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00:00:02This way.
00:00:07The chandelier's one of my favorite things in this room.
00:00:12That's why we did the recessed lighting in the ceiling.
00:00:21>> When I come in here, it's just so I can relax, don't do anything for a little while.
00:00:27Tell the world leave me alone.
00:00:36Kick everybody out.
00:00:38>> And proceed to getting in, and just forget about the world.
00:00:45>> Now we're going to go to truthfully my favorite room in the house, the kitchen.
00:00:51That's really the dog's bed in here.
00:00:54Go in, ginger, that's good.
00:00:55This section of the house, i want it to be a country kitchen in the middle of the city.
00:01:02This I selected, it's called butterfly, and I liked it because it looks like it's butterfly wings if you look real close.
00:01:11>> So now I'm going to show you the other floor this will be the room where I like to call the mermaid room.
00:01:21But the mermaids aren't painted on the walls yet.
00:01:28I got this fish tank and saltwater fish shall but they're hiding now.
00:01:31I had to get them changed to be nocturnal.
00:01:33Because they were on the opposite schedule as me.
00:01:37It's nice to come down here and see the fishies.
00:01:42>> I have been told that these sofas are like the most comfortable sofas in all the land.
00:01:49You just lie down here, and people randomly fall asleep.
00:01:54>> This is my closet.
00:02:03As you can see, it's not a traditional closet, but I worked hard for this mess.
00:02:11We have a little gold leaf designs on the floor.
00:02:17That's a little m behind you.
00:02:20See that?
00:02:22>> Let me throw on my other ensemble, and then we'll be back.
00:02:27What are we thinking?
00:02:33I don't like this.
00:02:37One more second.
00:02:40I'm kind of feeling this one.
00:02:43All right.
00:02:45I'll keep this on now for the moment.
00:02:59Just to keep the momentum going.
00:03:02This is the shoe room.
00:03:03The style that I favor would be a high stiletto.
00:03:07The brand that I favor would be whoever's going to stick to that motif.
00:03:14Thing about my shoes are, they always hurt.
00:03:18But hey, if they look good.
00:03:26>> Oh, yeah, the loverboy boots are over here.
00:03:30Quite a few peesm gave me some comments about these.
00:03:35These would be my pamela shoes.
00:03:36I personally can't walk in them.
00:03:38Those are the basics of my smiew room.
00:03:47Those are the basics of my shoe room.
00:03:48>> The girl who had one shoe now has many.
00:03:50>> Okay, so I decided to leave the ensemble on for the next place we're going to hit.
00:03:52Which would be the gym that rarely gets used.
00:04:04>> So I can assistant here and look at things all the while in my four-inch heels and a black ensemble.
00:04:15>> Now we have the top floor of this apartment, where folks can come and hang out as well.
00:04:27>> This is the moroccan room, it's like a fairy tale room, so that's why I like it.
00:04:35>> It's especially nice when you look out at this view of manhattan.
00:04:42That's what I always wanted.
00:04:45Penthouse view, and yeah, a nice, relaxing space.
00:05:07>> Okay, so you see most of my house, it's time to go, I love you, bye.
00:05:17>> My girl, mariah has it made in manhattan.
00:05:20The only thing that looked better than mimi might be her $20 million penthouse.
00:05:25Up next, we'll meet the bassmaster of a baton rouge mansion.
00:05:28Owned about a superstar who is practically dripping in gold.
00:05:31Folks, I'm not kidding.
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00:07:49Clean & clear and under control >> hey, it's kimora lee simmons, and i know all about living life in the fab lane.
00:09:47So I'm bringing you the priciest cribs we've ever seen.
00:10:03Not only are all the ceilings covered in 14karat gold, but so are the chandeliers.
00:10:05This man spares no expense.
00:10:06You've got to see it to believe it.
00:10:15>> How you doing?
00:10:16This is master p, and welcome to my crib, you heard me?
00:10:21Come on in.
00:10:24>> This is the famous tank.
00:10:27It's 24karat gold.
00:10:28All these floors are marble.
00:10:30You know, you have to take your shoes off when you have somebody come in here and clean up.
00:10:36Take you on the inside.
00:10:37Welcome to my living area.
00:10:40This is the living room.
00:10:41This is where all my family chill at.
00:10:43This is where the soldiers chill at.
00:10:46We have a lot of fun in this place right here.
00:10:50Watch a lot of tv.
00:10:50>> Most people here go for the leather look.
00:10:54I wanted to go for the modern soft type of feel.
00:10:58All the top of the walls are all 14karat gold.
00:10:59Chandeliers are from europe, some are from greece, some are from spain.
00:11:05You know, I got the high tech security system.
00:11:07The high tech space remotes that I have.
00:11:12I control the whole house.
00:11:14I control the curtains.
00:11:16I can control the security system.
00:11:21Almost everything that happens in the house, happens right here.
00:11:24>> A lot of stories get told in this room, from all the good and the bad with the family.
00:11:29We thank the man up above that, you know what, we got a chance to live in a place like, this because you know, I did come from the ghetto.
00:11:35But this is a long way from the ghetto.
00:11:41Okay, this is the elevator.
00:11:42You know, I had to get one of these in there, you know, when i be playing basketball.
00:11:45I was tired of walking up all those stairs, and able to take this baby to the top, you heard me to the studio.
00:11:55>> Whoa.
00:11:56This is the top floor.
00:11:57This is where I keep my studio at.
00:12:00This is where I made all those hits at.
00:12:02Most people like the big reels, I'm into straight digital.
00:12:05I take my music from this board, put it to the dates, and send it out to the world.
00:12:08Lost people don't understand.
00:12:10They think you have to be in a big old studio to make your music.
00:12:15I like that atmosphere where i can feel more personalized.
00:12:17This is where I do all the high tech vocals at.
00:12:21The dunn, the who other whos, the wobbles wobbles.
00:12:25The shaky shaky.
00:12:26Y'all know what I'm talking about.
00:12:31>> Welcome to the master bedroom.
00:12:33Like I said, this room is fit for a master.
00:12:36The jewels in the beds and the chandelier.
00:12:40This is all the luxury, you know what I'm saying?
00:12:44I got this idea from king tut.
00:12:46This is probably one the most eloquent fish tanks in the state of louisiana.
00:12:52The coral inside this tank is live.
00:12:54A lot of saltwater fish in here.
00:12:55Also, there is a projection system, you can watch it all, just like you right there at the game.
00:13:02This is where I watch all the big games at.
00:13:08>> This is one of the most expensive rooms in the house.
00:13:10This room right here is probably about $3 million.
00:13:17This is a one bath right here.
00:13:19This is the shower room.
00:13:21This is the inside bath, all gold fixtures on the tub.
00:13:25Got to come from the gym, I go and sit in the hot tub and relax.
00:13:31This is my family area.
00:13:33These are some of the shows that I have been into.
00:13:39These are the kids.
00:13:40These are some of the football games that my kids played in.
00:13:42There's a lot of stars in this family.
00:13:44Hopefully they'll be able to take care of me one day.
00:13:52>> These are my racing cars.
00:13:56This is an impala ss which changes like six different colors.
00:14:01It has a built in play station.
00:14:03Has a 24disc changer.
00:14:03Tv monitor.
00:14:08You can put this car here in a race right now if we wanted to.
00:14:12This is probably one of the most high tech engines around.
00:14:18>> This pool is very special.
00:14:20It's all marble.
00:14:23At the bottom of the pool, all the soldiers go swimming out here, kids go swimming out here, we have a lot of fun.
00:14:28I think I'll probably be the best no limit diver.
00:14:32I should have been swimming, competing for the olympics you know.
00:14:40This is where I get my game from.
00:14:42This is called the master p no limit rap and jam arena.
00:14:47This is where all the practice happens at before I went to the nba camp.
00:14:51This is where I beat shaq at on this very court right here.
00:14:54He couldn't win nothing out here.
00:15:04>> Sometimes, you know, I sit bit lake and just chill.
00:15:07This is a place where I just sit back and think about what I'm going to do next, you know.
00:15:12Get away from it all.
00:15:17Get away from the immediate yarks the fans, the whole nine.
00:15:20Just sit back here and chill, reminisce.
00:15:24Just say be, you came a long way.
00:15:29A long way.
00:15:36's crib is as good as gold, literally.
00:15:39He dropped an outstanding $20 million on that place.
00:15:42But they always say that real estate is the best investment, right?
00:15:46Next up, we'll check out a crib that has a trophy case so big, it needs its own wing.
00:15:51And if you think it belongs to an athlete, you better guess again.
00:15:54We'll reveal the shining star at number 7, coming up on cribs priciest pads countdown.
00:16:00So don't go away.
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00:20:44>> Lucky number seven on our cribs priciest pads countdown belongs to singer, producer, and all-around music mogul baby face.
00:20:52Once you careen past his fantastic fountain, it's wall- to-wall class with priceless antiques and he norm fuss --enormous columns fit for a roman emperor of bel air.
00:21:09Baby face keeps all his grammys and other awards on display, and just in case you forgot how many he's won, we're going to give you the guided tour.
00:21:15>> Can I help you guys?
00:21:15Oh, that's right.
00:21:21Forgot you guys were coming.
00:21:22I'm baby face.
00:21:23Welcome to my crib, come on.
00:21:25We're in the living room.
00:21:27This is one of my favorite paintings here.
00:21:33The colors here in this, it is very cool.
00:21:34We had a dinner for president clinton here.
00:21:35Otherwise, not that much entertaining.
00:21:37When people come by, they don't usually sit in this room.
00:21:41I do like to come down in the morning and play this piano.
00:21:53>> This is the library.
00:21:54This is the place where I keep some of the awards I've gotten in my lifetime.
00:21:57On top the american music awards, second level, the soul train awards, and then these are the grammys.
00:22:02I used to watch stevie wonder get up and win those grammy's.
00:22:05I just never imagined I'd actually have one.
00:22:08So this is our kitchen.
00:22:12We wanted it old world in here.
00:22:14We have a cook here, tracy cooks, but I'm probably more of a cook.
00:22:20I love to cook chili, and barbecue.
00:22:22I don't think there's anything i couldn't cook if I wanted to.
00:22:23Subzero refrigerators.
00:22:27Of course, every black household has kool-aid no matter where you live.
00:22:32I've been trying to be good.
00:22:34Keeping the snacks away.
00:22:35If you go to the studio, that's another story.
00:22:37I've got everything dangerous.
00:22:39We can go up here.
00:22:43The bed we had made.
00:22:47This piece here, what I wanted to do was put a tv in it.
00:22:50If I do this thing, you just push it up, it just kind of comes up.
00:22:56I have headphone decks in the wall, so if brandon's in here and he wants to watch something different, he can sit there and watch one of his shows there, and then we can watch something else on the other side.
00:23:08And we'll go across the way for his room.
00:23:09Which, in this case, his is me.
00:23:12The shower's a very cool shower, I love the doors.
00:23:14I am a bathtub man.
00:23:17I always hit the bathtub.
00:23:18I have my tv in front of the tub so I can sit there for hours until I wrinkle and, of course, the closet where I get dressed.
00:23:25I always keep a guitar around to come up with ideas.
00:23:29We'll go outside and I'll show you the studio.
00:23:34This is the place where I come to work at times.
00:23:40I did some of the josie and pussycats stuff in here.
00:23:45And did some of my record in here as well.
00:23:46So I like to have a place, if i have people coming over to work, so they can hang out, and not have to go and hang in the main house.
00:23:50This is where I do my barbecued chicken.
00:23:54We have a fountain over this way, nice little sitting area.
00:23:58This is our pool area.
00:24:03We have our waterfall, and jacuzzi here.
00:24:06>> It's cold!
00:24:09>> Yeah.
00:24:10Brandon uses the pool more than anybody.
00:24:11You like to swim, brandon?
00:24:12>> Yeah.
00:24:14>> So now that you've seen just about everything, I thought I'd show you my cars.
00:24:20I used to be a big car guy this is a nice car, so I wanted a porsche.
00:24:27But I got tired of being so flashy.
00:24:28The 430 mercedes, this is the car I drive most of the time.
00:24:32This is the 600, just an old school mercedes.
00:24:34I don't go for the ferraris and the whole bit.
00:24:38I could probably drive a nova and be cool.
00:24:43Glad you guys could see the crib today.
00:24:45I'm going to spend the rest of the day with my family.
00:24:48So y'all come back now.
00:24:52>> Thanks to babyface, we know what $22 million buys you in today's market.
00:24:56We've reached the end of this part of our countdown, but stick around, because up next, we'll show you the six priciest pads of all time.
00:25:03Including the ultimate bachelor pad, and a las vegas home that really hits the jackpot.
00:25:21Someone give me a drum roll please.
00:25:23Because we are about to give you the top six priciest pads from cribs colossal catalog.
00:25:27In the next 60 minutes, we're running down the list of the biggest spenders and their spreads, straight from the windows, all the way to the walls.
00:25:33It's more flashy fashions, booming bedrooms, and towering toys.
00:25:38And for one of our mega moguls, life really is a beach.
00:25:40So put on your sunday finest, because you're about to meet the big boys and girl on this final hour of "cribs' priciest pads " once again, I am kimora lee simmons, and this is it.
00:25:54The creme de la creme of cribs priciest pads countdown.
00:25:59These homes were priced at the folks at haute living magazine.
00:26:02So don't blame us for the sticker shock when we reveal these huge price tags.
00:26:10At number six, bruce jenner is no stranhr to gold medals, but it's his sons, brody and brandon, who are in it to win it with this house.
00:26:23They can drive up to the front door in one of their amazing automobiles or use the underground tunnel if they're trying to sneak in or out.
00:26:27Either way, it's a house that every young socialite is dying to get into, and we've got the private tour.
00:26:39>> Yo, what's up, dogs?
00:26:40Welcome to my crib.
00:26:40I'm linda thompson.
00:26:41>> Mom, what are you doing?
00:26:43>> Meet my family, this is my son, brody jenner, and brandon jenner, and they're the princes of malibu, which makes me the queen.
00:26:55I've been collecting angels for many years now, not just these two angels, but I have these beautiful santos, I have saint francis of assisi over here.
00:27:02I don't think a house can have too many angels.
00:27:05To me a house is not a home without angels.
00:27:10Anyway, you boys go on ahead, don't mind me.
00:27:12>> This is the living room.
00:27:19>> We have 35-foot ceilings in here.
00:27:21Brody stands right there a lot.
00:27:23He likes that spot.
00:27:24>> It's nice.
00:27:26>> Nice, isn't it?
00:27:28>> Brandon's a little musical prodigy, so why don't you play us a little tune here, buddy?
00:27:35>> ♪♪ Walk through the doorway .. ♪♪
00:27:42 ♪♪
00:27:45>> shall we?
00:27:52>> This is the kitchen.
00:27:53This is where we do our grubbing.
00:27:55>> Hi, guys.
00:27:59>> Oh how are you?
00:28:00>> I'm just finalizing the plans to turn the kitchen into an extension of my closet since i ..
00:28:05>> Do you ever stop?
00:28:05This is like the big moment in cribs, like the fridge.
00:28:09Dave's got his vegetable platters, his fish.
00:28:13I'm surprised it doesn't have his name on it.
00:28:14He must have took that off.
00:28:16He's got his jell-o snacks, dave loves jell-o.
00:28:22>> All right, let's go check out the area downstairs.
00:28:25This happens to be my room.
00:28:28This bed sounds kind of small.
00:28:29This is where no magic happens whatsoever.
00:28:33This is my flat screen.
00:28:42>> This is my tv.
00:28:43>> This is your old tv, I took it out of your room.
00:28:44Now we're going to go check out his room.
00:28:47>> Well, this is my room.
00:28:50Wouldn't you know?
00:28:55Got my guitars, my favorite part of the room, I guess.
00:28:56We're going to mosey on and maybe check out some vehicles.
00:29:06>> The cadillac escalade.
00:29:10As you can seem, had to go with the 24's.
00:29:11I love this one.
00:29:11I use this for bussing around all my friends when we go to the parties and stuff.
00:29:16But my real baby would definitely have to be this one.
00:29:18It is a 1967 chevelle malibu.
00:29:19You know, living in malibu, got to have the malibu.
00:29:24It's got a fuel-injected 502 hiding under here.
00:29:25So anybody, if you want to bring it, I'm ready.
00:29:29Let's do it.
00:29:33>> Unfortunately, brody's already lost to me plenty of times.
00:29:36This is my mustang.
00:29:401965 Mustang fastback.
00:29:40Been building it for a while.
00:29:42I've had it almost four years now.
00:29:46It's taken it about that long to get it to what it is now, and it will continue to grow.
00:29:51I'll probably never get rid of this one.
00:29:55>> That about wraps it up with the vehicles.
00:29:59Let's head down to where the real magic happens.
00:30:00>> Let's do it.
00:30:10>> This is where we usually have our parties and stuff.
00:30:12Today's just a beautiful summer day, just a couple of friends relaxing and hanging out.
00:30:21It's a good scene down here.
00:30:25This is everybody, all the friends.
00:30:26Got the little bar area.
00:30:28Like to use that on barbecues and stuff we have out here.
00:30:33This is where we throw all our parties that dave comes down and likes to bust.
00:30:41>> All right, so you've seen the cars, the crib.
00:30:42Now it's time for us to get out of here and go enjoy the beach and the rest of the beautiful, sunny day.
00:30:47>> It's a good hang.
00:30:54>> At $24 million, that place sure could afford a little peace and quiet.
00:30:58Right after the break, get ready to go way over the top with the great escape to some great estates.
00:35:06>> Welcome back to "cribs " we're up to number five with my second home on the countdown.
00:35:09This new jersey dream domicile has all the essentials of a cribs check list.
00:35:13Beautiful indoor pool, gym, sauna, movie theater, and a relaxing meditation room.
00:35:18With all those luxuries I'm not sure how I ever leave.
00:35:25So here it is.
00:35:28Mi casa es su casa.
00:35:34(Rapping) >> hi.
00:35:38I'm russell simmons.
00:35:39>> I'm kimora simmonz.
00:35:46>> This is ming li.
00:35:49Welcome to our new home.
00:35:49Come on in.
00:35:50I'm inviting you in with love.
00:35:51For those of you whose job it is to hate, you should change the channel now.
00:35:56>> Let me introduce.
00:35:57This is brother muhammad, he's the head of security here.
00:35:59He don't speak much.
00:36:00There is richard.
00:36:00If you want to come up in this crib, any kind of raucous or anything, you got to see them first.
00:36:11This is the entry foyer.
00:36:21>> This is our six-foot-tall swarovski crystal chandelier.
00:36:24That dome all hand-painted.
00:36:26It was there when we moved.
00:36:27I'm going to change it one day.
00:36:29All angels aren't white, we know.
00:36:35This is a very special bathroom.
00:36:36>> That's a beautiful bathroom.
00:36:37It's the most beautiful in the crib.
00:36:38>> In the house, it's a guest bathroom.
00:36:39>> Come on in.
00:36:41>> These are all-- come on, man.
00:36:47>> Hi, rev.
00:36:53The rev is sitting on what would be the equivalent of a throne.
00:36:57This is a marble toilet.
00:36:58There are only three in the world, and this is one.
00:36:59Oprah winfrey has one.
00:37:01So this is the dining room.
00:37:02The walls are silk.
00:37:11The ceiling is guilded in gold leaf.
00:37:12This is my versace crystal collection.
00:37:14>> This is a very, very exclusive piece, because there are only two of these made- these masks of his holiness, the dalai lama.
00:37:27This is the real mask, one of the few that was auctioned off at the tibet house.
00:37:29>> Now we're going into the kitchen, which is one of my favorite rooms in the house because of the food.
00:37:37Hi, you guys.
00:37:37Say hi.
00:37:39I love the kitchen, because i love to eat.
00:37:54This is my refrigerator because I'm on a diet.
00:37:59See, diet everything-- diet yogurt, diet.
00:38:00But I do eat.
00:38:01This is a stove, the flattop, see how it's built in.
00:38:03>> You know how to turn it on?
00:38:04>> I do.
00:38:04But it doesn't mean it's going to work.
00:38:06Because you touch everything, and it doesn't want to light up right now.
00:38:09This is russell's refrigerator.
00:38:12>> All my products.
00:38:15>> Def com three.
00:38:18This is smart energy soda.
00:38:19>> Cool yourself.
00:38:20This is our master suite.
00:38:24>> We spend most of our time in here.
00:38:25>> This is our bedroom.
00:38:26The bedroom.
00:38:29This is our bed.
00:38:31>> Check it out, bam!
00:38:32>> This is the sitting area.
00:38:35A tv comes down from here.
00:38:39So this is all my shoes.
00:38:41My boots.
00:38:45They're coordinated by pumps, and then open-toed, and then according toolor.
00:38:50That's christopher.
00:38:54Christopher hes me organe my closet sometimes.
00:38:58This is our gym.
00:39:00It says gym.
00:39:05>> I get on this thing here, and I watch the news every morning.
00:39:1040 Minutes of this thing.
00:39:13You know what I'm saying?
00:39:14Check it out.
00:39:15Every day I use the sauna.
00:39:16Good reading material here.
00:39:21Good book.
00:39:21I'm reading it for the third time.
00:39:23I don't know if you've all read this.
00:39:25>> Honey, please.
00:39:26You can't even read.
00:39:26You're fronting.
00:39:33>> I'll turn the heat up and burn her ass up.
00:39:36>> This awning was fashioned after the loews pitkin theater in brooklyn.
00:39:45This is my six-foot-tall gumball machine, and it really works.
00:39:53This is our ticket taker lady.
00:40:02Our family.
00:40:03Our theater sits 15.
00:40:04We have movie parties and theater screenings here for our friends.
00:40:08That's russell's seat, because this is his theater.
00:40:14This is our indoor pool.
00:40:18We come here, and we relax, we swim in the pool.
00:40:21We do massages over there.
00:40:30>> All right.
00:40:31>> Thank you for coming.
00:40:31>> Thank you for coming to cribs.
00:40:33Blow them a kiss.
00:40:33>> Hope you had a good time.
00:40:34>> Blow them a kiss.
00:40:42>> I want to go back inside the house.
00:40:47>> I really hope rev-run was kind enough to put the seat down.
00:40:49And by the way, even though to me my humble abode is priceless, haute living magazine lists it at a little over $24 million.
00:41:04We're about to up the ante with this rock star's mansion.
00:41:06See who is living life like a rock star when cribs priciest DSAt 1800contacts we deliveryour contact lenses fast, so you walk to your mailbox,not to your car.
00:42:13You also save moneyso you can buy a new shirt.
00:42:15Mailbox No Car(Game Show Buzzer) New Shirt Order now at 1-800 CONTACTS,also at Walmart.
00:45:15>> Welcome back, to the cribs priciest pads countdown.
00:45:18Up next, we've got a father and daughter sharing the number four spot.
00:45:21Usually living with your parents can be a drag, but, when your dad is rod stewart and you're mansion's guest house, well, that's a whole different story.
00:45:32When you take a gander at the luxuries this young lady is afforded, you'll see why there is no rush to downgrade.
00:45:38Hey, sometimes father knows best.
00:45:40Or at least he knows he has the best stuff.
00:45:43>> Hi, I'm kimberly stewart, and this is bean, and welcome to my love shack.
00:46:01This is my living room.
00:46:05It's very shabby chic, and feminine.
00:46:07Which I love.
00:46:10I don't get a lot of use out of this room except when my boyfriend and I get into a fight, he sleeps on the couch.
00:46:17And this is my bedroom.
00:46:20Where all the action takes place.
00:46:25I keep it really clean, like my bed.
00:46:29Really comfy, because I spend a lot of time in the bed.
00:46:31This is my platypus that I've had since I was 2.
00:46:34He's seen better days, but i can't sleep without it.
00:46:39>> My closet over here.
00:46:41I keep everything extremely organized, because well, I can't find anything unless it's organized.
00:46:49But it's kind of scary, because it's really obsesstive compulsive how I keep things.
00:46:53But here's my tops and I've got my skirts down here.
00:46:56I just got these skirts made that have my last name on the back, and then sexy on the front, because they're sexy.
00:47:02This one I got made, too.
00:47:03Which has my boyfriend's name which is completely cheesy.
00:47:06I couldn't stop myself.
00:47:08A lot of jeans, because well, i think you can never have enough.
00:47:13>> All right so, let me take you over to my kitchen.
00:47:17Okay, and this is what I call walking across the street to my dad's house.
00:47:26And this is our cichen.
00:47:27I don't know why my dad has his shin guards up here, but he's decided to put them up here, which is extremely weird, but very stewart familyish.
00:47:41We have the fridge over here.
00:47:45I did not prepare at all, so this is what is in my fridge.
00:47:47It's completely abandoned, because my dad's out of town, so they starve me.
00:47:58Just kidding.
00:48:03And now I'm going to take you to the screening room, which is where we watch all of our mo movies.
00:48:12We like to entertain right here.
00:48:17And this is our screening room.
00:48:18Which every sunday night we get movies and we watch all the new movies, which we all get very excited about.
00:48:23And I think the only other person who has this screen is barbra streisand.
00:48:28I know how to make it go down which is awesome.
00:48:31I'll show you.
00:48:34You press it, and then -- oh, no.
00:48:36Oh, yeah.
00:48:38You do that one.
00:48:39Oh, no.
00:48:40Oh, no.
00:48:41Okay, yeah, that one. okay, yeah, that one.
00:48:42System off.
00:48:42Oh, no.
00:48:43That one.
00:48:43Oh, twice.
00:48:44Why isn't it working?
00:48:45Okay, this is totally embarrassing.
00:48:46I think I just broke it.
00:48:48Let me take you outside.
00:48:49Over here is our gorgeous swimming area.
00:48:55This is where I get naked in my bathing suit.
00:49:00>> And this is my pool.
00:49:03That I don't go in a lot, but my dogs go in, I'm going to show you they know how to be professional swimmers, but they don't really like it.
00:49:11Is that the cutest thing you've ever seen?
00:49:18Bravo bean and bliss.
00:49:21They hate it.
00:49:23Now I'm going to show you the pimp mobile.
00:49:28My platinum cadillac.
00:49:29And this is my truck.
00:49:32Let me show you the inside, because there is dope stuff on the inside.
00:49:40This system is what is so amazing.
00:49:45Oh, this is my boyfriend's band, white star, they rock.
00:49:51A little sunroof, a little white star, you're set to go.
00:49:54So, these are the really -- really expensive vehicles.
00:49:58This is my dad's lamborghini.
00:50:04He's really kind of flashy.
00:50:10And they have these doors that go up, I always have this problem when I'm getting into it.
00:50:24Oh, yeah, see.
00:50:26Hot, huh?
00:50:29This one is a ferrari.
00:50:30And I picked out this one, because he normally gets yellow ferraris.
00:50:36And I think that's so cheesy and cheap, and hungry.
00:50:37And I just thought this was hotter.
00:50:40Barely even lets me sit in them, look at them or anything like that.
00:50:46And then over here we've got the infamous motorcycle that I fell off of on the red carpet.
00:50:53You guys might have seen it.
00:50:55I actually know how to ride this motorcycle, but what happened was they turned it on when i went looking, and that's why i fell off the motorcycle, but I'm not mad and it doesn't matter.
00:51:09I only embarrassed myself on national television.
00:51:19>> All right, thank you for coming to my crib.
00:51:22But I have to kick y'all out now, because I'm going to show you that I can ride a motorcycle.
00:51:32Bye, guys.
00:51:40>> Okay, I like a few rod stewart tunes, and yes, I can see how the ladies think he's sexy, but I think I'm falling in love with his home.
00:51:46At $35 million, what's not to love?
00:51:49Up next, it's off to vegas to check out a crib that is flashier than any casino on the strip.
00:51:53You don't want to miss a high
00:00:02This was my first rolls royce, 1959 silver cloud.
00:00:06This is truly my favorite.
00:00:09This particular car has a long wheel base 1970 rolls royce.
00:00:13This is a 1973 ferrari daytona spider.
00:00:19This is a jag war 4.0 leader.
00:00:23This is a 1934 bentley.
00:00:25Bentley made two, what they considered to be racecars.
00:00:35This was one of them.
00:00:37The second one is actually nonexistent.
00:00:40No one's ever been able to find it.
00:00:43So this is the only one left.
00:00:50>> I've been breeding horses for a little over 30 years.
00:00:56We have about 75 pure bread arabian horses.
00:00:59You can see how afraid they are of us.
00:01:05We thank you for visiting our home.
00:01:17And I have to run off now, because I have to do something called a show at the stardust, do us the honor and come back and see us real soon, will you?
00:01:23>> Bye.
00:01:25>> Bye, mtv.
00:01:29>> Viva las vegas.
00:01:31If you ever hit the jackpot to the tune of $45 million, maybe you could woo wayne away from his wonderland.
00:01:37Only two pricey properties remain, including a place known for throwing the world's best parties.
00:01:43Come back to meet the man behind the bashes, and the bevy of blondes he keeps by his side.
00:01:50When cribs priciest pads countdown continues.
00:02:53]Pillsbury presents: how to solvea brother-sister standoff.
00:02:57♪ ♪
00:02:58Pillsburychocolate chip cookies, warm out of the oven.
00:03:02Another sweet ideafor bringing families together from Pillsbury.
00:06:01>> Hey, it's kimora lee simmons here, your hostest with the mtv cribs mostest.
00:06:07And we are nearing the end of our priciest pads countdown.
00:06:10Number two on the list is second , and it's easily the most famous crib I've ever seen.
00:06:16Besides the infamous parties, throngs of bunnies and a gorgeous grotto, this property has a zoo.
00:06:23Yes, I said it, a zoo.
00:06:25So get ready to be wowed with a man who knows how to keep it young, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the playboy mansion.
00:06:39>> Hello there.
00:06:40I'm hugh hefner.
00:06:40This is holly.
00:06:41>> Hi.
00:06:42>> Welcome to the playboy mansion.
00:06:43Come on in.
00:06:55>> Well, this is the living room, and we're converting it now, as you see, into this evening's plans for a movie.
00:07:02" movies are my passion.
00:07:04We normally run them regularly, the new ones on sunday, but the old classics on fridays and saturdays, and then some of the guys come over on mondays and we run some more movies.
00:07:16This is the dining room.
00:07:19I have a very nice contemporary collection of paintings.
00:07:24They include a jackson pollock.
00:07:30De koonig.
00:07:31The only time that I actually sit down to eat is on holidays, thanksgiving and christmas.
00:07:35But I join my friends here at a buffet on friday and saturday and sunday and monday.
00:07:48The butler's pantry.
00:07:49The butlers.
00:07:50And one of the most extraordinary kitchens in the world.
00:07:55None of the affairs that we have here are catered.
00:07:57All of the food is prepared here, including all of the baking.
00:08:03It compares very favorably with a four-star restaurant.
00:08:12Great pies, great cakes.
00:08:12Sneak in here and get cookies.
00:08:14I even see one down here that says h.m.h. only.
00:08:20'Cause these are my favorite cookies and I don't want anybody else taking them.
00:08:22Let's go upstairs.
00:08:23Come into my bedroom.
00:08:35This portion of the bedroom is rather like a movie theater.
00:08:40And I have a remote control system here.
00:08:45It controls not only the film we're running, but the lights, the drapes and the bed itself.
00:08:58And this, more than any other room in the house is a reflection of the boy that's inside the man.
00:09:01>> Hey, baby.
00:09:04>> Lots of little monkeys.
00:09:05>> Kind of a reverse of snow white and the seven dwarfs.
00:09:07These are my girls.
00:09:11The steps are not for the girls, actually.
00:09:12All of the girls have dogs and most of them are small dogs, so they need the steps to get up to the bed.
00:09:19Those panties come from girls who have dropped by.
00:09:24>> You find a lot of them around here.
00:09:25And there is no point finding out who they belong to, so i thought why don't we decorate the chandelier?
00:09:32>> So let's look at the rest the property.
00:09:34This is my original mercedes benz 300sl from 1959.
00:09:39I started the magazine in 1953.
00:09:42And by the end of the decade i wanted to reinvent myself and start living out the life that was reflected in the magazine.
00:09:51The same timeframe that I got the pipe and the smoking jacket.
00:09:54This car is my pride and joy.
00:09:58And this is the game room.
00:09:59Filled with a lot of very attractive people.
00:10:03Games have always been a major part of what I'm all about.
00:10:05A lot of the games you see here are actually from the 1970's.
00:10:10This is the original playboy pinball machine.
00:10:13There are three different playboy games from the 70's, 80's, and 90's.
00:10:19I haven't played this game in a long time.
00:10:26Make it a quick one.
00:10:31So what you see down here are a lot of trumpeters and some rabbits.
00:10:35You know, the guys that are making all the noise here are spider monkeys.
00:10:39They're very calm and relaxed until we get here, and then ..
00:10:42>> They get excited.
00:10:43>> They think they may get a shot at mtv.
00:10:45>> It's pepe and coco.
00:10:53>> A disney owl.
00:10:54We rescued this owl, he was crippled, and gave him a safe home.
00:10:59Let me show you the bathhouse, and the gym.
00:11:03Here we have a whole female.
00:11:06A body left over from the other night.
00:11:07>> Hi, guys.
00:11:09>> Downstairs to the gym.
00:11:13This underground gym was added in the middle 1980's, when everybody got into fitness.
00:11:18We also have a state-of-the-art sunroom.
00:11:23>> Which come in very handy.
00:11:26>> This is our cloning machine.
00:11:27You put the blondes in here, it closes up, and you get two blondes out.
00:11:34>> I couldn't imagine doing a typical hollywood pool here.
00:11:38And that's why I made it a very natural kind of swimming pool that looks like a pond.
00:11:43I guess that's inspired a lot of other properties in southern california.
00:11:53Sunday is fun in the sun day.
00:11:54I'll be hanging out by the pool with friends, playing a little backgammon, the girls are playing volleyball.
00:11:59Other than the bedroom, my favorite part of the property.
00:12:04And this, of course, is the infamous grotto.
00:12:10>> It's one of the most famous and intriguing spots.
00:12:12The spot where everybody hopes to get lucky.
00:12:14>> As they say, if the rocks could talk.
00:12:18There's actually a tanning area on top of the cave as well.
00:12:22And it is set up in a way so that the cave and the grotto are actually set in the pool, so that this is the natural swimming pool itself.
00:12:37You go over the stairs, it's jacuzzi bath.
00:12:38Very popular.
00:12:40I think it has to do with everybody's emphasis on health these days.
00:12:48>> What happens in the grotto, stays in the grotto.
00:12:52>> We don't take names.
00:13:11>> Well, it's been a grand day.
00:13:14It was nice having you here.
00:13:14I hope you enjoyed the visit to playboy mansion.
00:13:18This is the place where dreams come true.
00:13:20But I think now you have to get out of here.
00:13:21Because we have other things to take care of.
00:13:23Good night.
00:13:25>> Bye.
00:13:27>> Bye.
00:13:29>> I know what you're thinking.
00:13:30There is no way you can put a price tag on all that.
00:13:34But haute living magazine puts the playboy mansion at $50 million.
00:13:38Hey, don't hate the playboy, hate the game.
00:13:42Only one more place remains on our countdown.
00:13:44When we come back, we'll reveal the owner of this dreamy destination and the number one priciest pad in cribs history.
00:13:52Don't even think of changing that dial.
00:16:46♪ ♪
00:17:10every day, I rise above it.
00:18:37>> Welcome back.
00:18:38We've reached the top spot on the "cribs priciest pads " along the way, we've seen massive mansions, beachfront properties and sky-high penthouse suites.
00:18:49But this ocean paradise is in a league all by itself.
00:18:52The number-one slot belongs to none other than billionaire entrepreneur richard branson.
00:18:57His neckar island compound is a breathtaking utopia that's not only a getaway for him, his family and famous friends, but can be rented out to the common folk as well.
00:19:07Well, common folks with a lot of spare cash.
00:19:11Hey, if it was good enough for mariah carey, it's good enough for me.
00:19:14So with no further adieu, here it is, the priciest pad of all time.
00:19:28>> Welcome to necker island.
00:19:34My name's richard branson, and we sailed all the way from england, so you better, better like our crib.
00:19:37>> ♪♪ Lifestyles of the rich and famous ♪♪ lifestyles of . ♪♪
00:19:49>> so we're here on neckar --necker island, a little jewel in the british version islands in the caribbean.
00:20:01The sand is fantastic.
00:20:04I'll now take you to one of the prettiest pools you could ever imagine.
00:20:13Well, there are some strange people who don't like swimming in the sea, despite how beautiful it is, so we've created this beautiful pool.
00:20:22Rock pool.
00:20:22With beautiful water falls.
00:20:26Very restful, very much.
00:20:32Well, out of my swimming costume into some decent clothes, now to the great house.
00:20:39The view.
00:20:41The house.
00:20:46So this is the room where most of the activity all takes place or the indoor activities, any way.
00:20:57So this is up on the roof of the great house.
00:21:01I was lucky enough to start virgin records when I was 18 years old.
00:21:08And I bought this island when i was about 24 years old.
00:21:11And I didn't have any money to build anything on it.
00:21:17So as janet jackson had a hit, i would build a little piece of the island.
00:21:22And then as the rolling stones had a hit, I build another piece of the island.
00:21:25So in a sense, as virgin records grew into a great record label so this beautiful island grew as well.
00:21:31Come and look at the rest of the house.
00:21:34We're now on the dance floor.
00:21:35We normally have a strobe up here at nighttime.
00:21:38This is the bar.
00:21:40My beautiful wife silhouetted gorgeously over there.
00:21:50Look at that look.
00:21:55Well, here we are in what i think is quite a nice little bedroom.
00:22:03Nice big bed.
00:22:07You need to come and see outside.
00:22:08Come on.
00:22:12So, here we have the outside.
00:22:15Us english people, we like our baths.
00:22:21I can sit here all day.
00:22:24I love it when you look at the view from here, it is spectacular.
00:22:32Well, I haven't been in there with my clothes on before, but there's always a first time.
00:22:39And in the distance here we have bali high, and bali low.
00:22:42Come and see bali high.
00:22:51We have a celebrity in at the moment.
00:22:54So come and see bali high.
00:22:55We've just come from the great house, which is up there.
00:23:01Look at the view.
00:23:03I think this is my favorite part of the island, actually.
00:23:05Here we have a kitchen.
00:23:08We have some friends in the kitchen, they look like they're having a nice drink.
00:23:15Having a mariah, are you?
00:23:16>> Yes, we are.
00:23:17>> Why are you having a mariah?
00:23:18>> Because it's good.
00:23:19>> That's an interesting voice over there.
00:23:21What have we got over here?
00:23:28>> Better than a nice wine called a mariah.
00:23:30How are you?
00:23:30>> Hello, richard.
00:23:31Look who happens to be here.
00:23:41There's no more wine yet.
00:23:42>> We've been having a good time on the island, which is so fabulous, thank you for having us.
00:23:45Did you show the bathroom yet?
00:23:47Because the bathroom was a big hit on my cribs.
00:23:54I've got my little hari here.
00:23:55It's very important to have your hari on an island.
00:24:01Girls, behave, I'll be back later.
00:24:03>> Bye, see you later.
00:24:05>> Here is the bathroom.
00:24:09Open to the elements.
00:24:10I suspect that's the most natural bathroom you could ever be in.
00:24:14The shower, made of coral.
00:24:16Nobody can see you, but you can see the sea.
00:24:20Very, very beautiful.
00:24:26>> ♪♪ Summer breeze makes me feel fine ♪♪ going through the jasmine ♪♪ blowing through the jasmine ♪♪
00:24:40>> well, thank you for coming to necker island, my crib in the sun.
00:24:43I hope you've had a great time.
00:24:44I certainly have.
00:24:48And as a sir richard, I would just like to sit on my throne and check out my empire.
00:24:57>> Wow.
00:24:58Even I'm speechless.
00:25:00Branson bought that island for a mere $300,000, and now it's valued at a whopping $150 million.
00:25:06Sir richard is really living life in the fab lane.
00:25:10Maybe I need to up my game.
00:25:13Well, one thing's for sure, we went out with a billionaire's bang on this crib's priciest pads countdown.
00:25:17And I hope you enjoyed every lavish minute of it.
00:25:22Remember this, no matter what your crib is or what it costs, just make sure you're living large.
00:25:26You never know, you may be on THE NEXT COUNTDOWN.PhHXhDH48 - Snooki's gonna be drinking, and she's gonna bemad drunk tonight.
00:26:02Our boy unit's here.
00:26:03This is likethe perfect storm.
00:26:04This is the key witnessto the crime.
00:26:08- yeah, I'm gonna go there.
00:26:10- All right, cool,so I'll see you there.
00:26:12- All right.- all right, bye.
00:26:13Tonight joey's meeting us,and I'm really excited.
00:26:16- Do you want to dance?
00:26:18- Like, if jionni wasn'tin this equation, I'd hook up with vinny,obviously.
00:26:22Let's go and have sex.- not here.
00:26:24I'm not gonna lie.- can we cuddle tonight?
00:26:26- Yeah.
00:26:26This is kinda questionablewhat I'm doing.
00:26:28- Cool.
00:26:29[Get Crazyby LMFAO] - Dj pauly delvecchio!
00:26:33- I'm going to the jersey shore,bitch!
00:26:35- All right,we got a situation.
00:26:38- I'm the sweetest bitchyou'll ever meet.
00:26:40- [laughing] - After I have sex with a guy,i will rip their heads off.
00:26:45- Go vinny! go vinny!
00:26:47- You like the boobs?
00:26:49- ♪ If you wanna have funand do something crazy ♪
00:26:52- yeah!
00:26:57- Are we all going to jenks?- yeah.
00:27:00- Cool.what time?
00:27:02- At 11:00.- okay.
00:27:04- Let's go to jenks!
00:27:07- HI.- WHAT'S UP, [bleep]?
00:27:12- Vin went crazy tonight.
00:27:14He was dancing,taking shots.
00:27:16- Cool story, snooks.
00:27:17- Vinny and nicolewalk in the door, and I'm just like,i'm definitely interested in finding outwhat's going on.
00:27:22- Did you have fun?- yep.
00:27:25- Me and vin went to aztec.are you jealous?
00:27:27- Did you guys make out?
00:27:28- We just played, like, literally ten gamesof pool.
00:27:31- So you and vinnywere playing pool.
00:27:33Did you have any, like,sexual tension there?
00:27:36How was it?
00:27:37- I was just playing poolto play pool.
00:27:41- You don't walk around here like you can justtake my man on dates.
00:27:44- Um, actually, I took him.
00:27:46- Was it a full-service date?
00:27:47- Um, no, but I triedto get him drunk, ..
00:27:50- Yo, stop trying to getin my man's pants.
00:27:53[laughter] You coming to jenks?- really?
00:27:56- Why, should I not?- dude, absolutely.
00:27:59- you should absolutely come.
00:28:01- Going to sleep.- hey, get over here!
00:28:03Come here, snook.- bye.
00:28:04- I'm going to sleep.
00:28:13[duck phone quacks] - Hello.- what's up? it's joey.
00:28:21- Hey, what are you doing?
00:28:22- Nothing.
00:28:23- I am extremely excitedabout seeing joey tonight.
00:28:26I actually thinki like this kid.
00:28:27- Uh, listen, are you guysstill going to jenks?
00:28:29- Yeah, we're going to jenks.
00:28:32- Oh, uh, listen, I'm actually not gonnacome down there.
00:28:34I kinda feel bad thati'm calling to cancel on you.
00:28:37Um, what are you guysdoing tomorrow?
00:28:39- Tomorrow I thinkwe're going to karma.
00:28:41- I think, like, uh, we must just go theretomorrow too.
00:28:44- Okay.- all right?
00:28:45- All right, well, theni will see you tomorrow then.
00:28:48- Definitely.i'll see you tomorrow.
00:28:50- All right, bye.
00:28:50I'm pretty disappointedjoey can't come to see me.
00:28:53Everybody herehas a boyfriend.
00:28:54It's like, I kinda feel likei want a boyfriend.
00:28:59Changing my outfit now.
00:29:01- Yo, rammi,you coming out to jenks?
00:29:05- I'm exhausted.
00:29:06- Hell no.
00:29:08[flatulence] - Oh!- oh, phone's ringing.
00:29:10- Phone's ringing.- phone's ringing!
00:29:11- Somebody get that.oh.
00:29:14[upbeat music] ♪ ♪
00:29:20- the people in couples, like, it sucks they'renot coming out tonight.
00:29:23Like, ronnie and samare sleeping.
00:29:25Jenni and nicoleare sleeping.
00:29:27Like, why even havea shore house if you'rejust gonna sleep?
00:29:30Yo, we're bringing it backlike last time, m.v.p.d.
00:29:35- That's it?
00:29:35- Yeah, there's justfour of us tonight.
00:29:37- Only the single peopleare going out.
00:29:39[techno music] - OW, [bleep].
00:29:44♪ ♪
00:29:50- get it, girl.
00:29:52- You're comingwith me later.
00:29:54- Don't make my dressgo up, okay?
00:29:56- All right.
00:29:57It's really crowded in jenks.
00:29:59This hot chickcomes over to me.
00:30:00She's from, like, new york.
00:30:01She's italian.her name's gina.
00:30:04I might be in love,i don't know.
00:30:06It's like a perfectfriday night.
00:30:09♪ ♪
00:30:14whoa, what up, girl?
00:30:16How ya doing?what's going on?
00:30:19We see angelina at jenks, and I'm trying to avoid her.
00:30:23Long time no see.
00:30:26I didn't wantto chill with her.
00:30:27I don't want peopleseeing me with her.
00:30:29That's a bad look for me.
00:30:30I kept it moving.
00:30:31♪ ♪
00:30:38- ten minutesbefore we gotta leave.
00:30:41- Okay.
00:30:41- You're gonna comewith me, right?
00:30:42- Are you gonnatake care of me?
00:30:44Like, you're gonnabe nice?
00:30:46- I promise.
00:30:47You're so cute,how could I not be?
00:30:49- Yeah, I know.i'm down.
00:30:51- I'm just so good with women.
00:30:52There definitely should bea butter named after me 'cause I'm so smooth.
00:30:56I want you to be happy.
00:30:58- Okay, okay.
00:31:05- Bye.- thank you.
00:31:07- Let's roll outta here.
00:31:08- Hell yeah!hell yeah!
00:31:11- Wait, are youcoming home with us?
00:31:13- This is my girl.
00:31:24- Ladies first.
00:31:25- Thank you.
00:31:26- This is likea little frat house.
00:31:29I'm gonna change real quick.
00:31:31I can give you, like,sweatpants.
00:31:36I'll be right back.
00:31:56- I'm sorry,i just, like-- I'm just shy.
00:32:02- Unfortunately,christy turned into she was down to snuggle,down to make out, and that's it.
00:32:10- Sit and talk.
00:32:13- It's now or never.
00:32:14Situation don't doappointments for next time.
00:32:16Just wait one minute.i'll be right back.
00:32:20- My girl gina's d.t.f.for sure.
00:32:26- Sorry,but I'm on my period.
00:32:28- Like, damn,come to find out she has, like,her friend this month.
00:32:32And it is what it is.
00:32:35Okay?- okay.
00:32:36Oh, are we leaving?- yeah.
00:32:38- Bye-bye.- bye.
00:32:39- me.
00:32:40I definitely don't want herto hang around.
00:32:42Take your girland your tampons with you.
00:32:45See you later.
00:32:46- What happened?
00:32:47she is going to call me.
00:32:49[laughs] - Nothing says romance MORE THAN CLONE-A-[bleep]AND HANDCUFFS.
00:32:55- [bleep] LICK,CANDY PENIS.
00:32:58- Brings back memories.
00:33:00- Yeah, buddy.
00:33:01I don't knowwhat I'd do without vinny, 'cause right nowthere's no single people in this house basically.
00:33:05It's like couples' retreat.
00:33:06I feel like I need to bein a relationship in the house.
00:35:27(" - I should get outta here.
00:35:39- Mm-hmm.
00:35:41I just woke up just now, and I gotta get my girlout of the crib.
00:35:46Her name was, um--name was, uh-- what was her name?eh.
00:35:53- Mwah.nice meeting you.
00:35:55, but at the end of the daynothing's ever a sure thing till you get themback to the crib.
00:36:01[line rings] - New york wat bagel.
00:36:04- Yeah, can I place an orderfor delivery, please?
00:36:08- What you want, hon?
00:36:09- Wanna do what paulyusually gets.
00:36:11He usually getsa chocolate chip bagel.
00:36:13Also a side of home fries.
00:36:16Can I get a yellow gatorade?
00:36:18- A yellow one?- yeah, for ronnie.
00:36:20I'm starving.i'm ordering breakfast.
00:36:22But guess what,i think of others, so I'm ordering breakfastfor the whole team.
00:36:26I'm gonna pay by credit card.
00:36:28Breakfast for all.situation's ordering.
00:36:41[knocks] What up, homey?
00:36:49Wait one second.
00:36:50Breakfast isat the door right now, AND I'M LIKE, [bleep],I GOT NO CASH To tip the delivery boy.
00:36:56What am I gonna do?
00:36:59Pauly, yo, do you have, like,a five or something?
00:37:02I feel bad for this,this kid.
00:37:04- I told you, I couldn't goto the atm yesterday.
00:37:06- Oh, all right, well,i'm gonna have to-- WHO ELSE IS INTHIS MOTHER[bleep] CRIB?
00:37:11Deena, I need, like, LIKE [bleep] THREE SINGLESOR SOMETHING.
00:37:15- I don't haveany cash on me.
00:37:18- [bleep].
00:37:28Here he goes.look at this here.
00:37:30Have a protein shake.
00:37:33In the guido world, protein is like money.
00:37:36Yo, here you go.
00:37:37Thanks to you, dog.
00:37:38- What is this?- protein shake.
00:37:40- Protein shake?- yeah.
00:37:43I'm giving outprotein powder.
00:37:44I'm tryingto better your life.
00:37:48Fix the diet, kid.
00:37:53- What up?
00:37:54- I got youa chocolate chip bagel.
00:37:57- Yeah, buddy.
00:37:58So I get up,and mike has already had breakfast for meon the table.
00:38:02What a good guy.
00:38:04- Where'd you go?
00:38:06- I ordered it in.
00:38:08- Yeah, buddy.
00:38:11Last night was fun.
00:38:13- Yeah, it was.
00:38:14- How was jenks?
00:38:15- OH, MY GOD.- [bleep] PACKED.
00:38:16- I kept just goingback to sleep upstairs.
00:38:26- Roger's coming tonight, so I wanna goto the sex store.
00:38:29Today is me and roger'sone-year anniversary, and I can't waitto see him later.
00:38:33Are you ready?- yeah.
00:38:34- Oh, I have to getmy stuff.
00:38:36- For my one year,i really don't know what to do.
00:38:39I just figurei'm gonna go fun.
00:38:41Fake rose petals with, like, a bunchof bondage things laid out on the bed.
00:38:45- [belches] - It should be a good time.
00:38:47- I can'wait to tthe vagina mold.
00:38:49- [laughs] Maybe I shouldget ron the mold.
00:38:53- ♪ Ow ♪
00:38:55[upbeat music] ♪ ♪
00:39:01- how are you?
00:39:03Boobie tassels.
00:39:04Can't get away at karmawith that.
00:39:05- [bleep] LICK,CANDY PENIS.
00:39:08- Oh, we had that last year.
00:39:11That brings back memories.
00:39:12Might justhave to buy one.
00:39:13I've tried to set upa "romantic" night for roger.
00:39:18Nothing says romance MORE THAN CLONE-A-[bleep]AND HANDCUFFS.
00:39:24- Bye, thank you.
00:39:27- I bought coconutfor roger's penis.
00:39:30- I have the sexiest outfittonight too.
00:39:31And I'm wearing my leopard brato make my boobs really big.
00:39:35I'm gonna get joeyto leave early.
00:39:38- You like joey?- yeah.
00:39:39- 'CAUSE I HEARD SOMECRAZY [bleep].
00:39:40- Actually, I thought he wasa little sketchy at first.
00:39:43- For whatever reason,i just look at joey and I see bad news.
00:39:46- Can we justnot talk about it?
00:39:48- Yeah, let's talkabout whatever.
00:39:49- It's like, regardlesswhoever I talk to, there's always a problem.
00:39:51The girls are justpissing me off with the whole joey thing.
00:39:54you don't get it.
00:39:56Like, don't, like,try and rain on my parade.
00:39:58I don't thinkhe's like that.
00:39:59- It's your life,that's it.
00:40:01- Yeah, I don't really care.
00:40:02- I wanna make suremy friend knows that maybe she shouldjust keep her eyes open.
00:40:05I don't knowwhat's going on.
00:40:06I just feel likei'm psychic half the time, and I get feelings.
00:40:09- Can we stop bythat hair place so I can pick upmy extensions?
00:40:14- Yeah.
00:40:15Oh, check it out.
00:40:22Do you honestly thinkhe likes her?
00:40:24- I don't think he does.
00:40:25- Me either.
00:40:30- Single gang or die.
00:40:31We take the bedand we put it outside so that the smush roomcan't be used anymore for a couple's retreat.
00:40:37Ugh, I just got pregnant.
00:40:39- Tonight's the night.
00:40:40- Yeah, he's around?- yeah.
00:40:42I've been tryingto plan this master plan for a number of weeks now.
00:40:46She's gotta get her medicine.that's it.
00:44:07- Yo, we gots to go.
00:44:10Snooks, you coming, girl?
00:44:11Just fill that joint up.
00:44:13Fill it up and thenwe'll get a coke.
00:44:16You know what, it's timeto go to work right now.
00:44:17Yo, vin-dog, see ya.- later, bro.
00:44:20- Bye, you.
00:44:21- Myself, snooki,and ronnie have got to getour work on.
00:44:24- Yo, what flavorof gatorade is that?
00:44:26- Shut up, ron!jerk.
00:44:34- Who's readyto press t-shirts?
00:44:36- You guys need any help?
00:44:37You know, when I woke up todayi said to myself, "uh, today's gonna bea good day at the shore " and what would he like?- it's right there.
00:44:44- All right,let's go this way.
00:44:46Yes, yes.
00:44:47I got a blue t-shirt, tom.
00:44:52- Can you help me?
00:44:53- Oh, of course.what's up, girl?
00:44:54My shore store performanceis on, you know, mythical proportions today.
00:44:58Uh, I needn n-25, n-25.
00:45:0210 Back, 15 back.
00:45:04- Mike, why don'tyou have a shirt on, man?
00:45:06- I've been busy working hard.
00:45:09I'm just makingsale after sale.
00:45:10is this all you got?
00:45:13- Can't you juo onthe floor and make some sales?
00:45:16- No, I do the press.
00:45:18- And this is, uh, 25.
00:45:21- HOLY [bleep].
00:45:23Mike is actuallyworking today.
00:45:25I'm surprised.
00:45:26- Thanks, mike.
00:45:30- Yo, pauly d,what's good?
00:45:31- Is it possibleto be too fresh?
00:45:34Because if it is, I am, and I don't want you to getdrowned out by my freshness.
00:45:37- Let's go.
00:45:38Shots on me.
00:45:40- Ej's?
00:45:41- Just gonna go play poolat ej's.
00:45:47I was killing itin pool yesterday.
00:45:49- Yeah?
00:45:50You were playing snooki.
00:45:53You got quarters?
00:45:56I don't knowwhat I'd do without vinny, 'cause right nowthere's no single people in this house basically.
00:46:00- I just thinkif everyone was single, it would be like-- it would be fun,you know what I'm saying?
00:46:04- 'Cause everybodywill be single, bring their single friends.- exactly.
00:46:06- There will be all singlegirls all over the place, and then we just go out,have a good time.
00:46:10Yeah, buddy.
00:46:12Yo, you hear whatjenni's doing tonight?
00:46:14- What?
00:46:15- It's her and roger'sanniversary.
00:46:17So they're--she decoratedthe smush room as, like, all decoratedfor their anniversary.
00:46:22- Oh, nice and classy.
00:46:23- Get their own shore house.
00:46:24It's like couples' retreat.
00:46:26I feel like I need to bein a relationship in the house.
00:46:29You know?
00:46:30- That's why we'rein a relationship.
00:46:32- Yo, game.
00:46:35Double game.
00:46:37- Yeah, someone gotbooty shorts.
00:46:39You can get stuffon the front or the back.
00:46:43- Excuse me, jerk.
00:46:45- Who got booty shorts?
00:46:46- Oh, my god, I'm having sextonight after karma.
00:46:49THANK GOD. [bleep].- YOU ARE?
00:46:52- Have, like, nightmares.
00:46:53- Nicole, mike, ronnie,take a little break.
00:46:57- All right.- oh, cool.
00:46:58- I'm gonna pee first.
00:46:59- Don't pee on the floor!
00:47:02- During break, I'm just gonnachill back and relax.
00:47:04- You don't wantto go anywhere?
00:47:06- I'm chilling back.
00:47:07All right, you guys go.i'm gonna chill back.
00:47:09I'll see you guysin a little bit.
00:47:13- You wanna go on a ride?
00:47:15- Yeah, I'll do that.
00:47:16[dialing, line rings] - Yo.- yo!
00:47:19- What up, dude?- what up, my dude?
00:47:22Tonight's the night.- yeah, he's around?
00:47:24- Yeah, I gotta make surethat you're there, 'cause I knowhe's gonna be there.
00:47:29And we gotta make it happentonight, man, you know?
00:47:32- Let's do it.
00:47:33- I've been tryingto plan this master plan for a number of weeks now.
00:47:38the summer is almost over.
00:47:41It's got to go down.
00:47:42She tried to play melike a chess piece recently, so the girl'sgotta get her medicine, she's gotta gether medicine, that's it.
00:47:49I don't lie about things.
00:47:49I'm definitelynot leaving this house without showing peoplethat I'm not a liar.
00:47:54All right, brother, peace.
00:48:00- Oh, there we go.
00:48:04- We got back to the house,mission accomplished.
00:48:07I'm gonna shower,then decorate the smush room with rose petalsand bondage equipment.
00:48:11- Oh, my god.- just saying.
00:48:13I'm really excited formy date with roger tonight.
00:48:16It's a little different, but I'm just tryingto keep it fun, because me and rogeraren't very romantic.
00:48:21I'm so gross,i can't wait to shower.
00:48:24- Later, my man.- later, man.
00:48:25- Take care, thank you.- ice cream!
00:48:28- [laughs] What's our next orderof business?
00:48:29Do you wanna retake,reclaim the smush room?
00:48:31The smush room is supposedto be for single people, not for everybody to bring intheir boyfriends every night.
00:48:36So we found out a solution.
00:48:39- If we take the bed out, the couples will stop usingthe smush room.
00:48:42- Mm-hmm.
00:48:45This is the best dayof my life.
00:48:48- Single gang or die.
00:48:50- Yeah, buddy.
00:48:51- Me and pauly do a little fixto the smush room.
00:48:53It's not much,but it's some kinda message to the people.
00:48:56And we take the bed,and we put it outside so that the smush roomcan't be used anymore for a couple's retreat.
00:49:02Ugh, I just got pregnant.
00:49:04DUDE, I JUST GOT [bleep]SOME OF MIKE'S BABY On my chin.
00:49:06- How is that differentfrom any other night?
00:49:10Let's disguise it.
00:49:12- ALL RIGHT.- [gasps] Busted.
00:49:16- Jenni's gonna be pissed because she has this wholeanniversary thing planned, and the smush room bedis outside.
00:49:21Like, what is shegonna do now?
00:49:23- OH, [bleep],WE GOT BUSTED.
00:49:25- Big time.- you didn't see anything.
00:49:30- Busted big time, yes.
00:49:33Your sister was nice enoughto give you her whole outfit?
00:49:36Is that a jirt?- it is a jirt.
00:49:40- I loved you inthe dukes of hazzard.
00:49:42[laughter] - Oh, the smush room?
00:49:50- I yourself.