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00:00:08Plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra.
00:00:17Captioning sponsored by WORLDWIDE PANTS and CBS And now nearly fished to extinction, david letterman!
00:00:33(Band playing "late show" theme) (cheers and applause) >> Dave: Thank you.
00:01:08Thank you.
00:01:14How are you doing.
00:01:16Welcome to the show, ladies and gentlemen.
00:01:18This is the late show asking the question, do we really need christmas music at the dry cleaners?
00:01:23(Laughter) >> Dave: Here's what I love about christmas in new york city.
00:01:29Maybe this happens in your town and if it does, good for you.
00:01:34They do a promotion on tv for the local news team carolling.
00:01:38Do they do that in your town?
00:01:40Where they have like the anchorman and the anchor woman and the weather guy.
00:01:45Here's what I like to do.
00:01:46I like to pauts pie dvr thing, you know, and try to pick out the jewish sports guy.
00:01:55It's great.
00:01:56So much fun.
00:02:03Post office is craze a, you have been to the post office?
00:02:05I mean this christmas season they will handle 10 billion packages.
00:02:11Handle-- yes, they won't deliver them, they will just handle them so if you want a package that you want handled-- (applause) >> Dave: Here in new york city the post office is so busy today they opened a second window.
00:02:32(Applause) oh, man.
00:02:35Oh, how about that julian assange, do you know who i am talking about, the wikileaks guy.
00:02:42(Laughter) well today he was released from custody which is a great thing because the guy is behind in his holiday leak.
00:02:53He's-- (applause) class find government documents have been released all over the world.
00:03:05I tried to read through them and I came to the conclusion that I don't care.
00:03:11Here's the kind of thing i care about.
00:03:13How did burlesque get a golden globe nomination that is what I care about.
00:03:20Let's look into that, for god's sake.
00:03:23You folks care about baseball right now?
00:03:25Anybody care about baseball?
00:03:27(Applause) I think the big story so far in the off season is the fantastic pitcher, cliff lee.
00:03:34And the yankees,-- so they offer the guy 200 million to come to new york city.
00:03:40And he said no, are you kidding me, 200 million that is tiger woods tiger woods money.
00:03:46We're talking about some serious-- .
00:03:52But since the yankees did not spend the $200-- 200-- (laughter) they offered him 200 bucks.
00:04:01(Laughter) he said yeah, no thanks.
00:04:08200 Million, the yankees saved $200 million.
00:04:10So you know what that means?
00:04:12That means the yankee tickets are still at a fan-friendly 1500 bucks.
00:04:16(Laughter) >> Dave: So go crazy.
00:04:18(Applause) how would you like to play for the yankees?
00:04:26>> Talking about $200.
00:04:29200 Damn dollars a week, buddy.
00:04:33Too bad about that cliff lee thing.
00:04:35And the yankees were desperate.
00:04:37They wanted the guy.
00:04:37At the end they were even willing to throw in kate hudson.
00:04:42But they-- (applause) here's the kind of stuff you here toward the end of every year, the most annoying word of the year, do you hear what the most annoying word of the year what do you think.
00:04:59>> Like.
00:04:59>> Dave: No, no, it was, whatever.
00:05:02>> Paul: Yeah, whatever.
00:05:03>> Dave: Number two, always number two, limbaugh, still number two.
00:05:08>> Paul: Always.
00:05:08>> Dave: Most annoying word of the year.
00:05:12By the way, congratulations to the founder of facebook mark zuckerberg with about, everybody here on the face-- are you?
00:05:20He was named "time" magazine's man of the year.
00:05:25Pretty good.
00:05:26(Applause) >> Dave: Guy say multi, multibillionaire and in addition to the honor of being time's magazine of the year they threw in a free one-year subscription.
00:05:38(Applause) pretty good.
00:05:40I was-- I was named man of the year by waste of time magazine.
00:05:46(Laughter) pretty proud about that.
00:05:49Thank you, yes.
00:05:51Waste of time.
00:05:54But some people are up set that zuckerberg was named "time" magazine person of the year.
00:05:59Like this guy.
00:05:59Did you see this guy.
00:06:01Look, some people are up set.
00:06:06>> It's important.
00:06:07>> Dave: Wow, wow, taking it kind of hard.
00:06:08(Applause) taking it kind of hard.
00:06:16Ladies and gentlemen, a broadcasting landmark, earlier tonight, larry king finished up his long career at cnn and his last show earlier tonight, larry king calling it quits.
00:06:26Long, long career.
00:06:29(Applause) >> Dave: Yes larry king very tiring or as his ex-wives call t the day the money stopped.
00:06:38But it was an exciting show.
00:06:39I don't know if you got a chance to see larry's last show earlier tonight.
00:06:43Kind of a tearful, he denied being a lesbian.
00:06:47And I thought wow.
00:06:48(Laughter) >> Dave: This is moving.
00:06:50This is-- (applause) >> Dave: Really good tv.
00:06:55Did I mention that not everybody was happy about mark zuckerberg being named "time" magazine man of the year.
00:07:08>> Dave: Well, you can't please everybody.
00:07:10(Applause) >> Dave: Solar eye has done the show every night for the last 40 or 50 years and tomorrow what will larry be doing?
00:07:22He will be in his backyard saying des moines, iowa, are you on with carol channing, hello.
00:07:28(Laughter) logans port, indiana, you're on with weddie fisher, hello.
00:07:41Larry used to finish up, you know what I am saying.
00:07:48>> Paul: Uh-huh.
00:07:48Good thing we do, too.
00:07:50>> Dave: So chalk up another kill for jay leno.
00:07:54(Applause) so because earlier tonight was larry's final night, we put together a special larry king farewell montage.
00:08:07I hope you folks enjoy it.
00:08:08Here you go.
00:08:12♪ You're the meaning in my life ♪
00:08:14♪ you're the inspiration ♪
00:08:16>> Somebody killed her.
00:08:17>> You really want to go there?
00:08:18>> Who do you think.
00:08:19>> Without do you think.
00:08:21>> How I do know?
00:08:21>> How I do know?
00:08:23>> Since the jack in the box e came e carlee o bright -- >> the whole world knows that larry king had sex with an elephant.
00:08:34>> I means that's what dancers do.
00:08:40Let me --.
00:08:42>> I'm trying to figure out.
00:08:45(Laughter) >> I'm going.
00:08:47>> Go ahead.
00:08:48>> No, I'm just saying if are you talking about why would he -- >> you had sex with an elephant.
00:08:54(Laughter) (applause) >> Dave: Look, everybody, it's paul shaffer.
00:09:00>> Oh, thanks, everybody.
00:09:05>> Dave: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
00:09:07On the program tonight oh my god it's matt damon.
00:09:11We'll be right back with tonight's top ten, everybody.
00:09:13(Applause) >> when we come back, top ten things overheard during larry king's final show.
00:09:21And matt damon.
00:09:26Got a bad paper cut while wrapping gifts.
00:09:31Lost a lot of blood, vision grow dark.
00:09:34Call 911.
00:09:34We'll be right back.
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00:12:33Uh, I can hear you.
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00:13:19>> Dave: Ladies and gentlemen, there he is, paul shaffer.
00:13:21[Cheering and applause] ladies and gentlemen, you know him, you love him.
00:13:26Happy holidays.
00:13:28On behalf of paul and myself and the entire staff and crew here at the late show, let us be the first to wish you and yours a very happy holiday season.
00:13:38>> Paul: Thank you, thank you.
00:13:39(Applause) >> Dave: And always if you are shoveling snow, don't everdo it.
00:13:49>> Paul: Don't overdo it.
00:13:50>> Dave: Don't overdo it.
00:13:51>> Paul: And anything else?
00:13:52>> Yes, if you are using illegal fireworks, be very, very careful.
00:13:57>> Paul: Be very, very careful.
00:13:58>> Dave: Thank you very much.
00:14:03(Applause) >> Dave: It's exactly what I'm talking build.
00:14:06We have a cold snap here in new york city.
00:14:09It's freezing cold outside.
00:14:10And so we took the camera out to show you how cold it is in new york city.
00:14:15Do we somewhere that tape?
00:14:16Roll the tape.
00:14:16This is earlier today in new york city.
00:14:18Here comes a young woman on her way to or from someplace, bundled up.
00:14:22Here comes a guy, look he's got gloves, ear muffs t this guy, actually set fire to his clothing to keep, it's just been that frigid.
00:14:32I'm telling you.
00:14:33(Applause) >> Dave: Be very careful oh this is great.
00:14:41I'm so happy.
00:14:42It's the holiday season and anything you can do big or small to put yourself in the holiday spirit that's just great.
00:14:49That's fantastic.
00:14:50For example, here tonight we have a brand-new segment and I'm so glad it's tonight, it's called bad acting giling.
00:14:59And what this is, actors, you know, new and old, great and small, men and women, everybody has to take parts here and there along the way in a career of acting.
00:15:10Tonight we're going to focus on a bad, bad acting gig, right.
00:15:14I hope you enjoy this.
00:15:16Watch this.
00:15:21>> That's real cat urine, and we've gathered a group of cat owners to see what they smell.
00:15:25>> I don't smell this at all.
00:15:28>> Wow.
00:15:28>> I don't smell any urine at all.
00:15:32(Applause) >> Dave: Bad acting gig.
00:15:40That's real cat urine.
00:15:42>> Paul: Whoa.
00:15:42>> Dave: Ladies and gentlemen, here's tonight's top ten list.
00:15:45Let's go.
00:15:46(Cheers and applause) >> Dave: The category tonight top ten things overheard during larry king's final show.
00:16:02You know after television show business tradition, after the final show everybody gets together and they have a billing party.
00:16:09It's what we call a wrap party.
00:16:12Wrap, it's a wrap.
00:16:14That's a little inside show business.
00:16:16>> Paul: Wrap it up.
00:16:17>> Dave: Right, wrap it up.
00:16:18So the category tonight, we had a person out there attending the party and they recorded the top ten things overheard during larry king's final show.
00:16:26Are you ready?
00:16:28Oh, listen this.
00:16:29The first larry king live JUNE 3rd, 1985.
00:16:32It's been a long, long time.
00:16:33He will be replaced in january on cnn by piers morgan.
00:16:38I don't know who that is.
00:16:40(Laughter) just a guy in the lot.
00:16:47Okay so here now the list, top ten things overheard during larry king's final show.
00:18:10Ladies and gentlemen, when we come back we'll be joined with the lovely, the talented matt damon, everybody.
00:18:16(Applause),,,,,,,,,,,, (applause) >> Dave: Now here's a guy that everybody likes.
00:22:52He's personable, he's talented, his hygiene is impeccable.
00:22:59He's courteous.
00:23:00He is an academy award winner.
00:23:02Been if many fine films and he's here-- (applause) our first guest is an academy award-winning actor starring in a new film entitled "true grit" ladies and gentlemen, opening DECEMBER 2 2nd, PLEASE SAY Hello to the lovely, the charming, matt damon, everybody.
00:23:23(Applause) matt damon, lady and gentlemen.
00:23:39(Applause) how are you doing?
00:23:40>> I'm great, I'm great.
00:23:42>>I think since the last time we saw you you added another member to the family.
00:23:46>> We did.
00:23:47>> Dave: Congratulations.
00:23:48A little girl.
00:23:49>> A little girl, another girl.
00:23:50>> Good for you.
00:23:51>> Thank you.
00:23:52>> Dave: Is that four girls.
00:23:53>> Four girls.
00:23:53>> Dave: And what is her name.
00:23:55>> Stella.
00:23:55>> Dave: Stella say beautiful name.
00:23:56>> Thank you.
00:23:56>> Dave: And how did you select stella?
00:23:58>> It kind of just came out of nowhere-- you know, with four girls we had really been through through the list of names, you know.
00:24:06And we had never considered stella for some reason and we were just sitting in the kitchen and I said how about stella and it was like it got whispered in my ear, you know.
00:24:15>> Dave: It is a beautiful name.
00:24:17Has kind of an old-fashioned feel to it which is really nice.
00:24:21>> And one of the greatest line deliveries in the history of cinema by my favorite actor.
00:24:26>> Dave: Let's hear a little of it.
00:24:28>> No, I can't -- >> you brought it up, let's hear it.
00:24:32>> Stella, stella!
00:24:33>> No, really, he grabs his head, he goes stella!
00:24:38Reallylutions it, man.
00:24:40>> Dave: And how, what were the ages, a brand-new baby.
00:24:44>> 8 Weeks, 2 years, 4 years AND 12 YEARS OLD. >> Dave: Pretty good mix.
00:24:50>> Yeah.
00:24:51You know t was weird because we-- with with the other three, lucy was 9 days late.
00:24:59So we -- >> lusesy your wife.
00:25:02>> We were operating under the assumption-- no-- got kids everywhere, dave.
00:25:11>> Well, I thought you meant --.
00:25:13>> You mean the kids I have with my wife.
00:25:16>> Dave: That group, sure.
00:25:17>> No, she so we were kind operating under the assumption that the baby was going to come after 40 weeks.
00:25:25And she decided to come literally soon after I was on your show in october.
00:25:29And so we were expecting the baby in november.
00:25:32And she came october --.
00:25:34She was a couple weeks early.
00:25:36So I got woken up at 2 in the morning and lucy said, my wife, said, not the other lucy.
00:25:43>> Dave: Yes, I understand.
00:25:50>> -- That is in our bed.
00:25:51>> Dave: Whoa, wait a minute.
00:25:53>> That's how the five years went so fast,.
00:25:56>> Dave: I can see.
00:25:57>> But she said I think it's-- I think it's go time.
00:26:00And I was thinking with the baby.
00:26:43And then the 12-year-old is getting close to being just full on baby-sitting age which then I just retire and gi take a nap.
00:26:54Because I'm pretty tired.
00:26:57>> Dave: Anyway, it's a great deal.
00:26:58And I think I asked you this before.
00:27:01And it's none-of-my business but are you from a big family.
00:27:04>> No, no, just me and my brother.
00:27:06>> Dave: In a situation like this people might say well, we would still kind of like to have a boy.
00:27:11I mean would you -- >> no (applause) no, we're done.
00:27:18We're done.
00:27:21We're really happy where we are.
00:27:23>> Dave: I have the one boy.
00:27:25I can't imagine having anything besides a boy.
00:27:28And you probably feel that way about girls.
00:27:30>> Once your kids are there ey are your kids and-- into we were having a discussion upstairsarlier about do the parents of young girls have more things to monitor and look after and be worried about than boys, parents of boys.
00:27:44>> It probably goes in stages.
00:27:45I mean you know, when boys come over to the house, i instantly realize that the house isn't actually kid proved, you know.
00:27:54They find ways to-- how could you be up there and you know -- >> get off the refrigerator.
00:28:01>> We could live here forever and my daughter would never think to do that.
00:28:04You've been here for 15 minutes.
00:28:06And are you doing that, you know.
00:28:11>> Dave: Oh, man.
00:28:13Boy, I want to till something.
00:28:14I saw this "true grit" movie.
00:28:18>> It's a good one.
00:28:19>> Dave: Oh buddy.
00:28:20(Applause) >> it came out really well.
00:28:26>> Dave: It came out great.
00:28:28And the coen brothers.
00:28:29I think people may be familiar with the first true grit fill ed based on the novel by john fordist.
00:28:38John wayne won an academy aboard for his role in true grit.
00:28:43>> De, yate.
00:28:43>> Dave: But to say that this movie is a remake of true grit does it a great disservice.
00:28:48It's so much more than a remake of the original.
00:28:50>> Yeah, no, and when i first talked to them about it, they handed me the novel and said this is really what we are droing.
00:28:56And both the original true grit film and ours are based on the for el.
00:29:00But what they were interested in doing is making the most faithful adaptation of the novel which is just a wonderful american novel that I highly recommend.
00:29:09>> Dave: And it's great because you get this wonderful skinnery of the old west and you get a glimpse into what may or may not have been how people behaved in pioneer days.
00:29:22And you know, people who were in charge of enforcing law and people who were breaking the law and like you on a horse, I can't get off of-- enough of that.
00:29:31That was great.
00:29:31You know how to ride though.
00:29:33You had riden before in films, hadn't you.
00:29:36>> Yeah, I did-- one of my first billing breaks or what I thought was a billing break was a western but now I have been doing this press junket for true grit and people are like so, your first western.
00:29:48>> Dave: What was your first western.
00:29:49>> It was called geronimo, an american legend.
00:29:56You're not alone in not seeing it.
00:29:58>> Dave: Who else was in the fill number.
00:30:00>> It was a hell of a cast it was jason patrick was the lead and gene hackman was in it, robert duval was in it and wes-- a terrific cast.
00:30:11>> Dave: Is the movie good and people overlooked it.
00:30:13>> I haven't seen it in years.
00:30:14I thought it was terrific.
00:30:15But it was one of those things that came out at christmas in 1993, I think and you know, I went back to boston and everyone was saying like so when's that movie of yours coming out.
00:30:28And -- >> that's too bad.
00:30:30>> Like hi taken a leave of absence from harvard and they were like dear damon, when you took your leave of absence you mentioned that you were going to be making a film.
00:30:39>> Well, that's too bad.
00:30:41>> Yeah, so I had to find a cassette of the movie and give it to them.
00:30:47>> Dave: For that movie knew ho to ride a horse.
00:30:51And an easy fit for you?
00:30:52>> Yeah, I love-- well, the picture horse these have are terrific.
00:30:55They have wranglers who do this professionally.
00:30:58Thee train these horse.
00:30:59They show up with them and any kind of idiot actor can really ride.
00:31:03>> Dave: Really.
00:31:04>> Yes, I can.
00:31:05>> Dave: But it's still dangerous because are you talking about you know one and a half ton, well, half ton beast, you know.
00:31:12>> But literally you can fire a gun between their ears and they don't move.
00:31:16>> Dave: Really?
00:31:16>> Yeah, they're smarter than me.
00:31:19>> Dave: Yeah, I wouldn't move two.
00:31:21So you have never been dumped by a horse, stepped on.
00:31:25That will happen.
00:31:25>> That will happen.
00:31:26I got thrown once doing a movie called all the pretty horses 12 years ago.
00:31:30>> Dave: Well, there you go.
00:31:32>> A couple people saw that one.
00:31:35I moved to texas a couple months early just to work with the horses and I got thrown then but got back up.
00:31:44>> Dave: Scary, isn't it.
00:31:45>> It is scary.
00:31:46In fact, the wrangler who i was riding with got me back up on the horse before i realized hi fallen off and it wasn't-- seriously it wasn't until about five minutes later we were about half a mile further down the trail I went, I fell off the horse.
00:32:01>> Dave: Well, there's wisdom in the old adage.
00:32:04Get right back up.
00:32:04>> They know what they are doing.
00:32:06>> Dave: The other annoying thing that a horse will do to first time writers is stand on your foot.
00:32:10>> That hurts.
00:32:11>> Because-- it really hurts and beyond really hurts, it's-- now what I do do, i got a horse standing on your foot.
00:32:18>> Hey, hey, the foot, you know.
00:32:22They don't care.
00:32:23They enjoy it it is a good little trick for them.
00:32:26We'll be right back with matt damon, everybody.
00:32:28(Applause) ..
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00:35:56(Applause) >> Dave: In is a, you and jeff bridges and the young girl who was on the show i think earlier.
00:36:09>> Hailee.
00:36:10>> Dave: And she's's kid, how I can a kid do that.
00:36:13>> That's literally, I still can't figure out how she did it.
00:36:17She just was terrific.
00:36:18But you saw her when she was here.
00:36:20She's got terrific amount of confidence and poise.
00:36:24>> Dave: Yes.
00:36:25>> And I mean, the interesting thing about her was that you know, normally when you see a kid be incredible in a movie it is because the director has created an environment where with the kid feels comfortable enough to be themselves.
00:36:36And this is a case where it's not here at all.
00:36:41It's a performance.
00:36:42>> Dave: Could you have come close to that level of performance when you were 12 or 13.
00:36:47>> Not when I was 23.
00:36:49Which is why in the original, when kim darbee did it, she was in her -- and it makes sense because you need an actress with enough technique to be able to pull it off.
00:36:58>> Dave: Forget that it is your first job, she's in a movie with yourself and jeff gridges-- bridges, I mean two guys who really know their way around a film set and know how toct a and behave and everybody looks up to.
00:37:09That has got to be taunting, intimidating, daunting for her as well.
00:37:15>> Didn't bother here at all.
00:37:17She really an incredible kid.
00:37:18>> Dave: Dow get along with jeff bridges.
00:37:20>> I don't like that guy very much.
00:37:21(Laughter) >> he gets to do -- >> for the whole movie, he gets to-- yeah, yeah, well, I get-- yeah, well, you think you you are, well, what about you.
00:37:32There's the whole movie and it's fantastic.
00:37:35>> He's fantastic.
00:37:36>> Yeah, me too.
00:37:39>> Dave: And then at one point you lose part of your tongue or your tongue is cut off or some god awful thing and for the rest of the movie it's-- how did you do that?
00:37:48>> Well, I had, the character I play is kind of a windbag, you know, he just doesn't shut up and so what they did was they came up with this idea that I get dragged by a horse and i bite my tongue nearly off.
00:38:02And so we were trying to figure out how to do it and I realize here is the good thing about having girls, i thought well, what if i wrapped like a ponytail, you know, around my tongue and -- >> one of those fancy rubber band kind of things.
00:38:20>> Yeah, exactly that are lying all over my house.
00:38:23Because I was trying to figure out how to keep something on my tongue.
00:38:26I mean, I brought one for you so I can show you.
00:38:31Every dad-- if I have it.
00:38:35Every dad in america carries, with daughters.
00:38:37>> Dave: Did you bring two.
00:38:38>> Which brought one.
00:38:40>> Dave: Well, that's rude.
00:38:41>> It's got lint on it.
00:38:45>> What if I want to get in on the action.
00:38:48>> You have a whole hair and makeup section up tears.
00:38:52Somebody's goinging to cbs right now and see if they can find, by the end of this bit so here is what I did.
00:38:59>> You doubled 2 up there.
00:39:00>> I doubled this one up.
00:39:01I did this movie a long time ago with frances copolla and he want immediate to be uncomfortable and he put rocks in my shoes and he told me try and walk normally and you don't have to think about it.
00:39:14So the idea su give yourself the impediment and then you qus try to talk through t that way you don't have to think about-- you don't have to think about it, you just -- >> I can't get it off my finger.
00:39:26>> No, you got to double it up.
00:39:28>> Dave: I doubled it.
00:39:31>> How's that.
00:39:36>> Dave: All right.
00:39:36>> Well, so far it's not that bad.
00:39:38Now let me -- >> it sounds to me like you're still being hur awd by a little girl.
00:39:46>> Dave: Well, you have a point there (applause) >> Dave: This is something they would advertise late at night.
00:39:59>> This is one of those bad acting gills.
00:40:01>> Dave: That's right.
00:40:04Exactly-- .
00:40:07>> There would be a half hour infomercial selling one of these to strengthen your tongue.
00:40:14>> Most people don't know that strength comes from the tongue.
00:40:18>> Dave: But you know, it's effective but it's not, i thought would be painful.
00:40:23It's-- (laughter) but it's not.
00:40:25>> No, you start with the beginner and as you work towards the advanced it gets more painful.
00:40:32>> Dave: All right.
00:40:32I'm going to take mine off now.
00:40:36Very nice.
00:40:37>> Lovely.
00:40:37(Applause) >> Dave: I wanted to talk to you so much more about that film because I just loved it.
00:40:48And beyond loved it, i admired it.
00:40:51I thought oh this is championship stuff.
00:40:54And I don't know what else to say about it.
00:40:56But I am worried that people will be confused that this is like the first true grit which stands on its own, or whatever it was.
00:41:06It is not that at all.
00:41:07>> It is different-- thank you, I'm really proud of it.
00:41:11>> Dave: And it's a wonderful cast and the coearn brothers did another great job.
00:41:15Let's talk about this item.
00:41:17This is more than a they are moss.
00:41:20Tell people what that is.
00:41:21org which i co-founded with gary white, our mission is to drink clean, safe drinking water to everybody on planet earth.
00:41:34(Applause) >> we came up with this idea for a christmas gift which is a cool gift.
00:41:40It's a water bottle, so you know everybody knees one those.
00:41:43Nobody wants to kill the environment buying all the plastic bottles.
00:41:46>> Dave: How much did it cost.
00:41:48>> That one I believe it's like 24.99.
00:41:51>> Dave: Rand what, what happens to the money.
00:41:54>> 100% Of the profits go to bringing someone clean water somewhere on planet earth.
00:42:00(Applause) >> literally.
00:42:06So have you ever had a camel back bottle before, you know, you don't have to unscrew it like that.
00:42:14You bite down because I'm giving this to you for christmas.
00:42:17>> Dave: I know how to operate.
00:42:18>> What it says on the bottom is someone bought this bottle so someone else can have clean water.
00:42:22>> Dave: I have some questions here.
00:42:24First of all, how did you become aware of the need for people without don't have drinking water.
00:42:29How did that cross your radar.
00:42:31>> Just travelinging in the third world and looking at issues of extreme poverty i realized that water is just underpins everything.
00:42:41>> Dave: And is poverty the number one reason that people can't get water?
00:42:44>> Yes, yeah, it's not having the money, you see kids walking for hours, scavenging for water when if they had the money to drill a well, you know, it's literally 20 meters under their feet.
00:43:00>> Dave: And this is a two-pronged problem because as they don't have the money to get the water, watt certificate also the diminishing in supply too.
00:43:07>> And they are not going to school because they are 13e7bding their time getting water so they are in this criminaling cycle this death spin of poverty.
00:43:16>> Dave: So your money from the thing here, the mug, the container goes to and what will they do the with money, they will facilitate what, well digging?
00:43:25>> All different kinds of programs.
00:43:26There is not really any kind of magic bullet.
00:43:30Wells are a part of it.
00:43:31There is also a water credit program similar to kind of using the idea of microfinance.
00:43:37It's basically gary my partner pioneered this idea of you give people a loan, for instance, in a place like india in a plumb the municipality will be piping water right through the street, right under the street but people are walking to a water collection point and they are stand and waiting to get their water, right.
00:43:55Now they're not going to their job because they are taking their time to do this.
00:43:59If you could give them a loan to collect from the municipallit ot pipe the water into their house, a $75 loan, they use that time that they were wasting waiting in line for water working.
00:44:10They pay off the loin at rates of like 98 percent, 99%, and they are using that time in a more productive way.
00:44:18>> Dave: That's great.
00:44:19Because so many of the world's problems actually have solutions.
00:44:22>> And this is one that has-- you can imagine if we cured cancer, you know.
00:44:26We've known the solution for a 100 years.
00:44:28You know, if we cured aids and a 100 years from now people were still dying from it every 15 seconds, 15 seconds a child under the age of five dies on planet earth because they don't have access to cleanater or sanitation.
00:44:41It's disgraceful and unnecessary.
00:44:43And we can fix it.
00:44:44>> Dave: Good for you.
00:44:47(Applause) >> Dave:org, simple enough.
00:44:51Now let's show a clip of the film this is you talking with your tongue in a rubber band.
00:44:58It's true grit, matt damon plays a u.s. marshal, a u.s.
00:45:02>> Jeff plays the mar shag-- marshal.
00:45:05I'm a texas ranger.
00:45:06>> Dave: What are we going to see.
00:45:07>> This is the first time i meet the remarkable hailee steinfeld and find out she is looking for the same man I am.
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00:51:47Captioning sponsored by WORLDWIDE PANTS and CBS Captioned by Media Access Group at WGBH >> Dave: Thank you very much.
00:51:57Now florence and the machine were going to be on the show tonight, floor hence to leave early but the machine will be here later.
00:52:02>> Paul: The machine will be here.
00:52:04>> Dave: Florence had-- she left something on at the apartment.
00:52:07But the machine-- oh, hi, can I help you.
00:52:09>> Yeah, I just wanted to say after 53 years in the business, we're all going to miss you.
00:52:14>> Thank you very much.
00:52:15That's very nice of you.
00:52:16I have no idea what you are talking about but thank you very much.
00:52:19>> The suspenders, the hunched shouldier-- shoumders, the liver spots, classic stuff, man.
00:52:26>> Dave: I still don't understand.
00:52:28>> With I said the suspenders, the hunched shoulders, the liver spots.
00:52:37Classic stuff.
00:52:38>> Oh.
00:52:40Okay, I know what this is.
00:52:42(Applause) you think I'm larry king.
00:52:48>> That's so sad.
00:52:51He's already gone senile.
00:52:53Well, the cake in the conference room.
00:52:56>> Dave: Okay, thank you.
00:53:01(Applause) he thought I was-- oh my god.
00:53:05We'll be right back with florence and the machine.
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00:56:33>> Dave: Thank you, look at this.
00:56:35Earlier this month our next guests received a grammy nomination for best new artist and her album is entitled lungs.
00:56:41Please welcome back to the program, by the way, this is a companion to an earlier album, kidneys.
00:56:53Ladies and gentlemen please make it back to the program florence and the machine.
00:57:27♪ A falling star fell from your heart ♪ and landed in my eyes I screamed aloud ♪ as it tore through them and now ♪ it's left me blind the stars ♪ the moon they have all been blown out ♪ you left me in the dark no dawn ♪ no day I'm always in this twilight ♪ in the shadow of your heart and in the dark ♪ I can hear your heartbeat I tried to find the sound ♪ but then it stopped ♪ and I was in the darkness so darkness I became ♪ the stars the moon ♪ they have all been blown out you left me in the dark ♪ no dawn no day ♪ I'm always in this twilight in the shadow of your heart ♪ ooh ooh ooh ooh ♪ ooh ooh ooh ooh ♪ ooh ooh ooh ooh ♪ ooh ooh ohh ohh ohh ohh I took the stars from our eyes ♪ and then I made a map and knew that somehow ♪ I could find my way back then I heard your heart beating ♪ you were in the darkness too so I stayed in the darkness with ♪ you the stars ♪ the moon they have all been blown out ♪ you left me in the dark no dawn ♪ no day I'm always in this twilight ♪ in the shadow of your heart the stars ♪ the moon (the moon) ♪ they have all been blown out you left me in the dark ♪ (you left me in the dark) no dawn ♪ no day I'm always in this twilight ♪ in the shadow of your heart ooh ooh ♪ ooh ooh ooh ooh ♪ ooh ooh ooh ooh ♪ ooh ooh ooh ooh ♪ ooh ooh ooh ooh ♪ ooh ooh ooh ooh ohh ohh ohh ohh ♪