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00:00:02>> The boss 302 was engineered at ford.
00:00:06>> That's the best part of the boss 302.
00:00:08The boss 302 was developed by a group of people that are extremely enthusiastic, love everything about mustang; everybody's working together to build the baddest mustang that we've ever built.
00:00:18>>Even the name "boss" serves up the very nature of a 100% >> a lot of people think it was the "boss of the road," that's where they got the name, that this was the boss on the street.
00:00:31And that wasn't it at all.
00:00:33>>The original designer, larry shinoda, came up with the boss moniker as a way to pay homage to bunkie knudsen, the ceo at ford and an outspoken proponent of ny car's development.
00:00:44>> He just called him "boss," he didn't call him "mr.
00:00:46Knudsen," he was the boss.
00:00:47So when he told his designers, "i want to design a car that's the coolest mustang out there.
00:00:53I don't want somebody else's name on it, like a shelby, " so they call it the boss mustang, because they designed it for the new boss, and of course, as they say, the rest is history.
00:01:05>>Ford's code name for this project is 747, because the boss was designed to fly off the track.
00:01:12And so far, it's done exactly that.
00:01:16Now that it's put in track time, it's back to the next phase of development.
00:01:21>> Basically we started with the boss 302r racing program.
00:01:24Those guys took the existing mustang, went racing with it, came back to us and told us everything that we had to do to make the car better.
00:01:31So effectively, we took all of the engineering that they worked on to make this car successful on the track, and applied it to the street car.
00:01:37>>This is evidence of form working in perfect harmony with function.
00:01:42Every part of this vehicle works to enhance its performance.
00:01:45>> We've added a functional front splitter to the vehicle, we added a spoiler to the rear of the car, we added some underbody air flow actions, improved sealing around the cooling system, all in the name of balancing out the aerodynamics better, so that it's more confident to drive on the track at high speed, so that when you're braking, accelerating, diving into a corner, the car is more stable and more predictable.
00:02:07What the splitter does is it creates a stagnation zone of air pressure on top that creates additional down force above.
00:02:13And then it also accelerates the air underneath the car, and by having the higher-speed air go underneath, it creates a pressure delta that helps suck the car to the ground further.
00:02:22Same concept goes on with the rear spoiler.
00:02:25The laguna seca package has an additional splitter that's even larger, and a larger rear spoiler that creates even more down force.
00:02:33That's primarily designed for the track.
00:02:35>>And of course, it's out on the track where concept and development are put through the ringer; forced to perform at the practical level.
00:02:45>> So on the 2012 boss, we wanted to push things as far as we could, so what we did was, we added in our quad hausts, our side-type exhausts; we're just piping the acoustics out the side, we still retain the rest of the tail pipe.
00:02:57What that gives you in engineering terms is a better transfer function, so really the outlet, it's just closer to the driver, closer to the passenger.
00:03:04All we're doing is dumping right out at the h-pipe crossover tube, so we get the modulation that we ives you that traditional v-8 muscle car lopey sound.
00:03:12Right here in the flange we have a little disc in there, we tune it to get the appropriate level so that the car's legal for exterior noise.
00:03:19The sweet part about this is the system is designed so that there's two bolts here; the customer, when they get it home, if they want to take it out to the track, they can unbolt this, pull down the plate, pull the plate out, drop it down when they're ready to hit the track.
00:03:31>> Before it even turns the corner, you hear it off in the distance, you're gonna know t's a new boss 302 just because of its signature sound.
00:03:42>> One of the big things we got was adjustable dampers.
00:03:44Really wanted to give the customer the option of running a really stiff set-up for the track, and we've got a really good smooth track set-up, and then you can dial it back a little bit to go home, or maybe you got some high curbing and you want to take a little damping out.
00:03:59In-vehicle, the customer can just grab their small screwdriver and go between one of five different settings to adjust the damping control in the vehicle.
00:04:07Simple but effective.
00:04:08And we've got a very wide range of damping control using these five settings.
00:04:13To adjust to these monster tires that we got on this car, we have a lot of rear bar, the biggest bar I think that's ever been on a mustang from the factory.
00:04:21And the only reason we can really run that is to run a torsen.
00:04:24So if we're running the standard clutch diff, it's gonna lift the inside rear wheel and fry that differential.
00:04:30Well, because we have a torsen, we can get away with this amount of rear bar.
00:04:35>> One of the key things about this boss was, this is kind of like an ultimate car.
00:04:39We were able to let all our engineers who love the mustang and love driving put every little piece they wanted in the car.
00:04:47And so really what this is, is it's our engineers' car, to say, "this is what we can do," and we ended up with just a fantastic vehicle that's a ton of fun to drive.
00:04:57>> This car is wicked fast.
00:04:59We need to be able to stop, and we need to be able to stop more than once, that's why we put so much focus on the cooling and really giving that driver good feedback and good stopping power to be able to manage all that speed.
00:05:10So for the boss, we took the brake packages further than we've ever taken it; with the cooling, with the low expansion hoses, with the e pad material, and just the whole system tuning is unique for this car.
00:05:23The boss is gonna have the best brakes we've had on the mustang yet; should be great for street driving, auto cross, weekend track use, you name it.
00:05:32>>The end zone is in sight, but before the kick-off, there's one last stop to make: The great carroll shelby.
00:05:40As well as being a living legend and known for his signature mustangs, carroll's history also includes his factory boss 302 race team back in 1969.
00:05:51>> Forty years later, here we are with another boss, and I'm tellin' you, I drove it the other day, I rode around the test track with the guys, and it's going to be a sensational car, in my opinion.
00:06:03>> ( engine starts, revs ) >> S to see something that's going to really give the competition a good dose of medicine.
00:06:20This car is going to be sensational when it gets to the marketplace.
00:06:24It's gonna set a standard for ford.
00:06:26>>And finally, with all the track hours logged and the testing complete, ford can share its brand-new boss 302 with the rest of the world.
00:06:36>> This is gonna set the competition back.
00:06:38They're not expecting this.
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00:09:20>>Once again, ford has traveled back to the source to unveil the new boss.
00:09:24Laguna seca had a hand in creating the iconography, so it only seemed appropriate that the rest of the world should witness the debut on what can only be deemeded ground.
00:09:35And after proving to themselves that this modern interpretation does indeed live up to the legacy of the original, ford is finally ready to drive the new boss 302 into the spotlight.
00:09:46>> It was really, really important that as we developed this vehicle, we wanted to makere that it lived up to the original.
00:09:55Every time we would review this in our product meetings and we'd talk about the boss, it got very quiet in the room, very quiet, because you're dealing with history here, and an icon.
00:10:08>>And in this case, you're dealing with not one but two icons.
00:10:13>> I don't think there's a professional driver in the history of american road racing that captured the spirit of the company in that time better than parnelli jones.
00:10:27He made the boss what it was.
00:10:29>> ( cheers, applause ) >> Ladies and gentlemen, very simply, the boss is back.
00:10:47>> I'm gonna take the next few minutes to walk you through what really makes this car worthy of wearing the boss name.
00:10:53Because while they look cool, they'rereallycool underneath.
00:10:57We all know that the boss is all about pure performance.
00:11:00At the heart of the performance is the engine.
00:11:03The boss engine had to be unique, so only available in a boss.
00:11:09It also had to be a free-breathing, high-revving engine, and that's exactly what we've done.
00:11:17>>But that's not all they've done.
00:11:19>> We figured, "how do you take this car and amp it up " the answer was yes, and that's what this is.
00:11:26This is our laguna seca package.
00:11:28So this takes everything that I just mentioned on the boss and brings it up one more notch.
00:11:34This is as close as you're gonna get to a race car with a license plate.
00:11:38>> Really, for the laguna seca, we wanted to amp it up and take a page out of track cars and race cars.
00:11:44We changed it up and we did race-red graphics on either a black or silver car, and the reason for this is just to be kind of in-your-face, and also on the race track it looks fantastic.
00:11:53The red accents, you really notice it when the car's coming at you.
00:11:56The rear seat delete on the laguna as well is something that we are saving weight with and having a structural cross- member back there that gives you torsional stiffness.
00:12:05Really it's all about being a driver's car.
00:12:09>>And the hits just keep on coming.
00:12:11>> One of the best features about this boss 302 is what we call a track key.
00:12:17So when you get your boss, you've got two different keys; this would be the normal key, the one marked in red is the track key.
00:12:23It's gonna disable skip shift, it's gonna enable launch control, it's also gonna give you a lopey idle, it sounds like the thing's got a racing cam instantly installed in it, and it basically brings THE BOSS 302R's CALIBRATION From the race track into your street machine.
00:12:40Industry first-- never done before.
00:12:43>> ( starts engine ) >> ( low-pitched revving ) >>And that throaty growl won't only put a smile on your face, but also conjures up THE BOSS 302's HERITAGE LIKE A welcome voice from the past.
00:13:05>> It's one bad-ass ride.
00:13:06I think it's awesome, and it looks like a modern day boss.
00:13:10>> Jones: This car is a real complete package, obviously a fun car to d anybody that has any little race in 'em would certainly love to be part of this car.
00:13:20>>The new boss recalls the glory days of the mustang, but ups the ante with a heavy dose of new technology and track-ready adrenaline.
00:13:28>> We're lucky at ford, because have heritage and tradition and history to kind of guide us.
00:13:32When you look at this car and you see that it's just so true to 1970, yet it's a part of the future, it just--you can't put it in words, it's just-- it's a boss.
00:13:56>> The boss 302 makes an average driver a good driver and feel like a great driver, and a great driver really appreciate the line.
00:14:03This is a track car with a license plate.
00:14:05>>And this track car is already headed to a track near you, thanks to the dedicated team at the ford plant in flat rock.
00:14:12>> The boss 302 was born here in flat rock, michigan.
00:14:16The best thing about building the boss 302 is we do it all right here, start to finish.
00:14:21There's a lot of pride -- and pressure -- of building a vehicle after forty years, and this workforce is gonna get it right.
00:14:32>> The boss is more than the sum of its parts.
00:14:34We can sit here and talk about all the technical points of the vehicle and how everybody said, "you've done it right, you put all the right things in there," but what they do not understand is how awesome all of it comes together and performs in one vehicle.
00:14:43No matter who I put in this car, they've all said they've never been in a car like it.
00:14:48It absolutely is over-the-top.
00:14:52>>That's right.
00:14:53The boss is definitely back.
00:14:55The road may have been long and arduous, but through perseverance, craftsmanship, innovation, and an unwavering ford has successfully brought a piece of automotive history into the future.
00:15:44>>> In australia, we welcome you in melbourne, victoria, the place to be.
00:15:49And you have to say on a beautiful afternoon here with the waves crashing in from back straight, onto phillip island, we are at round one of 13 of 2010.
00:16:01A new decade.
00:16:02A new era for world superbikes.
00:16:05The world champion has moved on.
00:16:08Now, it's anybody's game.
00:16:12There are possibly 13 potential world champions.
00:16:15I do mean 13.
00:16:16We've already got 13 race winners.
00:16:22Here's the calendar.
00:16:23Starting in australia, we head to portugal next.
00:16:28And we're once again four continents.
00:16:34We head back to silverton, the famous home of british motor sports in great britain for august, and then we end in the traditional champagne, the wild valley in france.
00:16:46That's in october.
00:16:47That seems a long, long way away from what we have in front of us we are down under, but who is going to get on top of the situation?
00:16:59And I do believe steve martin, alongside me, that phillip island could prove crucial in terms of the psychological edge when we know it's going to be open and we know there's going to be so many different winners and different podium races this year.
00:17:13>> Yeah, definitely.
00:17:13Really, have no idea as we have a look at the circuit.
00:17:18There is phillip island.
00:17:18This circuit is very temperature sensitive.
00:17:214 kilometers long.
00:17:26The reason why that has not been broken is because the surface is getting a little bumpier throughout the time.
00:17:33And very temperature depend.
00:17:34In the first race this morning, you could see the temperatures dip down.
00:17:39It looks like they will be running this race tire.
00:17:41And you can see the track temperatures there at 18 degrees, 25 degrees track.
00:17:47And that is in perfect conditions to get in the lap breaks.
00:17:54>> Here's the great team from the side.
00:17:58They have been quit on that perimeter.
00:18:06With toseland, making out the second row.
00:18:12Third row, lanzi, haca, biacci.
00:18:16And corser in the two.
00:18:26Andrew pitt, returning world champion is back on the world superbikes.
00:18:30He's on the bmw.
00:18:31We'll tell you more about that a little bit later.
00:18:35Rubin not taking part in the race.
00:18:44At four big crashes is and we are great to have steve martin with you.
00:18:54Back here with solid racing.
00:18:56>> Yes, pretty much.
00:18:57A lot of opportunities for them here and to get into the leading group.
00:19:02If you lose the leading groups here, you'll get yourself into all sorts of trouble.
00:19:08With these tires, they are going to last only half before they start to spin up.
00:19:12The name of the game is to stay in the front row.
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00:20:35>>offer applies with enrollment in triple ®® >>> can he get his first superbike victory?
00:21:42Way to go, kicking off, and going half around the world.
00:21:55Look at him.
00:21:58And fabrizio just taking on for the lead.
00:22:02>> Right there getting into the up there too.
00:22:08Chris gets a good stop.
00:22:10Checker number 30.
00:22:15And there is corser.
00:22:17>> A good stop for fabrizio.
00:22:21Haga, sensational from the third row.
00:22:25>> Corser in the second.
00:22:29>> Veer mulen up -- veer mule veer mulen -- vermeulen out there.
00:22:51Helping them out back in the 60.
00:22:54>> Just getting a bit on the break.
00:22:58Heading down there.
00:22:58They might be able to stay ithe pace.
00:23:00You don't want to make it too fast where he doesn't want to have 20 guys.
00:23:05They want to get that group down to about four guys.
00:23:08Down four for the moment.
00:23:09>> And the lap one for the first corner here.
00:23:14First corner.
00:23:15And then in the middle of the field.
00:23:17The first lap completed.
00:23:20>> The last thing that you want is this top group to go out there from the moment.
00:23:29220K's the other day.
00:23:30>> Haga passes his teammate, fabrizio.
00:23:34You can't hold that off there and slight damage out there.
00:23:43But he's in second place and chasing him now who is pulling away in the front.
00:23:47Just slightly with 21 to go.
00:23:50>> Suzuki looking very smooth.
00:23:51You can see them using a lot more row on the background.
00:23:55>> He's on the honda.
00:23:57>> And he's doing a great job.
00:23:59Just remember, this is his first time racing with these guys.
00:24:03Rea got a bit of the taste for the year before.
00:24:07And this is him making his debut in fifth position.
00:24:12>> Out of siberia, again, away, on the kawasaki with suzuki out there, stretching the lead just slightly.
00:24:23Haga will go overseeing all of them.
00:24:26>> Suzuki looking good here.
00:24:27Not moving around a lot.
00:24:28That's very good.
00:24:31>> And after all the practices.
00:24:33A very clean start.
00:24:34>> Yeah, that is a clean start.
00:24:35And that is for sure.
00:24:37Especially for the guys out there and james.
00:24:40>> Getting on the warmup.
00:24:42>> Yeah.
00:24:42I mean, there's a lot of sore body jamming there as you look for them.
00:24:48>> Crossing theline, out on half.
00:24:5332 the fastest lap.
00:24:57Half a second on haga.
00:24:59>> Just to fill you in, 295k's dune there to compare -- down there compared to 316.
00:25:13>> Yes, absolutely unbelievable.
00:25:15And there are the other two in the back of your screen.
00:25:18>> No real surprises there at the start of this race.
00:25:22Biaggi in the top ten.
00:25:24Camier behind him.
00:25:27And here comes the two teams who are on it.
00:25:31>> Yeah, rea just falling back a little bit.
00:25:37>> Keep an eye on 1:32.
00:25:41They can't let haslam get away.
00:25:42And he is getting away just slightly.
00:25:45>> Not in his first race.
00:25:47And especially he is from halfway forward.
00:25:52With sort of a nice chance there and the engine power is so smooth and easy going.
00:25:57That's what looks after the tires.
00:25:59>> Oh no.
00:26:02>> Is that charlie?
00:26:07>> You know what, coming up, toseland goes down.
00:26:13>> Not moving.
00:26:14Let's hope he's okay.
00:26:16But he's down hard.
00:26:16That could actually bring out a red flag.
00:26:19>> At some point there.
00:26:21Ce continues.
00:26:22Having them up the front.
00:26:25And the tw seconds.
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00:28:36>>> Toseland off the track.
00:28:38>> Somebody else is on for honda.
00:28:42>> Yeah.
00:28:42We'll take a look at edwards.
00:28:45>> And that is the kawasaki.
00:28:47>> Oh no >> and it is vermeulen.
00:28:51>> Yes.
00:28:52>> Waiting for vermeulen to come back, ending the honda on the kawasaki.
00:28:56>> To get the bike up, it looks like he lost his front end there or something.
00:29:03But in the meantime, knows that he has the front