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00:00:10All right, we know ninjas have speed and quick reaction time.
00:00:14This myth is about strength.
00:00:16A ninja's being attacked by a swordsman, swordsman's coming to swing at his head, ninja catches the blade in his hands without cutting his hands, without being chopped in half.
00:00:25You mean like this?
00:00:26[ Grunting ] ow! ohh!
00:00:30 you're not supposed to let go of it.
00:00:32That's precisely why we're not starting with real swords.
00:00:36Narrator: Precisely.
00:00:37The team learned just howdangerous real swords can be ..
00:00:43Decapitation hazard, everybody.
00:00:45Narrator:..Pneumatically powered mechanical device that could whip around ..
00:00:52Flying blades are not good.
00:00:54...As a samurai with a point to prove.
00:00:57I guess it's time to dust off the old sword-swinging rig.
00:01:00I think we're gonna have to turn it on its side, 'cause I think it's more like a head swing, and maybe calibrate it to human speed.
00:01:05So, which one of us is gonna catch it?
00:01:07Not me.
00:01:08People say I'm not that quick.
00:01:10[ Laughter ] all right, well, maybe we should make a sword-catching rig -- maybe two hands that come together like that, and we'll calibrate it to human force.
00:01:19Sweet. this is gonna be so much fun.
00:01:21Narrator: First, they need to make fake hands to attach to their rig.
00:01:27Kari gets to work and mixes up a batch of alginate to make molds.
00:01:32[ Grunts ] Kari: You're holding your hands flat like this?
00:01:35Tory: No. I got something else going on.
00:01:37 you're gonna love it.
00:01:44Little higher?
00:01:45...And tory can break free.
00:01:47Nice. looks good.
00:01:50Meanwhile, grant's brought our ninja's nemesis, the samurai sword-swinging rig, out of storage and has started putting it back together.
00:02:00Grant: The basic idea behind this is big air ram pulls on the chain.
00:02:05The chain is wound around the shaft.
00:02:08As it pulls, spins the shaft, sword swings -- whoosh! really quickly.
00:02:12Narrator: Representing our aristocratic samurai warrior is a pricey reproduction japanese sword.
00:02:20Representing our ninja peasant is a humble ballistics-gel head.
00:02:25Like it? looks good, homeboy.
00:02:27Narrator: They align the blade so it sweeps in a downward motion between the arms.
00:02:32If the hands miss, it'll get caught right here in the skull.
00:02:37Love it. that's great.
00:02:37Kari has made multiple ballistics wax reproductions from tory's hand molds, and slots are first set into the rig.
00:02:46Now we can also get that applause we always wanted.
00:02:48Hmm. "mythbusters" with a live audience.
00:02:52[ Applause ] I like it.
00:02:58The team tries to cut it as ninjas.
00:03:02.. hah!
00:03:03We test to see whether ninja mizugumo shoes will help you walk on water.
00:03:43It's fast.
00:03:44It's easy.
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00:04:00I've collected a few postcards ..
00:04:04Spokane, washington; boston, mass.
00:04:06San francisco, .. dated a girl from there.
00:04:09.. didn't work out.
00:04:10Bozeman, montana; daytona beach, florida; .. good college town.
00:04:14I think we get the picture.
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00:05:23Yeah, we've got big shoes to fill.
00:05:59Narrator: The belief that some people possess the ability to walk on water has been around for centuries.
00:06:07So why not the mythical ninja?
00:06:10[ Laughs ] adam and jamie arrive at the bamb to try out their replica feudal foot floaties.
00:06:18Can we use your pool for our water shoes?
00:06:21You bet. go for it.
00:06:22Cool. thanks.
00:06:26Into the ladies room.
00:06:28[ Toilet flushes ] ..
00:06:34[ Laughs ] these are my special device for storming the castle, walking across the water.
00:06:43All right, then.
00:06:47Tie my feet in within an inch of their lives.
00:06:49...But these flat wooden disks were modeled on an exact replica of japanese feudal times footwear.
00:06:55When we started looking into whether ninjas could walk on water, the first piece we came up with is a museum piece called the mizugumo, supposedly for water walking.
00:07:06I'm about to find out.
00:07:07Narrator: Being pre-velcro, jamie's nautical knot-tying skills are a big help.
00:07:13Adam: Not many people know this, but jamie comes from an ancient line of nine generations of shoe tiers.
00:07:21Come, silent walrus. let us storm the castle.
00:07:25I will d my safety gear.
00:07:29...And psychs himself up for the challenge.
00:07:32The pool waters are as still as glass, and all is quiet.
00:07:37It is time for ninja savage to stride forward and walk across its surface.
00:07:46Oh, uh!
00:07:50[ Spits ] the first step seemed kind of promising.
00:07:53Narrator: "Promising" may be a stretch.
00:07:56In order for it to be called walking on water, there needs to be more than one step.
00:08:02But ninjas are no quitters, so adam has another tactic to try.
00:08:08To me, it seems like it's all gonna be a function of my ability to move my feet crazy fast, ..
00:08:15Which might be possible.
00:08:22Narrator: Despite his increased momentum, the shoes still weren't able to support adam's weight.
00:08:29But itwascomical.
00:08:30Adam: I believe that the moment I hit the water, I was sinking in the water.
00:08:36These may have slowed my descent, but that's really the best that can be said for them.
00:08:42Narrator: Looks like adam's ninja turtle aspirations are all washed up.
00:08:48Adam: I don't know about you, but these seem a little cumbersome to me.
00:08:50Yeah, I don't think you're going anywhere on water with those things.
00:08:54The important thing is that I look damn good.
00:08:58Well, it turns out the mizugumos were never really intended for walking on water.
00:09:02They were more for, like, rice paddies or mudflats, and they probably worked okay.
00:09:08Kind of like snowshoes.
00:09:10However, ninjas also were not at all above trying to encourage the belief in their supernatural powers.
00:09:16Ah, right. the masters of misinformation.
00:09:18I've heard they would do things like place posts underneath the water as they were escaping a shogun castle to make it look like they were walking on water.
00:09:27They wanted people to fear their magical powers.
00:09:30Narrator: The mizugumo shoes may have sunk like thetitanic, but the guys might just rescue this myth yet.
00:09:45Could ninjas stop speeding swords with their bare hands?
00:09:52To find out, the team is building a mechanical device that's part sword-swinging samurai and part sword-catching ninja.
00:10:02Kari: That looks good.
00:10:03Narrator: To calibrate it to move with realistic human strength and speed, they need to do some tests.
00:10:09Grant hangs a force plate on a c-stand that represents the blade the ninja must catch.
00:10:15The force of the ninja's hands will be set to the person with the greatest strength.
00:10:21And do it like your life depends on it.
00:10:23Thanks for that motivation, grant.
00:10:32Narrator: And with a mighty firm smack, peaking at 1,000 newtons, the most determined to stay in one piece ..
00:10:43The pain from the initial hit.
00:10:44There you go.
00:10:46You're all full of newtons.
00:10:49You are full of newtons.
00:10:50Yeah,fignewtons, maybe.
00:10:53Narrator: The team sets up for their next ..
00:10:56To determine the speed of the sword swipe.
00:11:01Take this sword, throw it down as hard as you can on the ninja, and we'll see who's the fastest.
00:11:09But it is.
00:11:10Your kung fu is no good!
00:11:12Narrator: Suddenly, adam ambushes the trio.
00:11:16It was a classic ninja move.
00:11:18Tory steps up to take the first swing.
00:11:28You teach him a lesson!
00:11:32Sword blows to the cranium may cause headaches.
00:11:35Next, will adam's attempt have more of an edge?
00:11:40Master savage sword-swinging trial, take one.
00:11:44[ Laughs ] wow!
00:11:51Look at that!
00:11:52Narrator: Ninja's cool black stalker wear is getting shredded.
00:11:59Finally, it's grant's turn.
00:12:00Grant: The ninja must go to the bathroom before he swings his sword.
00:12:05Narrator: He hasn't looked this incensed since "star trek" was cancelled.
00:12:11Master imahara, sword-swinging test, take one!
00:12:16Adam: Nice.
00:12:17[ Laughter ] Narrator: They compare their times on the high speed, and, once again, grant aces the test.
00:12:26How many frames is that?
00:12:28That is 24 frames and 96 milliseconds.
00:12:31Nice work.
00:12:32Way to go, benchmark.
00:12:34Thank you.
00:12:34I think it was the face.
00:12:36That's about 47 miles per hour.
00:12:42The team discover a ninja job-safety hazard.
00:12:46Dude! look how deep that went!
00:12:50Could a ninja really pluck an arrow out of the air?
00:12:54Sorry about that, man.
00:12:55That's okay.
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00:16:19Can you catch an arrow with your bare hands?
00:16:23How are we gonna do that?
00:16:24Well, I figure, we should take some of our arrows downstairs, and you can shoot them at me, and I'll just try and catch them.
00:16:29So, you'd actually let me shoot an arrow at you with a bow and arrow?
00:16:34Amazingly, yes.
00:16:36All right.
00:16:38Narrator: Legend has it that a ninja could do this dexterous trick with ease.
00:16:42So jamie and adam want to get a feel for it themselves.
00:16:46I'm gonna string a regular bow and set up an arrow with a tennis ball on it and shoot it at adam, or at least off to the side of adam.
00:16:55We'll put adam in a protective suit in case I either get frisky or miss.
00:17:01Narrator: Jamie is an experienced archer, and even though he's not using a real arrowhead, this is not something to try at home.
00:17:09Adam: He's gonna be shooting from over there into this garbage can.
00:17:12I'm gonna be standing here, we'll catch it on high-speed camera, see how fast I can actually catch this arrow.
00:17:17Narrator: Jamie marks out notches on the shaft.
00:17:20The further he pulls back, the faster the rod will travel.
00:17:25.. whoosh!
00:17:27All right, I'm ready if you are.
00:17:29You want to start slow?
00:17:31Narrator: Jamie starts out at mark one.
00:17:343, 2, 1.
00:17:37[ Laughs ] Narrator: The arrow eludes adam's grasp.
00:17:40I don't have enough time to anticipate.
00:17:43I've moved.
00:17:45Narrator: Still at mark one, this time, adam tries to move in sync with the arrow.
00:17:53Good job.
00:17:53I anticipated when you were just about to do it, and I just started moving, and we worked ed it's like working together.
00:18:00Narrator: It's a beautiful thing.
00:18:03Next, jamie ups the ante to mark three.
00:18:09But the arrow keeps sailing on by.
00:18:11Has the guys' unified martial arts magic peaked already?
00:18:18Got it!
00:18:19Narrator: Even though adam's form was impressive, the speed was lacking.
00:18:24Their tennis-ball projectile was traveling at 58 miles an hour, a third of the speed of a real arrow.
00:18:31We got a couple of things here that are throwing this off.
00:18:33For one thing, this is, what, twice or three times as heavy as a normal arrow would be because of that thing on the end of it?
00:18:40I really think that we need to figure out some other solution.
00:18:43Narrator: To test this myth at a true-to-life rate, the guys have to bounce around a new strategy.
00:18:53Back over at m7, the team has finished putting their mechanical sword-catching rig together.
00:18:58Now, to set it to move at a real-life rate.
00:19:03Grant: We don't want it to be superhuman, and we don't want it to be subhuman.
00:19:07We want it to be whatever a person could do, and then, we'll be ready to try and catch a sword.
00:19:14Calibration first test at 100 psi.
00:19:20In 3, 2, 1.
00:19:22That's good! yeah!
00:19:25Narrator: The speed and force of the ninja's arms was exactly the same as grant's best time, but the replay reveals something undetectable to the naked eye.
00:19:35There's a bounce-back which could let that sword get right through there.
00:19:38Narrator: As the hands hit together, they bounce off each other and jiggle like jello, opening up an unforeseen headache.
00:19:46The force is causing them to bounce away.
00:19:49It's allowing a gap, which is gonna allow the sword to go right through and bury into the guy's head.
00:19:55Narrator: To try and stop the hand shake, they're going to strengthen them from the inside.
00:19:59Building up the bones may add extra beef.
00:20:02Tory: First you slice the hand in half.
00:20:05 you stick it in.
00:20:08Kari: Tory has a big saw over there, and he's taking out these tiny, little pieces of metal and putting in big, thick, girthy pieces of metal.
00:20:17That way, when these things hit -- err!
00:20:19Narrator: Tory also has another quiver-containing idea.
00:20:23Tory: What I'm thinking is maybe what we'd do is put some kind of latch so that when the hands come together, it keeps them there.
00:20:29And it's not adding any more pressure.
00:20:31All it's doing is keeping the hands together like you would be able to do if you were using your muscles.
00:20:36Narrator: He attaches two kickstands to the arms that will fall and lock into ratchets and fastens pneumatic rams on either side of the hands.
00:20:44Tory: This thing's starting to look like a monster.
00:20:47Pretty soon, you're not gonna recognize it.
00:20:49Narrator: But it's function, not form that counts.
00:20:53Here we go in 3, 2, 1.
00:20:59It looked nice and sturdy and stable.
00:21:01Grant: Yeah.
00:21:01Narrator: They check it out frame by frame.
00:21:05Stay together. come on.
00:21:06Stay together!
00:21:09[ Laughs ] baby!
00:21:11That's it.
00:21:12Now, all we have to do is catch a sword.
00:21:15[ Laughs ] that should be easy.
00:21:17Narrator: With their rig set to human speed and pressure, grant adds a final touch that will trigger the entire system.
00:21:26Grant: When the arm passes through, it actually activates the hands clapping.
00:21:31Narrator: Let the re-creation of the battle between the two ancient warrior classes begin.
00:21:38[ Gong sounds ] in 3, 2, 1!
00:21:45[ Cheering ] that's what I'm talking about!
00:21:49Narrator: High five.
00:21:51It seems our mechanical ninja thwarted the flash of samurai slicing steel straightaway.
00:21:57Or are we jumping to conclusions?
00:21:59My guess is, is it bounced off the table and then shot back up into the hands.
00:22:05So you got it on the rebound!
00:22:09Narrator: And everybody knows being caught on the rebound doesn't count.
00:22:14Oh, that's so sad.
00:22:15I was, like, shocked that we actually caught it.
00:22:17" Narrator: So true, but moving on is the best remedy.
00:22:22Grant adjusts the timer so the hands will trigger sooner.
00:22:26Hopefully this time the adjustment will get it w so that the hands clap right on the sword.
00:22:31All right.
00:22:323, 2, 1!
00:22:36.. with his head.
00:22:42Dude! look how deep that went!
00:22:45It's all the way down to his eyebrow.
00:22:47Whoa. that will definitely split your skull.
00:22:50Narrator: The hands slammed shut quicker, but not quick enough.
00:22:55Ohh! just missed it!
00:22:58We just need to pull it back just a hair.
00:23:02Just a hair.
00:23:03Narrator: So they tweak the timer just a hair.
00:23:07Ninja sword-catching rig in 3, 2, 1.
00:23:14That looked good.
00:23:17It looked right.
00:23:18It looked really good.
00:23:19Narrator: This time, the sword comes to a stop, but only because the hands closed a fraction too early, and the blade got stuck in the ballistics material.
00:23:29We're 5 milliseconds off. 5 milliseconds.
00:23:32Do you know how fast 5 milliseconds is?
00:23:35That's ridiculous.
00:23:36Faster than you can blink your eye.
00:23:39Much faster.
00:23:41Narrator: Such an infinitesimal amount might not make any difference to their results.
00:23:47Thinly sliced palm.
00:23:48Narrator: So, do they call this myth busted right here, right now, or go for absolute precision?
00:23:54I think we have to get it the perfect timing before we can actually say anything, otherwise, people will yell at us.
00:24:02Adam and jamie reinvent the ancient ninja 21st-CENTURY STYLE.
00:24:44It guides.
00:24:47It shows.
00:24:49It slides.
00:24:52It tows.
00:24:54It sees.
00:24:56It calls.
00:24:58And it fits.
00:25:02Because more is what we do.
00:25:04Introducing the terrain, the all-new smaller suv from gmc.
00:28:26We do a lot of crazy stunts on this show, but none of it is stuff you should try at home.
00:28:34Narrator: Jamie and adam are targeting the myth that a ninja can pluck a speeding arrow out of the air.
00:28:42You know, I was only able to catch these arrows at 60 miles an hour, and I'm not trained at this, but, still, your average arrow travels, like, three times that fast.
00:28:50If we were to build a mechanical hand, I could do that.
00:28:54You know, I can make it grab as fast as it's physically possible to grab something.
00:28:58Or even faster, if it turns out that's not possible.
00:29:02Okay, I'll build a super accurate arrow-shooting rig, you build a handgrabbing rig, and we'll see what the limit of the human ability to grab an arrow is.
00:29:12Narrator: Before they build a new rig, jamie and adam want to study the physical capability ..
00:29:19..and personal.
00:29:23Enter the dale, our feudal battle skills expert.
00:29:27How are you, sir? hi, good to see you.
00:29:30Dale is willing to let the guys time the swiftness of his highly trained hand.
00:29:36When you're ready, just go like that, and we'll fire the camera and see how fast.
00:29:42About there.
00:29:43Whenever you're ready.
00:29:45Did you get it?
00:29:47[ Laughs ] Narrator: If you blinked, you would have missed it.
00:29:50Wow, this is 500 frames per second, so you closed your hand in about 35 milliseconds.
00:29:57That's great.
00:29:58That gives us a really good baseline to try and get our robot to equate to.
00:30:02And I think it makes it a lot easier for our mythical ninja to actually catch it.
00:30:05Narrator: Jamie's beret doesn't come off for many reasons, but one of them is to weld.
00:30:10His job is to make a mechanical hand that's as fast as dale's.
00:30:16Jamie: This is a trick that I've used before on various kinds of movie things where i need a fake hand.
00:30:22A motorcycle chain is actually very sturdy, and if you run a line along one side of it that pulls taut, the whole thing wants to curl up like that.
00:30:31Narrator: Jamie welds five pieces of chain together to form the fingers of a hand.
00:30:36Then he attaches it to a metal stand and threads the links through with long laces.
00:30:42These things that I'm putting in here right now would be equivalent to tendons.
00:30:48But instead of going to a muscle, they're going to a pneumatic actuator.
00:30:51Narrator: The actuators will provide the force that will clamp the fingers and thumb shut in a viselike grip.
00:30:59This will be protecting jamie's shop in no time.
00:31:02[ Deep voice ] STOP! YOU HAVE THREE MINUTES To comply.
00:31:07Narrator: While jamie completes the catch, adam works on the throw.
00:31:12I've hard-mounted the bow to a steel frame.
00:31:14I've got a trigger mount that can pull back the string, and all this will be attached to a timer, a supersensitive timer that will also trigger the hand catching.
00:31:24Narrator: The timers will allow the guys to fine-tune the release and handgrab to the millisecond.
00:31:32Adam and jamie's arrow-nabbing device is ..
00:31:36Ha ha! that's perfect.
00:31:38...Part machine.
00:31:43Well, that ain't moving.
00:31:45That's not going anywhere?
00:31:48Oh, ninja.
00:31:51[ Laughs ] your move, creep.
00:31:56Adam: Arrow-catching rig, test number one, here we go.
00:32:003, 2, 1.
00:32:04[ Arrow rattling ] [ laughs ] Narrator: The fist closed too late.
00:32:11Adam goes through the numbers.
00:32:13Off by 200 milliseconds.
00:32:15Narrator: Both the arrow and hand were moving at accurate real-life speeds.
00:32:20The arrow clocked 170 miles an hour, and the handgrab was just 2 milliseconds slower than ninja dale.
00:32:28Adam adjusts the timers to his precise calculations.
00:32:32Adam: The arrow to release 200 milliseconds after the hand starts to activate.
00:32:39 that ought to do it.
00:32:423, 2, 1.
00:32:46I wonder what happened.
00:32:47Too fast for my eyes.
00:32:49Narrator: Finally, they achieve a perfectly coordinated shot.
00:32:53But even though the rig was working at the correct human and arrow speed, the ever-elusive projectile slips through the hand's grasp.
00:33:02Jamie: That tells me that at human speed, it's not fast enough to grab the arrow.
00:33:06I think that's exactly what this says.
00:33:09I think you're absolutely right.
00:33:10I think our only choice at this point is to make the hand go faster.
00:33:14To ramp it up.
00:33:15That's all there is left.
00:33:17All right, I'll get to rig it.
00:33:18Narrator: that's "let's go" in japanese.
00:33:22Jamie: We have a technique for speeding up the hand so this will move so quickly, you won't even be able to see it move.
00:33:29Narrator: Very ninja.
00:33:30Narrator: The trick is to spring-load the actuators so they hit the quick-release superhuman hard and fast.
00:33:373, 2, 1.
00:33:43[ Laughing ] that is perfect!
00:33:50Superhuman ninja strength!
00:33:53Narrator: Got it.
00:33:54At bionic speed, robohand finally manages to defend himself.
00:33:58Our robot hand is closing five times as fast as a human could possibly close their hand.
00:34:05And that's what it took.
00:34:06It finished before the tail feathers got there.
00:34:08But any slower, and it wouldn't have caught that arrow.
00:34:12Narrator: So the hand of a mere mortal could never have achieved this feat.
00:34:17Adam: Myth is busted.
00:34:18This is what it would take to catch an arrow.
00:34:20Robohand. robohand!
00:34:22Now just all we have to do is build the rest of our superhuman ninja robot, and we can take over the world.
00:34:29 [ laughs ] mm!
00:34:36Yah! hah hah!
00:34:37Narrator: On the other side of the break, adam has trouble finding his feet, walking on water.
00:34:44Adam: Whoo!
00:34:45If I had any dignity, that would have been humiliating.
00:35:22] buddy.
00:35:23Hey, buddy. how's it going?
00:35:25What's up? what's shakin'?
00:35:26Poppin'. crackin'.
00:35:27Yeah, buddy.
00:35:28Brother! dude!
00:35:29Dude! what's up?
00:35:30What's up?
00:35:31Hey. bro.
00:35:32Hey. hey!
00:35:32Daddy! darlin'.
00:35:33Sweetie! buddy.
00:35:34Beautiful. aww.
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00:35:53room, ..
00:35:54By that woman from 3c.
00:35:55He's tried before to engage her.
00:35:57Supposed to be kinda windy today.
00:36:01But today, he's ready.
00:36:02HAVE YOU HEARD about McDonald's new dollar menu at breakfast?
00:36:04 they talk about the savory sausage McMuffin, the hearty sausage burrito, the premium roast coffee.
00:36:13A common interest. something to build on.
00:36:15This could be our song.
00:36:17NOBODY MAKES BREAKFAST like McDonald's.
00:36:20♪♪ Ba da ba ba ba ♪♪
00:36:51Meatball on white...Next!
00:36:53Ya' want mustard on that or not?
00:36:54C'mon, c'mon, I haven't got all day here.
00:36:56It doesn't come with peppers - they're extra...
00:36:58Hurry up! Pay the lady... Next!
00:37:00Chicken's fresh - I killed it myself.
00:37:02So that's what you want? ... Next!
00:37:04While we're still young...
00:37:05Ya' know you told me you wanted mustard ...
00:37:06get outta here!
00:37:08Time's up! Back of the line!
00:37:09Hey, excuse me...
00:37:12Great sandwich... Thanks!
00:37:14♪ You didn't have to beso nice ♪
00:37:18♪ I would have liked you anyway ♪
00:38:28Narrator:..Wearing an exact replica ..
00:38:34Adam got nothing but wet.
00:38:37This time, adam is thinking out of the box and making a modern-day pair of ninja shoes.
00:38:45HIS 21st-CENTURY MIZUGUMO MATERIALS Are a pair of snowboard boots, aluminum, and packing foam.
00:38:53This is a deadly weapon.
00:38:58I've calculated that 4 layers of this gives me about 2.2 cubic feet per foot of water displacement.
00:39:06That equals about a total of 265 pounds of buoyancy.
00:39:10Narrator: He traces outlines of the boots ..
00:39:17And wedges them inside.
00:39:21Then he sprays glue between the layers.
00:39:26Adam: Awesome!
00:39:29That could not have gone better.
00:39:30Narrator: He tapes aluminum sheeting to the base and rivets on a lightweight rail to keep everything rigid.
00:39:37The final touch is to paint them in a timeless shade of ninja noir.
00:39:42[ British accent ] I'M PAINTING THESE BLACK Because I want to say that I want to be invisible, right?
00:39:49I mean, it's like the modern society, you just -- no one knows who you are.
00:39:54That is the essence of the ninja, right?
00:39:58Narrator: Right.
00:39:58To find out, it's back to the pool.
00:40:00Jamie: These look like fun.
00:40:02[ Normal voice ] WELL, THIS IS NINJA SHOE 2.0.
00:40:05This is my attempt.
00:40:06What do you think?
00:40:07I think it's gonna be real hard to stay upright on those puppies.
00:40:11There's only one way to find out.
00:40:16Narrator: Adam boards his tanker ships and is ready to launch.
00:40:25[ Laughing ] whoo!
00:40:31Oh, if I had any dignity, that would have been humiliating.
00:40:34Just as well, because we want to see that pratfall again.
00:40:39For his next attempt, he tries a gentle sitting start.
00:40:44There you go.
00:40:46There we go.
00:40:47Oh, I'm stealthy as the night.
00:40:55Bringing justice in the night?
00:41:01[ Laughs ] our far-from-soundless assassin is trying his hardest to move forward.
00:41:09My paddles don't seem to be working, man.
00:41:12But it's like being stuck on a nautical treadmill.
00:41:21I don't know about these ninja shoes, man.
00:41:25What do you think?
00:41:26I think they suck.
00:41:28They don't suck!
00:41:30Narrator: Harsh, but true.
00:41:33The samurai have won this mission, and adam accepts defeat.
00:41:39I give up on my ninja shoes.
00:41:40They're not stealthy, they're not easy, and they don't move.
00:41:46[ Laughing ] ..
00:41:48Can I walk across this tub of goo?
00:41:50Narrator: And kari takes a swing at a real ninja.
00:42:27building ourselves.
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00:43:15( scoffs ) FALSE!
00:43:17It is false. they actually saved more.
00:43:20 now that's the right answer.
00:44:46Narrator: You've seen this ninja battle trick in 1,000 b-grade maial arts movies.
00:44:52But is it possible?
00:44:55To find out, kari, tory, and grant built a sword-catching machine that so far hasn't cut it.
00:45:02.. with his head.
00:45:04Narrator: But the timing of tnair rig is only off by less than the blink of an eye, and grant's got a plan to make it perfect.
00:45:13It's a timer, and this will give me millisecond resolution so I can dial in the delay exactly.
00:45:19Narrator: Grant makes the minute adjustment they need, and our ninja is prepared to make his final attempt.
00:45:26Tory: This is it. I can feel it.
00:45:29This has got to be it.
00:45:31In 3, 2, 1.
00:45:35Something came off the hand.
00:45:37Yeah. it was really close.
00:45:40Narrator: Once again, the sword slips through our ninja's fingers.
00:45:45But were his reflexes right on?
00:45:47That's it.
00:45:48Ooh, keep going.
00:45:50That's one.
00:45:51Keep going! keep going!
00:45:53Keep going! we got it!
00:45:56That's it!
00:45:56The timing was right. thank you.
00:45:58You can't get any more perfect on the timing than that.
00:46:01And you still can't catch the sword.
00:46:05Slides right through.
00:46:06Narrator: With their mechanical ninja operating under ideal conditions, there's nothing more they can do in the workshop, so it's time again to consult our real-life ninja -- dale.
00:46:17Nice to meet you.
00:46:18So I notice you have all your fingers.
00:46:19Have you ever tried to catch a sword with your hands?
00:46:22We prefer to get out of the way.
00:46:24We may take the sword away, but there's an off-line evasion first.
00:46:28Narrator: A wise tactic.
00:46:30But to put this myth to the true test, dale is bravely allowing kari to swing a sword towards him.
00:46:36Don't worry. the blade has been dulled.
00:46:38All right, so he's just coming at you like this.
00:46:42[ Laughter ] so let me just get the spot.
00:46:46Grant: Wow, you have a lot of confidence ..
00:46:49A lot more than we do.
00:46:51[ Laughter ] Narrator: For extra protection, he's wearing shuko on his hands, reproduction ninja climbing claws.
00:46:59So go like this.
00:47:00Yeah, you'd be starting with your left foot forward, and then taking a step, getting some momentum, and kaboom.
00:47:08Don't hold back, kari.
00:47:09Narrator: Kari summons up her best kaboom.
00:47:13[ Laughter ] geez, that's scary.
00:47:14Did I get you or just the sword?
00:47:16No, that's scary, though.
00:47:19You almost got him that time. wow.
00:47:21Narrator: With 40 years of training under ..
00:47:24That's some force behind it.
00:47:26...Dale blocks her blows using just one hand.
00:47:29Dale's preferred sword-catch technique is different to the one we're testing.
00:47:34So what's his take on the bare double-handed approach?
00:47:39Dale: The idea of trying to stop it this way with all that kinetic energy still coming here is probably not a good idea.
00:47:44If you were to attempt it to try to make it work, it'd be best to catch and receive so you're absorbing and redirecting the force.
00:47:55I'd like to shake your hand goodbye, but I think I'll just wave and thank you so much.
00:48:00Yeah, thank you.
00:48:01Good to see you guys. high five, huh?
00:48:03[ Laughs ] look at that slice.
00:48:06Narrator: Back at the shop, armed with dale's input and the sorry condition of their fake hands, what conclusion has the team come to?
00:48:17The timing was perfect.
00:48:18And the hands came together at the perfect time with the most human strength we can muster and still couldn't hold on to it.
00:48:24Are we calling this one busted?
00:48:26Yeah, pretty much unless you're a movie ninja, I don't think that you can hold on to the sword.
00:48:30There's just too much velocity behind it.
00:48:31Yep, we gave this one our best shot.
00:48:34So you mean all those ninja movies were not true?
00:48:38[ Sighs ] [ laughs ] Narrator: Attempting the mythical ninja trick ..
00:48:55Adam went nowhere but under.
00:49:03But as the silent observer of his numerous dunkings, jamie's had time to think, and he's come up with a mysterious solution.
00:49:11Jamie: There is something that I've come up with that you can walk on it.
00:49:16It does have a lot of water in it.
00:49:19I'd like to see how that works.
00:49:21Narrator: His covert concoction is 200 gallons of water and 1,000 pounds of powdery cornstarch.
00:49:33Trusted mythtern jess is in charge of getting the consistency just right.
00:49:39I'm cooking me up some pancakes!
00:49:43Narrator: Some blue food coloring completes the recipe.
00:49:48Okay, we're good. are we ready to pour?
00:49:50Jess: Yeah. ready when you are.
00:49:52Narrator: The mixture is tipped into a large plastic container that represents a deep samurai moat.
00:50:00It's a river of goo.
00:50:05Adam is perplexed.
00:50:06What is this stuff?
00:50:07It's water.
00:50:08It's got something else in it, but it's water.
00:50:11It's the hyneman version of water.
00:50:13Yeah, and you're gonna walk on it.
00:50:16No way.
00:50:17Narrator: Way.
00:50:18There's nothing adam would rather do than play in a giant tub of goo.
00:50:23Look at this!
00:50:26[ Laughing ] Narrator: Finally, the container is filled to the brim, and our ninja novice soaks up some advice from sensei hyneman.
00:50:35I think you ought to get one good stride across it.
00:50:38As far as hanging out there and walking around or even hopping, I have my doubts.
00:50:45All right, well, I want to go.
00:50:47Narrator: Adam scales the imaginary wall and is ready to cross the water obstacle.
00:50:52Think like those movies where they're walking on bamboo and stuff, you know.
00:50:56[ Laughs ] all right, here we go.
00:51:04[ Laughing ] that is so cool!
00:51:12Hey, it worked.
00:51:13Narrator: adam ran across the surface.
00:51:17The reason is, the cornstarch and water combo is a non-newtonian fluid, and these kinds of fluids change their viscosity.
00:51:25A liquid, it pours like a liquid, ..
00:51:30You're fine because the impact of your feet is enough to change that balance.
00:51:36All of a sudden, you've got a solid that you're dealing with only for a second, but it's long enough for you to move across the top of it without sinking into it.
00:51:44I'm just gonna go back and forth a couple times because it's really fun.
00:51:47Narrator: Adam shatters the perception that shadow warriors don't know how to have a good time.
00:51:59Dude, it's a lot of work!
00:52:01Being a ninja is a hard job!
00:52:04[ Laughs ] it wants to let you go down, doesn't it?
00:52:10All right.
00:52:11So, this is just to show there's no trickery involved.
00:52:13This is actually a liquid.
00:52:14I gonna step into it, I'm gonna sink, and then I'm gonna change my clothes.
00:52:23Oh, that's funky!
00:52:25[ Laughs ] [ Chuckling ] OH, DUDE, THAT FEELS SO WRONG.
00:52:29Narrator: So it's a far-fetched idea for feudal japanese times.
00:52:34But corn was introduced to japan around the 16th century, right around the time ninjas existed, and it sure was fun.
00:52:42Oh, come on in, the water's great.
00:52:44Jamie: Of course, this isa little on the silly side.
00:52:48Yes, it's a liquid, but are you really gonna havelarge quantities of cornstarch mixed upand sitting around someplace?
00:52:55I suppose maybenext to a cornstarch factory in asia somewhere,and you happen to be a ninja, and you happen to be tryingto sneak around.
00:53:02To that's a bit of a stretch.
00:53:04Adam: So this is the end ofthe line for walking on water.
00:53:08What do you think?
00:53:10It's busted.
00:53:11Totally busted.
00:53:12Let's go home.
00:53:14All right.
00:53:20Remember, do not try anything you are about to see at home.
00:53:28Narrator: On this high-impact episode of ..
00:53:34...Adam and jamie go where no boffin has ..
00:53:38I love this myth!
00:53:39...As they test whether a bullet fired and a bullet dropped simultaneously hit the ground at the same time.
00:53:48[ Laughs ] that is science.
00:53:53I can't wait!
00:53:54...Punch, pummel... ow!
00:53:56And blast their way through another fantastic fable.
00:54:00That might knock buster's socks off!
00:54:02Is it ever possible to literally knock someone's socks off?
00:54:08That was awesome!
00:54:14Who are the mythbusters?
00:54:19Am I missing an eyebrow?
00:54:21...And jamie hyneman.
00:54:23Hey, no guts, no glory.
00:54:24Between them, more than 30 years of special-effects experience.
00:54:32For science. aah!
00:54:34...Tory belleci...
00:54:36Can we do that again?
00:54:37...And kari byron.
00:54:38One word for this -- splat!
00:54:41They don't just tell the myths.
00:54:44They put them to the test.
00:54:46--Captions by VITA -& Captions paid for bydiscovery communications [ gunshot ] what you got there?
00:55:06This is a good one.
00:55:07Picture two bullets, each exactly the same distance from the ground, each released at the exact same second except one bullet is dropped to the ground, the other is fired from a gun.
00:55:17The classic physics thought experiment states that both bullets will hit the ground at the same time.
00:55:23Based on what theory?
00:55:23Based on a theory that the bullet that's fired from the gun has no wings on it, no lift.
00:55:27Thus, gravity has the same effect on it as it does on the dropped bullet and thus, they hit the ground simultaneously.
00:55:34It's an age-old physics fable that says a bullet dropped and a bullet fired simultaneously from the same height will hit the ground at the same time.
00:55:43But it's so darn difficult to test that no one's tried -- until now.
00:55:50So, what's the plan?
00:55:51Well, I've been thinking about this one for so long.
00:55:54While I have seen this experiment elucidated in text books the world over, I don't think that anyone, anywhere has ever tried it full size, full scale, with real bullets coming out of real guns.
00:56:06That's what we should do.
00:56:07It sounds like it could be kind of tricky, actually.
00:56:09I think we should do some shop experiments before we start using any live rounds.
00:56:14Fair enough. let's start.
00:56:16So before going ballistic with the ballistics, adam comes up with a more simple way to put that textbook theory to the test.
00:56:26Well, this test is gonna be comprised of two separate parts, and I am using a bullet of sorts.
00:56:31You may recognize this steel ball bearing as some of our ammunition from steam machine gun.
00:56:38Part the first.
00:56:39I will be dropping this ball bearing from exactly table height, handily marked by this green line right here.
00:56:44I'll be filming its drop on a high-speed camera and counting how long it takes to get to the ground.
00:56:51Part the second.
00:56:53I'll be shooting this ball bearing from my little pinball shooter here, which I've marked out to be really accurate every time I shoot it, and I'm gonna fire it across the same grid and measure how long it takes to reach the floor on the same high-speed camera.
00:57:07If this myth is true, those two times should be identical.
00:57:11Okay, here we go.
00:57:14This is the drop from table height.
00:57:16In 3, 2, 1.
00:57:22Pretty simple.
00:57:22Narrator: Couldn't be simpler.
00:57:25But there's lot more to this test than meets the eye.
00:57:27Adam: Counting the frames of the high-speed shot, the marble took exactly 201 frames to get from my hand to the ground, and because we're filming at 500 frames per second, each frame is two milliseconds, which means that the total travel was 402 milliseconds, or for those of you who love fractions -- 02/10 of a second.
00:57:46Narrator: So 0.402's the benchmark.
00:57:50Now, how will the fired ball stack up?
00:57:53High-speed ready?
00:57:55Time for some pinball wizardry.