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Aired at 11:30 AM on Friday, Jul 30, 2010 (7/30/2010)      View all transcripts from this day


00:00:01>> Bull: Ha ha! victory!
00:00:04And now to make up for lost time.
00:00:13>> Hey, guy, sorry about the fight.
00:00:16>> Adam: That's okay, soupy.
00:00:18Once bull has thrown us into the water a couple hundred more times, he'll calm down.
00:00:23>> Jake: Adam, you're alive!
00:00:24But what happened to adam's ghost?
00:00:27>> Adam: Boo!
00:00:28>> Jake: Eek!
00:00:30>> Did somebody say "eat"?
00:02:14[ horse neighs ] You're leaving.
00:02:17It is my destiny.
00:02:18♪♪ ♪♪
00:02:19take this. it is a piece of me.
00:02:23♪♪ ♪♪
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00:03:57>> Pixiefrog: Good day, mr. turner.
00:04:00My name is poncharello pixiefrog of the charles darwin middle school theater.
00:04:06In a moment, I will perform for you a cutting loosely based upon hinton's " enjoy.
00:04:17[ Inhales, exhales deeply ] [ inhales, exhales deeply ] I stand!
00:04:32>> Warthog: Loser.
00:04:38>> Pixiefrog: Okay, mrs. warthog, what is it now?
00:04:40>> Warthog: I've, uh, got those absentee reports, p.f.
00:04:43>> Pixiefrog: Uhh!
00:04:44 warthog, can't you see that I'm in the middle of my audition tape?
00:04:49>> Warthog: Why, hello, there, mr. director man.
00:04:53My name is geri warthog.
00:04:55My measurements are -- >> Pixiefrog: warthog, please!
00:05:01>> Warthog: What did you do that for?
00:05:03The camera loves me.
00:05:06[ Thud ] >> Pixiefrog: Wait a minute.
00:05:08Is this right, mrs. warthog?
00:05:09>> Warthog: Don't know.
00:05:10>> Pixiefrog: What do you mean you don't -- are these numbers accurate?
00:05:13>> Warthog: Uh, don't know.
00:05:14>> Pixiefrog: warthog, do you know what this means?
00:05:18>> Warthog: Hmm.
00:05:19Uh, don't know.
00:05:20>> Pixiefrog: This absentee sharkowski isn't in school today.
00:05:26[ Cheers ] >> wahoo!
00:05:35>> Adam: Yo, jake, what's the celebration for?
00:05:37>> Jake: The only time we party like this is when bull's out sick.
00:05:41>> Adam: Should we really be celebrating?
00:05:43What if there's something wrong with him?
00:05:45>> Jake: Then the party rages on.
00:05:47Wahoo! ha ha ha!
00:05:49Faster, pixiefrog!
00:05:52>> Adam: Aaahh!
00:05:54>> Finally.
00:05:56All finished picking up after those filthy -- [ thud ] >> Adam: I think I dislocated my liver.
00:06:05>> Both: [ Laughing ] [ banging ] >> Adam: Hey, look, it's bull.
00:06:13>> Jake: This is not good, adam.
00:06:15The last time bull came back from a vet appointment early, things got pretty ugly.
00:06:19Ripple dissolve.
00:06:21Ripple dissolve.
00:06:24It's el toro sharkowski!
00:06:27[ Shouts indistinctly ] the running of the bull, aught-4.
00:06:37And now it's gonna happen all over again.
00:06:41Well, see you later, buddy.
00:06:45>> Bull: So, having a little party, are we?
00:06:51That's so sweet!
00:06:56>> All: Huh?
00:06:57>> Bull: Youse guys remembered i was getting my braces off today.
00:07:03>> Pixiefrog: Of course, mr. sharkowski.
00:07:06Here at cdms, we're one big happy family, unlike those other schools where they'd actually celebrate a student being out sick.
00:07:14Those schools ought to have their funding revoked, huh?
00:07:17Ha ha ha ha.
00:07:18Ha ha ha ha ha.
00:07:20Ha ha.
00:07:21[ Sighs ] [ beeping ] >> Bull: Youse likes me!
00:07:28Youse really likes me!
00:07:32>> Pixiefrog: Oh, brother.
00:07:33Leaf wipe already.
00:07:36>> Jake: What if it would save my life, huh?
00:07:40Your best pal's life, huh? huh?
00:07:42Would you do it then?
00:07:43>> Adam: Jake, how would kissing hornbill possibly save your life?
00:07:48>> Jake: Bull!
00:07:50[ Screeching ] >> Bull: All right, lyon.
00:07:54I just got one question for ya.
00:07:57>> Adam: I'm gonna die with a monkey in my pants!
00:08:02>> Bull: Can you teach me to open a door normal-like?
00:08:06The only way I know is to kick it open.
00:08:09>> Jake: [ Coughing ] whew.
00:08:12When did you start wearing burlap underwear?
00:08:16Let me in, let me in!
00:08:17>> Adam: Jake, it's okay.
00:08:19Bull doesn't want to kill us.
00:08:21>> Jake: [ Speaking gibberish ] >> Bull: That's right.
00:08:24I just don't feel like smashing people no more.
00:08:28>> Jake: You mean the sight of me doesn't drive you to a furious rage?
00:08:32>> Bull: Sure, it does.
00:08:35I'm just too busy admiring the sight of me to do anything about it.
00:08:39>> Both: Zuh?
00:08:40>> Bull: By the way, lyon, ..
00:08:43Hot this year.
00:08:44>> Adam: It is?
00:08:45>> Bull:..if you live in new jersey.
00:08:48>> Both: [ Laughing ] >> Jake: Ha. new jersey.
00:08:53Zing, adam. zing.
00:08:58>> Lupe: All right, adam.
00:08:59So, you've already agreed that if you absolutely had to, you'd kiss miss chameleon, mr. blowhole, and slips.
00:09:06>> Slips:!
00:09:08>> Lupe: Now the question is, if your life depended on it, would you kiss ingrid?
00:09:13>> Ingrid: [ Gasps ] lupe!
00:09:15I'm blushing.
00:09:16>> Adam: That doesn't make any sense.
00:09:18Why would my life depend on kissing ingrid?
00:09:21>> Ingrid: Just pretend it does, adam, and answer the question!
00:09:24>> Adam: [ Sighs ] fine.
00:09:26If my life depended on it, i guess I -- >> Jake: Hey, everybody.
00:09:29We got an extra seat for my old pal bull?
00:09:31>> Bull: I think I'm gonna go by virgil if you don't -- >> Ingrid: Shut it, sharkowski!
00:09:35Finish what you were saying, adam.
00:09:38>> Adam: Uh, i-i can't remember.
00:09:40>> Ingrid: We were discussing whether you'd kiss me if your life depended on it, and you got cut off.
00:09:45So go ahead, adam!
00:09:46Finish your thought!
00:09:47>> Adam: I honestly can't remember what I was gonna say, ingrid.
00:09:51>> Ingrid: I really don't think it's fair for you not to answer it!
00:09:55>> Adam: So, uh, bull, are you eating a salad?
00:09:59>> Bull: I told you, lyon, it's virgil.
00:10:02>> Ingrid: No!
00:10:03It's not fair!
00:10:06It's just not fair!
00:10:08[ Sobbing ] >> Adam: So, uh, that's a yes on the salad?
00:10:15>> Bull: Yeah.
00:10:16I've given up my meat-eating ways.
00:10:18These veggies are filled with b vitamins and folates.
00:10:21Just trying to improve my figure.
00:10:23>> Ingrid:!
00:10:27>> And so, class, by slathering cool mud on your skin, predators can no longer use their infrared vision to find you.
00:10:36>> It's true.
00:10:37>> Now, who would like to demonstrate?
00:10:39Mr. sharkowski?
00:10:41>> Bull: Ooh, that would be fabulous!
00:10:43>> Jake: Oh! oh!
00:10:44Virgil's new outfit says "look out, world.
00:10:47" oh! oh! oh! oh!
00:10:51>> Adam: And his shoes say, " [ laughing ] [ snorts ] >> Jake: You really don't get this whole fashion thing, do you?
00:10:59>> Bull: Start by gently applying an even coat of mud directly to the skin.
00:11:03Be sure to use mud formulated with dandelion and chamomile.
00:11:06Hydrate and soften the skin.
00:11:09That way, it ain't gonna clog your pores, neither.
00:11:12>> Je: [ Sighs deeply ] >> Adam: Bull sure has changed since he got his braces off.
00:11:16>> Bull: Pay attention, lyon.
00:11:18You'll need my tips more than anyone.
00:11:20Your skin look like a piece of roadkill on the new jersey turnpike.
00:11:23>> Jake: [ Laughing ] new jersey turnpike.
00:11:27Double zing, adam!
00:11:28New jersey turnpike.
00:11:40>> Adam:..
00:11:42Fine! yes!
00:11:43Now get we get back to my !
00:11:46>> Bull: Gentlemen.
00:11:47>> Jake: Hey, virg.
00:11:48Got any hot fashion tips?
00:11:50>> Bull: Just one.
00:11:51If it's in lyon's closet, make sure it ain't in yours.
00:11:54I mean, look at this.
00:11:56Cargo shorts, red hair.
00:11:58Hey, lyon, 1993 called, and even it don't want that look back.
00:12:02>> Both: [ Laughing ] >> Jake: High five.
00:12:08>> Adam: Look, bull, I'd really appreciate it if you wouldn't make fun of my clothes.
00:12:14>> Bull: You call them clothes, lyon?
00:12:16That muffin shirt makes you look like a stale bratwurst.
00:12:19>> Both: [ Laughing ] >> Adam: Oh, yeah, bull?
00:12:25Well, you dress like my dad!
00:12:27>> Bull: Well, you dress like mr. mandrill's dad.
00:12:30>> I'll catch up with you later, dad.
00:12:32I need to have a little talk with these boys.
00:12:35>> [ Muttering ] [ door closes ] >> boys, boys, boys, I know it's tough for kids your age to fit in, and fashion and grooming are a big part of that.
00:12:55Virgil, even though you may think that adam dresses like an escaped mental patient on a fixed income, you've got to accept that for some bizarre, unfathomable reason, he likes the way he looks.
00:13:08>> Both: [ Laughing ] >> Jake: Oh! snap!
00:13:11>> Everyone goes through phases in the way they look.
00:13:14Why, virgil, you'll be needing braces again as soon as your next row of teeth comes in.
00:13:19>> Bull: My -- what?
00:13:20>> Bull sharks have several rows of teeth, virgil.
00:13:23Yours should be coming in any second now.
00:13:27>> Bull: My teeth!
00:13:29My beautiful teeth!
00:13:35>> Bull: The mirror! the mirror!
00:13:41[ Laughing evilly ] [ cheering ] [ up-tempo music plays ] [ banging ] >> All: Uhh!
00:14:04>> Bull: I'm back, babies.
00:14:07[ Bones shattering ] >> aaah!
00:14:14>> Jake: Here, watch this.
00:14:15>> Adam: Jake, where'd you get this camera?
00:14:17>> Jake: Found it in pixiefrog's office.
00:14:19We're gonna have to record over his audition tape, because this running of the bull looks even more promising than the one in aught-4.
00:14:25[ Crowd screaming ] >> Adam: Ah, thank goodness.
00:14:30Bull's back to his normal bullying self, and I'm back to hiding on top of the lockers.
00:14:35>> Jake: [ Shrieking ] ♪ ♪
00:18:23[ giggles ] ♪ ♪
00:18:27[ giggles ] ♪ ♪
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00:27:53>> ( Whistles ) >> yow!