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00:00:01On the top floor of maricopa county's 4th avenue jail are the housing units.
00:00:08>> These are the worst in maricopa county.
00:00:12Get them out of gp and stuff downstairs.
00:00:17Those are the shock collars out there.
00:00:20Get them out there, stuff calms down for a while.
00:00:23>> They've committed acts in jail or been identified as gang members.
00:00:27Some are awaiting trial while others have been convicted and are appealing their verdicts or sentences.
00:00:34They are isolated in very stark cells, 23 hours a day and get one hour of rec time in an empty concrete room with a skylight located right next door to their cells.
00:00:48>> The rec pen is the same size of the cell, so you're basically going from one cell to another.
00:00:55It's solitary confinement.
00:00:57No mates, no card games, no chess, but that's life.
00:01:04>> Without the distraction of television, radio or cell mates, even the most hardened can break.
00:01:13>> We check on the inmates to make sure the inmates are safe.
00:01:16They're a greater risk to themselves than anything else.
00:01:20They're isolated.
00:01:22So thoughts get into their heads at times, that they receive bad conversation from home or something like that.
00:01:31It can be despaired.
00:01:38>> [ Bleep ].
00:01:39I didn't do nothing, man.
00:01:44[ Bleep ] making me want to kill myself.
00:01:48[ Bleep ].
00:01:51They don't understand.
00:01:52I'm [ bleep ] losing my mind.
00:01:55>> 25-Year-old manuel martinez, a self-proclaimed gang member being held on forgery charges has reached the end of his rope.
00:02:07>> During one of our routine security walks, he was attempting to hang himself.
00:02:09So the next step in the process, move to psych, stay there for evaluation and probably end upcoming back.
00:02:19>> Sometimes it can be a setup.
00:02:21They want you to come in and they're ready to take an officer out.
00:02:24>> Come here.
00:02:30Step out.
00:02:32To your left.
00:02:33Left foot up, right foot up, either one.
00:02:38He was down here on all fours with a noose around his neck saying, you know, he was crying, crying, crying for his girlfriend is what it was.
00:02:48And as soon as we started to open the door and came in, he got up and flushed the noose in there.
00:02:56>> I need somebody to talk to.
00:03:02>> He seemed fine throughout the day.
00:03:05No inclination whatsoever that he had problems.
00:03:07It was just like that, he was down.
00:03:11>> It wasn't so much hanging as strangelation.
00:03:14It's hard for them to hang because there's nowhere to swing from.
00:03:22More or less they strangle themselves.
00:03:25>> He will be held pending an evaluation from the jail's psychiatric staff.
00:03:32>> All the way up.
00:03:33Face the far door.
00:03:40I can't breathe.
00:03:42I can't breathe.
00:03:42>> Just relax, all right?
00:03:48We've got you.
00:03:49>> Just relax, martinez.
00:03:56>> Staff suspect martinez's breakdown is due in part to problems with his fiance.
00:04:02>> He was just saying her name over and over again.
00:04:04If you look on the cell again, he's written her name all over the place.
00:04:08It's written on the sides there, michelle, michelle, michelle.
00:04:11So that's common.
00:04:13You see that a lot when they miss their girls, their wives back home.
00:04:17>> But in martinez's case, these expressions of love take on a considerably more desperate tone.
00:04:26>> Get him down here now, there's a less chance he'd hurt himself, slamming his head on the walls which he was doing upstairs.
00:04:33He'll settle down but we'll leave him be.
00:04:36Check on him and see if he's all right.
00:04:40>> Martinez, put your hand inside.
00:04:46Same with this one.
00:04:49I need you to mand me your boxer short there's.
00:04:59>> Except for padded walls, the safe cell is even more austere than his high security cell.
00:05:07>> We take everything away from them.
00:05:10Anything they can hurt themselves, we take it away.
00:05:13We leave them with a suicide blanket.
00:05:15It'd be a lot more difficult to use that than any other normal things they would have.
00:05:28>> While the safe cell is meant to protect martinez from himself, four of the most dangerous women of maricopa have been isolated in the special pod of high security cells known as atom 100 to protect staff and other inmates from them.
00:05:44>> There's currently only four inmates housed in this pod which normally houses the 32 inmates.
00:05:51>> Prior to entering the pod, maricopa county detention officers made sure we were aware of security protocols, including the evacuation plan.
00:06:02>> While we're in there, there will be two officers present and myself also.
00:06:05I will be there with my taser drawn, and basically we're going to keep the door to our back so if there's any problems the cameraman will have to fall back.
00:06:14The two staff and myself will basically form an arc to protect the camera crew and we'll do a tactical retreat out of the pod and security the door.
00:06:24>> These women do not get this classification because they went to bible study.
00:06:29These are women that have caused some serious crimes.
00:06:34I sometimes think people don't take female offenders as serious as they do the males.
00:06:40But these women tend to run things.
00:06:43And they can manipulate everybody.
00:06:50>> Angela simpson is one of the four women assigned to atom 100.
00:06:56>> Simpson, I think, is very scary individual.
00:07:00She's probably the only one in there that I take every precaution in the world to make sure my staff and myself are safe.
00:07:09>> I heard they said I was possessed by the devil.
00:07:15That's hilarious.
00:07:17Isn't that beautiful?
00:07:22I told my kids when they were babies they saw a guy [ bleep ] behind a circle k.
00:07:27I told them that's how cops grow.
00:07:29So, yeah.
00:07:30I didn't know they would next week go [ bleep ] in the alley and try to grow a cop.
00:07:36That was not my intention.
00:07:38>> She has a true gang mentality.
00:07:45Snitches get stitches and ditches.
00:07:46The hair on the back of your neck standing up.
00:07:48>> I've asked god a lot to spontaneously come bust officers.
00:07:55>> Where does that come from, your hatred of cops?
00:07:58>> That's not something I'll discuss.
00:08:00>> But simpson regularly illustrates her hatred of law enforcement officers through her drawings.
00:08:06>> Here's one for my brother.
00:08:07I've got to send that to him.
00:08:10It's from the pigs in a blanket series.
00:08:12Don't you love the pigs in a blanket.
00:08:14It's just so cute, isn't it?
00:08:16>> Angela, you must see that it makes things contentious with the officer.
00:08:20>> Of course not.
00:08:21>> It's not exactly conducive to a good rap pour between you and the officers.
00:08:28>> I think it is.
00:08:29We know what we are, we know what they are, there's no problem.
00:08:32>> You don't think that that's slightly insulting to them or slightly threatening?
00:08:36>> No.
00:08:37Can I show you one that is?
00:08:40Maybe it could be threatening, but I didn't mean it that way.
00:08:43This was my first officer down picture.
00:08:49That could be rude, you know.
00:08:54But not really.
00:08:55Illustrations, I might make a kids book or something for the baby gangsters coming up.
00:09:02>> Simpson could face the death penalty for first-degree murder and kidnapping after allegedly torturing a man she believed to be a police informant.
00:09:12>> Anything I can do to help put a snitch down is my pleasure.
00:09:15>> So it was your pleasure when you committed this murder?
00:09:18>> See that's kind of [ bleep ] up, I don't know what my lawyer would say if I answered that straight out, yes, yes, it was.
00:09:28But, yeah.
00:09:29>> The charred, dismembered remains who was not an informant were found in a trash can.
00:09:38He was stabbed 50 times and showed other signs of torture.
00:09:42Though simpson has entered a not guilty plea in court, she openly describes some of her actions to us.
00:09:48>> Ripped his teeth out.
00:09:49That's my favorite.
00:09:50>> How'd you do that?
00:09:52>> With some needlenose pliers.
00:09:55Kind of ripped.
00:09:56You know.
00:09:57>> What made you think of that?
00:10:00>> What made me think of it?
00:10:00>> To do that.
00:10:02>> Prior tooth pain.
00:10:03Pretty agonizing.
00:10:04I thought maybe I could distribute that.
00:10:08>> The victim also had a three-inch nail driven into his head.
00:10:12>> She is the one in this whole jail that creeps me out for a better word, you know?
00:10:17She just -- you just don't know what she's going to do.
00:10:21>> Thank you, ms. simpson.
00:10:24>>> Coming up, the unofficial leader of the atom 100 pod speaks out.
00:10:29>> They swear up and down that i like run the show or something like that.
00:10:34>> And later, the nation's only female chain gang takes on a solemn task.
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00:13:55>>> No detention officers at the maricopa county jail in phoenix.
00:13:58>> You know what we're doing?
00:14:00>> Are always briefed before entering a certain housing pod, atom 100.
00:14:06>> These particular inmates are very special management.
00:14:09They're in this pod segregated for a reason.
00:14:11You've always got to stay on your toes when you're around them.
00:14:15>> The final factor in the unprecedented decision to isolate four women in a unit large enough for 32 came after one of them viciously attacked another inmate.
00:14:24The attacker was cynthia abka.
00:14:28>> Abka is extremely violent.
00:14:31She severely assaulted that inmate to the point she needed facial reconstructive surgery.
00:14:38So that's why we do what we do for these people.
00:14:41>> She disrespected me so I beat the crap out of her.
00:14:51I went out there and I beat her ass in the cell and I pulled it out.
00:14:56Dragged her in the middle of the hall and started beating the [ bleep ] out of her.
00:15:01I stomped on her face and beat her head in the floor.
00:15:04>> For something that brutal, we've had fights before, but that one probably is real close to the top.
00:15:10It was very violent.
00:15:11And the young lady in question that was injured looked to be passed out with the last few kicks and she could not defend herself.
00:15:21So it was very bad.
00:15:21>> We're going to check the lock, apkaw.
00:15:29>> She got to her victim blocking her lock with magazine pages, officers follow strict protocol before entering her cell.
00:15:38First they cf her up, then instruct her to lie down on her bunk.
00:15:42>> Lie down face first.
00:15:43>> Only then do they enter the cell and conduct a thorough inspection to make sure nothing is blocking the log.
00:15:49>> You'll see what I'm looking for.
00:15:51What you're feeling in there now is fire retard ant material.
00:15:54>> Yes.
00:15:55>> And just checking up here.
00:15:58And then I'm making sure the lock is still in working order, and it is.
00:16:02So I'm going to close it.
00:16:04>> Apkaw faces up to a 15-year prison sentence on charges of aggravated assault after allegedly stabbing her boyfriend.
00:16:11>> I had a rough childhood.
00:16:12I man, that's all I could say.
00:16:14My dad pass ad way when I was younger.
00:16:18He was in prison most of the time hi to take care of my brothers and sisters, and I had to grow up fast.
00:16:23I didn't have a childhood.
00:16:24I wasn't there to carry around a little purse and have a little cinderella crown on me.
00:16:31I had to grow up and do what i had to do because my mom wasn't taking care of responsibilities.
00:16:35>> The girl you got in a fight with, what happened?
00:16:41>> She was making comments about rapping kids, makes comments about disgusting stuff.
00:16:53Started calling us all racist names in the pod.
00:16:56She was snitching to the cops and lying to me.
00:16:59I just had it.
00:17:03>> While apkaw gave us an assortment of reasons for the attack, jail officials think she left out the real one.
00:17:10>> Other inmates greatly influence her.
00:17:12She wants to be other people's puppet.
00:17:14I'm pretty sure I know whose puppet she is.
00:17:18>> It is believed apkaw attacked her victim to impress another inmate.
00:17:27>> She drug the inmate to the front of her cell and then assaulted her there.
00:17:31So our thought is possibly that maybe it was done on trevino's order.
00:17:38>> They swear up and down that i run the show and it's nothing like that, you know?
00:17:50>> She has a lot of clout.
00:17:51I'm not exactly sure how she continues to keep this high level of clout since she's been here so long.
00:17:56The basic thought is she will not ever leave a facility due to her charges.
00:18:01>> Rude dude with the attitude.
00:18:03That's what they c mycall me, the officers.
00:18:09>> She's been here more than six years due to complexities and ongoing delays in her murder case.
00:18:14If she is convicted she will transfer to a maximum security state prison.
00:18:19>> She seems to just have some pull over the inmates and they tend to do for her whatever she says.
00:18:26>> Trevino now joins apkaw and angela simpson as three of the four women assigned to atom 100.
00:18:33>> I'm with my peoples here.
00:18:35It's close.
00:18:36It's quiet.
00:18:37I'm with my family.
00:18:38They went through mad extremes to separate us and now we're all together again.
00:18:43>> The fourth member of atom 100 is norma lopez.
00:18:48>> Her crime's fantastic.
00:18:50Well, she didn't do it.
00:18:50She was just there.
00:18:53But, yeah.
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00:21:55>>> I just need somebody to talk to.
00:21:59They don't understand.
00:21:59I've got problems on the street.
00:22:04>> One week after what staff described as a suicide attempt, maricopa county inmate manuel martinez has undergone a psychological evaluation and has been transferred from a padded safe cell back to his own cell in the high-security unit.
00:22:21>> You were having a rough day that day, right?
00:22:25>> Real rough.
00:22:26>> What was going on, your girl?
00:22:28>> Yeah, just family problems.
00:22:30I was trying to get a call in and they weren't hearing me and I was just trying to basically let they know I was going through some things if I could talk to a counselor for a five-minute call.
00:22:41I don't even need five minutes, just a couple minutes.
00:22:44They weren't hearing me.
00:22:45>> His anguish was so intense he took to expressing it on his cell wall.
00:22:49He says he believed his former gang was about to harm his fiance and he was desperate to warn her.
00:22:56>> The gang squad went and they did a sweep on my neighborhood, on my gang on the streets.
00:23:03And because I'm in jail, they think I cut me a deal to turn in a couple of mow homies on the streets so I could get out.
00:23:11Basically they made some threats toward my girl like, because everybody knew where my old lady lived at.
00:23:17>> The next day, martinez was allowed to contact his fiance before anything happened.
00:23:22But he says the experience only deepened his resolve to give up gang life.
00:23:28>> My whole life I've been doing this.
00:23:29I've been in and out of jail since I was 10.
00:23:32The longest I stayed on the streets was three months.
00:23:35I know anybody who's anybody on the streets.
00:23:37Not one of them put money on my post.
00:23:40Not one of them sent me a postcard, visit me, or call my old lady when she's struggling, if she needs gas money or if manuel is doing all right.
00:23:49None of them do that, you know what I mean?
00:23:52It's overrated, straight up.
00:23:53It's very overrated.
00:23:55Everybody is afraid of the last part of their name, mafia.
00:23:58The mexican part, once you say mafia, everybody shivers.
00:24:03I don't give a [ bleep ].
00:24:05They don't pay my bills.
00:24:07Know what I'm saying?
00:24:08Straight up.
00:24:09They don't do nothing for me.
00:24:11All they've ever done is hurt me.
00:24:13>> While martinez's denunciation of his gang might cast him as a loner, norma lopez has just joined a notorious sisterhood, four of the most dangerous women in the entire maricopa county jail system.
00:24:32>> I may look all sweet and innocent and stuff, but when it comes down to it, I can be tough, if I have to be.
00:24:51>> Lopez was placed in atom 100 after a violent assault on another inmate.
00:24:56>> I don't think I've ever really lost a fight, like lost, like where I can say oh, yeah, oh, she got me, you know?
00:25:03>> She's also considered a high-security risk to staff.
00:25:06Because her alleged crime involved the shooting death of a phoenix police officer, attempting to arrest her and her boyfriend.
00:25:15>> It was a check cashing scheme gone bad.
00:25:17>> Lopez is alleged to have distracted the officer, giving her boyfriend the opportunity to shoot him.
00:25:25>> In the state of arizona if you're committing a felony when a murder happens, you get charged with it too.
00:25:31>> The murder hit close to home for maricopa county staff because the victim was a former detention officer here.
00:25:37>> He was more than an officer, for me, and for a lot of people.
00:25:41He was a good friend.
00:25:43A very, very good friend.
00:25:45Young, you know, he had young kids.
00:25:47He had a lot of friends here.
00:25:49There's anger there.
00:25:50You know?
00:25:51I don't like her.
00:25:52But I don't hate her.
00:25:53She's an inmate, I'm an officer, and I'm going to be professional in my duties here.
00:25:58I'm not going to treat her any differently than I would any other inmate.
00:26:01But I would prefer not to work with her.
00:26:06Because in my opinion she just has no remorse of what she did.
00:26:08I think she's kind of glorifying it a little bit.
00:26:11>> Well, it's hard for me to express my feelings.
00:26:14Only I and god know what's in my heart so he know it's I'm remorseful or not.
00:26:19I don't really mind if other people don't see it are on, you no he what I mean?
00:26:22Because I know who does see it is the person that matters and that's all.
00:26:28>> While lopez may be considered a high security risk by staff, the crime has only elevated her status in the eyes of some of her pod mates.
00:26:37>> Her crime's fantastic.
00:26:39Well, she didn't do it.
00:26:40She was just there, but -- >> angela says that she idolizes you for being in a crime where a cop was killed.
00:26:54>> Did she?
00:26:55Well, a lot of people don't like cops.
00:26:57Especially inmates.
00:27:01>>> Coming up.
00:27:02>> Since I've been here, I found out two friends died of a heroin overdose.
00:27:08>> A wake-up call.
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00:30:48Now back to lockup.
00:31:03>>> Rise and shine, ladies.
00:31:04Get up.
00:31:10Get dressed.
00:31:14No talking whatsoever.
00:31:16Listen up for instructions.
00:31:20Left face.
00:31:21Grab your chains.
00:31:23Take your marks.
00:31:24All right, ladies.
00:31:26What's rule number one.
00:31:26>> I will be a model inmate.
00:31:29>> That's wakt exactly right.
00:31:31That's what we're going to do today, all day and every day.
00:31:33Mark time, march.
00:31:38Forward march.
00:31:43>> Left.
00:31:45Left, right left.
00:31:46>> The crack of dawn brings a military-style drill to the women's general population housing unit at the maricopa county jail in phoenix, arizona.
00:31:57>> Sound off, one, two.
00:31:59Sound, off, three, four.
00:32:01One, two, three, four, one, two, three, four.
00:32:06Try to today's chain gang assignment is intended to do more than provide the county with free labor for a needled task.
00:32:45Jail officials hope it will make a lasting impact on these young women, most of whom are serving short sentences for nonviolent crimes.
00:32:55>> All these people we're burying are indigent.
00:32:58They don't have any family, they don't have nobody that can claim them.
00:33:02The only thing they know is their name and their age.
00:33:04We're the last people who paid their dues and their respect.
00:33:09>> 19-Year-old courtney is currently serving six months on a drug trafficking charge.
00:33:15This is her first day on chain gang.
00:33:18>> This morning I woke up.
00:33:20I found out we're going to do the burials.
00:33:23I wasn't really quite prepared for burying people.
00:33:25My dad had told me about it before because he'd seen it on tv about the chain gang burying people and I didn't think that as females we'd be doing it.
00:33:34>> Ladies, real quick.
00:33:36On the sides of the casket are handles.
00:33:39Do not grab the handles.
00:33:41They are decorations, they will break and the body will drop.
00:33:46Use the bottom of the box, please.
00:33:49If you don't want to participate in the services, that's up to you, but you will stand there and show them respect.
00:33:54Any questions?
00:33:55>> No, sir.
00:33:58>> Hi, ladies.
00:34:01Come on.
00:34:01Listen up, ladies, for those of you new to this, some caskets are heavier than others so make sure you're helping each other out.
00:34:09Also make sure you're shuffling your chains.
00:34:10The last thing you want is for you to step on each other's chain and then have a little incident.
00:34:15You guys can participate whether you like it or not.
00:34:17It's up to you.
00:34:18We're not going to make you do it, but it's pretty much your choice.
00:34:22Go ahead and line up.
00:34:25Pick up your chains if you have to, ladies.
00:34:30>> The burials are coordinated by a local catholic church and knights of columbus volunteers like tom martin.
00:34:40>> We bury about 250 a year.
00:34:43We just come out and do what we can to represent the families, because there's no family members here.
00:34:48>> We gather here to bury the body of james.
00:34:53Bless, o lord, the body of jails and may his soul find home with you in heaven.
00:34:58>> The county allows us 15 minutes for each burial so we try to use up that 15 minutes, i think we do a pretty fair job.
00:35:06>> For all who die alone without friends and family, may the lord comfort them.
00:35:11We pray to the lord.
00:35:12>> Hear us, o lord.
00:35:13>> It's just a shame.
00:35:14If you think you live your entire -- what these people -- 82 years and not one soul to see her go.
00:35:23What if that was you, you know?
00:35:25>> For an end of violence in the world, we pray to the lord.
00:35:28>> Hear us, o lord.
00:35:30>> For all who gather, we pray to the lord.
00:35:33>> Hear us, o lord.
00:35:35>> A lot of these inmates are in here for drugs, prostitution, some don't have families, some do.
00:35:41For them to see what these people are going through who don't have any families that they are their families, is heartbreaking and they'll get very emotional.
00:35:52>> Let us pray the prayer jesus gave us.
00:35:55Our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.
00:36:04Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven ♪♪ that saved a wretch like me ♪♪♪♪
00:36:16>> since I've been here, I found out two of my friends have died from a heroin overdose.
00:36:21>> Did you go to the funerals?
00:36:22>> No, I've been in jail so i wasn't able to.
00:36:26>> You missed that funeral.
00:36:28>> Yeah.
00:36:29A lot of these people don't have families.
00:36:31That's really sad.
00:36:31It's kind of sad that us inmates had to do that and the families weren't there to do it.
00:36:41♪♪ I once was lost, but now I'm found ♪♪
00:36:49was blind but now I see ♪♪♪♪
00:36:55>> you girls did a great job.
00:36:57>> Thank you.
00:36:57>> I think their singing can be improved.
00:37:01[ Laughter ] >> I used to be in a choir when I was younger, but I don't have that courage, I don't have that courage to go ahead and sing in front of everybody.
00:37:09And then I didn't know all the words, either.
00:37:12I just knew that first little thing.
00:37:14>> Every night we have a girl named cece that lives on the bottom tier and she sings "amazing grace" every night.
00:37:24So I heard her sing it and remembered the words.
00:37:27>> I was like, I need cece here.
00:37:35♪♪ Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me ♪♪
00:37:56♪♪ I once was lost, but now I'm found ♪♪
00:38:09♪♪ was blind but now I see ♪♪♪♪
00:38:19>> but grace is often elusive to many of the 9,000 inmates currently at maricopa.
00:39:06someFiber Clusters?
00:39:07You mustreally care about him.
00:39:09What? You gave him fiber.
00:39:11This tastes way too goodto be fiber.
00:39:12They're delicious crunchyclusters with sweet honey and half a day's worth of fiber.
00:39:16You care about my fiber?
00:39:17Not really.
00:39:18[ Male Announcer ] Fiber One.
00:41:42>>> The four women inside the maricopa county jails are isolated because they're considered to be extremely dangerous.
00:41:51But they see themselves more as sisters than predators.
00:41:55>> I don't get along with my real sister.
00:41:57I have one sister.
00:41:58We've just never seen eye to eye.
00:42:00So I take the ones I do call my sisters to heart.
00:42:07>> Sister.
00:42:08>> Rosie trevino who faces a possible death sentence if convicted on her murder charge is considered the unofficial leader of atom 100.
00:42:17>> See, we laugh, we smile, we talk.
00:42:19We chop it up.
00:42:20You hear us.
00:42:21We're just like yapping and we're about each other.
00:42:23But if you disrespect us, it's just we're petty with disrespect, you know what i mean?
00:42:28>> They may be sisters and happy now because this is new digs for them.
00:42:31This is a new playground and they're trying to see what games they can play.
00:42:35The luster will wear off.
00:42:37>> There's loyalty here.
00:42:38You've got to be very selective of your few, you know?
00:42:42>> If one of them were to cross each other, I'm sure they would turn on each other instantly.
00:42:48There's nothing in jail that's that thick.
00:42:50I don't even think family is that thick in jail sometimes.
00:42:53>> One of the other atom 100 inmates, cynthia apkaw violently beat another inmate weeks ago.
00:43:03Since then she's not been allowed the usually 1 hour of recreation time outside her cell until today.
00:43:09>> Bear in mind, if you screw this up, you're going to go back down to the bottom.
00:43:12We're going to take everything from your cell.
00:43:14You'll have no access.
00:43:15You'll have to work your way up again.
00:43:18You need your keep your eye on the prize here because any little infraction, if you -- if you're passing stuff under the doors, if you're talking up against the doors and things like that, you're going to go back all the way down to nothing.
00:43:32Just because of the nature of apkaw and the violence she's had in the past while she is on her hour, we have to keep her in a very controlled setting.
00:43:44>> What are you doing?
00:43:46>> You got your hour!
00:43:49>> Yes.
00:43:50[ Bleep ].
00:43:51>> That's beautiful.
00:43:52That is so nice.
00:43:53That is beautiful.
00:43:57>> Apkaw is allowed to visit her three pod mates but must stay at least three feet away from their doors to prevent the passage of contraband.
00:44:06>> Oh, that's cute.
00:44:09>> Apkaw doesn't have much time left in atom 100.
00:44:13She recently accepted a plea in her aggravated assault case and will be transferred from maricopa to state prison to begin a 2 1/2-year sentence but staff still takes plenty of precaution whenever they deal with her.
00:44:29>> Searching her cell because she was on her hour out.
00:44:34Every time they come back to their cell, they get searched to make sure they didn't bring back contraband.
00:44:42>> Before long, some contraband is found.
00:44:45Inmates call this a fishing line.
00:44:47>> There's a whole lot of string there.
00:44:49There's probably enough to go from one end of the pod to another and probably a couple of times around.
00:44:55They can use it to move weapons from one cell to another or notes.
00:44:59Although it looks harmless, if they're moving weapons back and forth, it could be a threat to the security of the facility or one of the other inmates in there.
00:45:08She just got off guidelines today so this is enough to put her to guidelines.
00:45:14I may have to put her back.
00:45:16>> He probably won't give me my hour.
00:45:18Probably take my hour away.
00:45:21So it really don't matter.
00:45:22I got my hour today.
00:45:23I'm leaving in two weeks.
00:45:25I guess it is what it is.
00:45:27Can't sit here and feel miserable for yourself.
00:45:30>> Back at maricopa's fourth avenue jail facility, it's not been a good day for inmate manuel martinez, either.
00:45:38His lawyer has just gotten him a 4 1/2-year plea bargain.
00:45:44More time than he was expecting.
00:45:46But the bad news doesn't end there.
00:45:48>> Me and my girl broke up today.
00:45:50I started sensing it about two weeks ago that my girl just gave up.
00:45:55She says let's just go our separate ways and at first i said, no, [ bleep ] that.
00:46:00I invested too much in you, man.
00:46:02Do you know I had a little phone book.
00:46:04I used to call it my chickionary.
00:46:12Every girl I had known I had ways to get in touch with.
00:46:14And in front of her, when we got together, I ripped it into two pieces and then I lit it on fire and I burned it and I put it on the ground and I stepped on it.
00:46:25And she says, she goes, I didn't ask you to do that, I said well I'm letting you know by now by me doing this, I don't have those numbers again.
00:46:33I'm committing myself to just you.
00:46:36Do you know that's [ bleep ] up.
00:46:38We were supposed to get married ON THE 15th.
00:46:41And if I would have known this, now I feel like a [ bleep ] jackass.
00:46:46Here I am in my cell with nobody.
00:46:48She's out there living her life all nonsha lant just [ bleep ] doing the [ bleep ], and I'm here reading my "wall street journal" and "ok" magazines.
00:46:59So I told my lawyer, [ bleep ] this.
00:47:02Let's do this quick.
00:47:03I want to get out of here.
00:47:04>> As a result of his plea deal, martinez will be sent to a state prison.
00:47:08Since disavowing his gang, he knows there still may be some trouble ahead.
00:47:13>> I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees.
00:47:16If they come, they better come hard and strong.
00:47:20You know what I mean?
00:47:21And everybody who knows me will say that because I'm not going to [ bleep ] sit there and bow down.
00:47:27I don't bow down to nobody.
00:47:29>> While martinez contemplates life with neither his fiance nor his gang, there's anger in the atom 100 pod and it's all directed at one detention officer.
00:47:40>> What a jerk!
00:47:42>> What a jerk!
00:47:45>> Jerk!
00:47:46>> As inmate cynthia apkaw was returning from her lawyer, she manages to slip her cuffs.
00:47:52Though she was quickly restrained again, officers removed certain possessions from her cell as a sanction.
00:47:59When apkaw attempted to stop them, she put up a struggle and one of the officers tased her.
00:48:05>> That [ bleep ] that just walked by, he's the one who tased me.
00:48:11Tatzed me for no reason.
00:48:13He had no reason to tase me.
00:48:15>> She's probably going to hold a grudge.
00:48:18When I did tase her, she said i bought my ticket we means she'll put a hit out on me.
00:48:26With these inmates I would take the threat riously.
00:48:30They had the potential and means to do so.
00:48:33>> What happens next in this pod?
00:48:34>> What happens next.
00:48:35That's a good question.
00:48:40I don't know what happens next.
00:48:41That's just -- that's for us to know and them to find out.
00:48:46We don't know.
00:48:49We're all op opportunistic criminals.
00:48:56>> I take it everybody's pissed at her.
00:49:02>> We're not pissed.
00:49:04>> What are you?
00:49:06>> Patient.
00:49:06>>> Coming up, one of the atom 100 women takes drastic measures.
00:49:14>> I don't think it's ever going to be the way it was again.
00:52:27>>> As night falls on the maricopa county jail, rosie trevino appears disupon distant after returning from a long court hearing from her capital murder trial.
00:52:37>> She gets like that.
00:52:38She pushes people away.
00:52:40I call her sister and all you hear is -- we don't hear nothing.
00:52:45It just got quiet after that.
00:52:47>> Trevino's co-defendant, also the father of her son, filed a motion that could reduce his sentence and make it harder for trevino harder to defend herself in her death penalty case.
00:53:01>> Sister!
00:53:05>> Just didn't feel right.
00:53:05I have seen people trip that are facing the death penalty.
00:53:09But I've seen a lot more just regular weak bitches looking at a year try and kill their self- >> later that's night that's exactly what trevino tried to do.
00:53:22When officers did a routine check on her cell, she had torn off a piece of her nightgown and tightened it around her neck.
00:53:36>> I could see her on a gurney.
00:53:38Her face was already turning blue.
00:53:41So, yeah.
00:53:41>> The staff cut the cloth from her neck and successfully revived her.
00:53:47She was immediately transferred to medical.
00:53:49>> I'm glad they got here.
00:53:50She's got too much family that loves her.
00:53:53She doesn't need to leave like that.
00:53:56>> With trevino in the medical unit, the atom 100 pod is a very different place.
00:54:01>> With the three of them in there, apkaw, simpson and lopez, they are all relatively calm inmates.
00:54:13They don't deal with anything, they sleep a day.
00:54:15They sleep all night.
00:54:17When trevino was there, she would really provoke people into acting poorly.
00:54:21And that's just her nature.
00:54:23>> Yeah, she kind of connects all of us here.
00:54:25So, yeah, it's been a little more quiet.
00:54:27>> But the pod isn't quiet for long.
00:54:29One week later, trevino was returned to her cell.
00:54:36>> I don't know what happened.
00:54:37I just flipped.
00:54:38I was like the state's going to kill me, I'm going to kill myself before they kill me, you know what I mean?
00:54:44While she claims to no longer be suicidal, her plans are nevertheless destructive.
00:54:51If I get the death penalty, I'm going way out.
00:54:54Not that I say I'm going to hurt myself, but I know I'm going to pick up a few new cases.
00:54:59I'm just -- whatever comes my way.
00:55:04You don't have nothing to win, nothing to lose, no more what kind of attitude would you have?
00:55:10I'm done.
00:55:10So why not be done with it, you know what I mean?
00:55:13And if I get to the -- when I go to the joint I'm just going to have a party it's going to be about me and my bitches and that's it.
00:55:24>> Soon after this interview, trevino would literally get a new lease on life.
00:55:30>> So I hear you're getting out of here, huh?
00:55:33I don't know what I'll do without you.
00:55:35>> After years of hearings and motions on her murder charge, she has accepted a plea bargain for 18 years of second-degree murder and will soon transfer to a state prison.
00:55:44>> It's been a long time with trevino.
00:55:47We've gone from violent, young, just amazingly angry individual to semi tranquil, I've accepted my fate kind of person.
00:55:58>> You look a lot better than have you in the past few months.
00:56:01You look like you have some more color, not so distant, not so angry.
00:56:06>> Yeah.
00:56:08>> Yeah.
00:56:08Just her presence leaving the building it's going to be like elvis has left the building.
00:56:13For me it's going to be a lot of calm.
00:56:15I don't think it's ever going to be the way it was again.
00:56:17Which I'm okay with that chapter closing.
00:56:20>> And that's not the only change coming to atom 100.
00:56:24>> Are you ready for prison?
00:56:25Have you been there before?
00:56:27>> No, I've never been there before.
00:56:29>> Norma lopez has also reached a plea agreement on her murder charge.
00:56:33She's on her way to prison for a period of 22 years.
00:56:35>> So you're ready to go.
00:56:37Ready to get out of here.
00:56:39You all going the same direction?
00:56:41>> Yeah.
00:56:42>> Yeah.
00:56:42So it will be a relocated party.
00:56:45>> We're going to party.
00:56:47We're going to party.
00:56:48>> That's what I'm saying, a relocated party, just be in a different spot.
00:56:53>> They'll be joining cynthia apkaw who reached an earlier preagreement.
00:56:59>> New house but same people, huh?
00:57:01>> We have this whole group of people and we're going to be losing them all.
00:57:06It's going to be strange, you have those catch names, ros and lopez.
00:57:10You didn't even have to say her first name.
00:57:13Just lopez.
00:57:13Okay, what's going on.
00:57:14So you don't know what to expect, huh?
00:57:18>> No.
00:57:18A lot more you can do.
00:57:19>> I agree.
00:57:20Little more comfort of home, right?
00:57:21>> Yeah.
00:57:22>> When all three are gone at once, I think it will be very quiet.
00:57:28>> Angela simpson will soon be the only woman left on the once notorious atom 100 pod.
00:57:34>> So it will be an interesting dynamic of what's going to happen.
00:57:38Will inmates try to take over their way?
00:57:40Are there going to be others that are going to try to become rosie trevino?
00:57:45Is simpson going to st up and bump the matriarch, so to speak, of the estrella jail?
00:57:53It will be empty.
00:57:55It will be empty nest syndrome, I think.
00:57:59I think I can handle that.
00:58:00I think that will be all right for me.