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00:00:24>>> Now I'm just finishing up some last-minute paperwork before the bus gets here.
00:00:29>> The bus meaning.
00:00:30>> The bus bringing new arrivals to the facility.
00:00:34And then once they get here, all the excitement starts.
00:00:43>> Every week dozens of new inmates arrive at limon correctional facility.
00:00:48A level 4 prison located on the barren plains of eastern colorado.
00:00:57The prison sits on 320 acres and houses inmates in six different living units.
00:01:04>> The type of offenders that we have at limon are violent offenders.
00:01:10We have 64% violent.
00:01:11244 Are serving a life sentence.
00:01:21Limon has had a reputation of being a violent prison amongst the offenders population.
00:01:27They do tend to send the majority of violent offenders to limon.
00:01:33>> It's cole out here.
00:01:34>> I'm too damn skinny for this.
00:01:34>> Oh, my god.
00:01:36Last time I was on tv they were chasing me.
00:01:39>> Put your arms up.
00:01:43Behind your penis.
00:01:46>> All right, ears.
00:01:46>> Hair.
00:01:48>> Armpits.
00:01:49>> As a level 4 facility, limon houses many of colorado's most dangerous inmates.
00:01:54While some of today's arrivals are new to prison, others have been through the process numerous times before.
00:02:02One in particular comes with a reputation that precedes him.
00:02:06>> We have one coming off the bus going straight to segregation.
00:02:12That would be inmate timothy schreiber.
00:02:15>> Timothy schreiber has transferred here from another state prison.
00:02:19Unlike most new arrivals, he is sent immediately to administrative segregation, a 23 hour a day lockup unit for disruptive inmates.
00:02:29>> Oh, I get the room with a view, huh?
00:02:31>> At the facility he was housed at just prior coming to limon, he was found with a weapon, a homemade knife so he did have some charges that were pending and as a result he just went straight into our segregation unit.
00:02:45>> Msnbc, any time you need me I'll be here.
00:02:48>> We did learn that schreiber did like to talk.
00:02:51Not only to our crew.
00:02:53>> These people are threatening my very life.
00:02:56>> He also had a lot to say to the correctional staff helping us set up for the interview.
00:03:01>> I'm sure you just stick that key in there and turn it.
00:03:05It's not all that complicated, ma'am.
00:03:06>> Oh, my.
00:03:08>> Right now I'm really in fear for my life.
00:03:10>> Are you ready to go?
00:03:11>> I'm not talking to you.
00:03:11>> I'm talking to the press right now.
00:03:13>> I'm sorry.
00:03:14I didn't mean to steal your 15 seconds of fame.
00:03:18>> When he finished verbally sparring with the correction staff, schreiber explained what brought him to prison.
00:03:27>> My original sex crime was an attempted sexual assault on a 13-year-old girl.
00:03:39I have a history of repeated flashing.
00:03:40I'm like a serial flasher.
00:03:42This is my sixth conviction.
00:03:44I never flashed anyone younger than 13, but I have for 13 to like 18, somewhere in the danger zone for me I follow the danger zone where it's jail, very, very risky.
00:03:59>> [ Bleep ].
00:04:00>> There's my neighbors right now.
00:04:02They know about me.
00:04:03That's why they're making noise.
00:04:08>> Throughout ad seg and other cell blocks voices echo and can be heard by other inmates.
00:04:12That's why most sex offenders don't speak openly about their crimes.
00:04:15>> Now, as far as I'm concerned a man like that, in my eyes, he it's my duty as a man to put the fear of god into this man.
00:04:35>> I want him when he goes back out on the streets when he sees maybe your child walk down the street or my kids playing in the park, I want him to be terrified at the thought of coming back to prison.
00:04:48He's not getting any worst treatment than the 13-year-old girl that he was bragging about, you know, sexually assaulting on the streets basically probably ruined that girl's life.
00:04:57>> She was only 13.
00:04:59>> You don't want to be a sex offender in prison.
00:05:02It's hell.
00:05:05>> That child molester.
00:05:07>> Though inmates strife to stay out of ad seg, a place where the few freedoms are taken away, schreiber knows it's probably the safest place for someone like himself.
00:05:20>> These fools in here, they aren't going to put up with my [ bleep ] presence.
00:05:24They're not.
00:05:25>> But his stay here is only temporary.
00:05:27The prison he transferred from has decided not to charge him for having a shank, so he will soon be returned to general population.
00:05:39>> The intel officer from the facility that was sent here told me they wouldn't pursue an ad seg over it so we decided at that time he can go into genel population.
00:05:47We had no reason to ad seg him from here.
00:05:51>> Many prisons segregate sex offenders for their own protection, but not in colorado.
00:05:57Instead inmates who attack sex offenders are transferred to another state prison.
00:06:00>> We are adamant that we will not segregate the sex offenders here and we integrate them with the rest of the population and we do that in essence to manage the population and not close doors in regards to where we can house them.
00:06:12>> It does create problems because the general population offenders try to assault sex offenders because they don't want them housed around them.
00:06:19>> They're going to put me around the yard he's going to get smashed, as simple as that.
00:06:29♪♪ Child molest ter♪♪♪♪
00:06:30>> michael is one of the ad seg inmates yelling at schreiber during our interview.
00:06:34Ironically, gill has already served two years for sexual assault.
00:06:38And is now back on a parole violation but he's won allies but carrying out other crimes in prison including some against sex offenders.
00:06:47>> A lot of write-ups, tattooing, theft.
00:06:54Unauthorized possession and assault.
00:06:56>> Why?
00:06:58>> To fit in.
00:06:59I don't know.
00:07:01>> Theft?
00:07:04>> It earns respect.
00:07:05I took someone's tv.
00:07:07He was a piece of [ bleep ].
00:07:09That's crazy.
00:07:09What's that?
00:07:12>> Yeah, I'm curious too.
00:07:22>> Our interview is cut short as massive amounts of water cascade into the cell block from the second tier.
00:07:28>> They flooded the tier.
00:07:31>> That's awesome.
00:07:34>> They are loving it.
00:07:35They are just absolutely loving it.
00:07:36All right.
00:07:37What happened?
00:07:38>> I have no idea.
00:07:41>> What's it look like happened?
00:07:44>> I'm not even going to say with that door open.
00:07:54>> As staff start to clean up the cell block we would soon learn that the flooding had to do with another unwelcome presence in ad seg, our crew.
00:08:04>> They're imagine things going on so this is their way of having a protest.
00:08:10>> The ring leader of the flooding is george grahf, who is serving three years for motor vehicle theft.
00:08:16>> I believe they're upset that you guys are interviewing sex offenders and don't want that to be a representation of limon correctional facility offenders.
00:08:26>> Remember that.
00:08:29All the sex offenders, that ain't no good.
00:08:34>> As they attempt to restore order, correctional officers return gill to his cell.
00:08:42>> We're going to have lieutenant cuff up and what we'll do is put him on special controls because he's flooding the cell.
00:08:51Hopefully he'll comply.
00:08:52If not we'll assemble a team and remove him and replace him to a cell on a lower flood so if he does flood it won't go to all the tiers.
00:09:00>> I'm going to go ahead and move you.
00:09:04Do you want out of the cell?
00:09:05>> I ain't [ bleep ] leaving.
00:09:06>> Okay.
00:09:09Cell extraction!
00:09:12>> Okay.
00:09:13We will.
00:09:16>> And whether [ bleep ] that filming rats and sex offenders.
00:09:20We'll be back in a minute.
00:09:22>> This is limon.
00:09:23This is limon!
00:09:31>> Coming up -- >> we will not negotiate with terrorists.
00:09:38>> The terror escalates, and THEY RESPOND IN FORCE. [ children laughing ] look in the glove box.
00:09:43[ children laughing ] Suitcase?
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00:12:17[Cheering and applause] >>> Woo!
00:12:55No sex offenders during our first day of shooting on the administrative segregation unit at colorado's limon correctional facility, inmated starts a disruption, backing up their toilets and flooding cell house tiers.
00:13:12>> Get the [ bleep ] away from our door.
00:13:13>> The big thing is these guys are acting out, one, because you guys are here.
00:13:19It's their opportunity.
00:13:22Two, it's evidently we're pulling sex offenders in and interviewing them.
00:13:25We've had a lot of problems with the sex offenders and white supremist groups.
00:13:30>> The glood flooding is led by george grahf, who is refusing to let correctional staff move him out of his cell.
00:13:35>> It's about grahf.
00:13:36I want to put him on special controls, as well.
00:13:41>> The prison's emergency response team is ordered to suit up for a forcible cell extraction on grahf.
00:13:54>> Put your top on.
00:13:55>> I'm officer wilson.
00:13:55I'm the number one man.
00:13:58I'll be in charge of his head.
00:13:59>> Each member has a specific function in these highly choreographed procedures.
00:14:07>> I'm sergeant scott.
00:14:08I'm team four leader.
00:14:09I'm responsible for securing right leg and all team movement.
00:14:12>> Prison policy is videotape statements from each team member.
00:14:16>> My name is sergeant unit and I'm responsible for introducing chemical agents into the cell.
00:14:24>> I'm officer barry soski, I'll be videotaping this operation.
00:14:26>> I'll be using the amount of force necessary.
00:14:32I'll use the least nonforce necessary to control the offender.
00:14:36>> Okay, let's go, guys.
00:14:42>> Grahf is given a final chance to comply.
00:14:46>> Grahf -- >> get the [ bleep ] away from me?
00:14:50You understand?
00:14:53I'm coming through the window.
00:14:56>> Grahf covered his window with his mattress.
00:14:59It won't protect him for long.
00:15:02The emergency response team is about to knock it down to administer oc gas, a form of pepper spray.
00:15:13>> Grahf, we're coming in.
00:15:16>> We will not negotiate with terrorists.
00:15:25>> Go, go, go.
00:15:30>> Okay.
00:15:30>> Open the window.
00:15:32Don't stop there.
00:15:35Don't stop there.
00:15:36>> Unable to tolerate the burning effects of the oc gas grahf finally agrees to cuff up.
00:15:48>> Down.
00:15:48Go, go, go.
00:16:00>> Get him down.
00:16:01>> Mr. grahf, were you injured?
00:16:01>> No.
00:16:03I can't breathe.
00:16:04>> Okay.
00:16:05That will go away soon.
00:16:07>> You're doing all right, grahf.
00:16:09>> He's going to fall.
00:16:16>> If grahf continues to cooperate, he will be allowed to shower off the stinging oc gas residue.
00:16:23But he appears to still have some fight left in him.
00:16:26>> [ Bleep ] punk.
00:16:28You like this [ bleep ].
00:16:30[ Bleep ] like this.
00:16:37You have to remain compliant or we're going to leave you in this chair.
00:16:41Do you understand that.
00:16:42>> [ Bleep ] you.
00:16:44I can't breathe.
00:16:44>> Grahf, you need to be do you understand that?
00:16:47>> Yeah.
00:16:47>> Are you sure?
00:16:48>> Yeah.
00:16:49>> Take the spit mask off.
00:16:56>> All right.
00:16:56You're all right.
00:16:58>> Don't spit.
00:16:59Don't spit.
00:17:00Don't spit.
00:17:01Don't spit.
00:17:01>> He is finally allowed to shower but it doesn't seem to help.
00:17:07>> Why isn't the water so hot?
00:17:08Is it supposed to be a cold shower?
00:17:13This [ bleep ] hotel sucks.
00:17:17Welcome to life.
00:17:18>> All right.
00:17:18Your time's up.
00:17:19>> We can do this every day until they stop filming these [ bleep ].
00:17:24These [ bleep ].
00:17:26Filming rats.
00:17:27And punks.
00:17:31>> Though grahf was initially hostile, he eventually agreed to speak with us.
00:17:35>> What bothered me you were interviewing sex offenders, punks, rats, dudes that -- dudes that society won't deal with correctly.
00:17:47People think innocent people run around prison and get raped and get beat up and stabbed.
00:17:51You think that's how it works in here.
00:17:53You really [ bleep ] like that happens.
00:17:55You think innocent people are just getting smashed for no reason.
00:17:58These dudes are getting beat up for no reason.
00:17:59That's naive.
00:18:01That's what american society wants people to think about us, that we're monsters, that's there's no cause for any of this stuff.
00:18:11The dudes that get beat up and the dudes that get stabbed are dudes that rape little kids.
00:18:15>> Coming up -- >> I told you it was going to happen and it happened.
00:18:19>> Timothy schreiber claims he's been attacked.
00:18:23>> But staff are skeptical.
00:18:25>> Looks pretty self-conflicting to me.
00:18:27>> It's self-inflicted.
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00:18:36Come on!
00:18:37That's pretty far.
00:18:39Doc, look who's in town.
00:18:42Cool, right?
00:18:45But still seeing patients.
00:18:46[ whispering ] Workaholic.
00:18:47I heard that.
00:18:49She said it.
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00:21:28>>> During his first week at the limon correctional facility, inmate timothy schreiber has made no secret of his status.
00:21:35>> I am a sex offender.
00:21:38>> And his fellow inmates in ad seg have made no secret of their disdain for sex offenders.
00:21:45>> How bad is it?
00:21:49>> Now, staff has been informed that schreiber has been making racial slurs, and has apparently paid a price for it.
00:21:58>> He claims another inmate sprayed his cell pith feces and urine.
00:22:01>> The staff in seg didn't identify anybody as doing it.
00:22:05We're not surprised that he did it to himself.
00:22:07He's going to do everything he can do to stay checked into segregation and not hit gp.
00:22:13>> Is that all of the stuff right there?
00:22:15>> This is it.
00:22:17>> What this guy is doing is going around and antagonizing everybody.
00:22:21He's trying to create enemies.
00:22:23>> Put your hands out here.
00:22:24>> He's telling everybody he is a sex offender so he doesn't have to hit the yard.
00:22:30Well it doesn't matter.
00:22:31Being a sex offender alone won't keep you out of the yard at limon.
00:22:35We got 160, 170 sex offenders.
00:22:39He's going to have to give it a shot out here.
00:22:43When we informed him last night that he would be moved into unit one and general population, he told us that this may happen to him.
00:22:51>> I told you it was going to happen.
00:22:52And it happened.
00:22:55[ Bleep ].
00:22:57>> These fools don't see that I'm not the management problem of the [ bleep ] century.
00:23:08>> No, I bet you are the management problem of the century.
00:23:09Sit down.
00:23:10>> Anyway, it happened.
00:23:10I got [ bleep ].
00:23:12>> Miera is aric miera.
00:23:15One of the ad seg inmates we interviewed about schreiber.
00:23:19>> In my eyes, it's my duty as a man to put the fear of god into this man.
00:23:24>> Looks pretty self-inflicted to me.
00:23:26>> Oh, oh, yeah, it's self-inflicted.
00:23:28What are you from the [ bleep ] planet mars?
00:23:30Don't act like you're [ bleep ].
00:23:33>> Hey.
00:23:37>> Neither one of y[ bleep ] psychotic.
00:23:41>> We haven't cussed at you.
00:23:42>> Don't treat me like that.
00:23:43>> You show your respect.
00:23:43>> Fine.
00:23:44>> Understood?
00:23:45>> Yes, sir, I do understand.
00:23:46But certainly didn't [ bleep ] on myself.
00:23:49One of them -- shampoo bottle and hit and shook it up and told him to do it for a couple of stamps.
00:23:58So he went and [ bleep ] did it to me.
00:24:00I'm going to get him back tomorrow.
00:24:01I'll tell you -- >> you know what, I don't think you will.
00:24:04>> If you don't move miera or me, I'm definitely retaliating against him tomorrow.
00:24:10>> You're going so you'll be all right.
00:24:11>> I'm not going to go to one unless you want to drag me over there and force my lockdown you can drag me over to one.
00:24:16I ain't going to one or else you could leave me there.
00:24:20Or move me to some other cell in this [ bleep ] facility.
00:24:23You have another open cell.
00:24:23Don't pretend you don't.
00:24:26You don't -- don't lie in front of a [ bleep ] cable news crew.
00:24:33>> We do have open cells but guess what, you don't dictate where you go so guess what you're going to one.
00:24:36>> You're not going to put my [ bleep ] life in danger, man.
00:24:39I'm not going to -- >> you just told us -- you asked to go.
00:24:43You asked to be move.
00:24:44>> Just like we told you last night that's where you're going.
00:24:46>> Let's go.
00:24:48>> I'm not going to one.
00:24:50>> You're going outside right now.
00:24:51>> Well, I'm not going to one.
00:24:52I want to talk to the warden.
00:24:52>> Schreiber will be held in an enclosed rec area while porters clean his cell.
00:24:58>> If they want to play games, I'll take down the whole [ bleep ] -- I'm not on the side of the [ bleep ] prisoners.
00:25:04I'm not on the side of the [ bleep ] staff.
00:25:08I'm my own [ bleep ] army.
00:25:09Of one.
00:25:13>> I know he did it because you look at the door there's nothing on the outside of the door and it's all running down the front of the door on the inside.
00:25:22You can see where it hit the tray slot and leaked through and only place it's on the door.
00:25:25If he went underneath the door it would have been splattered all over the door.
00:25:30It wouldn't have hit it and sprayed back out.
00:25:31>> When I saw it I thought he did it myself too.
00:25:35>> Schreiber has pointed the finger at aric miera.
00:25:39Now fox and piper will talk to him.
00:25:42To get his side of the story.
00:25:43>> I didn't do it.
00:25:44He was talking about getting [ bleep ] all day long about bombing us.
00:25:47You know?
00:25:49>> Did he say anything to you?
00:25:50You didn't get him before he got you?
00:25:53>> No.
00:25:54You can ask them guys that were in there.
00:25:58He's been there all morning.
00:25:59I think the guy wants to check in.
00:26:00>> All right.
00:26:01That's all we needed to know then.
00:26:03>> All right.
00:26:05>> Hey, you [ bleep ].
00:26:08You fat little [ bleep ].
00:26:09>> He's getting [ bleep ].
00:26:10I'm going to make it extra thick, man.
00:26:12It's going to be extra thick and full of [ bleep ].
00:26:19>> It's on now.
00:26:20That's a felony, by the way, you dumb [ bleep ].
00:26:23You [ bleep ] bomb another prisoner nowadays, it's a felony.
00:26:29>> Pipe somewhere fox both suspect miera is telling the truth.
00:26:32But still, piper talks to some of schreiber's other neighbors to get a clearer picture.
00:26:37>> This guy, he said he cannot go to gp for some apparent reason, you know, and that he's going to do whatever he has to do to stay in here.
00:26:44>> All right, man.
00:26:45All right.
00:26:45>> Correctional staff soon conclude miera was not involved in the incident, and take no further action against him.
00:26:53Once schrieber's cell is finally cleaned, piper and fox escort him back in but schrieber is not happy with the results.
00:27:02>> Oh, damn, still smells like a barn yard in here.
00:27:04What the [ bleep ].
00:27:06Look at this wall.
00:27:08It's still got [ bleep ] on it.
00:27:09Hey, man.
00:27:11Come and get it.
00:27:12You smell that?
00:27:15I'm not [ bleep ].
00:27:17This poor half [ bleep ] job.
00:27:21This poor half [ bleep ] job.
00:27:23>> Next -- >> you know the guy that flashes little kids at pools, that's a piece of [ bleep ].
00:27:27>> Timothy schreiber is on the move and still pressing buttons.
00:27:31>> This one offender, he is the ultimate test down while you can maintain your professionalism.
00:27:35>> You're not going to manipulate the system here at limon.
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00:30:45>>> San diego police say they discovered the body of amb dubois saturday.
00:30:54Police are investigating her death has a murder.
00:30:57A federal judge has order the bus company involved in the crash south of phoenix, arizona to cease operations.
00:31:04The department of transportation says carrier was running illegally.
00:31:10Six people died in the crash.
00:31:10" >> due to mature subject matter viewer discretion is advised.
00:31:22>>> That's crazy.
00:31:23What's that noise?
00:31:24>> I'm curious too.
00:31:26>> When "lockup" producers first interviewed michael gill, they were interrupted as other inmates flooded the administrative segregation unit by backing up their toilets.
00:31:40Now only 60 days away from being paroled on his two-year sentence gill is facing a disciplinary hearing board for allegedly attempting the same act.
00:31:47It all began when he asked staff for a mop.
00:31:55>> Sergeant wagner writes in his report, gill stated to me if I did not give him a mop right now he would attempt to flood his cell, which he actually did attempt to do a little bit later on in the day.
00:32:03I believe his actions meet the definition of the charge.
00:32:04I have nothing further.
00:32:05>> Your turn.
00:32:07>> Wow, I just wanted to [ bleep ] them off by flushing the toilet 100 times in a row.
00:32:12I never put anything in there.
00:32:14I got to walk around in the crap.
00:32:19You failed to mention I asked him eight times previous and it was over a course of a hour that I had someone else's toilet water in the cell.
00:32:26>> He says he wanted it because his flooded his own cell.
00:32:29And the water spread into gill's.
00:32:31>> Be real, if you were at home and you had toilet water on your floor you would clean it up immediately, wouldn't you?
00:32:36I expected reasonable time to clean up my toilet water or someone else's toilet water.
00:32:44>> Were they dealing with something else?
00:32:46>> They were getting ready.
00:32:46>> Listen, it's not my fault this place is short-staffed and cannot get staff down here in an adequate amount of time.
00:32:53>> There's 950 guys here which they were looking at 60 days.
00:32:57I know it's not easy but you're just going have to bow your neck and do it.
00:32:59They're not going to kick you out early.
00:33:02This last 60 days is going to be what you make of it.
00:33:08>> What I'm going to do is give you 20 days punitive segregation and give you credit for 10 days served and probate the remaining 10 days.
00:33:15>> Thank you.
00:33:16>> We got 60 days to polish you up.
00:33:18I don't know if we can do it.
00:33:20>> I tell you.
00:33:22>> Doesn't look good.
00:33:25>> It's going to be -- you probably hear it all the time but when I go home it's going to be so much different.
00:33:29I got a job.
00:33:30I'll make more than anyone in here when I get out.
00:33:35This ain't my life.
00:33:35>> Good.
00:33:37I hope I never see you again.
00:33:39>> I'm going to move up here.
00:33:40Is there a lot of work?
00:33:41Are they hiring at denny's?
00:33:43>> No, no, there's no work.
00:33:45No housing.
00:33:48There's nothing out here.
00:33:50>> But later, the levity gave way to an ominous warning when gill talked about the one inmate on his cell block who could cause him to prolong his stay in prison.
00:33:58>> His name I believe is shriver or schreiber.
00:34:05You know the guy that flashes little kids at pools and sexually molests 13-year-old girls?
00:34:08That's a piece of [ bleep ].
00:34:11>> Schreiber came to limon two days ago and obviously scared to be at this facility.
00:34:17Because of his offense so he's acted out in an effort to get locked up.
00:34:25>> If schreiber could have his way, he would remain locked up in administrative segregation, but prison officials are planning to move him to unit one, a general population cell block.
00:34:36>> His sixth time back.
00:34:37He knows how they treat sex offenders, you know.
00:34:40And we tried to explain to him how we have the large amount of sex offenders out here and we deal with the population pretty well.
00:34:49This morning, I think we finally got through to him.
00:34:51>> Let's move him down to one and let the process run its course and explain to him how it works, that if he does come up with issues, he needs to talk with piper and we'll assess it from there.
00:35:01>> But even before he can escort schreiber to unit one, piper receives word that schreiber is antagonizing other inmates in that seg.
00:35:09>> What's he saying about kids?
00:35:15>> Down there running his mouth about what he wants to do to little kids and stuff again.
00:35:20>> You don't let these guys get to you.
00:35:24You don't think about them.
00:35:24You come in, do a job.
00:35:25We're not here to punish.
00:35:26We're here to act professional but I can honestly say this one offender, he is the ultimate test to how well you can maintain your professionalism.
00:35:38>> [ Bleep ].
00:35:39You can take me out here with all these [ bleep ] fools handcuffed.
00:35:47Geez, man.
00:35:47I'm sure you're really going to step in if anybody does anything too, right?
00:35:50I'm not saying anything.
00:35:53>> Are you speaking?
00:35:54Are you speaking?
00:35:55You're saying something.
00:35:59>> You already know what you should do.
00:36:07You should ad seg me, and while you're not is beyond me so why don't you tell me why you're not ad segging me.
00:36:09>> There is no valid threat right now.
00:36:13>> Oh yeah?
00:36:15Well, why don't you look at my write-ups at territorial I got a write-up for possessing a razor knife in my cell.
00:36:22>> Prior to placing him in general population, warden trinity wants to make sure schreiber doesn't dig himself into a deeper hole.
00:36:31>> Do you understand I'm not going to waste an ad seg bed on you.
00:36:34You're not a legitimate threat.
00:36:36You're trying to check in is what you're trying to do.
00:36:38>> Damn right.
00:36:41I'm trying to check in.
00:36:41I'm trying to save my own [ bleep ] neck.
00:36:43>> You would not have been moved to this facility if there was a verified theft against your life.
00:36:48Let these gentlemen do their job.
00:36:51If we verify a threat, we'll with it appropriately.
00:36:57You telling the other offenders why you're here isn't doing you favors.
00:36:59That will cause you problems throughout your whole career.
00:37:00Keep your mouth in the unit.
00:37:01Don't talk about why you're here.
00:37:03Don't threaten other inmates because that's not going to get you anywhere.
00:37:06That will get you hurt.
00:37:07>> Warden, do you realize that by walking into that they know what kind of offender I am?
00:37:13>> They don't know what kind of offender you are.
00:37:14>> Are you guys -- >> there's a whole bunch of offenders just like you out there and everybody knows what they are, but they're not standing on a tier telling them everybody and threatening their families.
00:37:24You do what I told you this morning and keep your mouth shut and you'll make it here.
00:37:27You don't do it and you'll be in trouble.
00:37:28>> Once you put me out there in the population, I'm going to get my ass beat down and end number in thinfirmary, if I'm lucky.
00:37:41If not I'll end up in a graveyard.
00:37:42>> If legitimate threats are made against you, you need to report to these gentlemen and we'll deal with it accordingly.
00:37:45Do you understand that?
00:37:46>> Yes, sir.
00:37:47I do.
00:37:48>> End of story.
00:37:50That's the way it's going to be.
00:37:52>> You're setting up me for a beating if I'm lucky.
00:37:53>> Listen while I'm talking to you.
00:37:55>> All right.
00:37:58>> Our units are segregated.
00:37:59They don't interact with each other.
00:38:02>> Oh?
00:38:02>> If we fine a unit where you don't have enemies, you can make it there.
00:38:05>> It's not the neighborhood that's so bad.
00:38:06It's the neighbors.
00:38:08>> Here's what you need to know.
00:38:10>> That's what it is.
00:38:11>> Listen to me.
00:38:12>> What?
00:38:12>> You're not going to manipulate the system here at limon.
00:38:15You've manipulated the system at every other system you've been at.
00:38:19That's not going to happen to limon.
00:38:20You'll go through the process just like every other inmate that comes in here.
00:38:23If that means you go out in population, that's what is going to happen.
00:38:29If we can verify custody issues and move you, that's the way it's going to go.
00:38:34But you're going to do our process.
00:38:35We're not going to do yours.
00:38:35>> I'm going to do everything in my power to make, you know, the system work for me.
00:38:38In my favor.
00:38:41>> In regards -- >> in regards to going to the hole.
00:38:46>> Coming up -- >> it happens.
00:38:49>> George grahf facing the disciplinary board.
00:38:53For flooding his cell block.
00:38:54>> You know what happens here.
00:38:55>> An unexpected development infuriates gill and more trouble for timothy schreiber.
00:39:02>> As I was walking by, he had his happens down his pants making the masturbating motion. insuran?
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00:42:30>>> Confined to limon's administrative segregation unit inmate george grahf still found a way make a statement when he flooded his cell and unleashed a deluge on the rest of the cell block.
00:42:43He then refused to leave his cell prompting a forced cell extraction.
00:42:46>> It makes a point.
00:42:46Here's the thing.
00:42:47I'll explain real simply.
00:42:50It's my actions that day affected how many people?
00:42:56>> Lots.
00:42:59>> Okay.
00:42:59>> Their actions only affected who?
00:43:00Me, right?
00:43:01It might be petty.
00:43:01It might be stupid.
00:43:02You got to understand we live in a box.
00:43:04I live in a box.
00:43:05That's it.
00:43:06My life is in a box.
00:43:07We have nothing else to do.
00:43:09I had the joy of knowing that i affected them as much as they affected me.
00:43:12And that's what gets you through it.
00:43:17You know what I mean?
00:43:18Their day was just as hard as my day was.
00:43:19>> Now grahf faces the prison's disciplinary hearing board to account for his actions.
00:43:24>> It's the position of the department that, as a result of this man's actions, numerous staff were called away from their normal duties to participate in the forced cell move.
00:43:34It's all I have at this time.
00:43:35>> Mr. grahf.
00:43:38>> I have nothing to say.
00:43:43>> In my opinion, this is a little bit out of character.
00:43:44You were -- >> doing good.
00:43:47>> -- Doing good time down there.
00:43:49What happened?
00:43:49Do you want to discuss it or would you rather not?
00:43:50>> It's personal things.
00:43:54You know?
00:43:54[ Bleep ] happens.
00:43:55You know of all people that [ bleep ] happens here.
00:43:59>> I agree.
00:43:59>> It doesn't take long for the board to render a decision.
00:44:04>> Sanctions for this case are ten days punitive segregation.
00:44:07>> Ten days.
00:44:09That's a little generous.
00:44:11>> Ten days it took me longer than that for the paperwork.
00:44:12>> He's ad segged.
00:44:15Any more is not going to really help.
00:44:19>> While grahf and others will remain here, he and others will be transferred to one of the state's most highly restrictive prisons where all the inmates are locked down 23 hours a day.
00:44:30It's just a matter of waiting for a cell to open up.
00:44:34Grahf has four limon inmates ahead of him, but not for long.
00:44:38>> Going in to take four guys out ad seg, michael gill is one of them.
00:44:43We're taking him to sterling.
00:44:44>> How do you feel about your move today?
00:44:48>> Pretty [ bleep ] off.
00:44:51It's four hours away from my family.
00:44:53I got 61 days left, and they're moving me f no reason.
00:44:57>> He's a hot head and he gets upset real easy so you have to walk around him easily.
00:45:01>> My whole goal is just to go home, and I was secure here.
00:45:06I know everyone here.
00:45:08I'm comfortable here.
00:45:09>> Gill appeared to take the news well, until his request for a shower seemed to hit a snag.
00:45:14>> Were you afforded an opportunity to take a shower yesterday?
00:45:20>> No.
00:45:21>> Why not?
00:45:22>> Yesterday we don't get a shower.
00:45:23It's canteen.
00:45:23>> Let me talk to the staff and I'll get back -- >> she said that they were going to be here any minute.
00:45:30It's been an hour.
00:45:31>> I'm going to go out and talk to them right now.
00:45:32Give me the chance to fix this.
00:45:33All right?
00:45:36The only chance to fix it you go off and you loose.
00:45:41All right?
00:45:41>> Have patience.
00:45:42>> Have patience.
00:45:42Have I done you wrong?
00:45:43Then give me that respect.
00:45:44>> Gill's patience didn't last long.
00:45:45>> I'm going to go on a bus and head butt because I don't get a shower.
00:45:55>> I'm going to start [ bleep ] -- haven't taken a shower in three days.
00:45:58>> You by think lieutenant gill is taking care of that.
00:46:06>> What [ bleep ] kind of bull [ bleep ] is that?
00:46:08>> This is the kind of [ bleep ] games to play?
00:46:13>> I'm not going to get no [ bleep ] shower until at least tomorrow.
00:46:19[ Bleep ] kind of bull [ bleep ] is that?
00:46:21>> Though ad seg inmates are limited to three showers per week, the confusion over gill's allotment was soon cleared up.
00:46:27>> I got my shower in so I'm good.
00:46:30>> How is your head?
00:46:31>> My head is fine.
00:46:32>> Really?
00:46:33>> Yeah.
00:46:35>> How is your head?
00:46:38My head is fine but I didn't bash it against a window.
00:46:40>> Three days without a shower, you know, I can't do three days without a shower.
00:46:46It's bull.
00:46:48>> Only thing I'm looking forward to is being on that van with the radio on so -- something I look toward to.
00:46:54How long of a drive is it?
00:46:55>> A couple hours.
00:46:57>> Can I sit up front?
00:46:58I haven't listened to music.
00:47:01That's all I care about.
00:47:03I got to take [ bleep ].
00:47:07>> You can have the whole long.
00:47:10>> Whoa, whoa there's ice on the ground.
00:47:11I don't feel comfortable in the car.
00:47:14I'd like to say good-bye to limon.
00:47:17Tell the place they can kiss my [ bleep ].
00:47:2260 Days, I'll never look back.
00:47:24>> He leaves behind the inmate and seemingly strives to annoy all those he comes in contact with.
00:47:30Timothy schreiber who now lives in general population.
00:47:33>> What is your name?
00:47:34>> I'll put it in writing for you.
00:47:36>> State your name.
00:47:36>> State your name.
00:47:39>> You need to -- get your meal, get your meal and go back to your house.
00:47:45>> She's the housing sergeant.
00:47:47She won't tell me her name.
00:47:49What's your name?
00:47:51>> Get your meal and go back to your house.
00:47:54>> He wants everything right now and he wants it on his time.
00:47:57I don't anything an inmate tells me to do ever.
00:48:00>> I'll find out your name.
00:48:02>> I will write it out for you.
00:48:03>> I'll find out your name.
00:48:04>> Even if I say it to you, you won't understand it.
00:48:08I have to write it down for you.
00:48:09>> You know what's coming, mother [ bleep ].
00:48:11You know what's coming.
00:48:14>> They hate him.
00:48:16I mean he has brought so much heat on this pod and disrespected them.
00:48:22He's called them inappropriate names, racial slurs, all this stuff and, you know, they're not going to put up with it.
00:48:28>> Neither will the correctional staff.
00:48:30Schreiber has been written up yet again.
00:48:33>> Last night during count they caught him masturbating.
00:48:39>> He just chose to be masturbating during count.
00:48:40He knew the female officers were counting.
00:48:43>> As I was walking by for count he had his hands down his pants making the masturbating motion.
00:48:49I asked him to stand for count.
00:48:51He kind of sat there, rolled his eyes for a second and slowly stood like he was annoyed.
00:48:56He just kind of looked at me and pressed his face up against the window and stood there for a few minutes and I walked back down the tier and walked back by and he followed me.
00:49:04His eyes had followed me the entire time.
00:49:07>> It was not true.
00:49:09I was sitting on my bunk with my hands on my thighs looking at her like this because I wasn't going to stand up for count.
00:49:16I was going to deliberately not stand up for count.
00:49:18I wanted to get a write-up for disobeying a lawful order to help my cause of getting ad seg.
00:49:26It's cool that she falsely accused me of this because now they're putting me in seg.
00:49:31>> But schreiber's assumption that he will be immediately placed in ad seg is false.
00:49:38He must wait up to seven working days for a disciplinary hearing before a placement in ad seg is considered.
00:49:45>> You're the enemy.
00:49:46>> Prison policy is only to put inmates in ad seg prior to a hear, when they pose an immediate threat to themselves or others.
00:49:52>> I feel that I don't deserve this [ bleep ].
00:49:55I'm mad about it and I'm mad about having to do the time the way they want me to do the time and I'm going to do everything in my power to bug these people to death.
00:50:06And that's a fact.
00:50:09>> Coming up -- >> is this the twilight zone again.
00:50:12>> Timothy schreiber's day of reckoning.
00:50:15>> I know you believe in your mind that you're getting out in august.
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00:53:31>>> in his short time at the limon correctional facility, timothy schreiber has done very little to win any friends.
00:53:36He's antagonized other inmates by speaking openly of his sex crimes.
00:53:42Used racial slurs and made false accusations.
00:53:45He has verbally abused staff and masturbated in front of a female officer, all part of a campaign to be sent back to administrative segregation.
00:53:54But now schreiber has taken things to another level.
00:53:59Officers have discovered a shank in his cell.
00:54:02We interviewed him the morning of his disciplinary hearing on the matter.
00:54:04He was still sleeping.
00:54:07>> I just found it.
00:54:09I didn't make it.
00:54:10I found it underneath the bed.
00:54:11I gave it to one of the guards.
00:54:16It just turned up at the right time.
00:54:19I can't believe it but that's what happened.
00:54:20>> Schreiber has opted to not defend himself at the hearing.
00:54:23>> It's too early for me.
00:54:27I don't get up and do anything until like, lunch.
00:54:33It's exactly what I want anyway.
00:54:34The hearing, you know?
00:54:35There's no point in me being there.
00:54:36>> So what's the answer?
00:54:36>> Okay.
00:54:37Would you read the notice for administrative segregation.
00:54:41>> Summary states schreiber has demonstrated a pattern of incorrigibility and convicted of six different copd violations and housed at nine different facility in about a six-month period.
00:54:53>> And -- how many occasions was there a homemade weapon.
00:54:55>> Appears he had three different incidents since he's been at this facility he attempted to incite other offenders, made racial slur, been disrupted, masturbated in front of female staff and made inappropriate sexual comments and had a homemade knife.
00:55:10>> Obviously doesn't want to change.
00:55:13It doesn't matter where he gets moved to.
00:55:15>> He said he wanted to be placed in ad seg.
00:55:16He is afraid to be in general population.
00:55:19>> My concern is the actions he might take because he wants to be administration segregated.
00:55:23>> Do you believe if we put him back into general population he will hurt another member or staff member?
00:55:28>> Yes, I do.
00:55:29>> Do you believe in that?
00:55:30>> I do.
00:55:32>> Based on the seriousness of phoneder schreiber's continuing disruptive behavior, this committee finds his conduct poses a serious threat to the security and staff of this facility.
00:55:43Therefore, this committee is going to recommend ad seg placement.
00:55:47>> This is what I've been trying to do since september.
00:55:51And then I went to five different prisons and landed up here.
00:55:55Finally they did the right thing here after it took me ten write-ups.
00:55:59You know?
00:56:00But they finally did the right thing.
00:56:02They got rid of probably one of the biggest management problems in their history -- me.
00:56:09And so I got what I wanted.
00:56:13>> Schreiber got exactly what he wanted for now.
00:56:17But what he doesn't realize is that very soon his actions might result in a consequence that he never anticipated.
00:56:24He has just been summoned to the associate warden's office.
00:56:27>> It's probably something i said because they probably heard me say something they want to talk to me about it.
00:56:34It's all it is.
00:56:36Probably -- I made a comment to one of the guards.
00:56:39It's probably what this is about.
00:56:41I hope that's all it's about.
00:56:47But in reality the matter is far more serious.
00:56:50Schreiber's attempts to manipulate the prison might have come with profound repercussions.
00:56:55>> I know you believe in your mind that you're getting out in august.
00:56:57That's probably not going to happen.
00:57:00You're looking at a whole bunch of time.
00:57:02They're even talking about filing a habitual on you.
00:57:07So you could being looking at rest of your life here.
00:57:11>> You understand what that's based off.
00:57:12The shanks that were found in your possession.
00:57:15As I understand you've been found with two previous and then the shank found in your cell at limon correctional facility.
00:57:23>> I found them.
00:57:24I didn't make them.
00:57:25I found them.
00:57:26>> Well, that will be handled in court.
00:57:29But I'm telling you, with the amount of time that you're looking at, quit antagonizing these inmates because you're going to have to live with them maybe for the rest of your life and what you're building now you're going to pay for it down the road.
00:57:42>> Oh, dude, I'll told you right now if I get criminal charges off of finding a bik razor in my cell, I'm not going to be doing that time.
00:57:52I'll tell you right now.
00:57:52I'm not going to be doing that time.
00:57:53>> Well, I'm here to tell you you'll end up.
00:57:56>> I'm telling you right now I'm going to kill myself if I go and get criminal charges on that [ bleep ].
00:58:02That's what I'm telling you right now in front of these cameras.
00:58:05I'm not doing any more me in prison off this [ bleep ].
00:58:10So if I get criminal charges past august I'm killing myself, plain and simple.