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Aired at 03:00 AM on Monday, Oct 25, 2010 (10/25/2010)      View all transcripts from this day


00:00:04I wonder what it could be.
00:00:10To open the prize box, you need the golden music key.
00:00:14[PEER GYNTSUITE No. 1 PLAYS] Look, look, look!
00:00:22The golden music key broke into little pieces!
00:00:26Let's count to see how many pieces there are.
00:00:31Count with me.
00:00:38Yes! there are 4 pieces.
00:00:42To open the prize box, you have to find the 4 pieces and put the golden key together.
00:00:51Oh, no! the pieces are hiding.
00:00:55Hey! we're good at finding things.
00:00:58I bet we can find the pieces of the golden music key.
00:01:02Then we can open the prize box and see the mystery prize.
00:01:10But we better keep this a secret.
00:01:13We don't want that sneaky big jet finding out about the secret mystery prize.
00:01:19[Jet engine roars] uh-oh.
00:01:22That sounded like big jet.
00:01:25Do you see big jet?
00:01:29Yes!there he is.
00:01:32He peekedat the treasure map.
00:01:34What a sneak.
00:01:35Now he knowsabout the secret mystery prize.
00:01:41Big jet is going to try and find the pieces of the key so that he can take the prize for himself.
00:01:48That's not fair.
00:01:50[Chiming] we have to hurry and put that key together before big jet.
00:01:56But we're going to need your help.
00:01:58Will you help us find all the pieces of the golden music key?
00:02:06[Chiming] we've got a mission!
00:02:10We're going to find the pieces and put together the golden music key.
00:02:15We have to get the secret mystery prize before big jet!
00:02:33Buckle your seatbelts!
00:02:35Kids: Seatbelts buckled!
00:02:37Prepare for blast-off!
00:02:40We need to give rocket a lot of power.
00:02:43Put your hands on your lap and pat with us!
00:02:47Pat, pat, pat, pat, pat, pat, pat, pat.
00:02:51[Rapidly] pat, pat, pat, pat, pat.
00:02:53Now, raise your arms as high as you can " All: Blast-off!
00:03:02June: Hold on tight, 'cause here we go!
00:03:06Kids: Whoa!
00:03:09Whoo-hoo! all right!
00:03:11[PEER GYNTSUIT No. 1 PLAYS] Leo: We are going to find the pieces and put the key together before big jet.
00:03:22[ Fragment ofpeer gyntplays] [gasps] listen!
00:03:26That sounds like the first piece of the music key!
00:03:29[Peer gyntfragment plays] it must be hiding down there by the tahoto pagoda.
00:03:36Do you see where the first piece is hiding?
00:03:41Where is it?
00:03:42[Peer gyntfragment plays] yeah! it's hiding in these cherry blossoms.
00:03:48You found it!
00:03:50All right! good work, team!
00:03:55Annie: Now we have the first piece of the golden music key.
00:04:00[Peer gyntfragment plays] ..
00:04:02The music key plays a special song.
00:04:05[Topeer gyntmelody] ♪♪ find the pieces ♪♪
00:04:07good song, annie. sing it again!
00:04:10♪♪ Find the pieces ♪♪
00:04:13sing it with me!
00:04:15♪♪ Find the pieces ♪♪
00:04:17sing it one more time.
00:04:20♪♪ Find the pieces ♪♪
00:04:22good singing!
00:04:22[ Nextpeergyntfragment plays] [gasps] I hear the next piece of the golden music key.
00:04:31[Rocket chimes] [peer gyntfragment plays] Quincy: It's on top of that torii gate in japan.
00:04:39Leo: That's the itsukushima shrine!
00:04:42Hurry, rocket.
00:04:44We've got to get that piece before big jet.
00:04:47[Chimes] [peer gyntfragment muffled] huh? that's weird.
00:04:56I can hear the next piece he golden music key, but I don't see it anywhere.
00:05:02[Peer gyntfragment muffled] where is the second piece?
00:05:09Oh, yeah! you found it.
00:05:11[Peer gyntfragment muffled] Annie: The torii gate took the piece underwater.
00:05:16We have to make that musical gate come up out of the water so we can get the piece.
00:05:23I can help.
00:05:24I can conduct a crescendo.
00:05:26That will make the musical torii gate grow louder and louder until it rises up out of the water.
00:05:34Excellent plan, leo.
00:05:36But I'm going to need your help.
00:05:39Will you conduct with me?
00:05:49Get your baton ready.
00:05:51[Tapping] now put your hands down really low, and slowly raise them up higher to tell the music to get louder.
00:06:04A little louder.
00:06:05It's working!
00:06:07The torii gate is starting to get louder.
00:06:11It's growing out of the water.
00:06:13Conduct the music to get even louder.
00:06:17Slowly reach your hands as high as you can!
00:06:25[Loud music playing] hooray! yay!
00:06:30Way to go, leo!
00:06:33We did it!
00:06:35We made the torii gate grow out of the water.
00:06:39[Peer gyntfragment plays] and there's the next piece of the golden music key.
00:06:45[Jet engines roaring] uh-oh.
00:06:48That sounds like big jet.
00:06:52Do you see big jet?
00:06:56[Gasps] yes! there he is!
00:06:59Quincy: He's going to try to grab the piece before rocket!
00:07:05[Chimes] hurry, rocket!
00:07:07[Peer gyntfragment plays] [engines roaring] [splash] Leo: Did rocket get it?
00:07:16Rocket got the piece!
00:07:18Hooray! yay!
00:07:19Quincy: Way to go, rocket!
00:07:21Hey. I wonder what big jet got.
00:07:25[Squishing] he got a bunch of seaweed.
00:07:28[Jet engines straining] [kids laughing] June: Now we have another piece of the golden music key.
00:07:37[Peer gyntfragments playing] ♪♪ find the pieces, get the prize ♪♪
00:07:48sing it with me!
00:07:50♪♪ Find the pieces, get the prize ♪♪
00:07:53all right!
00:07:55We only need 2 more pieces to finish the key.
00:07:58Then we can open the prize box and see what the secret mystery prize is.
00:08:04[ Nextpeer gyntfragment plays] [gasps] I hear the next piece.
00:08:08[Chimes] [peer gyntfragment plays] [quincy gasps] there it is!
00:08:15It's hiding somewhere in that zen garden.
00:08:18[Peer gyntfragment plays] rocket, to the zen garden!
00:08:27Quincy: that zen garden doesn't have any flowers.
00:08:33Annie: A zen garden is made out of sand and stones.
00:08:39June: Ooh.
00:08:41It's so quiet and peaceful.
00:08:44Leo: I wonder where the next piece of the key is hiding.
00:08:48Can you find it?
00:08:52Oh, yeah! you found it!
00:08:54It's in that tea house.
00:08:57[Jet engines roaring] I don't think we're the only ones in this zen garden.
00:09:06Where's big jet?
00:09:09Yeah. he's looking for the next piece.
00:09:12But he doesn't see it yet!
00:09:15Ha ha ha!
00:09:16We need to sneak past big jet and get that piece before he sees it.
00:09:21[Chimes] great idea, rocket.
00:09:25Rocket can bounce over the stones to sneak past big jet.
00:09:35We need to help rocket bounce quietly to the staccato rhythm.
00:09:41Clap the staccato rhythm with me.
00:09:43[Topeer gyntmelody] clap, clap, clap, clap, ..
00:09:46.. clap, clap, clap.
00:09:50We're helping rocket bounce quietly.
00:09:57[Jet engines roaring] to sneak past big jet, we have to be even quieter.
00:10:11We need to tap the staccato rhythm with just our fingers.
00:10:16Hold out 2 fingers on each hand, and tap them together like this.
00:10:22 tap the rhythm softly with just 2 fingers.
00:10:31.. tap, tap, tap.
00:10:34That's it. we're almost past big jet.
00:10:39Let's be even quieter.
00:10:44This time, put out just one finger on each hand.
00:10:49Now tap the rhythm very softly with just one finger.
00:10:53[WHISPERING] Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap...
00:10:56tap, tap, tap... tap, tap, tap.
00:11:01We did it!
00:11:02We got past big jet.
00:11:05Leo: And look! there's the tea house.
00:11:09Where is the next piece of the music key hiding?
00:11:16 there it is in that basket of tea leaves.
00:11:20[Peer gyntfragment plays] oh, no!
00:11:25Big jet heard the piece!
00:11:26He's coming to get it!
00:11:29[Chimes] hurry, rocket!
00:11:34Hooray! rocket got there first.
00:11:37We got the piece!
00:11:38[Crashing] and what did big jet get?
00:11:43Ha ha! he got covered with tea leaves.
00:11:47[Kids laughing] thanks for helping us get the next piece of the golden music key.
00:12:01[Peer gyntfragment plays]