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00:00:00Years, questions remained until decades old evidence reveals the terrible truth.
00:00:07>> It's a horrifying thing to think that there's more than one monster in your community at one time.
00:00:25>> It was a week before the fall semester began in 1981.
00:00:32Susan schumake moved back to the campus of southern illinois university at carbon dale.
00:00:34She was anxious to start her senior year.
00:00:39>> She had just gotten a job at the radio station, and she was going to be doing some of the broadcast work.
00:00:47>> Section three, description, narration and dialogue.
00:00:53>> ON AUGUST 17th, SUSAN LEFT The radio station just before 6:00 p.m.
00:01:00She planned to meet her girlfriend for dinner.
00:01:01But she never arrived.
00:01:04>> The friend who she was supposed to have supper with called her roommate mary.
00:01:09Mary did not know where she was at.
00:01:12Later into the night, approaching midnight, they started calling all their friends.
00:01:14They went to places where they thought she might have gone.
00:01:20>> The next day with, still no word from susan, the police were notified.
00:01:27That night, officers noticed some rampaled vegetation near a dirt footpath students use to walk from one side of the campus to the other.
00:01:38>> As he walked into the weeds a little deeper with a flashlight and the weeds were quite high, it was very difficult to see, then all at once he saw susan's body.
00:01:49>> This was something that really undid us.
00:01:52It was obviously a horrible thing and I immediately started crying.
00:01:56It was a very terrible moment.
00:01:57For me.
00:02:02>> It appeared that susan had been beaten, strangled, and sexually assaulted.
00:02:03Police assumed the crime occurred just after susan left 00 and 6:30 p.m.
00:02:13Which meant she was abducted and attacked in broad daylight.
00:02:20>> This was in the middle of the day that this happened.
00:02:24And I think that really -- that was one of the more scary things to people is that it was so random.
00:02:29>> Police asked anyone who might have seen anything suspicious to come forward.
00:02:33They also interviewed all of susan's friends, including her past romantic relationships.
00:02:39>> There had been a few people who had attempted to date her that she had denied.
00:02:44So they, of course, became part of a growing suspect pool.
00:02:50>> Police also had to consider whether the perpetrator was a stranger.
00:02:59>> Because of the location of the murder and its accessibility to a number of dormitories, they were looking at dormitory lists and who lived in the area.
00:03:04>> She was such a blameless victim.
00:03:07The thing that we're all afraid of is summonster coming out of nowhere and snagging someone we love or snagging ourselves, and that's what happened to susan.
00:03:18>> Then police learned of a remarkable coincidence.
00:03:20On the day susan was murdered, a subcontract ker working on the new campus gymnasium had employed a man who had been a suspect in two murders.
00:03:30Both victims were students at the university.
00:03:36>> He was within 300 or 400 yards.
00:03:37You got to remember he's working on a campus where there are 8,000 or 9,000 pretty girls walking around every day.
00:03:48>> The investigators that day figured if a woman was raped and murdered, he's the one that did it.
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00:06:43>>> Win days of susan schumake's murder, john paul phillips topped the list of suspects.
00:06:49>> He was known about town as kind of a hellion.
00:06:54I met him early in his life.
00:06:56He was -- had a terrible temper.
00:06:58I met him perhaps when he was 15 or 16 years old in a fight.
00:07:01He tried to beat some kid to death with a baseball bat.
00:07:06>> Phillips had been a suspect in the rape and murder of two other southern illinois university students five years earlier.
00:07:1221-Year-old theresa clark was found raped and murdered in her apartment off campus.
00:07:19At the time, john paul philips lived in an apartment about 100 feet away.
00:07:30>> We worked that case to death.
00:07:30We didn't have any fingerprints.
00:07:31Dna was way in the future.
00:07:32We had no witnesses.
00:07:32We didn't have much of anything to go on.
00:07:34But we felt pretty comfortable he might be our person.
00:07:35>> One year later, 24-year-old kathleen McSherry was also found raped and stabbed in her apartment, again, john paul phillips lived in the neighborhood.
00:07:47>> Again, no dna, no fingerprints.
00:07:48Where's john paul now?
00:07:50Well, it turned out he lived just a few blocks north.
00:07:52>> There had been insufficient evidence to arrest john paul phillips for either murder but in susan schumake's murder, police finally got a break.
00:08:03At susan's autopsy, the medical examiner found foreign hairs on her body, presumably from her killer.
00:08:13>> One was a body hair, one was a pubic hair that was recovered from susan's body.
00:08:18>> Phillips willingly provided hair samples for comparison.
00:08:20Based on microscopic examination, phillip's hair was not similar.
00:08:25So he was eliminated as a suspect.
00:08:30Despite the hair analysis, susan's family was convinced that john paul phillips was susan's killer.
00:08:39>> And they didn't take phillips into custody at the time.
00:08:42They didn't arrest him or charge pim.
00:08:44Which I didn't understand at the time.
00:08:46Because I thought that they had enough reason to.
00:08:48>> Later, phillips committed several assaults that landed him in jail.
00:08:57>> He went out to the devil's kitchen, spotted a young lady and her boyfriend at one of the campgrounds across.
00:09:04He went over to carterville and kidnapped a girl, too.
00:09:08>> But police finally got a break in susan schumake's case.
00:09:12First, they found susan's yellow backpack in the piles fork creek behind the dormitories.
00:09:21Her wallet was missing.
00:09:23Friends said she usually carried about $10.
00:09:27And the campus worker found a small red bag with some toiletry items not far from where susan schumake was murdered.
00:09:35Inside, police found some identification.
00:09:40>> He finds a pharmaceutical bottle that has the name danielle woloson but it was prescribed as the men nard correctional center.
00:09:48>> They did some checking on him and found that he was on parole, and so he became a person of interest.
00:09:55>> 21-Year-old daniel woloson had recently been released from prison for a burglary con conviction.
00:10:02He was a handyman working on campus at the time of the murder.
00:10:06>> Danielle was working at the quad apartments which is probably about a quarter mile away from the crime scene.
00:10:15>> When questioned by police, woloson said he had an alibi for the night of susan schumake's murder that he was with a friend.
00:10:23>> And the officers took him to the various locations trying to find this person with whom he spent the night were unsuccessful.
00:10:31>> Woloson cooperated with police and provided hair samples.
00:10:36But the next day when police went to speak with him again, he was gone.
00:10:41In his room, they found a torn note, some of the pieces were in the toilet.
00:10:45The rest were in a trash can.
00:10:49>> It read almost like a suicide note.
00:10:52I don't know why it's always me.
00:10:54I know I can't handle prison again.
00:10:56I know everyone is better off this way.
00:10:59>> Police continued to search for woloson until they examined his hair sample.
00:11:05Woloson's hair was not consistent with the hair found on susan's body.
00:11:10So he was eliminated as a suspect.
00:11:14The case threatened to go cold.
00:11:19Until john paul phillips, now in prison for rape and kidnapping, allegedly bragged about his murders to his prison cell mate it, thomas macaby.
00:11:28>> He provided detailed information about these murders, detail that only the killer would have known.
00:11:34>> Phillips provided details about the murders of college STUDENTS kathleen McSherry and teresa clark.
00:11:41But also confessed to killing a third woman, a waitress, joan weatherall, but he never mentioned susan schumake.
00:11:49>> If he's going to brag about three, why not four?
00:11:53>> Police believe that john paul phillips killed susan schumake, too.
00:11:59But if they were wrong, a murderer was still at large.
00:15:45>>> In november of 1986, john paul phillips went on trial for the murder of joan weatherall.
00:15:47One of the three murders phillips allegedly confessed to during a conversation with his prison cell mate.
00:15:56>> In fact, when we were done, the judge said I'm not only satisfied he did this one, i think he put on a good enough case, I could convict him for the other two.
00:16:06The judge said that in open court.
00:16:09>> On the day he was sentenced, phillips addressed the court.
00:16:15>> He said, well, I didn't kill her but I hope she felt every bit of it.
00:16:19And the judge immediately sentenced him to death.
00:16:20Then he went off to prison on death row.
00:16:23>> But before the sentence was carried out, he died in prison of a heart attack at the age of 40.
00:16:31Although phillips bragged to his prison cell mate about killing three women, he never mentioned susan schumake, but her family still believed he was responsible.
00:16:43>> We thought that phillips was the murderer.
00:16:45And he went to jail and he died in jail.
00:16:48So my family consequently thought, well, this is done with.
00:16:52He's dead.
00:16:53>> Others weren't so sure.
00:16:57>> For one thing, susan's murder was different from the others.
00:17:01>> Most of his murders were under darkness.
00:17:05And that wasn't the situation with susan schumake.
00:17:09>> Lieutenant paul echols was susan's classmate in college and had kept a picture from her case file on his desk.
00:17:18>> Now, you could just look at that picture, you could see that this was a happy moment, a father standing with his daughter, very proud.
00:17:26And knowing the story that i knew by that time that she had been murdered, it was something that always held my attention.
00:17:35>> By the year 2000, almost two decades after susan's murder, a new dna process called pcr made it possible to test a small biological sample where in the past, much larger samples were needed.
00:17:53>> Essentially that process is just zeier oxing dna.
00:17:55So we're just copying the specific portions of dna that we're interested in analyzing.
00:17:58>> So analysts tested the small biological sample taken from susan skew make's autopsy and were able to identify the dna profile of the killer.
00:18:14>> John paul phillips' dna sample was not on file.
00:18:18So investigators took the extraordinary step of requesting that the state exhume his body.
00:18:22A dna sample was obtained from phillips' bone marrow.
00:18:30It did not match the dna from the crime scene.
00:18:35>> I called and spoke with susan's mother and she was very disappointed, but you know, i tried to assure her that we would continue to go forward and try to identify the suspect.
00:18:46>> I was angry at the time because I felt we had closure, it was done with.
00:18:51>> And there was more bad news.
00:18:53The dna did not match anyone in the statewide database of known criminal offenders.
00:19:00If the killer wasn't phillips or anyone who committed a felony before the dna database was created, then who was it?
00:19:07>> Where do we go from here?
00:19:10And the obvious answer is let's dig back into the case and let's see who else was a suspect in those days, who else can we get a dna standard from.
00:19:20Let's just going until we run out of suspects.
00:19:24>> The first person on their list was daniel woloson.
00:19:27He was originally a suspect.
00:19:29He was working a quarter mile away on the day of the murder.
00:19:34Then he ran off when police tried to question him.
00:19:38Police found him in michigan where he worked at an auto salvage yard.
00:19:45By this time, he was divorced with one child.
00:19:48And did not want to talk with police.
00:19:51>> Woloson told them that he had provided hair samples and fingerprints back in 1981.
00:19:58He was not interested in cooperating with their investigation.
00:20:03>> Investigators wanted a dna sample.
00:20:06Woloson refused to provide one, and the courts refused to order one.
00:20:10Citing the lack of probable cause.
00:20:16Woloson's hair was on file from the original investigation, but the samples didn't contain root material.
00:20:24So they couldn't be used to generate a full genetic profile.
00:20:28So investigators decided to try an unconventional method to get woloson's dna.
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00:24:14>>> It had taken a long time, almost 20 years, and lieutenant paul echols was convinced he was closing in on susan shue schumake's killer, but only dna could prove it.
00:24:28And the suspect, daniel would lausanne, wasn't willing to provide it.
00:24:33So michigan state police decided they'd take his dna in a perfectly legal manner.
00:24:40>> They decide to run surveillance on him.
00:24:44The whole purpose was to try to get something that might have daniel woloson's dna so we could either identify him or eliminate him.
00:24:51>> It wasn't easy since would lausanne worked in an auto parts salvage yard, only other employees could get close to him without arousing suspicion.
00:25:01>> Then police learned he had recently sold his car and they knew he smoked cigarettes.
00:25:09So they traced the car to its new owner.
00:25:13>> They asked him about the cigarette butts notice ashtray.
00:25:17He says I don't smoke and all my friends throw their cigarette butts out the window so these were like in the car.
00:25:22>> There were more than a dozen cigarette butts.
00:25:25Police hoped at least one was from daniel woloson.
00:25:29They gave the evidence to dna analyst jennifer andrew.
00:25:34>> What I gathered from speaking to the investigator in charge, there was a homicide about 208 years ago of a college student, and you know, me being recently out of college, it was a little bit personal for me.
00:25:47>> One by one, andrew cut open the cigarette filters often a good source of dna.
00:25:53>> Because that's where all the saliva and skin cells would be deposited.
00:25:57>> The samples were treated with a solvent that separates the dna.
00:26:02A profile was generated from an unknown male.
00:26:07The profile was sent to illinois for comparison with the 20-year-old genetic material left at susan skew make's murder.
00:26:16And it matched daniel woloson.
00:26:20Naturally, lieutenant echoes would need another test to confirm the dna results from the cigarette.
00:26:28Until then, echols wanted to prevent woloson from fleeing so he tried a ruse.
00:26:37He confronted woloson with some madeup evidence.
00:26:42>> It was important for me to extract some type of information from him that would give me enough to get an arrest warrant.
00:26:48I gave him the story about the witness which is not true.
00:26:54I tell him that there was a person that he worked with at the quad apartments who had stepped forward and had seen daniel woloson walking down a path behind wright 1 carrying a yellow backpack during the evening that receives hurded and I took it just a little bit further and I told him that i had a fingerprint that was identified to him from that backpack.
00:27:13And then immediately without me saying a thing he said you know, I only took $10 from that backpack so I knew he was telling me the truth.
00:27:21>> So woloson was arrested and he was forced to provide an additional dna sample.
00:27:28That test left no doubt he was the source of the dna found on susan skew make.
00:27:37Prosecutors cannot fathom a reason for susan schumake's murder.
00:27:42They believe woloson saw her walking alone along the dirt path and he decided to attack her.
00:27:51It was late in the day.
00:27:52No one heard or saw anything.
00:27:56He left behind his dna.
00:27:58Then took her yellow backpack.
00:27:59Stole $10 from her purse, dumped it in the creek, then dropped his bag with the pharmacy prescription in it not far away.
00:28:09>> It's that randomness that's so frightening.
00:28:10She wasn't stalked.
00:28:15She wasn't selected.
00:28:16She just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
00:28:22>> Despite the evidence against him, woloson pleaded not guilty.
00:28:26In march of 2006, 25 years after susan's murder, daniel woloson was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to 40 years in prison.
00:28:41The university has now built a well lighted pedestrian overpass so students no long ver to walk through the overgrown dirt path where susan was abducted and murdered.
00:28:53It was named in susan's honor.
00:28:58>> My wife had made the comment, she said you know, I wonder how much it costs to have one of these overpasses built and i said, I'll tell you what it costs.
00:29:05It costs one human life.
00:29:08>> That's why we do what we do, you know, to bring justice to these families so the families deserve a lot of credit, as well.
00:29:14They're the people who push us along the way.
00:29:17>> I went back to the site again after the trial.
00:29:21And I had been beaten there by quite a few people.
00:29:23There were flowers and balloons, obviously a lot of people had felt that they needed to go to that site.
00:29:27It was, it was overwhelming.
00:00:02Wide-ranging conspiracy.
00:00:03>> The murder had been planned out.
00:00:05>> Other people not only knew about it, but had been asked to participate.
00:00:09>> Friends turn on friends.
00:00:11>> I didn't do anything.
00:00:12>> It didn't seem to be sinking in with him how deep he was involved.
00:00:17>> But to get the killer, one piece of evidence had to be identified.
00:00:20>> All these high school kids had been involved, and perhaps one of them did it.
00:00:34>>> Just after midnight in st.
00:00:36Cloud, minnesota, 17-year-old jason MacLennan returned home from a night out with a friend.
00:00:44He took a shower downstairs.
00:00:45But before he went to bed, he went up to the kitchen to get something to eat.
00:00:53In the foyer, near the front door, he saw his father lying on the floor bleeding.
00:01:01>> I need help.
00:01:01My dad's just been shot.
00:01:02I just came home and he's on the ground.
00:01:04>> Is he inside the home.
00:01:06>> Yeah, he's on the ground.
00:01:08>> Do you know how did this to him?
00:01:09>> No, I just came home.
00:01:11>> When paramedics arrived they found jason's father, 53-YEAR-OLD ken MacLennan dead at the base of the stairs.
00:01:20He had been shot to death.
00:01:24IT LOOKED LIKE ken MacLennan came down the stairs and encountered an intruder.
00:01:28>> When you come down dressed in only a bathrobe, you don't expect that someone's going to be waiting for you with a loaded rifle.
00:01:35>> There was wouto the temple, to the forehead, to the throat.
00:01:39The chest area.
00:01:41To the right hand.
00:01:43And one in the back, as well.
00:01:44>> The attack was so fast and so UNEXPECTED, MacLENNAN HAD LITTLE Time to react.
00:01:52>> He grabbed the end of the gun.
00:01:53He actually rehed up and the gun actually had contact with his hand.
00:01:57The shot goes through the hand, there were at least six shots, perhaps seven that were fired.
00:02:02Every single one hit ken MacLENNAN.
00:02:06>> The killer took the time to pick up the shell casings.
00:02:09All except one.
00:02:1122 shell casing left on the hardwood floor near the body.
00:02:17>> The motive appeared to be robbery.
00:02:20>> We discovered that ken's wallet along with some cash and identification cards and also some foreign currency and ken's watch were missing from the residence.
00:02:28>> ken MacLennan was a widower, as a vice president in charge of international sales of a crafts company, he often traveled and had just returned from an overseas is trip.
00:02:39>> He made a good living.
00:02:41His value was over a million dollars in terms of life insurance and actual assets.
00:02:47the MacLennan family was of some wealth and so we explored that as a motive for his murder who, might gain from his death.
00:02:56>> As the sun rose the next morning, police found some important evidence outside in the fresh snow.
00:03:04Some knew impressions from the backyard leaving straight to the front door.
00:03:11Police were convinced that these prints belonged to the killer.
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00:06:10>>> AT ken MacLennan's autopsy, the medical examiner recovered 22 caliber slugs from his body.
00:06:18Those slugs were telling.
00:06:19There were four different kinds of ammunition, raising the possibility that there was more than one shooter.
00:06:28Or the killer wanted to make it look like there was more than one shooter.
00:06:35>> Typically, burglars don't want to confront the homeowner or any other persons inside.
00:06:37It would be very uncharacteristic in my opinion for someone to shoot someone that many times.
00:06:46>> Since the victim's 17-year-old son jason found his father's body, investigators had no choice but to consider him a suspect.
00:06:56>> We seized the clothing that jason was wearing when we first made contact with him.
00:07:02That clothing had no apparent blood on it.
00:07:04We also conducted a gunshot residue test on jason early that morning, and those results came back negative that he did not have the gunshot residue on his hands.
00:07:12>> Another potential suspect was ken's fiancee, a swiss businesswoman, allessandra lou tens.
00:07:22>> She had been living with jason and ken during the time that they were in florida and the fact that she existed and the fact that she lived in their household was a subject of stress between the father and son.
00:07:35>> But their wedding plans were on hold.
00:07:38>> We did obtain e-mails from his fiancee which indicated there was some trouble in their relationship at the time that ken was killed.
00:07:47>> Yet, she was still listed as beneficiary of one of ken's life insurance policies.
00:07:54>> And that policy was valued at $100,000.
00:07:58>> But allesandra was in switzerland at the time of the murder and was written off as a suspect.
00:08:04Police turned their attention to the shoe impressions found outside of the crime scene in the snow.
00:08:11The victim's son jason said two sets of prints belonged to him and a friend.
00:08:17Since he wasn't allowed to smoke in the house, jason and his friend went outside.
00:08:23Their shoes were sent to sue gross for comparison with photos from the scene.
00:08:29>> I will ink the bottom of the shoe and press the clear acetate transparency against it.
00:08:36And then I will compare this transparency to the photograph that was submitted.
00:08:40>> These transparencies confirmed the two sets of impressions on the left side of the house belonged to the teenagers.
00:08:49The third set of prints on the opposite side of the house were different.
00:08:54>> That set of footprints led up to the front door, and there was no set leaving the front door.
00:09:00>> That third set of footprints around the other side of the house became the focus of the investigation.
00:09:02>> The impressions were run through a computer program called soul mate which can identify the make and model of any shoe or boot impression.
00:09:17>> They were able to indicate that with certainty, it was a new york lugs brand shoe that had made that impression.
00:09:23>> Further checking revealed there were a number of stores in cloud, minnesota, that carried the lugs boots, a brand popular in the world of hip-hop.
00:09:35>> Then police got a tip from an unlikely source.
00:09:39>> I received a call from a father of a female student from tech high school.
00:09:44He stated that his daughter was very upset over details that she had learned while she was at school that day about this murder.
00:09:52>> It was a story of a wide-ranging conspiracy.
00:09:57>> She was crying hysterically and stated she was very fearful for what she was about to tell us.
00:13:38>>> As police investigated the MURDER OF ken MacLennan, they heard rumors that his tionship with his 17-year-old son jason wasn't a good one.
00:13:52According to friends, ken all but abandoned jason's mother as she lay dying of cancer.
00:13:59And jason deeply resented it.
00:14:03>> Regardless of the relationship between ken and his wife, if the woman's dying, it just looks bad if you take off and go to another continent and don't come back for weeks, leaving jason who might have been 12 years old to take care of his dying mother.
00:14:20>> It appeared that thing changed for him, that he became more troubled, started to have more trouble in school.
00:14:28>> After his wife's death, ken continued to travel extensively for work.
00:14:33>> There were stories about jason being left alone for weeks with virtually nothing in the refrigerator and having no money.
00:14:41I don't know how exaggerated these stories are.
00:14:43Obviously jason didn't starve.
00:14:46>> AFTER ken MacLennan's murder, police received a tip from one of jason's fellow high school students.
00:14:53>> At least one other high school student had been asked to provide a gun, a number of high school students knew about this.
00:15:00>> The informant said that jason asked several people to help him kill his father.
00:15:07But all of them declined.
00:15:09The informant said one friend, matt molder agreed to help by providing the gun in return for money.
00:15:18>> Matt was an average kid who got dazzled by the money, daddaled by the possibilities.
00:15:25When a rich kid tells you you can be part of my life, you can have a big fancy house, a fancy car, your life is going to be different if you'll help me with this, he got caught up in it.
00:15:3622 caliber rifle in matt's bedroom which they confiscated and sent to ballistics.
00:15:43There, kurt moline test fired molder's rifle into a 600 gallon water tank.
00:15:50>> And I shoot in one end and the bullets hit the water and a closer examination showed why.
00:16:10A boroscope, a fiberoptic magnifier revealed a series of abnormal scratches on the inside of the gun barrel.
00:16:23>> The scratches appeared to be fresh.
00:16:27They had scratched through the blueing, which would have been applied at the factory.
00:16:32>> Someone had scratched the inside of the barrel for the purpose of preventing a ballistic examination.
00:16:38So the next step was to compare the spent shell casings from the scene to the casings from the test firing.
00:16:47Looking at unique marks made by the firing pin as it struck the bullet.
00:16:53They were identical.
00:16:56>> Also inside the barrel was a small drop of blood, dna testing proved the blood was ken MacLENNAN'S.
00:17:05>> It made sense based on the soot on the hand that mr.
00:17:11MacLENNAN HAD ACTUALLY GRABBED The gun before the shot was fired.
00:17:12Because of that contact with the hand, some of his blood then did blow back into the barrel of the rifle.
00:17:19>> When confronted with this evidence, matt molder admitted he was involved, but insisted jason MacLennan was the killer.
00:17:29>> He tried to talk me into going, and killing him because he knew he'd be the prime suspect.
00:17:33But I couldn't do it.
00:17:34So I told him I wasn't going to have anything to do witht.
00:17:38And then he was ust like, okay, fine.
00:17:39And he took the gun from me and said just go wait in the car.
00:17:43>> Matt said he heard the shots.
00:17:44Jason came back to the car, returnedhe gun, and then he went home.
00:17:54>> How about the gun?
00:17:56Did you do anything to the gun try to alter it?
00:18:01>> I stuck an allen wrench in the barrel.
00:18:02>> You stuck an allen wrench in it?
00:18:06>> Well, 'cause he told me that pretty much if I want to save my -- I had to get -- to do something to the barrel.
00:18:10>> And matt knew something that hadn't been made public.
00:18:1522 caliber bullets had been used.
00:18:18>> One of the things they actually disssed was using different kinds of ammunition so that if gunshot residue was found as part of the investigation, it would be tough to track it back to his particular gun.
00:18:31>> Matt claimed jason gave him $1,000 for use of the gun.
00:18:36Yet, when confronted with matt's confession, jason denied any involvement in his father's murder.
00:18:43>> I didn't do anything.
00:18:45That's an even bigger reason for me to not do something like this.
00:18:48Even though the fact that i loved my dad, even if I didn't love my dad, even if I hated his guts,if I hated his guts, i still see tv.
00:18:55I still see all that stuff.
00:18:56You don't really get away with anything.
00:18:57I'm not an idiot.
00:18:58I might not be great at school, I might not pass, but I'm not a moron.
00:19:02>> Jason stuck to his story, that after he got out of the shower, he found his father dead in the foyer.
00:19:11He insisted he had no idea who killed him.
00:19:15Police had two versions of events surrounding the murder of ken MacLennan.
00:19:21And they weren't sure which one was true.
00:19:25>> We knew that both of them had reason to lie to us.
00:19:28So we had to do the best we could dew to prove for certain what really happened versus what they claimed happened.
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00:23:16>>> ONCE ken MacLennan's murder hit the news, some local high school students in saint cloud, minnesota, called police saying the victim's son, jason, had offered them money to help him kill his father.
00:23:29>> One of the students that we interviewed was present at the MacLENNAN HOME SEVERAL WEEKS Prior to the homicide.
00:23:34Matt actually stood in the hallway of the residence jason and this other student watched and made gun sounds, pow, pow, pow when it was apparent that ken maclennan would be coming in the house.
00:23:46>> This raised the possibility that there might have been a third person involved in the murder.
00:23:52>> We were very concerned based on the fact that all these high school kids had been asked to help, that perhaps one of them did it.
00:24:01>> The key break happened when a student offered to lead police to some incriminating evidence.
00:24:08>> The day after this murder occurred, this student had confided that he will knew where the bloody clothes were that jason had been wearing at the time that this murder had occurred.
00:24:20>> Police found the clothes exactly where the student said they'd be.
00:24:25Buried on property owned by matt mouldder's parents.
00:24:30>> They found a red plaid shirt, a pair of blue jeans with one glove in the back pocket, a pair of white sox.
00:24:36They also found some information FROM ken MacLennan to include his wallet, some business cards from his employer and some foreign currency.
00:24:45>> The clothes were jason MacLENNAN'S.
00:24:49Students had seen him wearing them the date of the murder.
00:24:51Dna testing proved the blood on the clothes had come from jason's father.
00:24:55>> The fact that we could problem beyond a reasonable doubt that those jeans were jason MacLennan's with his dad's blood on the bottom of the pant leg was an extremely important moment in this investigation.
00:25:10>> The bloody glove was even more telling.
00:25:13Dna testing on skin cells showed jason had worn the glove.
00:25:21And scientists found gunshot residue on the glove from four 22 caliber bullets.
00:25:31>> Very important when that test came back that not only was there gunshot residue on the glove, but also corroborating what matt mohler had told us about using different kinds of ammunition.
00:25:43>> This seemed to prove jason fired the fatal shots.
00:25:46But prosecutors had one major problem.
00:25:48They still hadn't identified who made the food impressions in the snow, the ones that led to the front door of the crime scene.
00:25:56If another student was involved, a defense attorney could raise the possibility of reasonable doubt.
00:26:07>> We had to be able to explain to the jury where those footprints came from.
00:26:11>> So prosecutors pressured matt molder, reminding him that a first-degree murder conviction meant a life sentence.
00:26:20He agreed to plead guilty to second degree murder in exchange for a reduced sentence.
00:26:28Matt then admitted the shoes were his.
00:26:32And turned them over to police after hiding them in his basement.
00:26:36He said he made the shoeprints in an effort to throw off investigators.
00:26:41Prosecutors believe the motive for the crime was jason's hatred of his father.
00:26:48Jason blamed him for abandoning his mother as she lay dying of cancer.
00:26:54Jason also wanted his father's money.
00:26:58>> Kansas state was worth about 4 million and jason wanted to reap the benefits.
00:27:09>> On the night of the murder, ken MacLennan returned home from his business trip and immediately went to bed.
00:27:13Jason and matt waited outside until he was asleep.
00:27:18And matt used the third pair of boots to walk to the front of the house leaving a trail they hoped would trick investigators.
00:27:2522 caliber rifle.
00:27:28Matt rang the front doorbell.
00:27:35WHEN ken MacLennan walked downstairs to see who it was, jason ambushed him.
00:27:53Ken grabbed the rifle barrel, but it was too late.
00:27:56And jason fired seven shots, killing his father instantly.
00:28:02Jason and matt ransacked the house to make it look like a robbery.
00:28:07They selected the spent shell casings, but unknowingly, left one behind.
00:28:15Matt disposed of jason's blood-spattered clothes and tried to damage the inside of the rifle barrel to render it useless as evidence.
00:28:27BUT ken MacLennan's blood inside the barrel and the shell casing from the scene were more than enough evidence for the trial.
00:28:35jason MacLennan pleaded not guilty and claimed he killed his father in self-defense.
00:28:43The jury didn't buy it.
00:28:46Jason was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.
00:28:52Matt molder pleaded guilty to second degree murder and was sentenced to 30 years.
00:29:00>> Sometimes I still can't believe that I'm here in prison.
00:29:02I still can't believe the decision I paid to put myself here.
00:29:06>> The boys' plan to murder ken MacLENNAN WENT OFF WITHOUT A Hitch.
00:29:12But the cover-up couldn't withstand scientific scrutiny.
00:29:15>> This was not a spur of the moment thing.
00:29:18This had been planned that it was strategic that they had done the best they could to throw off the investigation.
00:29:27>> If nothing else, when a jury saw this, they realized this was not an accident.
00:29:34The forensics in this case was very important.
00:29:36We had dna, we had ballistics, we had blood spatter.
00:29:39>> It's all of those forensic answers that led to us believe without question that jason had been the one to pull the trigger and that matt had, in fact, been involved.
00:00:02>>> September 7, 1991 was like >> the plans for that night originally was to be at home and do whatever we do, probably read them stories and that kind of stuff that moms do.
00:00:32>> Then dianne remembered her older sons had a boy scout meeting that night.
00:00:34Die ann's other children, five year old sage and 13 year old heather wanted to stay home.
00:00:41>> Heather didn't want to go and hack out with all those crazy boys.
00:00:47So she asked if she could babysit that night.
00:00:52And so we said sure, fine, whatever.
00:00:56And we took off and went to the cub scout meeting.
00:01:02>> Heather had taken babysitting classes.
00:01:06So dianne had no qualms about leaving her in charge.
00:01:07Later that night, dianne called home to check in.
00:01:10>> I guess it was right before 8:30.
00:01:10And I heard the tv on in the background and I said oh, what's going on.
00:01:12And she said oh, mom I let him stay up a little bit.
00:01:15I'll put him to bed.
00:01:17>> Dianne and the two boys returned home around 10:00.
00:01:19The house was dark.
00:01:22And for some reason, the front dor was unlocked.
00:01:27She assumed heather and sage were asleep.
00:01:32Sage was in bed.
00:01:35But heather was not.
00:01:38>> She was so little, and she had such a big fluffy comforter that I figured she was under the comforter.
00:01:43So I said go look again.
00:01:43And he goes and looks again and comes back and goes no, she's not in there.
00:01:47So I went and looked and she wasn't in there.
00:01:50And then that's when, it all fell apart.
00:01:53>> Dianne searched the house and their 5 acre property.
00:01:56They found no sign of heather.
00:01:57So dianne called police.
00:02:00>> And they said well 98% of these calls turn out to be runaways.
00:02:07And I just said oh, well this is the other 2%.
00:02:16>> When investigators arrived, they found the property full of friends and relatives.
00:02:22For forensic technicians, this was a potential problem.
00:02:27>> When there's a multitudinous of people that have been there for a prolong period of time pretty much everything and anything that can be touched has been touched.
00:02:41Footwear impressions, tire tracks, anything at all that might be unusual is more difficult to identify.
00:02:50>> There was no apparent sign of forced entry or foul play or even of a struggle.
00:02:54>> The only thing taken or person taken was heather.
00:02:58She was the only thing missing from the scene that we could identify.
00:03:03>> The search continued throughout the night.
00:03:06And still, there was no sign of heather.
00:03:09The next morning, dianne church noticed that the screen on her bedroom window was askew.
00:03:15Evidence technicians found three fingerprints on the outside.
00:03:19Screen's frame.
00:03:22>> The prints themselves were very fresh in this particular case on that particular screen, they were very distinct prints.
00:03:33>> But these fingerprints could have been left by anyone, dozens of people had been in and around the house.
00:03:39>> This was a busy household just like millions of households.
00:03:43There were hundreds of prints throughout the house.
00:03:46>> It was a process that would take day, perhaps weeks.
00:03:48And they were no closer to finding heather.
00:03:53>> What happened to heather dawn church became the mystery for the community.
00:03:59People were worried about it.
00:04:01People were scared.
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00:06:52>>> What's your favorite violin song to play?
00:06:55>> The devil's dream.
00:06:57>> Yeah.
00:06:59That's a good one.
00:06:59I like that one.
00:07:00>> Possible abduction of heather church was unusual for colorado springs colorado.
00:07:07A community with very little crime.
00:07:11>> I think it heightened all concern about taking safety measures with your children and making sure they understood about stranger danger concerns.
00:07:18>> Dianne and her family lived in a sparsely populated area.
00:07:23That means a kidnapper could have abducted heather without drawing much attention.
00:07:29>> It was 13 year old girl who was home and yet her brother was left behind.
00:07:35She disappeared.
00:07:35And her brother was just still sleeping in his bed.
00:07:37It all was a very suspicious situation right off the bat.
00:07:45>> A fbi profiler agreed.
00:07:48Since there was nothing missing from the home and no signs of violence, the profiler suggested heather's abductor might be someone familiar with the family and their routines.
00:07:58>> It's a very high percentage of crimes of that nature that family members are involved.
00:08:05So you always look at the parents.
00:08:08You always try to check out their alibi or their motive.
00:08:11And if there's any evidence of bad character at all.
00:08:15>> The first suspect on the list was heather's father.
00:08:22At the time he was separated from dianne church and living on his own.
00:08:27>> The fbi wanted to talk to me for about four hours.
00:08:28I had the, like you see in the movie, the good guy/bad guy scenario, fbi agents asking me all these questions that some of them were really hard to imagine.
00:08:39They were very, very personal.
00:08:42Things that, how I felt about my daughter.
00:08:48>> But mike church said he had an alibi for the time heather went missing.
00:08:59He attended a support group meeting for divorcees with plenty of witnesses.
00:09:09He left the meeting at 9:30.
00:09:10>> There was a short time gap from the time he left the workshop until the time he was called to his residence.
00:09:19That gap had to be filled in.
00:09:21>> He also passed a polygraph test.
00:09:27>> One of the detectives did come to my work and he asked to see me.
00:09:32At that time I said am I still considered a suspect and he said mr. church, yes, you are.
00:09:36And I said, well, I think that you need to look somewhere else.
00:09:44>> Dianne church was also considered a suspect.
00:09:45>> They gave me a lie detecter test, a horrible thing to go through to go to the police station and be fingerprinted and lie detecter test and all this kind of stuff.
00:09:55>> The only potential evidence at the scene was the finger prints on the bedroom screen.
00:09:59The prints were compared with those in the database of the colorado state bureau of investigation.
00:10:05There was no match.
00:10:07Next the sheriff's office sent the prints to the fbi and their automated fingerprint identification system or afis.
00:10:15It's one of the largest databases in the world, at the time containing over 45 million prints.
00:10:25>> Our impression at that time was that if we submitted those fingerprints to the federal afis system, that we were covering the broadest spectrum that could be accessed.
00:10:41>> Again, there was no match.
00:10:43>> As a father, I felt like i should have been there, and i wasn't.
00:10:50So I went through, I was going through a failed marriage and i wasn't there as a father for my children.
00:11:00So I blamed a lot of that on myself.
00:11:03Why wasn't I there?
00:11:05>> My biggest wish was that somebody had taken her who had lost a kid of their own.
00:11:10And that was what I clung to.
00:11:13>>> The investigation into stuck ♪
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00:15:02>>> The investigation into heather church's disappearance dragged on for months, then years.
00:15:08The fingerprints found on the bedroom window screen didn't match any in the state or national databases.
00:15:18Despite this, the family never lost hope.
00:15:21>> I think that's got me from one day to the next.
00:15:25And then I have those days that I would see her up in the mountains somewhere.
00:15:40And calling for me.
00:15:42It was agonizing.
00:15:42So I had to put myself in a right frame of mind, and I tried to get out of those type of situations.
00:15:52>> Exactly two years after heather went missing, the family was told that a hiker had found a human skull near pike's peak, just 15 miles from their home.
00:16:10>> The skull was found in a pretty remote area on rampage road, over 7 miles from home by a hiker in a pretty steep ravine.
00:16:26>> The skull was that of a young caucasian female.
00:16:31>> The news came on, and the reporter was holding the skull, and was saying this body has been found, yada yada.
00:16:38And all the details.
00:16:38And about, and this had happened to me so many times since she went missing.
00:16:48It's amazing how many bodies are found.
00:16:52>> Dental records identified the victim.
00:16:54It was heather church.
00:16:54>> At the beginning, I didn't want to hear it.
00:17:00Like 24 hours I was saying are you sure?
00:17:06I must have said that a hundred times.
00:17:08>> The autopsy revealed the manner of death was homicide.
00:17:15>> The medical examiner was able to conclude that heather died of blunt trauma to the right rear of the head.
00:17:21>> In the area where the skull was found investigators discovered a pair of girls' pajamas.
00:17:33But surprisingly her mother said they weren't heather's.
00:17:34With no other clue, it looked like the case might go cold again.
00:17:39But before that could happen, the newly elected sheriff of el paso county made the heather church case his first priority.
00:17:47>> And one of his main topics that he wanted to work was the heather dawn church case.
00:17:52And he asked me if I would look into it.
00:17:56>> He said he was ing to open the case up, I thought to myself, what good is this going to do?
00:18:12You know, what are you going to find out that these other police officers and detectives didn't know?
00:18:18>> Detective lou schmitt turned to the only possible clue to the killer's identity.
00:18:25The three fingerprints found on the bedroom window screen at the churches' house.
00:18:29At the same time, lay tent print examiner tom carney took a fresh look at these prints too.
00:18:35He was new to the paso county crime laboratory.
00:18:40He came from miami where he learned something not many others knew.
00:18:46The fbi's fingerprint database did not contain the prints of everyone in the united states who was convicted of a crime.
00:18:52>> He knew right away that they had not, all these afises out there had not been search.
00:18:56To the best of my knowledge only two afis systems had been searched.
00:19:00>> I just assumed that it was a centralized network and tom carney was the one that really opened our eyes on that.
00:19:09>> Generally, the fbi stores only the fingerprints of criminals convicted of major crimes, not those convicted of minor crimes like burglary or theft.
00:19:23So carney needed to identify every database that had fingerprints which were not on file with the fbi.
00:19:30>> I just contacted every state and tried to track down every system and every state including canada and even mexico.
00:19:39>> Carney identified 92 fingerprint databases in north america that hadn't been searched for the prints from the heather church case.
00:19:50>> I left a note for our photographic lab saying please make 92 sets of the heather church crime scene latents and I'm going to mail them out.
00:19:59And that's what I did.
00:20:00>> Four weeks later tom carney got a surprise.
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00:23:42>>> Finally, after two long years, colorado law enforcement officials got the break they'd been hoping for.
00:23:49They compared the fingerprints from the heather church case with 92 databases not connected to the fbi's afis registry, and their ever forts were richly rewarded.
00:24:06>> Actually it was my wife.
00:24:08We were standing at home.
00:24:10And the phone rang and it was the department saying they had just made a match.
00:24:12>> The fingerprints matched 42 year old robert brown.
00:24:16Who'd been arrested in both louisiana and california.
00:24:19And served time in prison for car theft.
00:24:25>> He had a criminal history in both of those states.
00:24:28Nothing for murder, but we knew he was a felon.
00:24:30>> Brown's fingerprints didn't make it into the fbi's database, because his offense was comparatively minor.
00:24:39>> When louisiana notified us that they had matched the prints to a subject named robert brown, we immediately went into our files and our databases to find out where robert brown lived and we found he lived a quarter mile away from heather church.
00:24:52>> Brown worked as a tree farmer and was married with one grown son.
00:24:59Colorado officials put brown under surveillance and arrested him walking out of an art supply store.
00:25:05When questioned, brown denied any involvement in heather's murder.
00:25:13>> Why are your fingerprints out there, robert?
00:25:16>> My fingerprints weren't out thayer.
00:25:20>> I'm guaranteeing you that i ain't lying to you.
00:25:28Your fingerprints are there.
00:25:30>> Prosecutors believe brown's motive was burglary on the night of the crime, heather church was babysitting her brother sage.
00:25:3530 to check on them.
00:25:44After her mother called, heather put her brother to bed, turned out the lights and went to sleep herself.
00:25:55Brown arrived at the churches' home sometime after 8:30.
00:26:01The house lights were off.
00:26:03And there was no car in the garage, so he probably thought no one was home.
00:26:10Brown entered the home through a window into one of the empty bedrooms.
00:26:17He most likely wore gloves.
00:26:18But when he had difficulty removing the screen he took them off and inadvertently left three prints behind.
00:26:30Prosecutors brief heather heard the noise and went to investigate.
00:26:35When brown saw her, he realized heather could identify him.
00:26:44So he struck her in the head with a blunt object, killing her instantly.
00:26:50He carried heather's body out through the front door, which he left unlocked.
00:26:52Loaded her into his vehicle and drove to the mountains.
00:26:56Where he dumped her body in a ravine.
00:27:02To avoid the death penalty, brown pleaded guilty to kidnapping and murder and was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole.
00:27:15>> Just, I think, just a scary prospect to all of us, that people can do these things and at least for a while get away with it.
00:27:28>> Had it not been for an alert fingerprint examiner, brown's print might never have been matched.
00:27:36>> The afis systems have to be organized into one central location where all fingerprint files are kept.
00:27:44So that you don't have to go through so many different agencies in order to find out the answer sometime.
00:27:47>> Once in prison, robert brown made a shocking revelation.
00:27:49He admitted that heather church wasn't his first murder victim.
00:27:52He said he killed another colorado springs woman named roseau sperry who'd been reported missing in 198 7.
00:27:58He said he put her body in a trash dumpster.
00:28:02>> The sperry case was a classic cold case.
00:28:07It was a missing person.
00:28:12Wasn't really investigated as a homicide.
00:28:21>> Eventually, brown confessed to 48 murders, including one he committed while serving in the u.s. military in south korea.
00:28:34Investigators around the country are still trying to corroborate brown's claims.
00:28:40If true, brown may be one of the most prolific serial killers in american history.
00:28:48And he might still be free if it weren't for the local fingerprint databases in louisiana and california.
00:28:57And the investigators who knew where to look.
00:28:59>> You just don't know sometime how just a little clue, just a little fingerprint and, will, will lead you right directly to the killer.
00:29:08>> They wouldn't have been able to find brown without those forensics.
00:29:10That fingerprint was the thing that nailed the nail in the coffin for him.
00:29:19Without that, after over a year, I don't know how that could have, how anything could have
00:00:02The killer knew his victim.
00:00:04And that alone gave investigators a head start.
00:00:15For many young women, the allure of the stage, theater and the arts is difficult to ignore.
00:00:2319 Year old heather stigliano thought she might have what it takes to succeed.
00:00:31>> She liked to pose and model and be on-stage.
00:00:38And she had a beautiful voice.
00:00:40>> After high schoeather planned to pursue her dreams but put them on hold for a year as a favor to her mother.
00:00:43>> I had just gone through a divorce.
00:00:46And she promised to stay with me for a year until I got my legs.
00:00:49And when that year was up she made her plans and she moved.
00:00:53>> Her destination was myrtle beach, south carolina where she had some friends.
00:01:01>> She wanted to be in the entertainment industry.
00:01:05I knew she loved singing.
00:01:07And I think that's one of the reasons she moved down to the myrtle beach area, because their area has a lot of entertainment.
00:01:15>> Heather rented an apartment in this house near the beach and took a job as a waitress.
00:01:19But heather found it difficult to get work as a sing irand she told her mother she was discouraged.
00:01:25>> She wanted me to come down.
00:01:25She was feeling homesick and things were not going as well as she wanted them to go down there.
00:01:29>> It would be the last time she heard her daughter's voice.
00:01:32A week later friends found her daughter's body in her apartment.
00:01:37She had been beaten, stabbed and strangled to death with an electrical cord.
00:01:44>> The crime was one of the most brutal crimes that I've seen as a prosecutor.
00:01:53>> Next to heather's body investigators found broken pieces of plastic.
00:02:00>> There was a small black plastic pieces, particles found.
00:02:07Some on her body, some scattered around the room and laying next to her body which we could not identify.
00:02:13>> There were no signs of forced entry, but the motive appeared to be robbery.
00:02:20Heather's wallet, her 35 millimeter camera, television and automobile were missing.
00:02:23>> We didn't understand at that time how he got in the house or anything else.
00:02:29So yeah, we were very concerned about it.
00:02:34And we wanted to try to find him or her before another crime could take place.
00:02:36>> Police issued a be on the lookout call for heather's car, a ten year old chevrolet monza with pennsylvania license plates.
00:02:47>> We have a system called ncic, national crime information center.
00:02:51And we can enter stolen vehicles, items, articles.
00:02:55Pretty much anything and it will go out nationwide.
00:02:57>> At the autopsy, the medical examiner photographed and measured the wounds on heather's body.
00:03:09There were 40 wounds in all.
00:03:11>> I will do diagrams, photographs and acetate tracings, lay a sheet of acetate over the body, trace the injuries onto the acetate.
00:03:21Those are then kept as evidence.
00:03:23>> From the amount of decomposition, the doctor indicated she had been dead for about a week.
00:03:29>> There were several stab wounds that were inflicted to her body after she died.
00:03:34There were some injuries that probably happened during the final few moments.
00:03:39>> It was obvious that it was at least three different methods of murder there.
00:03:44Because she had a wire that, around her neck.
00:03:47>> The medical examiner also found a bloody shoe impression on heather's shirt.
00:03:51And what looked like knife wounds on her neck, both were indications the killer tried to subdue her.
00:03:57A rape test kit found no biological evidence of sexual assault.
00:04:04>> One of the things that you try to do as a forensic ologist is to try to tell the story as best you can of what happened to an individual.
00:04:13In a case like this where there is a savage attack on a young girl, you really want to try to answer those questions.
00:04:19>> In the search for the killer, investigators found a significant clue at the crime scene.
00:04:25The killer put a pillow under heather's head.
00:04:31But there was no blood on the pillow.
00:04:33>> It looked to me like it had been placed there, not a part of the scene.
00:04:39>> And it looked as if the killer knew her.
00:04:42>>> At the crime scene, investigators found several claws to the identity of heather oughon breakouts, but how good are theyfor the rest of your face?
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00:07:42>>> At the crime scene, investigators found several clues to the identity of heather stigliano's killer.
00:07:54The evidence showed the killer tried to clean up her apartment afterwards.
00:07:58>> There was several places there were blood found, but it was obvious that somebody had tried to wipe up a lot of the blood, a lot of smears and stuff like that.
00:08:08>> Analysts applied a chemical to the bathroom floor.
00:08:14>> It was determined that this chemical would react to the dried blood left at the crime scene.
00:08:20Evidence such as footwear impressions, those that were partially visible and some that you couldn't see at all.
00:08:27>> Seconds after it was applied, multiple shoe impressions appeared.
00:08:34From a size 11 athletic shoe.
00:08:37It was the same shoe impression found on heather's shirt.
00:08:42>> You know it belongs to the bad guy.
00:08:47When you get evidence like that, it's been a good day.
00:08:50So you feel good inside.
00:08:52>> In a search for suspects, investigators spoke with heather's friends, co-workers and acquaint tans and there were quite a few.
00:09:00>> She was very friendly.
00:09:02She loved to be with her friends.
00:09:06She wanted to be part of anything that had energy.
00:09:09>> Police discovered that heather had an exboyfriend, jack norton, who was a pilot stationed at nearby pope air force base.
00:09:16>> Heather was having some problems and wanted to get back up with him.
00:09:22We didn't know if they had gotten back up and some domestic situation going on, argument, struggle, something like that might have happened.
00:09:32>> Investigators asked military officials where norton was stationed on the week of heather's murder.
00:09:34>> Found out that he wasn't around during the time that she would have died.
00:09:39>> Norton had been in saudi arabia that week and was eliminated as a suspect.
00:09:45>> Next, family members told investigators that she had had a problem with a man at a halloween party several days before her murder.
00:09:54She claimed that a captain called robert dolan had sexually assaulted her at the party.
00:10:03>> Well, she had drank a little more than she should have.
00:10:07She did tell me that she thought she had been raped by one of the husbands of one of the guests there.
00:10:17In her, while she was passed out.
00:10:21>> Well, I think he had around 17 years in the air force.
00:10:25And I think three kids.
00:10:26And that would be a motive, this was going toalsoecame a suspect.
00:10:35>> We felt that carol had gotten word that heather was going to the police about this, about being sexually assaulted by her husband.
00:10:44And of course, that just gave us more, you know, reason to suspect carol of either committing this homicide or her letting her husband robert know and him committing the homicide or them together.
00:10:56>> Heather never did report this incident to police.
00:11:01When questioned, captain dolan and his wife cooperated fully with the investigation and provided their finger prints for analysis.
00:11:12>> I compared the known ink prints to the latent prints taken from the crime scene.
00:11:23None of the ink standards were identified latent prints of the crime scene.
00:11:24>> We couldn't say he didn't do it, but there was nothing indicating that he did do it.
00:11:26>> Then investigators identified a fourth suspect, chris harkins was heather's friend who stayed in her apartment when he was in myrtle beach on business.
00:11:36>> After interviewing chris, it was found that they were just friends, that there was no sexual contact or anything like that between them.
00:11:46>> And harkins had an alibi.
00:11:48He was in lexington, south carolina, 160 miles away, the week of heather's murder.
00:11:55Then investigators got an unexpected call from an antique dealer 26 miles away in south carolina.
00:12:02He and his wife read about the murder in the newspaper and had some information they thought might help.
00:12:08>> They told us of a gentleman who had come down there.
00:12:12He looked like he had been in some type of a scrap or a fight.
00:12:16And he was trying to sell a camera.
00:12:21>> The cameras was the same make and model as the one missing from heather's apartment.
00:12:27>> Just real suspicious acting the whole time.
00:12:34He even got a little aggravated when they told him they didn't want it.
00:12:45And he had a look that scared them.
00:12:49>> He described the man as WHITE, MID-30s WITH DARK HAIR.
00:12:52And he had the presence of mind to write down his license plate number on his coffee cup.
00:12:57>> It was registered to heather stigliano, who is our victim.
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00:16:31>>> An antique dealer gave police a detailed description of the man driving heather stigliano's car.
00:16:38From that description, a police artist created this composite sketch, which was distributed to news outlets throughout the country.
00:16:47As a result, employees of a local construction company in myrtle beach told police that they recognized him.
00:16:54>> They said, well, we had a subject named james whipple that worked here but all of a sudden was just gone.
00:17:06Never called in, never give us a notice.
00:17:12He's been gone for about a week now, which was kind of connecting to some of the timeline.
00:17:33>> James whipple was 38 years old and had a police record in four different states.
00:17:35>> He had several burglaries, glandular sennies, unauthorized use of vehicles, a dui or two with resisting arrest.
00:17:38>> Six days later police found whipple in melbourne, florida, driving heather stigliano's car.
00:17:40>> I was on top of the world.
00:17:42In one day we came up with two bits of information, a suspect and a car.
00:17:48>> But what connection, if any, did whipple have to heather stigliano?
00:17:54Investigators learned that whipple knew heather's friend chris harkins because they had worked together in the past.
00:18:03>> But that was the only connection that whipple had had with heather at the time.
00:18:06They, they had briefly met right then.
00:18:09And, you know, he left with chris.
00:18:15There was no other connection between heather and whipple.
00:18:18>> Inside heather's car was a virtual treasure trove of evidence.
00:18:27>> Found a lot more than i expected to find.
00:18:31Went through a methodical process of working from the outside in on the vehicle.
00:18:34>> Under the front seat investigators found a bent serrated knife, a broken clothes iron, a pair of men's athletic shoes and bloody clothing.
00:18:46They sent the knife to forensic pathologist dr. jamie downs.
00:18:51>> With the serrated knife, i look at the separation.
00:18:53Tines of the serrated points, the little points stuck out and noted that those were at repeated intervals, very consistent repeated intervals.
00:19:08 downs then compared the size of the serrations to the knife marks on heather's skin.
00:19:14And they were the same.
00:19:17A group of abrasions on the side of her neck no bigger than a half an inch was matched back to a knife in the possession of the suspect in the case.
00:19:27 downs also compared the clothes iron found in whipple's possession to heather's wounds and concluded the iron had also been used in the crime.
00:19:40Next, steve derek wanted to see if the black plastic pieces from the crime scene came from this iron.
00:19:49>> So that point became a plastic pieces from the crime scene came from this iron.
00:19:55>> At that point it became a puzzle after everything was photographically documented and started gluing the plastic pieces back together.
00:20:02>> After some trial and error, derrick discovered the pieces fit perfectly.
00:20:10>> The pieces from the crime scene and the iron in the car created the link to whipple being at the crime scene.
00:20:19>> Investigators also analyzed the athletic shoes found in whipple's possession.
00:20:25They were size 11.
00:20:28The same size as the shoe impressions found in blood at the crime scene.
00:20:34Steve derrick used standard red fingerprint powder to dust the right shoe.
00:20:40Then made an impression on a transparency.
00:20:44The size and tread pattern were the same.
00:20:47More importantly, the wear patterns known as accidental characteristics were virtually identical.
00:21:02>> Derrick also concluded this was the shoe which made the bloody impression on heather's shirt.
00:21:10>> The outsole design of whipple's shoe matched this bloody impression on the t-shirt.
00:21:19>> And tests showed that clothing in the car contained heather's blood.
00:21:26In his very first interview with police, james whipple confessed.
00:21:32>> I did it because of damn crack cocaine.
00:21:37You'll get your damn money, you'll get your drugs one way or the other.
00:21:42>> Reporter: He said, "i killed her and I deserve the death penalty for doing what I did to " the usual, bob?
00:21:50Not today.
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00:25:25>>> James whipple told police his addiction to crack cocaine took over his life.
00:25:37>> The friends and family can't get on with their lives until justice is served and put it behind them and try to get on with their lives.
00:25:45>> This family indicated he had a real problem with drugs and that he had an anger problem that he had lost his wife, his marriage, his kids, and everything because of the drugs and they said it was something he could not control at all.
00:26:01>> Whipple knew heather and knew she worked as a waitress and had cash in her apartment.
00:26:09>> He knew she worked at a restaurant and had good tip money, usually on most nights.
00:26:15>> Reporter: Prosecutors believe whipple went to heather's apartment for one reason and one reason only -- money.
00:26:24He asked heather if his friend chris was there, which was probably to see if she was alone.
00:26:31Heather said she had his telephone number and allowed him inside.
00:26:35Desperate for money and high on drugs, whipple attacked.
00:26:42He struck her with the clothes iron which broke the plastic housing, then strangled her to death.
00:26:55Whipple took her money and whatever household items he thought he could sell.
00:27:00He also stole her car.
00:27:04The next day, whipple said he returned to heather's apartment to clean up.
00:27:10He wiped his fingerprints and tried to remove as much blood as he could.
00:27:20But forensic tests found the shoe impressions he thought he had cleaned.
00:27:27Before leaving, whipple placed the pillow under heather's head, a sign he knew her.
00:27:34He also took the clothes iron and knife.
00:27:38Later found in his possession.
00:27:43A short time later, he tried to sell heartther's camera to an antique dealer who notified authorities.
00:27:55>> We told the jury that whipple was guilty.
00:28:00He confessed not only to police and the judge would allow all of those confessions in because all of them had done properly.
00:28:07But he had talked to journalists and he had talked to detention officers and written letters telling everybody he had committed this terrible crime.
00:28:16>> I just want to say I'm sorry.
00:28:21Not that it's going to help.
00:28:24I also believe in capital punishment.
00:28:26The only thing I deserve.
00:28:27>> I never had a murder suspect confess like that and ask for the death penalty and say it so many times.
00:28:34>> James whipple was convicted of first-degree murder but didn't get the death penalty.
00:28:41Instead, he was sentenced to life in prison without parole.
00:28:46>> This, in my mind, is the second most horrific case that I've ever been involved in in terms of the trauma to the victim, the torture that the victim endured, the level of violence used to commit the murder.
00:29:03>> I deserve the punishment i get.
00:29:07It's horrible what I have done.
00:29:09I wish I could bring her back and trade blazes with her.
00:29:13I can't.
00:29:13>> The forensic analysis not only identified the perpetrator, but documented the extent of his brutality.
00:29:24>> Forensic science is amazing what the evidence that they can find from a piece of hair, a little dna.
00:29:36It doesn't surprise me in the least.
00:29:37>> That really, to me, is impressive.
00:29:40That's what forensics is, is answering questions that haven't even been thought of yet.
00:29:46>> Any time I can bring a case to a positive conclusion and