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00:00:01Shut the glove department.
00:00:06And don't play with your firearm, okay?
00:00:11>> 50,000 Pounds of ground beef could be contaminated with e.coli.
00:00:15Stick around with that information.
00:00:16Just three hours from now, you could hear the chilling first-hand accounts of ariel castro's crimes from him and at least one of his victims.
00:00:25We are getting new details from the diaries as well that amanda berry, michelle knight and gina dejesus kept for years detailing what went on in the house in cleveland.
00:00:36Prosecutors say that was astro threatened to shoot the women if they ever tried to e and told them that he was hunting for replacements.
00:00:47Pam brown has nor on what we can expect to hear from the sentencing today.
00:00:51>> According to court documents.
00:00:52He let the three women keep a diary during captivity that described the abuse and dreams of some day escaping and being reunited with family.
00:01:01>> My addiction to pornography and my sexual problem has really taken a tool on my life.
00:01:09>> He admitted to having the girls chained by their ankles with only one meal a day showering infrequently while he had sexually assang them.
00:01:18He had other victims and some of them made it home but that others had not.
00:01:22In a plea deal that took the death penalty off the table, castro pleaded guilty to more than 900 counts, including, kidnapping, rape, and murder for terminating michelle knight's multiple pregnancies.
00:01:34>> I may have been through hell and but, I am strong enough to walk through hell with a smile on my face.
00:01:42>> Sources sayght will impact statent inrt face-to-face with her he first time I'm amanda berry.
00:01:56Etim ofo, too, will finally share h side.
00:02:05 kni thankinge cleveland police department w handwritten note saying just the she a t thanking theeople se len side of him.
00:02:31ells cnn that he must u are going to get live ceragestro's l ta .
00:02:52W thisornisota and rhode island now midni s marriages was held inof a now recognize same sex marriage.
00:03:07It is estimated that 30% of the united states population now lives in area where same sex marriage is legal.
00:03:15With a lifetime ban from baseball reportedly on the table, a rod could be ready to cut a deal.
00:03:23Is he?
00:03:25More with what we are learning.
00:03:26All right.
00:03:27Give it to me.
00:03:28Good morning.
00:03:28>> Good morning robin.
00:03:30All along a rod's lawyer has said they were focused on appealing whatever punishment they could get.
00:03:36Third baseman may be singing a different tune.
00:03:39According to espn, a rod settlement that could land him a lengthy suspension.
00:03:47They want him to set out for answer in mum of this year and next year.
00:03:51He has been showing volumes of evidence linking him to performance enhancing drugs and the south florida clinic biogen sis.
00:04:00Mlb also has evidence that he attempted to obstruct their investigation and, robin, that's the main reason why they are looking to punish the three time mvp with a possible lifetime ban.
00:04:11That is the update on that story.
00:04:13Here is an update on another one.
00:04:15Randy travis is out of the hospital how about that?
00:04:18Is he now at a physical therapy center.
00:04:21He went to the hospital, he had congestive heart failure.
00:04:27While he was there he had a stroke.
00:04:29It started when he came down with with a virus that effects your hearts.
00:04:33Fiancee thanked his friends and all their fans for his support.
00:04:39George zimmerman was pulled over for speeding in texas, sunday and the cop had to tell him to stop playing with his gun.
00:04:46Shear a dash cam video.
00:05:06>> The officer let zimmerman go with a verbal warning.
00:05:09This is the second time he has been in the news since he was found not guilty in the death of trayvon martin.
00:05:14Last month he pulled over to help out a family who had been in a traffic accident in florida.
00:05:20I wonder what made the officer say don't play with your firearm?
00:05:25>> I don't know.
00:05:28>> Lightning strike injured a dozen soldiers who were training in colorado.
00:05:32None of them took a direct hit but it did put one of them critical condition.
00:05:36We know that person is from fort carson there and five of the remaining 11 are now out of the hospital.
00:05:42The military says the group had been in an open field and tried run for cover when the storm hit yesterday.
00:05:48Listen to the gasp in the crowd when a guy confronted anthony weiner at one of his campaign events last night.
00:05:56>> I would like to know how can I trust you with my family and my community when you can't be trusted in your own family?
00:06:08[Gasp] that's a fair question.
00:06:13Look, some embarrassing things about me in my personal life.
00:06:18That's part of the cost of being an elected official, I guess.
00:06:22People look into those things.
00:06:24I'm embarrassed by it, i dishonored my wife.
00:06:27But, sir, I didn't do anything to you.
00:06:29>> Well, okay some other drama though.
00:06:34His communications director, like the pr person, right?
00:06:37Apologized for a profanity laced attack on a former intern of theirs.
00:06:43She tweeted this picture of a sware jar stuffed.
00:06:47Not my best day going to pay up.
00:06:49The intern wrote a scathing ticle about weiner.
00:06:52The intern now accepts the apology from the communications director.
00:07:00As the world turns.
00:07:03>> Getting deeper and deeper.
00:07:05>> It is seven minutes past the hour.
00:07:08Ietweeted what bob said about your weather today.
00:07:11If you are not a twit error, let me tell you what it says, basically.
00:07:14Didn't you say more rain, more heat.
00:07:16>> More heat.
00:07:18>> Monsoonal, he said.
00:07:19>> Monsoonal rains coming.
00:07:21In you have got it all.
00:07:22First day of august right now.
00:07:23It doesn't really feel that way across northeast or the great lakes.
00:07:26Couple cold fronts going by.
00:07:27The heavy rain is there.
00:07:29Really feels like the tropical storm in alabama right now.
00:07:36South of birmingham right around it looks like montgomery south of you too ggest line greenville i-6 a.
00:07:45A lot of rain to start off the morning.
00:07:48East a little farther.
00:07:49More showers macon dublin and georgia.
00:07:53Some scattered pockets of rain around the chesapeake.
00:07:56Gets into the delaware, too.
00:07:58It now is approaching philadelphia airspace.
00:08:02Rain showers heading to new york.
00:08:04New york later this morning.
00:08:05Air travel delays too.
00:08:06We are watching that here is the radar picture.
00:08:09Pretty wet stuff coming in off of lake erie and ontario.
00:08:13North of a cold front.
00:08:14Whole thing sliding and channeling moisture to the east.
00:08:17Not the only big story, we are talking about the heat.
00:08:22Look at the austin about 103.
00:08:25Waco, class to fort worth you are talking about heat advisories.
00:08:29Just a brief heads up right now no delays.
00:08:31But it's going to change.
00:08:33Can you see the tower cam.
00:08:34The clouds are in place.
00:08:35Rain showers too.
00:08:37Temperatures kept down.
00:08:37Lots of heavy rain develop later this morning.
00:08:40Good look at midtown.
00:08:44Coming up in a bit.
00:08:45>> Hour or so.
00:08:46>> I'm not doubting you.
00:08:48>> There you go.
00:08:49>> Do you think simon have a talent for training diapers?
00:08:54Oh, the exfactor judge is going to be a daddy.
00:08:59The real may be the mom to be.
00:09:02 simpson is granted parole.
00:09:04Although he is still in prison.
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00:11:48>> Today's salute to the troops goes out to u.s.
00:11:50Army master sergeant sammy martinez.
00:11:53His wife just celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary.
00:11:56Sammy is an amazing father to twins.
00:11:58Look at these babies.
00:11:59And, by the way, april also served in the army as well.
00:12:02She is a retired staff sergeant so thank you both for all that your family does.
00:12:08If you love somebody in the military, we are always game to get your shoutout and salute on the air.
00:12:15com/robin is where the instructions about doing that live.
00:12:20 simpson isn't leaving prison any time soon but he has been granted parole.
00:12:26Say what in the board dropped only some of the charges.
00:12:29What means is he has four more years because is he serving sentences consecutively.
00:12:34The parole board said it made its decision because of his participation in some of the prison programs and the fact that he has never been convicted previously.
00:12:42New this morning, 50 -- if I can talk.
00:12:4650,000 Pounds of ground beef is being recalled coli scare.
00:12:50So jennifer westhoven is here.
00:12:52I think this is like the second time we have heard about this group.
00:12:54Good morning.
00:12:55>> Yeah.
00:12:55Just from this company.
00:12:57The national beef packing company that is in kansas.
00:13:02What isy about this is i can't even tell you what the brands are.
00:13:07>> This is just like yesterday when we had the new word about cyclospora and the lettuce.
00:13:13We can't tell you what type of lettuce.
00:13:15What in the world.
00:13:16>> Sometimes you can't say because of the rules.
00:13:18In this time we can't say because basically this company sells to so many different places, and then the beef gets used in so many different products with other products sometimes that that's why we can't really say because, basically, think out all the grocery stores that might buy it and store brand.
00:00:01Of clouds overhead spop that is that in just a bit, you.
00:00:06We have the morning read.
00:00:07These are interesting stories that the paper has where we give e web credit here today but you don't have to look because we have to be serving cheap booze to customers who think they're paying for the expensive stuff.
00:00:20The owner of eight new jersey tgi fridays is learning that the those restaurants has to pay a $500,000 fine for allegedly not serving the premium stuff when people requested it and were charged for it.
00:00:36>>> Nato is to figuring out how many troops are going to have to stay in afghanistan.
00:00:43 soldiers are set to leave in 2014 but reu said military leaders are waiting to see how many troops the u.s. allies commit.
00:00:54>>> And the lifestyle of the rich and famous, robin leech USED TO HOST THAT SERIES IN THE s.
00:01:01The hollywood reporter says it's going to be nick cannon.
00:01:03No word yet on when it's going to premier.
00:01:05>>> Moments from now the sentencing hearing is going to happen for ariel castro in cleveland.
00:01:10And we're learning that two of the victims, amanda berry and gina dejesus, aren't going to be there.
00:01:16So we're waiting to see, is michelle knt was held the longest, is she going to face him and tell her ory?
00:01:24What will she say to her kidnapper?
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00:04:06>>> good morning.
00:04:07We are moments away right now from the sentencing hearing for ariel castro.
00:04:12These are live pictures coming out of the courtroom in cleveland, ohio.
00:04:17Now, it's the place where you could hear some -- I'll just say chilling firsthand accounts about what this man is accused of doing to three women that he kept in his house for a decade.
00:04:29The picture also shows the model apparently of the house where everything went on and perhaps is going to be used here to illustrate what went on where and how these women were kept in captivity for ten years.
00:04:42>>> So good morning to you.
00:04:43It is the top of the hour.
00:04:44And I just want you to know that we appreciate you being with us here.
00:04:47So you're going to see this castro sentencing live start to finish on hln.
00:04:52And it could take hours.
00:04:53We don't know.
00:04:54Now, the sentencing itself is not in doubt because he pleaded guilty last friday to holding the three women captive for a decade and he agreed to a life term, plus 1,000 years.
00:05:05So there's not a chance of him getting out here.
00:05:07But the drama may be in the details and whether we're going to be hearing from one of the so to help us better understand what happens in a sentencing hearing, as we see people file in the courtroom, by the way, you know greeting each other here, the prosecutors plan to use this model of the castro's, what people have called the house of horror.
00:05:29The real house is being torn down and he has to pay for that to happen.
00:05:34The state I also calling witnesses, one of whom may be victim michelle knight, whom castro repeatedly got pregnant and then punched until she m miscarried.
00:05:48A presentencing report reveals that all three women kept diariesailing what he did to them and detailing the constant fear of death if they tried to es escape.
00:05:59Castro is moving in evermore dangerous direction when the women were finally rescued in may.
00:06:04>>> What happens in a sentencing hearing?
00:06:06Our jean casarez says it's basically lake a mini trial, even though we know he'saded guilty, it's not the fact that he's pleaded guilty, it's to the extent so that people can hear and the state decide the sentencing.
00:06:20Good morning.
00:06:20>> Good morning.
00:06:22And welcome.
00:06:23To see the replica of that home right there shows us exactly what is going to be testified to morning.
00:06:31You know, the prosecution can put on witnesses.
00:06:33And it is to preserve the record.
00:06:36Technically it would be aggravating factors in this sentencing phase as to why he should get the maximum sentence, and he has copped a plea deal to save his life, basically.
00:06:45It will be life in prison.
00:06:47One other thinven though he's going to spend the rest of his life behind bars, has to be determined to be registered sex offender.
00:06:55This is the law in all 50 states and ohio is one of those states.
00:06:59And it may come near the beginning of this hearing because I have seen that before, in other hearings of this nature that I've kored.
00:07:06You might hear something called the sorn, ohio's sexual offender register and notification laws.
00:07:14Well, because it's the law.
00:07:15And secondly, if he would ever get out he has to have that designation already to alert the community, restrictions on him and his living and they're just taking ievery preindication.
00:07:27>> Isn't there no way he's going to be out of prison.
00:07:30>> One wouldn't think but I have seen things in my lifetime just as I've covered trials where someone who is a serial killer, who's locked up for life, suddenly something happens and he's about to be out on the street unless they prosecute him for another woman that he killed as part of that serial activity.
00:07:47So you never know.
00:07:48They want to preserve that record.
00:07:51>> Why does it appear that the state is doing so much if he is already going away for life in terms of let's bring in a rep p replica of the house and on the possibility that we may see one of the victims, michelle knight, today.
00:08:05>> Exactly.
00:08:07That would be victim impact statement.
00:08:09That's standard in a sentencing hearing.
00:08:11I covered the btk serial killer out of kansas, remember that in wichita, kansas.
00:08:17Wichita for years had this serial killer and nobody knew who it was, all of a sudden it was the btk.
00:08:22That was truly a mini trial.
00:08:25And the prosecutor publicly said that the community had lived with this serial killer for years and they deserved to know what the truth was.
00:08:32And I think in this case, this community searched for these women for years, and I am sure the prosecution believes the community has a right to know at this point of what was happening, literally under their eyes.
00:08:46>> Right now we've got the camera kind of trained it looks like on people maybe sitting in the gallery, so to speak.
00:08:53I know that you're not there in that room.
00:08:54Do we have any idea about who these folks are?
00:08:57Are they media members, is the public allowed in at this sentencing hearing?
00:09:03>> Sure, sure.
00:09:04There are definitely public seats available.
00:09:06It's a public courtroom.
00:09:10And this community wants to be there.
00:09:11Of course you're going have the the three young women, who were beaten and chained and beaten so bad that they had to abort children that they were impregnated by ariel castro.
00:09:28And then, also, you're going to have probably family members of maybe ariel castro.
00:09:33We are understanding that he is going to speak.
00:09:36This is held in allocution.
00:09:45Some people may not be in favor of what he has to say, I'm sure.
00:09:48>> The judge has to let him speak.
00:09:50In other words, they can't just shut him down and say, okay, enough.
00:09:53You're going to prison for life?
00:09:54>> No, he has a right to speak.
00:09:56Now, there can be conditions.
00:09:58Sometimes you cannot look at the victims or the family members of the victims as you speak.
00:10:02You speak to the court.
00:10:03Normally it's to beg for mercy.
00:10:05Normally you are appealing to nothing to beg for.
00:10:11So it's going to be a platform where he can just say whatever he wants.
00:10:15>> Okay.
00:10:16So the woman this we're wondering if we're going to hear from her because sources have said we will hear from michelle knight.
00:10:23I think she captured so many hearts with her simple and three women speaking and thanking people for their support.
00:10:33And now there was a new handwritten letter that she also sent to police and people at the community, also thanking them.
00:10:41She said something along the lines of just when the caterpillar thought life was over, he turned into a butterfly.
00:10:47It is so simple, it is breathtaking, and if we hear from her, are you hearing that, I mean, she may get up and speak to him or is it going to be to the community?
00:11:00>> That's a good question.
00:11:01And it gives you chills, robin, as you said that I just chills.
00:11:05That is different and diff different -- in different communities, in different states.
00:11:11Sometimes they're allowed to face the person ariel castro and speak, other times they must direct it to the court.
00:11:18We'll have to see what this jurisdiction does.
00:11:20>> Just amazing.
00:11:21Now we can see, don't know if you also have a monitor, jean.
00:11:25It looks like maybe a white board is up there demonstrating something.
00:11:31I don't knoway the -- >> it looks like aid.
00:11:35Yes, it looks like it's words, possibly ab the prosecut a lawment be preserved into the record.
00:11:48I think u more here it looks like it might be pof tation today because we learn all three wre them thrri you right hearing beginning.
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00:15:43>> Thank you, everyone, for your love support and donations, build a brand new life.
00:15:50I just want everyone to know I'm doingfine.
00:15:56I may have been through hell and back, but I am strong enough to walk through hell with a smile on my face and with my head held hand in hand my best friend, I will not let the situation define who i am.
00:16:21>> She has a way of saying things that just cut right to your heart, some simple thoughts like in her letter, that's michelle knight that she wro to authorities, thanking them for helping her.
00:16:34She said something along the lines of, just when a caterpillar thought life was over t it became a butterfly.
00:16:40So will we see michelle knight today?
00:16:42That's what we're waiting on.
00:16:44Jean casarez is also covering this live with us today.
00:16:46You know, jean, when I saw those statements from the three women and, you know, it was obvious that they had been made camera ready and they had these eloquent statements that were so touching like that, you almost wanted to hope that maybe life in this horrible prison, so to speak, wasn't as bad as your mind went to.
00:17:08But now we're getting new details about what did happen partly through their diaries, that they were chained up, that they were fed once a day at first, that they only occasionally got to shower.
00:17:19I mean, the realities are just now coming to light.
00:17:23>> You know, it's so true what you're saying because as you wa captive, I mean, that's what you're focused on, they were held captive for all those years, kidnapped as they were just coming home from school or coming home from burger king one day as they were working.
00:17:38Their families never saw them again, just evaporated out of thin air.
00:17:43Now through the presentencing report that we know a little bit about, we're going to learn more about in these hearing today and the diaries, you hear about the beatings, being chained up, aborting fetuses because ariel castro would beat them so hard.
00:17:57And the mental and emotional suffer that they went through.
00:18:00And michelle knight was the first one that was kidnapped.
00:18:04>> And if she, in fact, does appear today, oh, my gosh, the strength of this woman, it is to be commended, that's for sure.
00:18:11And you would understand certainly why the two other women decided not to be here as we're hearing.
00:18:18We're going to take a break.
00:18:20This has not started just yet.
00:18:22Ariel castro is due no court at this hour to sentence, to be sentenced.
00:18:26We're supposed to be hearing from him.
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00:20:56>>> Ariel castro, the man accused in cleveland and pleaded guilty in cleveland to holding three women in his house for a decade, his lawyers just walked in to what's going to be his sentencing hearing today.
00:21:07Now, we're being told that ariel castro wants to show the other side and that he's not the monster that we all assume him to be now that he's pleaded guilty to this horrific crime of holding these women, of kidnapping them, and beating them for basically a decade in his home cleveland, ohio, before their escape recently.
00:21:27His lawyer just walked in.
00:21:29We're wait for ariel castro to come in here.
00:21:32And this is going to be our jean casarez says, basically, a mini trial here, that the prosecution could put on witnesses, that we're expecting to hear from ariel castro himself speak aboutts to show us, this other side of his personality.
00:21:46This is what he said last week when he pleaded guilty.
00:21:52>> Was there any advice given to you by your attorneys that you don't understand, any questions you have for me at this point?
00:22:00>> Not rig now but I pretty much understand everything -- i put my trust in them because i know they're good lawyers.
00:22:10So I -- there are some things that I have to -- I don't comprehend because of my sexual problem throughout my whole years.
00:22:21Pretty much, yes, I understand what they have been telling me.
00:22:25>> So that's what he said last time.
00:22:27We're expected to hear a lot more from him today at the sentencing hearing.
00:22:32We already know that he is going to have to go to prison for the rest of his life, right?
00:22:36But this is a sentencing hearing and there's a chance that one of the women may be up there and addressing the court.
00:22:44I wonder if she's going to address him, but detail and have a statement to make as well.
00:22:49While we wait for him to come into the courtroom, let me squeeze in other headlines.
00:22:53Here's a breaking news one.
00:22:57Nsa leaker snowden left the airport in moscow.
00:23:01That is application for political asylum in russia has been approved.
00:23:06He has a legal status for one year there.
00:23:09Now, no word yet on where snowden has gone to, if he is leaving the moscow in brand new accusation, though, snowden says the nsa is a top secret program that let them tap into your e-mails or your chats without any prior authorization, according to the "guardian" newspaper.
00:23:28 and pakistan agree to restart strategic talks.
00:23:33Secretary of state john kerry arrived in pakistan late last night.
00:23:36The relations have been rocky ever since 2011 when a nato attack killed pakistani soldiers.
00:23:43>>> Checking in the courtroom, we still do not have ariel castro in the courtroom.
00:23:48So let's squeeze in a commercial and we'll break right in when we see that he is getting ready to start or that the judge is getting ready to start.
00:23:55The sentencing hear for kidnapper ariel castro.
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00:26:22>>> We wait for a former school bus driver to enter this courtroom in cleveland, ohio, right now for the sentencing hearing.
00:26:27His name is ariel castro.
00:26:29Yes, it's the same man that we know has blpleadeduilty to kidnapping three women at different times between 2003 and 2004 in ohio and holding them in his house for ten years, basically, not just holding them but he's accuse of horrible crimes against them, whether it be beatings, assaults, or other forced situations like rape and then realso know that one of the women bore a daughter while in captivity, where castro was the father.
00:27:02Now, the house that you see there, there's a model of the house where this all happened.
00:27:07And someone has brought that into the courtroom today.
00:27:09So I'm thinking they're going to be using this as a visual aid detail what went on, how the men were kept separate, how it was that they were chained at times.
00:27:19We learned from new information from the prosecutors.
00:27:23And given one meal a day when they first were taken captivity.
00:27:26And only allowed to shower occasionally.
00:27:29So it was in this house that these horrible things happened.
00:27:32We do know now that it's ariel castro that is going to have to pay for this home to be torn down because who would want to see that in their neighborhood knowing now more details about what went on there.
00:27:46Jean casarez is helping me cover this hearing.
00:27:47Still waiting for ariel castro himself to come into the courtroom.
00:27:50I think we saw his lawyer, jean, come into the room.
00:27:53I'm not sure what the waiting is all about.
00:27:56It could be about whether one of the women is going to be talking here to the courtroom.
00:28:00Who gets to go first normally in a sentencing hearing?
00:28:03Would it be the victims and the statements and then is it the perpetrator who gets to go last?
00:28:08>> You know, it can vary.
00:28:11I think first they may address the sexual registration status of him as a registered sex offender.
00:28:16That shouldn't take too long.
00:28:18That is a mandatory hear that they have to do.
00:28:21>> He is walking in now.
00:28:23Yes, go ahead.
00:28:23>> We are looking at him right now in his jailhouse orange.
00:28:28Look at him at the gallery.
00:28:29He's really looking to see who is there.
00:28:33>> Why do we think that he would be looking at the gallery?
00:28:36You're right.
00:28:36He is scanning it.
00:28:37I wonder if he's looking for any of his family members.
00:28:40They would be allowed to come, wouldn't they?
00:28:42>> Yes, yes, they would.
00:28:43Yes, they definitely would.
00:28:45Or could he be looking for one of the three victims or all of the three victims.
00:28:49>> Would they be sitting in the gallery or coming out like a witness would come out?
00:28:53>> Many times they sit in the gallery.
00:28:55I normally see them sit to think prosecution side in the front row and then when called they will stand up and walk to the podium.
00:29:02>> You know, some people, as he takes a sip of water, on twitter, are saying, why should he get to stand up and talk and he's on camera and he gets all this attention and some people say isn't that the problem, when criminals get attention?
00:29:17>> That's true.
00:29:18It's very true.
00:29:19All of a sudden he's the star of the show, right?
00:29:22Well, in this hearing, we hope that the victims are the stars of the show.
00:29:27But constitutionally, he iss alasal allowed to make that constitution.
00:29:35It is a right to beg for mercy at that hearing.
00:29:38There's no mercy to beg for here, though.
00:29:40>> Because he will be sentenced.
00:29:41Court is now in session.
00:29:43The judge just said, all rise.
00:29:46Let's listen, live.
00:29:57>> We're here this morn for sentencing in the case 57549, state versus ariel castro.
00:30:06Have you had the chance to speak with your attorneys since last friday when you were in court?
00:30:10>> Yes, I have, your honor.
00:30:13>> And have they discussed with you your rights at the sentencing and the procedures to be followed?
00:30:19>> Yes, they have.
00:30:21>> So you do understand that you have a right to speak, if you wish.
00:30:24>> Yes, I do.
00:30:25>> And have your attorneys done all that you've asked them to do?
00:30:30>> Yes.
00:30:33>> Okay.
00:30:33Now, along with your sentencing, there is a requirement that sex offender notification.
00:30:43I have two forms that were returned because of the timespan of these offenses, there are two periods reporting, requirements, two sets, one for megan's law and one would be under adam walsh law.
00:30:59There are two separate forms to be completed.
00:31:01So have you had a chance to discuss each of these forms and their requirements with your attorneys?
00:31:06>> Yes, I have.
00:31:07I signed them.
00:31:11>> I'll show you the forms.
00:31:13Are these your signatures on forms?
00:31:16>> Yes, they are.
00:31:19>> Would you confirm that with him?
00:31:33>> He's had an opportunity to review the form, your honor.
00:31:35Thank you.
00:31:38 castro, are these the two forms that you read and discussed with your attorneys?
00:31:43>> Yes.
00:31:43>> Are these your signatures?
00:31:48>> Yes.
00:31:48>> Do you have any questions of me about the forms or the requirements?
00:31:52>> No.
00:31:55>> You understand that if you violate the reporting requirements you would be charged with a different and new felony.
00:32:05Do you understand that?
00:32:05>> Sir?
00:32:05>> If you did not comply with the reporting requirements, you would be charge with a new felony.
00:32:11Are you aware of that?
00:32:14>> Not exactly -- I'm not exactly sure.
00:32:17>> These are reporting requirements for an individual who in the community, placed on database, notified, those types of things.
00:32:27Do you understand that if you for any reason would ever be not in prison, you would be bound by these requirements and if you violated them by not reporting, other matters, you could then be charged and prosecuted for a new felony.
00:32:45Is that clear?
00:32:47>> Yes.
00:32:48>> I want to ask, have you each had a chance to discuss these forms and the reporting requirements with your client?
00:32:55>> We have, your honor.
00:32:55They were actually read to mr.
00:32:59>> Is that correct?
00:33:00>> That correct.
00:33:01>> And, gentlemen, was it your feel that he not only understood these forms but that he was intelligently and knowingly signing them?
00:33:09Is that correct?
00:33:10>> We are, again, yes.
00:33:11>> Yes, your honor.
00:33:14>> Do you have any questions about these reporting requirements on these forms?
00:33:19>> No.
00:33:20>> I'll sign the forms then castro has been informed of his duties to register as a sex offender, that he understands them.
00:33:30He also understands that the failure to comply with them will result in prosecution for a felony.
00:33:36 castrol go with you to the institution.
00:33:42Is that clear?
00:33:42>> Yes, it is, your honor.
00:33:53>> Gentlemen, the forms you will requiremts if y moved or other circumstances under the adam walsh act that is in effect AFTER JANUARY 1st, 2008, THAT, Again, requires you as a tier 3 offender under the new law to verify your address every 90 o identify card, registration, all those things.
00:34:34Do you understand those?
00:34:35>> Yes, I do.
00:34:36>> And under megane's law in affect until 2007, during that time period the court would orld narally be required to have a ple guilty and became a sexual predator.
00:35:02That's why we didn't have a hearing that we used to have prior to the adam walsh act.
00:35:06Do you understand?
00:35:07>> Yes.
00:35:11>> And, is that >> all right.
00:35:23We're going forward then with the sentencing aspect since mr.
00:35:27Castro has been advised of the sex offender reporting requirements.
00:35:31 castro, you will recall last week when you were here you peaknour behalf.
00:36:55You have the opportunity to speak if you wish or to present any information in mitigation of punishment, that's your right, after that, the prosecuting attorney will be forwarded an opportunity to speak.
00:37:08after that, the -- I'll announce your sentence and I'll go to the various statutory findings and give reasons in support of the sentence that was imposed.
00:37:24Is that all of that clear?
00:37:25>> Yes, it is, your honor.
00:37:27 weintraub, have you explained this previously?
00:37:31>> Yes, your honor.
00:37:31>> Yes, your honor.
00:37:34>> Okay.
00:37:36>> All right.
00:37:36On behalf of your client.
00:37:42>> Judge, can I make a quick objection before we start?
00:37:45>> Yes.
00:37:45>> In anticipation of what's going to happen today.
00:37:48We've provided ely with the government of a binder index which is an outline of what they intend to introduce today.
00:37:57As you know, your honor, there's only three applicable sections that I'd like to address.
00:38:06A loo 02 which is the representative of the victim which of course allows the victims not to come in court themselves but they could designate a representative.
00:38:1913 which provides for a victim impac a presentence investigation report castro has waived.
00:38:30Finally, your honor, the only over applicable sentencing statute for the victims' appearance in these hearings is 14 which allows the court to permit the victim of the crime to make a designee.
00:38:45There is nothing in the law that provides the state's ability now to come in and basically re-try this case which didn't go to the trial for the exact purpose of avoiding a public spectacle of everything that's going to happen.
00:38:59And we absolutely, your honor, ob any introduction by the state of anything except the victim or the victim's designee to say the impact that it's had on them, introducing doctor reports or photographs or a model of the house has absolutely nothing to do with what's happened and I'm going do detailed analysis and statement, but we do object for the record, your honor, and ask you not to allow it and certainly not the pursue it.
00:39:30Thank you.
00:39:33Thank you.
00:39:34Mr. weintraub?
00:39:36>> Your honor, on july castro entered a guilty plea to over 900 counts in the indictment and in that plea agreement he agreed to a life sentence without parole and an additional minimum of 1,000 years.
00:39:57More importantly, it's known by everyone who waives the rights in the aspect of this case, including in sentencing.
00:40:11All of us at both tables in this courtroom underst highly unusual case for all of the attorneys.
00:40:19That's why the media descended upon cleveland.
00:40:23It's -- this case has facts that are incomprehensible and such a nature the parties agreed not to disclose details provide there was a trial.
00:40:38High-profile nature of this case and the sensitivity protects the dig dignity, privacy of these three women.
00:40:47It is uncontroverted this is a unique case and is a story about incredible survival as well as significant undiagnosed mental illness.
00:40:59I want to clear for the record, though, that his mental illness does not affect his competency to understand these proceedings and did not meetstandard.
00:41:11For someone who engaged in the conduct that he did for ten years by living a double life, prevent exposure of his dark side obviously sought with mental illness.
00:41:24 castro does accept full responsibility for his conduct and understands that as far as mental illness, as well as sexual or physical abuse he suffered as a trial, those factors will never justify his crimes.
00:41:42Trying to understand the causes of his conduct may have some societ value, but it doesn't legitimize his conduct and that's not what we want to impress upon the court.
00:41:53During the course of last knight 90 days when you were privy to discovery in this caseamanda, michelle, very dark days inside a world they did not choose.
00:42:14Since they have been free, the courage and strength they have considered is remarkable and it's also true remarkable and inspire that this great community has demonstrated such -- surviving to assist in any way possible.
00:42:28 castro recognizes that and is encouraged despite his mental illness that it is not offered as mitigation in his sentence bute does recognize that they deserve his composition for what they had to endure.
00:42:48But for the most part, though, we also recognize that the public has -- >> this is one of ariel castro's lawyers, basically arguing, hey, if thiuy is waived his appellate right here and it was a largely from both sides here out of sensitivity to the victims, then they don't like the idea that the prosecution has this model of the house and may bring out details in the court about what did happen in that arguing that, you know, on the side of the victim impact statements, they're not in favor of all of these other details and talk here in the courtroom.
00:43:28We'll take a break and we're wait for ariel castro himself to speak, too.
00:46:28>>> The ariel castro sentencing is under way for the man who kept three women in his home for a decade.
00:46:33This is his lawyer, one of them, arguing against what the prosecution may want to tell about what happened in that house.
00:46:44>> This is precisely why we wanted to do a plea and why mr.
00:46:47Castro has acknowledged that the agreed sentence of life without parole and 1,000 years is an appropriate punishment.
00:46:57We wanted to avoid this however the prosecution is wanting to show the world what happened.
00:47:06>> Anything that you would like to place before the court at this time?
00:47:12>> No.
00:47:13Thank you, your honor.
00:47:14 castro, is there anything that you would le to say with respect to the sentencing or mitigation and penalty?
00:47:23>> I would like to apologize.
00:47:27>> Yes.
00:47:28You may do that now.
00:47:31>> Attend?
00:47:32>> You can do it then, too.
00:47:33>> This is one of your opportunities to speak.
00:47:36>> I'll do it then.
00:47:38>> All right.
00:47:38Thank you.
00:47:43 weintraub, I am mindful of your statements and ohio law with respect to sentence i frankly, considering the scope and nature of the charges and the victims involved, I don't know that this could have been any more dignified than it has been through the cooperation of castro's plea.
00:48:07It's been a very orderly proceeding to date and I don't why it is not -- not symbolic but actually justified.
00:48:54All right.
00:48:54So I understand your concerns as the trial judge, as a person doing the sentencing, I am not going to be considering your improperly influenced by something that might otherwise be considered prejudicial before a jury or I've heard many graphic details on many cases in this courtroom and as a prosecutor.
00:49:15So I will only be considering that which is necessary under the law to make the proper sentence.
00:49:24>> Thank you, judge.
00:49:25>> Take all the steps, I've just got one comment.
00:49:28There has never been an allegation that there's not a factual basis to the plea.
00:49:33It wasn't a no contest.
00:49:36It was a plea of guilt.
00:49:36I just ask that you consider that, your honor, and perhaps look at our objection.
00:49:42>> Thank you.
00:49:48>> And with respect to the concerns that they have about details coming out, it does appear that somehow the state is exploiting the three women who thomas, maginy, you consult we'd the victims and they are intending to speak or have their representatives speak as well, correct?
00:50:14>> That is correct, your honor.
00:50:18>> So I'm assuming that what oing is consistent with their wishes?
00:50:23>> And with our statutory duties and, your honor, I would note for the record that the court reserve the right to review and accept or reject the plea parties.
00:50:36So it is not a done deal at this point.
00:50:39 castro's now a committed murderer, rapist, serial kidnapper, and it's only appropriate that we put before this community, this state, this country, and the world what he did for over ten years.
00:50:56And we're going to -- as you i know you are fully aware of the felony sentencing statutes in the state of ohio that are applicable, sections 29, 29-11 for the purposes of sent tenencing which I won't recite.
00:51:1629 And 29-12, the seriousness.
00:51:19We will be offering statements from investigatinvestigators, exhibits, other results of this investigation for the purpose of supporting what is before the court in the anticipation that at the end you will fully agree that this situation, this series of crimes, these series of horrendous offenses by mr.
00:51:50Castro justify the recommended sentence agreed to by the parties.
00:51:59>> The sentencing hearings that we have, of course, victims are sbi entitled to records, we have people to testify or not testify but to come in to give information, and there will be not be testimony today but information presented to the court.
00:52:18The sentencing hearing is not bound by the rules of evidence.
00:52:22It's a little bit wider to give information and the court will consider relevant information in determining if I will or will not set the sentencing of the recommendation of the parties.
00:52:33It will not need to have someone other than a victim speak or offer information to the court so the court can reach an appropriate presume only to consider relevant, permissible information in the sentencing.
00:52:51Counsel, have any other statement?
00:52:51>> Thank you, your honor.
00:52:53At this time we present a statement by officer parker joh johnson.
00:52:59>> Thank you.
00:53:12>> Good morning, officer.
00:53:18>> Officer, good morning.
00:53:19 please introduce yourself to the ladies and gentlemen of the court.
00:53:23>> My name is officer johnson, badge 1779.
00:53:28>> And which department do you work for?
00:53:30>> Cleveland police department, second district.
00:53:32>> For how long?
00:53:34>> Going on 17 years.
00:53:35>> Officer, you were one of the first responders when -- during the rescue of michelle knight, amanda berry, and gina dejesus?
00:53:44Yes, I was.
00:53:45>> Can you please layout for the court that call, your arrival on the scene and the condition in which you observed when you went into the house at 2207 seymour?
00:53:58>> I heard the call come over 2207 seymour that amanda berry escaped from that residence.
00:54:06I went to assist the responding officers.
00:54:08Upon my arrival I see officer tracey running across the street from 2210 to 2207.
00:54:17I pulled up and I immediately followed them over to the house.
00:54:20I'm not sure what transpired before my arrival, but as we approached 2207 officer advised me that amanda berry was across the street and she escaped from this house and said that there are others in the house.
00:54:34Unsure if there was a suspect in the house, so we obviously go in very cautiously.
00:54:45We eventually gained entry after several attempts by several different officers.
00:54:51And the first couple officers went in the first floor.
00:54:56Officer spava and I went upstairs.
00:55:00I had to climb over a bit of furniture to get up the steps.
00:55:06I remember it was very dark beca I didn't take the flashlight with me because it was a bright, sunny day.
00:55:20I didn't need the flashlight in the house, fortunately I had a flashlight on my firearm.
00:55:28As we were going up the steps, i remember turning the light on for a couple seconds to see where we were going.
00:55:34As we got to the top of the steps, there's a big heavy curtain, I remember officer spava push ed it over to the side.
00:55:49He pushed it over, we are the police.
00:55:51As we went up the final steps, he held the curtain back, I took a quick look over to the right because he went to the left.
00:55:58I saw a room with kids toys.
00:56:00I didn't see anybody inside.
00:56:03So I then -- he hollered out police again.
00:56:07And then you hear some pitter patter of steps.
00:56:10Someone running, but stopped, and when she -- we shined the flashlight -- I remember I kind of shined the flashlight, so whoever it was could see we were the police.
00:56:21We later found out it was michelle knight, as she literally launched herself into officer spava's arms.
00:56:31He -- legs, arms, just choking him.
00:56:34She just kept repeating you saved us.
00:56:37You saved us.
00:56:39At this point, you know, I told her, it's okay, honey, you're safe.
00:56:45She then came over to me and jumped into my arms.
00:56:49As I'm trying to reholster my weapon.
00:56:52Her legs are wrapped around me.
00:56:54It's hard to get my weapon back into my holster.
00:56:57He said is anybody else here?
00:56:59And it seemed like an eternity, all of a sudden you see another face peek around the corner of the doorway.
00:57:06It was later -- officer spava asked her.
00:57:10What's your name?
00:57:11SHE SAID georgina DeJesus.
00:57:14She wouldn't come out of the room.
00:57:17She was very reluctant to come out of the room.
00:57:21He said honey, it's okay, we're here to help you.
00:57:24That's when everyone was relieved, happy that we were there to rescue them basically.
00:57:28>> What were the conditions like on the floor of the house where you were?
00:57:33>> Like I said, it was dark up in that hallway, because I did use my flashlight on my weapon to look around.
00:57:40Once michelle was in my arms i reholstered.
00:57:44The only other light I saw was in the next bedroom, which i know being amanda's bedroom.
00:57:48I don't know if the lights were on in the girls, michelle and gina's room.
00:57:54I'm not sure if they were on at the time because there was so much activity at that point.
00:57:59>> How well were you able to see the two girls, michelle knight AND georgina DeJesus?
00:58:05>> Not until we went into the bedroom.
00:58:07I did remember looking at gina.
00:58:09It took me a second to realize it was her.
00:58:12She was a lot thinner and pale compared to the pictures you've seen for the last ten years of her, where she was heavier, long hair.
00:58:20She had short hair, was real thin and pale.
00:58:24You could see the resemblance, you knew it was her.
00:58:29But it took just a second to get a look.
00:58:31Michelle was so tiny, I thought she was a little girl until i put her down, got a look at her and realized she was a grown woman.
00:58:41It took us a few minutes to realize she was also in the system as a missing person.
00:58:45Show was also very little, pale.
00:58:49You know, she was very, very scared.
00:58:52She had a very difficult time breathing when she was in my arms.
00:58:56I remember I called for an ambulance right away because she was very -- having a very hard time breathing.
00:59:05So, other than -- >> did you call for an ambulance?
00:59:08>> I did.
00:59:09I called right away for an ambulance.
00:59:11Did you stay with the two girls once the ambulance arrived?
00:59:14>> Yes, I stayed with them for the rest of the day, from going out to the ambulance.
00:59:19We were probably on scene, in the ambulance I want to say about 20 minutes before we went to the hospital and I stayed with them at the hospital for a good part of the evening.
00:59:28>> Were you able to get a better look then outside once they were in the ambulance?
00:59:32>> Oh, yes.
00:59:34>> Can you tell us what were your observations then once they were in the ambulance?
00:59:40>> All three of them were very -- like I said, very pale.
00:59:45Still kind of reluctant.
00:59:47Not really sure what was happening because they didn't know what we were going to do with them.
00:59:56Thin, pale, scared.
01:00:02You kn -- a lot of talking.
01:00:05They were very, you know, just telling all kinds of things that happened to them.
01:00:11>> How many -- how many individuals are we talking about now who were in the ambulance?
01:00:16>> We are now talking about amanda, gina, michelle, am daughter, another officer and i.
01:00:23Officer harrington and i.
01:00:25A couple other people would come in and out letting us know -- trying to get details of the vehicle that the suspect is supposed to be in.
01:00:34What his name is.
01:00:35His description.
01:00:36Because they were broadcasting that so they could get that information out to try to detain him.
01:00:43>> What do you recall from when the women were inside the ambulance speaking, some of the details they were giving you about what happened to them?
01:00:53>> Well, they were just -- they were just shouting out a lot of things.
01:00:59As they were talking, in my head -- didn't ask a lot of questions.
01:01:03I just let them talk.
01:01:05I do remember at one point looking at big plas pool underneath her to help with the clean up, so it wouldn't make such a mess.
01:01:32I remember michelle saying, yeah, he told me if that baby died he was going to kill me.
01:01:39>> Did you learn of any other pregnancies that occurred in the house?
01:01:43>> I did ask if anybody else had ever been pregnant.
01:01:46Michelle said, oh, I was.
01:01:49She said I was several times.
01:01:52Every time he found out I was pregnant, he would starve me and he would punch me in the stomach and gina at that point was saying he would starve her for at least two weeks.
01:02:03He might give her a pepsi once in a while and then he hit her until she lost the baby.
01:02:09So, they kind of corroborated back and forth about that.
01:02:13>> Did you stay with the women when the ambulance transported them to hospital?
01:02:18>> Yes, I went with them all the way to the hospital.
01:02:21I stayed with them.
01:02:22Every time they had to go to the restroom I walked with them so they weren't alone.
01:02:26They wanted security with them at all times.
01:02:29>> Did you see any change in their demeanor?
01:02:31>> A little bit.
01:02:32I noticed gina was very -- i would say reserved.
01:02:36I don't know if she was just confused by the whole thing, but a lot of the nurses and staff at the hospital would come up and give her a big hug, say we've been praying for you, honey.
01:02:46She stood there with her arms at her side looking around.
01:02:51When they left the room, she looked at me and said who was that?
01:02:54I said honey, you're going to get a lot of that the next few weeks.
01:02:58She was just not sure of what was going on.
01:03:00Michelle was still very frightened.
01:03:03Very -- like she just kind of held herself close.
01:03:08And amanda, she had her daughter, so she had -- she seemed to be a little more well-rounded as far as trying to protect her daughter, making it seem like everything was okay.
01:03:19You know in her -- she wasn't, because she just kind of had that trying to make it look like everything was okay for her daughter.
01:03:27That's all she thought about.
01:03:28>> Thank you so much, officer.
01:03:31>> Thank you.
01:03:32Thank you, your honor.
01:03:34>> Judge, the state would next present gerald maloney.
01:03:40>> Okay.
01:03:57>>> Good morning, we continue to listen to the horrifying details of what three young women went through and what we heard among the horrific details, michelle knight pregnant several times, but starved and punched until she lost the baby.
01:04:11We'll have much more coming up.
01:04:13Keep it right here.
01:04:14You're watching hln.
01:06:53>>> What about the other two?
01:06:56>> The other two were also distraught.
01:07:04And also elated that they were free now after years of captivity.
01:07:09But they were distraught, they were cheerful.
01:07:13They were very much emotionally fragile at the time they arrived.
01:07:19>> And you were given information about a period of prolonged captivity.
01:07:24Were there any sort of documentation in may of them, in addition to their appearance, that would lead to that?
01:07:33That they had been held captive for such a period of time?
01:07:37>> Justn addition to the gaunt appearance, also specifically knight had several bruises, which indicated she had undergone physical abuse as well.
01:07:56You them looked fairly gaunt.
01:08:01All three of them related that they had been allowed minimal time outside the house at all.
01:08:09All three were pale.
01:08:12As I said, there was corroborating physical evidence to support their reported period of captivity.
01:08:18>> Do you recall the date that you saw thee patients?
01:08:20>> It was may 6th of 2013.
01:08:26>> Were there any narratives on the documentation given to you with regards to what kind of sexual assault they underwent?
01:08:37>> Yes, they related information regarding sexual assaults to us and also to the nurse examiner.
01:08:48>> In a very general description, of what nature were those assaults?
01:08:52>> Forcible rape.
01:08:54>> And were you able to get any more specific as to what type?
01:09:04>> All three of them were raped.
01:09:06All three of them were raped vaginally is what they reported.
01:09:10Multiple repeated times.
01:09:12Again, it was all against their will, under threat of physical harm is what they related.
01:09:20>> Thank you, doctor.
01:09:22>> Thank you.
01:09:26>> The state would next present detective andrew simchuk of the cleveland police department.
01:09:39>> Thank you.
01:09:47>> Good morning, detective.
01:09:54>>> Good morning, detective.
01:09:56>> Good morning.
01:09:56Will you please identify yourself for the court?
01:09:59>> Detective andrew har aa hara simchuk, for the city of cleveland, sex crimes abuse unit.
01:10:12>> You are a detective?
01:10:13>> That's correct.
01:10:14>> Were you working in any capacity on may 6, 2013?
01:10:17>> Yes, I was.
01:10:19>> Did ycan you tell us how you became involved in this case?
01:10:25>> Yes.
01:10:26On may 6, 2013, I was in the office of the sex crimes child abuse unit when I received a phone call from sergeant man, who requested assistance from sex crimes child abuse unit detectives at mitchell health medical center in the location of 2207 seymour avenue in connection with recovery of michelle knight, AMANDA BERRY AND gina DeJesus.
01:10:49>> What did you do when you got that call?
01:10:52>> Myself and detective carl lesman responded to 2207 seymour avenue.
01:10:58Once there, we spoke with fbi special agent andrew burke, and cleveland police department deputy chief tomba.
01:11:09Deputy chief tomba detected myself and lesman over to metro hospital to interview the victims.
01:11:15>> Did you go to metro?
01:11:18>> Yes, I did.
01:11:18>> What did you do when you got there?
01:11:20>> Once at mitchell health hospital it was myself, detective laura parker and detective cynthia atkins.
01:11:27We then conducted the initial interviews of the victims.
01:11:30>> And which victims are you speaking of at this point?
01:11:33>> Michelle knight, amanda berry AND gina DeJesus.
01:11:38>> What were those statements like?
01:11:46>> Was very brief.
01:11:47It was very chaotic.
01:11:48>> What was chaotic about it?
01:11:50>> Were multiple people coming in and out of the room.
01:11:53This is hours after they were saved?
01:11:55>> That's correct.
01:11:55>> Did you interview michelle knight?
01:11:58>> Yes, I did.
01:11:58>> What did you learn from your interviews with michelle knight?
01:12:01>> During the initial interview with michelle knight, who was 21 years old at the time, stated on august 22, 2002, she was walking in an attempt t social walker that is in charge of her son, she wanted to speak with him.
01:12:19She was lost, she was in a store, and she was starting to ask people for directions.
01:12:24At which time ariel castro approached her and said he knew who she was looking for and offered to help her.
01:12:35Michele knight knew ariel astro because she's friends with his daughter, so she accepted the ride.
01:12:42>> Did michelle relate to you what took place after she got into ariel castro's car?
01:12:47>> Yes.
01:12:48They began driving, they arrived at ariel castro's home.
01:12:52He asked her if she wanted to come inside to get a puppy for her son.
01:12:56So she agreed to go in and pick out a puppy for her son.
01:13:00Once inside the home, she did not see a puppy.
01:13:04She did see a dog, but there were no puppies.
01:13:09At this time, she is physically restrained by ariel castro with an extension cord.
01:13:15She is left that way for several hours.
01:13:19When ariel castro returns, he takes her down to the basement where she is physically ties were put on her wrists and a motorcycle helmet is placed on her head.
01:13:33At this time she is sexually assaulted.
01:13:37Michelle knight was left alone, physically restrained in the dark basement overnight.
01:13:42During this interview, michelle knight described a pattern of being repeatedly sexually, physically and emotionally abused by ariel castro during her entire time of captivity.
01:13:54>> During this interview, you are learning about the initial abduction as well as crimes that were committed against her throughout her captivity?
01:14:03>> That's correct.
01:14:03>> She was able to identify ariel castro as the perpetrator of those crimes?
01:14:08>> That's correct.
01:14:10>> What else did she tell you?
01:14:11>> Daughter a subsequent -- excuse me, she stated that on the night that they were rescued on may 6, 2013, when the patrol officers entered t she heard loud noises and she began to panic.
01:14:26She said that she heard somebody yelling police, police, police.
01:14:29The next thing she knew, she had been rescued by the police.
01:14:32>> All right.
01:14:33Did you have an opportunity to interview her subsequent to that initial inteiew that you CONDUCTED ON MAY 6th?
01:14:44>> What did you learn on subsequent interviews?
01:14:47>> Michele indicated she had been pregnant several times in the house.
01:14:54Michelle relayed that ariel castro terminated her pregnancies.
01:14:58This was done by starving her, feeding her rotten food, kicking and punching her in the stomach, jumping up and down on her on the stomach, and forcing her to m physical exercises.
01:15:11>> Also there were reports of torture?
01:15:14>> That resulted in the termination of her pregnancies.
01:15:17>> Did she also relate to you that he kicked her down the stairs in an effort to terminate those pregnancies?
01:15:23>> Yes, I did.
01:15:24>> Did you have occasion to interview amanda berry on may 6th?
01:15:27>> Yes, I did.
01:15:28>> What were you able to learn through that interview?
01:15:31>> During the initial interview with amanda berry, who was years old at the time she was tacken by ariel castro, stated on april 21 of 2003, she had just gotten off work at burger king and was walking home when a van drove by her which had a female in it that she thought she knew, so she smiled.
01:15:51She continued walking.
01:15:53A short time later that same van approached her.
01:15:57The male in the van asked her if she wanted a ride.
01:15:59She accepted it, because she thought she knew the female in the van.
01:16:06Once she got inside, the female was no longer in there.
01:16:10She was wearinger burger king uniform.
01:16:12Ariel castro asked her if she knew his son who worked at burger king.
01:16:18She said she did.
01:16:19He then went on to ask if amanda berry knew his daughter, angie.
01:16:23She did know his daughter, angie castro.
01:16:27So he began driving.
01:16:29And ariel see angie who was at his home.
01:16:33So they went to ariel castro's home.
01:16:36Once they got there, he told her to go inside the house so she could talk to angie.
01:16:44 berry got inside the home?
01:16:48Castro told her she was in the home, taking a bath.
01:16:52So he began showing amanda berry around the house.
01:16:56As they went upstairs there was a closed door, she was able to look through a hole where the doorknob used to be and saw a female who she later learned to be michelle knight was in that room.
01:17:07At that time ariel castro told her that was his roommate.
01:17:12Once upstairs in the upstairs bedroom, amanda berry told ariel castro to please take her home or she would call the police.
01:17:23At this time she attempted to run out of the room but it was dark, she became disoriented.
01:17:28And ran into a closet.
01:17:30At this time that ariel castro first sexually assaulted her.
01:17:35He then used duct tape to tie her wrists, her legs, put duct tape on her mouth and a motorcycle helmet on her head.
01:17:44He then carried her down to the basement where he physically restrained her with a chain, where he left her overnight alone in the dark basement.
01:17:52>> What was she chained to?
01:17:53>> She was chained to the center pole of the basement, the center support pole.
01:18:00During this interview amanda also said that she had given birth to her daughter there, and that birth was assisted by michelle knight.
01:18:12She said that during her pregnancy she received no preor post natal medical care or any medical care whatsoever.
01:18:22>> Did she describe the treatment that she received, the type of assault she received?
01:18:32>> She did.
01:18:33>> What did she tell you?
01:18:34>> She also described a repeated pattern of being sexually, physically and emotionally assaulted by ariel castro during her time of captivicaptivity.
01:18:45>> Did she tell byou about her escape?
01:18:49>> She did.
01:18:50>> What did she tell you?
01:18:51>> She told me on the day of her escape she was terrified.
01:18:55She was terrified that ariel castro would return.
01:18:58She was able to open the main door of the home and the screen door was looked and she couldn't open it she began banging on the class calling for help.
01:19:06At this time a man and a woman from across the street came into ariel castro's yard.
01:19:11While there in the yard, a man from next door also came over and was up on the porch and began telling amanda to kick out the bottom panel of the door.
01:19:21After several kicks to the door panel she was able to get the door panel open and she crawled out through the door pan wl her daughter.
01:19:29>> Very good.
01:19:30Now, did you have an opportunity TO INTERVIEW georgina DeJesus on may 6, 2013?
01:19:35>> Yes.
01:19:35>> What did you learn from that interview?
01:19:38>> During the initial interview WITH georgina DeJesus who was 14 at time she was taken stated on april 2, 2004, she was walking home from school with her friend, rosie castro.
01:19:50Who is that?
01:19:51>> Is ariel castro's daughter.
01:19:55>> What happened while they were walking home?
01:19:57>> They wanted to see if rosie was able to go over to gina DeJESUS' HOUSE.
01:20:02They stopped at a pay phone to make a phone call.
01:20:05They called rosie's mother and asked if she would be able to come over gina's house.
01:20:10They were not allowed to.
01:20:14St so the two girls walked home in separate directions.
01:20:17>> What happened next?
01:20:18>> As she was walking home she was approached by ariel castro.
01:20:21He asked her if he could help her locate his daughter.
01:20:26She assumed that he was referring rosie, who she just left.
01:20:31So she said, yes, she could help him.
01:20:34She got in the van, they started driving.
01:20:36They turned somewhere where they didn't think she should turn.
01:20:40At this point ariel castro tells her he has to go home to get some money.
01:20:44They go to his house.
01:20:45Once at his house, he asks georgina DeJesus if she could go in and help him carry out a speaker to the car.
01:20:58She agreed to do that.
01:20:59>> What happened once she went inside the house?
01:21:02>> Once she went inside the house she became uncomfortable and wanted to leave.
01:21:07Ariel castro said she had to exit the home from a different door she came in.
01:21:11So they went out a different door and she wound up in the basement.
01:21:15At this time, ariel castro physically restrained her with a chain attached to the center support pole of the basement, put plastic ties on her wrists.
01:21:24It was at this time that gina DeJESUS WAS FIRST SEXUALLY Assaulted.
01:21:31During this interview, gina DeJESUS DESCRIBED A REPEATED Pattern of being sexually, physically and emotionally assaulted by ariel castro during the entire time she was held captive.
01:21:44>> Did she tell you about the ESCAPE ON MAY 6th?
01:21:50>> She did.
01:21:50SHE SAID ON MAY 6th, 2013, SHE Hearse jocelyn berry running up and down the stairs saying daddy left and went to grandma's house.
01:21:58She said she was going lay still and not do anything because she was afraid it could be a trap and ariel castro could be outside waiting for her.
01:22:06>> So now you wrapped up your interviews at metro.
01:22:09You got a snapshot of the incredible story of survival, right?
01:22:12>> Yes.
01:22:13>> How do you continue your investigation?
01:22:15What do you do?
01:22:16>> I interviewed ariel castro, i visited the crime scene, I read dozens of reports completed by various law enforcement agencies, examined hundreds of photographs, reviewed hundreds of pieces of physical evidence taken from the house.
01:22:33I conducted follow-up interviews with the victims.
01:22:36I reviewed written materials kept by the victims during their years of captivity.
01:22:41I consulted with the prosecutor's office.
01:22:45>> And what did your investigation reveal?
01:22:47All of those things you did what did those techniques reveal?
01:22:50>> During the course of this investigation, after several interviews with the victim and after reviewing all that evidence, it was determined that ariel castro and ariel castro alone is the only person involved in this incident.
01:23:05Throughout their captivity, all the victims had been physically restrained in some type of fashion throughout their entire time.
01:23:11They were held by ariel castro.
01:23:15They all say that they were moved around the house and physically restrained.
01:23:20They were deprived of food, bathing and bathroom facilities.
01:23:24>> How were they restrained?
01:23:27>> They were all physically restrained by a chain or being locked in a room.
01:23:33>> What else did you learn?
01:23:37>> All the victims said they were repeated sexually assaulted by ariel castro, either -- once again, all the victims described a pattern of being repeatedly sexually, physically, emotion lemotionly assaulted by ariel castro.
01:23:59You mentioned you worked with the prosecutors during this investigation.
01:24:02>> That's correct.
01:24:03>> You're aware now that their investigation resulted in some 977 counts being indicted against mr. castro?
01:24:10>> That's correct.
01:24:11>> And am I correct in saying that some of those counts reflect specific instances of conduct which were related to you and other counts are more general, cover general timeline?
01:24:23>> That's correct.
01:24:23>> Can you please describe that and how you arrived at that?
01:24:26>> These charges reflect specific stances of assault that were reported to me by the vic victims through the investigation of various written materials.
01:24:40>> So any specific count or indictment -- when I say count, of sexual assault related to you by a victim or you found through your investigation?
01:24:49>> That's correct.
01:24:49>> Listen together lead detective outline the abuse suffered at the hands of ariel castro.
01:24:54We still expect to hear from him and potentially one of the victims as well.
01:24:58More coming up on hln.
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01:27:36>>> Welcome back.
01:27:38You're watching hln and the continuing coverage of the ariel castro sentencing.
01:27:48Michele knight seemed to be in one of the headlines that she was the main suspect's punching bag in a case like this, where she was pregnant several times and he starved her, punched her in the stomach, jumped on her and threw her down the stairs to help terminate some of these pregnancies.
01:28:04We expect to hear from ariel castro and potentially michelle knight as well.
01:28:08We'll have more coverage coming up.
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01:31:00>>> Yes, I did.
01:31:00>> May I approach the witness?
01:31:03>> Yes.
01:31:03>> I would like to bring your attention to what has been previously marked for identification purposes as state's exhibit 18.
01:31:11Can you generally describe what this is?
01:31:14It's a box, right?
01:31:16>> It's a box containing a -- it's still attached.
01:31:21It's a box containing a ruger service 6 revolver.
01:31:28>> What caliber?
01:31:29>> .357 Magnum caliber.
01:31:32>> And this was recovered from ariel castro, correct?
01:31:36>> Yes.
01:31:37>> And what did you do to analyze this weapon?
01:31:40>> I test fired the weapon to determine if it was operatible.
01:31:43>> How do you do that?
01:31:45>> In a typical operaibility case, we take two cartridge cases and fire it.
01:31:51With this type of gun, I would fire it once in single action, once in double action to determine whether it was working properly.
01:31:57>> Did you do that?
01:32:00>> Yes, I did.
01:32:00>> What was your determination?
01:32:01>> I determined it was operatible.
01:32:03>> Meaning it could expel an explosive?
01:32:05>> Yeah, it could expel a projectile.
01:32:08>> Now, I would like to hand you what's been marked previously for identification purposes as state's exhibit 16b.
01:32:15Do you recognize that report?
01:32:17>> Yes, I do.
01:32:19>> And what is it?
01:32:20>> It's a copy of the report i issued in this case.
01:32:23>> What are the findings?
01:32:25>> That the gun was found to be operable.
01:32:30>> That reflects what you just said here.
01:32:33>> Yes.
01:32:34>> All right.
01:32:35What else did you do during your investigation of this case?
01:32:40>> I was asked to measure as well as weigh the chains that were recovered in the case.
01:32:48 barr, you can talk about that but we're not displaying them.
01:32:52>> Very good.
01:32:53>> What did you find?
01:32:55>> I examined the chains a took a cumulative length measurement of all the chains combined as well as a cumulative weight of all the chains.
01:33:06>> What were your findings?
01:33:09>> I determined that -- first of all, I would like to explain how I measured the chains.
01:33:14Some of the chains had several smaller chains attached to them by padlocks.
01:33:18I took a length measurement from longest point to longest point.
01:33:21So I didn't measure any of the attach ed chains.
01:33:27From longest point to longest point of all the chains I was asked to examine, it was a total of 99 feet 3 inches.
01:33:35>> Did you also weigh the chains?
01:33:36>> Yes.
01:33:37The total weight of all the chains and padlocks combined was 92.28 pounds.
01:33:46>> Now, you were not the only representative from dci to work on this case, correct?
01:33:51>> Yes.
01:33:51>> You can estimate how many people worked on this case from your organization?
01:33:55>> I can't give an exact estimate.
01:33:57I mean, there was -- basically every section of the laboratory was involved.
01:34:05There's a huge amount of evidence.
01:34:06>> What other sections do you have in the laboratory?
01:34:10We have latent prints, forensic biology, dna, trace evidence.
01:34:17>> Were hundreds of pieces of evidence in this case, is that correct?
01:34:21>> That's correct.
01:34:22>> Was it also your organization that determined the paternity of the minor child in this home, is that correct?
01:34:27>> Yes, to my knowledge.
01:34:29>> To your knowledge the paternity was established that ariel castro was the father of the minor child found in the home?
01:34:36>> Yes.
01:34:37>> Thank you, mr. barr.
01:34:39Thank you, your honor.
01:34:41>> Thank you.
01:34:46>>> Your honor, the state would next call upon -- >> we were listening to joshua barr from the ohio bureau of criminal investigations, talking about the gun in the house and the chains and padlocks used to restrain the three women.
01:35:00Much more coming up.
01:35:01We will potentially hear from ariel castro and one of the victims as well.
01:35:06Stay with us.
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01:37:31>>> There was not a demonstration of her absence.
01:37:34There was a question as to her disappearance in terms of law enforcement, is that correct?
01:37:40>> That's correct.
01:37:41>> Now, take us to the events of MAY 6th, HOW YOU WERE NOTIFIED And what was occurring on seymour avenue in cleveland, ohio, and what did you in response.
01:37:55>> I was notified by a task force officer, detective on our -- >> judge, can we haveorporal springs come out at this point, please?
01:38:18Please continue.
01:38:19>> I was notified by a task force officer that cleveland police were reporting to him that amanda berry had been recovered from a house at 2207 seymour.
01:38:32I was being requested to respond to that address.
01:38:37I did so and approximately 15 minutes later I arrived on the scene.
01:38:42I met with a second district dete detective, john graves.
01:38:49Detective graves advised me not only had amanda been found in the house, but also michelle KNIGHT AND gina DeJesus, and a 6-year-old girl.
01:39:02And the ambulance was still on scene when I arrived.
01:39:07Quite honestly, I don't remember what else the detective was saying.
01:39:11I was focused on the ambulance at that point.
01:39:14>> Do you have an image on the screen before you?
01:39:16>> Yes.
01:39:17>> What do you recognize the red dot over the home to represent?
01:39:21>> That's the location of 2207 sey seymour.
01:39:26>> Now, when you arrived on scene, let me back up for a second.
01:39:32Were you generally visually familiar with the missing persons photos of georgina and amanda, for example?
01:39:39>> Very much so.
01:39:40>> set the scene for us.
01:39:42What did you find when you arrived on seymour in terms of what you did?
01:39:48>> The cleveland police started to secure the scene.
01:39:52They started with the house.
01:39:53They had a perimeter around the house.
01:39:55And they were in the final stages of marking a perirerimeter further up the street in both directions.
01:40:07>> You're watching the ariel castro sentencing hearing on hln.
01:40:13We've been listening to detectives and horrifying details.
01:40:15Still to come, ariel castro is expected to testify and speak.
01:40:19Also one of the victims as well.
01:40:20Stay with us.
01:40:21You're watching hln.
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01:42:46>>> Welcome back.
01:42:47You're watching hln and our continuing coverage of the ariel castro sentencing hearing.
01:42:53He brutalized three young women, AMANDA BERRY, gina DeJesus and michele knight.
01:43:00We'rening to leadad detectives what information they were given by the victims.
01:43:07We're fining out horrific details, but then again we'll hear from one of the victims, at least we expect to.
01:43:15Also ariel castro himself.
01:43:18Right now, andrew burke from the fbi is tng about his findings as well.
01:43:22We'll take a quick break and have more in a moment.
01:43:24Stay with us.
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01:45:48>>> Ongoing medical care as a result of their captivity, abuse by ariel castro?
01:45:53>> All of the victims in this case needs are ongoing.
01:45:58I think that's -- I don't think anyone could expect anything different, really.
01:46:06They've made dramatic improvements from the time that I've spent with them.
01:46:13They are with people that love them.
01:46:16They are getting, like i mentioned, world-class medical, psychological care.
01:46:24But you can't turn off ten years of systematic, sustained, psychological, sexual, physical abuse like a light switch.
01:46:35I think it goes -- it almost goes without saying in this case.
01:46:41>> Now, the turn of the events OF THE WEEK OF MAY 6th, YOU Mentioned chris garnett, your lead evidence technician from the agency, from the bureau.
01:46:56Do you know possibly how many photos were taken of the interior of 2207 seymour?
01:47:02>> I would be estimating at this point there were over 1,000 photographs to include, you know, digital photographs from a digital slr to spheron camera, a lot of photos.
01:47:21>> We see before us the table with the model of 2207.
01:47:25How did that come to be in court today, to your knowledge?
01:47:30>> That model was created by the fbi's operational project unit, which is a unit in, they take measurements from the scene, from the house using total station, which is basically a surveyor's measurement tool.
01:47:52And then they constructed this house.
01:47:55It's a scale model.
01:47:57One inch equalling one foot.
01:48:01Basically to scale.
01:48:04>> And the room colors that we see, at least in the visible portions today, are they an attempt to match the actual room colors in part because of how the victims described what room they were in by room color?
01:48:21>> Yes.
01:48:23>> Now, did you have an opportunity to go through the interior of 2207 seymour?
01:48:28>> On multiple occasions.
01:48:30>> When was the first time?
01:48:31>> I would say the first time was either the following day or maybe the day after their escape.
01:48:38>> Describe that experience.
01:48:42>> Well, it was -- it was surreal to me.
01:48:49I've been involved in the missing persons investigations for quite some time.
01:48:56So it was a difficult expe experience.
01:49:02But that's basically how I would describe it.
01:49:06>> Did you, for your own benefit, go through all levels of the home?
01:49:10Basement, first floor, second floor, attic?
01:49:13>> Yes.
01:49:15>> Can you cover what you saw there in terms of the mechanism of captivity for lack of a better term?
01:49:22 castro turned this residence into a prison?
01:49:26>> When I first went through the home, our evidence response team had collected -- >> listening to andrew burk of the fbi.
01:49:35We were look at a model of the house.
01:49:37Right now he'll talk about the mechanisms of captivity, how this house was turned into a prison.
01:49:41A house of horrors for three young women.
01:49:43Much more coming up.
01:49:45Stay with .
01:50:45It's been a happy union.
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01:50:59[ Lee ] IT GOES UNDER ALL THE WAY TO THE Back wall.
01:51:02I came in under the assumption that it was clean.
01:51:05I've been livingin a fool's paradise!
01:51:09Morty just summed it up.
01:51:10The next 44 yearswe'll be fine.
01:52:43>> Do you recognize what this is intended to represent?
01:52:46>> It's intended to represent arch swing.
01:52:49>> Where was it located in the home?
01:52:52>> That was essentially where it is in the model at this point.
01:52:58The base of the landing of the staircase leading to the second floor?
01:53:02>> That's correct.
01:53:03>> Did it act as an obstacle to go through thecertainly.
01:53:10>> Turning your attention to the monitor, what's shown currently?
01:53:13>> This is a photograph of the only bathroom in the home, it's referenced as room "d" in the fbi evidence sketch.
01:53:23It's on the first floorate's 10j?
01:53:40>> Yes.
01:53:40>> What is it?
01:53:41>> This is a view from the landing at the -- after the first set of steps as you go up from the first floor.
01:53:51There's a turn, then you go up another set of steps before you reach the second floor.
01:53:56So there's a landing between the first and second floors.
01:53:58At the top of the image is a brown curtain, and the curtain was concealing the landing to the second floor.
01:54:09>> All right.
01:54:10So, it's a little bit hard to see, but in terms of the model, that would be in the center of the second floor at the top of that staircase?
01:54:19>> That's correct.
01:54:20>> Okay.
01:54:21Was this also a heavy material?
01:54:24>> Yes.
01:54:24>> Next photo, please.
01:54:28This next shot, is that from the ton of the staircase looking down?
01:54:32>> Yes.
01:54:32>> This is another representation of that, that curtain hanging over the top of that staircase?
01:54:39>> Yes.
01:54:41That's officer johnson presented she had to push away a curtain, this is the curtain she would have been referring to.
01:54:49>> Next photo, please.
01:54:51State's 10l, do you recognize the view?
01:54:54>> I do.
01:54:55>> Can you tell us what it is?
01:54:56>> This is a view from the hallway in the second floor of the room that was labeled, i believe it's room "i" and that is the room that the investigation showed amanda >> so turning to state's 20, this schematic layout of each floor of the home, you would be referencing this front bed on the second floor, is that correct, that's labeled i?
01:55:30>> That's correct.
01:55:33>> Can you describe the status or the condition or the unusual nature of the bedroom door itself?
01:55:40>> Yes.
01:55:42The door had obviouslyeen modified.
01:55:46By the picture here, there's a ha handle on the outside that's screwed in.
01:55:56It functions to close the door as there's no doorknob on the inside or the outside.
01:56:03There is an i-bolt, hard to see here, but there's a slide lock.
01:56:07Underneath it there's a small i-bolt that marries up with an i bolt in the door jamb so that one could secure the door from the outside with a lock.
01:56:18And then there's a hole cut in the bottom panel there, which was later determined to be a source of ventilation for the room.
01:56:31>> Why was ventilation needed?
01:56:33Weren't there windows in that room?
01:56:35>> There were windows, but they were boarded up from the inside.
01:56:39>> What were they boarded up with, if you know?
01:56:42>> It appears that they're closet doors.
01:56:45Very heavy.
01:56:48Full thickness closet doors.
01:56:49>> Turning to state's 10m, can you see a portion of those closet doors behind the fabric on the far wall there?
01:56:56>> Yes.
01:56:57>> Those are the white panel doors,ect?
01:56:59>> Correct.
01:57:00>> This next photo, state's 10-o, what is that?
01:57:05>> That's an interior shot of that room, room i.
01:57:09>> What are those items on the wall, if you know?
01:57:11>> Those are workbook pages.
01:57:15Child workbook pages.
01:57:18>> The next photo, please, 10-p.
01:57:23Does that show closet doors nailed across the two windows in that room, room i?
01:57:27>> It does.
01:57:33>> Now, off of this room there was a separate room that joined it, correct?
01:57:43>> Correct.
01:57:43>> Now, would you agree that the approximate dimensions of the first room were 11 1/2 by 11 1/2 feet?
01:57:50>> Yes.
01:57:5811 1/2 feet approximately?
01:57:59>> Correct.
01:58:02>> In the course of the investigation, what did you learn as to who occupied the first room that we saw as we entered through the door with the hole in it?
01:58:11Who occupied that room?
01:58:12>> That would have been amanda berry and her daughter.
01:58:15>> And the smaller adjoining room was occupied by whom?
01:58:18>> Michelle knight and gina DeJESUS.
01:58:26>> We're currently looking at a photograph of the smaller room which is 10-t.
01:58:34Who shared that bed?
01:58:36>> That's in the room where amanda -- I'm sorry, gina DeJESUS AND MICHELLE KNIGHT Were.
01:58:43>> Next slide, please.
01:58:52The room, that smaller room, was there any obstruction as to that window?
01:58:56>> Yes.
01:58:57>> Can you describe it?
01:58:58>> Underneath what's clearly shown on the photograph as a sheet, underneath that is a very thick wooden panel that was screwed in.
01:59:11>> Currently what's on -- is there a commode there present in the room?
01:59:14>> Yes.
01:59:19>> Does that then show the fabric pulled back to show the heavy board over the window?
01:59:24>> Yes.
01:59:24>> Next photo, please.
01:59:44Do you see the photo that's before you?
01:59:46>> Yes.
01:59:46>> I'll reference this as state's 10-w.
01:59:49What does it show?
01:59:53>> That's a chain that's in the room that amanda -- I'm sorry, gina DeJesus and michelle knight shared.
02:00:01>> Next photo.
02:00:04State's 10-x, what does that photo depict?
02:00:08>> That is a hole through the wall, I believe there were photos on the side of gina and michelle's room.
02:00:22Through there is running a power cord that's plugged in in the other room and the chain.
02:00:27>> Now, in that small side room, the 7 by 11 room with the window nailed shut, was there any attempt to provide for ventilation in that small space?
02:00:38>> There was a small cutout in the ceiling and a box fan in the attic.
02:00:45>> So the actual plaster was cutaway, an opening made and some electrical service to the attic was providing a fan?
02:00:56>> Correct.
02:00:57>> Next photo, please.
02:01:02I'm showing you state's 10-y.
02:01:04Do you recognize what's shown there?
02:01:06>> Yes.
02:01:06>> What is it?
02:01:07>> Chains, locks.
02:01:09>> Do you know generally where those were found?
02:01:13>> Those were found in the upstairs bedroom.
02:01:18>> Next photo, please.
02:01:19We are now on state's 10-z in the basement.
02:01:27What is of significance in this photo?
02:01:30>> This is a view from the bottom of the stairs.
02:01:33The stairs are slightly visible at the far right margin of the photograph and you're looking in a southerly direction through the house.
02:01:45It's the long axis of the house.
02:01:47On the left side of the frame is a support pole.
02:01:50That's a pole that we've come to understand that the women were restrained to at various points.
02:01:56>> Next photo, please.
02:01:59Now, there's two things I'd like you to talk about in this photo, state's 10-aa.
02:02:06The center pole and the rear most washing machine.
02:02:08Why were they of significance?
02:02:10>> Well, again, the pole is what the investigation has shown was used to restrain the women in the early stages of captivity.
02:02:21And the washing machine at the far end, a significant amount of cash was found sequestered in the washing machine.
02:02:32>> Do you know how the team collecting evidence had any indication to look for cash in the washing machine?
02:02:41>> They were directed there by ariel castro.
02:02:50>> Next photo, please.
02:02:54You see that that's a picture of a written document found, i believe, near the kitchen counter sink.
02:03:00Are you familiar with that document that's roughly dated 4-4 of 2004?
02:03:06>> I am.
02:03:07>> And what do you know that to be?
02:03:09>> I know that to be a letter written by ariel castro.
02:03:15>> I'm going to reference that as state's exhibit 12.
02:03:28 castro talk about his conduct in that document?
02:03:31>> He does.
02:03:33>> Does he describe himself through his own choice of words, I am a sexual predator?
02:03:40>> Yes.
02:03:41>> Does he describe the victimization of the women in this case?
02:03:46>> To some degree, yes.
02:04:01>> The photo in front of you right now is that an enhancement of the page where it says I am a sexual predator?
02:04:10>> Yes.
02:04:14>> Now, before you is a photograph of a full-face motorcycle helmet.
02:04:19How many motorcycles did you know mr. castro owned?
02:04:23>> Multiple motorcycles.
02:04:25>> But how many helmets?
02:04:27>> There were also multiple helmets.
02:04:29>> Fair to say many more helmets than there were motorcycles at the time of the investigation of the scene?
02:04:35>> Fair to say, yes.
02:04:40>> This item here, this light brown wig.
02:04:45Does that bear some significance to the investigation?
02:04:47>> Yes.
02:04:47>> In what manner?
02:04:49>> The investigation showed that on a limited number of times that some of the survivors were allowed outside.
02:05:02They were instructed to wear a wig or a wig and multiple other elements of disguise.
02:05:19>> Now, moving away from the photographs for a moment, you talked about some cash that was found in the house.
02:05:33 castro use his assets in terms of his cash money to run an internal bartter economy, if you will, with his victims?
02:05:41>> On occasion.
02:05:44>> And after sexually abusing them, would he throw money at them saying here, being paid for the sex in essence?
02:05:53>> There were reports of that.
02:05:56>> And in turn if they wanted something from the store, demand payment from them from those moneys for items that they requested?
02:06:06>> Occasionally as well, yes.
02:06:09>> Now, before you what was different?
02:06:36>> As I mentioned,erie i believe, physically and psychologically.
02:06:47So t appearance to me was considerably more dire.
02:06:51>> The now photo of michelle knight that's on the screen before you now, do you recognize the place and location of that photo?
02:06:57>> It's a photograph taken at metro hospital.
02:07:00>> So that's how she appeared THE NIGHT OF MAY 6th?
02:07:04>> Correct.
02:07:06>> Thank you.
02:07:06And this photo would be from what point in time?
02:07:11>> This would be the day or the day after at that point may 7th OR POSSIBLY MAY 8th.
02:07:22>> So now this progression of amanda berry, directing you to the photos.
02:07:29>> Yes.
02:07:29>> The middle photo, do you recognize the place and location of that photo?
02:07:34>> Metro hospital.
02:07:35>> And this photo?
02:07:37>> That's the fbi office.
02:07:40THAT'S MAY 7th.
02:07:45>> Now this triplicate PROGRESSION OF gina DeJesus.
02:07:51Do you recognize the time and place of the middle photo?
02:07:53>> MAY 6th, METRO HOSPITAL.
02:07:57>> And that photo?
02:07:59>> MAY 7th, CLEVELAND FBI Office.
02:08:09>> Thank you, special agent burke.
02:08:13Judge, may I just real quick.
02:08:16>> Certainly.
02:08:17>> Be mindful of the time, please.
02:08:19>> Yes, thank you.
02:08:25You have until 11:30.
02:08:27>> Again, just shocking to see the photos, the progression of photos.
02:08:30The one in the middle is the one when the women were rescued.
02:08:34You can see that they are pale and they are frail.
02:08:36Again, we're getting to listen to the horror these three women went through.
02:08:42We're going to hear from one of the victims believe and also ariel castro as his sentencing hearing continues.
02:08:47You're not going to miss a minute here on hln.
02:08:49Stay with us.
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02:11:38>>> MAY 7th, 2013.
02:11:40>> Yes.
02:11:41>> Did you develop a strategy for that interrogation as to how you intended to proceed?
02:11:45>> I did.
02:11:47>> What was it?
02:11:48>> My strategy for the interrogation as to be nonconfrontational, to obtain castro that would meet the elements of the crimes that we thought that he may be charged with in the near future.
02:12:05>> Were you going into it in an attempt to browbeat him or be confrontational with him?
02:12:10>> Not at all.
02:12:12>> Did you administer miranda rights to him?
02:12:13>> Yes, I did.
02:12:14>> Did he read over the form and gn a written waiver of miranda rights?
02:12:19>> Yes, he did.
02:12:20>> On a separate form and then ultimately later at the conclusion of that process did you also execute a three-page summary statement of the course of that interrogation, as did his four admissions of conduct?
02:12:33>> Yes, he did.
02:12:34There were two interviews that i conducted with ariel castro.
02:12:37THE FIRST ONE WAS MAY 7th.
02:12:41The second day is when we took a written statement from mr.
02:12:46>> Briefly, I just want to approach, your honor, and show him state's 11. recognize this document?
02:12:56Three pages.
02:12:57>> Yes, I do.
02:12:58That's the written statement we took from ariel castro on may 8th, 2013.
02:13:07>> Would you describe how mr.
02:13:12Castro interacted with you.
02:13:13In terms of if you posed a question or a statement to him, was he in engagement with you during this interrogation?
02:13:21Was she responsive to your questions?
02:13:23>> Yes.
02:13:25Surprisingly he was -- his answers were very succinct.
02:13:29When I asked him a question, he answered the question.
02:13:32Typically in my experience in interviews when you ask some incriminating question, you may not get the answer.
02:13:42I felt that ariel castro when questions were posed to him, incriminating questions, he answered those questions.
02:13:47>> So was he beating bush?
02:13:49>> Not at all.
02:13:50>> Was he taking you the long way around the block?
02:13:52>> Absolutely not.
02:13:54>> Now, have you prepared some notes that are a condensation of the high points of the course of this interrogation?
02:14:02>> I have.
02:14:03>> Would you take us through it , please.
02:14:11>> There were certain things that stood out throughout the interviews both days, may 7th AND MAY 8th, THIS ARIEL CASTRO Had talked about.
02:14:19The way the interview was formatted was I thought that we should start with michelle knight.
02:14:24She was the first person that was abducted in this case.
02:14:28We then went to amanda berry and THEN WENT TO gina DeJesus.
02:14:32As it was formatted, we felt that it would be a lot easier to control the interview and gain the facts if we specifically talked about the incidents surrounding michelle, amanda and gina separately.
02:14:49Ultimately we did that.
02:14:51 castro admitted throughout the interview to us on each occasion how he took the girls.
02:14:59He indicated that he had extensive conversations with the girls surrounding the times that he did abduct them.
02:15:08In his own words, he used the " he referenced himself in the interview as a sexual predator.
02:15:15I asked him at that point what do you conside what a sexual predator is.
02:15:22And he said somebody that continually repeats offenses.
02:15:26I asked him if it was a one-time incident, how would you reference himself.
02:15:30He referred to that as a sexual offender.
02:15:33>> Did he use the phrase "i'm a " >> yes, he did.
02:15:37And that was -- to put tha in context, I also conducted interviews with his mother and also conducted interviews with his brother.
02:15:50To put that statement in context, it was in reference to his brother's lack of involvement in this entire situ situation.
02:16:01>> From the totality of the investigation, is there any reason to believe that his brothers had any knowledge of what he was up to?
02:16:06>> In my opinion, no.
02:16:09>> And that's supported by the descriptions from the victims?
02:16:11>> Listening to sheriff dave jacobs.
02:16:16He interviewed ariel castro right after the three young WOMEN WERE RESCUED ON MAY 7th, 2013.
02:16:21Castro calling himself a criminal and a sexual predator.
02:16:23We'll monitor what's going on here and have more in a moment.
02:16:25Stay with us.
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02:19:03>> Gina continued to walk eastbound on the south side.
02:19:07She said I did a cold-blooded thing to my daughter that day.
02:19:11He said that I drove past my daughter to get to gina.
02:19:16>> Did he ever offer any remorse about his conduct?
02:19:19>> He did not.
02:19:21He was given the opportunity the second day that we interviewed him prior to me taking the written statement.
02:19:27I had explained to him that i wanted to be -- this statement to be in his words.
02:19:31If there was something that he wanted to put in the statement, to include an apology, I would accommodate that.
02:19:38He did not take that opportunity.
02:19:41One of the last things I did say to him on may 8th after taking the statement was, is there anything that you can say or do to the family that would make things better?
02:19:53There was no response.
02:19:55 castro in court here today?
02:19:58>> Yes.
02:19:59>> Would you point to him and describe what he's wearing?
02:20:02>> He's sitting at the table wearing an orange jumpsuit.
02:20:05>> Let the record reflect the ariel castro, your honor.
02:20:09>> It will, but it seems unnecessary at this point.
02:20:12>>> Showing you state's 17, do you recognize what this cdr represents as a copy of the interrogation?
02:20:21>> It represents that there was a video and audio taken of both castro was interrogated.
02:20:32>> Thank you.
02:20:33No further questions.
02:20:37>> Just one question with your permission, judge.
02:20:41>> Yes.
02:20:42>> These sinterviews, sir, these were before he had the advice and counsel of lawyers, right?
02:20:46>> Yes, they were.
02:20:47>> You went to see him and he completely cooperated with you, didn't he?
02:20:54>> To use the word "completely," I don't think that's accurate.
02:20:58I think if I can describe it, he did cooperate.
02:21:03I felt that some of the elements of the crime were minimized, but he was very cooperative throughout the interview.
02:21:10>> Talked himself right into convictions, didn't he?
02:21:12>> Yes, he did.
02:21:13>> And he wasn't hesitant at all to tell you exactly what happened from his perspective, right?
02:21:17>> No, he wasn't.
02:21:17>> Okay, thank you.
02:21:19>> Thanks.
02:21:21>> Your honor, the state would gregory saathoff.
02:21:32>> Again, fascinating to listen to the sheriff who interviewed ariel castro.
02:21:37And one of the things that is a highlight there, he did not apologize.
02:21:40He had two days and did not apologize at that time.
02:21:42More coming up, stay with us.
02:24:34>>> Welcome back to hln and our continuing coverage of the ariel castro sentencing hearing.
02:24:38So much to take in here.
02:24:40Horrifying details of what these three young women went through.
02:24:43We also had a chance to see photos of two of the three, AMANDA BERRY AND gina DeJesus right as they were rescued.
02:24:51They're pale, they're frail.
02:24:52Also seeing pictures inside this home that turned into a prison.
02:24:55Padlocks and chains.
02:24:56We just listened to an interview -- or a sheriff who interviewed ariel castro.
02:25:02One thing that stands out, he did not apologize.
02:25:04Was given the opportunity at that time.
02:25:06We're monitoring what's going on in that courtroom and will have more in a moment.
02:25:09Stay with us.
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02:27:36>>> Throughout the period of captivity, ariel castro engaged in constant duplicity of family, neighbors, friends and co-workers in order to maintain his control over the situation.
02:27:48Why was that significant to you as a forensic psychiatrist?
02:27:52>> This is really the most significant part of the case, i think, that someone would be able to month after month, year after year, be able to devise ways to conceal the situation from family, friends, neighbors.
02:28:09For a time he maintained a relationship with a girlfriend who was completely unaware that he had these women in the house.
02:28:16His use of ways which has alreadbeen described, his playing of music loudly in the house.
02:28:22He was a musician, but the playing of music sometimes to mask any potential for the women to be heard over the music were examples.
02:28:31I think the use of aliases, making sure that the -- his daughter learned the names of these women, not their real names but used aliases, all contrived to conceal this protracted captivity.
02:28:49>> Now, did he in your review of materials make any claims to anyone professionally that he needed medical help or treatment -- or mental health treatment?
02:29:01>> No.
02:29:02>> In fact he's not diagnosed by the court clinic with having any mental health condition, correct?
02:29:09>> His competency assessment was done by one of the most respected forensic psychiatrists philip resnick who found no psychiatric illness whatsoever.
02:29:21>> Now, in this point number three, you make mention of a castro that he found significant.
02:29:29>> Yes.
02:29:29>> And what was it?
02:29:35>> I have -- it was actually in that section.
02:29:38One was a statement in this document of 4 april, 2004, in which he stated, quote, I have little private life.
02:29:44I function around others like a normal person.
02:29:49In fact he appeared to have done that and was able to live this life around family and friends without them suspecting.
02:30:02With regard to the duplicity, in the document and in my discussions with colleagues, they were struck with the fact that in the document he made the statement "i had no idea gina was so young, she looks a lot " but we certainly know that he was aware that gina was a classmate of his daughter's and knew his daughter's age and, therefore, to make that statement, I had no idea that gina was so young, she looks a lot older, makes -- caused some skepticism, I think, in the minds of those who were reviewing the document as to whether or not he was actually being truthful in writing the document and making the statements that he made.
02:30:43>> Based on the entire totality of the information that you've been provided, do you have any professional reason to believe that if ever given his freedom castro would not go back to his old ways?
02:30:57>> No.
02:30:58>> Why do you say that?
02:30:59>> Well, the duplicity was so complete in terms his ability to fool his family, his friends ooe and even his girlfriend who he maintained a relationship with at the time.
02:31:16The fact that he was able to construct this day in and day out, as he said living a normal life, I think is quite significant.
02:31:23He appeared to certainly have a lot of emotion and attachment to his home, but whether or not there's true remorse with regard to the victims, I think that's a question.
02:31:39>> Thank you.
02:31:40 frank oxford.
02:31:44>> A couple of questions.
02:31:46I know there are some time constraints but it's kind of important.
02:31:50Doctor, do you understand that castro was tested for competency only, he wasn't tested for psychiatric disorder.
02:31:59>> Yes.
02:32:00>> And that was the doctor, who you gave such respect to, dr.
02:32:05Resnick, he examined him for one purpose and one purpose only, not sanity at the time of the act because that wasn't the referral by the court, it was for competency, correct?
02:32:13>> Yes.
02:32:14>> Competency is different, doctor, than sanity at the time of the act, just tell me yes or no.
02:32:20>> Correct.
02:32:21>> You put in your report based upon materials I reviewed, but you don't outline for us, what materials did you actually review?
02:32:29>> I reviewed, as I mentioned at the beginning of my testimony, the transcripts of the recordings.
02:32:37I reviewed the competency document.
02:32:40I reviewed court documents related to the apprehension, charge documents.
02:32:51I was asked to -- I wrote this this was not a formal exam, obviously, and I didn't have the opportunity to examine mr.
02:32:59>> Right.
02:33:00 castro nor did you ever speak to the girls, the ladies.
02:33:04>> Correct.
02:33:04>> Just real quickly, did you review the recent fbi statement or the interrogation that mr.
02:33:10Castro underwent?
02:33:11>> Yes.
02:33:12>> The recent one with the fbi, not with the gentleman, mr.
02:33:16Jacobs that was just here?
02:33:17>> Correct.
02:33:19>> Okay.
02:33:19And did you review the letter that mr. castro allegedly wrote?
02:33:24>> On 4 april '04?
02:33:26>> Yes.
02:33:27>> Yes.
02:33:27>> And he certainly talked about Dulcolax is comfort-coated for gentle, over-night relief.
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02:34:48® >>> welcome back to hln.
02:35:59You're watching our continuing coverage of the ariel castro sentencing hearing.
02:36:03Something significant just went down.
02:36:05As a forensic psychiatrist was speaking, he was asked by one of castro's defense attorneys did he talk to you about being sexually abused as a child?
02:36:13Immediately the prosecution jumped up and says does that excuse his conduct?
02:36:16And the forensic psychiatrist said no.
02:36:19That's what's coming up.
02:36:20Ariel castro is going to give a lengthy statement about why he became the man he became and why he abused, and the prosecution will come back and say, no, he has no remorse.
02:36:30He is a manipulator.
02:36:32All that still to come and we could hear from one of his victims as well.
02:36:35Stay with us, you're watching hln.
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02:38:58>> I have a different dimension that I would call degradation, a defilement, dehumanization.
02:39:05Not quite the same as being placed in high arousal shock but being treated like an animal.
02:39:14Being systematically and relentlessly deprived of your sense of self, your sense of dignity, your connections to others.
02:39:23And that has to do with not you're fed, the way you're chained, all of that, for a long, long time.
02:39:37And then finally, they were deprived.
02:39:42They were deprived of mother, of family, of home, of school, of ten years in which you make a transition from being a young woman to being a woman.
02:39:56And that kind of deprivation isn't the same as being degraded.
02:40:04And part of what that does is it plays with your ability to know who to trust.
02:40:10This is a stage in which a human being is developing the capacity for real intimacy.
02:40:16This was not real intimacy.
02:40:18This was a perversion of intimacy.
02:40:23>> And, doctor, did he do additional damage through some of his actions against his victims?
02:40:31>> Well, of course.
02:40:34He aborted -- whether he believed it in his own mind or whether he feigned believing it, he tried to produce the belief that this daughter was a love child, not the product of forced sex in captivity.
02:40:56And when that happens, there is something that goes on in our mid for a period of time, we lack a real appreciation of what is real and what isn't.
02:41:11We become bonded to the person who aggresses against us, and that's the stockholm syndrome, like I explained very quickly.
02:41:19>> Go ahead.
02:41:20>> When you are suddenly captured and in a moment you realize I am in the presence of someone who can kill me and who makes me feel as though I will be killed, you make like an infant.
02:41:40And then when you're treated so you can't eat, you can't sleep, you can't use a toilet, you can't move without explicit permission, you are, the word would be infantalized.
02:41:55But little by li, you're given what it takes to survive.
02:41:59And in your mind, not consciously, you deny that this is the person that did all of this to me and you start to feel the way you did as a little baby with your mother who is the first source of nourishment, of life itself.
02:42:17So the body assigns to that person the feelings that you would have to your own biological mother.
02:42:24That's the stockholm syndrome.
02:42:26It's very deep.
02:42:27It's not something that you're doing consciously.
02:42:31And I've interviewed scores and scores of people who have stockholm syndrome in different circumstances and are like these victims.
02:42:40>> And, doctor, how did these women cope?
02:42:43What were you able to determine by their interviews, by the information that was provided to you that they were able to cope for 13,226 days before their escape?
02:42:59>> First of all, among them are marvelous, compelling examples of resilience, of imagination, of humanity.
02:43:09I would start with michelle.
02:43:13What an extraordinary human being.
02:43:16He served as doctor, nurse, pediatrician, midwife.
02:43:20She did the delivery.
02:43:21She didn't have a child herself and she did it under primitive circumstances.
02:43:27And when that little baby wasn't breathing, she breathed into that baby.
02:43:33She brought life to that child, and she also had circumstances in which she had to pose herself so that gina wouldn't get the assault and she took it.
02:43:48She's a very courageous and heroic individual.
02:43:51And amanda, she raised a child under these circumstances.
02:43:55And to teach that child values and faith and there were times when there was interaction among them.
02:44:04By and large, that interaction showed the human kindness, love, faith, optimism.
02:44:17So they coped.
02:44:19Part of it was stockholm syndrome, but part of it are the gifts and personality and character that they had.
02:44:26>> And, doctor, what is their future?
02:44:31>> Well, I've said very good things about them.
02:44:34As a doctor who treats, I would want to be on the side of optimism and encouragement and hope for them.
02:44:43But the damage that was done does not go away.
02:44:48They have life sentences.
02:44:51This is what's not trivial.
02:44:54I think they will with the love and the support of this whole community and what they bring to the table, they have a good chance to have a good life.
02:45:04But that doesn't mean that they will ever be free of the damage that was done.
02:45:12>> Would you agree, doctor, that their injuries -- >> yes.
02:45:21>> We'll be in recess for ten minutes.
02:45:24We'll see you all at 11:50.
02:45:38>> So much to take in here.
02:45:40A baffling look there.
02:45:41It looked like a smile on the face of ariel castro as he listened to frank ochberg, a specialty with posttraumatic stress disorder.
02:45:52He spoke so eloquently talking at the end after he detailed the abuse and what it leads to, talked about the resilience of these three young women, laying out michelle knight being an extraordinary human being.
02:46:03Amanda berry had the strength to raise a daughter for six years under these circumstances.
02:46:07Again, ten-minute recess coming.
02:46:08We'll get you updated on all that we've taken in and all that is still to come as we expect to hear from ariel castro and potentially one of the victims here as well.
02:46:18Much more coming up.