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00:00:00And she was in a bad automobile car accident, so she brought -- >> Judge Brown: She got a recovery, and she agreed to give you some of it as part of just being generous, I guess.
00:00:09>> Yes, that's correct.
00:00:11Because my automobile was very old and to buy clothing for my 9-year-old daughter.
00:00:17>> Judge Brown: You got a 3-year-old, 9-year-old, 18-year-old, and a 20-year-old.
00:00:22>> Correct.
00:00:23>> Judge Brown: And you are a drug and alcohol counselor.
00:00:26>> That's correct.
00:00:27>> Judge Brown: Okay.
00:00:28>> Your honor, judge joe brown, I -- this is my neighbor, and he's a personal friend of mine, and there was loans taken out before, and he always paid them back.
00:00:41So I felt -- >> Judge Brown: He says he's been making loans to you and you never paid him back.
00:00:46>> That's correct, your honor.
00:00:48>> He -- well, he's made loans to me, and I've always paid them back with no problem at all.
00:00:55So I don't know where he's getting that from.
00:00:58But anyway, getting back to what I'm talking about is, he came to me.
00:01:06I had seen the landlord had come and put an eviction notice up on his door.
00:01:11Not only that, two hours later, the utility company comes out and shuts his utilities off.
00:01:18Well, I didn't want to see him -- >> Judge Brown: Everybody's broke, times are hard.
00:01:25>> Well, I really wasn't doing it for him.
00:01:28I was doing it because he has young children in the house.
00:01:32>> Judge Brown: Two.
00:01:33One's 2, and one's 1.
00:01:34>> Yes.
00:01:36And his son is on insulin.
00:01:38Well, one of his kids -- >> Judge Brown: One of them.
00:01:41>> Yeah, they're on insulin.
00:01:42>> Judge Brown: You had good neighborly concern for the defendant's children.
00:01:46>> That's correct.
00:01:47So, he knew that my mother had given me the money because he's a friend of my mother's, also.
00:01:54Yeah, he's closer probably to my mother's age than mine.
00:01:59So, he came over and asked, originally, could he run an extension cord from my apartment to his.
00:02:06[ Laughter ] but anyway, to make a long story ort, he wanted me -- >> Judge Brown: Silly young man.
00:02:12>> Judge joe brown, sometimes we all get in financial difficulties.
00:02:16>> Judge Brown: Well, i understand that.
00:02:17>> But doesn't make me a silly young man.
00:02:19It just makes me in a financially difficult situation for the moment.
00:02:21>> Judge Brown: Well, with some of the expectations.
00:02:24Let's go. keep going.
00:02:25Hold on. hold your point.
00:02:26>> All right, all right.
00:02:27>> Well, I told him that i wouldn't run no extension cord because I didn't want to get in trouble with my apartment manager.
00:02:32>> Judge Brown: That, by the way, is theft of utility services.
00:02:38Yeah, that's illegal.
00:02:39>> I didn't do it, and I told him that I had a flashlight and candles if he needed it.
00:02:44And he said that wasn't going to work, that he needed the utilities on.
00:02:49And I told him I would do it.
00:02:50>> Judge Brown: You did!
00:02:52>> Yes.
00:02:52>> Judge Brown: Do you have a promissory note?
00:02:54>> Promissory note right here.
00:02:55He signed it.
00:02:55But the problem was -- >> Judge Brown: "I, laurence woods, promise to pay back the sum of $4,000 to karen atkinson that I am borrowing, this sixth day of july, year same.
00:03:06The total sum of $4,000 will be paid back by august 6th of year " >> correct.
00:03:13And he said that he would be able to do it because -- larry is a musician, and he does a lot of shows where he's the opening act.
00:03:21But, you know, he had a month to pay it, and he didn't come to me within a month's time.
00:03:28Well, I called his cellphone.
00:03:30His cellphone was turned off.
00:03:32I went next door to knock on the door, and there was always a sign up there that his wife put up there -- "please do not knock on our door because we're trying to sleep and our son's trying " so it made it very difficult for me to even try to collect my money.
00:03:48>> Judge Brown: So, have you been paid back on this loan?
00:03:50>> Have not been paid back a nickel of my money.
00:03:52>> Judge Brown: All right.
00:03:53>> But I just got tired of it after a while, and I went over there, and I knocked on the door, and I told him -- I knocked on the door, and she answered, and I told her that -- I asked her where larry was, and she said he was once gone again.
00:04:09I believe he wasn't even really staying there anymore.
00:04:12But I told her that if I didn't have my money within 24 hours that I was going to sue him.
00:04:18And I turned on my ankle and went back to my apartment.
00:04:22Okay, later on that evening, i hear this loud knock on the door -- boom boom boom boom!
00:04:27Like the police was coming to kick the door down or something.
00:04:30So, we was startled, you know?
00:04:33And my son got up to answer the door.
00:04:37>> Judge Brown: I'll let him tell what happened in a bit.
00:04:39I'm gonna let him tell his side.
00:04:41Then you come up.
00:04:41Now you have the floor.
00:04:43>> Thank you, your honor.
00:04:45Judge joe brown, back in december 2008, I loaned karen about $2,000, due to the fact that her man, who gambles and plays video poker, had messed up some money.
00:04:58She's a good person.
00:04:59I've known her for years.
00:05:00Me and her family go back.
00:05:02That's very true.
00:05:02But it's not like I'm this poor guy just playing on her for the money.
00:05:06>> Judge Brown: I didn't say that.
00:05:08All I'm looking at is an allegation that there was $4,000 that went from her to you, and she alleges it's not been paid back.
00:05:17>> Right, right.
00:05:19Well, judge joe brown, it's like this.
00:05:21I go by the house, right?
00:05:23I knock on the door.
00:05:24Even before I get up there, i could smell the ganja coming up out of there.
00:05:26>> Judge Brown: "What's " >> but it wasn't like that.
00:05:30You'll see what it was.
00:05:31This is where I go, knocks on the door.
00:05:33Soon as I come to the door, he said, "man, where my mama's !" >> Judge Brown: Wait a minute.
00:05:38You knocked on her door.
00:05:39>> Judge joe brown, I come over there.
00:05:42Before I can even say, "hey, " !" and he comes at me, swings at me -- blaow!
00:05:48>> Judge Brown: Where'd he swing at you?
00:05:50>> Swung at my head!
00:05:51>> Judge Brown: Where were you standing?
00:05:53>> I'm standing right there by the door.
00:05:55>> Judge Brown: In the doorway.
00:05:56>> I'm right there in the doorway.
00:05:57He swings at me, I duck, I push him back, you know what I'm saying?
00:06:00And he goes into the tv and knocks over the stand and stuff.
00:06:04So, after that, who's ever there, and you shouldn't be attacked.
00:06:06You know what I'm saying?
00:06:07I was treated bad.
00:06:08I feel like, after that, after he attacks me, I'm not giving you a dime.
00:06:12>> Jacque: We'll be right back " >> one night, I get a knock at the door.
00:06:17I just got out the shower.
00:06:18I had on a bathrobe.
00:06:20And I answered the door, and he was looking kind of crazy, like he was intoxicated off of something.
00:06:24I asked where was the money, and he just starts swinging on me.
00:06:27I didn't have no clothes under my bathrobe.
00:06:29That's why I didn't run after him.
00:06:30>> Judge Brown: [ Laughs ] >> he got ghost on me.
00:06:33Know what I'm saying?
00:06:34> Jacque:..
00:06:35>> Telling a former friend that she had me move in to live off of me.
00:06:39>> No.
00:06:40>> Judge Brown: Wait, wait, wait!
00:06:43Wait, wait.
00:06:44So what?
00:06:45>> I couldn't stay here 'cause i had two jobs, and I worked at two places in puerto rico.
00:06:51>> Judge Brown: Yes, that's the problem -- we're in puerto rico.
00:06:5475, 80 Yards from the beach in puerto rico.
00:06:59>> I was going to beauty school.
00:07:01>> Judge Brown: Oh, I figured that.
00:07:03Naturally, we're glamorous.
00:07:04[ Laughter ] >> Announcer: It's "joe" time after this.
00:09:10>> Jacque: We're back with " the defendant in this case says he went to talk to the plaintiff about the loan, and her son got in his face.
00:09:17He says he'd helped the plaintiff in the past so he didn't appreciate being attacked.
00:09:22Let's take a look.
00:09:23>> Judge Brown: Where is the money?
00:09:25You didn't pay her back the money!
00:09:28>> Your honor, judge joe brown, look.
00:09:29I wasn't getting no bones in my body broken.
00:09:32All I was coming over to do was give her some money.
00:09:34>> Judge Brown: Why didn't you !
00:09:36>> I couldn't.
00:09:36He tried to jump on me!
00:09:37Tried to take my head off.
00:09:38What am I supposed to do?
00:09:39I'm not gonna go back in there trying to take my head off, man.
00:09:42>> How come you didn't mail it to me, or how come you didn't call me?
00:09:45>> Judge Brown: Slide it under the door.
00:09:46>> Well, after that, I was so mad -- >> Judge Brown: Give it to your wife to say, "here are the ducats"?
00:09:52>> Before I could even say that -- that's my whole point, judge joe brown.
00:09:55I come to the door, knocked on the door.
00:09:56He was full off that bud, man, and flipped on me.
00:09:58>> Judge Brown: Bud doesn't cause anybody to go flip.
00:10:02>> Load up on that bong -- >> Judge Brown: Bong or otherwise, smoking that ganja weed of wisdom is not gonna bend you out of shape like that.
00:10:11You're peaceful.
00:10:12>> I hear you, judge joe brown, but it's not that I'm lying.
00:10:14It's not that I wasn't gonna go there and pay her.
00:10:16And you're right -- bud do make you laid-back.
00:10:18Maybe he was mad -- all I can do is speculate.
00:10:20Maybe he was mad at me 'cause i hadn't paid the money.
00:10:23Little bit of kick I should have gave her on time.
00:10:25>> Judge Brown: Yeah, man, that's good.
00:10:27You've got a good gift for gab.
00:10:28But now I'm gonna go over here to this young man for a rebuttal.
00:10:32>> I'm just keeping it real, judge joe brown.
00:10:34It's not no good gift.
00:10:35It's just the real thing.
00:10:35>> Judge Brown: Pull your pants up.
00:10:37I want you to pull your pants up.
00:10:38You know why?
00:10:39So when you come out looking like that, it's strange.
00:10:42Don't do that kind of perpetration.
00:10:45>> Excuse me, judge.
00:10:46>> Judge Brown: Now, you seem you got more going.
00:10:48You didn't know that.
00:10:48You pulled them up, so tell me your story.
00:10:50>> Excuse me, judge.
00:10:51One night, I get a knock at the door.
00:10:53I just got out the shower.
00:10:55I had on a bathrobe.
00:10:57>> That's not true, your honor.
00:10:58>> Judge Brown: Stop!
00:10:59He was quiet when you were up here.
00:11:01>> All right, all right.
00:11:02>> He knocked on the door, and i answered the door, and he was looking kind of crazy, like he was intoxicated off of something.
00:11:07And I asked the man, "where's my " I asked him where was the money.
00:11:11He just start swinging on me.
00:11:12He swung on me and got ghost.
00:11:14You know what I'm saying?
00:11:15He ran off after that.
00:11:16I didn't have no clothes under my bathrobe.
00:11:18That's why I didn't run after him.
00:11:19[ Laughter ] he got ghost on me.
00:11:22You know what I'm saying?
00:11:23He ain't pushing me into no tv.
00:11:24>> Judge Brown: All right.
00:11:25That's a fascinating sidebar story -- a head-whooping, head-warming whatever up in the household.
00:11:34Now, what are we here for?
00:11:38"I, laurence woods, promise to " >> yep, it's right here.
00:11:45>> Judge Brown: Well, fascinating story.
00:11:48You get your award -- $4,000 and your costs.
00:11:50Isn't that what you're here for?
00:11:51>> That's what I'm here for.
00:11:52>> Judge Brown: Put that down.
00:11:53We don't need it.
00:11:54There you go.
00:11:55>> Miss Sonia: And this courtroom is now in recess.
00:11:59>> Jacque: The defendant told the judge he shouldn't have to pay because the plaintiff's son didn't give him a warm welcome on the day in question.
00:12:04He's gonna have to pay.
00:12:05Now we're onto the next case.
00:12:07>> Miss Sonia: Please raise your right hand.
00:12:09>> Jacque: Plaintiff dizaree williams is suing her former roommate for rent.
00:12:12Defendant desiree gullett says the plaintiff tried to take advantage of her.
00:12:16>> Judge Brown: Well, let's see.
00:12:18Miss williams, you're suing miss gullett.
00:12:19You allege that miss gullett was a former tenant, and she left without notice and has not paid the rent.
00:12:30And you seek the month's rent because of improper notice.
00:12:34All right.
00:12:35You say that the plaintiff was overcharging you rent, so you shouldn't have to pay.
00:12:42>> I moved out, and I informed HER ON THE 30th.
00:12:45>> Judge Brown: Yes.
00:12:47And you moved out -- let's SEE -- THE 6th.
00:12:51>> Your honor, I didn't even move in to my room until SEPTEMBER 7th.
00:12:56>> Judge Brown: Well, you were ENTITLED TO IT ON THE 1st.
00:12:58Well, anyway, hold your point.
00:12:59We'll come back to you, all right?
00:13:01Now, you tell me your side of things first.
00:13:04>> I was searching for a new roommate.
00:13:07I posted an ad on craigslist, and I also was proactive, reading "rooms wanted" signs.
00:13:12I found desiree.
00:13:14That's my name, also, so i thought that was cool, so i contacted her and sent her pictures, told her the location.
00:13:20>> Judge Brown: And she moved in.
00:13:22After paying you the first month's rent.
00:13:25>> Not entirely.
00:13:26I told her I needed money before I took it off the internet.
00:13:29She paid me $200 first.
00:13:30>> Judge Brown: A deposit.
00:13:32>> Yes, sir.
00:13:33Towards the first month's rent, yes, sir.
00:13:35>> Judge Brown: Did you get the whole first month's rent?
00:13:37>> She paid me cash, the other half, the second day that she came.
00:13:40>> Judge Brown: When did she move in?
00:13:42>> SHE MOVED IN ON AUGUST 24th.
00:13:44>> 25th.
00:13:44>> Judge Brown: When did you get the money?
00:13:47>> ON AUGUST 25th, I GOT THE Rest of the money that she owed.
00:13:49>> Judge Brown: No, I'm saying the first deposit.
00:13:52>> Was processed in my bank, i BELIEVE, AROUND AUGUST 19th.
00:13:57>> Judge Brown: August 19th.
00:13:59All right?
00:13:59>> Yes, sir.
00:14:00>> Judge Brown: So, she moved in ON THE 26th?
00:14:02>> ON THE 24th, SHE MOVED IN.
00:14:04She stayed in the living -- >> Judge Brown: On august.
00:14:07>> Yes, sir.
00:14:07>> Judge Brown: All right, now, when did she move out?
00:14:09>> On the 6th of october.
00:14:11>> Judge Brown: All right, she paid you, basically, for august.
00:14:14Did she pay you for september?
00:14:15>> She wasn't in her room.
00:14:17>> Judge Brown: Did she pay -- just a question.
00:14:19>> Yes, she did pay for september.
00:14:21>> Judge Brown: All right.
00:14:23Did she pay you for october?
00:14:24>> No, sir.
00:14:25>> Judge Brown: That's what you're here for.
00:14:27>> Yes, sir.
00:14:27>> Jacque: We'll be back with more "judge joe brown" in a moment.
00:14:30>> I bought groceries at costco.
00:14:32When you first came, we went, loaded up the car -- >> one time.
00:14:35I've been to the grocery store several times to get food.
00:14:37>> Several times 'cause -- how many times have I taken you and your boyfriend out to dinner?
00:14:42>> He's not my boyfriend.
00:14:43>> That's right -- he's not your boyfriend, but he lived there for five weeks, also.
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00:17:51>> Jacque: We're back with " the plaintiff in this case says she found her new roommate on craigslist.
00:17:56She says the defendant got to live in a great place by the beach in puerto rico, and she left without notice or paying the balance.
00:18:02Let's take a look.
00:18:03>> Judge Brown: She told you september 30th she was moving out, and she moved out october 6th, I BELIEVE?
00:18:12>> ON THE 29th, I ASKED HER HOW She was gonna pay the rent, and that's when she said she needed to talk to me.
00:18:17>> Judge Brown: She expressed to you she had a problem with employment.
00:18:20>> Yes, sir.
00:18:21>> Judge Brown: Okay.
00:18:22How much would that be, please?
00:18:23>> $425, Including utilities.
00:18:24>> Judge Brown: You made a basic case.
00:18:26We'll come back to you.
00:18:27Now, what's your defense?
00:18:30>> I MOVED IN ON THE 25th, AND She still had her old roommate living in the old room.
00:18:36I didn't move in to my other ROOM UNTIL THE 7th, SO I MOVED Out on the 6th of october.
00:18:41>> Judge Brown: All right, where did you come in from?
00:18:44>> Where did I came from?
00:18:45>> Judge Brown: Yes, where do you live?
00:18:47>> Arkansas.
00:18:48>> Judge Brown: Now, why do you say you are entitled to have moved out with insufficient notice and not be liable for the rent?
00:18:55>> Because she informed me when I told her that I couldn't stay here 'cause I had two jobs, and I worked at two places in puerto rico.
00:19:04>> Judge Brown: Yes, that's the problem.
00:19:06We're in puerto rico.
00:19:0775, 80 Yards from the beach in puerto rico.
00:19:12>> Mm-hmm.
00:19:13>> Judge Brown: Now explain to me how you thought $425 becomes an exorbitant amount of rent?
00:19:21>> Your honor -- >> Judge Brown: Because somebody told you that you were paying too much rent.
00:19:26>> I've even called the apartment, and the rent was $600.
00:19:30>> Originally, it -- >> Judge Brown: Stop.
00:19:33That's what she pays.
00:19:34So, part of your defense, I take it, from what you have put in writing, young lady, is, "she was having financial hard times, so she was charging me $425 or whatever it was, and she was only paying $600.
00:19:49" >> and, your honor, I bought 80% of the food in the house.
00:19:55>> I bought groceries at costco.
00:19:57When you first came, we went, loaded up the car.
00:20:00>> One time.
00:20:01I've been to the grocery store several times to get food.
00:20:05>> And you've only been twice.
00:20:06>> How many times have I taken you and your boyfriend out to dinner?
00:20:09>> He's not my boyfriend.
00:20:10>> That's right -- he's not your boyfriend, but he lived there for five weeks, also.
00:20:13I never made any qualms about that.
00:20:16You never told me rent was a problem.
00:20:17You said you loved the location.
00:20:19>> Judge Brown: Stop with you.
00:20:20That's got nothing to do with your situation and your case.
00:20:23Please explain to me, young lady, how you get from point "a" to point "b" in your defense.
00:20:30I'm not catching the logic.
00:20:31>> Telling a former friend that she had me move in to live off of me.
00:20:36>> No, that is not true.
00:20:37>> Judge Brown: Wait, wait!
00:20:40So what?
00:20:41Because the point is the bargain you got, young lady, was $425 a month.
00:20:47You got to stay in puerto rico.
00:20:50>> And I have, including over $300 of food that I bought.
00:20:54>> Judge Brown: Big deal.
00:20:55You got to stay there for a whole month and essentially see the same scenery.
00:21:00So, why do I feel that you're sitting here, getting crazy, other than the fact that you're 19 and you haven't learned much about the real world?
00:21:09You got out of little rock, arkansas, into the nice, tropical background that I'm looking at right there in puerto rico.
00:21:20>> I lived in california since 2006.
00:21:22>> Judge Brown: Well, whoop-dee-doo.
00:21:25It's still more interesting in puerto rico than california in 2006.
00:21:30It's great over there.
00:21:31What's your problem?
00:21:33You still get the common law applying, which is, when you move in, you have -- guess what -- a notice requirement, which means you have to give notice commensurate with the rental period.
00:21:43It's a 30-day rental period.
00:21:45What you did is you gave notice the last of the month and moved out the first of the following month.
00:21:50>> I wouldn't mind staying, but I did not have a job, and I -- >> Judge Brown: Well, that's your problem.
00:21:55What are you supposed to know about the world at 16?
00:21:59>> I was going to beauty school.
00:22:01>> Judge Brown: Oh, I figured that.
00:22:03Naturally, we're glamorous.
00:22:05[ Laughter ] >> Jacque: Judge joe brown makes his ruling after this.
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00:24:51>> Judge Brown: The law is the law.
00:24:54You're stuck with october's rent.
00:24:56So it ain't nothing new.
00:24:57You're supposed to know that.
00:24:58You put yourself into it.
00:25:00Now you've got a relatively cheap lesson in the realities of being grown, so you will pay for that education, and you will have had a great time in sunny puerto rico by paying the plaintiff $425 and her costs.
00:25:16>> Thank you, judge brown.
00:25:17>> Judge Brown: There you go.
00:25:18>> Miss Sonia: And this courtroom is now in recess.
00:25:22>> Jacque: Well, the defendant in this case obviously felt that she was deceived and that justified her leaving without paying.
00:25:27She could not whine her way out of it.
00:25:28She's gonna pay.
00:25:29We'll be right back.
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00:26:28>> Jacque: We're back.
00:26:29The defendant told the judge she felt like she was being used, but she agreed to the rent, then pleft without paying in full.
00:26:35And how she feels about her former roommate is irrelevant.
00:26:38She'll pay.
00:26:39For information on future cases or to contact this court, check out our website at judgejoebrown.com.
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00:00:00S suing her son's grandmother for damage to her vehicle.
00:00:03Defendant dawn thiess says there's no proof her dog is at fault.
00:00:08Now here's judge joe brown.
00:00:10>> Judge Brown: Miss esserwein, you seem to be alleging that thiess' dog is responsible for doing some damage to a bumper on your motor vehicle.
00:00:19>> That's correct, judge joe brown.
00:00:21>> Judge Brown: I believe the defendant is the grandmother of one of your children.
00:00:25>> Yes.
00:00:26>> Judge Brown: You first, please, ma'am.
00:00:28 I went up to pick my son UP ON SATURDAY, AUGUST 15th, From the defendant's house.
00:00:33I went in, got my son, I came out.
00:00:36As we were leaving, the dog was in the front, just running back and forth, just trying to, like -- basically just chewing at the tires.
00:00:42>> Judge Brown: From your description, you're talking about in front of your vehicle in the driveway?
00:00:46>> Yes, and just chew -- like, just running back and forth from passenger to driver's side.
00:00:50>> That's wrong.
00:00:51>> I called to dawn to go ahead and get the dog.
00:00:53>> Judge Brown: How'd you call to her?
00:00:55>> I was out the window -- yelling out the window.
00:00:58The dog -- she was calling the dog to come to her.
00:01:00The dog wouldn't.
00:01:01>> She's wrong, your honor.
00:01:02>> Judge Brown: Well, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. we don't do things that way.
00:01:07Now, hold your point.
00:01:08>> Okay.
00:01:09>> Judge Brown: You still have the floor, madam plaintiff.
00:01:12>> Okay. yes, sir.
00:01:13As we were trying to pull out the driveway, justin, my fiancé, was -- >> Judge Brown: What are you doing?
00:01:18>> I was -- >> Judge Brown: This is not elementary school.
00:01:20Put your hand down.
00:01:21>> I'm sorry.
00:01:24>> He was trying to pull out the driveway.
00:01:26The dog was just standing in front of the car.
00:01:28We were going as slow as we could.
00:01:30We didn't want to hit the dog.
00:01:31She told us just to go ahead and speed out the driveway.
00:01:34Justin did not want to speed out the driveway.
00:01:36>> Judge Brown: He didn't want to run over the dog.
00:01:39>> Right -- that or it's a rocky driveway, as well, so we probably would have messed up my car.
00:01:43>> Judge Brown: By the way, is the type of dog identifiable or known?
00:01:47>> It's a german shepherd.
00:01:48>> Judge Brown: All right.
00:01:49 so, after we finally got away from the dog, the dog kind of beared off to the right a little bit, and that's when we actually sped out the driveway.
00:01:57Took us about a good 10 minutes to get out the driveway.
00:02:00>> Judge Brown: All right.
00:02:01Now, you have some estimates, and I also understand you have some what they call demonstrative evidence, but if you'll pass that up, we'll come back to it, because you've made a basic, or what they call prima facie, case.
00:02:12>> There was also a couple statements in there, one from the -- >> Judge Brown: Okay, I don't want statements yet, 'cause that's hearsay, and unless we get some reason to except the ..
00:02:20>> Okay.
00:02:20>> Judge Brown:..That won't come in.
00:02:22Now, you have the floor.
00:02:23Defend yourself.
00:02:24>> All right.
00:02:25When they come to pick her son up, she didn't come in to get him, for one.
00:02:28Punt was driving.
00:02:29She was laid back in the front seat with the stereo blaring.
00:02:33>> Judge Brown: Well, she did say he was driving.
00:02:35 they come every weekend for five years.
00:02:39They know my dog chases cars.
00:02:40>> Judge Brown: Why does your dog chase cars for five years?
00:02:42>> He chases the cars.
00:02:43He doesn't always chase.
00:02:44>> Judge Brown: Don't you ever watch cesar, the "dog whisperer"?
00:02:47That's very bad manners for a doggy.
00:02:49>> Okay, but he's a very good dog.
00:02:51>> Judge Brown: He's not being good if he chases cars on a routine basis.
00:02:54>> Every time I went up there, that dog has chased my vehicle.
00:02:57>> Judge Brown: Well, that's your fault.
00:02:59You've known this for these years?
00:03:01And, by the way, what is the dog doing at large?
00:03:04>> I live in the woods, okay?
00:03:07He roams all the time.
00:03:10>> Judge Brown: So, he's not restrained and he tends to chase motor vehicles?
00:03:14>> Well, anyway, punt was standing there, and I told him the dog would come to me.
00:03:18I said, "punt," I said, "you " he was staring, smoking a cigarette, so he shook his head, " " " " >> Judge Brown: So, every time they go over to visit you so she can exercise visitation, they have to sneak out of there?
00:03:33It's like a war zone.
00:03:34>> And I don't tell them to fly out of the driveway.
00:03:38All you got to do is keep driving.
00:03:40>> If we do not speed out the driveway, the dog will chase us down to the very end of the driveway.
00:03:44>> No, the dog doesn't chase nobody to the end.
00:03:46>> Yes, it has.
00:03:46>> Judge Brown: Uh, uh, uh, uh, hold it.
00:03:48One at a time. one at a time.
00:03:49You still have the floor, ma'am.
00:03:51 well, he doesn't chase anybody to the end.
00:03:53>> Judge Brown: Well, you just got through saying that he chases cars frequently and for five years they know he chases cars.
00:03:59>> No, she knows he chases cars.
00:04:00She's been coming to my house for five years.
00:04:02>> Judge Brown: So, how long have you had the dog?
00:04:04..he's about 6, 7 -- same ..
00:04:09>> Judge Brown: [ Groans ] you know, that's not very impressive.
00:04:13>> He doesn't chase cars all the time.
00:04:15>> Judge Brown: Darth vader told luke, "impressive -- most impressive -- but you are not a " this is one of those not-impressive, most-unimpressives.
00:04:23>> Well, he doesn't chase cars all the time.
00:04:25>> Judge Brown: You are not a dog trainer yet.
00:04:27[ Light laughter ] got to train yourself, you know.
00:04:31>> And he doesn't chase you to the end of the road.
00:04:33>> Judge Brown: We have estimates here, and we have about $809 or $810 worth of damage -- $808.62.
00:04:42>> And, judge joe brown, i actually called the defendant, and I spoke with her on sunday.
00:04:46She told me to get the estimate.
00:04:48When I called her monday with the estimate, then that's when she refused to pay.
00:04:52>> Judge Brown: All right.
00:04:54Now, I have what appear to be some puncture marks if not black holes, or at least indentations, in the front bumper of the chevrolet equinox.
00:05:05>> Okay, but I've never even seen her vehicle.
00:05:07This is actually the first time I've seen it.
00:05:09>> Judge Brown: Oh, come on.
00:05:10She stopped visiting -- >> no, no, I haven't seen her vehicle.
00:05:13>> Judge Brown: Well, you can see that vehicle anytime she comes over -- every week, you say, consistently for the last five years.
00:05:19Walk out. "ohh!
00:05:20There is the motor vehicle.
00:05:23" >> she makes my son go to the end of the driveway.
00:05:25She hasn't been back to the house.
00:05:27>> I refuse to go there anymore.
00:05:28>> Now she tells my son, "go to the end of the driveway" and drop her son off.
00:05:30>> Judge Brown: Don't you think .
00:05:43Show him this one.
00:05:44>> Miss Sonia: You can pass them all up.
00:05:46>> Judge Brown: Pass them up.
00:05:47Let me take a look.
00:05:47>> I am, but right here -- >> Judge Brown: What's his name or her name, by the way?
00:05:51>> The dog is woodson.
00:05:52>> Judge Brown: Woodson?
00:05:53>> Yes.
00:05:53>> Judge Brown: It's a "he," i take it.
00:05:55" >> Judge Brown: Said woodson.
00:05:57Well, these are pictures of the rural area.
00:06:01>> Judge Brown: Okay.
00:06:02..In one of them, you can see a yellow house at the end.
00:06:05>> Judge Brown: Sir woodson of the wooded lands.
00:06:08[ Light laughter ] he appears to have interesting set of, uh, terrain to -- features to roam about.
00:06:18I guess he feels right at home.
00:06:19>> He paces that whole entire driveway right there.
00:06:21>> No, he doesn't run up to the end of the driveway.
00:06:23>> It goes all the way down to the driveway if you don't speed up.
00:06:26>> The right-hand side is where he stops.
00:06:28>> Judge Brown: Ladies, hold on.
00:06:30>> Jacque: We'll be right back " >> in regards, when I asked her -- she had asked her to move the dog.
00:06:36Her response was, "run the dog " >> oh, no.
00:06:39>> Those exact words.
00:06:40>> I don't think so.
00:06:41>> Judge Brown: I think she was being sarcastic.
00:06:44>> Jacque:..
00:06:45>> I wasn't gonna buy a car for a while because my driver's license was messed up.
00:06:49So, I said, "okay, I'll lend him " >> Judge Brown: Messed up?
00:06:52 my driver's license was suspended.
00:06:54>> Judge Brown: From the accident?
00:06:56>> No, not from the accident -- previous to the accident.
00:06:58>> Judge Brown: Oh, you can't drive?
00:07:01>> Announcer: It's "joe" time after this.
00:09:07>> Jacque: We're back with " the defendant in this case agrees her dog chases cars but says the plaintiff knows it.
00:09:13She says her pet doesn't do it every time and the plaintiff can't prove he's the culprit.
00:09:17Let's take a look.
00:09:18>> Judge Brown: Let's hear from the witness.
00:09:21You're getting called up here for rebuttal.
00:09:23You, by the way, have written in your answer that he taunted the dog, supposedly by trying to get him to play tag?
00:09:29>> If he had taunted the dog, it's possible the dog -- >> Judge Brown: Well, I took it as though you had witnessed this.
00:09:35Now, you're talking about what the dog didn't do.
00:09:38Were you actually out there to look at this?
00:09:40>> I -- nobody -- no, I wasn't out there.
00:09:42>> She was standing outside, your honor.
00:09:45>> No, I wasn't standing outside.
00:09:46>> Judge Brown: I'll come back to you.
00:09:48Now, what do you say?
00:09:49>> SIR, ON AUGUST 15th, IN Regards, when I asked her -- she had asked her to move the dog.
00:09:54Her response was, "run the dog " >> oh, no, I don't think so.
00:09:57>> She and I both heard that.
00:09:58>> Judge Brown: I think she was being sarcastic.
00:10:01>> And instead of removing the dog, the dog did remain in the front of the car, and it was barking, and it would not move.
00:10:10And I did not want to run the dog over because I realized that is her dog and it is a precious animal, so I'm not gonna -- >> Judge Brown: And the dog probably wd to dodging out of the way.
00:10:20And I'm not gonna look at them, but there are some interesting affidavits from neighbors.
00:10:24>> Your honor, I would never tell him to run my dog over.
00:10:26>> Judge Brown: Now, why didn't you go out and get the dog?
00:10:29And the other thing that's getting me is -- >> it's not like it's the first time they've been there.
00:10:34>> Judge Brown: Wait a minute.
00:10:36Hold on, hold on.
00:10:37Since you know this dog's been chasing the vehicle that the mother of your grandchild ..
00:10:43>> But he doesn't chase her all the time.
00:10:46>> Judge Brown:..Why don't you restrain the good sir canine when they come by so we don't ..
00:10:51>> Well, from now on, I will.
00:10:53>> Judge Brown:..Maneuverings down the dirt country road?
00:10:55>> He doesn't always chase her, judge, and at the end of my driveway, there's a yellow house that you see on the pictures where there'sfivedogs that hang out up there.
00:11:03>> Judge Brown: Well, it was your dog that did it.
00:11:06Now, hold on, hold on, hold on.
00:11:07But in any event, your dog seems to have damaged the vehicle's bumper, but you deny that.
00:11:12>> But I don't know if it was my dog.
00:11:13>> Judge Brown: Actually, german shepherds have a stronger bite than pit bulls.
00:11:16>> I understand that, but she's been coming to my house for five years.
00:11:19My dog doesn't always chase her.
00:11:20>> Judge Brown: Well, it did on this occasion.
00:11:22>> But I don't know if that was my dog that attacked her car.
00:11:24>> Judge Brown: Okay.
00:11:25Now, we happen to have one thing.
00:11:26A picture's worth a thousand words.
00:11:28I guess a motion picture is worth 10,000 or 12,000.
00:11:30>> I have video of him chasing mycar.
00:11:32>> Judge Brown: Let's see the video.
00:11:34What's this?
00:11:35>> He chases tires.
00:11:37I'm showing it.
00:11:38See? he runs beside the car.
00:11:42>> Judge Brown: Now, you know this, and you haven't taken any precautions to stop that?
00:11:46>> He doesn't bite at cars.
00:11:48>> Judge Brown: Oh, no.
00:11:49Tell you what -- you don't get it, but you might get this.
00:11:53My dear madam defendant, to end this, since it is a slam dunk and everybody basically has stipulated to the essential and ..
00:12:10>> How did i?
00:12:11My dog doesn't always bite cars.
00:12:12>> Judge Brown: You said the dog does this all the time.
00:12:14>> He doesn't bite cars.
00:12:15>> If she didn't think that the dog did that, then why would she ask me to get an estimate?
00:12:19>> Judge Brown: The dog did the damage.
00:12:21Therefore, the dog is your chattel property.
00:12:22You pay for the property damage -- $808 and -- what was that? -- 62 cents.
00:12:30Award accordingly and your costs.
00:12:32>> Thank you.
00:12:32>> Miss Sonia: This courtroom is now in recess.
00:12:34>> Jacque: The defendant insisted her dog woodson was a good dog with a harmless habit, but chasing cars and actually catching one can cause some real damage.
00:12:42It did here. she'll pay.
00:12:43Now we're on to the next case.
00:12:44>> Miss Sonia: Please raise your right hand.
00:12:46>> Jacque: Student orriene smith is suing her former friend for a personal loan.
00:12:50Defendant rufus sims says the plaintiff wanted to invest in his music.
00:12:54>> Judge Brown: Let's see.
00:12:55Miss smith, you say that sims, who seems to be a family friend, is obligated to you in the amount of $600 insomuch as he has not repaid a loan that you advanced to him nor the interest that was supposed to have accrued, and sims, is that the plaintiff wanted to invest in your music, right?
00:13:25>> Yes.
00:13:27>> Judge Brown: You tell me your side first, please, ma'am.
00:13:30 I loaned the defendant, rufus sims, $500, and we agreed in return that he would pay me $250 in interest on the $500.
00:13:40>> Judge Brown: Interest or lending fee?
00:13:43>> Well, lending fee.
00:13:44>> Judge Brown: Well, all right.
00:13:45Why so much, by the way, if he's a friend?
00:13:47>> Because he was making it, like, with the con-- >> Judge Brown: Hesaidhe was making it.
00:13:52>> Exactly.
00:13:53>> Judge Brown: And you are a student.
00:13:55Is that correct?
00:13:55>> Yes, sir.
00:13:57>> Judge Brown: So, tell me, what happened?
00:14:00 he agreed everything was good.
00:14:02He said he was gonna pay me back the $750.
00:14:06About three weeks later, he did give me $150.
00:14:09That's after I was hounding him, calling him, asking him, "where's my money?
00:14:14" so, eventually, he did pay me $150, so we got down to the $600.
00:14:20After the $600, it was like I'm not -- he wasn't answering his phone for me anymore.
00:14:26I was getting people to ride me, 'cause I don't have a car.
00:14:31The money came from my car.
00:14:32I got into a car accident, and we settled, so they sent me a check, so -- >> Judge Brown: That's how you got the money to loan him?
00:14:40>> Yes, sir.
00:14:41I wasn't gonna buy a car for a while because my driver's license was messed up, so i said, "okay, I'll lend him the " >> Judge Brown: Messed up?
00:14:49 my driver's license was suspended.
00:14:51>> Judge Brown: From the accident?
00:14:52>> No, not from the accident -- previous to the accident.
00:14:55>> Judge Brown: Oh, you can't drive?
00:14:57>> I can drive.
00:14:58>> Judge Brown: Well, then, why'd you happen to lose your driving privileges?
00:15:01>> In the state of illinois, if you get two tickets before the age of 21, they do suspend your license.
00:15:06>> Judge Brown: What were the tickets?
00:15:08>> What were the tickets?
00:15:09A speeding ticket and, i believe, a no-seatbelt ticket.
00:15:13>> Judge Brown: So, you're over 21.
00:15:15You've got your privileges restored, but now you have not the wherewithal to acquire transportation.
00:15:22>> Yes, sir.
00:15:23>> Judge Brown: Pass up whatever documentation you have.
00:15:29Well, anyway, you can pass up what you have.
00:15:31>> Miss Sonia: There you are.
00:15:33>> Judge Brown: All right.
00:15:34>> So, after I hound him, call him -- I call him from my work phone, I call him from strangers' phones, I call him blocked, I get my mom to call him from her work phone.
00:15:42>> Judge Brown: All right, you couldn't get him.
00:15:45>> Right.
00:15:46So, finally, I drive over to his house, 'cause, at that time, i wasn't working.
00:15:51I did lose my job, so -- >> Judge Brown: Because of the transportation problem?
00:15:57 so, I told him, "okay, since I'm not working, I really need the money now," so he's like, "okay.
00:16:03Every week or week and a half, i will pay you either $100 to " >> Judge Brown: Well, apparently, you didn't get that.
00:16:11>> It didn't work.
00:16:12>> Jacque: We'll be back with more "judge joe brown" in a moment.
00:16:15>> Judge Brown: What profit did you make?
00:16:18>> I mean, it's not a set profit.
00:16:19>> Judge Brown: Well, in other words, there is none.
00:16:22>> I'm not talking about -- >> Judge Brown: Do you really have talent, or are you just out there being a wannabe?
00:16:27>> Now, if I have talent or not, regardless of the matter, I make a profit.
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00:19:31dgdgdgdgdgdgdgdg >> Jacque: We're back with " the plaintiff in this case says she loaned her friend some money for his music career and she tacked on some pretty hefty interest.
00:19:41She says she lost her job and really needed him to come through, and all he gave her was a song and dance.
00:19:46Let's take a look.
00:19:47>> Judge Brown: Explain your failure to pay the plaintiff back.
00:19:51>> Okay, when she initially made the investment -- >> Judge Brown: Investment?
00:19:57>> It wasn't an investment.
00:19:58>> Judge Brown: Excuse me.
00:19:59Hold on.
00:19:59Why would she invest in you?
00:20:01>> Because I feel like that there was a profit being made off the product we made.
00:20:06>> Judge Brown: What profit did you make?
00:20:08>> I mean, it's not a set profit.
00:20:10>> Judge Brown: Well, in other words, there is none.
00:20:13Do you really have talent, or are you just out there being a wannabe?
00:20:17>> Now, if I have talent or not, regardless of the matter, I make a profit.
00:20:21>> Judge Brown: But we don't see that.
00:20:23If there had been a profit, there'd be payment.
00:20:25>> But it was a profit before for a previous project.
00:20:28>> Judge Brown: Previous project?
00:20:30>> This was a new project.
00:20:31>> Judge Brown: So, where are you going to school?
00:20:34>> Me?
00:20:34Columbia college chicago.
00:20:36>> Judge Brown: What are you taking?
00:20:38>> Music business.
00:20:39>> Judge Brown: Music?
00:20:40>> Business.
00:20:41>> Judge Brown: And what is your status?
00:20:43>> I'm a junior.
00:20:44>> Judge Brown: And you're 26.
00:20:46>> Yeah.
00:20:46>> Judge Brown: What have you been doing for the last five years?
00:20:52Going to school, not going to school, making music.
00:20:55>> Judge Brown: Why are we so arrogant?
00:20:57And you've got your girlfriend, miss felz, over here to back you up, right?
00:21:03You want a piece of this action, come on up.
00:21:05[ Laughter ] ..
00:21:10Have a 2-year-old together.
00:21:12Why have you been so tacky, the two of you, if you're still hanging around together and you haven't got the papers out there so you can be legit?
00:21:23>> We got to make sure that's the right move, you know?
00:21:25>> Judge Brown: Right move?
00:21:27Well, you should've worn a raincoat, doc, so you wouldn't be in this position.
00:21:31[ Applause ] you know something about it.
00:21:35You give me your addition to the whole thing.
00:21:37Come on up, sir.
00:21:38Let's see.
00:21:40Now, you two don't have any children together.
00:21:43Very good.
00:21:44[ Laughter ] now, what do you know about all of this?
00:21:48>> Well, I was the person that ..
00:21:51>> Judge Brown: Oh, that's right -- she can't drive.
00:21:54You can.
00:21:55You're a professional driver.
00:21:56What is it, truck or taxi?
00:21:58>> Judge Brown: All right, you can drive.
00:22:01You drove her over there.
00:22:02You see what she said happened about the exchange of money?
00:22:06Anybody talk about investing in his talents and so-called, let's say, represented skills?
00:22:14>> Well, the only thing that i know -- that she loaned him some money, and he was supposed to return it back to her.
00:22:23>> Jacque: Judge joe brown makes his ruling after this.
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00:25:03>> Judge Brown: What about all these concerts you were supposed to be using this money to PROVIDE THE CDs THAT WERE GONNA Be sold after everybody was all enamored of your rap skills?
00:25:14>> What it is, is usually we, ..
00:25:18We'll perform, and then we sell CDs.
00:25:20So off of our performance, PEOPLE BUY THE CDs.
00:25:23But we had a new song called -- >> Judge Brown: Song?
00:25:26>> We do songs, tracks.
00:25:27>> Judge Brown: Dutch boyz, " why do you call yourselves dutch boyz?
00:25:34Because, you know, when you pay for something, you go dutch, and we paid our way.
00:25:38We've been doing this for a long time.
00:25:40>> Judge Brown: Oh, that's dutch treat, all right.
00:25:43She had to pay her way in acquiring the necessary knowledge upon turning 21-ish about how life really works.
00:25:52Well, tell you what -- I don't want to disabuse her of her good faith in the goodness of humanity, so you'll get your money back.
00:26:00He's got no excuse.
00:26:01$600 -- That'll be your award, and your costs.
00:26:04[ Gavel bangs ] >> Miss Sonia: And this courtroom is now in recess.
00:26:08>> Jacque: The defendant obviously felt like the plaintiff was just being supportive by investing in his music, but it doesn't sound like she's in a position to make investments without return.
00:26:16The defendant will pay.
00:26:17We'll be right back.
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00:27:16>> Jacque: We're back.
00:27:17The defendant told the judge the plaintiff was not made any promises with that money.
00:27:21Pshe was essentially gonna take pLOSSES JUST LIKE HIM.
00:27:23That was not the plaintiff's understanding, and she added to the original loan to make sure he'd pay.
00:27:28He will now.
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