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00:01:01(Louise) I HAVE TOYS AND BLANKETS.
00:01:04And I have a bottle and a change of clothes in case of accidents.
00:01:09And, of course, I have baby.
00:01:12It's just like we're real mommies.
00:01:17Max, you go play.
00:01:19We'll be right here with our baby if you need us.
00:01:28Let's put our baby downon the blanket so we can play with her.
00:01:33Hmm, yes.
00:01:34You like to play in the playground.
00:01:37Don't you, baby sally?
00:01:38[baby giggling] That wasn't sally swims-a-lot.
00:01:44[baby giggling] (Ruby) IT WAS BABY HUFFINGTON.
00:01:49EH. [giggling] Let's go see him.
00:02:04boing [sliding noise] [giggling] He's so cute.
00:02:12He's just like one of our dollies.
00:02:15Except babies are not toys.
00:02:18You have to look after them very, very carefully.
00:02:22Right, mrs. h?
00:02:23That's right, ruby.
00:02:25Koochy koochy koo.
00:02:27[girls giggling] [crying] [whispering] Shh, baby.
00:02:37Oh, shh.
00:02:40Is he okay?
00:02:42Oh, yes.
00:02:42It's just time for baby's nap.
00:02:45Bye-bye, girls.
00:02:46(both) BYE-BYE, BABY HUFFINGTON.
00:02:49[both sighing] Wouldn't it be fun to have a real baby instead of just a dolly?
00:02:56But we only have a dolly, not a real baby.
00:03:05[sliding noise] Slide.
00:03:09(Ruby) OH, MA-AX.
00:03:12You want to play?
00:03:15This will be even more fun than that.
00:03:18Come on.
00:03:22(Ruby) YOU LOOK Just like a baby, max.
00:03:25Hi, baby max.
00:03:27He's so-o cu-ute.
00:03:30I'm mommy, and this is aunt louise.
00:03:33But you can call her auntie.
00:03:37[whispering] Shh, Baby.
00:03:39Slide are not for babies.
00:03:41You'll fall and hurt yourself.
00:03:44Besides, it's baby's play time.
00:03:48Does baby want his rattle?
00:03:54"Hello, I'm your fuzzy, wuzzy baby bear.
00:03:58" slide.
00:04:03I know.
00:04:05Let's dress baby up in baby clothes.
00:04:08It's fun to dress up babies because they look (girls) SO-O CUTE.
00:04:14[girls giggling] (Louise) WHICH OUTFIT DO YOU LIKE BEST?
00:04:26I like the snuggly with booties.
00:04:36(both) IT'S SO-O CUTE.
00:04:39[gasps] LET'S TRY IT ON BABY MAX.
00:04:46[gasps] MAX!
00:04:53Shh. BABY.
00:04:54Babies cannot play on big things like slides.
00:04:59Besides, it's baby's snack time.
00:05:03Is baby hungry for a yummy snack?
00:05:17Open wide.
00:05:23Why isn't he eating his yummy baby food?
00:05:28I know.
00:05:28Here comes the choo-choo train.
00:05:32Open wide, baby.
00:05:37Maybe he isn't hungry.
00:05:40Let's try his bottle.
00:05:44Here's your baby bottle, baby.
00:05:49Maybe he needs his diaper changed.
00:05:53You're right, auntie louise.
00:05:55We haven't changed baby yet.
00:06:04That's much better.
00:06:08Uh-oh, baby feels hot.
00:06:12Maybe he's sick.
00:06:14We can't have a sick baby.
00:06:16Let's check our baby book for symptoms.
00:06:24Look at all the things that can go wrong with babies: Diaper rash, runny nose, sore throat-- measles?
00:06:34We should check baby for spots.
00:06:39Oh, no. we've lost baby.
00:06:43[gasps] MAX!
00:06:50Shh. BABY.
00:06:52It's not safe for babies to wander off on their own.
00:06:57Whatarewe going to do with you?
00:07:01Baby's getting cranky.
00:07:03It must be time for his nap.
00:07:10You're very tired.
00:07:11Aren't you, baby?
00:07:13We'll sing him a lullaby to put him to sleep.
00:07:18(girls) ♪♪ GO TO SLEEP. ♪♪
00:07:20 ♪♪
00:07:22♪♪ go to sleep-- ♪♪
00:07:24[yawning] [yawning] [both yawning] ♪♪ LITTLE BUNNY. ♪♪
00:07:32 ♪♪
00:07:34 ♪♪
00:07:36♪♪ GO-- ♪♪ ♪♪ [both yawning] [both breathing evenly] Nap time's over.
00:07:53Time to play.
00:07:55[baby giggling] Oh, look, baby.
00:08:01There's max on the big slide.
00:08:04[sliding noise] Doesn't that look like fun?
00:08:08[baby giggling] Shh.
00:08:17[Max whispering] Slide.
00:10:56,,,,,,,,,,le Announcer ] coming.
00:11:07But women have made olay regenerist #1.
00:11:08Though not surgical results, regenerist is the #1 serum, night cream, and moisturizer.
00:11:14Not drastic. just fantastic.
00:11:16Get younger-looking skin with regenerist.
00:11:19♪ ♪
00:11:45That's a good guess, max.
00:11:47Actually, they're bunny scout brownies.
00:11:50There are four deliciouslydifferent kinds.
00:11:56Uh-uh, max.
00:11:58They're for selling, not for eating.
00:12:01[Max straining] We're going to sell them to our friends in town to raise money for my bunny scout troop.
00:12:08Won't that be fun?
00:12:13[rolling noise] thud, thud Hello, roger.
00:12:26I'm selling bunny scout brownies today.
00:12:29Do you think your dad would like some?
00:12:37We can't sell the box of brownies if you open it.
00:12:49These triple chocolate nut implosions piazza bought from me last year.
00:12:55thud OH.
00:12:57Oh, hello, ruby.
00:12:58Hello, max.
00:13:00Hi, louise.
00:13:00[giggling] IT'S NICE BUMPING INTO YOU.
00:13:03[girls giggling] How are your bunny scout brownie sales going?
00:13:08We're just getting started.
00:13:10Mr. piazza is our first customer.
00:13:13 piazza a box of triple chocolate nut implosions.
00:13:23Oh, well.
00:13:24I'll just sell them to someone else.
00:13:26Bunny scouts never give up.
00:13:29Right, bunny scout ruby.
00:13:31Good luck.
00:13:34[rolling noise] Bye.
00:13:38I'll see you later.
00:13:39Looks like we're going to have to work a little faster if we want to sell our share of brownies, max.
00:13:47[box ripping] There's rosalinda.
00:13:55Butterscotch chunkies are her favorite.
00:13:58Can you find a gold-colored box for me, max?
00:14:02[box ripping] BROWNIES.
00:14:04[squeak] Max.
00:14:08Now we can't sell this box either.
00:14:11I'll have to find another one.
00:14:18[bells clinking] Here's one.
00:14:22Butterscotch chunkies.
00:14:23Rosalinda just loves these.
00:14:29By hi, bunny scout valerie.
00:14:34Have you sold many brownies yet?
00:14:36Just a few left to go.
00:14:37Rosalinda cleaned me out of butterscotch chunkies.
00:14:41She loves them.
00:14:44I know.
00:14:44I was going to sell her some too.
00:14:47Oh, I'm sorry, ruby.
00:14:49That's all right, valerie.
00:14:51Lots of bunnies love butterscotch chunkies.
00:14:55[giggling] Including max.
00:14:59(Ruby) YOU CAN SAY THAT AGAIN.
00:15:01Well, I better hop to it.
00:15:04Bye, valerie.
00:15:06Well, where can we try next?
00:15:10[gasps] OH, LOOK.
00:15:11There's mr. huffington.
00:15:16He always buys a box of manic marshmallow melters from me.
00:15:23[wheels screeching] One box of manic marshmallow melters, please, max.
00:15:37Oh, max.
00:15:40I can't sell this box.
00:15:43You already ate one.
00:16:02[Max straining] Max, see this badge?
00:16:08It means I'm an official bunny scout.
00:16:11And it's my responsibility to sell brownies and raise money so our bunny scout troop can attend the big world bunny scout jamboree.
00:16:21I want to do my part.
00:16:23Now, please, no more sampling.
00:16:31Thanks, max.
00:16:35[gasps] Oh, no.
00:16:43[sighs] [bells clinking] (Ruby) THERE'S CANDI.
00:16:49She loves sweet things.
00:16:51This time, you pull the wagon, max.
00:16:55Maybe that will keep your hands busy and out of the brownies.
00:17:01[rolling noise] Hi, candi.
00:17:06Would you like to buy some-- bunny scout brownies.
00:17:10What a sweet coincidence.
00:17:12Come on in.
00:17:15[rolling noise] clank!
00:17:20clank! thud clank!
00:17:24crunch clank! thud clank!
00:17:30clank! thud [till ringing] I'll take as many brownies as you have, ruby.
00:17:36[rolling noise] Where are the brownies, max?
00:17:46[gasps] OH, NO.
00:17:49They're ruined.
00:17:51So what kind of brownies do you have there, ruby?
00:17:55[sighs] Scrunched-up ones and boxes that max opened.
00:17:59I can't sell you any of these brownies, candi.
00:18:05They're perfect.
00:18:20It saves me the trouble of scrunching them myself.
00:18:28[whirring] Scrunching them?
00:18:33That's right.
00:18:34You two can be the first to try my new recipe, bunny scout brownie scramblers.
00:18:40Bunny scout brownie scramblers?
00:18:42Made with ice cream and an extra special ingredient.
00:18:55(both) MMMM.
00:19:00Captioning and audio description Hj0g8OXPú8Hp2Ph Phú@)(80 h) h) p(8 0 h) h) h) h) p h) p h) 0)x/0)x/0)x/0)x/0)x/0)x/0)x/0) ♪ I CITY ♪♪
00:19:56♪♪ You can count on us to save the day ♪♪
00:19:59all: YAY!
00:20:00- ♪♪ Umizoomi, umizoomi ♪♪
00:20:02- ♪♪ we can measure ♪♪
00:20:03- ♪♪ build it together ♪♪
00:20:04- ♪♪ you can help us ♪♪
00:20:06♪♪ you're so clever ♪♪
00:20:07- ♪♪ we've got mighty math powers ♪♪
00:20:09all: ♪♪ YOU CAN CALL US ANY HOUR ♪♪
00:20:12♪♪ Ba-ba da, ba-ba da, ba-ba da ♪♪
00:20:15♪♪ we are a tiny team ♪♪
00:20:18♪♪ ba-ba da, ba-ba da, ba-ba da ♪♪
00:20:20♪♪ we go behind the scenes ♪♪
00:20:23♪♪ ba-ba da, ba-ba da, ba-ba da ♪♪
00:20:25♪♪ there's nothing we can't do ♪♪
00:20:28- milli! - geo!
00:20:29- Bot!
00:20:30- And you! - and you!
00:20:35[jaunty rock music] ♪♪ ♪♪
00:20:40- hi, it's me, milli.
00:20:42I'm so glad you're here.
00:20:44There's a big rainstorm outside, so we're staying inside and cleaning up the headquarters.
00:20:49I'm putting my favorite stuffed animals away.
00:20:53What's your favorite stuffed animal?
00:20:58Ooh, that's a good one.
00:21:01Help me put mine away.
00:21:04My striped animals go in the striped bin, and my polka-dotted animals go in the polka-dotted bin.
00:21:11Hmm, which bin should I put bear in?
00:21:17The polka-dotted bin!
00:21:19There you go, bear.
00:21:21Which bin should I put zebra in?
00:21:27In the striped bin.
00:21:30In you go, zebra.
00:21:33You're a super cleaner-upper.
00:21:36Hey, geo.
00:21:37- I'm all finished cleaning my room.
00:21:39- Now we just need to finish cleaning up the playroom.
00:21:42- Okay, bot, let's go.
00:21:45all: ♪♪ CLEAN IT UP ♪♪
00:21:47♪♪ Clean it up ♪♪
00:21:50♪♪ clean it up ♪♪
00:21:52♪♪ clean it up ♪♪
00:21:55- ♪♪ put our things where they belong ♪♪
00:21:57♪♪ as we sing the clean-up song ♪♪
00:21:59- ♪♪ if we all pitch in, it won't take long ♪♪
00:22:02♪♪ let's all sing the clean-up song ♪♪
00:22:04- ♪♪ I've got the gadgets to get the job done ♪♪
00:22:08♪♪ a broom, a sponge ♪♪
00:22:09♪♪ I've got one ♪♪
00:22:10all: ♪♪ CLEAN IT UP ♪♪
00:22:12♪♪ Clean it up ♪♪
00:22:15♪♪ clean it up ♪♪
00:22:17♪♪ clean it up ♪♪
00:22:19all: YEAH!
00:22:20- Whoops, missed a spot.
00:22:22[squeaking] Got it.
00:22:25[gasps] Hey, everybody!
00:22:28The rain is stopping.
00:22:29The big storm is over!
00:22:31- [gasps] And the sun is coming out!
00:22:34- Hey, now that the rain stopped, we can go to the playground!
00:22:40- Yeah! - whoo-hoo!
00:22:41- Do you like to play at the playground?
00:22:46Great. let's go.
00:22:48- ♪♪ We're going to the playground ♪♪
00:22:49- ♪♪ uh-huh, uh-huh ♪♪
00:22:51- ♪♪ we're going to the playground ♪♪
00:22:53- ♪♪ uh-huh, uh-huh ♪♪
00:22:54- ♪♪ we're going to the playground ♪♪
00:22:56- ♪♪ uh-huh, uh-huh ♪♪
00:23:00bloop! bloop! bloop!
00:23:02- Listen!
00:23:03bloop! bloop! bloop!
00:23:05It's the umi alarm!
00:23:07That sound means someone needs our help.
00:23:09- When someone has a problem in umi city, we fix it with our mighty math powers!
00:23:17all: WE'RE TEAM UMIZOOMI!
00:23:19- We can see who needs our help right here ..
00:23:24all: BELLYSCREEN!
00:23:28- Look, it's our friend, mya.
00:23:30- Team umizoomi, I really need your help.
00:23:33- Hi, mya, what's the problem?
00:23:35- I just got to the playground with my friends, but it's closed!
00:23:41- Oh, no.
00:23:41We were just going to go to the playground too.
00:23:44Why is it closed?
00:23:46- The storm made a big mess.
00:23:49Trash blew all over the sandbox.
00:23:52- [gasps] And the swings are broken.
00:23:55- [gasps] The bouncy bridge has big holes in it.
00:23:59.. yuck.
00:24:03- They can't open the playground till everything is fixed.
00:24:07That's why I called you.
00:24:09Team umizoomi, can you fix the playground?
00:24:12- Of course we can, mya.
00:24:15We'll be right there.
00:24:16- Thanks, team umizoomi.
00:24:18I knew I could count on you.
00:24:21- Nobody can play in that playground until everything gets fixed.
00:24:25- We can fix it, 'cause we're tiny superheroes!
00:24:30- We can fix the playground, and then everyone can play.
00:24:34- B we're going to need your help.
00:24:36Will you help us fix the playground?
00:24:41You will?
00:24:43- Come on!
00:24:44Let's get our mighty math powers ready!
00:24:46[bouncy rock music] ♪♪ I'm milli ♪♪
00:24:50♪♪ I can make any pattern ♪♪
00:24:53♪♪ with my dress ♪♪
00:24:55.. ♪♪
00:24:57♪♪ butterflies ♪♪
00:24:59♪♪ pattern power ♪♪
00:25:04- ♪♪ I'm geo ♪♪
00:25:05♪♪ I can build anything ♪♪
00:25:07♪♪ with my shapes ♪♪
00:25:09♪♪ triangle ♪♪
00:25:12♪♪ oval ♪♪
00:25:14♪♪ super shapes ♪♪
00:25:18- ♪♪ I'm bot ♪♪
00:25:19♪♪ I can show you anything ♪♪
00:25:22♪♪ on my belly-belly bellyscreen ♪♪
00:25:25♪♪ skyscraper ♪♪
00:25:27♪♪ taxi ♪♪
00:25:28♪♪ traffic light ♪♪
00:25:31- umi friend-- that's you.
00:25:34You've got mighty math powers too.
00:25:37Let's see your mighty math powers.
00:25:39Count down with me.
00:25:41Start with 5.
00:25:435, 4, 3, 2, 1!
00:25:48- ♪♪ You've got mighty math powers ♪♪
00:25:51♪♪ mighty, mighty math powers ♪♪
00:25:53- you got 'em!
00:25:54- ♪♪ You've got mighty math powers ♪♪
00:25:57♪♪ team umizoomi ♪♪
00:25:59♪♪ ready for action ♪♪
00:26:02- okay, team, let's go fix the playground.
00:26:06- We can take umi car!
00:26:09- ♪♪ Let's take the umi ♪♪
00:26:11- ♪♪ umi car ♪♪
00:26:13- milli.
00:26:15- Geo.
00:26:17- Bot.
00:26:20To the playground!
00:26:24- ♪♪ Let's take the umi ♪♪
00:26:26- ♪♪ umi car ♪♪
00:26:27all: UMI CAR!
00:26:28[horn toots] - Umi car, we're gonna fix the playground.
00:26:34[revving] And we need you to get us there fast.
00:26:39[revving and tooting] all: GO, UMI CAR!
00:26:44- Whee!
00:26:45- Hold on to your helmets!
00:26:48- Wow!
00:26:49- Whoo-hoo-hoo!
00:26:51- [giggles] - According to my robot computer, we should be at the playground in 7 seconds.
00:26:59Count down with me.
00:27:01Start with 7.
00:27:037, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!
00:27:11We're at the playground.
00:27:13- Nice driving, umi car.
00:27:14[revving] - Look, the playground is locked.
00:27:20- It can't open until everything gets fixed.
00:27:23- Hey, there's mya.
00:27:26- Everyone, look!
00:27:27Team umizoomi's here to fix the playground!
00:27:32Team umizoomi will fix it super fast.
00:27:35- It's a big job.
00:27:36- But no job is too big for team umizoomi.
00:27:39- We'll get this playground fixed in a flash so everyone can play.
00:27:44- Come on, team.
00:27:45We're going in.
00:27:46kids: TEAM UMIZOOMI!
00:27:48Team umizoomi!
00:27:50Team umizoomi!
00:27:52- Good thing we're a tiny team.
00:27:54- We can fit right through the fence.
00:28:06Okay, team, we have to fix the sandbox, the swings, the bouncy bridge, and the slide.
00:28:15Then e playground can open again.
00:28:17- Let's start with the sandbox.
00:28:20[upbeat rock music] ♪♪ ♪♪