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00:00:00Built-in programs and easy-to-read display make this contour comfortable to wear, easy to operate and safe to use.
00:00:08The contour is so effective that these photos show the stunning changes that you too can achieve with the contour.
00:00:14>> It's the first thing that's really worked for me.
00:00:1611 Inches off .. 11.
00:00:19 [laughs] >> part of my goal was to take some of that softness, make it a little bit firmer.
00:00:25I couldn't be happier with the number of inches I lost but how it's making me look and how it's making me feel.
00:00:31>> Announcer: Why do countless numbers of backbreaking ab exercises or spend thousands of dollars on big, bulky ab machines?
00:00:38Call now and try the contour core sculpting system 95 during this special trial offer.
00:00:44The contour core sculpting system comes with a one-size-fits-all contour core belt, electronic controller, batteries and one-year warranty, plus an instructional guide and sensible eating plan.
00:00:56It's everything you need to lose three inches off your midsection in just two weeks, guaranteed, and it's all yours to try for 30 days for just $14.95.
00:01:05And that's not all.
00:01:06Call in the next 22 minutes, and we'll pay shipping and handling and send you this contour accessory travel backpack.
00:01:12Together, they have a value of $40, but they're yours absolutely free when you call now.
00:01:17Try the contour core sculpting system for 30 days.
00:01:20If you're not completely satisfied, send it back and you won't be charged another dime.
00:01:24Learn how you can save even more money by asking your operator how you can try the contour 95 trial fee waived.
00:01:32Absolutely the best way to get the best abs you'll ever have.
00:01:36With the contour, you'll always have the time for a great core workout anytime, anyplace.
00:01:41There's never been an easier, more effective way to get great-looking abs.
00:01:45Call and order now.
00:01:47..] call the number on your screen.
00:01:57>> If you're happy with your current core workout and love doing traditional exercises the old-fashioned way, I applaud you.
00:02:04But if you're not happy with where you are or if you're looking for a smarter way to firm, strengthen and tone your whole core and get those sexy abs, well, then you have to try the contour.
00:02:17Whether you go to the gym every day or you've never been inside one, you're gonna find the contour is the easiest, most effective way to get the best abs you'll ever have.
00:02:27>> I've gotten incredible results from the contour system.
00:02:30After the first, like, three days, I saw results.
00:02:34I've lost inches on my waist and I've gone down in, uh, dress sizes and pant sizes.
00:02:39I feel incredible.
00:02:40I'm gonna continue to use the belt and continue to look and feel good.
00:02:44>> Mark: The belt really works.
00:02:45The belt definitely works and the results prove it.
00:02:48People do not have time to go stay in the gym and work out so you can do this at home.
00:02:53You can go to the gym, work out for a half an hour and still go home and, you know, have this on for a good 30 minutes too and there's your hour.
00:02:59It's something that everybody should get out there and get and I'm glad I have one.
00:03:04>> The contour is like no abdominal exercise you've ever tried.
00:03:08 because it sets off a series of abdominal contractions that engage more muscle fibers than crunches alone.
00:03:14In fact, it's like doing six different core exercises at the same time-- a standard crunch for your upper abs, elbow-to-knee crunches for your right and left obliques, trunk twists for your love handles, leg raises for your lower abs and pooch area and hyperextensions for strengthening and firming your lower back muscles.
00:03:34It's like doing six exercises with the push of a single little button.
00:03:39It's your choice.
00:03:41You can do all of that or you can just wear the contour.
00:03:44Look-- my whole core is working: Upper, middle, outer, lower abs.
00:03:50It's even got this pad for the lower back.
00:03:52I mean, we have thought of everything.
00:03:54These abdominal contractions give me a full 360-degree total core workout, and for all the women watching, please notice how the design of the contour drops down to also work that dreaded pooch area that we all hate.
00:04:10And, I'm getting that incredible workout while I'm standing here talking to you and all I did was put on the contour and push a button.
00:04:19>> I feel working your upper abs has always been the easiest because you just do a crunch, it works your upper abs.
00:04:24And having to work your lower abs, you always have to bring your legs up and do a reverse and it's always harder.
00:04:30So now, I can just put the belt on and it does, it targets my lower area.
00:04:36They're getting stronger, they're getting more formed.
00:04:39I'm able to see the six-pack now that I've always wanted and I don't have to do anything.
00:04:46>> Woman: The contour belt is specifically really focusing on helping me with my lower abs where I've had many problems in just getting rid of a lot of the pudge and flab that used to be there and flattening it out.
00:04:57>> Any free time, I put it on and it works really, really well on my abs, unbelievably.
00:05:03And it's fast as well.
00:05:05It's only 30 minutes.
00:05:07It's nothing and you have really good workout.
00:05:11>> I just use it for 30, maybe to an hour a day and, and you get results.
00:05:17I see results.
00:05:22>> There's just no comparison.
00:05:24The contour is more efficient and more effective than the crunch.
00:05:28The reason is superior muscle contraction.
00:05:31That's the real secret to incredible abs.
00:05:34That's why you're gonna get the firm, strong, toned waist you've been wanting.
00:05:38Sound too good to be true?
00:05:40The best way to prove to you what the contour can do is to show you how people react when they experience it for the very first time.
00:05:47..] >> whoa.
00:05:51>> It's great, this is awesome.
00:05:52 [groans] >> what is it doing?
00:05:54>> It's flexing.
00:05:56>> [Laughs] you feel it.
00:05:57You can feel it.
00:05:58It's like I did 30 sit-ups.
00:05:59>> So now it's, like, pulsing.
00:06:01It does a pulsing and then it does, like, a tightening and stuff.
00:06:05Upper, everything.
00:06:06>> That's really hittin' it.
00:06:08Like, I would want to feel that, you know?
00:06:10That's what I'd strive to get to at the gym.
00:06:12>> This is really one of those kind of things that I can just lay on the couch, watch the ball game and feel good about myself.
00:06:19>> I would strap this on and this gives you a workout right then and there.
00:06:22You don't have to go anywhere, you don't have to, like, put on any special equipment.
00:06:25It's really, it's getting intense again.
00:06:26>> You can power it up, power it down. >> right.
00:06:29>> You can tell that it's working.
00:06:30.. ooh.
00:06:32It's tight now.
00:06:33>> Look at it.
00:06:34You might feel a little bit skeptical about it, but you know what?
00:06:37The thing actually works.
00:06:38I can totally feel my muscles .. my voice [all laugh] >> since I box, I have to do a lot of crunches so, I mean, .. I usually take a medicine ball and hit myself in the stomach. >> right.
00:06:49>> So just doing this, I don't have to do that. >> no.
00:06:51>> This is wonderful.
00:06:52>> I'm starting to feel like after I've done 100 crunches.
00:06:54I mean, it's not a hurt in a bad way.
00:06:56It's a hurt like I know I worked my abdomen and I know that I'm gonna, like, see some results sooner or later and I'm gonna get the toning and all the things that I'm looking to get.
00:07:04>> Leah: Are you having fun?
00:07:05>> Yeah, I think it's great.
00:07:06I wasn't expecting all this, to be honest with you.
00:07:09It's pretty cool, I like it.
00:07:11>> What I really ..
00:07:12>> Leah: This is the flex.
00:07:13>> Yeah, what I really .. how it pulls the sides, how it really concentrates on the sides.
00:07:18>> So we've shown you how the contour works.
00:07:20We've proven to you that it does and when you look at these abs, you can see the muscles don't lie.
00:07:25So if you're looking to get the best abs you've ever had, call and order a contour today.
00:07:30What do you think, luis?
00:07:31You in?
00:07:32This is great.
00:07:34>> Announcer: Just think, with a simple push of a button, you're on your way to getting those sculpted abs and a lean, sexy waistline with a contour.
00:07:43And with one simple phone call, you can have the entire contour core sculpting system delivered right to your door for only 95 during this special trial offer.
00:07:53But you must call now.
00:07:54Contour is different because you can actually see and feel your abs contracting while you have it on.
00:08:00Contour is convenient.
00:08:02With the contour, you can get an incredible ab workout anytime, anywhere.
00:08:06Best of all, contour is safe.
00:08:09Cleared by the fda for the specific use of firming and tightening your core, the contour delivers results so remarkable that 57-year-old contour believer ken sherman purchased the company because he experienced incredible results that he never thought he could get.
00:08:24>> Until I found contour, i never believed for a moment that I could get great abdominals without hours and hours and hours of abdominal work.
00:08:32Today, I do contour one program a night and I've got great abs.
00:08:36My waist has gone from 35 to almost 31 inches and it's the smallest my waist has been since I was 15 years old.
00:08:42I was so impressed with the results I got from contour, I bought the company.
00:08:46Contour really works.
00:08:48I'm 57 and I have the best abs of my life.
00:08:51Try it, follow the system, and if you're not completely satisfied, send it back, no questions asked.
00:08:58>> Announcer: Don't wait another minute to take advantage of this limited-time trial offer of the complete contour core sculpting system for only $14.95.
00:09:06And if you're not completely satisfied, send it back and you won't be charged another dime.
00:09:11>> I would recommend the contour system to all of my friends, to everyone out there because you see results and it's not a hard workout.
00:09:18>> Guys who want to get ripped, this is a great belt to go with.
00:09:21You get the love handles gone-- which is most guys' biggest problem-- you're starting to see the cuts, you know, everything's coming down.
00:09:26Your belt's feeling better, you're looking better in the board shorts.
00:09:29Yeah, absolutely, I recommend it.
00:09:30>> It's not working your body hard, it's working your body smart.
00:09:33>> Announcer: And it gets even better.
00:09:35Call in the next 12 minutes and we'll pay the shipping and handling and send you this contour accessory backpack.
00:09:41These two bonuses have a value of $40, but yours free when you call now.
00:09:45And listen to this.
00:09:47When you call, ask your operator 95 trial fee waived.
00:09:52Now there's no reason to wait.
00:09:54With the contour, there's never been an easier way to get great-looking abs.
00:09:58Call and order now.
00:10:00..] @@@@@@@@@@@@ >> Ken: The contour works very much like a pacemaker.
00:10:12What a pacemaker does is send a signal to the heart, causing it to beat on a regular basis.
00:10:17Contour does exactly the same thing.
00:10:19It sends a signal to your abdominal muscles, allowing them to work harder and more intensely than they would otherwise in any other form of exercise.
00:10:27The net result is great abs and a very, very strong core.
00:10:31I've tried every possible abdominal machine there is out there.
00:10:34Contour is the only abdominal product that allows you to get great abs with very little effort, sitting in front of your television at home.
00:10:44>> I hated doing abs.
00:10:45I hate the crunches, I hate the sit-ups.
00:10:47The contour belt, you put it on, sit on the couch and I get the same intensity level as i, as I would if I were in a gym doing the crunches.
00:10:55I've lost approximately five inches around the waist.
00:10:59Try it.
00:11:00Do it.
00:11:01It works.
00:11:04>> I'd like you to meet a very impressive group of people.
00:11:07They did more than just try the contour once.
00:11:11They used the complete contour core sculpting system and got some truly amazing results in a very short amount of time.
00:11:20Let's take a look at what your ..
00:11:23I don't want to see it.
00:11:24..Pat's before and after pictures combined.
00:11:26>> Group: Wow!
00:11:27>> Leah: Notice the difference there in the midsection?
00:11:28>> Pat: Yeah.
00:11:30I'm amazed.
00:11:30I mean, I knew it would do something.
00:11:32I didn't think it would ever do this.
00:11:34I can go along with my life.
00:11:36I do not have to stop and work my stomach.
00:11:38This system actually does the work for me.
00:11:42>> Let's take a look at your before picture.
00:11:45[Group murmuring] all right?
00:11:47What do you see when you look at that?
00:11:49>> Mark: Unhealthy.
00:11:49>> All right, let's take a look at the after photo of mark at what he ended up with.
00:11:54[Group exclaims] .. now, that's me.
00:11:56That, that was me before the other one.
00:11:58>> Leah: You are actually really, really tight all through the midsection.
00:12:02>> Mark: You ain't kidding.
00:12:03I feel awesome!
00:12:04I mean, as you can see from my before and after picture, there's a big difference.
00:12:09, liz, I'd like to see both your before and your after pictures.
00:12:15[Laughs] you sassy thing!
00:12:18Look at you, with your hands on your hips.
00:12:20>> Oh, wow.
00:12:21It's just such a difference.
00:12:22I just feel so much better.
00:12:23Like, being able to do nothing and have my abs, all of my abs-- my lower, my upper-- just all being worked.
00:12:29It's just awesome.
00:12:30>> Mike, what was it about ..
00:12:34What did you want to accomplish?
00:12:36>> I wanted to get back into board shorts and look good in 'em.
00:12:39>> Let's take a look at what, what you looked like, mike, ?
00:12:44>> It's terrible.
00:12:45>> Leah: Oh!
00:12:45>> Woman: You look like an old man.
00:12:47>> Leah: No, come on.
00:12:48There's nothing wrong with that, but let's take a look at the after.
00:12:51>> Group: Wow!
00:12:52>> Mike: That's better.
00:12:53>> Woman: He looks 10 years younger, easily.
00:12:55>> Mike: That's great.
00:12:55>> Leah: Love it.
00:12:56What would you say to people watching right now who may not be going to the gym, who may not be on the contour core sculpting system, ..
00:13:02What would you say to them?
00:13:04>> Try it out.
00:13:04Take the chance.
00:13:05Um, it works.
00:13:06You're gonna get great results in a small period of time.
00:13:09I mean, you can see my love handles are almost gone.
00:13:11My pants, you know, those pants are barely hanging on me now.
00:13:14They're two sizes, uh, too big for me.
00:13:16I gotta go out and buy new pants now.
00:13:18>> Did you ever think in life that you would be able to put a contour belt on and get the best ab workout you've ever had?
00:13:24>> No, no. >> no?
00:13:25>> I never thought I could get this great of a workout not doing anything.
00:13:28>> Leah: That's right!
00:13:29>> My favorite part is I can watch tv.
00:13:30I like watching tv a lot and that's probably why I got such a big gut in the first place.
00:13:34But now, now I can get those abs while I'm watching tv.
00:13:37>> I like that you can see immediate results, so after, you know, the first few times I wore it, I already saw a difference in my stomach, in my abs and the way that my pants fit.
00:13:45>> So how about you?
00:13:47Wouldn't you love to transform your abs without doing a crunch or a sit-up or getting on an ab machine?
00:13:53Wouldn't you like to finally lose the inches and get that trimmed, toned midsection you've always wanted?
00:13:59Well, you can with the contour core sculpting system.
00:14:02So ask yourself this question: Why wouldn't you want to get the best abs you'll ever have when it's this easy?
00:14:09You can do it with the contour, so call now and don't let this opportunity pass you by.
00:14:16>> Announcer: Contour is a safe and extremely effective muscle stimulation device, cleared by the fda, that stimulates your core muscles directly.
00:14:24So with contour, you work your upper abs, lower abs, obliques on both sides as well as that stubborn lower belly-- that pooch area-- all at the same time.
00:14:33In fact, thermographic testing proves that old-fashioned crunches primarily activate only the upper region of your core while the contour activates your entire core.
00:14:42In fact, this technology has been shown to produce over 600% more muscle activation than traditional crunches.
00:14:48The contour is so effective that these photos show the stunning changes that you too can achieve with the contour.
00:14:55>> It's like doing a crunch, only it's even a little more than that because you can actually feel each section of your abs kind of firing in succession.
00:15:03I've lost 18 inches total.
00:15:05Contour system, I'm really impressed with the results I've gotten.
00:15:09>> Woman: It was easy.
00:15:10The system works.
00:15:10All I had to do was put the belt on my waist and then sit down, turn it on and there you go.
00:15:16I lost 10-1/2 inches total.
00:15:18I see tight abs, ..
00:15:22I fit my clothes better.
00:15:23I have 20 pairs of jeans that I couldn't fit but now I can fit ..
00:15:28[Laughs] I'm just so happy that I can do that now.
00:15:31>> Announcer: Why do countless numbers of backbreaking ab exercises or spend thousands of dollars on big, bulky ab machines?
00:15:38Call now and try the contour core sculpting system 95 during this special trial offer.
00:15:45The contour core sculpting system comes with a one-size-fits-all contour core belt, electronic controller, batteries and one-year warranty, plus an instructional guide and sensible eating plan.
00:15:56It's everything you need to lose three inches off your midsection in just two weeks, guaranteed, all yours to try for 30 days for just $14.95.
00:16:05And that's not all.
00:16:07Call in the next six minutes, and we'll pay shipping and handling and send you this contour accessory travel backpack.
00:16:13Together, they have a value of $40, but they're yours absolutely free when you call now.
00:16:17Try the contour core sculpting system for 30 days.
00:16:20If you're not completely satisfied, send it back and you won't be charged another dime.
00:16:25Learn how you can save even more money by asking your operator how you can try the contour 95 trial fee waived.
00:16:32Absolutely the best way to get the best abs you'll ever have.
00:16:36With the contour, you'll always have the time for a great core workout anytime, anyplace.
00:16:41There's never been an easier, more effective way to get great-looking abs.
00:16:45Call and order now.
00:16:48..] CALL THE NUMBER ON YOUR SCREEN.kkkkkkkkkkkk The preceding has been a paid advertisement for the contour core sculpting system.
00:17:02This has been a production of script to screen, direct thinking for direct response.
00:18:44not talk about we all know that, but when you hear these stories today about how NutriSystem has changed the lives of the people that your gonna meet, mine included, you're gonna understand why we're all so passionate about NutriSystem.
00:19:04Hey, I'm Jillian Barberie Reynolds and I'm here today with a couple of amazing people, who just like me, have had incredible results with NutriSystem.
00:19:11Now we're going to share some of their inspiring stories with you today.
00:19:14First of all, welcome to my house you guys.
00:19:16My own little talk show in my living room...Kacey and Robin and between the 3 of us we've lost almost 200lbs.
00:19:21Holla girls, give me one of these, thank you, thank you!
00:19:24Now Kacey your story is...
00:19:26everyone has a great story.
00:19:27Your story is so precious.
00:19:29Let's take a look at Kasey's story first.
00:19:32It goes like this.
00:19:32My whole life since I was nine I've been dieting and I've done every diet and I've always still been, you know, depressed a little bit about my weight.
00:19:42I wouldn't look in the mirror.
00:19:43I just was tired of struggling and counting calories and knowing every number on the back of everything I ate and thinking about it constantly.
00:19:50When I'm heavy I think everyone's looking at me because I'm fat and saying she shouldn't be wearing those pants or ugh you can see her saddle bags or...
00:20:01whatever I always felt like that.
00:20:02When I walked into a room, I thought they were looking at me because I didn't belong there or because I wasn't good enough or because I'm standing next to my handsome husband and he's, you know, a ten and she's a two.
00:20:15I, I didn't want to feel like that.
00:20:17I'm Kacey and I lost 43 pounds on NutriSystem.
00:20:21People have seen me thin and people have seen me heavier.
00:20:24They've always said oh wow you're thin or wow whatever or wow you're pretty, you know...but-you always get that and then you know you're heavy - but they say wow because I think they see an inner happiness now.
00:20:37It's reflecting from my face.
00:20:39I like myself now.
00:20:40I love not having food be my biggest concern in the world and NutriSystem made that happen for me.
00:20:47I'm telling you it's cheaper than what I was eating before, to gain weight.
00:20:51I love the NutriSystem foods.
00:20:54They're, they're so delicious it's unbelievable.
00:20:57The chocolates, the pizza, the pasta...all these foods that for ten years I haven't been able to eat.
00:21:03Nothing tastes like diet food.
00:21:05I have tried every diet known to man and NutriSystem is the only diet that works.
00:21:13Kacey awesome story.
00:21:14Thank you for joining me in my living room.
00:21:16Thank you.
00:21:17And I love your hair.
00:21:18You went to brown.
00:21:19I love it.
00:21:19You know what I changed after I lost the weight and I said I'm going back to natural.
00:21:23I want a change in my life.
00:21:23Didn't you guys feel like that when you lost all the weight?
00:21:25Yeah - I cut my hair.
00:21:27You did?
00:21:27Cause you guys both look amazing.
00:21:28Kacey how do you feel now compared to how you use to feel?
00:21:32I - I'm not as self conscious, ya know, I started to like myself a little bit more.
00:21:36I started to see myself how my husband always sees me and I have more confidence.
00:21:42And I'm not worried.
00:21:43I like to put on pants now.
00:21:44I went out and bought a pair of jeans.
00:21:46I don't think I even had a pair of jeans.
00:21:48They're the enemy for awhile.
00:21:49Yes and it was exciting when you can ya know put on a 3-4.
00:21:53That's crazy to me ya know.
00:21:56So I - I feel good.
00:21:57I feel good about me.
00:21:58I like to hear ya know someone's like you look so tiny.
00:22:02That's great!
00:22:03I'm like what I didn't hear ya.
00:22:04I can look in a mirror I can get on the scale and that's huge.
00:22:08That's huge cause I never could do that before.
00:22:11Well you look amazing.
00:22:13Thank you.
00:22:13Robin you're story is absolutely astonishing.
00:22:15Your weight loss is tremendous.
00:22:17In fact why don't we let you guys hear Robin's story from Robin.
00:22:21I hit rock bottom after my son got married.
00:22:25I had already walked him down the aisle, I had all the eyes watching me and several weeks after when the pictures came back and I looked and I saw that I was as miserable looking on the outside as I was on the inside, I panicked.
00:22:40What made me seek to lose 100 pounds was to want to live.
00:22:45I needed to change my life, I needed to get my health in order, I needed to be able to become a grandparent, and continue to be the best parent that I could be.
00:22:55I saw a program for NutriSystem.
00:22:58It made me go to the computer immediately and research it, and compare it with every other weight-loss program on the market, and it lead me to the phone.
00:23:07I placed an order, and it was in my hands in three days.
00:23:10My name is Robin and I lost 100 pounds on NutriSystem.
00:23:14The first meal I tried, I was hooked.
00:23:17I'm a food addict, there is no doubt about it, you don't gain 100 pounds not liking food.
00:23:23But, with that said, I just found that every meal that I took out of that box was better than the next.
00:23:30Having been on every diet that existed I didn't know that NutriSystem was going to work.
00:23:37I'll be honest, I was very skeptical, but after the first couple of weeks and about 10 pounds melted off of me, I thought gee, maybe this is the one, maybe this is the time, maybe this will be the difference, and it clearly was.
00:23:52I am completely a different person than I was before.
00:23:56I do everything differently.
00:23:58I don't hide from anything.
00:24:00I don't turn down opportunities.
00:24:02I embrace the world.
00:24:04Wow Robin!
00:24:05100lbs and I, I mean your story made me sad because of the wedding and how you felt, but I'm happy for you now because you've lost a whole person...really!
00:24:14You look amazing!
00:24:15Thank you thank you.
00:24:16I am a new person.
00:24:17I am a different person.
00:24:18How did you feel before and how do you feel now?
00:24:20Ya know, I can't even compare it because I really see myself as that different a person.
00:24:25I am just, I'm so much happier, I'm healthier there's no doubt about it.
00:24:30I'm energetic.
00:24:31I think the most important thing to me and the biggest difference is that because of NutriSystem the way I feel is I may struggle and I will always have weight on my mind but I will always conquer this because I now have the tools to do it.
00:24:47Stay tuned and find out how you can get an extra 2 weeks of NutriSystem breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and desserts.
00:24:54Plus our all new Jumpstart kit.
00:24:57I love not having food be my biggest concern in the world and NutriSystem made that happen for me.
00:25:0443lbs is a lot on someone who's 5'3.
00:25:07Let us help you take the first step and love the way you look.
00:25:11My body feels good, I feel like I have more energy, I just feel good about myself.
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00:26:52Portion control, that was a huge problem for me.
00:26:55I grew up in an Italian family and so everything was huge family sized, carbs so I know so much more about balance now.
00:27:03I know exactly how much my body needs and what types of food that it wants and I eat according to portion sizes now.
00:27:11NutriSystem does not let you starve.
00:27:13You don't ever feel deprived, you're always eating.
00:27:17I eat more with NutriSystem than I have ever eaten getting fat.
00:27:21Kacey, you've got twins.
00:27:23Obviously you're super busy.
00:27:24How did NutriSystem fit into your lifestyle?
00:27:27It was so easy.
00:27:27I didn't have to go to the store to get it.
00:27:29I didn't have to go anywhere and do anything.
00:27:32I just put it in my cabinet and as I'm making all this food for ya know Dillon and Kelsie my twins or my husband I'm just putting my food in the microwave and for 7 years I didn't eat bread or pasta.
00:27:44Hello, 5 I know.
00:27:46So those are my favorite foods.
00:27:47You're exactly like me with this.
00:27:48I deprive myself of those foods for 5 years.
00:27:52You did the same thing.
00:27:53Ok, Robin.
00:27:54Do you like some food better than other.
00:27:55Like I have one that I love that I have to like if I run out of I want more and more and more which is great cause you can order particular foods that you like.
00:28:02But what are some of your favorites?
00:28:03Absolutely, NutriSystem isn't good food it is great food.
00:28:05Um the temptation isn't there because when you're eating food that satisfies your pallet you don't really want other foods.
00:28:12It is gourmet food and I'm not just saying that, I know it sounds ridiculous, you know this, you know this.
00:28:17Um it's really not your typical diet food.
00:28:21I think the great thing about NutriSystem for me is that the program teaches you how to eat so ya know I can do the maintenance thing and that works wonderfully, but if I have an event, a photo shoot, a wedding whatever it is and I want to get down to a certain size I go full fledge NutriSystem and I'm back.
00:28:36With NutriSystem, the easiest part for me is knowing that if I stick with this and it doesn't mean I have to eat all the foods all the time it means I have to stay with their guidelines and their principles.
00:28:47Eating the proteins, eating the fruits, eating the vegetables, what they recommend to stay in the guidelines of the low glycemic index.
00:28:54To keep myself fueled every few hours.
00:28:56I know that I'm gonna get up the next morning and I'm gonna open up my closet and I'm gonna have all these choices that I'm gonna be able to wear.
00:29:04What is the easiest part of the program for you Kacey?
00:29:07Now I don't think and I'm not worried.
00:29:09There's NutriSystem there for you, they have my back ya know and there's also ya know you can also get on and talk to some people there too.