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00:00:00>> I was able to open up credit accounts at some of the major banks.
00:00:04>> Guys, he was just able to fill out applications for credit cards in your names.
00:00:12All right, so now, the four of you that are non-lifelock members, take a look at your phone, tell me if you have an alert there.
00:00:17You got an alert there?
00:00:18Somebody let you know that somebody messing with you?
00:00:22Lifelock members, take a look at your phone.
00:00:24Anybody got an alert there?
00:00:26One, two, three, four.
00:00:29All four?
00:00:29All four?
00:00:30[Applause] you see, that's the power of lifelock.
00:00:37It steps in and can stop.
00:00:39And honestly, it's being proactive, understanding that with a minimal amount of information, people have access to your entire life, correct?
00:00:47>> Pretty much the identity system in america is broken.
00:00:49It takes anyone with access to the internet and a credit card to get enough information to become you.
00:00:55It's just so easy and there's nothing out there that can protect you like lifelock.
00:01:01>> Give it up for kevin mitnick.
00:01:03Thank you, sir.
00:01:04>> Thank you.
00:01:05[Applause] >> one of the good guys protecting us all.
00:01:08Now, I want you to take a look at this tape because here are a couple lifelock members who are gonna prove to you that lifelock can step in to help us all stop identity theft in its tracks.
00:01:19>> I was applying for a new home loan.
00:01:21My neighbor next door came into my apartment and within minutes, he just photocopied everything with his camera.
00:01:28They stole it all.
00:01:29They stole my life.
00:01:34>> Man: Last thanksgiving, I came home, found my house burglarized.
00:01:36Had taken a safe, which contained all of my wife and I's personal documents, my family's personal documents.
00:01:42What they took wasn't just the physical items, but they took my identity and it became very personal.
00:01:48>> At first, I panicked because I didn't know what to do.
00:01:51Now that he's stolen my identity with all the inquiries on my credit, I'm not going to qualify and I was not going to get my new home.
00:01:59Lifelock protected my credit and in the process, I did get my new home.
00:02:04>> The support I got from lifelock was amazing.
00:02:07They were there for me.
00:02:08They were working side by side with me.
00:02:10The credit card companies and my banks were not.
00:02:14>> Lifelock did shut the identity thieves down.
00:02:17>> I chose lifelock because they seemed to have the best reputation.
00:02:20What was interesting was they proved themselves right by doing everything they said they would do and then some.
00:02:25>> If I didn't have lifelock, I would have never gotten my new home.
00:02:28>> Without lifelock on my side, .. I don't know where I'd be.
00:02:33>> Well, please welcome kent, julie and francine to the show.
00:02:36Welcome them.
00:02:36[Applause] I don't know, again, I can't imagine walking into my house and realizing someone had invaded my privacy this way.
00:02:46>> I was so angry.
00:02:48I wanted to just pick up a pipe and beat somebody.
00:02:51>> I can imagine because you're also trying to think amount the holidays for your family and when did you realize that you know, somebody could have our information?
00:03:00>> Well, we had taken all of our stuff out of the bank, put it in our home safe because we were switching banks and we noticed that the safe was gone.
00:03:07Our passports, our birth certificates, our social security cards, our parents' information, car title.
00:03:13>> So what did lifelock do for you?
00:03:17>> Lifelock stopped the identity theft.
00:03:19They locked me down, they protected me.
00:03:22Any time I had a problem, I was getting an alert by a text, a phone call and an email.
00:03:27>> And I'll tell you, these lifelock people that were on the phone with us were amazing.
00:03:31>> And this is through the holiday season.
00:03:33Let's remind people that, you know, this thing happens, two days later, there are thieves out there working as hard as they can and lifelock is letting you know bang!
00:03:42I have stopped this, I have shut this down.
00:03:45They weren't even waiting two days.
00:03:47We had been robbed thanksgiving day and by friday, they were already starting to open up accounts.
00:03:52Lifelock was right there for us, right over the holidays going into the christmas season.
00:03:57>> And lifelock stopped it.
00:03:59That's what I'm talking about.
00:04:01[Applause] francine, francine.
00:04:08This thing.
00:04:09These little devices that we call smartphones, all of which have cameras on them.
00:04:15Watch this.
00:04:16Francine, somebody rolls over to your house.
00:04:19>> My neighbor.
00:04:21>> Click click.
00:04:22>> He took it all.
00:04:23He had it all.
00:04:24>> What did lifelock do for you?
00:04:26>> Well, lifelock kept alerting me because the thief kept trying to move my bank accounts to different p.o. boxes.
00:04:33So lifelock would call me up and say, "hey, are you changing an " I got the alert, "hey, he's trying to open up " >> each time that alert comes through, that's not saying, oh, this activity's going on and we didn't do anything-- they stop it from happening.
00:04:52Stop it.
00:04:53>> They're my angels.
00:04:55[Applause] >> all right, folks, what else do I need to do to convince you to get an identity theft protection?
00:05:00We've shown you from both sides, from the victims and the thieves, just how easy it is for identities to be stolen.
00:05:06You've experienced first hand the dedication and the incredible level of support from america's leader in identity theft protection.
00:05:12And america's mayor himself rudy giuliani told us just how serious and devastating this problem can become.
00:05:17So the problem's not going to go away folks, it's only going to get worse.
00:05:21Don't wait until you become a victim yourself-- protect yourself with lifelock today.
00:05:26Now I'm going to make it real easy for everybody in the audience because you're all gonna go home with one year of lifelock for free.
00:05:32There you go.
00:05:32[Cheers, applause] absolutely.
00:05:37So join us on the next living well with montel.
00:05:41[Applause, cheers] >> you know, if you're like me, you want to protect the things that are so important to you-- your money, your credit, your good name.
00:05:50That's why I'm a member of lifelock.
00:05:52>> Announcer: Right now, your personal information is out there and thieves can take it in an instant when you swipe a credit card, shop online, fill up at a gas station or visit your doctor.
00:06:01Credit card companies don't do enough to protect you from identity theft and if you use a smartphone, your chances of becoming a victim are even greater.
00:06:09Lifelock's highly trained and dedicated member services team are at work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year helping to stop identity theft before it happens.
00:06:20Lifelock utilizes a sophisticated data surveillance system to monitor more than 740 billion identity data points every day.
00:06:28When identity thieves attempt to use your personal information, lifelock's proactive identity alerts warn you, helping to stop thieves in their tracks before the damage is done.
00:06:38Had I had not signed up for lifelock, I probably would have been completely wiped out.
00:06:41>> Announcer: No one can stop all identity theft, but no one can protect you better than lifelock and they stand behind that promise with their $1 million service guarantee.
00:06:50>> It feels great to have lifelock behind you.
00:06:52>> Announcer: Call today.
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00:07:13Don't wait until you become a victim.
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00:07:16>> Lifelock offers the most comprehensive protection available.
00:07:19It's the best way for you to protect the things you value most.
00:07:22..] >> Announcer: Mention promo code "montel 60" for your free shredder and get 60 days of lifelock's protection risk free.
00:07:37The preceding was a paid advertisement for lifelock h >> Narrator: Previously on ..
00:12:44In the last five years, the laffing devils became one of the higher-profile motorcycle clubs in san diego.
00:12:50They were thriving.
00:12:51But the uncontrollable behavior of the youngbloods pushed founding prez gipsy to resign in frustration.
00:12:57" >> Narrator: He handed control billy the kid, while remaining in the brotherhood.
00:13:04>> You got big shoes to fill.
00:13:05>> I know.
00:13:06>> Do me proud.
00:13:07>> Narrator: But billy felt threatened by the powerful presence of the retired prez.
00:13:11>> I really need you to give up the cut.
00:13:13>> So, are you asking me, or is the club asking me?
00:13:15>> Both.
00:13:16>> Narrator: And the new prez forced gipsy to give up his patches.
00:13:19>> I'm gonna quit on my own terms.
00:13:21But just to let you know that vegas -- I'm still going.
00:13:24>> Narrator: Gipsy joined his former brothers for a dangerous vegas repo mission for rusty, a powerful and feared leader on THE SoCal BIKE SCENE.
00:13:31>> I got a really important bike that I want to get back.
00:13:34>> Narrator: In vegas, new prez billy's leadership was called into question when he brought enforcers sandman and juice.
00:13:40>> I like to drink and ride fast.
00:13:42>> Narrator: The two best friends partied too hard and went missing for much of the mission.
00:13:46>> Where are these guys?
00:13:47This is bull [bleep] >> Narrator: And billy's plans led them on a cold trail.
00:13:50>> No, dude, I haven't seen him before.
00:13:51>> We've been driving around all [bleep] morning, following these leads, and they've all ended up with nothing.
00:13:56arrator: BUT WHEN GIPSY TOOK ..
00:13:58>> Hey! hey!
00:13:58That's my [bleep] bike!
00:13:59That bike's leaving here with or without those keys.
00:14:01>> Narrator:..He got the job done.
00:14:04Tonight, new prez billy comes down hard on juice after his vegas mishap.
00:14:08>> You need to stop [bleep] drinking so much.
00:14:10You got to make a change, brother.
00:14:13>> Narrator: And gipsy declares his independence from the devils.
00:14:15>> I'm thinking of starting a -- a new club.
00:14:18You want to be there with me when I start this?
00:14:26>> ♪♪ Ohhh oh-oh-oh ohhh ♪♪
00:14:30♪♪ rolling down the road by your blood, sweat, and gears ♪♪
00:14:33♪♪ finding that soldier in you ♪♪
00:14:37♪♪ ohhh oh-oh-oh ohhh ♪♪
00:14:41♪♪ you'll never ride alone again ♪♪
00:14:43[ engine revs ] --Captions by Captions paid for bydiscovery communications >> Narrator: After the las vegas repo mission, former laffing devils prez gipsy flies solo back to san diego, his ties officially severed from the club.
00:14:59>> I don't think billy could have done the repo mission without me.
00:15:02My experience in the field of repo and bounty hunting are invaluable to the situation.
00:15:10And when it came down to it, I'm the one that made the plan, and it worked.
00:15:16Taking a step back to look at the laffing devils is just not for me anymore.
00:15:30>> Narrator: Billy returns the bike to rusty without the pressure of gipsy's presence, and now the new devils prez hopes to exert his authority around the biker legend.
00:15:40>> Mission complete.
00:15:41>> Hey, you guys brought us the wrong bike.
00:15:43>> Yeah, who the hell's bike is this?
00:15:45>> Oh, don't even.
00:15:47>> It's yours now.
00:15:48>> [ Laughing ] YEAH.
00:15:49>> All right.
00:15:50Well, that will do as a down, anyway, you know?
00:15:52Good job.
00:15:52>> Thank you.
00:15:53>> Appreciate it, man.
00:15:54>> No worries, man.
00:15:54>> One piece.
00:15:55>> All right.
00:15:55>> And there wasn't a scratch on it when we found it.
00:15:57>> Where's gipsy?
00:16:00>> You know what?
00:16:01Gipsy and I got some things we need to work out.
00:16:03You know, he retired, and I just need him to stay retired.
00:16:07>> All right.
00:16:07>> You know, it's -- with me taking over the club, it's just kind of getting in the way of me, you know, taking over leadership.
00:16:13>> All right.
00:16:14>> Rusty needs to know that I'm the president now, and there's new leadership involved.
00:16:18As prez, I should be the one dealing with club business, not anyone else.
00:16:21>> All right, well, I got something for you.
00:16:22I'm not gonna talk about it right now.
00:16:24>> Absolutely.
00:16:24>> You know what I mean?
00:16:25So now I owe you money.
00:16:26[ Laughter ] >> yeah!
00:16:27>> Don't be sending nobody down here.
00:16:29You know what I mean?
00:16:30We got security over here.
00:16:31>> That's not gonna happen.
00:16:32>> Everything's good, man.
00:16:33>> Okay, good.
00:16:34>> Thank you.
00:16:34>> Pleasure.
00:16:35>> We'll unload this thing and get it done.
00:16:38>> It was a big deal for me, especially being the new president and especially having someone of the stature of rusty put it all in -- put it all in my hands.
00:16:45It makes me feel pretty good to know that we got the job done properly and effectively.
00:16:53>> Narrator: Having returned from his hard-partying trip in vegas, loose cannon juice picks up right where he left off.
00:17:01[ Engine revving ] [ tires screech ] [ siren wails ] juice speeds away hazardously, drawing unwanted attention to the clubhouse.
00:17:18>> [ Shouting indistinctly ] >> he was running up and down the street, revving his engine, going a little fast.
00:17:25Neighborhood market guy came over and was a little bit upset.
00:17:27Just a couple weeks ago, a kid got hit by a car.
00:17:29The last thing we want to do is have a bad image in the neighborhood, have people not want us here.
00:17:33>> Don't need the hassle.
00:17:34>> Yeah, right, right, right.
00:17:35>> We don't need the hassle.
00:17:37I wanted to go over and talk to the market owner and let him know we were gonna take care of the situation.
00:17:44>> Okay.
00:17:46No problem.
00:17:47>> Narrator: snubz tries to talk some sense into his wasted brother.
00:17:51>> Dude, it's [bleep] us.
00:17:52This is what we [bleep] do.
00:17:54>> Right.
00:17:54>> You know?
00:17:55You don't [bleep] where you eat, right?
00:17:56>> Right.
00:17:57>> Can't roll like that, man.
00:17:58>> All right.
00:17:58>> Okay.
00:17:59>> All right.
00:18:01[ Bell dings ] >> [ sighs ] [bleep] I don't take any [bleep] from anybody.
00:18:09If you get in my way, I'll [bleep] run you over.
00:18:13>> Where's he going?
00:18:16>> Dude, what the [bleep] dude?
00:18:18>> Juice, juice.
00:18:20>> Dude, we just talked about this, dude.
00:18:22Leave him alone.
00:18:23[Bleep] dude?
00:18:23>> I feel like an [bleep] >> well, you're an [bleep] doubly now.
00:18:26What the [bleep] dude?
00:18:27We just talked about this.
00:18:28Come on. go.
00:18:28Dude, we'll talk to him the [bleep] next time, dude.
00:18:30This is [bleep] getting stupid.
00:18:32>> Narrator: New prez billy arrives, seizes control of the clubhouse, and confronts juice.
00:18:37>> [ Coughs ] >> you need to stop [bleep] drinking so much.
00:18:41I can see it in your eyes already.
00:18:42You're [bleep] up.
00:18:43And you were [bleep] up last night, too.
00:18:45You got to make a change, brother.
00:18:46[Bleep] is affecting people, just so you know.
00:18:48Get your [bleep] together.
00:18:50As president of a motorcycle club, I've got more than enough to worry about.
00:18:53So the last thing I need to do is damage control with juice.
00:18:58Knowing that he's got a severe heart condition, alcohol is probably not the first choice he should be making.
00:19:04If his reckless behavior continues and it starts to detriment the integrity of the club, taking his cut away will definitely be something to consider.
00:19:13>> You [bleep] dude.
00:19:14You got to [bleep] tighten up your game, seriously, bro.
00:19:20>> I wanted to join the laffing devils originally because I used to be a criminal, and I had to join the laffing devils to go ahead and turn my life around.
00:19:29Been a member for almost two years now.
00:19:31It was a form of brotherhood that I'd -- I'd never seen before.
00:19:34They're my family.
00:19:36And to this day, I'd -- I'd give my life for any one of them.
00:19:41[Bleep] well, I haven't killed anybody ..
00:20:03[ Chuckles ] I like to party.
00:20:05I like to have a good time, drink whiskey, and do my thing and live my life.
00:20:09And you know what?
00:20:10I got brothers in this club that keep me straight to a degree.
00:20:16>> Narrator: Directly defying prez billy's orders, juice continues to party.
00:20:21>> Dude, you're lit [bleep] again, aren't you?
00:20:24>> No.
00:20:26In about four more hours, I will be, yeah.
00:20:29Have a little faith.
00:20:30>> That's all I have is alittle faith.
00:20:47[ Engine revving ] [bleep] >> we talked about this [bleep] >> juice!
00:20:51[ Tires screech ] [ crashing ] [ sirens wail ] cleaner, we replaced people with a machine.
00:21:40Customers didn't like it.
00:21:42So why do banks do it?
00:21:45If your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally.
00:21:56Ally bank.
00:21:57Your money needs an ally.
00:22:30One square inch of deliciously smooth chocolate ..
00:22:36Or rich dark.
00:22:38Incredible indulgence.
00:22:40One square inch of bliss.
00:22:42Hershey's bliss.
00:22:46[ Dennis' voice ]Allstate AGENT.
00:22:47He bundled my new bikewith my home and auto and saved me a ton.
00:22:50[ Normal voice ]NOW I CAN FINISH MY TATTOO.
00:22:53It's gonna be a centaur.
00:22:54There's gonna be a mancoming outta that horse.
00:22:57Are you in good hands?
00:23:00way forever.
00:23:03With new Big Pizza Sliders.
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00:23:09I like that math!
00:23:10Only at your Pizza Hut.
00:23:11Now that's how you Makeit Great.
00:24:22>> Narrator: Last night, youngblood juice was starting to spiral out of control.
00:24:26He paid a price for his excessive boozing, wrecking his bike and landing in the emergency room.
00:24:32[ Monitor beeping ] >> what's up, brother?
00:24:36>> What's up, dude?
00:24:38>> Dude, really?
00:24:39>> Seriously.
00:24:39>> Oh, my god.
00:24:41Really isn't, like, a set protocol or, you know, standards on how we deal with issues and problems when they come up.
00:24:48It's kind of like a case-by-case situation.
00:24:49The thing about the club is that it's always brotherhood, you know?
00:24:52So we're concerned for our brother, to make sure he's healthy and he's okay, but after that, obviously, you know, what kind of effect does this have on our club and our new clubhouse?
00:24:59Oh [bl >> smacked my head.
00:25:01>> Concussion?
00:25:02 oh, dude, I was bleeding so bad last night.
00:25:06Believe me -- I wasn't planning on this happening.
00:25:08>> You never are, dude [bleep] >> I'm not trying to make excuses for myself.
00:25:12>> I got that, dude.
00:25:12>> Yeah.
00:25:13..we haven't been -- it's been a month at the most, and -- and, dude, to have cops there again -- the last thing we want is cops just chilling there all [bleep] day.
00:25:22You know what I'm saying?
00:25:25Billy's got your cut right now.
00:25:26And you're gonna have to deal with, you know, the ramifications of what's gonna go on.
00:25:30>> I'm definitely anxious about the repercussions that I may have to face.
00:25:33But you know what?
00:25:34I just got to take my licks as they come.
00:25:37>> Bro to bro, dude, your life's in a tailspin right now, man.
00:25:39>> That's true.
00:25:40>> It is, dude.
00:25:40And this is, like, you know, you're lucky you're walking away from this.
00:25:43>> Narrator: The accident is just the latest in a long list of physical setbacks.
00:25:46At 36, juice has already suffered two heart attacks.
00:25:49>> None of the other members are going to the hospital, you know, getting jacked up, you know, getting into wrecks.
00:25:53We've given juice a lot of passes lately on his behavior and what's going on.
00:25:57That's it, man -- no more passes.
00:25:58Something's got to go down, because this is not acceptable.
00:26:09>> Narrator: Without the brotherhood of the laffing devils, gipsy is soul-searching.
00:26:13He's returned to his former vocation of bounty hunting to try to fill the void.
00:26:17>> I did bail and bounty hunting years ago.
00:26:19I loved it.
00:26:20It got the adrenaline pumping again.
00:26:22" he's a fugitive enforcement agent.
00:26:30Hi. nice to meet you.
00:26:32Bounty hunting definitely gives me that -- that rush that I miss from not riding with my brothers in the pac >> is this the address?
00:26:41>> Yeah, it's right over on the other side over here.
00:26:45[ Gun cocks ] I'm walking up.
00:26:54You know, it's kind of, "okay, this is what we got to do.
00:26:57It's 'go' time.
00:26:58" >> Narrator: As courtney knocks on the front door, gipsy and x must secure the perimeter.
00:27:04X takes the front while gipsy guards the exit out back.
00:27:09[ Door unlatches ] >> hi.
00:27:13>> Hi.
00:27:14>> Hi. are you -- are you gwen?
00:27:15>> Yeah.
00:27:16>> Maria sent me.
00:27:18>> Who's -- who's -- >> uh.
00:27:20[ Guns cock ] >> she's running.
00:27:21She's running.
00:27:22[ Beeps ] >> oh, oh, oh!
00:27:25Oh, oh!
00:27:25>> Who are you?
00:27:26Get the [bleep] off me!
00:27:27Get the [bleep] off!
00:27:28[ Grunting ] !
00:27:30[Bleep] >> turn her over. turn her over.
00:27:33Grab her legs.
00:27:34Turn her over.
00:27:35Your name is gwen, right?
00:27:36>> Mm-hmm.
00:27:37>> Right?
00:27:38>> [Bleep] >> relax.
00:27:39>> I didn't [bleep] do anything.
00:27:40>> Relax.
00:27:41Don't fight, man.
00:27:42We're gonna get you up.
00:27:45>> Your bail agent sent us out here to get you because you didn't show up for court.
00:27:50 it's not about paying the money -- you got to show up for court.
00:27:53You did not kept in contact with your bail agent.
00:27:56So now we got to take you back to jail.
00:27:58I love the thrill of the hunt.
00:28:01It's a rush.
00:28:02But I need more in my life.
00:28:04I miss what I had with the laffing devils.
00:28:07But [sighs] I'm a little disappointed -- the influx of -- of the new blood into the club.
00:28:12It's just -- it's a bit overwhelming.
00:28:21[ Siren wailing in distance ] >> Narrator: There's a party at the clubhouse, but oldblood danny boy isn't feeling festive.
00:28:29He's disappointed in billy's leadership and takes matters into his own hands by advising some younger bloods on club protocol.
00:28:36>> I'm concerned with the leadership of the club.
00:28:38Billy and snubz are two new officers into that position, and I'm concerned with where it's gonna go.
00:28:43I can't hold you accountable if I don't give you guidance.
00:28:46It's my fault, too.
00:28:47Why am I yelling at you when you don't know what the [bleep] you're supposed to do?
00:28:50So we're changing that.
00:28:52If somebody pulls off while riding, if they wave, they don't need anything.
00:28:57If they point to their tank, they're getting gas -- go with them.
00:29:00Billy and snubz -- they should always have somebody with them.
00:29:03They shouldn't be alone.
00:29:04Get amongst yourse work with yourselves.
00:29:06We're gonna work on getting you into where you need to be so that the club is rolling on the same [bleep] all right?
00:29:12I wanted to do it now before we got everything rolling because i didn't want to let it slip and I didn't want to forget it.
00:29:16If I were the president of the club, I'd want to take care of things the way it should be taken care of.