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00:00:01astounding vanishes...
00:00:04mind-blowing sleight of hand, and impossible illusions.
00:00:11No magician is too famous, no trick too big, no secret too sacred.
00:00:20The magician's code will be forever broken onMagic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed.
00:00:48Tonight, the masked magician pulls back the curtain and exposes the secrets to...
00:00:55levitating a sleeping beauty without hidden wires...
00:01:00...making gorgeous women appear inside a sealed crystal chamber, impaling a lovely lady with an imposing iron spike.
00:01:12Plus, the most baffling illusion of all, defying the laws of space and time with a door to another dimension.
00:01:23And much more right now, onMagic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed.
00:01:32[Narrator] First up tonight, the magician will demonstrate a classic illusion that has been performed on television countless times and in live performances all over the world.
00:01:45His assistants do a little dance to get us in the mood.
00:01:50Good job.
00:01:53But no mter how talented they are, he can always use one more.
00:02:01Here she is.
00:02:09She steps up onto the chair and reclines on a board that is resting between two other chairs.
00:02:19Now another assistant enters.
00:02:22This one is apparently repossessing the furniture.
00:02:27The magician places the girl in a trance as his other assistants wrap her in a sheet that was hanging down from the board.
00:02:38Beneath the board, we can see that the magician is standing on a raised platform so we can see him work his magic.
00:02:51He does some conjuring, and the girl rises.
00:02:55The assistants remove the chairs that were supporting the board.
00:02:59She's floating in mid-air.
00:03:02Slowly, the girl continues to rise.
00:03:10The magician motions, and one of the assistants returns with a stainless-steel hoop.
00:03:17The magician passes the hoop around the girl once, to prove that there are no wires or other supports.
00:03:23She's really floating in the air by magic.
00:03:26He passes the hoop around her a second time, just to be sure, before the assistant takes it away.
00:03:38Now the magician commands the girl in the air to float back down.
00:03:45This is amazing.
00:03:47And we can see there are no wires.
00:03:56He asks the two assistants to return with the chairs.
00:03:59They place them beneath the board, just in time to catch it before it floats all the way to the ground.
00:04:08The sheet is removed, and there you have it-- a beautiful girl who can levitate by magic.
00:04:17So how did the magician make his lovely assistant levitate before our very eyes?
00:04:23Here's how.
00:04:24When the illusion begins, a board is supported on each end by wooden chairs.
00:04:29The assistant takes her position and is wrapped in a sheet.
00:04:34This sheet conceals the first secret.
00:04:36Hidden behind it is a steel mechanism that is holding up the board.
00:04:41The chairs are merely there for effect.
00:04:45Without the sheet, we can see the mechanism supporting the board and the girl.
00:04:50When the magician steps behind the girl and up onto the platform, his body hides the mechanism from view.
00:04:58But how does he make her rise?
00:05:00The platform contains the next secret.
00:05:02Concealed inside is an electric motor that is connected to a hydraulic piston powerful enough to support the girl.
00:05:10The steel mechanism is attached to the piston, which raises it into the air.
00:05:14The platform's carpeted top contains the next secret.
00:05:18Two switches are hidden beneath the black carpeting.
00:05:22When the magician appears to be conjuring the power to levitate the girl, he's simply turning on the power to the motor.
00:05:28One switch causes the hydraulic piston to rise.
00:05:33The other causes it to lower.
00:05:39With the board attached to the mechanism, how does the magician make it appear that it's unsupported by passing the solid hoop around the girl not once, but twice?
00:05:50The secret here is the design of the steel mechanism.
00:05:53This S-shaped metal tube is connected to the board.
00:05:57On the first pass, the magician slides the ring close to the board and on the inside of the S.
00:06:04When he comes to the end, he slides the part of the ring that is trapped inside the S back around the other side.
00:06:10This frees the ring from the S-shaped support and makes it appear that it has passed completely around the girl.
00:06:17Careful choreography is all it takes to navigate the maze-like support, while making it look nonchalant.
00:06:23Since the audience is busy looking for overhead wires, passing the hoop around the girl convinces them she is floating by magic.
00:06:33Even I'm about to believe it.
00:06:35Next, the magician steps on the down button, and the hydraulic piston lowers the girl back to her starting position.
00:06:42The chairs are replaced beneath the board, and the illusion is complete.
00:06:47Not so amazing when you know the secrets.
00:06:51Here's a classic piece of close-up magic that some street performers present as a brand-new miracle.
00:06:58The magician shows us an ordinary slip of white paper.
00:07:01As we can see, it's nothing special.
00:07:04As we can also see, his hands are completely empty.
00:07:10He sets the slip onto the table and picks up a box of kitchen matches.
00:07:15He takes a match.
00:07:18Just one.
00:07:21He closes the box before striking, lights it, and then lights a candle.
00:07:29This is a good time to tell you not to try this at home.
00:07:35Next he takes the slip of paper and crumples it into a ball.
00:07:46He touches the paper to the flame and, whoa, it flares up.
00:07:53But it hasn't burned.
00:07:55He unfolds the paper, and it looks different.
00:08:00It's magically transformed into a 100-dollar bill.
00:08:04A little warm, but still cold, hard cash.
00:08:11So how did the magician burn an ordinary piece of paper into a hot 100?
00:08:18Here are the secrets.
00:08:21When the trick begins, the magician shows us an ordinary piece of paper.
00:08:25First off, it's not ordinary.
00:08:26But more on that in a minute.
00:08:29As for the matches, they are ordinary.
00:08:31But the box contains the next secret.
00:08:35With the drawer slid open, there is a space to conceal something in one end-- the money that he's about to make appear.
00:08:42See? It's a genuine, slightly crumpled hundred-dollar bill.
00:08:47Before the trick begins, the magician crumples the bill into a ball so that it can easily fit inside the end of the matchbox.
00:08:54This way, he can show his hands empty at the start of the trick.
00:08:58He slides the drawer out just far enough to allow some room for the bill, which he stuffs inside.
00:09:04There it is.
00:09:05Here's how it works.
00:09:06When he's ready to burn the paper, he takes out a match, slides the drawer back in, and the bill slips into his hand.
00:09:14Here, we see how he does it.
00:09:16There's the hundred.
00:09:19With the money concealed in his palm, the magician lights the candle and prepares to burn the white slip by crumpling it in his hand.
00:09:27What we don't see is that he's actually crumpling the white paper around the hundred.
00:09:34When he burns the white slip, the real bill is inside, ready to appear.
00:09:39But why doesn't the money burn up with the paper?
00:09:43Remember, I said it's not ordinary.
00:09:45It's special, chemically-treated flash paper that burns instantly and creates bright flames.
00:09:52The hundred is unharmed.
00:09:54All the magician has to do is reveal it, and the trick is complete.
00:10:00But the real money is in knowing how it's done.
00:10:05[Announcer] Up next, the secrets to...
00:10:08creating beautiful women from a cloud of smoke, and the mysterious comings and goings through the door to an alternate universe.
00:10:20Then, find out how the magician loses his stomach...
00:10:24and lives to impale an innocent girl with an iron spike.
00:10:31And much more, whenMagic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealedreturns.
00:13:33[Narrator] For this next illusion, the magician will use this giant cylindrical crystal chamber.
00:13:39This looks like something out of either a science lab or science-fiction.
00:13:44For now, let's just stick to the facts.
00:13:49The magician opens the door to the chamber so we can see that there is nothing inside, and we can see all the way through.
00:13:57He closes the door and lets us get another look before the magic begins.
00:14:06He does a little bit of conjuring, and suddenly the cylinder starts to fill with smoke.
00:14:15Funny, I didn't think there were any places left where you could smoke inside.
00:14:28Wow, a beautiful girl.
00:14:30I know smoking is bad for your health, but she looks pretty healthy to me.
00:14:35I think I like this trick.
00:14:36Let's get a better look at that chamber.
00:14:42As the smoke clears, we can see that there's still nothing inside and nothing behind.
00:14:48This is one big, empty tube.
00:14:53The magician closes the door again, and let's see what happens this time.
00:15:00A little wave, a little more smoke...
00:15:07Okay, a lot more smoke.
00:15:16And when the magician opens the door...
00:15:22presto, another beautiful girl.
00:15:27And there we have another amazing illusion.
00:15:31One magician and two smoking-hot girls.
00:15:38So how does the magician produce not one, but two lovely ladies from the smoke-filled crystal cylinder?
00:15:45Here are the secrets.
00:15:47When the illusion begins, the magician shows us that the cylinder is empty.
00:15:51But notice that behind the cylinder are some ladders and a black drape.
00:15:56Whenever there is a black drape behind a large magic prop, you can bet that it's hiding something.
00:16:03From the front, with the black behind the cylinder, it looks like we can see all the way through.
00:16:09But on closer inspection, we can see that the clear chamber conceals a black shade that divides it in half.
00:16:15With the black drape behind, the black shade is impossible to detect.
00:16:21Hidden behind the shade is the first assistant.
00:16:23When the magician shows us that the chamber is empty, he doesn't walk behind it.
00:16:29He conjures up some smoke, signaling a stagehand to turn on a concealed smoke machine, which quickly fills the cylinder.
00:16:40As soon as our view is obstructed, the assistant releases the shade and seems to appear from nowhere.
00:16:46With no smoke, we can see how quickly the shade rolls up, out of the way to reveal the assistant.
00:16:54Once she's out of the chamber, the magician is free to walk around back because the cylinder really is empty.
00:17:00But where does the second assistant come from?
00:17:03The secret here is in the base of the chamber, which is much deeper than it appears.
00:17:08It contains a secret hiding place that is just large enough for the assistant.
00:17:14Before the trick begins, she takes her place beneath the false bottom of the chamber.
00:17:20The other assistant must be careful to stand only along the edges of the base to avoid stepping on her.
00:17:26When the chamber is filled with smoke for the second time, the girl in the base climbs out, using the smoke to cover her actions.
00:17:35Here we can see her standing up.
00:17:39Without the smoke, it's much easier to see how she climbs out.
00:17:43All she has to do is step out of the cylinder for a breath of fresh air and join the magician while he gs all the applause.
00:17:50It was done with smoke, but this time, no mirrors.
00:17:54And those are the secrets.
00:17:57Next, the magician will demonstrate his powers of mental telepathy.
00:18:01One of his lovely assistants will act as a volunteer.
00:18:05He displays a rainbow of colorful crayons and shows them to the girl.
00:18:09Next, he tells her to select a crayon at random as he holds them behind his back.
00:18:14She's not in on the trick, so she chooses, of her own free will, the green crayon.
00:18:19The magician asks her to return it to him while his back is still turned.
00:18:24Next, he instructs her to concentrate on her crayon, removing all other thoughts from her mind.
00:18:30He intends to use his powers of ESP to read her mind and deduce her color.
00:18:35He reminds her that his back was turned, so he had no way of knowing which crayon she freely selected.
00:18:42No, it wasn't this one...
00:18:49or this one.
00:18:53But it was this one, wasn't it?
00:18:56Pretty tricky.
00:18:56And it was all using the power of his mind.
00:19:00Or was it?
00:19:02So how does the magician determine which crayon his volunteer chose?
00:19:07Of course, it has nothing to do with ESP.
00:19:11Here are the secrets.
00:19:13When the trick begins, he displays a handful of assorted crayons.
00:19:16They're all ordinary and unprepared.
00:19:19He asks the volunteer to select one at random, and it really is her free choice.
00:19:24She returns the crayon to the magician's hand, and he turns back around, keeping the crayons behind him.
00:19:30This is when the magic takes place.
00:19:33While crayons are hidden from view, He uses the chosen color to secretly mark his thumbnail, then reunites it with the others.
00:19:42When he gestures with his empty hand, he sneaks a peek at the color on his nail.
00:19:47From his point of view, it's easy to see the chosen color.
00:19:52A green thumb.
00:19:53Then he does a little acting to make it look like he's trying to determine which of the crayons she selected.
00:19:58But he knows which is hers the minute he sees his thumb.
00:20:01It's a trick you can use on your friends, now that you know the secrets.
00:20:06[Announcer] Coming up next, the secrets to the most impossible illusion of all time, as the magician and his assistants ugh the door to nowhere.
00:20:19Then, the magician faces down stainless steel blades and loses his stomach.
00:20:26Plus, something goes horribly wrong when an assistant is impaled on an iron spike.
00:20:32Find out how it's done whenMagic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealedreturns.
00:23:27[Narrator] Here is an illusion that would baffle even the most brilliant problem-solvers and skeptics in the crowd.
00:23:33It uses this ornate door in a very ornate frame.
00:23:37The magician wants us to get a good look at the door from both sides.
00:23:41As we can see, it sits in the middle of the, otherwise, empty warehouse.
00:23:46Nothing and no one can be seen anywhere near the door.
00:23:49Also note that this is one continuous camera shot.
00:23:53There are no cuts, and no editing tricks of any kind.
00:24:06The magician opens the door, steps through, and closes it behind himself.
00:24:20The camera travels to the other side...
00:24:24and he's gone, completely vanished, an impossible trick.
00:24:34Wait, there he is.
00:24:38But we just saw the back side of that door.
00:24:41This is like something out ofThe Twilight Zone.
00:24:46Let's look back there again.
00:24:50Heanished into thin air again.
00:24:54Here's one of his beautiful assistants.
00:24:57Maybe she can help.
00:25:00Wow, that was helpful.
00:25:02Not the magician, but I'll take it.
00:25:07I think I like this magic door.
00:25:11But I want to see where she came from.
00:25:14So let's have another look behind.
00:25:18It's the magician.
00:25:20Was he there all along?
00:25:21Couldn't have been, unless he can turn invisible.
00:25:29He steps back through, and we can see that this is the same door, same continuous camera shot, and no tricky editing.
00:25:36I'd want to be on this side with the girls if I were him, too.
00:25:43He opens the door, and two more join the party.
00:25:47Where can I get one of these for my house?
00:26:01An impossible illusion performed right before our eyes.
00:26:08So how does the magician make himself and others disappear and reappear with his magic door?
00:26:16Let's look at it again.
00:26:20When the trick begins, the magician shows us the door from all sides.
00:26:24As I said, he does this trick in one continuous camera shot.
00:26:29There are no trap doors in the floor, and no secret hiding places.
00:26:34Next, he walks through the door and closes it behind him.
00:26:38The camera travels to the other side to find that he's vanished.
00:26:43Yet, when the door opens from this side, the magician reappears behind it.
00:26:49But, how?
00:26:50Here are the secrets.
00:26:53Like many illusions that are presented on television, the secret is all in what the camera sees, and what the camera doesn't see.
00:27:03The illusion is blown when we watch from this overhead angle.
00:27:07Keep your eye on the magician's camera.
00:27:10What the lens sees is represented by the colored triangle.
00:27:13Anything in black and white is out of camera range and can't be seen when looking through its lens.
00:27:19Here, the camera sees the magician in front of the door.
00:27:22From above, we can see that when he walks through and closes the door, he is hidden from the camera's view.
00:27:30As soon as the door is closed and he's out of camera range, he races offstage before the camera comes around.
00:27:41By the time the camera travels to the back side, the magician appears to have vanished.
00:27:46Actually, he's hiding in the shadows, running through the warehouse to his next position, careful to stay behind the lights.
00:27:55But if he's offstage, how does he reappear behind the door so quickly?
00:28:00He doesn't.
00:28:02It's his body double.
00:28:04Looks just like him, sort of.
00:28:08Well, the costumes are the same.
00:28:11As the camera is traveling to the back side of the door, the double is running toward it in a straight line.
00:28:18The camera can't see him until he opens the door.
00:28:21It looks as though the magician has appeared.
00:28:25Then the double closes the door, and he races offstage at an angle, creating the illusion that the magician has vanished again.
00:28:32Meanwhile, the masked magician is hiding offstage for his next appearance.
00:28:40Next, the assistant enters to open the door, revealing another girl.
00:28:46From above, we can see how this girl races into position while hidden from the camera lens.
00:28:52She has to sprint quickly to get into position without being seen.
00:28:57Let's slow it down and watch it again.
00:29:00Just, you know, to get a better look.
00:29:03You can see everything from here.
00:29:10She makes her entrance, and the door is closed again.
00:29:15This is when the masked magician makes his run for the door.
00:29:21By the time his camera comes around, it seems that the magician has appeared from nowhere.
00:29:32He then walks back through the door, closing it for just a moment.
00:29:37This is when the last two assistants race in from offstage.
00:29:43This must be how they stay in such good shape.
00:29:45The magician has them running all over the place.
00:29:49They arrive just in time for him to open the door and welcome them to the club.
00:29:54The carefully choreographed illusion is complete.
00:29:57And now you know how it's done.
00:30:01[Announcer] Up next, the magician shows you how his stomach magically disappears after he's sliced in three.
00:30:09And then, a simple balancing act goes bad when a beautiful woman is speared by a spike.
00:30:17See how it's done whenMagic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealedreturns.
00:34:22[Narrator] Here's an illusion that dates back to the early 1900s.
00:34:26There are photos of Houdini's contemporaries like Howard Thurston performing the original version of this classic trick.
00:34:34The magician shows us an oddly-shaped cabinet.
00:34:39He walks around to give us the view from all sides.
00:34:43It looks just large enough to contain a human being.
00:34:53The magician calls in his beautiful assistants, and one of them hands him a very sharp steel blade.
00:35:03Seems solid enough.
00:35:09Now for another.
00:35:13Smaller, but just as sharp, solid, and menacing.
00:35:18She'll save them for later use.
00:35:24The magician gets some help opening the cabinet.
00:35:34We can pretty much imagine what's going to happen next.
00:35:40Well, there's a switch.
00:35:41Instead of one of the girls, the magician has climbed inside.
00:35:48An assistant secures his neck with a steel strap.
00:35:53Next, a metal bar is lowered, and two steel plates secure his legs.
00:35:57They really don't want him to escape.
00:36:00The doors in front of his head are closed, along with the main doors of the cabinet.
00:36:06The assistants now rotate the box so that we can see that the magician has not sneaked out through the back.
00:36:16Next, the girl with the sharp blade slides the smaller one into the cabinet at neck height, separating the magician's head from the rest of his body.
00:36:25There's a painful razor burn.
00:36:31Now for the large blade.
00:36:34She slides it into the box at the magician's waist, after a bit of a struggle.
00:36:41That's one way to reduce your middle.
00:36:45No pain, no gain.
00:36:47We can still see his legs so we know he hasn't escaped from the cabinet, or from serious injury.
00:36:55Yup, there's his head.
00:36:58But his torso has completely vanished.
00:37:06The girls open the doors on each side, and now the back.
00:37:17His legs are still there, no middle...
00:37:22then his head.
00:37:23Looks like only part of him got out in time.
00:37:27But where did he go?
00:37:29And is the rest coming back?
00:37:35The doors are closed back up again so we don't have to look at this ghoulish mess.
00:37:45Now the blades are removed.
00:37:47First, the big one.
00:37:52Then the one at his neck.
00:37:54She's good at this.
00:37:57The cabinet goes for another spin, so we can see that there is nothing tricky going on in the back.
00:38:05Let's look inside.
00:38:08There's his head, and his middle has returned.
00:38:18The metal fasteners are removed, and the magician steps out.
00:38:24still alive, and showing no ill effects, just like magic.
00:38:30But you know there's a secret.
00:38:37So how did the magician survive one sharp blade through his neck, one through his gut, and his torso vanishing into the ether?
00:38:47Here are the secrets.
00:38:49First, the magician steps into the cabinet, and the doors are closed.
00:38:53Before the first blade is inserted, the magician has already gone to work.
00:38:59Hidden in the top of the cabinet is a phony head, which is flipped down into position.
00:39:04From this view inside the box, you can see the magician reach up to release the fake head.
00:39:10From the front, it looks convincing.
00:39:12When the assistant is sliding the blade through what we think is the magician's neck, it's simply passing just beneath this false head.
00:39:22Next we see the girl slide the large blade through the magician's waist.
00:39:27Hidden inside the box is a secret seat that is attached to the back of the cabinet and painted black so it can't be seen from the front.
00:39:36When the doors are closed, the magician sits down on the seat and bends forward, allowing the blade to safely pass just above him.
00:39:45From this angle, we can see that the blade never touches the magician.
00:39:51From the front, it appears as though he's still standing in place because his legs never move.
00:39:56The next secret is that the area above the metal plates is masked by sections of fake pant legs.
00:40:03He flips these into place to disguise the empty space and make it appear as though we are seeing his legs, as though he were still standing.
00:40:11Here is the action with the cabinet doors open.
00:40:14The magician sits down on the concealed seat, flips in the fake legs, flips down the fake head, and bends forward to make room for the large blade.
00:40:26The girls reveal the head and then open the doors to show that his body has mysteriously vanished.
00:40:32In order to make it look like the magician is reassembled, the assistant first removes the blades, allowing room for him to sit up, hide the fake legs...
00:40:45flip the phony head back into its compartment, and stand up in preparation for his appearance.
00:40:55An updated version of a classic illusion, and now you know how it's done.
00:41:02[Announcer] Coming up next, the magician's gorgeous assistant gets skewered by an iron spike.
00:41:08Find out how it's done whenMagic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealedreturns.
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00:44:14[Narrator] Here's a trick street magicians have used on national television to fool millions of viewers.
00:44:19The magician show us an empty plastic water bottle and a cell phone.
00:44:29But there's no time to take a call, not when there's magic to perform.
00:44:33He taps the top of the bottle to prove that it's solid, and that there's no way for the phone to fit through the mouth.
00:44:40He taps the bottom, then-- presto.
00:44:43The cell phone has penetrated the solid bottle, and is now inside.
00:44:47And it looks like it's staying there.
00:44:50Hope nobody calls.
00:44:54So how does the magician take an ordinary plastic water bottle and magically make his cell phone wind up inside?
00:45:02Here are the secrets.
00:45:05First off, the bottle has been prepared with a long slit along one side that's large enough for the phone.
00:45:12The magician used scissors to cut the slit before the trick began.
00:45:17See how his hand fits inside without distorting the shape of the bottle.
00:45:21He starts the trick by using his phone to tap the bottle to prove that it's solid, and to convince us it hasn't been tampered with.
00:45:28Then he quickly rams the phone through the slit in the side-- just that simple.
00:45:34Here it is in slow motion, as he pushes the phone through the cut opening.
00:45:39Once the phone is inside, the audience never notices the slit.
00:45:43There's another street magic trick that won't fool us again.
00:45:50The magician will now attempt an incredibly dangerous balancing act, in hopes of avoiding disastrous results.
00:46:01He begins by showing off this arrangement of antique iron spikes.
00:46:06These are the same spikes found protecting medieval castles, haunted mansions, and Gothic cemeteries.
00:46:13They're all very sharp, and very lethal.
00:46:18In the days of the knights, these spikes were used to impale dangerous law-breakers and reviled enemies.
00:46:26Tonight, he'll use them to perform a perilous illusion...
00:46:30with the help of this very lovely lady.
00:46:33She looks pretty dangerous, too-- pretty and dangerous.
00:46:38That's a combination that's perfect for a trick like this.
00:46:46He calls in the help of two male assistants in the event that this girl is too much for one masked man to handle.
00:46:58As he puts her into a deep trance, the men lift her onto the tallest spike, balancing her precariously on its iron tip.
00:47:19The magician continues to conjure, being careful not to let the girl slip out of her trance.
00:47:27The girl has been impaled by the spike.
00:47:31The tip has plunged all the way through her stomach, coming out the other side.
00:47:39This is a case for worker's comp, if she somehow survives.
00:47:45Still, even pierced by the stiff iron rod, she manages to look graceful and gorgeous.
00:47:51Maybe this was the magician's plan all along... stab a girl in the back by magic.
00:48:02What did this dangerous beauty do to deserve such a painful punishment?
00:48:06And is she past the point of no return?
00:48:09Let's find out.
00:48:21The men help lift her off the spike as she awakens from her trance.
00:48:30The girl slept through it and came out unharmed.
00:48:35And look at that, she doesn't even hold a grudge.
00:48:37Maybe women do like bad boys after all.
00:48:44But just because she survived looking as incredible as before, doesn't mean you should try anything like this at home.
00:48:51After all, this was just an illusion, and they know the secrets.
00:48:56[Announcer] Coming up next, find out how the magician impales his assistant with the iron spike and brings her back to life, whenMagic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealedreturns.
00:52:01[Narrator] We just saw the masked magician place his stunning assistant on the point of an iron spike and impale her.
00:52:13So how did he do it?
00:52:16Here are the secrets.
00:52:17When the illusion begins, the magician displays the collection of imposing-looking iron spikes.
00:52:23The spikes appear to be deadly-sharp and quite dangerous.
00:52:28But on closer inspection, we can see that the pointy iron tips are actually made of foam rubber.
00:52:35They look lethal, but they're really, quite harmless.
00:52:38They're as soft and pliable as a bath sponge or a toy bow and arrow set.
00:52:43The center spike contains some bigger secrets.
00:00:01baffling levitations, astounding vanishes, mind-blowing sleight of hand, and impossible illusions.
00:00:15No magician is too famous, no trick too big, no secret too sacred.
00:00:23The magician's code will be forever broken onMagic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed.
00:00:52Tonight, the Masked Magician pulls back the curtain and exposes the secrets to...
00:00:59producing beautiful girls from thin air, making live birds appear and vanish at will, crushing a gorgeous woman and puncturing a hole through her body.
00:01:16Plus, see a 16-ton trolley car levitate, then disappear.
00:01:23Find out how it's done and much more right now onMagic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed.
00:01:32[Narrator] For his first illusion tonight, the magician will present a giant version of a classic trick.
00:01:37To perform it, he'll use this large three-sided screen.
00:01:42As we can see, the outside of the screen is green.
00:01:48When folded, the three sides form a triangle.
00:01:52We can also see that the screen is solid, with no hidden trap doors, and no one hiding behind or on either side.
00:02:05Now he calls for some backup.
00:02:09Two male assistants enter to lend a hand.
00:02:13They unfold the screen so that we can see all three panels at the same time.
00:02:18Nothing unusual here.
00:02:21Now to rotate the screen.
00:02:27We can see that the opposite side is orange, and there's nothing unusual here, either.
00:02:41On the magician's command, the men fold in the sides to again form a triangle.
00:02:45The triangle is rotated so we can see all three sides.
00:02:56It opens...
00:02:59and two beautiful girls appear from nowhere.
00:03:11The screen is opened so that we can see there's no one hiding on this side.
00:03:15Now it's rotated to show no one is on the other side.
00:03:21It's empty.
00:03:28Once again, the magician has his assistants fold the screen into a triangle...
00:03:36then rotate it to show all sides.
00:03:43It opens...
00:03:48and two more beautiful girls emerge from nowhere.
00:03:54An amazing way to double your pleasure and double your fun.
00:04:05So, how did the magician use this large, three-sided screen to produce two beauties...
00:04:12and then two more?
00:04:14Here are the secrets.
00:04:15The first one is in the deceptive design of the screen.
00:04:20When we open it up and look closely, we can see that there is a concealed handrail running along the inside of the center panel.
00:04:29Down below is a tiny ledge.
00:04:32We'll show you how these are used later.
00:04:34The next secret is that there are actually four panels, not three.
00:04:41This is more easily seen from above.
00:04:46The fourth panel is painted on one side to match the orange panel next to it.
00:04:51When the illusion begins, the three green panels are facing out, forming a triangle.
00:04:57But before the trick began, the four girls and one male assistant were loaded inside.
00:05:03Nice job.
00:05:04I like those odds.
00:05:07To show both sides of the screen without revealing the assistants or the hiding place, the complex choreography goes into action.
00:05:14From behind, we see that as the male assistants open the screen, the girls remain hidden while the extra male assistant manipulates the fourth panel.
00:05:24Two of the girls cling to the fourth panel by means of the ledge and the handrail.
00:05:28The other two girls simply follow behind the screen, being careful to stay out of view of the audience.
00:05:36Next, the magician and his men show the orange side of the screen.
00:05:41From behind, we see how all of the panels are carefully manipulated to keep the girls hidden.
00:06:05Next, the ends of the screen are folded in to from a triangle with the green sides facing out.
00:06:16Here's how the complicated move happens from behind.
00:06:25If you're as confused as I am, let's take a look from above.
00:06:30We can now see how the magician freely shows the green side of the screen while the assistants are hiding behind the panel on the right.
00:06:38The front of the screen swings around to the right as the girls and the extra male assistant scurry to stay hidden behind the extra fourth panel, now on the left.
00:06:48The magician is free to show the orange side, thanks to that fourth panel.
00:06:54The process is reversed to fold the screen into a triangle.
00:06:58The girls stay hidden the entire time, and now they are closed inside.
00:07:04The magician opens the screen and allows the first two girls to come out, making it look like they magically appeared.
00:07:11From above, we can see that the others are careful to remain hidden.
00:07:20We repeat this process to reveal the second two girls.
00:07:26First, he shows us the green side of the screen, then the orange side.
00:07:34Again, the audience only sees three sides at a time, unaware that the fourth panel exists.
00:07:40The magician opens it up again to allow the remaining two girls to step out as the extra male hides inside.
00:07:47And now you know the tricky secrets to this very intricate illusion.
00:07:54Here's a trick that street magicians use to show they can make magic with common objects.
00:07:59In this case, the magician will use this ordinary cup of piping-hot coffee.
00:08:05A few mysterious gestures are all it usually takes for something miraculous to happen.
00:08:10Watch carefully.
00:08:17The coffee magically turned into a pile of coins, several dollars worth of coins.
00:08:24Almost enough to pay for a fancy latté.
00:08:30Okay, so how does the magician make the coffee turn into coins right before our disbelieving eyes?
00:08:36Here are the secrets.
00:08:38First, he casually shows us that the coffee cup is ordinary.
00:08:42It's not.
00:08:43Concealed inside is another smaller cup.
00:08:46This cup is just large enough to fit below the coffee line.
00:08:51A sponge has been cut to fit inside the outer cup...
00:08:56which has a small hole in the bottom.
00:08:58This hole, no bigger than his finger, is one of the keys to the trick.
00:09:02The small cup, filled with coins, goes into the outer cup on top of the sponge.
00:09:09Finally, the cups are topped off with some coffee.
00:09:13The real kind.
00:09:14When the magician places his right hand behind the cup, he's placing his finger inside the hole.
00:09:21The small cup rises, causing the coffee to spill over its sides and down onto the sponge.
00:09:28Now only the coins are visible.
00:09:30And that's how he fools us on his coffee break.
00:09:35Up next, the secrets to...
00:09:37making live birds appear and disappear by magic, crushing a gorgeous woman, then ramming a porthole through her body, using ordinary ashes to make a prediction come true.
00:09:59Plus, find out how the magician makes a genuine trolley car vanish in the blink of an eye, and much more whenMagic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealedreturns.
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00:13:07[Narrator] Next, the magician will perform a mind-boggling illusion using these two boxes.
00:13:12As we can see, both boxes look like small chests, though one is larger than the other.
00:13:18One wonders what treasures are contained within.
00:13:23They're too small to hold his assistants, so it's a safe bet there's a different kind of valuable inside.
00:13:29He opens the smaller box so we can see that it's completely empty.
00:13:39Maybe the treasure is in the bigger box.
00:13:49How about that?
00:13:49A chick.
00:13:51Not exactly the type of chick he usually employs, but we'll see where this trick goes.
00:13:57The magician places the baby chick into the smaller box.
00:14:07Then he shows us that the large box is empty.
00:14:12No more chicks.
00:14:21The magician reaches back into the large box and pulls out another baby chick.
00:14:26Amazing! He just showed us that the box was empty.
00:14:31But that's what magicians do.
00:14:36He carefully places the chick into the small box to be with the other chick.
00:14:40As we all know, chicks like to hang out together.
00:14:45He reaches back into the empty box and removes another baby chick.
00:15:02And now he goes back for another.
00:15:09He finds one.
00:15:11Another chick from an empty box.
00:15:14It's a treasure chest after all.
00:15:16He places this one into the small box with the others.
00:15:20Must be getting crowded in there by now.
00:15:22The magician goes into the empty box for yet another.
00:15:28It seems like he could go on like this all day if we let him.
00:15:34The bird goes into the small box.
00:15:38And now for more magic.
00:15:45He opens the small box and it's empty.
00:15:49The birds have vanished.
00:15:58Let's check the big box.
00:16:01It's empty, too.
00:16:10The magician can make them come and go at will, just like the big chicks.
00:16:20So, how did the magician create a seemingly endless stream of baby chickens and make them all disappear?
00:16:26The secrets are concealed in the boxes and this table.
00:16:31When the trick begins, the magician takes a chick from the big box and places it into the smaller box.
00:16:38Here is the first secret.
00:16:40There is a hole in the bottom of the box and the table below.
00:16:45But then how did the magician show us the empty box?
00:16:48Concealed inside is a false bottom that's hinged to swing up, revealing the hole.
00:16:54This stick, mounted on the table, keeps the false bottom open, allowing the magician to access the hole.
00:17:04So when he puts the bird into the box, he's really reaching through the hole and placing it in a receptacle that's concealed under the table.
00:17:13The big box is constructed with the same setup-- a false bottom above a hole in the table.
00:17:19When he appears to pull the second bird from the big box, it's really the same baby chick.
00:17:27But how did it get from beneath one box to the other?
00:17:30The secret here is controlled by this hidden pedal.
00:17:35Built into the leg of the table is a line that operates a spring-loaded mechanism that's connected to the secret receptacle.
00:17:44These backstage angles show how the magician uses the pedal to maneuver the receptacle.
00:17:53Here's how the chicken goes for a ride.
00:18:00Here we see how the chick is moved from beneath the small box to the big box.
00:18:04This creates the illusion that the magician is removing many chickens from the big box.
00:18:13When he takes what appears to be the final chick from the big box, he places it in the receptacle where it waits to be removed later.
00:18:21The magician is now free to show the box empty.
00:18:26And that's how it's done.
00:18:28You'd have to be a birdbrain to be fooled with this one again.
00:18:34Next, the magician will perform a minor miracle with an ordinary deck of playing cards.
00:18:41As we can see, there's nothing special about the cards.
00:18:44Let's hope there's something special about the trick.
00:18:50He covers the cards with an empty wooden box.
00:18:55Next, he gives the cards a good shake so we know they're securely held inside the box.
00:19:01The magician now takes a pair of scissors, waves them over the box, and makes some magical snipping motions in the air.
00:19:14Another shake.
00:19:17And the cards have been cut to pieces by magic.
00:19:23This isn't what they mean when they say "cut the deck." But the Masked Man never plays by the rules.
00:19:31He gathers the cut pieces and returns them to the box.
00:19:41Don't forget those.
00:19:43We wanna play with a full deck.
00:19:46He returns the pieces, then places the lid back onto the box.
00:19:52A magical shake and then...
00:19:58The cards are back in one piece.
00:20:02Or 52 pieces.
00:20:02You know what I mean.
00:20:07They're whole again, by magic.
00:20:14So, how does the magician place the seemingly ordinary deck of cards into the box, make a few waves with his scissors, and reveal the deck has been magically cut to pieces?
00:20:25Here are the secrets.
00:20:26First off, a small tray containing cut cards is concealed in the wooden box.
00:20:32When the trick begins, the magician supposedly shows us that the cards are real by fanning a few of them off the top of the deck.
00:20:40Notice it's just a few.
00:20:42That's because the rest of the deck is really a solid plastic shell.
00:20:48Here's another secret.
00:20:50When he turns the shell over, we can see that it's hollow and filled with pieces of cut cards.
00:20:57Before the illusion began, the magician filled the hollow shell with the cut pieces.
00:21:02He closes the shell with the base of the wooden box, then places a few cards on top of the shell to make it appear like an ordinary deck.
00:21:11During the trick, he covers the fake cards with the wooden box and shakes it.
00:21:16This move is to conceal the fact that he's simply flipping the entire box over so that the base is now on top.
00:21:23This way, he can reveal the cut cards while the real cards are beneath the shell.
00:21:28He makes a few magical snips with his scissors to create the illusion that he's cutting the cards then reveals the cut pieces that have been hidden in the shell.
00:21:37To restore the cards, he simply covers the box and turns it back over.
00:21:41This action places the real cards back on top of the upside-down shell and hides the cut cards from view.
00:21:48Back in one piece.
00:21:51Cutting cards by magic.
00:21:53Simple, when you know the secrets.
00:21:56Coming up next, the secrets to squeezing a beautiful girl into a tiny box and punching a hole straight through her.
00:22:06Then the incredible street magic trick that proves the mysterious powers of ESP.
00:22:15Plus, a 16-ton trolley rises, then vanishes in the blink of an eye.
00:22:21Find out how it's done whenMagic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealedreturns.
00:24:18[Narrator] For his next illusion tonight, the magician will employ this peculiar cabinet.
00:24:31As we can see, it's built with octagonal cutouts in the top and bottom sections.
00:24:40He'll also employ the help of an assistant.
00:24:45Some employment agency!
00:24:51He invites the girl to step into the box.
00:24:58Knowing what it means to her career, she obeys.
00:25:05He closes the bottom section of the cabinet and closes the door.
00:25:09Next, he closes the top half, but we can still see the girl inside.
00:25:24She gives us a cute little wave good-bye and then lowers a black shade behind the cutout.
00:25:34Next, the magician begins to lower the top section of the box down onto the bottom section, squeezing the girl inside.
00:25:44She's now been crushed down into that tiny box.
00:25:47No matter. He employs a bunch of girls.
00:25:50He gives the box a little spin so we can see each side.
00:26:10And sure enough, another assistant brings the magician an octagonal tube, among her other gifts.
00:26:17As we can see, it's empty.
00:26:25Next, he places the tube into the matching cutout in the box.
00:26:29A perfect fit.
00:26:30But has he forgotten there's still a crushed girl inside that box?
00:26:35Maybe not.
00:26:35The tube goes completely through the hole.
00:26:40As we can now see, it allows us a view all the way through to the other side.
00:26:46The girl in the box is gone.
00:26:47Or she's been crushed and then impaled by that eight-sided tube.
00:26:52Either way, it's not pretty.
00:27:12The magician removes the tube.
00:27:17And his assistant takes it with her as she leaves.
00:27:21She giveth and taketh away.
00:27:31Next, the magician lifts the top section of the box back up just a bit, and it rises the rest of the way by magic.
00:27:38Tricky little cabinet.
00:27:45And there's the girl.
00:27:47Tricky little devil.
00:27:51He opens the cabinet, and she steps out completely free of crushing or puncture wounds, and looking great.
00:28:00What's her secret?
00:28:09So, how did the magician jam his beautiful assistant down into the small cube, puncture her with an eight-sided tube...
00:28:19and magically restore her to one stunning piece?
00:28:23Here are the secrets.
00:28:25The deception begins the second the assistant lowers the shade, hiding her from view.
00:28:30Once the shade is down, she release two wedges that are holding the top half of the cabinet in place.
00:28:38This section can now easily slide down over the bottom box.
00:28:44But where does she go?
00:28:46First, she stands up and holds the upper box as it's pushed down.
00:28:51This creates the illusion that the magician is crushing her into the bottom box, yet allows her to safely control the action as she sinks down.
00:29:03The box contains several more secrets that allow her to fit.
00:29:07First, the base of the box is much deeper than it appears.
00:29:12When the box is empty, we can see that there is a lot of room for the girl to sit out of harm's way.
00:29:19The next secret is in the sides of the box.
00:29:22They're constructed of spandex, which expands to allow more room for the girl's back and legs.
00:29:28This black fabric isn't detected due to the deceptive paint job on the box.
00:29:33But even if she's managed to squeeze into the bottom box, how does the magician puncture it with the eight-sided tube?
00:29:40Here's the next secret.
00:29:42First, the girl removes a false panel at the back of the box.
00:29:46Then, as the magician slides the tube through the octagonal hole, he's careful to keep it precisely on target.
00:29:54The assistant presses her back and legs against the side of the box, allowing the tube just enough room to slide through.
00:30:05With the top replaced with Plexiglas, we can see how she helps feed the tube through the hole and manages to stay out of the way.
00:30:16Upon closer inspection, we can see how critical it is that she press against the sides to make room for the tube.
00:30:24Next, the magician simply reverses the action and removes the tube.
00:30:29The girl now has room to exhale and relax for a moment before her big reveal.
00:30:34She stands up, lifting the top box, creating the illusion that the magician is making it rise by magic.
00:30:40Of course she's simply pushing it up as she stands.
00:30:49A magically restored girl.
00:30:51Congratulations, Masked Man.
00:30:53She did it again.
00:30:57Up next,find out how street magicians prove they can read minds...
00:31:05and change ordinary dollar bills into genuine 50s.
00:31:11And then the magician makes a San Francisco trolley car levitate, then disappear.
00:31:19See how it's done whenMagic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealedreturns.
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00:32:26sears [Narrator] Here's another trick street magicians play on unsuspecting victims.
00:34:39The Masked Magician is using one of his assistants to stand in for a randomly-chosen volunteer.
00:34:46He tells her to think of the name of a friend or family member and write it on a pad of paper.
00:34:51He turns his back so he can't see what she's writing.
00:34:57When she's finished, she puts the cap back on the pen, tears off the sheet of paper and hands the pen and pad back to the magician.
00:35:06She shows us the name: Mary.
00:35:11Remember, the magician can't see it.
00:35:13And, normally, he'd be using a random volunteer.
00:35:21Next, the assistant folds the paper into a small packet as instructed.
00:35:26The magician turns back around and presents a lighter and an ashtray.
00:35:30You can probably figure out what's going to happen next.
00:35:33The assistant places the folded paper into the ashtray, and the magician uses the lighter to set it ablaze.
00:35:41Feel the burn?
00:35:42Those are real flames, so don't try this at home.
00:35:57The magician douses the flames with his fingertips and scoops up some of the ashes.
00:36:06He sets down the ashtray and allows his jacket sleeve to pull back.
00:36:11With his sleeve up, we can see that there is nothing on his forearm.
00:36:16He sprinkles the ash onto his arm...
00:36:21then begins to rub the ash into his skin.
00:36:26Would you look at that?
00:36:28The name "Mary" magically appears.
00:36:36We just saw the magician ask his volunteer to write a name and show it to the camera.
00:36:40Then he burned the paper, rubbed the ashes onto his arm, and somehow made the same name appear.
00:36:47But you know he didn't do it by magic.
00:36:51Here are the secrets.
00:36:53First, the pad has been rigged with a piece of ordinary carbon paper several sheets below the piece he offers to the volunteer.
00:37:01When she writes on the pad, the pressure from the pen on the carbon paper transfers the name to another sheet.
00:37:07While she is busy showing the name to the camera, the magician is sneaking a look at the carbon copy.
00:37:14The next secret is this small stick of clear wax.
00:37:17While we are looking at the name on the paper, the magician is secretly rolling up his sleeve and using the wax to write the name on his forearm.
00:37:26Since it's clear, we can't see it, that is until he applies the ash which sticks to the wax and reveals the name.
00:37:35Not hard to pull off when you know the secrets.
00:37:40Next, the magician will demonstrate a close-up trick that is a favorite among TV street magicians.
00:37:46He displays a crisp one-dollar bill.
00:37:52He folds the bill in half, then in half again.
00:37:58Now he folds it one more time.
00:38:00He grips it between his fingertips, showing his hand's empty.
00:38:06Watch for the magic.
00:38:08He unfolds the dollar bill, which has miraculously turned into a 50.
00:38:17That's the kind of inflation we can use.
00:38:20And it's all done with magic.
00:38:24So, how does the magician turn an ordinary $1 bill into a 50 just by folding it in his fingertips?
00:38:32Here are the secrets.
00:38:35The magician starts with a real dollar.
00:38:37But secretly attached to the back is the folded 50.
00:38:46When the trick begins, the magician shows us how he folds the dollar, being careful to keep the 50 hidden from view.
00:38:53From behind, we can see how he manipulates the fold while concealing the 50.
00:39:00There it is on the bottom.
00:39:02He folds the top of the dollar down, and this is where he makes his move, flipping the bills over so the 50 is now in front and the dollar is on the back of it.
00:39:13Here it is from behind.
00:39:16Now all he has to do is unfold the 50 and reveal it to the audience.
00:39:24He keeps the dollar on the backside of it, hidden from view.
00:39:28That's how you make your money grow, when you know the secrets.
00:39:34Next, the magician reveals the secret to making a 16-ton trolley car disappear without a trace whenMagic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealedreturns.
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00:43:47[Narrator] Next, the magician will attempt one of his biggest illusions ever using this genuine trolley car.
00:43:58As we can see, the car is authentic in every detail, from the brass handrails down the highly-polished wooden seats.
00:44:09Retro trolley cars like this give tourists and residents of San Francisco the experience of traveling streets no longer serviced by the surviving cars that still run on cable power.
00:44:22Kinda makes you want to eat some rice, doesn't it?
00:44:25But the magician has a different kind of treat in mind.
00:44:28Let's take a look outside.
00:44:33Here we can see the attention to detail on the exterior of the car along with the routes that it serves.
00:44:45There is no mistaking that this is the real deal, all 16 tons of it.
00:45:00Two assistants enter with a wooden barricade.
00:45:02This is to make sure no one gets too close to the car during the trick and to prevent it from going anyplace but where the magician wants it to go.
00:45:12And on this side are the beautiful girls.
00:45:18I was wondering when they'd make their appearance.
00:45:26Pretty maids all in a row.
00:45:33Um, back to the trick.
00:45:35Again, we see that the car is genuine.
00:45:43The assistants return with another wooden barricade to place in front of the trolley.
00:45:55Now that we're convinced it's real and not going anywhere, let's get ready for some magic.
00:46:02We can see that resting on top of the car is a giant sheet.
00:46:06You can bet it will come into play soon.
00:46:15The magician motions for the girls to release the sheet.
00:46:18I knew they'd be coming into play, too.
00:46:29As the girls tend to the corners and bottom of the sheet, the magician makes his usual magical gestures.
00:46:39I wonder what's going on with the trolley.
00:46:42The girls are still adjusting the sheet, but we'd better check to see that nothing's amiss.
00:46:51The magician lifts the bottom edge, and we can see from the position of the front tire that the trolley hasn't moved an inch.
00:47:03Let's check the back.
00:47:12He lifts this edge, and we can see that the back tire is just where we left it.
00:47:17Sorry, girls.
00:47:18You can go back to adjusting the bottom of the sheet.
00:47:21There's nothing like a neat and tidy trick to end the show.
00:47:31Let's watch as the magician summons his magical powers.
00:47:44He gives a command, and the trolley appears to rise.
00:47:50It weighs 16 tons, and yet it has lifted effortlessly above the floor.
00:47:56Look! It continues to levitate higher and higher into the air.
00:48:01We can see all the way through to the row of lights that were illuminating the other side.
00:48:06The girls take hold of the sheet and wait for the magician.
00:48:10They pull.
00:48:12It's gone!
00:48:13The trolley car has vanished into thin air.
00:48:16The barricades are still in place, yet the trolley is gone.
00:48:22An impossible illusion, yet we've witnessed it with our own eyes.
00:48:26Nice trick, Masked Man.
00:48:28I have no idea how you pulled this one off.
00:48:32Coming up next, find out how the magician made the genuine 16-ton trolley car disappear whenMagic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealedreturns.
00:52:10[Narrator] We just saw the magician make a genuine San Francisco trolley car levitate, then disappear.
00:52:16So how did he do it?
00:52:18Here are the secrets.
00:52:21First of all, it's a trick that can only be performed on television.
00:52:25When the illusion begins, the magician shows us the trolley car from all angles to prove that it's real.
00:52:32But take a look at the top of the trolley.
00:52:35What we don't see is this large metal frame which is the same shape as the roof of the car.
00:52:43The frame is suspended from sturdy cables that hang from the ceiling.
00:52:46It's been constructed to fit exactly on top of the car precisely duplicating its contours.
00:53:01Before the trick begins, the frame is carefully covered with the large silk sheet.
00:53:08A stagehand operating a powerful winch raises the frame and sheet several feet off the floor.
00:53:19Now it's time to bring in the trolley.
00:53:25This is a genuine trolley car, built in the design of the old cable cars.
00:53:32These days, it's used for sightseeing and tours of San Francisco landmarks.
00:53:37The car is carefully driven into place directly beneath the metal frame.
00:53:42We'll see later how the frame takes the place of this several-ton car.
00:53:51A few more inches, and the car is precisely in position.
00:53:55The frame is delicately lowered onto the fine machine, and the sheet is rolled up onto the roof of the car.
00:54:02This setup is in place long before the magician shows us the trolley.
00:54:07During the trick, the sheet is lowered, and the girls begin to fan the fabric, as if adjusting it.
00:54:13The magician lifts the corner to show the front tire, proving that the trolley is still in place.
00:54:19This is when a driver, concealed inside the trolley, climbs out of hiding and quickly gets behind the wheel.
00:54:30Out front, the magician shows the rear tire while the girls continue to fan the sheet.
00:54:35The camera carefully frames the scene so that we can't see the other assistants moving the barricade from behind the trolley.
00:54:43Now the metal frame is raised, creating the illusion that the entire trolley is levitating, thanks to the winch.
00:54:51Once the frame is above the roof, the car is free to be backed out of position.
00:54:57Meanwhile, the camera is carefully avoiding the action just off the right side of its frame.
00:55:04Otherwise, you'd see this.
00:55:09Not too magical.
00:55:11The girls never stop fanning the sheet, which conceals the movement of the trolley.
00:55:16The barricade is replaced so that when the camera pulls back, the rest of the scene appears untouched.
00:55:22The magician makes some gestures to give the impression that his powers are levitating the car into the air.
00:55:31But from behind, we can see that the frame is being lifted by the cables.
00:55:37The giant sheet is pulled down, and the TV audience believes that the trolley has vanished into thin air.
00:55:43In reality, the frame is quickly being raised at the same time the sheet is removed.
00:55:49Of course the camera never includes this angle during the trick.
00:55:57The vanishing trolley car-- not an impossible illusion at all when you know the secrets.
00:56:07Next time, the Masked Magician returns to reveal more of magic's biggest secrets.
00:56:24Closed-Captioned By J.R. Media Services, Inc.
00:56:25Burbank, CA .
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