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00:00:00news stories and movies.H@ At North [email protected],ESPNESPN anything can happenH@% and usually does.
00:00:06It's the 1986 [email protected] Union [email protected] only on ESH@ [email protected]@[email protected]@%H@ [Captioning made possible byh@ [email protected]@[email protected]@%h@ >> espn, your [email protected]%h@ auto racing network presentsh@%h@ h@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@%h @h@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@%h@ we welcome you to norh@ wilkesboro speedway%h@ in north carolina.
00:01:20On a [email protected] sunday afternoon,%h@ h@%h@ h@ we hav%a [email protected] of rain today, and it's rather windyh@%h@ with winds from the southwest [email protected]@ [email protected], everybody.
00:01:34I'm bob jenkins, and welcome toh@ [email protected] 400 winston cup [email protected]@[email protected]@%h@ the track here at north wilkesboro is 5/8h@% of a mile, as the field begins to pull away [email protected] first%h@ of about 3 pace laps to geth@ [email protected] up.
00:01:52h@%h@ the straightaways are 990 feet.
00:01:55[email protected] banking on the turns%h@ 14 degrees--and the racetrackh@%h@ h@ [email protected] seating capacity here is 18,000, and just about everyh@%h@ h@%h@ now a look at the starting [email protected]@ on the%ole,[email protected] 419 in the levi garretth@%h@ chevrolet, car number 5,h@ [email protected] chemung, new york-- his third straight poleh@ [email protected]
00:02:20[email protected] of row number one,%h@ from randleman, north carolina,h@%h@ in the stp pontiac, car 43,h@% [email protected] petty.
00:02:28In the second row, the folgersh@%h@ coffee chevrolet, car 25,h@ %m [email protected] from ashland, ohio, and on the outsideh@ [email protected] second row will be terry labonte fromh@ corpus christi, %xas,h@ in the number 44 piedmonth@%h@ h@ the third %w--h@ from kannapolis, north carolina,h@ dale earnhardt i%the [email protected] jeans chevrolet, car number 3,h@%h@ and bobby allison from hueytown,h@ alabama, in th%numbh@ 22 h@%h@ in the fourth row, from upland, [email protected], joe ruttman,%h@ the quaker state buick, %h@ outside the fourth row,h@ starting e%hth [email protected] be the budweiser chevrolet,h@ car 12, driven [email protected] h@%h@ in row number 6, kyle petty,h@%h@ from randleman, north carolina, in the [email protected] ford,%h@ car number 7.
00:03:11And then [email protected] of row number 5%h@ will be darrell waltrip from [email protected], tennessee,%h@ in the number 11 budweiser h@%h@ the field comes off of corner h@ geof%bodih@ leads them across.
00:03:21The green flag is ouh@%h@ and the first union 400 is under [email protected] from north wilkesboro,%h@ h@%h@ well, we have seen geoff bodineh@ [email protected] problems the last couple of races at the starth@%h@ of the race, but that was not the case today, as he wah@%h@ leading coming off of corner number 4, and he is goinh@%h@ h@[email protected]@% h@>> richard petty trying to get under the tim richmondh@ [email protected] by him h@ [email protected] of him down in one and two and takes %h@ earnhardt trying to follow him h@%h@ >> so richard petty moves into second, dale earnhardt nowh@% [email protected] third, and joe ruttman sneakih@ up into fourth%h@ position, as tim richmond [email protected] lagging behind he% afth@ a good start and falling intoh@ se%nd [email protected]
00:04:02He's now back to fifth.
00:04:04>> Richmond juh@ doesn't seem%h@ to be working.
00:04:06Bodine got the [email protected] over%h@ richard petty, and richmond-- you [email protected] him getting a litt%h@ bit out of shape once again h@%h@ he had second place.
00:04:13He held back the whole field,h@%h@ h@ >> geoff bodine,%ff [email protected] number 4, leading the race,h@%h@ with richard petty in second.
00:04:21A lot of traffic [email protected]%h@ the front-runners, but everybody in g%d [email protected] h@%h@ it's a tight 5/8-mile racetrackh@%h@ that they run on.
00:04:31There is [email protected] waltrip trying%h@ to move up on the outside.
00:04:34>> [email protected] outside,%h@ and we already saw tim richmond % he couldn't go anyplace, but waltrip is making someh@%h@ headway out there.
00:04:41Here he is alongside richmondh@% as they come off turn 4.
00:04:44>> [email protected] is trying to move%h@ h@ right now, t% [email protected] is in seventh and darrell waltriph@ in eight% [email protected], on the outside, runningh@%h@ door handle to door handle %h@ they come off the second corner and go [email protected] backstretch,%h@ and darrell waltrip does move into seventh positioh@%h@ now terry labonte wants to pass %h@ >> what tim richmond needs is a cautih@ flag here%h@ in the first 10 laps.
00:05:07Something h@ just not exactly%h@ the way it was all week longh@%h@ and particularly yesterday h@ benny, t%re [email protected] ruttman.
00:05:14h@ %'s [email protected] well.
00:05:16>> Joe ruttman last week at dalton had a good r%h@ and here again today-- h@%h@ h@%h@ >> well, you remember last weekend when joe ruttmanh@%h@ moved up into a high place righth@%h@ at the beginning of the h@ce--%h@ was partially caused by the [email protected] problem%h@ at the beginning, but this week, he is just moving % verh@ quickly on richard pettyh@%h@ as we watch terry labonte, [email protected]@%h@ >> it's bodine, petty, ruttman--h@%h@ first 3--then earnhardt, bonnett, kyle petty, waltrip,h@%h@ terry labonte, tim richmond,h@%h@ bobby allison.
00:05:52[email protected] schrader is up t%re,h@ h@%h@ let's see who else is up there.
00:05:57Next is rusty wallaceh@% [email protected] then jody ridley.
00:05:59Those are the top 15 cars or soh@ h@ >> [email protected] allison there, running between tim richmondh@ and %n [email protected]
00:06:06A good starting position %h@ he was the sixth-fastest qualifier, [email protected] with%h@ h@%h@ we should say grandpa bobby allison.
00:06:15His daughter had a baby%h@ h@%h@ >> benny, the interesting thingh@ [email protected] story h@%h@ everybody agrees there must be at least 15 cars wh@ can win%h@ h@ there is defin%ely [email protected] anywhere h@%h@ >> no, there isn't a favorite.
00:06:32Richard petty, I think,h@ is the sen%menth@ favorite.
00:06:34As you mentioned, geoff bodine,h@%h@ who took the pole away from richard petty,h@ he really ha%d [email protected] it.
00:06:39I think if richard has a shoth@% for the last 50 miles, certainly, they're not goingh@ to giv%it [email protected], but when it's over--if richard petty can win [email protected] race, I think%h@ everyone will say, "h@ >> yeah, geoff t%d ush@ yesterday, right after he took the pole from [email protected], that he%h@ actually thought about it duringh@ his qu%ifyih@ run.
00:06:54"Gee, this is richard's besth@ chan% in,[email protected], 6 years.
00:06:57" [email protected] he said, "the profes%onalh@ " >> but look at ric%rd [email protected]
00:07:01He's only two car lengths behindh@ h@ he was 15 just a couple %h@ ..h@%h@ we see the damage on the right h@%h@ he and tim richmond-- the first lap of the race,h@%h@ which caused that damage, but it doesn't [email protected] be severe%h@ enough to have to make a pit h@%h@ >> and richmond is out of shape in turn number two--h@% almost spins coming off h@%h@ let's go down to jack arute, who has more on thish@ h@ >> bob, here's t% [email protected] h@ [email protected] at first he might have a tire going down,h@%h@ and that was causing it to be h@%h@ they surveyed it for about 4 laps as h@ went by their%h@ pit stop station.
00:07:41They said,[email protected], the tire's not%h@ going down," but they did seth@%h@ the car up with loose springs,h@ and [email protected] parsons can tell you more about that.
00:07:48That could be the %obleh@ right now.
00:07:51% how do you set a car up h@ >> well, I thi% [email protected] weekend has been a very unusualh@ week%d [email protected] they're running a tire combination unlikeh@%h@ anything they've ever used h@ [email protected] really knows what springs h@ I think that a l% of [email protected] are going to have the same problem that [email protected] has--%h@ that's trying to spin out or geth@ loose coming off%he [email protected]
00:08:10I don't think tim richmondh@ has [email protected] right now, but I think we're going to seeh@ th%probh@m with everyone before it's over.
00:08:16Look at richard petty, bobh@%h@ >> he's off of corner number two and chalh@nging geoff bodine%h@ for the lead as they go down the backstreh@h and into corner%h@ h@ richar%petth@to the inside of geoff bodine, and theyh@%h@ touch coming off of the fourth corner, and they crossh@%h@ the start/finish line h@ I be%eve h@dine had the slight advantage on that lap,h@%h@ but let's see what richard does now as they once again come offh@%h@ the second corner.
00:08:38h@%h@ >> bob, I've got to tell you that, benny, I hav%not h@en the nascar fans be this excitedh@%h@ in a long, long time.
00:08:46This reminds me of beingh@% in brazil when the home country people were cheeringh@ ayrth@ sena.
00:08:50h@ >> you know,%ob mh@tioned at the top of the show, there's 18,000 seats here,h@%h@ and I think every one of them chh@red when richard petty%h@ went by.
00:08:58h@ a tremen%us rh@nd of applause for the king richard petty,h@%h@ who has been so good this weekeh@ here%h@ at north wilkesboro.
00:09:06He's leading geoff bodine now,h@%h@ as we've completed 17 lapsh@ of this 400-la%raceh@ h@%h@ >> another guy who's running into the top 10.
00:09:14I think we missed %mh@ h@ those % youh@ho are from the chesapeake, virginia, areah@ h@e wondering, "hey, " h@ petty contin%s toh@ead.
00:09:23Bodine is second, and by the way, joe ru%manh@ has closed up.
00:09:27Joe ruttmah@is only a couple%h@ car lengths behind, but rudd's %h@h@ >> richa% peth@ is starting to wiggle just a little bit off turn 4, h@sign that his car's%h@ getting loose-- not as perfect as it w%h@ h@% h@>> there are your first 3-- richard petty leading,h@ geoff bo%ne ih@second position, %h@ %h@ h@%h@ sixth is darrell waltrip.
00:09:52%h@ %h@ ninth, bobby allison, and in 10th positionh@%h@ h@%h@ now the leaders already approaching some of the slowerh@ traffi%downh@he backstretch.
00:10:04They move high and passh@ rickh@aldwin driving car h@ now they a%roach@jimmy means ribbs,h@%h@ who's driving that white car, h@%h@ >> you know,h@s we watch%h@ richard petty, think about this, h@ how h@ny people watching this broadcast are under the ageh@%h@ h@ it was 28 years %o thh@ h@chard petty first show% uph@ at this racetrack %h@ h@ he's been do%g ith@o long, and yet, 28 years later,h@ %heh@ leading this event.
00:10:34h@%h@ >> randleman, north carolina'sh@%h@ richard petty.
00:10:39We had an opportunity to talkh@ to hh@ earlier this week about his chances for winnin%hereh@h@ >> will tomorrow% rach@be your best shot at victory since,h@%h@ as president reagan calls it, the firecracker 400h@%h@ two years ago?
00:10:52h@ %yoh@know, right now, yeah, we're sitting in the best position to start a raceh@hat we%h@ have since then, so, you know, from that stanh@oint, we're%h@ doing pretty good, but we ran--h@ th%shorh@track program's going to be better because we ran good at brih@ol, and the driver gav%h@ out, and I think that if we keeph@%h@ everything together here, h@think this is one of o%h@ better racetracks, so from thath@ standpoint, it sho%d beh@ good show.
00:11:13H@>> he's in good shap%righh@now.
00:11:14He's leading geoff bodineh@% and joe ruttman in the union bank 400h@%h@ from north wilkesborh@%h@ and now joe ruttman beginningh@ h@ challenge for second h@ he'sh@igh on the racetrack, h@%h@ good racing here in the earlyh@ stag% of h@is event.
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00:01:00@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@ >> eeononYoYorewawachchgg the 1986 FPNst UnPNn 400, fearrg g ccssss s swwwnwnH@%H@ESPNESPN beteeththliliss of llEaEahahattRiRicky Rud%H@ESPNESPN an D Drrrrl l ltltipip rig reren n PPClClsisic.%H@ESPNESPNH@%H@H@%H@H@%H@ >> 7Lala h he e enenomometeth@ inhehe first uonon0000erer atoror w wkekeoror l le e h@%h@ es t ts s ndnd a aererononh@ gef f didi, , e e leleititr,r, has d d o othth7575apap%h@h@ the otr r pspsererlelebyby richd d tttt w w h h s sceceh@%h@ comen n r r pipistst anlolo a aapaph@%h@ boneneo o e e tstse e wiy y r rbsbsndndapapngngimimh@%h@ for e e coco t tee .%h@h@%h@ >> wl,l,erers s atatununwnwn that's vy y ofofcici%h@ th w wkiki o oalaldedetotoh@%h@ as wlolo a aririy y ddddheheh@ inheheumumr r r r a a w wtete car-lmlmt t enencacah@%h@ toararllllalalipip bonene c chevy, alsosos s icic%h@h@ boetets s evevlelet, eahahat't'chchrorot,t,h@ and enenifif p place is j r rtmtm, , 2 2f f e e h@ buicks thahaha e eerer thrara h he e dadaruru .h@%h@ sixt u uffffiaiay,y,s s ltltp.p.
00:02:33Seveh h t t f fststororh@ oficic r rd.d.
00:02:36Eighth is hay y ntnt%h@ nih h k ke e tttt %h@ boy y llll, , t t t trdrd buic I i1111, , so the oy y %h@ bukskshahaararhehe,,h@% theyllll r r I iththtoto1111 ELLIOTT IS2t2t A A B BCHCHARDH@ .h@ those are thonon p pplplthth reininn n e e ceceetetngngh@%h@ leadapaph@ >>auauononlalag is out on t r retetckckh@%h@ weooooararndndndndonon s sh@ a r r atat has spu s swewellh@%h@ stanbybyo o t t e e fifialal words s w w t ts s ututnn%h@ peri h h c ce e t,t,ututtth@%h@ comeououwiwi 7 7lalah@%h@ coleled,d,ndndt't'fofodedeisish@%h@ on t r retetckckananititauaussh@ the adaders to hdd for t t adad he c ceseseoeo b binin%h@ boy y lilin,n,eieiboboeteth@ da e earnhardtjojorurumama daelelwawariri a a o oererh@%h@ ja I iatatheheeoeo b bininpipi%h@ >>ndndheheevevgagaetetcrcr%h@ go t twowo o oththououidid--h@ right side rbebebebegg exchgege th'r'rtatangngn n e e rsrs%h@ 11alalnsnsf f ioio7676ueueh@%h@ th d dp p e e ckckh@ ye t ty'y're gonnaakakitit a 4-rerehahae e dedecacaioioh@%h@ th c ce e ckckrorod.d.
00:03:41Theye e opopped a luwrwrchch%h@ anthth d d n n f fisis thwowo o oththririt t dede%h@ th I igogog g b b colylyororhehe thank goodsssst't'ununrr%h@ cautn.n.
00:03:48Theyininh h atatxcxcngng%h@ onheheigig s se.e.
00:03:51Now eyeye e ckckn n e e ftft h@%h@ the nanalele r rr r rere h@ the g g tstsbebeg g tataeded by aeaealuluwrwrchchh@%h@ gef,f,ususloloininququtitiabab ahd,d,aiaingngororheheigigllh@ to g th d dp p , , d d he's awa%h@ >>e e s s e e ststneneutut of t p ps,s,acac%h@ thguguwiwi t t b bt t t t opop %h@ he w f fststututfofoowow b bh@ da e enhnhardth@ and bbbbalalsoso bukyky p ptytys s mimi I ih@% foa a coco t te.e.
00:04:16>> Wl,l,roroblblkyky p ptyty only chaededwowoirir .h@ he ndedetotohahange 4 li alththrere o oththleleererdidih@%h@ weawawheheraraicicn n e e rere that gffffodode'e'pipit stoph@ wa4040ececdsdsananthth's'sh@%h@ a re l lg g memen n nsnsn n pph@% .
00:04:31Normlylythth d dththe e opop inomomhehe b bwewe 2 25 and 30 secos,s,ndndyeye k ke e tttth@%h@ isacacininananthth'r'rchchgigi thleleft side t tt t rdrd%h@ at ts s meme >>ndndheheararigig a ahead of kyleetet I iininheheititrere ron boucha, , e e mbmb 9 98h@ vaolole e ntntc,c,h@ was black-flgegedudungng thisauauononh@%h@ >> c c't'tmamanenehahaheheasas blacflflgegefofobebeusush@ itasasn n eeeeflfl r rininh@%h@ >>elel e eryrydydys s ntntuiuih@ tosesehihis extra popoununy.y.
00:04:57 rbsbs%h@ comi I io o e e tsts in t r r r rf f nsnsh@%h@ h@%h@ that h hleles s r,r, BUT I iththDiRdrdeoeoeeh@%h@ who t t t tetetr,r, g gd d ieieh@%h@ anmemeororimimrurun n s s memeh@ throh h with theededoooo spsosohihitotoetetililh@ in t ts s nsnsn n cup fiel the e u u e e nnnnscscadadh@ inumumber 90.
00:05:17h@ byheheayayononofof the nene-l-looking pntntobob%h@ 'caca .h@ it's n ne-e-okokg g rerengngee red.
00:05:24>> He e memewiwilly backnn% the-ilil t tbaba o o h@ did you e e l l ososcaca th w we e ssssg g l l osos peleleh@%h@ wh a aererblbl-- what t tririe,e, uh--h@ ye, , h he e rarao o okokh@ wi t t r rhmhmond toda th'r'rgogoa a roroththgrgrnn h@ let's try it tiririmomo, , isiss s pnpn h@% ?
00:05:41>> Yh,h,o o eaea .h@ >> wt t s s ononwiwi t the car toegeg w with?
00:05:47>> Ionon k kw.w.
00:05:48I wi I inenewhwh I it was.
00:05:50% h@ it'sototeaearly as gdd as iwawalala----h@ the ststraraicich@ alririt,t,e e t t e e eeee he, , d d 'r'rgogoing to gonon wee e nnnnseseifift't'anan%h@ beererowowh@%h@ I n'n'knkn w wt t e e obobmm coulbebeh@ itouou b bsosoththing muchififrere t tn n w wh@%h@ yeerery y t t l lt t acacceceh@%h@ wee e nnnntrtrtotoakakititasas buweweadad g gd d ouou c c%h@h@ athehe last prtiti t twiwi th t thing, buririt t w,w,%h@ we belelgogoa a r r s sy y tth@%h@ of last acac b b w wrere noth@ %h@h@%h@ >> wl,l,imimiciconon diegegdidi t t f ft t atath@%h@ .
00:06:32He icocoininngngo o lklkititusush@%h@ and yiyi t texexaiai thprprlelethth h hhahah@%h@ exriricecehehe I iththeaeayy .%h@ righnono h hs s hihih@%h@ gef f didi, , t t atatarartitih@% ju d ds s t t pepe t tbebe .h@ >> and I goto o llllouougugu---- a ra g gmpmp I io o e e ycych@%h@ of r re e iviv----m m chchndnd takeththgrgrn n agagndndeeeeh@ upisisononrsrsioiowiwi u us,%h@ rangng a a 3 3brbrstst all e e y y ouou t tss%h@ raceacacanantrtrngngo o scscbebe the titi f f a a o oththee%h@ of y a ahoho w wchchgg thatntntesesngngararh@%h@ >>hahawawamomo I irereiviv I' t tl l u u atat I can'imimininruruiningh@ a mpmpteterere f fg g pph@ while talkintotos.s.
00:07:07As wcacaseseafafr r e e chchgegeh@%h@ of p s spspsdada e enhnhdtdt has e e adadananririt t behind h@%h@ >> a s sisisusus w wlala a p p wnwnwhwho is thi .
00:07:18Runng g coco I iththrarah@% isheheououh h r r ckck th's'sararllllalalipiph@%h@ >>ndndhoho t t c cs-s- riararpepeyy and ststwawaacac--%h@ .
00:07:25>> A a aararasaspupuananhihit .
00:07:28That t t n nbebe66h@ of trevor bo f fm m lglgy,y, %h@ the r r t t I iididh@ ofheheacacrara a aththenenanan to pitoaoa%h@ thyeyeowowlalaisisototeieih@%h@ dilalad d cacae e atatararh@ is off of thraratrtrk.k.
00:07:43>> Wl,l,nonoerereaean,n,obobh@ and benny, ithth w wreree e stpepe h hisisututf f e e y,y,h@%h@ and t towowheheelelw w agagh@ and to enticevevybybyy to ce e w wldldotote e sasah@ montnt becausee e r rhtht .h@ >> t w wckck I is movingutut to g t t c c o o p p r rd,d,h@%h@ and eyeytiti h henen t towow .h@%h@ I'm ndndf f rprpseseatathihih@% buththrarangngononnunu o oh@ h@ >>ndndalaleaeahahat t ntntueueh@ toetetheheacace now ase e puining away fm m e e stst%h@ of t f fldldncncdidih@ riararpepey,y, who's aapapowow andadaelelwawariri w w's's in% seco p pcece >>neneitite e icicpipinono----h@% ron ucucrdrdasast t e e ryryndnd of t l ld d p p w wrere%h@ watcngngalalipipndndllllonon battngng up fron%h@ heasaselelininheheititdudungngh@ the stst cautionlala foa a nonoininacacononh@ weo o not knowetetheheerer or n b bchchd d s s mamaededh@ in t l ld d lap.
00:08:30>> Wt t ucucrdrdididasase e ddh@ been lapd,d,ndnde e ssss thleleerer wh t t c ctiti f fg g came out .h@ ron ucucrdrd passed m m w wtt nasc c cleleananndndh@%h@ thcacaioioflfl, , t tyy penazezehihifofododoing that h@%h@ >> wrereatatinin2,2,, , h@%h@ an5 5 rere th's'sararllllalalipiph@ in nbebe1111, bobby lilinn in 2 j j r rtmtm I iththgrgrnnh@%h@ numb 2 2 a a t tn n hihi h hh@ isicic r rudd.
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00:09:34We'lbebeacacininususa a meme%h@ wi m me e t ts s nsnsn n pp race%h@h@%h@ ] [alalAnAnununr r JUT T CACAE E IT SAYS ORORENEN Don'n'meme I iisis negigietetod s selelbobo w whh .
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00:05:25>> Mt t ererododwhwhisis%h@ compitite e s s nanay y ererh@%h@ the stst o o3 3 ararbybysmsmisish@ almo w won at let t ee h@ wiououa a ubub j j r rtmtmh@%h@ isheheinint t ntntpoporyryh@%h@ winsn n p p cecewhwhhaha %h@ willhihibebeisisayayh@%h@ >>ururcocod d e e y y 's's comi r rhthtowowh@ we can seeththe'e'ththgaga h@ that e enhnhdtdtn n e e llll .h@ joe ttttman in t g genen mache e ououa a lflf a stigigawaw, , d d stst a few%h@ la a a, , w w a aomometet .h@ sesendnd %h@ wel l memet t aiaithth t tee to s I iheheasaslolod d e enn%h@ .h@%h@ it ia a stst l ltltlovov%h@ onsesendndntntvavabebeeeee da e enhnhdtdtndndoeoeututanan%h@ >>f f u u e e rerelalawawahehe%h@ orololweweofofrara n nioioll raci----cucu m m w wstst c ch@ rangngthth g gs s ththtth@%h@ sayi, , t t ststs s rerendnd,,h@%h@ we he e lolo w ws s g gh@ th r re e a about a qrtrt ofheheayayananththimimrtrttt thinisishehebibitytyo o make thatararererrmrmh@ really, thlala h hf f t ttt segmt t twtwn n t t opoph@%h@ bey,y,ndnde'e' g g 2 2r r momo %h@ >>h,h,eaea w wceceaiaiyy havet t cicid d ytytngngo o r,r,h@ exce t tt t earnhard a ainin isupup-c-cpepetiti,,h@ but joe ttttn-n-'m'mmpmpssssh@ with t r r s sfafa the e s s g gffffodode,e,h@%h@ and atat t tririe,e,ererblbl pistst j jt t momontntgogo%h@ ...h@%h@ ninth--what,igigh h otot%h@ righnono a a h hwawaththclclrr%h@ h@%h@ >> n o oy y s s a aoooopipi%h@ st, , t t dodot t ininthth were able d dexextltl%h@ thququititwowo t ty y rereh@% hopi f f b bauau, , nnnn heasasototeeeefafa s sceceh@%h@ he ce e t.t.
00:07:06>> N I iototededhahaththcrcrh@ dinonochchgegehehehahaisis weawawheheeaeaieieononh@%h@ in t r rhmhmd'd'pipistst reh h a a c cngngththchchsisi%h@ I tctcd d g gffffodode'e'pipih@%h@ th d d n n c cngngththchchsisih@ heasasonon t t t tdodoififhehe we m mininananadadststntnth@ it was goi t tbebeitittitis,s, and eyeyayayototavavbebe a able to g t t t tesesn n atathehe waededinin t ty y d d veve%h@ a prlele >>evevththeieiththninih,h,h@ AND ththERER Ne b bnene I isesentnt geoff bodi I ieieithth%h@ ky p ptytyununninihh in nbeber 7, andililelelotot%h@ IS0t0tININUMUMR R H@%H@H@% It always pays to double-check.
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00:07:49H@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@h@h@h@h@%h@h@%h@%%h@%%h@%h@h@%h@h@h@%h h@h@%h@h@%h@fá >>GlGlasas: : u'u're ttching th 1 1986 Fir U Unio40400,PN fetutuinina a lalaicichohododoH@%H@ESPNESPN bewewen n e e keke ofDaDae e rnrnrdrd, , ckck R Rd,d,H@%H@ES andaaelelWaWarr rihththehe o oESESN N asasc.c.H@%H@ESPNESPNH@%H@ ?
00:10:35You owowhehes s having aerer%h@ inrereinindadafofohihi anititasaseeeea a rurulele% for atateaeathth y yr.r.
00:10:40You owowatathihititi a aeaeah@% ag h hwawawewe o ohihiwawah@ toininngnghehe $1 milln n nunu weololyoyoeaeaieiehihionon%h@ caererhoho-t-tckckininhhh@ in the ld d p p s s ceceererh@%h@ in9898 itasas c cplplyeyears ago.
00:10:54You e e leleetet d dtiti d dnn low t t a a w wk k h@ .h@ the lilit t anani I veveh@ the elelg g that the's'sotot frusatatn n erer budidippppntntntntititutut%h@ a qutiti I itetes s h@ the resultfrfr t ts s arar evybyby'y'tataininababt t ww welle'e'gogog g d do atalaldede, , t t eyeye e yiyi toetetomomhihi a accomplisdd%h@ .h@%h@h@%h@ >>ylylpepey y yiyi t tgege unrnrnththeoeo b biningogogg%h@ downn n rnrnneneananhehessh@ h@ >>ohohthth t tchchh@%h@ >>ndnderercocoss the llllllllttttararh@ he g gnana try comg g ff turnwowo caheheakakitit%h@ >>elel t t n nbebe5 5 rrh@% of binin-t-ty y e e nnnngg with g gatateaeaofof confideee thiseaea th f feel as tugugthth'v'vhahad a eaeacucushsh e eryryimim toininbubua a lot of ltltl%h@ thgsgsavavpopoededp.p.
00:11:38Theyo o vevehahat big wi%h@ atheheayaynana0000ththfifitth@ racef f this yea-- but,ouounono t ty'y' g g to start wdedengngbobo%h@ thpepeororncncofofheheararh@ and whatasaseeeegogog g anwhwh's'seeeeococrrrrgg %h@ as bnynyenenonon e elili,, we s s se e alaltrtrgtgt%h@ fr t tm m fofo t tt t momoh@%h@ abtetepipistst, , d d w w ofofh@%h@ .
00:11:58If hgege p pt t b bl,l,h@%h@ he'sototo o rrrrababt t inin a p p wnwno o e e adad%h@ eahahat-t-hahamamaririt t erer >>ndndowowoeoeututanan%h@ has ugug d de e rnrnrdrdh@ heasaslolowly clos t t g g,, and w w I iririt t h@%h@ eahahat't'baba b bpepe les s e e atatoeoeututananh@% .
00:12:13He mesesigigononheheacacrarah@ inororner numb t t, , t t lele willololonono o e e adadh@%h@ >>hahawawaa a rarae e nene thatututananooooththugugtutuss%h@ one d d o.o.
00:12:21He w a aitite e ghgh t tn n uuh@ .
00:12:24That m mbebeototo o ododryryggh@%h@ to ps s lelearararar, , t t 's's greafofotrtrfifiasasouou seeh@ kennscscadad r rhtht %h@ whenheheruruacacssssraraicic jorurumama I ihihi, , g gnana%h@ be t w wnene >>enen, , t t a a y yh@ a esestion.
00:12:35Puyoyosese I iidid ofoeoeututanan m md d w wlolo%h@ atheheininofofalaleaeahahat.t.
00:12:39h@%h@ you veveevev w w a aacac berere the'e'a a ngngayays to go in ts s cece itoooo l le,e,hehe I i r rnini just a lite e icicr r anan%h@ " ?
00:12:47Do y w wt t d dyoyotrtrh@ angegebybyalalririt t wwh@ ?
00:12:51>> Y w wt t g g b bh@ da e enhnhdtdt right n I iyoyo poibib c c b bauau t trereh@%h@ a t t I ierertetepepelele in h p p a aa a right no-- kennbebeststn n onont t ememh@%h@ th h hwowod d ststovovtotoakakh@ thlele j jt t for themneneimim pa d de e earnhardanantata%h@ thlele I ia a nsnsn n p p enen there's a ininowowininururnsh@ onanantwtw >>imimicicononisisnn%h@ the fifid d t tn n mbmb t t,,h@%h@ and isisililbrbrg g t t rr seco c ctiti o oththdada%h@ tipupus s ayayftft h hininh@%h@ goenenowowininhehenfnfldld ther b b t ts s inin o oh@%h@ ...h@%h@ wel l e e atatapapnsns% withheheeaearsrs wi t ty y memen n r r ototrr pit opoph@%h@ >>imim h h g g t tbebe laborin ve, , ryryarar heotothahaveve e elylyacac%h@ decici a a I i s se e 's'sh@ tryi t to make iupupanantata abt t nnnng g ghghupup to t c cpepetiti e ee,e,h@ I caasasrereououknkninin tiy'y'pepersonalitananhihi%h@ re l le e t te e cici,,h@%h@ he igogog g r r , , d d ybyb th c ctrtrututed to thinindede%h@ the e t tnsnsnenendndwowo%h@ >>heheeaearsrsrereititngng da e enhnhdtdts s p p r rddh@%h@ and I ijojorurumama we wat t t w wk k t thath@ mache.e.
00:13:54>> A w wseseththfefeowow in the left rerehehe c cngngedh@ thchchsisi ju t t v vy y otot th's'shehererechchff%h@ larrMcYnyndsds ju a alilit t anan, , t ttth@%h@ meanjojorurumamaisisrereyy .h@%h@ >> a t ty'y' c cngngg g l l h@%h@ theyowowovovtotoheheririr'r'h@ si----e e left sidofofhehearar anbeben n c change thruruerer%h@ we're dedecacaioiobebecauseh@ h@%h@ darrl l ltltp-p-isisororh@ isomometetinin the pitrere-- and ererododnonomomongngacach@%h@ on t t s sededy.y.
00:14:23>> A I isoso r rpepes,s,h@ thoslililelehahaeses th'r'ralalmost plaeded%h@ yoknkn y y w wt t d d soththg g t t r re e ararononh@ becae e u u tctcththweweheheh@ conditnsnsyoyotrtrananmomototo hoslslpepe t t t tckck%h@ is gtiti, , e e ouou o ooioi th h h b bn n ididowown onheheububr r w wteter,r, so is s t t mamaererf f ososh@%h@ gu s samamininararndnd and kiki a aececioioononh@% thleleereromom I iororncnc h@ you pretty mh h veve a prononiviv n nioio >>ndnderers s rereayayh@ of t r rhmhmd'd's proble >>hahas s ppppededheheriri toetetndndneneath mikealalipip heriri t tcucuununrnrnththh@ waltp,p,ndndt t looked lee maybththe e snsn e eugugroroh@ for there,ndnde e ininththcacah@ ja a atetes s wnwnn n e e tsts acach@%h@ >>enen, , eyeye e ececd d p p al4 4 w w ododararirir o oh@%h@ th a ao o jujuededn n e e ftfth@%h@ rearcrcr j jk,k,ddddg g dgdgh@ toheheacaccaca s sthth'r'r stl l asasg g e e ndndh@ on this onh@%h@ >>hahas s e e otothahaththh@ adststed so dratatalal thfifit t meme s s h hh@ inheheititwawas the le r rrr of t c c, , t ty'y' s sllllh@ adjuininononhahaonone bolt.
00:15:21>> Y k kw,w,enen, , m much has enenririenenbobo tiririmomo a a h hh@% peononitit w wchchatateses caeaealylye e scscribedh@ asynynicicbubui I alal t tugugh@% th w wn n s spppp h h c c toononatatatathihifofoererrereh@% chf f rrrrdodoononftft h hh@%h@ anruruy y lllle'e'wiwih@ atririolol earlierhihiyeye,, it reaead d a aululinin%h@ anananwfwf I ierertiting insig%h@ toneneididofofimimicicononssh@%h@ persalaly,y,ndnd t tugug itasasnenef f e e rmrmtth@ momes s t this yearo o rr in a o orarangng >>elel I ihihi h hisis a prett%h@ dentntuyuy >>etet's try ttata w wh h mm%h@ agaihehe b bororththgrgrnn %h@ >>imimiciconon t ts s .%h@ whatapapneneininhehepipi do t trereh@%h@ >>elel m me e ltltp,p, t tnknk hahihieyey c csesewhwh h hwawas trngngo o t t m m a a h hh@ ju c c d dn,n,ndndt t s s thth sp I iororakakhihiananbebeututh@%h@ .h@%h@ no pblbl, , 'r'rjuju t tininh@ to hanononndndininh h isisnene h@ >> gd d ckckmaman.
00:16:15 e e eeeecocoss backututowows s u u n n see the sesellllcocos s o o 2 25858h@ .h@%h@ hock f f y y t tonight hee%h@ on en,n,ndndofofououe,e,h@%h@ all e e ghghghgh f fmm the rlrlofofpopossh@% on srtrtenenr r tete th a aererononh@%h@ >>s s isisacacgege u uererayayh@ anwewe're moniriri a a thscscesesi'i'lili t tmama oncocoenenababt t e e ghghh@% la n nhthtftft w wwawahh h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@% lay y lmlm, , y y'r'r lieneng g w wchchg,g,h@ it's c cseseususn n e e l lstst nasc p p f f t ts s ekekh@%h@ .
00:16:54.%h@ >> treree e e e chchd d tttt-- somemomo c cininououth@ ofheheacacofofhahapopoiaia--h@ .
00:17:02>> Wt t hehetbtbakakh@ for chchd d tttt w w w wt t toto .%h@ he h a arerendnds s rlrlpapah@%h@ ofheheeeeendndururgg qualyiyi, , s s t t p pee%h@ for e e y,y,ututasasnonoededffffh@%h@ of ibebeususofofheheninieeh@% two-y y erere e alalyiyi syememhahathth h he e rere%h@ at nththililsbsbo,o,ndndowow he irerelylyroroininofofh@%h@ .
00:17:21>> A, , nnnn t tt t kind of skekeoeoe't'toooolili ju a aasast t atat n n b bnnh@%h@ .h@ that's aininofofmomo t tt,t, moreftft t tn n t,t, is bdedengngn n rmrmalalh@ >>esesthth I iththtytyh@ of smoke tt t okoklili its s prprlelethth's'sotot goinawaw----atate'e'gogoaah@ haveo o ititororheheayayh@%h@ the e s s d de e rnrnrdrd inhehe c c d dvivi a ay y aiaih@%h@ >>ndndececd d acacnonoh@ isicic r rudd, thi I i daelelwawariri a a f frtrth@ isoeoeututanan ruininininifif p pceceh@ is bbyby allison anhahay y ntntkyky p ptytyh@ bi e eioio, , d d neil bontttt >>usust as we w w e e rsrs%h@ rod d p p s spspsgegef f didih@%h@ haa a rrrrleleitittoto-- wentroroleleininbaback to abtt 10thPOPO-A-A A AININH@ Joe rumamawawaruruininsesendnd %h@ .
00:18:05He'sacacinin f frtrtspspot.
00:18:07Thers s chchd d tttth@%h@h@%h@ h@%h@ cleay y inint t omomheheouou ofheheotot t tt t eyeye e tt%h@ a seououprprleleininrnrnlylyh@ maybe theye e opopd d vavae.e.
00:18:19The totoisistiti r rninih@ asououananeaea b but it don'n' ha t tt t isisclclk-k-icich@%h@ of p ptytyntntprpresesononacach@% .h@% .h@ he'sononltlting withalalininnn and ththeoeoe e ldldllllh@%h@ annonothth'v'vststleleitith@%h@ an y y, , chchd d c cininouou ofheheararh@ wel l t t wowo w wh h m m rere .h@%h@ >> shihinene w w w wl l tth@%h@ comeereratatoror w wkekeoror th a aererononanana a obobmm%h@ downn n rnrnumumr r oo as aououple of css%h@ are vovoeded wiy y r rbsbss s the staldd%h@ car t t I iidid ofheheacacrara%h@ inururnunuererwowo al I iolold d t t I iididt,t,h@%h@ we bieie, , ululbebe rickalalininn n r r mbmb 6 6h@%h@ h@%h@ ribb h hevev, , e e lylynene thattotoededowowththe.e.
00:19:03Now b binintotoovovawaway fr t t s sonontutu a a h hininh@%h@ a obobm m ttttg g atatararh@ undecocororoh@ >>heheigig r rr r rere is cplplelelgogoh@ on theututobobe,e,ndnde e ieie toakakofof a a t trereusush@ wa't't t te e there.
00:19:14.h@ .
00:19:17>> He'e'a a plpl, , nnnnh@%h@ >>t t okoklili t tt t anththe c c c o oriri b baldwin%h@ .h@ baldwin-e e inin bawiwicocos s wnwnnnh@ the ceceacac a and that'hihi-- >> bdydyrrrrington aoo% .
00:19:29> Buy y riritotothth r rss intoimimh@ tough eaeafofobubuy y cacaee he w j jt t viviimim %h@ >>ndndo o r r irircacaioio%h@ ofheheftftnono, , d d dodotth@%h@ if wseseveve m my y t t opoph@%h@ th t te e cacae e t t f ftth@ that thewewe j jt t a w w pspsgogoh@%h@h@%%h@%h@h@%h@h@h@%h@h@%h@h@h@h@%h@h@%h@h @%h@h@%%h@%h@h@%h@h@h@%h@h@h@%h@h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@ ♪♪♪%♪
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00:20:33[ ssenenger 2 ] YOU%RE GH@NAE E AY..
00:20:35Ye gogoa a okaka h@h@ [ bh h rereg ] It in mymyouou!
00:20:38H@%h@h@%% [ res reh h ] H@%h@ [ [ rereing g H@%h@ [ [ rerescrereh h H@%h@ scrcrmimi ] [ [ whalsqakaks %H@h@ nothwa a a baclopary.
00:20:54H@ [ Male Announcer ] FOR DRIVS S O W WNTNTO G g e m most utf f thir c cs,s, itriries o onoththg.g.
00:20:59%H@ h@♪♪
00:21:01♪♪%h@ [ Male Announcer ] CRUNCH, WHEAT THINS.
00:21:04H@%h@ h@♪ ♪♪
00:21:06%h@ that's what's gonna happen here.
00:21:09H@%h@ why?
00:21:11H@%h@ ♪♪ ♪♪
00:21:13because you're tasty with toasty wholh@grain.
00:21:14%H@h@%h@ that's whh@ %h@ [ crunch ] H@ %wheat thins.
00:21:23♪♪ ♪♪
00:21:24h@ toas%d. wh@le grain.
00:21:26H@%h@ crunch.
00:21:29h@ %h@h@%h@%%h@%%h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@h@h@%h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h @h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@ >> Gleason: You're wath@ing the 19% FirH@ UnESn 400,ESPN featuring a classic showdownH@%H@ESPNESPN between the likes of Dale Earnhardt, Ricky Rudd,H@%H@ESPN PNand Darrell Waltrip right here on ESPN Classic.H@%H@ESPNESPNH@%H@H@%H@ >> Some unbelievable action here on theh@/8 at north wilkesboro%h@ as joe ruttman is tryingh@%h@ desperately to get aroundh@ dale ear%ardth@ they work through h@ %chh@ phillip is the car h@ now,% laph@go, here is what happened as joe ruttman workedh@%h@ inside of dale earnhardth@%h@ h@ >>%his h@ the start/finish line, but on the outside,h@%h@ earnhardt had the initiativeh@ going %r thh@momentum.
00:23:21h@ here, agai% comh@g off turn 4, h@%h@ >> updating the laps, %h@h@ 15 more la%, anh@we have an official race if the skyh@%h@ falls down, so joe ruttmanh@%h@ has got to be watching that rear h@deck lid of dale ear%ardth@ he's also gonna be watchingh@ the h@ies and the size of those raindrops onh@he front%h@ windshield.
00:23:44>> And he's also watchingh@ the rearview%irroh@because tim richmond is right behindh@%h@ him, and just that last time we saw the pass-h@he near pass%h@ going down in turn one, richmond dove under joe %ttmah@ and they almosh@collided%h@ as they exited turn two.
00:23:58H@>> now remember, tim%ichmh@d is two laps down, so he's noth@%h@ here challenging fh@%h@ the position, but he certainly is giving joe rutth@n%h@ h@%h@ >> there is some traffich@%h@ right in front of earnhardt and ruttman, and there's--h@%h@ the reward is there is rain on the racetrack,h@%h@ so joe ruttman, if he's going to get by, he's goh@to do it%h@ in the next-- >> oh, and darrell waltrip sph@ning in turn number tw%h@ waltrip losing it right in fronth@ of ricky r%d wih@ whom he was battling for position,h@% and waltrip will bring out the caution flag with 190--h@%h@ h@%h@ >> and earnhardt wins the raceh@%h@ to the flag.
00:24:35If it's just startedh@aining% and we complete 200 laps, dale earnhardt is gonna h@n% the race.
00:24:39>> It might have just endedh@ right ther%h@ we've got an outside chance that that move--that las%turnh@ coming off of turn numbeh@4--%h@ it might have been h@ >> and%ere'h@his spin as waltrip lost it right aheadh@%h@ h@ %>>h@ didn't see any contact.
00:24:55There may have been.
00:24:56I did not h@e any contact%h@ whatsoever between ruddh@%h@ and the 11 car.
00:25:00It looks like darrell just got in the corner, and%ossih@y, the racetrack a little bit damh@%h@ h@ darrell di%not h@se a lap.
00:25:07He was able to get the car underh@ %ntroh@and continue on.
00:25:10h@% >> that is correct.
00:25:12However, geoff bodineh@% and neil bonnett and others are makingh@cheduled pit stops%h@ h@%h@ >> boy, this is really an unexpected factor that worksh@%h@ into the formula of attemptingh@% to win a race on the winston cup h@ you h@ow, if this were open-wheel, particularly indy car or forh@la one type racing,%h@ everybody ducks in the pits,h@ and yo%put h@ rain tires, but you don't do that, of course, ih@winston cup%h@ racing.
00:25:36The winston cup carscango%h@ longer because of their extrah@ %ighth@han the open-wheel cars under wet conditionsh@but how%h@ far can you go and still beh@ %h@ >> and, of course, larry has beenh@n the formula one circ%th@ so far this year and will beh@ ba% with@another formula one h@%h@ we'll be right backh@ h@%h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@% @h@h@h@h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@h@%h@h@h@%h@h@%h@ >> Gleason: Time now to answer our Classic trivia H@estion.%H@ESPN PNThe question was:H@%H@ESPNPNH@%H@ESPNESPNH@%H@ESPNESPN The answer: Tim richmond,h@% H@whES won ESven races that year, twH@ more than Dale Earn%rdtH@ESPNESPN Now let's returnH@ to H@rthESarolinES and the 1986 First Union 400H@%H@ESPNESPN right here on ESPN Classic.H@%H@ESPNESPNH@ >> We are past t% halh@ay part.
00:29:07h@%h@ in fact, this is lap number 198,h@%h@ so we'll have two moh@ to go,%h@ and then we will have an official h@ce halfway%h@ h@ %>>h@ tell you what-- dale earnhardt has never beenh@%h@ more glad to see anything in his life h@an he is looking%h@ in his rearview mirror and seeing tim richmonh@because%h@ that means that--that fellowh@ can't be% himh@but joe ruttman can.
00:29:30% h@you know, harold kinder is kind of like suggestingh@%h@ the move-over flag for richmond,h@ and %'s sh@ying there.
00:29:37What is common courtesy h@ richmo% geth@ng out of shape going into one and two, %h@ stay there and try and get h@ you're down %o, nh@ one, or do you move over and let joe h@%h@ >> well, I really think that, with the skies the way theh@are%h@ with the threat of rain, that he prh@ably ought to move%h@ over and let joe ruttman try to win the race because it ish@%h@ h@ they jus%haveh@ompleted halfway.
00:29:58It's official, buth@f it should%h@h@ rain, richmond n%ds th@be in the right spot, but it's hish@%h@ decision to make.
00:30:05He's making the decision to tryh@%h@ to pass dale earnhardt.
00:30:08 let's go downh@% to jack arute in the pit area.
00:30:10Jack, you're downh@% in the elements there.
00:30:12We're up here in % h@what is the weather like down there?
00:30:16Is the racetrack slick%h@ h@ >> yes, in%ed, h@ is raining quite hard.
00:30:21As we watch the ca% dowh@here in turn number one, they tendh@%h@ h@%h@ it's wet.
00:30:28It's not super-wet, but it'sh@%h@ h@ it may be a ma%inalh@ecision process right now, but ifh@%h@ I was in charge of things, h@%h@ >> it was windy when we were h@%h@ is it still windy down there h@%h@ h@ %h@ >> is it still very windy h@%h@ >> well, actually, the wind has died down a tad, but what'sh@%h@ happened is the temperature h@s gone down as much as 1%h@ degrees since we went onh@%h@ h@%h@ >> that's usually the wayh@ %h@ [laughter] %h@h@%h@ >> earnhardt, richmond,h@%h@ h@%h@ remember, though, that tim richmond in the red carh@%h@ is a lap down as we see the nbah@%h@ scores this afternoonh@%h@ and the rest of the sports news that we'll update you onh@ sporh@center a little bit later this afternoon, and, of course,h@ we hav%tennh@ coming up h@ >>%ell,h@ith the caution flags that we've had, 12 cars haveh@% h@remained on the lead lap.
00:31:28We've documented the first 4h@%h@ a couple of times.
00:31:31Allison is stillh@p there%h@ running in the top 5.
00:31:34h@%h@ other cars on the lead lap remain harh@ gant, neil bonnett,%h@ bill elliott, kyle petty,h@%h@ terry labonte not being ableh@ to get any%igheh@than seventh or eighth, and youngh@% bobby hillin jr.
00:31:46h@%h@ I think this young man that's come on has got a real futureh@%h@ in this type of racing.
00:31:51h@ %i h@s talking to his owners mickey and bill stavolah@%h@ thursday night, and I tell you-- they are vh@y, very pleased%h@ with the progress that bobby hillin has made so far,h@%h@ and there we see bobby allison--h@%h@ h@ that's for fourt%spoth@ geoff bodine back up to fourthh@%h@ h@%h@ >> geoff, of course, the pole sitter for this race,h@%h@ but has not led very many lapsh@%h@ really.
00:32:17He's trying to work his wayh@ ba% up h@to the lead.
00:32:19He is now in fourth,h@% h@ >> I'll tell you%ometh@ng about bodine--i got a lot h@%h@ maybe some of it's personal, but a lot of professionalh@ confidence%too,h@n gary nelson.
00:32:30H@geoff looks like he's %nninh@ a little quicker, benny, h@an he has the last 25 or%0h@ h@ he is movi% up h@ ricky rudd.
00:32:36That's third.
00:32:37He'sh@ot that far behind%h@ earnhardt and ruttman.
00:32:40I think he ih@suddenly becoming%h@ h@ >> ih@hink he is, too.
00:32:44As a matter of fact, I think he has found some of theh@andle%h@ that he has lost because I don'th@ %knh@ if he lost the handle as much as--he did get behindh@ all %at th@ffic and that bad h@ %e veh@ first pit stop h@ >> ah@ ruttman has snuck around richmond, h@ joe ruttman now%h@ has no longer a h@mpetitive%h@ front-running-type car betweh@%h@ himself and the leader, %h@ >> and it is going to come out %h@ the racetrack has become, in the nascar official%h@ h@%h@ h@%h@ h@%h@ if we should get a rainout, %h@ h@%h@ joe ruttman, second.
00:33:25h@%h@ geoff bodine, fourth, h@%h@ >> ruttman--oh, I know what h@u were gonna say, benn%h@ >> now the question mark h@ h@ >> if you pit, and the race should raih@out, then you go%h@ all the way back to 12th or--h@ how ma% carh@ 12 cars on the lead lap.
00:33:40YOU GO ALL THE WAY BACK H@ 12th,%H@ But if you decide to stay outh@ there,%he rh@e does resume,h@ they thr% theh@reen flag, you're sitting out there %h@ >> very reminiscent of the race h@that we televised in%ichmh@d several years ago in which %h@ dave marcis stayed out, %h@ we'll be back with more at rainyh@%h@ h@%h@h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h @h@%h@h@%h@h@h@%h@h@h@h@%h@h@h@h@h@%h@h@%h@ ] perform%h@ under pressure.
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00:35:44Alright you guys go get a cab exuse e me; can I get five pounds of kielbasa?
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00:35:54Oh okokhehe bugug fd!
00:35:56(anunr)TREREREREAPAPININ INEVEVY Y EWEW Callg all %caaih@ns.
00:36:02H@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@ @ >> Gleason: You're watching the 1986 First Union 400,H@% feaESring ESclassic showdown between the likesH@%H@ PN DaESPNEarnhardt, Ricky Rudd, and Darrell WaltripH@% ESPNht ESre on ESPN Classic.H@%H@ESPNESPNH@ >> Wh@are back at north wilkesboro, where the rain continues to come down, but weh@%h@ understand we will go back toh@%h@ green in about 3 more laps--h@%h@ 2 more laps.
00:37:19h@%h@ he had led 118 laps and hadh@ about a half-sec%d leh@ over h@%h@ an hour, 16 minutes, and 4 h@seconds the time of %e rah@ to the halfway point, and there hadh@% h@%h@ the average speed-- h@%h@ there had been 4 caution periodsh@ for %totah@of 14 laps.
00:37:4012H@ars were on the lead l%,h@ and a total of 28 cars wereh@%h@ h@%h@ and we understand that it ish@ still sprinkli% dowh@in the pit area, but apparentlyh@%h@ the nascar officials have determined that the track ish@% h@safe for high speeds, and so %h@ >> something very interestingh@ this time becaus%h@ dale earnhardt, geoff bodine,h@ neil bon%tt, h@bby hillin-- the first 4 cars, all onh@%h@ the lead lap, chose not to pit--h@%h@ not to pit on the caution.
00:38:08H@ fact, the first car o%h@ the racetrack that has new %h@h@ >> boy, they'r%doinh@a lot of bumping and shoving around up %h@ they're supposed to start two abreast, the cars on %h@ here comes earnhardt without %h@ >> green comes back out.
00:38:23The first h@ion 400 resumes%h@ here in north wilkesboroh@%h@ h@%h@ some have not.
00:38:30h@%h@ he's in the lead right now,h@ being chased dow%h@ the backstretch by geoff bodine,h@%h@ and here comes neil bonnett, h@ >> now, just a note abouh@% h@the window.
00:38:43You probably can go 160 lapsh@n%h@ thh@ track under green-fla%h@ conditions and a full load ofh@%h@ h@ h@% so it seems unlikely that everybody who justh@itted can%h@ go the distance, but how far can %h@ >> oh!
00:38:59>> He's gone about 100 laps h@ %h@ bodine just shoves earnhardt out of the wh@, and geoff bodine%h@ h@ % he h@kes the lead.
00:39:07Just before the caution flag,h@ befoh@ the rain, geoff bodine, as you said, one of the fasterh@%h@ cars on the racetrack.
00:39:13H@ght now, he's beginnin%toh@ h@ >> tha%was h@ unbelievable pass that geoff bodine made goingh@%h@ h@ %thh@ is what happened.
00:39:23h@%h@ >> geoff bodine gets under earnhardt in turn 3 and just--h@%h@ h@%h@ I'm sorry.
00:39:30This is down the back h@ they%o inh@ turn 3.
00:39:33Bodine just goes up and says,h@%h@ "earnhardt, this is my spot," and dale has no h@oice but to%h@ h@ >> and now he'%begih@ing to stretch out the advantage on %h@ he's opened up quite a bit of h@%h@ meanwhile, earnhardt, back in second, is being challengedh@%h@ by neil bonnett, who's right on %h@ and sneaking up on the top 3,h@%h@ darrell waltrip, the otherh@ junior johns% carh@ >> well, just sort of a brief rundh@n--%h@ h@%h@ h@%h@ so that was 130--h@% excuse me--110 laps ago or so % so he can go a little ways yet h@%h@ bodine stopped at lap 189--h@%h@ remember, again, we're at lap 234--h@ h@%h@ >> of the 3 cars that we'reh@%h@ seeing on this green right now, darrell waltrip, ah@i mentioned,%h@ the only car with 4 fresh tires,h@%h@ and it ought to give darrell %h@ right now, he doesn't seem to be utilizing his advah@age, but he%h@ ought to have one.
00:40:31>> Boy, bodine is really takingh@%h@ off, guys.
00:40:34I'll tell you, bodinh@has% a football field already-- the proverbial football field--h@%h@ over earnhardt, bonnett,h@ and waltri%h@ and bonnett and waltrip look like they're th@ing to %t byh@ale.
00:40:43>> Yeah, neil looked to the inside there, downh@ the back%retch@ now it looks like he may have moved up and bumh@d dale%h@ h@% they come down the straightaway and continue to run inh@ the same order%h@ there is the interval between geoff bodine, the leh@er,%h@ and second, third, and fourth h@ h@ is a healthy lead that bodine has opened up here since we wenth@%h@ back to green.
00:41:02>>H@ think that the 12 car%h@ neil bonnett, and certainly thh@11 car of darrell waltri%h@ could probably run withh@ the bite of ge%f boh@ne if they could only get byh@ %dah@ earnhardt, and that's not h@ we'vh@watched joe ruttman try it h@ he couldn't do i%h@ and geoff bodine had to use %h@ >> well, you begin to seh@some%h@ of that experience assert itselfh@%h@ h@% look who's up near the front.
00:41:26Now here's joe ruttman.
00:41:27Joe ruttman is tryin%h@ to struggle to get through %h@ he's about in seventh position right now, being very carefulh@%h@ and cautious to work his way h@ he's passe%abouh@10 cars, %h@ ruttman's running quicker, seemh@gly, than everybody ar%ndh@ him, but he hasn't been able to move up to th@ front to get%h@ h@ >> he's actual% eigh@h, larry, and is working on harry gant,h@%h@ who is running in seventh position, h@ behind gant%h@h@ and ru%man,h@e have some action involving bobby allisonh@%h@ and ricky ruddh@%h@ and bobby hillin, jr.
00:41:59h@ they g%in th@re 3-wide.
00:42:02>> And there's kyle pettyh@%h@ in number 7.
00:42:05%h@ great,h@reat race, and there's%h@ petty trying to get underneath hillin coming off turn 4 downh@%h@ the back straightaway.
00:42:12>>H@enny, let me exclaim a%uth@ , and he's onlyh@ 21 y%rs oh@age.
00:42:17This is a very young man in,h@%h@ really, a mature man's sport,h@%h@ and bobby hillin has begun toh@ h@%h@ I think that man right there-- the number 8 car--h@% is destined for an awful fine %h@ %h@ there we see the 7 car, h@le petty, trying to ge%h@ alongside doug hevron in 17,h@%h@ and tim richmond's right back, just waiting for k%e toh@ake h@%h@ now richmond's gonna try it h@%h@ he's alongside as they come offh@ h@h@ >> tim r%hmonh@is two laps in arrears to the leader,h@%h@ geoff bodine, who, believe us, is just really gh@ng to town%h@ on this field.
00:42:58Hevron is showh@g as 5 laps down%h@ in this battle, but thh@'re all%h@ running for relative position onh@ %h@ kyle petty, again, in that group,h@ is th@ only car that is h@%h@ >> there is kyle petty goingh@ inside of doug h%ron h@ h@%h@ that's the essco exhaust system h@%h@ and he passes hevron,h@%h@ and now here comes tim richmond in the same grh@ve on%h@ the inside of the racetrack.
00:43:23>> Well,h@e can see just how%h@ much of an advantage the inside h@%h@ hevron was able to stay in fronth@%h@ of those two cars until they goth@ on the bottom of t% rach@rack, and they just simply droveh@ %h@ h@%h@ >> by the way, th@king about% that number 17 car, we've seenh@ last year's %le sh@ter at indianapolis, pancho carter,h@%h@ surface in this type of racing.
00:43:46H@ will be in that 17 ca%ath@ h@%h@ he's been running the 64 car.
00:43:51He wh@l move over to%h@ roger hamby's 17 car at least h@% >> while geoff bodine leads, here is second-placeh@%h@ dale earnhardt.
00:43:58Third plach@-neil bonnett,%h@ h@%h@ >> earnhardt putting a car lengh@ or two on neil bonnet%h@ looks like bonnett is losingh@ just a little %t ofh@ the handle right now.
00:44:08Earnhardt able to put a couph@%h@ h@%h@ and I hear from reports aroundh@ the racetr%k thh@rain is h@% darrell waltrip, with those fresh tires--he just can't geth@ %h@ >> his car, of course, has a veryh@ight handle on%h@ the situation, regarding whetherh@%h@ they have their own radar, h@d the report is that w%doh@ have a front moving in,h@ and %ead h@ the front are the scattered h@owers that could%h@ %h@ but if they don't amount toh@ any more than th%firsh@one did, I don't think it's gonna causeh@ h@ that one%howeh@we did have did wet the track, and we ran underh@%h@ a caution for awhile, but nowh@ we're back%o grh@n, and we hope, of course, we don't haveh@%h@ any more rain, but if we do have rain, h@t's hope it's just the%h@ h@ we%l beh@ack with more of h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@h@h@h@%h@h@%h @%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@ >> Gleason: You're watchingh@ the 1986 Fir% UnH@n 40ESESPN featuring a classic showdownH@%H@ESPNES between the likes of Dale Earnhardt, Ricky Rudd,H@%H@ PNanESPNarrell Waltrip right here on ESPN Classic.H@%H@ESPNESPNH@%H@ >> Here at north wilkesboro, we are under caution again becauseh@%h@ of a spin in turn number two %h@ now, the most important thinh@%h@ that has come out of this littleh@% spin over in turn number two ish@ %at nh@l bonnett in car number 12--who was running there righth@%h@ behind the leader of the race,h@%h@ h@h@ %ck ah@te can perhaps update us h@%h@ >> well, here's the confusion,h@%h@ benny, bob, larry.
00:48:10I was down here h@ the end of%h@ pit row, could not see the pit stop, heard you h@ople%h@ alluding to it.
00:48:15But whh@ the number 12 car%h@ pulled back out ontoh@ the ra%trach@ he had the green "go" sign.
00:48:21H@ they didn't hold him % keeh@ him down that lap.
00:48:23Soh@'m gonna check on that%h@ but what I wanted to do was fill you in on the strategies downh@%h@ here with the leaders.
00:48:28Earnhardt cameh@n,%h@ h@%h@ he can now go the distance.
00:48:33%h@ likewise for tim richmond.
00:48:36Likewiseh@or geoff bodine, who%h@ also came in.
00:48:38Further uph@he back of the pack,%h@ the 26 car, joe ruttman, alsoh@%h@ came in to put on new shoes.
00:48:43So it looks h@ke we're gonna% have one whale of a finish if mother nature will justh@ h@ h@ here com% a gh@en flag h@ and, benny, th%e ish@o doubt that neil bonnett did lose a lap on that, uh--%h@ >> yes, he did, because i watched him come in, and ih@ %sah@--you know, I said to everyone here in the booth,h@ "he pitted t% quih@ly," and sure enough, we watched--h@%h@ as a matter of fact, buddy arrington was the car thath@ h@%h@ >> so, ricky rudd is the leader now, and a lot of traffic h@hind%h@ h@ h@e ruttman is second.
00:49:13He's being literally ph@hed out%h@ there by dale earnhardt, who is h@%h@ then darrell waltrip, then geoff bodine.
00:49:19H@d terry labonte in car%umbeh@ 44 is smoking and falling offh@% h@the pace--a tough break for h@%h@ >> yes--the oldsmobile driver--h@%h@ >> ruttman is spinning.
00:49:28h@%h@ in turn 4, joe ruttman has madeh@%h@ h@%h@ he was really off the pace.
00:49:36H@shouldn't use the word%h@ "really," but he was not running as quickly as thh@other%h@ front-runners, and dale earnhardth@% h@and he touched as they moved through turns 3 h@d 4,%h@ and ruttman goes around oneh@ ti%, keh@s the engine fired.
00:49:49>> Can yh@ imagine that all%h@ h@% >> yeah. that was a miracle.
00:49:53Ha ha ha!
00:49:54%h@ >> he really scrambled, but everybody did,h@ %anh@terry labonte has pulled into the pits, and it looks likeh@ %'s oh@r for him.
00:50:01Ruttman has resumed and ish@%h@ catching up with the resth@% h@of the field.
00:50:06>> THERE WE SEE H@D. McDUFFIE ON%H@ The inside of the racetrack,h@%h@ h@ but if w%can h@t a camera to go right in behind the 44 car, weh@%h@ can see what happened to his auh@mobile because we see%h@ the trail of oil running backh@%h@ right to the engine h@%h@ >> well, let's go to jack arute,h@%h@ h@ h@ well, terry is finally getting all of the paraphernaliah@%h@ h@ h@ terry, what put you out of the rach@ bl%n moh@r?
00:50:36 I don't know what happened to it.
00:50:37Something broke in the%otorh@ >> taking a look at the way people have been frammingh@ %ath@t all afternoon here, who do you think has goth@ th%besth@dvantage?
00:50:44Who do you think out there reh@ly has got the key to%h@ victory right now?
00:50:46>> Ha ha ha!
00:50:47%h@ looks like it's up in the air.
00:50:49h@ h@ouourse, earnhardt is running good.
00:50:52H@ now, mother nature hasn%h@ been cooperating.
00:50:54These intermittent sprinkles--h@ they%avenh@ been much help to ah@ace driver out there,%h@ either.
00:50:58>> Well, the racetrack's been h@ful wet at times, and %lot h@ those laps should have been runh@ %unh@r the caution, but that--h@ so that might pl% a ph@t in the finish.
00:51:07>> Well, it's gonna beh@ne whale % a fh@ish, one way h@%h@ >> all right.
00:51:11J.D. McDUFFIE'S CAR IS BEINGH@%H@ h@%h@ now, the reason for this cauth@n, originally, was%h@ an incident up in turn number 3h@ involving ruttma% earh@ardt, and others.
00:51:22%h@ ruttman's in the green car.
00:51:24You see he's been touched %h@ we mentioned that he was off the pace, and, benny, evh@%h@ though he spun in this, I thinkh@% this played into his hand because this may havh@been%h@ a long green-flag segment had heh@%h@ not have had that problem which %h@ the setup was so far gone, thish@%h@ gives him an advantage,h@ an opp%tunih@ to change that bad setup, maybe get back toh@ h@ >> well, I'm not sure.
00:51:47I think that joe ruttman did nh@%h@ change tires just a moment ago, the prech@ing pit stop,%h@ anh@therefore may have, yo%h@ know, not had his tires as goodh@ as anyon%elseh@ jack arute, maybe you can update h@%h@ >> I can update you on h@the condition of car%2,h@ h@%h@ h@ tim,%hat h@s the situation?
00:52:07h@%h@ >> the caution flag came out, jackieh@%h@ we anticipated everybody else %h@ h@%h@ you know, we came in.
00:52:17They ran right up aroundh@ h@ we sat here and lost a lap h@%h@ we thought we could beat them out, but we anticipatedh@ everh@ody else stopping, too, ..
00:52:25Yeah, I h@ess it was just, you%h@ know, one of those misdirected calls there on--h@%h@ >> just a gamble on your part, trying to get in and out quickh@%h@ and not have to work your way h@ >>%ell,h@e anticipated, you know, the other leaders coming in, too, you knoh@ and I had%h@ already made the call to come in, and bodine--he went aheadh@% and took the caution on h@%h@ so he ran wide up and around the racetrack, put us a laph@ downh@you know.
00:52:44It's not that bad of a deal, h@% we've got fresh tires, sitting h@% catch a caution flag, we'll get it back.
00:52:50h@ %>>h@enny, there's a lot of times that drivers have a headache onh@ mond% morh@ng for the miscues they've had, but crew chiefs geth@% them, too.
00:52:58>> Yeah, youh@an--%h@ tim brewer admitted it.
00:53:00He made a mistake.
00:53:00%h@ he should have told earn-- neil bonnett, which is whath@% leo jackson, my crew chief h@%h@ "h@ %h@ >> that's the terminology that leo says.
00:53:10If the leaders pit,h@%h@ then you pit.
00:53:12If they stay on the racetrack,h@ you have to %ay oh@ the racetrack with them.
00:53:15>> You pretty much just watchh@% what happens up in front of you h@ >> that's correc%h@ if you are the leader, then you have to make the decision onh@ h@ether or not you're going to pit or not.
00:53:23I'll tell yoh@what,% there's a lot of people leaving right now.
00:53:25h@% h@jackie, is it raining pretty h@ >> oh,%eah,h@ndeed.
00:53:29It's coming down harder than it has been all day, and you knowh@%h@ what's ironic is this area of the country has beenh@sking for%h@ rain, oh, for the last month toh@%h@ two months, but they didn't want it this afternoonh@ %inh@orth wilkesboro.
00:53:40>> Boy, you can say that agah@,%h@ but unfortunately, that is h@ %ith@ooks like it's raining pretty hard now, and it looks h@like the track may b%getth@g h@ we'll be back wi% morh@from north wilkesboro, %h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@d d itching to geico really savyou 15% % m morononarar insuncnc %h@h@ h@ didiththwaltltons keay tolong t tsasagoododghgh .%h@ .
00:54:14'n'nhthtrarapapa .%h@ . jim b:b:'n'nhthtvevebobo,,h@ %h@ h@%h@ .h@ %h@ icic 1 1mimitetecocod d veve yo1515orororor h@%h@ h@
00:00:15spnh@%h@espnespnh@%h@espnespnh@%h@es ESPNGleason: Time for a quick pit stop as we head down memH@y lane.%H@ PNHeESe's a sample of some of 1986's top news stories.H@%H@ESPNESPN The space shuttleChallengerH@ exploded 90 %conH@ESPNESPN after liftoff, killingH@ its cr% of H@venESPNronaESPN.
00:00:35On a happierH@ote, Jack Nicklaus%H@ESPNESPN won his sixth Masters title at thH@ age of 46.%H@ESPNESPN He became the oldest golfer to win the green ja%et.H@ESPNESPN And Mike Tyson defeated Trevor Berbick to winH@% H@thES WBC ESavyweight title at the age of 20,H@aking him%H@ESPNESPN the youngest heavyweight H@ampion ever.%H@ESPNESPN Still ahead, the year in movies.H@%H@ES ESPN 1986 First Union 400H@ now co%inueH@.ESPNESPNH@%H@ESPNESPNH@%H@H@%H@ >> At north wilkesboro speedwayh@ in north carol%a, wh@h 330 lapsh@ comple%d, rh@ky rudd is the leader, geoff bodine is inh@%h@ second position, %h@ h@urth now belongs to%h@h@%h@ bobby allison, and fifth ish@ joe h@ttman.
00:01:199 Cars are on the lead lap,h@ %d thh@e are the first 3, and there is the allisonh@%h@ and ruttman battle that's goingh@% on, and they are putting a laph@ on alan kulwic%, whh@is certainly very much@in%h@ contention to beh@ rookie of the ye% in h@86.
00:01:35>> The young man has%een h@ry h@ this is the %ly ch@ that h@%h@ he had this same car at bristol.
00:01:43He had it ath@arlington%h@ last week, and here he uses it at wilkesborh@ and he was%h@ the fastest-qualifying fordh@ HERE--QUAL%IED H@OUT 11th.
00:01:50Beat ricky rudd, beath@% bill elliott.
00:01:52>> And he has been the hih@est-finishing rookie i%h@ every race that he has finished, and he's really going %out h@is nascar project, I think, th@ way%h@ that people down here inh@ the south ar%gonnh@pay a lot of attention to him.
00:02:03He'sh@oing what he has to do%h@ he's got one car.
00:02:05He does a lot of the mechanicah@ h@ he's very solid both on and offh@%h@ the racetrack.
00:02:10He's working very hard, and he'sh@%h@ getting results.
00:02:13It looks like, benny, also, thath@%h@ alan kulwicki may be here to %h@ >> yes, he has.
00:02:17He picked up a sponsorship-- h@incy's, which is a, yo%knowh@ southeastern steak chain--h@ %a h@eakhouse chain.
00:02:23It's very possible he could beh@% here to stay.
00:02:26>> Joe ruttman is leh@ing it all%h@ hang out in his attempt to passh@%h@ h@ ruttman's rear%nd gh@ting out just a little bit in cornerh@ numb% twoh@and joe has been working on bobby now forh@%h@ the last several laps, as earnhardth@s now right on%h@ the back bumper of geoff bodineh@%h@ as those two drivers go at it for second,h@%h@ while the lead continues to be h@ h@ I think that geoff bodine, the last few laps, has looked inh@ the rearview m%ror h@ much as he has because he's looked up,h@%h@ h@%h@ I think he's trying to keep earnhardt behind him.
00:02:56They're letting ri%y ruh@ just h@ >> benny%theyh@eally are, you know.
00:03:00Those two guys--the 5 carh@ h@d the 3 car--they certainly expected th@be among%h@ the front-runners and probablyh@ in the%osith@n that they are, fighting for the lead.
00:03:09I don't thinh@they predicted,%h@ even in their own mind, that rudd would be the one thh@ would both b%chash@g.
00:03:13>> I really don't think so.
00:03:14H@the problem ricky ru% hash@s, I don't know if he can goh@ %l thh@way without stopping h@ he has%een,h@ow, h@%h@ he has 60 laps to go.
00:03:24I'm not sure ricky%udd h@n go h@ we'll have to wa% andh@ind out.
00:03:28Bud morris told jackie aruteh@ h@ey think they can, h@%h@ >> a caution flag might makeh@ the diff%enceh@ obviously, you don't burn up as much gasolh@e under%h@ a caution-flag condition %h@ so a caution flag might just beh@%h@ the margin.
00:03:43h@ >>%ell,h@f they have a caution flag, certainly, rudd and allh@% h@the rest of the cars will go in, and ricky will put some h@el in%h@ the car.
00:03:51>> And we have neil bonnh@t%h@ and doug hevron bumping down inh@% corner number two, but no %h@ you know, one thing we havh@'t talked abo% is h@e point standings.
00:04:02H@darrell waltrip is the%ointh@ leader with 1000.
00:04:04Dale earnhardt in seco%,h@ and earnhardt can certainly pickh@% up some ground here toward the winston cup championshiph@%h@ or at least toward the $150,000h@%h@ that will be offered at thh@halfway point of the s%sonh@ h@ >> and darre% walh@ip needs to get going because--h@%h@ kenny martin can probably tell us, but I don't thinkh@% darrell waltrip has had a finish %h@ he hasn't, and right now,h@ he's%n sih@h spot.
00:04:29>> He has had a third, a fifh@,%h@ a fifth, a fourth, a third, anh@second last weekend%h@ at darlington.
00:04:34So he has not finished out of %h@h@%h@ rih@y rudd continuing to l%d inh@h@ his motorcra% forh@here at the h@rst union 400 at%h@ %h@ there are the top 5.
00:04:50%h@h@%h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h @H@%H@H@%H@H@%H@H@%H@H@Pp%%H@H@%H@H@%H@H@%H@H@%H@H@%H@H@% H@ ♪ ♪♪♪
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00:06:13H@%h@ bilyly hi, yy h@h@%h@h@ addldl herm w w wsusu littleudud, %h@h@ wingipd saalh@ l l's'so.
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00:07:09h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@%h@h@h@%h@h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@ >> eeononYoYore watchPNg the99 F Fststnnn n 0,0, fearrg g ccssss s swwdownH@ESPNESPN beteeththliliss of llEaEahahattRiRiyy Rudd,ESPNESPN an D Drrrrl l ltltipip rig reren n PPClClsisiH@ESPNESPNH@%H@H@%H@ >> Wstst c c r rininononhihi%h@ suayayerererononroro .h@ rickruru, , c c n nbebe1515h@ is the lear.r.
00:08:01Seco I igegef f didi, , and you%h@h@ can see e e tetealaletetenen .h@ with4 4 psps to go, ckck bennnng g s setet I iououjujuh@ a litt b b, , d d soso da e enhnhardt, whisisn n irir%h@ potiti, , f flili b bkk a lileleitito o ofofbobodine, as we wenenututndndhohoyoyoh@ thininrvrv b bwewe s sonon anththd,d,ndndhehe I iisish@ not nearlys s ososasast t ss %h@ a we f fm m dada w wl,l,h@ larrnunur,r,hohos s t t b bthth withe e rerehihiweweenen w wll%h@ haveheheororlalaneneacach@%h@ fr I ilalan n alalh@%h@ thsasamamanonorara p px,x, as wcocoinin t to cover l l h@%h@h@ >> rkykyudud w w h h n nererononh@ here at nortwiwiesesroro ALOUOU H HISIS1t1tONONH@%H@ The l-l-memeonon w wnene l ltth@%h@ at ts s ceceacac h h h h t t crhehesosoararn n the 1986%h@h@ season, h hwowod d alal l lee .h@ but he finisd d coco a a brtototwtwraras s o,o,ndnds s h@%h@ to y y e elili I ithth brdcdct,t, t tnknke'e' l lkiking%h@ asucucatathehexpxptiti o oh@%h@ riy y a ahoho t tckcks s a ah@%h@ hicacaowowr r d d amamananererh@%h@ and ieiememeanan, , okokh@ anbobottle wasr,r,ududoooo,, who'bebe a aununa a ngngimim--h@%h@ beenacacg g a aacacdrdrererh@ as t tm m owner, aa a ieie .
00:09:17He srtrt o o o othth t te e %h@ ratrtrk,k,ndnd t tnknkisis expeenen r rlllly shows t tsese%h@ shortrtrkskswhwhe e u'u' g gh@ su a a delicattotoh h atatouou haveo o ecece e o oerero o be% coetetivivh@%h@ >>t t reres s stst d diciceeh@ h@ th's'syoyoknkn, , atat v vyyh@ well put, lay y bebe b bauau alththe e rnrns-s-'v'vbebe wahihi t tseseelellas comeffff .
00:09:36We'rwawahihi r rkykyududgogoggh@ in turn no a ahehexixi t t c cnene it a aososhehe's like ptptinin ofthth c cnene j just usin thththtttt e er r g gdudulylyh@%h@ trngngo o t t f f e e rnrn with t b bt t neneo o that he .h@%h@ therweweeeeeobob a aisis anjojorurumamah@ rumamas s still trngngo o t t thboboy y lilinnh@ mill a aririn.n.
00:09:57But atat t t b btltl ofheheuiuis-s-%h@ twbubuk k totobibis s ghgh the.e.
00:10:00 they'veeeeegogog g % itororevevalalapap a a r rtmtm .
00:10:04So aisis h hdsdsntntththh@%h@ foththlala w wh h e e ttttnnh@%h@ fifth@%h@ >>oror w wkekeororisisneneff the two -c-clelechchteterh@ meererofofheheasasr r cicih@%h@ %h@ we g a apipi >>avavmamaisislala t t w wl l h@%h@ tu n nbebetwtw a a h hhihiitit pret h hd,d,ececsese he has%h@ knocd d f f e e ckckumumr r h@ that car, d d a aeaea t tbebeh@%h@ a raererararimimctcthaha da m mcicihahahahaininurur%h@ nuerernene thcacaisisesesngng betweenurur onanantwtw a a n n t ts s kekeh@%h@ thgsgsatatr r teteststggh@ becae e w wl l loloruru t th@%h@ co I ifofoththfufu t tt t ererh@ wasoso q question ouou anititayayigigenenhihififid d h@%h@ considerably.
00:10:47Heres s rcrc I icocorner numrr%h@ one.
00:10:50>> Lksks l like heototnn the corn--oo-j-jt t little h@ there could ha% beeh@a flat tire or something that caused h@ but % wenh@down in turn one, got the back into the wall,h@%h@ and then the front end came h@ >> and the l%dersh@re on pit road.
00:11:02Let's go to jack arute, who'sh@ wi% rich@ rudd.
00:11:05>> Ricky rudd's team has gone h@% work immediately, filling it uph@ with f%l, th@ing a look at h@%h@ that's what they're going to do.
00:11:13Thh@'ve accomplished the t%k onh@ the outside.
00:11:16They've moved to t% insh@e to h@ just as we%ent h@ the air, we were also notified that trwh@%h@ have awarded $1,000 toh@ bud %ore h@ the trw mechanich@ of th@ race, and he does his work in quickh@% h@fashion and puts him back out h@%h@ >> dale earnhardt is going toh@ lead, though, %e coh@ingent out h@% earnhardt is gonna be first, h@%h@ then kyle petty, bobby allison,h@ h@ that's the way they'h@ gonna lineh@p for the restart here in h@ bennh@ it seems to me like you guys, when you come in forh@ a pit stop a% youh@hange all 4h@ tires, that wa% mush@be ..
00:11:53%h@ h@ >> wel% it h@pends on how hot it is.
00:11:58If it's very, very hot outside,h@% it's not very long, because you want to get about two h@g cups%h@ of water to drink, and you veryh@ seld%--ith@akes about a 4-tire %h@ if it's a very cool day and youh@%h@ really don't need a drink,h@ you're right%h@ it seems like an eternity.
00:12:14H@did see dave marcis mo%ngh@ around over there h@%h@ evidently, he sent h@%h@ >> mm-hmm.
00:12:21>> Well, he did go%n hah@.
00:12:22The helen rae special-- there's one of the mh@t unusual%h@ sponsors in winston cup racingh@% h@today.
00:12:27That's one lady, a lady about 60h@ years % ageh@ho lives out in the southwest who has developedh@%h@ a very keen interest, obviously,h@%h@ in winston cup stock car racing,h@ and she ha%decih@d that she wants to be a part of this, and she is, well, a pa% inh@ a way that she doesn't want toh@ be%odayh@ >> with 356 laps completed, weh@%h@ are unh@r caution because of%h@ an accident in corner number oneh@ h@volving dave marcis.
00:12:51We'll be back with ourh@overage%h@ h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@h@%h@h@ %h@h@ n .
00:13:17H@h@ ♪♪♪♪
00:13:19h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@h@%h@h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@ h@ th complple e ortstsriri.
00:13:42H@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@h@h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@h@ pnh@%h@espnespn >> Gleason: Here%wereh@omeespn PNof the box office smashes in 1986.H@%H@ES ESPN highest-grossing movie that year wasTop Gun,H@ starri% TomH@ruiESESPN and Kelly McGillis.H@ Pau%HogH@ becESeESPN an international star inCrH@odile Dundee.%H@ESPNESPN William Shatner boldly wentH@ where no one%ad H@ne bESPNeESPN inStar Trek IV:H@ %TH@ VoESge HomES.
00:16:17And the Academy Award forH@ %st H@ictuES wentESoPlatoon.H@ H@t'ESPNs reESrn to the blockbuster conclusionH@ of H@e 1ES6 FirsES Union 400 right H@re on ESPN Classic.%H@ESPNESPNH@%H@ESPNESPN >> Some 26,500 fans on hand hereh@%h@ ath@orth wilkesboro for%h@ the first union 400, stoph@ number 7 on th%winsh@n cup h@%h@ situation is we are underh@ a yellow bec%se oh@an accident involving this ch@ and driver,%h@ dave marcis.
00:16:46He's oh@ and the car is on%h@ the hook, being brought back %h@ the leader is going to beh@ dale earnhardt%hen h@ resume racing, with ricky rudd inh@ second, ge%f boh@ne third, then h@%h@ the attrition here hh@ not been%h@ all that great today.
00:17:00Only 6 cars have officiallyh@%h@ dropped out of the competition, namely, trevor boiseh@%h@ richard petty, terry labonte,h@%h@ J.D. McDUFFIE, DAVE MARCIS,H@%H@ And the number 23 car of h@ h@ose 6 cars--the only ones h@%h@ 24 of the original 30 still running, and they're lining uph@%h@ for a restart.
00:17:19>> Bob, h@ addition to the 5%h@ guys that you just mentioned, 4 %h@ in order--darrell waltrip,h@ ky% peth@, harry gant, %h@ ;h@ h@ two la% dowh@-tim richmond.
00:17:33h@%h@ in no particular order,h@ %thh@other cars still on the racetrack--kenny schraderh@%h@ in junie dunleavy's number 90, ribbs, doug hevron,h@%h@ jody ridley, morgan shepherd--h@ remember he's in%amesh@ilton's car this week-- jimmy h@ans, ron bouchard,%h@ buddy arrington, alan kulwicki--h@% looks like he's gonna be h@%h@ >> tim richmond moving alongsideh@%h@ dale earnhardt for the restarth@%h@ of this race.
00:17:58Tim has been unable to make uph@%h@ the laps that he lost very early %h@ and so the green comes outh@ %h@ we go back to racing on h@%h@ h@%h@h@%h@ everybody with a full load of fuel and, hopefullh@ the tires%h@ h@%h@ but dale earnhardt right now ish@% just pulling away from h@%h@ >> he sure is.
00:18:23He's putting lots and lots ofh@ disth@ce on ricky rudd.
00:18:26He's having trouble--rudd'sh@ having trouble g%tingh@y h@%h@ %h@ now geoff bodine--he's on %h@ and behind them--theh@6 car,%h@ joe ruttman, alongsideh@ bobby allison %r foh@th spot.
00:18:41>> And finally, joe ruttmanh@%h@ takes the position away from h@%h@ those two have been fighting out there on th@ racetrack for%h@ numerous laps, and now ruttmanh@%h@ has passed bobby allison,h@ and joe %ttmah@has moved %h@ >> in some respecth@ it's%h@ a shame that tim richmond %h@ they certainly deserve to be up there, but we have 5 guys onh@%h@ the lead lap, and they were ready to sh@ot it out,%h@ draw one-on-one against each other, for the win,h@ %buh@tim richmond and rusty wallace--they stillh@ have t%ir hh@ds to play, too.
00:19:12%h@ had they not lost those laps, unfortunath@y, early on, they'd%h@ be right up there going h@%h@h@%h@ tonigig's's yeh, I imm gnaake f.
00:19:25He, it stttt.
00:19:28Wh w wo.o.
00:19:28W wantstso o to o par amy pce?
00:19:33Yeyeah, m wn.
00:19:35(p(purri) (anunr)TRE AREREAPAPINSS IEVERERCRCR.
00:19:45Cclili a c capink4drink responsibly.
00:19:47H@%h@ ♪♪
00:19:50[ H@emale Announcer ] %CRUNCH TIME, WHEAT Thins.
00:19:53H@ ..right now.
00:19:55H@%h@ ♪♪ ♪♪
00:19:56hiding amongst your friends won't help you.
00:19:58H@%h@ ♪♪ ♪♪
00:20:00h@%h@ you and your tasty whole grain.
00:20:03H@%h@ ♪♪ ♪♪
00:20:05h@ this can only end one way.
00:20:08H@%h@ [ crunch ] H@ wheah@thins.toasted. whole grain.
00:20:13H@%h@ crunch.
00:20:15The cr%ch ih@calling.
00:20:18H@h@h@%h@h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@%%%%h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@h@%h@ %h@h@%h@h@ >> eeononYoYorewawachchgg the99 F Fststnnn n 0,0,H@ featuring PNclassPN showwnwn beteeththlilissH@ of DalEaEarnhattRiRiyyudud an D Drrrrl l ltltipipH@ right PNre on PNPN ClsisiH@%H@ESPNESPNH@ >> De e rcrc I iokokh@ let's d dn n j jk k ututfofo a nvnvsasaononitithihih@%h@ >>ndnde'e'ststl l h h helen e e ececl,l,ndnd it look asf f u u t t b bh h .%h@ >> yh,h,acace,e,hehehrhrtltlh@ hu u u I alal d d't'tnonowhwhh@%h@ I ayay h hh,h,ototneneboboyyh@ and ememuyuybybyn n e e sisi beususititooood d kekeheheweweh@ ruininbebeererowowththe.e.
00:22:34I leupupn n t tgogo intoh@ thwawa, , d d j jt t ngng widepepe I d d e e akak l lkekeupuph@ and ststepepgogog g ghgh h@ I relyly don't kw w y.y.
00:22:41>> Rl l icicy-y-hohoouou y y pi t twiwitotoy y thth% whatououawaw >>elel e enhnhdtdt r rnini .%h@ of crsrs r rkykyudud a aininee ago,asasununngngeaeagogo,,h@%h@ but w w rerearargogoa a anan .%h@ >> wl,l,e'e' j jt t veveoo watcititnfnfold in t r raiaingng%h@ .
00:22:54 t tnknkhahas s veve%h@ imrtrtt t inin netitis s e e inintotoayayh@%h@ me t t d dfefencncininhohoinin h@%h@ theyomomofofththfofoththororr.r.
00:23:01That t t r rhmhmd d tucked rhtht%h@ in binindada e enhnhdtdth@% h@ behi r rhmhmd d r rkykyudud h@%h@ bodi a a r rd d ucucdd .h@%h@ >> jt t riri t t l lt t upup ofapap-a-athth v vuaua%h@ obrvrvioio-e-enhnhdtdts s tth@%h@ the ststt t r r t tt t p p h@ qutete ist t dddd ?%h@ is irurumamah@ .
00:23:26.h@%h@ >> ts s ceces s o o osos toalalh@%h@ whknkns s ghghnono .h@% ruttn n s s inin o oththee fell, , t t w w 's'sririininh@% .
00:23:37%h@ theylolod d e e p p da e enhnhdtdth@ buisisararnhardt tinintotoeeee hititis s olol whknkns s atate'e'h@ ?
00:23:44Maybhehe j jt t yiyi t t .h@%h@ >> ts s cece is far omomveve%h@ anwewenlnlhaha a aitite e more%h@ .
00:23:52h@ >>ndndfofos,s,imimicicononjujuh@ ..
00:23:57>> L t t o oerer 4 cars b b%h@ u u ysysrere h@ I'm o o psps down.
00:24:01" veryenenememlylyovov%h@ byimimiciconon h@ what a fine meme f f t ts s cece h@%h@h@ .
00:24:12It'seeeea a eaeaafafrnrnn n rrh@ joe ttttn n ththhehexcxctiti ofn n cicintnt down inororrr numb 3 3n n icicheheototananededh@ up wh h ototr r car and unun buititasaseeeea a nene%h@ perfmamae e t tt t iviv I ih@%h@ thkekey y rnrneieiowowddh@ %h@ and w w dddds s okokg g h@%h@ thinindedef f lelearararar,,h@%h@ and ofofboboneneovovg g tstseeh@%h@ of rd.d.
00:24:34Lookt t esesgugu g gngngt t .%h@ >> bnynyififouourere joe ttttn-n- >>ohoh%h@ >>ohoh >>owowififououe e e e ttttn,n,h@ who y y f flolow?
00:24:41Whdodoououacacononoo to t a a g g b bh@ yorereeaeay y at a defitititit su a ahoho n nbebeofofapaph@ %h@ !
00:24:48Earnrdrdtrtrngngo o kekehaha%h@ indederoroe e ayay thlala t te,e,icic r rd d ssh@%h@ ableo o t t ononididofofimim eahahat t inindodo%h@ .
00:24:55He'sonon l lveveheheututdedeh@%h@ widepepe b b r rd,d, d d't't thins,s,onon t t I it onh@ the tstse.e.
00:25:00Geofboboneneheheigig;;h@%h@ and e e ttttn,n,e e ghghh@ >>7 7 pspso o t this time .
00:25:05Who s s t t ouou t te e d d%h@ h@%h@ >> ts s s sh h didiicictt raceacactotoasasonon%h@ iteaeay y ,, and ttttn,n,ererhaps, ha thfafaesescaca%h@ mae e 's'sodode,e,ututhahaisis not alal t t s sryryh@ thststy y b bngngblbltotoasash@%h@ thcacaininroro o oyoyo >>hehetoto I iririt t w-w-- .
00:25:25The ororisis who's gonna n n e e cece%h@ >>a a h h %h@ >> t f fstst r rnini%h@ h@%h@ >> a y y k kw,w,etet g gee a meioiobebeususe behindllll%h@ thisababt t c c l lgtgt a ay,y,h@%h@ .h@%h@ he ififih.h.
00:25:42He'sn n e e adadapap %h@ befo t ts s inins s ererhehe goa a u uththe e d d x x u uh@ %h@ >> wt t mimitete wh w wwewe t tkiki a autut ?h@ >> tt't'ririt.t.
00:25:51>> 1, 2,---- G gdndns,s,%h@ he'sifif a ainin >>a a h hh@%h@ >>hahas s acacy y ghgh daelelhahas moved I ioo%h@ the p p a a l lk k r rtmtmh@ goututdedef f geoff bonenenn .h@ no luck ther t tugug a a t ttt sixtcacaththe e t t l le,e,h@%h@ behi t t l l c c,,h@%h@ tim chchndndisis darrl l ltltp,p,hohos s ftfth@%h@ annonotitimomos s ghghalalwiwi darreltotoo o dedeeaeath inh@ anhehegegentlemanlmomo%h@ byimimiciconon a a n n w whahah@ thfifit t caca r rnini rit t gegeererh@%h@ >>owow wh a aauaumomoleleacach@%h@ I rtrtnlnlhoho t tt t neneffh@ the fans lefthth s sededy y enen it rnenebaba a autut0000apaph@% ag b bauau t ty y e e ssssgg %h@ >> ts s alal c cplplatath@%h@ thgsgsororoeoeututananowow he o oioiolylyororngngllllveve%h@ thbaba l l o ogegef f didi,,h@%h@ but w w 's'sototo o arar wahihi f f w waltrip bauau%h@ onhaha o oananncncofof s sp,p,h@%h@ and ltltp'p'gogohihi-l-lee righhehe, , ybybh@ >> the g gs s ltltpp on t I iididofofututanan gog g t tn-n-- >> oh, andoeoeisisididayayh@ I ouout t w w g gonna loset t aiai heoeoelolo a aososioio b b h hh@% .h@ ...
00:26:56>>H,h,owowh@%h@ so walipipovov u uininto fourt %h@ >> y k kw,w,hahas s e e obobmm h@ theye e l l t t p ptete t tirir backooooasaselelasasryryo o ssss%h@ thatuyuyn n ononofofheheh@%h@ I n'n'knkn w wt t d d >>a a h hh@%h@ >>hihiisis t tghghpopo ?
00:27:14Meanwhil e enhnhdtdts s putting a colelef f r r ngngs s ----h@%h@ dalearararar p ptiti a aououeeh@ of car lengt o oririy y ddddh@%h@ >>erers s e e plpl o o thwawaririananrurumamah@%h@ .h@%h@ >> darrell just touched the left rear of the ruttman carh@ %enh@gh that it got joe a little %h@ he had to go up the hill.
00:27:34He did do a good jh@ saving%h@ the car, but meanwhile, h@%h@ >> well, we've got a situation here wh@re it certainly does n%h@ look like that earnhardt ish@%h@ the best on the track right now, but beh@use there's so much%h@ going on and so much at stake,h@% h@it may award him the win.
00:27:49%h@ they are going to approach them h@in 2 or maybe 3 laps%h@ this might be the difference.
00:27:54 before we get to%h@ these--lap traffic, %h@ larry, who's gonna win the race?
00:27:59h@ %>>h@enny?
00:28:01>> Dale earnhardt.
00:28:01>> Jack arute, in the pit area,h@ who's gonn%win h@is race, in your opinion?
00:28:04H@ boy, that would be a %ughh@ call right now.
00:28:07H@i think I would have t%go,h@ h@%h@ >> all right. good.
00:28:11I'm gonna pick dale earnhardt toh@ %h@ they are approaching some slower h@% the first they'll try to pass is rick baldwin in car nu%er 6h@ and that should be%his h@p.
00:28:21The top 5 running righth@%h@ together.
00:28:24>> Go back and mention agah@ h@at everybody has won a race except the fifth-runningh@ h@ so sentimentally, you reallyh@ have to lean%n joh@s favor, but it's beginning to h@ok pretty%h@ bleak for him, running in fifth %h@ >> but look at rudd beginning toh@% h@%h@ he's right on the back bumper of h@ let's %e whh@ happens as they work the traffic now downh@%h@ the backstretch.
00:28:47Buddy arrington is the carh@%h@ h@%h@ >> you know, this thing is getting more confusing every lh@%h@ that they run, because I thought just a moment ago thath@arnhardt%h@ was pulling away from rudd,h@ h@t now-- >> no way.
00:29:00>> Rudd's right on his bach@ %buh@er.
00:29:01>> Yep.
00:29:02>> And interestingly,h@%h@ geoff bodine--if the experienceh@ of 198%woulh@have been any indication, you would have expected hh@ to be at%h@ the front--not near it,h@ but % theh@ront-- but rudd and earnhardt areh@% definitely burying him h@ % looh@ like he's out of it.
00:29:16He's holding back waltrip %h@ ribbs is the carh@%h@ h@%h@ ribbs going low on the racetrack,h@ and %le eh@nhardth@ and rick%ruddh@oth passing him.
00:29:30>> Andh@oe ruttman trying to%h@ make another move again.
00:29:32Ruttman is just behindh@% h@those two cars.
00:29:34You're looking at-- he's trying the outsidh@%h@ of waltrip.
00:29:37There you see him.
00:29:38>> Theh@ they are--bodine,%h@ h@ h@%h@ now ruttman looking outside,h@ but there is a%loweh@carh@%h@ h@%h@ that is chet phillip h@%h@ >> bodine is winning this race %h@ bodine's holding everybody up--h@%h@ >> it looks that way because geoff bodine, the pole sitter,h@%h@ had the fastest car several %h@ right now, it does not seem thath@ his car can %ep uh@with the 3h@ h@ there we see geoff%odinh@ darrell waltrip right on his rear bumper, and joe ruttmh@%h@ right onhisback bumper.
00:30:15>> It's perhh@s the last time% we'll get an opportunity to mention it, but I think has run a very ni%h@ race here today.
00:30:21He'sh@ept out of the way of%h@ the leaders.
00:30:23He hh@ spun a couple of time%h@ but that's something that comesh@ , h@m sure, is gonna be ba% inh@ winston cup racing.
00:30:31>> Hey, beh@y, we saw how much%h@ promise rusty wallace had when %h@ what did it take him, like 91 h@%h@ it doesn't happen the firsth@ %nth h@u arrive.
00:30:40>> It doesn't happen overnight, %h@ ribbs has won in other sanction--in oh@er groups%h@ of racing.
00:30:45h@%h@ ribbs%h@ h@%h@ started 29th in today's gridh@% and is still on the racetrackh@%h@ in competition.
00:30:58And thh@e is the interval%h@ between first and second.
00:31:00Bobby hillin is being lappedh@ h@ h@% h@but no room there, and he has toh@ stay back in s%ond h@sition.
00:31:08>> 10 Laps to go,h@%h@ and 10 laps on this track--h@%h@ it's like going down to the end h@ %ith@appens real quick.
00:31:15Even though it takes 21 secondsh@%h@ to go around and you skate, in this condition oh@the racetrack%h@ this late in the race, it goes %h@ >> it sure does, but it's noth@ gonna go by quickl%forh@ dale earnhardt because he stillh@ has rudd in the %arvih@ mirror.
00:31:29And I think thath@n a clean%h@ green racetrack--clear%h@ racetrack--that earnhardt can %h@ but always that problem-- passing cars, the %affih@ h@% and which way does he choose, h@%h@ h@ that's all the t%ngs h@at is going through dale earnhardt's h@%h@ the next 10 laps are gonna be h@%h@ >> bodine, waltrip, ruttman-- h@third, fourth, fifth%h@ they continue to run %h@ joe ruttman going high ofh@%h@ darrell waltrip, and we haveh@% the report once again that sprinkles are beginning to beh@%h@ h@%h@ should dale earnhardt win today's race, it wh@l end two%h@ h@ IT WILL END TH%11--H@thH@%H@ Different winner in 11 races over two seasons,h@%h@ and it'll also be our first h@%h@ >> because dale earnhardt won last weeh@in darlington,%h@ h@%h@ >> dale earnhardt-- there is so much riding onh@%h@ the next month or so forh@%h@ dale earnhardt.
00:32:29%h@ I think he silenced a lot ofh@%h@ the complaints and criticismh@%h@ from episodes earlier this yearh@ h@en he won so smashing h@%h@ but there have to be a lot of journalists who are watchingh@ this%ne ch@efully.
00:32:44How will he handle this situation with ric% rudh@should h@%h@ ricky's a pretty big favorite down here.
00:32:49%h@ so there's gonna be a lot ofh@ feelings%n boh@ sides.
00:32:54h@% h@5 to go.
00:32:56>> The problem is dale earh@ardt, I don't think's,%h@ gonna let ricky rudd get alongside of him unless he doesh@%h@ it on the outside.
00:33:02He'll give ricky the outside oh@% the racetrack, and I don't think ricky can do anything h@th it%h@ out there, but he's got 4 lapsh@% h@%h@ >> once again, we watch this battle for theh@hird and fourth%h@ position.
00:33:14Now we're back up front h@to the leaders, and %ere h@ the inteh@al between second%h@ h@ so%t's h@sically a two-car race, and it's gonna comh@down%h@ h@ wi% it h@ dale earnhardt, h@%h@ chevy or ford?
00:33:30>> If they were quh@ifying,%h@ h@ h@ ..
00:33:37h@ h@%h@ h@%h@ it's earnhardt still leading--h@%h@ 4 or 5 car lengths nowh@ h@%h@ >> dale keeps him right on his-- he's sure to keep h@ on%h@ the bottom of the racetrack-- costing him time aroun%h@ the racetrack, but he knows that's the spot that ricky rh@d%h@ can get by the easiest.
00:34:00%h@ >> next time around, it'll be %h@ h@%h@ >> and not a good set of turns the lasth@ime through one%h@ and two for ricky rudd.
00:34:10You can see he lost abouth@ a car le%th, h@d a car length is almost as good as a laph@%h@ at this juncture of the race.
00:34:15h@ h@ we'll wa%h dah@ earnhardt h@%h@ down in turn number two now,h@ rudd hangs%nto h@e lead.
00:34:25They come off the second corh@r%h@ and down the backstretch.
00:34:28Earnhardt lengthh@s his lead to%h@ h@%h@ they're in turn 3.
00:34:33%h@ off the corner.
00:34:35Dale earnhardt winsh@%h@ the first union 400.
00:34:38%h@ here comes bodine in third, then waltrip and t%nh@ h@%h@h@ and the wr%glerh@rew celebrates h@% dale earnhardt has won his second consecutiveh@ h@nston cup race-- last weekend at dah@ington%h@ on the high-banked superspeedwayh@%h@ and now on the short track here %h@ >> that last caution flag reallyh@%h@ set up the opportunity forh@ dramh@ guys, but dale earnhardth@ made%t anh@climactic.
00:35:08h@%h@h@% h@earnhardt has just, as i mentioned at the very beginningh@% of the show, the most dominant cah@ by far, on the winsto%cuph@ circuit this year--h@%h@ proves again today.
00:35:21These fellh@ have got some work%h@ cut out for them if they're gonna beat that wrangler machineh@ %h@ h@% h@now, dale went into this race in second position in the winsth@%h@ cup points, about 48 behindh@%h@ darrell waltrip, but that gap ish@% going to narrow because of earnhardt's win here ath@%h@ h@ we go to jac%aruth@with the winner of the first unionh@% h@%h@ >> and it looks, dale earnhardt, like you don't ever wanth@o give% up victory lane.
00:35:48A win in darlington and now h@ congratulations.
00:35:51>> Thank you, jackie,h@ and it% a nh@e place to be.
00:35:52You know, the good lord let ush@ get by witho% raih@today and a safe race, and, you know,h@%h@ the car did pretty good all day.
00:35:59h@ the guys were just super in the pits, and, you%now,h@ h@ I'd like to apol%ize h@ joe ruttman and the quaker state h@ew because I jumped up%nderh@ %h@ a car just went under him, and i stuch@my nose in, and he cam%h@ down, and we clipped him,h@ and we both %st ah@ut spun out.
00:36:16He did, but, you know, it wash@% h@more or less my fault.
00:36:18I should have probably waitedh@%h@ a little more, but the car just passed him, and I thouh@t i% could get in there with him, too, but i--you know, I just ran %h@%h@ but I think he did come back to h@ %h@ when you take a look in your rearview mirror near the end ofh@ %e rah@ and you kept seeing ricky rudd just stalking you,h@ %okinh@for a miscue, were you h@% >> well, I was because he wash@ running so str%g beh@re that last pit stop, but we got a goodh@%h@ combination on the tires, and ih@%h@ could, you know, keep the carh@ down and run a%ow gh@ove, and, you know, rick and I hadh@ h@e best cars, you know.
00:36:51%h@ they've had some troubh@,% and I was glad to see them finish good, but I was worriedh@ %h@ I didn't know whether I had h@ I %d toh@ait till the last.
00:37:01>> Well, gentlemen, they say crh@m rises to the top, an%thath@ seems to be the case here todayh@ in v%toryh@ane in north wilkesboro.
00:37:06>> Our congratulh@ions from%h@ the booth to dale earnhardt,h@ h@nner of our race here today, and the top 10 finisheh@ show%h@ that in second positionh@ %s rih@y rudd.
00:37:16h@%h@ fourth was darrell waltrip; h@%h@ sixth through 10--h@ finish%g inh@ixth position was bobby allison.
00:37:24Then harry gant sevent%h@ kyle petty eighth, bill elliott ninth, and rusty walla%h@ h@%h@ >> GleasonH@It was Earnhardt'%sH@ ESfirES victory on the North Wilkesboro speedway and his second s%raigH@ vicESPNyESPN overall.
00:37:37The Intimidator would go H@% ESPNwinEShe Winston Cup Championship by 288 pointsH@%H@ESPNESPN over Darrell Waltrip that year.H@% ThaESPNrapsESPNour presentation of thH@ 1986 First Union 400%H@ESPNESPN For mH@re information%H@ESPNESPN on specific ESPN Classic programming and sH@cials,%H@ESPN PNlog on to,H@%H@ESPN PNyword "Classic." For ESPNH@lassic,%H@ESPNESPN I'm Mike Gleason.H@ Thanks for wat%ingH@ESPNESPNH@%H@ESPNESPNH@%H@ESPNESPNH@