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00:00:00Or die game ve against the yankees the phillies wand none ee but cliff lee onhe mound.
00:00:07T it was chase utley dominate the crsation and eending live in the wor series.
00:00:13 buett t 22-26 first pitch strikes I his last oing.
00:00:19First pitch and is gone.
00:00:20Ree-runho hisouh homn of theld sees.
00:00:243- Pllies.
00:00:25® Sevennd hf wn't de yet.
00:00:28®Utley taking coke outf the rd.
00:00:30His fifth homer of the series.
00:00:32Utley now has a cr seven wod series home runs.
00:00:36That's t mos by a sond seman.
00:00:39In t nin, yanke [ould com markeixeir swingin phillies extenthe game w th-6 phillies win.
00:00:48They're goiack the to the bronx still to comn "mi anmike in e moing" -- her game, anoer offenve outbur f thendefeated saints.
00:01:08T's ge you k.
00:01:10Here's green gol cse utley does it again.
00:01:30The's a sho deep ioht fie way, way tre.
00:01:34And gowd-bye.
00:01:38Ra ibanez his first wor ries home run.
00:01:42>>Ndt, m friends,s pret much the story othe ghs the philalp eagles havlife ahere is still basebalto be pdn 2009.
00:01:53Good morniwe're "mike & "n espn radio, presented byrogressive insurance we'reive on you tv, on espn2 all guest this morninknd there will be many of them will appear o the suby fresh hotline and a lot of them will bealking ofhe phillies tange fivef the world series and leaving a wholeot qstns onhe tab for the ykees and the manager jo joe those would not be cond-guessesor those of us who were fir guessing ts.
00:02:21That to e the story.
00:02:23The story today is cha o hasit five home runs in th world series,ied for the most ever, and he hit the big one lastig becsehen rod driv in thbt runthe rst ning o cff lee there goes the clo of inncily that surrods lee ich is the one thing the phillies had in their back poet lastight.
00:02:44For em tanerack burnet o oh, bhe way- I'm not g to getnt it.
00:02:50I' not going to get inthe told you so on bvr burme for che utley, it takes a lot of the life out of theanes and right t, the seriessk on and in thatoment, the yankees had won the worldiesnd wi tha swing, chase uey put the phillies back in i >> t phillies go out to lead and the yankees making a leit o a run to make it ose.
00:03:13But yeah,s was the phillies game.
00:03:16They went after bur -- burne.
00:03:21Rnt go first pitch strikeout.
00:03:23Got ahd of everybodz.
00:03:24We werall talngbo tt.
00:03:25What didhe phillie do this aroun jimmy rollins swang at t first pitch.
00:03:30Chase utley's home run was on e rstitch.
00:03:32Ey decided to go after a.
00:03:34Burnettn that first pitch fast ball a not let bnettet ah of hndhjis burnets first time koi on threeays' rest thisear.
00:03:44And rtainly dt go too well but the phillies did what they needed to do.
00:03:48They needed jump on them early and g se runlteven thou cliff lee has been throwi great, youe not sur d t f the bay ket ruutf h and youeng uh-oh,aybe it not that invcible cliff clifhe doeetive runs and two wins ithe serie so fm the pchg p, it's beeve but it's been cha with the bat.
00:04:14And cliff lee kw it.
00:04:15He wasking abot especily about thatirst big home run that utley hit that ®energie tm.
00:04:22It was huge to ansr that.
00:04:23Ves a nice lead.
00:04:24Whole serie but yeah,hat was a b one to answer bk afterhey scored in the first.
00:04:31Yeah, weot the lead the and never lookedack.
00:04:34O offense did a unlievab job, scored lot of runs tightndade things fini a lot easier for me.
00:04:43>> Cee says he wi b ready tit whatever ty need him thichf itetto a gamf seven, hewuld come out of the bullpen.
00:04:50Allan on deck.
00:04:52But the point is he won't start.
00:04:55>> He ll be ready to ce out of the bullpen.
00:04:58>> Although if theres a game seven, there lot ofuestion about o thehiies wl t.
00:05:04Are eyoi to give the ball cole hamels if n whaooe do t have j.a. happ?
00:05:11Okf the ye he was the p choiceinne for rookie of the year bute has not srt the league chamonshipers wr in this rld sees aryou goi to giv him the ball inamnf the world es I inyoreng have to give it to cole hame.
00:05:24There's beeo much mad of his cment that I tnk, y ow,ou got to take the whole tervie in -- ctext >> context.
00:05:33Ank you.
00:05:34For what cement how pitching rig now.
00:05:37Either way, forgetting his nt state, h physica state he's n beenching verz well.
00:05:43>> No.
00:05:44Anpart o thats his menl state.
00:05:47But that doesn'te a big fference eithe w youlice plus,hegot t get theelves a game seven.
00:05:55Gameix will be tomorrow night.
00:05:56YOU'lLaHea it right heren espnadio.
00:06:00Paido martineznde u pedro uartine and ay pettit.
00:06:05Joe rardha not oicially nounce that andy pettte will sta that ge.
00:06:10If he ds, tn what he did last nigou make it a zero aven tre's no wayn the wod that's n hapning.
00:06:20Andyettitte istarting game x.
00:06:31T e way anoth, j girai pointin out the obvious st night.
00:06:34>> If weld have pitch today, we probably would have won.
00:06:39T botmin a.j. struggled today.
00:06:42He felt good but hetrgled today.
00:06:45That's something that happe in the gb of baseball.
00:06:47There you have it.
00:06:48They would h won if they pitched it.
00:06:50Does thateanf chadod pitche tookethey would have won?
00:06:55>> He knowsis team, h players, and evethin a million mes bettehan I do.
00:07:12But the r is andhis is not specific to this svation.
00:07:16I've sai many t tha the is no reason to manag a sers as thoughee toin five mes it.
00:07:23Younlyeed to win games.
00:07:25Ur bes chance to wane fourt gameaso let a pitchitch ande th best h could possibly be.
00:07:34 burnett on the mound anduttingose minan your lineup- >> the bottom oe lineup didn't look too strong, that' foure.
00:07:44>> Nick ssher got bed threda ago o wtever it wa becse he couldn't hit h way out of a paper b.
00:07:52>> That's wh a sometng d do I take -mar does.
00:07:56Do I te aodan, do you want m?
00:07:59jburnet who thr great ame tn three ds' rest.
00:08:03It's a caltedisk.
00:08:04>> Iis >> and it blew up in t face is time.
00:08:09Theager says I think I will go ts route instead of this roe.
00:08:16>>F pies come back a the series, you've got to think second.
00:08:20>> Sure.
00:08:22I chad goda was outhere and iven u five runs, people would have been scrming didt you p bnett?
00:08:31There is rigrro.
00:08:33Yomake a dision based upo whatou thinks right and if it doesn't work,ou le wit the consequence >> aolutely.
00:08:40>Í We'll sayhis thoug am by no means t only wouldn did not think this is th it sulhave gone.
00:08:49Eduard pez w vocifou his burnett should not out t.
00:08:56And plu ptt exciting ltl footba game las nightith ite a fncht jamacd on a tuday morning.
00:09:03Gladou're stag your day wi us.
00:10:13>> Good morning.
00:10:14With yr "sptser" upte, I'm reia canida.
00:10:18Th new orleans saints, theop ra offense tt scos atwill only the dolphs seem t have a that fzed in second half a week ago.
00:10:27W the falvs are hoping to put bsh oe first divisio game.
00:10:35He they come.
00:10:37Ew brees and crew lng to go 7-0 mattyan and t falcons wantg to put aoptopn that er thomas taking a hand off.
00:10:47Cares1 yards.
00:10:51Bnd that rushing touchdown.
00:10:55Second quarter.
00:10:56Hoing upithollison.
00:10:58And that touchdownn the air r colon late second qute ryanhe matt ryanicked up by jabbar greer.
00:11:08Fift interception return for a uchdowtying a 1998 franchisecord thd quarte actn.
00:11:14Falcons fing sond and 20.
00:11:16Dd whiounc off greer.
00:11:18That's cght, tt is.
00:11:19D heoing t take it in.
00:11:23rodDi White es for the touchdown.
00:11:25Falcs trailing21.
00:11:28Later in the dve, white makingerab aga.
00:11:31D a tchwn.
00:11:33Oh,ut wait.
00:11:35Upon further review, ball hits the ground.
00:11:38So they would to settle fwr a field goal.
00:11:40Next falcons drive, rya lwoking for tony gonzalez.
00:11:44Ball isipped and tracey pr there is for the interception.
00:11:48Three pickshrown for - by matt ryan.
00:11:54D jathan vil get hisan th there.
00:11:58Saints had one intception each game of the seaso 16 on the year.
00:12:05Saints connecting with pierr thomas for the touchdo.
00:12:08Ints get it5-27.
00:12:10>> Ts a huge w.
00:12:12An knew this comg.
00:12:14In obvioly, you win.
00:12:15Itor two.
00:12:16You talkut ery gamen division being wor t.
00:12:19And younow, our alityo pull throughnd it wasn' the prettiest win at tim but did wh we ndeto do, whe we needed do it in order to get the visibility d that's sang a l.
00:12:30And we talked about bng verz complentargame of footbal yonow, defense sets I of offense an feeds off o success and ve rs we feed offf our sucss and try to takf aangef the rtun thegive us and that's b big >> in other "news and notes" stick around6 mueh more witreeny and golic in 60 seconds.
00:14:25>> Thatne is heade way back ®there andooe!
00:14:29Chase ledoestgain!
00:14:30D heow has hit me home runs in w series p than avy secondasen in wld sees history.
00:14:38>>Nde s jt tting warmed up.
00:14:40That was t firstfwo utley me runs last nht.
00:14:43jrnt in t first inng.
00:14:46Ge momentum-changing seiic shiftd of momt in the world series last nht, calle by milr right here oes dio.
00:14:54Utley would her ain giving him five thjs worldies t reie jacksor most home runs in a si world series.
00:15:04Yowant to go on with tha ght, five home runs in the series.
00:15:08Ties t record by anylayer in any postsson series.
00:15:14You have reggie, ken griffey , fe homers, a juan gonzalez, five homs in the 1996 alc of thoseam- alds.
00:15:25Both ofhose came against yankees.
00:15:30>> Utley, thehillies can com back and win this thing, he's ing to be your m.v.p.
00:15:35Sohe point ihyas a.
00:15:39Burnetdoing the pitingast nit?
00:15:40Did itake sense?
00:15:42I don' -- look, manager have to with their gut and go wit that they think.
00:15:47Bu've sai it before a'll say itgain.
00:15:51Don'ane when younly need to win fiv gamesnd you only need twin four.
00:15:56>> Ty would have pitched tonight and ty wld have had chadd chad godan.
00:16:02Evenf they had lost chad godan, they wld havead a rnt g that's what was s important to get chad godan on the mound.
00:16:17E you wou havetrucm gold and lightnjng.
00:16:19Uould hav had betr ofe.
00:16:24Jorgeada and m pinctter in matsui.
00:16:28NOW Bi N HAVING POSADA THERE, Ur lineup was a lot more wea and athe sa tim you didn't have any ptection behind a-rod.
00:16:36>> That's t other facr is burnett brings wh him a catcher in jose molina who can't.
00:16:44We ancred "center" last night a we send ithrout to plalphiat nht a rl ravech pu the bting average, and after a-r it ell apa.
00:16:59And then you go downhet of t lineup,ou tnk how much wealk the per of b lineups l thy tough.
00:17:06You dn't get that in the yankees last night prirlt sti think canos a trific pyer bu he' not playing like it ght n ande ds not seem to come up big b moments, that's f sure.
00:17:18Andhen you heardn and molina and the pitcher's spot.
00:17:22You give cliff lee ple of ®ro to cruise therend n that posada makes the difference b it hel yould he battedosada after a-r.
00:17:32And a-rod h gotn hot after those ice cold so the phillies live to fight pedro martinez on t mou at yankee sdium in game six.
00:17:42>> Wow.
00:17:42Are you kidding me?
00:17:44I mean, I happy the sers wentn jt for that.
00:17:49It icr theater.
00:17:49Andhileoe girardi did not ofcially annnce last ght, there is absol no conceivable way ay pettitte's not pitching thatame.
00:17:59Peitte woue to go toim and can't dit.
00:18:03>> It has to be ptie.
00:18:04And pettt on three days' rest he only got two pitchers in a ro on three ds' rest.
00:18:12>> Your thoughts on espn radio [email protected]
00:18:18'Ll workuray into some foballec the saints rema perfect.
00:18:22 one eh confence, inanap on the a.f.c. side.
00:18:27And vew orleans still perfect on sid their explosive offense exps last night.
00:18:34And th withsta a wild fourth quartered by thei defense.
00:18:37Thatew orlns defense hasow scedix touchdowns on the ason.
00:18:41>> Yh.
00:18:42This game, you kno this was alose game.
00:18:45It's 21-14ight bwre him and aanta has t bal after new orles scod and ey're trying too down a getom ts.
00:18:54It'sbout 30 4 seconds left in thealf.
00:18:57And mattn ended uph threenterceptions.
00:19:00One was tipped by vilma.
00:19:01I'm notoingo say tt one's on the quarterback but right before hf, it wasn him it a bad picba bad pick by interception, cked u by jabar greer.
00:19:12He scored,ivinghem the sixth defensiveouchdo by the w, e cveland bros ve five offensive touchdowns.
00:19:18>> Correct.
00:19:19>> Forhe year.
00:19:21W orleans has s defensive touchdowns for the year.
00:19:24>> The new orlea defense h outtouchdowned the cleveland touchdow.
00:19:33>> Atlanta com bk and shuts new orles hasn'tred i only tee of the 28 quarters th've pl so far and they were all third quarter anlast night was onef the astlanta outscoresm 7-0 in e third qer.
00:19:47So atlanta's getng back into this ge.
00:19:48And they make it a gam th me it a -- the g a touchdown that will phe scoreven but iwas overturne andhould have been becau ba hit t ground.
00:19:58Ey do get an oide kicknd ave st to throwt wn t fld but it s picked off byarrenha.
00:20:05But a goo ge, wha impress me wn you wch drew brees thisse, grey is how many deline routes theyhrow.
00:20:14It's becausef the truut.
00:20:15It the trust dw brees has withit sckey oreecham orolon ey're all big.
00:20:22It's down the sele.
00:20:23Just whipst to the outside on the sidel knowing t gu goi to go up a they'rgog to get i it's a fantastic joby brees they scored, you know, 35 and they avege 39.
00:20:36D now for atlanta, this was hu ge.
00:20:38I know it s on the road a homems are expecteto w their divisn games b this ®putstlanta three down from new orans.
00:20:44It's a tough road bk.
00:20:46>> Taints hav totalontrol c south.
00:20:50Before the sson beg,e oughtld be highly competitive division.
00:20:54Next, we will me sure y're to date on wh eryone's talking about.
00:20:59We wilave buster olney talkinbasfba as well.
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00:22:07n n >> reia canidate withou flida lier brandon sp has been suspended for the first halffaturdas mega vanderbilt.
00:22:23He was tryg to gouge t eye of wheelie.
00:22:26Head coach urban said the so place forpike's acti.
00:22:31He had thi to say -- , moving to the hard cou, about john calipari making his hing debutinat tang onampbellville.
00:22:57Theentuckyecruit wking it t.
00:22:59Dani orton finng demarcus cousins.
00:23:02Ll done.
00:23:03He had 11oints.
00:23:07Lar, 26 kentucky.
00:23:08That was orton f the j.
00:23:10He h four pnts.
00:23:11Kentky u 22-6.
00:23:14And then is all-american paick paterso fisng up the j.a.e h fr.
00:23:20Kentuceta 74-38 win.
00:23:24Stick thingsef morning.
00:24:11d the last thingsee night.♪♪ [ Piano ] stresses u out.♪♪♪♪ Pop ] It calms you dow hps you remember.
00:24:21It helpsou forge eepsou connect It's thenlthingyoowth is alwayswithin an arm's reac Whjch hy youdon't need to get a phove.
00:24:31You need ahone that gets you.
00:24:34And you.nd you.
00:24:36And we are HTC @ >> -- inecision to the iles big win in game five of the wld series las night.
00:26:52G, itou start wh the saintsho wingain last night on "ayight " they remain perfe on the seas.
00:26:58Thuestion I could theyo undefeated a ste tnks they >> they're teamhat's not ing to face a big tm oer than new eng andallas.
00:27:07C- loo ty c do it.
00:27:10Ds are they won't d it but this is a teamhat canutscore everybod in league.
00:27:14Watch drew brees ge to gam look at all the wea heas outse the numbers.
00:27:19Look at h he handles things indehe numrs and how ty lays.
00:27:23They put so muchressure you.
00:27:25They're going toco those 30 poin a game.
00:27:27Ok w theyid against miami.
00:27:29Big ughunning footbal they got trouble.
00:27:32They battled backnd b those bycoring ove 40.
00:27:36Steveou thinks sane mighgo ueaten.
00:27:41Eiest schedule o allms in the nfl -- >> saints.
00:27:46The ne three games,arolina which wo their 3-4 now.
00:27:50Stuis,hich finalot theirst win.
00:27:53And tampa bay which still esn't have a w.
00:27:55And that gamegainst n england on november 3 all es on that.
00:28:02Neengland suld playtlanta an then tas a carolina agn.
00:28:05Th certaly can score eugh poin to do iome wh engnd on a mond n.
00:28:10That won't be easy.
00:28:11At atlanta wil note easy.
00:28:13>> No.
00:28:14I complely aee.
00:28:15An at he, dalla >> dallasslaell rht now.
00:28:20>> Theact that you're diussingt isenally a good sign.
00:28:25What else?
00:28:26Brdon spikes of flori, t linebacker with t eye gouge.
00:28:30D u me a very big of it yestery.
00:28:34Ituilt upnd ultately the decision w made byrban mey to suspend bndon spis for the first half ofda's game this comingeekend.
00:28:42Jee palmer,ur analyst who by eay, pyed at flori doest think 's eug >> half-gauspensn for brdo spikes is not severe ough in thi instant.
00:28:52The's no rm in clege football f wha brandon spis did, certain brand spikes is not thelayero t spoke somebody's eyeut the bottom of the p but in college football a the standd of ortsnshiat I said, thereeeds be further suenon for bndon spikes.
00:29:1030 Minutes aga vanrbt is noteve enoug>>ike, I know y agree.
00:29:24>> Iompletely agreeurbameyer is a great coach.
00:29:29I don't ow if'm gng to commend him for a timely suension.
00:29:34The tap we evewher are yogog to ignoret?
00:29:40You can either sndhe guy for a tea or you can let him pl but make h work o with e, you know,ind another w to pish him.
00:29:50Make him w streth aonditioning coach fi ds a w and p h througa wor out.
00:29:57That's a way you can gete discipli to him.
00:30:00A half a ge against vavderbt is no punishment its zer punhmentt all.
00:30:08>> At elseight they be lkg about a t ofeople talkibout nu gobili and his batha he swatted o hallowe nht a bat for tho of you haven't seen it.
00:30:21Ginobili sortted it out of the air.
00:30:23And turnedut,e win stroo get rabies shot.
00:30:28Not a lghin manner.
00:30:30Whe it got b alae a evything else, it's not sothg that you want to coureeople too.
00:30:36>> He tald avt htasn't the righhing to do and now he's gottenive rain byshots has to undero seven or e mo sho.
00:30:47His quo is it was prett fny athe tim b not >> tha was sponsored progressive.
00:31:03>> Let me talabout the brand scompikethe e gouging.
00:31:08 a lot of peoete in about it.
00:31:12Let me say this.
00:31:13Because tooyeople are flippa wting in, well, th happens all the time.
00:31:19Happens all the time in pileup.
00:31:21Itoesn't hpen allheime.
00:31:22Ere are things that go o in a pjleup.
00:31:25As I said yesteay and her "srtscenr," the were tim whenasn't a cho boy, but eye gouging isotnted practice ofhings that go up in ®a pileup.
00:31:39I was snned.
00:31:41Pewple were like wre ming twbig deal, no, we're not.
00:31:46At is e of the thing that doesot go on all the time.
00:31:49I t get tt out there.
00:31:52I was azed o people who havet made that situatiill ma commentha hne atl the time.
00:31:57>>Ye gou was popular in thre sog ®>> three stowges and t w way w >r a iootecalerryon ich or mo hard er get suspenfor a game against vanderbi.
00:32:13The punisent certainly fs the crime.
00:32:16What is the key to the philadelphia eagles coming all theay back in this wld seri?
00:32:21Coming from 3 to 3-2 is nice.
00:32:23But if they lose in circstanwh differee est really make?
00:32:26You just prolong the agond allow t yankees to celrate wi their o fanst yankee adm6 at is t key tom comin all thank you w back?
00:32:37Bobbhead sit's ryan howard.
00:32:38>> Utley now whoecom theuy you have t defd against.
00:32:43He's- who's hitting behind him?
00:32:48Ryan howard, hittingehind chase utley d couldn't hit if I came running across the ate.
00:32:54The yankees are preparing proper, they're giving cse utley nothing to hitnd make ryan howard do somethingefe thisie becomes a seven-game series and then lk out.
00:33:05>> Ryan howard at this point st three hits and 19 at-ba, hittin .158, 1 strikeouts.
00:33:11>>Eah,e loo los e realloes.
00:33:14>>Uysvstet col during theourse of the season, is will be tough to fd, but go find a five-me setch when an howard wentitle.
00:33:26Or m just had one h ice col yov had a bad week.
00:33:30You get that littleeeling in your elbow.
00:33:34It's not an injury but something just doe't feel 100%ight whever the case may be, but whent hpe n allf a sudden, he's freezing on th big stage.
00:33:42I n't y thafor aecond.
00:33:44He's just picd bad time to ve aouple of day the morf tt story is that turns around inne blink of the eye.
00:33:52>>Ure it does.
00:33:53>> A-rod brul-8 with the six sikeout it will get I his head.
00:33:58Hodoes he look now?
00:34:00®>> Exactly.
00:34:01I would expect ryan thave a bit of an impact.
00:34:04We'll s.
00:34:05>> But you the know.
00:34:06N youon't.
00:34:07>> Iould n aum hsn ice forhe rest oth series a mns.
00:34:12Eompletely agree.
00:34:13>> Wl ctieo say and w wi s reading s of e me y hav busterln said e yanke will e a I tol h he was wrong.
00:34:23For thisean that -- i kno[ thatistory has showny ances ofhi move bei the ght me.
00:34:31Jack mckn close out the world seri I 2003 thet time theay, ald series won x games.
00:34:36He close outhat wld series by pitchingh beckett in game six o shortest in a gane ey di't have to win.
00:34:43They were up-2.
00:34:44And at the ti, I said it was a mistake.
00:34:46I said he's managing as th heee to win fiv games and he needs t win four.
00:34:51Has it tur out, becins a mnd the mlins won the world seri.
00:34:57Rnt could have done that last nig.
00:34:58>> A crapshoot.
00:35:00>> You're putng him in a ti.
00:35:03You're putngouream in a position.
00:35:05Me, everything pnt to burnt in game six, ting your chanc in game five couldhad godan have been worse thha you got last nig?
00:35:14>> I ustand wh y're sayi then you get burnettname six.
00:35:18Anon game seven,ou go cc on short rest, but ife struggles whoo yogot to coueut?
00:35:24>> Andy pettit.
00:35:25®>> He wi b thrin wll s howhe way thi thing breu down.
00:35:30Joe girai made his decisions.
00:35:31Itowks as though he had this in his head before the s started.
00:35:36®Pedro andtie in gsi morrow night.
00:35:38Pettit h not been officially annoced.
00:35:41Itsmpossible ttt won happen.
00:35:43Buster olneyith h thoughts 20.
00:35:45Butexheyav reshuffled the dehairs on theitanic.
00:35:50Geteady for a fnt oic situation that makes the kins lk stable.
00:35:55Ike anmi in the morning.
00:35:56>> Espn radio.
00:36:26lookat going to burgertown, wantnythin if they still ve hean my butt l any gger meal," will y get one?
00:36:34" tom?
00:36:37W abt he feel so bloated I juswannslee for 3 meal?
00:36:40.and a bucketofplse keep your shirt " ..
00:36:46Ffalo chke sub suby.
00:36:51It's a simple wayto enjoy eatg better bway.eat freuh.
00:38:00>> Reisca canidateith your portscenter"pdate.
00:38:04Oh, game ve with theankees.
00:38:07Mey cabrera divated wita hamstring iury.
00:38:10Bottomf th fst,nd chase uty ctigis hot swing ofhe bat. taking a.j. burnett dp.
00:38:183- Phillie bottomee.
00:38:22Jayson werth ripping the bas plate up the mdle.
00:38:24They just keep taggi burne at is rau ibanez.
00:38:30®Se hit to rht.
00:38:32This is g to plbte ryan howard.
00:38:34Phillies u 5 they add another run to e inning.
00:38:40Burnett goinwo innings, six ts.
00:38:45Bottom seven and utleyoing yard.
00:38:48He'she secd pyer with two multi-ho run woreriesame a singl world serie to of the eith though.
00:38:55Yankee kept coming.
00:38:56A-rod withhat shot throvg the ga ®two runs w score.
00:38:59nd nk down 8-5 ®jeter, dereketerrounding in the 6-4-3 dble pla yaees wn 8.
00:39:13Ter johnny damon singles mark teixeira whipped by madison.
00:39:17Phlies extendhe series to game six wedneayith the-6 n.
00:39:23>> Chase when he gsot, he g hot a stayot f ®hr t.
00:39:29D, you know,nock on woo hopefuy hey,itting there right now.
00:39:34Because swing the bat goo an this are going realwod for him.
00:39:39>> That huge to aner back like that andives a nic lead.
00:39:43He's beenrey impressive this whole series,ut yeah,t was a big oneht there t answer back afthe scored i the first.
00:39:50Ah, weot the lead there and ner lood back.
00:39:54Our ofnse did annbelievabl scored a lot of runs tonight a ma this definitely easier for m >> at some point, not right now, maybi'll look bk o it and see what kin of speci momen it is.
00:40:06But rig now, our goals to win two moames >> muc more "mi & mike" with÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷ >> we'remike andike in thf rning" on espn rio.
00:42:24All guest appr the subway fresh take hotline, incding buster olney, who join us in just aoue of minutes in his thouts on the pllies, epinalive the wwrld series la night.
00:42:34By t way, I've got andy pettit numrs on sho rt.
00:42:38Thcareumrs courtesy the elias sports bureau.
00:42:41The regul season, pettitte has me 12tarts less an rmal rests.
00:42:46He's 2-6 wita .0 e.r.a.
00:42:48T good.
00:42:49>> Nope.
00:42:50If the postsson, hower, si starts on s rest, 3-1 with a .324 e.r.
00:42:56Much bter.
00:42:57>> Yeah.
00:42:58>> There's that.
00:42:58Th didn't have to do it.
00:43:00They cho to do I thi yayway ande'll see tesecd,ob picozzi sent mehis.
00:43:06>> This doesn't bodell for short rest.
00:43:08Sin 1999 and thatncludes th postseason.
00:43:11Teams using a pch on srt rest against aly rtern postseason are 9-28.
00:43:19Th ilude 0-7 f pitchs on sho rest for game five when roy oswalt wen on short rt against jarrett wright they will have an addional day of rest.
00:43:41They're overresd.
00:43:42>> This is t decisionha rards made ande wil see if iom bacto bite him in eucus.
00:43:49E other nbers alex 's in th postsean.
00:43:53E record is 1 so -- >> that's turning I aroun a litt bit.
00:43:59I thi h hasxo thoseemons.
00:44:02Win,ose, or draw at this point, I thiod has excised hisemons.
00:44:07Buster olneyoming upn a few minutes.
00:44:09Meanile, w tou maybehemolaringly awful statist in the fir halfthe nfl ®th new orleans saints who are unen and terric have scored six densive touchdowns this year in eight gam >> um-hmm.
00:44:25>> The cleveland bwn have pled eight games.
00:44:28They've sced five ofnsive uchdowns.
00:44:31[Bell] >> that's bruta >> and their woe play a just thf joylessss with [ ey ora which I my opini are purely a function oheir head coach h caused grge kokonis his job as genel nager.
00:44:48 of the yea after he was hired.
00:44:51>> Camen with mangini.
00:44:52>> But I gets worse.
00:44:53Manner in which he will me ficial et is I dispu.
00:44:59-Kns refused t rign when prsedy ran lerne ®and he seeks a dismissal for cause ce him to et the specif standards.
00:45:10Th tm's security and lal partne weevwinghone threrd bale forrg konis.
00:45:22In atatent relsed on ndayight, therowns said geoirges nonge actively involved with the organization.
00:45:30Inesponse to rumors and repos that he was escord out of the buildinod t brnsenied thoseorts in the interest of pctin those parties involve we will hold t dits.
00:45:44Head coachric mangini said his job isaf f now.
00:45:48Lener told t mia chae was coming a another loss on sunday.
00:45:52mofhe giants and browns is beg sought byerner aonsultant.
00:45:57® Bringina loof consultants.
00:46:00>> Bernie looking over and w they will bri inother oveook kar.
00:46:06This goes furer than just investigating grge kokos.
00:46:11M lking an aicle by mor anadam sefr, sheelty said diagueetween the two sides een njs and t browns appeared to the los agnst the bears.
00:46:25Th theros a now-7.
00:46:28For thast month, lerr hasdependt ligedrofesunal and pernal cducty co-kee --co keens mgini, and aaron o'brn.
00:46:41Ien lefhe oanio within éhe pas feways -- aron brown w man's confidan>> he's on t hook for a t of money.
00:47:03Wants to maka chaing and do not want to payim ojf.
00:47:06>> They saidangini'u job i safe.
00:47:08Ey must n bn able to jd y to n have to pay him.
00:47:12But is is what gng on.
00:47:14Itses it's a joke anow they kee inging in nsultant to throw more coo inhe the kitch in th thing it is bruta there is one pn t blame -- ran lerner.
00:47:27Ther is no -- h raced to hire eric mangihen mangini got firefrom the jets as though he an opportunity toirince lombardi >> it reminds the of the way hess wt aft kote.
00:47:41When kotite left philadelphi d nt to thets.
00:47:44We were likeeally?
00:47:45That where you're gngo go?
00:47:46D I thought the se thing especily how quily it happened with mangini.
00:47:59>> Anye could have seen this ®ming now thing with eri mgini, I've sai it a mlion time, feel like a bke recd but I'll say it ain.
00:48:07Ericangini, the samhings undoinim in cleveland were the same things uoi him wh th jets.
00:48:15I'murisedt he had n ed athat had gone on with theets.
00:48:20He did some good tng with the jets.
00:48:22He I the king of evaluation.
00:48:24He has got mor chas than anne in the hisry of mankind ando a seluation and say here's where I wenrong.
00:48:31And e problem is heot a job soast ty think he didn't do ythingrong.
00:48:39And that the thi about favre was not his flt the y hpproaches tngs, e jlessnesshey tre -- they hed him, the playe.
00:48:52It'sust a daster.
00:48:53Now owners trying to t of a way from under it.
00:48:59. Lerner, y he no o to blame bu youf.
00:49:02>> Heeds a serus lear within t building t gui sions in apened andtransparent way.
00:49:09Heays my highest prior is to ha sble figure that presents the vce tt vs t decions.
00:49:16I guess because mangi doe't say anything.
00:49:18So he wantsomebod to say meing public throwake him look bette >> did he n wch a tap of maini made wh js?
00:49:27This I who he is this is who u needed the second he got fired, he w on yourpeial.
00:49:33®So ynow wha this is your fau.
00:49:36Ran lerne walks by mirrornd he s that's the ult whose pt it is.
00:49:40Id youee this?
00:49:44Ray lerner I nww takin meeting isuned fans.
00:49:47He's goingo sown wit unhappy fans.
00:49:53When the b[n are on "mond nighotball," natnall televid akainst baime.he wts to embarrass the team.
00:50:00So rdy lerner is tryg aid that 's meet with the fans.
00:50:04And ateminef the classic "seinfeld" epide where george steinbrner believes george conanza is dead ande devers thes to geoe's rents and frank cnzays -- >> what the hell did yrade over 1 r.is l yore.
00:50:27He got a recor for anrm.
00:50:29You dot know what the hell you're doing!
00:50:31>> What cld be better that?
00:50:33That's exaly what ts is.
00:50:35That'st thiseetis.
00:50:36>> Oh,hat a m enjt.
00:50:39In clezeland, ain wt?
00:50:41At leastou had cliff lee and sathia tchi in e world series >> you've g lebron.
00:50:47Keep your fgers crossed6 >> all rht.
00:50:50" er olneyext.
00:50:51" >> en radio.
00:52:59>> Reihecanidate with your "sportscter"pdate.
00:53:02Izzls and he kings.
00:53:03Allenrsg his butterizzlies, recoveng fa partial hamsg tear.
00:53:08Third arr, kings down two.
00:53:09Tilevin martis e mper.
00:53:12Ght back the other way.
00:53:13Iverson hitu theallaway.
00:53:15He pla brief a rer.
00:53:18Wasn't too tled about his playin.
00:53:21Fourth quarter. unr 5:0 go.
00:53:23Spencer ll with tt bkdoor to beno you had dtrict.
00:53:29Rtinits the trifecta.
00:53:30Ki 11612.
00:53:33Kis get e 127-116in.
00:53:39®Ras head coh tom cabte sayu his future is t remain thehead eoach at fure could be i jeopar.
00:53:45NDAi ON "OUTSIDE E LINES,A Report dailedable's alleged past physica abuse toward won.
00:53:51Cabls ex-wife and forr " d a mited t sikinis wife 10rs aut saidhat was enly incidt.
00:54:04Thiu on the heels for aegly hiing rdy hanson leang to brenaw.
00:54:10The raids released thi stement -- >> t raiders also rsed a statemt ccizi espn's rertg sayg the network routel dissenate falsehoo abo theairs espnnds bytstory.
00:54:56Still to come, no defending rld series champio has ever overcome deficit of 3-1 a won theor sies.
00:55:03Cathe philliese the first?
00:55:05Greeny andic a back in0 sends.
00:56:19>> You nowexts to 7-espn th's 73776.
00:56:23It's presented by power mat werless chargin just dings charge,nd lose the cord.
00:56:29Meage data rates may apply.
00:56:32>> A wle bunch of e-mails and a who b oexts cing in about girar's dision to jbuett on short rest last night.
00:56:40T's ge t perspective from u and I disagreedn ts yesterday and suppose we still ll.
00:56:47Dot eve thi youant to manage series as tukh you need to w fivees and I m opinion,hat' wt girardi's done.
00:56:54>> I will run throu it a, his eice bly ce down to pitching.
00:57:01Chan sliding him at one in andodan hadn'tade start in a a month now or does he bng back two lished srts wh bot have had success pchjnn rt.
00:57:13D I it kind of a no-biner, buterinow, i mean, as weowa, let's face it.
00:57:20If they se game six if they lose game sen a hs starting all these pitchers o shor rest, he is goi to g mmered for it.
00:57:26>> Hdsht's always 220 when u with that gut dion.
00:57:30Last night, the philseemo take aifferent approac against burnett and it paid off.
00:57:39>> Incredidifferent approach.
00:57:40You guys talked abou iter e ga burtt had.
00:57:44The plls were so passive.
00:57:46The first ueven batters taking the fit t pitch in their -bats.
00:57:50Last night, e first five phillies were looming for action onhe first pitch.
00:57:55Jimmrollins swinging at the first pch an sha victono squing t bunt.
00:58:01Utle hithe three-run homer on-e first pch.
00:58:04And it alsped, y know, them thaturne jus wasn' arly as od as as in the rst game.
00:58:11Hf didn't have cmand ofhe grtreaking ball.
00:58:14Didn't have comnand of thf fast ballndy pounded him.
00:58:17>> Is part of thathe diffen heasn't always arti wh stke one.
00:58:21Ey w'tust takin t st ball right dnhe middle and th was ihit was seing up treakg stuff theest of ithat burtt wasowing it onrs ght.
00:58:31>> Completely agr.
00:58:32And I'm sure the pllies walked away whe tha srt,ooked at THE NUM AND NOTICED INHEIr Inal meetings h burtt cane smprask basicly terminede basally gave him a pas int game two.
00:58:47Set him up thise.
00:58:49Let's attack.
00:58:50T listened jnhn kr.
00:58:52This us.
00:58:53Played thisriday morning after at sta.
00:58:55Here's wha kruk sai what phis didas aow him to strike him out.
00:59:02Prty much evy hitr the first ninthrough trder took the first pitch fasbbll le himo his breaking ball and then once he establieu he can throwtor strike starts.
00:59:12>>Hat s kruk on fire.
00:59:13Y th sawt.
00:59:14Thede the py.>> and ty pndedim.
00:59:17Whe es ito from her u' g pedro pavemt tre no -- pedro marti®is no conceivable way andy pettitte is no piting tonight.
00:59:26So we wut buster o hold and pue 60 seconds for "sportscenter" update.
00:59:31Catch youn sres and highlights.
00:59:33And buster olney will breakn game sixnd the possibi of game sev in the worlders.
00:59:38That's one minute away.
00:59:45th your "sportscenr" update, I'reischea canate.
00:59:48Facing do or d game five ainsthe yankees, the ilesand no one else but cliff e onhe mound.
00:59:51Buitashaseey dominate the converon a extenng live in the world sees.
00:59:56Keep in mindrnett threw ®22-26 first pitcstrikes in his st outing.
01:00:07First pitch anit ge.
01:00:08Three-ruot his four home n of the wor series.
01:00:133-1 Philli.
01:00:13Boomeven ande wasn't done ye utley takinge out of the yard.
01:00:17His fifth homer of the se.
01:00:19Utley now has a career seven world series home ns.
01:00:20That's the mby a secon baman.
01:00:36In the ninth, nkees woulme back.
01:00:37Markeixeira swinging.
01:00:40Phillies extend the game w the phillies win they're goin tthe onx still to ce on "mike and mike in thmornin -- another game, another offensive outbur for the undefted sats.
01:00:57Let's get you ing.
01:00:57Here's greeny and li [capinde possible ] captioned by the national captiing initute org-- "mike aikin the moin" we continue with bust on thesubway fresh te hoine.
01:01:09Breangowthe world sies, ®ichillave at least one more ge to go.
01:01:12We'rereseed by progressive inrance.
01:01:14And look, in a vacm, this is the short serieerheecen years hav kild them.
01:01:20Thr rat he been excellent ts wor sers.
01:01:23D now with an extension to game six, and maybe even a game sen, really gethehole counyxcited.
01:01:28In a vacuum, thas goo thg.
01:01:30If you'ra yankee fan, noo good.
01:01:33Bust4 l's look at gamx.
01:01:35Baud roe against aume andy pettitte what do uec >> pt of theean why of pple are going to wat theseast twoam, if t are two games is the's uncertaiyll ove the place I can't member, iou ow woseries whe you didn't ally know how t teams were gog toeal w really big spots.
01:01:57E yaees haven aounced pettte because ty nt to sew he bounces fm the side sessions.
01:02:03'S 3 pedro martinez has only made three stas allear onhe rest.
01:02:09We didn't know who the phillies starters are going tin game seveand weon know how c sabaia is goi to r pitching on three ds' res for the second concutiveime.
01:02:19So there is a lot of intrigue a we go forward.
01:02:21You know, think he isoi t start p pedro's going to pch.
01:02:26We wil see how anddoes.
01:02:31He's haduccess pching o shor rest but that w -- most of itone whe he was much unr and I'm gng t be very fascinat toee the decisn thatharl manuelecause onap, there's no queio if u just played out the schedule, ld have be cole hamel bute's -ole mels.
01:02:52He's been tere.
01:02:53He mad a comment where he said he't wai it to end and it's clear rubbed teammes the wrong w whrett myers and hs gotten to thatini nfroatiolast nht and his aertive, charlie's alteate,o start cliff cliff.
01:03:09You can bet e pllies pyers st look atim ty're like wow.
01:03:12He the m rht n.
01:03:13And we kwhat charlie, you ow, respects h veteransnd they would notave rin if it weren't for cole hamels and wt he d lastea it is goi to be fascinang decision.
01:03:25>> The staers are going to the sier decision forrlie manu.
01:03:31Tell me whe's g to do when he gets out othe mound.
01:03:34After the ge last night and ch [as asked about using ryan mison his closer rather than brad lidge.
01:03:41He said I wanto give him a brk.
01:03:44Can y imagine if girdi lked int a press cwnference afr e game say I was thinng maria rivera need little bitf menlreak the middle of the wld series.
01:03:53Mean, it reay tellsou that charlie, ijusteadingis ayers' personalities.
01:03:59He'seadingow theuccesses a day-to-day bis.
01:04:02Iteays ke a qer going to aine immacalling audib throuout e four quarter.
01:04:10D aeyay t all part of the fasnating dynamic of this rlsees.
01:04:15>> "Mike & mike" wh buster oly.
01:04:17We've t injury sittion we've got melkyabra, shane victoro taking a finger stda what cbn you tl >> if hiseg was hging by ligant, he would go I'm fine6 he wald io thlu last night with his index finger jburnett fa ball lastight twice his normal size and he was like n I'm fine.
01:04:42He w telng charlie manuel th.
01:04:44He's saying that t xays indicate is not broken.
01:04:48I'm sure he's going to wan to ayn nextame.
01:04:51Beforeesterday's game, the nkee disbbled melky cabra.
01:04:56Ok him o theoster.
01:04:57Et gardener I fe play he's probablyoing tolay a regular ro but there's no eson.
01:05:05Melky ouofheineup and bret gard weakens theotm of theineup and at diminishes them amus th phill mit be diminishedith s victorino p a hurt finge >> oneasthought for me.
01:05:22Mark teixeira and ryan rd, e twoir basemen in this series.
01:05:25Two guys whore who we gnicant cdidate for f their respective league I dot thk either onef tm w tt award they will be the t and txey are both iceold in this series.
01:05:40Ca y see them donything thattands t for you >>heyook like they're swinging bats darkene clet.
01:05:47Theyikehere feelingor e ball.
01:05:50You know, neither one of t are swinging wi confidence.
01:05:53They bh have been attacked with off-spe sff this entire world ries a you could see becae they're so conious about makg covta ty're long the juice in thr swis and you do wonr I thell be able t get it back before the enof the world series.
01:06:09The good thi for t ykees, rodriquez is swi well and chase y ridulous right w.
01:06:18>> Cha utllugging 12.22.
01:06:21But rn howa in the wor series is 3-1 rk teixeira 2-1 maybe one of those two gs get hot th cldt tcale game six.
01:06:35Than bter.
01:06:36Thank y.
01:06:37>> Buster ney willeacin stud with this morning.
01:06:40And by theay, buster oly joins us on the subway fresh take hotline they wa subway bighill cheesesteak.
01:06:45Ryan howarlikehis with pepps an onis.
01:06:48Cc sabathia brings t hea with chiple southst sows.
01:06:54Watch them battleitut.
01:06:56>> Doling eve time yo that.
01:07:00>> You saw this crtesyf bretmy excusee, courtesy of yao!
01:07:05>> Rht.
01:07:08Don't think brett m could hand it wut.
01:07:11>> Brett myend ce hame this isrtesy yahoo! srts.
01:07:15Had a sho but ten nversation in eeam's clubhouse.org one witss.
01:07:22Rdthatteedro hamills' recevtme thate was eager r the sso to e.
01:07:30Myers walked by th locke room, he saiwh are you doing re?
01:07:33I thought you quit.
01:07:35Hals accordingo the witness responded expleti.
01:07:39Before t situati escalated, ers w guided away by team official no again, for tse [hoidn't hear I colhals after he go beaten up iname three talking about what has been veryou yea said "i can't wait for it to end.
01:07:54®It's bnentayerange.
01:07:56At year end,ouan'tai for " take o of context, that ®sounds awf.
01:08:02The contt was head jt ge throh aen dcription of howly he wanted ball game seven.
01:08:08Anted to g out theregain he wted try and winhe world series.
01:08:12Bubeyond that, theeason has en so tough he's looking rward toreshtart.
01:08:16'M amaze wt'eing made out this.
01:08:18This is a perctxampf read t who article.
01:08:21Understand, already awere I want theall game n.
01:08:23And thene wa talking in neral abt hi season aa whol thatasn't been gd.
01:08:28>> Charlie manuel whens w ought up toime original remarksaid was surprised wh I h tha I don't understand how he mea it.
01:08:41>> Hamelsas disturbedyhat he believed to be an iuous mmt.
01:08:46He hop to tch game seven if the series pitched thatar.
01:08:51But btt myers walkeup said something to him.
01:08:54Are we aree wok what this is handled?
01:09:00I have ahought and I have a spn espn radi espradio. en o. espn radio. en radio.n radio.
01:10:10 espn radi espn rao.n radispradio. espn radio.
01:10:14 espn esp >>d morning.
01:10:18With your "sportscenter" update, I'm reischea canide.
01:10:19E neorlesathe top ranked offense that or at will.
01:10:21Only the dolins seem t a futi plans to beat them d that fizzl in the secon hal a week ago.
01:10:28W the falcons are hong to put a blemison the record in the rsdivioname.
01:10:30Herehey me.
01:10:32Dr brees crelooking to go 7-0.
01:10:38Ma ryaane falcons nting to put a sop stop in at.
01:10:40Pier thomas king hd off.
01:10:41B coup ogreat move.
01:10:43Carries, 91 yards.
01:10:46And atushi touchdown.
01:10:47Seco quart.
01:10:53In 14-7.
01:10:55Hooking with colston.
01:10:56D that touchwn in the air focolston.
01:10:58Lateecond quter.
01:11:00An, the mattyan picked up by jabari greer.
01:11:05Fiftinterception retn for a toucown tya 1998 fnchise rerd.
01:11:16Thirquarter action.
01:11:17Fas facing second and .
01:11:18Roddy white bounci off gree anhe's gng ttake in.
01:11:20Dditdo f the uchdow falcons trailing 28-21 later in the dve, white making the gr again.
01:11:30Ruled a touchdn.
01:11:33Oh, but wait on furtheview, ball ts they would have to sele for a field goal.
01:11:41Xt falcons drive, ryan looking for to gonzaz.
01:11:43Ball is tipped and tracey porter there is for the interception three pis thwn for -- by mattyan.
01:11:50And nathan vilma get his hands e.
01:11:55Saints had onenterceptn ch game of the seas.
01:11:5716 Othe ye.
01:12:00Saintsonneg th pierr thomor the touchdown sats g it 35-2 >> this is a hvge win.
01:12:13I mean, we kw is comin -- in.
01:12:16In obviouslyyou n.
01:12:17It'sorth two.
01:12:17] Talk abo every gin the and you know, our ability ll through and it sn't the prett n at time, but w diwhatneededo do, wh we needed too it in ordeto get the wisibility ahat's -- vicry and tt'saying a tot.
01:12:29And we tked about being very complemeary game of footll.
01:12:31U know, defesets it of offense and feeds off our success and vice versa.
01:12:37We need off of their success and try to take advante of thf oppoities they give and that's been big.
01:12:42>> In other "news and notes" -- stick aroun mu me with greenangoli in in in in in in0 secos.in 60 seconds. 60 secos.
01:14:17>> "Mike and mike the morning" on espn radio, present by progressive insurance, al es on the subway fresh take hoine, le brian billi who will j ia ltle bit later onhis hour with his thoughts on t mightyew orleans saints who steve young says he a real ®shotf goi 16-0.
01:14:33Brett myit for the phillies walked past c hamels' ck last night after the win and said sething like wh are y doingere?
01:14:40I thght y'veui cole hamels spent some time trying elain the comment that made sound likee doesn't want pitchin anymo and he' ting to tetl aone o lis and sd that's not whatappened at all.
01:14:56Saying the commentsidn' come hamels saito rters I'v said se dumb things.
01:15:03It's haro pla basebal a lk sometimes.
01:15:06I beeve hi I d asell.
01:15:09It w comety separate of wanting toch a theve scheme.
01:15:14And cole hamels said charlie knows he.
01:15:22Lt some dou in e es of btt mye.
01:15:26This story, the fact that myers id something to hamels and therwa alm a confrontation.
01:15:31'Ve noteenbltoindt in the philadelphiaapers.
01:15:34This wn yaho srts.
01:15:36An'ze not been able to see it anywhere else.
01:15:38Sohat thatls m myers th hwas doinghis sically in therivacy of their cluse.
01:15:44And so m quests hod it get out?
01:15:47Ifyersidhis in full revw ll the rorters, I have a jor prlem wit tt.
01:15:53If mrs gathfd theeporte and said have a proemit cole her ha problemith that.
01:15:59If he confrted him privately, then I't have a pbl with thnd donave aroblem th colhals respondg lk he did.
01:16:10Whoet the cat out of the bag?
01:16:14E n' if there wer rorrsut, it so listen, as I said,ou know , keep this in the ubus y've gotothi s, go say it to the guy.
01:16:27I dot mind if myers said tha inhe pricy oe clubhouse deal with it the.
01:16:30And'tav anssue with that.
01:16:32Dot have an iueh the comeback fromole hamels.
01:16:35You're right how did it getut?
01:16:38Ifhere waseone witn organization and said called and , that's what I gohe problem wh.
01:16:45>> These guys have sources.
01:16:47And reportersheaks their nob is to try and find out stuff and obviously, they have someone inside ttlubhouse w was there to wnesshis.
01:16:55And I guess m point wf I'm a pyer or seone on that tebm, I don't likeheacthat got out.
01:17:01>> I agree.
01:17:02>> Allight.
01:17:03" one more quihoht by t way.
01:17:05>> O ifankees had staed ch godanas night and los 8-6, we would rightow wou be ying yan remd in completrol of th wor ri.
01:17:17>> Set up perfect.
01:17:18>> This way, you d feel thatway quite asuch.
01:17:22You feel like the pllies have a cnce.
01:17:24If they h chad godan and lt 8-6, iould say thehillieshad no chance o r with the wld sers.
01:17:35>> -- Winning theor series.
01:17:38>> The are three pitchers to he tng.
01:17:41>> T woulde peoe saying he did the wng thing.
01:17:45But u feel lik theyere in control.
01:18:02>> "Ke & mike" s by gotoetincom foyour cnce havenlimedeetings,s many as yant, any timeou wa free for 30ays.
01:18:14Steveoung says the new orleans saintsan jinishhis season unbeat.
01:18:19Ull out the sche d the realitys ty play the weest schule of any tm i the.
01:18:25>> Absolutel the week I going forwa.
01:18:28Say that was only tir first game of the division.
01:18:31Sohe still have carolina twice.
01:18:33>> They've got cola th ek at home.
01:18:35That's a win.
01:18:36>>Ndhen they'ret s ®uis.
01:18:40Big w.
01:18:41And now, monday, niger, november 30, you'r h a th's key, to new eland ok.
01:18:48At's yr firs - tt's a very interesting ge.
01:18:51Home again newngland.
01:18:54I n't know.
01:18:55I think is wij.
01:18:56Ink at's a new orlns n.
01:18:58Hat' one that I'm not going to determine jtet.
01:19:00But certaly, theiroughes win to de.
01:19:03>> Wree sitting here?
01:19:06Yove to deinomething >> o I don't I say you do.
01:19:09>> They lose.
01:19:10>> Oh, they lose that game.
01:19:12>> Y just because youe ming me determin sething.
01:19:16At's a tgh game.
01:19:17And december 6 at wasngton.
01:19:18>> That's a w.
01:19:20>> December3, attlan.
01:19:23>> My ediction that's correct eir first loss.
01:19:26Ey will r -- wha would they be?
01:19:31-0, Lose atanta >> andhen there he to llas.
01:19:34It's a win.
01:19:35>> Dallas playing wellight now.
01:19:38>>Ow you're wilng to pick that.
01:19:40Saturday decemr 19?
01:19:43I didsay saturdby.
01:19:44You're sayingt'a.
01:19:46>> 12-Wy.
01:19:47>> Andhen there are tampa home toam.
01:19:50>> And at carolina.
01:19:52>> Probably win.
01:19:54T probab aealess game.
01:19:56Drew brees doesn't py all the st o that.
01:19:59That's anybo's game most of which you're sitting your s.
01:20:06Wr iightow.
01:20:11New leansaints wins.
01:20:12Brian billic will joine next.
01:20:14>> Hurts" playin) ♪♪ Love hurts ♪
01:20:18♪♪ lscars ♪♪
01:20:22.. ♪♪
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01:20:30 power d ascies ..red ihigst in initial quality.
01:20:36T n nissanltima.
01:20:38Rrqualy u can love.
01:21:28reischea canidateith yo "sportscente uate.
01:21:29Florida linecker brandon spikes has beespended for the first half osaay's game against vderbil heas trying to gou t eye of rseanle headoach uer said there was no place forke's acon.
01:21:41He h this to say -- but ng to e hardou, abt john cipari king his coaching debe for wildcat taki ocampvill e ntucecit worng it out.
01:22:06Daniel oon finding darcus couss.
01:22:07Well done.
01:22:10He had 11 points.
01:22:1026 Kentucky.
01:22:15 ortonor t ja had fouv pots kentucky up 22-6 and then is all-american paicpatterson finiing up the jam.
01:22:28He has fou kentky gets a 748 win.
01:22:29Stick ound.
01:22:30Much more with gend lic @ ®morning.
01:25:46>> We expect tresume broadcting shortly.
01:25:48>> B unthat tim this is what everyons talki about.
01:25:53On espnadio that's right.
01:25:55Want toakre when you get to wk,ou'rep on at they'lbf talkingut.
01:25:59We'll start with the world seeshere the will b a game six.
01:26:03Pedrotinez and andy pettitte llohe pitchg.
01:26:07>> A lot int tohaey.
01:26:09He had five inheorld series, ties h with reggieac had fe in the sie in 1977.
01:26:15>> Meanwhile, saints win again.
01:26:20Nosoood for matt rn.
01:26:22>> One wasped, not so much hi fau.
01:26:26Burees and t offense, avage 39 on theear, ty continue their roll.
01:26:30>> More pr football t evel browns whore jus atous fir their general theye trying to fire him wh cause.
01:26:39THERE WERE DISpUD RORTS AS To wheer or t he was rted from t building.
01:26:43>> Als s to b lki into theusess and psonal practiceof theireaoach, ic mangizi a his asstance who had lt t team a few days ag it seemsni will kp his job.
01:26:56Sovnds likehey couldn find a y to get rid him and n have tpay him.
01:27:01>> This wase a bigeal yesty, and bolic, brandon spikes who gouged the e of th running bac on suny, spended f t first half against vanderbil >> that's no suspension atll.
01:27:14Let me preface, saying stuf happs on field.
01:27:17Not ey gougi.
01:27:18That does no happen all the time on the fld is disciplinary tion is reallyctn at all.
01:27:24And thats aeel wha they'll be talking about whe you get toork ts morng.
01:27:38Forerspective weelme in .
01:27:41Whatyou ink othwo series so far?
01:27:43>> I t tould have pitched lee on tee d's res I think he wou have rnded.
01:27:49I inthat ge was the macal gam r them to win t in a row in new york, I can't see it happeng.
01:27:55I thoughtanke in sixi don't change.
01:27:57I said the difree, thf bullpen.
01:27:59Mariano rivera.
01:28:01Absolutely the differenc in this series.
01:28:02Lie c up srt in tt game, hath gone to theas ofhe ninth, even they ght have had momentum a pled th out, that would have been magil.
01:28:12>> Y've known a-rod for years and inow you hav'tad a lot of contact wh him when the steroidhing start.
01:28:18But wis seasonnd year and life h turned arod?
01:28:22>> He'savg a pmenal year.
01:28:25I thinke realed, l lot out, m relaxed, me aepted byis pee andeaates.
01:28:32D t bn jisolated.
01:28:36Let us notorget the guy's been anncreble tent for 16 years.
01:28:40Ths no shock, noevelation.
01:28:42I an, the guy has been an incredible talt.
01:28:46®Youet so many numbers atats.
01:28:48Are u going to wipeo like rine howard because has a subpa series?
01:28:53It just hapns, mike.
01:28:54You don't have that my opportunities.
01:28:56Y, let meell youuythis.
01:28:57Know u'reootbl guru's.
01:28:59I saw a kidn friday, you wl t bflievhi went watch a football game6 nice high school flori, oneof best teamsn this state agait-0an w's w I wanted to see thi qrterck o cmitt t flo aer hisopre year by theame of trey burton.
01:29:21Le tl you he s tter son-ilaw whoyed at notre de bacd upmas, a were absolely ahed.
01:29:346'3," 220 mber theame, h will be flat out supstar.
01:29:37How good we?
01:29:39The coach after the game,as quoted a sayg, the best he has ever se againstis teams in allhe years he'sching.
01:29:48T 20 yards.
01:29:56His an played a purdue i the 1970' aerrificide reiver by t nam of lawrenc burt, olympic sprter, seven pick of thnfft, played with e neweans in with ahy mni.
01:30:10Dick vitales scoing n, whh is always good to hear.
01:30:14Golic made a ver b deal yesterday about thiidt floridwhgot suspended, turns out got suspended for a half f an eye gougincident.
01:30:22Mike sd, that' really not muchiscipline atll.
01:30:25Fr your years as a colle coach, you know, suspendin meone foralf a gam someing le that, me tald abouthe line between suspension that wi really hur the team andot ht the individual as much.
01:30:38What are yrhohtss far as how you hdle mutesnd thin like that?
01:30:43>> Wl, ihink urban meyer handledithin h own scenario.
01:30:48He's tough, but I agree wh mike.
01:30:51Suspd auy f half game is aoke.
01:30:54Absolutely ludicrous absurd.
01:30:57Ther suspend him or don.
01:30:58A half a game?
01:30:59Come on no thealty is all the pubci he's receing o a negativ native.
01:31:13Thatenalty will cerin be severe.
01:31:14I think thas a joke.
01:31:16Spking of llegeootbal >>eah.
01:31:17I kw you're not gwing to agreth m if I had to doy heisman, you're not going to agree wh me.
01:31:24Number two, jimmy clausen,wo, ingr.
01:31:27And number one, I would he the derek jeter of colge football, nuer one.
01:31:32Tim teb.
01:31:34Becaus h wins.
01:31:35N't wt to hear about his stat t bout his stats.
01:31:39Care aut one stat against , t missisppis, the teams they pl, qlity competition, the georas, tennesss.
01:31:50He is 10.
01:31:52th to s a wner' number, ani would flat out say tebow should be number o.
01:32:03Cincinnati, boise state a wil get a ft out raw al.
01:32:07Just tnk howeautiful it uld ve been to he ploff invved in those tms plggain the name prrams.
01:32:16The ftorida's, e texas's, the aba's.
01:32:19Don't fort,tah blew ay alama.
01:32:21So I don't want to hear who they beatoitate and ccinnati.
01:32:26They cannly play th pe that are I front of them.
01:32:29Cincinnati might be the bt am in theoury.
01:32:36>> We'll see if they g chance dick vale with us eve tuesday morning.
01:32:41Thcall forhe playoff i college football ces every single year, rround thi and,t wl come from all the usual plas.
01:32:48Ill comeroallf the really good that know they're not gng to get a chance to get in there.
01:32:53I d't care what happen 's not going to get a chance to play f aational chamonship zero chancof tt boise state's not going to get a ch to play for a national championship.
01:33:02Inact, only one of those ®teams will py in one of the big bowls.
01:33:06One othf two tha winds up ranked higher.
01:33:08I t you yesterday youed me who ihink is theest tm?
01:33:13On surdayight, I tught it wasgon.
01:33:15>> It'sntesng, if you tk the teams fromhe b.c.s.
01:33:19And did 1 a, 27, y know what theatch-ups wld be?
01:33:23>> Donell m don't telle.
01:33:25It would bflidagain oregon?
01:33:27>> Yep.
01:33:28>> Two isexas.
01:33:31D sen I bse -- >> texas against boise w be th 2-7 match-up.
01:33:39The 4 would be iowa and cincinnati.
01:33:43>> Pretty interesng if you stop and tnkbout it.
01:33:45It really I not a lot of tritional pow.
01:33:48If you loo at the top eig rit n,t has boise in , cincinni that's three.
01:33:54Wanto include oregon?
01:33:56The been gd,ut it's not florida, alabama, or one of the ndf sools.
01:34:01>> Not all the time.
01:34:03® Year they' playing great.
01:34:04Í>Emember, tha game they lost to b state at the vy begig, whyoise state stayed ahead of them.
01:34:10Itill be interestioee if oregon wds up jumpi ahead of boise state, becausehey will lose their mindsy and oregoninds up jumping or em despitehe fact they ayed eh oer.
01:34:24>> And totally bas on record.
01:34:27>> "Mike a mike" -- on ponts.
01:34:29It wouldn't nsarily be fa.
01:34:31It is inherent flawn the system.
01:34:33"Mike and mike" letting you kn, espn rio'sow available onour iphonrphone touch with our brand now an.
01:34:41®Sten live andccess 1 live espnadio sea.
01:34:45Ptus the latestcores and brki vews.
01:34:47Down loadt now fro the unes.
01:34:50Golic s it.
01:34:50>> Lwv i sotely love i mh me on w series and bria bilckn the w.
01:34:57Syor me to say.
01:34:59" >> >> espn ♪♪
01:35:07♪♪ we mu bsalvation back ♪♪
01:35:13♪♪ wherere is ve ♪♪
01:35:16♪♪ll be there I'll tre ) ♪♪
01:35:20♪♪ don't you know,baby, yeah ♪♪
01:35:23♪♪ il behere ♪
01:35:28♪♪ I'll be the ♪
01:37:02>> >> espn radi>> espn >> espn radi>>spn >> espn radio.spn rao.>>spradi>> espn radio.
01:37:10>> espn reischea canida with your "sportscenr"pdate.
01:37:14, Ga five th the nks.
01:37:14Melky era tivawith a hamstring injury.
01:37:17Bott othe first, and chase utley ntinuing h h swi of the bat.
01:37:22Taki a.j. burnett deep.
01:37:243-1 Philli.
01:37:27Bottom three.
01:37:28Jays werthipping the base plate up t middle.
01:37:31They jt ke taggi buett.
01:37:34Next batter rauibanez.
01:37:36Base hito right.
01:37:37This is going to plate ryan howard.
01:37:39Phillies up 5-1 d they add another run the inng.
01:37:45Burnt g two inning six hits ttomeventh a uey going rd.
01:37:54'S the secd plby with two lti-home run wor sers game a single wod series.
01:38:00To ehth ough.
01:38:01Ees keptomg.
01:38:02A-rod with that sh throughhe gap.
01:38:05Two ns wl sce.
01:38:08HIS 18TH POStSEASOR.B. AND That's a new yankees record.
01:38:10P nine.
01:38:10Yanks do[n-5.
01:38:12Jeter, derek jeter grounding to the 6-4 dble pl. yankees down 8-6.
01:38:17After hnny d sin, ma teixeira whipped by madison.
01:38:23Phillies extenthe series to gameix wednesdayith the 8- n.
01:38:27>> Chase when he gets hot, he can get hot and stay hot for a month or t.
01:38:36D, younow, kck on wood hopefully he sitting there ght now.
01:38:40Cause hewinghe bat good d thgs are goivg real good him.
01:38:44>> Thawas huge tanswer back like that d give us a nice lead.
01:38:50He's bn ettympressive this whole sees, but, yeah,hat was a g onright there to aner back after they scored in e firs ye, we got the lead there an never oked bk.
01:39:01Our ofnsdid an unbelievable job.
01:39:03Scored a lot of runs tonight and madehings definitelyasier r .
01:39:05>> At ment, not righnow,maybe I'll look ba on and see what kind of special moment ®its.
01:39:10T rit now,ur goal is to win two mo gam.
01:39:13>> Much more "mike & mike" with greenyndol rightfter .
01:39:17-( )Hello.
01:39:18Yoget "modnwarfare 2" y?
01:39:19Of crs yeah, I gottat walma at midn.
01:39:21- I've already been playinit. - me too.
01:39:23- Ieah, I'm on a snowmobe in kazakhstan.
01:39:24( engine rng ) Ers no way you've madet at f yet -( neevving ) HEAR THAT?0ccs RUSANNG - don'worry about you will never get to thevel.
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01:39:42The fastest way to plais walma. save money.
01:39:43Li better.walmart.
01:41:35>> What was theifference rnet was so j burnett who got soean lastight by the phillies?
01:41:43E differeneeas t philadelame plan.
01:41:45Here was kruky.
01:41:46>> What happened in game fe is e fact that thladelphia philli said you know what, if he throws t firstit fast ball, wee going to jump on it.
01:41:54Jimmy roin swingst the rst teh of the ge, and yes it was out of the zon but sent messagee're going to let it fly.
01:42:03The irditter,ft h hits victoro trying to buvt4 cse utley first pitch hits aome run.
01:42:10Ch utley, rarely if eve swings at the first pitch.
01:42:13T the game plan was put in place and thehiladelphia illies coach coachin s that we're going to swing gardless, and it paid off.
01:42:24>>Nef the first innin was off stitcher rarely if ever doestley do at.
01:42:31Only two ce on the first p of his regulareason he runs.
01:42:43>> Utlh five home runs, tied now for most in wod seri in a single worldies.
01:42:49Reggie jkson shares that wh him, in 1977,he game he hit ththree ho rs ineix.
01:42:56Much mor o the world seriess we continu but thether big gam was played in n orleans.
01:43:01The aanta falcons went tory to knock the sais from the rank of the ueaten.
01:43:08W orleans continues t roll, lae part with their defense, the interceptions on matt ryan.
01:43:12Their defense h scosix hdowns this year.
01:43:14Let's bring in our bdy from fox.
01:43:17Here's brilick w will ve new orlea this week.
01:43:20®Carolina-new orleansn fox this ekend.
01:43:21Here'srian billick on t bwayresh take hotline.
01:43:24How are you brian?
01:43:25>> Grnin guys.
01:43:26>> Well, we we very impressed n orleans, as I'm sure you are as well.
01:43:30You watch the pha do you see?
01:43:32>>Ell, the are w we tught theyo quote myood frndreen.
01:43:38Drew breesat there able to do with that incredible balance theyave.
01:43:46What a they currently ranked fourth I league rushink if theyere I theiddle th league in rushing to go with wh they're doing,hring the ball, you would have toe impressed.
01:43:58Y, greg wilams has done a phenonal job.
01:44:01The combination othewo.
01:44:02Weoomethingn aroadst onhe weekend, we callhe fox talk rativ annterting ring,here you alwa take the turver ®diertal.
01:44:14The difference bweenhe turnovers yound thosf you t ay.
01:44:17You d the same tngith explosive plays.
01:44:20Play 2 yardu or more.
01:44:21You combine tho twond you ®ally find out who the most with thatexou puthose together, indianapolis and new leans.
01:44:30It's easy toee why.
01:44:31>> You're rig, orlns number one in yards per game overall inffen, and number four in rhing.
01:44:37I'll say this, talked aboutt.
01:44:38They were number one last yearand they were 8-8.
01:44:43Talk about t defensi side of eall.
01:44:46>> Carly that's impta.
01:44:47Bithing ishe vumberf big play the ailles heefor new leans last tw yea, where they'ved to be bett defensively, ishey've giv up bigla.
01:44:56And now, the ft th they're not giving up tho big pys, they're playi sid defense.
01:45:02Puingressure on th quack4 as evinced by the turnovers of touchdowns we're talking abo.
01:45:08When you balce that off.
01:45:10Right now, it'a quarterck driv leae.
01:45:12Andrere some pretty good quarterbacks.
01:45:14But the quarterbas that have that balance of runng, and a good defen,s whe you're going to follow t ampionsh track , you'r taing about new orleans, yo talking about ilelphia ainnesota beingat the top of th heap.
01:45:27>> Yeah, I think the vikings would be next onha list.
01:45:31Let's get t that, cly e headline game on nday was favreoing back toambamau el and throwg four touchdown passes?
01:45:41If you watch tt game, say to yoursf, he has a great team around him.
01:45:45The pkers were overmatched.
01:45:47I t ty did a good job bend the young quaerck hann the gam but the >> tid.
01:45:57Brett favre is totly committed, wt do you need me if we suld hand you have0 me I'm hpy with that.
01:46:05That's not going well,k, you wa me to throw itown t field?
01:46:09Oki'll thr it dow t field and deliver that way.
01:46:12Obvisly a gre defense to g with it.
01:46:14We're comg up onhe mid point.
01:46:16U are who youre, and statistics can only g so far.
01:46:20Bu there's no denyinghe teencies and the trends t we beginni todenty here at the midway pnt some of theseeay good teams u're beginning tse are really, ally good.
01:46:32>> Let'soh that, you are who y are.
01:46:35S wt minnesota and n orlebns is.
01:46:38Closeoou put dals to th?
01:46:41Theye on a thrane winning streak romo, eight tchdowns, no interceptions ey're playing well right now.
01:46:47How close do you puthem ?
01:46:51>> Oh, I think youaveo very how maimes have we satere and saidalla may nd the most talented team, but they neonsistencythey need th.
01:47:02Thecus that is dla I d a sw with wade phillips yesterday.
01:47:06It'snteresng, tony romo is on te -- and again, we' o the halfway mark so some the numrs we throw outas validity.
01:47:16If h stays on hisurrentace, he's on 27 touchdown, nine inteeptionear.
01:47:22It doesn'tl le that.
01:47:23Moeople wld suate a minu 's ot pe?
01:47:27Hashe one three interception ge.
01:47:30Hasn't thrn a pit 's planger well right now.
01:47:33>> "Mike and me" and bri billick.
01:47:35T' go t the opposite end of the spectrum.
01:47:38F we have to.
01:47:41>> Staics cesy of monday morning quarterback in h starts thi season,ek anderson for the cleland brown is 1-7.
01:47:48His completion percentage is unde 43%.
01:47:51He hasn two touchdownsnd ®nine interceptions.
01:47:56A passer rating of 36.
01:47:58When things haveotnt b dou're at the mway point of you season, brian bilck what do you do?
01:48:04>> You fe your geral mage wch is a bit of head sat to me.
01:48:09[Laughte there's no harder working, betterersonnel tn georg I guess they furedhat'u the y to straighten itut.
01:48:18I' going t go back to tt f rating.
01:48:22You lk about indianapolis an ansre ps 2 i turn andxplosive ratio talkingbout a cleland brown ®teamt's my nouseany.
01:48:32So it means you're notnly not geing turvers, u're turning the ball over.
01:48:38You' not getting explosi ayanou'reivinghe up a league leading rate.
01:48:42Ion't k what you do to turthat around,ndow-here o that tm, splrly since they' clen theeck ofumber of players w do they lk to to see what do w do now we he toave t season to play.
01:49:00That's goto beor.
01:49:05Telle who it is that they llowow to t to get tt thing straightene o.
01:49:11>> Gre point.
01:49:12Real quickly, the ge you he this week, n orleans to try to coinue their unbeatenays in carolina.
01:49:19I would imane new orleans is looking at aea doue of a runninme from carolina, h?
01:49:23Oh my gosh, I goto tell you.
01:49:26Arizona, keep in md, going into the game w the numbe o rushing defse in the league.
01:49:30I know if they're thees inhe lgue.th were statistically.
01:49:39Carolina shoved it down the thats.
01:49:42And it didn't matter.
01:49:43Carolina kept pndinghem away.
01:49:45They are cable of doinghat.
01:49:48Now, c they g behd new orleans and catch up?
01:49:51They'll tellou flaut no we can't.
01:49:54'Re goi to have to bloody thei nose and turn ts io a strerawl.
01:49:59L tell y, carola will bery coent abo at.
01:50:03They're g to beonfident poing in the, and theye gng to need to be.
01:50:08>> His book is out, terfic, a very diffent look athe world ofootball.
01:50:12" n billick ins now.
01:50:17Thanks f takin a few mutes.
01:50:18See you soon.
01:50:19>> Tnks guys, gre visiting wi you.
01:50:23Enjoy him doing ges.
01:50:24I w jus theery fnd of the game hwasoing this pt weekend.
01:50:28Anybody oet newrlea now, ppl wl start -- rig now theime pple wl art gftng excited about the undefeated stuff.
01:50:36>> Exactlyight.
01:50:37For carina yo going to s themand the ball off, hand the ballff, keeprew ees on the de right now, time for all of those guystarting to order thechampagnand y a right, we've got two tms we nd to watch d tw loss to circl onhe kellen doo foa limit time, hurry io suay fre take tle and enjo the new bfalo chick.
01:51:02You're going to hea fro as we continue, "mikend mike theorng6" >> >> OvER THE WEEKE, WE SAW A Completely dferent momen golic, show what haened.
01:53:21>> This is something else.
01:53:23As the plars are pla, all the sudde there a crier, that is a bat flyin around court right the, tryinto make his prence known I thoht the bat auallyas kind of png good defense.
01:53:36Cut across t man with the ball.
01:53:38>> Trying to draw the chae i th >> it dt workoo well.
01:53:42Pls keephf ccera makehe buct.
01:53:44Ba sll looking for something to do here.
01:53:46Are you kidding me?
01:53:47You're wavina tel at a bat?
01:53:49Got to some strger than tt.
01:53:51Anyby el gng t try to shoohe bat?
01:53:54One of the srs wl make a half-hearted attempt.
01:53:59Here what itts to do.
01:54:00It wants to sca somebody.
01:54:04T shot are youidding me?
01:54:05Tryi to get some laukhs for e kiddies.
01:54:10There's some good defse on the >> knocked it out of mid air!
01:54:19Nu hadnoug and he wil wk it off the floor.
01:54:23We've d tels, netnd all we nd was mu.
01:54:27Heers" is there nhing he can't do?
01:54:31Wt, hs in defensive mode any down ere.
01:54:35So he shuleookthat, a ttle purell, I kw youe ppyith that.
01:54:42Going to see good defse, look ®at h eyes, hand eye codination, p.
01:54:47Ghe bat a job out of manuinobli.
01:54:52>>O the announcer, hwlyouble netives batman, is there nothing he c't do?
01:54:58Impossibly iniit hapned halloween night.
01:55:02Nobli sa he h to do mething to me t highls cause hean't dk amore.
01:55:07>> Still to come, no defending world ampion sies hasver ovcome a deficitf 3-1 and won.
01:55:15Can thehillse the "mike a mike in the moing" ofspn radio.
01:56:31Thwild thingtch william will join us right offhe top t hour.
01:56:34Ur minutes fm n for mch williams live with u on the subway freshake hotline.
01:56:41We will ge io all the world series actionith him.
01:56:43Yon hear fro bby valentine a second.
01:56:45But quick, want to see I i think the colts wil stay the sntirst loss comes nday, cember 13 at atlanta.
01:56:54Indy isls ueaten at this point, 7-0.
01:56:57Go through tir gam.
01:56:58>>Ell, comg up t indianapolis colts wilta on hous which is 5-3 right now.
01:57:04>> Wheres game?
01:57:06>> At home, in indy.
01:57:09>> Then they a hom to new england.
01:57:11>> Loss,hat' it.
01:57:14>> Rig wl?
01:57:15>> Tirirst loss ioming ®sundnovember ty'll lose at home toew engld?
01:57:20>> Yeah.
01:57:20>> Tn, go to baltimore.
01:57:21>> Ls.
01:57:22>> Then to hston.
01:57:25So the next, hon, new england,almo, hston thenenneee.
01:57:29Win >> denver.
01:57:30>> Win.
01:57:30>> At jksonlle.
01:57:32>> Win.
01:57:33>> Jets l- who's going to se?
01:57:36Jets are going to lose.
01:57:37>> I'm n auingith you.
01:57:40>> Want t say jets and lose in the same -- >>ohead oh, what'th?ted nn, jr.ran past me.
01:57:54For another touch 12 fhe cts, 14- for the saints.
01:57:58The ofjicialrediction.
01:58:00>> Your offial pdiction.
01:58:01>> The number that actually matters now is, whi is how many gaues the yanes leathe riesy in theorld series.
01:58:08Bobby vantine,hat did we ®takeway from iv ell,ou take away thb the phillies are goi to sll struggle to figur o that nt inning.
01:58:19If they do go to gameeven, they'r gnk touggle to gure out who thfir starting pitcher is.
01:58:24But they're going toave l i theullpen close tha game ve whi is ver encouraging thght.
01:58:29An interestingossibility.
01:58:30>> Yeah.
01:58:31>>Uggestingff lee, all hands on dec ready tolose.
01:58:34Not jus pitchnd rve, but close games6 >> do youeally think the's doubt on who willta g seven?
01:58:41Who else y going t start?
01:58:42>>.A. happ.
01:58:43>> Rlly?
01:58:44>> T only r option I c think of.
01:58:47Bobby valentine says ty need rya howard tgeoing.
01:58:50>> Iou havetleyn the who the guy iou hav to defend yourself.
01:58:55Srtedhe sers worryg out alex rodriguez.
01:58:57Whs hittingehind him?
01:58:59Well,ight now ryanoward hittinehind chase utley and he couldn't te if I came running acros the plate.
01:59:05T yankees are preparing pper,hey' giving chase utley nothing toit, and make ryanowar d something before this series becomes a seven game seriesnd then look out.
01:59:15>> I likehat comment a lot if I w runni across home plate, ryan howard would hit me.
01:59:21 wilamsis perspective coming up.
01:59:26Brout to you by campbell chunnyoup.
01:59:31A bowl of sp wld b nice right now.
01:59:34Maybe we'll hne.
01:59:35Pae secon,omeackith some soup d havth wild thin in 6 seconds.
01:59:42>> Iike.
01:59:44®>> Good moing.
01:59:46With yr "sportenr" upde, I'rechea canidate.
01:59:48Facing do or d game five against the yankees, the phillies wand no one else t cliff lee on thend.
01:59:53But it was chase utley dominate the conversation and exten live in the rld sees.
01:59:59 buetth 22-2first pitch strikes in h tastuting.
02:00:10First pitch and it'sone.
02:00:11Three-run ot.
02:00:12S fothomrun of the wld series.
02:00:133-1 Philes.
02:00:14Bottom sevennd he wasn't don yet.
02:00:21Vtlez ng coke t of the yard.
02:00:22Hifih homeof the ri.
02:00:23Utley now has a career sev at's the most by a secon baseman.
02:00:25In the ninth, yankees wod co back.
02:00:28Mark teixeira swinging.
02:00:31Phillies extd the game with the 8-6 phillies win.
02:00:34They'rgoinback the to the brx.
02:00:49Still to comenmi and mike inhe morninother ge, another offenve outrst for e undefeated snlts.
02:00:55Let's get you going.
02:00:57Re greeny and golic.
02:00:59[Captioning made possible by espn, ] 3-2 pitche hits one and ads to cente fld.
02:01:09®That b is gone!
02:01:12♪♪H yeah ♪♪
02:01:14>> chase uey has tied an all time world series record.
02:01:19>> A sng high driveo deep ght field.
02:01:21That one is hea wayack ther and good-bye!
02:01:26Chase utley does it again.
02:01:28There's aho deep io right cte field.
02:01:31Y, way bk er good-bye!
02:01:40Raul inbauesterday wh his t rld seriesome r.
02:01:42>> That's how it we last ni john milr the callsightere on espn radio.
02:01:49Presented by progresve insurance.
02:01:50As the pllies basiray ba int the world series.
02:01:55jburnett and will n send pedartiz to the hill tomorrow in the brx to keep their chaionshi hos, their quhanse of repeatg alegainstndy pettitte.
02:02:06>> What a script.
02:02:07Pedrmartinez, yankee stadium, game six, trying to keep his in the wld series.
02:02:11I ink it's great.
02:02:12>>Ood stu we know he'll start.
02:02:14Not sure wl close.
02:02:16T's bring in the thing, he knows something aunlosivg.
02:02:19Mitchlis, of the mlb netwk, long te phills pitcheand closer.
02:02:26How you been mitch >> doing good mik >> we just heardobby vtine a,e'llet your ought saying we know what the philes ge pl isoing in to begame s, butot 100% rehat it is at the end of ix aft whahappen to lidge at the end of gam four, then lt night him not cing ou the.
02:02:45At wld y expect the cisions to be me tomor nigh that phillsulen.
02:02:51Let's say p martine goe six and two trds,re do they go f t ® I think charlie mual me it pretty clr lasight I was cpletely scked by he has not don tha with brad liall year.
02:03:05He hastayed behindim all year.
02:03:07I thought when heidn't come iv, maybe they wereorried he threw t many pitches night before or had takenll.
02:03:14Then I saw h get up behin madsen and I was like, wow no,adsen will be your cse the rest of th sies, I'm sure >> bor the game last nig, were you surpris tt.j.
02:03:24Buett w towing on thr days rest?
02:03:28R me, that has t opportunity e what changes this world series we talked about it a lotnd thers for just no way y caask h to do that.
02:03:39Yota yr c, youun ch gaudin out the in game five.
02:03:44If you win, gat.
02:03:45If not, youotourecond best guy goingo the ate, game sjx o full rest, take y chances.
02:03:54I oughtast night, and we saidt befor the game srted, that youust c't do it.
02:03:58I mean, there's no sense in it.
02:04:00You have the oortunity like i n thend in game six, in front of his home crowd and let h do what he did in gam.
02:04:08So I didn'eehe advantage of it totally agr.
02:04:12Any number o other facrs, includthdifferent rules, the national leagu rules, so when he bringlong his catcher that doesn hit, tturther weens your lineup.
02:04:21That isn't as much a factor in th american league pbrkecause the pcheroesn have to bat.
02:04:26Any number of reasoju pointing in thepposite direction.
02:04:30"Mike d mike" anmitch lliams.
02:04:31What in the world is goi with chase utl?
02:04:34>>'Ll tell you, ie had the opportunity now watch him for three yes on an every basis.
02:04:41They cavght him ine of his streaks.
02:04:44You may not get him out of these streaks.
02:04:46The baseball to him right now looks like a beach ball comin inre.
02:04:50He jus n msing anything.
02:04:52You watch him swing.
02:04:53Anybodyants to ac your kids how to hit, a you have tdo is do a slomo of what chase utleoes at plate.
02:05:02Hes dd solid perct r now swiin the bat.
02:05:04Let's go to thether side of wreall mightook like golf bl to ryan hard, ®12 streoutsn theerie talm about pitcheroi u against ryan howard and a menta de of it.
02:05:19Hoit may be in the hitte head and a piter can take advantage of that.
02:05:29>> There areim youan out there as hte like we ju sai tal looks he.
02:05:36Rightow, they had de such a go j of locating pites on ryan.
02:05:40U get a power hitter in a rld series,heyaturally want to drive runs at's what their j is.
02:05:48He swings atches he can't get to.
02:05:52Theyaw him in o o his funks when he's offering the ball pl away and down.
02:05:57Iea eve now and theyou have to giveittle credit t the pitchintaff.
02:06:02And as as they've messed up totley, theve pitchowd th wel they'v neutred half of tha order as well.
02:06:12And ibanez, too.
02:06:14Up uil yeste, hwas a complete nonfactore series.
02:06:17Their pit haveon a good jobhutting dn ryan and rau bun't get I done on uey >> ibanez h hine striouts upo thi point.
02:06:27>> And so pedro martiz wi the ball next in th bronx any to kee the phillies seonlive.
02:06:33'Ve seen what he' d in the ston to thi point, mitch,hat do youhi are real east I tnk pectations for himomorrow?
02:06:43I think realistically, if he ts you through six innings, he'sona great j.
02:06:48I thinke'lt go dper than at.
02:06:50I thinke'll ge crlie e one thing a pedro,e went out there the other night I ulte by the look on his face, he did not feel 1%.
02:06:59Thad the flu bug gng througthei clubhouse.
02:07:03®He's not going to turn the b down bse his sma is upset.
02:07:07Heook th ball, over got over 91 times.
02:07:11But honestly, I don't tnk you t aetter dma than ts.
02:07:15Because the people o new yor oluteloves n york.
02:07:17He loves the fanf new york, a really good script.
02:07:22I think e game come dn tohe bultp.
02:07:27>> How about pettitte on short st?
02:07:30How deep can h get I the gam >> that' t big question.
02:07:34If thehillies pitchers are patient an make him work deep into cous, I don't think hll arod long.
02:07:40The one thivg aut andy, he's got such a pedigree I the stas.
02:07:45He findsayso win.
02:07:46Pcher ie always said, the differen bet good pitcr d a cy young pitcher cy young pitchs fd a w to win when they't have their be stu.
02:07:55Wouldt put it pt andy to jerk up a good game.
02:07:58I don't like it on three d's re he's never h success wh it.
02:08:02I just think the decision to completelyut the sees in jeopardy fhem.
02:08:06>> Yeah, pettitte d n really haveis good stuff osaturday night.
02:08:11Did struggl but rebounded t the g e more thing, mitch wilams is with us,, "mike mik" premature looko a game seven.
02:08:19If tre is, all the controvsyswirli ad cole hamels.
02:08:22Is the any dbtha he will gethe ball in game seven if ere is o?
02:08:27>> Oh, there's he doubt.
02:08:28If I'm charlie manual, there's no way in the world he's pitc a playe comes out in the middle of a wor sies when the en team is busting their butts t get this thing complied a and repeat.
02:08:43D e of the mainys in your rotatn say I just want ®the sea or?
02:08:48Well, he wldn' have to ask me ice for it t b over.
02:08:51He wld not pitch again.
02:08:52I would te m chanc with ®j. happ.
02:08:55Ild put j. happ outhere.
02:08:56He throws a lot like cff l, in the fact ty throw across their bodies.
02:09:01Th yankeeso not pick cliff happ threwgain the yan earlier in the year up ast new yorknd threw a goome nst the r me, he's g gettinghe I cant send cole hamels out thereaer sayg he wants the seriesverhen look the remainder oy team in hisacean sayi tho he s kiing.
02:09:21Y tnk that in the whole ntext of the ierview, when td about how he wand e ll in game seven but aed about the seaso as a wle you talk about it being a disappointme.
02:09:32You coun't divide those two things?
02:09:34>> For me, you d openour moutan let ttuotee out period.
02:09:38That's bee the problem with cole this year.
02:09:41I thought last yea in postseasone wau the bt tcher on the planet.
02:09:45Is year before the playos started, he was complaining about f fact that thehillies 30 i THE AFtERNOOV.
02:09:53Therarcertain thing and you know mike as a player, you don't let certain tngs known.
02:09:59And definit don let yourppent kno that y're upse abouthe te the games ®star.
02:10:05They knowoing in yr mind's not where it's supseoe.
02:10:08It wil take nothing toet you rattleon the mnd.
02:10:11That's wt he's done.
02:10:12>> Reall good point.
02:10:14D h willia is pmoti the amtrak series.
02:10:17Very lituestn how you're mangr [ to new york?
02:10:21Any time I can aidrying to ve to par in new yoror phelphiai do i <% I kthat >>uall theest waz t go back a forth.
02:10:32T hav to wo abo ®anyt.
02:10:33Takes anour a a half to do it.
02:10:36It's qui, it' fast.
02:10:37Like iaid, youon't hav to look f aarking spot.
02:10:41>> Absely, evething.
02:10:46Game six willhift fm ode street to badway.
02:10:50Mitch williams, thanks a bun.
02:10:52>> Intesti stuff.
02:10:54Buster's on the w much morotball, too.
02:10:58"Mike and mike in the mornin >> , >>n >> espn radi>> espn radi >> en >> en ra >> good rning.
02:12:08With your "sportscenter" update, I'm reis canidate.
02:12:12The new orleans saints, the top rank offse tt scores at will.
02:12:15The dolphins seo ha afutilelanso beat them and that fizzed in t second half a weekgo.
02:12:21Nothe fas are hoping to put blemison the record in the rst vision game.
02:12:26Here they drewreesnd crew looking to go-0.
02:12:32Mattyan and the falcs wantintout a sop stop in that.
02:12:35Pierremas taking a hd off.
02:12:42A coupf grt move.
02:12:4614 Carries, 91 y.
02:12:46And thatushing touch.
02:12:47Cond qrter.
02:12:48Hookg uph colsn.
02:12:49Anthat touchdownn the air for colsto la seconquarter.
02:12:57Ryanthe tt ryan cked up by bbar greer.
02:13:03Fih teeption rurn for a touchdown tying a 1998 franchise record.
02:13:07Third quter action.
02:13:14Roddwhite bounci off falcons aili 28-216 ruled a touchdown.
02:13:28Uponurtheriew, ball hits the ground.
02:13:30So they would have to sele for fielgoal.
02:13:37Next falcons drive, ry looki r ny gonzalez.
02:13:39Ll is ed and tracey poer theris for the ivterception.
02:13:42Three pickthrown for - matt ryan.
02:13:47D jonathan vilma get his hands there ere.
02:13:50Saints had one ierceion each game of ason.
02:13:52On the year.
02:13:56Saints concting with pierr thomasorhe touchdown sain g i35-27.orth two.
02:14:10You talkut every game t DIVION BNG wORTH TWO.
02:14:18And yokn, our ability pullhrough and it sn't prtiest win at time, b we diat we neededo , when we need to do itorder to get the visibility andhat's saying a lot.
02:14:24We talked t ina very complementary gaf foll.
02:14:28You , dense se i offee and feeds off our suess and vice versa.
02:14:32Off of our scess and try to te adntage ofhe unies ey give nd that's beebig.
02:14:34>> In other "news and notes" sti aund.
02:16:14>>mikendike the morning" on espn radio.
02:16:16We're preseedy progressive insurance,o g a free quote on motorcycle insurce, clr com numb one I morcycle insurance.
02:16:26Nos progressive.
02:16:27Ju joini us, just missed tch williams, t wd o was very good, thought.
02:16:32And made reay ieresting point out wheth or no cole hame wld get the ball in game sev of e world series, should there be one.
02:16:40D herought it ck t somethinwe talked about at the very beginning of these playoffs.
02:16:46Whicow ms like so long ago, I fgo about it.
02:16:50Heas saying he woun't ge the ball tohamels in game seven no matter wha in the same interew he said he can't waitor t season to b over, he talked about how he still wts to pitch game seven and is talking I larr contexabouimself havg a ba year.
02:17:07Here's what mitch sai >> f me, you don'tpen your moutand let that quote come out perio that's bn the pblemit cole this sson.
02:17:15Tught last year in thepostseasov he washe best piher on the planet.
02:17:19This yr before playoffs arted, hwas complaining about e fac that the phiies 30 in the after in the divisio series.
02:17:28Youon't l certa things be known.
02:17:30And you dinitely don'tet your oontnowha y're upt authe time is game is starting.
02:17:36They knowoi in that your mind I not where iuppod toe.
02:17:39>> I thoht tt was a really intereing point.
02:17:42He's saying he tnks cole mels will not khe start we're gti a bunch of messages people sayin bre ers wasoing side work lt night.
02:17:52 happ, the rookie is as an option.
02:17:54Ke theallwaym brad athe endf the gend cole hels at the beginning o th game.
02:17:59Talk abo seismic shift >> after cole hamels, with all the controversy surrounng h comments, h h said, setimes might n say t bthings the smartes tngs,ut I'm continuing to arn.
02:18:17But thoseind of ces, you get to a game seven, at uld be very,ery interesng.
02:18:22>> Let me ask you auestio you planine yearsf a pro football.
02:18:26You must havead tmmatesby inou didn't like over the courseime.
02:18:30>> Sure.
02:18:31How is that handled?
02:18:33Footll is different fr baseball in thatay >> it is, it is.
02:18:35>> Did y ever queion?
02:18:37I guesshatc williams i sayings, that the guys onhat team questiod wheth cole hamels ry wants t w.
02:18:48>>On't question that.
02:18:57Wh I questn his menta state.
02:18:58Cause mitch brout the rfect point ofhe's complaininabouthstart time.
02:19:01I d forgotten about that.
02:19:01To bring up -- andgain, I put them separately of wanng the ba in ge seven and how the ole year b I don't think if you put the ball ie hamels's hands he's thinkink, you know w I just can't dot6 he's gng to go in the with every ienti of pitching well.
02:19:21®Have irdhings in the loer room?
02:19:24>> Yes.
02:19:24But do iot tnk t person + willo out there and t tir es there was one time, one time where heard a jir r pic we had with the philadelpa eaglesrst round pick i shower.
02:19:36Ouhowe forverybo, they're t indidual showers uo we're thehower, and i heard maying tonother pler, younowhat?
02:19:45I don'tlan o playing long here I just wt to get my mey a get out.
02:19:50When I heardomhiike that, along the line oj not real caring what went on in the field, I jusant to get t of it.
02:19:58I thought,h, ok, there's mewni'm not reallyn the fox hole with.
02:20:04>> Yidn't confront them?
02:20:05No, certain not inhe shower.
02:20:08>>Ould haven a unmfortae ment.
02:20:11>> Play on thether side o e ball.
02:20:14And I kw others confronted him abou it.
02:20:17I know that for a fac it [as wn I first ghere, i hadeall notstablish myself too muc there.
02:20:26And, to both, the guy was a teible pye he basicly sto his ire care, t to hear that he wasn't mentallyhere either as well a physicall you d't wanthat guy with the money on the line depending on that guy sohat's what cole hamels w be givi him t bal in game seven is pting ething you have intbtuy.
02:20:49>> It .
02:20:50Andin, ho peoe a ying, you know, this guy -- wathe ason to b ove don' thi that.
02:20:57I thk he's me uentall having trouble.
02:20:59I thk it's affected him mentally.
02:21:03I still thinkees you erythi he' gothe as i esti that guy wn my teain philelia, whether he was going to give yo everything he's got to g the job done.
02:21:12I thincoleould if he got the balln his hands but think he's mentally in a tough pla.
02:21:17>> Buster olney on hjs in.
02:21:19Much more on this, the fomtbl and t (announcer)IT'S car ...nadays, all kinds of folksare changing their own oil.
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02:21:51Save mey.live better.
02:22:40>> Cominp, poweranksing cone out.
02:22:44Who's the best team?
02:22:45>> All this, and mucore on espn andspn2 and en radio.
02:22:53>> Two dayserhe 1986 nba draft,en biasragically died from aocai overde.
02:22:59See theost uncpromising account bs' life and deat 30 f 30 without bias, presented byevi's ton a 8:00 eastern.
02:23:13Stick around, much m "mi >> get out of my way, punk.
02:26:57Time to get into the five point stats an eluve presentation from "me and mike ie morning" onspn radio.
02:27:07>> Busr y wl join us in udio in just a momen first, fe b stories f the natjonal football league wh will put golic in a fe p stance.
02:27:17And we begin withhenbean saints who remai that w, aftea good one onmonday " >> the have theasst schele remning anywhere in the nfl and ty'rendefead righ now.
02:27:28Fun to watch tt offense, throwing guys like cls shockey,nd how bre loves to th it to the sines.
02:27:38Also scenoer defensive tohdown the ballgame.
02:27:41That's one mor tn the cleveland offense has scored this year.
02:27:46Ne in e fe pnt snce, therowns, theye a move.
02:27:49Ey don't changeuartbacks or coaches, but they fire the ®neral mager.
02:27:53The big dpute seemso be whether or not he wa escorted from the building.
02:27:58There's meuestio in the reporting on tha >> the browns s that didt he came in with mangini, and this comes frohris mortensen and am schefte thateorg ic mangi a the assistant coach have been inve gated boersonally a profsionally by the team.
02:28:20Basilly, trying to fd a w to get rid of these people out pinghem.
02:28:24>> A real stab situatiov.
02:28:26Meanwhile, the chief have ached angreement wit lry johnson.
02:28:30>> T chis apparently fearful ofing in arbitration they aged mnd to cut lry son's suspensn in halfor making the comments that he made so that's going to se him out315,000.
02:28:42>>He five point stanc with " nextp, uike singletary, coach 49ers, says his team is goin the playo but it's t goingo be easy for em to get the.
02:28:55>>Heyose an oen linen -- >>e's critical.
02:28:59Huge pt of the team.
02:29:00>> One of the defensive backs, gone six to eight wks s i ow he wants to makthe playoffs, buthose are two big ingredntto help him.
02:29:09>> And finally, saking of banged up.
02:29:12Brett favreold pet kinhat sort of aravad a hamstring, not a hamng, ntrn in warmu before the me against the pbcrs at lambea fld.
02:29:23Dzingly told his offensive coordinator he might not be ae go.
02:29:26This is auy startedvery ga since9926 as itur o, obviously he was able to go and tew four uths.
02:29:36>> He must have had a outf body experience to s something kehat,au there's no way he meant tt.
02:29:42>> And thas a look arod the sties of thational football ue.
02:29:48Out to you by sports clip hair c, w it' good to be a g.
02:29:52Rightow, it' good to be a couple o guys lik us cause we've got our buddy bteolne in the studioith us t tak a look at theuation.
02:30:00Yankees lead it 3-2 hdiack to t bronx tomorrow.
02:30:04M se you heard mitch williams, on withs a few mes ago.
02:30:08Hili critical oote hamels, the comments that have bn controversial and said io certainerms, it was u to him, he wou not at all under anyircumstaes give the ball to cole melsn gam seven.
02:30:20What do you thi?
02:30:20>> Think it depends aot on what charlie man yills sees in .- charlanual sees in cole hamels's eyes.
02:30:30Cole hamelsaid he went to charlieanual, spokeit him.
02:30:32I dot think I has as much to doit the comments as to what may reflect.
02:30:38I ink that'shat charlie als goingo want be assure at cole hamels is there tching with condence.
02:30:44He's ctainly not pching 0 during the postsn.
02:30:50Secondimehrough the lineup, he's absolely getting pounded.
02:30:53Completely dferent pitcher an las year.
02:30:55Let'face it, charl manual, his recent ory is he has no oblem going with gut cl.
02:31:04Idiots like me are saying what are you doing starting pedro mart agast theodgers?
02:31:08Heent out there and pitched grea ife sit dow withim and has this conversation,harlie has a greatelationsth the ®plers underneath him.
02:31:21E doesn'teel comfoable wi it, it would not shock me too to plan b whether's j.
02:31:26Happ, brett mers, or talk about rollinghe de o that putting brett meyer's bac in the rotation.
02:31:33It would be hard for him becau cole hels isheeasonhy heri rg right now.
02:31:39T I thinkhaie is very cae making that decisio I inkhe fact tha btt myerid somhi t eole hamels, and golicou can speak this bett than can.
02:31:48Thet that he felt t need to say something to cole hamels, in that cluse,here are me ppleot hapability wh tho words that cole said reected about hows feeng ally.
02:31:58>> To get to a game seven, they have to win game six wh pro onheou again a short-re andy pettitte.
02:32:07Which geix do u think has the best chance of turning around?
02:32:11>> Well, pick the yankees in x bore the siert, i also thoug the would wrapt up las nht.
02:32:17I thinat ptitte's going to be ok, I thi pedro, there ing to be ok.
02:32:22Ink e big question is which of slumping stars is going toe faste I think what bobby valentine said iseadn.
02:32:28I think theankees come out of th gam they'll make adjustments the y the phillies did from ge two to me fiv agnuturnett.
02:32:36They're gng to be, ware not going to tow chasetl ymore st ball.
02:32:41 against fast balls.
02:32:45He's like tiger woods hitting 350 yards dvery tim he it a.
02:32:50He is n missing fas bls.
02:32:52They're goingo go afteryan howard who is missing everyt.
02:32:56Onhe flip sid mash txeira as you guysald about, he seems lost at the plate.
02:33:02I thk I wil be the key.
02:33:04Which those utarsl come t their funk faster.
02:33:06>> "Mikend mik" certainly any te, I alway t about the old ereio so you wand to be psident.
02:33:12At clong with being presiden means you mak impoant decisions and evyby has an opion.
02:33:18You [ant to be manager of e new york yankeesyou're going to make decisions.
02:33:21If theyon'turnuthe way ®you wt them t you're going to g second gueed to death.
02:33:28I wi fever think it is the wrong decision, especially wh burnett t e l night.
02:33:34Oesn't meane didn't hav the opportunity to go out there and pch a great gam I believe I he ha thrown cha gaudin out there and los-6, would all be saying th yankees are sll iomplete control oe wod series.
02:33:46Righnow I'm not sure I feel at way >> let'u give you credit because 's n son guess, a fst s.
02:33:52As y+ sai but you're right, that's rt of job.
02:33:55Butt dsn't surpris me tt girardi haned it the wayhat did he manages very aggressiv he had sent chad out there who hasn't starreded in month, he is esstilyaving e whe flag.
02:34:12Mayb we can pull ts oneut.
02:34:14If youe girardi, u' ®thinking we'veot twohots t ap this thi up.
02:34:20 rnett, who has a good histo, and on a game six I can go wh andy pettitte.
02:34:28He's the all time winning piher jnhe poseasod c sabath, so it dsn't matter that joe, I've got three shots to go for it, I'm not going to ro u the wte flag.
02:34:42>>An iive youn opposite?
02:34:44Leading 2-1 theemainder othe series he will pitch a starting pitcher on short rest the rest of the way.
02:34:53Every sile person who tes theall will be out of the gu roune,n a sies where I'm ahead.
02:35:02>>Eeot sides o it.
02:35:05Knowing w jo is managing it, he will go withiu hse if they have a one-run lead in e seventhnning, n tt mario riveraasn't ped th much in the last few days, got las night off, willet off, he will go fort.
02:35:18>>Ow many outs?
02:35:19>> I think a many as seven if heas a lead of three runs, I wld not be sprised to see m out the.
02:35:28Get the goose gsit save.
02:35:30>> If that door ons mariano rivera comes running o in the senth inninghat could beomething t see.
02:35:36Buster staysere, we're going goough se of th analysise lost last night, the johnruks,heby v.'s.
02:35:43Buster stays herhn claytontill to com "mikand >> thiis jeff rman.
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02:37:56>> Previously on "mi and " e're very impressed with new orleans.
02:38:00As you watch them play, whbt do you see >> we are we thought they wereto quote my good fri denny green drew brees what they're ae to do wh tt incredible explosiv passing game, a the balance they he.
02:38:13Their abilityo runhat are they currently ranked fourt in the league in rushing?
02:38:18If they were in the middle o the league I rushingo go wit whathey're doing thring the ball, you woutd have to be imprsed.
02:38:25Then defensively, grilliams has do a phevomenal job.
02:38:30It's the cbion of e two.
02:38:32We call the foxalk rating, whic is an intesng rating.
02:38:36I've done it ears, where you alwayake the tver differenl.
02:38:40At's alwseen impornt, e difference between the tuovers you getnd those you ve away.
02:38:44But you d the uam tng with explosive plays.
02:38:46Those are pla of 2 yards o more.
02:38:50Combe those tnd you nd outho the most dynam teams are, a put the best teams together, indianapos and w orleans.
02:38:59And sy to see w.
02:39:00New orleans,umber one in yards pe gamerall.
02:39:04But I'll say this bri, i talked about it,he wer number one last year and they re 8 to me, the dfence has been on the defensiveide of ball.
02:39:13Talkbout tha clely that'smportant.
02:39:15The number of bihis, the hilles heel for newrleans la years whehey've trd to be tterefensively is they've gen up biglays.
02:39:24Now t fact thbt there not vingp those b plays.
02:39:28They'r plang solid defense, putting pressure othe ®quarterbac as evidenced by the turnovs we're tking about.
02:39:36When you balance that o, it' a quarterback driven league.
02:39:40Andherere se pretty good quarrbacks.
02:39:42But the qrtbacks atav that balance of runng, and a good defse thashere you'reng t] follow the championship track.
02:39:49, you're taing abou n orleans, u're talking about philadelphia and minnesota being at the top of the heap.
02:39:56>> Mh mor with "mike a mike in the morning" coming up in two minus.
02:42:17E're "mike and me in the mornin" this separates radio, presented by progressive insuranc l oursts, like john clayton er on the subway fresh ke hotne we'll bring the professor in a half-hour.
02:42:26Lo of news around t nfl, inuding the train wreck that h.
02:42:30>> And a whole lot m buster os our in our ud as weontinue to debe what m happen from here.
02:42:37Both tms with a lot of questions.
02:42:40Joe girardi theanager of the yankees will face lot o questions if tngs don'to ll.
02:42:44Chare manual, the manager of th phillies has aot o quesons nswer right n.
02:42:48, who's goi to closf ge six for himnd who'soi to start ga sevenor h.
02:42:53I agree mitcwillms was on, he said he doesn't think there's any question that decision has been maryan madsen will be t clos.
02:43:01I agree th that if it's a one or twoun lead.
02:43:04If it's a three-runead, wodn't be surprised to see charlitry to wor in brad lidge one way or the other.
02:43:11®And game seven decision, I find toe absolutely fascinating if they g t that point.
02:43:16Does htart cole hame in light everything taken ace?
02:43:20Hooorting lasnigh there was aittleonfrontation tween br myers and cole hamelsverments he made before.
02:43:28Ve got to belvehat charlie in t end willtart hamel because he knows he has a world series rg.
02:43:34Causef hamels.
02:43:37And hamels has aeadyssured him, look, I'm fine mentally.
02:43:41T's face it.
02:43:42Lkbout decisioning being potelly nd gueed, th's of them.
02:43:48>> Just howuick the cou change, soole hamels gs the ball.
02:43:52How quickly to the bullpen if he struggles?
02:43:55>> I think that game starts with six guys warming up in the bullpen.
02:43:59Given how hamels haschednd w uncertain he seems, you guys remembern game three, to andy peit, what in theld are you thinking?
02:44:08He seemsff the rails, a perfect way toescr howe right now.
02:44:12And don't think charlie wil have a lot of patience if he dedes to start the >> "mike a mike," buster olney indio.
02:44:19It will's lk a auy who is outhis md hot, chase chase utley who has tied reggie jackson's record.
02:44:30Hit two last nig, includi the momentum changer in t bottom of the first innin re was edu perez talking about chase uey.
02:44:38>> H can get for a week, month or two months.
02:44:42'Veeen it before.
02:44:43Rightow he is absoluty lockedn.
02:44:45He yankees haveo do is sten.
02:44:47U've got a guy behind him that not really hitting him that wel start throwing him tches out of the zone.
02:44:53He won't chase because that's how locked in hes.
02:44:57U' tamendamble with ryan hord becauseight now the hoest guy on that field is not alex rodguez, it chase utley.
02:45:04W not give h the a-rod treatmen fm the last series and don'titchnywhe near him?
02:45:10They will.
02:45:10In the next game you' goi tosee breg ball ajter bakin ball from ptieo utl.
02:45:16Th're going to put it on ryan hord.
02:45:19Ley not missi a fast ball at a.
02:45:21You throw a ft ball inhe bottom half of the zone he's crushing it with that beautif or swing he h.
02:45:27>> Utley's numbers I this world ries, 18t bats, six hits, so hittg .333.
02:45:36He has dble and fivee 's, slugging 2.
02:45:44He t regeackson ror >> when ichg this last ght, washinking trere no more ffent peoplen the eart thaeg jackson and as utley.
02:45:58When when he hit three homers against theodrs, he me out, wing his arm, taki off his cap, just soaking it in.
02:46:07Farlr tha yeare h t comment'm the saw that stirsthe dri.
02:46:11Chase utleys so far on the opposite onlyt spectrum.
02:46:16He wants no ation.
02:46:18He could play the game with three people tre that'shat wou prefer.
02:46:23Chareual as said that chas utley basically told hem he doesnant charlie to talk abouhim bause it draw attention to him.
02:46:31He is usuatly not avaable to reporters righter theame.
02:46:34He doesn't like that part of it.
02:46:37I s fortunate evough to do a commercial shoot with him.
02:46:39A lot of times when a star lik that is on set, the loudest voice in tm, theiggest peon eveone is going up to.
02:46:47He was like a stand in.
02:46:49E way heandled that.
02:46:50He jt wted to ecute as wells he cou a -- getut of dge he didn't like an of e tra stuff.
02:46:57S sound bes aer last night's games wer just hilaous.
02:47:01He was like, wl, it' gd to get a l early I think that'sore eicnt for yteam >> tnk you.
02:47:09Right of the bill belichk scho of post game comments.
02:47:12>Í I have some rht here.
02:47:14>> Atome point, not right -->>s being askedbout tng reie jkson.
02:47:21Maybeomeoint il lkt what kd of ecial moment it is, but right nowur goals to win two me gam.
02:47:28S great tught by buster.
02:47:32T a bill belichick button nex to it.
02:47:36>> I'm just ting to win the rld sies here.
02:47:38I'm justrying to h he runs here.
02:47:40Justrying t tieeggie jackson here.
02:47:42Ho about joe girardi o the red hot chase utley >> well, he'got such a srt swing.
02:47:48He's s short t the ball.
02:47:50I saw himlent enoh in 2006.
02:47:53Know that he's a very dangerous hitter.
02:47:56Heuts up gat numbe every year.
02:47:58Ry srto t ball, andou don't see him chase a lot of b hes either.
02:48:02Let's seehathe next pitcr gives him wchill dyettitte.
02:48:06O ll be ting onhree day'rester th last te he started a postseason game onhree days rest, you gback to003,ame two of e world ser and he what do you thinkf the pectatioofuy oldh more wear and tearn hisrm?
02:48:31He says he feels gd.
02:48:33>> Well, what else we say?
02:48:35Hello, I don't feeoot >> hello cole hamels.
02:48:38[laughter] e e thing abo and he' the most hont player've ever cored.
02:48:44If heells you he's feeli good, he' feeli good.
02:48:47But geee he didn't look gd.
02:48:50Real suggled with his comm you uld see him early in the me the seay strugglingor command of his fast ball.
02:49:04A good sign is early in he walks in a run.
02:49:08He walked in run early.
02:49:11He was very go against the lefties, soon't expect to see lot out of rn howard.
02:49:18Bu forget who it was tt saidt this mning, ybet was yo becav busr w on with us earlier today.
02:49:23Th sign o a great pitcher is at he figed out a way to get ®mself roug that gam as bad as he looked early h lookedike wasoing to get strod.
02:49:33>> That was h5% 3h postseaso pearance, and you' tnk this had beeisirst or secondr trd, mbe he uldn have been able to figure out a w.
02:49:41But thatame, he showed such ise and made austment.
02:49:44Het fmitching out of the stretch wi the bes loaded t pitching of the wind up.
02:49:49From that point on he g it tother.
02:49:52I dot know if ty'reoi to have thaypefuxury in a game six.
02:49:56Joe girardi is not gng to sit ck and wait for h to fure out.
02:50:00Beuse they're at the point now d'tt to see a gam seven.
02:50:03>> It's good r bebal baseball really needed ts.
02:50:06Haven't d a six game world se in a longime.
02:50:08Noyou haveix, the possibility sen.
02:50:10Maybe the country will getnto it kehe day off, t the train to new york and s whahapps tomorr night.
02:50:16Ster, thank y.
02:50:19Roberttanry oln t third.
02:50:24Someootball cing up, john clayton the way.
02:50:27We're hi, may I help you?
02:50:30We need to start sing car iance.
02:50:33And hat mes making saifes, wee used to that.
02:50:36 when ywu choose progressive, you getmore re?
02:50:41" you alsoet coierge claims service, 24/7 live support, anpet inry coverage.
02:50:47That totally esome!
02:50:48Brother jeffre hasn't spokein 12 years!
02:50:52I ce went 12 whole minutes!
02:50:54Saving morwhile tting mo now, that'ogssiv call or clday.
02:52:29>>spn >> spn radi>> >> >> espn >>ver theekend we saw completely different sor of ba mont in sports.
02:52:41It hpened in san aonio.
02:52:42Goc, sw us what happed.
02:52:43>> This rlly sething else.
02:52:45As the players are playi, all the sudde there's a cri.
02:52:50It's a bat, at ain't a bird pele.
02:52:52At's a bat trygo make his presence known.
02:52:54Thought the b tryin t play prey good defense.
02:52:58Cut acrs thean with the ball, see if you can distract him.
02:53:01Tryg to draw the chae.
02:53:03>> Didn't work too well.
02:53:04Makes the bucket, s the bat stilkind of loong for somethivg to do here.
02:53:08Are you kidding m you're waving a towel at a bat?
02:53:12T to ce stronker than that.
02:53:13Anybody else goi to try to shoo the bat?
02:53:16One of the spurs wl makf a half hearted aempt.
02:53:18Whatoes the bat ry want?
02:53:20Wants t scare somhj.
02:53:23Righ there,ell, this mast's got sho are you kidding me?
02:53:28Tryi to get som laughs for the kides.
02:53:31There's some good defense on the bat and it's all over.
02:53:35Oh, manu kcked itut of mid air!
02:53:41Ma had enoh.
02:53:42Ande will wk it off the flr.
02:53:46We've ha towel nets and a we fded was man is there nothing he can't d the way I look at I he wa in defensive mod anywayown there and lo at that, he got a ttle purl, I know you'r happy with tt.
02:54:04Bat4 bam -- good defense.
02:54:06Look at his e, right there on th bat, hand eye coordination.
02:54:10Th's a good job out of gii.
02:54:12>>Ould say to t annncer, holy doubleegatives batmans ere nothing he can't do?
02:54:17I'm not sure tt' t w he impossib inic it hpened on hallowe nig.
02:54:24He sai had t do dosomethinto make the higights becae he can't dunk anymore.
02:54:30>>Tio com n defending world series cmpion has e overcome a deficit of 3-1 and won the world sers.
02:54:37Can the phills be the first?
02:55:45>>Mike a mike in t morning" brought to youy van hughesen at.ney.
02:55:49Voicyour choice on line.
02:55:51Proud sponsor of the "mi and ke" fall football tour onspn radio.
02:55:56Od one on monday night otball.
02:55:57We'll get io itith john clayton.
02:55:59He'll bee in 15 minutes.
02:56:02We've not had a chance for you to comme I some time on the incident that hpene with the footll plar, brandon spis.
02:56:09We sorof brought it up yesterday because the ytube videas gning track.
02:56:13It got aot more attenon as the me went o th linebacker of frida who clearly kuy ynged tunning back fm gegia.
02:56:27Urban meyer mad the anne that >> we're going to suspend brandon for the first hal of the vanderbilt ge.
02:56:35That'sho he is, not who we are.
02:56:37He got caughup I emotion.
02:56:38I love andon spikes, our team does.
02:56:40We're goin to move o bue s our full support.
02:56:43For half a game.
02:56:46A punhment that in almost everyornei've heard seems to insuffient.
02:56:51Mosteople think isot nearly enough.
02:56:53>> Remember what I talked about night, we threw it o to stu sut andheyere laughg at it.
02:57:00And I actuallyeard them doing highlights, and they kep brinng it up again, mocking it in the highlht when firstrt hring ban meyer tal abo thi in e serious tone, I thought oh, he's going to lay the hamr to hi a lit bit.
02:57:18En I heard the half game suspension, and ihought wha a joke there are a couple oayou cago here, and urban meyer took neith path.
02:57:27You either disple him in a way that suspend him andeeps him off t field.
02:57:33And I know in some cases, why should we hurt the team whenl it's an individual that d somethg bad?
02:57:38If y want to g that route, i understandha thas fine.
02:57:42But younow what?
02:57:43He's going to getammered here.
02:57:45There are ways.
02:57:46 meetings wh the strength and conditionivg coach,arly in the week tha mas guys work out like crazy, maybeoughp breakfast a few tis, a do that for a [hile.
02:57:58Whnow it's on him, where he getting word, up in morning, his butt chewed out.
02:58:07And you can ham a guy that way.
02:58:09Oray you're de a game, a couple of games and take h off the field.
02:58:13Th again you might be hurting thentire team a well.
02:58:18I'll give you choic.
02:58:22He did notng.
02:58:23A half game suspeion?
02:58:24And weay out, we take this seriously?
02:58:27Ban, ce on.
02:58:28'S a great coach, this guy grea linebke 's an excellen linacker.
02:58:32An all I hear, what a person he is ion't care!
02:58:36I don't care!
02:58:37I don't care.
02:58:37Cld be the greatestson in t world.
02:58:40Wot on, whatever.
02:58:41I'm talking about t incidt on the field that he suld be disciplined for.
02:58:45Again, I have noteen a choir boy atll t on the fld, ®t I'veevere after ®anybody's head, theirnee or their eyes.
02:58:52Some of the emails I get well at happens a the te.
02:58:55T doesn't.not does not!
02:59:00, theyame out and said good, no problem, what y kid isin ha a game is f by us.
02:59:10Thaturprised me as wel mes or do it behdhecenes wi the cch ely in the morning.
02:59:15Er way would have been fine.
02:59:16But this,his tme I an embarrassment.
02:59:19A hf game suspeion against vanderbi.
02:59:23Th probably wouldn't need him ind half ofhisame.
02:59:27Ry, ry disappoindn how th handl it in florida.
02:59:30>> I willlay devil's advoce inxaly 60 seconds.
02:59:34A diffe view.
02:59:36John claon on the way as well.
02:59:38>> Was thawrong?
02:59:46>> Good moing.
02:59:47Wi your "sportscenter" update, I'm reischea canid facing do oriee five agt the yankees,he phliesand no o else but cliff lee the mnd.
02:59:53But it w chase utley dominate the conversation a extenng live ithe world series.
02:59:59 burnett threw 6 firspitch strikes in h last oin ley remembers.
03:00:04Firspitch and it's gone.
03:00:04Threrun shot.
03:00:05His fourth home run the world series.
03:00:143-1 Phillies.
03:00:17Boom sen ande wasn't done t.
03:00:18Utley taki coke out ofhe ya.
03:00:19His fih homer ofhe series.
03:00:20Utley now has a career seven wod series home runs that's theost by a second baseman.
03:00:27Inhe ninth, yankees wod come back.
03:00:28Ma teixeira swging.
03:00:30Phillies ethe with the 8-6 phliin.
03:00:34Ey're going ba theo the to the bnx -- >> still t ce, ather gam anherensive outbursor ththe undefted saints.
03:01:00Let's get youoing.
03:01:02Here geny and golic.
03:01:03>>Ke a mike in the rning," espnadio prented by proessive insurance.
03:01:07Live on tv on espn2.
03:01:09All gues onhe subway fresh ke hotli, like john clayton, ou fooall insidertrrd.
03:01:15He'll be with us in a few tes.
03:01:17Me beball ratings I wanto bounce off you.
03:01:19But first, I want devil's aocat >>k.
03:01:25>> On your speech involng brandon spikes who eye gouged the kid f florida.
03:01:31Agree, avdefer to your expertisn thireb to just how ba it was.
03:01:37You' hearll the time, thjngs happen othe footbl field people wouldn't be rl pud of afterwar >> they do, yes.
03:01:42>> Ts t beauty, I cansk yohow over t linthis was.
03:01:46Yode it clear it was.
03:01:48What I wou disree withs suspded for the first half of the game I not aunishment.
03:01:56I think is.
03:01:56There is a level of humiliation andmbarrassnt everybody knows it,vamera will show him eight milli times standing there on the deline.
03:02:06Go to work whover'sack up practice.
03:02:09Erywhere he s aund on ®campus, everybodynows he got in troub it was made public.
03:02:17Ligh was cas wn what hd was wro.
03:02:20I n't think it's nothing is it an enormously stiff punishment?
03:02:24What I'meang fro a lot of people, may notecessarily you, this is really notng, he'll get to pyn the g I n't thi it'sothi.
03:02:32Think it a public embaassmenoforts, for gu who a team leader, defeive captain, to be stan there on theeline with his uniform clean the entire f half.
03:02:40You know thev camera wil show him on every series.
03:02:44I think theres a degree of embarrassmenthatoes with that tt a punishment.
03:02:49>> Igree with you I agree with thattatement but it woun't be enough in my eye.
03:02:54Not enough to miss a half a ga >> a flame work?
03:02:57A I'l give the oice oj going either way.
03:03:00Et's say he decided to make a suspensn s going to be punishment.
03:03:08One game?
03:03:09>> I would say at t one but I'm more of th line of goinghe other way a drilling this guy wit the strengtheng.
03:03:17>> The difference of that o?
03:03:18That not pli rig you couldo that and nobody else wouavto know.
03:03:22I don'tare about that.
03:03:25So what, he's on the sidelin?
03:03:27O cares.
03:03:29It's alrdy bfen plic uld have been spended f half a game.
03:03:33If you went,aying weere haling intnaty, it still would have bee me pubc.
03:03:39Brandon spikes still wld have had toake an apology so it's still out there and still will be looked at.
03:03:45>> I think tt's a lot more puic than handling there internally -- >>'m talking about theid have kids.
03:04:00Stan t seline for half a game?
03:04:03>> I think public humiaon is punishment enoug >> he would he had tha before it happens who know if he even is.
03:04:11I d't know,'m not in his mind.
03:04:13I don't know if he's hiad or bummed he got cght.
03:04:18But got a guy doing some of 00 in e moing a coughing up eakfast fo aoupleimes a week for a five weeks, there something in that.
03:04:32Part of me to send a message as wellyo want to hu ur team?
03:04:37Yoy it is a tm, you work hard for each individual game, we kwhat each iividual game mea in college.
03:04:43Especially in coltege.
03:04:44And do you punh the res of the team by hg alayer, a ayer miss a ge?
03:04:50Or miss ouple of games?
03:04:52Or ms three games?
03:04:54Ain, I leat u tohe coach dece.
03:04:56But, they've alrdyad t have a press crence.
03:04:58He'slready had to apologize.
03:05:00Hjm standing on theidines for a hal toe,e's already gone through the supsed embarramentf ha ts tng out and been all over the place right now anyway, in my opinion.
03:05:12>> Can't find the poi spread inhi game.
03:05:14It would be interesting to see -- >>hat if they were pying alabama?
03:05:19If thewere planglabama- >>t would have been a series.
03:05:22>> Yeah.
03:05:23Or would it en have been handd internally and gone anher route >> we'llever know.
03:05:30I would disagre with the notn that it is no punishment atll.
03:05:34I wanto go oother things, "mike and mike in the ing," jo clayton on in a few minute world series, tv ratings expingal.
03:05:43Vnl en the nunbe last night,ut sundayight had a 6 rating,hi is up 46% er lastear's world series,the phillie a the tampa bay ys.
03:05:57The top rated wld sies e 2004.
03:06:00Th wased sox-cardils.
03:06:02Ar imind thawas the red soxirst chae t win a world series.
03:06:06They had the long droht,hey d just come ck from 3-0 down to beat theankees.
03:06:11I think there was aegree of momentumoi in tha you didn't necessarily hav here.
03:06:16The tv ringse been very, very good.
03:06:18>> Yea well, I've lov it.
03:06:20Again, t theer now iname six of p marti in yankee stadiumndlle has id aut, if I wer yankei would king?
03:06:30All the stuff he's said.
03:06:31Are you kidding me?
03:06:32Could those fans wan somebody to get knocked around more tn pedro martin in theronx?
03:06:37>> That's obviously true, h re yankee, h wld be king.
03:06:41>> Oh,h.
03:06:43That's how it wor.
03:06:44But he' n.
03:06:45>>Hey wantad.
03:06:46At thi point it'sless about tm.
03:06:48Sure it .
03:06:50>> If you're the yankees, you ha -- you don he to, but you want t ts thi in x.
03:06:55You cannot have a 3-1 leadhen be stang at a game seven, all ck on han kind of game.
03:07:03By the way, e brett fav effect as limingi at the ngs?
03:07:09Remember when they pyed on "monday nighfootball"?
03:07:11E first vikingsackers game.
03:07:13I believe it wa thehest ratedhow I the history of cable tision.
03:07:17This gbme on sy, atambeau, fox's top ratedational game sie 2 sohe highest rating ty've had in thr years.
03:07:28Favrs broughtnormous rating.
03:07:30Yeah, well.
03:07:31We'r not surprised aat are we >> well, here's att is.
03:07:35>> Becauseowany people s I'm sick of the favretuff n't talk of the favrealk.
03:07:40Whver we talkavre, everybody's rs gets pressed to the radio, watchinghev, you listen and you wat.
03:07:46That's the point what's the team you would p in thsame conrsio withim? the yankees.
03:07:51People g sic t dfath.
03:07:53You lk too mh abouthe yankees d brettavre.
03:07:55Sunday, everyone iamera watche brett favre and then the yankees.
03:07:59If youantothe yankees did suca huge market anyway, ok.
03:08:03Is minsota?
03:08:04>> Right.
03:08:05Favre is favre.
03:08:07Okfavre is bringing eye balls to the scrn.
03:08:09What I don't know and I'm sure ople are extrapolatinghis, new yo is a huge marke philadelphia is a he marke you're getting enoous ratin tsewo.
03:08:19I'mot se what philly is, new yorks obviously numr one and so,f you'ret getting enormous numbers there, is that ewingt?
03:08:31Depth my questi is are more peop watchinghe worlds iv chicago this year?
03:08:38®Detroit, dver, dallas, ps like that.
03:08:40I don't know t qstio to th.
03:08:43Hnon wil take us inside the huddl -- >> and before john claon takes it intide t huddle, when we meack, I'm making you the present oj na a p two questions before you, ok?
03:08:55>>Ay to drop that on me out of nowh fa enougtaking u some john claon's time " >> >> You e different om you, and you e trying to forgetabout work,♪♪♪♪
03:09:09[ Pia while you are rkglagain, anyou ssour ds, d you mihe wav, and you want to share,♪♪♪♪ [ Pop ] anyou want to ink, and yoare trying to remember, anu artrying to forget, and you have come ealizethat you d't ndto g pho, u ed a phone tt getsou.
03:09:31And you. And you.
03:09:33And a HTC.
03:10:07>> espn espn radio.>> espn di espn radio.>> espn radio.
03:10:12Oming upomorrow on "mike and mike in the mornin -- e'll previewame x of the world serie >> or will aod conlt their seon a cry the yankees t com nfl peran co out.
03:10:24O's the besteam?
03:10:24Eaints or colts.
03:10:26>> All that,uch, much more o espn2 and pn radio.
03:10:330 an exclusi interview with phil yiferey as we gon.
03:10:40Presenteby ford tonht on 00 eastern.
03:10:46>> Previously on "mike avd mik " >> mitch wliams, is with us.
03:10:52D it's prematu to ahead aame seven.
03:10:55There is aam seven,ll the controversy swirling w around cole hamels is the any dou that heill gethe balln gameeven i there is o?
03:11:02Í> Oh, there's huge doubt.
03:11:08If I'm charlie manual, no wayn the world he's pching.
03:11:11A player comes out whe entire team is busting their bus to get thi thing accomplished again and reat, and, onef the mainstays in your rotatn ss I justant e seaso ove well, he would havo ask me twice rt to be over.
03:11:27Would not pit again.
03:11:29Iould take mhancesith a.app.
03:11:32He throws a lotike cliff lee and theact they throw acros their bod the yankees d not pick cliff lee up very well.
03:11:40 ha thr against the yankee eli in the year up against new rknd threw a game againsthem.
03:11:46For me, he's the g getting the ball.
03:11:48I canno stand cole hamelsut there, aer sayg he wantshe series over andn look the remainder of my tm in t fac ansay wl, I thouge was kidding.
03:11:57>> Really?
03:11:57Yo tnk that in thehole contextf thenterview when he talk about h he wante the ball in gameeven and then when aske about the sso as a whole, yououldn'divide those o things?
03:12:08>> Me, you don't openour mouth a lethatuote come out peod.
03:12:14At bee the pem wit cole.
03:12:16I thought lt year, in t STSEAuON, HE WAS THE BES Pitcr on thelanet.
03:12:20Is year, before the playoffs arted,e waplning about thet tt the phills 30 in the afternoon in the divion series.
03:12:30>>Hat's right.
03:12:31>> Certainhings, mike, you know as a player- you don't t rtain this be known.
03:12:35Yo defitely don let your oppone knowou're uet.
03:12:40By theime the game is starting, they know going i your min is not where is suosed toe.
03:12:45It w tak nothing to get you rattled the mou.
03:12:48That what he's done.
03:14:21>> "Mikend mikin the morning," backo t brandov spikes situation florida linebacker, suspended for half a me by urb meyer for eye gouging incidt that we tald about either suspended a few work outs.
03:14:37I take gic's:00 a.m.
03:14:39Apprch and make the ente team dohe work o andake spikes watch as his team suffs.
03:14:43That's an interesti >>hat wou be something.
03:14:46Ere we go.
03:14:47U're the president of e aa, ok?
03:14:49>> Yeah.
03:14:50>> Two-fdfrset put in front ofou, o d you're asked youpinionn this, becausthe rulingsave already beene.
03:14:57Two-folders get put in front of u, one folder s the's a guy ge, here's the video of i he carly eye gouges the running backor other player.
03:15:08>> Right.
03:15:08>> The other fileays here's a guy who went out t lunch with a former prossional athlete 5 >> oh,ea >> which is notlleg by the way,ut when we asked him abovt , he sd he didt ande li to us, ok?
03:15:23 president one of these guy is suspended for a calendar year.
03:15:27The otr is suspendfd for half aame.
03:15:30>> That's a joke.
03:15:31I kn where you'r going.
03:15:32E ncaa rules on of that sortre a joke.
03:15:36I sd it for years, I makes no sense.
03:15:39Obviou anyersoith any degree of comn sens unrstand whi one of those shou be dealt with re sevely.
03:15:47I thghyou were going to a me about the legarrett blount thing.
03:15:50®>> Again, becavse I knew wod beht in yr wheel hous the ncaa he alreadyuled they are fine with wt s been ne, they thinkt's ®sufficient, >>ore on that anoth time.
03:16:03Let's g in the profess john clayton, sitting patiently on the subway frestake hotline- oh, stopt.
03:16:09>> While you wasted time.
03:16:11Hn, I apologize, thatas golic sting many ofour precious minut.
03:16:16Let's sta wityour thoughts on the new orleans saint las night who pass another big test.
03:16:20E dense scores anoth touchdown.
03:16:22All theudden, you kw, steve young is startg to bring up 16-0onversation.
03:16:26St h goodre the saints?
03:16:28Real good, because they can the bl, they certainlyot a great quarterback.
03:16:32They canakeig plays on dffense.
03:16:34Theyan makf turnove, turn rnoverinouchdowns.
03:16:38And no with thehree eas games cing up, they hav a chance to go0-0 against the new england patriots.
03:16:44So with thehree game lebd ey're runng awith things noand leavi atlanta jus trng to make a wild card.
03:16:50Clearly, I looks likeou'v got two team n.f.c.
03:16:53It's new orleathe minsota vings anit could be are owwn once t get into the playof.
03:16:59>> Let's talk about uessy front office in oership and I' nalking about the redskins, but the cveland brown who have let go ee g.m.
03:17:06Who me I wh eric mangini.
03:17:08What is the fall t from that and wh going to happen down the road?
03:17:13>> You wou have tnk tt eric man has to bin trble.
03:17:19Because it was not just george, bu aaron erin'brian.
03:17:24E was let go last week.
03:17:25All of the sudden youav two of mgini's keyeople gone, and f in clevela are eye rate.
03:17:41Theye planning a walk nut out in a couple of weeks.
03:17:46If you'reric mangini, I'm sure you' got theour year contct, you hav to worry duringhis bye week.
03:17:52E you going twake it to next ye?
03:17:54Because,ou can g theeeling that randy's n hpyithhe way th are going.
03:18:00Certainly eric mangi not happ even worse, t fans are stang outs.
03:18:04This is a bad situationetng much, much worse.
03:18:07>> Remind me want to make a comm that aiteater.
03:18:10I ink inom ws people wonder wha power do the fans ha lookeir speakg and being hear e ner is reacting to the situation because of the action the fans a takin think that's aood thing thether mes situation, always are the oakla raiders.
03:18:32Now allegns brought by two former girlfriendsf tom cable who say he was pcally abive th them in evus relationships.
03:18:41In these interviews he did he has for the mostartenied is.
03:18:46What is going on inside t kland raiders situation?
03:18:50>> Veryerse stantoming t by the raiders saying they are looking I it.
03:18:54U can see there concern.
03:18:59At's a bad stigma to haven a coach or aeader of an organization.
03:19:03Sohey're going to look io it I think e fact that there's not any form chaes from the past, anthis is in the past, probably mnshere's not gng to be any suspensio butll, you have think the team had t look into it.
03:19:17Ill has toe some reaction fromhe leaehether it' going to beepry mbed, whether it's goi to be the sution or order for anger manageme.
03:19:27But I thinkone ofhese this have had any te of a form court hearing ornything like that.
03:19:32Probably minizes any kd of suension butlely, with the team being as bad as they are, and all the rumblings about tom cable this is not a happy administration out there in >> lry johnson gng to continue with the chiefs ore available to other teams?
03:19:47>> Looks like he maye avaitae.
03:19:54T a relationsh -- it going to be reviewed.
03:19:57He w able to cut down a $600,000 fe a take it under $300,000.
03:20:02At least they canor fpsly together and t fact tha if he is let they have to pay h about four milon dollars this year.
03:20:10Ey may keep him they may not keep him.
03:20:12This I a very sned relationip that is entually heading to a divorce.
03:20:16It's goi to be a thef the season or next monda >>mike a mike" and j clayton is wit us.
03:20:21To fish the conversation where it ban,wo t look as thgh they hav p away vision already, the vings and the saints.
03:20:30Thatouldead one to wonder, where is the other power cing ?
03:20:34The things we think we know arnd halloween d't aays hold up.
03:20:42Ming we al think the snts and vikings are for real, who else john?
03:20:46O looks to you likhe will pick u sam?
03:20:50>> Well, y start to look at mae e of the t teams in th n.f.c. east.
03:20:54Ile thgits are fing, the eagles areetting stronger and the cowboy are getting stronger.
03:21:00Myames left I that sion is probablyng to knockhem off to wh thfy'll hirdeeds.
03:21:06But you can see philly or the cowboys getting hot.
03:21:09Bustill, they'reotng t t the top seed bause they may be already taken.
03:21:14En y lk at arizona,p one week, one wk.
03:21:17, y've got indiapolis staing to run away.
03:21:21Denver is in an intesting poon.
03:21:23J' nev seen this many run away disns.
03:21:25You're looking forhe next east, but, they're n going to catch th vikin or saints for homefield advantage.
03:21:34>> Jn clayt,very tuesday.
03:21:36>> Thanks jn.
03:21:37Broug to y by vase for men.
03:21:42I have a thought about tha tuation about the browns and e fan me baseball comingp, and ibelieve scott will ben stud.
03:21:50>> "Sptscent" coming up in e mine on en rio >>oming up trow,ill the a game seven of world series?
03:23:04No or will a-rod carry the yankees to their 27th championship.
03:23:08com nflower [ho's the best tea >> a that, much, much more o espn2 an en radio.
03:23:19>> Twos aft the 1986 n draf the btoneltics number one draft piclen leist tragically died from a cocaine -- lenia tracally died from a cai oveose.
03:23:34Prestebyevs tot on espn.
03:23:40Stic around, mhore "ke and mike" withreeny and golic right after this.
03:27:27>> Thi is "mike and mike in t morning" on pn radio I believe ba scott wilen studio from th jet we look fwaohat.
03:27:33Get back the wld series.
03:27:35I want to pick up on one thing.
03:27:37Ll stories I saw yesterday, the one tha intere mth most, is that cleveland brown ner randy learner is goio meet wit me dissatisfied fan >>ight.
03:27:47>> Wn does that hpen?
03:27:48'S incredible tme.
03:27:52They're in a total state of disarray.
03:27:56Ns areeen votin with their pocketbook for a long te.
03:27:58Theye talked abo staging uk outs, generally a disaster.
03:28:02People don do i obviously why.
03:28:05If you spent aun ofoney for a ticket t a sporting event, youon't want to getp and walkut.
03:28:11It's betterhanot wgt guess.
03:28:15Ry difficult to organize fans to doing anyth meaningful.
03:28:18They' talking about cing aame lat >> they have aony night gamelaying baltimore on ndight, bel in two weeks.
03:28:25These fans areing t gaze that when the game star the stadiumil be really, really, rlly empty.
03:28:33Then fans will come in and wat the game.
03:28:35At lea f t opening, wn ywu want have enthusiast crowd a we a ow what those sho look like.
03:28:47If t stadium ismpty, it will be embarssing.
03:28:50I appla them.
03:28:51I n't know if wou d any goodr not.
03:28:53Speangs a fans,se ticket holding fan iike to see that an organizio is responding.
03:29:00The fans are maka statement, yi look,re not going to put up with this and we' going to try to do sething about it.
03:29:05The organizaonas fced to listen.
03:29:07Thinthat's terfic.
03:29:08Really d >> so, youikehe facthat ey're mti?
03:29:11That's your point h >>'m stunned thewner is etinwithhese two fans.
03:29:15I really a stunned la time I can remr a conversation like this,t was on "seinfeld" when george steinbrenner went to george' house because they thought george w dead and he sat dn wi frank t break the news his son was dead and fra, very usly said - wha t hell did yra mor 100 home runs, he's g a rocket for arm!
03:29:42You don'tnow what t hell you'reoi >>hat's what this conzeation is gng to be?
03:29:47They're going toalksay randy, you don't knowt you'reoing.
03:29:52Eric manginiasut of wor ven minutes, raced to hire him asast as you could.
03:29:56Go brady quinn a derek anrson, mov them backnd forth.
03:30:00Don't announce a srtnt basillthe starter runs out onto the field weekne.
03:30:05Derek anders has a quarterba rating lower than the worst - 32 teams, his quartback nking is 34.
03:30:12>> He's behd jamarcus russell.
03:30:14>> Scored fize offensive uchdowns new orles s scored si fensiveouchdowns.
03:30:19We're embarrassment! something.
03:30:21He gngo sithere a listen.
03:30:24And try asand atul a try to say all theight thing e doesn't want a empty stadium.
03:30:32>> He's goto appee tse fa.
03:30:34Wig eventually is going t do tt, that's whatyope get back to.
03:30:38Unl then, he will have to talk to peoplend say rig thgs.
03:30:44>> T andhat?
03:30:46>Í Assua >>he going to massagem?
03:30:49>>O, that's only if schlereth were here.
03:30:54>> The point is hes ping attentn.
03:30:58If thoseans ms t 10 minutes of thame, the browns ll be 0-0.
03:31:02Tt's te.
03:31:03>>Heairselease a statt yesterday I d't undetand.
03:31:06When I say I don't ustand , I mn theya rd don'unrstand -- >> yeah, yeah, I ran tyoand you didn+tnow!
03:31:21>> I'm with you.
03:31:21Atament and response e raiderreleased a statement thatays ong other in, wisho be clear tt we do not coone or acpt actions.
03:31:27There hav bee oas where we relead tm foraving gagedn -- w endured public -- for the disuiss all the while kno our bis for them was approiate.
03:31:48>> Nolu it is t disbrace or conduct considered outrageouy shameful.
03:31:58>> I cldn' figure it out >>as anyoneeard tha word?
03:32:03>> Ner hea wd used i my entire life.
03:32:06>> Completely agree.
03:32:07Will stay onhattatement they me of how they have released other employees i thk that was a car, car statement that ss, I we inveutigate and find outs stuff is tru that's gng t givehem cause if they want to getid otom cable a n haveo pay them.
03:32:24How much ney does he hav on his dl anyway?
03:32:26>> I don't know.
03:32:28>>Isten,hey change coacheu out there prettyoutinely.
03:32:31>> My point is, how many people theydy payin >> "mike and mikin the morning," phillies w game fe last nht.
03:32:38A lot o questns about whether ot joe girardi chosehe right startingitcher one way or the oer, the esti is, if thillies want to extendo sen, ce ls aer uade comment that sounded like he djdn't have a whole lot of confidence in himself, would he get the ball?
03:32:57We had mitchilliam on live this morning.
03:32:59He said n way.
03:33:00>> I'm charlieanual, there's no way in the world he's pitching.
03:33:04A playe comutn the middle of world sershen the tire team is bustingir bus to get this tng accomplished aga and one of the main sys inourotion sa I justant t season over he wldn't have to ask me twice for the season to be over.
03:33:23He wouldn' pitch.
03:33:30I can't sen cole hame out there like tha >> intesting.
03:33:36Ryntestingrom mitch iams.
03:33:38You followed it up baying well lk, in the conxt of that discussn,e wa sayivg, he wan to pitch ge seven but he was just tking about his bad year.
03:33:46Roader scheme of the whole year.
03:33:47>> B clearly mitch williams, heid n back offf it at all.
03:33:51Wi reports that brett myers nfnted eole hamels auste inteout earlier here, you d get a sense there are a lot o guysn that cluou that dot hav faithn cole hamels a year ago he's being carried around on everybody shoulder.
03:34:06>>Ame seven put t bal in his han >> a I am, too.
03:34:11B bterd it.
03:34:15His utine throughout the season haseen through the ordence.
03:34:18I let him gethrough the orrnce inameeven.
03:34:21>> Game sev it's all out if window.
03:34:24app warng up basicallyn t jirut inning.
03:34:29>> Igree with you.
03:34:29>> I let colmels tryo go through that order onc then athe firstign of troue, he's out and you intoour -- >> kinofike t all-star game.
03:34:38Ju pitch a piter every inning or two, keep movinghem innd out >> sortf l joeirardi on a regular day.
03:34:45>>H, spt.
03:34:47>>Oatte howood he loo.
03:34:49Like, girardi, I like girdi I THINS GOOD GUi.
03:34:52Think he's a good manager.
03:34:54But, brsed the wd aggressive.
03:34:57Another term forhatight be overmanaging4 you know?
03:35:01Some ppl have aused him of that in e pas being controt oriented perso t's put it this way.
03:35:08Hes his irint on a game.
03:35:10You kn w manag the game when he manag >> they win the world series, he sits and -- >> all the cret in the world, his job is to win the world series.
03:35:20With tent theye, he's supposed t win the world seriesif they fall from 3-1 up and don't, he'llake some of e blame.not all.
03:35:29>> No.
03:35:29>> Mark teixeira has to get se ofhat blame.
03:35:32Can you imagine the crsatio alex rodriguez was having the series that mark teixeira is having?
03:35:37Itld behe lead evywhere.
03:35:51Peitte has to do the job, and I st think the yankees wl win.
03:35:55I thinkheankees will win it if they do, then none of ts will matter.
03:36:01But if they don't theanager's fingerints are defitely on .
03:36:04No question tha much more baseball as we continue when bart scot of the jets sts by.
03:36:11" >> espn rao.
03:38:22>> Previously on "mi a mike " >> we're ver impssed with new orles I sure you are as as y watch them p what d you see?
03:38:29Ell, the are who wehought ey were, to quote my gd frie denny green drew brees, what they're ae to do withhatncredible, plive ssing gamend the balancthey have.
03:38:40But eir ability to run.
03:38:42Are they currently ranked frth in the leagu inhing?
03:38:44If they were I the middlef the agn rusng to g withhat ty're doing, rowing the ball, y would havf to be impressed.
03:38:53Defensively,reg williams h done a phenomenalob.
03:38:56It's t combionf e two broadcast onhend,e saw the x dalks rating, which i you alw take the turnive difference, that's been important.
03:39:08The differenceetween the turnovers you get and those that u gi away.
03:39:11But u do same thing with explosiv plays those are pla of 20 yards or more.
03:39:16Youombine those two, and you real find out who the most dynamic teams I the leagu are.
03:39:21Wi that indou put those togeth.
03:39:24It's indianapolis and new orleans.
03:39:26Ea to see why.
03:39:27New orleans, number one in yardpe gane overall offense, d number ur in rusng.
03:39:32I'll s t I talked about it6 theyere number onet year and the wer 8-8.
03:39:36To me, the differencha bee on the defsiveide of e ll.
03:39:39Talk about tt?
03:39:40>> Clearly that's important.
03:39:41Big thing ihe nbef b ay achils hfor new orleansast tw yrswhereey've tried to bbetter defeively, is they'vfivenp big pla.
03:39:51D now the ft hey're noting up tse big plays, they're playing solid defense, theye putti pressure on the quarteack as evident the rnovers we're talng aut.
03:40:03En you balance that off.
03:40:04Right now,s quarterback dren league, and there are someretty od quarterbacks.
03:40:09But the quartfrbas at have th balce of running, and a good defense, that' w you're going tlow the , you're talking outew oeans, you're talking about philadelia.
03:40:21And minnesota beinat the top of the heap.
03:40:23>> Muchore wit "ke andike in torning" coming up in two s.
03:42:38>> "Mike and mike in the morning" broht to u by seers.
03:42:45A proud sponsor of e th ball fallour on espn radio.
03:42:49We ar talng a little foball.
03:42:50Gebackworld seriesn a moment, but pleased to welce terrificinebacr for the new rk jets, made an enormous imptg to the jets from baltimo, ang with ad coach rex ryan and a whole lot more.
03:43:01Here bart scott with us.
03:43:02How are y bart?
03:43:03>> I'm great.
03:43:05Thanks f inviting me.
03:43:06>>Ppreci i comingng tholeedia thing, is this the direction you nt to go when you're all done playing?
03:43:13Yo guys dot so well, you inspiree.
03:43:15>>Us keep playing football for ahile.
03:43:17Want t hang o at this job fo longer.
03:43:22>> Me and bart soundwfully good to me.
03:43:26Make to secretf thet th I'm a n york js fan.
03:43:29At g on sund is one of the st painful lses.
03:43:32If you've beenroundhe jets a long te, they findayo lose tt jt rip youreart I'veever seen athg like it.
03:43:39Yore t densive player, in onetretch d notet foot on the fie and theolphins scored 21 points.
03:43:45What is tha likeo sit there and wat?
03:43:47>> It's unbeljevable.
03:43:50Almost surreal.
03:43:51I couldn't believe it.
03:43:52The first one, yes.
03:43:53Thheecond one, it's n way this thing willappen three times.
03:43:57But got to give creto t kiwho mad tmendous plays.
03:44:01Showed glimpse of why they you have to give cret to the oppone sometimes.
03:44:06>> Letalk about that for a nt.
03:44:09>> Oh,o.
03:44:09>> Aft the game I was critical of you and rex and ty dgy has had some comments as well.
03:44:17Tony said whe you win, say very little when you leay less.
03:44:22Bart sco said too much today.
03:44:23Wh a tea beats them twice, give themret and go he.
03:44:30I know y were givg credit >> I gave them cre d I give them too muc credi >> theyere stacked aosthe board.
03:44:39Are y bng sarcastic?
03:44:40>> No, I serious, they're great.
03:44:42They got are team.
03:44:45Tmendous offense andt showed today.
03:44:47They're sup bowl contender they'll probay take it a the y.
03:44:50>> Iot on youort, dgy has, inoother people have as well.
03:44:55Your thought o that, as y look bac uhod yo have de that?
03:44:58Would yo like to change,r hey, ist who I am?
03:45:02>> I have tremendous anot o respec for tony dungy, so I h lies that, I have toide wi what he saiextremelymotional after game.
03:45:10One ofhe toughestossef my reer bec fout to pla so wl, ando loset in that ion to a oppont.
03:45:21®When theyos t's nothing el to say.
03:45:24But, I was sarstic abo a lotf thing but I have emendous respe f the running back what they do, ty do well.
03:45:32In the first game, il ecute it.
03:45:36We said would never lose a game tt way again, a we went outhe and I thi we gave a grt sho.
03:45:41>> Wdid youo diffely the son time?
03:45:44We're taingbo the wilat ey'vbeen succeful all year, the first game they d wellgainst, they did n onf of the first teams tohu ®it down.
03:45:55>> I've done well against it 3-1 agnst.
03:45:57I like to say.
03:46:00bt's n a knock ohem.
03:46:05When eveu he a guy tt has a ftball, tingt int his stomach, its slo the pursuit fromhensid up.
03:46:12Ives t the angle to set up the blocks with the ting.
03:46:16They put a quarterbackac e, the timg would be fast beuse a running bachas move.
03:46:21But he has time to kind of read, likenion, but sets ocks up.
03:46:32So once you adjt a understand that d understand at they'reng you can attackt.
03:46:38Youet the ees on both sides an you funne evethingnside u n be successful.
03:46:42>> "Nd mike," bt ott fr t jets.
03:46:44Yo tm is trying to do somethin tt htoricall i veryficult d which is be a pyoff team whe developing a rookie quarterck clearly ose become the expectationsnd youre ting devel t rookie.
03:46:57Youno itan b done, you did itast yr in btire w joe flco.
03:47:01T midwayoint o your seon, how would you compare e dopment of mark sanchez to t develment o j flacco this time last year?
03:47:10>> Wel I tnk aer the first thream we kind ofut him on a fast track, maybe a little too st than what he was epared f.
03:47:18The kid is trendous.
03:47:21He has so much poise and maturity for a rookie quarterback.
03:47:27We kind of scaled h back and put somef the responsibility the team.
03:47:33Ou have such treous statou hav to play e sttf thour team.
03:47:38We're living up to our --umber twin defense and number one in rushg the football.
03:47:43Now, we he to do on the defensive sidef theall, what I thin mak it fferent from the greatav defenhat ve been on, we have to create reurvers and we hav t take tnitiativ to te the ll in the end zone.
03:47:55I think that't we did great baltimore.
03:47:57Ife can add tt ement and make the game mh easie f themie quarteack.
03:48:02If you two scores behind dense, youe not going to me back.
03:48:06That's success f rkie quarterbk.
03:48:08>> Barscott joining us, formerly lebacker for the ravs you're right,ouuys didn't st create turnovers, you did sothing tm like score my occasions t's go to me toour side o the ball he.
03:48:19When ever you lose a player, listen, we uerstand it.
03:48:22That pyer unfortunate i goneyou c'to ything aboutt.
03:48:25E wheel turns t next guy eps in there.
03:48:27>>Ext man u >> h much does itur toe guy like aris jenk not only for his ability t createavoc in the backfield but protection of the bround well.
03:48:37>>Nd his leaderuhip qualies.
03:48:39You dare to try and single block him, you'reoingo pay the price.
03:48:43It clde a severriith one yourunning backs, him followi youruarterback.
03:48:48Separang the shoulder or mething withisassive size.
03:48:52Wh happens is, you knowou can pretty much predict where th double-team is coming fm.
03:48:56And as linebacker, I goto know, if they right guard double-tea, you ve to beat at right grd and coming up tryingo ooup to you heomes off t fast, y kn jenkins is goi to be in the ne to make the pas that's kind like makg the next level foroung linebackers trying t fige out how t play the position.
03:49:17Iook at them as toys, he' a biummer in front ®learn how to driv hummer, you learn how tw use it.
03:49:25I ju fall bk becau ino you haveo c bk.
03:49:28>> Touoss.
03:49:29>> Chris j kens - kris jenkins is a t.
03:49:34>> Vyensive toy.
03:49:36>> Again 3-0, I w already arrangg accommodations in miami - >> don'tance the >> 4 now, that'my last question.
03:49:45What are the expectations?
03:49:46Kn coach has g y a whole ek off here, which I'm su the players appreciate i you have eight ges left.
03:49:52What arehe expectations r the second half of the season?
03:49:55It doesn't change.
03:49:57This season t or with.
03:49:58We still have a lot of foo yet to b played.
03:50:00L I canos go back a bringack all of mprevious EhPERIENCES.
03:50:07I've been oneams that have won nine straight.
03:50:08I think 4-4, you still have a shot.
03:50:12You've got to go0-6 to win it.
03:50:14Is itainable?
03:50:15Ye but we've got tlay better football.
03:50:18What whaveo do is pla well aseam.
03:50:20I think the offensivehows glpses of being tremeous, the ecial teams have bn our mostonsistt bunchnd the defense has been consistent.
03:50:26If w can p all tha tether, at'shat u have to do whe you're a young tea is lea how to winnd not lrn how to -- youee better tea in the leagues,t's a small window.
03:50:38It's a small differenceeing undeed 7 right now instead of 4-4.
03:50:42Lost spretty tough games.
03:50:44As you matur as aea and understand how y wan to b youeo make those adjustnts.
03:50:49>>Hat a you gng to do all we >> you guys are kicking me out?
03:50:54>> The whole week here?
03:50:57>> I saw the green room,'s wh >> we weupposed to have jarrett alle on for ®"spwrtscenter," he's huin for the week.
03:51:06U're not going to b doing any of tt?
03:51:09>> I might do it up.
03:51:15>> That's worng for am any the circlef trust?
03:51:20>>S soo a y sned t contract, you wn myire of trust.
03:51:24Bust oln has baking news, I'm tol he's o misway ove "mike and mike in e moin" >> espn >>spn >> espradi -thunderuling ) -( "-AN ALL-WHEEL DVE V8 HYBRID. -( kling Onef 12 world's first innovations.
03:51:43Eexus ls.
03:51:44Inspink an industry ) retive destrian detectionystem.
03:53:24One of2 d's rst invations.
03:53:28Thlexus .
03:53:30Iniring an indusy.
03:53:36>> Coming upomorro on "mike and mike in the morniv - >> we'll preview game six of the wod series, willre ba ve sen?
03:53:44>> Or will a-rodarry the nkeeto their 2h championship.
03:53:48>> Plus,flower ranksings me out.
03:53:51Who's the best team?
03:53:52Sa or colts?
03:53:53>> All thad much more on espn2 and espn radio.
03:54:02>> Espn honors american svi mern a wom with aery special week of programming.
03:54:09America's heroes, a sale to our veterans willour the country and the world.
03:54:16Ll natg wit "sportscenter" broadcas live from west point on verans day.
03:54:22Us as wpay tributeo america's heroes ov espn.
03:54:30It starts wednesday with friday nht espn celebrates america's es.
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03:54:41Sunday's "outse the lines" from walr reed mieenter, and tuesday's "mike and me" new yor on verans d a "sposcen will beroadcast from west pnt.
03:54:52Pt "firske"itu the still com no defending wod series cio has ever overcome deficit o 3-1 a n the world series.
03:55:05Can the phillies be the fst?
03:55:07Greenynd golic a back in 60 co "mi and mike in the rning" on espnio.
03:56:45Bust olney is back.
03:56:46Has t ben "sportscenter," t very quickly from the phillies.
03:56:52>> Of course aeport fro yahoo that there was a confrontation betwn colhamels and brett ers.
03:56:59I was told the reporting of the words was dead on.
03:57:02The contextas comel wron thhe phrase about you quitngwas about leaving t cluse.
03:57:09And that cole hals and brett myers are very close fridsndthere wn'tnythingo I in tes of, as greg said, heaid the casting of is a confrontation dn be more wrong.
03:57:23>> All right.
03:57:24The easting othe words were correct butescrin it as being cfrtational would be incorrec >>hat's wha the phillies say.
03:57:32>> I know you'v got to run.
03:57:33Areeiate you jumping in that's what they'r going to say.
03:57:37>> Se.
03:57:37>> Thosewo guys are fighting righ now, I nd to find the stor here in itsntiry.
03:57:43I d't kw, mean.
03:57:45The two othem have to have word I'm not accusingnyone of being disnest h but not 10 sure I go along wit it.
03:57:55>> I'm sur the team wants to co o a n put it in potion where iounds bad.
03:58:00Ind of stillhink wha happened happened.
03:58:02>> Aast sething happened.
03:58:03>> Yh.
03:58:04>> Was it orbwn in t repo?
03:58:07'Sertainly possible.
03:58:08But, the idea that absolutely thin hpened, here it is.
03:58:11I' loo at the story, this is it directly.
03:58:14®Before the situation escalated, er wasui awayy a team ficial.
03:58:21Hals rortey responded with an expletive.
03:58:25At mch williams said he uld never coider givg the ball to cole hamels, I a sense the's certainly somethg underneath, there is some tfnsion underneath the surfhat clubhou.
03:58:36I agr.
03:58:37>> The question is how strongt is, how stronglyou're characterizing is i is it a 10?
03:58:45Maybe it's ahree,hat's rtainl plausible >> certain wt can stop its tting to aame seven, cole getting theal aiting well.
03:58:53Soing he has suggled with this postseason.
03:58:55Efore theyet to a game seven, tyave to get through a gameix.
03:59:00Pedro and pettitte tomorrow.
03:59:01You'll hear the actn tomor sainig winner last night.
03:59:05Ople srting to use 16-0 f when itomes to tm.
03:59:08The cts, I't think it will happen iither case.
03:59:11>> I don'tnk so either, certainly not the colts.
03:59:14Their schedule iu very, ver difful >> saint he the ey schedule the rest of th way.
03:59:20Ywnever expectt to happen, but we'll have to wt and see.
03:59:23Enjoy theay, we'll take a ®little breher, bake to the seball tomorrow night and we will be backnd betrhan ever.
03:59:31Hope you'll come along forhe