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00:00:00Good pie.
00:00:01Good pie.
00:00:02You can win this lovely gift basket, make you look pretty, smell good.
00:00:07Or a steak dinner.
00:00:09Excuse me.
00:00:12 looks like you've got some competition.
00:00:16Ha ha.
00:00:21And last but not least, we have a heavenly homemade cherry pie.
00:00:33Oh, that's me!
00:00:35Well, come up here, young lady.
00:00:37Here you go.
00:00:37Homemade cherry pie.
00:00:40Now, listen, if you need any help finishing this, you let me know.
00:00:45Ha ha ha ha.
00:00:47Folks, that's it.
00:00:47That's it.
00:01:00Give me that pie.
00:01:01What are you doing?
00:01:02Don't make me hurt you.
00:01:02Just give me that pie.
00:01:04Get out of here! aah!
00:01:06Somebody help me! aah!
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00:02:13♪ it's a jungle out there ♪
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00:05:23The wallet was still full of cash.
00:05:25These guys just wanted this car.
00:05:27Is that mace?
00:05:28Yeah, we just found an empty cannister.
00:05:30She must have put up a hell of a fight.
00:05:33Good for her.
00:05:38Who called monk?
00:05:39Oh, they're not here for a job.
00:05:40They're just here to pick up a check.
00:05:42The hazelwood case.
00:05:45Looking for this?
00:05:52What happened here?
00:05:52Just a carjacking, monk.
00:05:54A woman was killed.
00:05:54We can handle it.
00:05:56They didn't take her purse?
00:05:58Just a punk kid out for a joyride.
00:06:00Look, monk, we're going to try to crack this one ourselves just for the novelty of it, okay?
00:06:05It doesn't make any sense.
00:06:06 it doesn't even have a tape player.
00:06:09It runs.
00:06:09It's a convertible.
00:06:12That's all the reason they need.
00:06:15Oh, no.
00:06:17Nah, it's nothing.
00:06:19What is it?
00:06:20It's just the barricades are a mess.
00:06:22They're uneven.
00:06:23You're trying to get rid of me.
00:06:25No, I'm not.
00:06:27Oh, look at the one on the right.
00:06:29It's in the ditch.
00:06:30I know what you're doing.
00:06:30It's not going to work.
00:06:34The one in the middle's all ferkatcha.
00:06:39Excuse me.
00:06:40[ Cellular phone rings ] hello?
00:06:43Uh, no, I'm sharona, his assistant.
00:06:47Who is this?
00:06:48Oh, uh, hold on.
00:06:50Adrian? adrian?
00:06:54You have a brother?
00:07:07 you must have the wrong adrian monk.
00:07:10[ Phone hangs up ] Stottlemeyer: How old was she?
00:07:13Disher: 65.
00:07:15[ Cellular phone rings ] okay, don't answer it.
00:07:16Don't -- just don't answer it.
00:07:19[ Continues ringing ] I -- I might have a brother.
00:07:23You told me you were an only child.
00:07:26I consider myself an only child.
00:07:28 he -- he has issues.
00:07:32Your brother has issues?
00:07:33Don't you people have work to do?
00:07:35There is a dead woman over there.
00:07:37[ Ring ] [ telephone ringing ] Monk: Ignore it.
00:07:43Just ignore it.
00:07:45He'll stop eventually.
00:07:48He has to sleep.
00:07:52What's his name?
00:07:56What does he do?
00:07:58He writes instruction manuals for blenders and toaster ovens.
00:08:03He lives in tewkesbury.
00:08:05He lives 10 minutes away?
00:08:07Well, if you don't pick up the phone, he's just going to come over.
00:08:10No, he can't.
00:08:10He never leaves the house.
00:08:12He has agoraphobia.
00:08:14[ Whistles ] When was the last time you spoke to him?
00:08:19About four years ago.
00:08:21Maybe five.
00:08:23[ Ringing continues ] was it four or five?
00:08:31He didn't come to trudy's funeral.
00:08:34But you just said that he can't leave the house.
00:08:36He never called or wrote -- not one word.
00:08:40Did you call him?
00:08:41Yes, 100 times.
00:08:43He never picked up the phone.
00:08:45Maybe he's calling to apologize.
00:08:47Too late.
00:08:47I don't need him.
00:08:49Well, I think you do.
00:08:51Don't pick -- don't talk -- hello?
00:08:58Is this ambrose?
00:08:59 I've heard so much about you.
00:09:03Yeah -- oh.
00:09:05Oh, okay.
00:09:05Just hold on one sec.
00:09:07He wants you to come right over.
00:09:09He says it's very important.
00:09:11I don't care!
00:09:13He says it's life-or-death.
00:09:19Sharon: Wow, this is where you grew up?
00:09:22Are you surprised?
00:09:23Nah, I just always pictured something different.
00:09:27Like what?
00:09:29I don't know.
00:09:38Was that your swing set?
00:09:40My father put it up when I was 8.
00:09:43It was probably the happiest day of my life.
00:09:46Looks like fun.
00:09:48I wouldn't know.
00:09:50You never used it?
00:09:52I mean, look at it.
00:09:53It's a death trap.
00:09:55But it was fun watching him put it up.
00:09:59He must have been disappointed.
00:10:01Nah, he was used to it by then.
00:10:03Two months later, he went out to pick up some chinese food.
00:10:07He never came back.
00:10:17Is that him?
00:10:25Okay, let's go.
00:10:29I waved at him.
00:10:29He waved at me.
00:10:31That's enough for one decade.
00:10:32Adrian, you can't leave.
00:10:33He's your brother.
00:10:37Come on.
00:10:56Hello, adrian.
00:11:13This is my assistant sharona.
00:11:16Oh, hi.
00:11:17 we spoke on the phone.
00:11:18Oh, so youcan dial a telephone.
00:11:21I was worried.
00:11:22I thought you might be paralyzed or something.
00:11:25I wasn't paralyzed.
00:11:26I was being sarcastic.
00:11:27You were being sardonic.
00:11:28Sarcasm is a contemptuous ironic statement.
00:11:30You were being mockingly derisive. that's sardonic.
00:11:35Please come in.
00:11:43 you didn't have to clean up just for us.
00:11:49Hey. did you write this?
00:11:52I have this answering machine.
00:11:53This is a very good manual.
00:11:55All the steps are very clear.
00:11:57I'm sure you noticed the typo.
00:12:00Um, no.
00:12:02It's on page 42.
00:12:03"Bitte druecken sie den " it should read "bittehalten " you wrote the german part, too?
00:12:13Ambrose can speak seven languages.
00:12:15 I'm teaching myself mandarin.
00:12:18Well, that'll come in handy.
00:12:20 I picked up your mail for you.
00:12:24Thank you.
00:12:25You know, I really, uh, like that catalog.
00:12:28Can I have one?
00:12:28They sent you two of them.
00:12:30I'm sorry, no.
00:12:32Well, they're identical.
00:12:35I save all my mail.
00:12:37When dad comes back, he'll want to see his mail.
00:12:41It'll be all ready for him.
00:12:43He's not coming back.
00:12:44You don't know.
00:12:45Yes, I do.
00:12:46You don't know everything.
00:12:49Mr. great detective.
00:12:51Why aren't you out there looking for him?
00:12:54'Cause I'm afraid I might find him.
00:13:05Ad-adrian, is -- is that you in the photo over there?
00:13:11That's me.
00:13:11You're not touching.
00:13:12Actually, that's as close as we ever got.
00:13:15Is that your mom?
00:13:18She's beautiful.
00:13:20She was.
00:13:20We lost her in 1994.
00:13:25[ Both sigh ] ..
00:13:28Are you still living on pine street?
00:13:30Oh, yeah, he has a great apartment.
00:13:32You should come by sometime.
00:13:34I can't.
00:13:37Ambrose, don't say you can't.
00:13:38I can't.
00:13:39Of course you can.
00:13:39You choose not to.
00:13:42But that's easy for you to say.
00:13:43You've always been the fearless one.
00:13:45Here it comes.
00:13:46You should have seen him -- going to stores and buying things all by himself when he was 15.
00:13:52Driving a car when he was 24, going out on dates -- going out on dates with women at 26 years of age.
00:14:00He's a regular evel knievel.
00:14:03So, anyway, ambrose, what am I -- what am I doing here?
00:14:09Believe it or not, I need your help.
00:14:10Something happened two nights ago.
00:14:12It's my next-door neighbor.
00:14:12His name is pat van ranken.
00:14:15What happened?
00:14:16I'm 85% to 90% sure he killed his wife.
00:14:24That's his house.
00:14:24You can see it out the window.
00:14:27His wife rita is a friend of mine.
00:14:30She comes over and makes me dinner sometimes.
00:14:32Is this your old bedroom?
00:14:35Wow, how does it feel to be in here?
00:14:38Thank you for asking.
00:14:39[ Gasps ] You like the who?
00:14:41The what?
00:14:42The rock band the who.
00:14:42You have their album.
00:14:44Oh, yeah.
00:14:46All the kids enjoyed the rock 'n' roll singing groups.
00:14:50AND THE 49ers?
00:14:51Now they were a great band.
00:14:54They're a football team.
00:14:55I know.
00:14:56You were just trying to fit in, weren't you?
00:15:03This might be the saddest room I've ever seen.
00:15:06Anyway, adrian, two nights ago, I heard them fighting.
00:15:10They were really screaming.
00:15:12Then I heard gunshots.
00:15:14Are you sure?
00:15:15Four shots.
00:15:15It sounded like a lane & westing 9-millimeter.
00:15:17Lane & westing doesn't make a 9-millimeter.
00:15:20They did until 1992.
00:15:21I know that gun.
00:15:22I wrote the manual for it.
00:15:25Three hours later, he drove away in his pickup truck.
00:15:28He was gone all night.
00:15:31The next day, I called the house.
00:15:33Rita wasn't there.
00:15:34Pat said she was in argentina visiting her sister, which was news to me.
00:15:38When I mentioned that I saw him leave, he denied it.
00:15:40He said it was impossible.
00:15:42His truck's been broken all summer.
00:15:45He -- he called me a lunatic.
00:15:49Did you call the police?
00:15:53They no longer respond to my complaints because I call them more often than I should.
00:15:57I'd like to complain to them about it, but they no longer respond to my complaints.
00:16:01When was the last time you saw the wife?
00:16:04Three days ago.
00:16:04She borrowed a bag of flour.
00:16:07She was baking pies for the town.
00:16:09It's their big centennial celebration.
00:16:12What do you think, adrian?
00:16:13Yeah, you might be onto something.
00:16:18Oh, yeah.
00:16:18I'll look into it.
00:16:21Let's go.
00:16:24We'll look into it.
00:16:26You'll look into it.
00:16:36What -- what are you doing?
00:16:37What -- what's that for?
00:16:39For making my family seem normal.
00:16:43Okay, okay.
00:16:43Are you really going to look into it?
00:16:45No, no.
00:16:45He's delusional.
00:16:47He is the worst eyewitness in the world.
00:16:51But he heard gunshots.
00:16:52Sharona, the whole town has been celebrating all week.
00:16:55It was probably some kid setting off firecrackers.
00:16:58Well, at least you two were talking again.
00:17:00Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it, because that's it.
00:17:03I am never setting foot in that house again.
00:17:06Okay, I have my own problems.
00:17:08Really? I never noticed.
00:17:09Nowyou'rebeing sardonic.
00:17:18What? what is it?
00:17:22Van ranken's pickup.
00:17:24He told my brother it hadn't been moved all summer, but look at the grass in front of the truck.
00:17:31It's brown.
00:17:32The truck's been moved.
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00:20:42[ Doorbell rings ] coming.
00:20:52Mr. van ranken?
00:20:55That's right.
00:20:56 I'm sharona fleming, and this is adrian monk.
00:21:01From next door?
00:21:02No, no.
00:21:03No, no, he's -- he's my brother.
00:21:06You almost gave me a heart attack.
00:21:08That guy hasn't left the house in, what, 20 years?
00:21:12My wife knows him.
00:21:14What is he, scared of stuff?
00:21:18Yes, he's scared of stuff.
00:21:20Stuff and -- and things.
00:21:22What can I do for you?
00:21:24Well, my brother loaned your wife a bag of flour, and he sent us over to -- to pick it up.
00:21:32Yeah, sure.
00:21:32Come on in.
00:21:38Is your wife here?
00:21:40No, no, you missed her.
00:21:42She's in argentina.
00:21:42Her sister's sick.
00:21:46We were thinking about doing some hiking later.
00:21:52What is that melvone state park like?
00:21:55Is that nice?
00:21:56It's beautiful.
00:21:57How'd you know I was up there?
00:21:59Uh, there's a parking permit on your pickup truck.
00:22:02Is that right?
00:22:03I guess you couldn't have had too much fun, though.
00:22:05According to the permit, you got there just before closing -- ?
00:22:10That's true.
00:22:12It was a longer drive than I thought.
00:22:14Well, let's find that flour.
00:22:19Excuse the mess.
00:22:19I was just cleaning up.
00:22:21[ Coughs ] I don't know where she put it.
00:22:25Is that a shoe?
00:22:27Yeah, it's my wife's.
00:22:28Guess she decided she didn't like them.
00:22:31It's funny there's only one.
00:22:33They -- ha ha -- usually come in pairs.
00:22:45What are you doing?
00:22:46I was just -- just looking for that other shoe.
00:22:52Must be around here somewhere.
00:22:56They really should be together.
00:22:58'Cause they're a -- they're a, you know, a pair.
00:23:02I'm sure it'll turn up.
00:23:04Well, when it does, could you give me a call?
00:23:06Uh, it'd mean a lot to me.
00:23:12I'll do that.
00:23:16There's the flour.
00:23:18Thank your brother for me, won't you?
00:23:21Well, I guess that's it.
00:23:23I don't want to keep you.
00:23:25Oh, I'm sure you don't.
00:23:39Whatever happened happened in the kitchen.
00:23:42He's been bleaching the floor.
00:23:44And he went to the state park, maybe to bury something.
00:23:47Yes, he was parked by the southern entrance.
00:23:50How do you know that?
00:23:51 why don't you tell her, adrian?
00:23:56The yellow acorns on his truck, which can only mean he was parked under a spotted oak tree.
00:24:07Near water.
00:24:09So that's near the river, by the southern entrance.
00:24:12Please stop " this detective stuff is easy.
00:24:16Looks like you got a new partner.
00:24:17Yeah, for any crime committed within 30 feet of this property.
00:24:20So what do we do now?
00:24:22Well, at this point, it's just your word against his.
00:24:28Where's he going?
00:24:29Let's find out.
00:24:35Come on.
00:24:35He's heading downtown.
00:24:39Ambrose, come with us.
00:24:43No, no, no.
00:24:44You're just going to hide in this house for the rest of your life?
00:24:47That's my plan, yes.
00:24:50Come on, take my hand.
00:24:52Just to the end of the driveway.
00:24:54You can do it. come on.
00:24:58Come on.
00:25:05Come on.
00:25:06I-i can't.
00:25:11Ambrose, you know what?
00:25:14Adrian's scared, too -- all the time.
00:25:17He doesn't let that stop him.
00:25:19Okay, now you tell me -- what does he have that you don't have?
00:25:24He has you.
00:25:34He never apologized.
00:25:35Did you notice that?
00:25:36Adrian, he's trying his best.
00:25:37The yeah, well, who isn't?
00:25:40How can somebody not call for seven years and then just act like nothing happened?
00:25:47Are you going to stay mad at him forever?
00:25:50No, not forever.
00:25:52Just until I die.
00:25:54Ooh, there he goes.
00:25:56Potato sack race?
00:25:58Sorry, it's all filled up.
00:26:01No, you can't be.
00:26:03I have to be in this race.
00:26:04Here's the thing -- we're all out of sacks.
00:26:06What aut that one?
00:26:06That one's ripped.
00:26:07I don't care.
00:26:08I'll take it.
00:26:12Racers, grab your potato sacks.
00:26:24[ Cheering ] hey!
00:26:35What's he doing?
00:26:36He's trying to win that radio.
00:27:15The first prize is this brand-new stereo boom box.
00:27:20Here you go, sweetheart.
00:27:27We're going to get you a new one.
00:27:29Uh, and the second prize is this delicious homemade cherry pie.
00:27:34Who came in second?
00:27:36Right here.
00:27:37Well, here you go, sir.
00:27:38Bon appétit.
00:27:51[ Car engine starts ] [ car pulls away ] [ gasps ] what's he doing?
00:28:03He's looking for something.
00:28:06That's why he tripped.
00:28:08He didn't want to win the race.
00:28:09He was trying to come in second.
00:28:11He wanted the pie.
00:28:18You see, sharona, ..
00:28:26I have no idea.
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00:33:07I guess he didn't like the pie.
00:33:09He was looking for something.
00:33:11Something inside the pie?
00:33:15Wait a minute.
00:33:17Cherry pie.
00:33:18Yes, cherry pie.
00:33:19Pie -- cherry pie.
00:33:20Cherry -- it'scherry.
00:33:20You can see it's cherry.
00:33:22There was something about a cherry pie in the paper three days ago.
00:33:36What is this?
00:33:37Every newspaper since 1972.
00:33:40I am as god made me.
00:33:43It's only three days ago.
00:33:45Wouldn't it be near the top?
00:33:46I have my own system.
00:33:48What system is that?
00:33:50You wouldn't understand.
00:33:52Ah, ah, here it is.
00:33:55Here it is.
00:33:58Right here.
00:34:01The carjacking?
00:34:02Oh, my god.
00:34:03We were there, remember?
00:34:03Yeah, I know.
00:34:06Doesn't that label say "cherry pie"?
00:34:08Yes, it does.
00:34:08" how did you remember that?
00:34:13It's a gift and a curse.
00:34:16Oh, my god, adrian.
00:34:17This is -- this is -- wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute.
00:34:20Wait a minute.
00:34:24I think she was killed for her pie.
00:34:29So this is where you guys grew up, huh?
00:34:32That's right.
00:34:35What's with the filing cabinets?
00:34:3930 Years' worth of mail.
00:34:42That makes sense.
00:34:44Not to me, but -- so, captain, what do you -- what do you think?
00:34:47About your pie theory.
00:34:49The wife baked three pies, cherry pies, for charity.
00:34:52They've been giving them away all weekend.
00:34:56Yeah, there's something in them, or something inside one of them -- something worth killing for.
00:35:00Captain, I have -- I have your coffee, captain.
00:35:04Thank you.
00:35:06Why is it numbered?
00:35:07Mother numbered ..
00:35:09So we'd always put them back in the right order.
00:35:11Of course she did.
00:35:13What did she do if a mug got broken?
00:35:16What happened if a mug got broken?
00:35:18Number 9 -- it slipped.
00:35:18I couldn't help it.
00:35:21Ambrose, not now.
00:35:21It was not my fault.
00:35:22I'm sorry.
00:35:23It was not my fault.
00:35:24Did you look at the crime scene photos?
00:35:26Yes, I did.
00:35:27And you're right, there was no pie, but i-i like to have more than lack of pie when I go to the grand jury.
00:35:33Does he own a gun?
00:35:34Yes, he does.
00:35:36Yes, it is, but he is a retired army sergeant, and most veterans have guns.
00:35:42Plus he lied about his pickup truck.
00:35:44And the one shoe in the garbage.
00:35:46His wife is missing.
00:35:47You want to talk about facts?
00:35:48Here's a fact for you.
00:35:50On thursday night, van ranken's wife flew to buenos aires.
00:35:53We checked with the airline.
00:35:56She purchased the ticket personally, and she boarded the plane.
00:35:59Well, it might have ..
00:36:03With a fake i.d.
00:36:03Yes, he was definitely fooling around.
00:36:07I-i saw him in the backyard making phone calls on his cell phone.
00:36:10There you go.
00:36:12Is that it?
00:36:13Is that it?
00:36:15You're leaving?
00:36:16Yes, I have to go.
00:36:18Look, I'll sniff around.
00:36:19That's all I can do without real evidence.
00:36:21Captain -- ambrose, it was a pleasure meeting you.
00:36:23It certainly answered a few questions.
00:36:25It raised about 100 more.
00:36:27Here -- that goes between 5 and 7.
00:36:29I'll see myself out.
00:36:31Listen to me -- monk.
00:36:32Wait a second.
00:36:33I'm late for dinner.
00:36:33Call me tomorrow.
00:36:35Bye, captain.
00:36:36[ Gasps ] OH, MY GOD.
00:36:37Oh, my god.
00:36:39You guys, look at this.
00:36:39Look at this.
00:36:41Here's a schedule for all the charity events with a list of prizes.
00:36:44There are three homemade pies being given away.
00:36:47At the raffle, the potato sack race -- and number three?
00:36:50They're giving it away tomorrow.
00:36:52Do you play bingo?
00:36:55Is it fun?
00:36:56It's a lot of fun.
00:36:56You're going to hate it.
00:37:11Hey, sharona, look who's here.
00:37:14What a small world.
00:37:16Let's sit here.
00:37:31You want to rub my lucky troll?
00:37:33It's good luck.
00:37:34Uh, no, thank you.
00:37:38Go ahead.
00:37:38Rub the troll.
00:37:40No, thank you.
00:37:42I-i've been rubbing trolls all day.
00:37:45If you don't rub the troll, it is bad karma.
00:37:49Adrian, just rub the man's troll.
00:37:51I don't want to rub the troll.
00:37:52He's never going to shut up if you don't rub his troll.
00:37:58What are you doing?
00:38:00Not so hard.
00:38:01What the hell are you doing?
00:38:08You don't have anything?
00:38:11I'm doing great.
00:38:12I'm only two away on this one.
00:38:14Where's your markers?
00:38:16I don't need 'em.
00:38:29[ Whispers ] One more.
00:39:07[ All groan ] ha ha ha. bingo!
00:39:11We have another winner.
00:39:12I'll save you a piece.
00:39:20Sharona, are you sure you called the captain?
00:39:26I know what van ranken's been looking for.
00:39:29I know what's in that pie.
00:39:36Captain! captain!
00:39:38Captain, here, he's trying -- he's trying to get rid of the evidence!
00:39:42It's in the pie!
00:39:44Officer, I'd like to file a complaint.
00:39:46These two have been harassing me all weekend.
00:39:48Sir, could you put the pie on the truck?
00:39:51You heard me.
00:39:52Put the pie down and step away.
00:39:54Step away from the pie.
00:39:55Look, I live next door to his brother.
00:39:57They're both nuts.
00:39:58I know they are, sir.
00:39:59Please put the pie on the truck.
00:40:08Okay, here's what I think happened.
00:40:11Last thursday, rita was baking three pies for the town centennial.
00:40:15She probably put them on the counter to cool.
00:40:19Her husband came home.
00:40:19They had a fight.
00:40:22Maybe pat was threatening to leave. who knows?
00:40:24But there was a struggle.
00:40:26My brother said he heard four shots from a 9-millimeter pistol.
00:40:29If that's true, the shells were ejected from the gun as he fired.
00:40:34They must have gone flying all over the kitchen.
00:40:37[ Doorbell rings ] at some point, he was interrupted.
00:40:40It was someone from the town coming by to collect the pies.
00:40:44Hi. the pies, right?
00:40:47Okay, just wait one second.
00:40:47I'll get them. wait here.
00:40:55Here you go. bye.
00:40:58Later, when he started cleaning up the kitchen, he got the shock of his life.
00:41:06One shell casing was missing.
00:41:14[ Gunshot ] the gun is registered, so if anyone had found that casing, it would have been easily traced.
00:41:22It wasn't in pie number one or pie number two.
00:41:27It has to be in here.
00:41:29 van ranken, we'd like permission to search your pie.
00:41:33Please don't make me say that again.
00:41:36What if I say no?
00:41:37Well, then we hold you here as a material witness until we get a search warrant.
00:41:42For a pie.
00:41:43For a pie.
00:41:50Sharona, would you do the honors?
00:42:04Actually, this is ..
00:42:08Except it's not a pie, and you're not in it.
00:42:11Will you shut up?
00:42:22It's -- it's not in here.
00:42:25Monk: Right -- right -- right -- right there, right?
00:42:29Adrian, it's not in here.
00:42:30But -- but -- sharona -- van ranken, the department would like to ap-- we'd like to buy you a new pie.
00:42:43I don't understand.
00:42:45Usually when he does the whole summation thing, it's all over, right?
00:42:50And we get to go home.
00:42:52What is with you and these cherry pies?
00:42:55Captain, look, i-i'm telling you -- monk, what is this?
00:42:57Some kind of sibling rivalry thing between you and your brother?
00:43:00 no, no, no -- don't call us, we'll call you.
00:43:04Lieutenant, get in the car.
00:43:36had cleaned.
00:43:37you said you bought a digiorno.
00:43:39But the pizza came with cheesy breadsticks.
00:43:41New digiornopizza & breadsticks.
00:43:43Taste.'s not delivery.
00:43:46It's digiorno.
00:43:47She found the box.
00:43:48Maybe because you left it right on the counter.
00:45:26seasonhere walmart.
00:45:26That means we've gotjuicy rollbacks, plump rollbacks, and delicious rollbacks.
00:45:29Walmart's getting it here faster, so it's fresher.
00:45:32And that's guaranteed.
00:45:33You can almost smell that rollback pie.
00:45:35My name is darrell, and I save people moneyso they can live better.
00:45:40] merger in dishwashing history.
00:45:43The best of gel and powder join forces in one pac ..
00:45:47Cascade complete pacs.
00:45:48To obliterate grease and annihilate tough foods.
00:45:51[ Man #2 ] Cascade complete pacs.
00:45:53Combine and conquer!
00:45:58That's right.
00:46:03Is that it?
00:46:05You're just going to give up?
00:46:09There's nothing else I can do.
00:46:16Or at least pretending to.
00:46:20You going to stay?
00:46:21No, I can't.
00:46:25I made -- I made dad's favorite.
00:46:28Pasta primavera.
00:46:29Ambrose, i-i have to go.
00:46:43He's not coming back.
00:46:45You're probably right, but just in case.
00:46:51Maybe I'll see you, uh, next week.
00:46:53I don't think so.
00:46:54Take care of yourself.
00:46:56I love you.
00:47:03Say that.
00:47:05Don't you say that.
00:47:07I'm no expert, but I know that people who love each other, who care about each other, don't go seven years without calling.
00:47:14Especially when I needed you most -- after trudy.
00:47:18You think I didn't call because I didn't care?
00:47:22Then why?
00:47:24What happened to you?
00:47:26Do you know why trudy was in that parking garage on the day she died?
00:47:33What are you saying?
00:47:38It was because of me.
00:47:43She was doing me a favor.
00:47:47I needed cough medicine.
00:47:48I called her.
00:47:52Oh, my god.
00:47:53To the drugstore for me.
00:47:55Don't do this.
00:47:55She wouldn't have been in that garage if it wasn't for me.
00:47:58Oh, ambrose.
00:47:59It was me, adrian.
00:48:00It was me. it was my fault.
00:48:03No, no.
00:48:03[ Sobbing ] ADRIAN, It was my fault.
00:48:06No, it was not your fault.
00:48:07Adrian -- no, you couldn't have -- I'm sorry, adrian.
00:48:10It was not your fault.
00:48:12I'm sorry.
00:48:13Oh, god, no, don't -- no, no, no, don't.
00:48:15It was not -- adrian, it was my fault.
00:48:18It was not -- it was not your fault.
00:48:21[ Sobbing ] no, no, no. shh.
00:48:26I'm sorry.
00:48:28I'm sorry.
00:48:30It was not your fault.
00:48:34Okay, so I'm here.
00:48:35 "where do you " okay, you're rita.
00:48:39You're making three pies.
00:48:42You're taking them out of the oven.
00:48:45She grabs the knife, right?
00:48:47"Rita, don't be stupid.
00:48:47" no, no, not there.
00:48:50Not there.
00:48:51 that's where she kept the flour.
00:48:53"Don't make me do it.
00:48:53Don't make me do some" -- "thing I'm going " bam, bam, bam, bam!
00:48:59Bam, bam, bam, bam.
00:49:28[ Knock on door ] hi.
00:49:37I'm pat van ranken from next door.
00:49:39You loaned my wife a bag of flour, remember?
00:49:42I wonder if I could borrow it back.
00:49:44Borrow it back?
00:49:47Yeah, I'm making chili.
00:49:48You don't use flour to make chili.
00:49:51Open the door, freak.
00:49:53Open the door!
00:49:54Open the door!
00:49:55Open it!
00:50:06The line's dead.
00:50:31Sharona: Okay, we'll meet you there.
00:50:33The captain's on his way.
00:50:35Monk: Can't you go any faster?
00:50:36 oh, my god, you must be really worried.
00:50:39[ Glass shattering ] [ coughing ] oh, god, no.
00:51:09Call -- call the fire department.
00:51:11Call 911.
00:51:12Adrian, what are you doing?
00:51:14Adrian, !
00:51:16He's still in there!
00:51:18Sharona, he can't leave!
00:51:28Ambrose: Adrian?
00:51:32Ambrose, we've got to get out of here!
00:51:34Yeah, I can't find number 8.
00:51:37I can't find number 8.
00:51:37Where's number 8?
00:51:39Forget about the mugs!
00:51:41Get your hands up!
00:51:43Van ranken.
00:51:43Thank god you guys are here.
00:51:44I saw the smoke -- put your hands on your head.
00:51:47Hands on your head!
00:51:49Turn around.
00:51:49Turn around.
00:51:51You might be interested to know we just found your wife's body 20 minutes ago in the state park.
00:51:56I can't wait to meet your girlfriend.
00:51:58When's she get back from -- where is it, argentina?
00:52:01Come on.
00:52:02Come on.
00:52:04Come on, ambrose!
00:52:05I can't.
00:52:06You -- you go.
00:52:07I need you.
00:52:08I need you.
00:52:09I-i can't lose you.
00:52:11Adrian, you go. you go.
00:52:13Ambrose, please, for trudy's sake.
00:52:17[ Siren wailing ] [ both coughing ] oh, my god!
00:52:30Are you okay?
00:52:33I can't believe I -- I can't believe you came out.
00:52:38[ Coughs ] I'm out?
00:52:41You're outside.
00:52:45You're outside.
00:52:50I'm outside.
00:52:56I'm outside.
00:52:58I knew you could do it.
00:53:02My brother brought me outside.
00:53:06Yeah. he did.
00:53:14You've been looking for this.
00:53:18He brought me outside.
00:53:21I'm outside.
00:53:24Yes, you are.
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00:54:59Now open until midnightor later.
00:55:23You'll never guess who's here.
00:55:28Go ahead, try to guess.
00:55:34You give up?
00:56:00Can I go home now?
00:56:02You want to stop and grab a bite first somewhere?
00:56:05I think I'd rather just go home.
00:56:08Yeah, I thought you might.
00:56:15Would you like to help me clean up?
00:56:18Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
00:56:20I thought you'd never ask.
00:56:23Maybe we could start with the living room.
00:56:26--Captions by VITAC-- Captions paid for by o.c.p.i. productions, inc.
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