.
00:08:10Hey, I don't know.
00:08:11(Laughter) all I know is the many times I've been asked to sing the national anthem at the super bowl I have said-- no thanks.
00:08:19>> Yeah.
00:08:20I don't blame you.
00:08:21(Applause) >> Paul: The pressure.
00:08:24>> Dave: Right.
00:08:26And it makes you look like a bad american is she american, christina -- >> oh yes.
00:08:31>> Dave: I don't know.
00:08:32Maybe she's not.
00:08:33I don't know.
00:08:34>> Paul: No, she is.
00:08:36(Applause) >> Dave: So her worst fear comes to pass.
00:08:40And I know about public humiliation.
00:08:43I mean look at me.
00:08:44(Laughter) last night she had trouble with the national anthem.
00:08:49And you know, your heart goes out to her, right.
00:08:51>> Paul: Of course.
00:08:52>> Dave: So forgive me we're going to show you now.
00:08:54And it wasn't that big of a mistake, honestly.
00:08:57Here, christina aguilera, i feel bad about the whole thing.
00:09:01♪ Oh say and bright stars ♪
00:09:08♪ ♪
00:09:13♪ and can you see ♪
00:09:17♪ at the twilight's under of the brave ♪
00:09:29(applause) >> Dave: I didn't see it, paul.
00:09:39Sounds fine.
00:09:42And I think it moved along a little more quickly.
00:09:46>> Paul: Yeah.
00:09:46>> Dave: Oh, and now what everybody's talking about, of course, the commercial.
00:09:49So here now is the late show super bowl recap.
00:09:52I hope you enjoy this.
00:09:59>> Dumb guy loves beer, dumb guy loves chip, dumb guy loves soda, gay inwendta, movie where stuff belows up, no idea, movie where stuff blows up, taking baby, talking monkeys, chicks chicks, guy hitting nuts.
00:10:15>> That's the super bowl commercial wrap-up.
00:10:21We have your super bowl mvp on the program, there's paul shaffer, everybody.
00:10:28We'll be right back with the top ten, everybody.
00:10:32>> Just ahead super bowl mvp aaron rodgers.
00:10:35And martin lawrence.
00:10:36Follow the late show on biter and late underscore show.
00:10:41Hey, breathe.
00:10:43We'll be right back.
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00:14:32>> Dave: There he iss, lady age gentlemen, paul shaffer, america's mighty mighty partying show band.
00:14:39(Cheers and applause) there is your sports illustrated-- illustrated, not even on the stands yet, the packers back on top, back on top.
00:14:50That is very exciting and it's nice.
00:14:52And aaron rogers,-- rodgers, it's always excited for me.
00:14:57Here is a guy 24 hours ago was playing matt super bowl and he is on his way, where he is he now, put up the deal, we're tracking him.
00:15:05He's not here yet.
00:15:06He's landing by helicopter.
00:15:08Came in to teeter borrow, he is going to land and they will put him on that green route and brings it up 10th street and he will be here.
00:15:15It's very exciting and you got to figure this guy, super bowl mvp so everybody wants him.
00:15:20Of course the team has a big party and they probably a little of that.
00:15:24And then the disney folks say well you're going to be coming to disney world he says sure I have to come to disney world and he has had no sheep and the big game.
00:15:32So no sleep and who knows how many times he's sobered up.
00:15:39And by god even if he doesn't drink he deserves it after the game he played.
00:15:51And then for no good reason erases up to new york city to be with us and we couldn't appreciate his efforts more.
00:15:57And the help we get from the disney people.
00:16:04And the only thing we ask through all of this is just, we would likhim to still be sweaty.
00:16:10(Laughter) >> Paul: I would like that.
00:16:14>> Dave: Look for that.
00:16:15>> Paul: All right.
00:16:16>> Dave: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our good friend biff henderson.
00:16:20Biff, come on up.
00:16:31Welcome back, biff.
00:16:32>> Thank you.
00:16:33>> Dave: Good to you have here with us as always.
00:16:34I ask new every time.
00:16:35How many super bowls have you attended for us?
00:16:38>> I'm not exactly sure, dave, but it's been -- >> a dozen right.
00:16:43>> I think it's more than that.
00:16:44It's more, it is definitely in the double.
00:16:46>> Dave: How did this experience compare to previous experiences?
00:16:49>> This is just big.
00:16:51I mean a whole big place, dallas and the stadium k it's just huge.
00:16:57>> Pirro: Dallas is a billing, by city, isn't it.
00:16:58>> It's huge.
00:16:59As a matter of fact, they say the airport itself, i don't know how true this is but I understand it's larger than manhattan.
00:17:04>> Dave: Yeah.
00:17:05I believe it.
00:17:06>> That's what they say.
00:17:07I means that's what the people in texas say, but this stadium where they had this game, never seen anything like that before in my life it is huge.
00:17:14>> Pirro: An enormous tad yum but apparently they -- have enough seats to break the record so there.
00:17:19>> That's unbelievable, isn't it.
00:17:20>> Pirro: .
00:17:21>> Dave: What about the game, you enjoyed yourself.
00:17:23>> I did.
00:17:23I really enjoyed the game.
00:17:25I thought it was a good game.
00:17:27>> Nice to see the packers win, don't you think?
00:17:30(Applause) here now take a look, ladies and gentlemen, yesterday biff henderson at super bowl xlv, let's watch.
00:17:41>> This biff henderson in dallas, texas, super bowl xlv between the pittsburgh steelers and the green bay packers.
00:17:57>> In honor of the super bowl being on fox, the home of glee I want to you sing the answer to this question, okay.
00:18:05>> Okay.
00:18:05>> What are the keys for the packers winning tonight's game.
00:18:10>> Scores the most points and intercept roethlisberger.
00:18:15>> Aaron rodgers and the defense.
00:18:20>> Cowboy stadium has the world's largest high definition television.
00:18:23I'm going to try something.
00:18:26>> This is the biggest one ever.
00:18:50>> , Brett favre, I didn't know you were going to be here.
00:18:58>> Christina, without do you think will win the game.
00:19:00>> I have no idea.
00:19:04I wonder what these buttons do.
00:19:14>> The green bay packers have won the super bowl.
00:19:22The lombardi trophy is coming home.
00:19:31>> They can't take it away.
00:19:37That guy looks like aaron rodgers, doesn't he.
00:19:40>> That's aaron's brother.
00:19:46Now let's go not locker room and celebrate.
00:19:57>> Way too many naked dudes in there.
00:20:05>> Dave: Biff henderson at the super bowl.
00:20:07Thank you very much, biff.
00:20:09Glad to see your knee is better.
00:20:10>> Oh, yeah.
00:20:12>> Dave: We'll be right back with aaron rodgers, everybody.
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00:23:04,,,,,,,,,,,, >> Dave: How about that.
00:24:39(Applause) >> Dave: The dude is here.
00:24:44And by the way, paul, you may have noticed is missin missing-- paul, you got guys coming and going here, paul had to leave for a gig.
00:24:56(Laughter) 24 hours ago our first guest led his team to victory at super bowl xlv, their record 13th nfl title, the world cham phone-- champions green bay packers here is super bowl mvp aaron rodgers.
00:25:15(Applause) >> THAHA Y Y V VY MUCUC.. Dave: All r rhtht fine.
00:25:42(A(alause) don't make me cut off the beer sales, all right.
00:25:51We were talking a little bit about your itinerary for today.
00:25:55Under any circumstances it would be grueling but em leigh after wing the super bowl, mvp, and all of the traveling.
00:26:00Thank you, thank you very much for the trouble.
00:26:03(Applause) >> this is fun for me, i mean this -- I watch your show a lot.
00:26:14>> Dave: Dow?
00:26:15>> I do.
00:26:16>> Dave: I appreciate that.
00:26:17>> No, it's good to be here.
00:26:19Must be a lot of wisconsin people.
00:26:21(Applause) >> Dave: You know t seems like most years in a good year you get a pretty good story out of the super bowl.
00:26:32And this year to me is certainly no exception.
00:26:35They have the drama with the previous green bay quarterback and they have your ascending to the throne of all of football.
00:26:46But you're-- (laughter) your high school experience.
00:26:50Tell me about your high school experience and then where did that take you.
00:26:54>> I was not really recruited out of high school.
00:26:56Ended up playing baseball my senior year and thought about doing baseball.
00:26:59Thought about joining the military but decided to go the junior college route.
00:27:03Was not a lot of kids go to who -- actually have good grades.
00:27:07I had pretty good gaids-- grades in high school.
00:27:10But that was a great opportunity for me to advance my career.
00:27:14>> Dave: Why weren't you recruited out of high school for a major college.
00:27:17>> I think a number of reasons.
00:27:19One, I wasn't, you know, even today I'm not going to be a guy who pops out as-- I'm not 6, -- I'm not 240, I don't run a 4-- a lot of the things you can't measure are the things that give people the most success.
00:27:37(Applause) >> Dave: How big were you in high school, your senior year.
00:27:44>> I was like 6, 2, 1930.
00:27:47>> Dave: So you could have been, statistically that would have-- well, 190 is a little light for a quarterback, right.
00:27:52What do you weigh now?
00:27:54(Laughter) >> 230.
00:28:00>> Dave: 230.
00:28:00That's pretty good.
00:28:04You know what I'm thinking in high school might have been the problem.
00:28:07Were you giving 100%.
00:28:09You were giving 110%.
00:28:12>> No.
00:28:12>> Dave: So then you go to play what is the team you played for in junior college.
00:28:16>> I went to butte community college in montana, no!
00:28:22Where is butte community college?
00:28:24>> It's actually in a town called oroville which is about 30 minutes from my home town of chico in northern california.
00:28:33(Applause) >> Dave: What kind of team who were your teammates.
00:28:38>> We had a great team.
00:28:39We had I think 13 guy goes division 1 off that team.
00:28:42We went 10-and-1.
00:28:44Lost one game.
00:28:45We put up 42 points and finished second in the country in the junior college ranks.
00:28:50And I actually lucked into my opportunity.
00:28:54Call was looking at title end across, garrett cross.
00:28:58Jeff came up to watch him work out.
00:28:59He liked my workout and ended up offering me as he drove home he called me and offered me a scholarship.
00:29:06>> Dave: That's fantastic, isn't it.
00:29:07And what did you learn besides, you know, never give up which is important in all walks of life.
00:29:12What else did you learn about managing a team.
00:29:14Because you were a team playing with guys who had been in prison.
00:29:17Guys who had-- I mean I'm right about that, aren't i?
00:29:23So you were running a club some guys older than you.
00:29:26Some guys certainly more experienced.
00:29:29>> I think leading by example was the most important lesson I learned.
00:29:34It's hard to be able to have the words to relate to a guy like that that has been through prison, the workforce, the military.
00:29:42>> I don't-- I don't know why this is funny.
00:29:52>> Now -- >> brett favre is coming and going when he came to new york city.
00:29:58And he retired.
00:29:59I can remember brett favre sitting riingt here and i said so I understand you've retired and it was everywhere.
00:30:06And he said maybe I have, maybe I haven't.
00:30:09>> And it turned out he had not retired.
00:30:12Now was this for you his backup, did this become a distraction as you were taking his place on the team.
00:30:18>> I don't think it was a distraction.
00:30:19I think you know I was the guy that took all the reps in the off season and he was the guy that took all the reps during the season.
00:30:28>> So there is a certain justice in this, isn't there?
00:30:31>> You know what -- >> I think so.
00:30:37(Applause) >> Dave: Is it nearly, i mean there's only a handful of men who do this and some women but is it-- is it impossiblely-- impossibly hard to be an nfl quarterback?
00:30:51>> I don't-- I don't know how to answer that.
00:30:54If I say I don't think so, it makes me sound arrogant.
00:30:58You know, it's something that you really got to put the time into.
00:31:02I feel like I've been successful because I've not only been surrounded by great people but I care about my job.
00:31:07>> Dave: What is your greatest asset when you get out there in a super bowl and an exhi business game.
00:31:12What is your greatest asset.
00:31:13>> I think my confidence which comes directly from my preparation.
00:31:16I put the time and I watch film.
00:31:18I study our game plan.
00:31:20I practice hard.
00:31:20So I go into the game and i expect to play well.
00:31:23>> Dave: And your first season as full-time green bay quarterback what was your record, 6-and-10.
00:31:29>> Now what is that like is that like oh, jeez, maybe i can't do the job.
00:31:33Do you ever get any of that with your confidence?
00:31:35>> You know what, thankfully I was surrounded by a group of guys who really believed in me and supported me even through that the fan base was great.
00:31:43(Applause) >> I mean you know those days where you start to lose confidence.
00:31:52You wonder if you can really get it done.
00:31:54The biggest change I think in my development was that off season when I said you know what, I want to be the best in my position.
00:32:00So I need to make sure that I take the steps this off season and put myself in a position to be successful.
00:32:06>> Dave: How many different plays did you run, different plays.
00:32:10>> Mike likes to repeat calls sometimes, especially if they work.
00:32:13But-- (laughter) >> Dave: Well that's-- there's your coaching key right there.
00:32:21>> Not this one again.
00:32:23>> What were we talking about, 20, 25.
00:32:25>> We only had about 60 plays I think in the game so we probably ran 40 different plays.
00:32:30>> Dave: Now at this stage of the game you don't get guys coming into the huddle saying now is that which go left or-- (laughter) is larry going left, at this point you don't get that, do you.
00:32:41>> Well, you actually do.
00:32:42(Laughter) >> wow.
00:32:53You talk about all of the guys that have benefitted from as teammates.
00:32:59Charles woodson at half time, he's got a busted collarbone for god's sakes.
00:33:04Here is the guy, key to the defense.
00:33:06What goes on at half time.
00:33:07>> That was tough t was a 28 minute half time compared to a usual 12 minute, so you have to find ways to keep yourself busy there.
00:33:14But charles was beside himself.
00:33:16I mean he's pretty cut up emotionally.
00:33:19And you know, saying hey, go talk to charles.
00:33:22What do I say to charles.
00:33:23He's out for the game.
00:33:25He's our emotional leader.
00:33:26Our guy that talks before every game.
00:33:28So I went over and said hey, man, sorry you can't finish it but hi will see you on the field afterwards to celebrate.
00:33:34(Applause) >> you know, all week he talked about the one thing that he wanted to do was celebrate with his little .
00:33:47>> Dave: What a great thing.
00:33:49>> In the confetti.
00:33:50>> Dave: This was his second super bowl, first with the packers.
00:33:54Now is it possible for a guy to be a team leader who is not the quarterback.
00:33:58>> I think so.
00:33:59>> Dave: Or does that just come with the job, you have to be the leader.
00:34:02>> I do have to be one of the leaders but I think it takes multiple leader to have a locker room that functions properly.
00:34:09And thankfully a guy like charles comes in with his reputation, with his experience and with the way he plays, he's got instant credibility with the guys.
00:34:16So he's really taking more of a speaking roll this year in the locker room and me I'm more of a leader by example.
00:34:24>> Dave: So do you think you will play next year?
00:34:26(Laughter) (applause) (cheers and applause) >> Dave: There you go.
00:34:40We'll be right back with aaron rogers.
00:34:46-- Rodgers.
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00:36:27I thought it was over here...
00:36:38[car horn honks] Our Outback always gets us there...
00:36:45... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back.
00:38:12>> Dave: It looked early on yesterday like it was going to be an easy sick ree for the packers and then things got a little tense toward the end and the final drive, we've seen this before from ben roethlisberger, that must have been a little tough to watch, huh.
00:38:28>> It was, you know.
00:38:29I told the guys in the huddle when there was 7 minutes left.
00:38:32We take this down and get a touchdown the game's over, we're champs.
00:38:35And we put together a good drive.
00:38:37Had a couple passes.
00:38:39Jordy made a good catch and run.
00:38:40Made a pass to james down the sidelines, third down, just missed jordi to really close the game out.
00:38:45Kicked a field goal and I'm thinking one I'm worry approximated about special teams.
00:38:50Every time they kick off i kind of hold my breath.
00:38:53>> Dave: Now why is that?
00:38:54Because earlier you spoke of fog but confidence in the team.
00:39:00>> It's just too praen bad memories of us taking control of the momentum and then losing it with a kickoff return or, you know, it but we lucked out.
00:39:11One of the guys, you know, punched one of our guys, got a 15 yard penalty.
00:39:16(Laughter) you can't do that.
00:39:19>> Dave: You hate to see that.
00:39:22>> It sucked, you know.
00:39:24>> Is it fun when are you out there.
00:39:26I mean you're overwhelmed by adrenaline for a while when you are out there.
00:39:29>> Yeah, I was pretty hyped up during the game.
00:39:32I'm usually pretty calm.
00:39:34I missed a couple throws early on.
00:39:36Once we settled in the game, it just felt like another game.
00:39:39And was able to go through my progressions and make some plays.
00:39:43>> Pirro: What is the belt you weave here.
00:39:45Tell us about the origins.
00:39:47>> The belt has really caught on.
00:39:49>> Dave: Go ahead, spin it.
00:39:50You're dying to spin it.
00:39:51>> Yeah, I am.
00:40:02>> It's a sell-- celebration that started in practice, really, and the fans love it.
00:40:06So you got to give them what they love.
00:40:08It's usually just after like a run or something.
00:40:11Usually surprise myself on those.
00:40:16>> Dave: Now you got one for real there.
00:40:18Dow mind throwing me just something certain el.
00:40:19Don't hurt me.
00:40:20I'll be over here on the aisles, don't hurt me, all right.
00:40:35>> Dave: Easy, easy.
00:40:43Nice going.
00:40:44Aaron rogers, ladies and gentlemen.
00:40:47Super bowl mvp.
00:40:51>> Thank you very much, sir.
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00:43:57>> Didn't miss tomorrow's late show with dave's guest adam and letter,.
00:44:03And gang of four.
00:44:05I've been warned not to bother adam sandler any more.
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00:46:21>> How about that aaron rodgers.
00:46:26Tremendous guy.
00:46:27Paul, I know you had a question for-- oh, never mind.
00:46:31I just want to tell you something.
00:46:33Let's just say for the sake of this conversation that aaron rodgers had no athletic skills what so ever.
00:46:38Let's say that he was afraid of football, of contact and he just didn't want to pay football.
00:46:43Isn't he still the guy you'd want as quarterback.
00:46:46Even if he couldn't play?
00:46:47(Applause) oy tell you something, if i looked like that guy you could all kiss my ass.
00:47:04(Applause) and did you notice the way and I played some ball in central america.
00:47:10Did you notice the way-- i looked, and that was a bullet pass.
00:47:15That was a laser.
00:47:17I'm going to start taking attendance.
00:47:21I looked right into my hands and he had it right on my numbers.
00:47:32The next guest tars in the new film entitled like father like son, please welcome back par tin lawrence.
00:47:47Where the hell you have been?
00:47:50>> It's been awhile.
00:47:58How are you doing, dave.
00:47:59>> I'm good.
00:48:00How long you have been here, it's been a long time, for god's sakes.
00:48:03>> It's been awhile.
00:48:04But I can't just say aaron rodgers, what a cool guy.
00:48:07(Applause) >> de his thing.
00:48:09>> Did you enjoy the super bowl.
00:48:10>> I enjoyed it.
00:48:11I had the best seat in the house, at home.
00:48:16>> Dave: Did you have a lot of folks comer.
00:48:18>> Well, I was at the hotel.
00:48:19I was waiting to do your show.
00:48:21>> Dave: So you were in town.
00:48:22>> Thank you very much.
00:48:22And typically would you have gone too a party.
00:48:25>> No, I like to watch it at home because I don't want to get to the arena and have to deal with drunk fans, spilling beer all on you and stuff.
00:48:36What's up!
00:48:37No, no.
00:48:43>> When you were a kid did you may any sports.
00:48:45Did you play football or anything?
00:48:46>> I used to box.
00:48:48That was my sport.
00:48:50>> Dave: Really.
00:48:50>> Yeah, yeah, I used to get down, dave.
00:48:52Coach had a good thing because I used to love to move.
00:48:55Coach had a good thing about me.
00:48:56Said one thing about martin e ain't going to get hit.
00:49:03An he ain't going to hit nobody.
00:49:05>> Dave: I mean dow still box.
00:49:06>> No, I don't box no more.
00:49:08>> Dave: How old were you when you gave it up about 15, 16.
00:49:14>> Dave: You were ever knocked out.
00:49:15>> No, but I got my eye swol.
00:49:18Got a big knot on my eye.
00:49:20When my mother saw that she said you can't do this no more.
00:49:23>> Dave: What did she think would happen.
00:49:25That seemed pretty obvious that you are goinging to occasionally get a swollen eyewitnesses it thought i was going to be one of the good ones.
00:49:35>> I see.
00:49:36>> And not get hit.
00:49:37>> Dave: Not get hit, sure.
00:49:39That doesn't seem to happen, does it.
00:49:41>> Have you got a house full of daughters, is that what i know.
00:49:46>> Beautiful daughters, three.
00:49:47>> Dave: How old are the girls.
00:49:48>> 8, My youngest is 8.
00:49:50My mid sell 10 and my oldest girl is 15.
00:49:53>> Dave: Oh my god.
00:49:54>> Yeah, I know.
00:49:55>> Dave: I mean -- >> she's at that age now she's starting to like the boys.
00:49:59She's starting to think they're cute and all that.
00:50:01And I'm proud of her because she is a straight a student.
00:50:03She does real well in school but -- >> plaus plauses.
00:50:07>> Thank you, thank you.
00:50:10But let me ask you s it cool to follow them when they start dating?
00:50:13>> Plav (laughter) does that -- >> I don't know from experience but I'm going to have to say I don't think so.
00:50:23I don't think it's cool.
00:50:24Is it illegal, no it's not illegal.
00:50:27>> It's not illegal, right.
00:50:28>> Dave: I don't think it's cool though.
00:50:29>> I can't sit in the car and just watch from a distance.
00:50:34>> Dave: No, no.
00:50:36>> I can't do that.
00:50:37>> Dave: You can hire a guy.
00:50:38I think if you hire a guy is fine.
00:50:42>> A private investigate engineer I think so somebody who's licensed, maybe.
00:50:47>> Yeah.
00:50:48>> Dave: But I mean it's you and your wife and three-- i mean what is that household like?
00:50:53Is it crazy good s it not crazy.
00:50:56>> It's good.
00:50:56It's beautiful.
00:50:57I'm the only man in the house, you know, so I'm kind of spoiled I guess I would say.
00:51:01But my girls, they, my wife she's the boss, you know.
00:51:05But my girls, they run things.
00:51:08They've got daddy's heart.
00:51:10They all daddy's girls.
00:51:11My youngest just conned me into getting a cat.
00:51:14We already got dogs and she came home and she seen a declawed cat.
00:51:20And she said daddy, I really want this cat.
00:51:22I said we got dogs we don't need to cat.
00:51:25So now we got a cat named snickers.
00:51:31(Laughter) (applause) >> Dave: It's-- I mean yeah, you got dogs.
00:51:40That's it.
00:51:41>> Right that was it.
00:51:42>> Dave: No, now you got a cat.
00:51:43God bliss.
00:51:45And do you think if it was three boys it would be another way around, your wife would be the soft one in the group.
00:51:50>> Probably.
00:51:51But I don't know what i would do with three boys because you know I would probably be fighting my sons.
00:51:57>> Dave: Know nothing about that world.
00:51:58>> You know because when they get at that age when they start smelling their selves and all that-- (laughter) >> Dave: Yeah, I don't want any part of that either.
00:52:11I didn't know there was an age when they started -- >> yeah, they do.
00:52:15>> Dave: Are you talking about the dogs.
00:52:17(Laughter) >> no, I'm talking about the boys.
00:52:20>> Dave: The boys.
00:52:22Let's, martin show people this big mama's like father like son.
00:52:25The first two made like 300 million dollars.
00:52:27So this is going to be an enormous blockbuster.
00:52:31What are we looking at here.
00:52:32>> The clip that we have.
00:52:35I'm trying to get information from a guy played by-- love and I'm trying to, I think he has information that can help me catch the bad guy.
00:52:44>> Dave: And this character we all know big mama.
00:52:47>> Big mama.
00:52:48>> Dave: Is based on -- >> on big mama.
00:52:54>> Oh, well, I mean.
00:52:55>> Dave: From your experience.
00:52:56>> They remind me of my mother and grand mother who passed away.
00:53:00And also the other character has a big like for big mama.
00:53:05>> Dave: Take a look.
00:53:06OPENS FEBRUARY 18th.
00:53:11>> Right hand blue, are yo you-- yeah.
00:53:25Come to papa.
00:53:32Left hand green.
00:53:35Oh, well looks like we all out of green, game over.
00:53:50Reach for the stars, baby.
00:53:56>> Dave: Oh hell no.
00:53:58>> Dave: Big mama's like father, like son, martin lawrence, good to see you again.
00:54:05We'll be right back with steel magnolia, everybody.
00:54:07(Applause),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Captioning sponsored by WORLDWIDE PANTS and CBS Captioned by Media Access Group at WGBH >> Dave: Thank you, thank you paul, I want to see you after the show, paul.
00:57:38Any idea where aaron rodgers is now.
00:57:41Come on, relax, it's just a joke.
00:57:47Our our next guests are a popular country music duo nominated for two country academy music awards.
00:57:53Their is their debut cd.
00:57:56Please welcome steel magnolia.
00:58:02♪ ♪
00:58:03>> ♪ your lips are moving but I can't hear you ♪ wish you would talk your way right over here ♪ I see you looking boy but I can't feel you ♪ why don't we just disappear yeah ♪ I'm getting jealous of the way he's leaning ♪ you make him feel like it's all right ♪ boy if you wanna know the things I've been thinking ♪ you'd be meeting me outside yeah ♪ cause last night I was calling you mine ♪ discovering each other til the morning light ♪ and I don't know where this is going ♪ but it sure feels right I don't wanna leave you here ♪ tonight so let's do what we did last ♪ night again your friends are looking ♪ like they're ready for leaving girl you look like ♪ you can't make up your mind I'm fumbling ♪ acting like I can't find my keys ♪ well maybe you could give me a ride ♪ yeah cause last night I was calling ♪ you mine discovering each other ♪ til the morning light and I don't know where ♪ this is going but it sure feels right ♪ I don't wanna leave you here tonight ♪ so let's do what we did last night again I can't wait ♪ I can't let you go I can't wait ♪ I won't let you go let you go ♪ cause last night I was calling you mine ♪ discovering each other til the morning light ♪ and I don't know where this is going ♪ but it sure feels right I don't wanna leave you here ♪ tonight so let's do what we did last ♪ night again yeah yeah yeah ♪ do do do do do do do do do ♪ do do do do do