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00:00:00Hod number two.
00:00:03And this time, heavy lifting is required.
00:00:07Jamie: Well, you know what they say.
00:00:09If you don't succeed, try again.
00:00:11So that's what we're gonna do.
00:00:12This time we're using this car.
00:00:15Steering locked.
00:00:16Jamie: I was hesitating about using it because it's a stick shift, which means I can't just put it in gear and wait till I'm ready and gun it and have it go off.
00:00:25Oh, yeah.
00:00:26Plus we had a problem with the chocks, so I put two and two together and figured, well, what if we picked this up with a heavy-duty forklift?
00:00:34Okay, that's good. you can kill it.
00:00:36And then we can just get it going, rev it up, and then lower it, and it'll just take off -- simple.
00:00:42Narrator: Jamie gets the engine going, puts it in gear, and pins the pedal to the metal.
00:00:48Ready and set.
00:00:49So this is it, and never mind the burn.
00:00:52This time, will we even get the crash the myth requires?
00:00:58Adam: There she goes.
00:01:01Oh, yeah!
00:01:04Oh! yeah!
00:01:08[ Laughs ] I can't see from up here.
00:01:12It was quite spectacular.
00:01:13There was a bump, a spin over, a second bump, and then it came to rest probably about 120 feet below you.
00:01:21But no explosion, or I'd see smoke by now, right?
00:01:25No, that's a negative on the explosion.
00:01:29Reality makes a crappy special-effects crew.
00:01:31Narrator: Yep, despite getting the perfect car cliff dive, this action-movie stunt didn't end with the obligatory explosive bang.
00:01:41Narrator: And after a little csi -- crash-scene investigation -- jamie knows why.
00:01:47There's the gas tank. it's hardly been touched.
00:01:49No wonder there wasn't any fire.
00:01:52Yeah, it's perfect.
00:01:53Jamie: Looking at the underside of this car, it's obvious why it didn't burst into flames.
00:01:56They've put the gas tank in the best possible position.
00:02:00 it's kind of in the middle.
00:02:02If they put it on the end of the car or on the front of the car, it'd be more likely to receive an impact.
00:02:09I think we're gonna need something a little more radical.
00:02:20Okay, "rocket man" -- what is this one all about?
00:02:23Okay, well, first, check out these pictures while I tell you the story.
00:02:25Lagari hasan was an ottoman turk who, according to myth, was the first person to have made a successful manned rocket flight back in 1633.
00:02:33He took off vertically and apparently reached an altitude of 300 meters before climbing out midair, opening some sort of wing device, and descending back to earth as the world's first rocketeer.
00:02:45Can you use rockets to send a cage with a person inside of it up 300 meters and then have them deploy some sort of wing to float back down to earth safely?
00:02:53This build is gonna be awesome.
00:02:55Narrator: It's a missile-history mystery.
00:02:58In 1633, there are several colorful accounts of an ottoman rocket man taking the world's first rocket ride.
00:03:06But to find out if lagari hasan really was a rocketeer pioneer, the team is picking three concrete parameters common to each account.
00:03:18Did he really reach the 1,000 feet from the fable?
00:03:22Were the wings a viable method for his descent?
00:03:26And finally, could he have even survived?
00:03:30All right, so there are a lot of unknowns to this one.
00:03:32I mean, did the thrust come from a single engine, like in your picture, or was it multiple rockets, like in this picture?
00:03:38And there's no design for the wing system.
00:03:39I mean, were they true wings, or was it more like a parachute?
00:03:43Okay, well, with so many questions, let's start with small-scale and put aside the whole flying-back-down-to-earth thing until later.
00:03:49We'll build miniature versions of these two designs and see which one flies better, which one is more stable.
00:03:54And we use the design that performs the best and go full-scale.
00:03:58All right. let's go to work.
00:04:02Grant: So, unfortunately with myths of this kind, there's no one single version of the story, which means that there's no one definitive rocket design for us to build.
00:04:11Tory: I have my materials, I have my rockets, and I have my rocket dude.
00:04:15Most importantly, I have my design.
00:04:17So, tory's gonna build his version, which is a half cage and multiple rockets.
00:04:22Looking at this picture, the first thing I notice is he's got a mustache.
00:04:25And I'm gonna build a version that's in my records, which is a fully enclosed cage, pointy top, and a single rocket motor.
00:04:33Narrator: And with the two designs rigged and ready for their maiden test flight, the team heads for the hills and the perfect launch location.
00:04:42Grant: So, we are here at missile-launch site 88, in the marin headlands, which is part of the golden gate national recreational area.
00:04:49This facility was built during the cold war as part of an anti-aircraft missile-defense system.
00:04:55Behind me is a nike hercules missile capable of carrying up to a 40-kiloton nuclear payload.
00:05:02Got to love a man in uniform.
00:05:03Grant: Now, here's the interesting thing.
00:05:05No missile has ever been launched from this site -- ..until today.
00:05:11Launchpad. launchpad.
00:05:12Tory: Now, the whole point of this small-scale test is to find out which design is the best for when we go build the large-scale rocket.
00:05:19Now, we know from the past, trying to get rocketsto go off at the same time has been a huge problem.
00:05:24Anybody remember "360 degree swing set"?
00:05:28Narrator: And tory's solution to this sticky simultaneous-launch issue ..
00:05:33Don't worry. you will not be forgotten.
00:05:35Narrator:..And remote ignition.
00:05:37The burning ring of black powder should fire all seven engines at the same time.
00:05:42Tory: All right, so we're all wired up, ready for our multi-rocket launch -- you guys ready?
00:05:46All right, give us a countdown.
00:05:47All right, here we go in three, two, one.
00:05:53[ All cheering ] wow! that was great!
00:05:59Go get him. go get him. water!
00:06:02Oh, now we don't have a fire extinguisher.
00:06:03Kari: The best part about watching tory's launch is the fact that we all started running towards the rocket to go get it, but nobody had a fire extinguisher in hand, " all right, we're all good.
00:06:16I'm not sure which one of them I am.
00:06:18I think I might be curly.
00:06:21Narrator: Despite the slapstick safety protocols, rocket science 101 is going pretty well.
00:06:26The vertical launch was stable, at least initially, and the height of the flight was good.
00:06:35That's the benchmark, and up next for a little ballistic show and tell is grant.
00:06:40Will his single-engine cage design do any better?
00:06:44Grant: Here we go in three, two, one.
00:06:52[ Laughter ] that was exciting. yeah!
00:06:57How did you make it so it would come at us?
00:07:00Yeah, okay. I almost killed the entire crew.
00:07:02Narrator: So it looks like grant's design has a fatal flaw.
00:07:06But he wants to make sure.
00:07:08In three, two, one.
00:07:16Consistent results!
00:07:18Grant: So, the good news is that the second rocket performed the same as the first rocket without trying to kill us this time.
00:07:24Unfortunately, I still have some lingering stability issues.
00:07:28Narrator: And that's the key.
00:07:30A vertical, stable launch will be the most importantaspect of the design.
00:07:33After all, to work, it's gotto thrust our rocketeer 300 meters safely into the air.
00:07:40And to tie all their ideas together, it's back to the, uh, lair.
00:07:47[ Alarm blaring ] [ laughter ] next, adam and jamie put this myth on burn notice.
00:07:57.. oh, my goodness!
00:07:59Kari: Hang gliding -- fun, science, research -- all of the above.
00:08:40Thank back.
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00:11:093 2 F1 pay attention, class. we're gonna recap here.
00:11:14The myth is that any car going off any cliff will explode into a ball of fire.
00:11:19Now, we've crashed two cars so far, and we haven't seen that happen, so it's not looking so good for the myth.
00:11:26That's a negative on the explosion.
00:11:30But the question I have is are there any circumstances under which itcouldhappen?
00:11:35Narrator: So, despite two busted cars and one near-busted myth, the guys aren't quite done.
00:11:41Down home at the bomb range, they want to know how far from the truth hollywood has strayed.
00:11:46They're looking under the hood of this myth and asking, under impact, will an exposed gas tank even explode?
00:11:55This whole thing seems to me to be just about the gas tank.
00:11:59Based on previous experience, the idea that a gas tank would just explode doesn't seem plausible.
00:12:09Obviouslynothing caught on fire.
00:12:11Jamie:WE'VE BATHED THEM IN FIRE, And we still didn't see any kindof a gas-tank exseosion.
00:12:17That leads me to think that the only way that this is gonna occur is if we squash that tank like a bug and all the gas inside it erupts outward in a big ball of mist, which, if we ignite it, I'm pretty sure it'll burst into a ball of flame.
00:12:31Narrator: So they're trying to recreate the perfect set of circumstances under which this myth could work -- the car lands on a rock and the gas tank is crushed, spraying the fuel into a deadly mist.
00:12:44That's one big fireball in potentia.
00:12:47And at exactly the same time, the impact of metal on rock creates an ignition spark.
00:12:53To find out if that sequence of events will in fact create a hollywood-style fireball, they're going to use matches to guarantee the spark and drop 3,000 pounds, the weight of a car, onto the gas tank.
00:13:09Now we're going for a big boom. ready?
00:13:11I'm ready.
00:13:12Flattened gas tank with actual gas in it in three, two, one.
00:13:26That was beautiful.
00:13:29It truly is.
00:13:30The impact disperses the gas into a volatile mist.
00:13:33And then, just at the right moment, the simulated spark from impact causes ignition.
00:13:40And it perfectly matches the typical car-off-a-cliff hollywood-style conflagration.
00:13:46But where does that leave the story?
00:13:48Look at this high-speed shot one more time.
00:13:51I don't think anyone would dispute that this is the fireball we were looking for.
00:13:57Can we induce this kind of tank failure in a car under real circumstances?
00:14:03Well, there's only one way to find out.
00:14:09Narrator: From icarus and leonardo to the wright brothers, the history of flight is a soaring tale of the triumph of invention over gravity.
00:14:18But it's also a rich source of tall tales and exaggerated claims.
00:14:25The question is where doeslagari hasan fit in -- flight of fancy OR REAL-LIFE 17th-CENTURY ROCKETEER PIONEER?
00:14:35So, despite the fact that your rocket flew better on the day, I think in the full-scale, we should take the best design elements from both.
00:14:42Grant: Agreed.
00:14:43But I'm a little hesitant to use multiple rockets.
00:14:45Yeah, you know what? I feel the same way.
00:14:47I mean, it's like, yeah, it worked on the model rocket, but when we go to full-scale, trying to get several rockets to go off at the same time -- you're asking for trouble, so why don't we do this?
00:14:55We'll take the shuttle design from this.
00:14:57We'll take the single rocket engine from this design.
00:14:59And we'll put the two together when we go build the full-scale rocket.
00:15:03I totally second that.
00:15:04All right, sounds like all we need to do is build a full-scale rocket and add a simulaid pilot.
00:15:08But not just any simulaid -- a simulaid with wings.
00:15:11Yeah, the wings aspect is really awkward, and it's not represented in either of our illustrations.
00:15:15But history books did say he climbed out of the rocket, deployed some sort of wing device, and flew safely down to earth.
00:15:22Well, we know from our "plywood builder" episode that, in order to safely descend, you need a big wing -- not just like an umbrella -- I mean a huge surface.
00:15:31Well, you know, if lagari had the technology to build the rocket, maybe he had the technology to build lo some kind of gliding wing, kind of like a hang glider.
00:15:38Are you saying you want to go hang gliding?
00:15:40Oh, yes, I am. oh, yeah.
00:15:42Oh, being pregnant on "mythbusters" is so unfair.
00:15:46Wah. wah.
00:15:47Narrator: So, with her baby-bump aerodynamics less than stellar, kari is obviously grounded for one.
00:15:54Grant: So, we're here at fort funston, which is a mecca for hang gliders.
00:16:00In terms of the myth, what we're looking for here is a kind of a reality check.
00:16:06Now, do the diapers go on before or after we getinto the hang glider?
00:16:09Supposed to have them onbefore we get in.
00:16:11In the myth,they describe wings.
00:16:13Is this slimming? looks good on you.
00:16:15We're just here to see if this is even possible, if this is something we could incorporate into our build to simulate that part of the myth.
00:16:22[ Laughter ] Kari: Now, getting a rocket into the air is only half of this myth.
00:16:28Oh, my goodness!
00:16:29Our other half is the fact that our rocket man had some sort of wing system that got him safely back down to the earth.
00:16:38So tory and grant are gonna collect a little practical data for me.
00:16:43Rememb to gather the data!
00:16:45They're gonna check out all the aspects of this, ..
00:16:49Look out, rocket man, here we come.
00:16:52...The control in the air, and the landing.
00:16:54They need to come down and tell me all of the things I need to know so that I can maybe make some sort of wing system that'll get our rocket man down.
00:17:03 [ laughs ] oh, my god, that was insane.
00:17:09You know, as soon as I took off, all the fear went away, and it was like you were in a dream, and you were just floating.
00:17:16I mean, it was just like flying, I guess because it was flying.
00:17:19Grant: This is all about getting back to earth safely.
00:17:23Now, on the plus side, you don't need any electricity.
00:17:27 you don't need a propeller.
00:17:30YEAH! Kari: Yeah!
00:17:31You could just float down, and I think it's highly likely you could safely land without any power.
00:17:38But on the minus side, you need a huge airfoil.
00:17:41You need a huge surface area in order to do that.
00:17:45And what's more, you'd have to deploy that at the apex of your rocket's trajectory.
00:17:51I just don't see that happening.
00:17:53We're gonna have to figure out another way to get our rocket man to land safely on the ground.
00:17:57Narrator: So, what does all that mean for the myth?
00:18:00Well, with one of the three key criteria almost written off, there's a danger that this myth is about to crash and burn.
00:18:10[ Giggles ] rocket man!
00:18:11Narrator:..Our intrepid trio of rocket scientists build big.
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00:20:24VISIT Narrator: Kari, grant, and tory have discovered that, as per the myth, using a wing system to float back to earth is a breeze.
00:21:58But equally, there is no way you could deploy a full-sized hang glider from the confines of the mythical man-sized rocket shuttle, ..
00:22:08Okay, so a huge wing system is out.
00:22:11But there are so many different versions of this myth.
00:22:13And in at least one variation, I heard a vague reference to something that sounded a little bit more like a parachute, and I say we go with that.
00:22:20 a parachute would be a great idea.
00:22:22However, ourocket man is a simulaid.
00:22:24How's he gonna jump out of the rocket and pull the chute?
00:22:27Okay, I'll give you that.
00:22:28But let me start working on a self-deploying parachute system.
00:22:30Well, in that case, I think we're ready to go full-scale.
00:22:33We'll build the rocket, install the parachute system, go to the desert, and see if this thing works.
00:22:38Narrator: So, while tory shapes the open-topped shuttle, grant will machine the housing for the rocket engine, and kari will take care of the pilot's self-deploying parachute.
00:22:48By dividing, they're attempting to conquer what is looking like their trickiest and most technical build ever.
00:22:56So, today on "mythbusters," real, live rocket science.
00:23:00I'm gonna start out by building the first critical component of the rocket, the rocket nozzle, with this.
00:23:05Yes, it looks like a giant chunk of steel, and it is.
00:23:07But when I'm done, it's gonna be a rocket nozzle.
00:23:10Narrator: While grant labors away on the lathe, there's a delivery for mr. belleci.
00:23:16Show us. our rocket body's in.
00:23:18Narrator: And, yeah, he's excited.
00:23:20[ Giggles ] rocket man!
00:23:22It's the body of our rocket.
00:23:23Okay, I know it looks like a big, giant steel tube, but use your imagination.
00:23:27Once we get some fins on it, we reinforce the inside, we put an engine in it, we put rocket man inside, this is gonna be awesome.
00:23:37We're making a rocket.
00:23:38Narrator: Cue the patented mythbuster montage.
00:23:42While tory reinforces the shuttle body to withstand the engine's thrust ..
00:23:49Tory: It's starting to look like a rocket.
00:23:53Narrator:..Grant slices steel, grinds graphite, and machines the engine that will hold the propellant to be inserted just before blast-off.
00:24:01Grant: So, up till now, tory's been working on the body of the rocket, and I have been working on the motor.
00:24:08But this is the point where we bring the two together and figure out our mounting system.
00:24:13Tory: So, I'm about to build a bracket that is gonna hold our engine.
00:24:17Now, it's important that this area is very strong, because what we don't want happening is the engine breaking free of our shuttle.
00:24:23So I'm gonna be using a little bit thicker steel.
00:24:26Now, another important thing is the placement of the engine.
00:24:30It has to be dead center, and it has to be perpendicular to the ground, because when we go to launch, we want a true vertical launch.
00:24:38Yeah. we're in.
00:24:40Grant: So, now the body and the engine are all one as one complete rocket.
00:24:45Now all we need is a rocket man and a parachute to recover him, and we are good to go.
00:24:52Narrator: So it's over to kari and her substitute for the wing of the myth -- a parachute for our crash-test rocketeer.
00:24:59Kari: Okay, so I have my canister built, and I have a parachute packed inside.
00:25:03Now, there's a few more layers to make this self-deploying system.
00:25:06The next layer is going to be my spring-loaded pilot chute, which takes about 25 pounds of force to completely compress.
00:25:14On top of this, we'll have a little bit of black powder sandwiched between the pilot chute and the lid.
00:25:20The pyrotechnic go in there.
00:25:24The way that this actually ignites is I have an electric igniter hooked up to some wires so that once I touch those wires to a battery, it'll blow off the lid.
00:25:32You ever try to pack one of those peanut-brittle cans with the snake in it?
00:25:37[ Coughs ] sometimes that happens.
00:25:41The spring will jump out, pulling the pilot chute and then pulling the regular parachute, which will be attached to our simulaid and be able to pull him to freedom.
00:25:51Narrator: To put the parachute through its paces, grant and kari head down to treasure island, attach it to the truck, and get set for a test run.
00:26:00Grant: Okay, so we're here to test kari's self-deploying parachute system.
00:26:03We're on a closed-off street directly adjacent to the bay.
00:26:06I'm gonna drive down the middle of the street.
00:26:10Go. okay.
00:26:11When we reach the mark, kari's gonna hit the button and hopefully deploy the parachute by blowing off the top with the pyrotechnic.
00:26:21The little guide chute comes out.
00:26:24And the whole thing goes up.
00:26:28Kari: Whoo! yeah!
00:26:30Aah! yeah!
00:26:33All right.
00:26:35I'm feeling so much better about this whole parachute deployment.
00:26:38We found out that after it blows off, that our pilot chute will pull our main chute out of the container and that that parachute has enough lift to hold our rocket man.
00:26:47Grant: So, now all we need is to not explode on the launchpad and get stable flight all the way up to apogee.
00:26:52What could go wrong?
00:26:54Narrator: Back at the shop, the final step of fitting our rocket man with his tailor-made parachute is quickly complete, and the countdown to the countdown is on.
00:27:05Have fun with the rocket man.
00:27:07All right.
00:27:08Have fun having a baby.
00:27:09Thank you.
00:27:10Bye. bye.
00:27:15Is that my water?
00:27:16This whole thing could just crash and burn.
00:27:18We need to go to the desert to test this.
00:27:21Bye, guys. have fun in the desert.
00:27:23This is never gonna work.
00:27:27Like a christmas present of death.
00:27:28Narrator:..The myth that keeps on giving.
00:27:32[ Laughs ] ..
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00:31:093 2 F1 don't try anything you've seen on this show at home.
00:31:12.. experts.
00:31:17Narrator: Adam and jamie have discovered that not every cliff-drive dive ends in a bang.
00:31:22[ Laughs ] but at the bomb range, they found a hollywood-style gas-tank explosiod-was possible.
00:31:31Adam: And we've determined that this pretty much rests upon the gas tank of the car being compromised in such a way as to release all of its fuel simultaneously and being sparked into an explosion, which we've pretty much determined is a one-in-gazillion chance.
00:31:45I mean, we could spend weeks throwing cars over cliffs until one of them landed perfectly on a rock, but we don't have the time or the energy to do that.
00:31:54.. modifications.
00:31:56Narrator: So, back at angels camp quarry, using what they've learned, they're going to tweak the odds from one in a gazillion to one in one.
00:32:05Jamie: As we've learned at this point, they intentionally put gas tanks out of harm's way on cars.
00:32:11Well, that ought to do it.
00:32:12It makes sense that they would do that.
00:32:14But if we're gonna get a movie-like explosion, we need to put the gas tank in harm's way.
00:32:20Adam: Where's it all happening?
00:32:21Well, it's all happening right there, of course.
00:32:24So, our solution is strap the gas tank right to the front of the car.
00:32:29Okay, that's it. all right.
00:32:31For a spark -- yeah, I knew you were wondering about that -- we're not throwing it over a flint mountain.
00:32:38Like a christmas present of death.
00:32:40...Which in this case I'd like to think of as strike-just-where-we- want-them matches.
00:32:44Narrator: And so, with everything set, adam and jamie take up their positions atop the mountain with the car and across the valley for the perfect view.
00:32:54All that's left is for jamie to get the motor running, remember to take off the park brake, and stand back.
00:33:09Adam: Whoa!
00:33:16[ Laughs ] well, as per the experiment design, the gas tank took the brunt of the impact and did burst into flames, but it didn't go exactly to plan.
00:33:32And jamie's about to spill the beans.
00:33:35So, I have a little bit of a confession to make. what's that?
00:33:38There was a screw-up here, and I suppose it was my fault.
00:33:43Um, you should always remember to take off the parking brake before you want a car to go.
00:33:49 [ laughs ] uh-huh. I know.
00:33:54The front wheels are spinning away.
00:33:56It looked like it was working fine, " [ laughs ] well, you know, it went over.
00:34:04It hit with all the weight of that car going right on that tank.
00:34:08Well, the hit was perfect -- nose-down perfect.
00:34:11I'm still a little bummed, but what are you gonna do?
00:34:16So they didn't get the distance they were looking for, but the result is still valid.
00:34:20The car went over the cliff, crashed, and burned.
00:34:25But crucially, there was no special-effects-style explosion.
00:34:28I think this makes the myth totally busted.
00:34:30Yeah -- I mean, we made it as likely as possible to get a car explosion, and all we got was a car fire, eventually.
00:34:38I mean, I don't know what else we could do.
00:34:40Except say myth busted and somehow achieve a car explosion.
00:34:48 ] hmm.
00:34:53Tory and grant have deserted kari for a deserted destination in the desert -- the white sands missile range.
00:35:01Can you believe we're actually using a real, working launchpad to launch our rocket?
00:35:06Grant: So, what makes white sands missile range a really great choice for our experiment is that they've got a lot of space.
00:35:12This is crazy.
00:35:13All right, let's get the beast out.
00:35:14All right. I got to go to the bathroom.
00:35:16It's 40 miles in one direction and 100 miles in the other direction.
00:35:23But another great thing is that this is actually a historical site.
00:35:26Behind me is a launch gantry for the v-2 rocket, which was critical to the development of american rocket and missile technology.
00:35:33It led to the first pictures of the curvature of the earth ..
00:35:40This rocket science is fun.
00:35:42...Which, by the way, put men in space, which is pretty much what we hope to do today.
00:35:48Narrator: Into space may be a tad ambitious.
00:35:51But matching the key criteria of the myth, a flight height of 1,000 feet and a safe, survivable descent is within their sights.
00:36:00Grant: So, I'm here at ground zero.
00:36:01This is where we're gonna launch the rocket from.
00:36:03I got the shuttle right here.
00:36:04Inside is gonna go buster, along with his parachute system, and then the engine goes in the bottom.
00:36:09Now, for safety, we have to aim the rocket downrange, so off of vertical.
00:36:14And to do that, we need a guide rail.
00:36:17What I have here is a 12-foot pipe.
00:36:21This pipe will slide through these rings which is attached to the rocket.
00:36:24Once we get the rocket to that 85 degrees ..
00:36:29...I will weld it to the trench plate.
00:36:31This way we have stability for at least 12 feet till the rocket gets off of the guide rail.
00:36:35Now all we need to do is grease up the pole, and then it's time to load up the rocket motor.
00:36:41Narrator: Cue aerojet.
00:36:43With over 70 years designing and perfecting solid- and liquid-state rocket motors, they're the perfect people to help out.
00:36:51All right. okay, so, what have we got?
00:36:52Well, we have our two propellant cartridges.
00:36:54The propellant is a mixtureof ammonium perchlorate, aluminum powder, and a syntheticrubber binder called htpb.
00:37:01 sounds good to me.
00:37:04Narrator: Oh, and in case you're wondering why we're not using black powder, here's grant.
00:37:08So, we're using 15 pounds of modern-day solid rocket propellant, which is the direct equivalent of 140 pounds of black powder that's stated in the myth.
00:37:178 seconds, 950 pounds of thrust, AND RESULTING IN JUST UNDER 2 G's OF ACCELERATION On the rocket man, which is a prerequisite for survivability.
00:37:30Narrator: Which means they're ready to lock and load.
00:37:35Okay, here's what we've got.
00:37:36Steel motor casing -- inside of that, karie's two propellant cartridges slide right in, one right after the other.
00:37:42On top of that is an igniter.
00:37:43The igniter wires go right down the middle and out the nozzle.
00:37:46On top of that is an insulator plate, a spacer, and then bolt on the head cap.
00:37:51You take that whole assembly over to the rocket.
00:37:54[ Both imitating rocket engine, screaming ] okay, it's cool, it's cool, it's cool.
00:37:58Whew. that was close.
00:37:59We connect up the wires, and we are good to go.
00:38:03Beautiful. beautiful.
00:38:05Tory: I'm starting to get excited.
00:38:07We got the rocket on the launchpad.
00:38:09We've got the motor installed.
00:38:10Now all we need to do is dress buster, put the parachute-deployment system in place, wire it up, flip the switch, .. bye-bye, rocket man.
00:38:22Narrator: Coming up, tory and grant light up on liftoff.
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00:38:57I'm thrilled.
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00:38:59The 60-day satisfactionguarantee. from chevy.
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00:40:11Twenty years off, jim is still obsessed with boston lager.
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00:42:043 2 F1 we're back, and this is where we're at.
00:42:09We've done all the small-scale tests.
00:42:12Tory: We've done all the designing and building.
00:42:15Ready to lift off.
00:42:16And this is the best design that we've come up with for our full-scale test.
00:42:19Now it's time to test this turkish myth.
00:42:21Was lagari able to build a rocket WITH 17th-CENTURY TECHNOLOGY, Launch himself 1,000 feet into the air, jump out of it, and land safely to earth with some kind of wing system?
00:42:33I'll go get the pants.
00:42:34When did he get duct-tape underwear?
00:42:37Well, that is what we're about to find out.
00:42:38Narrator: After an unfortunate makeover session, our ottoman rocket man looks the part.
00:42:44Perfect. looks great.
00:42:46But it's not those period details that are troubling grant.
00:42:50Grant: So, there are a few difficulties with the historical account of lagari hasan's flight.
00:42:54First of all, the 140 pounds of black powder that he's supposed to have used as his propellant would have been extremely dangerous to handle, not to mention containing all of that explosive force and converting it to thrust would have been extremely difficult.
00:43:07Dude, this is almost it.
00:43:10You ready, rocket man?
00:43:11And second, the materials that we have available today, all the modern steel alloys, and all the fabrication techniques, like welding -- he didn't have any of that.
00:43:19Now, that having been said, we've chosen the propellant to have the same thrust characteristics to the amount of black powder that he had.
00:43:28Second, we've taken all the historical accounts, all of those renderings, all of those drawings, and used that to design our rocket so that it has similar shape and similar weight.
00:43:37Give us a little slack over here.
00:43:41If this rocket doesn't fly, I find it very difficult to believe that lagari hasan would have been able to do it in his day.
00:43:52Okay, roger. stand by.
00:43:53We're here. can you beeve it?
00:43:54We're at an actual missile-testing facility with a real mission control.
00:43:59We're ready for final arming at this time.
00:44:02MAN: Roger, we copy.
00:44:03Grant: Predictions -- here's what I got.
00:44:05Vehicle is armed.
00:44:06I think the welds in the engine casing are gonna hold and we are gonna get liftoff.
00:44:10 please clear the pad at this time.
00:44:14This is operation alpha golf holding at five minutes and counting.
00:44:17And I can absolutely guarantee that for the first 12 feet of his flight, it's gonna be perfectly straight.
00:44:23All right, go ahead and arm the system.
00:44:25Quiggle: All right, arming system.
00:44:26And I think that, given the weight distribution, it's quite likely that we might have some tumbling happening right after that 12 feet.
00:44:35 that's what we're here to find out.
00:44:38Narrator: So all that remains is to hit that switch.
00:44:41All right, here we go.
00:44:43Five, four, three, two, one, fire.
00:44:51[ All cheering ] whoa! whoa! whoa!
00:44:59[ All cheering ] he got off the ground!
00:45:04Whoo! nice.
00:45:05Narrator: A successful launch? oh, yeah.
00:45:07Rocket man had the ride of his life.
00:45:10But here comes the but.
00:45:12The rocket lost control way before the mythical 1,000 feet, and rocket man did not escape and deploy his parachute.
00:45:20Tory: So, the rocket was set on the launchpad.
00:45:23 grant gave the countdown.
00:45:25Karie hit the switch, and the rocket went straight.
00:45:28It was stable for about 100 feet.
00:45:30The motors were working perfectly, but at that point, the rocket went out of control, and we knew it was crash and burn.
00:45:38Look at the damage to the rocket.
00:45:41That's crazy. yeah!
00:45:42Dude, he is looking mighty crispy.
00:45:45We burnt his clothes off.
00:45:46All right, so, how are we gonna call this one?
00:45:48I don't know. I mean, we did get it to launch.
00:45:50That thing got almost 100 feet in the air.
00:45:52Yeah, but 100 feet is pretty far from 1,000.
00:45:55Yeah, and you know what?
00:45:55There's no way he survived that landing.
00:45:58Well, let's take the footage back to the shop.
00:45:59We'll have a look at it, and then we can decide.
00:46:01All right. I think that's a good call.
00:46:06So, tell me everything.
00:46:07It was great. we made it off the launchpad.
00:46:09Nc smooth takeoff, exactly as predicted, and we made it up to about 100 feet.
00:46:13Yeah, but at that point, everything went wrong.
00:46:15It burst into flames, started spiraling out of control before it smashed to the earth.
00:46:19And our rocket man? crashed and burned.
00:46:21And when I say burned, I mean burnt to a crisp.
00:46:24So we didn't reach the 1,000-foot altitude we were looking for, and our rocket man did not safely sail down to the earth.
00:46:30Nope. nope.
00:46:31So, how are we calling this one?
00:46:32Bear in mind we gave this myth the best possible chance of working -- high-performance, state-of-the-art rocket motors, modern materials, and we even replaced the highly suspect "wing system" with a modern parachute.
00:46:44But I think we still have to call this one busted.
00:46:52[ Australian accent ] WHERE'S MY RAMP?!
00:46:54Narrator:..Uh, ramp it up by rigging a hollywood-style crash and burn.
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00:47:54- I'm afraid I can't do that.
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00:50:043 2 F1 Narrator: The myth that a car always explodes if it crashes off a cliff was pretty much busted after the first two tests.
00:50:17Reality makes a crappy special-effects crew.
00:50:20Narrator: The gas tank, the heart of this myth, is protected deep in the car's understructure to avoid just such an outcome.
00:50:27Even putting the gas tank front and center failed to provide the mythical hollywood-style ..
00:50:34I think this makes the myth totally busted.
00:50:38...Which just leaves av the classic "mythbusters" result replication.
00:50:43How exactly do they do it in the movies?
00:50:47[ Australian accent ] RIGHT, NOW, HERE'S My vision.
00:50:49The hero car comes careening through this industrial area -- which I like because it's, like, postindustrial -- comes down this ramp, out of control completely, towards this edge, and then plummets into the abyss.
00:51:05All I need here is a ramp.
00:51:10Narrator: So the ramp will ensure the perfect crash, and frank will bring the burn.
00:51:17Hey, what do you need?
00:51:17Well, I want to run this car off the cliff and have it blow up when it hits the bottom.
00:51:21Okay, lots of gasoline,little bit of explosive -- it'll give youa magnificent explosion.
00:51:27Works for me.
00:51:28And what works for jamie is four single-gallon bottles of gasoline, wrapped in detonation cord.
00:51:35We're ready to load the car now with the gasoline and everything.
00:51:38One coming.
00:51:39So we'll put a couple guys in there, ..
00:51:43There you go.
00:51:43...Get it tied down with the wire to the cleats, and run the ring-main line down the middle toward the trunk.
00:51:51And then once we get it all into position, we'll hold until we cap in.
00:51:55LET'S DO IT AND BE SAFE. [ Normal voice ] All right.
00:51:57Adam: We're three cars down, and I think we're all in agreement that reality is not nearly as exciting as an action movie.
00:52:03I know. I'm just as disappointed as you.
00:52:05But this, our fourth and final car, rigged with four gallons of gasoline, some explosives, and a wireless trigger -- once it starts driving down this ramp toward this abyss, we are going to trigger the explosion that we want.
00:52:21[ Laughs ] mayhem.
00:52:22Narrator: but frank runs a tight ship.
00:52:26It'll be controlled mayhem and on cue.
00:52:31Okay, hollywood-style car crash.
00:52:34All the systems are in place.
00:52:35.. at any second...
00:52:36...Two... ...some real hollywood action's ..
00:52:39...One. ...hopefully right in front of me.
00:53:10[ Laughs ] [ record scratches ] golly.
00:53:21Narrator: Success with the final test.
00:53:23Perhaps adam and jamie should think about a career in film special effects.
00:53:30It looks like it worked.
00:53:32The launch was the most beautiful one yet.
00:53:34The tumble was magnificent.
00:53:36And the explosion was all hollywood.
00:53:39Nicely done. cool.
00:53:41What we just saw there was in fact an explosion.
00:53:44The windows blew out. we had a big fireball.
00:53:45It was great.
00:53:48[ Laughs ] but why?
00:53:52Well, it's because we put a bunch of explosives and gasoline inside the car.
00:53:57Otherwise, we know that a gas tank ..
00:54:02...Because it's too richinside theret' there'snot enough oxygen.
00:54:07No explosion.
00:54:07The only placethat's appropriate to support an explosion is inside the engine,in the cylinders and so on.
00:54:14But could it happen?
00:54:15Sure, I suppose so --it's extremely rare -- maybe with the rightexact circumstances.
00:54:23But the ideathat every time a car goes off a cliff,it blows up -- hogwash.
00:54:29Narrator:AND SO, AS THE GUYS ..
00:54:33Adam:[ LAUGHS ] NICE.
00:54:35Narrator:...IT'S CLEAR THAT HOLLYWOOD Hasn't completely fictionalized the physicsof a crash and burn.
00:54:42They've just turneda million-to-one shot into a silver-screen certainty.
00:54:57If more is what you want, more is what we've got.
00:55:00LOG ON TO
00:55:06I know it looks like we have fun on this show, but we spend weeks and sometimes months planning how to do our myths safely, so, please, don't try this at home.
00:55:25...It's an evolution revolution...
00:55:29...As the team takes five fan favorites...
00:55:33And focuses on a fascinating new facet for each.
00:55:37[ Laughing ] first, adam and jamie give "water heater rocket" a whole new story.
00:55:44Then they think outside the box " [ grunts ] meanwhile, kari, grant, and tory " the cops are on their way!
00:55:57Then they take a tangent with "bend a bullet," turning it into the myth of the corner shot.
00:56:03Mama like.
00:56:04And, finally, they focus on the missing link of "snowplow split" with some rocket-powered evolution.
00:56:13[ Laughter ] that was one of the coolest things I've ever seen!
00:56:20Who are the mythbusters?
00:56:24I'm ready to go, man!
00:56:26...And jamie hyneman.
00:56:29Between them, more than 30 years of special-effects experience.
00:56:40...Grant imahara...
00:56:41[ Laughs ] ...and tory belleci.
00:56:44Let's go!
00:56:45They don't just tell the myths.
00:56:47They put them to the test.
00:56:49--Captions by VITA -& Captions paid for bydiscovery communications myth evolution? what are we testing -- darwin?
00:57:05Nah. darwin doesn't need our help.
00:57:07This episode is called "myth evolution" 'cause it has to do with the fact that every time we air a new episode of "mythbusters," hundreds, thousands of fans write to us to comment on that episode.
00:57:17 a lot of them just want to tell us what we got wrong.
00:57:20Some of them want to say things we've screwed up, others want to suggest other tests we missed, and some of them just want us to go down different tangents of stories we've already done 'cause they have other ideas about things we could explore.
00:57:31Okay. well, what's on the roster?
00:57:33Well, we do have an evolution of the hanging-on- the-roof-of-a-car story, " in one of the all-time mostmemorable mythbusting ..
00:57:46Adam and jamie confirmed that in a worst-case scenario, a water heater could blast through your roof like a rocket.
00:57:53Did you know what was lurking in your basement?
00:57:57But fansite-message-board murmurings have moved this myth to the next level, literally.
00:58:04Not only have you demanded a two-story extension to the story, you also want to know exactly how high a water heater can fly.
00:58:13So, how are we evolving "water heater rocket"?
00:58:15Well, last time, we successfully demonstrated that a water heater under the worst-case scenario can actually behave just like a rocket and shoot up through the roof of a one-story house, and a lot of fans complained about that.
00:58:27They said they lived in two-story houses, and that simple fact might have changed our results.