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Aired at 03:30 AM on Thursday, Oct 28, 2010 (10/28/2010)      View all transcripts from this day


00:00:03♪♪ This is my new song ♪♪
00:00:06♪♪ you can sing along ♪♪
00:00:08♪♪ I love ♪♪
00:00:10♪♪ when you and I sing a song ♪♪
00:00:14yay! [dings] brava!
00:00:16That's a wonderful song, annie.
00:00:20Thank you. and guess what?
00:00:22If my song wins the contest, I'll get a special prize.
00:00:27Can you guess what the prize is?
00:00:33A microphone! yes!
00:00:36Leo: Wow! june: amazing!
00:00:38Annie: I've always wanted a microphone.
00:00:41If I had a microphone, I'd sing loud enough for everyone to hear!
00:00:47We really hope you win, annie.
00:00:50Thanks, leo.
00:00:51I better go get in line with my song.
00:00:53It's almost timefor the contest to start.
00:00:58Quincy: Whoa, look.
00:01:00Everyone in linehas their songs written down on paper, just like annie.
00:01:06[Engines rev] June: Hey, someone in line is being very noisy.
00:01:10Leo: It sounds like that big blue airplane-- big jet. do you see a big jet?
00:01:18Yes, there he is at the front of the line.
00:01:21Big jet is going to be in the contest, too.
00:01:25He would do anything to win that microphone.
00:01:29[Orchestra playingwater music] [gasps] oh, no!
00:01:37What did big jet do to my song?
00:01:44He ripped it into 3 little pieces.
00:01:47[Engines rev] Annie: That mean big jet!
00:01:53Quincy: What a cheater!
00:01:54Leo: big jet is throwing the pieces of annie's song far away.
00:01:58June: He's trying to stop her from winning the microphone.
00:02:02Annie: Oh, no! my song is gone!
00:02:06But I worked so hard on it.
00:02:09[Sighs] I'll never win the microphone now.
00:02:13 you can still win the microphone!
00:02:18I can? absolutely!
00:02:20We just have to find the pieces of the song before the contest starts.
00:02:24 if you put the pieces back together, then you can sing your song.
00:02:31And win the microphone!
00:02:34You're right!
00:02:35I'm going to put my song back together and sing in the song contest!
00:02:41All right! yay, annie!
00:02:43But I'm going to need your help to get my song back in time.
00:02:49Will you help me find the 3 pieces and put my song back together?
00:03:00We've got a mission.
00:03:01We're going to put annie's song back together.
00:03:16Buckle your seat belts.
00:03:19Kids: Seat belts buckled!
00:03:22Prepare for blast-off!
00:03:24We need to give rocket a lot of power.
00:03:27Put your hands on your lap and pat with us!
00:03:31Pat, pat, pat, pat, pat, pat, pat, pat.
00:03:36[Rapidly] pat, pat, pat, pat, pat.
00:03:37Now, raise your arms as high as you can " All: Blast-off!
00:03:47June: Hold on tight, 'cause here we go!
00:03:50[Orchestra playing water music] whoo-hoo! all right!
00:04:01We're going to find the 3 missing pieces of annie's song.
00:04:06[Water musicplaying] June: Uh-oh. the song contest is starting.
00:04:12[Engines rev] [applause] Quincy: It's big jet's turn to sing on the stage.
00:04:17Then it's going to be the elephant's turn, [trumpets] [whistles] and then the train's turn.
00:04:26Kids: Annie's turn!
00:04:28We have to hurry and find my song before it's my turn.
00:04:33[Violin playingwater music] Leo: Listen. I hear the first piece.
00:04:39Can you find the first piece of annie's song?
00:04:44Yes! there it is!
00:04:46Quincy: It's stuck on a rock in the amazon river, the biggest river in the world!
00:04:54Annie: Uh-oh. but the rock is swimming away!
00:04:59Wait a second.
00:05:01Rocks don't swim.
00:05:03[June chuckles] that's not a rock.
00:05:06It's an amazon river turtle.
00:05:08[Leo gasps] he doesn't know he has the song piece on his back.
00:05:12Hurry, rocket! he's swimming away!
00:05:16Follow that turtle!
00:05:18[Dings] whoa, look!
00:05:25Rocket turned into a boat!
00:05:29Quincy: but the amazon river splits into lots of smaller rivers--tributaries.
00:05:37We don't know which way the turtle went.
00:05:41I know-- we can listen to find the first piece.
00:05:44My special songsounds really quiet-- pianissimo.
00:05:50Help me listen for the riverthat sounds really quiet.
00:05:55[Violin playingwater musicsoftly] [violin playingwater musicloudly] which one soundsreally quiet?
00:06:07The turtle must have takenthe piece that way!
00:06:12[Orchestra playing water music] Quincy: the really quiet river splits into more rivers!
00:06:23Annie, how will we know which way the turtle went this time?
00:06:26We're going to have to listen really, really carefully.
00:06:31it also sounds adagio-- slow.
00:06:37So, we have to listenfor the river that sounds slow.
00:06:43[Violin playingwater musicquickly] [violin playingwater musicslowly] which one sounds slow?
00:06:56That one sounds slow--adagio.
00:06:59The turtle must have gonethis way!
00:07:02[Orchestra playing water music] Annie: Look, look, look!it's the turtle!
00:07:10[Violin playingwater music] Leo: And there'sthe first piece of annie's song!
00:07:16Kids: Hooray!
00:07:17 there's a song on your back.
00:07:22[Cello plays] I need it so I can sing my song at the song contest.
00:07:29[Cello plays] got it! thanks, mr. turtle.
00:07:34[Cello plays] [orchestra playingwater music] thanks for helping me find the first piece of my song!
00:07:48♪♪ This is my new song ♪♪
00:07:50come on! repeat after me.
00:07:54♪♪ This is my new song ♪♪
00:07:56Kids: ♪♪ This is my new song ♪♪
00:07:59 but that's just the first part of my song.
00:08:05We still need to find 2 more pieces so I can sing at the contest.
00:08:11[Water musicplaying] ..
00:08:16Kids: [applause] Leo: Big jet finishedsinging his song, [trumpets] and now it's the elephant's turn.
00:08:24June: Uh-oh. big jet is leaving.
00:08:28Now that his turn is over, he's coming to try and stop annie.
00:08:33Big jet doesn't want annie to win the contest.
00:08:37We've got to hurry and find the other song pieces.
00:08:40Let's go!
00:08:41[Dings] [violin playingwater music] [annie gasps] that sounds like the next piece of my song!
00:08:50Leo: It's coming from down there in the amazon rain forest.
00:08:56Leo: Do you see the next piece of annie's song?
00:09:01 there it is [violin playingwater music] in that bromeliad plant!
00:09:08It sure is quiet in the rain forest.
00:09:12Almost too quiet.
00:09:15[Water musicplaying] [engines rev] Annie: Oh, no! it's a trap!
00:09:26[Water musicplaying] Leo: Someone locked rocket ..2...3 cages!
00:09:35Quincy: Who locked rocket inside the cages?
00:09:41You're right! it's big jet!
00:09:45[Engines rev] June: Big jet doesn't want annie to get the second piece of her song.
00:09:51We have to find a way out of these cages so annie can get that next piece.
00:09:56But how, leo?
00:09:57Big jet locked the cages.
00:10:00Wait! I have an idea!
00:10:03Annie: The locks on these cages have music notes on them.
00:10:08They're music locks.
00:10:10Kids: Ooh!
00:10:12To open a music lock, all we have to do is sing the notes.
00:10:17Go for it, annie!
00:10:19Let's look carefully at the notes on this first lock.
00:10:29[Violin plays] and 2 low notes.
00:10:33[Violin playing] so, that means we need to sing like this-- ♪♪ high, high, low, low ♪♪
00:10:43come on. I need you to sing with me.
00:10:47So, sit up straight.
00:10:49Now sing!
00:10:51♪♪ High, high, low, low ♪♪
00:10:55[rattles] Annie: It worked! we opened the first lock!
00:11:00Now let's open the second cage.
00:11:06♪♪ High, low, low, high ♪♪
00:11:10sing it with me!
00:11:13♪♪ High, low, low, high ♪♪
00:11:17[rattles] Leo: You're doing it, annie.
00:11:20Quincy: Just one more cage to go.
00:11:23Annie: Oh.
00:11:29♪♪ High, low, high, low ♪♪
00:11:33sing it loudly with me!
00:11:36♪♪ High, low, high, low ♪♪
00:11:41[rattles] Kids: Yay!
00:11:43Annie: Now rocket can get the second piece of my song!
00:11:46[Dings] [violin playingwater music] thanks, rocket.
00:11:51And thank you for helping me open those music locks.
00:11:56Now we have 2 parts of my song.
00:12:02♪♪ This is my new song ♪♪
00:12:08♪♪ You can sing along ♪♪
00:12:17♪♪ This is my new song ♪♪
00:12:19♪♪ you can sing along ♪♪
00:12:21come on! repeat after me.
00:12:24♪♪ This is my new song ♪♪
00:12:27♪♪ you can sing along ♪♪
00:12:29Kids: ♪♪ This is my new song ♪♪
00:12:32♪♪ you can sing along ♪♪
00:12:35good singing!
00:12:37Now all we need is one last piece, and annie's song will be fixed!
00:12:42Then she can sing at the song contest!
00:12:46[Water musicplaying] Leo: [trumpets] [applause] the elephant's turn is over and now it's the train's turn [whistles] to sing on the stage.
00:12:58Leo: And who gets a turn after the train?
00:13:03Annie! right.
00:13:04We have to find the last piece of my song, and fast!
00:13:10[Violin playing] [dinging] Leo: Rocket sees the last piece of annie's song.
00:13:16[Crowd cheering] Quincy: It's floating down to that parade.
00:13:20That's thecarnavalparade in rio de janeiro.
00:13:25Hurry, rocket! tocarnaval!
00:13:29[Dings] [orchestra playing water music]