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00:00:00Two, tt's a total nunber of gb the clevelandaviers st at home last sson.
00:00:07Tw awfuy a ptrian start f , home I alrdy an iss for james and the cs.
00:00:14Taki on the bls, whoave just won tf theirt1 at clevand.in the fir, cavs upive.
00:00:23Dee westinng js f the jam6 second quart, bull trailing tw derek rose dishing joakim noah, who hev pois.
00:00:34Foth quaer aetion, j with 1-4 from threentand. finished25 points.
00:00:40Cavs pull withine.
00:00:413oo, lebron taki the le, douteamed heayse was foud, but there was no cl.
00:00:49He said it's aall yo think you may get.
00:00:53Bus get the 8 win.
00:00:55Straikhtad this edion ftbriday, "mikend ke ithin guys review week n in the l.
00:01:03N saint rain unbeaten?
00:01:06Ti t g you going onriday.
00:01:08Herereeny and golic.
00:01:12] >>oomornin we e back and bett tn ever,resented by prressive inrae.
00:01:18E live on you tv on espn2 anspv2 h.d.
00:01:22Iday, the 6 of novemr, the year 29.
00:01:25It wl b football friy.
00:01:27Herm edwar in the stuo for e back half-hour of is hou und besm twoifferent urces.
00:01:37Bron cri foul on his way to the garden tonight.
00:01:40Couldt beis futurome?
00:01:42And we hav "stone coead " ®all that and much moren t weegin by putting aibbon o the basalt sean.
00:01:49How a you big flow?
00:01:51>> I'm dngell.
00:01:52Anevody wed the gam pu ribbon on the sers, thfre would be a lut there.
00:01:58>>Vatgsood, no sise there.
00:02:01Yohadanfsack it, elli ges.
00:02:04Stt the distance, w I thinks a hugeea either wheamon wednday night was watched by vera o over 21 million pen f.
00:02:19Ar as manyuned into the hethree nets combid.
00:02:22Theankeesix win ove the phlies arage a 7.7 rating.
00:02:31Tings are up 3 froth record for last yfa rember, last yr, a inlved thet, a for all th people say tano sfe nderla, theeality is the like the ia,ut mh more inrestedn wchinlayers th kno they're going tatcherek ter and alex roiguez.
00:02:53Oh, I lehat they gothere no uonterested thoug theyhees.
00:02:58>> Rememberalking to ste steve abouthe ncaa tournament.
00:03:02E fir cwuof rounds are for thearylings, the cierel sto when you get to the mt,e want theig boy playing ainst each he >> I thi tt's a rllgood alogy, because y remember the one year you h the tal bracket br with grge maso fri it wasn't jt geoe man.
00:03:24Jus grge mbson t there and they were playingorth carona th I tnk that ulhave be tremeous.
00:03:29T at it was,t wa lik george mason, a lik three other -- they were n hsehold na florida tie that year- >> becauseeorgmason k oueavorite in uco yeah, they knocked out t likeicga stated, carolina an uconn onheayhere.
00:03:45E thing I people lovehe idea, but then th don't watch because thr sheets are ripp up.
00:03:52They don't n it anyor this c nothingells tickets,r bring people t the le people y know.
00:04:00When t ylay, for better orse, li watchin an all-starame.
00:04:05>> In a way,t+s shame, causthe tampa bay stwryas a great storyhat I wish a lot mo pe latched onto in rooting for t uerdog.
00:04:14You aluoad t messy weher situation, mple delays.
00:04:18The games didn't get pyed.
00:04:19Memb they had to finish one of theames.
00:04:21>> Oh yea yeah,eah.
00:04:23True>> there we a lotfactors t lk,ou tame out the ratings, p in the yankees, yore going to do ok for your wer vyd, rlecte of ayood postseaso they d hav gotten se serious go along with it.
00:04:40Each gaming, genally spein I thini saw the stahat 15 of the 3ofhe ptseason plays -- so you led i itent well?
00:04:53>> All tngs csired.
00:04:56Wh wharyo saying.
00:04:57>> We al still manag have a go posean.
00:05:00>> I'm n sayit c't be good ptseason.
00:05:03I still't like off.
00:05:05Inderstand whyhey do it.
00:05:06>> Moven!
00:05:07>> I have movedn.
00:05:09Yorought it up.
00:05:10I brought I up bse yore a knuck head when you talkbo it.
00:05:14You c't brip the offdays and tell m toov on.
00:05:19>> Yes I c.
00:05:20S can.
00:05:22>> Was goi to get to the parade.
00:05:24Every lovea parade.
00:05:25Myad's officen low attan,ht offroady.
00:05:29When the paradesould go by, m dad w watt outsi the office winw as it wld go througtheanyon oindows.
00:05:39I ner wento a parade inew york.
00:05:41There's been quite a ff th 178th.
00:05:47 >> N a sport well,ig ring t, bng at of those, I've never bno a other eventf that magnitude where there are that m people where there ishat littl anger.
00:06:03Ually, aig cro, thfre's a loof ang.
00:06:05My jobaso coverhe f ars in chica bul won a ehampionship almost every yeai was the.
00:06:11Y cover -- they wou have like aus tough town, but then bly in the park.
00:06:17It wasn'tuc aut the parade as it was t ral hundre o thoan of people packed into a smalllacend you have almost nroems ene.
00:06:26Bt doe'tappen in man t other vues.
00:06:29Tt's abselyight.
00:06:31®3600 Tons oaper user the giants parade.
00:06:34About 20ffe pers wil g acksf sed rycled per.
00:06:40Ey call ticker tape parade, t ha't beesed since it is thaetty goo >> youw what,eetting my nerves this morning we've beennhe a six minutesndou aggrang me move on!
00:07:02>> Can I gethe joe gardi helping a w it'reat story.
00:07:06We did not seehi story until our show yesteay.
00:07:09T atn amazing tng.
00:07:12Sw you're joe gardi, you win the rld serie you findly makin you way back to you homn westester, which depending w w youo can be anywhere from aboua 20 t a 45 minutdrive from yanke stadium.
00:07:24Not sure where I weshester he lives.
00:07:27Onis way home fro winning the rld sies, joeirar stopped to helpoman w had lo conol of herarnd crd into a wall6 quoterom a county police offir says the guy wins the rld ss, whatoes h do?
00:07:39Stops to hel thriveras stued by t accident b oth total ind.
00:07:46Joirardi an accident, rson diutressed, pullsver and helpsut.
00:07:50Rancross the road and flagged wn the police.
00:07:54>>Rey gd nll things nsidered you kn what I like about him?
00:07:58>> What.
00:07:59>> He wt to nthweer at's what the northwestern gu does ins torld series, but it's not abo miami when heees the damrel i not above helping him tied to the roa ks b the man wh e evil mustache -5 oh, come on.
00:08:24M going tbve t stopou.
00:08:26What about the o tng?
00:08:28Theersey,hanging it to 28?
00:08:30Youike that?
00:08:31>> I auallo.
00:08:33>> Who's wearing 28 now?
00:08:35>> I tell you what I likehe mo about it.
00:08:37>> Yhink he can get the nuerfomebody se is ing 2 >> I like about I tha he c do t mh.
00:08:44Knowshat next nr o it is.
00:08:46>>His is you'reud your northernra from an edutional oi.
00:08:54>> At wt poio yo haveo stop?
00:08:56Oh, I'm goink tep goi.
00:08:58U pu a lot o preure on yourse erygle yoo to win.
00:09:03Once ye wonne, it roves essure.
00:09:06A nice sry he hel.
00:09:07'Ve got a whole loto get to th morning.
00:09:10The nd half of this hr will b football r.
00:09:12We'll have hermdwards in stioith us here.
00:09:16Coming up next,e'll tell you w the yankees winatapaulted them ateploseto bfing the dominant fnchi in amecan orts.
00:09:24I know youhi theyeady are, but iave numbe tt >> espn >> espn ra>> >> espn radio.>> en radio.>> espn radio.>> esprao.
00:10:36 espn radi >> espv ra good moing,'m rschea canidate with your wen's footballriday updat having lost tee of the aa, dez bantemains unee througawing of next yr.
00:10:52Forng tthe govning bodybo her iertions with former nfl sta deiosanders.
00:10:57The rulin left thboys rece with basically one viouptn, the nfl draft.
00:11:03Juni wide-out sayswill in factnter the draft,aying "this is the bes decision f " the'2 222 bryant says he hos to live up to thefl inductiof rvers le randy m sc saye immedtely becomes theext avaable nex ar's draft.
00:11:29Bryant is enlyeivern mcsh'sop 10, comingns let'lk collegeootball,nd ithursy hom game since 21, et cina hosting numb 23 virgini tech.
00:11:46Trying tovoid a three-gamed.
00:11:49Tyrod tlor,hyhrow it when u can kp it youelf?
00:11:52Hokies taking the 13-0 advantage.
00:11:54Late I the quartis stl a 13-0 lead.
00:12:01Patrick pin finnglex yloror the awesome c.
00:12:07Ylor sets up a field goal for the 13- vgia th halftim lead.
00:12:11Let'u move to the third qrter, and , wveot ius with that is turnover, inor of viinh.
00:12:18So is this.
00:12:22Pi a pass is picd off.
00:12:24Virginia tech goes oo wy final of 16-13 nose I the highlight is a pl of freman ryan wli he recovereautiful fm last week's costl fumble th 179 on the ground laseek.
00:12:38 with 1,109 rushing yards.
00:12:47But it's at fresnst ading.
00:12:52A s pson jury came 33ear-oldyrone hartseld has bncted for attempted rder.
00:13:01Llieras paralyzed and had his left gmputat afterbeinot six times inis c outsid hispartmentast year.
00:13:08®The ju has also been asked to rmine if he s guiltyf possng a fe arm.
00:13:18What's on the menu r ftball friday?
00:13:21"Sportscente is ve.
00:13:39We are just gettingmed u ®still ahead, theuys connue to preew week nine in t nfl.
00:13:45Is tre a ups lki?
00:13:47Grny and golic are bacn 60 dunca o was up andn f the yankeethis yr and was not incled on the ptseaso roster wrsery number 28.
00:14:57>>Hat shld b tgh to.
00:14:59>> So joeirardi will kethat from h.
00:15:01I asked h where it end n, he will chae his uniform number fro 27 to 28.
00:15:06Isked where does iend?
00:15:10Bo says it will e a 31, cause 32 is reted.
00:15:16Elon howard worry that one.
00:15:18>>Here you go.
00:15:19Mike and mike"spn com asuradio shack inbox address got wwrkut yesterday.
00:15:24We appreciatall t feeack you g us yesterday.
00:15:27Reciate it.
00:15:28Expe help,reat selecti alwaystoear from you we werekiterday, listen, the new yorkke, the preeminentrancse in ericanports?
00:15:43Ey certainly are.
00:15:44Bure they the winniest?
00:15:46Depends on hhey look at it.
00:15:48E yankees havwon 27-10 wod serieshampionships dating bacto the originati theorld series.
00:15:55That's a shade under 26% of all ®the cmpionshipshat have been won.
00:16:01The nbaasn'tn arod as long as major lea baseball.
00:16:04There'sy bee 63 champ owin the n.
00:16:08E ctics have won 17 of thos hey have.
00:16:14>> They're o to more.
00:16:16The edgehem.
00:16:19Th canadia aus a shade they h won a greer percentage of the stanley cups than the yanke h othe rleries.
00:16:26With thi w, themove past montreat.
00:16:30Ey have won 23-90 stanley c chpionship so that's 25.6%.
00:16:36E yankees a at 27.
00:16:38Next upoulde t lakers.
00:16:40Eywon 15.
00:16:41Ok athe domation othe ltics a laks.
00:16:44Tween e twof them, they've won more thanal >> that's jt amang.
00:16:54O givou the football numbers,avewoifrent wa back the start wf the nfl th packers have won 10 championships t of th's3%.
00:17:03If y just gck to t start the superowl era, the steelers who he won ithe ser bowls are at 14% u footballeams anywherlo to b where the baseball, hockey and basketbal dinan is.
00:17:18But would be byercentag titles won.
00:17:21The ctics will be first the yankees by nosld be second.
00:17:26Folled byhe canadiand the lakers.
00:17:28The would be over[helmingly the four dintnchise >> kw we talke abo this a while ago aut tinant spor.
00:17:38Thoseer the fou teams that came up and now we hav perctages go with it.
00:17:43They'reelatose between theopour.
00:17:45And I the top four yoave two sketballne ke you s that' really azing to m thf yank have theos titles, cly tost t the celtiith the highest -63 title >> tre are a cple of different reaso.
00:18:03Whyouou have domation baskball becausbbetbas a sport e onelayer, at the vy least, two p can domate.
00:18:11Lookt theeltics.
00:18:13Bill rse.
00:18:15>> There youo.
00:18:16Atferent tes you hadarry®bi.
00:18:18This is t ler you had km, mic johnson, ®greatlayer, you'reoing in dproption ath number of title in hkey, for a lonkime, there were oy siea >> exaly.
00:18:34>> Forot of theto of that sport there were few teams.
00:18:38Thenn basebl, took, yankees ha been dominating they hadhe bt pyers it uas interesti wn weaw, the nine yf dhtetween deries tits was the d loest droughthe yaees have h sin ty ard goiack to winni chpionship and the wer wng ampionshipse youould spd all the money to win the exact, whe it was a lot about money.
00:19:03>> The next step in this, give paularr even meuethey ha theitles ty won.
00:19:07How many havthem have been moimeshere they end the title game?
00:19:11>>He yanesave won 40.
00:19:13>> Rht, 4 pennts.
00:19:15Ani think we discuss thi th the cel and lakers befo.
00:19:19WOU LOOK ANOTNLi TITLES N, BUT HOW MYIMES You have ch to wit as we.
00:19:25Rembe the lakersav enn the finals mor times thanhe celti.
00:19:29The celtics winning perntage is -- >> ogeou I think it's clo t oy a coupleees they' been in the fal w h it rig aerhe championships when t lers won.
00:19:43E celtics he wike 17-20 times.
00:19:47I bethe l he been in the finals over 30 o 3 it was right arounha of th fina.
00:19:55>> Buthey stboutalf th.
00:19:57Ma ofhem to the cti.
00:19:59The reone we having th convsati ise we trying toecide whichseay the grtest franchise.
00:20:04Is it the one that mes it to finals halfhe tim the oneha win whe you get there.
00:20:10The celtics have twoorein thanhe laker do.
00:20:14Th coulde oa collisi course toecide thhihis ar.
00:20:20A tad pmatu.
00:20:21Ut fun to talk aboutt.
00:20:24Ob h itht here.
00:20:25How eathe lake are q15,heelti 17-3 is greer to ben the nals 30imes?
00:20:37>>O be th 30 timfs?
00:20:39Or t win twoorele >> that' t f of th job, whenyrtetting >>t's in theye of the there yo he I wand to throw iut there beuse I knew it would be fun.
00:20:52Enjoy the pade if y'r a nkeean enjoyhe cerage.
00:20:55No matr where youre in americ we'll have much more baseball, but wf'll t over ftball coming up next and do wt everodelse is tatking about, " "spcent coming up in one minute on en radio.
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00:22:16reischea cadateithou portenr" update.
00:22:21Manuoblin utah.
00:22:23His first gam sceat atting incident last weekend.
00:22:26No bat iues here.
00:22:28Ginobli finishe with 11.
00:22:30Meanwhile,he jazz tryo point le in ls toallas on tuesy.
00:22:36Al too with whbhey didn nht.rkint there.
00:22:41The jazz orall,heir offense wasantast.
00:22:44Over 5 shooting inhat fst half booz2-20 f theield and heteps back forhe fade over ti dunn.
00:22:53He find with 27 points.
00:22:55Ja with a 1p-point lead a t brea uruarter, deron wliam th the.
00:23:00thenat,aid boozer, the jazz g a full 48 minut of pls he gs the steal and getsthead to matths.
00:23:11Jazz g the14-9 win still to com which eli mng shows on sunday ast t chgers?
00:23:17Ge yourple week nine previehere o [ deep bathing ] light snort ] [ Ma Annncer For a tter-looking tomrow6 vicks nyquil eold & flu.
00:25:41The nighttime ifflin eezi, ughing, acng, fever, best sleep you ev got mecine #♪ ♪♪
00:26:40>> thi is "mikend mike in the " we expt to resume normal >> but untilhat te, here's whatverybody I talking about espn radio >> when you g to w this rning you'll sou le you so here's what thell be ing aut.
00:26:54Start th baseball, obviously.
00:26:56Yas wo the worldies da ®but mea, yesterday,9 players filed for free age and thereer a f big n.
00:27:04Amonghem, golic?
00:27:06>> Jason b, garrett aerson, carlos delga matt hliday, jason gi to name a few >> matt holliday [hoille hotl puvsuedy lhose wit the money to dt.
00:27:16Oh, yh.
00:27:17>> Gol, te bastball, where the cav haveost their home gam they wer bten the b lautig.
00:27:23I that significant >> it's significavt becaut year theynly lost two gam at home allear.
00:27:31An the second loss the lbst gamee rulareason.
00:27:35Ebron james bndhe cavsn their wayo n york his ly tp to madison square gaening thi rul se will that be his future home?
00:27:42'Llave wait a see.
00:27:45Elsewhere, dez bant, golic, the embaied wide reiver who was suspended for the rem of theear byhe ncaaas sd is nowng t tur p.
00:27:53>> Well, this I t right move.
00:27:55Ranked as the tide receiver on every board.
00:27:58He's goi to g to tampa to arto train he said moing to enter the aft.
00:28:03Heaid he respects ncaa and at they did ey've made their disio now ve me mine.
00:28:08For him, absolutely theight decision.
00:28:11>> And golic, is weekend, e rint cup series goes toexas.
00:28:15Thtexas mor sedway in fort worth.
00:28:17'Sur previrom rust yay waace.
00:28:20Thi weeiteads to aea fast race ack that all the5% ivers seem to love.
00:28:27But jimmijoso h looking good rig now.
00:28:30148 Point lead, a he lead leading into the tex rac looklike johnson's goi to wr up this champiop.
00:28:35He does, he'sot toend off ff gn and markartin.
00:28:39Itooks lik one of tse will win this champiohip.
00:28:42They're l lookiood rig now.
00:28:43Lasteektaldega, hnson skirted bult, no doubtbout at.
00:28:48It thr all the weeks and e last 1 laps and finished sixth and pulle out th big point lead.
00:28:53Look for a shoot-out gng to te becse this reay one of theast chance tse guys have goto win a chamonshipf they'reoing t catc to johon.
00:29:04>Í This thing is about over.
00:29:05Yore trying to find someone that can g anywhere n jimmie johns who's over 10 potsrecord forheost in inhe mteven cse races.
00:29:14Eraging just over third place in everyace.
00:29:16>> Tiveove of race numb eight is sunday, 20: on abc.
00:29:23And thas a littleit of what theyl be talking abohen you get t work.
00:29:27Presd bygressive insuranc the freom to name yo price.
00:29:29Now that'srwesve como get we turn r aenti to full scalfootball fday.
00:29:39T our pleasure to entnto our studio t traveling man herm edwards.
00:29:43W great is herm?
00:29:44Working for us here at espn.
00:29:45He's got a flight in about an hour out of towv tod.
00:29:49Lia said can you ce by the studio goto be e.
00:29:54Here it is and herms hanging out with us.
00:29:57>> I c bearing gifts.
00:29:58>>Eall >> torey.
00:30:00Because knew when ias a jets fan, theere lot of tes after he just wante t nce.
00:30:06So I dn' bnghis to me when I w coaching.
00:30:10Because he probay woulde ocd the headffhis thing I' pnting him thi with a bobb head. look at this.
00:30:17A bobble hd!
00:30:17>Í I'mot the coach there anymore.
00:30:21>> Herm eardsw york jets bobble head.
00:30:23Whe's theamer ok at that.
00:30:26That's outding.
00:30:27>> Canou imane if h had that wle I was cchin >> you trimmed t headff a smurf.
00:30:36>> Thank y.
00:30:36>> Wdo appate you getng early.
00:30:39A aoa youotp early all the time.
00:30:42Do you still it?
00:30:441 >> really?
00:30:46Ice gold's gym uthe street, I work out.
00:30:49>> Mitary, grew up in the military househo.
00:30:52So you'ven getting up early all your life6 d't want to miss anythin >> we're not guilty uuntil 00 0 t's get yr perspective, let's art wi this.
00:31:07U watch the baseball ®plof when you sees an alete yourselfa greatlayer in t league, a coachow f so years.
00:31:13When you watch chaionship wohe you see thouys nninut onto t fieldat well, allhe hardork and preparation itoo them t get ere.
00:31:23There's a lot o thing ci ball.
00:31:25Playo ma games.
00:31:26En you're the yankees, a I've ced in new y you're ta about a collectivens of a bunch ofat athte a bun of people thj t t the best playe.
00:31:39Ey might have the best plays, but ty don as you success.
00:31:42U can win with really good players, but colctively you have to come togetr as a team I think they' come together a team.
00:31:49I ink people have talke aut theirockeoom c togeer.
00:31:55To watch thoseuys gohrough wh they hado gohrough the whe seaso knowing that i theyt win a world serie it was gng to b a failure.
00:32:02Yeah, yeah.
00:32:03>>T'sind o funnyn you thinkut that.
00:32:06They had to w the world series, and they did.
00:32:10Amazing, 27 championships n yesterday,e did say t's a bit of relief when you're expected to do it, a it's >> almost like you go to cm goinl, t a getting in the playoffs.
00:32:26We g to winhe world ser we h to [int.
00:32:29Andhey d.
00:32:31Good fhe >> whabouthe other side of it e phillies, it's padded littleitn the ft ey nthrop the wor series last year.
00:32:40But maybe aeam tt doesn't ve rings - >> you were o tt, right?
00:32:48It's g wrenching, rea is, bau y think about all it tk for yoeto tt point and feeling you had the bett team goi io the game.
00:32:56Mayb tt's not s wh the phillies and yanes I don't kw teball analys know more of aéhan do.
00:33:03It hurts you it really doe because you' so clo.
00:33:07I think th way thehiies have played, tir tenasheness, e way they' bee able to co back and fight philadelphia is tt typof time>> oh,h.
00:33:18Bluollar folks now.
00:33:22I like their coach, iehe mager.
00:33:26I coulplay forhat guy he kee it light that the thing about managers ftball pyers, u hav to know your players.
00:33:33Sometimes, peopleayhy did he do thi henderstands his players.
00:33:36®In that's the key to ccess if you'r g t b a nager fooall coach.
00:33:41U have to understand the ndset of y pyers andou wa tout themn a pition whe the can suceeed.
00:33:47Ou knohat, you havenfce whenou askhem to do something.
00:33:50"Mike and mike,ermdwards here.
00:33:52Let'start talking a little otball.
00:33:54A couple of sytes I wt tolayor you.
00:33:57Several very interestingames on the schedule tsee let's art with san diego at theiants.
00:34:02Two tea, neith ofhich is playinthe way ihought they re capable of.
00:34:07The chargs4 almos a perenal start theeason.
00:34:11E giants,ho lk like gang busts have lost three straig.
00:34:15They g this game atome.
00:34:16Alys the spect of eli mannind phill rs cause of the w their ceers started.
00:34:23Ou make a great point.
00:34:24When you think about t argers, thlast couplof ars thetarted off slow.
00:34:28Th division was not a rl -- I'motayjngoody vision, but they were the best team on paper.
00:34:36All eudden, denver has taken the lead.
00:34:39No ty're pyingatch up mode.
00:34:41Can they catch denr?
00:34:44Maybe they can.
00:34:45This will all play out but whenou lookt t chrs, theyad aindow for about jive irs.
00:34:51Theindow closed now when they watched I play.
00:34:56Got some olaye now.
00:34:57Their defen reallysot the same as it wau a couple of yea ago.
00:35:01®Not getti a lot of pressure o the quarterback.
00:35:07Th rvnners areunning ok.
00:35:09It I riverand.
00:35:10They'rdoing a gat jobf rowinghe fooall.
00:35:12He other se of it, the giants rht now,hey're offo st start.
00:35:16Everybody had tm, best team, 0.
00:35:18All e sudden, they'vead a little adversity.
00:35:23When youkt e giantsn par and their stats, hey h n theyose thr gam in a row?
00:35:30®Tere's the keyhen I watch theiants.
00:35:33Eye got d es r now, espeally on defense.
00:35:35Theye allowin aot o plosio pys in the bknd.
00:35:39The sh I ok.
00:35:41But it's allowin toouch time for oenses to attack the bac end.
00:35:45When I say bad eyes, they'reot commating very wel last in theeague in the red ne o defense.
00:35:51Th's not good.
00:35:52That's why they've gen up 112 points in the last tee tis.
00:35:58Is wilbe the gamere the giants, they've goto win this game.
00:36:01But the chas do too.
00:36:02In my opini, if the chaer can' cat deb anniversary, they're fhting for a wjl card spot, along with the giants.
00:36:09You're talking aut wild card.
00:36:11There e someeams all the sudden in both of tse divisions that are fhting for wild cds aot divisn championships.
00:36:17>> Ihoht giant coach d a very interesting way of handlihi game, you'r going heart.
00:36:22And h a halof fame ergo off on very well known ne.
00:36:25Those are nex herm eards in stuo.
00:36:30(announceT'NOT car ...nowads, all [in of lksarchanging their own.
00:36:39And with walmart'sunbeatle prices, hey archng whethey geit t.
00:36:46Ty cldave tt30% or more tton tse top tttor oibrands rcompareto the leading rrauto specialty sto -it-yourself costsless atmart.
00:36:55liveette lmart.
00:38:33>> Stilt t ce othis football friday edition ofmike d ke in e morning," r week ne picks, plu "ston " butirst, aook back at the week that wa >> I saw just a mixref everythi.
00:38:48>> Whe syrusee tir run, we settled.
00:38:50>> Thisa huge win.
00:38:52Rely wth two.
00:38:53>> Wecuted.
00:38:54>> Itn't the prettyi win >> a couple fingers ®>> came do[v to chris johns ®making a huge teethend.
00:39:01>>E did wt we needed to do inrder to get t victory.
00:39:05>> He does pla the way hs alwa playe ty're a greateam.
00:39:12Obviously he waeing unbelievbbly scastic.
00:39:16Gre runni back, gre quarteack, great tight ends.
00:39:19Stacke as therd.
00:39:20>> We have a lotf concern.
00:39:22Ere youmbarrassed and sappointed?
00:39:26>> We move o >> no, I'm sio.
00:39:28Th'rereat >> heounds ridiculous.
00:39:32Smashed you inhe mouth and y lost!
00:39:34>>Hat's your resns to altions at you he an i thinke management iue?
00:39:38Reall disappoted.
00:39:39We had a rac back heren the spri.
00:39:43>> Any te it's dficult personally.
00:39:46>>Ell, I'veelead a atement yesterday and i+m ing tond by tha atement.
00:39:50>>Ish ncaridething for varie of reaso >> that's not what anybody w ee.
00:39:57Ifhey do he, because you >> can think of a better place to be than pying basellnew >> I forgot howt felt.
00:40:08>> Describe 2009 f ale driguez?
00:40:10Aot of upsnd dow.
00:40:13Erybody set their individual goals aside.
00:40:15>> It' wt iou dream about.
00:40:17>> I guess I not an iot ter ahuh?
00:40:23>> We're all feeling ts, what I feel now.
00:40:29>> Cing in 10 minutes, gefore you set your roster, eck out t fansy six wh matthew berry.
00:40:36Ee and gol are back in a >> we're "mike and min the morninis is espn rad.
00:43:02Presented by pgrsive insura all r guests appr onhe bwaysh take hotline.
00:43:07And the's coach, herm wards, good enough t stop b ®we'lleoren the parade and the championships and everything else as wontinu but, we were talkingboutan diego d the giashi is g game this weekend.
00:43:19Giants havingost three stight.
00:43:21En I jirst saw the hdin give yououple of quick rd tomoughlin cls thjs ge a one-game sso see atulled out othe quote, youay w.
00:43:31'U reayushivg his chips to the middle oth table.
00:43:35Fo context -- us.
00:43:38We have b comin u fortately weo have the b whe woul like to have a by how else would you look at it?
00:43:45You have a oamedul becaus there is one game and en you do have aye.
00:43:49At would lookor beyond that o game?
00:43:52E's one ge and let'sl al onergznd all our focus, re-enforc oselves on th praice field.
00:44:00Not be sensitive at all to the circumstances that heaken place, the crici tt's coming for.
00:44:07>>T's a littlbit oth context s herm, you're smili.
00:44:11What are you hearing?
00:44:12Eah, he makes aat point whh is why he's such a ntastic ftball coach.
00:44:17They have reay oneeekefore thn the bye imagine this.
00:44:20It like going on vation with ur family.
00:44:23You'veot all thf packed up, and guess wha you'vf got four ft tes.
00:44:29They don want fourlat tires.
00:44:31They don't wano go hom with ur g int aye week.
00:44:35The thing you rlize when you'laying well, you kw th mike -- playe a very coachable.
00:44:43They're veoachable all the sud youe not ayin well, you've got to iticize a cplef guys, they t very separates te.
00:44:50They't they?>> don't take it personal.
00:44:53I go tooa you.
00:44:55This is my job to cch you.
00:44:57Be availablebe coachable.
00:44:58®That's ]hae's saying.
00:45:00I think this t g it,his teams a winning tea th know where there at in their divion.
00:45:05They've got to this fooall game.
00:45:07This is a home game, they have to w >> a big game.
00:45:10Ouched onomef thejr issues.
00:45:12I was surprised they g punched the mth for80 yds on the ground lasek thhe o line has . the same.
00:45:28And when youtruggle onhe lines a b it certaly cav show and affect otr areas as well theeth one big.
00:45:34As we've mention, doesan ego.
00:45:37Hawathrough the season, >> everyon sort o buckl yr seatbelts for is one.
00:45:45John rinst is a hall of fame footballlayer, and a very interesting media ftball personity.
00:45:59A very interfsting guy t some will yheseomnts may have crossed some lines.
00:46:07I believ he s on showtime.
00:46:10Here's john rig against talking about dan nill snyder.
00:46:14>> Tss a bad guy tha os team.
00:46:17>> so are you sing a baduy as in the nfl no te look at him?
00:46:22>> Lete put it this way.
00:46:24Th person'hear iark.
00:46:26>> His heart is dark?
00:46:33" >> I tell riggi scares me a bit.
00:46:44He's ohere.
00:46:45>> We went on strike a w e strike gam.
00:46:47We wento wasngtono actice and rnsas on our team.
00:46:50Bunhat guyor a wholweek, just remin m of riggin >> is e thingo you in he's bad for t ornization, he doe kno how town ftb team.
00:47:04There's a lot of cticisn tha professionaat is totallyappropriate.
00:47:08Wee cricizedaniel sder and lot of peopl do.
00:47:11No y're getting very personal.
00:47:14J dot kw h well h knows danielny th strk a sometng - les put it ts way,e crosd a line.
00:47:23Henows he crossed line.
00:47:24>> Ihink he did as well.
00:47:26There's a stant out fro one of m coaches whe wwe w back at notreame tethe he h what riggins and, yo know what?
00:47:38I heard enough.
00:47:39Heaid he miggins onc heevern him ihe builng or arod theea you know.
00:47:45He doesn't know where hs getting thistate that the guy has a dark hrt?
00:47:50I think gginsrossed the line here too g thaar as well.
00:47:53You can lk about the he' ing.
00:47:55Bvt as id,erm, ihink everybody uld loven owner he's willing topend.
00:48:01Are you kiddinge?
00:48:03>> No doubt.
00:48:04>> Maybetarting to lookthe desionyou're spending it, o that'sair.
00:48:08But b, oh boy, iant a guy wh ss here's a blank che.
00:48:12>> And he's de tt forhis organiti, and built a nice pala the fan t here again, money alo does not w y the alityo w in this league.
00:48:22That whbs eat abouthe nationalootball ague there has to be chemiry, there has to be decon the goal islway to w, but wh plan?
00:48:31Ifou don't have a plano go ong wihe plan, goal is to wis right now, the redsk have be wishing.
00:48:38Re, but really, whe's the pl?
00:48:42>> Iriting that dow ifou d't have goal too algithhe pla o plan to go along with the goal -- >> it's a wish.
00:48:53>> Write that dkw >> I like tt lot it's not a pla it's wish.
00:48:57I ink that's really well said.
00:48:59Like theld eressionbout th playe.
00:49:01Who wan to w this ge, everyby rae the han wh willing to dohat it takes?
00:49:07Noeverybodybis their han >>he o cliche of the barbe shop who wants to to heaven?
00:49:13Who wants tdie? >> a gd visual.
00:49:18Herm edwards stillntudio with us.
00:49:21One othe very intertingound by yesterday, fm a guy who hasome commes.
00:49:25Some w say theyere tak le out context we'l let you hea thingyosee morning.
00:50:32And last tngyou see at night.♪♪ [ Pno ] Ittresseyou out.♪♪♪♪ [ Pop ] It cms y dow It h y remembe helpsou forget.
00:50:43Iteeps yonnected.
00:50:45's the only thgyou s alwi an arm's reach.
00:50:50Whh is whyoudon't ed tgea phone.
00:50:52Yoneed a phonehat ge you.
00:50:55And you. And y.
00:50:57Anwe are H.
00:51:36>> Matthew berry here with your "me anmikefantasy fix.
00:51:40Me guys like in week n cle ma has has 's atome detroit.
00:51:47Ruinback jaml charles takesver for larry aets to face a jacovvill team.
00:51:55N to moss gs aalcon team that has gitch up8, 88 point 's a lot kids.
00:52:05®Hey, ty miss bria williams and you always play your tight enagt san dgo.
00:52:10Exceptions, srt kevjn boss.
00:52:12ME GUiS'M NOT CRAZY ABOUT, Including roethlisbeern e road to denver.
00:52:16Cos have allowed only two uchdownasses a home all year.
00:52:20Thate game featu numb twoanked steeler run fense, which is why I'm sitting mnowsn men single digit fantasyoints f four straight s ismong the reasons I don like them against thehargers.
00:52:34Before you set youineup, tune into fta footbal now.
00:52:38We sta at1:30 a.m. easrn.
00:52:41com an espn2.
00:52:45I other ne[s and notes -- still aad on ts edition footbal friday, "mike and ke," which tms need t win ineek nin greeny and golic a bae in >>mike and mike in the mornjng" on espn rio, brought to you by sea.
00:54:59Real time price check, no regrets.
00:55:00Searu is the pro sponsor of "me and ke in thmorng" >> herm ear, we're pud to have him,mments which knowet st.
00:55:16I'veikediggins wn iaid atand ife hasome way of knowing sastyff about daelnyde personal tng then it's his right to sayt.
00:55:25Buif he's sayingtpon whate has see bas ohat, it's inappropriate hwasn affiliate o ours in washingn.
00:55:37He had a sho daniel snyder ned the station, ae doest ha a j there.
00:55:42I'm sure there bad bod.
00:55:44But I agree with you, i denitely think he crohe ne.
00:55:48Agn, uvlesse knows sometng we don't know.
00:55:52Quit honestly, I t rgins is aittle o there right now.
00:55:55>> The other commend were those fromoyilliam the reiver.
00:55:59Who istill the dallas cowys number receiver.
00:56:01Heays, he says, I the number one receiver but ts are gjg nberwo way thatumber two is miles austi who has been sensaon in cent weeks, andoyilliams has notn at any time since came toalla's been pai lik aumbe one player but hasn't been pducing he had some commes tt he belies we takenut of n sect and were tryinto elain it yesterday ting to be a t.
00:56:28Don know why people are trying tut me I that cagory becau'u happy t win.
00:56:33I sd tha hdr times I'm a prossional footbl player and try to get this thing righ feels abovt that?
00:56:46U kn wt,e's fstrated.
00:56:48Because he said h and romo put a lotf work into the ofeason.
00:56:51Ey're not seeing any fruit from that labor at all.
00:56:55When he mak comments, tking about miles atin.
00:56:59I'mtretching and falling, ing eveing, everydy else o's been here, the balls are right there, our balls, between romo and myself are erywhere rit w.
00:57:09People a going to s,ait a minu, ds thateed to be out inublic?
00:57:13Dersta there's a lot frustration.
00:57:15But also let's make no mistake, mileaustin is the main guy rit now.
00:57:20Number, nber twonumber five, mber 10, wn tony romo's bk inheocket, he's lookg for miles atin.
00:57:25>> Or witten.
00:57:28>> And I think he'sight.
00:57:30o the's dbtbout it.
00:57:33He doesn't have his body ngge.
00:57:36Ot as boaster rows as t.
00:57:38What he has to reaze, he has to accep responsibility for h pl.
00:57:43Righnow, isot meeting tstandas ofisalent.
00:57:46This'seen a talteuy why he was a high pick.
00:57:49Ey traded multiple pickso get this guy, toeheumr one.
00:57:53Righnow hs not.
00:58:05Talk about miles austin,e got an opportuni autyormer te, th chi thatas his bak out day and the gu has taken it and run witht.
00:58:13That what's eatbout athlics.
00:58:16When you get a chanc to play.
00:58:18You can bf cchablebut you ou're not available, and gus what, roy williams got hurt.
00:58:24All the sudden,hey found h g calledil austin.
00:58:27All theudden, he's taken off.
00:58:29And he's beenhe guy along with tten.
00:58:32'S goivg to get an opportuty to pla play now when thethw the ball,atch it.
00:58:36Sce touchdown >> but miles austin is a great exple oj, when you yr opportunit that's h a lotf guy end up being know I to g an oprtuny to pla >> they'lllay ilelia in ae game o sunday night in that n.f.c.
00:58:53I misspe ear I hed you tng to lia yesterday,houghter m w ng a planeyou're running to a meeting.
00:59:02You're going t be mnfi " " >>verydyere really g u in arms whe y sd hwas ing to the airport.
00:59:09>>Eople we panicng.
00:59:12Great to hav yere.
00:59:15Andhank you for the bobble ad.
00:59:16I appriate it.
00:59:18>> If you get m ae, i in the head,ha wil bobble.
00:59:22I'm never m you, you're t th cchth jets anymore.
00:59:26Ifou get me a rex rn head, then we+ll talk.
00:59:30Rm edwards onfirsta" ter we wrap up.
00:59:33Ch more fool t come, cludinthe five thing you ed to know, peter gamns in here a well.
00:59:41" >>d rning.
00:59:45With yr "ortscent" update, i+m reischea cadate.
00:59:49Th's the totumbe of games th clevend cavalrs lt at homet season.
00:59:55F to a ptrian start f 2009520, homislready an issufor ming james and the vs.
01:00:02Ki othe bls, who just won o of theirast 11 at cleveland.
01:00:07In t first, cavs up five.
01:00:10Delonte west findi jam for the jam.
01:00:15Cond quarter, lls traing two, derrick rose dis o of his.
01:00:20Joakim noah had pois.
01:00:22Four quart action, james th 1-4 from three-pointand, finish fro 25 points.
01:00:283 too,ebron king the lane, doublte.
01:00:34Hes he was fouled.
01:00:35But tre w no call.
01:00:37Back to take a sond look,e ys it' a call you think you may get.
01:00:41He didn't.
01:00:42®Bullset t 86- w.
01:00:44®Stight aad onhis edition of fallrida of "mind mike in the moin" the ys ll preview week ne in the nf canhe snts rain unbeaten?
01:00:54Time to get you gngn friday.
01:00:56Here'sreenynd golic.
01:00:58[Captiong de possie by ] >> "mi and mike inhe mornjng" on espn radio, we' presented byrogressive insurance.
01:01:12We're li on your tv on esp.
01:01:13All our gues,e per gammons ar the subway frh take hotli per will be along in hisal sp a 2minute from now.
01:01:20As you continue to put ribn onhe 200 bal and look to the offseas, which began player 79 players filed free agen.
01:01:33Moot matt holliday one o °them.
01:01:39Al felt sad -- >> let me askou thi who do you wanto spnd smell e ros?
01:01:44>> Teoe who work so hard to do it.
01:01:46>> Tt s nothing to do with the 79 freegents th have >> here's the thi, ok?
01:01:51Th all began for min phnix.
01:01:54Was in phoen, azo.
01:01:55The bulls had justeaten the su in the sth gam of the nba finals in993.
01:02:00To win thehird straight championsh.
01:02:03D m he locker roooi interviews, the celebraon, th ampa the pe are crying hugging,hatever they'reng.
01:02:10I'mnterviewinjerry crouse, the general manager of the bulls.
01:02:17Saidhat d y do to celebrat well, have ornizational meetings going on in t norning.
01:02:26I'llever fget, they had a 0 iaid u hav a mting a 00n the morng in youust wothe title.
01:02:34If you lout the ge, you h another me to play in two days ner es.
01:02:40Ian cashman was onith us sterday.
01:02:42He'sot general manags ing next mday.
01:02:45Has to mak decisiwns about fe agents this,hat and oth and feels as thoug he's behind.
01:02:51I st feel sorry for him.
01:02:52This is a guy w through the fruit of his lab was final le t explode on wedsday night.
01:03:04U think he cod hav 2ours enjoyt.
01:03:10I know what you're sing.
01:03:11Every commissioner could decree everybody tak a week off and those ys would still be in the next day doinghe meeting the way ey'relt.
01:03:20Which is whhose teams are usually in the champnship.
01:03:23I know what you're sayin thgh.
01:03:25I understand what u' saying.
01:03:27When youearhatight aft a championship, I'mng to work the ne d,ou'rit do smdd.
01:03:32There are lotfngs about that I don't le.
01:03:34We need me down time.
01:03:36Know I'malking about out both sides o myouth because I'm aalk sho ht.
01:03:42I don like when you w wimbledon andt' the greatest moment ofour life, standing ere at cter cou, eig miion photograprs, cryg, ars, and evething else.
01:03:54And then, tex day, you kn, youump on your private t avd you f oveig.
01:04:00E nextay, you're plang un one of some he tournament sewhere.
01:04:03>> Same tng in golf.>> golf, too.
01:04:05At least they don'ttart ayintil thursday or whever iis.
01:04:18>> I rber when I was kid, the guy wouldin the ope grte moment in the history of man kind.
01:04:25The next d, you sta play somewhere e there's no -- we're just ming tofast forome reason.
01:04:31Ion't know why.
01:04:32Iuess ihiiety now, we just move so qly you know what?
01:04:38Today the's aarade.
01:04:39Dayhere aare.
01:04:41Ey shoulst stop and enzoy the parade.
01:04:43♪♪ Iove parade I love a parade ♪
01:05:02>> don y think tt would be nice?
01:05:03>> Wou be nice.
01:05:04But ter the parade, youump ba on the ham wheel.
01:05:08>> I hoperyan chman gs t go to thearade.
01:05:11>>E' be athe parade.
01:05:12>> You assume4 but he'll probly have his blackberry on.
01:05:17There'arno rera, waving -- there andpeitte waving.
01:05:21There's brian cashman.
01:05:22He's on t pho!
01:05:24>> Brian's on t phone right now with mattolliy.
01:05:27>> Ias gng to say, matt holliday is free agent s anody whoas money is on t phon today.
01:05:34>>Olliday, george strenner, or hk, or ha is o another.
01:05:38Lethe guy enjoy ts!
01:05:39Ey jt won!
01:05:41They jt won!
01:05:43Joe gar pulling overnd helping pele o the highway.
01:05:46At'soing on her >> I don't know what to tell yo know wt you wt, it will ®ver happen.
01:05:51>> "Mike and mike in the moing," ere all our guests appear ohe suby frestake hotl for a limed time, enjoy the new subway low fat chicken bualo subway.
01:06:00Ea fresh.
01:06:01Teammons o the way I wan recommended reading day.
01:06:05Very interested colum tho bozz well in the washington post,"e h a piece.
01:06:12Here it is.
01:06:13S titled, what snyde cld learn fminbrenner.
01:06:18Dael snyders probly the mostontreralf the disein ftbal agn, I don't likehat john riggins saidbout him.
01:06:28Rom awnership stdpoint, there's a lot of nversationbout him,s there has aayu bee abo george ®omas boswell writes thi he nee20 years to fure out baseball what he finally deded is that heould never figure it out at a.
01:06:44Uae danl snyder can reach the same cclusion with 10 ars lesu pain.
01:06:50He wtesnyder and h redskiavenedvantage steinbrenner wento three world seriesnd w two them in first sixears.
01:06:59That sss fooled him into believing he knew what he was doing.
01:07:02No 10ears snyder hasn't lt a ripple.
01:07:04So may is joing on him, that you can kw an ermous nt about a sport a a tea e, y yearsft labor, stille eenally clueless.
01:07:15The points ming I theor ale bte for all of that that for the most pa when th yaees have gone fm that 18-year drought peop fget they more than 80' but not a cmpionship.
01:07:31Duri that period of time whi wti theentralocus, george sbrenner too a s back.
01:07:37He may have yd at bri ®cashman a lot,ut never fired m.
01:07:41His expreion w, you betr be right.
01:07:46And ybe that' what daniel snyd can lea from this.
01:07:50That he's goioave give the reigns so seone els and say hey, I love this tm.
01:07:54I don't think anyone doubt tt danielnyder wan to win.
01:07:58You could b a geniusn the ea of marketing I think direct mals where h made his mey >> liste he' the g w has to hira football guy.
01:08:08Right now not working with or vinnie.
01:08:11The proof is rig there.
01:08:13Going through the coaches yore a footballuy, going to ha ain a guy to te over the operation.
01:08:21Agai I love an owner that' willing to spend.
01:08:23The guy just s $100 mlion a defensiveackle.
01:08:27Wl spend the money.
01:08:31W, get pson in tre w ows what tooit the mey and what towith those players.
01:08:38Ge steinbrenne for all of e blusted evething.
01:08:41First ofll, you saw how everne dedicatedheir chamonip to him the affection everydy hador him, inclung the commsioner.
01:08:48Butvee crsef the last decade, he didn'ire any.
01:08:52U know?
01:08:53A lot.
01:08:55T h didn't fire joe torre.
01:08:57Joe tre stuck around a lot loer than a othanager did.
01:09:01Ian cashman's stillhere.
01:09:05A lo of bad signings, mon orly spent and tea that didn't gos far as he could ha.
01:09:13Heelieved in them.
01:09:14We've see patience that can work.
01:09:16Geor steinennertarted shing pnce.
01:09:19Go to football, look at the rudy family.
01:09:23Lookt the resul.
01:09:24It can work.
01:09:25>> Y hiromne you belve innd y stay wh them through e down turn.
01:09:30Everyo w have u and down if you belve in theoach, you let him turn around.
01:09:38As in tenneee wh jef fisher.
01:09:40They've had ling periods, t have stayed wh him t most part.
01:09:43We'veothe five things you ed to kn about ts weekend in thefl comg up next.
01:09:48Ter gammons after that.
01:09:50" >> esp -( ) patterin) -AN ALL-WHEEL DRI V8 HYBR. -( tining One o12 wor's first innovio.
01:10:02Eexus ls.
01:10:04Inpiring industry.
01:10:39) reacti pederian detectionys one of 12 worl first invations.
01:10:47The lexus ls.
01:10:49Inspirg an industry.
01:10:52>> espn >> espn >> espn radio.>> espn radio.®>> espn radio.
01:11:00Espn di>> espn rao.>> espn radio. espn radio.
01:11:01spn ra good morning, I'm reischea canidate whour wendy's ball frida update.
01:11:05Ving los his aeal to the , dez ban remains inigible for the remaind of e rest of the footballean.
01:11:15This forng aboutis inraetions with fme nfl areion sanders.
01:11:19The left the cowys receiver with bically one viou oion -- t.
01:11:24Theunioridout says he will in fact enter the draft, saying "this is theest decision for ." th 6'2," 220ound bryant hopes to le up to the nfl productio ofeceivers like rbndyossnd anqu boldin.
01:11:39He said he will be truthful with the lebg.
01:11:44Br immediately beshe st reir ailable I next year nfl draft.
01:11:50Ahd of illinois' player.
01:11:53Is cominn as th ninth best prospectverall.
01:11:57Let's talk colge football, in its first thursda home game e 2001,tarolina hosting number3 vjrginia tech.
01:12:05Hokies tryg to avoid a three game ski tyrodaylo why throw it when you can kee it yoursf?
01:12:11Hokiesaking the3-0 advante.
01:12:14Later in theuarter iis still a 13- lead.
01:12:19Patrick pinkney finng ale tayloror the asome catch.
01:12:23Ylor caught five b for 60 yards.
01:12:26Sets u a fie goa for the 13-3 vginia tech halime le.
01:12:30Let's move to thehird quarter, and ohe've got issues wh t loss otheootball.
01:12:35Thats aurver I favor of virginia th.
01:12:39So I this, as piney's pass ispied and pked off by rashad carmichael.
01:12:45Viinia th goes ont win 16-13.
01:12:48Not seen in t highlight ihe pl of freshman williams.
01:12:52He recovered beautifully fro last week' ctly fumblwith 179 on t ground las night.
01:12:57 with 1,109 ruing yds.
01:13:04But another ryan leading the nationveraging 165 yar per me.
01:13:10A s person jurame to a cion in thehooting of formeraguar richard colli.
01:13:16A 33-year-old has been cvict for attpturder.
01:13:20Collie was paryz and had his left leg amputatedfter being shot s times in h c lastear.
01:13:27Jy has als been askedo deteine if his guilty of being in possession of ar aire arm as cvict felon.
01:13:36Hart field faces tifp to pron.
01:13:39What'sp for ftball friy?
01:14:01We are just getting warmed up.
01:14:03Ahea the guys cnue to preview week ninen the nfl there an upseturki?
01:14:09Eeny and golic are back in 60m >> pgressivf insurance, no that's progressive.
01:15:20>> I've got a goo emailth is from michael I nework who writes, I' on the se page with greeny about wishing peoe in sports uld have thee tonjoy tir successnd fully abso t moment ite of roing intohet season,s if rolling zero' I'm waingor theay that a chpionship winngoach like billelichick wil stand a trophysentation and stay, well thiseally means is the're now reay 0-0 going into next year.
01:15:48You got -- in le you got to celebrate the vicries.
01:15:52We spent suche bemoaning the defeats the samguys whoa are not ting any time to celeate theiric are lling in their defeatsor weeks, months.
01:16:06Ey can't sleep but they teo time to celebrate their wins. that'so way to live.
01:16:10It not.
01:16:11It can be healthy.
01:16:22>> Am doe't agree with y.
01:16:24If I speive month in the business world workin a prect,o I getoake it off?
01:16:30I don't kw if tt's an pl to apples comparison.
01:16:34>> You knowhat hs sin though.
01:16:37>> Ihi a lot of people they spendn entire year g towane thing, and they completed and they haven't slept for month and a the o tt, theneah, take cole of daysff after that.
01:16:49Mbybe some people can't.
01:16:50But if you can,hink you do.
01:16:51These guys c.
01:16:52We' talking about a few people.
01:16:55Ers get all the days you .
01:17:01Yorealking about a sll petagef people involved.
01:17:03>> Whatever.
01:17:04>> You fee bad for people.
01:17:06>> Maybe'm not talki about anything.
01:17:09It feels to m we're rning on a never ending treadll.
01:17:12You know?
01:17:14When doest slow dn?
01:17:15>> It doesn when es it stop?
01:17:17>> When you retire.
01:17:18That's no good.
01:17:24Yould slow down, maybe you could c y bath and then you sw down.
01:17:28And you run again.
01:17:29Everybody is running a the time.
01:17:30To me, ihinkt' not a healthy thing.
01:17:33>> Ok.
01:17:34Let's do the fe things you need to know about thiseek.
01:17:37Mikeif you could give me se music.
01:17:39This isusse baxter, theuru offl research department he at esp he g t fe stats you absolutely need gog intthis weekend in t nfl.
01:17:48Here's nber fivf.
01:17:49>> Includinglayoff the patrts are 35-10 anniversary riv datg back to00 five ofhose to t doll fips.
01:18:00>> 12-4Gainst t jet 11 bs the bil I thi the trts arting toit their stride.
01:18:09Th're stting tje litt bit.
01:18:11See them gvgn aun.
01:18:13>Í Last yea in the fst game, that dphin wildcat reay bothered the patriots defen.
01:18:18Second game the shut it down complete.
01:18:20Ve thing you need tonow, here's four.
01:18:22>>Tonnin 13-1 litiersus the tan throng 33 touchdown passesnd ju fe interceptions in those 14 games.
01:18:30>> Averages just76 yards a game, 116asser rating, 13-1 all time.
01:18:37But theexans are playing good rig now, sngt 5-3.
01:18:41They'rtheeam right behind the colts.
01:18:43Is would be auge win for them.
01:18:45>> Anyonwho watched the ge last year ows ofhose game the tans hav the c deadojghts, save for aage rosenfels fumblthat was inclausable.
01:18:56They w have w t game.
01:18:57>> The saints have forced 21 turnovers and ha returned six last seaso theaint totaled st 22ake a, zero return for touchdown.
01:19:07>> Some of these numbers are amazing.
01:19:11®20, The entire 2 tak ays, the issue is 21.
01:19:15A interptions all oft year, right now.
01:19:18Le recovery, fe n, no defensive touchdosast year and six now.
01:19:22As I sai offense is gre, defense is rt of e team that eded tourn arod.
01:19:28>> Remember, sixefensive twuchdns, thas one mor t the cleveland offenseas scored this year.
01:19:32Fivehjngs y need tonow, he's number two >> eagles rfer desean jackson has scored six touchdowns in ve games ts season.
01:19:43>> He's second guy to do at.
01:19:45THE R IS HALL OF F CRAjY Mike hirsh.
01:19:51but he giveshem a legitimat deep threat.
01:19:57Hom run every time houches eall.
01:19:59Andha cou really open up.
01:20:03>> Finally the number o -- >> the steelers have totaled ght sac aer taling ju fi djngheir 1-2 start.
01:20:14Thfre an attackingefse.
01:20:15D when you attk it could be ghisk, high reward.
01:20:18En you're ing the risk, if you don get the reward and they didn't early on.
01:20:23That's what makeshiense ck.
01:20:25>>He musics still png mes there's a bonus.
01:20:28Alys takes a shot at one of us.
01:20:31>> Greeny, t jetspeal teams have just allowed aer touchdown.
01:20:34>> O >> wow!
01:20:37Ther goes ted gwynn jr.
01:20:38>> I can't bieve he went there.
01:20:40No you didn't!
01:20:44, God ble him.
01:20:45Five tngs youeed to know, brought toou by head and oulds.
01:20:49com for a free sample.
01:20:52Peter gammons next.
01:20:54" sptscenter"ominup in onmite on espn radio.
01:22:03>>Eischea nidate withour "sportscente update.
01:22:05Mainli and the spurs in utah.
01:22:08First game sinceanu's bat swatting inciden last weeke no batssues here as heakes it upndnder.
01:22:14He finisd with 11.
01:22:17Meanwhil t jazz trygo coveafter plowing a 16-int lead in a los t tsd.
01:22:23Carlos boozeraving a great de to do with what ty did.
01:22:27Ing it tre, the jz fantastic, over 55% shooting in that first hal and boozer, 120 from the field as he sps back forhe over tim duncan.
01:22:38Heisd wi 2 points.
01:22:41Ja with a 10-point lead athe break.
01:22:43Foth quarter williams the.
01:22:46He has 27 asel then later, said boozehe jazz got aull 48 minesf play as heets the steal and gets it ahead t wes matthews.
01:22:57Jazzet t 1139 win.
01:23:00Ill to come, which e manning shows up sunda again the chargers?
01:23:05Get your complete week nine preview heren "mikend mike here-loat isn'tustpr circatn in your legscausing you pain.
01:24:28"Okhat is it?
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01:25:12These may besigns of tt rut potentialfe-threatenincondition, eported sometimesess than 2 wee aftestartingplavix.
01:25:19Other re seriousside effects may wccur.
01:26:07"ni " "ng ."ng."ng."ng."ng."ng."ng."ng."."ng."."ng."ngng."ng."ng."ng." "ke and mike in the mornin presented b progreive insuranc have "stone cold ld pipe locks" coming up ler this hour we bring in peter gammons fors regular friday vit to put ibbon on t regular 2009 baseball sson.
01:26:43I wted peter tea this.
01:26:46Weadobbyalentine latin th show.
01:26:48D he was verilf the illiestheir gamelannin and their preparati.
01:26:52They h a week toet readyor thworld series.
01:26:55He w vy unimpressed witow they snt that wee re's ltle of bobby vaine yesterdawiths.
01:27:00>> There a lot of, imy mind, questi about the lack preparation by the phiies.
01:27:06I think the phiies thought they cou just,ou know, bully the yanes by throwing aig liup at them and scoreore runs tha they did.
01:27:28I think the yanes preparation much superior.
01:27:31>> V interesting.
01:27:33Hire's peter gammons on the bway fre takhotline.
01:27:37Mike a I sort of raised our eyebrows.
01:27:39He wasery itical of thsome he pitch disions thatere made by ad lidge, by cole hamels.
01:27:45 >> well, I understand ectly what he's sayg.
01:27:49Iatched tes with bobby.
01:27:54Iave immense respect.
01:27:56I think he sees little thing it's hd to get cole hamels ay from throwing tha curvall.
01:28:02Mean, h kept tnking he needed i as lgs he's on the far right de which he prwbably won't be next year, that curball will er difficult to feel.
01:28:20There e thi you can pick apart.
01:28:24I think the shane vicrino and ryanoward may didn't have great at bats.
01:28:29But on t other h mean, i think pting out theren the ste with t yankees, I don't know.
01:28:37I sthink that the phills weren't totally prepad for how deep the yankees really are.
01:28:47That preparati, or no que uerstandi how good they really are?
01:28:59As we move on, 79yers clared for free agency.
01:29:02S start withhiladelphia and their preparati.
01:29:05Now the two guys tt helped m that a rinidgend cole hamels.
01:29:09We kthe issues of cole ha in this series.
01:29:11Some of the things he said.
01:29:12Whatu think the fure is r tse coue of stars, o for anyby else for tha philadelphia team?
01:29:17>> Ihink brad lidges a huge question.
01:29:21Mean, will lidge com back?
01:29:24Myeart sayses.
01:29:25But, I think the philliesave wonder about that a lite bit.
01:29:29Or is ryan madn the g that will pitch the ninth inninks.
01:29:32I thk they have t make that decion in th offason.
01:29:34I think entually, by the mile of nex year, I think athell -ion rlly see -- I still believe thenly ththat'ss the difference between chamels ishis the residue.
01:29:54Heas just never as sharp s st ball -- he didn't have e command ither his fast ball or change u that he had the october before.
01:30:06Plus, moving arwd a little bit mo, think hll come back ®ne.
01:30:12R the phillies, think they haveo make a decision a trd ba.
01:30:16Keep ped felizr t to get andrian bl fray?
01:30:23Otherwise, I d't think you'll see the phillieso a l.
01:30:25Maybe try to pic up one me veteran pitcher.
01:30:28I do think the yankees will terribly active.
01:30:33They have to make decision, damoners mati, as a role player on tt team.
01:30:39I think you'll see themring us a sin jackson intohe ecaon.
01:30:47They h to decide what they're gointo dwith hugs and chambe my reading out of this at the end of thworld series ishat phil hughes w end u I a lotion and joba chamberlain will end up at t e and they'll g a veteran starter, veteranelier to fill out their sts.
01:31:05But, they're still going to be -- both ofho tmsre going to be rlly goodext year.
01:31:10Ioulde shocked, marring seous injuriesf they weren't.
01:31:15>> Pickingp on yr thought ®about matsui.
01:31:18®Th is the big japanesf star , I what gus woulde e final game for the yankees ithey don't bringim back, driving in six ns and wning m.v.p.
01:31:28Thekees don't dece to brin him back, will the play in majorgue basall?
01:31:33Major leagueaseball.
01:31:37The yankees, because of the revenues, you still seehe signagin the n yankee stadium.
01:31:42You see what they d I thi matsui's wor re money to them than damon is damon is s a very good hitter.
01:31:50But my guess they bring maui back because of that.
01:31:55But 'll see o thbt.
01:31:56I think the's posbility thets could make a run at matsuithey don't sign jason bay.
01:32:04I ink th're mor apt to rmida andebody is left jield or go hard after mattolday.
01:32:13Matsui c still hit the questi I can he stay hethynough?
01:32:18>> The other thoht for you per, I that yesterday, maybe to surprisindegree, mik and were besieged, from the ment our show started with messages om ball fans across amica, essentially sayin congratulations the yankees fo buyg a cmpionsp, and bemoaning the fanal statef major leue baseball, and a concn that is only going to get worse, not better.
01:32:41Now, we're going to have bo dupee onhehow, but you're the pfect person to ask.
01:32:49How concern shod a basebalt fan who is not akee fan in america right now about t current financial statef e ga?
01:32:57>> Ihink there'sonce.
01:32:59I thwe're ill talking about one yeare.
01:33:02And th yankees lea this out ry well.
01:33:04I say to that, they took a t money off theirayoll.
01:33:09Yes,hey were able tofford sabathia, burtt and teixeira.
01:33:13D yes, there's no other team at could have done that.
01:33:18An the other thing is that t yankee won this worl series.
01:33:24S, sabathia made a huge difference, txeira got them ther as did burnett.
01:33:29But aig parf thi champiship, as has bee the otheur since 1996, is the ct that t mount rushmore of the yankees.
01:33:40Jeter, rivera, posada, and- >> pettitte.
01:33:45>> Andettitte, were all magnifict.
01:33:49There's stillugear o that team.
01:33:53I d't think thewin without at leasthree of thoseour.
01:33:58Turns out all four were ve important to them.
01:34:00>> He'ne problem with that.
01:34:02Those guys, I know they're home own butheyti m abo $65 million between them- >>gree, I agree.
01:34:10D ththing is, tre are othe things invve here.
01:34:13I me, yes, the yankees hav a t of revenue sharing money and yes, theyave a ball park which taxpaye andther help to pay for the isn't a fr playing fid.
01:34:27I ink it ao alies to signing players whichiveshe yankees, the red sox t phillies, teams liken tremdodvange.
01:34:38You've g tee yng players that y can trade to whoever, kans city, milwauk, whatever.
01:34:44That gives you a big aantage.
01:34:45Her teams aren't spendg tha money.
01:34:47Kaas city has done a gd b spendingey.
01:34:50Andittsburgh has the last coup of yea.
01:34:53Maybe I will pay off.
01:34:54But those ar concerns.
01:34:56I think faave a righto look at I anday, younow, can we ever hav hope i pittsburgh, kansasity, oakland, arizona, colorado?
01:35:07Can we er have a hop to accrue the kin of debt that the series.
01:35:16I ink I an issue.
01:35:18I think it's one we'll see bob, and b seligeay sdynd try get a more levellayi field.
01:35:25You can't k the players to ledge state it though kno the players are very open to addressed.
01:35:37I understandhy fs feelhat way.
01:35:39I think it's uairo wt the nkees di they've done erying within e rules of ball.
01:35:46They spent a great deal of mey in spreading oevenue sharg.
01:35:50But the cts, t yankees have a inordinate advanta ov really, aost, anybody else.
01:35:56Well said, peter.
01:35:58We'll have b on next week and talk abo it.
01:36:01>> He' great, becauses honestndeees the game.
01:36:04Sees the gam fro all perspective an I think he's very sympathetic to e needs o evy franchise.
01:36:12>> G work, peter.
01:36:14We'll talk to you next week.
01:36:15>>Hanks a lot guys.
01:36:16>>N the subway fresh take hotlin suby wouikeo ngratute wor champion c.c.
01:36:23Beuse at suby the know it stands for chipotle cheese steak.
01:36:29Wherwinners eat.
01:36:31This will continue whe c.
01:36:33Is sharing his n sandwich with matt holliday, ming $100 million r the yankees.
01:36:39>> I don think he's going to the yanes but ihink he ulwind u I bosn.
01:36:4379 Players fed for free agency you're seeing a lot of arbitration available guys, young players getting t there will be oers.
01:36:55It is an issue.
01:36:56>> Absutel >> and it should not overshadow th greatness of the game.
01:37:02I look forwa to talki it ov in the coming monthe into the long basall fsea next, football season's in ll swing.
01:37:09We'll be picking gam, dng "s cold lead pipe locks" rightere.
01:37:12Ike and mike ith ) on.
01:38:33Ome on.
01:38:33THERR YOU... ( car stts ) And fe's daily mirles.
01:38:39♪♪HO'S THE BT?THIS G IS. ♪ ( clping ) n radi >> s to me othis footba friday editio "mike and mi in the rning," ou we nine picks, plu"sne " but rs look ck athe ekhat s.
01:39:29>> I saw just a mixte of everyt.
01:39:33>> When syrase made thr ru we settled.
01:39:34>> This is huge win.
01:39:35Really worth two.
01:39:38>> It wasn't trest win.
01:39:39>> A couple of fingers.
01:39:41>> Came down to chris hnson making a he ree at the end.
01:39:45>>E did whate needed to do ordero get the victy.
01:39:51He does play the way he's always played.
01:39:54>> They're a greateam.
01:39:55Obviously he was being unbeliably sarcastic.
01:39:58>> Greatunning back, great arteack, great tig ends.
01:40:02Stacd acro theoard.
01:40:03>> We ve a lot of concern.
01:40:05Were you embarrassed and disappointed >>move on.
01:40:10>> I'm serious.
01:40:11They're great.
01:40:11>>E soun ridiculous.
01:40:15Smasheyou in the mouthnd you lo >> what's your response to allegations thatouave an i avger managemenissue?
01:40:26>> Really disappointed.
01:40:26We had aace back here in the ®spri.
01:40:27>>Ny time it's difficult personally.
01:40:32>>Ell,'ve released a statemt yesterday and m going to standy at statemen >> I wish nascar didsog.
01:40:37Or variety of reason things dn't work out.
01:40:39>>Hat's not what anybody wants to s.
01:40:40Ifhego home,ecause you don't belonger >> I c't think of a beer placto bthan playing baball in new york.
01:40:47>> I fgot hoit felt.
01:40:49>> Describe 2009 forlex driguez?
01:40:55>> A lot of ups and downs.
01:40:55Everybody set eir individual goals aside.
01:41:00>> Is wh you dream about.
01:41:02>> I gue I'mot aidiot after all, huh?
01:41:06>> We're all feeling this, wt I feel right n.
01:41:13>> Coming up in 10 minutes, before yet yr roster chk out thfantasy with matthew bey.
01:41:18Greeny and golic are bacin co of nutes.s.uple of minutes.uple of minutes.
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01:43:21uple uple lef uple uple of minuteuple uplef uple uple le of uplef uple uple of uple of minuteuple of uplef le uple le of minuteuple of mi >> ♪ they say 2000 party over ouofime ♪
01:43:48>> yeah,pproiate song choic here.
01:43:51Keep it going.
01:43:52♪ So tonht I'moingo party like it's 1999 ♪♪
01:43:57>> ok, that's the deal6 golic who likeso make fun of my dancing, by the 're "mike and mike.
01:44:05Someon needs to make a ruling, ok?
01:44:08>> Ok.
01:44:08>> Is theecadver or not?
01:44:10>> I with y.
01:44:12>> This bothers me, becau we have all the peopl debatg whether the nkees arehe team of the decade in major league baseball.
01:44:19Theyon twoorld series, thf red soxonwo world series.
01:44:21Blah, blah, b bh.
01:44:25Is the decadever or notbeuse some peopleill say no, th don'tnd until next year, the dece is from 2001-2010.
01:44:34>> Wn we came into 2000, we'regoing into aew decade.
01:44:38>> We were changing a one to a "seield," remember th epod >> y, I do.
01:44:49>> By the wayewma I'm just cus.
01:44:51When you booked the hotel, did you book itor the millennium ne year?
01:44:56>> As a mter of fact, I did.
01:44:58>> As everyone mwsince tre is no rea zerhe millenniu doesn't ben uil the yr 2001, which would make your pay, one yeaate, and thus qui lame.
01:45:16>> Oh!
01:45:16>> Oh.
01:45:17So that's thf point.
01:45:18Is the dec overr.
01:45:20>> To me, it's srt at the zero, and goes to ne.
01:45:26>> Now t argt I when w started this who thing, we dntart at zero.
01:45:30>> I wast around then,'m not rried.
01:45:33>> I gotou.
01:45:34Soou're sing t decade is over?
01:45:38>> 1 Starts aew decade, 10o , en 20-29.
01:45:44Sohe decade is over?
01:45:46>> To m now,isten, I't know if i have the ability to decree tha and ke it that way every way.
01:45:54>> I want aecre >> tt dsn't mean joe a jane in des moines will.
01:45:59>> Hloes mnes, is the de.
01:46:02If you want he an argument, ke it up with golic.
01:46:05>> Whato iou think?
01:46:06>> I'm torn.
01:46:07That'shy ieed a ruling.
01:46:08I needomeo to make an official decisn ovhis.
01:46:11>> Iuess technally, start at zero, you start at o guesi would be.
01:46:18>> Y2k was not 2001.
01:46:22>> To me, the zero starts t decade.
01:46:25>> I tnk I t decade.
01:46:30But I would like someone to make an officl ruling.
01:46:33>> Is there an officia rul >> do we have a official te keep?
01:46:39>> An officl timpe e need a scial master?
01:46:50>> You know whoan decide thi who >íresident of esp powerful guy let make that decision.
01:46:56Whatever he says, I'll go with m.
01:46:58>> I going to b either hr liam's mom.
01:47:017> Oh, that's perfect sclat let's call liam' mother.
01:47:05We'll l her make the catl.
01:47:07Because every year is a happynear for her.
01:47:09Or ery year.
01:47:10>> Every day is new yeas eve.
01:47:14Let's pick so football games.
01:47:19>> "Mike and mike in the morninnd tse real nfl pis are brought to you by wendy's.
01:47:23All football iormation evy fridayith wendy's ball friday.
01:47:27>> All right golic, we will do in locks coming u dyhousn, gias, charger and eagles-wboy 5% we've got baltimo and ncinna at the bengals.
01:47:39The ravens ging three at the nkals.
01:47:42For those who didn't see it, chad ochocinco says that's the on thing that can cerim.
01:47:49Cincinnati did beat tm earlier in the season, remembe on that bulo fis hainess th t officiating wf the ravens.
01:47:57>> Right now,hey're running dric benson is fourt in the ue in rhing.
01:48:02He is running well.
01:48:03Baltimore's fourth against the rushand baltimore is getti t it.
01:48:06They did it againstenve where theyidn't just beat you, theat you up.
01:48:11I li balti on this one.
01:48:13I'llake that good defense ove th offennd I'll take baltimore and ve theoints.
01:48:17>> I'll say this,oo.
01:48:18People are not paying enough attention to?
01:48:21How od joe flaccos.
01:48:23That is rapidly being aea that is going to be asepende on their quarterback a it their dense.
01:48:28>> It ishaky a b, their offee was.
01:48:30E was a rookie las yea all the atttion ofatt ryan.
01:48:34N't overlook joe flaec I'moture joe flacco at the end of the day isn'toing to be just as good.
01:48:39I'll take baltimorey us in thre >> arizo athicago cardinals gettinghree point at t bears.
01:48:44Golic what sayou?
01:48:47You know, chicago didhat theyeeded tdo against that's exacthat ty should do.
01:48:54I don't haveood feeling abou ts.
01:48:57It's not b weather, it' not winter timethin going to go arizona in this one.
01:49:04The pasnge is still not bad weather I think warr wlhrfter coming back from tt horrible fi interption game.
01:49:13Ariza isti the three, so I'll certainly take theee points and cl for the.
01:49:18>> I'll take da bears.
01:49:21Ami n england, the patriots givin 1 hand a half.
01:49:25Feels like a big number.
01:49:27I thk thatriots are going to win thatame.
01:49:29I do not thi they wlover.
01:49:30I don' think t many people will beat the dolphin I dot think miani wl sco a lot of points, but wiltossess thball a lot.
01:49:39I think e wildcatill be fective for the pats.
01:49:43Think new england win that ga 17-10.
01:49:44I'll take the dphins,lus t 10.5 points.
01:49:48>>Ldt disagreee.
01:49:49Last week,heolphins ran the wicat for so many yards.
01:49:58Patrts stwpped it.
01:49:59They will stop it.
01:50:00They will forcehe dolphins to throw, which they can't do very well rht n.
01:50:04Patriots are goi to hammer t dolphins.
01:50:07>> There a few picks.
01:50:08A few mor coming up.
01:50:09Nex littleomething we call the "one cold lead pipe lock" next, "mike a me he " >> espn radio.
01:50:18rushers .. and jared!
01:50:20To celebrate subway continng their famous five-dollar folong, I ought it'd bnice if we all sang the five-dol footlong song.
01:50:26- ( plays note ) - (ingi in perct pitch ) ♪♪ Five ♪♪
01:50:28" five llar five-dollaootlong ♪♪
01:50:32- ♪♪ lo-o-o-ong ♪ - ♪♪t'g-goinstrong ♪
01:50:45Jared: Subway! totresh!
01:52:23>> Matthew berry here withr ike and mikefantasy fix.
01:52:26Some guys I li in nine include matt hasselbeck.
01:52:30He's at me to detroit.
01:52:33Running back jamaal charles takes over for larrynd gets to ce a jacksonville te.
01:52:40Giving up over 120 rusng yards on the ground.
01:52:44Santonio moss gets a falcon team that hasiven up 88 points.
01:52:5088'S a lots.
01:52:51Hey, they miss brian williams and you always py ur tht end against san diego.
01:52:55No exceptions, staevin bous.
01:52:59Some guyi'm not azy about, clben rohlberger on the roado denver.
01:53:03Broncos have allowed oy two uchdown passest home all ye.
01:53:07Thatame game features the number two ranked steeler run defense, whi is why I'm sitting knowshon moro.
01:53:12Sile digit fantasy pointfor urtraight weeks ismong the reass I n't like them against the charrs.
01:53:19Before youet your line, tune into fansy football no we startt 11:30 a.m.
01:53:28com and espn >> iother newsnd not -- >> don't gwhere,se in exactly 60 seconds we're back with the "stoncold lead pipe " ay there.
01:54:10Hurts" ) ♪♪ovhurts ♪♪
01:54:14♪♪ love scars ♪
01:54:18.. ♪♪
01:54:21- Announr:BEFORE Y EVER LOVET... -( tis screh ) ..he nissan altima goes rough over 5,000 tes.
01:54:27..ranked it ghe in initial qua.
01:54:32The new nisan alti.
01:54:34Rrquality you can love.
01:54:36Rr♪ ooh, love hrt ♪♪
01:55:37>> the flowing may shock and disturb you.
01:55:42Bolym may be unavoidable.
01:55:45>> Oh, baby!
01:55:46>> Becse is te nor the " >> a exclusi presentation from "ke a mikin the rnin" a rig, golic.
01:56:00For week nine my themeor this week is eagles are who >> they are who we thoht they were.
01:56:07>> It' been an up and dn start.
01:56:10Mcbb lost the raiders.
01:56:12But I said t eagsere the best team whenhe end of th yea comes they ll be.
01:56:16And this is the week they start improvg the eagles knockff the surgingboys.
01:56:22I will take philadelphia and give the tee.
01:56:24>>Ou guys are nuts.
01:56:26I'm just telling you for your own benefit.
01:56:29You're goi to getourself a cheesteak for that one.
01:56:32I' going too with the indianapolis with the undefted cos take on the houstonexan at.
01:56:39>> You just don't like anybody, do you?
01:56:42>>Exanset ne in this game.
01:56:43>> Nine?
01:56:44>> Nine.
01:56:45>> Too much for my blowd.
01:56:49I think indyould winhis game.
01:56:51It wouldn't sck me if the texans knock off the col.
01:56:55But thas way too myoints.
01:56:57Gimme us and gimme tho points.
01:57:00They come from there.
01:57:00A place called houston.
01:57:02And we will go the too to rule >> san diego's got to gall the y aoss cntry to py t giants.
01:57:11all aboard ♪♪
01:57:16>> you made it.
01:57:17I'm so thrilled.
01:57:17>> The giants have lost tee straig.
01:57:20It won't be four.
01:57:21Ey'rjust too good.
01:57:22The chargs are just too ornary.
01:57:24Ants finally get off the scide.
01:57:27Ey're given fe.
01:57:28Mm the g-men minus fe against san diego >> that's nothing ywu can do about it, you slimey little [bp].
01:57:36>> Giants do gd?
01:57:38Giants too good?
01:57:39>> It uaidt.
01:57:42>> I can't thi strait.
01:57:43>>Hat you watchin how many mor tim areou going toayiants o good >> I said three tim for their ree straight losses.
01:57:51How abt that >> oe every 4 seconds, a man saysomething stupid that a man hearsnd punishes for.
01:58:01>> San diego -- cwmes to town.
01:58:03I agreeme.
01:58:03They're not playing tt well t they'reetting fe.
01:58:06I'llefinitely ta forhe points.
01:58:09>> Because he's smart.
01:58:11>> Will call for the upset as well.
01:58:15>> That wasn'td6 ild?
01:58:18>> A mildould be I'll tak t set.
01:58:20>> You're going t moc m think entsre a really good tm?
01:58:24Are you kidding me?
01:58:25They're playg horrible rht now.
01:58:27>> Elevation has thelanation for this.
01:58:30>> Bad television.
01:58:32>> A that'sur week nine "stone cold le pipe locks.
01:58:37>> There no absoles andur wld is meaniless en it's really your own frdomou detest!
01:58:50>> Gosh!
01:58:51>> Jt insan ike & mike" and the pk "s cold le pipe locks" presented by pk antifreeze.
01:58:57Whenou peak,ou win.
01:58:58If you want hr the "stone cold lead pipe locksagain or check out any previou edition, itn the "mi & mike" page.
01:59:06Aqui puts them together.
01:59:08Great jo putting it ony craig o'brien and kimpossib.
01:59:16Faasy sff.
01:59:17You want tie "mike & mike" fantasy fi you c go to the "mike & mike" page at com, check tha out ®with matthew berry he will geyou ridor the fantasy football wnd.
01:59:29Have to geto the bottom o this caldarhing.
01:59:31Wem to hava lot of disagreement.
01:59:34That plus why the yanes are not the dominant franchise in american srtsistory.
01:59:39That's 60 secds away.
01:59:44>>Ood rning.
01:59:45With your "sportscenter" update, I'm reischea canidate.
01:59:49Two thas correct the tal mber of ges clevend caliers lost a home last season.
01:59:55Off to a pedestrian start for 2009 he is already home for ki james.
02:00:05Taking on e bulls who lost two of their las 11 at clevela.
02:00:09Delonte westinding james for the jam.
02:00:12Vs with a sen-pnt advantage.
02:00:14Second quarter, bus trailing two.
02:00:16Deick rose dirk one of his 11 assists.
02:00:21Jo tugh there.
02:00:23Fourth quarter action.
02:00:24James was one of fou from ree-innd finished with points.
02:00:30Cavsulls within o.
02:00:32But lebron taken the lane.
02:00:34Double teamed.
02:00:34He says heasouled.
02:00:35But tre was nooul.
02:00:37He say it's a call.
02:00:39You think you may get.
02:00:40He didn't.
02:00:41Bulls get the 86-85 win.
02:00:44Straight ahead on this edition of footb friday of "mike and mike in the rning" -the guys willview wee nine in the nfl.
02:00:52Can theaints remain unbeaten?
02:00:55Time to get going on f here greeny and golic.
02:00:59Aptioning madf posble by ] captneby the natial captioning inste org-- >> big hour on this footbl friday a weegue ayrom t 2009 wor series.
02:01:20We stillave tt couplf dierent anglesereut wve t r jaworski, mel kmente we are jam-packed andti in the studio an hourrom now, th's mark schreth.
02:01:31Plentyn the way here.
02:01:32®Pl, I'v got something tt is going topen yo dwrice t current state of american sports.
02:01:37Bu [e're sll tryin to get to the botto of this decade thing.
02:01:42Beuse alof ts qstions aboue yankees the team of theade?
02:01:45Or would it be theed sox or e angels or the phillies or theardinals?
02:01:50Whoever wld be, is t decade over?
02:01:53We c't seem to get to the bottom oestio we asked this question wmust gten 700 e-mailsn the spf tw minut.
02:02:02Give man expnation.
02:02:04>> This one sayst all even though the georgian caar doesn't dunblanehe year zero.
02:02:13>> Overan?
02:02:16>> I didn't see the r!
02:02:18It's a misspelling.
02:02:20In aanta, we g whole differen calenr.
02:02:23>>Ounow what's fun, is atlanta, febary comes aer march.
02:02:28>> It' aisse spelling.
02:02:30>> Let us hear wt t overan calendar says.
02:02:34>> Go -- georgean calda ®says.
02:02:39Georgian calendar says.
02:02:40I says it d't begin with the yearerond if wssume is point tes ze in typicalimeline.
02:02:53Such that the changing from 1 ould be one zero, the dades e in the to a.d. is o year.
02:03:07 is the second year.
02:03:11Whilpeople say the is no year zero, we loot theime from the starting poit must be a times zerot necessarily a year zero.
02:03:20Therefor, mes zero w be the year 1 b.c.e.
02:03:24That's fro the geoian calendar.
02:03:26>> I'm sorry.
02:03:27I almost ok my own life6 >> could you belve someone took the tim to write that ou havehat on onend.
02:03:36And wn tthernd, we ve this fro ty.
02:03:40A welmeaning fellow.
02:03:41Guys, I don't kw if this helps.
02:03:44Myaughter wasorn in 20 and in 2010, she wl be0.
02:03:47>> [Laughter >> tnks, ty.
02:03:50Don't really help.
02:03:51®>> You know what?
02:03:52I like that elanatietter than thene I jt read.
02:03:54>> My dauteras born in 2000.
02:03:58I alady knew she was going t be 10 next yea th doesn'tnswer the queson.
02:04:03But youw what?
02:04:03Maybe in georg.
02:04:04Ll right.
02:04:05Stop it!
02:04:06It was a misspling.
02:04:07>> I likehis.
02:04:08Everyo goes on and says the new york yankees a the mos domina franchise in the histy of american spos.
02:04:13>> Yeah.
02:04:13>> I'm not sure thas ackcomprafment they are the eeminent fnchi inrts but if you look at i yesterday, they won -- or two days ago,heyon their7t ®pionship out of 105 world seeshat have been played.
02:04:28That is a percentage of jus under 26%.
02:04:33The st celticse w 17 of t 63 nba championships.
02:04:39That's 2.
02:04:40Celtics t them b a nose.
02:04:42In facheontreal canadien ha won 23 o the 90 snley cups.
02:04:51You want to get more scifi the yankees have won 27% of the titles.
02:04:56E cadiens, 25.6%.
02:04:59Theankeesust edge montreal and they didn't befe wednesday night.
02:05:04Neould be the laker th'vwon 15 of - excuse me, thlakers, 1 o t 63ba chpionships.
02:05:11That a little lesthan 24%.
02:05:13And thev there's auge drop-off befo youet totball.
02:05:16Steelers havwon six of the 43 super bowls.
02:05:20If y want to g bacthrough the historyf the nfl.
02:05:22Cks ve winefhe 76 championships that havbeen decid since wt to plfs.
02:05:27>> Playoffs.
02:05:28Cause they won three before when there wereo playoffs.
02:05:32>> So no onen ftball is close.
02:05:34Therave been no fowtball franchise that hasn nea as dominant in any oer sports.
02:05:41But by percentage, 2 25, 25, 23, it I the celticsumbe e,he yankeesumr t[o, the cadis numb three, and the rs number four.
02:05:51And shod it go one more a say not oy h many title you won but how many timesou've there?
02:05:58For the celtic, they've won the most title and they' bn to the title game 20 times.
02:06:03Anthe ls bto the championship game 30 times.
02:06:06And the yanke, thi was their th te they've won the peants they've w it 27th times for theld series.
02:06:15How much do u thr that into the equatn?
02:06:18>> Tt's the fto but I'll say this.
02:06:22The larger t sampleize, the more iressive.
02:06:26>> The ykees stand arebter st of time because it has been gog ononger.
02:06:32Canadis, 23-90.
02:06:33T b.
02:06:34105 World serieslayed.
02:06:3790 Snley cup final stanley ps handedut.
02:06:4163 Nba finals.
02:06:43The nfl you gack 76 years if y a going t include the period where there were playoff th used to play a seaso and who are had the bt recd were e champio so that's e way you cou look at it.
02:06:56But lk the sff.
02:06:58>>Haa great discussio >>e were dcussing about it yesterday the post-show meeting.
02:07:03>> What a great discuioo break thereatest srts franchise.
02:07:06>> If youano look at dominance, here'he other w u could look athis.
02:07:11Fankees have won 27 title theext three teams which i don't haven front of me.
02:07:17I think it's the cardinals, red sox, a the a'sav combin to win 26.
02:07:21So they've now won o more than the next three cned.
02:07:27Ltics-kers a veryig.
02:07:29O'next, paularr?
02:07:30Stanley cups after the canadiens th 23?
02:07:33Because we can see.
02:07:35Steelers,arkersey'r -- packers, they' fairly close.
02:07:40I wonderow close the next mos decorated teams are.
02:07:45Bear in nd that I don'tno actly how many of the 90 years thisas the case but theer only six teams f a while in e l.
02:07:51When you tk about t wriginal si sou owthe numbers wil ha beenkewed little lr in t earlier yea ohat leue.
02:08:00But, look, it's no only in the take anything away from t ees.
02:08:03It's a funittle discussion to have.
02:08:05Youould find out about the canadis in the georgian alnac.
02:08:09>>He almanac of keorgia is ov there.
02:08:11What a comple idiotoure.
02:08:13>> It was a misspelling and read it like it s.
02:08:17I'm soy!
02:08:18The toronto mapleeas have won 13 stanley cups.
02:08:21Red ngs wings a next with- waiting fo number get typed inhere.
02:08:29Red wings have 11.
02:08:31" to football we go next.
02:08:33Ron jawski and mel kiper nex " >> eradio.
02:09:10toi ♪♪
02:09:14♪♪ return tre for youand yr guilty pleas.
02:09:18.. ♪♪
02:09:20♪ how ng ♪♪
02:09:22♪♪♪â >> fouh rked iowa returns to action torrow when they host northwestern.
02:09:50College footba on hdnd espn hdomorrow noon eauter>> pviously on "mike andike in t mning" -- >> whatever chanc I hef keeping this sw on track, i will lose cplely next.
02:10:05Do we take his temperature?
02:10:06Yes >> where are w going to that?
02:10:08>> Orall well, that's a disappointment.
02:10:11>>Hey time I came clos ttg into a fight, and you're going tw laugh wt to see ur mccall o broadway.
02:10:23Lukekywaer is not a person, a fictitiousharact >> what?
02:10:27>> One of t gre momentsf human civilion ishi >> weanded on the m >>o, it wasn'that.
02:10:34>> [Laughter] seously.
02:10:35>> He likeposely slamm the door on my wif staceand I got all up in his grill I d.
02:10:41I spped.
02:10:43Would have been proud of me.
02:10:44I thinchicago"on the oscar.
02:10:46>>Hat's not a movie in what w >> I meant -- >> ed heaam left the game in the 13t innin eat playoff aion.
02:10:57In 20 mute, we're bombing the mo.
02:11:00T' go o >> the a-bomb from a-r!
02:11:06>> ♪♪
02:11:08gimme the sign ♪♪
02:11:09>> I understand tt tre's a ®big difffrence in being on a mound in frontf 50,0 rabid fans, whatever it ishousand pele and standing outde seeing lauren mccall.
02:11:27A rock, anowball.
02:11:29Those were conctic bombs.
02:11:31>> You fighting expernce was at broway show.
02:11:33H, by the way the watern estion is.o., not h. 2.
02:11:42Th is horribl head his after the comma.
02:11:46Ed headlam, comma, left the game iv the 13thnning.
02:11:50>> You bomb the mooen to look r water.
02:11:54>> The btom lines 99% of u are really stupi explaithis I a way we cod undetand it for the le o christmas.
02:12:02>> Back I jtne meinh wutit ♪â >> and mike in the morning" on espnadio.
02:13:53We're presented bzrogressive insuncand eveony at th time, it is ourlease to bring in with thathfme music, the start "monday night football" -- staofmonday t footll ron jorski.
02:14:05At did you say every fy.
02:14:09Mr. georgian,k.
02:14:11Today is frida you're on th georgia caldar.
02:14:14>>Es, on the geon calendar, today friday.
02:14:18>> You would find way to mock m for youristake.
02:14:21>> R jorsk jns us the bway fresh take ine.
02:14:24Good morni, geoe.
02:14:25>> I hr that music and you art lling the game.
02:14:28Le it.
02:14:29Pittsburgh at denve monday night.
02:14:31Ha ha, good one >> off vgood o.
02:14:34We're looking forward to that.
02:14:35D so why don we starthere and rk our way around.
02:14:38Me wl looat the thing and say denver bronc crash to rth against the ravens where their defse fally showed some vulnebility.
02:14:47What did you see on the film of went wng forenveand u think they bounce back ainsthe dng chas. >> they will play before.
02:14:57Unfortunately, thedo get the pittsburgh steelers.
02:14:59E sry o tha denver-baltimore game wa ltimore.
02:15:03It rlly washeir sn.
02:15:04They pyed with an incredible sensofrgency.
02:15:07They made some cnges in the fensive scheme and their bye week.
02:15:11They went a little mor zone, lessan-to-man.
02:15:15Yo know, didn't allow the big plays down the field.
02:15:20IT PAID BJG DIVIDENDS F THEMj It caught the broos off with their style.
02:15:25With the steer denver kno actly what they're g to get.
02:15:29It's one of those let's go.
02:15:30It going to be how bad you want i >> we all sta buying into denver.
02:15:36So after that ge,id we fd anything new out about them?
02:15:39Stl think ty're an don't thinkheir offensi li played as lon as the did.
02:15:48Harris was out this week.
02:15:50Th're gogo nd a better game out ofen hamilton.
02:15:55The ravens pushed a lot of people aund.
02:15:58But think, y kno mik you know how it .
02:16:02Sotimes, you need to b you ow, hit in the mouth once in a mouth.
02:16:06The oncos got h in the mouth anyou wake up.
02:16:09Sometimes you read the press ippis and you feel real good and that's a wakup cal >> as far as the sunday schedu, several reall interesting mes.
02:16:18I want to start wit dgo at the giants becausesere o desperate ftball tea.
02:16:22Theseere tea that a lot of people probably pick that as your super bowl bef the yr began.
02:16:28Chargers are wt fee to their annual dappointing start.
02:16:31Giants aer surisin three-ga lingea what he you snrom these two teams?>>h.
02:16:36Primarily th gnts have been the biggest disappointment, starti out 5-0, losing theilast teeand to cerin deges, they'v lost tir equilibrium onffense.
02:16:46Is I a team that h to b fueled by por of runninggame with jacos and bradshaw.
02:16:54That set up t passing for eli manning.
02:16:58The not running the footbl well.
02:17:00I don't kn whas wng wit brann jacobs.
02:17:01He's not running withower.
02:17:03He's not moving his feet and a bias he is, he has to get momentum going en he srtg his feet, he startsoving bacard.
02:17:14And eli manning has me some bad decions.
02:17:16And th's what it boils down .
02:17:17A guy at is point h career, you know, a super bowinr, a should n be makiome of the decisions he's making.
02:17:24He's n ceful with the football.
02:17:25But some of ose wounds are lf-ilicted becau thehave to throw the football and ts frenec in the pocket because he has to throw the otball.
02:17:34Blsown to start off.
02:17:36They've goto run the ftball first.
02:17:38When you lk at saniego, they're il a quality fooall te.
02:17:41In the secondary, they give up too many b plays and make too many mistakes.
02:17:46But you have philip vers, ladainian insonwed a little quickness lt week.
02:17:49The chargers aretill a qlity football team.
02:17:51>> You wonder whenheir full clent is going t show up and do wt evybody tnks.
02:17:57Ho abo baltimore at cincinna?
02:18:00Cincinnati is already -- has already aten baltimore 17-14 in october.
02:18:04Now ty match u thi baltimore teamjust not onl beat dver, they bea them up.
02:18:09Th was a baltimore of there.
02:18:11Cincinnati hasric benson, the mber fourher in the leag.
02:18:16Hodo you see this one breaking down?
02:18:17>>Nd sincehen, very balanced football team,unni the fooall, passing the football, playing good defense.
02:18:24They like toend the run with sevfn.
02:18:27Keep four bacin the sondary.
02:18:28Not a high blitzeamnder densive coordinar mi zimmer. I li t ravsn this game.
02:18:35I think th first match-up won by ccinnati and bti, the ravens became a pas happy foball team.
02:18:41They needo runhe football first.
02:18:43Joe flacco still aoung quarterback.
02:18:46Ceainly devetoping.
02:18:46An outstanding young arterback.
02:18:49But you do want toip the rd o joehave to carry the football tm yet.
02:18:53But with the ravens, it's still about defense an run the ball firs that's what they'll do against e bengals I cinciati.
02:18:59>> And cowboys-eagle a huge one in the n.f.c. east.
02:19:03Are the cowboys with tir three stig wins while the eagles bounce back from an inexplicable loss at oaknd t beat the ants last squk they y get their other bigivional what o you think?
02:19:16>>Ou los thathe eagles had in oland.
02:19:18You're an eagle fan,t's somethg you're going have to veiths young football team.
02:19:24They shouldn't haveost that game to the raider did.
02:19:26Buwhen you look at the tm, thers a lot of young pyers in the football team.
02:19:30Dometes when iou have young otball py, they don't have this sense of urgency every single week that ye to they keep to thinkin we are winng and we ca show u at otball games.
02:19:43It dsn't work tt way.
02:19:44As gds th eagles are playing, they'll have another game or two a you tug what happed to tha football team?
02:19:54An dallas, rom is final beginng to feel cfortable and miles ausn and I thi jason witten is the key toheir football team.
02:20:06When you have an explosive wide receiver and the you're seeing miles austin gting the big plays ofallas cowboys, it is a gaf biglays right now in theational football league.
02:20:15>> "Ke & mike" and js who is brout to you by j.c. penney.
02:20:20Don'ss your chance to get the big savings.
02:20:25Log on vote on which nfl team needs to manp.
02:20:27Ywu get ance to we $3,000 j.c. penney gift cd.
02:20:32We're goingo ve jaws choic and we put them up on the website of o needs to main.
02:20:38Ourhoices are tampa bay buccaneers, because of th last wis teamn thefl, the 49s, becau the coach mike singleta said we are going to make the playoffs, or the brco who sort of crashed down to eartaittle b last week, fell from theanks of the unbeens andecause of a lo of peoplthat didn't b from them in tirst place, maybe they're hearing some doubter >> no doun my mind that the denver broncos need to man up.
02:21:07They did not play physical game that you have to play.
02:21:10You know,gainst the baltimore ravens.
02:21:13Ando and behold who do you got cominin?
02:21:15The ptsburgh steele.
02:21:16You d't man up against the steele, you d't play against a physical gam they ll pound you into oblivion.
02:21:25The denr brcos got to m up.
02:21:27Steelers a bnc, we will al be watching.
02:21:29E u next week.
02:21:30>> Tha you.
02:21:32>> R jawori, depending the da on the georgian calendar, he jns usnce a week via the suay fresh take hotline.
02:21:41Mel per still to ce.
02:21:41Next, wt everyon talng about.
02:21:44" >> "sportscenter" coming up in one nute on >> reischea canidate wit your portscenter" update.
02:22:55Manu gobili in the spurs in utah.
02:22:57Rst spursame since manu's bat swatting weekend.
02:23:03Batting issues here.
02:23:04Ginobili finished with 11.
02:23:06Theazz trying to recer after bling a 1point leadn a loss to dals tuesday.
02:23:12Carlos br hing a great deal to do what theyid o this night.
02:23:15®Working it there the jazz overa, their offense was fantastic.
02:23:20Over5% shooting in that first half.
02:23:23Andoozer, 12-20 from the field as he stepsac for the fade eruncan.
02:23:29Fished wh 27 pnt jazzith a 10-point lead at the break.
02:23:34Four quarter.
02:23:34Dewilliams with the j.
02:23:35He had 27 a weland later, saidoor, the zz g aull 48 minutes of play as he gets the steal and gets it ahead to wes matews.
02:23:46Jazzethe13-99 win.
02:23:49>> Still toome on thisull scalfootball edition of "mike and mi in the morning" -- >>n 20 mine, oee nine picks.
02:23:57Weise abt the fe of the giants.
02:23:58But we ar in complete agreement abo one of e biggest games of the weend.
02:24:02An 30 minutes, it's the " we're ck and bter than ever right a ♪ ♪♪
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02:25:32 ♪♪it's the money you could be saving wi geico.
02:27:14>> What?
02:27:15>> What?
02:27:15>> Wt?
02:27:16>>Hat are youalkingut?
02:27:18>> Hers what eveone's talking about.
02:27:21>> Y know whbt he sd?
02:27:23>> Wh u "ke and mike in " we wt to maksure when y get to work you sound like what re talng about.
02:27:29Re's what they'lle about.
02:27:30And might be bin wh baseball, golic.
02:27:33Yankees, aicker tape parade the victoroes thpoils.
02:27:38Players fin for fe agent sterday including some very >> youot mt holliy, cardins delgado, jonay, garret andern.
02:27:50>> Bay, the left fielderer in d x.
02:27:54Will be replaced by holliday.
02:27:58Anwhile to basketball where the cavaliers lost two games a home all of last year.
02:28:03How manyave ey lost now?
02:28:04>> They've lost two.
02:28:05And last year, tir second game they lostome w the final day of the sson on april 15.
02:28:11So they've g on that number a little quicker this year.
02:28:14They losa close one to the bulls.
02:28:17Lebr thought h got foulen the last playf e gamele didn't happen.
02:28:22Lebronill be in yk city madison square garden.
02:28:24Ofourse the quen is wil that be his home n yea lic, dezryant I going promote he's t ver talend ®wide receiver from oklahom ate whoas ruled iveligibl by t ncaa becse they're diculous.
02:28:39He's gng too p.
02:28:40>>T's t shock.
02:28:41We will have me kiper and talk aboutez bryant who haseen pr much number one on he says hs going to start traing tuesday on tampa bay.
02:28:50He says iespect thecaa.
02:28:52Ey made thr decision.
02:28:53Now iave to mak mine and do what iave to d and he's doing absolutely the rht thing.
02:28:58Cannot believeheyuspended him for a yr.
02:29:01>> And nascar.
02:29:02Fans gettingeady for the big racen sunday and ery friday, rusty wallace gets y s for the actn on "mi & mike.
02:29:08>> The nascar sprint cup series at the texasotor spey.
02:29:14Fast racetck that all the drers seem to lov jimmie johon I looking good.
02:29:1918Point ad leading into the texas race.
02:29:21Los ke jnson's going to wrapphis championsp but i he does, he's got t fend off mark martin and jeff gordon.
02:29:29One ofhem will win this pionship.
02:29:31They're l looking good right no lasteek atalladega, johnson skirted a bullet.
02:29:36He made I through all the ecksnd fished sixth.
02:29:41So look for for a shootout going to tas because this o of the lt chanc tse guys t to wane championship if they' in to untone jns.
02:29:51>> That's sty wallacenmike & mike >> jnson, 128 points.
02:29:59He is on fire rig now.
02:30:00He's about to wrap this thing u unssg in drastic happens >> you will see the action at texas motor speed on abc.
02:30:12And that's what everyone's lkut, mike brarbgts to you by caml's chunkyou hearty, delious, nutti.
02:30:19A -- nritious.
02:30:21A proud sponsor o the fall football tr.
02:30:25Lebron james playing at yankee stadium.
02:30:27Will heo to t yankees parade day?
02:30:30He is infamsly yanke.
02:30:33Wore a ykee hat in playo game in clevend between the yankees and the indians.
02:30:39You kvow I dn't lik that.
02:30:41He's ver good friends with cc sabaia.
02:30:44Sabath is a knicks season ticket holder.
02:30:47So ach of yankees are going to seeebron.
02:30:51But lebron is not going to the pade today.
02:30:53>> But he will see some of the yaees at the garden as -- ere are going to be a lot of s at the garde toee leon.
02:31:01Beuse of t yankees wrappg up the world series theight re, dn't have muchime toet into thi yesterday.
02:31:07Bu thetory by sammith that he is speculang and that's all heeallas sing is, next iear.
02:31:17Forget about all this other f.
02:31:19Lebron will go to takers next year.
02:31:23What an intesting possibility.
02:31:25>> You imagine those two guys geing together?
02:31:28>> He said in new yor new rsey, he wld be taking a step back from the team he's goink to.
02:31:34Th's absolutely rig.
02:31:35Yoreight kobe bant d lebn on the same team.
02:31:40Mean, that would be amazing.
02:31:42>>He other possility a you kn what?
02:31:44I heard charles barkley -- >> shaq would want to get traded l.a.
02:31:495->> Shaq is aactor.
02:31:51He's playi with lebron.
02:31:52And I he barkleyas on with collin cherd yesterday on espn radio and h said that hhink that bringing shaqoleland is briiant, notecause he year which he does not think they will do b all the sq money will come off theooks.
02:32:09He's in the la year of his contcts.
02:32:12Evyone's talng about people rowing money at lebron, h about t cavaliers throwin money at someone to play in cleveland.
02:32:20Bron's going to get what leon's goingoet.
02:32:22He'soing t get it.
02:32:23What areou going to put arod him?
02:32:26Everybody tryin t clear cap space to g lebron and you're solutely right.
02:32:29Ear get peo tlay around him.
02:32:33Cause hwants g be on a eam.
02:32:35Whoreouoing to surround him wit because I agree.
02:32:38Shaq beinghere, I don't think is going to have a whole lot to do shaq hself with whether lebro sts goess far as the me.
02:32:48Because sq's not going to be around inoresable future.
02:32:53Br dsn't wantus win e cmpionship.
02:32:55>> No.
02:32:56E other big free agt nes that wilbevt there chris bosh is that e you think?
02:33:01I don't kno[ aut dwyane wade how about chris bos >> yeah.
02:33:04>> Withebron.
02:33:05Something like that be a unique mbination.
02:33:08Lebron and kobe,hat would be --hat really in its owv w could behe greates dynam duo ithe lgue.
02:33:14You ve to stop and really think out it.
02:33:16But tt really could be and when's theast time the two best players in the league played tethe magic and karee were they the two besters?
02:33:28The cr sort o excuse it.
02:33:29It would be like michael jorn andagic johnson ptaying tother speaking o basketball, d you see isicks?
02:33:38>> I see.
02:33:41>> "G baby" vis who by the ways too hurt to play basketballight now s he was play football.
02:33:47Says I'm going to try it.
02:33:49"I will try i wh bome an all-star in thenb when become great player in the nba, then I will playtb one of dreams has beeno footbal " he playedniversity laboratory high schl baton rouge, louisiana,tarting on the defensive line and taiack.
02:34:07But he cho toaung his cleveland states and -- hg u his cles and play basketbl.
02:34:14He said I defitely uld have de it to the nfl as far asha posio it don't matter.
02:34:21I want to play.
02:34:22Evy time youo yourself, he lks more like a football play than a basketbl playe what do you think?
02:34:29>> F e year he doesn't trite try and do itss to b touer.
02:34:33He says not n.
02:34:34He said I've got otheroa i wantoeach ithe nba.
02:34:41If he'sot goingo try it n, he's only 23, y know, ife's weight throur, fiv years down the road, forget it.
02:34:48Th's not going tapn it.
02:35:01 and randy moss, ey were nowhere near the caber.
02:35:06U ve a couple of basall guys in colle, tony gonzalez d aonio gates played i colleg brock lesnar what who was a eser was a national champ.
02:35:17Weant on to the wwe and m he tried he tri g to the minsota vikings and he got cut fro that.
02:35:25Souys certainly have tried i if he ted it right now, would be a struggle.
02:35:29Ife is waiting until he it feels his n goals which he m or mayot and he waits few more years forget it.
02:35:36He's 26, r years, forket it.
02:35:45>> Hf's bthtic.
02:35:47Good start.
02:35:48>> It is aood start.
02:35:49L's not make itou lik football is so hd.
02:35:52>> Excuse me?
02:35:53>> If he can play in the nba, he's obviously mor than athletic eugh to play in the nfl.
02:35:57>> Exce me?
02:35:58>>Ike, you playedn the nfl >> uerstan that.
02:36:02'Veeen you py basketball.
02:36:05Have trouble beati me.
02:36:06>> Why would one have troub going e other?
02:36:10You think y hav skill s t play basketball givesou ski SE TO PLAi FOOTBALL?
02:36:16Is ces from somne who can't hand water on the field >> I think he can play in the.
02:36:26In >> youust damned him.
02:36:28>> I doave the eye of a scout.
02:36:33>> Ok.
02:36:34>> Let's bring imel kip.
02:36:36It's comup a mat o moments butt's alf-hour on the grgia calenr.
02:36:56♪♪ ♪♪
02:37:00[ laughter ] ♪♪ ♪
02:37:05♪♪ too mh talking out the xt tjme, theext me♪
02:38:46>> still toome on "mike and miken the morning,our week nine picks ps the "stone cold " but fsta back ae ek that w.
02:38:56>> I s just a mixtu of everytng.
02:38:59When syrus made tir run, we stled.
02:39:01>> It's a huge win.
02:39:03It's worth two.
02:39:04>> Ches.
02:39:05>> We executed.
02:39:06>> It wasn't t prettiest win.
02:39:11Me down to chris johnson maki histo.
02:39:13>> Nded to do wt [e needed to do.
02:39:15>> Tt joker's on the other side but he does py the way he's always playe >> they are a greateam.
02:39:23They'll probably conte for the supebowl.
02:39:25>>Bviously, he was bei rcastic.
02:39:28>> Gre rning back, great quarterback, gat tight end.
02:39:31>> W got a lot o concerns.
02:39:34>> Complet embarrassment.
02:39:37>> We didn't tkle.
02:39:37Weee to move on.
02:39:39They're great.
02:39:40>> Y sound ridiculous.
02:39:42Smashed you ihe mouth and y st.
02:39:46>>T's your response t legatis that you have a anger management issue >> really disapinted.
02:39:55>> It's difficultersonally6 >> well, I released statement stday and I goi to stand by it.
02:40:01I wish nascar did somhi.
02:40:03It's a boring race forhe f >> for aariety of reasons, things didn'work out.
02:40:10>> You d bong here.
02:40:12>> I can't think of a better ies be than plang baseball inew york.
02:40:17>> I forgot how it fee.
02:40:21>> Descre 20 forlex driquez.
02:40:23>> A lot of ups a downs.
02:40:26>> It's what you drean abo er since you were a little boy.
02:40:29>> I guess I'm notn idt aftel, huh?
02:40:32>> Nine years.
02:40:34'Re all feeling this whatt feels right n.
02:40:38And I thank god for that.
02:40:40>> Com up in 10inutes, befo you set yr rosters, chec out the fantasy fix with matthew berry.
02:40:48Greeny and golic are back in >> "mikend me in the morning" on es radio.
02:43:14We are present by proessive insurance an every friy at this time, iis our please t welcome in the o and only mel kiper j on t subwafresh take tline.
02:43:23And before wgeto all the college footballames and ything else, mel, helpe explain nothing golic if glen "big by" davis who is 6'9," 290oundu, if he wanted e aooall player, obvisly he would be a dominant one.
02:43:39Everybody know basketball playerareore hlet than football playe.
02:43:46Certai hf wanted to play foball, he would be a julius perps-ese dominating d-linemen,on't youhink?
02:43:53>> Who is saying he would be?
02:43:55>> I am.
02:43:56>> Should I jt reach over and slap him?
02:43:58You can'tume these guys can automatally ste in.
02:44:03The l ds an y guys kw isthey do look at college basketball pyers that are not ®going to gon and beba stars d e who the can bringnto the car.
02:44:13We have h that happenut it's just like athivg.
02:44:16Too gates, usually you ri out.
02:44:21>> And it would happen with b ddif y -- baby, bigaby.
02:44:26>> Whater.
02:44:275%Hbnce if he tri it,nd in up of years, it would be 0%.
02:44:35How about d bryant ifis appeal haseen you should dn.
02:44:38He'soing to tin in tampa.
02:44:39Get ready for the draft.
02:44:40Seemsike the right move.
02:44:42Where do you have him amongst receivs andn your brd?
02:44:48>> It's a sme that hs not playing football.
02:44:52Terms of hisraft stock, it hasn't been affected.
02:44:56If he didn't play ather game at oklahoma state, he wou stil maintain the top 1 what'seally lped him is the fact there's n eliteid receers at are in the mjx he had a minor injury earlier in the seon that's the rson why he didn't maintain thagh first round grade.
02:45:29Brandon lafell was a kid o of l.u.
02:45:30You want to watch out of ala.
02:45:31Alabaas two goo corners.
02:45:4010 Lafell nee a good me.
02:45:44He's t ghatouldneak up there there's ben stle is ath guy.
02:45:50Dez brnt I still believe is the first receir taken detely thas the first receiver taken probably mewhere in the top 10.
02:45:58>> Letesk you more of a selfish questn.
02:46:02Lden sta ishird i receiving yards.
02:46:06Hang a mster year.
02:46:07If he were to come out, wi would be?
02:46:10>> Hs the fth or e sixth highest underclasen.
02:46:14We talked lot about him because th speculation haseen out there if jimmy clausen leas, would golden state leaves in terms of golden ste, they coare him to perey harvin.
02:46:31He's not a explosive.
02:46:32Whenou look at where golden tate would g probabl in that nd round mix on-anthat's specating.
02:46:40I keep hearing, mike, you kw, golden tate, golden state.
02:46:43In this yea of wide receivers not beg spectacular, this mighbe a year of considerate.
02:46:48"Mike & mike" and mel this is -- we're now getting intohe part of the calenda whe we have to askidicous questis like this.
02:46:56And that isou know, when everything settles itself out, we goto figure out who the best teams are.
02:47:03If florida-abama and tas wind out winning out, we already know who's pnger in natnal championsh.
02:47:09but assuming that trere some stunningf toes that goes on ongs those, alaba could s we'll see.
02:47:19Whohoul step io that vacancy as far as being the bes team in america tolay for a nationalhampionship if of the teetubs tir toes?
02:47:28>> I like t.c.u.
02:47:30And howell coached they are.
02:47:32Hughes flying around.
02:47:34Waington, one of the m derrated players in college foball.
02:47:38I like the way they play otball.
02:47:41Ey like tir who zde approach in t.c.u.
02:47:52®I'moping that oren winsut, but I like have a issue wit e system.
02:47:57If my attitude with the system the way I is in ace now, every saturday's so important inollege fowtbal boise state can never fall behind oren.
02:48:05If that's thease.
02:48:06If the rules areefined, boise state beatregon, they have t mainta a position.
02:48:13Oregon wins out, they cannot stoise state ifhe rul in the ncaa, if the hierarchy tel us how great the college football regar season isvery week's a pyo.
02:48:25Ife'she sta since boise state bt o'you can all a team to develop in colle otball, we have to maintain that.
02:48:32I want t see if the keept that.
02:48:39The two big ranks are 16o state and penn state a nine l.s.u. at threelabama.
02:48:46 take out ala and if the d where shouldt t emn the mix ofhi talk?
02:48:50>> Wl, put the rht in there's.
02:48:53Alama has to not be in these closgames that that' aren e fourth arter and undecide ey need their quarterck elroy andones and peako have seuys thatelp out ingram.
02:49:05It's been all mark ingra he'seen a o-manand ere.
02:49:10He's one ofhe eliteeian candidates right now.
02:49:14The defensef alabama is tstandin has quarterback thatan beonsistentfe throws the interception return for a touchdown -- min is one o my favote footballlars, number 28.
02:49:26He's toughaggressi and, helps out big time the pun return ge.
02:49:30If the are beatsyou l.
02:49:31Has chanc has to beat alaba, 13-10, 16-13, that cohappen with tnessee but the have the fld goal ocked.
02:49:40's off, jt n't, I say scr it up.
02:49:44Don't ve abama points off interctions and nt rurns alama en their pnt and if they can, me powero them >> m kiperrought toouy . pepper.
02:49:54 pepper is givin away1 million in tuition.
02:49:59Win big, doctos orders.
02:50:00Who in the spotlight to wi big?
02:50:03>>Eems like we're ioworegon all year.
02:50:09Iowa been surviving and oregon has been winning.
02:50:15How lo do they celrate?
02:50:17Stanford wh a big time back and an excellent fall cch in harbaugh.
02:50:21Can they go in there and stay cused and play toheevel they have ovethe last several we theye been an underdog in a uple of gameshey've won.
02:50:29W they're expected be t attempt oregon, I want them to stay undefeated the rest of e way and onl hadhat one loss to create chaos and complication through this so-called great system college ®football h.
02:50:41>> M alway ready to tea art the sysmveryone else.
02:50:46Thanyou, mel.
02:50:47Enjoy the weekend.
02:50:49>> That's kiper we get y set for theantasy sters as w continue.
02:50:54Mark schlereth in the studios.
02:50:59music ) an speed automatic transmission.
02:51:04One of 1world's firsinnovations.
02:51:08The lexus l inspiring an inry.
02:52:15(announcer)IT'S car .nowadays, a kinds of fosare changing their own oil.
02:52:24D th walma'sunbeatabrices, they are changing whethey get it too.
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02:52:39ú'te b music ) a luxury r that virtuay parks itself.
02:52:49One of 12 worls first invas.
02:52:53The lexus ls.
02:52:54Inspiring an industry.
02:53:03com ntaswith your "mike and mike inhe mornifantasy pick.
02:53:08Some gs I like include matt sselbeck.
02:53:11He's at home t detroit.
02:53:13D running back jamaal charles tas er larry jnson in and as reward, gets to faceacksonville team on the ground.
02:53:24Santana moss gets a falns team that isiving up 88 points to the last two weeks.
02:53:3188 Is a lock.
02:53:32Th misd brian williams and you alway play you tight end agaitan diego.
02:53:37Recepon to start.
02:53:39Some guy'm not crazy aut inudeenoethliurger on the ad at denver.
02:53:43Broncos allowednly two touchdown passet home all year.
02:53:47That se game ftures t number two steeler runefen whichhy I'mti knowshon moreno.
02:53:53And singleigit fantasy points for four straight weeks for the gits steve smith which is one of the reasons ion'tike him againsthe chargers.
02:54:00Before you set your lineup, tune and we go com and espn2.
02:54:12>> In oer "news and notes" -- >> don't go anywhere.
02:54:44Cae in exactly 60 secds, we're back with the "one ld " stay there. tre.here. there. there. there.
02:55:52There. the there. there. there. there. there.
02:55:54 t >> we+ve goo great nba ub-headeon esptonight -- >> ouruddy markchreth will be ithe studio a couplef nutes her loing te the big nfl weekend and doing a littleomhing we ha trufals a pickames and dostone co leape " a lot ofeople gotheir fantasy rters don't do it until hr this.
02:56:35Our fantasy freak.
02:56:37>> Yes.
02:56:37>>Ove a good sret.
02:56:41secret, secret,'ve got a se ♪
02:56:43>> it's even bette when ion't know.
02:56:47>> Noby ows golic is addict on the lifetime channel.
02:56:51A last minute race to airport or a pubc aration of love oen I the form of a so >> here's my best fantasy secret I ven't share this before.
02:57:02com the ntasy footba page, there's a tinyittle in that says point against.
02:57:08It's cckful of ftasy goodsnes it tells whi team giv so you know who tolay.
02:57:16U kn eagles and vikgs are both veryood defenses.
02:57:19>> I say yes.
02:57:21>> They give up mor points to opposing tightnds than anye.
02:57:24If you'reumped because olsen and gates play detroit.
02:57:28He actuallyetter o against minnesota or philly.
02:57:32>> Brillia!
02:57:33>> A yourobably guess that the rams or oakland or tpa wi get run on butuffalo ves up the most points opposing fanta run bacms.
02:57:45Lliawet the bed until hwas 12 and -- liam wet the bed and can't ink draft bee asour fantas freak,'m erik seli.
02:57:59>> I lov tha com and ay free fay footbal D CATCH ERI AaHE HOSTS THE Fantasy football now every sunday onspn.m from 11: Easter time.
02:58:16You ca gets themike & mike" fantasy f wit our senior fanty anyst matthew berry >>ould have been the things at makes you d in sports.
02:58:26E of thoses talking abo ur fantasy team when you're at a real gam I got thisere from beth in nashville.
02:58:33I still can't get to theottom of- is theecade ending or not?
02:58:38>> I have the ansr but go ahead.
02:58:40>> What it?
02:58:40>> When you talabout the 1980's and the 1990's,ou tk about 1981989.
02:58:46When y talk about the 1990' it dent ilude 1990.
02:58:52>> Ok.
02:58:53So wha you're sayg is decade startfd in the year 2000.
02:58:57>> 2000.An finishes this year.
02:59:002010 Starts e next decade.
02:59:02Thenly problem is if you rend that- >> don carebout tha when we talk abth 1990's, we tk aut 1990 to999.
02:59:13>> When I teach numbers, I use money.
02:59:16Count down 10 pennies the 11th penn srtthe ne 10 count.
02:59:20Zero is not a startingumber.
02:59:23Every number gre thanne that ends in zero is.
02:59:27She's right.
02:59:27Ifou count out 10 pennies -- >> technically,he rig.
02:59:33But the w wok atecades is --ite right.
02:59:37>> I need 607 seconds to recover " >>ood morning.
02:59:49Wi your "sportscenter" uate, I'm reischea canidate.
02:59:51O that's correct the total mber of games the cleveland valiers lost at home last season.
02:59:54Off to a pedestrian start for 2009-2010,ome is already a home for ki james tang on thllwho lost two heirast 11 at cleveland.
03:00:09In the fir half,avsdelo we finding james for the jam.
03:00:13Up fiv cavs with a seven-point advantage.
03:00:15Second quarter, bulls trailing o.
03:00:16Derrick dishing one of his 11 assist joimoah there.
03:00:23Foth quarter action.
03:00:24Mes was one ofr from three-point land.
03:00:25Fied with 25oints.
03:00:30Vs pl within one.
03:00:32T lebron taken the lan he says he was foud.
03:00:35But there was no foul.
03:00:37He sayit's a call.you thk you may get.
03:00:39®He dn't.
03:00:40Bulls gee 86-85 n.
03:00:44Straighthe on this etion of football friday of "mike and mike in e mornin -- the guys ll preview week nine ithe nfl.
03:00:52Can the saints remain bebten?
03:00:54Time to get you goinon iday.
03:00:55Here's greeny d golic.
03:00:58[Captiing made possible by ] captioned by the onal captioning institut org >> as usuly the case, we willine up m cfusedft this shothan we were athe beginng.
03:01:14"Mike & mi," espdio, presenby progrsi insurance, live on tv, on esp.
03:01:18Ou buddy mark schlereth getting mforble in t studio.
03:01:22We seem to be getting no closer to t awe tour dilemma.
03:01:26>> We havehe ans you ju don't wt to liste to it.
03:01:31>> I don't think I agree with you.
03:01:33The yankees are the team of decade aing thefcade i w over as far as baseball is concerne if the decad I over, then the yankees are the team of th decade.
03:01:41They made the playos the most times and theyere onof two teams to win more than one world series.
03:01:46So they are clearly the teamf e deca.
03:01:49Unsshere's another year left in the decade.
03:01:51We contie toebat that.
03:01:53Both of you guys arebsolely coce rk slereth, welcome, absolutely convinced that the decades or.
03:01:58It srts like if the started 1999, that's i >>bsely.
03:02:07>>Hen the miracle on ice >> 1980.
03:02:10Hat decade was that?
03:02:12O that's i c o 0 or 1 a.d.
03:02:20>> It only matrs when youant it to matr.
03:02:23>> So let's not make it confusing.
03:02:26 t'sse tiss mentality there.
03:02:31Ep it sim, stupid.
03:02:34Ma schleren the studio.
03:02:36Mark, wderou emotis, we'rabt twors from the ampionship parade I newk.
03:02:42Mike alwaysalks aboutow jealous, envious he is watchg the celebratiov at the end of a championip game of a sort.
03:02:50He says he neverot close.
03:02:52, He got a lot closer tn i di 99.9% of us will ner get that.
03:02:58What are those playe loong forward to today?
03:03:02®What's the experience?
03:03:03>> The thing you haveo understand aut a season, the season isuc a grind y really become aamy.
03:03:09D it's very ch like this sh.
03:03:11You guys are connected.
03:03:13And I kno y'all argue likeld married cples you guy a connected and the guys tha are this show are connect a when something great hpenso you, you start to looathe rerney you seeor me, the reality of it is tre were a lot of things that youad too througha lot of toh times there were s thingin the locker room that probay didn't get out.
03:03:35The were some things that were tough toealith but y overcamell tho tngs.
03:03:39So you see a player,ouee thtire journ.
03:03:42A lot of peo just see oh, yore t champio >> finished product.
03:03:45>>Ight the finish product.
03:03:47U seehe ente journey.
03:03:49So when you actuay gogh at pade and you're actuall ing celradyhat communy and you'ron the buseand the fans are lining the streetu and they're auding tha aieves, you start tohink bk to everhing that itook toet ther u saw t whole jrney.
03:04:08U we part of that whole joury.
03:04:10®Ands an emotional thing.
03:04:11It'sn overwhelmin thing.
03:04:12And wn yo see t players really - t reay become a little bit moreuman during th time bse think a those emotions kind of ovee you and then you want to give ba toho fans and just uay y,nks,.
03:04:26I was glad th I got to be a part of this thing and I'm glad that we get TO TODAY, REALLi Share it with.
03:04:31And sot's an amazing -- amazin amazing thi.
03:04:37>> You're t team celebrating the field and therere friends at are losin still ceating onhe field.
03:04:45What is theireaction?
03:04:46Ho dispont are they?
03:04:48>> For t most par they're upset, very upset.
03:04:50And you get to thatoint.
03:04:52I mean, obviously, ias blessed.
03:04:54I never lost one.
03:05:12Thboom line is youthe last team to lose and iturts.
03:05:16And you know what?
03:05:17It'snef thosehinghat gu boue back from.
03:05:19Questn about it.
03:05:20But yoseehem.
03:05:21After ehaiohi, you go to thero bowls or whaver and you see the guyt hurts anit hurts for a lon time.
03:05:29>> "Mike &e," mark schlereth let's turnur attenti to some footba here.
03:05:34We will do true false withark here in e studios gng all arou the national football league.
03:05:42Several very interesti statentseing made by differen pple around th n.
03:05:45I want you toear this first one.
03:05:46Beuse when youust see three words pulled out of a q, sometimes th stopou dead in yo tracks.
03:05:52Yesterday, I walkinground and on my blackrry wex get the ho list and I see giants coa " your first of this ge again san o a one-gameeaso I thought wow.
03:06:06He's phe all his chips on e center of the tle and decides this game ishe season.
03:06:14Here's the qte in context.
03:06:15>> We ve a bye comg up.
03:06:19Fortely, we didav a bye where you would like to have a by we hav a one-game sche becae there is one game a then you do have aye.
03:06:26So what would you look for be that oneame?
03:06:29Thers one game and let's put all our energ and all our focus to that and do the best jobe can an reinforce ourself to the practice field, not be sentive all to theirmstances that have taken place theriticism that's cing fort.
03:06:44>> And itoes onrom tre.
03:06:47The mosmporta par ise's not saying the w season depends wnhis game.
03:06:52He'saying waveill of rig our tire focus is on this me.
03:06:56The players are think too d becse thech setimes will danglet out there, yo win, you get a more days o on the bye wk.
03:07:03And if you lose, you don+t.
03:07:04And I'm telng you, guy really at tim rally aund that.
03:07:08>> There no question abo th.
03:07:11When he ss we have a o-game seon, and, you know,oes on to crify, we' got the bye week afterhis, I'm here to tell ywu.
03:07:18Th've t a oneame sson.
03:07:19I agr.
03:07:20A I prose you though thatind ofurbs that one-ga season h commentary there curbst and lessens the efctive of the that, in the locker room, there'so lessening efft.
03:07:33They're talking abo this being do or die.
03:07:36This is what I love about this me it's kind of movg day.
03:07:39Within you look ahiime and this is th grind othe nfl gets tough.
03:07:44Becausat the binningf the ason, there you foreyment the start of the new season.
03:07:48We got ahanc to win the championship.
03:07:51Afr or 11 games, mike, you know this.
03:07:53Afr 10 o 11 games youee th lig ahend of the tunnel.
03:07:59The pyoffs are so farway that there's really no light after the e of the opportunity.
03:08:04Is is the time where teams either gri it out,akeome tough wins and set themselves up for a playoff push or teams fo.
03:08:11And me, this is -- this is their mustin.
03:08:14This is their seasn a nutsll.
03:08:16That it n change.
03:08:17There's uestion.
03:08:18T goingntthe bye week wi a loss, fourtraight losses, it woul devastating to this team >> a after the bye week, how abouthis?
03:08:25Atlant denver, dalla and ph.
03:08:29I mean,t's right back into the fire after tye.
03:08:30>> Willot beas ta a short time-out.
03:08:33A coupl of very interesng sound bites.
03:08:36E from a halam a one from a playerho put himself in a crofire.
03:08:41U will hear fromhat and we will do trufalse with mark schlereth inhe studio.
03:09:47>> en di>> espn >>spn >> >> espn radi>> espn espn espn spn espn espn espn espn espn espn >> espn radi >> preously on "mike and mike in the morning" -- >> whatever chan I have of eping this son track, will lose completely next.
03:10:15Do we take his temperature?
03:10:16>> Yes.
03:10:16>> Whe are we going to that olly.
03:10:18>> Well, that's disappointnt.
03:10:19>> The only time I came close gettinto a fight, you're going to laugh, I nto see lauren ba call on broadw luke skywalker is not a peon, a ctitious character.
03:10:32>> What?
03:10:33>> One of the great moments of human civilizations this.
03:10:37>>E laed on thmo!
03:10:38>> No,t wasnhat.
03:10:39>> [Laughter seriously.
03:10:44>> He like purposely slamm the door on my wife stey and I got alup in his grle.
03:10:48I did.
03:10:48I snapped.
03:10:50U woulhave bn proud of me.
03:10:51I think "chicago" e osr.
03:10:52>> That's not a movie.
03:10:54>> In at ways?
03:10:55>> I meant -- the play >> eheadlam left the game in th13th inning.
03:11:05Grplayoff action.
03:11:08In 20 minute, wee bombing th moon. let's go on.
03:11:11>>He ab om a-rod >> ♪♪
03:11:18mme thsi♪♪
03:11:20>> I undstd that the's big difference in beinon a mound in front of 50,000 rid nswhatever it ishousand people atenway park and being stanngutde seeing lauren bacall.
03:11:31>> You think?
03:11:33>> ♪♪
03:11:33just ge it to me,lease ♪♪
03:11:37a rock, a snowball.
03:11:38Those were connecticut bombs.
03:11:40The moo waseing hit wh the equivalent of ck.
03:11:45>> Your fightixperience was badway ow.
03:11:46>> Oh, by e wa the water in 2 o.
03:11:49this is horrible.
03:11:49He had h after the comma.
03:11:52Ed headlam, comma, left e game in theh in.
03:11:54>> You bomb the on to look for water.
03:11:58>> The bottom line is % of us are really spi plain this in a y we could understand it fothlo of ristmas.
03:12:10>> Back inusone minute wi m ♪♪
03:14:01>> "mi aike in the rning" on espn radios brght to you byan huese at j.c. penneys.
03:14:08Voice yr oice at jcp .com/fs.
03:14:18Stop it.
03:14:20 penney is proudponsor of the "mike mike" fall football tour on es radio6 sorry!
03:14:25>> It's ok.
03:14:26John in cincinnati says guys, a millennium is a tusand years.
03:14:30Sie the first millennium began wi the year one, e lt year ofhe first millenniuwas 1,000.
03:14:35The last year of the second millnium was 2 thok.
03:14:39The trd millennn begin in january 1, 200 heays a decan start at y time you want it.
03:14:44Yes, y can.
03:14:45>> But a milium ends at the d of t year0.
03:14:49Which is wha they said in "seinfel" y2k didn' start when we made i.
03:14:59>> Whenou book the hotel, did you bo it for t millennium ne year?
03:15:03>> As a matter of fact, I did.
03:15:04>> That's interesting because as everyone knows since there iso year zero, the millennium doest begi until the year 2001.
03:15:11Which would make your ptyne year late and this, quite lame.
03:15:18-- Thu quite lam >> oh!
03:15:21>> Oh!
03:15:21>> I love the o.
03:15:23>> I thinkheay this is, e that may tecically be right, we may be in a situation where somethink thnically is right buit's not the way it's lookedt.
03:15:33Because we don't look at it that mark schlereth running through some intesting sound bites and we will g through true-fse I a minute.
03:15:42To coughli ane-ge season againstan die now hn rgins was on showtim with chris collins worth.
03:15:53He is a hall of fame football playndt times has been known to ba little out there this one is aittle out will.
03:15:59>>His a bad guy that owns this team.
03:16:02I'll tl you tt upfro.
03:16:03A bad guy.
03:16:04>>O are you sg a b g in the l needs to take look at him?
03:16:09>> Let meut I this way, cris.
03:16:11Thisson's heart is dark.
03:16:13This person's heart isark.
03:16:15I don know.
03:16:15Where you g with that wre do you with that?
03:16:20>> Ro's scari m a lite bit.
03:16:22Ut rigo is, you know, stud shaspeare ande was on soap era.
03:16:28That wasoap opera-esque, was not?
03:16:31>> Yeah.
03:16:32>> Ts person's dk.
03:16:34>> Who >> ♪♪
03:16:37that's rig.
03:16:37I was like wow, and, you know greg wsh, they defensive coordinar came out in support dan snyde and said'v been here hower uany years I've been here.
03:16:47I've nereen rigo ithis building >> yee.
03:16:49>> A so that lends some edence to dan snyder.
03:16:56It's one thi toricize sody and I know he used to work for dan sder,ndo you have a persptive at was a littleit over the top.
03:17:05>> It crossedhe line.
03:17:07You can sa anything you wan about the otll aspect avd theyo need sweepin changes d danielnyde needs to step back.
03:17:15It's not working with him or withinny cerrato it's just not.
03:17:20>>How me an orgizationha has an ownhat comes out and addresses the media and talks about players or talks about free agencz or talks about -- and I'll show you a ctain amnt o dysfunction within at oanizion.
03:17:32U don't ever see t rooneys come o and say willie parker's got a toe injury.
03:17:37I don't know if he's going to placemfnt you see that in dallas altheime.
03:17:41That guy does have three super bowl trophies but haven't won a ayoff game sce 2006.
03:17:49>> You appoint pple, a then you empower people and the you get out of the waz a let real foball people actually coach and mana yr footbl team.
03:17:58>> Meanwhile,peing oj those wboyhabrino our thsoditehis is roy willia, the er who certainl raid aot of eyebrows we didn't touch because it was the day after the world series ended.
03:18:11Roy williams saying how I'm stilthe number one recver here despite the fact that miles austin I playing at a pro bowl level and roy willis is most certainl not.
03:18:18M ill the number o ceiv here had comme that soded the tony romo was ng him the bal no[ u could rd the a number of different ways.
03:18:27I'm not going to rye and put thoughts in hisd.
03:18:30It ctainly sounded something that m he said by the previo we receiver in lafmen r willis said i not him.
03:18:38 and I don't know w peo wit putti me in tha categy.
03:18:44I'm happy to win.
03:18:45And I don'terstan why people just don't just say ok.
03:18:48And just leave itlone.
03:18:50T, you know,'m a professional fooall player d try to get this thing right.
03:18:54O I guesshat I would say ® know, the the old line, you waed to be president.
03:19:00Yonted to play forhe cowboys.
03:19:04Yomake comments like tse when you're playing for the dallas cboys and everyone in america is going to notice.
03:19:08>> Absolutel and it comes back to ts.
03:19:11Don'shine the whi hot splight on yourself and be upset wn somekeletons g exposed.
03:19:17And om line with roy williams I listen, you want to be the nbe one right now, you're not the numberne.
03:19:22Miles austinas bece t number one becse why?
03:19:24He's takendvantage of the opportities th had been gin him.
03:19:27You ok at roy williams with 1 catcs right n.
03:19:29I see dro I see two or three drops game every game.
03:19:32Right here.
03:19:34Drotch tre's 15.
03:19:36Ok thers number 50.
03:19:38He's numr0.
03:19:39You see that on a csient sis with royilliams.
03:19:43And start ming plays f y team and things will work themselvesut.
03:19:49Hostly, who is the true nber one receiver?
03:19:51>> Jas w .
03:19:54>>Nd, you know, jam can say he's number one all he wants.
03:19:57If you want to say y're numbe on and have thatitle, fine, byn the fld, you're not.
03:20:02>> You can't speak it into scompins.
03:20:03>> Yea you can't.
03:20:04>> I want to an unders model.
03:20:08Until somebody com with an underpants modeling crarkts I'm not an undernts model.
03:20:13Know what'm saying.
03:20:14>>Ou clde theex mar mark.
03:20:16>>Ea >> you cou bearky mark schleretnning around.
03:20:22For everything dlasport, log on to espndallas.c.
03:20:28Logn espndallas.com.
03:20:33Ofslway imitated d never dlicate it's espn true-e.
03:20:39" Hurts" ) love hurts ♪
03:21:14♪ove ars ♪♪
03:21:18.. ♪♪
03:21:21Announr:BEFORE YOUR LOVE IT... -( tires reech ) ...theissan alma goes through over,000 tests.
03:21:28..ranked ihighest in itial qlity.
03:21:32The new nissan altima.
03:21:34Rrquality u calove rr♪♪ ove hurt ♪♪
03:22:14>> in 30 minutes, it's the " we're cknd better tha er right after .
03:26:08>> it's time f another edition " an exclusive presentation of us, "mike a mikf in t morng" on pn radio I le this.
03:26:23It where I makf sers of prock vktive statement about the national otballgue and goc and marschlereth tell us if those sments are true or false.
03:26:33Golic,rue false?
03:26:35The colts and saints will remai undefeated ts we.
03:26:38Colts are laying the texs.
03:26:40Saints are pying carolina.
03:26:41That they're both goi to.
03:26:44The texans can give t colts a little r for their money hundred's playing wel ifne were to happfn, would that coulden a los column for t cts.
03:26:52I'm going to say true.
03:26:55>> I goirue as well.
03:26:57Onef theans I think hovston, bigge gameheir frchiss hisry.
03:27:01T peytomaing d not play we lt week.
03:27:03I mean, he still won the game but he missed two, three uchdownsp townhe field.
03:27:08He rectifi tha I think both of those undeated teamsem uted.
03:27:12>> Bhlaying at home ts weekend.
03:27:15Milesustin us th bes receiver on theowboys.
03:27:19>> True.
03:27:22 sd - >> are youone?>> nicel done.
03:27:28>> The best tcher is the j itself.
03:27:31Th's one of his quotes an auin miles has got tha job d heas becomewesome.
03:27:38He is by farhe bt receir on the team.
03:27:39>> Golic -- >> he's the best wid receiver.
03:27:43Th besteceiver is jason witten >> royilliams was a top fickhe nfl dra.
03:27:56Les aust was undrafted, undrafted -- >> s was kurt warn.
03:28:00It just happens.
03:28:01Everyow andhen, guy fall thugh the cracks and ty don't shotheir pential uil certain times and miles aus is one of them.
03:28:09Next, the eagles with theest te in e n.f.c. east.
03:28:11>> That's truth giants are hurting.
03:28:15They play sadio and then they have a bye and another tough four games.
03:28:19Dallas islaying extremely well rightow but theyould be hot and cold but they are hot rig w.
03:28:25D philadia is theest team the difference playing well ey're doing it without brian westbrook.
03:28:30Mcnabb is playg wl.
03:28:32Reegs the besteam.
03:28:33>> I agr.
03:28:34E eagles are the best team rit now and they've gone through some injuries they play a lot of diffent guys.
03:28:41They have gotten opptunities all of a sudden, youee maclin esean jackso h bn lievable.
03:28:49They areightow theesteam he.f.c. east.
03:28:51>> Eagles-cowboys is sunday nit.
03:28:53We will ck that game in "stone cold tead pipe lockstone.
03:28:59The loserf chargers-ants will miss the plaff ®>í'm going to say that's true.
03:29:05Thes a two teams right now.
03:29:06This is where theubbe meets theoa is game right here.
03:29:11You have got to set yourself up theiant sedule after the bye wee is so tnk y.
03:29:15This is it.
03:29:16You've got to win ts gam if yore going to contie to ess on towards the playoffs.
03:29:19>> Gol?
03:29:20>> I'm gngay false.
03:29:23I' say true on the g .
03:29:25U ve two teams on the dallas side.
03:29:27But I wl say fse on the san ego side.
03:29:30Denver's playing pittsburgh.
03:29:31I c s another lossre.
03:29:33®En if san diego loss, they will still playenver again.
03:29:36So I sll say potential, they could catch denver I they start playing bter.
03:29:40>> We will go head-to-head on that game in th upcing "stone " right now t "true-fse" w " mark schre, you're next up here true oralse?
03:29:50Mpa bayl get its fst win this week?
03:29:53The home ast the green bay packers.
03:29:55They're going staheir rookie quarteack.
03:29:57There's always problems with at.
03:29:59Road t he.
03:30:03When you srt as rookie quarrback and you coue inhe mile of the sson y can't practice that on -- y c practicehat on the 1- practice field.
03:30:17They're ing to lose.
03:30:18Green bay certaly after losing out to minnesota t, they could probly playn for a wild cardpo airirs bt up but ty w't facer the pass rush near minnota.
03:30:30Packerse care business.
03:30:32>> Golic, carson lmer wl be t ravens againn sunda he's-3 his career against baltimore.
03:30:38>> That's false.
03:30:39Like balti in thisne.
03:30:40Theidefenst hammered denver I kwar h been --lays gainst theu.
03:30:47Dricstead number four rusher in the league- cedric benson the numr four rusr in t league.
03:30:55Last wk, they were tir of harg how great the broncos fense was.
03:31:02Boy, they put a hamme on th denver broos and lastame-time t played, cedr benson was the first ruback to gover 100 rds 4 contestu.
03:31:10They have something for that too.
03:31:12They're a prideful group I think ravein.
03:31:15>>Hiis ove of the stories of the week arod the natial football league.
03:31:20The nation organizatio f won is asking the question why tom cable notuspeed by the raiders whi they are conduct an iestion madey his ex-wife and anoer woman at he bthemany, many yearsgo.
03:31:32This would go back.
03:31:33He has died I a case of anyone besideshe one woman in whh he ss he hit her wh an open " tom cable should be suspended pending th investigation nding envestigaon of this violence.
03:31:49Ey'r allegions athis point, right?
03:31:51If they're proven true and t organizati finds theto be true, th certainly.
03:31:56Th it'sime to act.
03:31:57Bu at th point,hey ar allegatis.
03:32:00And I think you heo give the benet the doubt during thos allegations.
03:32:03>> I agree.
03:32:05Heold h stories.
03:32:07The's other allations against m.
03:32:08If they turnut to be true, 's going to be looking at from the rairs.
03:32:13Righnowhat's correct allegations.
03:32:15Let him coa until we find out more.
03:32:17Ikipping one here becse I want to savehat last for after th"true-false.
03:32:22True or false?
03:32:23Lic, t decad ends at the end of ts year.
03:32:26>> Yes!
03:32:26How ever technically it's ld out, the way w discuss decades froicts980-1989.
03:32:36R010tartthe next decade.>> stink?
03:32:38>> Thais tru I totally agree with golic.
03:32:41Veryoodommon sense.
03:32:42>> And that is "ue-fal" with us here, "mike and mike in the morning" on es rad.
03:32:47Mark schleth in the udio with us.
03:32:48The one that I sed.
03:32:49®I decide I wto take out o that context a hava broader nversati.
03:32:54"My night football" is eelers at broncos.
03:32:56Ryanlark I aafety the eelers.
03:33:00There's lot of discussn as to whether onot he should travel a play in this game.
03:33:04Clearly b game fo thoe tes.
03:33:06T ryanlark h a medic coition, which he was not previously aware he last time he wen and played in denver in that altitude, it nearly killed h.
03:33:16He hadajor complicatio as a su.
03:33:18He hasohis point, not anuncehether he's planning on playin playing ithe me thimoay nig or not.
03:33:26W hpitalizedhen mplica sickle cell trait prevenygen fromlowing hi spleen.
03:33:33Heufred major, major ramicationsedicly andid geinely almost lose h life.
03:33:39The questi is if you were in his shoes, wou youn consider gngo py this me?
03:33:44>> Yes, ild I wod conder it butould consider it after I hady conversations.
03:33:54It depends on what the doctors say.
03:33:55Is tt going to put my life in jeopar if the doctors are sing this could be something that is jt a once-in-a-lifime freak cident or heythe potential thisappening again I real, e pottial of it happening again is real, then I thi i would veo e.
03:34:12R that, I mean, this is life we're talking about and if it' anyere nea that that ino way play.
03:34:20All the crk's tmmates are urging him tokip the game.
03:34:23Even he pleed wit the steers to play, the steelers would probably be reluctanto take a chance on it as well.
03:34:29There's nohance.
03:34:30There's one thing towing out a knee or blowing out an elb, bvt there's not a chance.
03:34:36If the docto say it's posble this cld happe again, not a chan.
03:34:40>> Here's t o sentenchat ends the dcussion fore.
03:34:43Ile doctorsold him lt week he could play, clarkaid no one coul tel hre io risk in plang.
03:34:51Sten he's got a wife.
03:34:52He's got oer conderations.
03:34:54It's a footbl game.
03:34:55At the end of theay, I kw you guys make it life deatx because you pled iand I g it.
03:34:59I do t.
03:35:00I live and die with this stuff and this is my livin talking abt football.
03:35:06We must not lose sht that i is a football game.
03:35:10I do not think the seler ®shld allow h the option.
03:35:12It's one thi fim to -- i can ge where itightdiffict.
03:35:16Doctors are telng him that we don't thk anythg ba will happ.
03:35:19I can see where height be complacent.
03:35:24The steelershod takehat cision offis plate.
03:35:26Sa we love you.
03:35:27Le urttitude.
03:35:29We know youwowled this.
03:35:31You're deaivated.
03:35:32>> Right now in pice, safetire getting rdyo play.
03:35:36He'ssually a real upbeat guy.
03:35:39He says he' gng over tex andff.
03:35:42I dothink there's any way he's playing I this game >> I a great point.
03:35:46Eelersuld takeutfis hands.
03:35:49Yo sacrificed.
03:35:49You're a greatlayer.
03:35:50You are r guy.
03:35:51U're not playgrounthis week.
03:35:53>>O home.
03:35:54Not en traveling go home.
03:35:56>> I don't think it's even enough to say toim listen, you' not comfortable playing, then don't.
03:36:01'Ll ve no problem wit that'sotnoug u're stillting the onus on hi and there'she quote he is quoted a sayg heas the right to s- he's waing for someone to tel him tt.
03:36:13The eelers should tell him you're not pying >> it's kind of like w you get knocked in the hea wh the sideline andr tea takes your helme from you.
03:36:22Th why ty -- wt they edo do I here.
03:36:24>> Mark schlereth, tnk you for coming.
03:36:26®>> Always my pleasure.
03:36:28>> You are man.
03:36:29We willatchpn th big stories around the nba and pickingfl ges against theo.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.
03:38:42>> Still to come on "mike and mi in the morning," our week nine picks.
03:38:45Plus t "stone ld lead pe " but first, a loo bk at th week thawas.
03:38:53>> I sawust a mixture of everything.
03:38:54When syracuse made their run, we stled.
03:38:58Is a huge win.
03:38:58It'sorth two >> ches.
03:39:00>> We executed.
03:39:01>> It wa'the prettiest win.
03:39:02Came down tohris johnson making history.
03:39:05>>E needed to wha needed to >> that joker's on the other side b he does play e way he's always played they'll obly contend for the super bowl.
03:39:19>> Obvious, he was being sarcasti >>reat running baek, great quarterback, gat tight end.
03:39:26>> Wgot a lot concern >> complete embarrassment.
03:39:29We didn tackle.
03:39:30We need to move on.
03:39:33>> I'm serio.
03:39:34They're great.
03:39:36>> Y soundidiculous.
03:39:42>> What'your respoe alletis at y have an anger management issue?
03:39:45>>Eally disappointed.
03:39:47>> It's ffict personally.
03:39:51>> Well, I relsed a staten erday and I'm g to stand byt.
03:39:58>> I wish nascar d sothin it's a bing race f the fans.
03:40:01>> For a variety of reason things didn't wo out.
03:40:05>> You don't belong here.
03:40:06>> I can't t of b better flies be thaplaying baba inew york.
03:40:13>> I fgohoit feels.
03:40:14>> Descre 2009 for alex rodriquez.
03:40:17>> Lot of ups d downs.
03:40:22Is what y dream about bo >> I gss I'm not an iot after all,uh?
03:40:27>> Nine years.
03:40:29We're all feing is what it feels right w.
03:40:32And I thank god for th.
03:40:36Coming up in 10es bere youet your rosters, ect thfanty fix with matthew berry.
03:40:41Eeny andolic are back st aouple of minutes.es.es.es.es.es.es.
03:40:46u are fferent from you, anyoare tryin'o forgetabout work♪♪♪ [ Piano whe you are workgte again, d you ss yr kids, and you miss t waveu, and you nt to are,♪♪♪ Pop ] d you want to think, and yoartrng to rember and you are tryi to forget and you have come to reazethat you don't ndto a phone, you need a pne that getsou.
03:41:10d you.nd you.
03:41:12d we are HTC.
03:42:49Fourth randow returns toacti tomorrowhe they hos northwestern.
03:42:54College football preseed by ca.com on espn and espn hd.
03:42:58Tomorrow noon eastern.
03:43:03Re "mike and mike in the morning"n es rad start picking some fooall games agns thepread in just we will do "stoncold lead cks"stone.
03:43:15Will dondnapolis-hoton, giants-charger I want to get into some air balls.
03:43:22Baseball behus.
03:43:22We'r going to set our sights on the nba.
03:43:28Try theewes footlong.
03:43:30It begins wi a goo one with the bulls beat the cavaliers.
03:43:35Bron james wanted a foul at the end.
03:43:37I can't believe didn't get e.
03:43:38Thought it was a good no call watching the rel.
03:43:41>> Aee.
03:43:42M shocked way it's cled.
03:43:44>> In his own building.
03:43:46>> And as a result, the cavaliers a 2 at home on the season.
03:43:51Onlyt two he games all of last year.
03:43:54Ybe more into cavs make their only trip in madison square ga tonight a t game will 00 eastern anderinly people wondering the nexteron plays in t garden, wl he b wearing a knks uniform?
03:44:08>> Lastim he played, scored 52 points.
03:44:11Lot of srs out there, cc sabathia, a goodd o lebr.
03:44:15There's going to be a lot of stars wit this being lebron's only game this year atadd -- atadison sare garden.
03:44:24>>He celcs arehe first team since 1947o start a season 6-0 while alling fewer than 90 points p g st team to start 6-0 and allow thatew was t 1947-19 buet the other unbeate is denr.
03:44:45So of the forgotten team.
03:44:48Eryone talking about t lakersnd tddition of test the nuggetere the last m stanng and they're pretty good anthony is up to a prett gd stt.
03:44:57>> Over in the east, after the defeated, you have three teams al 4.
03:45:02Ami, atlantaand orlando ving a nicert toheir season.
03:45:06We'll do air balls for you multiple times thrghout the " keep you up o stats and all of th as the nba season gets itself into full swings.
03:45:17Let's pick some ftball he.
03:45:19'Ll have "one ld lead locks"n a few.
03:45:21How about arizona at chica?
03:45:23Isn' it intting and e cardina are tryg to t cest, a divisi when the season began, looked like sanrancisco was goto take control of.
03:45:35They he fallen offheace.
03:45:37Cardinals after a terrible perfornce last week need to win on t road at the bea w ha bn verch up and down the early sson.
03:45:45Think I aualllean toward arizona the r he.
03:45:48D they're gting thr poin.
03:45:49You know, neith t is impressi me t6 at times they look gd but they've bn ionsistent.
03:45:57If you look at their rookeds a it wou say that's true.
03:46:04So I just think arizona couin fiv interceptions byt warner.
03:46:10Really think ty' gwing t turn it around.
03:46:13Thweatr isn't goingo bad enoughhen they travel east like thi so I do t I'm going to take theoints and I' going t callfor th win as well in this one.
03:46:21>> Go thether way on you.
03:46:22I ultatel I askysel do i think the cardinals areheind of team that's going to beat a good team on the road this year?
03:46:29And my answer is no.
03:46:32Are the a good team or not?
03:46:34>> Ion't know.
03:46:34>> I will go bao wt my belief was befor the season started.
03:46:40Ll tackback to wha you think you kw.
03:46:43I thivthe bears wl winhis game at home.
03:46:46Miami getting 1 1/2 at new england.
03:46:48Two ges they played earlier in t seaso miami we into fborohnd just pounded theall down the paiots' thro.
03:46:55That washe ge the fans were booing the home tm at england d e wildcat,hat warealhe first time that the wilat came intoronent second time the teams met at miami, t patriots shut it down completely.
03:47:06I've seen enough from the dolphins the last few weeks evenin losg et to newrlea to say I donhink they're geg blown up by anybody.
03:47:14Do I thi they wl win this game?
03:47:18Ihinkhey will cover the new england 10 1/2 >> england's goi to hammer miam I inthey're goio hammer them.
03:47:29They're sh dv that wildt they wa offse is starting to rely click.
03:47:33I thk defensively,ou kw, membhey had sew starters6 I think theyeelling I think ey hammer them.
03:47:39Another good game isaltimore at cincinnati.
03:47:41When we did "true-fse" few minutes ago, you me I clear you liked t ravs.
03:47:46>> I le the ravs.
03:47:50Nice balance attacm.
03:47:51But iik balti to win in co >> you know wha I will say abouthe bengals?
03:47:57Carson palr 7-3 ceer agast the ravens d that's through a period of time wre the ravens have been the bter team but sometis, some teams have anher team's nber.
03:48:05Bengals seem toave that.
03:48:06They w the first match-up between these two earlier in the ar.
03:48:09They're plang atome now.
03:48:11Weepould be huge.
03:48:13>> I wldn't be surisedo see cincinnat winng.
03:48:16And aside from the ges that we're doing inocks, I'm ruggng to find another really attractive game on e sche.
03:48:23>> The scary pick is tenne at san francco.
03:48:25Nnessee getsheir first win.
03:48:27Vince young, y know, wasn't eat b he wa efficient in at he did.
03:48:31Rianen -- johnson ran wild.
03:48:36And patrick willis of san francisco.
03:48:40Mike singlet guaranteing the playoffs.
03:48:42They're giving four to tennessee an tenssee has just o win but cing off a nice win, I ink tennessee's going toive hiall they can hdleut ®there.
03:48:51>> Ion't.
03:48:51Io the other way ifou're askinge to bet on isame, I wouake the 49ers and give four.
03:48:58We will come back and give you mething weall the "stone " 'reoing to dondy-ton, giants-chaers,nd gles-cowys.
03:49:06Ho you be listening com fantasy with your ike d mike in the mng" faasy pick.
03:51:23Someuys I li inclu matt haelbeck.
03:51:24He's at home tdetrt.
03:51:25And ruing back jamaal chles over forarry johnson in and as a reward, gets to face jksovville te on th ground.
03:51:36Santanmoss gets a falcons team ats giving u88 pnts to the la two weeks.
03:51:3888 Is a lo.
03:51:40They missed brian willms and yoalways play your tig e agnst san diego.
03:51:44No reception to star me guys I'm nocrazy about incle ben roethlisburger on e road at denver.
03:51:50Broncos loweonly two tohdown passes at home a ar that sgame features the number two seler run defense which is why I'm sting knowsh moreno.
03:52:01And single digit fantasy points for fo straight weeks for the giants steve smithhich is one of the reasons I don'tike him ainsthe chargers.
03:52:08Befo youet your lineup, ne into fantasy football.
03:52:12Second injury news, everything you nee to win we stt at 11:30 a. eastern.
03:52:17com and es >> in other "nfws annotes" -- >> don go ywre.
03:52:53Causin exactly 60 second we're ck wite cold stay there -( rumbling ) ALL-WHEEL DRI V8 HYBID. -( tinklin) One of 12orld's first invovations.
03:53:13Insring an industry.
03:53:48) a reactive pedestrianetecon system.
03:53:52Onof 12 world's first innovations.
03:53:56The lexus ls.
03:53:58Insping an industry.
03:54:29>> The folwing may shock and disturbou.
03:54:33>> Bodily harm may b unavoidable.
03:54:36>> Oh, baby!
03:54:37Because isimeor the " >> anxcluve presentation jrom "ke and me in the " >> golic, here we d my theme is the eagles are who we thoht they were.
03:54:56>> They are whoe thought they were!
03:54:58>> It's been p andown start.
03:55:01They losto t raiders.
03:55:02But at the beginnif the year, I say teath best team of the division.
03:55:07Anwh thend of the year, th wil be.
03:55:12The eagles knock o the surging cooy I will take philadelphia and give the three6 >>ou guysre nut >> o you're going gourself a cheesteak for that one.
03:55:22>> All right!
03:55:23Cheesy btards!
03:55:24>> I'm going to go with the indiapolisit the undefead colts take on theoustonexavs at 5-3.
03:55:31>> You jus don't like anybody do you?
03:55:33>> Texanset nine ihis game.
03:55:34>> Nine?
03:55:35>> Nine.
03:55:35>> Nine.
03:55:37>> Too muchor my blood.
03:55:39I th indy can win this game, it wouldn't shock me if the texans kck off the colingts bu that'say too many points.
03:55:48Mme houston and gimhose points.
03:55:50®>> They merom there.
03:55:51®A placealled houston.
03:55:52>> And we go-go theo rule.
03:55:55>> Tet's cal a trave age san diegoas to go aoss country to plae giavts.
03:56:01>> ♪♪
03:56:02ll aard ♪
03:56:06>> you me it.
03:56:08I'm so thrilled.
03:56:09>> Theiants have los three straight.
03:56:12It won'te four.
03:56:12They're just too goo they want argers are jt too ordinary.
03:56:15Giants fally get offhe schnide and givenive.
03:56:20I'llive the pois.
03:56:23G-me minus five against s dio.
03:56:25There's nhing youan do it u slimey littlebeep].
03:56:28Giants too good?
03:56:29Giantsoo gd?
03:56:31Gi too good?
03:56:32>> I can tnk straight.
03:56:33>>Hat are you watching?
03:56:36>> how many more t aou gog to say gias too goo >> thr tes for their tee >> once e 4 sds, aan says sometng utu that a womahes d punishes jor.
03:56:52>> San die ces town.
03:56:54I ag they're not playing that well, ] they're getting fe.
03:56:57I'llak it for the point >> why?
03:57:00Because he's s.
03:57:01>> And I will mildly call for txe upset.
03:57:03>> Mjudged you, f man.
03:57:07>> That wasn't so md.
03:57:09A mild woulde like I'll ke the upset >> you're goi mild me?
03:57:15Haveou wated the last three games?
03:57:18Theye playinhorrible rig now.
03:57:20>> Y see, this is bad levisi.
03:57:22>> And tse a you weekine " >> floor absolutes anless u perceive our world i meaningless when it's rll your own fed you detest!
03:57:39>> He'absolutely iane.
03:57:41Thatoaquin with e "st " e peak "stone co lead pipe cks" present by peak antifreeze.
03:57:49If youisd a othe "stone cold lead pe locks," y can hear the any te y want on the "ke &ike" page on esradio.com.
03:57:56Jouin doing great work.
03:57:58Craig o'brien and kimpossible teamg up to d the work on that one.
03:58:06I'mold that erikuseli -- it's erik kulias' bthday.
03:58:11>> Oh, I he 60?
03:58:13>> No.
03:58:14Well yeah, 59.
03:58:15>> He's had a lot of work done.
03:58:19>> [Laughter] ♪♪
03:58:20today is your birthda ♪♪
03:58:21>> lisn toou.
03:58:23>> "Mike & mike," en, presented by progressive insunce.
03:58:26All guests todbyppeared on t subway fresh take hoine.
03:58:29Thanks to them a including herman edwards, per gammons, rusty wce, ronaworski, mel kipejr. and mark schlereth.
03:58:38When we look ahead tthe footba week, both the colle and the prothe world series now behinds.
03:58:43E baseball seaso don but th roll rht dn into hot stove.
03:58:4879 Plars filin for free ency and ty will be busy.
03:58:50>> It ll be interesng when we start hearing newon the free agency.
03:58:55S out to be aig football weekend.
03:58:59 something that's goi to tumble and ge us somethi great to talk about.
03:59:03And I really think in the n, u're looking around the lfway pointight now.
03:59:07Teams are really finding themselv in a positionhat they could really be lookingayonhe osidenryin to get back io ishing.
03:59:13>> So wre looki forward to a mond.
03:59:15We'll bereakingn the [eill have ditka and chr cart andll t rest ae will talk to it more.
03:59:23Tuday, par of espn's week longelebration around vetans day.
03:59:26We will be brocasting liv new yk which should be a reallunique expece.
03:59:32But for n, have g weekend.
03:59:34Enjothe footbl.
03:59:35Back andetter than er on