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00:00:06[ Laughs ] Adam: The clearest difference between driving on the wet ground versus the dry ground is that it's a lot slipperier.
00:00:14Narrator: And that's the key.
00:00:15By simply getting to grips with the car on a wet surface, they can be sure they won't lose their heads at high speeds on the real test, which means they're licensed for wet-weather science.
00:00:29I keep losing my hat.
00:00:31[Bleep] Narrator: Now, in part one of popcorn pandemonium, is it possible to pop popcorn with an explosion?
00:00:41.Woman screams] [ laughs ] I love this. watch this part.
00:00:45You know, going to the movie theater is one of my favorite things to do, but what does this have to do the myth?
00:00:50Well, the fans love popcorn as much as i do, and they've sent in a ton of myths about popcorn.
00:00:55Yeah, like what?
00:00:55Can you pop popcorn with explosives?
00:00:57Now, how is that supposed to work?
00:00:59Explosions generate a lot of heat, and the fans think that it's just enough to pop popcorn.
00:01:05It's delicious. and nutritious.
00:01:07It's a taste delight Narrator: Popcorn and its distinctive explosive expansion is a ready-made recipe for myth and disaster.
00:01:17And the fans want to know, can you put the pop in popcorn with a bang?
00:01:24Okay, so popcorn with explosives?
00:01:26How are we gonna test this?
00:01:27Well this myth comes in a whole variety of forms.
00:01:29Everything from a torpedo hitting a container ship full of popcorn to an industrial accident at a popcorn popping plant.
00:01:35Whoa. what are we gonna do?
00:01:36I think we should take our favorite explosions from our favorite myths -- apply them to popcorn.
00:01:41This is gonna be fun.
00:01:42Oh, this is the part when she dies.
00:01:46Narrator: Despite the various outlandish sources for this fan request, the basic premise for each is the same.
00:01:55Heat and pressure from an explosion causes raw popcorn kernels to cook in an instant.
00:02:06...The team is taking twoclassic blasts from ..
00:02:11[ Laughter ] ...and re-igniting themat the bomb range.
00:02:14He ..
00:02:19Now, we do have a myth from james bond that is the exploding propane tank.
00:02:24If this doesn't pop the popcorn, I don't know what will.
00:02:27Grant: We're gonna strap some c-4 onto a propane tank, put some popcorn kernels on top, and see if we get this rain of cooked popcorn.
00:02:35Now we know that heat is what causes popcorn kernels to pop into popcorn.
00:02:40I mean, you can do it on your stove.
00:02:42And I think it's fairly likely that the size of the fireball that we'll get will generate the sufficient amount of heat to make something pop.
00:02:50[ Gunshot ] Narrator: So, will the explosive c-4 and propane cocktail cook the corn?
00:02:58Or will it simply be shaken, stirred, and sprayed shrapnel-like all over the bomb range?
00:03:04All right, here we go. in three, two, one.
00:03:10[ Cheers ] [ laughter ] wow.
00:03:16That was some heat. you think we popped popcorn?
00:03:19I don't know.
00:03:22Narrator: That's the burning quest n.
00:03:26But up at the corn-carnage epicenter, the signs aren't good.
00:03:30I see a lot of unpopped kernels on the ground.
00:03:34No popcorn.
00:03:35Kari: Nothing? nope.
00:03:37There's more foil over here.
00:03:38Narrator: It seems the force of the c-4 explosion and the rapidly expanding propane fireball distributed the raw kernels far and wide, without actually cooking and popping any of them.
00:03:52My propane-popcorn empire!
00:03:55[ Sobbing ] WHY?!
00:03:56Kari: I don't think there was quite enough heat, and it wasn't sustained for long enough for the popcorn to actually pop.
00:04:02We just kind of blew it out everywhere.
00:04:06It's like a wet-t-shirt contest, really.
00:04:08Narrator: Jamie and adam use an unconventional rain-measuring method.
00:04:13Grant: In three!
00:04:17...Cracked the kettle-corn-making market?
00:04:20Look at all those burning kernels!
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00:07:04Narrator: It's a popular fansite fable -- can you keep the rain out of your convertible by putting the pedal to the metal?
00:07:14After taking their luxury soft-top ..
00:07:18[ Tires screeching ] ...adam and jamie are back at the batcave for preliminary shop tests.
00:07:25So this is our scale testing rig for driving in the rain.
00:07:28And since it's about two things, wind and rain, we're creating both of those in a small scale.
00:07:33I've got a leaf blower here creating the wind over the car, I've got jamie perched up there in the scissor lift.
00:07:39He's gonna be the rain.
00:07:39He's got a pressurized bottle of some blue dye so that we can actually see the raindrops.
00:07:45Oh, that's nice.
00:07:46Hopefully, if there's any validity to this myth, that the rain, somehow by the aerodynamics of the car going fast, won't get in the driver's compartment.
00:07:53Are you ready? I'm ready.
00:07:53U I would expect to see these blue raindrops coming down and the wind coming over the car, inhibiting them from continuing their journey onto the passengers in the convertible.
00:08:04Narrator: To simulate driving through the rain, ..
00:08:10All right, go for it.
00:08:12Oh, yeah.
00:08:15Narrator:..Followed by a small-scale hurricane, ..
00:08:21I almost feel like I'm driving it!
00:08:24...After which adam is confident this myth holds water.
00:08:29Adam: I'm thinking that our scale tests are actually proving pretty fruitful.
00:08:33There may be something to this.
00:08:34We've run three tests, and they're showing me what I would expect to see if this myth were actually true, , we've run it with no wind and some rain, a slow-speed wind, 15 miles per hour, and a high-speed wind, 30 miles per hour, and I'm seeing what looks like a bubble forming over the driver's compartment that less rain seems to want to get into.
00:08:50Yeah, it does show the rain kind of zipping over the cockpit, but I'm not that sure that the wind and the rain scale that well.
00:08:57We're gonna have to do it full size.
00:09:00[ Laughs ] I knew you were gonna go there.
00:09:01Narrator: s wet-weather driving, adam has a couple of issues.
00:09:06Okay, the first problem with this as I see it is that this was loaned to us by a friend and a fan of the show, and it's worth over $100,000, and we're mythbusters.
00:09:15There's an inherent danger factor just letting us near something of this value.
00:09:20The second problem is that we've got to figure out a way, at some fairly extreme speeds, to be able to know whether water has gotten into the driver's compartment.
00:09:29Jamie: We need to have a rain detector for inside the car, but because the amounts that we're dealing with are really quite small, it's not like we can put a funnel and a collector or an electronic instrument or something in there.
00:09:42Like this.
00:09:43I figured that if we put something that would, by virtue of getting wet, show a dot, that that would do the trick, and so I thought of tissue paper, because when it's opaque, you can't really see anything through the other side of it.
00:09:56But when it gets wet, like so, all of a sudden, you've got a very clear indication that there's a drop of water that hit.
00:10:02Ah, it's like a wet-t-shirt contest, really.
00:10:07It shows you what's underneath, don't it?
00:10:10[ Laughs ] Narrator: So far, popping popcorn with explosives is not looking good.
00:10:21 didn't work at all.
00:10:23Narrator: The extreme expansion of gases typical of an explosion is simply distributing the kernels over the bomb range without cooking them.
00:10:33[ Cheers ] but our intrepid trio have yet to light the fuse on their final conflagration.
00:10:39Kari: Of all the fireballs that I've seen from explosions that we've done, creamer cannon has given usthe most slow fireball.
00:10:47It goes into the airand then [imitates explosion] and we're gonna have the popcorn kind of mixed in with the creamer.
00:10:58That's a recipe for disaster.
00:11:01Hopefully kettle corn.
00:11:02So maybe the sticky creamer will stick to the popcorn, creating that heat for long enough that we'll get kettle corn.
00:11:09Grant: I'm ever the optimist.
00:11:10I think that this actually has a chance of working.
00:11:13All right, you guys want to run.
00:11:15I do.
00:11:15What happens is you launch the cannon, the creamer and the corn goes up in the air, the corn's surrounded by fire.
00:11:22Somehow, it's going to make us kettle corn.
00:11:26Right to go. all right.
00:11:27In three, two, one!
00:11:33Whoa! whoa! whoa!
00:11:34.. something!
00:11:37Look at all those burning kernels!
00:11:39Grant: I think there's kernels out there!
00:11:41Let's see if we got any popcorn!
00:11:43Narrator: The fine-grained creamer once again proves extremely flammable, leading to a satisfying fireball.
00:11:52And there appears to be flaming food falling to the ground.
00:11:56[ Cheers ] we've popped popcorn!
00:11:59It's kettle corn flambé!
00:12:02It's burnt, but look!
00:12:03No, that's just burnt creamer.
00:12:06That's not popcorn?
00:12:07No, but I saw it rain down!
00:12:09Unfortunately, it was just little bits of creamer.
00:12:11But there was such hope there for a minute.
00:12:14I thought we actually did it.
00:12:15My kettle-corn empire!
00:12:18[ Sobbing ] I'm wrong again!
00:12:21Narrator: So, with the myth looking pretty much busted, it's back to the shop, where kari meets a popcorn professor.
00:12:27Now, we've been trying to pop popcorn with explosives, and I'm wondering if we just don't have enough heat generated.
00:12:35Why do you think that it's not working for us?
00:12:37Popcorn pops bestat 450 degrees fahrenheit.
00:12:40When the popcorn is exposed to that heat, the moisture inside the kernels expand and expand, like your grandmother's old-fashioned pressure cooker, until finally, there's enough pressure to break open thkernel, and what you're eating is the starch that has been condensed inside.
00:12:57Narrator: That's the key.
00:12:58A popcorn kernel is basically a pressure vessel made up of three layers -- the tough outer shell, the starch-filled middle layer, and the small, central germ.
00:13:09Add sustained heat, and the moisture in the center turns to steam.
00:13:13This heat and pressure gelatinizes the starch until, finally, the shell bursts.
00:13:19As the steam is released, the starch cools into the fluffy white ball we know and love.
00:13:24So let me get this straight.
00:13:25The explosives didn't work because we didn't have any of the right circumstances.
00:13:30You're saying we need 450 degrees, even heating over a period of time, of more like a minute, before we can actually get the popcorn to expand.
00:13:36So there's really no way for us to flash heat and have explosives make us popcorn.
00:13:42That's my understanding.
00:13:47Well, as exciting as that was, we didn't really pop any popcorn with explosives.
00:13:51Kari: Well, there's one more myth I really want to test that the fans sent in, and that's why I brought you here to the movie theater.
00:13:56Which one's that?
00:13:57Well, do you remember a little movie called "real genius"?
00:13:59Yeah, I patterned my life off of it.
00:14:01Do you remember the last scene in the movie?
00:14:03A laser pops an enormous amount of popcorn in the house, blows out all the windows and the doors just from the power of popcorn.
00:14:08And that's what we're gonna test?
00:14:10Yep. that's what we're gonna test.
00:14:12Check it out.
00:14:14Narrator:A TEMPLATE FOR GRANT'S LIFE, ..
00:14:19Let me have it!
00:14:20...And a source for this myth.
00:14:22Can a 5-megawatt laser really cook a gigantic ball of popcorn?
00:14:30And can the expansive power unleashed really bring down the house?
00:14:37All right, well, first, we need to see if you can even pop popcorn with a laser.
00:14:40And we need to characterize the force of popping popcorn.
00:14:43Okay, well let's start out with some due diligence.
00:14:45Before we unleash the power of popcorn on an actual house, how about you and I go check out a military spec laser, see if it pops popcorn, while you run some tests on force and expansion.
00:14:53All right, let's go.
00:14:55We can't leave yet. the credits are rolling.
00:14:56People work hard on this.
00:14:57We didn't work on this, did we? no.
00:15:01Adam: It's a little iwo jima moment here.
00:15:03Narrator:..Jamie and adam raise the rain and the stakes.
00:15:11[ Silly voice ] WE'RE POPPING POPCORN WITH Lasers!
00:15:14...Reaches all new hot heights.
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00:19:13Narrator: Jamie and adam are on the runway at alameda, raising a rainmaker.
00:19:18Adam: It's a little iwo jima moment here.
00:19:20Narrator: Because to test the myth ..
00:19:24Holy crapola.
00:19:25Narrator:..They need wet weather at the flick of a switch.
00:19:28[ Echoing ] HELLO!
00:19:30Narrator: And for that, they're going back to their movie roots.
00:19:34Adam: Hollywood, like mythbusters, doesn't wait for ideal weather conditions.
00:19:37They make their own weather, and this device is one of the ways they do it.
00:19:40This is a rainbar.
00:19:42And it sprays water through a set of spouts.
00:19:45These spouts -- there are six of them, and if what you want is torrential rain, it an deliver 1,200 gallons a minute.
00:19:52For us, it's gonna be delivering a linear swath of rain 200 feet long.
00:19:57Well, everything's hooked up and in place, and the next thing we're gonna do is a dribble test.
00:20:02We're just gonna pressurize all the lines to the point where water starts dribbling out the rain heads because of several things.
00:20:10[ Laughs ] this amount of rain is perfect for our test.
00:20:14It's just about 2 inches per hour.
00:20:16One, that's a lot of weight of water, about 600 pounds per bar, and the weight distribution could change, and they could swing, so we need to make sure we can control them.
00:20:23Two, there's a little bit of a west-east breeze here.
00:20:26We want to make sure the rain falls where the car's gonna drive.
00:20:29So we might adjust our final bar position based on what we see here.
00:20:33[ Laughs ] that's perfect.
00:20:35Narrator: With the rain ready to fall and the cameras ready to roll, it's time to bring in the star -- the car.
00:20:42Adam: We've modified this car in a couple of ways to turn it into a data-collection device for this test.
00:20:47First, because it's a fancy car, we've protected the whole interior with absorbent fabric, so that no water can damage the car.
00:20:53Second, to measure what water doesget in the car, we've got these two boards, which is basically a piece of plywood faced with acrylic and tissue paper.
00:21:01Any water that hits this surface is gonna create a nice dark spot that's easy to see, easy to count, and should give us a really nice comparative analysis of how much water's getting into the driver's compartment under the different conditions we're testing.
00:21:14Well, let's get to it. okay.
00:21:16Narrator: And by "to it," they mean using their driving instructor as a human-crash-test guinea pig.
00:21:21The biggest danger posed by this experiment is hydroplaning.
00:21:25That's where the car floats up on a cushion of water, and you lose all control of it.
00:21:30Se okay, go rain and brian.
00:21:38So brian, our safety trainer and driver, is actually going to take this run at 120 miles an hour across the rainy tarmac to make sure that it's safe for jamie and I to do.
00:21:49Narrator: Brian's about to hit what's essentially a sluiced-down skid pad at 120 miles per hour.
00:21:57This could be interesting.
00:22:08Narrator: Out of control through 450 degrees is exactly why the expert was behind the wheel and not adam or jamie.
00:22:15What happened there, buddy?
00:22:17That's what we call hydroplaning. wow.
00:22:20That seemed quite intense.
00:22:21It was very intense and a lot of fun.
00:22:23[ Laughs ] Jamie: I got to say, brian gets real props for that one.
00:22:30Looking at the footage, brian's expression didn't change at all.
00:22:34He didn't flinch while he's spinning out of control around and around and around at 120 miles an hour.
00:22:42Narrator: So one thing's clear -- these tests will be dangerous.
00:22:46Hitting a wet surface at higher than highway speeds has the potential to put you into a spin cycle.
00:22:52How do you feel about it, jamie?
00:22:54He did it.
00:22:55I'll do it.
00:23:00Man: Whoa!
00:23:03[ Grant sobbing ] Grant: My kettle-corn empire!
00:23:08[ Sobbing ] Narrator: Our intrepid trio are looking into unconventional ways to pop popcorn.
00:23:16And to test this popcorn-themed scene from the silver screen, kari and tory go back to school.
00:23:24Because they want to know if there's any science at all in this science-fiction-sounding scenario.
00:23:30Now, what we're trying to find out here is, can you pop popcornwith a laser, and if so, could you do itfrom a plane?
00:23:36I believe that they're both possible.
00:23:38Just a matter how much laser power you have.
00:23:39Now, how realistic do you think the laser in the movie was?
00:23:425 Megawatts is a stretch.
00:23:44I'm not saying it's impossible, but it's a stretch even for chemical lasers, which typically operate -- you know, the highest power is about 100 kilowatts.
00:23:52I don't think that a 5-megawatt laser is around the corner just yet.
00:23:55Now, one serious question that grant wanted me to ask you was, how close are we to lightsaber technology?
00:24:03[ Laughs ] oh, that's classified.
00:24:08Narrator: So, as unlikely as it sounds, there's a "kernel" of truth to this myth.
00:24:16Here is my popcorn kernel.
00:24:18Here we go.
00:24:19...They've got a 10-watt laser pointed right at it.
00:24:23[ Silly voice ] WE'RE POPPING POPCORN WITH Lasers!
00:24:25I'm looking at the thermal camera.
00:24:27I'm seeing a tiny bit of heat at the top and the bottom of the kernel, and they're expanding very slowly.
00:24:31I'm pretty sure this is not how mom used to make it.
00:24:35Maybe this is how grant's mom used to make it.
00:24:38[ Cheers ] it popped! proof of concept!
00:24:41[ Cheers ] well, now that you can laser-pop popcorn, let's just concentrate on the power of popcorn.
00:24:48That is cool.
00:24:50Let's go.
00:24:51Pretty good.
00:24:57Narrator:..It's all hands on deck for a full-scale popcorn cookout.
00:25:01One, two, three!
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00:29:06Please, do not try what we do on this show at home.
00:29:09" it's safer that way.
00:29:19[ Silly voice ] WE'RE POPPING POPCORN WITH Lasers!
00:29:23...Kari, grant, and tory have discovered that, just like the myth, you can actually cook popcorn with a laser.
00:29:29Proof of concept!
00:29:31So now all we need is a 5-megawatt laser, and then we can finally find out if popcorn can break down doors and windows.
00:29:37Ah, no.
00:29:38In fact, 100 kilowatt is the most powerful you're gonna find, and that's even in military applications.
00:29:43Yeah, so basically, we're never gonna find a laser big enough to pop a houseful of popcorn.
00:29:49If we can't get a laser, we can substitute another heat source.
00:29:52Already on it. induction heating.
00:29:53We just have to switch out the tinfoil for some sort of steel container.
00:29:56Sounds reasonable to me.
00:29:57So, did you ask him about that thing we were talking about, the laser sword?
00:30:01Actually, I did. and guess what?
00:30:03I got a prototype right here.
00:30:04There you go, buddy. don't turn it on inside.
00:30:06I said don't turn that on inside!
00:30:08You're gonna cut somebody's head off!
00:30:11Narrator: So out goes the science-fiction-sized 5-megawatt laser, and in comesa giant steel frying pan, heated by electromagnetism?
00:30:20Tory: So we're trying to find out does popcorn have the expansive power to blow open doors and windows of a house?
00:30:25Now we know, in theory, that a laser can pop popcorn, but there's no way we're gonna be able to get a laser powerful enough to pop a whole houseful of popcorn, so I'm gonna make a frying pan, but a giant steel, electromagnetically heated frying pan.
00:30:43This is gonna be crazy.
00:30:44Narrator: It's a big pan, but it's not house-sized.
00:30:47And that's because the second change to the movie scenario is one of scale.
00:30:53The team are starting small, with just one window.
00:30:56Kari: In the movie, the weak point was the windows, so I'm constructing a window, putting it in a wall, making that the lid for our pan.
00:31:01Now, if this myth is true, the popcorn should pop like crazy, pop with mythical power, bust through the windows, and spill out everywhere.
00:31:09Narrator: That's the setup.
00:31:13Apply the jedi mind force.
00:31:16Narrator:..Uh, mind...
00:31:19[ Grant laughs ] crunch the crucial numbers for the expansion potential of popcorn.
00:31:25So, the popped kernel has an increase in volume of approximately 30 times, which is pretty good.
00:31:31Narrator: Next, he uses the force -- gauge ..
00:31:37Rise, popcorn, rise.
00:31:40Push on the plate with force.
00:31:44...Which turns out to be 0.22 psi.
00:31:49Tory: So we're about to heat up the pan to cook the popcorn.
00:31:52Now, the way we're gonna do that is we're using an induction heating system.
00:31:55How that works is there are copper coils underneath the steel plate, and they send out a high-frequency a.c. current.
00:32:02Now, that current creates a magnetic field which will move the molecules around in the steel.
00:32:06As those molecules are moving, it creates friction, which creates heat.
00:32:10And that's how we're gonna cook our popcorn.
00:32:12In essence, we're making a giant skillet.
00:32:15[ Imitates sizzling ] aaah!
00:32:20Grant: So, now we're gonna coat the bottom of the pan ..
00:32:26Mm. smells like popcorn.
00:32:27...And then fill it with 3/4 of an inch of popcorn kernels.
00:32:31Narrator: According to grant's earlier calculations, 3/4 of an inch of kernels should expand to over 20 inches.
00:32:39And with the window a mere 6 inches above the uncooked corn, we're all set to find out if popcorn has the power to break out.
00:32:49Grant: So what we're looking for in this experiment is whether the force of the popping popcorn will actually break the window.
00:32:55Grant: Okay, it's on.
00:32:56Now in my earlier experiment, ..
00:33:02They're popping! one, two, three!
00:33:05Yeah! yeah!
00:33:06...Which doesn't sound like a whole lot, but consider this is a relatively large surface area, and the window's over 1,000 square inches, which means, potentially, 220 pounds of force.
00:33:16Narrator: But despite a sterling, stirring ..
00:33:21Rake it, grant!
00:33:22Now's your chance to show us what you got, boy.
00:33:24...The popcorn fails to make an impression on the window, and it never will, because confining the popcorn while it's cooking prevents it from popping.
00:33:34So it looks like most of our kernels popped, and you might be thinking, well, if they didn't bust through the window, why don't they just add more popcorn?
00:33:41But there's actually a maximum amount of kernels you can use before not only does the compression start making them pop smaller, but everything just burns.
00:33:48This is the most popcorn that's going to pop in these circumstances.
00:33:52Narrator: So it's a catch-22.
00:33:53Putting pressure on the popcorn means it doesn't pop, and can't exert that expansive pressure.
00:33:58But the guys aren't giving up yet.
00:34:01Kari: We do know from your experiment the pressures that the popcorn should exert.
00:34:05So what if we took the cooking out of the equation, used pre-popped popcorn and applied our own force?
00:34:12 then we could see the popcorn is strong enough to break out of a house.
00:34:16Or whether the kernels would simply crush under those conditions.
00:34:19So back to the drawing board?
00:34:2570% Chance of science!
00:34:26Narrator: And 100% chance of rain.
00:34:29Then, kari, grant, and tory pop the top off with popcorn.
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00:35:17Now through january 4th.
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00:38:30Narrator: Adam and jamie are lifting the lid on a myth that to stay dry, you don't put the top up, you put your foot down.
00:38:39Adam: First up is the control.
00:38:40See, the myth states that if it starts to rain and you're driving your convertible with the top down, you shouldn't waste your time putting it up.
00:38:45You should gun it, floor it, go as fast as you can.
00:38:48So of course we're gonna gun it, floor it, and go as fast as we can.
00:38:52But what do we compare that to?
00:38:53We compare it to the control, which is driving into a rainstorm, stopping, putting the top up, and seeing how much rain we gather that way.
00:39:01Narrator: With a direct line to the weather ..
00:39:04All right, stand by for pressure.
00:39:06Narrator:..Or at least john, the rain bar operator, adam commences the rain.
00:39:11Today's forecast, 70% chance of science!
00:39:16Go ahead and pressure it up.
00:39:18Jamie, come on in.
00:39:20[ Engine revs ] Narrator: Remember, this is a control for comparative purposes.
00:39:27Adam: All right, now stop and put the top up.
00:39:30[ Laughing ] OH, THIS LOOKS AWFUL.
00:39:31Narrator: If you're foolish enough to be driving with the roof down while there's a rainstorm approaching, we want to know how wet you'll get in the time it takes to pop the top back on.
00:39:42Now go ahead and drive off.
00:39:44And it's pretty clear, because that's one wet hyneman.
00:39:49[ Laughs ] how was that? looks like you got soaked!
00:39:53I think so.
00:39:54Oh, look at our test boards!
00:39:55 they're just 100% soaked.
00:39:58Adam: I don't know whether there's gonna turn out to be something to driving really fast to keep the rain out of your convertible, but it's pretty clear that stopping at all, even to put the top up, is gonna get you saturated with rain pretty quickly.
00:40:11All right, now stop and put the top up.
00:40:14Now that we've got a good control, it's time for some real testing.
00:40:17If there's any merit to this myth, we should see a lot less rain on our rain-collection panels than last time.
00:40:24Narrator: But the weather gods, the real ones, otherwise known as the physical forces of meteorology, decide to rain on adam and jamie's scientific parade.
00:40:34The tissue-paper rig isno gonna work in these conditions.
00:40:36Well, why don't we do some runs anyway, and shoot it on high speed, look at it closely, and see if we can detect any kind of pattern from it.
00:40:42Okay, that sounds good.
00:40:43First up, let's do 25 miles an hour. okay.
00:40:46For this stately 25-mile-an-hour test, out go the rain-detection boards, and in comes the high-speed camera.
00:40:56Then, after a quick reset, jamie ups the speed to a healthy 55 miles an hour, before heading back to compare the two runs.
00:41:05Jamie: At 25 miles an hour, I don't see any plume coming off the windshield at all.
00:41:09You will.
00:41:10It's coming up in just a minute. there, see?
00:41:13Yeah, it's pretty small.
00:41:14But still, you can see the effect.
00:41:16Looks like a lot of it's going into the cockpit, though.
00:41:20Here's 55, though.
00:41:21The difference is actually pretty marked.
00:41:23So, no plume. look at how the plume appears.
00:41:26Isn't that nifty? yeah.
00:41:28Just totally clear.
00:41:29Totally clear?
00:41:30Well, there seems to be more of a plume at the faster speed, but is the cockpit actually staying drier?
00:41:36There's no way of knowing for sure until the real rain lets up.
00:41:42I'm not gonna say this too loud, but it looks like it might actually be clearing up.
00:41:46We might get a window for testing soon!
00:41:50Narrator: Kari, grant, and tory are asking, can popping popcorn blow out your house?
00:41:55They're just kind of tinkling against the window.
00:41:57I thought they'd be more aggressive. yeah.
00:41:59Narrator: Large-scale cooking didn't work, so they're taking heat out of the equation to focus on the expansion potential.
00:42:07Now, what we do know is that if you can pop popcorn, it does exert a certain amount of force.
00:42:13Gives us a psi .22.
00:42:15So, we're gonna try this experiment again but in a different way.
00:42:19Tory: We're gonna take a bunch of pre-popped popcorn, fill a house that we build, add our own pressure, and see if the popcorn is enough to destroy the house.
00:42:31That kettle's hot!
00:42:33Am I missing an eyebrow?
00:42:35Kari: We've done the calculations.
00:42:37TO FILL A HOUSE THAT IS 6x6x6 FEET, We're going to need 30 55-gallon garbage bags full.
00:42:43So we've got six popcorn poppers, all popping at the same time, and we're working around the clock so we can fill the house.
00:42:49Narrator: After the corn mountain peaks, kari's four-legged vacuum cleaners move in, and the team can move on.
00:42:58And with a house built to code in fast forward, grant steps up with a larger-than-necessary piston to apply the popcorn power.
00:43:09I'm not compensating for anything.
00:43:12[ Both laugh ] Grant: So, I'm standing underneath what would be the floor of our house.
00:43:16We're gonna fill up the entire house with popcorn, and then this cylinder is going to push up.
00:43:22[ Laughing ] OH, YEAH! IT FITS.
00:43:25Now, initially it's going to be just the popcorn force, just to see if, under ideal conditions, if we popped every kernel, what would happen to the house?
00:43:35Would it push up and blow out the windows, or would it do nothing?
00:43:41Pump's on!
00:43:42All right, you guys ready? yep.
00:43:44Okay, so, this is regular-popcorn popping force.
00:43:53Tory: It's moving.
00:43:55Kari: Yeah. slowly moving.
00:43:57You hear the creaking?
00:43:58Yeah. something's gonna give.
00:44:00Is it the popcorn? is it the house?
00:44:03Narrator: As it turns out, neither.
00:44:05Popcorn power, which, according to grant's calculations, 22 psi and exactly the pressure exerted by the piston, just isn't enough to do any damage at all.
00:44:16So basically the expansive pressure popcorn exerts doesn't come close to denting the door or windows.
00:44:25I got to say, this part of the myth is looking busted.
00:44:27Yep, busted. yep, busted.
00:44:29But you know what, we still have a house full of popcorn.
00:44:31I say we max it out, see what happens.
00:44:33I want to see what's gonna go first, the house or the popcorn.
00:44:38Do it!
00:44:38All right, let's wreck this house!
00:44:40Narrator: With grant's piston cranked to ..
00:44:46...This test is a transparent excuse to destroy stuff.
00:44:50The only question is, will the popcorn crush into dust, or will the house come tumbling down?
00:44:58[ All cheering ] and as it turns out, the popcorn wins out.
00:45:02Raise the roof!
00:45:03It blew the roof off!
00:45:04Narrator: Or at least grant's giant piston did.
00:45:07Kari: It wasn't really popcorn power.
00:45:09That was how many tons of force? 15.
00:45:11So it was really just popcorn as a spacer.
00:45:15So popcorn power didn't really destroy the house.
00:45:19But that was cool!
00:45:21Narrator:.. 90 miles an hour?
00:45:2390 Miles an hour.
00:45:2490 Miles an hour! let's do it.
00:45:26Let it rip.
00:45:26...Adam and jamie ramp it up in the rain...
00:45:29And popcorn pandemonium ends with a bang.
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00:48:54Narrator: Adam and jamie have already seen hints of the aerodynamic basis for this myth.
00:48:59Oh, yeah. isn't that nifty?
00:49:01On the next 70-miles-per-hour run, they're looking for physical evidence on the tissue-paper rain detectors.
00:49:08Jamie, you may start your run now.
00:49:11This is 70 miles per hour, gunning it.
00:49:14Gun it, jamie does.
00:49:19Hitting his mark and holding steady at the target speed for the length of the course.
00:49:27And cut the rain.
00:49:28Narrator: And with no hydroplaning or dangerous spinout, it's time to take in the results.
00:49:34Whoa, look at that!
00:49:37Wow, that's far out.
00:49:38It looks like no rain at all hit the middle here, but we've got wetness up top here and on the left-hand side here.
00:49:46It's important to note that whatever little water came in here on the 70-mile-an-hour run was a tiny, tiny fractionof what came in on the control.
00:49:55I predicted there'd be less rainin the car on this run.
00:49:59Not nearlythislittle.
00:50:00There really seems to be something to this myth.
00:50:02A conviction only confirmed by the high-speed camera.
00:50:06 it's like there's a line.
00:50:08It's a really visible bubble, isn't it?
00:50:12That's what the windshield's for.
00:50:14[ Laughs ] so it would seem.
00:50:17But the guys aren't done yet.
00:50:19Adam, who will observe from a safe, dry distance, feels the need for more speed.
00:50:24Adam: Well, as far as I'm concerned, we should go for 100 miles an hour and see if we can get those boards to stay bone-dry.
00:50:30I'd go ahead and leave the traction control on.
00:50:33Narrator: But brian, our safety driver, is concerned about the additional soaking the surface took from the real rain, so he suggests sticking to 90 miles per hour.
00:50:41Try to countersteer, but if you can't, let it go.
00:50:45Got it.
00:50:47Adam: Let's go to full pressure.
00:50:53I am set and ready to go.
00:50:54 jamie, you may start your 90-mile-an-hour run now!
00:50:59Let it rip.
00:51:14And cut the rain! nice work, jamie!
00:51:17It didn't hydroplane. awesome!
00:51:20Let's open this top and see how we did.
00:51:23Ho ho ho ho! dude!
00:51:27Look at that!
00:51:28Jamie: We wanted to find out whether driving fast when it's raining will actually keep you dry, and it turns out it does.
00:51:33Around 25 miles an hour or so, it's not so effective, but as you go faster, it actually does deflect most of the rain.
00:51:41Now, it's not that hard to understand, really, because the rain's coming down like this.
00:51:45If you're going this way and you've got something in front of you, then it's gonna catch all the rain and send it up over the top of you, and you stay dry.
00:51:53Adam: So it does make sense to gun it.
00:51:55The faster the better, in fact.
00:52:00You'll be dry. you'll be dry.
00:52:01Adam: Your honor, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, for my closing argument, I'd like to call your attention to exhibit 24, which is footage "fuel-efficiency myth that mythbusters filmed.
00:52:13If you'll notice hereat the water oatmeal test, there's a bubble formed in the back of the pickup truck that allows air to flow over the back of the pickup truck.
00:52:21Those self-same aerodynamics that the engineers put into this sports car that allow it to be aerodynamic even with the top down, create the same kind of bubble over the passenger compartment, and I contend that that's what keeps the passenger dry at high speed!
00:52:40This is a conundrum, because I don't feel like it's right to call this one confirmed.
00:52:44Yeah, driving really fast in the rain can be very dangerous.
00:52:47How about plausible, but not recommended?
00:52:51I'll buy that.
00:52:58Narrator: It's been a long and winding road for this popcorn parable.
00:53:03Kari, grant, and tory have discovered explosions won't pop your corn.
00:53:09 it didn't work at all.
00:53:11Narrator: But lasers will.
00:53:13However, a giant ball of corn popped by a 5-megawatt laser leading to a house explosion is pure fiction.
00:53:22Busted. yep, busted.
00:53:24[ Horn honks ] Tory: Now, our house hasn't exploded yet, and this myth calls for an exploding house.
00:53:28So we're out here at the bomb range, and this is the plan.
00:53:31We're gonna load it with c-4 at the top and the bottom, and when this day is over, we should see splinters and popcorn, and that's all.
00:53:38I don't think they taught methis in bomb school.
00:53:41Kari:WELL, WE STARTED WITH A BANG, AND WE'RE Ending with a bang.
00:53:45So basically we've gota boom popcorn sandwich.
00:53:48All right,you guys ready? ready.
00:53:55Whoa! whoa! whoa!
00:53:56Look at the rain of popcorn coming down!
00:54:01The rain of house, too. whoa!
00:54:04Tory: No.tha is exploding a house with popcorn.
00:54:11with c-4, surrounded by popcorn.
00:54:17Grant:TO GET THIS RESULT, We had to go very far awayfrom popcorn power.
00:54:24It didn't really push upon the house, it didn't blow the windows open,it didn't really do a whole lot.
00:54:32Kari: Popcorn power turned outto be science fiction.
00:54:35This explosion, real genius.
00:54:46Hey, you. yeah, you.
00:54:48You want more?
00:54:49WELL, IT'S ON
00:54:56It may not look like it, but we're professionals.
00:54:58Do us a favor.
00:55:00Don't try this at home! whoa!
00:55:04[ Flatly ] JAMIE, DON'T JUMP. YOU HAVE SO Much to live for.
00:55:07...Adam and jamie take out the trash...
00:55:10Those things will get ya.
00:55:13...As they test the movie myth ..
00:55:16A perfect 10!
00:55:17...And find out if legging it after a "trash" landing is legit.
00:55:23[ Laughter ] nice job. thank you.
00:55:25Meanwhile, kari,ory, and grant go off the ..
00:55:29[ Laughs maniacally ] ...with and old time diving myth.
00:55:33Time to go divin'.
00:55:34Narrator: Could an air-supply failure up ..
00:55:36You're kidding me. this is working?
00:55:38...Spell a spectacular squeeze and certain death down below?
00:55:43Oh! look at what's happening to his head!
00:55:46Kari: Yeah!
00:55:50Narrator: Who are the mythbusters?
00:55:53I feel perfectly normal.
00:55:55...And jamie hyneman.
00:55:56Pain is your friend.
00:55:57Between them, more than 30 years of special-effects experience.
00:56:07...Kari byron...
00:56:08And I'm starting to get the idea that this shouldn't be done inside.
00:56:11...Tory belleci...
00:56:12[ Grunts ] ...and featuring jessi combs.
00:56:15That was awesome!
00:56:16They don't just tell the myths.
00:56:20[ Cheering ] they put them to the test.
00:56:31First up, adam and jamie dive into a film fable.
00:56:35So, I hear you have a movie myth for us.
00:56:38[ British accent ] I DO, OLD BEAN.
00:56:39It seems that within the logic of an action movie, any building can be escaped from by handily jumping into a dumpster parked next to it.
00:56:46Hop out, dust yourself off, and walk away unharmed.
00:56:49Well, that sounds like rubbish.
00:56:52It's an action-movie cliché.
00:56:53After a roof runaround with nowhere else to go, a dive into a dumpster equals a guaranteed getaway.
00:57:01But can you really get up and go every time after a "trash" landing?
00:57:06So, how is this gonna go down?
00:57:08[ Normal voice ] WELL, I FIGURE THAT ANY Line of investigation we pursue is ultimately hopefully gonna end with one of us leaping into a dumpster.
00:57:16So first things first.
00:57:17I think we need to be trained how to fall safely.
00:57:19I think we need to call one of the stuntmen we know to teach us.
00:57:22Well, I guess it's time to jump right in, huh?
00:57:24[ Laughing ] ALL RIGHT.
00:57:28Yep, this myth can only end one way -- with an actual dumpster dive.
00:57:32And to make sure our mythbusters will live to bust another day, it's off to treasure island for stunt-falling 101.
00:57:40Adam: So in our ongoing training to be action-movie heroes, we are about to learn how to take a high fall safely.
00:57:46Andthisis the building we're gonna start with.
00:57:50This is the air bag that's gonna break our fall.
00:57:55...Is the guy that's gonna train us.
00:57:57That's randy lamb, stunt coordinator and fall guy.
00:58:02Oh, this is cool in here!
00:58:04As jamie said, they're not starting on the dumpsters just yet.
00:58:08First there's this.
00:58:10 ] [ laughs ] how does this air bag work, you ask?
00:58:14Well, it's called a two-stage air bag, and it works thusly.
00:58:17The first stage, this top part, slows you down by popping, by opening through this very portal that I climbed out of.
00:58:24The second stage, that bottom layer, stops you.
00:58:27It does not deflate.
00:58:29Narrator: And that's key, because the name of this game is deceleration.