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00:00:00E way for noddy, noddy!
00:00:02Come on out and play ♪♪
00:00:04Car: Parp parp parp!
00:00:05>> ♪♪ Make way for noddy, noddy!
00:00:08Shout a big hooray, let's get ready and steady, go!
00:00:14It's a happy day, noddy's on his way ♪♪
00:00:18Car: Parp parp parp!
00:00:19>> ♪♪ Make way for noddy, noddy!
00:00:21He's driving in his car ♪♪
00:00:23Car: Parp, parp, parp!
00:00:24>> ♪♪ Make way for noddy, noddy!
00:00:27Toy town can't be far ♪♪
00:00:29Car: Parp parp parp!
00:00:30>> ♪♪ Make way for noddy noddy!
00:00:32Shout a big hooray, his bell is ringing, we're singing, it's a happy day, noddy's here ♪
00:00:41Car: Parp, parp, parp!
00:00:42 ♪♪
00:00:49Naomi: Hello!
00:00:50Welcome tomake way for noddy.
00:00:51I'm naomi!
00:00:52I'm trying to balance these blocks on top of each other to make a tall tower.
00:00:57Oh, no, it's fallen over.
00:01:00They didn't balance very well.
00:01:02I'll just build them up again.
00:01:04 jumbo and clockwork mouse are doing with their balancing act?
00:01:13Narrator: It is a beautiful summer day in toyland, and noddy's on his way who do you think he sees in the town square?
00:01:25Car: Parp parp!
00:01:26Noddy: Hi, mr. jumbo!
00:01:27Mr. Jumbo: [Gasps] oh, dear!
00:01:34Noddy: that's great, clockwork mouse!
00:01:36Clockwork mouse: Thanks, noddy.
00:01:38Mr. Jumbo: I told you someone would see us.
00:01:40Clockwork Mouse: It's ok, we're supposed to be seen, remember?
00:01:45We're practicing our act for everyone is going to see us then.
00:01:51Mr. Jumbo: [Meekly] oh, yeah.
00:01:53Clockwork Mouse: Uh-oh, a little ..?
00:02:03Ah, that's better. thanks!
00:02:06Actually, we don't have an act a good one, too. no, a great one!
00:02:14Noddy: Like what?
00:02:15Clockwork Mouse: Well, look at our sizes.
00:02:17 that difference will make our act so I thought that ..
00:02:26While I hold him up in the air!
00:02:33Noddy: I guess that would be quite a sight.
00:02:35Clockwork Mouse: There's just one problem.
00:02:43Mr. Jumbo: [sighs] I'm just no good at throwing and catching.
00:02:50But I am good at lifting heavy I've been trying to teach clockwork mouse, but he ..
00:03:01Clockwork Mouse: [Grunts] whoa! phew!
00:03:07Mr. Jumbo: if he can't even pick up my foot, how is he going to pick we just don't do you have any ideas?
00:03:18Noddy: do what you're good at!
00:03:22Clockwork Mouse: You mean I should juggle and he should lift me up?
00:03:26Noddy: Why not? it's perfect.
00:03:42[Laughs] Clockwork Mouse: Hmm.
00:03:47 the act is good, but we need to be more exciting!
00:03:54Mr. Jumbo: How?
00:03:55Clockwork Mouse: Well, look at me--i'm up high.
00:03:58You should be, too!
00:04:00Mr. Jumbo: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I'm afraid of heights.
00:04:04Clockwork Mouse: Well, you can't just stand there.
00:04:12Noddy: No, but he could stand on something.
00:04:17Mr. Jumbo:...
00:04:19Clockwork Mouse: What can we use?
00:04:22Noddy: I'll go look for something.
00:04:33Car: Parp parp!
00:04:34Noddy: Excuse me, mr. sparks.
00:04:36Are you throwing those boxes out?
00:04:38Mr. Sparks: Yes. why?
00:04:39Would you like them, noddy?
00:04:41Noddy: Please!
00:04:42 jumbo and clockwork mouse need to stand on something these should be just right.
00:04:49Mr. Sparks: An act?
00:04:50Say, I could paint those boxes up nicely for you, if you like.
00:04:54Noddy: sparks, but we're kind of in a hurry.
00:04:58Maybe later.
00:04:59Mr. Sparks: All right then, noddy. bye!
00:05:16Noddy: Good-bye, pink cat.
00:05:17Thanks for the ice cream-cone sign!
00:05:26Car: Parp parp!
00:05:28Noddy: will these do?
00:05:31Clockwork Mouse: Let's see.
00:05:40Mr. Jumbo: I might be able to balance on this cone.
00:05:44[Ducks quack] Clockwork Mouse: That will take some balancing.
00:05:49Mr. Jumbo: Ouch! that hurts!
00:05:52Noddy: Maybe try it the other way.
00:05:58Hmm, I guess not.
00:06:00Clockwork Mouse: What if jumbo puts it on his then I could balance on it.
00:06:06Mr. Jumbo: I like it!
00:06:13[Giggles] Noddy: No, I don't think it [giggles] Mr. Jumbo: I do know how to balance on a ball.
00:06:24Clockwork Mouse: Let's give it a try-y-y.
00:06:33Ok, jumbo! let's go!
00:06:37Mr. Jumbo: Whoooooaaaa! oooff!
00:06:43 I'm too big, or the ball's too small.
00:06:48Clockwork Mouse: Not too but--unh-- we still haven't found you something to stand on.
00:06:55Noddy: what about these we can stack them up.
00:07:08Mr. Jumbo: And then what?
00:07:11Noddy: Then you climb up on them.
00:07:13Mr. Jumbo: No, no, no, no, no.
00:07:15Too high. too high!
00:07:17Clockwork Mouse: Well, there's only this box left.
00:07:21Mr. Jumbo: Perfect!
00:07:22I can balance on that, and it's not too high.
00:07:25Clockwork Mouse: But it's not too exciting, either.
00:07:31Noddy: Maybe there's another answer.
00:07:40Noddy: That's not too high, is it?
00:07:43Mr. Jumbo: No-o-o-o.
00:07:44Noddy: And it won't hurt your feet?
00:07:46Mr. Jumbo: No.
00:07:47Clockwork Mouse: Ooh, let's try that, mr. jumbo!
00:08:03[Giggles] Noddy: [giggles] Mr. Jumbo: What?
00:08:10Do you need a wind-up?
00:08:11Clockwork Mouse: No.
00:08:13We still need more- more excitement!
00:08:16Noddy: You could hold the ball higher.
00:08:25Noddy: Wonderful!
00:08:31Noddy: You're getting better and better!
00:08:38Noddy: Now what's wrong?
00:08:39Clockwork Mouse: But look we're just standing here while I juggle.
00:08:43 I want us to we need just one more thing for our act to be great. but what?
00:08:53[Ducks quack] Noddy: how about doing some funny jokes?
00:09:02Or--or a song?
00:09:02Mr. Jumbo: I don't know any jokes.
00:09:05Clockwork Mouse: And i don't know any songs.
00:09:07Noddy: Yes, but I do!
00:09:14[All chattering] All: Ooh! whoa!
00:09:49Mr. Jumbo: ♪♪ Now, why did you throw a clock ♪♪
00:09:54Clockwork Mouse: ♪♪ I did it 'cause I wondered ♪♪
00:09:58[crowd laughs] Mr. Jumbo: ♪♪ Do you know why the duck ♪♪
00:10:03Clockwork Mouse: ♪♪ 'Cause when the box was opened, ♪♪
00:10:07[crowd laughs] Big Ears: It's a wonderful act, noddy. did you help?
00:10:15Noddy: I just helped them think of what to do.
00:10:21And taught them the jokes and the song.
00:10:24Big Ears: Oh, noddy, that's practically (chuckles) oh, you funny little noddy!
00:10:38Naomi: jumbo and clockwork mouse used lots of different shapes in their act.
00:10:46A triangle, and do you know what this shape is?
00:10:50It's a circle.
00:10:51You can learn a new way to say "circle" in swahili.
00:10:55See if you cansay it with noddy!
00:10:58>> ♪♪ We all have friends from everywhere and they use new words that we can share learn a new word today let's have fun while we play say it with noddy say it with noddy ♪♪
00:11:21Whizz: I'm whizz! let's speak swahili!
00:11:27Today, noddy used lots of different shapes in his friend's there were squares, a cone, and a circle.
00:11:41Noddy: What are you doing, whizz?
00:11:42Whizz: I'm making circles, noddy.
00:11:45Noddy: A circle is round, like a zero.
00:11:47Whizz: And here's another word for circle.
00:11:51Native voice:DUARA.
00:11:52Whizz: Say it with noddy.
00:11:54Noddy & kids:DUARA!
00:11:56 I can, I can, I can!
00:12:01Whizz: Yippee!
00:12:04 we'll find things that are in the shape of a circle.
00:12:09Remember what to say when noddy finds something round.
00:12:13Noddy & kids:DUARA!
00:12:15Whizz: Right!
00:12:16Noddy: Look up at the clock!
00:12:18Noddy & kids:DUARA!
00:12:21Whizz: How about those, noddy?
00:12:27Noddy and kids:DUARA! DUARA!
00:12:30[Laughter] Noddy: Look, whizz.
00:12:38The bouncing balls!
00:12:39duara, duara, duara.
00:12:45[Gibberish] [both laugh] saying words in swahili is fun.
00:12:55Naomi: Did you find the bouncing balls with whizz and noddy? they're circles.
00:13:01 let's see what other shapes we can find in toyland. have a look.
00:13:16Narrator: It was a peaceful day in toyland.
00:13:22But in the nearby dark woods, the goblins were up to no good.
00:13:30Sly: Hey, gobbo, look what i found under my bed--a stopwatch.
00:13:35Gobbo, time me to see how fast i can run around the tree, please?
00:13:40Gobbo: I'm scheming.
00:13:44Sly: Then time how long I can hold my breath. pretty please?
00:13:48Gobbo: Tell you what--jump.
00:13:51I'll time how long you can stay in the air.
00:13:54Sly: Oh, goodie.
00:13:56Gobbo: Ready. set. go.
00:14:06Say, that's good, sly. sly?
00:14:26Sly: What? ooh, that was creepy.
00:14:31I couldn't move a muscle, not even blink.
00:14:34Gobbo: This watch stopped you completely, like it froze time itself.
00:14:39Sly: Is it broken, then?
00:14:41Gobbo: No, no. it's magic.
00:14:43 one click, a second click, they start up again.
00:14:51Sly: let me.
00:14:55Gobbo: Oh, you'll get your we're going to toy town. heh heh heh.
00:15:09Dinah: now I just have to find them. mmm, aha!
00:15:16Fresh googleberry muffins. huh?
00:15:21[Sly and gobbo laugh] how are you going to pay?
00:15:28Gobbo: With this.
00:15:36Sly: don't mind if we do.
00:15:43Mr. Jumbo: Good morning, my, don't those muffins look yummy.
00:15:48[Giggling] did you hear me, dinah doll?
00:15:53Something's wrong with dinah.
00:15:56I'll go get mr. plod for help.
00:15:58Gobbo: No, you don't, mr. jumbo.
00:16:00Here, have some crumbs.
00:16:09[Laughing] Sly: Hey, that wasn't very nice it was my turn to click the watch.
00:16:18Pink Cat: No more ice cream for you two until you pay me for now shoo and make room-- Sly: Whee, I wanna do it again.
00:16:30Gobbo: another click, and come on, let's go get some ice cream.
00:16:41Mr. Plod: Good day, miss pink I see all's quiet in toy but a policeman must always be alert.
00:16:51You never know when you might come upon some mischief.
00:16:55[Crash] if I were you, I'd keep my eye there's something odd here. miss pink cat? hello?
00:17:18 say, this smells like a goblin trick to halt in the name of-- Gobbo: How's it feel, mr. plod?
00:17:32After all the times you stopped us from having fun--ha ha ha-- now we've stopped you.
00:17:39♪♪ Tee hee hee good for you and me they can't stop us, and it's time for trouble silly fools and their silly rules let's get busy 'cause it's time for trouble ♪♪
00:17:56[sly and gobbo laughing] Gobbo: Now there's no one to keep us and our stopwatch from stopping the whole town.
00:18:10[Whimpers] [whistles] Noddy: Perfect. just perfect.
00:18:21[Bumpy barks] aah!
00:18:23[Pants and whimpers] what's wrong, bumpy dog?
00:18:30[Barks] the enitre town is stopped and the goblins are up come on, there's no time to lose.
00:18:42[Bumpy barks] I hope we get to town before those goblins make too much I hope, I hope, I hope.
00:18:49[Bumpy barks] Gobbo: Heh heh heh.
00:19:04Look at 'em all, frozen as far as the eye can see.
00:19:09Sly: You got to stop most of them. it's just not fair.
00:19:13Martha: sly, gobbo, the whole town has-- Sly: Gobbo, it was my turn!
00:19:30Martha: Come to a stop.
00:19:32Sly: There, that's much better.
00:19:46[Whimpers] Noddy: You can say that again, but how are we gonna get close to sly and gobbo without them noticing?
00:20:03Gobbo: Sly, when did you click noddy?
00:20:07Sly: you got to click almost everyone.
00:20:15Gobbo: Hmm, I thought noddy was way over there, but now he's maybe I better take a look.
00:20:23[Bumpy barks and growls] Sly: Hey, gobbo, it was my turn.
00:20:30Gobbo: it was my turn.
00:20:33Sly: How'd he get so close?
00:20:47Gobbo: This is it, noddy.
00:20:48One click, and we'll have toy town all to ourselves.
00:20:53Sly: Gobbo, it's my turn.
00:20:56Gobbo: All right, all right.
00:20:58We'll both click him.
00:21:00[Gasps] on 3, then. 1, 2, 3!
00:21:08[Both gasp] Mr. Jumbo: Choo!
00:21:11[Both screaming] [both moan and groan] Both: The stopwatch!
00:21:32Sly: Oh, here it is.
00:21:42[Screams] [all laugh] Miss Pink Cat: Hey, you-- [bump barks] [crash] Mr. Plod: Well, the case of the magic stopwatch is all wound up, if I do say so myself.
00:22:14Dinah: Noddy, you're a hero.
00:22:16You saved toy town and everyone in it.
00:22:19Noddy: I just hope these two nasty goblins have finally learned their lesson.
00:22:25Sly: Oh, we have, we have.
00:22:27We promise to be good, don't we, gobbo?
00:22:30Gobbo: Uh-huh, we do, at least until next time.
00:22:39Naomi: I was just pretending that the goblins had zapped me.
00:22:41It's time to learn a new word.
00:22:44You can tell the time with see if you can say "clock" with noddy in swahili.
00:22:51Noddy & kids: ♪♪ We all have friends from everywhere and they use new words that we can share learn a new word today let's have fun while we play say it with noddy say it with noddy ♪♪
00:23:14Whizz: Hello, everyone.
00:23:14I'm whizz. let's speak swahili.
00:23:17The goblins played with a stopwatch, which is like a small clock.
00:23:22Sly: Hey, gobbo, look what i found under my bed--a stopwatch.
00:23:31Noddy: Hello, whizz.
00:23:32Whizz: Noddy, why are you so late?
00:23:34Noddy: My clock didn't wake me.
00:23:37[Running down sound] Whizz: Here's a new word for clock.
00:23:41Native voice:SAA.
00:23:42Whizz: Say it with noddy.
00:23:43Noddy & kids:SAA.
00:23:44Noddy: I can say it.
00:23:46I can, I can, I can.
00:23:48Whizz: Yippee!
00:23:51Noddy: sparks can fix this.
00:23:55Mr. Sparks: A challenge?
00:23:58 it will be ready at 3:00.
00:24:01Noddy: We'll have to find a clock so we know what time to come back.
00:24:07Whizz: Remember what to say when noddy sees a clock?
00:24:10[Clock chimes] Noddy & kids:SAA.
00:24:21[Ticking] [dinging] [laughing] Noddy & kids:SAA.
00:24:31Whizz: Yes, and it says 3:00.
00:24:33Time to go back to mr. sparks.
00:24:35[Ticking] Noddy & kids:SAA.
00:24:40Mr. Sparks: Try the bell now.
00:24:41[Rings] [laughs] Noddy: Saying words in swahili is fun.
00:24:50Naomi:SAA.CLOCK. DO YOU KNOW it's time see you next time. good-bye.
00:25:02[Rings] >> ♪♪ wake up with noddy and start a brand-new day wake up with noddy let's come along and play ♪♪
00:25:17>> ♪♪ noddy wakes up bright and early, stretches and gets out of bed stretch up high ♪♪
00:25:23>> stretch up high!
00:25:25>> ♪♪ That's how it's done he's ready for a day of fun ♪♪
00:25:32[rings] >> ♪♪ our alarm clock keeps us on our toes when it's time, the bell will ring, and this is how it goes ♪♪
00:25:41Noddy: Ring-a-ling-a-ling a-ling-a-ling!
00:25:43>> Ring-a-ling-a-ling a-ling-a-ling!
00:25:45♪♪ Wake up with noddy, and start a brand-new day wake up with noddy let's come along and play ♪♪
00:25:55>> ♪♪ after breakfast, noddy needs to tidy up and wash his face wash your face ♪♪
00:26:00>> wash your face!
00:26:02>> ♪♪ Until it's clean the cleanest face you've ever seen ♪♪
00:26:10[rings] >> ♪♪ our alarm clock keeps us on our toes when it's time, the bell will ring, and this is how it goes ♪♪
00:26:18Noddy: Ring-a-ling-a-ling a-ling-a-ling!
00:26:20>> Ring-a-ling-a-ling a-ling-a-ling!
00:26:22♪♪ Wake up with noddy, and start a brand-new day wake up with noddy let's come along and play ♪♪
00:26:32>> ♪♪ now it's time to brush his teeth he wants to keep them clean and bright brush your teeth ♪♪
00:26:37>> brush your teeth!
00:26:40>> ♪ And then get dressed he wants to look his very best ♪♪
00:26:47[rings] >> ♪ our alarm clock keeps us on our toes when it's time, the bell will ring, and this is how it goes ♪♪
00:26:55Noddy: Ring-a-ling-a-ling a-ling-a-ling!
00:26:57>> Ring-a-ling-a-ling a-ling-a-ling!
00:26:59♪♪ Wake up with noddy, and start a brand-new day wake up with noddy let's come along and play ♪♪
00:27:09Noddy: come on with me and let's do this together.
00:27:13>> ♪♪ Stretch up high ♪♪
00:27:15>> stretch up high!
00:27:17>> ♪♪ Wash your face ♪♪
00:27:19>> wash your face!
00:27:20>> ♪♪ Brush your teeth ♪♪
00:27:22>> brush your teeth!
00:27:25Noddy: Hey, everybody, you did a really good job.
00:27:31[Rings] >> ♪♪ our alarm clock keeps us on our toes when it's time, the bell will ring, and this is how it goes ♪♪
00:27:40Noddy: Ring-a-ling-a-ling a-ling-a-ling!
00:27:42>> Ring-a-ling-a-ling a-ling-a-ling!
00:27:44♪♪ Wake up with noddy, and start a brand-new day wake up with noddy let's come along and play ♪♪
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