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00:00:00Never, ever forget.
00:00:01Father, we pray this, with faith and thanksgiving in our heart.
00:00:06In the precious name of jesus christ.
00:00:09Today, all of god as creation say, amen.
00:00:12>>> In honor of our troops, please place your hand over your heart as martha white prevents seven-time blue grass female vocalist of the year rhonda vincent as she tomorrows our national anthem.
00:00:33♪ O say, can you see by the dawn's early light ♪
00:00:35♪ what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's ♪
00:00:47♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight ♪
00:01:01♪ o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly ♪
00:01:08♪ and the rockets' red glare the bombs bursting in air ♪
00:01:20♪ gave proof through the night that our flag star-spangled banner yet wave ♪
00:01:42♪ o'er the land of the free ♪
00:01:47♪ and the home ♪
00:02:01>>> let's hear it for rhonda vincent with the performance of the national anthem with the little help from the fighter quad dr quad out of whiteman air force base.
00:02:18>> carl edwards is the polesitter.
00:02:20200 Laps, 300 miles from charlotte motor speedway.
00:02:24It is the countdown to green when we come back.
00:02:43proudto it. pretty amazing.
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00:03:08S >>> mother nature, is smiling on us at charlotte motor speedway.
00:04:50It is 81 degrees, and the sun has come out, everyone is clapping around here.
00:04:55And allen, it has been a good sign.
00:04:59Let this weekend of racing begin.
00:05:02It's already been a busy weekend.
00:05:04Some might say complicated.
00:05:05That's fitting.
00:05:06This track is also complicated.
00:05:08>> Very complicated track.
00:05:09The added speed we saw in qualifying, today, nicole and changing weather conditions will make this tricky place even more challenging.
00:05:18>> This place has been an extreme challenge for the crew chief and drivers alike.
00:05:22The temperature change this track and the way the car handles more than any other track on the sir kilt.
00:05:27You combine that with the only day race we've had since, i think back in 2004.
00:05:34Teams don't have notes on, or history how to adjust their cars.
00:05:38We race in the day a lot.
00:05:39This place is different.
00:05:40>> As a driver, this welcomes -- this sunshine is very much welcome, but if your car is not handling, man, it's going to make for a long day.
00:05:49You have to give good feedback as a driver, be patient, and also adjust the driving style.
00:05:55As they adjust the car, you have to adjust the driver and team ma thaks the adjustments in the end.
00:06:01>> Talk about challenging and complicating.
00:06:03The new left side tire that goodyear brought this weekend.
00:06:07Going to make the late strategy calls complicated.
00:06:11>> We watched also the race last week.
00:06:13There's a lot of the strategies employed there.
00:06:14That all seem to work good.
00:06:16There's a lot of options available to the crew chief.
00:06:19But we're racing during the kay day.
00:06:21Will that work?
00:06:21We don't know.
00:06:22We'll see how the crew chiefs handle it.
00:06:24It's going to be a tough decision late in the race.
00:06:26>> You're a guy like kyle busch, many times lead a lot of laps.
00:06:31Sometime somebody takes two tires, no tires, if you're that driver that has the great car, you don't want to see people -- you wish everybody has on four, you can drive away.
00:06:41Should be fun.
00:06:43>> Remember the first interview, "nascar countdown," drew blickensderfer has to work all day long.
00:06:52In the number one starting spot on the grid, can he finish in the number one spot and get ford off the schneid, in the 2010 nationwide series season.
00:07:01Time to fire them up.
00:07:03Let's go track side for the command to start engines.
00:07:05>> Now, race fans, it's time for the most famous words in motorsports.
00:07:10Here to give a command, please welcome the grand marshal.
00:07:14Owner of frantz automotive center, don frantz.
00:07:21>> Are you ready to rumble, charlotte?
00:07:24Gentlemen, start your engines!
00:07:46>> Done with enthusiasm.
00:07:47We like that a lot.
00:07:48Going to be a great day here in charlotte.
00:07:51We arrive with justin allgaierer today.
00:07:54He's the in.
00:07:55>> Ron: Race reporter.
00:07:56Chasing checkered flags in charlotte and indy.
00:08:00We talked with justin and get ready for the green flag when we come back.
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00:10:42>>> As we get set to go here in charlotte.
00:10:45We saw something in qualifying a few hours ago we haven't seen this season.
00:10:50A lap of 187 miles an hour, carl edwards in winning the pole, the fastest qualifying lap in the year.
00:10:58Third straight nationwide series pole in chore lot.
00:11:0177Th pole for roush fenway racing.
00:11:05As we look at the starting grid atop the screen, we'll point at the 11th starter.
00:11:11That's where justin allgaier will be.
00:11:15>> Justin, dale jarrett and espn, have a copy?
00:11:17>> Go ahead.
00:11:18>> Our first question comes from mail bag.
00:11:21Ed in new york, asked this your first day race in charlotte speedway, what do you expect to be different than the night races you ran the last couple years?
00:11:30>> fortunately for us, the day races, we got comfortable to.
00:11:35The practice time when we go to a night race h-a couple weeks ago I was fortunate to get to the cup test while here, it was during the day as well.
00:11:43Working on trying to make your car comfortable.
00:11:45That's the biggest thing when we're out there running.
00:11:48>> Okay.
00:11:48You have a limited amount of experience here, justin.
00:11:51What do you find the most challenging part of this racetrack?
00:11:54>> It is the biggest thing finding a line that works for you.
00:11:58The track changes a lot.
00:11:59It's very sensitive.
00:12:00So being able to make sure you keep open the car and racetrack is definitely important.
00:12:06While we're at it, I want to say a big shoutout to everybody out there in the armed forces.
00:12:11Some of them that have fought and died for our country.
00:12:15This is the weekend for them.
00:12:17Memorial day weekend.
00:12:19They do what they do so we are out here loving the sport we do.
00:12:23I want to give a big shoutout to everybody out there.
00:12:27>> Have a good day.
00:12:28Andy will talk to your crew chief, chad ault walter.
00:12:33>> Andy, up in the booth, you got us?
00:12:37>> 10-4 Andy.
00:12:39>> We were talking about qualifying speed is really high.
00:12:42This goodyear tire that they brought looks like a good qualifying tire.
00:12:49>> Goodyear brought a good durable grippy tire.
00:12:55They're up this morning, low track temperature, 0 look week we'll have opportunities to do two tires stuff.
00:13:01Strategy will be real critical here today.
00:13:05>> Okay.
00:13:05We'll be watching.
00:13:06Good luck, thanks for talking to us.
00:13:10>> In addition to justin allgaier, we will have seven other on board cameras.
00:13:14Ranging from trevor bain, lower right, start on the front row in the 99 car.
00:13:20All of the way back to brendan gaughan, just above him who will start in 41st position.
00:13:28By the way, center top row, kyle busch, winner of three of the last four races in charlotte.
00:13:34We'll be with him throughout the day too.
00:13:36And our over the wall reporter today is austin texas james davis.
00:13:42Jackman for the 15 team, who appropriately enough on this memorial day weekend is veteran of the united states air force.
00:13:50James thank you very much for your service, be safe today.
00:13:53>> All right.
00:13:53Final stories from pit row, let's go to mike massaro.
00:13:57What do you got, michael?
00:13:59>> Speaking with jamie McMURRAY'S CREW CHIEF.
00:14:04Tony eury, sr.
00:14:06They told me they are overdue, got goomt equipment and should be winning races.
00:14:13Thus far they've been shut out.
00:14:15Will today we be the day they got to victory lane.
00:14:18Just after practice, he said since he's been with the team this is the best they've been since they've been in the race.
00:14:24Confidence is high, so is determination.
00:14:27>> Because the sponsor wrote a nice check.
00:14:30They've been able to get the 27 car in all race this year.
00:14:33Only three remain, including today.
00:14:36Also allowed them to get a championship type driver like greg biffle.
00:14:4112 Years in nascar, 20 wins in the nationwide series.
00:14:45They need a new sponsor, p greg hoping to give another sponsor with the win today.
00:14:51P ryan neumann making the second consecutive start.
00:14:55James finch here today.
00:14:56The team has a fast car.
00:14:58A ton of confidence, especially considering the fact they finished second in the first outing together in dover.
00:15:04Speaking with crew chief, mark reno, he told me the team is only scheduled to race seven more times after today's race.
00:15:11However, that could all change depending on what ryan newman wants to do.
00:15:15He said ryan is the driver, guy they want.
00:15:17If he wants to ender more races, they'll give him the car.
00:15:22>> That would probably be a good decision too.
00:15:24Some numbers on the day.
00:15:25Mile and a half track to get three and a half miles.
00:15:29If my math is correct.
00:15:31200 Laps the distance.
00:15:33>> Neumann looks like 55 to 60 laps on fuel.
00:15:36>> And a reminder that our broadcast is available in spanish by activating the s.a.p.
00:15:43Button presented by espn depo deport deportes.
00:15:49After a pretty gloomy forecast all weekend long.
00:15:52The sun is sunshining, temperatures warming into the 80s AND FIELD OF 43 GETTING SET To go 300 miles.
00:15:59The nascar nationwide series is under way!
00:16:29>> Wow, kevin harvick.
00:16:30>> Making his way.
00:16:31>> Check out biffle.
00:16:32Some guys take it easy.
00:16:35Feel this racetrack out.
00:16:37But no such lack there.
00:16:38>> Carl edwards, lap one.
00:16:41Sliding back is trevor bayne in that 99.
00:16:45>> See the number 1.
00:16:46Ryan newman.
00:16:47They were the best cars in practice, kyle busch.
00:16:50They seem to be two of the best cars in the earlier practice sessions.
00:16:57Mention trevor bayne.
00:16:57You know he has a fast race car, he wants to settle in right here.
00:17:02Get himself in position where he feels comfortable right now.
00:17:06>> First ever tie at this raceack.
00:17:07In the nationwide series race from the front row.
00:17:11>> In-race reporter, justin allgaier, three wide.
00:17:15You can go three wide but you better start getting -- >> oh!
00:17:17>> Man.
00:17:22And more trouble, as he comes down the track, and they're stacking up behind him.
00:17:28There's mark green involved in the 70.
00:17:31>> 7 Car in the middle of that storm.
00:17:36Steve harpen, his first race in charlotte.
00:17:39I was thinking, three wide with a guy never been here in the middle.
00:17:42That was not a recipe for good things to happen.
00:17:46>> That's the kind of things, when you're racing, you have to know who you're racing around with.
00:17:52They put him in bad position.
00:17:53I don't think he did anything wrong.
00:17:55He was getting back to the bottom of the racetrack.
00:18:00>> Paul menard that maybe got in to him down the bottom.
00:18:04Paul tried to avoid him.
00:18:05Just caught the left rear.
00:18:08>> Focus on the three wide, going off into the corner.
00:18:11>> I'm not sure it was a contact earlier.
00:18:15>> They were getting down into the corner.
00:18:16It was just like contact.
00:18:18At 180 miles an hour, down in these corners, doesn't take much.
00:18:23>> So mark green and mike wallace, tangle in behind.
00:18:26There it is.
00:18:27>> There's your contact.
00:18:29>> Yeah, paul menard was up there further than I thought he was.
00:18:32That might have been a mistake.
00:18:34He should know that car is there.
00:18:38Release hft responspottership detail.
00:18:40>> It is crowded there.
00:18:42>> It is.
00:18:43A lot happened.
00:18:43>> A couple laps into the race.
00:18:45Caution is out.
00:18:49After steve and paul menard tangle up.
00:18:53We'll come back to charlotte after this message.
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00:21:39!ú!ú!ú!ú!ú!ú!s >>> While we worked the caution in charlotte.
00:21:56We remind you tomorrow the indianapolis 500, telecast presented by
00:22:02New, eastern time on abc.
00:22:03Sunday morning, "nascar now" 9:00 a.m. eastern time.
00:22:06Previewing the 600 here in charlotte on espn2.
00:22:11The nascar nationwide series moves on from today to nashville.
00:22:15Primetime race next saturday night.
00:22:1730 eastern and 00 eastern on espn2.
00:22:21Next weekend.
00:22:22To cap it off next weekend with drag racing.
00:22:26United association, route 66 nhra finals a week from sunday at 4:00 eastern on espn2.
00:22:34>> We're in the first caution of the race that came out a couple laps in, with a rookie driver.
00:22:41Trying to feel his way through.
00:22:43>> A lost racing early on.
00:22:45We have 200 laps.
00:22:46Steve arten was the guy that got put in the middle.
00:22:49He thought he was clear right there.
00:22:51A little mistake on his part.
00:22:53Things are pretty basecy at that point in time.
00:22:56>> Steve has gone to the garage.
00:22:59>> With steve now, steve, you hood a look at the replay there.
00:23:01What was going on with your car and what happened with the contact?
00:23:05>> We got real tight in three and four.
00:23:07 got stuck at the middle.
00:23:12Those guys really digging.
00:23:14Looking at the route play.
00:23:15I came down on 98, looks like i pinched him.
00:23:19Looks like he did everything he can do to not the get in my left corner.
00:23:24I squeezed him too hard.
00:23:26>> Tough weekend for steve.
00:23:29Great qualifying run and quick end to his day.
00:23:32>> It's unfortunate.
00:23:33He needed seat time here, just got himself in a bad spot.
00:23:37>> Three of his four nationwide series starts.
00:23:41Steve arpin is involved in an accident.
00:23:45A tough way to go.
00:23:46>> Early caution, very predictable.
00:23:49>> These guys like to get at it right away, don't they?
00:23:52>> Question is, will the second yellow come before 15 lap?
00:23:56>> Double file restart as we get set to put the auto service 300 powered by car quest back under way.
00:24:17>> Scott everything trouble getting going, and it's going to cause trouble.
00:24:22Annett spin as round, another spin behind him.
00:24:24>> Oh, boy.
00:24:26>> It's the second car of the week for him.
00:24:30What a bad break.
00:24:33>> Ricky stenhouse jr.
00:24:34>> Looks like the 11 car did not get going there.
00:24:37>> Yep.
00:24:38There's the 09 car of chad McCUMBEE.
00:24:43Troubles getting going there.
00:24:45We saw david gilliland, looks like he got away without hitting anything.
00:24:49There's where it all started.
00:24:51>> Transmission problem or might have got the rear end.
00:24:54>> Could be anything in there.
00:24:57Couldn't get a scratch.
00:24:58Has all of the other cars caught up in it.
00:25:02These cars are accelerating really hard.
00:25:06When somebody doesn't go you don't have a lot of time to react.
00:25:09>> That looked like a missed gear and maybe because of something in the transition.
00:25:13Michael arnett is lucky.
00:25:16He got spun around and couldn't get hit.
00:25:19>> Stenhouse is way in the back.
00:25:21He's 3 2rd at the time.
00:25:22By the time the jam-up happens, somebody drives him into the wall.
00:25:27>> jamie McMurray in the 88 did a fantastic job.
00:25:29The situation like that, you're wide open in a throttle.
00:25:33Easy to run over somebody in a hurry.
00:25:35>> On board with stephen wallace.
00:25:38>> He does a great job.
00:25:40Has cars coming on both sides.
00:25:42Avoids that car that is not going.
00:25:46>> This is where stenhouse gets wrinkled up.
00:25:53This is brendan gaughan.
00:25:54>> Yeah, both sides.
00:25:55Significant amount of damage there on the right side.
00:25:59>> That's tough.
00:26:00Those kind of wrecks right there kill me.
00:26:02Not they got a track again getting to the garage.
00:26:07 but it strikes me as funny we had so many carses torn up in the start of this thing.
00:26:15Got to get them hauled off to the garage.
00:26:17Two words, big mess here at charlottmotor speedway.
00:26:22Some manage to avoid the trouble, but a few others didn't.
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00:29:04>>> And welcome back to charlotte motor speedway where we are under caution again fort second time in ten laps inside the pit studio.
00:29:10We'll look at how this happened on the restart as we were just discussing.
00:29:16Double file restarts they make it exciting but this is what causes a little bit of caution.
00:29:20Keep an eye on 11 car with brian scott.
00:29:23>> Seems like brian couldn't get going, spun the cars and jammed up the entire field.
00:29:29Then all chaos broke out.
00:29:30Double file restart strikes again when someone doesn't get going.
00:29:34>> A lost cars taken to the garage.
00:29:38Already two cautions for seven laps, just ten laps completed.
00:29:43Inside the espn pit studio I'm nicole briscoe and brad daugherty.
00:29:48With us, we have a special guest.
00:29:502003 Nationwide series champion.
00:29:52Mr. brian vickers.
00:29:54Thank you for joining us.
00:29:55Of course you were supposed to be in the car today.
00:29:57How are you feeling?
00:29:59>> Thanks for having me.
00:30:01I'm feeling fine.
00:30:02I feel good enough that I want to be in that race car.
00:30:05But unfortunately, I can't be.
00:30:07I'm going to be -- the big kicker is the blood thinner, I'm going to be on blood tin r thinner for six months.
00:30:17>> What will happen as time goes on.
00:30:20Will you ease your way back into this thing?
00:30:22Do you know you're not going to be racing anymore or is there hope you'll be racing after six months time?
00:30:31>> Ill-will be racing after six months.
00:30:34Everything we know so far -- we can't predict the future.
00:30:38I will race after six months.
00:30:40I will race in the daytona 500.
00:30:41It's a good one to come back for.
00:30:46Hopefully I'll be in a nationwide race.
00:30:47>> The countdown is back to green.
00:30:49I think we'll go back to green finally.
00:30:51Brian will be with us all afternoon.
00:30:54Allen bestwick, please, take it away.
00:30:56>> Here's the big question, nicole.
00:30:59How long will be be under green?
00:31:02>> Got a little bit of a halting start.
00:31:04We'll try again as carl edwards will bring this field back to the green.
00:31:08A third time today he'll lead the field to a green flag.
00:31:12This is the third different driver, he's outside for the three restarts.
00:31:16>> He's chosen the inside lane once again, he got two good starts so far.
00:31:21>> Kasey kahne, number 38, is outside.
00:31:30>> Clear, clear.
00:31:31>> All clear.
00:31:32>> Looking high.
00:31:33Looking high.
00:31:35>> 22 -- He's about -- >> one thing I think we've seen in the first three restarts, outside lane is not very trying right now.
00:31:50>> The leader does have advantage on that start.
00:31:52On the outside.
00:31:54You do see that.
00:31:55But looks like they'll be choosing that inside lane.
00:31:58>> Trevor bayne, ryan newman.
00:32:0199 And 1.
00:32:01That's the fifth and sixth spots.
00:32:04>> This is the position you have to be careful as a driver.
00:32:07Getting down in the corners over 185 miles an hour.
00:32:10Air being taken off the spoiler you have to be careful and correct you up into the car on the outside of him.
00:32:15>> Here's the guy that's been on the move in the opening laps.
00:32:19Kevin harvick in 393.
00:32:21Racing for an 11 spot right here.
00:32:24Started back in 18.
00:32:25>> First car out qualifying, probably hurt him somewhat to do that.
00:32:30We didn't see kevin at dover have his typical race.
00:32:33They struggled a bit there.
00:32:35Will be interesting to see if they can rebound from that.
00:32:38This is going to be his last nationwide race a little bit too.
00:32:42>> After carl edwards got away by a couple car lengths.
00:32:46Things are tightening up.
00:32:49>> Brad keselowski, on the outside.
00:32:52Getting an advantage on carl.
00:32:54>> Don't look.
00:32:55Here comes kyle.
00:32:56>> You know you'll be there.
00:32:58>> What we're seeing are the guys fanning out.
00:33:00Running in the top of the racetrack.
00:33:02I think the combination of this racetrack during the day and tire goodyear brought here is going to provide exciting moments for us.
00:33:10>> Oh, boy, that is ryan newman in the 1.
00:33:17Speaking of tucked underneath there goes keselowski.
00:33:19>> If you see carl, he's not going to challenge that move.
00:33:22Later in the race he might get to the outside.
00:33:25Way too early for that for these guy guys.
00:33:31>> So, new leader, brad keselowski, mike.
00:33:34>> And, allen, he's doing it in a little pain, too.
00:33:37For those folk mispaying attention in sbrint cup qualifying early in the weekend, you saw brad keselowski hit the wall hard.
00:33:47Try to have a conversation about pre race introductions.
00:33:50I asked him what hurt, he pointed to his mouth.
00:33:53He can barely talk.
00:33:55Helmet got jammed in his face.
00:33:57His jaw got awfully sore.
00:34:00Fortunately he's letting his car do the talking now.
00:34:03>> And talking well.
00:34:05He's coming forward on steven wallace.
00:34:08, did you ever have that happen?
00:34:11You've been to this racetrack where you lit the wall and hurt things and had to come back and race the next day.
00:34:17>> A long weekend.
00:34:18Brad has 900 miles of hard racing here.
00:34:22This is demanding, because of the banging, set you over in the seat.
00:34:26He's going to have his work cut out.
00:34:28To see justin allgaier make a move on trevor braayne.
00:34:34>> That was the car vickers was scheduled to drive today.
00:34:45Reed sore ensinsen.
00:34:46Reed will take over the races that brian is not able to be in.
00:34:50>> This race car run well with brian was driving it.
00:34:55Reed is going to make the most of it to see if he can get the team to victory lane.
00:35:01>> Behind this group.
00:35:03Clint bowyer at 26.
00:35:04Making a lot of headway towards the front.
00:35:09And allgaier and greg biffle.
00:35:17>> Really making that bod bottom side work.
00:35:18Justin allgaier looks like his car is working the bot o.
00:35:24>> What are they saying about this 12 car?
00:35:25>> This great battle continues.
00:35:2712 Car reported in.
00:35:28A little tight on the bottom.
00:35:30Loose on the top.
00:35:30That's why he chose the bottom.
00:35:33Greg biffle's car has been tight.
00:35:35Not cutting corners.
00:35:36 will you take your car to the top in that case?
00:35:38>> A lot of times you can do that.
00:35:40You want to turn the steering wheel as little as possible.
00:35:43Search around, get a grip too.
00:35:44You don't have to turn the wheel as much.
00:35:46>> Will you take it that far?
00:35:49>> Greg biffle we've seen is fearless, he likes to get up and hang this thing out.
00:35:53He figured out he can make more time.
00:35:55Now he's going by justin allgaier.
00:35:57>> Man, that looks like fun.
00:35:59Oh, my goodness.
00:36:00That's got to be fun, dale.
00:36:02>> This place is a blast.
00:36:04You got a care capable of doing that.
00:36:06It's so much fun.
00:36:08It's a blast to do.
00:36:09>> Three wide behind them and harvick, sorensen and bayne.
00:36:15>> I -- trying to move to the front, but I don't know if three wide is where you want to be.
00:36:22>> I tell you, brian is one of those I've seen up against that wall too.
00:36:26>> You can stick well to that, can't you, brian, getting up there against the wall?
00:36:30>> I tell you, you said it best.
00:36:32When your car is not handling, you have a lot of on the wall.
00:36:36A lot of guys looking for clean track.
00:36:40Something not rubbered up.
00:36:41Still a little grip left.
00:36:42You got to be careful.
00:36:44If you chase the track too far you're right in the mix.
00:36:47>> Do you have to chase h.
00:36:51Getting on the throttle?
00:36:52>> I think you do.
00:36:53You have to change the way you drive the car a lot.
00:36:55Really adapt to the car as well.
00:36:57And you have to pace yourself, be very cautious like racing in darlington every lap.
00:37:02As that car gives up rim and tires start to go away.
00:37:06You have to know that.
00:37:07You don't get tight or loose.
00:37:09You'll hit the wall.
00:37:10That's the key to running up top.
00:37:14Make the minor adjustments as the race goes on.
00:37:17>> Brian vickers, former nascar nationwide series champion joining us in pit studio as we watch the 32 run at the moment in ninth position.
00:37:27Out in front, brad keselowski, only driver currently run anything the top five without nationwide series win.
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00:40:18>>> Major league baseball condition continues on espn tomorrow and the rangers head north to take on the minnesota " 00 eastern, ryan howard and phillies, facing the atlanta braves on espn.
00:40:33Major league baseball espn and espn
00:40:35Sunday and tuesday.
00:40:40And here at charlotte motor speedway, riding along with the young man who started on the outside of the front row, traver BAYNE, TODAY HE SLOPPED TO 14th.
00:40:54>> One word to describe that.
00:40:59N-u-m-b, numb.
00:41:00Now the last caution flag was brought out unfortunately involving brian scott.
00:41:07Brian, looked like some sort of slow restart.
00:41:09What was going on with your car?
00:41:11>> During practice we had a transmission problem.
00:41:16Some bolts left loose.
00:41:17I felt something when I pulled on the racetrack.
00:41:19And transmission was moving around.
00:41:21Came in and figured out the game.
00:41:24They put new bolts in.
00:41:27Unfortunately in nascar you have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt you have a significant problem.
00:41:32You can't just change something.
00:41:33It was questionable.
00:41:34I felt uneasy about the transmission, we couldn't prove it had done damage.
00:41:38Because we ran after that.
00:41:39When you run things as hard as you run in nascar, you test the breaking points of things, unfortunately we found the breaking point in our toyota today.
00:41:49We had a really fast car.
00:41:51Really looking forward and excited to represent the kids in the hospital.
00:41:54I hate that this happened, but unfortunately mistakes can ruin your day.
00:41:59>> Update for brian scott, allen.
00:42:02>> Brian is part of the early parade to the garage in the early laps, all but two of them.
00:42:08Two wrecks, you've got danny o'quinn p-scott, david gilliland, josh weis.
00:42:16Mash green and mike wallace all in the garage, all because of the two wrecks.
00:42:20>> I think they heard how difficult this track was in the race.
00:42:25They didn't want to be part of that.
00:42:27>> WATCHING jamie McMurray, running back in 12th position, mike.
00:42:31>> And allen, talking with his , he told me the big pest challenge today, keeping the car turning.
00:42:39That's exactly what they're experiencing so far.
00:42:43McMURRAY SAYING THEY ARE Challenging the entry.
00:42:48>> Guys, jason leffler had a terrible qualifying effort, he QUALIFIED 40th.
00:42:53But I spoke with him, he told me the car is good.
00:42:56They had a really bad lap.
00:43:00This team looking to get back on track.
00:43:02Had two really solid weeks.
00:43:05Leffler told me he thinks he can battle back in the top five in point this season.
00:43:11>> They gained 28 spots since the start of the race.
00:43:14>> Leffler is a teammate to scott.
00:43:16They were talking about transmission worries on that 10 car.
00:43:22That's something to keep an eye on as this day goes on.
00:43:24>> Watching leader brad keselowski, trying to put a lap down.
00:43:28Best wordsky describe are coming out of my minds while you list ton shannon or ooh, ooh.
00:43:36>> Careful.
00:43:37>> You see a lot of cars struggling, get in a situation like this.
00:43:41Brad is doing a great job being patient not trying to push the issue, he doesn't want to make the guys make a mistake and take him out, then.
00:43:49>> Greg biffle goes by ryan newman, ryan slipped back a little.
00:43:55>> Keselowski was going through the traffic and covering some other story, kasey kahne got up into second place around carl edwards, and in traffic has a race a second and a half deficit to the 22 car.
00:44:08>> He's been careful trying to get by the last cars.
00:44:12This is kasey's opportunity to make up a little guard r ground.
00:44:17>> There's a story on "nascar countdown" on kaseyy's visit to ft. hood.
00:44:29Were and racing in fourth of july weekend.
00:44:38Brian vickers, champion 2003, you were probably doink the same thing I was, careful, careful.
00:44:44>> I was.
00:44:44You see the negative of that situation where he lost a lot of ground that he had on second place.
00:44:53You got to be careful.
00:44:53Get in a situation like that.
00:44:55Mistakes can be easy, pes legs in traffic.
00:44:58Cars not handling well.
00:44:59If you put them in a bad position.
00:45:01You will be in a bad position.
00:45:03>> Justin allgaier passed kyle busch.
00:45:06He's got a good car, but kyle, he's struggling a little in this run.
00:45:10>> Any time you are passing kyle busch, that's a good thing.
00:45:15Really justin allgaier in this race team this, car is moving forward.
00:45:21You see him run the bottom and top.
00:45:23>> Fifth, sixth and seven.
00:45:25, what are you expecting the lap car to do?
00:45:29What plain r lane are you expecting him to give you?
00:45:32>> They tell the lap cars as you're approaching to go to the inside and give you room outside.
00:45:38That's not always the case.
00:45:39You have to pay attention ahead and see what the car is doing.
00:45:42A lot of times they are not handling well because they are sliding up the racetrack.
00:45:46>> You do.
00:45:47A lot is looking ahead.
00:45:49And seeing what they prefer and making sure your car can work around that line.
00:45:54One thing I've done with the spotter, he's good watching ahead and keeping an eye ahead.
00:46:00Seeing which way they prefer to give up to the leaders and that way you give unto him he has a better idea.
00:46:08He relays that information, you make the most of it.
00:46:10>> Joey logano wrestling with some of that traffic, trying to get through as well.
00:46:15Logano run anything the fourth spot in the 20 car.
00:46:18Meanwhile it is brad keselowski in the 22.
00:46:21He took the lead by 16.
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00:49:14>>> It is the tech-net race.
00:49:22Mother nature very much cooperated and brad keselowski enjoy the conditions more than everyone.
00:49:28He's opened up a one-second lead.
00:49:31Look that the for a third spot.
00:49:33>> Look at this.
00:49:34This is what I love about daytime racing.
00:49:37Ok, gets on the top.
00:49:39Passed them both.
00:49:40>> You can see how that move right there just powers you down the straightaway too.
00:49:48Look at that guy's six-car length.
00:49:51>> Justin allgaier threw joey logano to fourth.
00:49:56Back to fifth and off turn four.
00:49:58Kyle busch slowing.
00:50:00Now, we're coming up on what would be green flag pit stops, this would certainly have to be early, wouldn't it?
00:50:07>> A little bit.
00:50:08He's struggling.
00:50:09Needs to get that car adjusted.
00:50:11>> Dave, what do you got?
00:50:13>> Allen, seven laps ago.
00:50:15He came on the radio.
00:50:17Right front feels funny.
00:50:18That's when the crew left.
00:50:20Thought he might come in.
00:50:22Stayed out for another six laps.
00:50:24Then brought the car in.
00:50:25He has been tight, possibly abusing that car.
00:50:30They pulled a rubber from the left rear.
00:50:33Tried to make that car turn r turn better.
00:50:35>> They need to get the car adjusted.
00:50:38Good thing, better driver like kyle busch, said I don't like what he got.
00:50:43You need to fix it.
00:50:44>> Kyle say, you bring it right now.
00:50:48>> There you go.
00:50:48Let's check the perspective for kyle busch, he need this thing r thing to run green until everybody else pits then he's right back in the hunt.
00:50:58>> Yeah, that took a little extra time.
00:51:00They must have had a real problem, a little more to take, probably a second, two seconds more.
00:51:08>> We'll check where kyle falls back in the scoring line in a minute.
00:51:13While we watch.
00:51:14Oh, no, kyle busch.
00:51:15Now it doesn't work in his favor.
00:51:18>> No, this is not good.
00:51:19Too fast exiting.
00:51:20Kyle busch will have to do a pass-through penalty on pit road.
00:51:24>> It was one thing to make an early stop but to get a penalty, this will be a lot harder to dig your way out of, although, to have somebody that can do it, it will be kyle busch and his team.
00:51:36It's not what they are looking for.
00:51:39>> What nascar is telling us, in the second to last segment on pit road.
00:51:4344 miles per hour.
00:51:46>> You're only allowed 50 miles an hour.
00:51:49Come in and do a pass-through penalty in a minute.
00:51:53Kyle is 31st place, a lap down, doing pass-through penalties.
00:51:58Now he got to have work to do.
00:52:12>> Greg biffle run anything third as other lead cars should approach the pit stops, dave.
00:52:14>> Won't be long.
00:52:15One of the most common things we see is a courtroom member.
00:52:18There's two holes there.
00:52:19 craftsman tech garage explains which is which and what they do.
00:52:24>> You see a crew member come from the right side of the car to make an adjustment.
00:52:28When he's at the top of the window, he's adjusting the wedge in the race car.
00:52:32Change in the weight distribution to the right front and left front.
00:52:35But seen back in this area right here, he's actually adjusting the track bar.
00:52:40What that is doing is lowering the track bar, enabling the car to be tighter through the center of the corner and off.
00:52:46>> Only difference for biffle is that the crew member will turn it in a counter clockwise direction raising the track bar, guys.
00:52:57>> It works both ways.
00:52:59You get it higher, it will free the car up.
00:53:02>> There's kyle busch making the pass-through penalty, so we'll see, after the cycle of pit stop, really, if it stays green, we'll really see where this puts him in line.
00:53:12We won't know for maybe ten laps or so.
00:53:15>> One thing that could hurt him is have a caution flag, he'll have all of that distance right now.
00:53:24You seat 10 car, janet.
00:53:25>> Jason leffler pulls the car in.
00:53:27The car is good, you guys, he's move from 40th position, you see they take four tires, no chains for jason leffler, he's happy with that car, guys.
00:53:38>> That's tenth place.
00:53:39First of the leaders beside kyle busch to make the move to pit road.
00:53:45We'll see when some of the others follow.
00:53:47Fur' the crew chief of that lead car, sitting there balancing the fuel mileage calculation, versus the fact you want to stay out as long as you can.
00:53:55>> You don't want to stretch it to where you run out of fuel or make the engine stutter.
00:54:00You'll be a little conservative on the first spot.
00:54:04>> Justin allgaier, ryan newman in 19 will race with him for fifth and sixth place.
00:54:12>> Justin, is coming into the pits now.
00:54:14Seeing the pit stops starting to happen.
00:54:16>> We're coming in tight.
00:54:23So allgaier will give up the sixth position for his pit stop.
00:54:26He watches his teammates continuing to lead the race on the right.
00:54:30Brad keselowski and dave burns covers the 12 stop.
00:54:34>> Our in-race reporter brings it to a stop perfectly on the mark there.
00:54:39For him it was tight on the bottom of the track.
00:54:43You see the team members going to the window.
00:54:44It's a four-tire change for justin allgaier, trying to make two adjustments on it.
00:54:49A little trouble on the front trying to get the lug nuts on.
00:54:52He pulled away a little too soon.
00:54:55Fell off the jack.
00:54:55Now they've got an issue, jacking it back up and trying to get that left rear on.
00:55:00They do.
00:55:01Then they get away from pit road.
00:55:04>> Well, down right now, kevin harvick, this team cannot wait to get out of the month of may, they said these tracks are the worst for harvick, he said he needs more grip on the racetrack.
00:55:16Four cars from the 33 car, he's down and away, guys.
00:55:20>> And the leader, brad keselowski comes on to pit road carl edwards getting service from his team.
00:55:27Got ryan newman in, reed sorenson is in.
00:55:30Mike p-kasey kahne as well.
00:55:33>> Carl edwards still a little tight.
00:55:35Going to make an air pressure adjustment, also will raise the track bar, meanwhile your leader brad keselowski, worried about the sticker cars thinking the car will be loose.
00:55:47Also make air pressure adjustment to the right rear tire on the leader as they complete their stop.
00:55:57>> Clear.
00:55:58>> Trevor bayne is on pit road.
00:56:00That's a four-tire change and chassis adjustment.
00:56:04A new sponsor, meanwhile greg biffle is on pit road.
00:56:10John w cowahl ski will do what we talked about.
00:56:21A little tight, if they lower the track bar to loosen that car up.
00:56:29>> Pit stop continue, joey logano took most lead when brad keselowski and other front returners get it.
00:56:37Here's logano for his stop at number 59.
00:56:41>> Joey logano gives up that position.
00:56:44More chasdy -- a lot of changes being made in these cars.
00:56:47Track bar will go up.
00:56:48Air pressure changed.
00:56:49Car didn't turn well.
00:56:51That's called tight.
00:56:55Brian leaving pit road after overshooting his pit box.
00:57:02>> Looks to me like the last one yet to come in to pit is jamie McMURRAY.
00:57:08Joem nemechek and then we'll cycle back around to kasey kahne who finishes the cycle of pit stop as head of brad keselowski.
00:57:17>> He was the winner.
00:57:18Big loser was the 12 car of justin allgaier.
00:57:21Had a big mistake with the jack coming down.
00:57:24Looks like the car drove off the jack where we're ready.
00:57:29>> Drivers' responsibility is to make sure that you don't let the clufrp out before it is time.
00:57:37SEE jamie McMurray hit bit road.
00:57:39Seems like the 88 cars get the most of any mileage.
00:57:42>> so McMurray is in.
00:57:44Michael and ed also pitted.
00:57:47Joe nemechek has not yet stopped and he will take over the race lead.
00:57:51Joe did stop under one of the first two cautions earlier.
00:57:55So he's got a gallon or two of extra fuel and now joe nemechek heads to pit road as well.
00:58:02>> and McMurray over to the radio.
00:58:04To the crew chief, tony eury jr.
00:58:06Said it is the way it was in practice, very tight.
00:58:09Make a four-tire change, air pressure adjustment and chassis adjustment.
00:58:15Trying to bring that car up.
00:58:16That may change things.
00:58:18THAT'S NOT WHAT jamie McMurray is hoping for.
00:58:21He told me as long as the sun stays out, he'll be okay.
00:58:26>> So that hans the lead to kasey kahne as the cycle of pit stops concludes and casey put himself a little gap on brad keselowski.
00:58:36Check it as they come through the line, scoring cycle is out.
00:58:399 seconds with kasey kahne ahead of keselowski and meantime, kyle busch, cycled back in the pack because of his speeding penalty.
00:58:49We'll check where he runs when we come back.
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01:01:40>>> We are just about at the one third point at today's 300-miler at charlotte motor speedway.
01:01:50Love the blue skies after a rather gloomy forecast.
01:01:52Caskasey kahne in front of this race.
01:01:55Sixth different leader.
01:01:56That's kyle busch, he's about to put a lap down.
01:01:58>> After everybody is talking through the green flag stops.
01:02:04See how the extra pass affected kyle busch.
01:02:07>> I can tell you one thing.
01:02:10Kasey kahne came up close to his back bumper.
01:02:12He moved to the top and pulled back away from kasey kahne.
01:02:16He found something here that might be beneficial for him as we move on.
01:02:20>> A little defense turned offense.
01:02:24>> You see greg biffle use that to his advantage.
01:02:27He's right against the wall.
01:02:28>> Kasey kahne in the 38, since the pit stop has guarded brad keselowski.
01:02:34He's added two seconds to his lead since the pit stop.
01:02:37Meanwhile, this 12 car of justin allgaier, the problem we saw a minute ago, has fallen a little bit back from the field.
01:02:45And now run anything the 11th spot.
01:02:49After this happened on the pit lane.
01:03:08>> Looks like a mistake made by justin allgaier right there.
01:03:12He either let the crust out or possibly had a mechanical issue with the clutch.
01:03:18Definitely off the jack before the pit stop was completed.
01:03:21>> You put us inside the car on one of those pit stops.
01:03:24What are you doing with that clutch pedal?
01:03:28>> Ryan newman going onment outside.
01:03:31Generally most drivers will -- when the jackpot is on the right side.
01:03:35They're going around that's when you kick the clutch in and put it in first gear at that point in time.
01:03:40There's a possibility if they are having a problem.
01:03:42That justin was waiting a little longer.
01:03:45When he put it in here.
01:03:46It jerked it off the jacket at that point in time.
01:03:49Have to be careful on the concrete pit boxes too, that you don't strip the axle, break an axle.
01:03:58Rear end you can mess up.
01:03:59We'll have to see as they get ready to make another pit stop as they have problems with the clutch.
01:04:06>> He had driven his way up towards the front, toward the top five and had that problem.
01:04:11Now an 11 spot.
01:04:14>> Watching this, joey logano race for the fourth and fifth spots as newman put ace lap on steven wallace.
01:04:23>> How about this today, shannon?
01:04:25>> How about it?
01:04:26They started fourth and fell back.
01:04:29The car was really tight.
01:04:30They came down and made a track bar adjustment.
01:04:34Looks like that car came alive interesting thing, ryan newman riding on top.
01:04:40Made it work on cup side.
01:04:42Earned the pole for the sprint cup race tomorrow.
01:04:45Crew chief ryan newman told me he has never seen a driver ride as high on the track as ryan newman did and has this weekend.
01:04:53>> It's worked for him.
01:04:55>> It's crazy.
01:04:56We saw that the other night.
01:04:58It's unxwleevable.
01:04:59You always had to be on the white line running around this racetrack to really go fast.
01:05:04This shows you a race driver with the feel of the car, and feel for speed that ryan newman has that he was able to adjust to that and see what he needed to do.
01:05:14>> That's one thing, the tires wear down and see it really well.
01:05:20Qualifying, that was different.
01:05:20>> And, by the way, sign of a good race team, when it almost doesn't seem to matter who is in their car, they are running well.
01:05:27They won the race with mike bliss, running well, eighth driveer in that 1 car since they won the race a year ago.
01:05:37>> Kyle busch, trying not to go a lap down to kasey kahne.
01:05:42>> He's going to make kasey learn this.
01:05:44He's not going to give him the top side.
01:05:47 kyle had a few lap on this.
01:05:52Might have to plant a sprint car slabs on him.
01:05:59>> He know whose it to do.
01:06:01>> Kasey does.
01:06:02>> He really shows up on the looks like he has 20 30rks more horse how power than the 38 does.
01:06:11That's not the case.
01:06:11Get a good run up there and make that much difference.
01:06:17>> Today, they pit thad 18 car early.
01:06:21Because kyle felt something up in the right fcorner.
01:06:24What are they saying now?
01:06:25>> Trying to make adjustments on the car, as he gets into the yellow car right there.
01:06:29The problem is, it's a little bit tighter right now than it was earlier.
01:06:33They tried to adjust against that.
01:06:35Unfortunately went further to the tight side, shannon.
01:06:37>> Kasey kahne started this race.
01:06:39He was tight.
01:06:40They made an air pressure adjustment.
01:06:42Now he said the car has gone to a free side.
01:06:46I asked him what he thought about this track.
01:06:49Obviously he had so much success.
01:06:51On the cup side, I've figured it out.
01:06:53I struggled getting the handling down.
01:06:56Guy, I don't think he's struggling today at all.
01:06:59>> Shannon, there are many time us can say kasey kahne struggled at charlotte motor speedway.
01:07:05Three sprint cup wins here.
01:07:07He's won the sprint cup all-star race.
01:07:10One nationwide series races.
01:07:11He does okay.
01:07:12>> He does pretty well.
01:07:14Really fit the driving style well.
01:07:15I think it goes back to the sprint car days, where he drives it, you know he doesn't overdrive the corner getting in.
01:07:24He'll be back to the throttle early, driving the car around and making the straightaway.
01:07:29I wanted dave burns and everyone else to know.
01:07:32When m that was running up.
01:07:34Andy about fell off his stool in the booth too.
01:07:38>> Kasey kahne out in front of brad keselowski by seven seconds.
01:07:41Doing okay.
01:07:42dosomething fans.
01:07:43I want kyle busch in a pink car in a pink suit.
01:07:47And now be our sponsors.
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01:08:02No, write that on the spoiler.
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01:10:24>>> Danica patrick going side by side with wheldon, she'll bed leader.
01:10:28>> For a moment all is right with the world.
01:10:30Danica patrick leading the indianapolis 500.
01:10:33>> Here story will certainly be told for days to come.
01:10:36>> Expect more drama and excitement when the indianapolis 500 returns on abc.
01:10:40SUNDAY, MAY 30th.
01:10:47>> It is a huge weekend of racing.
01:10:50Back here at charlotte motor speedway getting things kick off on memorial.
01:10:58This race being led by caskasey kah kahne, what stands out for you guys?
01:11:02>> I think what is interesting how fast kasey kahne has been.
01:11:08He's really blazing a trail.
01:11:10Ryan muman a little bit.
01:11:12Good racing after the next pit stop.
01:11:15I believe.
01:11:15>> What's interesting, they practiced and qualifying two very good track temperatures, some guys good in both.
01:11:24Ryan muman, brad keselowski and kasey kahne.
01:11:29>> Got to pick up spots, what do you think?
01:11:31>> The guys are taking this moment.
01:11:35Really trying to prepare the car for the race.
01:11:37Figure out what they need to do the best job they can.
01:11:41Kahne has really come on strong.
01:11:46He's really come off good.
01:11:4827 Of biffle, strongest car for the last 20 laps in that first run.
01:11:53They expect him to come up and challenge.
01:11:56Came for the lead during this run.
01:11:59>> Let's get you caught up to speed on everyone that's run anything the top five.
01:12:04Starting with shannon spake who got kasey kahne.
01:12:07>> Think back to october, kasey kahne came very close to winning the race he won a lot of laps.
01:12:15But flag flagged because he had a window net problem.
01:12:18Right now he's leading this race.
01:12:20Car has been good on the free side.
01:12:26Started pit, took the lead after pit, and is not looking back.
01:12:29>> Keselowski has a window of opportunity to win the championship.
01:12:32Is the championship leader but in light of recent new, kyle busch and kevin harvick will not be running for the title.
01:12:39You might think keselowski is complacent.
01:12:42If not just the opposite.
01:12:43I spoke to him before the race.
01:12:45I'm more motivated than ever.
01:12:48I don't want anybody to say, if I win this championship.
01:12:52Kyle or kevin would have run it.
01:12:54He wants to run away with it.
01:12:55>> Ryan neumann for the second race in a row.
01:12:58Call the garage in weekend and ask wheat the number one -- what the fastest car out there was, a lot of teams would say number 1 car.
01:13:06I asked the team, do you have the fastest car, he said it's fast but you never know what can happen in the race.
01:13:15The hanning is off but ever since that pick-up -- >> let's get vickers question.
01:13:21What happened to biffle.
01:13:24Track bar and air pressure stop.
01:13:27After he got on the track.
01:13:28He said air pressure makes his car wobblily and darty after the stop.
01:13:34As for joey logano, he's running behind harvick and wondered how he's beating him on the racetrack.
01:13:42Beating him rolling through the center.
01:13:44As soon as that happened logano made the pass and holds position.
01:13:47 38 kasey kahne in trouble.
01:13:51>> Kahne, the race leader in turn three and four, is he coming to pit row, he is.
01:14:0011-Second lead in second place.
01:14:01For an unscheduled stop just shy of halfway.
01:14:05>> Doesn't look like a tire issue.
01:14:08Well, maybe it is.
01:14:09If I was -- looks like he may have something in the left rear, shannon.
01:14:16>> Right now, kasey kahne saying he thinks it might be a battery.
01:14:19You see the car on bit road.
01:14:23What a terrible break for the 38 team.
01:14:24You can see them going to work.
01:14:26They are working on the back left side of this race car, they have a battery, guys.
01:14:32>> They I don't know how they diagnosed that that quick.
01:14:35Will take a while to get the battery changed at least a couple laps under green.
01:14:40That's sad, man.
01:14:41>> He had an 11-second lead on second place.
01:14:45Okay, if I'm on the box, I think get it done.
01:14:50Bedelivered, get this thing done.
01:14:51Lose a couple laps, even three laps.
01:14:53Got a fast lap car, only about halfway through this thing.
01:14:56Our day is not over with.
01:14:57Get this thing done and get out of here.
01:14:59>> You got to get it back on the track.
01:15:02Without going multiple laps down.
01:15:05>> They are sitting a while.
01:15:06This is not what you want to see.
01:15:12Obviously they tried other things.
01:15:16Ignition box.
01:15:16Developed a miss of some kind.
01:15:18Started to slow down a little bit.
01:15:20Among other things that you are able to do with the driver inside the car, working -- >> okay, he's gone.
01:15:29See how laps it cost.
01:15:30That's a tough break.
01:15:31That's a fast race car.
01:15:33Things never break when you're running -- >> they always break when you're leading.
01:15:39Right now he's two laps down and workinging on a third.
01:15:41As he goes at speed limit.
01:15:44Brad keselowski continue on racetrack.
01:15:47Here comes the 22 car.
01:15:49If he catches it that put has kahne on third lap down.
01:15:53 22 car keselowski.
01:15:571 Car of biffle.
01:16:02They're also calving brad a little bit.
01:16:03>> See him coming into the pitcher here around third base.
01:16:13He's back on the lead lap.
01:16:14That 99 car that you see there.
01:16:16He is the first car a lap down at this point.
01:16:20>> He's coming.
01:16:21I see a wig million coming out of turn four, that lap.
01:16:32Trevor pain had a great qualifying run.
01:16:35Really struggling with the race set up.
01:16:38That 22 car in the first run of the race was so strong, him soef built that big lead.
01:16:47There went kasey kahne.
01:16:49>> He didn't get into the wall that time.
01:16:51>> He caught a piece of the wall, if he didn't he put a piece of paper there felt a little bit in dover.
01:17:01They got really, really loose.
01:17:03Had a hard time catching up.
01:17:05Got a seventh place finish, after brad spun out.
01:17:15He ndominated part of that race.
01:17:16He wasn't a factor.
01:17:17>> While we are watching greg biffle, let's see if he did catch the wall a minute ago.
01:17:21>> Down the middle of turn three and four.
01:17:25>> He definitely got a good piece of it.
01:17:27>> Exactly right.
01:17:28You keep messing around up there.
01:17:31Your margin for error is so small.
01:17:34>> While that's going on this.
01:17:35Is for the lead.
01:17:36Ryan newman run down brad keselowski in traffic and he's going to go after him right here.
01:17:43>> Just see biffle behind him.
01:17:44Not too far.
01:17:46Not lost a lost ground.
01:17:48>> Talk about james, not going to run this year.
01:17:52But I guarantee they'll be back in charlotte.
01:17:55They have to work here regardless who is driving the car.
01:17:59>> I think james is having fun now.
01:18:01He wants to enjoy this race.
01:18:03No better way to do it than be up front.
01:18:05>> I mentioned brian scott.
01:18:09He's back on the racetrack.
01:18:11Steve ardin is back on the racetrack as well after the problems earlier in the event.
01:18:17So, keselowski able to hold on in the lead.
01:18:20Newman second, biffle third, logano third.
01:18:24Leffler fifth.
01:18:25Only 12 car on the lead lap.
01:18:26Kyle busch is still one of them in eighth spot.
01:18:29Not going to count him out yet.
01:18:31He's still on the lead lap, not knocking around on the number ararararararararararararararararararararararararara xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx >>> Welcome back to the nascar nationwide series in charlotte.
01:21:27You'll notice the pace car in front of the field.
01:21:30Caution for the third time in debris in turn number three.
01:21:35That gives trevor bayne the aaron's lucky dog free pass.
01:21:39He'll get sent around the pace car a little bit and get back on a lap.
01:21:47We were coming unon a set of green flag shots.
01:21:51This will give everybody a chance at adjusting the cars.
01:21:54>> A lot need adjusting.
01:21:56You see the one car running behind brad keselowski.
01:21:59You see a lot of leaders coming here off them.
01:22:04>> Hey, guy, ryan newman gives up second place, comes down pit road.
01:22:10Says the car was tight on the end of the run.
01:22:12They make a track bar adjustment.
01:22:14Four tires for ryan newman in that one car.
01:22:19>> He need a trip to the body shop.
01:22:21Tug on the fenders.
01:22:22Will be a four-tire change.
01:22:25Mostly tight for biffle right now.
01:22:26>> Brad keselowski loose, center off, they make a chassis adjustment, air pressure adjustment as well.
01:22:33Four sticker tires this time around for the leader as they work on the left side of the car, they take a fuel load of sun ne sunoco race fuel.
01:22:50And they're off.
01:22:50>> Logano.
01:22:52Up two, leffler up two.
01:22:54>> One you don't see.
01:22:57A slow stop.
01:22:59>> Let's follow up with ryan newman and where he winds up.
01:23:04Brad keselowski leading just past halfway.
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01:25:38>>> We are back under caution at charlotte motor speedway.
01:25:40Which is fitting.
01:25:42That's pretty much how this race started.
01:25:44Lap two, the rookie, steve ardin finds himself in the wall.
01:25:50>> Steve gets down behind paul me snard.
01:25:53Tears up his race car, we're off to a rocky start.
01:25:57>> Double file restart, led to more trouble this.
01:26:01For brian scott in the 11.
01:26:03Two caution force eight laps in the first ten laps and led to eight cars in the garage.
01:26:07>> You saw the double file restart back-up.
01:26:12Big problems.
01:26:13And here you see kasey kahne, battery trouble.
01:26:17This is a problem, they have really good car, really fast cars.
01:26:22Can't put a whole race together.
01:26:23This is the issue that's going to hurt him.
01:26:26>> He has an 11-second lead.
01:26:28He was gone.
01:26:29>> Unexpected problem with the battery with the lead.
01:26:34He led at that point 29 laps.
01:26:36That's the five-hour energy rapid recap.
01:26:40Under caution so far.
01:26:42Brad keselowski is dictating for a while.
01:26:46Seems to have it under control.
01:26:47>> Familiar suspect.
01:26:48Had that really hard crash in practice, really digging in and running hard.
01:26:52>> It is.
01:26:52He's got a good car.
01:26:54But I tell you who has the best car on the racetrack.
01:26:58He was picking off incredible laps.
01:27:01Because he was running up the racetrack, he found something.
01:27:053 tens faster than anybody.
01:27:08>> This is a guy that was penalized for speeding in bit road at the beginning of the race.
01:27:14When it comes down to it, what are the guys learning on the track that may come in to play.
01:27:18These laps -- oh, 90-some laps.
01:27:22>> They learn about the race car, what they need, adjustments.
01:27:26A lot what they're doing, kyle busch saw something there when he was forced to find it when he didn't have it before.
01:27:32That's something that comes up later in the race.
01:27:34>> What about greg biffle in the 27 car.
01:27:36He's been running the high line all day long.
01:27:40Made contact with the wall a bit earlier.
01:27:43He's in fourth right now.
01:27:44>> You know that last adjustment they made, they hurt the car a little.
01:27:48I'm sure they come back from that.
01:27:50The one that concerns me about the 27 car.
01:27:53It only happened in one group.
01:27:54That's going to limit his possibilities.
01:27:56But he has been really good.
01:27:59P brian vickers is the session guest.
01:28:06A.b., what do you have up there?
01:28:08>> I have former tire changer, to find out what sent ryan newman from second to 12.
01:28:15>> We'll see right now.
01:28:16Right tire changer has a problem.
01:28:19Has to take time to put them back on.
01:28:21This takes forever.
01:28:22You feel this is taking you a week to put them back on.
01:28:25Cost them a good place in the order right here.
01:28:27They were running second when they made this stop and now they are 12th on the restart, or 11th now.
01:28:34>> I can promise you, as long as you feel you're tire changer.
01:28:38You're only getting madder by the second.
01:28:41>> Newman in 12th instead of second.
01:28:44Brad keselowski with joey logano to the outside on the restart.
01:28:52>> Clear, clear.
01:28:54Clear, clear. two, man, two, man.
01:28:56>> Middle three.
01:28:57Middle three.
01:29:10All clear.
01:29:11>> Look out.
01:29:12That had potential to get ugly.
01:29:13Nice job everyone, to get through there.
01:29:16>> That's restarts can get pretty exciting.
01:29:19Most of these guys found with this car, they don't have as much static.
01:29:22Their cars are really tight.
01:29:25>> Kyle busch get into the back of jason leffler right there.
01:29:32>> Looks like leffler is as fast as he wanted to go.
01:29:35>> Keep an eye on the 18 car.
01:29:37Vickers talking a minute ago before the caution.
01:29:40Lap times being run by this 18.
01:29:42Right now kyle is in fifth place and he wants to get to the front.
01:29:47>> Sometimes you find that's something that worked for you, not necessarily by accident but forced into a situation, as brian was talk asking whenever kasey kahne came up to try to put kyle busch a lap down, he moves to the top side of the racetrack to try to go faster.
01:30:02He found that group working for him.
01:30:05I think he's being a little conservative on the newer cars then he'll move to the top.
01:30:09>> I've seen that too with greg biffle.
01:30:13Making a lot of ground on the hyali hyaline.
01:30:15Sometimes you see these guys go to the bottom for five, six, eight, ten laps.
01:30:20>> And, you know, we talked at the beginning of this rape.
01:30:23How temperature sensitive this track is.
01:30:25Watch the cars go off in turns three and four.
01:30:29A little shade in that end of the racetrack for a moment.
01:30:31I can't see out there if it's just a cloud or what.
01:30:35If that gets into the sun, that can change the whole thing around for these guys.
01:30:40>> You have to be will as a driver to adjust all of this.
01:30:44Here's carl edwards battling with ryan newman.
01:30:48Time to make a few adjustments during the last pit stops.
01:30:53Neumann trying to make up for the lost time.
01:30:55>> Clint bowyer in the 216789 announcement made by richard childress racing that the sponsorship agreement has been revised.
01:31:05Clint bowyer is going to run another eight races with jack speed's sponsorship.
01:31:10Now the childress team looking for a primary sponsor for this car for a number of races from later this year, as jack speed will go to an associates role for that car.
01:31:22Remember john west townley was the driver for the start of the season.
01:31:26His family has a relationship with that company.
01:31:29>> Guys racing it hard right there.
01:31:31Got close coming out of turn four.
01:31:33>> I'm telling you, this gets tight right here.
01:31:36>> Newman has the better car.
01:31:38Gets the advantage off turn two.
01:31:39>> It was getting dicey there.
01:31:42>> Justin allgaier part of that too.
01:31:44Made a nice run in top five during the first run.
01:31:47>> And on the left side of the picture, this, for the lead.
01:31:50Joey logano, trying to get underneath brad keselowski.
01:32:01I won't give you one of those that was the last lap.
01:32:04>> I don't know who lead it if that was the last lap.
01:32:08>> Joey logano doing a nice job.
01:32:10He wasn't the best in the first two runs.
01:32:13Obviously they made the car a lot better, more competitive.
01:32:17He's ready to go to the front.
01:32:19>> That's one of the things i liked about him.
01:32:21He really gets his car getter and better and better.
01:32:24He's got a good feel for it and communicating well to the crew chief.
01:32:28>> And through.
01:32:29So, joey logano going to lead this race at latch 115.
01:32:39" >> crew chief told joey after that pit stop before they went green.
01:32:44I got a good feeling about the direction we're going, because it helped you a little earlier.
01:32:48And 18, your teammate, kyle busch was doing the same thing, he was the fastest during that session.
01:32:55Brian vickers, only one that saw that, new the 18 was good.
01:33:03Kevin kidd has privy to the information that got him that way.
01:33:04>> Logano up front for the second time.
01:33:07Led laps during the exchange of green flag pit stops earlier back around laps 58 and 59.
01:33:13So, logano, keselowski, biffle, lever letter and kyle busch, top five, ryan newman up.
01:33:21Caskasey kahne got a lot of work to do.
01:33:24We'll come back to charlotte in a minute.
01:33:25You're watching espn on abc.
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01:36:05>>> The memorial day weekend, always a huge one in the motorsports world.
01:36:09Especially in indianapolis, with THE RUNNING OF THE 54th -- THE 94Th indianapolis 500.
01:36:20Izod series.
01:36:21Starting at noon tomorrow, weather forecast is great.
01:36:24 eastern tomorrow morning with pre race coverage for tomorrow's coca-cola sprint supplement series race.
01:36:31Nascar nationwide series race moves to nashville.
01:36:34Saturday prime time coverage 30 eastern and race presented by pennzoil, often espn2.
01:36:43 united association route 66 nhra nationals.
01:36:49SUNDAY, JUNE 6th, ESPN2.
01:36:51Tochbs racing coverage on the way for you.
01:36:53On espn and abc networks.
01:36:56Watching the race for the lead.
01:36:58>> Craig: On the tech-net auto service 300 powered by car quest, joey logano leading roger penske's 22, drink by brad keselowski, heavy hitters there, don't look now.
01:37:11Here comes, third place, greg biffle, just two car lengths behind.
01:37:20>> Then you have this car here.
01:37:20Jason leffler.
01:37:21OUTSTANDING JOB, 40th POSITION On the start now in the fourth spot.
01:37:25>> He was up trying to pass greg biffle, going for that third spot.
01:37:30Biffle got on it again.
01:37:33Got his car righted.
01:37:34Now biffle trying to go for the lead here shortly.
01:37:36>> Right in that rim is greg biffle in the 27 car.
01:37:41Something, looks like on the radio of the car.
01:37:45The windshield tear came off another car.
01:37:46>> Got the clear shields, they put on the windshield, they can tear them away.
01:37:53Looks like somebody's came off.
01:37:54But it's stuck on an antenna.
01:37:56>> They keep running like this.
01:37:57Everyone is going to want one.
01:38:00>> Looks like he's doing pretty well.
01:38:05>> There's some crew chief saying, I wonder if that's good for mrm downforce.
01:38:07>> They'll be trying it in the wind tun toll be what it does.
01:38:11Biffle gets on the move.
01:38:13>> This guy hit the recall r wall a moment ago.
01:38:15>> Whatever it was.
01:38:16Came off his roof.
01:38:17>> Let's see if it runs in fast the next lap.
01:38:20>> Yeah.
01:38:22Up to second spot.
01:38:23Riding the rim around this racetrack.
01:38:25Old richard petty lines.
01:38:27>> Look at this.
01:38:28>> They have it.
01:38:30>> How about that?
01:38:33>> And what a story it would be if this 27 car could win the race today.
01:38:38This is the baker curve racing team based out of nashville.
01:38:46The sponsor they have on the car, basically has to come off the car after this weekend.
01:38:48A change in regulations, governing the advertising of smokeless tobacco means that the sponsor of this car can't sponsor this car anymore after the 1st of june.
01:38:59Sponsorship deal comes off.
01:39:01Greg biffle's last race scheduled for today.
01:39:04Unless they find more sponsorship.
01:39:06They run the next few races, they they got a lot of thins in the pipeline in this economy and day.
01:39:12It's great to have a lot of them in the pipeline.
01:39:17It's nothing unless you have the check in hand.
01:39:18>> A win today will go a long way towards helping solidify those.
01:39:21They've done a nice job putting this race team together.
01:39:29>> That's the high line.
01:39:30Greg biffle got us up here watching very carefully.
01:39:33Brian vickers down with us in the pit studio.
01:39:36Brian is he afraid of slipping when he's that close to the wall?
01:39:39>> I can promise you it's on his mind.
01:39:42He's got a lot of grip up there.
01:39:43What they did during the last run, they got it back out of him h. putting up really good laps.
01:39:49You made mention earlier, him going to the bottom and then the top.
01:39:53On new tire, everyone has a lot of grip.
01:39:55Hard to make up new ground m.
01:39:58Those tires wear, and starts getting tighter and tighter.
01:40:01That's when you see biffle's car get better and better.
01:40:05Really carries a lot of moment umt on top.
01:40:08It's making a difference right now.
01:40:10>> Logano not willing to give that up.
01:40:14>> See biffle slip a little bit as he went along kenny wall larks looks like he might have got in the corner hard.
01:40:19>> Looks like kenny wallace took the angle away getting into turn three.
01:40:24That broke his momentum and let joey logano get the lead back.
01:40:30>> Ryan newman was second go on to pit road at the last set of caution flag stops.
01:40:36CAME OFF IN PIT ROAD IN 12th.
01:40:39Hasn't made up a lot of track.
01:40:42>> He loses the spots on pit road.
01:40:44That's why the crew chiefs pull their hair out.
01:40:47>> Amazing how much difference your car drives when you get back in traffic.
01:40:51Makes the car react differently.
01:40:53Makes it hard to go forward, shannon.
01:40:55>> The team came over the radio.
01:40:57Said shake it off guy, we cannot let that happen again in this race.
01:41:01The guys we talked about.
01:41:04Two fitire, four tires, track position.
01:41:07Listening on the radio there may be gambling going on.
01:41:11Thinking of taking two tires in the pit stop.
01:41:14>> They have to think about that.
01:41:16They don't have a lot of time left.
01:41:19They have to try something to get the track position back.
01:41:24>> A lot depends when they get that track position.
01:41:27>> If we continue, I say that would be a gamble that you take.
01:41:31You see the tires hold up.
01:41:33Two tires saves you a bit of time on pit road.
01:41:36>> And just behind clint bowyer, jamie mcmurray in 12th position is also on the lead lap.
01:41:4468 Laps to go.
01:41:45Joey logano, greg biffle fighting it to the lead.
01:41:48Back to charlotte after this clustersfrom 100% natural nuts and granolain bite sized clusters.
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01:42:44[ Male Announcer ] WHAT WILL YOU DESIGN?
01:44:36>>> Caution just came out at charlotte motor speedway.
01:44:40Triv earp pain, trying to get to pit road that didn't work out.
01:44:44>> Obvious damage on the right-hand side.
01:44:47Looked like it happened in the middle of one and two.
01:44:50Trying to get to pit road.
01:44:51I think he got there a little too quick and lost it.
01:44:54Brought the caution out.
01:44:55>> Yellow for the fourth time in this race.
01:44:58HE WAS 13th, XWAIN WAS.
01:45:00And last car on the lead lap.
01:45:01Remember, he got the lucky dog in that last caution back in lap 104.
01:45:06Think we can see what happened here?
01:45:08>> That's when he was trying to get to pit road.
01:45:10He carried too much speed on the apron here.
01:45:14And with the damage.
01:45:19>> That looked a little weird, though.
01:45:21>> Definitely did.
01:45:22>> By the time he got to there.
01:45:24He should have been able to save it.
01:45:26>> This is going into n to turn one.
01:45:29>> A few times there.
01:45:32>> They did a lot of damage to the right side.
01:45:37>> So, as mentioned, trevor was 13th and on the lead lap at this point.
01:45:42Here come the leaders to pit road for stops, at what will be lap 139.
01:45:49>> Allen, jason leffler said the car is good.
01:45:50No change, four tires only.
01:45:55>> 27 Car, greg biffle running in second.
01:45:57Come in for four tires on his pit stop.
01:46:01Joey logano coming in for four.
01:46:04May be the last change.
01:46:06>> Prior to the last stop.
01:46:08Brad keselowski real loose.
01:46:10This time the opposite position.
01:46:13Four tires changes.
01:46:17Brad keselowski away.
01:46:19>> Kyle busch, how about that 18 team.
01:46:21>> Wow, four tires too.
01:46:23>> Talk about it being hard to pass people on the track.
01:46:25>> That's the way you do it.
01:46:27>> Yes, sir.
01:46:28Kyle busch, winner of the last three of four here.
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01:49:07>>> One lap away from the restart as we cover the nascar nationwide series at charlotte.
01:49:13com for the latest nascar information.
01:49:16More caution in the race brought out when trevor bayne spotted in the turn four.
01:49:24Kyle busch cops off pit lane as the new race leader.
01:49:30And caution flag giving ickler.
01:49:3513Th spot in the first drive.
01:49:38Doing a nice job today.
01:49:40Looks like you kind of settle him in.
01:49:44Makes the car look like a little bit better each time they adjust.
01:49:47>> Let's talk about kyle busch picking up three spots on pit road a second ago, andy.
01:49:53>> Kyle busch got one of the best pit cruce.
01:49:55Tire changers getting it done.
01:49:58They beat logano's team by a second on the right side.
01:50:01A few mints on the left.
01:50:0313-Second spot gained three spots.
01:50:05That's critical at this point.
01:50:07>> Kyle will be to the inside of joey logano for the restart.
01:50:11Joe gibbs racing won five of the last six series racials.
01:50:16There's the two guys on the front row with 58 laps to go.
01:50:20No surprise.
01:50:20>> No surprise.
01:50:21They might have their work cut out for them today.
01:50:25Keselowski has a fast car.
01:50:26Biffle showing that.
01:50:27>> Can they make it from here, andy?
01:50:30>> It's going to be tight.
01:50:32They possibly could with cautions.
01:50:34Biffle and logano have history, so -- might see a little hard racing between these two.
01:50:45>> Right behind harvick -- >> kyle busch gets clear.
01:51:05Joey logano, brad keselowski for second.
01:51:09Greg biffle trying to come and join the party.
01:51:12Xwifl to the outside, for logano.
01:51:15>> He's through to third.
01:51:20>> Quick mention, while we watch some of this close racing up front.
01:51:23Can different drivers, take the wave around before the restart above kasey kahne, who did not hit r pit on this caution.
01:51:31To try and get one of the laps back.
01:51:34Remember, kasey so dominant earlier, he is in 20th spot and still a lap down.
01:51:40>> There's the 38th car.
01:51:53So kyle busch, just joining us, way back in lap 48.
01:51:56Dove on to pit road.
01:51:57Short pitted under green.
01:51:59Felt something funny with his car.
01:52:01Made the green flag pit stops, but got fine ford speeding exiting the pit lane.
01:52:09He had to go in the back and left him in 21st spot.
01:52:13Stayed on the lead lap and now he's leaving the racial.
01:52:16>> He had to work for it.
01:52:18Stayed in front of kasey kahne.
01:52:20Found a little bit of something with the line that picked him up quite a bit.
01:52:24Then the next run, he was so-so.
01:52:26Right now, he got the lead because the pit crew did such a good job.
01:52:29See if he can hold it.
01:52:31>> Keselowski down the inside.
01:52:33Brad's car, a couple of laps come in.
01:52:36Air pressure comes up a little bit.
01:52:40>> Kyle busch, looks like they might have made another adjustment on that car.
01:52:43As they said, he was about fourth place last time.
01:52:47>> That's one thing, they are good at.
01:52:49Even if they're leading the race by four, five seconds.
01:52:53They make changes on that stop.
01:52:55Kyle is good giving the feedback.
01:52:57>> As you talked about in the beginning of the day.
01:52:59Team that won the race today, they will work on the car all race long.
01:53:04>> Kyle has definitely done that.
01:53:06See how it goes.
01:53:07God a good race shaping up.
01:53:09>> The 22 car, looks like he's getting strong at the end too.
01:53:13>> Kyle doing his job from the drivers seat too.
01:53:16Move add round on the racetrack, they were going to find out where they are running the best.
01:53:26>> See, they kind of run the bottom.
01:53:29This is when the fires fresh.
01:53:30We see biffle.
01:53:31He's been really good on the top.
01:53:33Seems like they have to run the few laps before they take over.
01:53:39Justin allgaier making his way to the top five now.
01:53:41>> They had a problem on pit road with the jack.
01:53:44He drove off the jack before the tires were changed.
01:53:47Cost them a lot of position there's.
01:53:50Made a lot up so far, though.
01:53:52>> That was back in lap 54, digging out of that hole ever since.
01:53:57McMURRAY, 88, NEWMAN IN ONE.
01:53:59Bowyer in the one.
01:54:01TENTH, 11st AND 12th.
01:54:03>> Don't forget, ryan newman -- he almost the same thing, had lug nuts off the right front.
01:54:10He's not been able to make the ground up.
01:54:12>> Another, one point in time was the lap down.
01:54:15jamie McMurray got himself in the top ten, then.
01:54:18>> Last right in this car for McMURRAY FOR TIME BEING, Nationwide series goes off for the separate stretch of racing.
01:54:26Second weekend in nashville.
01:54:28Kentucky speedway.
01:54:29And wisconsin, while the sprint cup series goes to pocono, michigan and sonoma.
01:54:36A lost young driversers get an opportunity.
01:54:39For example, next week, 88 car, will see new faces.
01:54:43>> Preferably the 88.
01:54:46A lot of drivers make for good racing too.
01:54:49>> Here's the second place.
01:54:51>> Brad keselowski and joey logano.
01:54:57>> Looks like at one point in this race, we talked about brad might have lost the angle of his car.
01:55:03Might everybody a set of tire on the car that wasn't totally agreeing with him.
01:55:07Obviously adjusted well from that.
01:55:09Now up here battling logano for the second spot.
01:55:13See how difficult it is?
01:55:15Really have to make a good run.
01:55:17>> One thing they're dealing with.
01:55:19What allen brought up a while ago -- oh, that was close.
01:55:22What allen brought up a while ago.
01:55:24Turn four had shade on it.
01:55:27Now the sun shining back on it.
01:55:29I think they are going to struggle with that.
01:55:32>> And the sun goes behind the condos.
01:55:35Here's a challenge here.
01:55:36The sunshine on this racetrack, as you talked about at the top of the show the biggest challenge on the circuit.
01:55:43>> It's like a switch.
01:55:45When the sun hits the track it changes everything dramatically, way more than any track we go to.
01:55:51>> Logano trying to make the crossover move.
01:55:53Coming back to the inside.
01:55:55Guess what, as a driver, you feel like you've accomplished a lot when you're able to run good.
01:56:00Win races here because of the difficulty that you have with all of these challenges presented to you throughout the day.
01:56:08>> Really tests your patience, doesn't it?
01:56:11>> It really, really does.
01:56:12>> I wasn't think of keselowski.
01:56:15Logano came roaring back.
01:56:16Had to work his way behind.
01:56:19The wave-around didn't work out for kasey kahne.
01:56:22Didn't get the caution.
01:56:25He had the pit under the green flag.
01:56:27What a shame -- >> we had to take a shot at it.
01:56:30Was able to get a caution, didn't get it.
01:56:32Tough day.
01:56:33>> He had been in the wall.
01:56:36>> By the way, while we're watching all of the good racing for second, third and fourth.
01:56:42Kyle busch gabbed them.
01:56:44Second and a half on this race for second place.
01:56:49A moment ago, on pit road.
01:56:5262 Car p-driver brendan gaughan, while on the racetrack, brendan was trying to fight off the effects of what we suspect is carbon monoxide.
01:57:04Remember, his car was in an accident in lap number seven.
01:57:10Damaged some fenders which could have knocked the crush panels loose that sealed the fumes from getting in the car on the last pit stop a minute ago.
01:57:21In place by chase miller, who is substituting behind the wheel, and for more on pit road, let's go to shannon spake.
01:57:28>> Well, allen, right now they are still working on the 62 car.
01:57:32Chase miller, they are trying to locate him to get him into the car.
01:57:35That's what the team has told me.
01:57:37Yes, it was carbon monoxide, i spoke with brendan gaughan when he climbed out of the car.
01:57:42He looked okay.
01:57:43But because of the damage on the car, he's sucking the fumes.
01:57:47They brought him into the infield care center.
01:57:49You saw he was on oxygen.
01:57:51Right now the team trying to repair the damage right here, and looking for a replacement driver.
01:57:57>> You've been in one of those cars with the crush panels knocked out before.
01:58:01>> Yeah.
01:58:01The only way I can tell you, you start losing your focus, and then the longer that he goes.
01:58:06You really have no business being inside of the the race car.
01:58:12Because, headaches come later on.
01:58:14Start losing that focus, almost starts making you sleepy.
01:58:18You have no business be anything a race car, running 180, 190 miles an hour.
01:58:23>> Big news force brendan gaughan for the rusty wallace to get him out of the car.
01:58:28Here's a role reversal, kasey kahne down a lap too.
01:58:3207 with 43 laps to go.
01:58:44Now let's go help some customers.
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02:01:18>>> At the tech-net auto service 300 powered by car quest.
02:01:23Mark green who climbed aboard the 62 car in the nationwide series garage.
02:01:29He will be bringing that car back out.
02:01:32>> Still there?
02:01:33>> 38 Laps to go.
02:01:34Kyle busch leading brad keselowski by 1 .01.
02:01:40Now, that gap shrunk for last two laps as the 22 car heats in a little bit due to the 18 advantage.
02:01:47>> Last lap was a little over .03, almost 04.
02:01:51>> Starting to see kyle busch in the 18 car move up to the top of the racetrack now.
02:01:57Meantime, talking about digging out of the hole.
02:01:59Justin allgaier, with a mistake on the first pit stop.
02:02:07About to challenge joey logano for third place.
02:02:09>> Brad keselowski challenging for the lead.
02:02:1112 Car here.
02:02:13Of allgaier.
02:02:13They are doing an outstanding job in the series.
02:02:16Roger penske, I was up there, they have an incredible facility.
02:02:20>> And for a program that didn't exist until over the winter, right, they are fielding two full-time cars together.
02:02:29They really figured out a way to make these two work with each other.
02:02:32>> The crew chiefs and drivers, they all have a great relationship.
02:02:36All in one shop all working together.
02:02:38It really shows out here on the track.
02:02:46How about it, dave.
02:02:48>> What happied this race car, two laps ago.
02:02:51It took away the edgy condition.
02:02:54They made a wedge and air pressure adjustment.
02:02:57During that next session, the edginess is gone.
02:03:00That's enough to drive it harder.
02:03:02Move back up into the cue.
02:03:06>> Talk about the operation, the season, what they accomplished, sandy.
02:03:10They competed, both car, 22-12.
02:03:13All about a single lap possible this season.
02:03:15>> Yeah, that's a great stat.
02:03:17That's something that the team can really hang their head on.
02:03:19That means they are doing their job.
02:03:23Making sure mechanical parts of right.
02:03:26Driver keeping the car out of trouble.
02:03:27That's a really good stash.
02:03:30>> While they are looking at verizon wireless car.
02:03:34Text champion to 43776 for exclusive champion chats content.
02:03:40This week talks about denny hamlin, kyle busch, what happened to them at the all-star race.
02:03:45How they race with and against each other going forward.
02:03:49>> He'll be fine.
02:03:50>> Yes, sir.
02:03:52So let's check back on that lead.
02:03:55Because brad keselowski continues to chip in to kyle busch's advantage.
02:04:05Down to .07 of a second.
02:04:07>> He catches traffic sometimes at the wrong place, as a leader.
02:04:11And that -- when they do that, breaks your momentum a little these cars are all about.
02:04:17Keeping that momentum up.
02:04:19>> You see that, steadily shrink.
02:04:22Three quarters of a second now.
02:04:30>> Watching brad chase down kyle.
02:04:34Mike got more.
02:04:34>> You guys were talking about brad.
02:04:36How that car was going through a sour phase during the race.
02:04:39At one point, not too long ago, the car was tight center, loose off.
02:04:43They made an air pressure adjustment.
02:04:45Took a half pound out of the right front.
02:04:47Four tire on that car.
02:04:48All of a sudden the car is much different, much better.
02:04:51At the beginning of the race, they told him to save a little.
02:04:55I assure you he's not saving anything now, guys.
02:04:59>> With 30 laps to go in the race.
02:05:02Final race is what to do when the caution comes out.
02:05:05What to do when you do come down pit road.
02:05:08Rat cliff and I talked about in this monk.
02:05:11I wanted kyle to pit.
02:05:13Still under contention between logano and justin allgaier.
02:05:18I wanted kyle to pit.
02:05:20But here I think it will.
02:05:22The biggest thing, if my car is close to 18 I may take two.
02:05:26My car needs work I'll take four.
02:05:29Right now, kyle is the leader about his car.
02:05:33>> We talked about this strategy at the top of the day.
02:05:37History tells us, we're going to have another caution.
02:05:40The last flag run in this race, in 11 of the last 12 here at charlotte, nationwide series, 12 laps or less.
02:05:48>> That's what the crew chiefs are doing, they are down in the box, saying, okay, we're doing great.
02:05:54Kyle busch leading the race.
02:05:55They're thinking, what do we do if that caution comes out, we change tires, not going to change tires.
02:06:01You never think it's going to wind up running out in the end.
02:06:04There's going to be something that throws you a curve.
02:06:07>> Got to be ready.
02:06:09You got 30 seconds to make the decision.
02:06:11>> That's right.
02:06:14>> So will that decision immediate need to be made shortly?
02:06:16We'll find out after this message.
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02:08:52rrrrrr >>> Getting close to see the checkered flag wave.
02:09:12Maybe it's me but you can feel tension building over this thing.
02:09:13Brad keselowski, hanging with kyle busch.
02:09:15Lost a little bit of ground the last coupe laps.
02:09:18Is there caution.
02:09:19What kind of strategies, is the 22 going to run down the 18?
02:09:23How is it going to play out?
02:09:25>> Looks like brad was going to try a few different things to see if he can make up that ground.
02:09:31When that happens, your car changes some.
02:09:33We talked about how that arrow effect is when you're running behind somebody.
02:09:37I think brad is trying to figure out if there's any other line available.
02:09:41>> I think maybe sometimes he's pretty much committed to the bottom.
02:09:46Sometimes you run that so hard, you might run the right front tire off a little bit.
02:09:49You have to move around.
02:09:51We've seen him searching, might work for him.
02:09:53Car is best in the bottom.
02:09:55Sometimes you have to cool that tire off a little bit and then make another run at it.
02:09:59Kyle stretched it back out.
02:10:00>> By the way, another change.
02:10:03Talked about this several times, but a little bit of cloud cover over that turn four.
02:10:07Not as bright and sunny beating down on the track as it was before.
02:10:12>> Maybe that's taking away from the run that happened a minute ago.
02:10:16>> Definitely changes.
02:10:17Doesn't change every car exactly the same way.
02:10:20Depends how your car is set up.
02:10:22>> Don't think as we see ryan newman here, battle with kevin harvick.
02:10:27Battle in seventh spot.
02:10:30Kyle busch also saved a little fuel during that time.
02:10:32>> That's hanging out there too.
02:10:33>> Oh, yeah.
02:10:38Almost to the end of their window.
02:10:39If they make it here.
02:10:42>> Newman there, in seventh place.
02:10:45Kevin harvick in eighth.
02:10:46Harvick is somebody that was on the charge early in the race.
02:10:49Hasn't worked for him.
02:10:51Jason leffler behind him in the tenth.
02:10:55Solid run.
02:10:55He was up in the top five a while ago.
02:10:58>> Track temperature change, affects some cars.
02:11:02Leffler was up there when the track was different.
02:11:04Now struggles a little bit but still in the top ten.
02:11:08>> It's been a tale of two seasons for jason leffler.
02:11:12The past three races he's come alive.
02:11:15Leffler gives credit to the fact that every weekend when they unload since darlington they unloaded like their teammates.
02:11:24Before darlington they're off on the island alone.
02:11:26Now he can go to the teammates, talk to crew chiefs and driver, get a feel what he should be feeling in the car.
02:11:32He really helps in the program and given him a lot of confidence.
02:11:36He's having a great run today.
02:11:37From 40th to the top ten.
02:11:40>> Solid result for jason leffler.
02:11:44And, again, he was up a little further forward during the race, but considering where he's been at the beginning of this.
02:11:50He's really got it going pretty well.
02:11:53>> Really haven't talked much about carl edwards.
02:11:58He started on the pole and faded back a little bit.
02:12:01Middle part of the top ten for most of the day.
02:12:04>> Goodyear came with a new left-side car for the tires.
02:12:08Tightened them up.
02:12:09I talked to a lot of teams that said they had to change their set-up.
02:12:13Kevin harvick didn't have anything like he raced before.
02:12:15That's a good combination to run a fast qualifying lap.
02:12:18We saw carl edwards do that.
02:12:20Sometimes if you take advantage for that for qualifying, it can kill you when the race starts.
02:12:25That might be what they're facing and struggling with.
02:12:28>> We heard a lot of guys trying to free these cars up.
02:12:32I was asking about the difference in this racetrack, daytime and night.
02:12:36Saying as strange as it may seem, we lose the front a lot more.
02:12:39Cars won't turn as good.
02:12:41They have to loosen these cars up a lot.
02:12:44They don't have as much stature.
02:12:47That created a problem trying to have to free them up.
02:12:50Mike what do you have on the car?
02:12:52>> It's interesting, talking about complaining the cars are tight early on in practice.
02:12:57That's the case doing research as well, except when I spoke with karl.
02:13:01He told me the car was a little loose.
02:13:04However not the case throughout the course of the day.
02:13:08Got much tighter as the day wore on.
02:13:10It was m so tight last stop they added two pounds of pressure to the left front tire.
02:13:15It seemed to have helped.
02:13:19>> Times they get the pole, they it get the worried, uh-oh, maybe my car is too good qualifying and might be that I struggled in the race.
02:13:29That's a little bit what carl faced today.
02:13:31>> Carl edwards run anything seventh spot and the struggle to get in that first win of 2010 continues for this 60 team.
02:13:41And for ford in general.
02:13:44>> One thing carl edwards also sees, he's losing points to the points leader.
02:13:49That's not a good thing.
02:13:50>> We mentioned brian ickler.
02:13:53The 24-year-old san diego native.
02:13:57Got the free pass a while ago and hung on for a bit.
02:13:59>> Allen, it's not been a perfect day but a good day for brian ickler.
02:14:05First start for roush fenway, his fourth in the nationwide series.
02:14:08He overshot in laps 58 and 59.
02:14:11Then bout a tight race car.
02:14:13They made an adjustment and felt like it's quite a bit better for this young rookie.
02:14:18>> Told you.
02:14:19>> Yeah, you're right.
02:14:21>> You're always right.
02:14:22>> No, no, it's all in the numbers.
02:14:25>> Yeah, I know.
02:14:26Triv r trevor bayne into the wall.
02:14:30Caution is out with 14 laps to go.
02:14:32Second yellow flag involving the 99 car in a row.
02:14:34Now, what do you do?
02:14:44>> Oh, man.
02:14:45If I'm kyle busch's crew chief.
02:14:47I believe I get two tire, trying to get out with track position.
02:14:52I don't think I can pass him if he has that position.
02:14:53Even with better tires.
02:15:00>> Oh, I washed him for a number of laps.
02:15:02Really making good time.
02:15:04But ran out of room right there.
02:15:13A lost pieces commenting off that.
02:15:15To button things up.
02:15:16We have 13 cars on the lead lap.
02:15:1914 -- No, won't be a free pass.
02:15:22Trevor bayne was returning in the free pass.
02:15:24You'll have about ten laps to go.
02:15:26Double file restart.
02:15:27>> I still want to be up front.
02:15:30I know tires might be worth a little bit.
02:15:32I want to be up front.
02:15:34If you're a driver, what are you asking me for?
02:15:37>> I want to put it back on you and say I don't know.
02:15:40>> I agree with you, track position is very important especially in a race like this.
02:15:45Looks like that's what kyle bush.
02:15:47>> They have enough fuel to make it.
02:15:50>> Yeah.
02:15:51A couple of guys that say it's really important.
02:15:53You see some get two.
02:15:54Some get four.
02:15:57>> First and second stay out.
02:15:58Everybody else on the lead lap come to pit road for at least some tires.
02:16:02Let's see what they do here.
02:16:06>> And 27 of greg biffle will come down pit road and take tires.
02:16:10Tire is perfect, greg biffle on the last run is not real tight with what he said.
02:16:14They'll get two tires.
02:16:16Justin allgaier's crew is going to go for four.
02:16:19Mainly because they want to do something late in the race.
02:16:23Bump up air pressure.
02:16:24At the beginning of the race will be ten laps under he this thing goes back to green, guys.
02:16:29>> See a lot of two-tire guys.
02:16:32Newman gets two tires.
02:16:34In a couple spots.
02:16:35Going to be interesting how this works out now.
02:16:38>> I'm not sure about the four-tire spot.
02:16:43I want to get fuel.
02:16:44Especially with justin allgaier, running third in the really good race car.
02:16:47I think I had to take chances too right there.
02:16:51And then the two that stayed on the track.
02:16:54>> Kyle busch and brad keselowski did not pit.
02:16:57About a ten machine lap run to the checkered flag when we come back.
02:17:01Let's see how it all turns out.
02:17:03Sure you do, honey.
02:17:04Come on guys, give me a hand.
02:17:05We can make it to paper clip mountain!
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02:19:24>>> What a day it has been for kyle busch.
02:19:25Had to make a short pit earlier under the green flag.
02:19:28This is lap 48.
02:19:29When leaving that pit stop.
02:19:31You felt something wrong with the car.
02:19:34He got busted for speeding on pit road.
02:19:35The penalty set him as a tail end of the lead.
02:19:39Then leader caskasey kahne hard.
02:19:41Then later after a caution caught him up with the rest of the field.
02:19:45Pit crew picked him up three spots and put him in to the race lead.
02:19:50He held off that lead fighting off brad keselowski, then under the most recent caution.
02:19:56The 18 and 22 did not pit everyone else on the lead.
02:19:59That has kyle busch leading this race.
02:20:01As you come down for receipt start with what will be nine laps to go.
02:20:10>> Here's kyle busch winning the 15th nationwide series race.
02:20:13On a mile and a half track.
02:20:16Brad keselowski never won on a mile and a half track.
02:20:19>> 15th WIN FOR MARK MARTIN.
02:20:22>> Again, 18 of 22.
02:20:25No fresh tire, no fuel.
02:20:27>> No fuel this time.
02:20:29>> Joey logano, right side tires.
02:20:34Ryan newman.
02:20:3488 McMURRAY.
02:20:3521 Bowyer, all right side tires.
02:20:38First with four tire, carl edwards in 690 car will restart ninth.
02:20:43Double file restart again, we're coming to it with nine laps to go.
02:20:47Seen troubles on the restart already once today.
02:20:50>> We saw somebody not get going on the restart.
02:20:54Cause a fuj foul-up.
02:20:56>> Tires picking up different things.
02:20:59See what happens.
02:21:00>> There we go.
02:21:07>> 33 On the corner.
02:21:09>> Get going in the corner.
02:21:15Keselowski hanging with them on the outside.
02:21:17Off turn two.
02:21:24If he can hang.
02:21:25He can take that line away.
02:21:27Off the corner for tile, really hard to get clear.
02:21:30He might do it.
02:21:31>> I thought sure he -- ickler, steven wallace, off turn four.
02:21:47And the caution flag is out.
02:21:50>> Now, ickler on the lead lap in 13th spot.
02:21:55And, steve wallace was in 18th position a lap down.
02:21:58And they have had contact, and put out the yellow flag again, and this will bring this field back together one more time.
02:22:06And they'll have to line them up and do it again.
02:22:08>> Yep.
02:22:09I was wondering if keselowski learned anything there that he might be able to use on the next restart.
02:22:15>> That's in turn three.
02:22:17>> Oh.
02:22:18>> He really did get off that turn four.
02:22:21>> Yeah.
02:22:24That's right on board with steven wallace, see if you can see what happened.
02:22:31>> Oh h-he got loose.
02:22:33>> A little bit of wiggle right there.
02:22:36He got up into steven.
02:22:37>> Steven was up in the outside.
02:22:45They couldn't get away from each other.
02:22:47Got off turn four.
02:22:48It's still happening on the roadway.
02:22:55Ickler having a really good race so far there.
02:22:58That's too bad.
02:22:59Nothing intentional.
02:23:00Steven was definitely a victim in that.
02:23:02Steve wallace.
02:23:04>> Yep, but a wrinkled up race car, continued tough run of luck here.
02:23:09But has been on for a little bit.
02:23:11Brian ickler would have been a good clean day fort roush fenway team.
02:23:15Going to come up with wrinkled up fenders as well.
02:23:22Ickler, by the way, to drive this car next weekend in nashville.
02:23:28Defending winner will get on the lead lap.
02:23:32Mike bliss will get the lucky dog free pass.
02:23:35Will come back around on the lead lap when we get set to line it up again.
02:23:39I'm wondering as we motor around with the possibility of a few green-white checker finishes, dave.
02:23:46If kyle busch's crew chief thinks they got enough fuel for that.
02:23:50>> That's what I was thinking, i wonder.
02:23:52Nice restart on older tires.
02:23:54Can he do that a few more times?
02:23:57Got enough gas.
02:23:58>> Yeah, I think so.
02:24:00Gas is close, yeah.
02:24:04We were good about three laps.
02:24:06If it would have gone green.
02:24:07I think we're okay.
02:24:10Our toyota has been on both sides of the field, two sides to start and got way too free.
02:24:16But one thing's for sure.
02:24:19We just couldn't take a chance at some of those guys good enough.
02:24:24I don't think we could have overcome it, even with tires.
02:24:27That's the good we needed to make from where we were running.
02:24:32I think gee wie got the driver to get it done.
02:24:33>> He's on the good side of the field right now.
02:24:40>> And the gtrying to catch him is brad keselowski.
02:24:42Seems like the challenge is twofold.
02:24:44At the same time you got to hold off the guys with fresh tires.
02:24:47How do you do it?
02:24:49>> It's toufl.
02:24:51Seems it comes down to the late race cautions.
02:24:53What do you do, stay out and come in?
02:24:56Feel like the tires are firing off pretty good.
02:24:58Takes a while to get the best lap.
02:25:01We felt discount tire dodge has been solid all day.
02:25:04And guys have done a great job.
02:25:06We elected to stay out.
02:25:08And I think the lasttion should play into our favor.
02:25:11>> All right.
02:25:11Let's go to shannon.
02:25:13>> Calling the shot for ryan newman.
02:25:15You guys have overcome problems off pit road.
02:25:19Currently on two fresh tires, those are fast cars in front of you, do you have what it takes to get victory today?
02:25:26>> We've been as fast as those guys on the long run, not the short run.
02:25:3118 Of 22 stayed out.
02:25:3320 Of 27 had been strong all day.
02:25:35We put them in right side tires.
02:25:37We got enough.
02:25:38>> Already said they're better on the long run.
02:25:41Looks like we'll only have five laps to go.
02:25:43>> Sounded like he encouraged the driver to get aetter restart.
02:25:47Is that what he needs to win?
02:25:49>> Absolutely.
02:25:49We need a good restart to get going on things.
02:25:53Put them in is position to capitalize.
02:25:56We got a little pressure tires in them.
02:25:58I think we got a chance at it.
02:26:01I know we have a hungry driver, I think we can do it.
02:26:04>> We've an an eclectic group watching from the studio.
02:26:10Who do you think can win it?
02:26:13>> We have brian vickerses with us, who do you think?
02:26:16>> If kyle gets clear and clean air, he can win the race.
02:26:21If he doesn't, the guys with tires will be faster.
02:26:25>> I was surprised brad could copy up with him on the restart.
02:26:30I think kyle busch win this race.
02:26:32He again gets an opportunity.
02:26:34>> He's hard to bet against.
02:26:36Four wins already.
02:26:37If he wins today he ties mark martin with six wins most wins that the track.
02:26:44A.b., what do you think?
02:26:46>> Any time you tie mark martin, what do you think?
02:26:49>> They really went out on a win.
02:26:52>> Keselowski has a shot.
02:26:53I think he's one of those guys that, when the money is out there, he'll go for it.
02:26:58>> Like ryan said, if keselowski can stay there.
02:27:02Logano or biffle have an opening to make it three wide.
02:27:05Then it does get fun.
02:27:06>> Four laps to go to settle this one in charlotte.
02:27:25Kyle got it cleared.
02:27:27And joey logano, after keselowski.
02:27:30And that's something kyle wants to see.
02:27:34That's working right into his hand right now.
02:27:37Logano does have two fresh tires but keselowski -- >> tires in the wall behind him.
02:27:44>> Jeremy clemens.
02:27:45>> It is the 43 car.
02:27:48>> No caution yet.
02:27:48>> Now the caution is out.
02:27:52That was scott lagasse, my error.
02:27:55Similarly painted cars.
02:27:56He got together with trevor bayne at the back of that group of cars in that outside lane and wound up in the outside wall, and we're going to rerack it and do it again.
02:28:05>> And this will take us into extra laps.
02:28:08This is what kyle busch's crew chief did not want to see.
02:28:13Jason ratliff said they are close on fuel and didn't want to get extra laps.
02:28:18This should extend their range.
02:28:20If they don't, they should be okay.
02:28:26And add foreign policy trevor bayne.
02:28:32>> They did it simultaneous.
02:28:35>> Synchronized crashing right there.
02:28:40>> Interesting last 100 laps for trevor bayne here in charlotte.
02:28:45>> Find out what this race wreck is like.
02:28:48>> Yeah, started out in the front row.
02:28:50Been an uphill struggle from there.
02:28:54>> He got the hat trick today.
02:28:57So, the caution flag out once again, as kyle busch had cleared brad keselowski, and reaction in the 18 teams pit, when they saw the yellow flag was -- oh!
02:29:08>> Oh, no.
02:29:09>> We got to do it again?
02:29:11>> Keep thing thing going straight.
02:29:13What's wrong?
02:29:13>> I know the feeling.
02:29:15>> Jason ratliff looking up and saying, okay, please don't stutter.
02:29:19Please let this work out.
02:29:20>> We can go up to three of these green and white checkers.
02:29:24That's where it gets interesting.
02:29:27>> I'm pretty sure it's getting pretty good looking inside the car.
02:29:30Kyle throws his hands up too at same time.
02:29:32>> While they clean up some debris up in turn four, got some vacuum trucks out on the racetrack.
02:29:39Dave, what do you got?
02:29:41>> Listen to to the 18 radio, telling his driver, and laughing in case we get a few more shots at this thing.
02:29:49Got to have enough fuel to do it.
02:29:51>> Yep, they don't run very well without fuel in them.
02:29:54>> So, kyle busch cleared brad keselowski on the last restart.
02:29:59Might we remind you -- I love these kind of numbers.
02:30:02Brad keselowski won twice this season.
02:30:04Both of those wins, were last lap passes.
02:30:09>> He might have a chance to do another one here.
02:30:13>> He didn't lead at the white flag but led at the checker.
02:30:15So we'll see what happens here.
02:30:23>> So setting up for the first attempt officially.
02:30:26If you're new to nascar, the rules are, if the caution flag comes out and would be on the track, when the race reaches its scheduled distance, then nascar will make an attempt at giving the fans a green flag finish.
02:30:40Do a green-white checker finish.
02:30:44Race one lap get the white flag race one time get the checkered flag.
02:30:50At any point in that process mt leader takes the white flag under green should the caution wave after that.
02:30:56>> There's been four green-white checkers in 2010.
02:31:00Brad keselowski won two of them.
02:31:03Kyle busch won two of them.
02:31:04We'll see what happens.
02:31:05>> Do you think the guys in the pit studio are picking with their pick.
02:31:09>> I think they will.
02:31:11After the last restart, they ought to.
02:31:14>> Yeah.
02:31:15So the question becomes, at this point, how long does it take them to clean the track up.
02:31:20Do kyle busch and brad keselowski have enough fuel to -- >> look at that.
02:31:26That's a calculated thing that we put up there.
02:31:32>> One thing we've talked about is the crew chief, kyle busch's accounting to save fuel.
02:31:40How do you do that under caution.
02:31:42Couple things, you pull the car in fourth gear.
02:31:46You heard the engine is lugging a little bit.
02:31:51That's because he's driving in fourth gear.
02:31:54Keeping it ashing as low as possible.
02:31:56The other thing, pull up to the pace car, shut the engine off.
02:32:00And start it up.
02:32:01Starts back up, he pulls back up.
02:32:03>> Look at it here, with kyle doing what you're describing.
02:32:06Get a lit run, shut her down.
02:32:09>> And under a long caution, do you that a couple time, you end up covering the whole racetrack and you saved a whole lap right there and running at a high gear.
02:32:20>> I remember tony stewart doing that at poconos under green.
02:32:23He didn't shut it off.
02:32:24He would go out and push the clutch in, let it coast for a long, long way, trying to save fuel.
02:32:30A lot of ways to do that.
02:32:32>> So, let's reset it.
02:32:33Fuel is close on the top two.
02:32:35>> Here's a critical thing.
02:32:36This is the worst time, restarts.
02:32:39They are going through the bank -- you'll see, those cars are tilted to the left.
02:32:43All of the fuel running down away from the fuel pick-up.
02:32:47If it gets air in that line.
02:32:49It could stumble.
02:32:51Or even think it's vapor locked.
02:32:53We saw that with kyle busch in dover.
02:32:56That's what happens here.
02:32:59That's what I learn more than anything as crew chief.
02:33:00>> Green flag will wave at conclusion of 201st lap h.
02:33:07Green/white checker.
02:33:08Can keselowski stay with kyle busch this time?
02:33:27>> Kyle busch clear, joey logano racing keselowski for second.
02:33:31Keep an eye on the 12 car.
02:33:35>> He's got four cars, coming from now to the fifth spot.
02:33:37>> Justin allgaier, trying to make a late push.
02:33:41>> Here comes the white flag for busch.
02:33:44This is what he's looking for.
02:33:46>> If it happens now, the race is over.
02:33:49Can keselowski make any charge on kyle?
02:33:50>> Does very enough fuel to make the last lap?
02:33:53>> They are three wide deeper in the pack.
02:33:57Oh, off turn two.
02:33:58>> Biffle into the wall.
02:34:00No caution yet.
02:34:05>> Keselowski, running deep on the outside.
02:34:07>> Making a run at him.
02:34:09>> Here he comes off the kyle's bumper.
02:34:13But it's not going to be enough.
02:34:14>> Oh, yeah, dude.
02:34:16>> Kyle busch wins again at charlotte!
02:34:18>> Justin allgaier was able to get by ryan newman at the line in fourth.
02:34:23>> Watch out, guys.
02:34:23>> Wow.
02:34:32Keselowski, the caution didn't come out, make him do another restart.
02:34:36Kyle busch, fifth win of 2010, most of all drivers, and quite a bit of excitement in behind the leaders on that last lap.
02:34:46Maybe here on the cooldown lap.
02:34:49>> I don't know what happened to biffle.
02:34:52But somehow he got forced up into the wall.
02:34:54Sure took harvick -- I couldn't tell who he got together with.
02:34:58>> Had a lot of damage -- >> may everybody him and harvick.
02:35:02I think there's actually another car involved.
02:35:04Could have been a three wide thing that happened off turn two behind the leader.
02:35:13>> Let's have a look here.
02:35:15There's biffle, and harvick, shoots the gap.
02:35:19Oh, man.
02:35:20>> He had a big run.
02:35:21I don't think biffle has any idea.
02:35:23He just kind of -- what can you say about kyle busch, i mentioned it a while ago.
02:35:30Any time you tie mark martin in the nationwide series record books -- >> you've done something great.
02:35:35>> And he ties mark martin for most wins at this racetrack.
02:35:40And six wins in 14 tries.
02:35:44>> Yeah, wow.
02:35:45>> I'm sure jason ratliff is breathing a big sigh of relief right now.
02:35:50>> Allen, now we know what the right call was.
02:35:54Don't we?
02:35:54>> But were you nervous?
02:35:55>> Oh, yeah.
02:36:00Those things are nerve-racking, but they are fun.
02:36:01That was a barn burner for sure.
02:36:02Fans got their money's worth on that one.
02:36:05That was the right call.
02:36:06Looks like the tires weren't much, if anything, track passion was everything there.
02:36:15Got to thank kyle for keeping the ball game there.
02:36:17We had to pit on the last 24 47.
02:36:20Got a couple last and drove that thing back up through there.
02:36:29Guys in pit road.
02:36:30Thank god for a beautiful may day.
02:36:34>> Everything worked out.
02:36:37Victory today at charlotte for kyle busch.
02:36:40Pit crew got it back to race speed.
02:36:43Fuel held up and kyle busch will go into victory lane.
02:36:46We'll get his post race thoughts when we come back to charlotte in just a minute.
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02:39:42>>> At the charlotte motor speedway.
02:39:43Fans beginning to file out after watching a pretty exciting afternoon of action, for kyle busch, an early penalty, a rally from behind with the pit crew, a strategy call, now it's off to hellman's victory circle to hear from the race winner, kyle busch.
02:40:16>> Kyle's out of the car now, a lot happened in that car today.
02:40:21I see you count on your fingers before.
02:40:23Can you imagine all of the things thathappened to get you to victory lane?
02:40:27>> We don't like to make them too easy, I guess.
02:40:31Man, what a race car this was.
02:40:34The joe gibbs racing camry.
02:40:42Marquise jets and combo, all of the guys that sport the nationwide program for us.
02:40:47It's an awesome time.
02:40:48In the beginning we were really, really loose.
02:40:51I'm sorry, really, really tight.
02:40:53Then we made some changes and got really loose.
02:40:57I was trying to fight it and find out what I needed.
02:41:00Jason made good calls in the end, getting in the car and stay ig out, not coming down pit road.
02:41:06I also want to thank all of the fans too.
02:41:07>> Kyle, two in a row for u-now you got to get out of this thing.
02:41:11What's that feel like?
02:41:12>> It's a bummer, man.
02:41:15I would love to race them all.
02:41:16We got bigger and better thins sunday.
02:41:19So we're going after that championship over there.
02:41:20We're second in points on that side.
02:41:23So we've got a good start this even.
02:41:26We just need to finish it off.
02:41:28Hopefully summer stretch proved good for us by missing some nationwide races, we concentrate on that deal.
02:41:35Make sure we don't have to do those, and try to get some really good finishes.
02:41:40>> Kyle busch leaves a trail of burnouts for him to follow.
02:41:45So kyle busch with the win here today, at charlotte, to get his fifth win of the season, most of all drivers and kyle winning at this racetrack for, what, the fifth time, fifth time in the last six tries.
02:41:59He loves this place.
02:42:01I shouldn't have to ask him about that.
02:42:03Let's check with greg biffle, involve flood that late skirmish with mike massaro.
02:42:09>> Catching up with greg biffle who has a beaten and battered race car.
02:42:13What happened in the closing laps?
02:42:15>> I don't know, we're all racing hard for position.
02:42:18I'm not sure what happened.
02:42:20Somebody lost their car, you know, I don't know.
02:42:25I mean, it just -- that's racing.
02:42:27Just got away from whoever it was, I guess.
02:42:29Somebody ran into somebody, i don't know what happened.
02:42:32Somebody was driving a little bit over their head.
02:42:34I don't know what happened.
02:42:36I have to go back and watch the tape.
02:42:38He had a strong race car much of the day.
02:42:40What's it like for the day to end the way it did.
02:42:43Knowing you had a much better race car than what the results show?
02:42:47>> It's not only that.
02:42:48It's my last race driving for these guys.
02:42:51There for a while I thought they were going out with a win.
02:42:53How sweet is this, ford fusion and go out with a win.
02:42:58We would have been happy with the top five too.
02:43:01We had a good car.
02:43:01Had a lot of steam on the top there.
02:43:04It was going to be neat.
02:43:05I was going to run the very top of those last two lap, but never got a chance.
02:43:10>> Greg biffle walks away a little bit disappointed today, guys.
02:43:14>> And he walks away with a finish of 13, here today in charlotte.
02:43:20Time for the 27 car on hold for now.
02:43:23Well, the nascar nationwide series on to music city next saturday night, on to some of the stand-alone races you see upcoming.
02:43:32If you want to join us, you'll have a good time.
02:43:34Go to slash tickets.
02:43:38>> Back with more post race coverage from charlotte in a minute.
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02:45:59>>> As some victory photos with the trophy are assembled we check the championship standings after a dozen races.
02:46:07Brad keselowski leading by a single point.
02:46:10Remember kyle and kevin are not going to run next week in nashville.
02:46:13Really brad leading kyle edwards by 257.
02:46:18Did you know the point laider after 12 races has won the championship in five of the last six seasons in numbers for mr.
02:46:26Keselowski, shannon.
02:46:27>> Here's the points lead, brad keselowski.
02:46:30I know you would rather be celebrating in victory lane.
02:46:34How much fun of the races where it comes down to one lap?
02:46:37>> It's a lot of fun.
02:46:38A really good competitor.
02:46:40I'm going to miss him.
02:46:46We bring out the best and worst in each other.
02:46:48Felt like we have more laps than we do have shot at it.
02:46:53Great job working together.
02:46:55Push your way into -- just enough to give him a one-lap push.
02:46:59They did a great job.
02:47:02So did my team.
02:47:03Doing everything they need to do.
02:47:05Check out the points laid.
02:47:06That really means a lot to go into nashville with the points lead.
02:47:10Before some of the cup guys quit.
02:47:13Kind of proves that we can do this.
02:47:18>> Brad keselowski going to get hydrated.
02:47:21Has another 600 miles tomorrow.
02:47:24We goring to move over to joey logano.
02:47:31Who worked well well with kyle busch.
02:47:33You gave him that push.
02:47:34How good was your car today?
02:47:36>> I thought the tires were going to do something for us.
02:47:39It help aid little.
02:47:41Wasn't a big enough swing.
02:47:42We industried to seal them guy doing the move.
02:47:46We were a third-place car all day.
02:47:50Sometimes you're better, sometimes you're 0 worst.
02:47:53I want to win this thing so bad.
02:47:58We will get there.
02:48:01Ford motor was here.
02:48:01Want to thank them for being on the car.
02:48:03We're getting close, we're getting close.
02:48:06>> Maybe kyle will share the trophy with you.
02:48:10Great day for joe gibbs racing.
02:48:12>> I saw joe shaking his head.
02:48:15No, he's not sharing that trophy with me.
02:48:18Joey with a strong push to get through on the restart.
02:48:21We came on the air talking about whoever won the race the crew chief will have to work and work and work all day long.
02:48:28Andy, jason ratliff sure did.
02:48:30>> He earned this win.
02:48:32They had the problem with the car in the first run.
02:48:34They had to come in and make a big adjust many.
02:48:38Then had the call with the penalty.
02:48:40And had to overcome that.
02:48:42Calls that make you pull your hair out.
02:48:44Stay out on track and other cars not come anything pit road.
02:48:49That's pretty good.
02:48:50>> For some young drivers first time they won a day-time race.
02:48:54We talked about a tricky, kyle busch showed a lot of patience and other drivers showed ability to look around and solve this riddle.
02:49:04>> It is a totally different racetrack.
02:49:07There are a lost guys who never seen the racetrack.
02:49:10Maybe practice time than they weren't thinking about that happening for them.
02:49:14Kyle busch did a tremendous job working on the car.
02:49:17Overcoming adversity.
02:49:18He created some of it.
02:49:19Able to come back from that.
02:49:21We know they have talent and all of that.
02:49:23His crew chief made the right call.
02:49:25Some other guys got some valuable experience in learning what a racetrack does over 300 miles in these tight situations.
02:49:35>> What was the former promoter doing.
02:49:39The beast of the southeast?
02:49:41It was a beast today.
02:49:43Kyle busch wound up mastering that.
02:49:45He's in victory lane.
02:49:47Weekend doubleheader on abc tomorrow the 94 running of the indianapolis 500.
02:49:59Can helio castroneves win a fourth?
02:50:01That's a great race.
02:50:02Weather forecast looks good.
02:50:05We look forward to the indy 500 tomorrow on abc.
02:50:08Let's go back to pit road to another guy who had a remarkable rally today, shannon.
02:50:12>> Allen, despite troubles.
02:50:15Justin allgaier, top five finish.
02:50:17Thing you got to remember you cup guys will be doing double duty.
02:50:21You are not.
02:50:22How much momentum does this give you going into?
02:50:26>> It gives a lot of momentum.
02:50:27These guy dos a great job week in, week out.
02:50:31We battled adversity.
02:50:32Came out, did a great finish.
02:50:34Came out at the end.
02:50:35Could have come to the field.
02:50:38I got to thank all of the guys here, they do a great job.
02:50:42Verizon and nationwide.
02:50:43This is so much fun, this is why we come out and do what we do.
02:50:47I got to say, this is a big weekend for our troops.
02:50:50Remember everybody, "a," you know somebody, remember them, this is the big weekend for everybody here.
02:50:55>> Very well put.
02:50:56Great day for penske racing.
02:51:00>> Another bdriver who battled through adversity was the rocket man, ryan newman.
02:51:05Pit stop dropped you back to 12th in the field.
02:51:09Yet you rallied back to top five.
02:51:12How were you able to do it?
02:51:13>> Took long runs to get pulled back up again.
02:51:17Struggled in the fourth run.
02:51:20>> Real on the hood, it's pretty cool to have my dog on the race car.
02:51:26Didn't get going quick enough on the race car.
02:51:30Be able to have a good run on the outside.
02:51:33>> Another strong run for ryan newman, dave.
02:51:35>> He didn't get the finish he wanted but might have got the start he wanted.
02:51:40First for roush fenway racing.
02:51:41What was the day like and conversation like afterwards?
02:51:45>> We had a good way.
02:51:47Happy to have conway on board.
02:51:49Pretty good all day.
02:51:51Got a little roughed up there in the end.
02:51:53But finished in the top 15.
02:51:56We're real happy.
02:51:59Jack told me to keep my head high.
02:52:02>> Next one to come is next week in nashville.
02:52:04Then who knows.
02:52:05>> One thing that stands out is kyle busch with the fifth win now third all time on the nationwide series.
02:52:12He's one race behind the guy who is in second.
02:52:14That would be kevin harvick.
02:52:16Neither one of those guys, running for the championship this year.
02:52:19And that is when they develop that.
02:52:24 I did pick kyle busch.
02:52:28>> You both did.
02:52:29>> Justin allgaier started at 12.
02:52:32Speak to your point he will run more races and kyle busch will break all of the records I do believe in the nationwide series.
02:52:40He's so good in this race car.
02:52:41We look forward to everything you back.
02:52:42He's going to be off a little while.
02:52:45When he's around, a lot of fun to watch.
02:52:47>> You're in the car next to him.
02:52:50What is it about kyle busch?
02:52:51>> He's done a great job.
02:52:53As he's gotten older, he's able to finish this race and not make mistakes.
02:52:58A mistake in the middle of the race probably would have spun him out.
02:53:02Now he's dom back from that.
02:53:04You got to give him credit, too.
02:53:08Those cars are fast.
02:53:10No matter who gets in that car.
02:53:12I think you'll see that over the next couple weeks.
02:53:15They are still going to be running up front.
02:53:17>> As we look down the next coup weeks, guys coming out in favor of nationwide only drivers and go to stand-alone events.
02:53:26What can you expect next week in nashville?
02:53:30>> I think coleman will step in and drive for kyle busch.
02:53:33I think it's good to see the new young talented guys, give them an opportunity to mix it up, get their feet wet and start their careers.
02:53:42>> Another guy today had a very strong run.
02:53:44Started 40th but finished seventh.
02:53:47Dave burns is with that nationwide regular, jason leffler.
02:53:51>> Another good day for him nicole.
02:53:53Got to look at the combination.
02:53:54What else did we miss that you knew in the race car you had a great car?
02:53:57>> I mean, obviously starting 40th is hard to convince everybody we did.
02:54:02It was awesome.
02:54:03We drove up there.
02:54:04Got tight the last two runs, so we weren't able to hold our position, but top ten straight.
02:54:15Got to make sure the guys held a spot for me.
02:54:18>> Another top ten for jason leffler.
02:54:21>> We talked about joe gibbs racing.
02:54:23They finished first and third.
02:54:26Cars finished second and fourth penske cars in the top five for the third time.
02:54:29They've completed all but one lap in 2010.
02:54:32>> Showed a lot of strength.
02:54:34Brad keselowski in the last restarts.
02:54:37Keeping up with the gibbs cars.
02:54:39You know the gibbs cars are fast.
02:54:41Yeah, they're doing a great job.
02:54:43Brad keselowski put himself in great position to win the championship.
02:54:47By racing very smart.
02:54:48It's fun to watch.
02:54:49>> It really is.
02:54:50He showed a lot of restraint.
02:54:52Restraint he didn't have a year ago.
02:54:54When he got to the lap cars.
02:54:56When he got in the race he raced smart.
02:54:59Like he was race anything a championship.
02:55:01Obviously the guys falling out of the championship is going to give him more opportunity to win that.
02:55:05But he's proven that he can win this championship.
02:55:09>> Of course you've been in here with us all day as a former champion and a driver has to take time away from the car.
02:55:16What's it been like to sit back and watch?
02:55:18>> It's been tough.
02:55:19I want to thank everyone at spent and all of you guys.
02:55:23I learned a lot sitting in to remind all the fans, you get a chance.
02:55:42See a veteran, thank you them.
02:55:43It's memorial.
02:55:44You are watching the race because someone sacrificed for our freedom.
02:55:51>> Thank you.
02:55:51Get healthy.
02:55:56We look forward to see you you back.
02:55:57>> What are you thinking?
02:55:58>> A great weekend.
02:56:00Memorial day, we are thankful, blessed to have that opportunity to be free, to watch nascar.
02:56:07We're thankful to all of us, our troops, men and women.
02:56:11>> That pretty much wraps it up for us here at charlotte motor speedway.
02:56:16Turn in next weekend, a stand-alone event, nascar nationwide series at nashville.
02:56:23Don't forget tomorrow we got the 94th indianapolis 500 telecast presented by
02:56:31Congrats once again to kyle busch.
02:56:32♪ t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t