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00:00:35But I'm here to tell you that we're a group of white men who are proud to be white.
00:00:42We make no a apologies for being white.
00:00:47And we have a code of honor that we live by.
00:00:48>> The aryan brotherhood is the largest gang at indiana state prison.
00:00:56To no longer be a member of good standing is to be in a very unfortunate position.
00:01:03>> I got jumped.
00:01:05>> By whom?
00:01:06>> It really is all have to do with gangs.
00:01:18I used to be in a gang.
00:01:19I used to be affiliated.
00:01:22This was the aryan brotherhood.
00:01:24I covered this up two years ago.
00:01:27I came into prison august 17th of 2006.
00:01:30I covered this up september of the same year.
00:01:32Three weeks after me being in prison.
00:01:35I had a case with another aryan, which they say I told on them.
00:01:40I get down here and the same guys I supposedly told on are here in this prison.
00:01:46>> At the prison we've had a lot of problems with an aryan organization.
00:01:52The big problem is instead of fighting between each other, the whites and the blacks, what's been happening more recently is problems with the aryans going after each other.
00:02:02A lot of it is because of the influx within the organization, and their leadership.
00:02:04There's a struggle for control.
00:02:08>> Since dropping out of the aryan brotherhood, nick compton says that's only one problem.
00:02:20>> I'm being extorted for money.
00:02:22>> Yeah, no problem.
00:02:24>> Compton is due to be released from prison in three months, but risks putting himself in greater danger with the aryan brotherhood by talking to internal affairs about his problems.
00:02:39>> The state says he's been extorted.
00:02:44If there is some truth to what he's stating then we will protect him.
00:02:47He goes home in february.
00:02:48Our thing is to make sure that everyone goes home.
00:02:53At least in one piece anyhow.
00:02:55Granted we could probably still protect him, but he might get other charges on whatever for providing false information.
00:03:23>> Now ralph is waiting for crucial evidence.
00:03:27Receipts from money orders that could support his claim that he and his family are being extorted by other inmates.
00:03:29>> My mom herself has sent over $200.
00:03:31Plus since I've been here -- it's close to $400.
00:03:36>> From being a member.
00:03:41>> Exactly.
00:03:41That was years ago.
00:03:42>> Okay.
00:03:43>> So I mean all my problem in prison now it has to stem with me, bad choices I made when i was younger but -- >> they're coming back to haunt you.
00:03:52>> Yeah.
00:03:53It's like leeches.
00:03:55Always trying to suck the life out of anything I have, trying to get me for whatever I could.
00:04:05If you want to be around us this is what's going to happen.
00:04:06If you want to go to school, if you want us to leave you alone it's going to cost you.
00:04:08How much are you willing to pay for us to leave you alone?
00:04:12>> Did you stop paying?
00:04:12That's why you got hit in the face?
00:04:13>> My sister is supposed to send a guy $65.
00:04:14Come to find out she didn't send $65.
00:04:16>> That's because you owe money.
00:04:18>> Because I'm paying for my -- >> your extortion.
00:04:23>> Yeah.
00:04:24>> Here's what we're going to do.
00:04:28Wait for the information from your mom, okay?
00:04:33For the time being we're still going to be on key lock.
00:04:37Not going to let you out.
00:04:41>> Compton has a decision to make.
00:04:44If he stays in general population he's eligible to take classes to move his release date up by 90 days.
00:04:55But he's more vulnerable to attack.
00:04:57If he requests protective custody from the prison, he must serve the 90 days.
00:05:06>> That's your dilemma.
00:05:09>> Whatever I have to do to make sure I can walk out the door and give my mom a hug, I got to do it.
00:05:16>> 93 Days versus daisies?
00:05:17>> I realize that.
00:05:18>> As a suspected snitch and an aryan brotherhood dropout.
00:05:20Compton is the type of inmate that men like weaver despise.
00:05:23>> When I was a young kid if i told my brother I got beat for telling.
00:05:35We were taught in school at a young age don't be a tattle tale.
00:05:44Nowadays they have cop shows on tv that teach these kids it's all right to tell.
00:05:53Dial 1-800-snitch on mom and dad if they're smoking a joint on the weekend.
00:05:57>> Though prison officials have not tied weaver to the extortion or recent assault, they have identified him as a high ranking member of the aryan brotherhood.
00:06:10>> I can't get into specifics.
00:06:11But I'll tell you that we're strong white men.
00:06:14We're proud of that.
00:06:24We don't hate anybody else, but if you hate us, we hate you ten times worse.
00:06:29If you hurt one of us, we're going to hurt you ten times worse.
00:06:31>> Active members rarely speak about their affiliation on camera.
00:06:34This time weaver made an exception.
00:06:41>> I lost a little bit of sleep over it.
00:06:45Doing this interview.
00:06:46Brothers don't normally get on camera.
00:06:48But I talked to a lot of my guys here.
00:06:53Brothers that I respect.
00:06:56They gave me the green light.
00:06:56To be frank, I really got tired of seeing rats and dropouts speaking for the aryan brotherhood.
00:06:59They don't speak for us.
00:07:00They're not real brothers or they wouldn't have dropped out.
00:07:04They're marked men.
00:07:07They're dead men walking.
00:07:11As well they should be.
00:07:11>> Weaver's role in the brotherhood is one of the reasons he's been housed in the segregation unit, a lockdown unit on the east side of d cell house.
00:07:23>> That was part of the reason why -- that's part of the reason why we sent him over there.
00:07:30>> Just his activity and his influence over the population