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00:00:00The results came in.
00:00:03Not the father.
00:00:05And the emotions came out.
00:00:08>> Way to be a man.
00:00:09>> Maury: The wildest guests have returned to tell us what happened after the show.
00:00:14There's another surprise in this, family.
00:00:15>> We've got a surprise for you all.
00:00:17>> Maury: They're back.
00:00:19It's an hour of updates you'll never forget.
00:00:22, okay, everybody.
00:00:37Our new season only started a few weeks ago, but I give my producers credit becau already the updates from our wildest guests are pouring in.
00:00:46And I've got it tell, you, they are truly shocking.
00:00:49They're unbelievable.
00:00:50So we're going to to it right now, okay?
00:00:58First up, recently we met a woman named danielle who came here determined to prove to her, ex, diego and maria that diego was the father of her son.
00:01:10Now, diego claimed it was impossible for him to be the father because, get this, he was behind bars when danielle got pregnant.
00:01:17>> This b right here, he is the father of, my son.
00:01:20>> Maury: You and his sister used to be friends.
00:01:22>> Yeah, we used to be friends, maury, but now I don't like her no more.
00:01:27>> [ Bleep [ bleep.
00:01:31>> Maury: What happened between you and her?
00:01:33>> She's stupid and she's , she needs to get a life and get it together.
00:01:42>> Maury: You used to be friends with her.
00:01:43>> I used to be.
00:01:44>> Maury: What happened?
00:01:46>> Today she told us she was using us just for the money.
00:01:49>> I got money.
00:01:50I got a, job.
00:01:53>> Maury: What's the song?
00:01:53♪♪ Ain't my brother's baby ♪♪
00:01:55♪♪ ain't my brother's baby ♪♪
00:02:01>> Maury: The results are in.
00:02:02You're not going to believe what we're about to see.
00:02:05When it comes to 4-year-old elie, dieg,o, you are the father.
00:02:20You could be a great example.
00:02:23, >> you ready to do this?
00:02:26>> I'm ready to be a man.
00:02:34>> Maury: So after diego's emotional breakdown, we wanted to catch up with him to see how he was handling fatherhood.
00:02:38, >> maury, you told me I could be a great example to my son.
00:02:46And as you can see, that's what I'm doing.
00:02:49I spend as much time I can with him.
00:02:51I play video games, go to the park, en sit down and talk with him.
00:02:54I bought him clothes,, shoes, anything else that he wants.
00:02:58We're going to have the perfect father and son bond together.
00:03:01Thank you, maury, for helping me find the truth.
00:03:06>> Maury: That's what I'm talking about.
00:03:10We met a terrified mother named, chris.
00:03:13Now, chris said she was tortured by her two out-of-control kids.
00:03:1813-Year-old jessica and 14-year-old brandon.
00:03:20Now, the situation had gotten so severe that chris claimed her kids were not only partying and having sex but that they beat her, slapped her and, held her prisoner.
00:03:30>> My 14-year-old, jessica, my 14-year-old, brandon, they lie to me.
00:03:34They hit me.
00:03:35They're constantly torturing me.
00:03:37>> My mom pissed me off.
00:03:39I call her a whore, a bitch, , whatever I want.
00:03:45>> Brandon curses at me.
00:03:48>> My mom tells me what to do, i don't care.
00:03:52I've had sex with six or seven girls.
00:03:55>> Maury: O's worse?
00:03:57Let me see your arm.
00:03:59>> [ Bleep,.
00:04:00>> Maury: Whoa!
00:04:03What are you smiling about?
00:04:05>> You're getting kind of old.
00:04:09You've got some wrinkles going on.
00:04:11>> Maury: You know all these wrinkles I have?
00:04:13They're all smiles.
00:04:15I was good to my, family.
00:04:17I have a lot of love in this world.
00:04:21And I don't see that on yo face.
00:04:23I see a little scared boy.
00:04:30After thshow, we were determined to get throug,to them.
00:04:33So with the help of our special opes officer, we sent them to daniels' funeral home to show them what life would be like without their mother.
00:04:45>> If your mother was dead, this is -- don't walk away from me,, man.
00:04:49It's all right, man.
00:04:50>> Get off of me.
00:04:51>> Stop.
00:04:51It's all right.
00:04:53>> That's what this is.
00:04:54>> I know it is.
00:04:54But this is for you.
00:04:59>> [ Bleep going.
00:04:59>> Take a breath.
00:05:02>> You can't keep putting me through this.
00:05:05, >> Maury: MEANWHILE, HIS YOUNGER Sister, jessica, was about to get the same reality check.
00:05:09>> If you don't change, this is what's going to happen.
00:05:18>> Maury: So jessica and brandon, we're glad you're doing, better.
00:05:21We wish you all the best.
00:05:24So in the past, you know, we've had a lot of memorable grandmothers on the show.
00:05:29But this segment not only involved a grandma, it involved a grandma ma's mama.
00:05:34It all began with, alexis.
00:05:38Alexis came to the show determined to prove to her ex-boyfriend, canard, that his mom, pansy, and his mom's mom, patricia, both of them, that canard was the father of a 1-year-old.
00:05:52You see, alexis, called canard the grandmama's mama's boy.
00:05:58>> I'm a single mother and i struggle every day to take care of my daughter.
00:06:04Her father denies her because of his mother and his grandma.
00:06:06Here's what I call a grandmama's , ma'am ma's boy.
00:06:12>> Reporter: >> Reporter: Why were you so upset?
00:06:14>> When my baby's 13, they'll say, oh, yes.
00:06:17Maury: You call her your miracle baby.
00:06:21>> You see my pinky toe?
00:06:22, that is not my grandbaby.
00:06:36, >> Maury: So it was time to meet tangy, patrice and the grandmamama ma's boy himself, canard and get the results.
00:06:52>> I took one good look at that baby, and I knew she didn't belong to us.
00:06:55My job on this earth is to protect my baby boy,, canard, and no female is going to get in the y.
00:07:04>> Maury: Canard, your grandmama's mama's boy?
00:07:09>> I put a ring on her finger.
00:07:12She gave me it back and, went for another dude.
00:07:15Here's a word of wisdom.
00:07:17If you feed them long enough, they'll come out looking like you.
00:07:23>> Maury: Canard, you are the father.
00:07:28, >> Maury: So did the grandmama's mama's boy step up?
00:07:41Alexis said not only has he stepped up, but tangy and patricia have, welcomed the baby into the family with open arms.
00:07:48Last year, we met an unforgettable couple named lyric and paco.
00:07:56After discovering her husband of 12 years had relationships with 1500 women on the, internet, he came to us convinced paco was doing her wrong.
00:08:07>> My husband paco for 12 years.
00:08:09And I thought he really loved me.
00:08:12I don't think he does anymore.
00:08:15I just came across his internet page, and he had, over 1515 women on that page.
00:08:22I don't know why.
00:08:22>> Maury: Then he worke as a fast food restaurant last year.
00:08:26And he was doing somebody there.
00:08:28Word was going around tt he [ bleep in the bathroom.
00:08:33>> Today I'm here to prove my , innocence that I love you.
00:08:41I've been with you for many, many years.
00:08:45, >> Maury: Although paco swore h was innocent, when the results came back, lyric's husband was singing a very different tune.
00:08:58We asked you if you have ever cheated on lyric with any of the women on myspace.
00:09:01You admitted you it.
00:09:05We asked you if you've had, cybersex.
00:09:08You admitted you did.
00:09:11>> I'm done.
00:09:12I'm done.
00:09:12>> Maury: Wait a minute.
00:09:13You can't be done.
00:09:15You can't be done.
00:09:16We asked you how my times you've cheated on lyric.
00:09:19The lie detector determined it , >> it's done, baby boy.
00:09:36>> Maury: He wants another chance.
00:09:37, >> no.
00:09:44You've got no reason.
00:09:46You've got no reason.
00:09:47>> Maury: Okay.
00:09:48Did lyric and paco stay together?
00:09:50Well, the last time we heard, , but lyric wants to bring paco back for another lie detector test.
00:10:02But we haven't been able to reach them.
00:10:04So lyric, paco, if you're out there, give us a call, let us know what you're doing.
00:10:09We have one of the most unbelievable updates in "maury" , history.
00:10:12When we come back.
00:10:14What happened after the show?
00:10:16You are not.
00:10:24The guests of the new season are back.
00:10:27,>> If you are lying, I will divorce you.
00:10:29>> Maury: That was a lie.
00:10:30Today leslie's back with a brand-new boyfriend.
00:10:33For the first time in "maury" history, her new man is a guest she met backstage.
00:10:37Wait until you find out who it ,,,,,,,,,, >> Maury: Does the father of your child deny that he is indeed the father and youant him to take aaternity test to prove the truth?
00:13:22If so, call the "maury" show at, 1-888-45-maury.
00:13:29That's 1-888-45-maury.
00:13:31They're back.
00:13:32It's an hour of updates you'll never forget.
00:13:34And it starts right now.
00:13:39Watch how a furious woman, named paula.
00:13:42Paula came to prove to her ex-boyfriend london and his two meddling sisters, precus and crystal, that their brother wa the father of paula's daughter.
00:13:50Watch this.
00:13:56>> They' b,n telling him he's not the father.
00:13:59Crystal andrecious need to mi their own damn business.
00:14:02Everything was fine, maury, until his big-headed sisters , >> we're blood.
00:14:14If they say paula w cheating, I have no reason not to believe them.
00:14:19>> Maury: You were there.
00:14:20What happened?
00:14:22>> She started telling me i , >> Maury: You don't think that baby resembles you?
00:14:31>> No.
00:14:42>> Maury: London, you are the , okay.
00:14:53Now, so with all the drama that unfolded there, could this family find a way to get along?
00:15:00, >> maury, crystal and I swore that kamaya couldn't wait to get him out of our lives.
00:15:15, >> precious and crystal have apologized tme and taken to me like their own.
00:15:26>> When I found out I was the father, we are now back together and trying to be a family.
00:15:31>> I couldn't be happier with the results.
00:15:33My d,aughter got a family and i got my man back.
00:15:35Thanks for everything, maury.
00:15:41>> Maury: Cindy came here to the show to prove to kay that she was her biological daughter.
00:15:45The problem is, kay claims cindy was a, liar and was praying a maternity test would provehe was not the mom.
00:15:57>> I want for her to be my mom.
00:15:59>> Maury: She asked to have a dna test and you didn't want one.
00:16:03, I just know in my heart she is.
00:16:09Cynthia, you know and I know that you are not my biological daughter.
00:16:17, >> Maury: What has she done?
00:16:29>> I thought she was my daughter.
00:16:31>> Maury, she has lied to me.
00:16:33Everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie.
00:16:36>> Maury: If thi shows she i,s not -- >> glory hallelujah.
00:16:39>> Maury: Really?
00:16:40>> Yeah.
00:16:40>> Maury: The results are in.
00:16:43Is kate the mother of a woman she called the devil in disguise?
00:16:46You want to read something to her?
00:16:48, >> Maury: What happens if she is your child?
00:16:59>> Then lord help me.
00:17:00>> I never meant to hurt you.
00:17:03>> You're nothing but a con artist and a chief.
00:17:06>> Maury: Kay, you are not her mother.
00:17:09>> Yea!
00:17:09, >> I'm sorry.
00:17:12I never meant to hurt you.
00:17:18I really wish you were my mom.
00:17:25>> I don't want t,o.
00:17:26I'm sorry.
00:17:27>> Maury: Several months ago we met a manamed osbourne.
00:17:30He came here with his girlfriend because he had doubts as to whether or not her baby, jeffrey, was his.
00:17:39>> I am convinced he is the , >> Maury: Four years.
00:17:45>> Four years.
00:17:46>> Maury: Are you still together?
00:17:50>> Yes, on and off, but not now.