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00:00:00Just hours before he commits murder, you'll hear him tell why he's about to take out his anger on people he doesn't even know.
00:00:15>> Why don't they just leave everyone else alone and just end it themselves.
00:00:24Suicide's not enough.
00:00:25They need to get even.
00:00:26>> What makes someone so desperate?
00:00:30>> Hollering at him to put the gun down and give himself up.
00:00:34He would still say, no, I'm killing more people.
00:00:37>> Mass killing may be the price that we pay f living in a country with freedom.
00:00:42>> We're about to take you to the center of a massacre where the killing often stops only when the bullets run out.
00:00:51On this dark heart iron hand rampage killers.
00:00:59Every time another another rampage killer decides to get even by murdering innocent people, we ask the same question.
00:01:05Why did it happen.
00:01:06You want to answer?
00:01:07A killer is about to tell you.
00:01:19You're watching a man who is about to explode.
00:01:27A loner, a sfit.
00:01:28A young man with few friends or family ties who is about to wage war on the world and himself.
00:01:56This disturbing videotape made the night before the deadly massacre is a look inside the man on a verge of a rampage killing.
00:02:19Dion came to wisconsin from illinois to begin a new life with a girlfriend he expected to follow him there, but the woman never joined him.
00:02:29And further attempts at other relationships also failed.
00:02:34And he had difficies at work as well.
00:02:39He lost his job at a motorola plant after he did not report and a form produced later against his estate, indicates he offered a human resources representative $1,000 in cash to keep his assembly line position.
00:02:54He was told to leave.
00:03:00>> I'm very seriously considering driving over to motorola and shooting -- my supervisor.
00:03:14Very, very seriously considering it.
00:03:16Dreaming about it.
00:03:18>> But in the end, he decides to kill total strangers instead.
00:03:28AUGUST 10th, 1993, JOE TOBIAS IS Buying happy meals for her children when he enters the restaurant, shooting.
00:03:47>> And then all of a sudden, there was this boom.
00:03:50I started to turn around, i heard somebody say, out.
00:03:54>> On the radio, I heard shots BEING FIRED AT the McDonalds that I just past.
00:04:03>> Officers quickly surround every exit hoping tpprehend the gunman inside.
00:04:11>> And I started to crawl under the table and I thought to myself, get out.
00:04:20>> Everyone rose and with that, we could see the top of his head and the blue smoke.
00:04:26>> Then, as deputy sheriff herring dlim climbs through the window, he hears a final shot ring out.
00:04:36>> There was a young man laying by the entrance, the rear entrance.
00:04:39I moved a gun away from his hand.
00:04:42He was deceased.
00:04:43>> WE'RE inside McDonald's facing west.
00:04:47>> The first detectives on the scene document the carnage.
00:04:54Apparently, a female victim was wounded in this area.
00:04:57Blood splattered on the wall as well as nearly -- white male on the floor near the women's bathroom.
00:05:12The gun was in his left hand.
00:05:15>> Three people are dead.
00:05:17The gunman by his own hand and the videotape they find in his car reveals the secret world of a tormented man.
00:05:26>> I just feel like, as individuals, our life doesn't -- >> none of the people we spoke with who new torres was a man who collected firearms or an admirer of adolf hitler.
00:05:47And serial killers like jeffrey dahmer and john gacey.
00:06:01>> He was a man who felt powerless.
00:06:06>> The motives are very different from those of a serial killer.
00:06:11Like other experts we talked to for this broadcast, james fox has spent his professional life studying murders.
00:06:21>> Serial killers like it because it makes them feel superior.
00:06:26Mass killers kill to express their anger.
00:06:30>> Why don't you tell the family what you guys did to me when i was young.
00:06:35You in particular.
00:06:36Tell them.
00:06:37Tell them about it all.
00:06:37You pig.
00:06:41>> This young, white male with his problems, his frustrations and inability to deal with them fits the profile of many killers.
00:06:52>> Typically, a mass killer is having problems, not just in one area of life, but in every important area of life.
00:07:02He had trouble having a sexual relationship with women, but also holding down a job.
00:07:11>> In a study, 47 occurred shortly after the perpetrator lost his job.
00:07:18The massacre came just five months after he lost his job at a motorola plant.
00:07:25>> I'd kill everybody if i could.
00:07:35Hang their bodies all in my room from my ceiling.
00:07:42>> In the same study of this phenomena, nearly 50% of the killers have a history of mental problems.
00:07:49>> Just had enough.
00:07:52It's too late for help.
00:07:53I went for help.
00:07:57When I told that guy the real truth, what was really inside of me.
00:08:03He freaked, man.
00:08:04>> Nbc news contacted motorola to confirm the videotaped statements, but they declined to comment siting legal issues, but documents entered into evidence suggest that two years prior to the rampage, he did seek psychiatric help through the employee assistance program.
00:08:29While employed, he agreed only to therapy sessions refusing the in-patient treatment and medication.
00:08:39An evaluation reads -- >> I'm sane.
00:08:49Perfectly sane.
00:08:51There's nothing wrong with me.
00:08:54It's society that's crazy.
00:08:56You're all nuts.
00:08:58I just want the thoughts to stop.
00:09:02>> People say, why don't they just leave everyone else alone and end it for themselves.
00:09:09Suicide's not enough.
00:09:10They need to get even.
00:09:11They need justice.
00:09:13>> You know, I could put that gun to my head.
00:09:17But why should i, man?
00:09:20I've taken so much.
00:09:24All these people.
00:09:25You know, it's a little bit of payback time.
00:09:28>> Like 30% of rampage and mass murderers, he did kill himself in the end.
00:09:37An almost welcome way out of his own private hell, but not before venting his rage on the world at large.
00:09:50>> I'm happy.
00:09:52It's finally over.
00:09:55The torment.
00:10:01>>> Still ahead, one of the most deadly rampage killings in american history.
00:10:07>> He came out of the one of the aisles and before we knew it, he was standing above us and just started shooting.
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00:13:2700 ON JULY 18th, 1984 AND THE MAN Wearing fatigues, a black t-shirt and sunglasses strides INTO a McDonald's in a small suburb of san diego near the mexican border.
00:13:48James huberty is armed to the tee.
00:13:55>> I heard one loud boom that echoed and hurt my ears.
00:14:00>> Wendy flannigan is stationed at the cash register when the gunman opens fire.
00:14:10She was 17 years old at the time.
00:14:13>> I remember just following the other people that were in front of me running in the same direction.
00:14:19>> Everyone within the McDONALD'S IS DEFENSELESS.
00:14:22Two young boys on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant are cut down.
00:14:28By the time he is finished, he will have committed the second most deadly rampage killing in american history.
00:14:41His path to massacre began on this farm in ohio in a rural community 60 miles south of cleveland.
00:14:51>> When I first heard about it, I heard the name, james huberty.
00:15:01>> Jean, a former schoolmate says he was a loner.
00:15:05>> He was just kin recluse-type individual.
00:15:15>> But he did manage to mary and put down roops in his hometown.
00:15:20A police charge of disorderly conduct.
00:15:24>> If someone ask me if I hated my husband, I hate the things he's done.
00:15:28But no.
00:15:29>> In this 1985 nbc interview, a year after his rampage, his wife talks about james huberty's generally volatile state of mind.
00:15:43>> I kept the kids away from him as much as possible.
00:15:46Told them not to talk back, not to act up.
00:15:49Try to keep him calm, don't agitate your father.
00:15:54>> In october 1982, the plant where he works shuts down.
00:16:02He cannot find work.
00:16:03He moves his family to mexico, but their stay only lasts three months.
00:16:09Then, to the site in california, the site of the massacre.
00:16:14>> He was not adapting down here and nothing to go back to.
00:16:17>> And nothing to look forward to, either.
00:16:20He has trouble finding work and finally lands a job as a security job, but even this the short lived.
00:16:27Like many rampage killers, huberty's life was beginning to fall into a deadly pattern, an unstable personality fueled by feelings of helplessness.
00:16:47>> He was frustrated.
00:16:47Like putting pressure on a container and not having any release for it.
00:16:53>> The release came with a vengeance on the afternoon of JULY 18th, 1984.
00:17:00>> 400 West -- four calls on it.
00:17:04A shooting.
00:17:06, police are DISPATCHED TO the McDonald's where james huberty is on a rampage.
00:17:17INSIDE, 17-YEAR-old McDonald's employee wendy flannigan is dodging bullets.
00:17:27>> I remember hearing the bullets hit the metal.
00:17:29That's where the freezer is.
00:17:32Everything's metal.
00:17:38>> Miguelro, the first officer on the scene, has no idea what's going on.
00:17:46>> As soon as we made eye contact, we were no more than about 80 feet away.
00:17:50He started making aggressive movements.
00:17:53>> The officer scrambles for cover behind a large pick-up truck and calls for back-up.
00:18:04>> YOU SAID the McDonald's, shots being fired mow.
00:18:09>> He shot under the vehicle, at the vehicle, over the vehicle.
00:18:15I was out of guns, probably a robbery that had gone bad.
00:18:23>> Meanwhile, back inside, wendy is running for her life.
00:18:27>> I just concentrated on going forward and then I got out of line of fire.
00:18:32And I ran for the emergency exit.
00:18:35>> But the door won't open and wendy is trapped inside along with co-workers and a customer with a small child.
00:18:43They duck into a utility closet.
00:18:46>> And I remember the baby being straight in front of me.
00:18:51I don't remember the -- the face of the lady -- >> today, albert lios is a san diego police chart, but he was a co-worker of wendy who along with several others, hid in an alcove during the massacre.
00:19:15>> There was a time clock near where we were crouched down hiding.
00:19:20Every minute seemed like an hour.
00:19:23>> But then huberty discovers their hiding place.
00:19:28>> He just started shooting.
00:19:30>> Several of his co-workers are killed instantly.
00:19:34Albert is shot four times and a fifth bullet ricochets off the flooing shrapnel into his chest.
00:19:45>> I know if the thought he killed us all, so he went back to the front to reload.
00:19:52I crawled downstairs and into a closet.
00:19:56>> The same in which wendy had gone.
00:20:03>>> When we come back -- >> every person I had to hear scream and beg for their life.
00:20:11>> Counted about 125, 130 shots that he fired before I lost count.
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00:23:21>>> ON JULY 18th, 1984, PATRONS AND EMPLOYEES AT this McDonald's in california are e easy pray for james huberta man on a rampage.
00:23:36>> Did you understand what he said in english?
00:23:38>> He said, I kill 1,000.
00:23:41I'm going to kill 1,000 more.
00:23:42>> Hiding in a tiny utility closet where they had been trapped for almost an hour, WENDY AND ALBERT, two McDonald's employees, listen as huberty continues his siege.
00:23:55>> Every person I had to hear scream and beg for their life or mothers begging for their babies' life when a baby would be crying and he would start yelling for them to shut up and the mother would beg and you'd hear all the gunfire and the screaming, then quiet, you know.
00:24:13>> I think I counted about 130, 125 shots that he fired before i lost count.
00:24:22 teams take up positions around the fast food restaurant.
00:24:28Sergeant chuck foster is one of the two snipers trying to get huberty into their gun sights.
00:24:35>> He was sitting on a counter midway down the ordering area.
00:24:44Looked like he was reloading a magazine.
00:24:47>> Police officials authorized the use of deadly force.
00:24:50>> After about several seconds, he got off of the counter and then slowly made his way towards the doorway.
00:24:57When it got to a point where i could see him from the shoulders down, then I shot him.
00:25:04>> James huberty had spent 77 minutes killing 21 men, women and children in cold blood with weapons he'd collected over the years.
00:25:15LIKE DION, THE other McDonald's killer, he was an avid gun collector.
00:25:23And according to to his wife, huberty had threatened their two daughters with weapons, but edna could not leave her husband.
00:25:33>> After he pulled that machine gun, it was -- and held a knife to cassandra's throat, I was going to.
00:25:41And a friend of mine said, who would he have if you leave him.
00:25:49Gee, he's be all alone.
00:25:51Then what would happen to him?
00:25:52>> One of the characteristics of mass killers is that they're isolated.
00:26:00They're alone.
00:26:01Many have moved thousands of miles for the sake of a job and they pick uproots in ohio, like huberty did and by the time things go sour in california, all his support systems are back in ohio and aren't there to help him.
00:26:22>> Ironically, hours before the massacre, huberty and his family HAS LUNCH AT another McDonald's, then went to a zoo.
00:26:35>> He made the point, society had its chance and she just kind of shrugged it off.
00:26:44They went back home and she went to take a nap because she was tired and he came in a few minutes later and made a comment about going hunting, hunting people.
00:26:56>> When he made the comment about hunting humans, you didn't believe that.
00:27:02>> If she doubted her husband's sanity, it was nothing new.
00:27:07I told him straight out, you're crazy.
00:27:10He wouldn't admit it.
00:27:11I was the one who was crazy.
00:27:13Not him.
00:27:14>> But three days before the massacre, he does make a small plea for help.
00:27:19>> It was sunday night.
00:27:20He finally admitted he had a problem.
00:27:22>> Two days ter, he phones this mental health facility and speaks to an intake operator.
00:27:31>> He was rationally polite, answered all the questions in the negative and specifically said he did not want to say what his problem was.
00:27:40>> Well, they told him they'd call him back with an appointment.
00:27:44He waited for two hours.
00:27:45They never called.
00:27:46>> The current clinic director said that if the caller has an emergency, they are given immediate attention, but there was no indication he was in deep distress and if huberty had questioned an appointment for a mental health assessment, one would have been scheduled at the time of the call at the clinic's first available opening.
00:28:12Etna says he called the clinic back, but her husband's name had been misspelled on intake.
00:28:21When she told them he had guns, they told her to call the police.
00:28:26>> They took the appropriate action given the makes they had available to them.
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00:31:55>>> I'm milissa rehberger.
00:31:56One british and one american soldier were killed on the first day of a major operation in southern afghanistan.
00:32:02Thousands of soldiers are moving into one taliban controlled town.
00:32:06>>> And a southern california meat packing company is expanding its recall of ground beef and veal.
00:32:137 million pounds of meat.
00:32:19" >>> at the center of any criminal investigation is a dark heart and the iron hand of justice.
00:32:43>> Here's a frightening fact.
00:32:45More than 30 times each year, someone goes on a rampage killing.
00:32:49And in some cases, the victims have no connection to killer.
00:32:56It can be as random as opening up a phone book, closing your eyes and picking a name.
00:32:59That's pretty much what happened on a wednesday afternoon in 1991 during the lunchtime rush at a popular restaurant.
00:33:12, a luby's feteria in killeen, texas.
00:33:16Suddenly, a man in a blue pickup truck crashes through the window.
00:33:22When the explosion of glass settles, it quickly becomes clear this has been no accident.
00:33:30>> To me, it reminded me of rambo, this ammunition belt around his belt.
00:33:38Like he was ready to do battle.
00:33:39And he had a couple of guns in his hand.
00:33:44>> We were right in the middle of the cafeteria.
00:33:49His pickup truck stopped about ten feet from our table.
00:33:54>> The gunman began sweeping the front of the restaurant with gunfire, coldly choosing who would live and who would die.
00:34:04Terrified patrons hide under the tables, listening to gunfire.
00:34:09>> He did say, this is what i think of the bitches of bell county and was it worth it.
00:34:18>> He acted like he had the power.
00:34:21He did.
00:34:22And he had the control and he could take his time and do what he had to do and there was nobody going to stop him.
00:34:29>> But who was this gun wielding madman?
00:34:37George hennard grew up on army bases in the southwest.
00:34:43After his stint, he turns to the merchant marine.
00:34:48The work offers long hours and endless travel.
00:34:52>> Most of it was cleaning and detailed.
00:34:56He was constantly busy.
00:34:58>> Jamie dunlap meets hennard in texas where they strike up a friendship over a mutual interest in cars.
00:35:05>> It was pretty good at first, but after a few weeks, we just couldn't, it was unbearable to live with him as time went by.
00:35:19Just seen more hate build up in him.
00:35:21That's one reason I didn't want to be around him anymore.
00:35:24I felt bad.
00:35:26He had always talked about how everybody -- what did he say?
00:35:31Abandoned him.
00:35:33>> ON MAY 11th, 1989, RETURNING From a long trip at sea, hennard is arrested for smoking marijuana on board a ship and his seaman's papers are confiscated by the coast guard.
00:35:47He will not serve on any ship again, a loss from which some feel he never recovers.
00:35:52>> People said his mood lightened and he was at his happiest going to sea and being a sailor.
00:36:00Quite ironic that the loss of his ability to go to see he brought upon himself so completely.
00:36:07And of course, used this as the great injustice to trigger the beginning of the end.
00:36:14>> Two years and one day later, he would crash into luby's, open fire on 100 innocent people and become instantly notorious.
00:36:26But sisters jana and jill were barely aware of the george hennard who lived on the big house on the corner down the road from them in texas, not far from the site of the massacre he was to perpetrate months later.
00:36:45He had been watching the sisters.
00:36:48His obsession prompting them to write them a five-paged letter which he sends to the wrong address.
00:36:55>> This is george calling.
00:36:56I've got a case of mistaken identity on my hands.
00:36:59>> Realizing his error, hennard leaves this message on the girls' mothers' answering machine.
00:37:09I wrote a girl named stacy a letter.
00:37:11It was not for her.
00:37:13It was for her daughter.
00:37:14Please go over there and make sure you get that letter.
00:37:18Incing the four pictures.
00:37:21It's a mess.
00:37:22>> The more I listened to it and the more it went on, I thought, oh, my goodness.
00:37:29>> Jane bug retrieves the letter and photographs and realizes that she and her daughters were in danger.
00:37:37>> This was a threatening letter.
00:37:39I didn't know if he would come down here and try to contact us.
00:37:42I just didn't know.
00:37:43>> The letter contains delusional, rambling statements, citing events that never happened.
00:37:51A concert they never attended.
00:37:54Most frighting to jane, hennard calls the girls his admirers, writing -- continuing in chilling detail, the letter describes hennard's hatred of women, saying -- he goes on -- for the next four months, hennard and jane lock horns in a bitter stand off over the two young women.
00:38:35>> Hennard would peer in the windows of jane's house.
00:38:38She couldn't prove it, but would find piles of cigarette butts.
00:38:43Hennard was a heavy smoker.
00:38:45Hennard would follow them downtown to shopping.
00:38:49To the bank.
00:38:50He would flash the headlights of his truck, the same truck he used to crash into luby's, precisely at the moment the girls would drive past to see jane.
00:39:02>> George hennard continues stalking jane and her daughters.
00:39:04>> It was a saturday morning before the shooting.
00:39:08I saw a bicycle.
00:39:11And he pulled right in front of the car.
00:39:17And it was just like he paused for just a minute.
00:39:19Our eyes just locked on each other and it's like just back and forth.
00:39:27>> The communication is silent, but for jane, the silence speaks volumes.
00:39:32>> You're not going to hurt my girls.
00:39:35You're going to have to go through me first.
00:39:38And he was telling me that he might have to.
00:39:42>> Shortly after this confrontation with jane, hennard crashes his pickup truck through the plate glass window of luby's.
00:39:53And for ten minutes, wages war on petrified patrons.
00:40:00In what will become the deadliest rampage in american history.
00:40:08>>> When we come back -- >> he was coming towards me at that point.
00:40:13And it was almost like how dare you, like a control thing that i was looking at him, how dare i.
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00:43:45>>> OCTOBER 16th, 1991.
00:43:49George hennard has crashed his pickup truck through the front window of luby's cafeteria in killeen, texas and is shooting everyone inside.
00:44:05The potential escape route the blocked by hennard's truck.
00:44:06He calmly struts around the restaurant loading, shooting and reloading.
00:44:11>> He came back around the truck after he had shot a while and came back toward me.
00:44:15That's when I got up an ran.
00:44:18>> Sam wing escapes death narrowly.
00:44:22>> He shot at me and above the exit sign above my head.
00:44:27>> Mary has come to luby's with colleagues from work to celebrate boss's day.
00:44:34Trapped with co-workers under a table, all she can do now is watch and wait.
00:44:39>> I said, I'm going to be sick.
00:44:41She said, don't.
00:44:42If you make a noise, he'll be over here.
00:44:45So, the only way I could stop from that is to keep my eyes open and watch where he was.
00:44:52So I did keep watching and I did see on our end, everything that he did.
00:44:57>> In the back of the restaurant, cowering patrons watch as tommy juan tries to kick out one of the windows.
00:45:08>> This big guy, he jumped and knocked the window out so we started running.
00:45:15And the last thing that i remember then was that this guy turned back around and started shooting at us as we were running out.
00:45:23>> Evelyn and betty also seize upon the now open window as their chance for escape.
00:45:30>> He shot as was as we was going out the window, like i told edwin, we'd have to run fast -- and call me a name and then shoot me in the face or the heart.
00:45:47>> Still hiding under the table, mary has a strange showdown with the man with the gun when hennard makes eye contact with her.
00:45:56>> He was coming at me at that point and it was like, how dare row, like a control thing.
00:46:04That's when the police arrived.
00:46:06And I think, I consider them my angels to this day.
00:46:12>> When we got in there, we could see there was -- we could hear them while they were running.
00:46:21>> A gun battle breaks out between hennard and police officers.
00:46:30>> He would fire out and we would fire back.
00:46:33Still hollering at him to put the gun down, to give himself up.
00:46:39He would still say, no, I'm killing more people.
00:46:43>> Morris fires 15 rounds, wounding hennard before he runs out of ammunition.
00:46:51>> After you hit him once and he's still shooting at you, you think, damn, why don't you go down.
00:47:00>> He exits the restaurant to reload.
00:47:04Hennard shot himself in the right temple.
00:47:07In ten minutes, hennard killed 22 people, not including himself.
00:47:14Eight men and 14 women.
00:47:17>> Looking back and knowing that it was an issue about some girls before, it makes sense because a lot of the people he shot were women.
00:47:31>> George hennard, I think, is a classic case of a hate-driven individual who blamed women largely for all of the ills that fell upon him.
00:47:42>> And some experts find significance in the date of the massacre.
00:47:47OCTOBER 16th, 1991.
00:47:49It not only marked the two-year anniversary of hen dismissal from the marines, it was the day after his birthday.
00:48:02>> There's no coincidence.
00:48:04After all, for many people, the 35th or 40th birthday is an important benchmark in your life.
00:48:15When george hennard didn't achieve what he set out to do, he felt that someone was responsible and it certainly wasn't him.
00:48:24He went after all humanity.
00:48:26>> And evidence found in his home after the massacre indicated that hennard's murderous rampage may have been inspired by another rampage killer.
00:48:36James huberty, the man who KILLED 21 in McDonald's seven years before.
00:48:41>> Hennard had video on huberty.
00:48:49Hennard had visited the sight of the massacre much as a tourist would visit a destination.
00:48:55>> Some think that popular culture is to blame for this phenomenon.
00:49:00After all, no adays, images of mass killers can be found on trading cards, calendars and t-shirts.
00:49:16>> If james huberty didn't exist, hennard would still have a murderous personality and would have gone on a rampage.
00:49:26>>> Coming up, rampage killers who break the mold.
00:49:32>> Women who commit mass murder, they tend to be psychotic.
00:49:36They tend to really be suffering ..
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00:52:52W d g d d @ m m m >>> deon terres, james huberty and george hennard.
00:53:02What led these gentlemen to mass murderer is still a mystery.
00:53:06They all fit the rampage killer mold, white, male, over the age of 25, emotionally frustrated and disappointed by life.
00:53:15Bu t there are always exceptions
00:00:00Ill of three counts of first-degree murder.
00:00:03>> Women that commit mass murder, they tend to be psychotic.
00:00:07They tend to really be suffering from mental illness.
00:00:13Whereas a man may be paranoid, may be narcissistic, may have certain forms of personality disorders, they may not be psychotic at the time.
00:00:24But women offenders tend to be.
00:00:28>> Women aren't the only exception to the white male rampage killer profile.
00:00:34>> What's his motive?
00:00:36The man hates the world.
00:00:39>> Colin ferguson, a jamaican immigrant, comes to the usa seeking the american dream but only finds several menial jobs which he considers beneath him.
00:00:49An angry, frus are traited ferguson, blaming racism for all his failures, enters this long island train and methodically pumps bullets into the trapped commuters.
00:01:02>> H e wanted to get even with the people, the successful people, to punish them.
00:01:08>> A subset of rampage killers who often set out to punish specific individuals are those who target the workplace.
00:01:17>> Workplace killers, unlike those mass killers who go on a rampage in a public place and target absolute strangers, are very selective and very discerning as to their victims.
00:01:33Atlanta, 1999.
00:01:34Mark barton, armed for an afternoon of killing, enters two day trading offices where he has traded.
00:01:42He murders nine and wounds 13.
00:01:45He had also killed his wife and two children in the two days before the massacre.
00:01:50According to one newspaper account, barton had lost nearly $500,000 in his day trading ventures.
00:02:00Eyewitness nell jones says he walked into the office with a hit list.
00:02:04>> Just adjacent to our space were several traders who had been there for a long time, whom barton knew, and had traded with in the old days.
00:02:19And, beginning with those people, barton just methodically went down the line and killed every one of them.
00:02:29It was a very methodical, malicious assassination.
00:02:37>> Five hours after starting his reign of terror, barton is cornered by police at this gas station and takes his own life.
00:02:46Mass murderers like barton, terres, huberty and hennard carefully plan their acts of revenge.
00:02:56>> One of the myths is that people snap and do this.
00:02:59In fact, every single case has lots of events building up to a crescendo, often for years, before the event.
00:03:09>> Rampage killing has not reached epidemic proportions in the united states, but one recent study found that accounts DID INCREASE IN THE 1990s.
00:03:21In 1990, the average number a year jumped from 23 to 34.
00:03:27And according to the study the number of deaths per incident suddenly are increased in 1993 and remains higher.
00:03:34>> Part of the reason are why the body counts in these mass killings seem to be on the rise has to do with the proliferation of firearms.
00:03:44>> Sure, we now have background checks.
00:03:47But most people who fit the profile of mass killer do not show up in a background check.
00:03:53They don't have criminal records, and they don't have records of psychiatric treatment.
00:03:58>> So how are we to predictor protect ourselves against these sudden outbursts of rage?
00:04:05It's a problem to which there doesn't seem to be an easy answer.
00:04:10>> For mass murderers, you don't necessarily see a whole lot of acting out behavior prior to this going on -- prior to their assault.
00:04:20>> Interestingly, the people who do mass murder tend to not be as violent as, say, the average armed robber.
00:04:26If you look at armed robbers or people who beat their wives, you'll find much bigger histories of violence than if you look at people who are mass murderers.
00:04:35Most of them have had an interest in violence but haven't done it.
00:04:42>> A lot of precautions that we would like to be able to take, but, really, what are we going to do?
00:04:49I hate to say it, but I think that mass killing may be the price that we pay for living in a country with freedom.
00:05:04>> Though it is still virtually impossible to know who will take out their anger in a mass killing, there are some clear hints about who fits the description.
00:05:13A "new york times" study looked at more than 100 rampage killers and found that a majority of them are white and two-thirds of them have some college education if not a degree like mart barton and james huberty.
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