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00:01:12>> All right, check this out.
00:01:14It's pretty obvious that my parents don't like my girlfriend adrianna.
00:01:17So they set me up on two blind dates.
00:01:19Dad's choice is first.
00:01:21Dad likes a girl with a lot of sex appeal.
00:01:23Like father, like son.
00:01:25>> Today it's go time, and she is going.
00:01:28>> What are you nodding yes for?
00:01:31>> I'm not.
00:01:31>> He's nodding because he agrees with his dad.
00:01:33>> He's nodding 'cause he's falling asleep listening to you talk.
00:01:36>> I don't think so.
00:01:37[doorbell rings] You're out of here.
00:01:40>> We'll see.
00:01:45>> Hey, britanni, great to see you.
00:01:46Come on in.
00:01:47>> Thanks.
00:01:48>> I picked britanni because she's outgoing, she's got a great smile, and let's face it, she's gorgeous.
00:01:54This is our son eric.
00:01:56>> Hi.
00:01:57I'm very adventurous, and I'll show him a good time.
00:02:01>> And that's his girlfriend adrianna.
00:02:04>> I have a question.
00:02:05Does britanni sell fruit?
00:02:07Because it definitely looked like she was trying to smuggle some cantaloupes in here.
00:02:11>> Eric, are you ready to get out of here?
00:02:12>> Yeah, let's go.
00:02:16When britanni walked through that door, I was at a loss for words.
00:02:20Man, she's hot.
00:02:22>> Eric and britanni are off for some wet and wild fun, while mom, dad, and adrianna are back at the house, ready to see how things unfold.
00:02:29>> It's over.
00:02:30We don't have to worry anymore.
00:02:31You're gone.
00:02:33>> You need to stop worrying about me, and worry a little bit more about your hairpiece.
00:02:39>> Whatever.
00:02:42>> Since I grew up on a lake, and I love the water, I thought it'd be a great idea to get a kick-ass boat and take it out.
00:02:48'Cause it's really fast.
00:02:49It's super fun.
00:02:50What do you think?
00:02:51>> Let's go, I'm excited.
00:02:52>> Well, before we go, sun's out, I need sunblock.
00:02:55What about you?
00:02:55>> Good thinking.
00:02:56I do too.
00:03:05>> What a tramp.
00:03:05Of course she took him to a place where she could get in a bikini.
00:03:08>> You wish you looked that good in a bikini.
00:03:10Look how beautiful she looks.
00:03:12>> Don't want to get you burnt.
00:03:13>> He's gonna need at least four cans for that.
00:03:15>> I only see two cans.
00:03:19>> Got to take care of you.
00:03:20>> Your girlfriend's really gonna be jealous now.
00:03:22>> Yeah, big time.
00:03:23>> Yeah?
00:03:24>> It looks like he's basting a ham.
00:03:26That's gross.
00:03:28>> You should be pissed.
00:03:29>> I would dump him right now.
00:03:30>> Stop talking.
00:03:32Just--just stop.
00:03:33>> [giggles] >> Ready to go on the boat?
00:03:36>> Yeah, let's go.
00:03:36>> Yeah?
00:03:37All right.
00:03:39Safety first.
00:03:40Got to get our life jackets.
00:03:41>> [coughs] >> You smell like bacteria.
00:03:46>> You ready?
00:03:47>> Yeah, let's go.
00:03:48>> Better hold on 'cause I like to go fast.
00:03:50>> Oh, I can handle anything.
00:03:55Warm you up a little bit?
00:03:57>> Aww.
00:03:59>> Whoo!
00:03:59Go, eric.
00:04:00>> Wow, what a surprise.
00:04:02This chick loves motorboating.
00:04:04>> Hey, I love motorboating, eric loves motorboating.
00:04:08It's a guy thing.
00:04:09What's wrong with motorboating?
00:04:10>> Eew.
00:04:12>> You want to drive?
00:04:13>> Yeah.
00:04:15>> Did she just rub her butt on his crotch?
00:04:18>> Did she?
00:04:19>> Yes, she did.
00:04:21>> Awesome.
00:04:24>> Whoo!
00:04:25>> Whoo!
00:04:29>> [both scream] >> Let's go!
00:04:38You all right?
00:04:39Are you all cool?
00:04:40>> I'm all right, but I'm getting a little hungry.
00:04:42You want to get something to eat?
00:04:43>> Yeah, sounds good.
00:04:44>> Yeah?
00:04:44All right, take me to shore.
00:04:46>> This fat girl is always getting hungry.
00:04:48>> Which fat girl are you talking about?
00:04:50The beautiful swimsuit model?
00:04:52>> Yup.
00:04:53That's the fat girl I'm talking about.
00:04:55>> Here you go.
00:04:56>> Oh, thank you.
00:04:57>> Got you a slurpee to cool off from our smoking-hot date.
00:05:00>> She gives guys slurpees all the time, doesn't she?
00:05:03>> [coughs] >> [scoffs] Cover your mouth.
00:05:08>> So did you have any nicknames growing up or anything?
00:05:11Did friends call you a different name other than britanni?
00:05:13>> Barbie.
00:05:14>> Barbie.
00:05:15>> Yeah, 'cause I had the long, blonde hair.
00:05:17>> If she's barbie, then tony, you're ken.
00:05:20>> Ken's handsome.
00:05:21>> He also has no genitals.
00:05:25>> All right, well, you know, I've seen you in a bathing suit, and there's one huge thing that's standing out to me that i just got to know, I mean, don't take this the wrong way, but are they real?
00:05:32>> [laughs] Yes.
00:05:34They're all-organic.
00:05:35>> Fake hair, fake tan, bleached teeth.
00:05:39There is nothing natural about this girl.
00:05:42She's about as natural as a twinkie.
00:05:47>> All right, well, it's getting late, and I should probably get you back to your girlfriend, so let's get out of here.
00:05:52>> All right.
00:05:55So I just got back from my date with britanni, and she really knew how to get my heart racing.
00:06:00Mom's pick is on her way.
00:06:01Mom likes a girl who's easygoing.
00:06:04I just hope she's hot.
00:06:06I'm gonna get you in the butt.
00:06:07>> He's gonna get her where?
00:06:09>> In the butt.
00:06:10>> Eew.
00:08:24>> Okay, check this out.
00:08:25My parents think my girlfriend adrianna sucks so they each picked someone new for me to go out with.
00:08:31My dad's pick was awesome.
00:08:33My mom's pick is next.
00:08:34I hope she can top that.
00:08:36>> [coughs] >> Ugh!
00:08:38Keep your germs to yourself.
00:08:40>> I should be in bed right now.
00:08:41I'm so sick, but I'm here today because I want to get rid of you so bad.
00:08:45>> You know, your mom's gonna give me the swine flu.
00:08:48[doorbell rings] >> About time.
00:08:57I'm so glad you're here.
00:08:58Come on in.
00:08:59>> Cool.
00:09:00>> I picked stephanie because she is funny, she is athletic, and she and eric will have a lot of things in common.
00:09:07This is my handsome son eric.
00:09:10>> Hi.
00:09:11I'm outgoing, goofy, fun, crazy.
00:09:13[warbling vocally] >> And that's his trashy girlfriend adrianna.
00:09:19>> Everything about stephanie was flat.
00:09:21Her hair, her chest, her butt-- she was a whole lot of nothing.
00:09:25>> You ready to go, eric?
00:09:26>> Yeah, let's go.
00:09:28When stephanie walked through that door, I thought, wow, she's really cute.
00:09:32>> Eric and stephanie are off for some remote-controlled romance, while mom, dad, and adrianna are back at the house, ready to see how things unfold.
00:09:39>> I'm bored.
00:09:41I could be shopping right now.
00:09:43>> Ugh.
00:09:43>> Santa, am I giving you a headache?
00:09:45>> A splitting headache.
00:09:47>> Well, then just leave.
00:09:48>> I'm not leaving until you leave.
00:09:51>> Well, that's a bad health ..
00:10:15>> I'm ready, let's go.
00:10:16>> Are you ready?
00:10:17Well, I have the gear, so why don't we head over there and let's put our suits on.
00:10:19>> Sounds good.
00:10:28>> Looks like I'm ready to kick your butt.
00:10:30Let's go.
00:10:42You're going down.
00:10:44>> Where did she take him?
00:10:48>> Oh, man.
00:10:50>> Yeah, hide behind the sandbags.
00:10:51That will stop the aerial assault.
00:10:54>> Do you ever shut up?
00:10:55>> Not until this is over.
00:10:57>> I'm gonna get you!
00:11:01>> Oh!
00:11:01[indistinct] Oh, crap, that hurt.
00:11:06>> All right, eric, go!
00:11:07>> Go, go, go!
00:11:10>> Shoot, shoot, eric, you can get her.
00:11:12>> Shoot her in the face; it'll be an improvement.
00:11:13>> Oh, brother.
00:11:16>> [laughs] >> I'm gonna get you in the butt.
00:11:21>> He's gonna get her where?
00:11:22>> In the butt.
00:11:25>> Eew.
00:11:28>> Oh, I'm out of breath.
00:11:29>> That was awesome.
00:11:30>> Right?
00:11:30>> Yeah.
00:11:31>> Well, I don't know about you, but I'm out of breath.
00:11:34Want to go sit down for a bit?
00:11:35>> Sounds good.
00:11:35>> Okay.
00:11:36So I made one of my favorite treats called fluffernutters.
00:11:40>> Fluffernutters?
00:11:41>> Fluffernutters?
00:11:42>> You haven't heard "fluffernutter"?
00:11:44>> It sounds like a job on a porn set.
00:11:47>> I don't get it.
00:11:48>> I'll tell you later.
00:11:50>> It's peanut butter and marshmallow.
00:11:52Here you go.
00:11:53Kinda gooey.
00:11:55Here's your napkin.
00:11:57>> [coughs] >> Are you getting sick now?
00:12:00>> Yes, thanks, santa, you finally gave me your flu.
00:12:03>> You're welcome.
00:12:06>> So what do you think really sets you apart from other girls?
00:12:09>> I can burp really loud, if you want to hear.
00:12:12>> Okay, let's see it.
00:12:14>> [burps] [laughs] >> Nothing turns guys on like a good burp.
00:12:19>> That's cute.
00:12:20>> That's disgusting.
00:12:22>> So I think by now that you've gotten to know me pretty well, and if you had to describe me in two words, what would it be?
00:12:28>> Probably silly, and and definitely athletic, judging on how you ran that course today.
00:12:34>> Notice that "attractive" wasn't one of those.
00:12:38>> Well, what do you like about me physically?
00:12:40>> Well, you have a really, really pretty face.
00:12:42>> Thanks.
00:12:43>> What about me?
00:12:44>> You?
00:12:45I have to say your arms.
00:12:46>> Oh, you mean like these arms?
00:12:47>> [laughs] >> He gets his guns from me.
00:12:50>> You look like you're out of ammunition.
00:12:54>> Well, I had a really good time today, did you?
00:12:56>> Yeah.
00:12:56>> All right, good.
00:12:57I think I should get you home now.
00:12:58>> All right.
00:12:59Sounds good.
00:13:02I just got back from my date with stephanie, and that girl sure knows how to impress a guy.
00:13:06But now I have to make a decision.
00:13:10Adrianna's an amazing girlfriend, but these other two girls are great too.
00:13:14I don't know what I'm gonna do.
00:13:16So I've made my decision.
00:14:41Hey jay.
00:14:43I think my lights are freaking out your dog.
00:14:49He doesn't like people flaunting their wealth.
00:14:53But we're not wealthy.
00:14:55I believe you, ..
00:15:00That's a lot of lights.
00:15:02♪♪ Chestnuts roasting ♪♪
00:15:05♪♪ on an open fire ♪♪
00:18:00>> now it's time for eric to make his decision.
00:18:03Will he choose britanni, the sexy speedster, or stephanie, the girl whose moves were right on target, or will he choose adrianna, his girlfriend of nine months, and the person his parents can't stand?
00:18:13>> Hey, girls.
00:18:14I think I know who I'm gonna pick, but before I make my choice, I'm gonna give you all one more chance to convince me to pick you.
00:18:21>> Eric, pick me so I can show you I'm more than just a pretty face.
00:18:26>> Eric, you should choose me because I can get down and dirty, but I can't wait to show you my sweet side.
00:18:32>> Baby, you have to pick me because I sat with your parents all day, and it sucked.
00:18:38>> Thanks, girls, but I still have to eliminate one of you right now.
00:18:53Stephanie, our date was really fun, but I think you're a little too manly for me.
00:18:58>> Pssh.
00:18:59I am too manly for you.
00:19:02You know what, I don't know why he didn't pick me, I thought we connected on the date, but I'm better off anyways.
00:19:07>> Now the hard part.
00:19:08Britanni, you are super beautiful, and it was awesome motorboating with you, but you might be a little too much for me to handle.
00:19:17Adrianna, the last nine months with you have been fantastic, but you can be high maintenance sometimes, and it's exhausting.
00:19:28So I've made my decision, and ..
00:19:46>> parents: YEAH!
00:19:48>> All right!
00:19:51Yeah, get out of here.
00:19:57[lock clicks] >> Adrianna left her expensive purse.
00:20:02>> You're not gonna keep it, are ya?
00:20:03>> Of course I'm gonna keep it.
00:20:07>> Bye, adrianna.
00:20:08You've been replaced.
00:20:12>> Argh!
00:20:13Captioning byCaptionMax >> Gee, I'm still so stuffed from thanksgiving.
00:20:30>> Me, too.
00:20:30I can barely fit into my victoria's secret underwear.
00:20:36>> I don't know what your problem is.
00:20:38I'm fitting in well.
00:20:39>> You're making me uncomfortable.
00:20:41I'll see you out there.
00:20:42>> It looks good on you.
00:20:44>> Thank you.
00:20:47I'll page you.
00:20:48>> Right into the camera, real nice.
00:20:55[Cheers and applause] >> hello.
00:21:07It's the 30th of november.
00:21:08We're back.
00:21:11We're back, live once again in nyc.
00:21:14I hope you had a great thanksgiving, or as I like to call it thursday.
00:21:18Today's show is going to wake out of your food coma, because "gossip girl's" taylor momsen is here, looking lovely backstage.
00:21:27A funny comedian nick kroll from the leak, and victoria's secret model miranda kerr will be stopping by.
00:21:35I'll try not to stand next to here.
00:21:40Right now here's "what's " "new moon" made $42 million over the weekend.
00:21:55And I don't know if you saw this, on tour, this is lady gaga's slip-up.
00:22:05Pretty traumatic.
00:22:06Take a look.
00:22:14she went down.
00:22:17[Laughter] awkward.
00:22:18I'm really waiting for the day i smack it.
00:22:21Finally, the one story everyone is talking about, going to melt your heart, had over a million hits, a video of a very surprised tiny cat.
00:22:29Take a look.
00:22:34>> Oh!
00:22:44Oh, you look like a monkey.
00:22:45>> Just the cutest thing that ever happened ever.
00:22:48" now, please welcome my first guest, she crochets, acts, she's unstoppable.
00:22:56It's taylor momsen, everyone!
00:22:58[Cheers and applause] hello.
00:23:10Nice to see you.
00:23:12I like your tights.
00:23:13>> Thank you.
00:23:14>> So you learned how to crochet.
00:23:16>> I did.
00:23:16>> Why did you do that?
00:23:18Did you think you might need it one day?
00:23:20>> Figured I needed another hobby, since I'm kind of bored.
00:23:25I don't really do anything but work.
00:23:2700 in the morning.
00:23:29>> Nice.
00:23:30Why 4:00 in the morning?
00:23:31>> I stay up a little late, you know.
00:23:3400 sometimes.
00:23:38What time are you pushing?
00:23:394:00 Or 5:00?
00:23:40>> 4:00 Or 5:00.
00:23:4200, I try to go to bed earlier.
00:23:45>> You turned 16 earlier this summer.
00:23:49>> I did.
00:23:49>> What was the best gift you received?
00:23:51>> I didn't get many gifts this year.
00:23:52I threw a party, which was fun and played with my band for a bit.
00:23:57>> Nice.
00:23:58>> I don't think I got gifts this year.
00:24:00I got a lighter.
00:24:01Somebody gave me a lighter.
00:24:03>> Nice.
00:24:03>> As an actress, are you good at covering up when you get a rubbish gift?
00:24:09Whenever I get a rubbish one, my face can't hide it.
00:24:15" let's say I've given you a dead pigeon, and I think it's the best gift ever.
00:24:24Let's see you unwrap.
00:24:25>> Thank you so much.
00:24:26Thank you.
00:24:27>> You're welcome.
00:24:27>> Why is it dead?
00:24:29>> I hate pigeons.
00:24:32You were born in '93.
00:24:33>> Yeah.
00:24:34>> We're going to play a round OF '90s OR '09s.
00:24:39>> All right.
00:24:39>> I'm going to give you pictures of people, places or things, or nouns, from both eras.
00:24:48You have to correctly DISTINGUISH WHETHER IT'S '90s OR '09s.
00:24:51>> What if I don't do it correctly?
00:24:55>> You'll be condemned for forever from someone who doesn't know the difference.
00:24:59HAIR, '90s OR '09.
00:25:01>> Can I ask the audience?
00:25:03>> Yeah, sure.
00:25:04>> I have no idea.
00:25:07Now, right?
00:25:08>> What are you going to go go for?
00:25:12It's like sophie's choice.
00:25:13>> I don't know.
00:25:15The color looks a little dated, but the cut now.
00:25:21>> Let's take a look.
00:25:23'09, You nailed it.
00:25:24>> All right.
00:25:24>> HERE'S A '90s VERSION.
00:25:26LET'S TAKE A LOOK AT THE '90s Version of that hair.
00:25:33Oh, remember that hot chili peppers doing that.
00:25:38It's just been recycled.
00:25:39Here's another one.
00:25:40>> OH, '90s, RIGHT?
00:25:42>> Okay, let's take a look.
00:25:47No, it's now.
00:25:49It's the retro kids.
00:25:51>> Who's that?
00:25:52>> They hang out downtown, that's what they dress like.
00:25:54>> Well, they dress like the '90s.
00:25:57>> HERE'S THE '90s Counterpart.
00:25:59>> All right.
00:26:00I'm also slightly blind.
00:26:02I don't wear my glasses.
00:26:05You're squinting.
00:26:06We should have bought you some glasses.
00:26:12Here's the next one.
00:26:14>> '09.
00:26:19>> Oh.
00:26:22Pearl jam in '93.
00:26:25Here's the now version.
00:26:28>> I own that.
00:26:30>> You've got a band.
00:26:32What kind of music do you play?
00:26:33>> Total rock.
00:26:35I'm really excited about it.
00:26:36I've been working in the studio with my production team right now.
00:26:46Kato and his partner ben.
00:26:50We're finishing up the record.
00:26:51>> Do you have an album name?
00:26:53>> I don't have an album name.
00:26:55Still debating whether I like that band name.
00:26:59>> I do like it.
00:27:01What else name?
00:27:02>> The religions.
00:27:03>> I found a cardboard keyboard in my basement, and people at work wanted to start a band.
00:27:10>> Cardboard keyboard is hard to say.
00:27:12>> What was the first song that you can remember sparking your creativity and making you want to do something musical?
00:27:20>> I don't know if it's one song, but probably the whole "abbey road" record by the beatles.
00:27:29I listened to all the beatles records.
00:27:32That's my favorite, probably.
00:27:34>> Very nice.
00:27:35What's your favorite part of recording live?
00:27:37Or do you even like that?
00:27:38Some people like the recording process.
00:27:40>> It's fantastic.
00:27:41The fans is the west part of recording live.
00:27:44I've only done one tour.
00:27:45It was with the veronicas.
00:27:48It was a bunch of demos and stuff.
00:27:52I'm excited to tour on the record itself.
00:27:53>> How did it work as an actress, also being a musician?
00:27:57I know a lot of musicians try and play a part because they hide behind a character, but i imagine as an actress already you just play yourself singing.
00:28:06>> Yeah.
00:28:07I'm excited for the record to come out, because I've been acting for so long.
00:28:13I think a lot of people don't have the right perception of me as a person.
00:28:17I'm excited to put out a record that I've worked really hard on.
00:28:21>> What kind of perception?
00:28:23>> I don't know.
00:28:24Just don't google yourself, man.
00:28:27It's evil.
00:28:27>> It's a bad place.
00:28:28>> It's mean.
00:28:29I'm really excited, because i can't wait to tour on it and have people hear it.
00:28:33>> Which band other than -- you the veronicas.
00:28:47Who else would it be?
00:28:49>> Maybe green day.
00:28:54Right now in the studio, I'm working with the drowning pool.
00:28:56Do you know them?
00:28:57>> No, I don't.
00:28:59I'll look them up.
00:29:02Pretty bleak name.
00:29:03>> Okay.
00:29:03They were on headbanger's ball.
00:29:06>> Coming up, taylor still with us, nick kroll, and victoria's secret model miranda kerr will be joining me.
00:29:13We'll see you after this.
00:00:00They checked her just now, and she's between five and six.
00:00:03>> And she's right between five and six?
00:00:05>> And she's 100% effaced.
00:00:06>> That's good.
00:00:07>> Yeah.
00:00:08>> She's definitely progressing, then.
00:00:09Like, who else is upstairs?
00:00:12>> My mom, her mom, and sarah.
00:00:14>> And they know we're coming?
00:00:16>> Yeah, yes.
00:00:17[laughter] >> I hope I'm not getting everyone freaked out, but they told me.
00:00:22It's--she's at 9 1/2.
00:00:24It's, like, okay.
00:00:28>> 9 1/2?
00:00:29>> Yeah.
00:00:30>> Oh, my.
00:00:31>> I'm shocked.
00:00:34>> You're at 9 1/2?
00:00:35>> Mm-hmm.
00:00:36>> Holy crap.
00:00:39How are you feeling?
00:00:39>> All right.
00:00:41I'm glad I had her check me again.
00:00:44>> How are you?
00:00:45>> Are you feeling the urge?
00:00:47>> Yeah.
00:00:48[exhales] Yeah.
00:00:51 niver, and she's coming up.
00:00:53>> I'm feeling the urge right now.
00:00:55Like, I am, bad.
00:00:57>> I know.
00:00:58>> [exhales] Hi.
00:01:06>> Yeah.
00:01:08>> That's good.
00:01:10>> So, tyler, you're gonna help her hold one of her legs?
00:01:12>> Okay.
00:01:13>> Okay, I'm gonna have you come over on the left here.
00:01:15We'll have tracy over here.
00:01:16You're gonna bring them up and out.
00:01:19You're gonna take a deep breath in, and you're gonna push down right on your bottom like a bowel movement would feel.
00:01:23Do you feel like you need to do it?
00:01:25>> Yeah.
00:01:25>> Let me get some gloves on.
00:01:26And we'll try.
00:01:28Just breathe.
00:01:30Doing-- your baby's head's nice and low, so you're gonna do great with this.
00:01:33All right.
00:01:34>> Yeah.
00:01:35>> Put my game clothes on.
00:01:38Now, remember what I said.
00:01:39Knees this way.
00:01:43Now, right now, take a deep breath in.
00:01:45Hold your breath.
00:01:46And push down right here.
00:01:49Even more.
00:01:50You're doing great, catelynn.
00:01:54You're doing awesome.
00:01:55Baby has hair.
00:01:56>> [exhales] >> Okay, let it go.
00:01:58Another breath in.
00:02:00Push down hard.
00:02:01Two, three.
00:02:05That's okay.
00:02:05Five, right here.
00:02:06Push hard.
00:02:07Seven, eight.
00:02:08Push, push, push, nine.
00:02:10Ten, let it go.
00:02:13Push down.
00:02:16Pull those legs back.
00:02:17Push down.
00:02:20Right there.
00:02:20Four, pour it out.
00:02:21Five, we're moving her.
00:02:22Six, keep going.
00:02:23Seven, don't stop.
00:02:24Eight, go, catelynn.
00:02:25[all speaking at once] >> [gasps] >> Okay, another try.
00:02:29Another breath.
00:02:31Big breath.
00:02:31>> You ready?
00:02:32>> And go, there we go.
00:02:33There we go, honey.
00:02:34>> Eight, lots of pressure.
00:02:35>> And there we go, honey.
00:02:36>> Let it go.
00:02:38You're okay.
00:02:39>> It's okay. it's okay.
00:02:40It's okay. it's okay.
00:02:41You're looking good.
00:02:42You're doing good.
00:02:43You're doing really good, honey.
00:02:45You're doing so good, honey.
00:02:47>> Now, I want you to open your eyes.
00:02:48I want you to open your eyes, and I want you to look right down here.
00:02:51>> I don't want to see.
00:02:51>> Look, cate.
00:02:52>> Open your eyes.
00:02:53>> I don't want to see.
00:02:54>> No, she doesn't want to see.
00:02:54>> Then just push.
00:02:55Go ahead.
00:02:56Push her out.
00:02:57That's it.
00:02:58>> Okay.
00:02:59[all gasping] >> You did great.
00:03:03Hey, baby.
00:03:04I thought it was you.
00:03:07Just sucking her nose out.
00:03:09Catelynn, you want to take a look?
00:03:10You want to take a look?
00:03:11>> No.
00:03:13>> She's beautiful.
00:03:14>> Aw.
00:03:16>> All right.
00:03:25>> Standing by.
00:03:28>> Fresh from god.
00:03:30There you go, love.
00:03:35>> I know.
00:03:440, either one.
00:03:46>> It's okay.
00:03:47I'm fine.
00:03:47>> She's okay.
00:03:48Support her, honey.
00:03:49Don't think about yourself.
00:03:51>> I'm fine.
00:03:52I'm all right, okay?
00:04:00>> That's for sure.
00:04:02[slow instrumental music] ♪♪ ♪♪
00:04:13[chime dings] >> You okay?
00:06:12>> Just sore.
00:06:14>> Yeah.
00:06:15>> Did you see it?
00:06:18>> I'm shaking so bad.
00:06:20>> I know.
00:06:23>> Did you take pictures?
00:06:25>> They're all down there taking pictures now.
00:06:32>> Good-bye.
00:06:35Don't worry.
00:06:36>> Don't even think about it.
00:06:39>> I kind of want to see her.
00:06:44>> I think so too.
00:06:45I feel it.
00:06:47Even though I said brandon and teresa could hold the baby right away, I wanted to be the first to hold her.
00:06:53>> Hey.
00:06:54>> All right.
00:06:55>> What's the story?
00:06:55>> Well, she--catelynn just had her, and she's healthy, and everything's good.
00:07:01She wanted to, um, see her real quick and just hold her and say whatever.
00:07:05>> She does?
00:07:06>> And then after she's done with her, she kind of wants, you know, to let you guys can hold her.
00:07:10>> Okay.
00:07:11>> Yeah, that'll be easy.
00:07:11I bet none of us will be crying through that.
00:07:14Where is she now?
00:07:15>> She's in the nursery.
00:07:16>> Okay.
00:07:16Have you held her yet?
00:07:18>> No.
00:07:18>> Okay.
00:07:19Are you going to?
00:07:21>> Yep.
00:07:22>> You doing all right?
00:07:22>> Yep.
00:07:23>> You hanging in there?
00:07:24>> Yeah.
00:07:25>> We'll do the very best we can.
00:07:26We look forward to holding her.
00:07:27That's all I can tell you.
00:07:28>> We're gonna love her so much.
00:07:29>> I know.
00:07:29>> I promise.
00:07:30>> I know. I know.
00:07:32>> I promise we'll take good care of her.
00:07:35>> I know.
00:07:39[echoing music] ♪♪ ♪♪
00:07:44>> don't matter.
00:07:45>> Like this?
00:07:46>> Yep.
00:07:48Hi, baby.
00:07:51You're right.
00:07:52She looks like you.
00:07:53Are you kidding me?
00:07:54>> You think?
00:07:55>> Yeah.
00:07:56>> ♪♪ You could take this ♪♪
00:07:58♪♪ for granted ♪♪
00:07:59♪♪ or you could take it ♪♪
00:08:01♪♪ so hard ♪♪
00:08:03>> you want to hold her, ty?
00:08:05>> Yeah, I'll hold her.
00:08:07Hi, sweetheart.
00:08:11[sighs] [sniffs] You want to hold her?
00:08:30>> Hi, little one.
00:08:36Even though butch isn't here and my mom's making herself scarce, my friends came to the hospital to see the baby.
00:08:43>> Oh.
00:08:44>> Hi, tyler.
00:08:46How are you?
00:08:46>> Oh, my god.
00:08:47It's good to see you out of catelynn's belly.
00:08:50>> Are you okay?
00:08:54>> Hi.
00:08:57What I would--i was just wondering if I could talk to you and tyler for just a minute.
00:09:02Since we're five hours out from delivery, I was wondering if you would feel comfortable for--with us, like, taking a time-out from friends and family, and you going ahead and doing with brandon and teresa.
00:09:13So what do you think?
00:09:13>> All right, well, I want to get pictures with ty first.
00:09:16>> Right.
00:09:17>> So I'll just tell them-- I'll just try to entertain them ..
00:09:21>> Oh, it'll only be, like, ten more minutes, I think.
00:09:23>> Okay, all right.
00:09:24>> Yeah.
00:09:24>> Okay.
00:09:28>> Do you want to hand her off ..
00:09:31>> I don't care.
00:09:33>> No, sit over here.
00:09:37[inhales] Here you go.
00:09:44>> There they are.
00:09:45>> Hey, guys.
00:09:46>> Hi.
00:09:47>> How are you?
00:09:48>> Good.
00:09:49>> Hi.
00:09:49>> We saw her through the window.
00:09:51>> I know. I'm sorry.
00:09:51>> No, no, no.
00:09:53So cute.
00:09:54>> Catelynn.
00:09:55She's beautiful.
00:09:57[gasps] Hi, baby girl.
00:10:01[laughs] Wait, don't start crying on me.
00:10:08Hi, precious.
00:10:13You're so pretty.
00:10:14>> I don't know if you've seen her eyes yet or not.
00:10:16Has she opened her eyes at all?
00:10:16>> Yep, I got her to.
00:10:17>> Did you?
00:10:18>> Yeah.
00:10:20>> Here, I'll pull the card out.
00:10:22I'll give this to you, and I'll let you read the card, and then I can kind of further explain it.
00:10:27>> Moving around a little bit.
00:10:33>> It's pretty.
00:10:42>> I like that.
00:10:44>> What does it say?
00:10:45[giggles] >> Oh.
00:10:46" >> I have one too.
00:10:49And we have one for carly too.
00:10:56So the plan is that I will always be wearing mine, and you can be wearing yours, and then when she's old enough, we'll give her hers as well to wear.
00:11:07We're just so gonna be linked for life, and we just can't ..
00:11:16For this gift.
00:11:17We just want you to know that you will always be in our hearts.
00:11:21>> I'm never gonna take it off.
00:11:23>> I'm never gonna take mine off either.
00:11:24And it'll be really special for her when she gets old enough to know that--that-- how much we love her, but also just how much you guys love her as well.
00:11:37>> That means so much.
00:15:18>> We needed my mom to sign the adoption papers in order to give brandon and teresa the baby that day, but since she refused, the handoff could not happen on hospital grounds.
00:15:33[sniffles] [solemn piano music] ♪♪ ♪♪
00:15:46>> it'll be okay.
00:15:47>> I know.
00:15:47>> ♪♪ I want faith ♪♪
00:15:52♪♪ I want faith in everything ♪♪
00:15:57♪♪ I want faith ♪♪
00:16:01♪♪ I want faith in everything ♪♪
00:16:06♪♪ I want time to slip away ♪♪
00:16:09>> it's okay.
00:16:10>> ♪♪ Let tomorrow be the day ♪♪
00:16:13>> she knows that we love her.
00:16:14>> ♪♪ I want time ♪♪
00:16:18[door clicks open] >> Hi.
00:16:21You guys getting ready to roll?
00:16:22>> Yeah.
00:16:22We're getting ready.
00:16:23>> Okay.
00:16:25All right.
00:16:26You're gonna be okay, right?
00:16:28>> Yeah.
00:16:29Are you coming?
00:16:33>> Hey, honey, we'll take a ride on the elevator.
00:16:36>> Okay.
00:16:38All aboard.
00:16:40[mellow rock music] ♪♪ ♪♪
00:16:46>> you have to keep this over her face.
00:16:53>> ♪♪ Open up your eyes ♪♪
00:16:58>> looks like she got up.
00:17:00>> Hi, baby girl.
00:17:06>> ♪♪ Waking up from sleep ♪♪
00:17:12♪♪ the storm is over ♪♪
00:17:14♪♪ the calm is here ♪♪
00:17:20>> let's see if I can make it through this hug.
00:17:29See you later.
00:17:30See you later.
00:17:31>> Oh.
00:17:32>> Bye.
00:17:37She's just really gone now.
00:17:39>> Yep.
00:17:40Well, she's off to a better life, you know?
00:17:51I kept her blanket.
00:17:52>> Did you?
00:17:53That's good.
00:17:55>> [sighs] YEAH.
00:17:58[soothing guitar music] ♪♪ ♪♪
00:18:06>> it's not easy, like, having a baby inside of you for nine months and getting that connection and wondering what she's gonna look like or who she's gonna look like and then just giving her to somebody that you barely even know.
00:18:17It took a lot of strength for me not to take her home with me and tyler.
00:18:21>> I love you.
00:18:22>> I love you too, ty.
00:18:24>> I didn't have a stable household.
00:18:26I didn't have two parents.
00:18:27I think she's gonna have a really great life, because brandon and teresa are really awesome people.
00:18:32I'm really interested to see what she's gonna be like when she's older too, like, if she's in gymnastics or if she's a runner like teresa.
00:18:39Maybe one day when she's older, we might be able to get to know each other.
00:18:43>> Here's you and santa claus.
00:18:44[giggles] It hurts my feelings that my mom doesn't support me.
00:18:49It's kind of hard to deal with that, because your mom, out of all people, should be, like, your number one supporter.
00:18:54Getting pregnant at 16, I really wasn't ready for it.
00:18:57And it made me want to make my life better, go to college, get an education.
00:19:02>> So the answer is ten.
00:19:04>> Really?
00:19:05And me and ty, we've gotten a lot closer through this whole experience, and he's still the love of my life, and hopefully one day me and him will get older and have kids together.
00:19:16Giving my child up for adoption was the hardest thing that I'll ever have to do in my life.
00:19:20Nobody wants to give their child away.
00:19:22I just did what my heart told me to do.
00:19:25I think that carly's gonna one day come to me and tyler " I'm at peace with my decision.
00:19:36[chime dings] >> female announcer: HEAD OVER To: For show highlights, deleted scenes, and information on teen pregnancy.
00:20:31>> On this episode of ..
00:20:34>> Our household is a dictatorship, ..
00:20:36>> Meet the rutherford's from reno.
00:20:38>> We do not tolerate ..
00:20:41>> A family that believes children should know their place.
00:20:44>> All the dark colors, ..
00:20:46>> For the next week, they'll take in two wild teens.
00:20:49>> If you take my car away, I will never speak to you again.
00:20:51>> Used to setting ..
00:20:54>> Right.
00:20:55>> But when the two ..
00:20:56>> You can't take away my stuff.
00:20:58>> Quit talking back to me.
00:21:00>> Will the teens fall in line?
00:21:01>> He can burn in hell!
00:21:03>> Or will a dose of discipline send them running for the hills?
00:21:06>> What the [bleep] is his problem?
00:21:09[Instrumental music] >> my name's desiree velasquez and I'm 18.
00:21:25I'm from glendale, arizona.
00:21:35>> Whoo!
00:21:37I'm a pretty [bleeped] out.
00:21:39>> Desiree, just listen for five seconds.
00:21:41>> I've been [bleep] listening to you for 30 minutes.
00:21:44>> Living with desiree has become more difficult.
00:21:47>> If I want to, I can.
00:21:49It's my life.
00:21:50>> If desiree's not getting her way, she's a very difficult person to live with.
00:21:54>> And there's no way you can [bleep] take my car away.
00:21:56>> I can take your car away.
00:21:57>> If you take my car away, I will never speak to you again, ever.
00:22:00Me and my step-dad don't get along very much.
00:22:03He tries to act like he's my dad and I feel like he's not.
00:22:06>> John and I have been part of each other's lives since desiree was one, so, you know, this isn't some strange person disciplining her.
00:22:14>> Legally, I don't have a curfew right?
00:22:15>> You're right.
00:22:16>> Okay, thank you.
00:22:16>> Legally, you don't.
00:22:17But you since you live ..
00:22:18>> Thank you.
00:22:19>> She doesn't want the discipline, so she will find whatever tool she can to hurt him.
00:22:25>> The day I got alcohol poisoning, I did 15 double shots.
00:22:29>> She was in the middle of the street vomiting, couldn't get up.
00:22:34>> There was fire trucks and the ambulance and police cars that had their lights on desiree.
00:22:39And she was on her hands and knees, literally.
00:22:42>> I worry about her making the wrong decision, making a choice to drive home drunk and involving herself in a life changing accident.
00:22:53I worry for desiree's future.
00:22:55[Instrumental music] >> my name is brian braquette.
00:23:04I am 15 and I live in grand rapids, michigan.
00:23:08My cigarettes!
00:23:10I do a lot of bad things.
00:23:12>> Like a klepto?
00:23:13>> I'm against authority.
00:23:14That's respect?
00:23:15That's respect?
00:23:16And you're telling me to respect other people when you're calling me a bastard?
00:23:18>> Right.
00:23:19>> Don't you dare say that.
00:23:20Don't you dare.
00:23:21>> Right.
00:23:21>> I smoke cigs and drink a lot.
00:23:24>> Are you actually pissing?
00:23:25>> Yup, he's pissing.
00:23:26>> I feel better.
00:23:28>> I've been partying a lot, everyday.
00:23:30Don't give a [bleep] what my parents say.
00:23:32>> Okay, how are you um, getting over there and how are you getting back ..
00:23:36>> Yeah, I don't know.
00:23:38>> Brian's behavior's so defiant.
00:23:39It's like you ask him to do something and it's flat out, "no, " well, I need to know what time.
00:23:45>> Well, I'll call you.
00:23:48>> I don't know.
00:23:49I'll call you.
00:23:50>> Brian will instigate a conflict.
00:23:52Regardless of what he's doing, you can tell him when to be home.
00:23:56>> But if things keep going the way they are, I'll probably be beating the [bleep] out of john.
00:24:01>> You literally make it difficult just for us to do something for you.
00:24:05>> Yeah, no, for you.
00:24:06>> Here's a kid that I was, I was involved with, taking to sports, going to all his events and he's just turned extremely, .. (sighs) >> don't talk to me.
00:24:23>> It's now 10 o'clock.
00:24:24You don't know where he's at.
00:24:26>> I know he smokes weed, smokes cigarettes, he drinks.
00:24:29I know there's things I don't know.
00:24:32He has told me some things that I don't even know what they are.
00:24:35There's the fire station.
00:24:36He's not there.
00:24:37>> We need help because we're not able to give brian the help he needs.
00:24:41>> Well, there's brian.
00:24:43If things don't change, brian will not graduate from high school.
00:24:47The path he's on just leads to worse things.
00:24:50[Instrumental music] >> love you.
00:24:54>> Love you too.
00:24:57>> I'm hoping he comes back a changed kid.
00:25:00[Instrumental music] >> I'll miss you.
00:25:08>> I'll see you guys later when I get back.
00:25:10>> Okay.
00:25:15>> I'm going to miss her.
00:25:16I just hope she does okay.
00:25:18>> I'm just wondering what the family is going to be like.
00:25:22So, I'm just kind of nervous.
00:25:24[Instrumental music] >> hi, I'm pamela rutherford and I'm married to adam rutherford.
00:25:35We live on the outskirts of reno, nevada.
00:25:37We have four children.
00:25:38Karisa is 16, ashley is 14, dylan's 7 and ryan is 5.
00:25:44>> Our household is a dictatorship, not a democracy.
00:25:46Well, overall very good, ashley, on your grades.
00:25:48>> Thank you.
00:25:48>> Just try not to give up the easy points.
00:25:50They've learned that philosophy ever since they were young and that's why they're very successful at everything they try.
00:25:560 in a long line of 4.0's.
00:26:00>> (Laughs) yeah.
00:26:01>> We do not tolerate backtalk, disrespect, eye-rolling, turning your back on us if we're talking to you.
00:26:07You need to look at us in the eye.
00:26:09Wait, stop.
00:26:10Can you wipe your mouth, please?
00:26:13The children in our house each have their own tasks that they're responsible for.
00:26:17All the dark colors, not the whites.
00:26:19When your expectations are clear, from the minute they come out of the womb, then it actually makes it for an easy household.
00:26:26>> And there's socks too.
00:26:29>> My parents are pretty strict.
00:26:31>> I haven't met your date yet.
00:26:32>> I haven't met your date, so.
00:26:33>> If we do something bad, they'll get us where it hurts the most.
00:26:38>> As of now, you're not going to prom, so.
00:26:40I don't believe my kids rebel because they don't want to have the consequences of rebelling.
00:26:45>> You chew with your mouth closed, remember?
00:26:47There is a zero tolerance policy when it comes to lack of respect.
00:26:51>> Milk.
00:26:52>> Milk, what?
00:26:55>> Please.
00:26:55>> Boy, that was tough.
00:26:56>> My advice to the teens is don't cuss in front of them.
00:27:00I've never really cussed at them.
00:27:02I'm kind of scared to know what would happen.
00:27:07>> Can you cut down on your volume, both of you?
00:27:10>> If the kids coming in don't follow the rules, then they're probably not going to have a very good time on rutherford ranch.
00:27:17[Instrumental music] >> I'm brian.
00:27:26>> I'm desiree.
00:27:27Nice to meet you.
00:27:28>> Nice to meet you too.
00:27:30>> Are you ready " [instrumental music] >> I'm not used to strict parents.
00:27:38Like, my parents aren't strict.
00:27:40Hopefully, one of their-- their kids are like, our age.
00:27:43>> That would be pretty cool.
00:27:44>> No matter what, we're going to corrupt them.
00:27:47>> Who's excited?
00:27:48>> Me.
00:27:50>> (Laughs) very anxious.
00:27:52>> Well, if they're only half as good as my kids, we'll be in good shape.
00:27:55>> Aw.
00:27:56>> I wish there was more things around here, though.
00:27:59This is like, b-f-e.
00:28:01There's nothing here.
00:28:02>> I might go insane.
00:28:03I was like, uh, we're in the middle of nowhere.
00:28:07Where the [bleep] are we going?
00:28:09>> We're gonna be locked up for five whole days.
00:28:14[Instrumental music] >> hi!
00:28:26>> I'm brian.
00:28:27>> Hello.
00:28:27>> I don't know if it's hug or handshakes.
00:28:29>> I'm desiree.
00:28:30>> Desiree, I'm pam.
00:28:30>> Nice to meet you.
00:28:31>> I'm adam.
00:28:32>> Nice to meet you.
00:28:32I'm desiree.
00:28:33>> This is ryan, dylan, karisa and ashley.
00:28:37>> I saw their daughters.
00:28:40>> So, we're going to be staying with you guys.
00:28:41>> I know.
00:28:43>> Brian.
00:28:44>> Brian with a b, not r like ryan.
00:28:46>> First impression is they look like normal teenagers.
00:28:51>> All right.
00:28:52>> Welcome.
00:28:52Welcome to our house.
00:28:53>> To rutherford ranch.
00:28:54>> They seem like douches.
00:28:59>> Well brian, desiree, before we start our week together, we'd like to go over our house rules with you both.
00:29:05>> Okay.
00:29:05>> Okay, the first house rule is no swearing.
00:29:12>> Um, if we swear, what happens?
00:29:14>> We would prefer that you not.
00:29:15>> Okay.
00:29:16>> We would prefer that you respect us and our kids, and especially our little kids, by not teaching them bad habits.
00:29:20>> Okay.
00:29:21>> Swearing would be one.
00:29:22>> We'll try.
00:29:23>> Next house rule, no smoking, drugs or alcohol by minors.
00:29:28>> Seeing as how I'm 18, can we make a compromise so I can smoke cigarettes outside?
00:29:32>> Cigarettes bothers everybody and it bothers us because if you smoke, then we all have to smell your smoke when you walk in our house.
00:29:38>> All right.
00:29:39Well, I don't agree with that.
00:29:41>> Well, I can't stop you from