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00:00:00and wet when you touch it, so if we get something else kind of coldish and wettish, uh, Topeka!
00:00:08We'll snow-ify this Wood before you can say "Jingly Bells"!
00:00:13"Jingly be..." Told you! Here it is!
00:00:15Prezackly what we need to make coldish, wettish snow stuff.
00:00:20[Tigger] Ice cubes!
00:00:21Please, hold your applesauce.
00:00:23Go on. Get your sleds.
00:00:24It'll be fun!
00:00:28Uh, Tigger?
00:00:30I'm not so sure those ice cubes are working.
00:00:34Unless you were trying to make water.
00:00:41[slurping] Hmm. Talk about the winter of our discontent.
00:00:45I guess making snow's beyond even our Sleuthing agilities.
00:00:50Oh, I'm sorry, Holly.
00:00:50It's just too warm for snow.
00:00:54But then how can we have fun like I do at home?
00:00:58Don't worry, Holly.
00:00:59The Super Sleuths will think, think, think of something!
00:01:03[chuckles] Does this kid know us or what?
00:01:07♪ Now's the time to think, think, think ♪
00:01:10♪ When you have a problem ♪
00:01:12♪ Think, think, think ♪
00:01:13♪ Look at every clue like the Super Sleuths do ♪
00:01:16♪ And just think, think, think ♪
00:01:21I wonder, are there any reindeer games that you don't need snow for?
00:01:27Well, yes!
00:01:28There's Antler Toss!
00:01:31That sounds brilliant!
00:01:34Yeah! How do you play?
00:01:35It's really easy!
00:01:36You just throw a ball and catch it with your antlers!
00:01:41Here, you try!
00:01:42But Holly, we don't have antlers.
00:01:46None of us do.
00:01:48Oh, I forgot.
00:01:50I guess I'm used to playing with my reindeer friends at home.
00:01:55Snack time, dears!
00:01:57Welcome to the Wood, Holly.
00:02:00I baked you Roo and Lumpy's favorite cookies: rumpledoodles!
00:02:04[gasping] Ooh!
00:02:05And there's enough for you Super Sleuths too!
00:02:08- [Darby] Thanks!
00:02:08- [Tigger] Now you're talking.
00:02:11[Tigger] Save one for me!
00:02:13What's the matter, Holly?
00:02:15Don't you want any cookies?
00:02:17No, thank you!
00:02:18Back at home at the North Pole, only Santa Claus eats cookies.
00:02:23You mean you've never tried one?
00:02:27Reindeer eat fruits and veggies.
00:02:29Like crunchy snow apples and yummy carrots!
00:02:33Mm, those sound very tasty.
00:02:35I'm sure Rabbit has some vegetables in his garden he wouldn't mind sharing.
00:02:40Yeah! We'll bring a whole wheelbarrow full, Holly.
00:02:43You can have your favorite foods just like you do at home.
00:02:50One order of veggie-tables, as soon as we're veggie-able. [laughs] Mm! Those smell so good.
00:03:06Rabbit picked this one especially for you.
00:03:11[growls] Is something wrong, Holly?
00:03:13My mommy always cuts them up in little stars.
00:03:17I guess nothing here is the same as it is at home.
00:03:21I know what that's like!
00:03:23When I stay at my Uncle Grumpus' house, he doesn't have a nightlight like I have at home!
00:03:29Yeah and when I visit Lumpy, his mom makes all kinds of food that we never have at home, but it's kind of fun to try them.
00:03:36That's it! All this time we've been trying to make the Wood the same as the North Pole.
00:03:42So that Holly could have fun here the same way she does at home.
00:03:46Why don't we show Holly all the ways the Hundred Acre Wood is different from her home?
00:03:51Oh what a wonderful idea!
00:03:53There are ever so many ways to have fun in the Wood.
00:04:04Well, here we are!
00:04:07[gasps] It's beautiful!
00:04:12[laughing] That flower is flying!
00:04:23[laughs] No, silly!
00:04:25That's not a flower, it's a butterfly!
00:04:29Haven't you ever seen one before?
00:04:31No. We don't have them at the North Pole.
00:04:40[laughs] It's like it's playing with me!
00:04:43I believe that's the first time I've seen Holly smile all day.
00:04:58♪ When you can't ride your roller skates ♪
00:05:01♪ Because it's a rainy day ♪
00:05:03♪ It don't mean that you can't find an indoor way to play ♪
00:05:08♪ Don't have your favorite flavor ♪
00:05:11♪ Give another one a try ♪
00:05:13♪ If you stay stuck in just one place ♪
00:05:15♪ The world will pass you by ♪
00:05:18♪ Different can be good ♪
00:05:21♪ Different can be fun ♪
00:05:24♪ No change is quite a shame ♪
00:05:26♪ When new things can be done ♪
00:05:29♪ There's lots you can discover ♪
00:05:31♪ Don't just stick to what you know ♪
00:05:34♪ When everything just stays unchanged ♪
00:05:37♪ Then you can never grow ♪
00:05:39♪ The world is like a menu with so many things to choose ♪
00:05:45♪ So keep an open mind ♪
00:05:46♪ And then you'll find you just can't lose ♪
00:05:50♪ Different can be good ♪
00:05:52♪ Different can be fun ♪
00:05:55♪ No change is quite a shame ♪
00:05:57♪ When new things can be done ♪
00:06:00♪ Different can be good ♪
00:06:03♪ Different can be fun ♪
00:06:06♪ No change is quite a shame ♪
00:06:07♪ When new things can be done ♪
00:06:15Where you live is so different from my home at the North Pole.
00:06:21But that's the fun part!
00:06:22I've done all kinds of things I never even knew about!
00:06:26[chuckles] It sounds like this mystery is history.
00:06:31[bells jingling] Really?
00:06:33Kinda sounds like bells to me.
00:06:46Hello, Holly deer!
00:06:47Ready to go home now?
00:06:51Aw, do I have to?
00:06:53They have so many fun things here in the Wood!
00:06:56Have you ever tried honey?
00:06:58Or made a fort out of wood and not snow?
00:07:00Oh Mommy, and wait until you see the butterflies!
00:07:05[barking] I'm glad you had a good time!
00:07:08You'll have to come back and visit us again soon, Holly!
00:07:13Oh yes please!
00:07:14- Oh, you've got to.
00:07:14- Oh, please.
00:07:17Bye Roo! Bye Lumpster!
00:07:21Thank you, Super Sleuths!
00:07:24[barks] Save a Pooh Kicks game for me.
00:07:28- [Tigger] See ya.
00:07:28- [Darby] You're welcome.
00:07:30- [Roo] Bye, Holly.
00:07:30- [Tigger] Thanks for coming by.
00:07:31- [Pooh] Come back again.
00:07:32- [Roo] Have a nice day.
00:07:35Bye Holly!
00:07:36Maybe next time we can visit Holly at the North Pole!
00:07:40Yeah! That'd be really neat!
00:07:43Super sleuths!
00:07:46All my ice cubes are missing.
00:07:50Uh, you wouldn't happen to know anything about that, would you, Tigger?
00:07:55Uh, well, I, uh...
00:07:56Not per se.
00:07:59Uh, maybe we'll be visiting the North Pole sooner than you thought.
00:08:08[Darby] Piglet's found art.
00:08:14[humming] [Tigger laughing] Tigger! Lemonade's ready!
00:08:28Yes! [chuckles] Whew! Thanks, Darbuddy.
00:08:32Nothing like a session of morning bouncerating to work up a thirst.
00:08:37Hoo hoo! [slurping] Ah! Lemony fresh.
00:08:43Hi! Pooh and I made some lemonade for our friends.
00:08:46It sure tastes good on a hot day.
00:08:49Uh, perhaps just a bit reoney.
00:08:53Oh, well, that's strange.
00:08:55My glass was full of ice cubes a moment ago and now they're gone.
00:09:01Sounds like a Super Sleuth case to me. To the Changing...
00:09:05Tigger, it's no mystery.
00:09:06Pooh's ice cubes just melted.
00:09:11When the weather's this hot, it doesn't take long at all for the ice to melt.
00:09:16See? It turns right to water.
00:09:18- [barking] - Thirsty, huh, boy?
00:09:23There you are, Pooh!
00:09:24I've just made the most wonderful drawing!
00:09:26See? It took me all morning.
00:09:29Oh Piglet, you have captured the Poohish-ness of Pooh bears... poohfectly.
00:09:34Ooh, ooh, Piglet, can you draw the Tiggerosity of Tiggers next?
00:09:39Add, uh, some extra...
00:09:41[growls] ...OK That's a great idea.
00:09:44I'll make pictures of all my friends!
00:09:47- [screaming] - Ooh! [grunts] What's wrong?
00:09:50My crayon box! It's... empty!
00:09:55Red? Yellow? Uh, where are you?
00:09:59Green? Blue?
00:10:00Hello? Brown?
00:10:00Black? Orange?
00:10:06Come back!
00:10:09[echoing] Come back! Come...
00:10:11[horn sounding] Time to slap my cap!
00:10:23The Super Sleuths...
00:10:24[all] ...are on the case!
00:10:26[barks] [all] Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo.
00:10:39I've looked everywhere and every place I looked was a place my crayons weren't!
00:10:43Oh don't worry, Piglet old pal.
00:10:45Since you can't find your old crayons, we'll just make you some new ones!
00:10:49You can do that?
00:10:51Nothing to it.
00:10:52We just got to clear our minds and imaginerate how it's done.
00:10:58Hmm, let's think.
00:10:59Yes. Any ideas?
00:11:04About what?
00:11:05About making crayons?
00:11:06Oh. Once I cleared my mind, I forgot.
00:11:11I know that crayons feel kind of waxy when you touch them.
00:11:15Yeah, you know, it's almost like they're made of the stuff...
00:11:20Hold it a second, they are!
00:11:22Fargo, if we get wax we can make our own crayons!
00:11:28Now, where do we get wax?
00:11:30Hmm, I know that bees sometimes make beeswax in their hives.
00:11:37Perhaps they will share some with us.
00:11:39And some honey as well.
00:11:41Lead the way, Pooh!
00:11:50[Piglet] Uh, don't stand too close, Pooh!
00:11:52Beehives can be very dangerous.
00:11:54Don't worry, Pigaletto.
00:11:56He'll be on his best beehive-ior.
00:11:59[laughing] Beehive...
00:12:01Bees! Would you please share some of your honey with us?
00:12:06Don't you mean beeswax, Pooh?
00:12:09What? Oh, yes.
00:12:12And some beeswax, as well, if it's not, um, too much trouble?
00:12:19[buzzing] - Oh bother. Oh! Oh!
00:12:22- [Piglet screams] So... how'd it go?
00:12:33Well, apparently that is none of our beeswax.
00:12:39I'm ever so sorry, Piglet. I... Piglet?
00:12:44[Piglet] Right here.
00:12:49You should have said something!
00:12:51I didn't want to raise a fuss.
00:12:52Oh I'm sorry, we couldn't get any beeswax to make new crayons for you, Piglet.
00:12:58That's all right, Pooh.
00:13:00I guess I won't be able to draw any more pictures of my friends.
00:13:04The Super Sleuths aren't giving up, Piglet.
00:13:07Since we can't make new crayons, we'll just have to keep looking for the ones you lost.
00:13:18Where would I go if I was a bunch of crayons?
00:13:23[groans] Tigger, I don't think crayons ever go anywhere by themselves.
00:13:29Of course not. They always go with other crayons.
00:13:34- But where, exactly?
00:13:34- Yellow!
00:13:37Hello to you too, Piglet.
00:13:39No, not "Hello," yellow!
00:13:39My yellow.
00:13:43It's the paper from around a crayon. A wrapper!
00:13:48That must mean the crayons are close by!
00:13:51Look! Clue number two!
00:13:55And it's blue!
00:13:58There's another! Come on!
00:14:05Black, I should think.
00:14:09Purple! Got it!
00:14:11There's the red one!
00:14:14Let's see, uh, that's one, uh, two, three, four, five, six, seven.
00:14:22Oh! And there's the last one!
00:14:24The green one!
00:14:24That makes eight wrappers.
00:14:28But no crayons.
00:14:30Now how do you suppose they got un-wrapped?
00:14:35Oh goodness!
00:14:36I just realized this is where I drew my picture this morning!
00:14:40I sat right here on this rock!
00:14:41And I must have forgotten to put my crayons back in the box.
00:14:44So this is where all the wrappers blew away from.
00:14:47But that still doesn't tell us what happened to the crayons.
00:14:52Sleuths, we need to...
00:14:54[all] Think, think, think.
00:14:57♪ Now's the time to think, think, think ♪
00:15:01♪ When you have a problem ♪
00:15:02♪ Think, think, think ♪
00:15:04♪ Look at every clue like the Super Sleuths do ♪
00:15:06♪ And just think, think, think ♪
00:15:11Well, here's what I'm thinking.
00:15:13You know, in case anybody's wondering.
00:15:15I'm just glad it's not cold out!
00:15:17You know because those poor little crayon-y guys are all walking around without their wrappers!
00:15:23You know what I mean?
00:15:24Tigger, crayons can't walk.
00:15:27They don't have feet, and besides it's not cold out it's hot.
00:15:33It certainly is.
00:15:34This rock is much hotter than when I was sitting on it this morning.
00:15:38Oh my! Yes, I suppose it's been in the sun all day.
00:15:43That's our answer.
00:15:44Remember what happened to the ice cube I held in my hand?
00:15:50Of course!
00:15:52Remind me.
00:15:54It melted!
00:15:54But my crayons aren't made of ice.
00:15:56No, but wax melts when it gets too warm, just like ice.
00:16:01I think the crayons got so hot on the rock, they melted, and the wax dripped right out of the wrappers.
00:16:09Hmm. But where did the melted crayons go?
00:16:15You know, the Bear asks a good question, does he not?
00:16:20I mean, if they melted, all the melty waxy stuff would be around here somewheres, wouldn't it?
00:16:27Let's look around!
00:16:35[clears throat] Darbuddy?
00:16:38Remember how you said crayons don't have feet?
00:16:42Well I got some news for you.
00:16:49[Darby] Oh my gosh!
00:16:50Little footprints in the wax!
00:16:53Little tiny crayon footprints!
00:16:55So Piglet's crayons did run away!
00:16:58Do you think crayons have feet, or can run away?
00:17:04I don't either.
00:17:05I think somebody must have found the melted crayons on the rock, and taken them somewhere.
00:17:10Someone with very tiny feet?
00:17:12I guess we'll know when we get to the end of these footprints!
00:17:21[barking] The trail leads right to Rabbit's garden!
00:17:27Look! Over by the lettuce!
00:17:33[Tigger] So that's who left the footprints.
00:17:36Little waxy Super Sleuths!
00:17:39Oh my. Look at all the colors!
00:17:42Oh and they're made out of my crayons!
00:17:44But what are they for?
00:17:46Well isn't it oblivious?
00:17:48To solve little waxy mysteries!
00:17:56Hello, little Pooh-bear.
00:17:57Can you help?
00:18:00Our little waxy mystery just keeps getting bigger and bigger.
00:18:04Maybe we need to think smaller.
00:18:08Like small footprints, and small crayon statues, and maybe even a little bug named...
00:18:19Hey there, my little buggy-buddy!
00:18:21Look at you!
00:18:22Are you out of your jar for the day? Huh?
00:18:24I bet Small found the melted crayon wax on the rock and brought it over here!
00:18:30So Small is the one who left all the footprints!
00:18:35[squeaking] But we didn't solve your problem, Piglet.
00:18:38You still don't have any crayons to draw with.
00:18:42I'm not sorry at all, Pooh.
00:18:43Small put my crayons to good use.
00:18:46And look!
00:18:47It looks like Small made you a very special crayon, Piglet!
00:18:51[Piglet] Well, what do you know!
00:18:53Now I can draw all different colors at once!
00:18:56And I can make pictures of all my friends again!
00:19:07And we can put a wrapper around this crayon mystery on account of because it is history, don't you know.
00:19:16Well, of course you do!
00:19:18[Tigger] Very colorful show today!
00:19:19[Darby] I love it!
00:19:20It looks just like me.
00:19:21[Piglet] Hold still tigger.
00:19:24[Darbyarby] Do you remember how many crayon wrappers the Sleuths found?
00:19:27Let's count them. One...
00:19:29- Yellow!
00:19:29- Number two! And it's blue.
00:19:34That makes three.
00:19:35Number four is...
00:19:36- Black.
00:19:37- Brown.
00:19:38- Makes five.
00:19:39- Purple!
00:19:40- Six!
00:19:40- There's the red one!
00:19:42- Seven.
00:19:42- The green one!
00:19:44That makes eight wrappers.
00:19:46Good sleuthing, everybody!
00:20:37Direct from monster land.
00:20:39Good evening, folks. let's give a hand.
00:20:42Tonight's the happy monster band.
00:20:44I am rock, and he's raul.
00:20:46We have 2 hats, but just one stool.
00:20:50You'll love these monster superstars.
00:20:53♪♪Do re mi mi mi ♪♪
00:20:55♪♪do re mi mi mi ♪♪
00:20:58♪♪ when I play at school, or swim in the lake ♪♪
00:21:02no, that doesn't rhyme.
00:21:06I can't think of anything to rhyme with school.
00:21:09How about if you say pool-- no, no.
00:21:10I want to do it all by myself.
00:21:12♪♪When I play at school or swim in the pond ♪♪
00:21:16no, that doesn't rhyme either.
00:21:19Hey, ink, what you doin'?
00:21:20I'm just changing the words to tonight's song.
00:21:23And I want to do it all by myself.
00:21:25♪♪ When I play at school, or swim in the river ♪♪
00:21:31Oh, boy.
00:21:33You sure you don't want our help?
00:21:35Well, maybe I could use alittlehelp.
00:21:39♪♪ When I play at school or swim in the-- ♪♪
00:21:43All: Pool!
00:21:44Wow, thanks, guys.
00:21:46Pool does rhyme with school.
00:21:48I wanted to do it by myself, but it's better when we work together.
00:21:52I guess it's not do-re-mi, it's really do-re-we!
00:21:56All: Yeah!
00:21:57Ha ha!
00:21:59Now here's the group. give them a hand.
00:22:02They are the happy monster band.
00:22:04They've learned an important scoop-- it's cool to do things as a group.
00:22:08[Crowd cheering] ♪♪ when I play at school ♪♪
00:22:15♪♪ or I'm swimming in the pool ♪♪
00:22:17♪♪ it's usually more fun if I'm with everyone ♪♪
00:22:22Both: ♪♪ A group is good for playing tag ♪♪
00:22:24♪♪ or to help roll up a sleeping bag ♪♪
00:22:27♪♪ anything that you can dream ♪♪
00:22:29♪♪ is more fun with a team ♪♪
00:22:31All: ♪♪ Imagine the possibilities ♪♪
00:22:33♪♪ when it's us and not just me ♪♪
00:22:35♪♪ it's better when you're in a group ♪♪
00:22:38♪♪ to work productively ♪♪
00:22:40[bass solo] ♪♪ do-re-mi-mi-mi ♪♪
00:22:45♪♪ do-re-mi-mi-mi ♪♪
00:22:47All: ♪♪ Do-re-we-we-we ♪♪
00:22:49♪♪ do-re-we-we-we ♪♪
00:22:52♪♪ do-re-me and you makes we ♪♪
00:22:55♪♪ soccer, base or basketball ♪♪
00:22:57♪♪ wouldn't be as much fun at all♪♪
00:23:00♪♪ to spend all nighttime playing it ♪♪
00:23:01♪♪i had no team to play them with ♪♪
00:23:03All: ♪♪ In a group we share with the others who are there ♪♪
00:23:08♪♪to help each other out ♪♪
00:23:10♪♪ that's what teamwork's all about ♪♪
00:23:12♪♪ imagine the possibilities when it's us and not just me ♪♪
00:23:17♪♪ you're better when you're in a group ♪♪
00:23:20♪♪ to work productively ♪♪
00:23:22♪♪ then there's you and me ♪♪
00:23:24♪♪ we can live and play more happily ♪♪
00:23:28[crowd cheering] the folks all thought the song was great.
00:23:35It's now the judges' turn to rate.
00:23:37We'll hear from la, then dee, then da.
00:23:39" whoa, dawg!
00:23:44That was what I call a group effort.