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00:00:01No, it's a sea turtle.
00:00:03Maybe he knows where little whale is.
00:00:06Let's ask him.
00:00:07[ Singing Mozart's "Horn Concerto No. 2" ] ♪ LA LA La-la-la-la-la la la la ♪
00:00:10♪ have you seen little whale ♪
00:00:13[ clarinet plays notes ] he saw little whale.
00:00:21He's showing us which way to go.
00:00:24Thank you, sea turtle.
00:00:26Rocket, let's go!
00:00:29[ Plays notes ] 2" plays ] boy, rocket's really excited about playing with little whale.
00:00:48Yeah, he's going so fast.
00:00:50But, guys, we have to go faster!
00:00:55All: It's a squid!
00:00:57Oh, no!
00:00:58Faster, rocket!
00:01:00[ Plays notes rapidly ] wow, that's fast.
00:01:12But it's not fast enough.
00:01:15The squid is right behind us.
00:01:19We're going to need your help to go faster and faster.
00:01:23Can you say accelerando?
00:01:30" All: Accelerando!
00:01:36[ Plays notes rapidly ] even faster.
00:01:43" [ note tempo increases ] whew!
00:01:54Thank goodness.
00:01:55You're the best, rocket.
00:01:57Good swimming.
00:01:59[ Plays notes ] thanks for saying accelerando.
00:02:06What is that?
00:02:10It's a puffer fish.
00:02:12Puffer fish?
00:02:12What's a puffer fish.
00:02:14It's this amazing little fish that can puff up big.
00:02:21 2" plays ] look out!
00:02:26They've got really sharp spines.
00:02:28They're like underwater porcupines, and we're headed right for them.
00:02:35You're right.
00:02:36We better slow down so the puffer fish don't prick us.
00:02:40We need your help to go slower.
00:02:43Can you say "ritardando"?
00:02:48Say it with me.
00:02:50All: Ritardando!
00:02:53[ Plays notes slowly ] be careful, rocket!
00:02:59Now we're going really slowly.
00:03:08 we made it through without a scratch.
00:03:14[ Smooches ] [ laughter ] thanks for your help.
00:03:24We're safe.
00:03:26We got away from the giant squid, and we got past the puffer fish.
00:03:30I'm sure glad we didn't run into a shark.
00:03:33[ Water whooshing ] All: It's a shark!
00:03:41We need to go faster and faster!
00:03:44" All: Accelerando!
00:03:51[ Plays notes rapidly ] we need to go even faster.
00:04:01" [ note tempo increases ] phew!
00:04:14We did it!
00:04:17[ Plays notes ] thanks for saying accelerando and ritardando.
00:04:24And thanks, rocket, for helping us get away from the shark.
00:04:28Thank you very much.
00:04:30Now we can find your whale friend.
00:04:33[ Plays notes ] Leo: Whoa, where are we?
00:04:39I don't know.
00:04:39That shark chased us here.
00:04:42How are we going to find little whale now?
00:04:46Let's take a look around.
00:04:48Rocket, up periscope.
00:04:56Look, look, look!
00:04:58A violin.
00:05:02A trumpet.
00:05:03I know where we are.
00:05:03We must be in orchestra ocean.
00:05:07Maybe one of the instruments can help us.
00:05:10Yeah, maybe one of the instruments has seen little whale.
00:05:15I'll play little whale's song.
00:05:18[ Plays notes ] [ blares ] [ plays notes ] look, a french horn is playing just like little whale.
00:05:39The french horn is going to help us find little whale.
00:05:46[ Xylophone plays notes ] follow that french horn!
00:05:52[ Plays notes ] 2" plays ] Quincy: Careful, rocket.
00:05:59Annie: Whoa!
00:05:59What is this stuff?
00:06:03It looks like a huge rock.
00:06:05June: It's not a rock.
00:06:05It's coral.
00:06:07It's alive, and it's made up of millions of tiny animals.
00:06:11Little whale must be on the other side of this coral reef.
00:06:14I bet there's lots of fish hiding inside these tunnels.
00:06:18I hope we don't run into any spooky fish.
00:06:24Where did the french horn go?
00:06:29Good question.
00:06:30It must have gone down one of those tunnels.
00:06:34Now what do we do?
00:06:36I know.
00:06:37We can listen for it.
00:06:39The french horn sounds like this.
00:06:41[ Plays mozart's 2" ] [ flute plays mozart's 2" ] does that sound like the french horn?
00:07:00It's a flute.
00:07:01[ Flute notes continue ] let's listen down another coral tunnel.
00:07:08[ French horn plays mozart's 2" ] does that sound like the french horn?
00:07:17[ French horn notes continue ] yes, it sounds just like the horn.
00:07:24Let's go down this tunnel.
00:07:25I wonder what was down the other tunnel.
00:07:32Scorpion fish!
00:07:33Leo: Go, rocket, go!
00:07:38Now which way do we go?
00:07:39Let's listen.
00:07:43The french horn sound like this.
00:07:46[ Plays notes ] [ violin plays mozart's 2" ] does that sound like the french horn?
00:08:00No, it's a violin.
00:08:05Now let's listen to this tunnel.
00:08:07[ French horn plays mozart's 2" ] is that the french horn?
00:08:21It sounds like the french horn.
00:08:23Let's go this way.
00:08:24Quincy: Hey, look at the other tunnel.
00:08:28It's more scorpion fish.
00:08:30Let's get going, rocket.
00:08:32[ Plays notes ] do you see the french horn?
00:08:37Where is it?
00:08:39Yeah, there it is.
00:08:41We did it!
00:08:41We did it!
00:08:41We did it!
00:08:43Great swimming, rocket.
00:08:45Great listening, too.
00:08:47[ Plays notes ] thank you, french horn!
00:08:53Now we can find little whale.
00:08:56[ Plays notes ] 2" plays ] whoa-oa-oa-oa!
00:09:05I think rocket's excited about finding his friend.
00:09:10[ Laughter ] call little whale, quincy.
00:09:18[ Plays notes ] I don't hear little whale.
00:09:30[ Plays notes ] little whale and his family must be too far away.
00:09:35We need to be louder.
00:09:36Maybe if we play more instruments, they'll hear us.
00:09:42Good idea, annie.
00:09:43But we're in the middle of the ocean.
00:09:46Where will we find more instruments?
00:09:49We need to make a plan.
00:09:51[ Xylophone plays notes ] all right.
00:09:53Rocket's got a plan.
00:09:56He found something.
00:09:59He's using his rocket raiser.
00:10:07These are conch shells.
00:10:09They're not instruments.
00:10:12Let's just see about that.
00:10:15[ Blares ] [ laughter ] [ playing scales ] yay!
00:10:33Wow, quincy!
00:10:34You can play anything.
00:10:37We need your help to call to little whale.
00:10:39Put your hands up to your mouth like a shell and make music like this.
00:10:45[ Blares ] can you do it?
00:10:51 2" plays ] we're calling the whales.
00:10:58Let's do it again.
00:11:00Play your shell!
00:11:02 2" plays ] wow!
00:11:09You're great at blowing a conch shell.
00:11:12[ Horn plays mozart's 2" ] little whale hears us.
00:11:20Here he comes!
00:11:21[ Horn plays mozart's 2" ] rocket and little whale are back together.
00:11:40Mission completion!
00:11:46The curtain call!
00:11:48[ Cheers and applause ] let's clap for our team.
00:11:52Clap with us.
00:11:54Let's clap for annie, quincy, june.
00:12:03[ Cheers and applause ] [ xylophone plays notes ] rocket wants us to clap for little whale.
00:12:09All: Clap for little whale!
00:12:11[ Cheers and applause ] let's clap for the art.
00:12:14"The shore at bas-butin, honfleur" by georges seurat.
00:12:20And now, the moment you've all been waiting for, let's clap really, really hard for the special music we heard today.
00:12:29 2" plays ] 2" by wolfgang amadeus mozart.
00:12:41All: Yay, mozart!
00:12:43You helped a lot today.
00:12:45Give yourself a hand.
00:12:47Go on, clap for yourself.
00:12:51Yay for you!
00:12:53See you on the next mission.
00:12:55[ Cheers and applause ] [ blares ] [ laughter ] --Captions by VITAC-- Captions paid for by abc cable networks group ♪ it is time for tasty treats ♪
00:13:54♪ with zefronk, that's me ♪
00:13:56♪ we'll make some very tasty eats ♪
00:13:57♪ I'm zefronk ♪
00:13:58♪ he's zefronk ♪
00:13:59♪ with help from you and my friend sue ♪
00:14:01♪ we'll cook up fun for me and you ♪
00:14:03♪ and me too ♪
00:14:04♪ we'll stir and mix, fold and stack ♪
00:14:06♪ to fix ourselves a healthy snack ♪
00:14:08♪ this is tasty time with zefronk ♪
00:14:12[music] bonjour, everyone.
00:14:14That means "hello" in french.
00:14:16Say bonjour to my helper, sue.
00:14:21Welcome to another episode " is everyone ready for a tasty snack?
00:14:27I sure am, frankie.
00:14:30That's zefronk, dom.
00:14:32What's on the menu today, pal?
00:14:35You are interrupting my show, you silly cat.
00:14:38Are you making pizza?
00:14:38Nachos? hot dogs?
00:14:42No, no, and no.
00:14:44Is there anything you don't like?
00:14:48The recipe for today is the tomato surprise.
00:14:52But I don't like tomatoes.
00:14:55Now, get out of my kitchen.
00:14:57That silly kitty cat is always trying to attack my snacks.
00:15:01Keep your eyes on him.
00:15:03Let me know if he is-- how you say, sneaking around.
00:15:08The recipe--tomato surprise.
00:15:10This is what we will need to make today's tasty treat: The cottage cheese, the rainbow sprinkles, and finally the featured fruit of the day, the cherry tomatoes.
00:15:23Now, before making the snack, we wash our paws--i mean hands.
00:15:29Wash along with me.
00:15:30♪ We wash our hands to make them neat ♪
00:15:33♪ before we fix our tasty treat ♪
00:15:37what? you see the cat?
00:15:40Sorry, but I do not see him.
00:15:42Anyway, next, we scoop out the inside of the tomato.
00:15:53Repeat the scooping with the rest of your tomatoes.
00:15:57Next, we add a dollop of cottage cheese.
00:16:00Dollop is a fancy cook's word " one, two, three.
00:16:06Ah, the sprinkles.
00:16:08We must be most exact.
00:16:11Ah, what a delightful snack.
00:16:15And you and a grown-up can make it too.
00:16:17You simply scoop the tomato, dollop the cottage cheese, and sprinkle the sprinkles.
00:16:23Scoop, dollop, sprinkle.
00:16:25[Music] ♪ scoop and dollop and sprinkle scoop and-- ♪
00:16:29You said you did not like tomatoes.
00:16:31They were surprisingly delicious.
00:16:34That is all for today.
00:16:36See you next time for another tasty episode " adieu.
00:16:42" out of my kitchen.
00:16:46[Music] captioning made possible bydisney--abc cable networks group ♪♪ we're going on a trip ♪♪
00:19:21♪♪ in our favorite rocket ship ♪♪
00:19:22♪♪ zooming through the sky ♪♪ [clap clap] ♪♪ little einsteins ♪♪
00:19:27♪♪ climb aboard ♪♪
00:19:29♪♪ get ready to explore ♪♪
00:19:30♪♪ there's so much to find ♪♪ [clap clap] ♪♪ little einsteins ♪♪
00:19:34♪♪ we're going on a mission ♪♪
00:19:36♪♪ start the countdown ♪♪
00:19:38♪♪ 5, 4 ♪♪
00:19:40♪♪ 3, 2, 1 ♪♪
00:19:42♪♪ everyone to rocket ♪♪
00:19:44♪♪ rev it up now ♪♪
00:19:46All: Vrrrooooom!
00:19:49♪♪ We're going on a trip ♪♪
00:19:50♪♪ in our favorite rocket ship ♪♪
00:19:52♪♪ zooming through the sky ♪♪ [clap clap] ♪♪ little einsteins ♪♪
00:19:57♪♪ climb aboard ♪♪
00:19:58♪♪ get ready to explore ♪♪
00:19:59♪♪ there's so much to find ♪♪ [boom boom] ♪♪ little einsteins ♪♪
00:20:04♪♪ come on ♪♪
00:20:05♪♪ let's go ♪♪
00:20:06♪♪ little einsteins ♪♪
00:20:08♪♪ we need you ♪♪
00:20:09♪♪ little einsteins ♪♪
00:20:12 ♪♪
00:20:14Leo, whispering: We're on in 3, 2, 1.
00:20:20Show and tell.
00:20:24Mayan architecture.
00:20:29[Violin playing] carmen, suite number one, written by georges bizet.
00:20:43 I'm leo, and these are my friends.
00:20:47Hey, there.
00:20:48♪♪ Hi, hi, hi ♪♪
00:20:49rocket is taking us to school.
00:20:51Do you want to see what our school looks like?
00:21:02That's our school right over there.
00:21:07Today at school, we're having show and tell.
00:21:10That's when everyone brings in something special to show the class.
00:21:14Have you ever brought anything in for show and tell?
00:21:20 well, you'll never guess what we brought to show everyone.
00:21:24We brought our favorite things in the whole world.
00:21:28I'm bringing my instruments to show and tell.
00:21:33[Plays opening ofcarmen, suite number one] I love making music.
00:21:37I'm bringing my ballet slippers for show and tell.
00:21:41I wear them all the time because I love to dance.
00:21:45♪♪ Dancey, dancey, dance ♪♪
00:21:48I'm bringing something that makes my voice sound loud when I sing.
00:21:53What do you think it is?
00:21:58My microphone.
00:22:00[Amplified] yes!
00:22:01I'm bringing my microphone to show and tell.
00:22:05♪♪ La la la ♪♪
00:22:07what are you bringing, leo?
00:22:13My baton.
00:22:15My baton helps me conduct music.
00:22:18Kids: Ooh.
00:22:20[Orchestra playing carmen,suite number one] [school bell rings] [xylophone plays] come on, team.
00:22:28Rocket says it's time to go to school.
00:22:32 we have to go inside and get ready for show and tell.
00:22:36It's going to be the best show and tell ever!
00:22:41[Engine revs] wait. listen.