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00:00:17 with " today, from the new series, "the crazy ones," sarah michelle gellar.
00:00:24And a cooking lesson for non-cooks, courtesy of jessica seinfeld.
00:00:28Plus, the co-hosts respond to your questions and comments on " " now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan!
00:00:47[Cheers and applause] ♪♪
00:01:04kelly: thank you.
00:01:05Michael: hello.
00:01:07Kelly: thank you so much.
00:01:09What happened?
00:01:10We didn't beat the applause.
00:01:11We are screwed.
00:01:12Michael: I know.
00:01:13[Laughter] it's tuesday, october 8, 2013.
00:01:17Welcome to the show, everybody.
00:01:18[Applause] I'm chewing gum and was wondering if anybody had a tissue.
00:01:27-- That I could -- michael: hold on.
00:01:30I always got one.
00:01:31You know I cry a lot.
00:01:32So they keep it right there.
00:01:34Kelly: thank you.
00:01:35So sorry.
00:01:36Michael: I'll take that.
00:01:37Give me that thing.
00:01:39Kelly: thanks, mom.
00:01:41[Laughter] people would pay for kelly's saliva.
00:01:48 yes, they could clone me and then there would be two.
00:01:52So, how are you?
00:01:54What was your night like last night?
00:01:56Michael: it was pretty quiet.
00:01:57It was one of those clean out the apartment thing.
00:02:01Kelly: oh.
00:02:01Cleaning out the apartment?
00:02:03 yeah, just getting rid of a lot of stuff that I don't wear and don't need.
00:02:07 when you get rid of stuff, where does it go?
00:02:11Michael: merry christmas, dad!
00:02:13Kelly: I know.
00:02:14 I send it -- I donate some and then some I send to my dad who distributes it amongst family members who can exactly fit it.
00:02:26When your shoe is a 14 and all your stuff -- [laughter] kelly: right.
00:02:31 you know what they say about a man with big shoe, young lady.
00:02:35Kelly: I know.
00:02:37 -- giddy every time he says it too.
00:02:43Michael: gelman says big socks.
00:02:46 gelman wears a woman's size eight.
00:02:53Just kidding, gelman.
00:02:55 so I have to send it to family because I know they can fit it.
00:02:58Kelly: yeah.
00:03:00Michael: so it's cool.
00:03:01I like it.
00:03:02I felt better waking up this morning.
00:03:06Kelly: cleaner.
00:03:07A sheding and you can find your stuff when you go through the closet and you give away the stuff that you haven't worn in say 10 years, and you know that you're not going to -- like i saved a bunch of clothes that i was like one day, I'll wear these leather pants again.
00:03:25[Laughter] and the reality is, no, I won't.
00:03:28So it's like you sort of go through it and then you find all of the great stuff that you haven't been wearing because it's been hidden behind the stuff you don't wear or you won't wear.
00:03:38 but there's always some stuff.
00:03:40Like I'll get around to it and you'll never wear the stuff.
00:03:42How about you?
00:03:43What was your night like?
00:03:45Kelly: the same.
00:03:46It's like literally, I did nothing.
00:03:49I watched the "homeland" that i had missed the night before which is incredible.
00:03:54And I swear I just feel like they don't need to -- they don't even need -- and I know it's only two episodes in, but forget it.
00:04:02Claire danes is going to win the emmy for next year.
00:04:05I just feel like that.
00:04:07She's so good.
00:04:07She's so, so talented.
00:04:10I don't know how an actress gets to be that good.
00:04:13 and she plays a bipolar and she is amazing.
00:04:16Kelly: yeah.
00:04:17She plays a secret operative who is a bipolar and she is incredible because she's -- as you know, stopped taking her meds.
00:04:27And the more she tries to convince people that she doesn't need her medication, the more it seems apparent that she does and she just plays a simmering rage like nobody else I've ever seen.
00:04:40She's incredible.
00:04:41Michael: yes.
00:04:42 it's like thanksgiving dinner at my house.
00:04:44 when I watch the show, it reminds me to come in and remind gelman to take his medication.
00:04:51Gelman: yeah.
00:04:52Very unstable.
00:04:53Michael: it's tuesday, gelman.
00:04:56If you had taken that tissue without a fight, I would have left you alone.
00:05:01You asked for it.
00:05:03 you asked for the tissue.
00:05:06Michael: I have some gum too.
00:05:08Try it again.
00:05:09[Laughter] kelly: listen, listen.
00:05:11I keep -- I can't get enough of these stories of children on airplanes lately.
00:05:17It's all the rage.
00:05:18A british boy was trapped in the united arab of emirates for more than a year because he was too afraid to fly on a plane.
00:05:27His -- he was finally able to leave the capital city of abu dhabi after his parents hired a hypnotist accompanying him on a seven-and a half-hour flight in the united king continue to my husband could have gotten it done in seven minutes.
00:05:49 I'm thinking he got there somehow.
00:05:51He got there on the plane.
00:05:52Get on the plane and go home, kid.
00:05:55But that's amazing.
00:05:56He didn't walk.
00:05:57He didn't drive.
00:05:59He flew.
00:06:00A year?
00:06:01Kelly: a year.
00:06:02A year.
00:06:03 which means that somebody had to stay with him.
00:06:05 I think the wife was like I like it here.
00:06:10You don't want to leave, do you?
00:06:12He's afraid to leave.
00:06:13You're afraid to leave.
00:06:14We're afraid to leave.
00:06:15 either that or the dad's like hey, boy, I get an extra $100 a month.
00:06:21You keep her here.
00:06:22But that is something.
00:06:25Kelly: it's crazy.
00:06:27Michael: that was awful.
00:06:27That was awful.
00:06:31I'm sorry.
00:06:32I apologize, america.
00:06:33Kelly: no, it's funny.
00:06:33 he's afraid to fly for a year.
00:06:35So you hire a hypnotist and she flies the entire time.
00:06:40I thought once you get hypnotized, you're done.
00:06:43You have to like monitor the hip tism?
00:06:46-- Him notism?
00:06:51Kelly: I don't know.
00:06:52All the time he doorbell rings, he clucks like a chicken.
00:06:56[Laughter] I just made that part up.
00:06:59That's probably not true.
00:07:02 I love these dumb criminal news.
00:07:05Kelly: oh, yes.
00:07:06My favorite.
00:07:07I like to think of myself aa dumb criminal.
00:07:09Michael: no, no, no.
00:07:11You're neither.
00:07:14This robber.
00:07:15He broke into a house and he had -- he got in there.
00:07:17He had to use the bathroom while he was robbing the place.
00:07:20Kelly: of course.
00:07:21As one would because listen, if you've ever robbed a place, you all know that you have to go once that adrenaline starts flowing.
00:07:29[Laughter] not only go, yeah, because he had to go and do a number two.
00:07:35Kelly: what?
00:07:36Michael: oh, yeah.
00:07:37Kelly: that is what happens.
00:07:38You're like I can't believe I'm in here.
00:07:40This house is nice.
00:07:43Look at that toilet tissue.
00:07:45It's two-ply.
00:07:47[Laughter] what's so funny, I said rob, and they're like.
00:07:51I said did number two.
00:07:54[Laughter] so, he had to do a number two and he forgot to flush the toilet.
00:07:59[Laughter] so not only was he a criminal, he did number two, he's nasty.
00:08:05 of his feces that he left on the toilet paper and linked it to this 20-year-old guy who obviously needs to learn some hygiene.
00:08:18[Laughter] from the toilet paper.
00:08:22 well, it was mixed in with all the other stuff.
00:08:25So that was the easiest thing to take it from.
00:08:28Kelly: unbelievable.
00:08:30 it depends on with a he stole.
00:08:32If he stole a lot of valuable stuff, I would be like oh, we got to get him.
00:08:35If it was like 20 burks I would be like I'm not touching that.
00:08:44 it's so disgusting i don't even know what to make of it.
00:08:49 don't make anything of it.
00:08:51He already made.
00:08:51[Laughter] I wonder if it's a nice house.
00:09:04 I think he was enticed by something.
00:09:06 I think it was adrenaline and adrenaline does crazy things you ever ride a roller coaster if then what happens?
00:09:12I know that we are still in our one-year anniversary celebration.
00:09:17 the diamond anniversary.
00:09:18 everybody knows that once you've been together for a year, a diamond comes.
00:09:21And I cannot believe you did this.
00:09:24I didn't believe it until gelman pointed it out, but of course, you were bidding by phone in hong kong yesterday and you 6 million 118 carat diamond.
00:09:39[Applause] I can't believe you did that.
00:09:47I cannot believe you did that.
00:09:48And I've always wanted a diamond that was also a monocle.
00:09:52[Laughter] the thing is, it's going to take like -- it's in shipping now.
00:10:00I've already paid for it.
00:10:01It's going to take like 100 years to get here.
00:10:05[Laughter] hopefully, it'll be here in time.
00:10:07 do you have to pay shipping and taxes on that?
00:10:10 shipping, handling and taxes.
00:10:13And then you got to sign for it when it gets here.
00:10:16But that is $30.6 million.
00:10:19How big is that?
00:10:21Kelly: 118 carats.
00:10:23At sotheby's.
00:10:25Michael: man.
00:10:27I guess you just keep that and let the value go up?
00:10:31Because you can't wear it.
00:10:32Kelly: I would find a way.
00:10:34Michael: there's no way.
00:10:35[Laughter] put it in one ear and be like this.
00:10:40Kelly: your eye patch.
00:10:42Michael: 118 carats.
00:10:45$30 Million.
00:10:46Oh, well.
00:10:47 the previous record for a 7 million set by one of our audience members.
00:10:54I'm just kidding.
00:10:55Michael: I was going to go who?
00:10:57[Laughter] will the audience member who bid on that please stand up?
00:11:03 and how many of you have cats?
00:11:05[Applause] cat lovers?
00:11:07Cat lovers out there?
00:11:09You're really enthusiastic about your cats, man.
00:11:12Bad news for you.
00:11:14Bad, bad, bad news.
00:11:16Oh, you don't -- a new study that they did.
00:11:19And this is scientific.
00:11:22That cats can't stand being petted.
00:11:25And just want you to stop touching them.
00:11:28[Laughter] and who has more than one cat?
00:11:33[Applause] kelly: of course you do.
00:11:34 well, cats prefer to live in homes without other cats.
00:11:38[Laughter] so, if you have more than one cat and you're petting a cat, whichever way you took that, um, you're wrong.
00:11:50[Laughter] that's the study.
00:11:52Yeah, there we go.
00:11:54[Laughter] [applause] kelly: ok.
00:11:56But why -- [applause] cat ladies, where did you go?
00:12:03I don't mean to call you cat ladies.
00:12:05Michael: one there in the aisle.
00:12:07Kelly: they're all women.
00:12:09So why is it now, explain to mr.
00:12:12Strahan, even if you don't touch the cat and you're walking, doesn't the cat sneak in between your legs and pet itself on you?
00:12:20The cat is like snaking around.
00:12:22It's like I'm going to pet you even if you don't pet the cat, the cat will pet you.
00:12:27 but the cat likes -- when you touch the cat and you think it's cute -- that means don't touch me.
00:12:34[Laughter] that means don't touch me.
00:12:37But I think the cat wants attention when it wants attention we like to say oh, come here, but that's not what the cat wants.
00:12:45I think you should get a dog if that's what you want.
00:12:49[Applause] yeah.
00:12:50You don't like dogs?
00:12:52Too much work?
00:12:53Oh, you just want to put out a liter box and don't ever want to go -- litter box and don't ever want to go outside.
00:13:02>> Have my husband clean it.
00:13:04Michael: is he here today?
00:13:05 no, he's at home cleaning the litter box.
00:13:11That's incredible.
00:13:13I'm curious how that marriage works.
00:13:16Michael: I've had cats too.
00:13:18 my aunt shirley used to have a siamese cat and it would attack us as soon as we walked in the door.
00:13:26It hated us like here come the girls.
00:13:30 did you do anything to it at any point?
00:13:32Kelly: no.
00:13:33We just would go there, you know, for holtz and the cat would always attack you and -- holidays and the cat would always attack you.
00:13:42 if you brought them a gift, it would soften up.
00:13:48 no, it would attack you but gorgeous.
00:13:51Michael: I inherited two cats.
00:13:53Their names were bonnie and clyde.
00:13:56Kelly: aww.
00:13:57 they used to fight all the time.
00:13:58I should have separated them.
00:14:01They didn't want to be together.
00:14:03Bonnie and clyde.
00:14:04I love the name.
00:14:05 where did you inherit them from?
00:14:07They were bequeathed to you by?
00:14:09>> Yeah, they were bequeathed to me.
00:14:13I don't remember.
00:14:13It was back in 1993.
00:14:16I have been hit in the head a lot since sen.
00:14:20Ssh since then.
00:14:22I don't know where I got bonnie and clyde from.
00:14:25If you don't get to those litter boxes in time, whoo, it will mess up a house.
00:14:30 yeah, you can't even go out to dinner.
00:14:33Michael: yeah.
00:14:34You got to take care of it.
00:14:36Kelly: disgusting.
00:14:38 you're not going retire any time soon, I know.
00:14:41Kelly: I might.
00:14:43What have you heard?
00:14:44[Laughter] we just won the lottery?
00:14:47Kelly: whoo!
00:14:48 but the top five cities to retire for $30,000 a year.
00:14:54Kelly: paris?
00:14:55Michael: no.
00:14:55Kelly: ok.
00:14:55Wah, wah.
00:14:57 if you have the income like $30,000 a year and you retire, top five cities are grand rapids, michigan.
00:15:05Kelly: ok.
00:15:06Very nice.
00:15:07 greenville, south carolina.
00:15:09It's really nice.
00:15:10You don't have to give up the city to live cheaply.
00:15:14Bangor, maine.
00:15:15Kelly: ok.
00:15:16 outdoorsy, hiking trails.
00:15:20Kelly: colder.
00:15:21Michael: yep.
00:15:23Pocatello, idaho.
00:15:25Kelly: that sounds colder, too.
00:15:27 you hear gelman like gorgeous.
00:15:31Hiking, gorgeous sports and whitewater rafting.
00:15:34That's written all over that face of yours.
00:15:37Kelly: that's gelman town.
00:15:38Michael: and number one.
00:15:40This is great.
00:15:40It's warm.
00:15:40It's great.
00:15:41It's daytona, deltona or ormon beach, florida.
00:15:48 ok, I like the word beach.
00:15:50 this dude is running on the beach.
00:15:52He's retired.
00:15:53Look at that guy.
00:15:54That's a retired man running on the beach.
00:15:56Who wouldn't want to do that?
00:15:59Kelly: that's where I'll be.
00:16:00 in a year, you're not going there.
00:16:03[Applause] kelly: one year, if you need me.
00:16:07Michael: you can't retire.
00:16:08 I think I hurt my hand that I'm not sure doing what.
00:16:12Michael: really?
00:16:12 maybe putting myself in a chair.
00:16:15 so I pull out the chair.
00:16:17Next time, I'm going to lift you up and put you in it.
00:16:20 yes, that's what I've been trying to tell you.
00:16:23That's strange.
00:16:25Bad news, everybody, bad news.
00:16:27"Dancing with the stars" has voted off valerie harper.
00:16:30Well, not "dancing with the stars," america has voted off valerie harper.
00:16:36I had high hopes for her.
00:16:38She, of course, is battling terminal brain cancer.
00:16:43She's 74 years old.
00:16:45She's a really graceful and lovely dancer.
00:16:48I thought she would go far.
00:16:50But that's it.
00:16:52She was voted off.
00:16:54 that is a very tough show.
00:16:57All the football players that I've done it -- that have done it and I've talked to them, they all say it is the hardest thing we've ever don't.
00:17:06It's much harder than playing football.
00:17:09Much harder.
00:17:09And that's why -- I don't want to do anything like that.
00:17:13[Laughter] I don't work that hard anymore.
00:17:14 when I watch you -- when I watch "dancing with the stars" as I'm watching it, the entire time, I'm like strahan could win hands down.
00:17:22Every season.
00:17:23[Applause] last season, I'm like strahan could win.
00:17:27This season, strahan could win.
00:17:29You could win.
00:17:32[Laughter] and now that they've put robotting into one of the ballroom dancing categories -- [laughter] there's no stopping -- they have all sorts of categories now.
00:17:45They have categories that I've never heard of on a ballroom dance floor before.
00:17:50Michael: like what?
00:17:52Like moonwalking and robotting?
00:17:54 like hip-hop and freestyle and contemporary, which I believe is like "dance moms" dancing.
00:18:03I'm like what is that?
00:18:04Where is the fox trot?
00:18:06What about the ma rangea?
00:18:08-- Ma ringa?
00:18:11 they wanted to bring in like after so many years of it, they wanted to gate younger audience, show a little bit of the young and the older stuff.
00:18:19So I understand that, but you know, if you do it, it's not like you could do hip-hop every week and pretty soon, I have to do the fox trot.
00:18:27Kelly: what's going on up here?
00:18:29 oh, everybody's picking up their beach balls.
00:18:32Kelly: look at this lady.
00:18:34 they're arming themselves.
00:18:37They're loading up.
00:18:39 what happens if we skip the game today?
00:18:41Kelly: no, I am not in the mood.
00:18:43I will come up there.
00:18:45[Laughter] I personally, I dare you.
00:18:48[Laughter] I double dog dare you michael: we could see you all.
00:18:55All right, everybody.
00:18:56Cover your coffee mugs because it's time to get this party started for "wild wake up travel trivia"!
00:19:02[Cheers and applause] ♪♪
00:19:29 lady, you messed up my coif.
00:19:33[Laughter] I feel like I was in a washing machine.
00:19:36Before I could even get the name of the game out of my head, pow!
00:19:39And then you cover your mouth like this now.
00:19:42[Laughter] if you throw something at somebody, you might hit them.
00:19:48[Laughter] [applause] back at ya!
00:19:54Kelly: combative, combative.
00:19:56Hell, no, they won't go, tuesday audience.
00:19:58Michael: yes.
00:20:00 hey, john paul from new york is our trivia dancer.
00:20:04[Applause] michael: johnny!
00:20:08Good job, man.
00:20:10Looking spiffy.
00:20:11All right.
00:20:11Let's wake somebody up.
00:20:12Let's see if we can get them on the phone.
00:20:17Here goes the tense look of gelman.
00:20:19pick up the phone if you're at home so we can talk, so we can send you on a trip so you can walk come on pick up the phone ♪♪♪♪
00:20:31[phone rings] ♪♪
00:20:32that is the ringtone you hear so much ♪♪♪♪
00:20:36come on.
00:20:37Two rings.
00:20:38Citizenship hello?
00:20:41[Applause] is this carrie >> yes.
00:20:46 this is michael strahan and kelly ripa.
00:20:49We're so happy you picked up.
00:20:51>> So am i!
00:20:57[Applause] you're on the air right now.
00:21:01Caller: ok.
00:21:02Michael: you're from michigan?
00:21:04Caller: yep.
00:21:05 how's the weather out there right now caller: not too bad.
00:21:08It's been warmer than usual this time of the year.
00:21:10So, happy about that.
00:21:12 that's what they're showing across the map.
00:21:14It's like unseasonably warm for all across the country.
00:21:17Caller: yes, I love it.
00:21:19 we're so happy you picked up because we've been having a dry spell as far as people picking up their phone.
00:21:27So we're like giddy school girls right now.
00:21:31Caller: so am i.
00:21:32My heart is beating a mile a minute.
00:21:35 so, we're going to spin this wheel to see what you're playing for and hopefully, you can win a great prize.
00:21:41[Applause] ♪♪
00:21:49 this sounds like a great prize.
00:21:52The red mountain resort in southern utah.
00:21:54Seven days, six nights in deluxe accommodations.
00:22:00Caller: that would be awesome.
00:22:02 I don't know what that means but it sounds deluxe.
00:22:05It includes three meals a day.
00:22:10Two massages per person.
00:22:12Michael: wow.
00:22:15 round trip airfare courtesy of orbitz.
00:22:18You have 20 seconds and only one guess.
00:22:22Kerry, good luck.
00:22:23Caller: thank you.
00:22:24 on yesterday's show, we talked with tom hanks.
00:22:27How many grandchildren did tom say he has?
00:22:33 um -- michael: 10 seconds.
00:22:44Kelly: pick a number.
00:22:45Michael: five.
00:22:48Caller: seven.
00:22:49Michael: seven.
00:22:50He only has two.
00:22:53Kelly: two.
00:22:54Michael: sorry.
00:22:55Caller: that's ok.
00:22:56 we're still very glad you to answered your phone.
00:22:59Kelly: sorry, kerry.
00:23:01Listen, this is a great prize.
00:23:02You and a lucky member of our studio audience will each receive a $500 gift certificate from bed bath & beyond.
00:23:11[Applause] so please pick a number between one and 149.
00:23:20Caller: 122.
00:23:21[Applause] michael: there we go, up top.
00:23:29Well, kerry, we're so glad you played with us.
00:23:32Thank you.
00:23:32Congratulations, ma'am on top.
00:23:33Stay right there.
00:23:34When we come back, sarah michelle gellar will be here with us.
00:23:39 still ahead on "live," we'll learn to cook with jessica seinfeld.
00:23:43We'll open up "kelly & michael"'s "inbox" to hear your questions and comments.
00:23:47And coming up next, sarah michelle gellar.
00:26:01[Applause] kelly: hey.
00:26:09Tomorrow's show from the series, "nashville," I hope she brings her snakes with her, hayden panettiere is here.
00:26:15[Applause] I'm going to get her back for throwing those snakes at me last time.
00:26:24That wasn't funny.
00:26:25I could have had a heart attack.
00:26:27 I loved when you fell down on the floor even after you realized they were plastic.
00:26:31You were still sort of affected by it.
00:26:35Michael: I don't like snakes.
00:26:36[Applause] and from the series, "the white queen," max irons will be here with us.
00:26:43Kelly: oh.
00:26:45[Applause] she's one of tv's most talented and sweetest stars, please welcome back to the show, our friend, sarah michelle gellar.
00:26:53[Applause] ♪♪
00:27:10michael: how are you doing?
00:27:13>> I'm good.
00:27:13Michael: have a seat.
00:27:15>> This is the first time I've seen the new stage in person.
00:27:19It's so fancy.
00:27:19 it's like any new costar himself, it's so fancy and big and sprawled out.
00:27:26>> And bigger.
00:27:27 they had to blow out the studio so I could fit.
00:27:31>> I believe it.
00:27:32[Applause] we just got done with september.
00:27:35September is a crazy month for you not only are you busy launching your new show, congratulations.
00:27:40>> Thank you.
00:27:41Kelly: that's incredible.
00:27:42[Applause] but more importantly, it is the birthdays of those two gorgeous babies of yours.
00:27:47>> Yes.
00:27:48We had two birthdays.
00:27:51My kids are born less than 24 hours apart.
00:27:55Launched a show, and we moved.
00:27:56Which I thought -- what else could we do?
00:27:59Let's move houses.
00:28:00That's a great time to do it.
00:28:02We could totally do it.
00:28:03And then my husband wind up working in canada that work.
00:28:07Kelly: oh, how easy for him.
00:28:10>> And my nanny was maid of honor in a wedding that week that was 10 days.
00:28:15 yes, of course it's a 10-day wedding.
00:28:18>> It's a 10-day wedding, 3,000 miles away.
00:28:21Kelly: yes.
00:28:22 how did you handle all that?
00:28:24>> This is what I realize.
00:28:26You have to do multi-tasking and I thought I was going good at multi-tasking before, but now, i would do anything to multi-task.
00:28:33Here's a story you never want to hear but kelly will appreciate and all you mothers will appreciate.
00:28:40You have spare time.
00:28:40You do whatever you can whenever you can.
00:28:42So I had to work on a sunday and I was at this meeting and I was at a hotel and this meeting was going long and I was like go.
00:28:48And I'm thinking about everything I need to do and i said excuse me, would you mind if I run to the ladies' room in a minute and there was a spa down the hall.
00:28:59So I ran down there and I was like hey, who could give me a bikini wax in five minutes?
00:29:05I ran down there.
00:29:07You didn't want to hear this.
00:29:09You guys appreciate it.
00:29:10Michael: I appreciate it.
00:29:12Trust me.
00:29:13But I would imagine a bikini wax is not something you want to rush.
00:29:18>> I mean, it's just a quick clean up.
00:29:21It's just maintenance.
00:29:22 and one of the toughest things to do, the moving.
00:29:25You realize how much stuff you accumulate.
00:29:27Are you a good packer?
00:29:29Are you a hoarder?
00:29:30>> I'm a hoarder.
00:29:31I thought it would be a great time to get rid of everything.
00:29:35Freddie -- because we were sort of shifts passing at the night with work.
00:29:39He was like I did all my stuff.
00:29:42And then we get there and all his stuff is not in boxes.
00:29:45He thought if I left it there, people would throw it out.
00:29:48I was like people?
00:29:49You mean me?
00:29:50[Laughter] the hardest part was explaining to my 4-year-old that the toys were going to the new house.
00:29:56She was horrified like she's watching allhese people put all her stuff.
00:30:02He was horrified.
00:30:03Why are they taking my toys?
00:30:08Kelly: she had quiet hand.
00:30:09>> Yes.
00:30:10Kelly: gosh, I miss those days.
00:30:12I just want you to freeze your children.
00:30:14Don't let them get too big.
00:30:16>> I thought you meant just freeze them.
00:30:18Kelly: no.
00:30:19Freeze them in time so that they don't -- >> just keep having more.
00:30:23Kelly: yes.
00:30:24Or that.
00:30:25>> You've got like a bus load.
00:30:27Michael: yes.
00:30:28Kelly: oh, my god.
00:30:30Michael: I do.
00:30:31I literally have a basketball team and four reserves.
00:30:33I really do.
00:30:34>> Yeah, see?
00:30:35 I want to talk about " we had robin williams here.
00:30:41He is so incredible.
00:30:42[Applause] michael: enthusiastic, funny.
00:30:46>> He is one of the kindest gentleman.
00:30:51Forget actors that I've ever met and sometimes you sit pack and you think he's an academy award-winning juilliard training actor and one of the top 10 standups of all time.
00:31:01That's insane.
00:31:02And he will call me every morning.
00:31:04Did the kids eat breakfast?
00:31:07Is everyone good?
00:31:07How are you feeling this morning?
00:31:09He called me this morning to make sure everything is going well.
00:31:13 in the show, you play his daughter and his partner in an advertising firm.
00:31:17How is the set?
00:31:18Is it a fun set?
00:31:20>> It's so funny.
00:31:21I don't know if robin's made me a better parent or parenting has made me a better actor to work with robin because my character is the one that has to keep a straight face.
00:31:32But it's really hard when it's robin which is similar that you know when your kids want to do something that's bad and you know you're not supposed to laugh?
00:31:42Kelly: it's the best.
00:31:43>> So that's what acting with robin is like.
00:31:46I try to keep a straight face and pretend it's like my child.
00:31:49It all comes together.
00:31:51 let's take a look at a " >> what is the milestone commercial?
00:31:57>> Ding, ding, ding.
00:31:59Did the whole thing in two weeks.
00:32:00Now it's ready to show the world and I'll finally be president of the birth of something I'm proud of.
00:32:06Except you.
00:32:06You're cool.
00:32:07>> Are you guys always this secretive about commercials?
00:32:10>> Usually the art director and the copy director.
00:32:13>> It's not based on your memory.
00:32:16>> No.
00:32:16We have good ideas.
00:32:19Andrew took his teacher to prom.
00:32:21>> We slow danced from the theme " >> I am dying to see this commercial.
00:32:27>> It's a re-enactment of me teaching her to drive.
00:32:31It's crazy.
00:32:31She had her braces on.
00:32:34>> Tell her.
00:32:35>> You.
00:32:36>> You.
00:32:36>> You sure?
00:32:37Bless you.
00:32:39It was classic moye sprung it on her -- moi sprung on her.
00:32:44>> I was not prepared.
00:32:46>> Don't spoil it.
00:32:47Come the focus group and' see the birth of my favorite child.
00:32:52It's just an expression.
00:32:53You're the best.
00:32:54[Applause] we're going to take a break but will you play a game with us when we come back?
00:33:01>> As long as it's not twister, I'm in.
00:33:03Kelly: it's not twister.
00:33:05Michael: stay right there.
00:33:07There's more with sarah michelle gellar when we come back, everybody.
00:33:10 still ahead on "live," we'll cook with jessica seinfeld.
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00:35:55 it's time to play the " you're a star.
00:36:01>> I have my own game!
00:36:02I've made it, mom!
00:36:03Kelly: yeah.
00:36:04[Applause] since you're the star with three names, we're going to give you a quiz about other stars with three names.
00:36:13Let's see if you can get it right.
00:36:16>> Do I get audience help?
00:36:17Michael: no.
00:36:18Be quiet, audience.
00:36:20And kelly and I are going to give you clues.
00:36:22For each one you get correct, you get a point.
00:36:25>> What's my prize at the end?
00:36:27 hand sanitizer and breath mints.
00:36:31 kelly is going to go first.
00:36:34>> I'm so mad at this.
00:36:36" he just got family.
00:36:40>> Jesse tyler ferguson.
00:36:43[Bell] he taught me are the good coffee on the lot was.
00:36:47Michael: let's get physical.
00:36:49>> Olivia newton-john.
00:36:56Kelly: you.
00:36:59[Laughter] what is your name?
00:37:03>> Sarah michelle princess.
00:37:08-- Prinz.
00:37:10 hosted the hem emanuel stewardies.
00:37:14>> Neil patrick harris.
00:37:22 sabrina the teenage witch.
00:37:25>> Melissa joan hart.
00:37:27" >> the one I always get confused for, sarah jessica parker.
00:37:36 "dancing with the stars" judge.
00:37:39Carrie ann inaba.
00:37:40[Applause] kelly: that was good.
00:37:44Michael: you were good.
00:37:46>> I get my hand sanitizer?
00:37:48Kelly: present trophy girl.
00:37:50Present her with her trophy.
00:37:52>> Man.
00:37:54Very fancy.
00:37:56 you get a golden coffee cup, yeah.
00:37:59[Applause] >> I'd like to thank everyone who helped me get this.
00:38:04I'm getting the cup.
00:38:05 our legal team has asked us to remind you that you are not to drink any hot liquids out of that golden cup.
00:38:13"The crazy ones" airs thursdays at 9:00 p.m. on cbs.
00:38:17Sarah michelle gellar, everybody!
00:38:18[Applause] when we come back, we're cooking with jessica seinfeld.
00:38:23So, st big.
00:39:25Too small.
00:39:27Too soft.
00:39:30Too tasty.
00:39:31[ Both laugh ] [ Male Announcer ]INTRODUCING PROGRESSO'S New creamy alfredo soup.
00:39:36Inspired by perfection.
00:39:40[ Female Announcer ]AT 100 CALORIES, Not all food choices add up.
00:39:43Some are giant.
00:39:45Some not so giant.
00:39:47When managing your weight, bigger is always better.
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00:39:51♪♪ green giant ♪♪
00:41:07 if you hate to cook or too busy to cook or too terrified to cook, she's the recipes with her "the can't cook " please welcome our friend, jessica seinfeld.
00:41:22[Applause] this is the most important book written since the bible.
00:41:38Is that overselling it?
00:41:39>> No, not at all.
00:41:41 so as a -- what is a can't cook book?
00:41:45>> Well what, is a can't cook?
00:41:47It's someone who's had a bad experience, has never done it before, no knowledge of cooking whatsoever, is afraid to walk in a kitchen and turn something on.
00:41:57I have so many friends that have newspapers in their ovens.
00:42:01Kelly: yeah.
00:42:02>> Or just they had a bad experience or they just also aren't really that interested, which is perfectly ok.
00:42:10But it's a good thing, I think, cooking, to be in control of.
00:42:14Because once you get the hang of it.
00:42:16 I have to say that this book -- I told you about it, has changed my life.
00:42:21I got an advanced copy and I've been cooking ever since and it is simple for people like me who have no knowledge of kitchen -- it is very hard for me to understand kitchen concepts.
00:42:31>> Yeah.
00:42:32And also, who has time?
00:42:34You work full time.
00:42:35You have three kids.
00:42:36Three incredible kids.
00:42:38Kelly: as do you.
00:42:40>> And who has time to take this on?
00:42:43And so I just wanted to break it down.
00:42:47 what are we breaking down today?
00:42:49>> You're going to make some crispy shrimp which is really, really simple and easy.
00:42:54You can go to the store and you can have your fish person take out the veins, which is a naturally part of -- gnarly part of it.
00:43:06 you take out your own veins.
00:43:08>> Yes.
00:43:10Michael: how do we get started?
00:43:12>> You're going to throw your shrimp in the bowl.
00:43:15And then you're going to add in your bread crumbs.
00:43:18 those are panko bread crumbs.
00:43:22>> Yes.
00:43:22You can use whole wheat crumbs.
00:43:24Kelly: I learned it.
00:43:26>> Oregano, paprika, kosher salt, olive oil.
00:43:34That was sexy.
00:43:35 that's how you got to do it, baby, in my kim.
00:43:38My kitchen, we keep it sexy.
00:43:40 and how many turns on the pepper mill?
00:43:43>> I would do 12.
00:43:45 she tells you how many turns on the pepper mill.
00:43:48I never know how many that is.
00:43:52Michael: that's a good 12.
00:43:54>> Spread it out on the pan when it's nicely coated.
00:43:59 you don't have to coat it?
00:44:00>> No.
00:44:01Michael: do I pour it?
00:44:02>> Well, you can touch it.
00:44:03I would pick them up by their tails.
00:44:07I keep their tails on because it looks prettier.
00:44:11I have a napkin for you afterwards.
00:44:13Michael: thank you.
00:44:13>> You're welcome.
00:44:14You're so good.
00:44:16How easy is that?
00:44:18Kelly: it's easy.
00:44:18>> There's no knives involved.
00:44:21Kelly: no.
00:44:21>> There's nothing scary involved.
00:44:24Kelly: then, ok.
00:44:25We have to take a commercial break now?
00:44:27Oh, that was too fast.
00:44:29[Applause] I'm laying out the shrimp.
00:44:37 enter "live"'s "wild wake up travel trivia" online edition.
00:44:41You can win a kitchen appliance package from cuisinart.
00:44:45So, go to our website and enter today.
00:48:23 we're back with jessica seinfeld, author of the "the " yes, you can.
00:48:29Oh, yes, you can.
00:48:30 so we put this shrimp in the oven for 400 degrees for how long?
00:48:35>> For about 15, 20 minutes just depending on your oven.
00:48:40Cut through and make sure it's opaque.
00:48:42Kelly: what does opaque mean?
00:48:44Just kidding.
00:48:45Just kidding.
00:48:47You don't want to be able to see through it.
00:48:51>> Yes.
00:48:51We're going to add our oil to our hot pan.
00:48:55We're going to brown our almonds which you just have to watch because it goes very quickly.
00:49:00And here's a finish for tv's sake, a finished product.
00:49:04Kelly: ooh.
00:49:05>> This is a nice brown but of course, you can do whatever you want.
00:49:09It just smells like cyanide.
00:49:11>> It does.
00:49:13It's got like a certain smell.
00:49:15>> Watch out, watch out.
00:49:17Michael: let me do that.
00:49:19I'm cooking for you two.
00:49:21Step back.
00:49:22Kelly: isn't that nice?
00:49:23Isn't he nice?
00:49:25>> It's so nice to have him around.
00:49:28We're really happy.
00:49:33Add some salt and pepper, kelly.
00:49:36You can pinch it or you can measure it.
00:49:38A quarter teaspoon.
00:49:40 a lot of beans in this thing.
00:49:43I have a question.
00:49:44>> A little protein.
00:49:46Michael: I'm here helping this.
00:49:48Does jerry ever help you in the kitchen?
00:49:51Not so much.
00:49:53>> Oh, yes, I can.
00:50:02[Cheers and applause] I can.
00:50:03Michael: hey, what's up, man?
00:50:05Good to see you.
00:50:07I'm good but I need some help.
00:50:10 this is like being at home.
00:50:12Michael: it's all yours.
00:50:13>> As you can see -- [laughter] kelly: tell us.
00:50:16How many turns on the pepper mill?
00:50:18>> 12.
00:50:18[Laughter] your wife is saying where is this when we are at home?
00:50:27You should help her at home.
00:50:29>> I can't do it better than her.
00:50:31Michael: so why do it at all?
00:50:32I agree with you.
00:50:33So when you do this, how do you tell when that's done?
00:50:36>> Oh, him?
00:50:38Michael: you.
00:50:39>> When it's hot.
00:50:41[Laughter] >> you just want to warm the beans through because you've already cooked them.
00:50:51I like them nice and bright green.
00:50:53You don't want to overdo it.
00:50:55Turn this thing off.
00:50:56Kelly: that's it.
00:50:58>> You're done.
00:50:59Kelly: should we eat?
00:51:00Should we feed mr. s first?
00:51:07>> Yeah.
00:51:08[Applause] s gets to come and eat before we do.
00:51:13>> Well, he came from right across the street.
00:51:17We live so close.
00:51:18>> Thank you.
00:51:19I started this mr. s, mr. c, mr.
00:51:23C because I don't like kids calling adults by their first name.
00:51:29What do you think about that, michael?
00:51:31 I still say yam and jess.
00:51:34-- Yes, ma'am or yes, sir.
00:51:36>> You're not in the club yet.
00:51:38>> The grown-up club?
00:51:39>> Yeah.
00:51:40Kelly: mmm.
00:51:42This is delicious.
00:51:42>> We had this last night.
00:51:44>> We had this last night for dinner.
00:51:47Michael: oh, boy.
00:51:48I could make this.
00:51:50[Applause] kelly: listen, I'm not kidding.
00:51:52Go out and get "the can't cook book".
00:51:55It is available today.
00:51:58It will change your life.
00:51:59It has changed my life.
00:52:03We're going to open up the " if you would like to try jessica's recipe, go to our website,
00:54:17 we are on twitter and we live tweet every day on the show.
00:54:22If you want to tweet us, it may appear magically on our tv screen.
00:54:27You can follow us @kelly and michael, @kelly ripa or @michael strahan.
00:54:40This one is a -- strahanning.
00:54:46That is called strahanning.
00:54:48 that's strahanning, baby.
00:54:50[Applause] yeah, that's what I'm talking about.
00:54:53Kelly: very important.
00:54:55Michael: I applaud you, sir.
00:54:56I applaud you.
00:54:57Kelly: yes.
00:54:59[Applause] everybody stay right there.
00:55:01We'll be right back.
00:55:03 tomorrow on "live" from "the white queen," max runners irons.
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00:58:25[Applause] on tomorrow's show, your good friend, hayden panettiere is here.
00:58:29I hope she brings her snakes.
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