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00:00:00For inmates with violent crimes and no parole dates in sight, their minds require distractions to stay sane.
00:00:07>> Never a dull moment.
00:00:08>> Whether it be the friend next door or the relative hundreds of miles away.
00:00:14>> I want him closer to home.
00:00:15>> And when these comforts are taken from them, the results can be explosive.
00:00:28Administrative segregation, or ad seg, is where holman's most volatile inmates are kept in 23 hour a day of solitary confinement.
00:00:39For 19 of his 43 years, bobby ray gilbert has known no other home.
00:00:45>> It affects a person, it does.
00:00:47I would be lying to say it didn't.
00:00:52Your thought patterns change, of what you think about changes.
00:00:57Back then, I day dream about the whole getting out, having a family, picket fence.
00:01:08You know, the daydreams to get out and do it right this time, you know?
00:01:14And now you daydream about how you can blow this whole prison up and kill everybody in it.
00:01:20Man, if I could just do society a favor.
00:01:31>> Bobby gilbert, whose friends call him snake, was locked up for murder when he was 18.
00:01:37He's racked up a lot more time for his violent behavior behind bars.
00:01:40>> I've got life without parole, two life sentences, two 99-year sentences, a 40-year sentence, a 20-year sentence and a 17-year sentence.
00:01:52Yeah, I have anger issues.
00:01:55>> We first met bobby gilbert during the shooting of the holman" episode.
00:02:00>> Do you want me to exhibit some sort of model behavior but yet every avenue is closed to us to do anything constructive.
00:02:10We can't read a novel because we can't have one.
00:02:13I can't play chess through the mail like we used to.
00:02:16>> Segregation ain't meant to be nice.
00:02:18You ain't here because you were doing something constructive.
00:02:23>> Bobby gilbert's mother kathy hartline remembers their abusive household where both she and bobby were exposed to extreme violence.
00:02:29>> 12 Years old, bobby saw a lot of abuse.
00:02:31He did.
00:02:34I guess it's partly my fault, because I should have got out of it.
00:02:41But I had nowhere to go and i thought I had to stay there.
00:02:47>> I didn't really have what you call a childhood where you could be, you know, be a kid, play.
00:02:54Humor and cutting up wasn't all looked upon too well for me.
00:02:59>> A lot of times bobby would see his dad beating me, abusing me, and bobby would tell him, dad, quit, dad, don't do that.
00:03:04We're very close.
00:03:06He's my baby boy.
00:03:13And he always stood for me and i did him.
00:03:15>> I started picking up where he left off.
00:03:18[ Bleep ].
00:03:19I was turning into the same [ bleep ] he was.
00:03:21I had anger inside of me and then I get into an argument with a man over some money that he owed me and words were exchanged and he would pay me over his dead body.
00:03:34I said, okay, fine, we'll do it that way then.
00:03:35I left.
00:03:36Went and bought a rifle and went back and shot him and took my money out of his wallet.
00:03:45So because I took money out of his wallet it was a murder/robbery now.
00:03:50>> Instead of rehabilitation, prison had the opposite effect on bobby gilbert.
00:03:53It bred more violence in him.
00:03:56>> I killed somebody because i felt like they were taking something from me and then i come to a world where everybody thinks they can take something from me.
00:04:10So, you know, you've got a convergence of forces here.
00:04:14In november of '90, another inmate beat me out of money.
00:04:15I went and confronted him and he [ bleep ], you know.
00:04:22I just went back in that mindset that I've had enough of this [ bleep ].
00:04:30So I went to my cell and packed all my property because I knew i was fixing to go to jail.
00:04:35I went and got a knife and i stabbed him to death.
00:04:37>> We've struggled together.
00:04:37We've hurt together.
00:04:41And he knows if he needs me, I'm here for him.
00:04:47>> At this point you just look back and realize that the best part of it is over with anyway.
00:04:57You know, the ball game's pretty much played.
00:05:00You're just sitting in the bleachers now.
00:05:03>> I talked to him about it.
00:05:04He says little weird comments like, yeah, in about ten years I'll go ahead and kill me a policeman and go to death row and just be over with.
00:05:13You know?
00:05:14Because you ain't doing nothing here.
00:05:15You know, not with life without.
00:05:17He ain't got an upper hand, you know?
00:05:21>> Bobby's neighbor, donald pippin, has been in ad seg since a botched escape attempt in county jail since 2001.
00:05:31>> What are you doing over there?
00:05:33>> Your mama.
00:05:33>> Through a shared cell wall, bobby and donald have become friends.
00:05:35>> What are you doing?
00:05:36>> Nothing.
00:05:40>> Going to be tired.
00:05:42>> Yeah.
00:05:43It's going to be too hot here in about another month.
00:05:46>> Soon donald and bobby will have to do their communicating long distance.
00:05:48Donald is getting out in a month.
00:05:49>> I'll probably miss snake.
00:05:51We go at it all the time, you know?
00:05:54He's a cool dude.
00:05:57I hate his situation.
00:05:58You know?
00:06:04>> Got a girl next to me that keeps me company all the time.
00:06:07>> Nobody wants to talk to you.
00:06:08Go on home, sissy.
00:06:13I don't [ bleep ] with you shorttimers anyway.
00:06:16>> In addition to yelling through their doors, donald pippin and bobby gilbert communicate by passing fish lines between their cells.
00:06:28>> Everybody's here for a reason.
00:06:30You know, I think he's got his issues just like everybody else, you know?
00:06:35I ain't going to buy no helicopter and help him escape but I hope he does get away one day, you know.
00:06:41>> Bobby has been on good behavior for a year, trying to clean up his disciplinary record so he can be transferred to a prison in northern alabama.
00:06:49>> I don't get to see him about twice a year because he's in atwater, and I'm not financially able to drive down there every month.
00:06:59>> It's a financial strain on her.
00:07:01She has to miss work to drive 400 miles down here.
00:07:04>> I want him closer to home where I can go and be with him.
00:07:07>> It's not about me.
00:07:09I'm going to be locked up wherever I'm at.
00:07:12It just takes some strain off my mom because she wants to see me and I want to see her.
00:07:16You know?
00:07:17And while I understand punishing me or making my life miserable, you know, that's all well and good.
00:07:26But you know, she ain't done anything to anybody.
00:07:28>> Today is bobby gilbert's annual progress review where the senior staff will look at his disciplinary record and see if he should be recommended for transfer.
00:07:40>> What's up, bobby?
00:07:41>> What's up?
00:07:42>> You been doing okay?
00:07:44>> Hanging in there.
00:07:46Sweating a little bit.
00:07:47>> You was doing all well until march the 27th of 2007, and you had a disciplinary citation for insubordination.
00:07:57>> Citation.
00:07:59>> Citation.
00:08:00What was that all about?
00:08:00>> I had a disagreement with the mail lady.
00:08:02>> Mail lady?
00:08:02>> And I was rejected.
00:08:05I don't even -- I talked to warden culliver about it.
00:08:07I wrote him about it.
00:08:08He understands the situation.
00:08:12I should have at least had a hearing on it.
00:08:14I didn't get no say in the citation.
00:08:15You know how that works.
00:08:20>> My assessment at this time due to this recent infraction, i can't make a recommendation for a transfer per your progress review here.
00:08:33>> He just wants to get closer to home, his family traveling.
00:08:36I think he said his mom or someone else, but if I complete the paperwork here and send it in to central review board, they would not go along with the transfer.
00:08:47Just due to that infraction.
00:08:49You okay?
00:08:53>> No, I ain't.
00:09:00>> All right.
00:09:01>> Next on "lockup," bobby's reaction to the staff's decision.
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00:12:19>>> Bobby gilbert's request for transfer to be closer to his mother has just been rejected by the senior staff at holman.
00:13:10>> What's the problem?
00:13:11What's up, bobby?
00:13:13>> I don't have a problem with you man and I don't want one.
00:13:16>> Let's not have one.
00:13:17What's going on?
00:13:19>> My mom drives [ bleep ] miles down here -- >> quit beating on that glass.
00:13:21You know we can't let you keep doing that.
00:13:25>> Whenever you all want to take me, man.
00:13:26I'm ready to go, man.
00:13:27I don't care.
00:13:29[ Bleep ].
00:13:32Everything I've been working for.
00:13:33However they want to do it from this day forward -- there's two sides to me.
00:13:40[ Bleep ].
00:13:41>> I'm not going to let one individual disrupt 1,000, so if force is needed to remove you other, so be it.
00:13:51>> I sat up there and mind my own [ bleep ] business for five [ bleep ] years and they blind-sided me like that.
00:14:00>> This is what you live for in the penitentiary.
00:14:02Never a dull moment.
00:14:09>> Bobby must spend time in the bullpen outside while officers clean his cell.
00:14:16>> He can go up there and strip my [ bleep ].
00:14:17It don't matter.
00:14:19I got 100 friends out there.
00:14:24Give me whatever I can work with.
00:14:27>> Finally got him out of the cell, moved him outside.
00:14:29Now we'll find what he was busting that window with.
00:14:37Here it is.
00:14:42One of those caps off that bullpen out there.
00:14:44The post.
00:14:47Bobby getting out of the cell.
00:14:49He smuggled this into his cell.
00:14:51One of the caps from the metal post.
00:14:55He was busting the window, making all kinds of threats about what he's going to do.
00:15:00He's pretty agitated right now.
00:15:02>> Just leave him in the yard.
00:15:07>> We're going to leave bobby out there on the bullpen for probably three, four hours and let him calm town and think about it.
00:15:17When he gets through with his mad behavior, he'll be ready to apologize and get back to maybe what he should be.
00:15:19>> Ask any officer what he wants, by god, I don't [ bleep ] with nobody.
00:15:23But it's me and neil that have a problem because these they took me off transfer.
00:15:31I got no other recourse now.
00:15:34>> Meanwhile, back upstairs in ad seg, his old neighbor donald pippin prepares to leave holman.
00:15:42>> In about 28 days, I'll eos, end of sentence, I'll get out of prison.
00:15:55>> In his criminal career, the worst crime donald committed was in jail.
00:15:57>> Reg stayed in the cell and me and billy hid in the showers and reg's job was to get the attention of the forward and he beat on the door and it was a woman.
00:16:05And she turned her back.
00:16:06It was easy and billy grabbed the back of her arms so she couldn't move.
00:16:08I put my hand on his shoulder and told her she wasn't going to get hurt, just give us the keys.
00:16:11You know?
00:16:12And she gave us the keys and dropped the flashlight.
00:16:14She was scared.
00:16:16She was crying.
00:16:19She was [ bleep ] herself, but the fear made her do it, give the keys up.
00:16:24>> Although donald's discharge is days away, he has yet to find a place to live upon release.
00:16:29>> When I came to prison I had everything.
00:16:32I had a house about three blocks from the beach in navarre and i was doing pretty decent, you know.
00:16:45When I came, they stripped all that away, all my clothes, vehicles.
00:16:47Hell, my rights, you know, they took everything.
00:16:48>> This is what I will be taking out of prison.
00:16:49Everything I own will be in here, letters and stuff I bought a long time ago.
00:16:52This shower bag.
00:16:53That's the only thing I'm getting out of prison, a leather bag and myself.
00:17:00>> But then a phone message comes into holman that can provide the answer to donald's search for a new home.
00:17:10>> Hey, your father called today.
00:17:11>> Who?
00:17:11>> Your father.
00:17:12He said he didn't forget your birthday.
00:17:13He's made several attempts to send you a letter.
00:17:14He said happy birthday.
00:17:15He changed his mind.
00:17:15He's going to give you a second chance.
00:17:19If you're sincere about getting out and coming to work, coming to oklahoma.
00:17:21>> Oklahoma?
00:17:24I ain't going to no oklahoma.
00:17:26>> That's where your father is and has his own business, right?
00:17:28>> Right.
00:17:28>> He says you're more than welcome to come when you get out ON THE 4th.
00:17:31You're welcome to come home, but only if you plan on doing right.
00:17:37>> That's a stretch.
00:17:41>> But I just wanted to inform you of that.
00:17:46So, are you going to go home?
00:17:47>> No.
00:17:54No, I ain't going out there.
00:17:55>> Okay.
00:17:56>> I appreciate it, though.
00:17:56>> He was thinking about you.
00:17:57He said he made several attempts to write you.
00:18:00>> I guess he can still be thinking.
00:18:02>> I done what I was supposed to do.
00:18:04>> Appreciate it.
00:18:05Thank you.
00:18:08>> All righty.
00:18:08Thank you.
00:18:09>> It's been ten years since i seen any of my family, my dad, my mom, my brothers or my sisters.
00:18:16Ain't no use in changing it now.
00:18:17They had a long enough time to do what they're going to do.
00:18:18They haven't done nothing.
00:18:20So they can stay in oklahoma and I can stay over here.
00:18:23>> I figured he would be happy to be reunited back with his father and have a job and something to look forward to, but he didn't, so maybe he hasn't -- he's not ready to do right.
00:18:36I guess we'll probably see him again.
00:18:40>>> Coming up on "lockup," with his transfer denied, has bobby lost all hope?
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00:22:00>>> With a week until release and nowhere to live, donald pippin desperately needs to find a place to call home.
00:22:06 holbrook may have a solution.
00:22:09>> We need to sit down and help him to accept the fact that he doesn't have anyone out there in society and he's going to have to accept living in a halfway house when he gets out.
00:22:29Hi, mr. pippin.
00:22:30Have a seat.
00:22:31Good to see you again.
00:22:32>> All right.
00:22:34>> How did everything go today?
00:22:35>> Same old, same old.
00:22:38>> I have some bad news for you, as far as I tried to contact mr.
00:22:45Austin for you, and he indicated he wasn't going to be able to be of any assistance to you in helping you get out.
00:22:50>> Pick me up?
00:22:51>> Picking you up.
00:22:54We're kind of on our own to find a -- establish a good place for you to live.
00:22:58You need to look into these halfway houses.
00:23:00Some of the directors or supervisors of the halfway houses, they are ex-offenders themselves.
00:23:09Some of them have alcohol and drug backgrounds.
00:23:12Some of them are professionals.
00:23:13They will be concerned about you.
00:23:14I think they will be able to help you with the transitional program that you require.
00:23:16Do you have any further questions?
00:23:17I'm sorry this didn't work out for you.
00:23:19>> I'm glad it didn't.
00:23:23You know, at least I know my options now.
00:23:25I thought I had a place with a friend of mine that was going to let me stay with him but obviously I guess it didn't turn out right.
00:23:30Talked to dr. holbrooke.
00:23:32He said he was going to look for a few halfway houses in mobile.
00:23:39Figure I get a better start on my own anyway.
00:23:44Instead of having friends and family hounding around me.
00:23:46>> It's certainly real important that he has a structured environment for the next six months when he gets out.
00:23:53So he would be better off actually going to the halfway house even if he had family.
00:23:56>> While donald is looking forward to life on the outside, long-term inmates must create homes inside holman.
00:24:03>> They were dead when I first got out of lockup, they were dying so I pulled them up and bust the roots up on them and replanted them.
00:24:11Being able to see things grow, to me, is therapeutic.
00:24:22 takes care of more than just plants.
00:24:29>> It's kind of like a little therapy thing, right?
00:24:31Because I used to be angry all the time, right?
00:24:34And I didn't like nobody talking to me, didn't want to be around nobody.
00:24:37So I started messing with the cats in the garden, and now it's just like, one of them things.
00:24:41Hey, girl.
00:24:45>> I'm going to get my bait and set my cat traps.
00:24:51>> They like scrambled eggs.
00:24:53This is my cat bait.
00:24:59>> Now, this is fluffy.
00:25:03This is the mama cat of all the cats.
00:25:04>> Stray cats have a calming effect on inmates but they create a nuisance for officers.
00:25:09>> I've been trying to catch fluffy for six months.
00:25:14I haven't caught her yet.
00:25:16Well, I caught her and somebody turned her loose.
00:25:18She got smart.
00:25:20She won't go back in the trap.
00:25:21>> It's personal between him and her, you know what I'm saying?
00:25:25It's wit, animal wit against human man wit.
00:25:34>> Microwave signals course through the fences of holman that when crossed notify officers of a possible breach.
00:25:39>> Three different sections of the fence have a microwave in them and the cats will walk through a microwave.
00:25:47A staff member will have to go around and see why it went off.
00:25:50See if they can figure it out.
00:25:51It takes up a lot of man hours, a lot of time to check.
00:25:59I picked this place for the cat.
00:26:01If you notice, there's a couple biscuits thrown out, a chicken bone.
00:26:05There's a hole in that second floor window where the inmates are feeding the cat.
00:26:11So I know that the cat will come to this area.
00:26:12>> She know better.
00:26:14She's been in there four times.
00:26:16Don't you think she knows better?
00:26:19I hope she do.
00:26:22I hope she don't be fooled like I was because I've been here two times.
00:26:24This is my third time.
00:26:33So I hope she show me I can learn from her.
00:26:36>> Fluffy isn't the only one not eating.
00:26:39Back at ad seg, bobby gilbert has chosen to go on a hunger strike in response to his transfer denial.
00:26:47>> How long does it take to starve to death?
00:26:4835, 40 Days.
00:26:51They can have it.
00:26:59I gave them 22 years, 6 months.
00:27:00That's enough.
00:27:02Start to feel like a sissy and keep rolling the stone up the hill, knowing damn well it's going to roll back to the bottom.
00:27:11You reach a point, it just ain't in your heart to fight anymore.
00:27:15>> I told him I'd write him when I got out to have a way to look back and know where I came from.
00:27:21He'll be there and every time i get a letter or I'll write or something, it will remind me to keep me on the straight and narrow.
00:27:28I feel that's more of a rehabilitative services than anything the state can offer.
00:27:35>>> Next on "lockup," donald's release is just days away and his future is more uncertain than ever.
00:27:40>> I know I told you last time i would probably go to the halfway house.
00:27:42But I ain't going to no halfway house.
00:27:43>> And later, has bobby changed his ways?
00:27:44>> Screw that.
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00:30:51>>> I'm veronica de la cruz.
00:30:53Here's what's happening.
00:30:55President obama and his family are enjoying a weekend holiday in maine.
00:30:58They've been hiking and biking in acadia national park.
00:31:03They're due back in washington sunday.
00:31:04>>> New york yankees, time-out in its first home game to honor george steinbrenner with a memorial presentation and ninth-inning win against tampa bay.
00:31:13" >>> due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised.
00:31:33>>> What I'm doing right now is re-dyeing this saddle.
00:31:40Reconditioning it, refurbishing it.
00:31:43I cleaned it, stripped it of all the old finish on it.
00:31:47And I put new dye on it.
00:31:48Dyeing it black.
00:31:50In here it take me four months.
00:31:51I will be spending a couple months.
00:31:56I'll be in 24 years this june, doing life without.
00:31:57I got a violent crime.
00:31:58This is my sanity here.
00:31:58You know, getting up here, working.
00:32:03You can get your mind off of what prison is and just relax.
00:32:07I just enjoy doing this.
00:32:08It's therapeutic for me.
00:32:12>> Donald pippin meets with dr.
00:32:14Holbrook for the last time before he's released from holman.
00:32:16>> Hey.
00:32:17 pippin, how are you doing today?
00:32:18Good to see you.
00:32:21>> I wrote my aunt.
00:32:23She wrote back and said I had a place, so I'm going go stay with her.
00:32:27>> That's a for sure thing?
00:32:28>> Yeah, that's a for sure thing.
00:32:30You can call her.
00:32:31I told you last time I would probably go to the halfway house but I ain't going to no halfway house.
00:32:36It's one thing to be able to go somewhere and be comfortable where you're at and another thing to be forced where you don't want to go.
00:32:41When I get out of prison, I want to be free.
00:32:44I don't want to have to abide by more rules that are institutionalized, you know.
00:32:49>> Well, keep in mind that your aunt will have expectations, also.
00:32:52>> Right.
00:32:53I know, she -- >> she has chores to be done around the house.
00:32:57>> That's one of the main reasons why I'm going.
00:33:01Because she's -- she's -- she's not a midget but she's a small person, all right?
00:33:06And she has problems getting around the house and doing stuff and running errands.
00:33:10She lives by herself.
00:33:11>> Halfway house would be better for him, but like he said, he's not willing to abide by further rules when he gets out.
00:33:19I think his aunt's home might be a little too lenient for him.
00:33:22I'm concerned about that.
00:33:24So it's really going to be all up to him to make it and make his own rules, to live by society's rules.
00:33:29>> I think I can -- I can abide by the laws, the regulations of the state.
00:33:35I think I will be all right.
00:33:35You know, I'll get a job.
00:33:36>> Are you concerned about your alcohol and drug use?
00:33:39>> No.
00:33:41I'm pretty much going to stay off drugs when I get out.
00:33:43I ain't going to mess with it.
00:33:46>> You're narcotics anonymous, is available in the community.
00:33:51>> The fact is, you start by crawling.
00:33:53And then you've got to walk.
00:33:56So I got to start crawling when I get out of here.
00:33:59>> See you later.
00:33:59>> All right.
00:34:08>> Back in the yard, fluffy makes an appearance to show off her new kitten.
00:34:12>> This here is leon.
00:34:14There's leon.
00:34:17Little black cat with gray on him.
00:34:21Looks like he's got something in him.
00:34:22>> Word travels fast to sergeant english.
00:34:25>> Fluffy's had another kitten.
00:34:27One of the inmates said he saw where she carried the kitten and hid it.
00:34:34I'm going over here to see if the kitten is still around there and see if she's been back.
00:34:36>> She's going to get with him now.
00:34:37She's fixing to go.
00:34:39Fixing to go with him.
00:34:41She's gone.
00:34:46She's hiding inside there.
00:34:47She knows sergeant english.
00:34:59>> She had that kitten put out right here in a box.
00:35:03>> There's no telling where she carried him to.
00:35:04>> Man, what's up?
00:35:04>> Where's fluffy?
00:35:05>> Why?
00:35:08>> Because it's one of my jobs.
00:35:09>> One of your jobs?
00:35:10>> Yeah.
00:35:11>> One of my jobs is to keep you from catching her.
00:35:14>> You got all the ammunition.
00:35:15Give me a break, man.
00:35:16>> That don't play.
00:35:21One of us is going to fail.
00:35:22>> I hope it's you.
00:35:23>> I know and it's going to be me, too.
00:35:24>> I hope it's you.
00:35:24She's got another kitten.
00:35:28>> Can't get to her yet.
00:35:29She ain't going to let you get to her.
00:35:32>> You get her where you can pet her up.
00:35:37We'll give her to somebody.
00:35:40>> I used to be a hunter way back.
00:35:45When I got married my wife has tendered my heart towards animals a little bit.
00:35:48So I can't be mean to them no more.
00:35:49One of them kittens went all of the way to california.
00:35:50I believe he might be living better than me and you are.
00:35:52>> I know he's living better than me.
00:35:53He's free.
00:35:53I'm inside this fence.
00:35:55>> I bet he's in an air-conditioned house.
00:35:56What do you bet?
00:35:59It's 90 something degrees out here and not going to sweat.
00:36:06And he's laid up in an air-conditioned house.
00:36:07>> Yeah.
00:36:08>> A little while later in ad seg, sergeant english escorts bobby gilbert to a haircut appointment.
00:36:16Bobby is eating again after he made an agreement with the warden.
00:36:18In return for taking anger management classes, the warden promised bobby a transfer, eventually.
00:36:26>> [ Bleep ].
00:36:28>> His old prison buddy, sherman moore, will be cutting bobby's hair.
00:36:32>> He's basically the same person that he was when I met him.
00:36:34He just came to prison.
00:36:35We were both in segregation.
00:36:43We understood one another off the top because we had the same mentality.
00:36:53It's all about being tough.
00:36:56The tough guy road, be in prison, nobody means nothing to me, it's my world.
00:36:58The world revolves around me.
00:36:59>> Do you think you can pull a flattop out of your hat?
00:37:06>> Is that what you want?
00:37:07>> Do this thing up right.
00:37:07>> You want to look like g.i.
00:37:08>> Yeah.
00:37:11>> Bobby has not come up out of that thinking mode yet.
00:37:13He still thinks that he has to do the things he has to do to survive when really prison is so much unlike it was 24 years ago.
00:37:25>> I was telling them all about you and me drinking that bottle of scope up in west jefferson.
00:37:30Remember that?
00:37:30>> That was about 1988.
00:37:31>> Yeah.
00:37:31>> I was sick as a dog.
00:37:32>> Didn't know the whole thing would get you drunk.
00:37:37>> It's got enough alcohol in it to get you drunk.
00:37:39Make you sick, though.
00:37:41We chased it with, what, lemonade?
00:37:43>> Yeah, chased it with lemonade.
00:37:46>> Yeah -- >> got you sick as a dog but you got some fresh breath.
00:37:49Put me down there in that observation cell, keep an eye on me.
00:37:51>> Safe cell?
00:37:51>> Yeah.
00:37:54Came down there and weighed me every day.
00:37:59I lost about 13 pounds in 4 days.
00:38:01>> Did you attempt to go on a hunger strike, did it accomplish what you wanted?
00:38:06>> I know culliver, he came down and said -- he could have just been an ass about it and said go on and starve yourself.
00:38:14But you know, he [ bleep ], right?
00:38:19Told me, hold it in the road and don't get in no [ bleep ].
00:38:22Talk about anger management classes.
00:38:24So he gave me the word i wouldn't be here this time next year.
00:38:28So that's all I want, you know.
00:38:29>> You need it.
00:38:31He's good people, but he's gone through a lot of stuff.
00:38:36He's not willing to put nothing down.
00:38:38That's what makes it hard on individuals to try to change, because they don't want to let go.
00:38:42We met in segregation.
00:38:43>> Yeah.
00:38:45>> We met in segregation.
00:38:45>> Can't get along with nobody.
00:38:46>> At one time I couldn't.
00:38:47At one time I most definitely couldn't.
00:38:48I had the same problem you had.
00:38:49We both went through that.
00:38:54What you -- >> I ain't outgrew my problem.
00:38:56>> Yeah, right.
00:38:59>> I'm in prison about 22 1/2 years now.
00:39:03I've spent almost 19 years in solitary confinement, so it's not like I've had the opportunity to develop social skills and be a gregarious individual.
00:39:16You keep on cutting, there ain't going to be nothing left up there.
00:39:18>> We all have choices.
00:39:19We all have options in prison, just like we have in society.
00:39:21It's whether we're trying to go the right direction.
00:39:23It all depends on us.
00:39:24It's nobody's fault but ours if we don't.
00:39:29>> You like that?
00:39:30>> Yeah.
00:39:31>>> Coming up next -- getting out of prison proves more difficult than donald originally thought.
00:39:39>> We don't know, he could still have enemies in the population.
00:39:41We don't know that.
00:39:44So we're going to make sure nothing happens to him.
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00:43:24>>> You ain't going to bother my trap.
00:43:25You beat up one of my traps and you will be in one of those cages for a long time.
00:43:28>> Been there what, five years.
00:43:29>> Two of fluffy's kittens have been spotted near the generators and sergeant english is on the scene.
00:43:37 uses a special whistling method to warn the cats.
00:43:44>> You will never hear a cat when he's a panic, when he's stressed?
00:43:48He will hear a loud sound.
00:43:51And he panics and runs away.
00:43:56That's kind of what we will do to make him break away.
00:43:58You ain't got to put him in no cage.
00:44:02[ Whistling ] when you catch him, what are you going to do with him?
00:44:11>> Carry him and give him a home somewhere.
00:44:16>> Like you did all the others?
00:44:18>> Like I did all the other ones.
00:44:19>> He's caught now.
00:44:19He's caught right now.
00:44:21's warnings are no match for scrambled eggs.
00:44:30>> That easy to catch him.
00:44:34>> With two cats in the bag, sergeant english is hot on the trail of their mother, fluffy.
00:44:37>> Man, them babies right there, that's cool.
00:44:39But I want to see you work with fluffy.
00:44:42I want to see you work with fluffy.
00:44:53>> I ain't got to put no cuffs on.
00:44:55>> Donald pippin's end of sentence has finally arrived after nearly six years in prison.
00:44:58>> Ready to go?
00:45:00>> I'm here.
00:45:00>> Around the back.
00:45:02>> I'm back.
00:45:03You ain't going yet.
00:45:04You ain't going yet.
00:45:08>> WE GOT AN INMATE EOS'ing Today.
00:45:10We're going to get him processed, get him in his free world clothes.
00:45:14Get him dressed out and then we'll take him up to the bus station about 45 minutes away, put him on a bus and he's a free man.
00:45:25>> What are you going to do when you get out?
00:45:28>> I'M GOING to McDonald's and get me a big mac combo meal.
00:45:29$44 And a change of clothes, 5 years, 10 months and 23 days.
00:45:38I ain't had no real food.
00:45:39These are about the only clothes I'm going to have, too.
00:45:40I need to find somebody to donate some.
00:45:42It ain't really going to sink in until I get in the bathtub and soak in water for about three hours.
00:45:48>> Put that shirttail in.
00:45:49>> One last time.
00:45:52One last time.
00:45:58We get out there in the van, you pull it out.
00:46:00>> One last time.
00:46:03>> Clear the hall!
00:46:10>> I'm going home!
00:46:11>> We don't know.
00:46:11He still could have enemies.
00:46:14In population.
00:46:15We don't know that, so make sure nothing don't happen to him before we get him out of here.
00:46:18>> Somebody may not want him to leave.
00:46:21>> All right, donald.
00:46:24>> Two, one gate.
00:46:25One more to freedom.
00:46:27I got one more to freedom before I start taking off running like a dog on a leash.
00:46:30>> No, don't do that now.
00:46:32>> Yeah.
00:46:34They might start shooting me with the bullet shots.
00:46:37It feels good to be out here.
00:46:37>> Does it?
00:46:38>> Yeah, it feels good.
00:46:40No chains, no nothing.
00:46:43The skies, the sun's hot.
00:46:44Feels real good.
00:46:45Feels like a million bucks.
00:46:47I'll be glad to get rid of that building.
00:46:50>> Go on.
00:46:53>> Finally free.
00:46:55It's wide-open country out here.
00:46:57I ain't been in such a wide-open space in so long.
00:47:00I feel like I can run across that field and tromp in the dirt or something like a little kid.
00:47:08>> With a 55-minute van ride to the bus depot and a five-hour bus ride to dothan, donald calls his aunt to confirm she will pick him up at the bus station.
00:47:20>> I'm calling you to tell him i 00 tonight.
00:47:22Sorry you can't pick up the phone.
00:47:23Hopefully I'll call you soon.
00:47:24See you later.
00:47:25Love you.
00:47:29I guess she ain't home.
00:47:32Voicemail or answering machine or something.
00:47:37That's pretty cool.
00:47:41>> Last time you see a cell phone?
00:47:43>> I ain't ever seen one this small.
00:47:44I ain't never seen one like this at all.
00:47:45Six years is a long time, i think.
00:47:48I hope -- I hope I can still be able to go -- I don't know how to say it.
00:47:56I'm choked up.
00:47:58In a way I am, in a way I ain't, you know.
00:48:03I just hope I can do the right thing, you know.
00:48:11It's hard to say it and do it.
00:48:12>> You know what not to do.
00:48:16>> I know what not to do.
00:48:17It's going to be hard.
00:48:18It ain't going to be easy.
00:48:20This is the easy part, going home today.
00:48:22>> Yeah, it is.
00:48:24You know, just being real about it.
00:48:26>> Right.
00:48:29>> Never said anything wrong to me, kevin.
00:48:37>> 20 Minutes change buses in montgomery.
00:48:38>> Montgomery?
00:48:38>> Yeah.
00:48:39>> Thank you, sir.
00:48:41>> Yeah.
00:48:42>> 12:30.
00:48:43You've got about 20 minutes.
00:48:44If you want to walk in there and get something, you can.
00:48:46>> Something to drink, something to smoke.
00:48:50That's a nice bike, dude.
00:48:51It's kind of crazy looking at all this stuff.
00:48:55I ain't seen so much variety in so long.
00:48:58I ain't never had one of these.
00:48:59I got locked up before this came out, red bull.
00:49:03I might st he to try this.
00:49:05I'm going to get this.
00:49:10I'm going crazy.
00:49:12Pork rinds.
00:49:13Here we go.
00:49:14I can get some of them.
00:49:16Tell your boobs to stop staring at me.
00:49:21I might need this one.
00:49:32Liberation right here.
00:49:35Because I can.
00:49:36In there you can't have that opportunity to do what you want to.
00:49:39This is probably going to be the only cigarettes I buy, to be honest with you.
00:49:43When them done, probably go to dipping.
00:49:48No, I'm kidding.
00:49:50>> Bye, donald.
00:49:51Take care of yourself.
00:49:52>> Thanks.
00:49:54Finally free.
00:49:54>> Okay.
00:49:55All right.
00:49:56I don't want to see you back, neither.
00:49:58>> No.
00:49:58>> All right.
00:49:59Take care.
00:50:02>> I got my degree in life now.
00:50:03>> All right.
00:50:04Take care, donald.
00:50:09He's on his own.
00:50:12There's going to be a lot of pressure on him.
00:50:13It's hard to tell if he's going to be sincere.
00:50:15I know he wants to be.
00:50:16But the temptation may be just too strong for him.
00:50:21You know?
00:50:22But we're through with him unless he gets picked up again and gets another case and they send him back our way.
00:50:29>>> Next on "lockup," donald sends news from the free world to his old pal bobby gilbert.
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00:54:25>>> I'm going in there and getting bobby gilbert for disciplinary court.
00:54:30>> Sergeant english holds a disciplinary hearing for the damages that bobby gilbert caused during his angry outburst.
00:54:42>> Observe inmate bobby gilbert repeatedly throwing an object against his cell door window, causing the window to crack and shatter.
00:54:50Bobby, the punishment for room 69, destroying state property, disciplinary seg and " whenever "i" and "i" picks you up, I can't control that.
00:55:00Do you understand?
00:55:00>> Yep.
00:55:02>> Do you wish to plead guilty or not guilty?
00:55:05>> I guess I'll plead guilty.
00:55:07>> You want to plead guilty?
00:55:08>> Guilty as sin.
00:55:10>> Bobby, can you read and write and understand what's going on?
00:55:15>> On a third grade level, absolutely.
00:55:19It ain't no drastic change.
00:55:20You know, they take most of your property, put it in the property room.
00:55:24They only allow certain things.
00:55:27Can't have a radio.
00:55:28That's basically the only thing you lose.
00:55:31>> I can't believe that my son ended up in a place like where he's at.
00:55:39>> In exchange for an eventual transfer, bobby has agreed to take anger management classes.
00:55:49But bobby is the first to admit that a change in his behavior is unlikely.
00:55:53>> It's all well and good if you're talking about, well, i know I've got an anger problem and I'm going to make it better.
00:55:58Then when you get in the moment and the anger's there, it's like, screw that, I'm going to do this, you know?
00:56:11>> I told him I would write him when I got out, just to have some kind of way to look back and know where I came from.
00:56:17>> All right.
00:56:18Got a lot of mail.
00:56:20>> After his release to the free world, donald pippin attempted to send a letter to bobby gilbert.
00:56:26>> Said he ate a big mac combo.
00:56:30And then he says some ugly stuff that I'm not going to repeat.
00:56:37Ugh, yeah.
00:56:39And apparently he's very racist because he likes to say the "n" word a lot in here.
00:56:45He says, talking about the girl that picked him up, gina, at the bus station.
00:56:53And she blanks, blanks, so I'm not going to go there.
00:56:56But maybe I might get me a blank.
00:56:59But he says he's not going after no blank blank.
00:57:02Homey don't play that.
00:57:07Well, we don't play that either.
00:57:08Not here.
00:57:12So, this letter is going to be rejected.
00:57:19>> Let's go cat hunting.
00:57:20>> Cat hunting?
00:57:21>> Let's go.
00:57:22>> Reassurance from sergeant english that he will find a safe agrees to help track her down.
00:57:29>> Take her to california?
00:57:31>> I don't know if she's going to california or not.
00:57:33>> Somebody needs to take her to