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00:00:00We haven't talked much about the tricky racetrack and some of the strategies we may see tonight.
00:00:07Why don't we start there vince?
00:00:08>> Six different winners in the last six races here at nashville, but you have to get to the end first.
00:00:12That's where a lot of the strategy starts playing out at the end.
00:00:14The last two races have been never 'green-white-checkered finish here.
00:00:26How does that affect the strategy if you're a team trying to win this thing?
00:00:29>> You look at the history of any racetrack you go to see how it plays out.
00:00:33This season, we have seen a lot I'm betting there's going to be that impact the finishes.
00:00:43I'm betting there's going to be one.
00:00:44I think there's going to be the first green and white checkered flag in nashville.
00:00:46>> We have talked about the opportunities, and there's a lot of different opportunities for drivers in this race, but we have to talk about the two that are best on the concrete, carl edwards, and brad keselowski, and they're in the field.
00:00:59>> Exactly right.
00:01:00We talked about what a great opportunities for guys in new rides and some of the nationwide regulars and we failed to point out the two best on concrete over the last years have been carl edwards and brad keselowski.
00:01:13Keselowski came here yesterday, this is how much it means to him, came here from pocono to get time in the car to set it up.
00:01:20Carl didn't make that effort.
00:01:22He's only had two laps in his race car.
00:01:24If you're going to make a statement tonight, you're going to have to beat thesis two guys.
00:01:27>> If it's not keselowski or edwards, who is it going to be?
00:01:32>> There's a guy that rain second in the race, ed sorenson, I know he's got the same car.
00:01:40I think he might get the job done tonight.
00:01:45Kevin harvick isn't in the 33.
00:01:46>> The 33 car is here, and mike bliss is in there, and he's very capable of winning.
00:01:49This might be a breakout race for mike bliss.
00:01:51>> And we haven't even talked about the guy on the pole for the race, justin allgaier.
00:01:53Happens to be brad keselowski's teammate.
00:01:56Allgaier was fourth here in april, and he's really happy with his car, thinks he might get that win here tonight.
00:02:05At nashville, so we're getting ready to go, and we'll go downstairs.
00:02:09Getting ready for the command to start engines.
00:02:12>> Now for the most famous words in motorsports, from billy scott.
00:02:18>> Gentlemen, start your engines.
00:02:23>> Fire it up.
00:02:23>> All right, pal.
00:02:24Crank it up.
00:02:26>> Fire them up.
00:02:29>> Carl, you want the cars that are after us -- >> yeah, 10-4.
00:02:37Double-check me.
00:02:37>> How about, okay, before.
00:02:38>> I got you.
00:02:43>> All right, running.
00:02:48>> One of the bright stories this weekend here at nashville has been the performance of scott wimmer driving for nashville-based baker curb.
00:02:59He's a former winner here.
00:02:59In fact, the last of his six nationwide victories came here march of 2008.
00:03:04He passed clint bowyer with 28 laps to go and went on to score the victory.
00:03:10Scott wimmer hopes to repeat here tonight in nashville.
00:04:31[ ratcheting ] [ whirring ] I rely on my pit crew for a lot of things, ..
00:04:43The track.
00:04:43But when it comes to my cars, I take care of them myself, because I know I'm gonna do it right.
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00:05:48>>> Qualifying earlier today, justin allgaier was the star.
00:05:51He's the pole winner.
00:05:53His second nascar nationwide series pole.
00:06:02His first pole came in memphis in october of 2009.
00:06:04It's his third front-row start of his nationwide series career.
00:06:06The last four nashville races have been won from the front row.
00:06:11Justin allgaier starts from the front row tonight, from the point.
00:06:13You see the ticker and the starting lineup across the top of the screen and also the two drivers who failed to qualify, kevin lepage and ricky stenhouse , and there are also four drivers moving to the rear of the field.
00:06:28You'll see those on the screen as well.
00:06:29But now let's dial in our in-race reporter.
00:06:32That's scott wimmer.
00:06:35>> Scott, dale jarrett with espn, you got a copy?
00:06:36>> I got you.
00:06:39>> Scott, our first question comes from our mailbag, are there any procedures you go through when taking over a new car?
00:06:49>> There are a lot of different things we do.
00:06:51First off is learning a new crew, new crew chief.
00:06:56I've been fairly fortunate, I've worked with ricky in the past, not actually driving for him but with other teams, they make it real easy but it's different, you have to learn new name and come up with the best game plan for a race.
00:07:10>> Speaking of a game plan for the race, we saw you making a lot of changes on your car yesterday.
00:07:13Are you confident you got it where you need it to try to win the race tonight?
00:07:17>> Real good.
00:07:18I feel good being here in nashville in the baker curb car.
00:07:22This team has gone through a lot of tough times.
00:07:27We may be forced to shut down after the race this week.
00:07:31I feel like it's one of the better cars I've raced here before.
00:07:35Hopefully we can take it to the victory lane.
00:07:38>> We know you can get the job done.
00:07:41Have a great night.
00:07:42Nowand white checkers, two tires, no tires, so we'll be liable to see anything tonight.
00:08:15>> You think the tire is going to do that tonight, hold up well enough to take two tires?
00:08:17>> There's opportunity for it.
00:08:19Depends on how many cars on the lead lap and how close we are to the end.
00:08:26>> Good luck, rick.
00:08:27Thanks for letting us talk to you tonight.
00:08:29>> Thanks, andy.
00:08:30>> Scott wimmer will keep one of the on-board cameras giving us perspective from his insight from his perspective tonight.
00:08:37There will be eight on busch doord cameras.
00:08:39Allgaier, annett, keselowski, wimmer, lagasse, edwards, wallace, and bayne all carrying cameras tonight.
00:08:49Also, over the wall, also the crew cam.
00:08:51That's john reese.
00:08:52He's the jackman for scott wimmer.
00:08:57A good perspective from john reese as he works the jack tonight.
00:08:59Let's check in on some of the top stories from pit road.
00:09:05We'l begin with jerry punch.
00:09:07>> Thank you.
00:09:07After finishing 32nd or worse in two of the last three events, brendan gaughan said I need help, and they said I'm going to get you some.
00:09:20Rusty got in a car himself, and they found a set-up that allowed that team to qualify 14th here tonight.
00:09:22They believe because of the set-up from their owner they'll finish no worse than tenth if not better tonight.
00:09:32>> 19-Year-old trevor bayne is celebrating his one-year anniversary in the nationwide series.
00:09:35This team has a lot of expectations for tonight, and both practice sessions yesterday, he was top three.
00:09:40Today, he qualified third.
00:09:44Speed hasn't been the problem with the team.
00:09:46The problem has been finished races.
00:09:49Jerry baxter, his crew chief told him before he got in the car, e he said you have is to drive the car at 85% and finish every lap.
00:09:57>> Well, scott lagasse jr.
00:09:59Surprised everybody on friday in happy hour practice when he move today the top of the speed charts while in race trim.
00:10:06According to scott this team unloaded with a very different set-up this weekend and so far it's worked.
00:10:10He's fast in practice, fast in qualifying as he starts fifth tonight.
00:10:17This 43 baker curb team is a family affair, scott's father is his crew chief.
00:10:23The team's headquarters located about 20 miles from the race track, so they have put a lot of effort into tonight's race.
00:10:3133 mile track.
00:10:33It's 225 laps.
00:10:37This you see our pit window.
00:10:3865 To 70 laps.
00:10:41The corner banks are 14 degrees.
00:10:44The pace car is off.
00:10:48It's what we have been waiting for.
00:10:52The green flag preparing to be displayed.
00:10:58The drivers, two-wide.
00:10:58The flag waves and we're racing at nashville.
00:11:16>> Allgaier got the early jump.
00:11:19Trevor bayne slipped in second, brad coleman, third.
00:11:24>> Paul menard trying to work the high side.
00:11:26>> Good luck.
00:11:28>> We saw more passing on the outside back here in april than what we have seen in the past.
00:11:33I think it has a lot to do with the tire.
00:11:41>> I saw josh wise lose a lot of ground.
00:11:42>> Willie allen has to sit for a couple laps because of unapproved adjustments after qualifying, and he is still sitting on pit road.
00:11:51A lot of folks keeping an eye on allen because he's a nashville driver.
00:11:55There's lagasse having problems in the 43.
00:12:00>> That high groove is not going to be there right away.
00:12:03They have to work it up slowly.
00:12:06You're not going to just jump up and pass cars.
00:12:09>> Jason leffler running fourth with carl edwards taking a peek inside.
00:12:12There's leffler on the outside and edwards down low.
00:12:15>> See mike bliss there, too, trying to make it three wide, possibly.
00:12:19>> He looks aggressive early.
00:12:24>> Willie allen now rolling in the 05.
00:12:28We made note of the fact he had to sit for the first two laps.
00:12:31There's a battle for second with bayne and brad coleman poking underneath.
00:12:39>> Brad coleman is going to do a good job in this car tonight.
00:12:41He has a lot of talent.
00:12:43He hasn't been in a race car for quite a while, but when you get a car this good, all of that feel comes back quickly.
00:12:49>> How much advantage is it that he gets to work with jason ratcliff who he worked within 2007?
00:13:01We have a crash, coleman pressley among those involved.
00:13:02>> I think we got hit, left rear.
00:13:05>> Coleman pressley is going to be all right.
00:13:07He's got a little damage to it.
00:13:09>> Pressley in the 88.
00:13:11saw McDowell in the 81.
00:13:14McDOWELL, ONE OF THE FOUR Drivers doing double duty here this weekend.
00:13:20There is the 16 of ickler.
00:13:21Brian ickler.
00:13:26So ickler gets damage on lap five.
00:13:29Ricky stenhouse missed the show tonight.
00:13:32>> Spun out in qualifying.
00:13:34>> Yeah.
00:13:36>> 16 Way up underneath somebody to have damage that far back on the hood.
00:13:41>> Looks like where you have driven up under the rear end.
00:13:48Maybe coleman pressley.
00:13:49>> See the damage on the back of coleman pressley's car.
00:13:50See coleman up high.
00:13:51Just gets away from him.
00:13:52>> Josh wise just got underneath.
00:13:54>> The points leader goes by keselowski on the outside.
00:13:58>> The 16 car must have gotten UNDER THE 81 of McDowell.
00:14:04Trying to avoid this.
00:14:05YOU see McDowell running the high groove.
00:14:12the view of keselowski on his onboard.
00:14:17>> Think about when you win championships and things that happen.
00:14:22Those are things that you look back and say, man, we dodged a bullet.
00:14:25>> Brian keselowski, his brother, also dodged it from the .
00:14:35Brad coleman, second.
00:14:37Trevor bayne third here at Dear Mrs. Crandall: It's easy to get so busy, we can forget there are others who need our help...
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00:17:15>>> Welcome back to nascar nationwide series at nashville, presented by pennzoil.
00:17:21Beautiful night in lebanon, tennessee.
00:17:24And we're under caution here early for an incident involving coleman pressley and michael McDOWELL, ALSO BRIAN ICKLER.
00:17:34The caution gives the 73 car the aaron's lucky dog free pass, as the first driver one lap down.
00:17:40Now he's back on the lead lap.
00:17:42There's a look at derrike cope, number 73.
00:17:45A couple guys just missed having their nights ruined early, including brad keselowski, who dodged that.
00:17:58Nothing tears up your championship hopes like a wreck on the fifth lap of the race.
00:18:01>> A big loser in that wreck was brian ickler with the 16 car.
00:18:06Got a lot of damage to the front of it, and he's off the track right now.
00:18:10>> Driver and team need to get some laps under the belt, and unfortunately, not going to happen for them.
00:18:14>> We mentioned that willie allen went to the back.
00:18:18We should also mention that robert richardson had to go to the back because of a backup car, green because of an engine and mouon because of an engine and willie allen had unapproved adjustments on his car.
00:18:38Allgaier on the inside, coleman on the outside, and we're green.
00:18:47Trevor bayne gets in there for the second spot.
00:18:52Bayne has been strong all weekend long.
00:18:57He and crew chief jerry baxter have been a very good combination.
00:18:59They seem to practice well.
00:19:01They get solid spots in qualifying.
00:19:03And then the race comes and they don't have much luck.
00:19:05>> That's part of the learning curve for the driver.
00:19:07These guys are good.
00:19:09As far as jerry baxter and the crew, they know how to adjust the car, but he needs to be able to tell them what they need and what the car can do.
00:19:24You can only do that with experience.
00:19:25You can't do it without having the appearance.
00:19:27>> He's not positive what he needs, what it's going to take to run 300 miles and be competitive all night long.
00:19:29As soon as he figures that out, he's able to give them more information each and every week.
00:19:37>> Scramble for 15th place.
00:19:38Keller in the 35, annett in the 15 -- jason keller I should say and michael annett in the 15.
00:19:47Scott riggs, a former winner here, in the 21.
00:19:52RIGGS RUNNING 11th.
00:19:59This track really rubbered in nicely, guys.
00:20:02That's going to create a second lane how early in the race?
00:20:07>> We saw right there where scott riggs was able to take ADVANTAGE of DiBenedetto on the outside, so maybe it's going to get wide pretty quick.
00:20:13>> It will happen.
00:20:14It's going to take a little time.
00:20:16I think it's not a very good place to be when the air pressures are down like they were at the start of the race.
00:20:21Now they have built up some, you can get more out of your car.
00:20:25>> It's a nice opportunity for scott riggs and richard childress racing to have a guy like riggs in the car.
00:20:34Now you see carl edwards getting underneath jason leffler.
00:20:38That's for fifth.
00:20:39>> We talked about carl not coming back for practice yesterday, so these are his first laps in race-type conditions.
00:20:50He's on the move toward the front.
00:20:53>> Shannon spake?
00:20:55>> Erik darnell set up the car for edwards.
00:20:56He did it before in milwaukee.
00:20:57They went on to win that race.
00:20:58I spoke with carl before he climbed into the car.
00:21:02Asked him how it was, he said it was super loose.
00:21:04You see the battle for second as coleman goes to the inside of bayne.
00:21:07Back to edwards, it was super loose.
00:21:10This season as the race has progressed, the car has been tight so they wanted to go loose this time, hoping it would be the same.
00:21:18>> Coleman in second place as he passed bayne.
00:21:23You saw there, shannon made note of it, the of wimmer just behind bayne in fourth and edwards in fifth.
00:21:32Mike bliss in the 33 running for kevin harvick this weekend.
00:21:37The 33 of bliss in sixth.
00:21:40>> You can bet he's going to be strong.
00:21:43Jason leffler looks like he's struggling in the center of the corner.
00:21:46That could improve as things cool down.
00:21:47We have to see.
00:21:49Menard after him, didn't have many laps on his car before he got in today.
00:21:55>> Colin braun worked on paul menard's car last night in practice, getting a setup for him.
00:22:04>> Right behind him is the sorenson car, who finished second back here in april.
00:22:10Excited about hiss chance that he could win this race tonight.
00:22:14He didn't get a very good qualifying run.
00:22:17The car was extremely loose when he qualified.
00:22:20I felt like maybe that might pay off tonight when the sun comes down and the track cools off.
00:22:26That might really come around for the 32 team.
00:22:3015 Laps in, already in the top ten.
00:22:33He's got to know he's got a fast race car.
00:22:35>> Starting to string out in this single-file we anticipate we'll see more double-file racing as it progresses, but now as the sun is starting to set on this, how does it change the track?
00:22:47Change as much on the concrete surface as we see on asphalt?
00:22:53>> A lot of times you think it's going to get tighter, but scott wimmer feels like it's going to get looser because you'll gain grip with the front tires.
00:23:01>> Brad keselowski, the series points leader, started 24th today, and he's slowly making HIS WAY UP, CURRENTLY 19th.
00:23:17>> He's kind of taking his time.
00:23:18That's smart on his part.
00:23:18We heard brad say earlier this is a long race.
00:23:19It's 225 laps.
00:23:23He has plenty of time to get up there, he just needs to be careful at this part of the race.
00:23:28>> That's what brad keselowski is saying on the radio.
00:23:30He wants to take his time.
00:23:30He knows it's a long race and doesn't want to get aggressive.
00:23:34I spoke to the team about the qualifying effort, they said the car was really loose and while some team members were upset THEY QUALIFIED 24th, BRAD Keselowski was not.
00:23:44He walked in hauler and said think about the all of the cars I'm going to pass, as he does right now, as I make my way to the front.
00:23:51Is there something with that, dale?
00:23:52What do you think?
00:23:53>> Absolutely.
00:23:53He knows he has a good set-up for here, and these guys have been here in the hot times yesterday in the sun, and brad is flying around the country.
00:24:03He can loosen things up.
00:24:07He know he's in a good position.
00:24:08He's the points leader and that point leads groove, you 4 can see, carl edwards once again on the move to the front, taking over the four spot by wimmer.
00:24:17>> Maybe they found something, getting somebody to set the car up for carl.
00:24:21Working good tonight.
00:24:23>> Brad keselowski still making his way through.
00:24:27We mentioned he started 24th today.
00:24:30He won from 23rd at talladega in april.
00:24:36A different racetrack to come FROM THE 20s HERE THAN AT Talladega, but there's no doubt he's able do it.
00:24:44>> Carl looks awful good running out of the bottom and making masses up out of the corner.
00:24:49>> KESELOWSKI RUNNING 16th.
00:24:50But the man in the front has been unchallenged so far.
00:24:53That's justin allgaier.
00:24:54He leads at nashville.
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00:28:05>>> The nascar nationwide series at nashville.
00:28:08Our coverage presented by pennzoil.
00:28:16The 12 of justin allgaier, he's led all of the way.
00:28:19All 42 laps.
00:28:21More laps led today than he's led all season long.
00:28:25So started on the pole.
00:28:27Jumped out to the lead right away.
00:28:30Has nts been challeed.
00:28:31There is the second place car of carl edwards.
00:28:39The 99 of trevor bayne is running sixth.
00:28:4219 Years old.
00:28:44The boss watching from pocono where the sprint cup guys will run tomorrow and.
00:28:53>> Listen to this radio message.
00:28:55>> I got a text message of the former driver of 99 he said it always tightens up on entry when this night goes on, "it always does" in big letters.
00:29:06>> Getting help from afar.
00:29:11>> Any information you can get can be helpful.
00:29:14I think tires certainly factor in sometimes.
00:29:19>> As these racetracks change and the cars change.
00:29:22We'll have to see if that's the case for this 99 tonight.
00:29:27>> The 98 of paul menard and the 32 of reed sorenson, that's seventh and eighth.
00:29:36>> You bring a car like reed sorenson had first race, really fast, close to winning, you come to the next race, you try to stay on that that same setup because it's so good.
00:29:51You need to change it and you'll be reluctant because you were so good the last race.
00:29:56Be interesting to know how close they are to the setup from last race.
00:30:00>> I talked to yesterday with reed.
00:30:04He said, you come to these racetracks and do this, it just for some reason changes a lot.
00:30:09>> We've seen a hot summer here, hot part of may so far and now into june, so that's going to change the racetrack.
00:30:23Interesting to know what they had to change.
00:30:25But I think he's waiting for nighttime to get here.
00:30:27His car is going be good whenever the sun goes down.
00:30:28>> Reed sorenson completed the pass of menard for seventh.
00:30:31Back up front with justin allgaier.
00:30:33Listen in on his radio from earlier.
00:30:36>> We're good in.
00:30:37Loose in the middle, tight off.
00:30:39The front blower has been off for a while.
00:30:42That hasn't helped the exit at all.
00:30:46But helps the center.
00:30:47>> For more on those conditions, let's go to the craftsman tech garage.
00:30:52Tim brewer?
00:30:52>> >> aerodynamics is important on the noses of the cars.
00:30:55We don't even use brake ducts because we're trying to make all the downforce on the nose we can to make them turn.
00:31:02What we use is the fans underneath the back of the nose.
00:31:05We're conductingingflow to control the temperature in the tires.
00:31:10If I want to tighten the car up, I tell the driver, the right front over there, turn the fan off.
00:31:17The brake blower.
00:31:18Tighten the car up on entry, and you work the car by switches on the panel.
00:31:23The driver can control the fans on all four wheels throughout the event.
00:31:28>> Justin allgaier still in front.
00:31:31All 48 laps so far.
00:31:33We're about ten laps away from our first pit stops.
00:31:40It's the federated auto parts 300 at the nashville en you get moving an hour a ..
00:33:22You'll have the energy to skate through anything.
00:33:24Get up and play an hour a day, doc.
00:33:26Check out how to be a playerat
00:34:20>>> Justin allgaier has led entire way, but carl edwards is creeping closer.
00:34:25It's under a half second now between the leader and the second place car of carl edwards.
00:34:34>> Carl edwards is going to try to get the lead before they make the green flag stops coming up?
00:34:41>> Absolutely.
00:34:42He wants to get there and let the man know.
00:34:43>> The stops are coming up.
00:34:44You have a lot of young guys that are probably making green-flag pit stops without a lot of experience.
00:34:46This is one of the tougher tracks to get off of.
00:34:49It would be an opportunity for a mistake.
00:34:54>> A tough pit road entrance because you're right on the bottom of the racetrack.
00:34:59You want to wave the guys off behind you, you don't want to give up too much time but you don't want to be too aggressive with it.
00:35:02You don't want to ruin a promising night by speeding on pit road.
00:35:07>> Allgaier trying to work his way through the traffic.
00:35:11Edwards getting around the outside of morgan shepard.
00:35:19Allgaier has led all 57 laps.
00:35:21We had one yellow, a caution early.
00:35:22Went for four laps.
00:35:23INVOLVED michael McDowell, coleman pressley, brian ickler.
00:35:29>> Just how impressive this is to me that carl edwards can come hire and get the job done in this car.
00:35:35I know they have a good race team, but it says a lot about his driving ability, too.
00:35:40>> If they win this race, he'll have to take darnell out for a steak dinner.
00:35:42>> At least.
00:35:45There he goes.
00:35:46>> Edwards got a good run off the corner.
00:35:49Now down the backstretch.
00:35:52We have a car in the grass and edwards makes the pass on allgaier.
00:35:57>> Late entry.
00:35:57>> We have a new leader.
00:35:58It's edwards.
00:35:59Allgaier heads for pit lane.
00:36:04>> Saw a little smoke from michael annett.
00:36:06He missed pit road, had to go through the grass.
00:36:08>> So justin allgaier dipping into the pits on lap 59 for his first stop of the night.
00:36:18Shannon spake is in allgaier's pit.
00:36:20>> Well, vince, the car started out loose.
00:36:23It's now gone to the other side for allgaier.
00:36:25They were not going to make changes initially.
00:36:27Now they're going to go with a shoot air pressure adjustment and four tires for your polesitter who will turn 24 tomorrow.
00:36:38They said, make sure you hit your spots in the pit box, which is a place he's struggled in.
00:36:42Just trying to get it done as he has that number one stall.
00:36:47Justin allgaier is up and away.
00:36:50>> And leffler in the 38, moving up.
00:36:51He fell back early, but his car has been awesome.
00:36:55He came on the radio and said the voltage is going up and down.
00:36:59That's something to keep an eye on.
00:37:00An air pressure adjustment, four tires and sunoco fuel for the 38.
00:37:11>> There is the stop, the 10 of tailtayler malsam.
00:37:22And a flag is waving.
00:37:23>> YOU saw McDowell has damage to the right front.
00:37:27Tire flat, throwing all kinds of -- >> tearing everything up.
00:37:29What do you think?
00:37:29>> Just stop.
00:37:30Just stop.
00:37:32Just tearing everything up.
00:37:34>> Just stop.
00:37:35Just stop.
00:37:38Bring a set of tires.
00:37:39Come on, guys.
00:37:42>> He rubbed the right front green flag stops will have to battle back.
00:37:54They'll take the wave around and get back on the lead lap but they lost a lot of track position.
00:37:59>> The track position is gone now.
00:38:01>> Track position here is pretty important.
00:38:04>> Of utmost importance.
00:38:05Clean air, over a mile and a third race track, and you go pretty fast.
00:38:08Anytime you're back in there, you not only take the chance of being involved in something, but you don't have the air on the nose of your car.
00:38:14>> Debris everywhere after the right front tore up the front of THE 81 CAR OF michael McDowell.
00:38:25>> Right there, the right front let go.
00:38:28Man, you see all kinds of damage now from that.
00:38:33Take a look at it from the perspective of carl edwards.
00:38:38There's the 81 right in front of him.
00:38:41>> Just a little right front.
00:38:43The yellow is out, yellow is out.
00:38:46>> michael McDowell will start 32nd in the sprint cup race tomorrow in pocono.
00:38:53A tough night for him tonight in nashville.
00:38:56He was involved in the early contact with pressley and ickler.
00:39:01>> 15 Cars on the lead lap right now.
00:39:03They're coming down pit road, the leaders are.
00:39:08We'll see how it shakes up.
00:39:09>> Here come the leaders.
00:39:10Carl edwards is heading to pit lane.
00:39:11He's bringing a crowd.
00:39:12Let's go to jerry punch.
00:39:16>> You see the top of the screen, reed sorenson, brad coleman, carl edwards.
00:39:19Sorenson said it needs more side bite and grip.
00:39:23Going to make an air pressure adjustment and track bar adjustment in his toyota.
00:39:26Left side tires going on.
00:39:29>> And brad coleman's car started going away about the last 15 laps.
00:39:33He said he's getting so tight behind traffic.
00:39:36Four tires, no adjustments, and fill it up.
00:39:39>> Three time winner carl edwards said the car is free, especially into turn one.
00:39:43They're going to go two rounds down on the track bar and four tires for carl edwards.
00:39:52>> Here is the position changes on our nationwide series insurance race off pit road.
00:40:01>> Mike bliss lost one spot.
00:40:01He choked it coming out.
00:40:02>> Reed sorenson opens up two spots.
00:40:03Wimmer lost three.
00:40:07Always important on the pit stops because the track position, so valuable on the track, you hate to lose spots in the pits.
00:40:18Here is john reese wearing our crew cam in the 27 pit.
00:40:21>> That's right.
00:40:22Here we go.
00:40:26Back at it live.
00:40:28In nashville, baby.
00:40:30Come on, there you go.
00:40:33Coming around the left side.
00:40:37Come on, come on, come on.
00:40:38File on, file on.
00:40:40Go, go, go, go!
00:40:51>> The wave around rule is going to put the thee guys who had pitted who were among the leaders and pitted under green just before the caution came out, back around the tail end of this group.
00:41:01You'll have jason leffler in 17th in the 38.
00:41:05JUSTIN ALLGAIER, 18th IN THE 12 AND BRIAN SCOTT, 19th IN THE 11 Car, all did not pit under the ow and they're on the lead lap.
00:41:16We talk lost track position.
00:41:21Allgaier went from leading to 18th.
00:41:22>> Might be a while before he gets that back.
00:41:23He'll have to be careful.
00:41:26>> Carl edwards on the inside.
00:41:29Reed sorenson on the outside on the restart.
00:41:36Edwards takes the lead.
00:41:39Into one, through one, over to two.
00:41:42>> Look at the run paul menard got on the outside there.
00:41:45>> He's looking for more.
00:41:47>> He's trying to go to the inside of reed sorenson for second.
00:41:51>> Menard's car has been working dwael well today.
00:41:59Colin braun set it up in practice yesterday while paul was in pocono.
00:42:04Always on the restart, there's a stack-them-up behind the leaders, and starting to fan out a little bit now.
00:42:10Two wide in a couple different locations.
00:42:12>> And the first opportunity the guys have to work on the cars, see if they can improve them.
00:42:17Look at this, first and second are two guys who didn't practice their cars, didn't practice at all, had other drivers in there.
00:42:23Maybe they found something.
00:42:28>> What are you saying?
00:42:29>> Maybe this is the way they ought to do it.
00:42:31>> Teamwork.
00:42:31>> We have seen carl do it before.
00:42:34>> Brad keselowski in fifth, being pressed by mike bliss.
00:42:44Remember, keselowski started 24th today.
00:42:48Expected better of him in qualifying, but he didn't really have a good carb in qualifying.
00:42:54Was a little too loose.
00:42:55Now steven wallace, the five-hour energy toyota, getting inside of his teammate, the 62, brendan gaughan.
00:43:01Gaughan up the track a little bit.
00:43:04>> Maybe just a little too much.
00:43:09>> Steven worked his way into the top ten from the 34 starting spot.
00:43:11Nice effort.
00:43:12>> Up 24 spots for steven wallace.
00:43:19>> This team of rusty wallace needs a good run tonight with steven running tenth.
00:43:28>> This is exactly what you want as a car owner.
00:43:29Most of your cars running together.
00:43:31You want them a little farther forward.
00:43:33I'm sure rusty is happy to have steven in the top ten, but if he can get them in the top ten, top five, brendan is working on the car.
00:43:44He's working the outside line.
00:43:46I've seen him early in the race doing that, he's actually making it work decent.
00:43:49>> Shannon, more on steven wallace in the 66?
00:43:51>> Steven is having a great points year.
00:43:52He's currently 12th in the points.
00:43:55HE STARTED THE RACE 34th, BUT HE Was third in happy hour, so they had a fast race car.
00:44:00It's been free on the race car for the 66 under steven wallace.
00:44:03They made an air pressure adjustment and a track bar adjustment on that pit stop to try to snug him up a little bit.
00:44:12>> There is keselowski on the inside of coleman on the left side of your screen.
00:44:18Shannon mentioned that steven WALLACE, 12th IN POINTS.
00:44:20About where he was last year.
00:44:22Now that they have the toyota power, it's a significant transition when you're switching manufacturers, too?
00:44:30>> It takes a little time to get everything right.
00:44:34They have probably been a little slower out of the box than what they were hoping to be, but i think we're seeing improvement with the race team.
00:44:43>> Justin allgaier working his way through the pack.
00:44:45That's josh wise in the 7 on the outside.
00:44:48>> He's going to have to show the patience his teammate keselowski showed in the first run.
00:44:58You have plenty of time still.
00:44:59We're not even 75 laps into the race.
00:45:06Keselowski is up to the fourth spot.
00:45:08>> Allgaier led the majority of the laps early, in fact until the caution.
00:45:16He got caught out.
00:45:16SENT HIM BACK TO 18th.
00:45:17Michael annett just behind justin allgaier.
00:45:19Annett was running 15th and then he missed pit road trying to get in to make his stop.
00:45:25So he lost, as you see, about 14 positions.
00:45:28>> He's two laps down right now, as they show on the board.
00:45:32That was very costly.
00:45:33Huge mistake on his part there.
00:45:37It's kind of a double effect boss the caution came out, then after he made it to pit road, they caught him down another lap.
00:45:45>> Mike bliss running sixth.
00:45:48Big challenge by trevor bayne.
00:45:49There's the 27 of wimmer.
00:45:54Ooh, bliss gets loose, and bayne is going go under him and wimmer is going to try to go with him.
00:46:01>> They tend to get loose with if you're already on that loose side, trevor bayne was doing a nice job, got him a little too loose, took a spot away.
00:46:13>> Brenden gaughan on the outside.
00:46:16matt DiBenedetto on the inside.
00:46:19DiBENEDETTO HAS NOT RACED SINCE The all-star race.
00:46:23He was look forward to getting back in a car.
00:46:30Having not raced in that length of time, and then to be race --this is significant.
00:46:44It's a challenge.
00:46:45>> That's a challenge, but this is a young man that a lot of people have high hopes for where.
00:46:48>> Absolutely.
00:46:48And he's been waiting a long time for this opportunity.
00:46:49He's been waiting and calling joey logano, one of his closest friends, and he said wearing him out with questions.
00:46:52I'm sure joey is watching, rooting for his buddy matt DiBenedetto.
00:46:56If you see the car, muscle milk.
00:47:01They're the title sponsor for the gibbs motocross time, run by floyd gibbs, the son of joe gibbs.
00:47:06They're having a great time.
00:47:07>> Solid run so far for DiBENEDETTO.
00:47:10He's in the 12 spot.
00:47:13Four drivers go behind the wall.
00:47:17, chase miller, morgan shepherd, all behind the wall.
00:47:23Nascar nationwide series racing at nashville presented by pennzoil.
00:47:28Carl edwards, the leader.
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00:49:11The track.
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00:49:59>>> Bad news for the 38 of jason leffler.
00:50:02A big puff of smoke out the back end of the great clips toyota.
00:50:06He was running 15th at the time.
00:50:11>> You see the smoke trailing the back of the car.
00:50:14You're thinking well, there's probably no chance.
00:50:16There's probably a loose oil line.
00:50:21It's probably an engine problem.
00:50:25>> You're doing fine.
00:50:27Hang in there.
00:50:28We'll catch our break.
00:50:33>> Annett realizes the 38 has a problem.
00:50:35>> It looks like it's running fine.
00:50:39The 38 pulling off the corner.
00:50:40Maybe they do have a loose oil line or more than likely, probably an oil pan or something.
00:50:44>> We have oil pressure.
00:50:47The oil temp is hot, the motor seems to be a little flat.
00:50:53>> All right, now is the decision you have to make.
00:50:54Do you come on in to pit road?
00:50:55>> Well, they haven't run many laps.
00:50:57I think you'll see some of the cars in the back come in.
00:51:00Could be a chance to try two tires here.
00:51:02>> Absolutely.
00:51:03If they make a pit stop, you'll see a lot of two tires.
00:51:05Maybe a gas and go.
00:51:14Looks like carl edwards is going to bring them down.
00:51:15>> They last pitted on lap 63.
00:51:16We're going to start with jerry punch.
00:51:18>> They pitted 19 laps ago, but for reed sorenson, he said it's not getting better, so they're going to make a wedge adjustment and a tire change.
00:51:27>> After the first stop, the 18 of brad coleman, he said the car is turning so much better, the track is cooling down.
00:51:37That's helping him.
00:51:38Four tires, fill it up.
00:51:41>> Paul menard said free me up.
00:51:44He's going to come in, it's going to be a two-tire stop for the 98.
00:51:47Carl edwards is also on pit road.
00:51:49Said the run is much better now this time.
00:51:53Took a wedge adjustment.
00:51:55Two tires for edwards as well.
00:51:56>> Take a look at the race off pit road.
00:51:58Justin allgaier, no tires, picked up eight spots.
00:52:02A big gamble.
00:52:04Reed sorenson lost six positions.
00:52:06We're racing in nashville.
00:52:07Carl edwards in the lead.
00:55:20>> Our coverage presented by pennzoil.
00:55:22A hook at the top ten.
00:55:23>> Carl edwards has been out front, been strong.
00:55:28Justin allgaier, got caught on pit road.
00:55:30Worked his way back up to third.
00:55:32He's trong strong.
00:55:33How about paul menard and my man steve wallace, that 66 is on a roll.
00:55:37>> And the rest of the top ten are sorenson, bliss, coleman, bayne and gaughan.
00:55:42The 11 on down group has been having a good skivic, wimmer it took it from riggs, the yellow.
00:55:53Scott lagasse.
00:55:54>> He had a good race car today.
00:55:56Thought they were going to have a good evening.
00:55:58He had a lot of confidence coming into this race.
00:56:01Looks like he's done for the evening.
00:56:02That's too bad.
00:56:04He was really fast.
00:56:05>> Damage on michael annett's car, whether that was aause or result.
00:56:10>> Michael has been struggling, trying to get back on the lead lap.
00:56:14I think he was one lap down, we'll take a look and see what happens to these guys.
00:56:25Good to see he's okay but not the wayetow of not only his team but sponsor curb records.
00:56:35>> Racing, racing here.
00:56:39Catching him in the right here.
00:56:40Into the wall.
00:56:45>> Man.
00:56:47>> He's getting his.
00:56:48>> Coming around the corner.
00:56:52Scott below michael annett.
00:56:53I see.
00:56:55Scott thought he'd cleared him.
00:56:56Was going to tapot, michael getting to the throttle, didn't gim him any room.
00:57:02>> Not good.
00:57:03Caution out for theme in this race.
00:57:06Lagasse out of car and okay.
00:57:08But he's got that look about him, brad.
00:57:10>> He's pretty perturbed.
00:57:12He should be.
00:57:13Had a good race car.
00:57:15Looked for a good finish tonight and his night is over.
00:57:1712K3w4r so, now the question becomes will the leaders come down pit road?
00:57:25They were all in at lap 85.
00:57:26Just over 20 laps later, the answer is yes.
00:57:31>> Yes, bing, bing, bing, bing.
00:57:33>> All right, doc.
00:57:33>> Feeding time at the zoo.
00:57:34They follow carl edwards down pit road, and none of the guys are in their fuel window.
00:57:37They have to get to lap 158.
00:57:40What is going to happen, many are going to get fuel only.
00:57:41That's the happening at reed sorenson's pit.
00:57:47>> Keselowski in the number 22 car says free me up just a little bit.
00:57:56They're going to make a track bar adjustment.
00:57:57>> Carl edwards is going make a track bar adjustment to his 60 car, as well.
00:58:03>> That becomes interesting.
00:58:04The guys who took four tires before, going with the fuel, and the leaders are going to be shuffled back.
00:58:11>> They saw what allgaier did last time, no tires and fuel, picked up eight spots.
00:58:18They're going to take that opportunity and take that chance.
00:58:20>> Carl edwards goes from leading to seventh place as we approach halfway in tonight's nascar nationwide series race.
00:58:25Read sorenson going to be the leader when we go back to GREEN IN A MINUTE OR TWO.[ bear roaring ] [ Male Announcer ] 600 POUNDS OF SALMON BREATH.
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01:01:06>> Our five-hour energy rapid recap.
01:01:09The day for carl edwards started off in pocono, pennsylvania.
01:01:12Then the 838 mile trip to nashville.
01:01:17Where he qualified okay.
01:01:22>> Not bad.
01:01:23>> Meanwhile, justin allgaier dominated the opening portion of this race after winning the pole in qualifying.
01:01:28>> Blistering fast.
01:01:29Set the car on the pole, led a bunch of laps.
01:01:30He wants to win the race.
01:01:31Really trying to take advantage of the cup like weekend in nashville.
01:01:36>> Long green flag.
01:01:37Carl edwards used that to chip away, chip away, and got the lead from allgaier as he slowed to go to pit road.
01:01:46That would not work in allgaier's favor because in a couple of laps later, the caution comes out.
01:01:52>> McDOWELL, A BLOWN RIGHT TIRE, Into the fence.
01:01:57Allgaier will get caught on pit road.
01:01:58That's going to cost allgaier a ton of positions, but he picks it up later.
01:02:04They took a wave around, pit strategy got them to the front but then on the most recent caution, edwards and allgaier and keselowski and the other guy whose had been the leaders went for four tires and a bunch of other guys went for fuel only or just two tires.
01:02:18Going to be carl edwards back in seventne for this restart with keselowski eighth and allgaier tenth.
01:02:28>> Those guys learned that from allgaier.
01:02:32When he got caught on pit road, he came in, took fuel only, no tires, picked up about eight spots.
01:02:37This pit the guys used that same strategy.
01:02:39>> You have to look at where edwards and keselowski are running.
01:02:41Reed sorenson is the leader, trevor bayne is to the outside of him.
01:02:46They got no tires just fuel only.
01:02:48Coleman and wimmer in there as and andy, this should be interesting.
01:02:57Green flag is out, and it waves.
01:02:59Sorenson and bayne up front.
01:03:04Reed takes advantage.
01:03:09Stacked up in the back.
01:03:09>> Here we go.
01:03:10Here we go.
01:03:11Three wide.
01:03:13I was wondering how gaughan was going to restart on the inside and work to the outside.
01:03:19>> He did it.
01:03:20>> This's your answer.
01:03:21>> He's determined to make it around the outside tonight.
01:03:22>> And it works right there.
01:03:23>> It's working good for him.
01:03:24>> Up to third now.
01:03:27>> Here comes allgaier starting to work his way on the outside, taking a look at coleman with keselowski right beside him.
01:03:35>> Edwards got shuffled a bit there.
01:03:41I still like the strategy that edwards and keselowski have got here because now they can do the two-tire strategy later in the race when they need that track position, and have better tires.
01:03:51And the cars that just did it, if they try it again, they won't have as good a tire.
01:03:55>> Because of the last two cautions, we had a lot of wave-arounds in both of them.
01:04:01Now have 27 cars on the lead lap.
01:04:02Most of the cars we're showing are on the lead lap.
01:04:07>> DiBENEDETTO ON THE RIGHT SIDE Of your screen.
01:04:22The halfway point just passed with reed sorenson, the leader.
01:04:23Sorenson, a fourth different leader tonight.
01:04:24Allgaier led 58 laps.
01:04:27Carl edwards led 50.
01:04:30Kenny wallace led a couple.
01:04:34>> How much do new tires matter?
01:04:35>> Doesn't seem to be much at all.
01:04:38I wanted to put a good set on here so we could be okay.
01:04:43>> I hear you, I hear you.
01:04:44>> We make it on one stop?
01:04:45>> Yeah.
01:04:48About 150 is our cut-off there.
01:04:50>> Can everybody else make it on one stop?
01:04:52>> Yes, they can now.
01:04:53We're close enough to where they can.
01:04:56>> That's what you try to do, plan ahead for the stops and use that strategy when it will help you the most.
01:05:01That's going to be the next pit stop.
01:05:06I like the situation they're in strategywise.
01:05:10I don't like where they are track positionwise right now.
01:05:13>> Here comes brendan gaughan again, working the outside of wimmer.
01:05:15What a great run for gaughan tonight, and his teammate, steven wallace, has been very good as well.
01:05:20Wallace came up from the 34th spot, ran as high as fifth.
01:05:25>> Here comes brad keselowski, taking the spot away from coleman who is back in the top five.
01:05:31You were talking about the crew chiefs.
01:05:36You're working from lap 225 backwards and thinking about all this, right?
01:05:39>> You're not thinking about what you're doing at the moment.
01:05:44You're thinking how it's going to impact the last stocht race and the situation you want to be in.
01:05:50>> Steven wallace getting 12th from riggs.
01:05:51We have a crash.
01:05:52There's wimmer.
01:05:52>> That's not what they need.
01:05:54>> Got the wall, got the wall.
01:05:57>> A couple near-misses going by scott wimmer.
01:06:01>> I wasn't watching that.
01:06:01We'll see on the replay, I have a feeling he was on the inside and got loose in the inside, maybe into the 62 car.
01:06:07>> That's a heartbreaker.
01:06:08He was running fourth.
01:06:11>> This is both of the baker curb cars now in crashes at their home track.
01:06:15That's not what they were needing or looking for tonight.
01:06:19>> Scott lagasse got a little help.
01:06:21We see what happened to wimmer.
01:06:23>> Got loose.
01:06:26He was on the inside of the race track but just got free.
01:06:28>> Keselowski got underneath him.
01:06:29That's the second time brad has been close to incidents on the track.
01:06:34>> Scott riggs barely missed that 27 of wimmer.
01:06:39>> Take a look at it from this perspective.
01:06:44>> Just as he went back to the throttle there.
01:06:47>> 22 Is at your bumper.
01:06:49>> Probably had a lot to do with bringing it up.
01:06:53Talking about the 22 that was at his bumper.
01:06:55Just takes downforce off the back of the car.
01:06:58If you have any looseness to your car at all, it seems to really magnify that.
01:07:04Obvious body damage there on the 27 of wimmer, but at least they got it rolling again.
01:07:14Take a look at the onboard.
01:07:19We're noting that brad keselowski was behind scott wimmer as they were coming through the corner.
01:07:21Let's take a look at it from keselowski's perspective.
01:07:24>> He's got a good look at a few incidents tonight.
01:07:31We're with you.
01:07:32>> Caution is out.
01:07:33Caution is out.
01:07:34We're fine over there.
01:07:40>> Tough break for scott wimmer, as mentioned, he was running fourth before that contact.
01:07:46The leader is reed sorenson.
01:07:48He's leading for the first time this season.
01:10:28>>> Welcome back to nashville superspeedway.
01:10:31A caution ago, scott lagasse spun from behind.
01:10:33We're looking at the replay.
01:10:37You have been checked and released from the medical center.
01:10:41What happened?
01:10:42>> Pretty ridiculous, obviously.
01:10:42But you know, more important, I'm proud of the guys.
01:10:44A lot of uncertainty for us and where the future is going to be.
01:10:46It's a great race team, and the guys stepped up this week.
01:10:51We had a really good race car.
01:10:53Maybe got a little carried away to start the race.
01:10:58A lap car, you should expect a little more than that from them.
01:11:00>> Disappointing night.
01:11:03For a man who calls nashville home now.
01:11:05>> Scott lagasse jr.
01:11:06That was the 15 of michael annett who got into the back of lagasse.
01:11:12He's referring to that.
01:11:14A heartbreaking night for the baker curb team with that contact involving lagasse and then the 27 of scott wimmer.
01:11:21How about willie allen?
01:11:24The nashville kid started the race two laps down when they had the penalty for the unapproved adjustments after qualifying.
01:11:31They sat him in the pits for two happens and he's back on the lead lap.
01:11:37He got them both back.
01:11:38>> Here we go green.
01:11:39>> Sorenson on the inside and trevor bayne on the outside.
01:11:41Sorenson leading laps for the first time this season.
01:11:45>> Really had them stacked up there.
01:11:49There's gaughan going around the outside again.
01:11:52>> He started on the inside and found a hole to get in the outside lane.
01:11:55Got a run for second.
01:11:58>> What a run for brendan gal.
01:12:08Gaughan takes second from trevor bayne.
01:12:10>> Look at that on the outside.
01:12:11>> Keselowski coming to inside of bayne for the third spot now.
01:12:16>> Justin allgaier right behind his teammate, keselowski.
01:12:19There's the onboard of allgaier.
01:12:22Allgaier started on the pole.
01:12:23Led 58 laps.
01:12:27Carl edwards took over and led 50.
01:12:30Kenny wallace led a couple under yellow, and reed sorenson has led the last 13.
01:12:34>> They were just three wide coming off turn two.
01:12:37>> Looking like the 33 car of bliss may haed the wall.
01:12:40One of the cars did.
01:12:42They had coleman in the middle, edwards on inside.
01:12:45They made it work.
01:12:48>> The view from carl edwards.
01:12:49He's in seventh.
01:12:49Bliss in sixth.
01:12:53>> You can see sparks coming out of bliss' car.
01:13:02>> KEVIN and DeLana harvick got out of bliss exactly what they wanted when they put the veteran driver in there.
01:13:07Running in the top 15 all night long.
01:13:10Long way to go yet but a strong effort by bliss.
01:13:12>> Brad keselowski takes over the second spot from gaughan.
01:13:13Has his sights set on sorenson.
01:13:17You're exactly right, that's what they wanted, a veteran driver for harvick's racing team to give them points and a chance to possibly win the race.
01:13:24>> See how long it takes keselowski to get on the bumper of sorenson.
01:13:27Not long at all.
01:13:28>> He's there.
01:13:29>> Good run off the corner.
01:13:32>> He's been waiting patiently.
01:13:33Even when he was following edwards, just waiting to make his move, get to the front where he needed to be.
01:13:41>> Right around 100 laps to go, but here he is in the lead.
01:13:43>> Keselowski makes the move in turn four.
01:13:46Gaughan comes with him.
01:13:48Sorenson, contact.
01:13:51>> That's smart on bayne's part.
01:13:53May be damage on the 12's car.
01:13:56On the right front.
01:13:57Looked like he did touch trevor bayne's left rear.
01:14:00>> Allgaier squeezed it in there.
01:14:02>> When you have a fast race car, you think you can do a lot of things with it.
01:14:06We saw justin allgaier do that.
01:14:09Here comes edwards to the inside.
01:14:14>> There's trevor bayne.
01:14:15>> There was contact on the right front tire by allgaier.
01:14:17>> That's a shame.
01:14:21Trevor bayne, the 19-year-old, we talked earlier about how they seem to run well in practice.
01:14:29Qualify well, but in the race, something seems to happen, go wrong.
01:14:33He was running fifth tonight.
01:14:36The light contact with allgaier cuts a tire.
01:14:38>> A little aggressiveness on allgaier's part.
01:14:39He stuffed it in there.
01:14:42On the straightaway on him, kind of surprised bayne.
01:14:46I really don't know -- you can see the tire is down.
01:14:48Now he's just going to go for a ride as soon as he turns into the corner.
01:14:52>> Steven wallace.
01:14:54>> Yeah, nice job of missing it.
01:14:58Glad we have the s.a.f.e.r.
01:15:00Barriers to lessen the blow, especially on that left-side impact.
01:15:07>> That's a shame because trevor bayne was doing a nice job tonight keeping the car well up in the top ten most of the night.
01:15:12Here is the contact that created the flat tire.
01:15:19Ooh, see, allgaier surprised bayne right there.
01:15:22>> Clear, clear, good work.
01:15:22>> Looked like trevor bayne was trying to work on the inside of sorenson.
01:15:29>> Bayne looks like he's got pain in the ankle.
01:15:30>> That was a good lick he took.
01:15:32>> Second dnf for an accident for bayne.
01:15:36He was 12th here in nashville in april.
01:15:40>> I think he's a little ticked off, too, right now.
01:15:44>> I would say the look on his face is indicative of that.
01:15:48>> I recognize that.
01:15:50>> Yeah, I think I have seen that before, too.
01:15:51I can identify.
01:15:53>> Nobody ever got angry at you, though, did they?
01:15:55>> They did, and I got angry at people just like that, too.
01:15:59That's how I'm pretty familiar with what he's looking at right now.
01:16:04>> Trevor bayne was running fifth at the time.
01:16:10Richardson will be the aaron's lucky dog.
01:16:15>> They're going to have to wait a while.
01:16:16They're just now coming down the backstretch.
01:16:22>> What's going through his mind right now waiting on the cars to come back around?
01:16:28>> Wish you could jump in with the driver who created that.
01:16:30These are situations this young man is going to have to go through.
01:16:33A lot of growing pains coming up through this series.
01:16:37He's got a tremendous amount of talent with a good team.
01:16:41He's just wanting to know why right there.
01:16:48>> Not a good finish for the hometowner.
01:16:52Trevor bayne had a good run going.
01:16:55He was fifth before this.
01:17:01Bayne into the wall, but brad keselowski is in front.
01:17:05HE LEADS AT NASHVILLE. [ Male Announcer ] We're for weekend projects that start out ..
01:17:44But end up being seen by just about everybody.
01:17:49And stick with it when things don't go as expected.
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01:17:58And guys who can use 'em all.
01:18:00[ Whirring, engine revving ] we're for joey logano.
01:18:04And that #20 team.
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01:19:15Your homecoming queen is...
01:19:17Becca Winegar!
01:19:19[Cheering and applause] >> Make sure the 99 knows I got a run and put it there.
01:20:28>> Concentrating on moving forward, focus forward?
01:20:31>> You don't want to mess with that.
01:20:33You just want to get your driver, chad walter trying to get the driver focused on winning the race and then he can worry about that.
01:20:43I would worry about the right front fender of the 12 car because he did make that contact.
01:20:47He doesn't want to have a problem.
01:20:50>> Verizon wireless customers text champion to 43776 for exclusive champion chats, content from the nascar now roundtable experts.
01:21:05The verizon car of justin allgaier looked good tonight.
01:21:07He started from the pole.
01:21:08He led a race-high 58 laps.
01:21:12And tell you what, there have been a lot of drivers having good runs tonight.
01:21:17The 88 of coleman pressley had a spin early.
01:21:20Avoided major contact, maybe he wrinkled it up just a hair, and boom, here he is again.
01:21:25>> Doing a great job, up to the 11th spot.
01:21:29Nice to see that young man thin to get hiback on the lead lap.
01:21:35>> Pace car is off.
01:21:36Ready for the restart.
01:21:39Keselowski getting help from his teammate, and gaughan on the outside.
01:21:47>> The dodges are long legged on the restarts.
01:21:51>> They got some steam under the hood.
01:21:52>> Might have been a little higher than he wanted to be there.
01:21:54>> He's been working the outside, but I don't know if he was working it or riding it there.
01:22:01>> Contact now.
01:22:03>> Steven wallace, and it looked like coleman.
01:22:09>> Brad coleman, the right front, and the left rear of steven wallace.
01:22:14Back up toward the front, keselowski in the lead, and allgaier second.
01:22:23Well, we saw trevor bayne very frustrated expression.
01:22:29Let's hear from him.
01:22:30>> Back at the medical center, he's been checked and released, allgaier wanted you to know he had a good run going.
01:22:34What do you think he should have done?
01:22:40>> It probably shows it.
01:22:41You can check it out.
01:22:42It stinks for the team.
01:22:43This has been the story of our lives the last few weeks.
01:22:44Strong race cars, running second.
01:22:45Get a messed up restart, started fourth, they bottled up on the turn three and four and we got under them and then justin decided he wanted to go for another position.
01:22:58It's too early for that racing.
01:22:59He's a great kid, a great race car driver, but that wasn't the smartest move I have ever seen.
01:23:01It stinks for us because they're still in there racing and we're here in the pits.
01:23:05I hate it for our sponsors, and everybody.
01:23:07We'll get them.
01:23:09We're going have a strong run after a while.
01:23:11>> He sure did have a fast race car.
01:23:13Top three all weekend.
01:23:15>> Carl edwards going inside on a three-wide road with sorenson and gaughan.
01:23:20Edwards has been strong tonight as well.
01:23:23He moves up to third.
01:23:24>> That was a power move right there.
01:23:26Reed sorenson was struggling trying to get by gaughan, and carl hasn't cleared him yet.
01:23:31Looks like gaughan is going to try to pass carl.
01:23:37>> Brendan really gets a run.
01:23:40Once he's able to get back to the throttle.
01:23:41He's running farther around the race track, but really making it work.
01:23:43Carl finally takes the spot away.
01:23:45>> It's been a good run for gaughan.
01:23:47He's the only one in the top six still seeking the first nationwide series win.
01:23:52Maybe it comes tonight in a place where we have had six different winners in the last six races here.
01:24:01Let's hear the radio from the 62 car of brendan gaughan.
01:24:04>> Making it work a little bit.
01:24:07Where are at?
01:24:08How you running?
01:24:09>> I'm right there.
01:24:10>> Get up here and let's play, brother.
01:24:17>> Happiest I have been all year right there.
01:24:21>> That's what's happening right now with the rusty wallace cars.
01:24:23I mentioned that rusty had taken the teams out to pike's peak to test, and it wasn't just the set-up that made a difference.
01:24:32Brad parrott told me this gaughan and wallace, they're seeing new chemistry.
01:24:40Rusty did a lot for the entire team chemistry, making the guys believe it was bad luck.
01:24:42If they put their noses down and worked hard, results would and and it would start in nashville.
01:24:48He's made believers of these guys.
01:24:49He has both cars running in the top eight.
01:24:52>> Gaughan's best career finish of second came in that rain-shortened race in charlotte last may.
01:24:58He's been a winner before.
01:25:00Gone to victory lane eight times in the truck series.
01:25:05Still seeking the first nationwide series win.
01:25:08No doubt about it he's got a great car here tonight and so does his teammate, steven wallace.
01:25:12Rusty has to be happy watching tonight.
01:25:15>> Rusty spends a lot of money on the teams.
01:25:20You hook at these cars in the garage area, there's not a nicer set of race cars on the racetrack than these two and it's showing tonight.
01:25:27They deserve good results and they're getting one tonight.
01:25:29>> What is so great, how many owners out there, how many teams have an owner who can get in the cars and pump the guys up and get them to run better all in one?
01:25:38It's great that rusty takes the time and the effort.
01:25:41That's how much it means to him.
01:25:47>> Sorenson pressuring gaughan.
01:25:49That's for the fourth spot.
01:25:53Reed sorenson led 15 laps earlier tonight.
01:25:58, you thought he was going to be one and still may be before the night is out, one to beat.
01:26:02>> We have over 80 laps to go, he may get there, but he's just not showing that he has the car here tonight.
01:26:09And these are a little different conditions than what we had the first time.
01:26:11Maybe they need to make one more adjustment, but they're going to have to make adjustments if they're going to catch the two dodges up front.
01:26:20>> They're battling for fourth.
01:26:23But up in the front, it's brad keselowski, justin allgaier and carl edwards.
01:26:28One, two, three here at nashville.
01:26:3583 Laps to go.
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01:27:37Castrol edge.
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01:29:17>> Keselowski and edwards have been up front through much of the race after justin allgaier led the first 58.
01:29:27Hook at menard trying to get inside of brad keselowski.
01:29:33>> Keselowski getting pressure from his teammate justin allgaier now.
01:29:38>> From both sides.
01:29:38>> Edwards in the lead.
01:29:43Keselowski trying to fend off his teammate for second.
01:29:45Paul menard, gaughan, sorenson in position to pounce.
01:29:48>> Keselowski for the lead.
01:29:50>> Keselowski inside.
01:29:54What a battle between keselowski and carl edwards.
01:29:57Keselowski just reloaded and shot right back up.
01:29:59>> I'm telling you, that was a power move down the back straightaway and down into turn three.
01:30:05>> Now let's see what edwards can do in response.
01:30:09>> You see the sparks flying, the speeds are up.
01:30:13Driving harder, deeper into the corner.
01:30:19>> Justin allgaier, who has been strong all night.
01:30:21We mentioned started from the pole.d a lot of laps.
01:30:25He's pressuring edwards.
01:30:27And there's sorenson and brendan gaughan.
01:30:29They have been strong.
01:30:30Steven wallace is right there in the mix.
01:30:32Rusty's teams have been very good tonight.
01:30:34And there's justin allgaier now trying to make it one-two for penske, and he gets by carl edwards as they go through tun one and two.
01:30:43>> I remember another concrete racetrack where the two penske race cars duked it out for the win.
01:30:52>> At bristol, allgaier passed keselowski, went on to win.
01:30:58Good battle here.
01:31:00The 21 of riggs and the 18 of brad coleman.
01:31:06>> Coleman pressley in the 88 in front of them.
01:31:10>> Nice spot.
01:31:10Great run for him after rebounding from the spin early on.
01:31:12>> Here is reed sorenson.
01:31:13He's had all kinds of problems all night in passing brendan gaughan.
01:31:19A lot of people have.
01:31:21He's been good on the high skied.
01:31:23It can become aggravating, you know if you get by and move forward a bit.
01:31:29Brenden will not move over.
01:31:32>> Riggs seems a little better than pressley, but he hasn't been table get through him.
01:31:36There he goes.
01:31:39>> He shows that he belongs in a good race car, and as he gets more time in it, he's going to be even better.
01:31:49 has been rewarded for his faith in a couple young guys, coleman pressley who has done a good job in tenth, and JOSH WISE IN 20th.
01:32:01 said if coleman pressley could win tonight he would buy one-hour drinks at the whiskey river bar that he owns.
01:32:09>> A lot of folks are really rooting for coleman right now.
01:32:14>> He's doing a great job.
01:32:16>> What is that hanging from his car?
01:32:22>> That's from an earlier spin.
01:32:24He got in the wall with the right rear corner.
01:32:29They patched it up, but it's probably sheet metal or it looks like tape or a piece of the bumper.
01:32:35Maybe some of the bear bond.
01:32:36I don't think it's any problem.
01:32:37>> Under 50 to go.
01:32:41Mike bliss now being sandwiched.
01:32:46Riggs goes way down on the apron.
01:32:47I've been impressed with the way riggs has driven the car tonight for richard childress.
01:32:50>> He's peaking at the right time, on the last run.
01:32:56>> That was for seventh.
01:32:58Menard in eighth.
01:32:59Here we go again.
01:33:02These two for fourth.
01:33:04They're going to be tired of seeing one another before the night is over with.
01:33:10>> The problem is reed sorenson in 32 can't get enough of a run out of the corner.
01:33:16Brendan gaughan gs carried with the straightaway speed.
01:33:23So reed is having a hard time clearing in front.
01:33:27>> You can't accuse gaughan have not giving him space.
01:33:30You could drive a truck between them in the corner.
01:33:31>> Now we have contact.
01:33:32>> That could be a problem.
01:33:33We can see the 32 starting to push right here.
01:33:34We also saw that same kind of contact caused a crash with trevor bayne when his left rear tire went down after that.
01:33:42>> More on sorenson and gaughan.
01:33:44>> The 32 car of reed sorenson, they put a rubber in the left rear.
01:33:47They have been working on the car being so free.
01:33:49Wedge didn't help it, track bar didn't help, and now with the rubber in the left rear, the car is rolling over.
01:34:01He slides in behind the 52 of gaughan.
01:34:08Brendan said this is the tightest his car has been all night long.
01:34:16On a scale of 1-10, it's at least a 6 right now.
01:34:17>> Gaughan holding on for fourth, and sorenson slips back a couple car lengths now at fifth, and steven wallace is right there in sixth.
01:34:2445 Laps to go at nashville.
01:34:25Brad keselowski, still your leader.
01:34:28Penske running one-two, with justin allgaier in second.
01:34:30Carl edwards in third.
01:34:36It's the stretch run.
01:34:37Are we going to stay green or do we get a yellow down the stretch?
01:34:42Keselowski, the points leader, leads at nashville.
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01:37:50>>> The racing community lost one of its own earlier this week on monday with the passing of richard jackson, long-time car owner.
01:38:03I know had an effect and strong place in both of your lives as well as brad daugherty.
01:38:06>> The jackson brothers shaped my career.
01:38:09I learned so much from richard jackson.
01:38:10We're going to miss him a lot.
01:38:13And our prayers are out to his wife and his daughter.
01:38:17But richard and leo, his brother, also really have a lot of history in the sport, in the series.
01:38:23>> We're really going to miss richard.
01:38:25He was a dear friend and I grew up around them and the pressley's and racing.
01:38:34And he was instrumental in pressley's career.
01:38:38They won a lot of races together.
01:38:39He helped robert tremendously.
01:38:42Thlate model career.
01:38:48He was a great guy, very bright guy, and he's going to be sorely missed.
01:38:49>> You're right.
01:38:50We see edwards taking over the second spot.
01:38:51Richard helped me get my career started as I was running around po position at the inaugural brickyard 400, first stock car race at the indianapolis motor speedway.
01:39:18>> Contact right here now.
01:39:19A little more frustration.
01:39:19Kind of bubbling up here at the end of the race.
01:39:22>> 36 To go.
01:39:23That's the battle for second between allgaier and edwards.
01:39:28>> Carl edwards feels like he's got a faster car, like you talked about with sorenson and gaughan.
01:39:32>> Yeah.
01:39:37>> Carl edwards' car looks to be strong enough to get up there and contend with the 22 car.
01:39:45>> The car is starting to become alive.
01:39:47He's starting to almost catch keselowski and turn as fast of laps as keselowski in the 22 car.
01:39:53We have mentioned how erik darnell practiced this car for carl this weekend.
01:39:59They were 36th fastest in final practice, but when I spoke with drew blickensderfer, he knew if kaurd carl edwards got in the car, if the balance would be right, they have been fast.
01:40:14And they have been.
01:40:15Carl has been in the top ten the entire race and he's just trying to get those dodges.
01:40:20>> Under 35 laps to go.
01:40:22Plenty of racing yet to come here on espn2 h this weekend.
01:40:2600 eastern time.
01:40:29The united association route 66 nationals.
01:40:31And then the finals tomorrow at 4:00 eastern.
01:40:34"Nascar now" tomorrow morning, 9:00.
01:40:38Prerace at pocono getting you ready for the sprint cup race, tomorrow afternoon and next saturday at sparta, kentucky, nascar nationwide series at 30 eastern time on saturday on espn.
01:40:58Winding down to the finish here at nashville tonight.
01:41:00Brad keselowski, justin allgaier, carl edwards, reed sorenson.
01:41:04They're the top four.
01:41:06They have led all but two laps tonight.
01:41:09Kenny wallace led the other two under caution.
01:41:13Otherwise, it's been keselowski, allgaier, edwards, and sorenson.
01:41:20>> Yeah, and I have said this a number of times.
01:41:24Brad keselowski made the effort yesterday to come here, practice this car, got in it actually at the very end of the first practice session and was in it for the whole second practice session, and effort equals results.
01:41:37This is how you win championships.
01:41:43>> Keselowski's made it look pretty easy today, but maybe not quite as easy as we sometimes think.
01:41:51Cruising but look at this.
01:41:53Dale, he is on that wheel trying to get this as fast as he can make it go.
01:41:57Now carl edwards is back underneath allgaier.
01:42:00Man, can't quite get him.
01:42:02>> You see the back end slip just a little bit.
01:42:04You can't get all the throttle you need to at that point.
01:42:09What carl was trying to do, i don't know if he meant to touch the 12 car or meant for them to come together.
01:42:14He was trying to force him up to maybe get the 12 to lift just a bit so he could make that pass.
01:42:21Now you're five laps farther down and you're not going to have a chance at catching keselowski.
01:42:26>> These are a couple guys battling for points in the >> he might not even pass him.
01:42:32Talk about getting to the 22.
01:42:34Justin allgaier is making it very difficult for him to take the second spot away.
01:42:39>> As allgaier and edwards swap positions back and forth and run side by side, it lets keselowski get a little further down the road.
01:42:537 second lead right now.
01:42:55That's pretty comfortable.
01:42:57>> Especially when he sees how hard they're racing behind him.
01:43:01>> At some point, do you get single file to try to catch up with keselowski?
01:43:03>> No, not now.
01:43:03That's five points and carl knows this is a guy who is right behind him in the points.
01:43:05That's five pointsan a lot to him.
01:43:07You have to race.
01:43:08Chances of him catching brad keselowski now are slim.
01:43:17Unless they have a caution.
01:43:18>> Penske cars running one-two.
01:43:20They have finished in the top five in three races this season, including the bristol race in which they finished one-two.
01:43:28Charlotte last week as well.
01:43:32>> I think -- >> caution.
01:43:34>> Got a yellow.
01:43:36>> It's brian scott.
01:43:41>> That car, he was saying had something wrong.
01:43:42>> I apologize, I hate for that to happen for us.
01:43:44>> Said he could smell something in the car.
01:43:46>> We'll get it loaded up.
01:43:47>> Looks like it was the engine going away.
01:43:49>> Scott was running 28th at the time.
01:43:52There's a look at paul wolf, the crew chief for brad keselowski.
01:43:58And you made the comment that scott had indicated he was ning in his eyes earlier.
01:44:09Er if -- don't forget this is a braun racing car, and we saw the same thing happen to the 38 car earlier.
01:44:15>> Jason leffler went to the garage earlier with a big puff of smoke out the rear end.
01:44:17>> It looks very similar to the maybe make the 32 a little nervous.
01:44:22>> It would me.
01:44:24>> Are they staying out or coming in?
01:44:27>> I think they have to stay out here.
01:44:32Here's the problem.
01:44:34There's 25 cars on the lead lap.
01:44:38everybody else stays out, then what?
01:44:40That's what I think about as a crew chief.
01:44:44I don't want to havecome up through there.
01:44:48I think I take my chances by staying out.
01:44:49>> This is what allgaier and edwards needed, even sorenson.
01:44:50A restart.
01:44:51>> A reset.
01:44:52Anything can happen at this point in time.
01:44:56>> I almost bet you it's not the last caution.
01:44:57>> You mentioned all the cars on the lead lap.
01:45:01That's a record number for here in nashville.
01:45:0420 Finishing on the lead lap here in april.
01:45:08The previous.
01:45:12>> You have your takers now.
01:45:15Look at that right there.
01:45:16Carl edwards thought better of that at the last second.
01:45:18>> Allgaier comes.
01:45:21Sorenson comes.
01:45:21Let's go downstairs.
01:45:22Jerry punch.
01:45:24>> It will be two tires for reed sorenson.
01:45:27They said the car is way too free.
01:45:28No fuel at all.
01:45:30Brendan gaughan thought he had a right tire going down.
01:45:35Big break, they'll make a rear pressure adjustment in both reers.
01:45:39Justin allgaier pulling into his pits.
01:45:40>> Doc, two tires for justin allgaier who came down when carl edwards faked them out.
01:45:47No fuel for the 12 car.
01:45:49Justin allgaier is down and way.
01:45:50>> Got a little contact there on pit road as well.
01:45:53>> Brendan gaughan got some damage right there.
01:45:55>> There's the race off pit road.
01:45:56Steven wallace picks up a couple.
01:46:02He's going for position.
01:46:04He gains 13, but allgaier and sorenson and gaughan.
01:46:05Steven wallace, all take two tires.
01:46:07Come back for the finish at nashville.
01:46:52Imagine if you could keep your engine as close as possible to factory clean.
01:46:57Introducing new pennzoil ultra.
01:47:02A revolutionary new synthetic oil that takes ..
01:47:06Where it's never been before.
01:47:12And nothing keeps you closer to factory clean than new pennzoil ultra motor oil.
01:48:53>>> Boy, it's getting down toward the finish here at nashville.
01:48:58Federated auto parts 300.
01:49:00Nashville superspeedway.
01:49:01Brad keselowski and carl edwards up front on the restart, but bad luck for the 62 of brendan gaughan.
01:49:08Had contact on pit road with the 24 OF eric McClure.
01:49:11Big damage.
01:49:13>> They make the pit stop and come out of their stall.
01:49:16McCLURE IS STARTING TO GET TO His, right here.
01:49:20That's why I didn't like that.
01:49:22>> Horrible call.
01:49:27We got a flat left rear.
01:49:28You change it.
01:49:28>> It's not flat.
01:49:29Come back in.
01:49:30>> Let's start 23rd now.
01:49:32Damn it, brad.
01:49:36>> Gaughan was penalized for speeding off pit road.
01:49:39That's why he had to come back in.
01:49:42Not good, as doc is now with brad parrott, the crew chief.
01:49:48>> We heard you change the call, you were going to go four and changed to two.
01:49:54>> Track position is everything.
01:49:54We were sitting here with 24 laps to go.
01:49:57It was great when we did two tires.
01:49:59We hit reed about 25 laps ago and thought we had a left rear going down.
01:50:04When the car stopped, the left rear tire was not down.
01:50:06I called two, we left the pits, hit the 24.
01:50:09My call, totally my fault.
01:50:11Sometimes you're going to win them and sometimes you're going to lose them.
01:50:14That's why they call it big-time auto racing.
01:50:17>> We're going to go back to green flag and see who can win this big time auto racing in nashville, tennessee.
01:50:22>> Side by side, keselowski and edwards diving down into turn one with paul menard right behind him.
01:50:28>> You can see carl on the right side of the 22.
01:50:32This is his big chance if he can make it stick.
01:50:37>> The half the restart carl edwards was able to clear keselowski and get the lead and then keselowski came back.
01:50:43Looks like carl might be able to clear him here.
01:50:44>> Carl maybe just a little stronger on the -- no, first start but keselowski's not giving it back.
01:50:52>> No.
01:50:52Keselowski is not going to be easy to pass in this situation.
01:50:57>> Driving right into the corner, carl edwards.
01:51:01>> The ford showing a little power tonight.
01:51:04Paul menard has been running around the top five much of the evening.
01:51:08Keselowski coming back with the dodge.
01:51:11Gets underneath edwards, takes the lead.
01:51:14>> That 22 car is too stout tonight.
01:51:18>> Seems like it takes the 22 a couple laps to get going.
01:51:21>> Looks like carl could clear him on the outside, and all of a sudden, here comes brad keselowski.
01:51:31>> Side by side with bliss in the khi car, and there's coleman in the gibbs racing car.
01:51:36On the inside.
01:51:37Allgaier, sorenson, and wallace in that mix.
01:51:40>> Justin allgaier needing somewhere to go.
01:51:42He's glad to see bliss make a move.
01:51:47He's going to try to go to the outside.
01:51:54They're trying to go three wide.
01:51:55>> Coleman on the inside, bliss in the middle, and looked like bliss got a little loose when allgaier got on the side of him, and the pass is made.
01:51:58>> Allgaier was the first car with four tires.
01:52:02Or two tires.
01:52:02He took two tires the last stop.
01:52:05He's the first car that made the pit stop.
01:52:08>> He was running second when he pulled off the track under that caution.
01:52:12>> Allgaier now fourth.
01:52:15Bliss under attack from brad coleman.
01:52:18It's been a relatively quiet night but a very steady night for brad coleman.
01:52:22He's done a nice job in the 18.
01:52:23>> Done exactly what he needed to do.
01:52:24He's been here all night, running competitive the entire night.
01:52:31What justin allgaier is thinking, he needs a caution to get up there to have a chance.
01:52:36Coleman still trying to battle mike bliss in the 33.
01:52:40>> Really important for the 33 TEAM WITH KEVIN and DeLana harvick, crew chief ernie cope, they want a shot at the owner's guy like bliss.
01:52:58Ron hornaday, running trucks, wasn't available.
01:53:02Bliss is the first guy they called.
01:53:04>> First time he had been in the nationwide car.
01:53:05Doing a terrific job.
01:53:07It's a battle for fifth, and bliss did have a little contact earlier in the race, and it's been a little while back in the pack.
01:53:18He did not make a pit stop on the last caution.
01:53:20>> DiBENEDETTO AND MALSAM, TWO Guys who have been here for the first time.
01:53:27Have shown well tonight.
01:53:33On the left side, still two wide with bliss and coleman.
01:53:37Sorenson looking for an opening.
01:53:37Steven wallace lingering.
01:53:39>> These guys are going to have a lot of company if they keep running side by side.
01:53:43We're going to have about a six or eight-car battle for that spot.
01:53:47>> Keselowski leading up front.
01:53:518 seconds over carl edwards.
01:53:53>> These two screens are coming together into one right now.
01:53:58This battle is about six or seven cars.
01:54:04>> Bliss out enough that it's keep those guys from making that easier pass on him.
01:54:11It's causing a little bit of a bunch up as he protects fifth place.
01:54:16>> He's doing what he needs to do.
01:54:1816 Laps to go, you don't want to give up a spot.
01:54:21>> You give up one in that situation, it's five or six.
01:54:24>> Could be seven.
01:54:28>> Then this group, you have a lot of guys that are really needing to have a good run.
01:54:35They're all doing a terrific job.
01:54:37They're racing hard but not getting themselves in trouble.
01:54:40>> There is the man in front, keselowski, leading carl edwards with menard and allgaier chasing.
01:54:4715 Laps to go here at nashville.
01:54:50>> There's justin allgaier trying to take over the third spot.
01:54:56>> Let's check the speeds and see if anybody is coming to the front on this 22 car.
01:55:00He's got a ptty good lead.
01:55:02Looks like he had the fastest lap of the top three that lap.
01:55:08>> Shouldn't be surprised with what we see there from what those three have demonstrated through the course of the night.
01:55:14Allger and bss right there as well.
01:55:18>> That time with rl edwards and keselowski, almost 01 second separating the guys on the last two laps around the track.
01:55:34The view out the front of justin allgaier's car.
01:55:40He pursues the menard's ford of paul menard.
01:55:43>> He's the highest running car to take four tires.
01:55:46You would think he would have a tire advantage on the top three.
01:55:50>> The tires have held up well here.
01:55:53>> You have to give goodyear a lot of credit.
01:55:54This has been a good race for them.
01:55:57>> We had two races here and both times the tracks rubbered in well and we had no tire issues.
01:56:03>> It's hard on a concrete track.
01:56:05They're a challenge.
01:56:07>> A well-run race.
01:56:0926 Cars on the lead lap.
01:56:13We mentioned earlier that 20 is the record, as menard leads allgaier.
01:56:17Let's check in with shannon.
01:56:18>> Speaking with paul menard's team, they said they definitely have good cars.
01:56:23They just don't have the speed to get to victory lane just yet.
01:56:27I think they have probably proved that wrong here tonight.
01:56:30They have been very fast.
01:56:32They knew the car was a top ten but he's been in the top five the entire race.
01:56:36This is the same car paul menard brought to darlington and it's getting it done for him tonight.
01:56:44>> Strong run for menard.
01:56:46The fords have shown themselves well here tonight with carl edwards currently in second.
01:56:55Phoenix last november when edwards won the nationwide series race.
01:57:01Carl's going to have to keep digging if he's going to catch keselowski as we come to ten laps to go.
01:57:08>> He had a couple laps where he was quicker and cut it down to 0.75 second.
01:57:19I think keselowski might just be running enough to keep him behind there.
01:57:22What do you think?
01:57:22>> Checking the mirror and says, I'll just keep the gap right there.
01:57:25>> The top three, keselowski, edwards, and menard, all guys pulling double duty this weekend.
01:57:32Keselowski will start 11th in the sprint cup race tomorrow in pocono.
01:57:36EDWARDS WILL START 26th.
01:57:37MENARD WILL START 33rd.
01:57:41Is allgaier getting a run off, trying to get underneath paul menard.
01:57:47>> Late-race caution would put allgaier in a better position with fresher tires, be able to bunch back up.
01:57:54That's what he's hoping for.
01:57:56>> I thought he might be able to make the pass when he got clean air to the nose, but menard really strong off the corner.
01:58:04>> This is the battle for third.
01:58:07Not as much of a battle up front.
01:58:14Kez lou keselowski leads carl edwards by 1.3 seconds.
01:58:18Keselowski now has led the most laps.
01:58:19Quite awhile ago, in fact.
01:58:20He's led 89.
01:58:22It's been a while since he took over the lead, but he's now led the most laps in the last two races, charlotte and tonight at nashville.
01:58:27That's the first time in keselowski's career he's led the most laps in consecutive races.
01:58:34As we talk about his development and progression, you have to say the same thing with what we've seen with justin allgaier.
01:58:45He's come on the scene and been rock solid since day one.
01:58:47>> The addition of the second team has helped allgaier's program, too.
01:58:52They seem to work well together, and they're seeing a really solid effort from penske in the nationwide series.
01:58:57>> Allgaier is going to run in the prelude to the dream, tony stewart's event in the dirt in eldora.
01:59:06In rossburg, ohio.
01:59:08>> I heard he's pretty good in dirt.
01:59:09>> He came up racing in the dirt as a youngster.
01:59:14He was very excited about the opportunity to run in the prelude wednesday night in eldora.
01:59:19>> Great event tony puts on that raises money for charity, and the guys have a great time.
01:59:25>> If you have never been to eldora, some point, you need to put that on your list of things to do.
01:59:32It's a special racetrack.
01:59:37Getting down to the nitty-gritty here, but keselowski being unchallenged at this point, as you see his lead continues to grow.
01:59:46Five laps to go for brad keselowski.
01:59:54Edwards in pursuit.
01:59:56The blue car in second.
02:00:01Been a good run for carl, but at least at this point, it doesn't look like he's got what it takes to catch keselowski or pass.
02:00:08He definitely needs some help.
02:00:10Paul menard in third.
02:00:11His last top five finish at texas last april.
02:00:16The fourth place car belongs to justin allgaier.
02:00:19Keselowski's teammate.
02:00:23The 33 of mike bliss, he's been rock solid today.
02:00:26As has the 18 of brad coleman.
02:00:32Reed sorenson running in seventh.
02:00:34He led 15 laps earlier tonight.
02:00:37>> I don't want to jump ahead too much, but you better watch brad coleman next week at kentucky.
02:00:41He's got himself back in the race car.
02:00:43He could go to victory lane there next week.
02:00:45>> Finished second there a few years back.
02:00:51Steven wallace in the 66, a very good run for him tonight.
02:00:55He's in eighth.
02:00:57Followed by scott riggs.
02:00:59Giving richard childress points.
02:01:03He hasn't had much success this season.
02:01:07Bad lus has done a nice job.
02:01:10>> matt DiBenedetto in the 20 car for joe gibbs racing, doing a nice job.
02:01:16Staying out of trouble.
02:01:16Car looks clean all the way around.
02:01:17>> Very solid run.
02:01:21>> Tayler malsam in the 10 car FOR BRAUN IS IN 11th.
02:01:27Another one of the young drivers we see so much young talent in the nascar nationwide series.
02:01:35Michael annett is there as well.
02:01:37Just a couple laps to go now for the leader, brad keselowski.
02:01:41The white flag waves for the leader.
02:01:45As we look at some of the action on the backstretch.
02:01:47There's keselowski.
02:01:58He's taken the white, onto the backstretch.
02:02:04>> Stretched it out on carl.
02:02:06He's run a great race tonight, keselowski.
02:02:10Solid all night.
02:02:12He was patient when he needed to be and pushed the pedal when he needed to.
02:02:15>> Brad keselowski will win for the third time in 2010.
02:02:19He takes the checkers at nashville.
02:02:25>> Thanks very much, paul.
02:02:27Thanks very much, everybody on the team.
02:02:28>> Carl edwards is second.
02:02:32Good battle for the finishes.
02:02:36Josh wise brought home a solid effort in the seven tonight.
02:02:39Here is paul wolf, very happy.
02:02:41The ninth win for brad keselowski in his nascar nationwide series career.
02:02:47>> I think he said he had room for the guitar on the plane.
02:02:51>> That guitar, a nice trophy >> jamie little with paul wolf, the crew chief.
02:02:58>> This was the first time brad keselowski did double duty in two states.
02:03:01How important was him getting here from pocono to get the practice laps?
02:03:09>> It was real critical.
02:03:11It's so competitive to win the races, and it just shows the effort he's willing to put in for the championship.
02:03:15That means a lot for all the guys, and everybody is working really hard.
02:03:19And just can't thank everybody enough for the support at the shop.
02:03:22>> Congratulations.
02:03:23And he told his driver, burn it up, do the doughnuts.
02:03:26We're not using this motor again.
02:03:30>> Paul wolfe's third nationwide series win as a crew chief.
02:03:35He's gotten them all with brad k.
02:03:40A nice touch.
02:03:42Always great to see the american flag flying, and keselowski celebrates his win here tonight at nashville superspeedway.
02:03:52>> If you're going to have a couple flags, the checkered and the american are the two winners.
02:04:04>> Grabbed the other one.
02:04:07>> Brad keselowski joins carl edwards and scott riggs as the drivers to win multiple races at the nashville superspeedway.
02:04:16We said at the beginning of the show, edwards and keselowski were the two guys you had to beat on concrete, and they finished one-two tonight.
02:04:30Keselowski wins, and edwards is second, doc.
02:04:33>> Yeah, sixth top five finish for edwards.
02:04:38Equalling his best finish of the year.
02:04:39I know it's not a win, but it seems like a step in the right direction for you guys.
02:04:41>> It's not a win.
02:04:43But man, my guys worked hard.
02:04:46We ran a lot of laps and did well, but brad did a really good job in the last restart.
02:04:49He worked the bottom just right.
02:04:52I was trying to hold him down there and keep him loose but his car was just a little better.
02:04:57We just fought loose for the last run.
02:04:59I have to thank copart.
02:05:02And fastenal.
02:05:05com, online auctions, you can buy cars.
02:05:08Not this one, this one is plety fast.
02:05:10Drew did a good job and erik darnell did a great job.
02:05:17>> Good luck in pocono tomorrow.
02:05:18>> Thank you.
02:05:18>> Carl edwards.
02:05:19>> Carl will start 26th in the sprint cup car tomorrow in pocono.
02:05:21Ticket to the race, you like what you see here tonight in nashville?
02:05:25There's a lot of good racing on your summer schedule.
02:05:28Looking forward to the kentucky speedway next weekend.
02:05:33See that on the family of networks as well.
02:05:35Road america, that will be an interesting one, turning right and left, and visiting road america for the first time.
02:05:43That's wrapping up the month of june in new hampshire.
02:05:49>> Kyle busch, he didn't even lose a spot in points and sat there in pocono and watched the race.
02:05:55Big points lead at 196.
02:05:58>> Allgaier, 295.
02:06:04I think that allgaier/carl edwards battle is one we could talk about throughout the course of the season.
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02:08:48>> Brad keselowski started TODAY'S RACE, 24th, DROVE TO Victory lane.
02:08:50Sam bass handing brad his second gibson guitar here at nashville, and brad hands it off to his crew.
02:08:58Great run for brad keselowski in his 22 car here today.
02:09:01Brad keselowski celebrating your second victory.
02:09:05You made it look easy there at the end but it was an eventful race for you.
02:09:08You avoided two wrecks, a battle with carl.
02:09:11How good was that car today?
02:09:12>> It was pretty good.
02:09:15Carl had an excellent car, a really good long-run car but our discount tire dodge charger plugged away all night.
02:09:23Proud of everybody at penske racing.
02:09:25Nor this strong car, paul wolfe, so much fun to drive these cars.
02:09:29It's been a dream season so far.
02:09:32I can't thank everyone enough that put this program together.
02:09:36Roger, I'm sure you're watching on tv.
02:09:38Thank you.
02:09:39It's an awesome race car and an awesome race team.
02:09:40>> 196 Points, that's your lead.
02:09:41>> Cool, really cool.
02:09:43We're proud to be here in victory lane.
02:09:48I wish kyle was here, it would be more fun to beat him.
02:09:53I'm sure he's watching on tv.
02:09:55Come back, we want to beat you.
02:09:55>> Showed up for practice yesterday and winning the race here at nashville tonight.
02:09:57>> Vince?
02:09:58>> Talking smack there in victory lane, too.
02:09:59>> Throwing down on kyle.
02:10:00>> You're in victory lane, you can talk all you want.
02:10:06>> Final thoughts tonight?
02:10:07>> The 22 car just too strong for everybody.
02:10:08You have to hand it to paul wolfe and the team.
02:10:12Did a great job this weekend.
02:10:14>> Starting this team this year, big points lead.
02:10:16The guys to beat.
02:10:17A lot of fun tonight.
02:10:20The third time he's been to victory lane, brad keselowski, this season.
02:10:26>> And how about the run for paul menard.
02:10:29First top five since texas last year.
02:10:30What was the difference for this team tonight?
02:10:31>> The car was good ever since i sat in it.
02:10:35Colin practiced the car and matt and the boys did a good job setting it up.
02:10:38We didn't do a whole lot.
02:10:39We got behind on adjustments.
02:10:40I got too tight at the end.
02:10:48I'm kind of scared to free it up too much, but we should have gone one little bit freer.
02:10:51Over all a good night for the menards team ford.
02:10:57>> Didn't have practice at all.
02:10:57Brings home an impressive third place finish.
02:10:58>> And willie allen brings it home 15th after being two laps down.
02:11:01Local man right here in nashville.
02:11:05Countdown show, you took us through the devastation, what you guys have been through.
02:11:07What does the 15 mean for you and the team?
02:11:09>> It means the world for us.
02:11:11The team didn't give up.
02:11:13The people around here, they don't give up when adversity strikes.
02:11:18We got two laps down and fought all night long.
02:11:20We came up through here, got further ahead than we finished, had a tire issue, but top 15, tickled to death.
02:11:24I can't say enough about the guys on a limited resource for giving me this opportunity and looking forward to going to kentucky.
02:11:32>> Congratulations.
02:11:33Willie allen has been through a lot and this is a heck of a payoff.
02:11:37>> Sitting on pit road for two laps when the race started and COME BACK TO 15th, GREAT RUN.
02:11:46So brad keselowski getting the most out of his trips back and forth to pocono by celebrating lane, and the effort that led to that began on friday when he made the trip down for practice.
02:11:59>> Made the 800 mile trip down just to shake down the car, make sure everything was right for tonight.
02:12:03And it absolutely paid off.
02:12:04Shows the dedication.
02:12:06This man is one heck of a racer.
02:12:14>> After cup qualifying, back here, back to pocono earlier today.
02:12:21Then back on the choppers and planes for the 838 mile trip back to pocono where he got off the chopper, qualified his car, not as well as he would have liked.
02:12:27>> It was a little hot and greasy today.
02:12:29>> He missed it a little bit and had to start in about 24th or 25th.
02:12:32But when you're driving great race cars, it's fun to go back and forth.
02:12:35I'm sure he didn't mind the trip.
02:12:39>> WHEN YOU START AT 24th, Sometimes you have to dodge a little trouble.
02:12:43>> Saw coleman pressley spin.
02:12:46Brad had to dodge him and then 27 car, same thing.
02:12:49Car gets loose, turns sideways, hits the wall, and brad has been patient, not pushing the issue.
02:12:53Final restart, gets below carl edwards who we thought might have a strong enough car to contend with.
02:13:00Once he pulls up in front, it's all over but the crying, baby.
02:13:03>> I was impressed with the patience he on him.
02:13:07And trying to hold him down to the bottom line, knowing the strength of his car and lik said, regrouping and using the strength to pass him.
02:13:22>> That's exactly right.
02:13:22And carl, ve a little more?
02:13:23>> We have carl edwards congratulations here.
02:13:25We expect him to be more aggressive, but he showed a lot of maturity.
02:13:27Got himself to victory lane.
02:13:29>> His dad bob there in the black shirt congratulating brad as well.
02:13:33Talk with the man who dominated the early portion and had to make a rally himself, doc with justin allgaier.
02:13:40>> Justin allgaier, how was your night?
02:13:42>> Interesting to say the least.
02:13:46We had a great verizon car.
02:13:50The one pit call we made got us caught a lap down.
02:13:52We came back to finish fourth.
02:13:52Great night for penske racing.
02:13:54Got a win, a pole, and a fourth place finish.
02:13:57But I have to thank verizon and nationwide insurance.
02:14:01For all they're doing for our sport and want to say we're thinking about all the flood victims in nashville.
02:14:04This is a tough time for them and we're praying and thinking about them over the next couple weeks.
02:14:08>> We echo those comments.
02:14:13Back-to-back fourth place finishes this year for allgaier.
02:14:16>> To put a button on the night here, some of the story lines we talked about at the beginning of the even, double duty guys dominated the top spots on the podium.
02:14:26>> Paul menard, great finish.
02:14:30>> New places and new faces.
02:14:32Solid job.
02:14:34>> DiBENEDETTO.
02:14:37And coleman pressley, ran tenth, 11th, 12th, COULD BE THE NEW Guys.
02:14:43>> And bliss given harvick's car a ride to eighth place.
02:14:48Talked about willie allen.
02:14:49Came back from two laps down to FINISH IN 15th, AND WE ALSO Talked about the concrete kings, kessie and carl, they finished first and second.
02:15:01Next week, we move on to kentucky.
02:15:0430 eastern on espn, and that's beginning with "nascar " don't forget tomorrow, the nba 00 eastern, 5:00 pacific.
02:15:19Lakers lead 1-0.
02:15:21Up next, united association route 66 nhra nationals qualifying.
02:15:27Following us in less than a minute.
02:15:30So, brad keselowski made two trips from pennsylvania to nashville, and has made it pay off.
02:15:36He'll take that gibson guitar back on the plane with him to pocono.
02:15:38A second guitar in his collection, and congratulations to the penske team for a double top five night.
02:15:49It's back to pocono for him to try and maybe win a sprint cup series race tomorrow, and for us and the rest of the nationwide series, it's on to kentucky next week.
02:16:00Hope you look us up next saturday night.
02:16:01For our entire crew, so long from nashville.
02:16:03This has been a presentation of espn, the worldwide leader in sports.
02:16:05--Captions by VITAC-- Her motorcoach for a little jalapeno dip.
02:16:37I can't wait.
02:16:39Thanks for watching "the racing " >>> green, green, green.
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02:17:03>>> Pennsylvania's pocono raceway can confound teams.
02:17:14Another is heath cherry is is both a marketing manager at joe gibbs racing and the fedex team rear tire carrier.
02:17:24>> I've carried tires for 11 years.
02:17:26I've worked on the marketing side for about ten years.
02:17:30I've been that sponsor or liaison.
02:17:33>> Where's the big one at?
02:17:34>> I gave it to you.
02:17:36>> When?
02:17:37>> Probably two months ago.
02:17:39>> Huh?
02:17:41>> Two months ago, it was personalized from the artist.
02:17:44>> No kiddinging.
02:17:46>> Yeah, your ma'am had one, too.
02:17:48>> I was a linebacker in college, 5'8", 220-plus pounds i would say as far as the execution of a pit stop I would say a well choreographed football play is probably the best thing you could look at and compare it to.
02:18:04>> The best teams operate with mechanical precision.
02:18:11In the 2010 pit crew challenge team 11 performed flawlessly.
02:18:16>> We need to name all of these guy.
02:18:19Brandon pitt, keith bolling, heath cherry.
02:18:23There it is.
02:18:25>> They will be -- >> oh, yes!
02:18:27>> And the defending champions.
02:18:31>> Hey, guys, they keep getting better an better.
02:18:35>> What did denny hamlin do when he took the checkered flag at darlington?
02:18:40>> All we do is win!
02:18:46>>> The fedex team was born in 2005, but it was not an easy delivery for joe gibbs racing.
02:18:55>> When I started in 2005, i pretty much came on board and managed the fedex account on a daily basis.
02:19:02>> Are we going to have fun?
02:19:04>> Yeah.
02:19:05>> Told you.
02:19:06>> Every day is like practice.
02:19:09>> 2005 Became a practice in futility for both driver and crew.
02:19:13>> I've got a mistake, darryl.
02:19:14Right there.
02:19:20>> The 11 had hit a wall.
02:19:23The machine was broken.
02:19:25In 2006, underdog denny hamlin got the team in gear.
02:19:33>> A rookie, I didn't know what to expect.
02:19:37He'd never even been at pocono.
02:19:42I remember him talking about running in on his computer game.
02:19:45My word.
02:19:46That's a at the timing?
02:19:47We ended up cutting a tire-leading race.
02:19:50>> Leader is in trouble.
02:19:54Hamlin crashes!
02:19:54>> I actually kept it off the wall and everything.
02:19:58We came in and repaired it.
02:20:00Went from dead last to first.
02:20:01That was incredible.
02:20:02>> Hamlin, the rookie starts 40th and then wins the pocono 500.
02:20:10>> Nice job, denny, great job.
02:20:12>> In 2010, three wins at the all-star break has crew, car and driver performing with peak precision.
02:20:20>> It's just been an awesome ride to be a part of that team to know where we were at back in 2005, 2006, to just five years later, here we are, what I feel like is a championship caliber team.
02:20:33We just added pieces to the puzzle every year.
02:20:37And I think the personnel, our cars got a great sponsor.
02:20:40Great driver.
02:20:41I think we're just positioned nicely with all of the things and elements that we need to go [ wind howling ] [ Male Announcer ] IT BALANCES YOU...
02:22:09[ water crashing ] [ Male Announcer ] ...IT FILLS YOU WITH ENERGY...
02:22:15And it gives you what you're looking for to live a more natural life, in a convenient two bar pack.
02:22:23Delicious granola bars madewith 100% natural ingredients.
02:22:28Nature valley.100% natural, 100% delicious.
02:23:19>>> Heemg heath cherry begins his work day walking the line between the racetrack and the rat race, between his team and his team's sponsors.
02:23:28>> The network will give fedex either they purchase them for the network.
02:23:34Or the network will actually give them one that they can use for a race weekend.
02:23:39So basically, what we're doing is we're just working on getting branding to the car so that when it goes to the track and it's there in the practice, that there's actually any in-car camera shots they'll get branding at that time.
02:23:52We'll come back on race day and rechdecals.
02:24:01Maybe there's something th fedex gives us.
02:24:08>> Race day is never far away.
02:24:11And each team prepares the drivers and sponsors for the track.
02:24:16So too as his role at joe gibbs racing.
02:24:19>> I started here in 2005, it was pretty much I came on board and managed the fedex account on a day to day basis.
02:24:28Getting here, my role has grown,