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00:00:02(brakes screeching) (gunshot) (tires screeching) Captioning sponsored by CBS PARAMOUNT NETWORK Television WhereisMcGee?
00:01:04I don't know.
00:01:05He's been n ting distractedlately.
00:01:07Gibbs is on his case.
00:01:09I have noticed.
00:01:10So, um, did you knowSpecial Agent Patterson?
00:01:14Not really. Met him ina crime scene training class at FLETC. Seemed likea nice guy.
00:01:21Give McGee a call.
00:01:25Tell himwe're waiting.
00:01:26TONY:I have a message.
00:01:27WOMAN: Good afternoon, I'm calling from Hubbard & Hubbard, solicitor's office...
00:01:30Sorry. There was an accidenton MacArthur.
00:01:32Let's go.
00:01:34That was strange.
00:01:35A law firm in Londonwants me to call.
00:01:38Says it's important.
00:01:40What could they want?
00:01:40I don't know. Maybe it'sabout my Uncle Clive.
00:01:43Remember that funeralI went to last month?
00:01:45Your uncle really died?
00:01:47I thought you weremaking that up to get sometime off.
00:01:52Who do youthink I am?
00:01:53GIBBS:He was Agent Afloat on theGeorge Washington.
00:01:56It returned to Norfolktwo days ago.
00:01:59You notified Director Vance?
00:02:01Yeah. It's way after midnightin Singapore.
00:02:04I sent him an e-mail.
00:02:05(horn beeps) (sighs) Sorry, boss. Got hung upin traffic.
00:02:30ZIVA: 911 came fromthe pastry chef at the restauranton the corner.
00:02:33He was in the kitchen when he heard thescreech of tires. Ran out.
00:02:37Caught sight of adark-colored SUV racing away.
00:02:40He did not hereany shots. Silencer?
00:02:43Or a small-caliber weaponthat doesn't make much noise.
00:02:45ZIVA:Ducky said the entry wounds were small.
00:02:47Yeah. One shot was behindthe ear, close-range.
00:02:51Professional hit.
00:02:54Jethro, you might wantto take a look at this.
00:03:05Hey, DiNozzo, bring him in.
00:03:07Homeland Security.Got it. (dialing) Tony, why'd you cover for me?
00:03:14Did I?
00:03:15This is Anthony DiNozzo, NCIS.
00:03:18Please call me back...
00:03:19Patterson never got a shot off. The mag's full.
00:03:22Hey, boss, I reached his office.
00:03:24Voice mail. Left a message.
00:03:26DiNozzo, cell phone on the back of the card.
00:03:31Oh, good eye.
00:03:33(dialing) I don't know how I could have missed that.
00:03:37Bartholomew Lemming, this is Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo.
00:03:40I need you to stop by...
00:03:41Special Agent Gibbs, I got a woman who insists on talking to you.
00:03:44Claims she's with NCIS. Real weirdo.
00:03:46Wearing a Dracula cape and dog collar.
00:03:50Like she'd be with you.
00:03:51She is.
00:03:53You serious?
00:03:54Oh, yeah. Let her in.
00:03:56Sorry about that.
00:03:59Go ahead.
00:04:02Abbs, what are you doing here?
00:04:04Is that him?
00:04:05Is that Jack Patterson?
00:04:07What are you doing here, Abby?
00:04:08This is terrible.
00:04:12This is all my fault.
00:04:15Gibbs, he was coming to see me.
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00:07:15Agent Jack Patterson.
00:07:17It's not what I thought he'd look like.
00:07:19Said you knew him.
00:07:20We had a very special phone relationship.
00:07:24He would mail me forensic evidence, I'd e-mail him back results.
00:07:27He'd call me, I'd call him.
00:07:30He never forgot my birthday... like you did last year.
00:07:35I don't know. It's his voice.
00:07:37He sounded... shorter, blonder, with a mustache.
00:07:43You got all that from his voice, Abbs?
00:07:45You sounded different when you had a mustache.
00:07:54Well, why was he coming to see you?
00:07:56He said he wanted to show me something.
00:08:01I don't know.
00:08:03He wanted to meet up last night.
00:08:06And I... I put him off.
00:08:08I told him to come this morning.
00:08:12Gibbs, if... if I had just met up with him last night, he'd probably be alive right now.
00:08:24Oh, well, it's a little after 10:00 in the morning here.
00:08:27I can be reached on my cell at any time.
00:08:29You did write that number down?
00:08:30Good. Tell Mr. Hubbard that I anxiously await his call, and you have yourself a very nice day or night, or whatever time it is there.
00:08:40(mimics English accent): Okay, cheerio.
00:08:43(laughs) I suppose that was for my benefit.
00:08:47Okay, I'll bite.
00:08:49Uh, are you in the will?
00:08:53McProbie, we can only assume, right?
00:08:58That was his secretary. Mr. Hubbard, my great-uncle's solicitor wasn't available, but she did confirm that he represents Uncle Clive's estate.
00:09:10Clive DiNozzo.
00:09:12Clive Paddington. It's my mother's side.
00:09:15We talking big money?
00:09:18Huge money! (laughs) I mean, Jed Clampett money.
00:09:23I'm talking Texas gold.
00:09:24It's actually North Sea oil money.
00:09:27I take it you were close to the old gent.
00:09:30I spent my 17th summer in Blighty.
00:09:32Uncle Clive was my mentor.
00:09:33Kind of like Al Pacino and Chris O'Donnell in Scent of a Woman.
00:09:39Guessing the opposite sex was involved.
00:09:42He could sniff out a gorgeous woman and close the deal faster than anyone I ever met.
00:09:46DiNozzo, I'm more concerned about closing that case.
00:09:48I'm working on it, boss.
00:09:53Uh, right. Um...
00:09:54TheGeorge Washingtonreturned from a six-month deployment to South and Central America.
00:10:00Special Agent Patterson was still living on board in Norfolk.
00:10:03Was looking for an apartment.
00:10:04No one knew he left the ship and was in D.C.
00:10:06Ten years in the Navy, joined NCIS in '98.
00:10:09He had a setback in 2003.
00:10:11Spent some time on the beach for use of excessive force.
00:10:15Never married. Only immediate family: a mother and a sister living in Wheeling, West Virginia.
00:10:19Special Agent Gibbs, Bartholomew Lemming, Homeland Security.
00:10:22Call me Bart, Agent Gibbs.
00:10:24Anthony DiNozzo.
00:10:25We're in the conference room.
00:10:29(phone ringing) Oh-ho! Oh.
00:10:34My life is about to change.
00:10:36Thinks he's about to inherit a fortune.
00:10:38(scoffs) Anthony DiNozzo.
00:10:44Oh, yeah.
00:10:46Oh, yeah.
00:10:48Okay, as soon as I can. Sorry.
00:10:50Blockbuster.Rosemary's Baby, it's overdue.
00:10:55I met Jack Patterson shortly after I joined Homeland Security.
00:10:59I was assigned to Customs Border Protection Division.
00:11:02He was working out of the NCIS Resident Agency in Yuma, Arizona, so we coordinated on incursions and smuggling cases.
00:11:09When was the last time you heard from him?
00:11:12He left me a message last night.
00:11:14I was gonna call him when I got to the office this morning.
00:11:18Said he was working a case and he found something he wanted to show me. Yeah?
00:11:21What did he want to show you?
00:11:25What's he working on?
00:11:26I don't know.
00:11:28Jack and I were friendly in Yuma.
00:11:31You know how it goes.
00:11:32We lost contact with one another.
00:11:34How did he die?
00:11:36Shot. Think he was on his way here.
00:11:39And he had my business card in his hand.
00:11:43You tell me.
00:11:46We had some good times.
00:11:50Jack could put them down.
00:11:51He knew how to party.
00:11:52We were single then.
00:11:54Took the plunge last year.
00:12:00What can I do to help?
00:12:03I don't know yet.
00:12:04You have my cell number.
00:12:05That's the best way to reach me.
00:12:07I'm in the field this week.
00:12:08Well, Joint Threat Assessment Task force with the FBI.
00:12:11I wish you luck with that.
00:12:15(chuckles) Um, hey.
00:12:41You know, we always said that, um, we would meet someday.
00:12:46This isn't exactly what I expected.
00:12:49God, this is awkward.
00:12:53when you called me last night, you sounded, uh, you know, excited.
00:12:59Said you had to see me.
00:13:01I thought you meant a date.
00:13:04I mean, did you want to go out, or was it something else?
00:13:11Was I just jumping to conclusions?
00:13:12I... God, I didn't know what to say to Gibbs.
00:13:20Oh, no, are you behind me, Gibbs?
00:13:24You flatter me, Abby.
00:13:27There was just... there was something I needed to ask Special Agent Patterson.
00:13:34You talk to dead people all the time.
00:13:37Well, I have my reasons.
00:13:39Their bodies tell me a great deal.
00:13:42It helps to reciprocate.
00:13:46But we have work to do.
00:13:57I need the slugs.
00:14:00You'll get them...
00:14:02in due time.
00:14:04(pats shoulder) WEIDMAN: Patterson was supposed to be finishing up paperwork on the deployment.
00:14:09I have no idea why he was in Washington.
00:14:12He's NCIS-- don'tyouknow?
00:14:14Anything unusual happen during the deployment?
00:14:16Well, 6,500 men and women, six months, seven tropical ports-- the usual.
00:14:21Alcohol, fighting, petty thefts.
00:14:22All in Patterson's daily activity log-- nothing major.
00:14:26Excuse me, Commander?
00:14:29Could you identify these photos?
00:14:30It's the last file Patterson opened yesterday afternoon.
00:14:33These images were downloaded from a digital camera.
00:14:36TONY: Ooh.
00:14:36Nine tac, 35 tac, six tac A.
00:14:38That would be a forward port-side storage area.
00:14:42I spent four glorious months aboard theSeahawk.
00:14:45It was a rewarding experience.
00:14:47This part of an investigation, Commander?
00:14:49WEIDMAN: Hey, it's a big ship, on a cruise to South America.
00:14:53A misguided sailor might think he'll be able to smuggle drugs aboard.
00:14:58I'm not getting a signal down here.
00:15:00You expecting a call, DiNozzo?
00:15:02They'll leave a message.
00:15:03Patterson and I worked well together.
00:15:06He understood the demands on the X.O.
00:15:08Usually didn't come to me until he had something.
00:15:19(clears throat) Wow, if you were thinking of smuggling something, this would be the perfect hiding place.
00:15:26Check it out.
00:15:28Uh, boss, it's, it's pretty late.
00:15:31This could take hours, and then it's a long drive back tWashington.
00:15:35Well, most of the crew's on leave.
00:15:36You'll find a place to bunk.
00:15:39Oh, perfect.
00:15:43This one's in pristine shape.
00:15:45I like pristine.
00:15:47ROY: Hey, Abby.
00:15:50Hey, Roy.
00:15:51Ah, U.S. mail.
00:15:53You mean overnight carrier.
00:15:55No, no, U.S. mail.
00:15:56Someone dropped this in the mailbox.
00:15:58No postage.
00:15:59'Cause it was addressed to NCIS, the postal inspector gave us a call.
00:16:02It's addressed to me?
00:16:04Well, you could say that.
00:16:05It's a credit card receipt.
00:16:11It's Jack Patterson.
00:16:13Did the, um, postal inspector say where it was mailed from?
00:16:17Um... 400 block of K Street.
00:16:22That's where Patterson was killed.
00:16:24So... he knew he was in jeopardy, and his last desperate act was to mail this?
00:16:29He wanted this to get to me even he didn't.
00:16:42He died getting methis?
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00:19:13I mean look at him - he is really bringing it.
00:19:18And look at me - I'm blank.
00:19:20I got nothing.
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00:20:38There has to be a reason he sent it to you.
00:20:41I don't know.
00:20:43I mean, maybe he guessed the little girl looked like me, or...
00:20:46No, that's... stupid.
00:20:47I-I don't know.
00:20:48You ever talk about art?
00:20:52When you weren't talking about forensic evidence, what'd you talk about?
00:20:55Well, that's personal, Gibbs.
00:20:56I feel like you're interrogating me.
00:20:57I am.
00:21:01Okay, she's reading a book.
00:21:03The book got a title?
00:21:10Abby, Patterson died getting this to you.
00:21:12I know.
00:21:14This is totally weirding me out.
00:21:15All right, you said you had a match on the slug.
00:21:20(sighs): Okay.
00:21:21The one on the left is one that Ducky took from Patterson.
00:21:25I ran it through the NIBIN database.
00:21:27It's an exact match to the one on the right, which was used...
00:21:32in the unsolved murder of a businessman in Scottsdale, Arizona, two years ago.
00:21:39(whistling a tune) MAN OVER P.A.: Chief Engineering Officer Santori...
00:21:45(keypad beeping) (buzzing) McGee?
00:21:52(clatter in distance) Ow!
00:21:56(groans) (chuckles) Hey.
00:22:02What are you doing in there?
00:22:04Our jobs.
00:22:05I'm looking for contraband.
00:22:08I found this.
00:22:09You are looking good.
00:22:11What have we here?
00:22:14Where were you while I'm down there banging my head, huh?
00:22:17Skinning my knees?
00:22:18I was up on the flight deck, trying to get a cell signal.
00:22:21I've been playing phone tag with Uncle Clive's solicitor.
00:22:25Screw your Uncle Clive.
00:22:26You haven't done anything all morning.
00:22:28Whoa, whoa.
00:22:30What's with you, McCranky?
00:22:32You need to chill-ax.
00:22:33You want me to chill-ax? You want me to chill-ax?
00:22:36I will chill-ax when you tell me that you have done something!
00:22:40I have done something.
00:22:42I went over Special Agent Patterson's e-mails and daily activity log.
00:22:47Four days ago, he did a background check on a Seaman Richard Zell.
00:22:51He's had him under surveillance since Panama.
00:22:53Zell... is one of only three people with the access code to this storage bay.
00:22:59Where's Seaman Zell now?
00:23:00Well, according to the ship's duty roster log, he's due back on board in an hour.
00:23:09You make anything of it?
00:23:11Yeah. I'm aware of the artist.
00:23:13Dina Risi.
00:23:14I admired her work in Yuma.
00:23:16I should've bought it then; I can't afford it now.
00:23:18Any idea why Patterson would've sent it to our lab?
00:23:20I've been trying to make a connection between the painting and Jack, but I can't.
00:23:24ZIVA: That was a Scottsdale homicide detective-- it made his day when I told him the weapon that killed Special Agent Patterson was the same one that was used in the murder of a local businessman by the name of...
00:23:35Hamilton Cooper.
00:23:36They have not had any movement on the case in the past two years.
00:23:40He is e-mailing me their case file.
00:23:41You think Patterson's death had anything to do with the time he and I were stationed in Yuma?
00:23:45Do you?
00:23:47Well, we did some joint operations.
00:23:49I'll make some phone calls, go back through the files, see what I can dig up.
00:23:56Uncle Clive's primary residence is this manor house that's just outside of Henley on Thames.
00:24:02You have to come and visit sometime.
00:24:04In the summer, they have these, uh, annual regattas.
00:24:07(affected accent): It's absolutely smashing.
00:24:09Tony, shut up.
00:24:10What I wouldn't give for a sock full of horse manure.
00:24:15La-di-da! Look at you, fancy-pants-movie-reference.
00:24:19Annie Hall, 1977.
00:24:20Really Woody Allen's best.
00:24:21Hey, did I tell you about Clive's, uh, muse in London?
00:24:25Really, do you have any idea how insufferable you are?
00:24:30What are you doing? Hey.
00:24:31You're dripping paint all over the place.
00:24:34McGEE: Look, you see what you're doing there?
00:24:36Look at what I'm doing, okay?
00:24:38Watch. You do...
00:24:39even strokes.
00:24:41You see that?
00:24:41Uh-huh. Nice, even strokes.
00:24:45We're pretend painting, McGoo.
00:24:50Keep that away from me.
00:24:56(keypad beeping) (buzzing, door opens) (door closes) (keypad beeping) (door opens) Hi.
00:25:22Put your hands behind your head, spread your legs.
00:25:27(grunts) TONY: Oh, God!
00:25:30(yells) God!
00:25:33I don't need this crap!
00:25:34I'm about to be a very wealthy man.
00:25:37(exhales): Oh.
00:25:39ABBY: I fumed it with cyanoacrylate.
00:25:41There's dozens of prints.
00:25:42So far I've been able to I.D. two: Special Agent Patterson and Roy from our mailroom.
00:25:48So many prints, so little time.
00:25:51I tried something else.
00:25:53How long do you think it takes ballpoint pen ink to dry?
00:25:56Like, really, really dry.
00:25:58Four to five days.
00:26:00I removed the clear plastic window from the carton, and I coated the inside with a solvent, lifting the ink residue left by the original sender's mailing label.
00:26:07I heat-transferred it to a clean piece of paper, then I scanned it...
00:26:15What's it say? I can't make it out.
00:26:17I'm not done yet, Gibbs.
00:26:18And I ran it through an enhancement program.
00:26:22The package was sent to Patterson from the artist, Dina Risi.
00:26:26And there's her phone number.
00:26:27Well, give yourself an atta-girl.
00:26:29Atta-girl. Atta-girl.
00:26:31You get anywhere with the painting?
00:26:34Never enough for you, Gibbs, is it?
00:26:36Went right to voice mail-- she's got her phone turned off.
00:26:49You know we've got you for drugs...
00:26:52and assaulting a Federal officer.
00:26:55(exhales) So why don't you tell me what was going down between you and Agent Patterson.
00:27:04Yeah, I punched him.
00:27:07Yeah, the coke is mine.
00:27:09But I told you, it's a big ship, I didn't know Patterson.
00:27:13TONY: Well, he knew you.
00:27:15Had you under surveillance since the ship left Panama.
00:27:18He may have killed Special Agent Patterson, but Seaman Zell could not have killed the Arizona businessman.
00:27:23According to his service records, he was aboard a frigate on his way to the Persian Gulf at the time of the murder.
00:27:29TONY: Tell me why you didn't.
00:27:31I was just trying to make a couple bucks.
00:27:34Could you live on an E-3 salary?
00:27:36What did you pay for the coke?
00:27:39I'm going home to Brooklyn on leave next week.
00:27:41On the street, I can get 20.
00:27:44Well, you'll be lucky if you get 25... years...
00:27:48for murder.
00:27:50Boss, his alibi for yesterday morning checks out.
00:27:54Patterson was shot at 5:40 a.m.
00:27:5730 minutes later, Seaman Zell was withdrawing $40 from an ATM on the base at Norfolk. That's 200 miles away.
00:28:04Even you couldn't drive that fast, boss.
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00:32:31Based on the amount of drugs involved, we're pretty sure that Seaman Zell was working alone.
00:32:35So I don't have a serious smuggling problem aboard theWashington.
00:32:39A new NCIS Agent will be assigned this week.
00:32:42He'll follow up.
00:32:43What's to follow up?
00:32:44I thought you said Seaman Zell didn't have any connection to Special Agent Patterson's death.
00:32:48It's an ongoing investigation.
00:32:51We're returning him to your command.
00:32:54Suggest you put him in pre-trial confinement.
00:33:01TONY: He say anything?
00:33:02Feel like the guy's got an agenda?
00:33:04What do we got?
00:33:04McGee, tell him about the e-mail.
00:33:06Doesn't sound like Patterson shared Commander Weidman's feelings about them working well together.
00:33:10Patterson told the captain in an e-mail that he felt Weidman was obstructing some of his investigations.
00:33:15Got a call into the captain.
00:33:16ZIVA: Gibbs, Dina Risi, the artist, she's starting to be recognized outside Arizona.
00:33:21Had a showing in San Francisco in December.
00:33:23She specializes in landscapes.
00:33:25She grew up in Italy, studied art in Milan, moved to Arizona about ten years ago.
00:33:29Dina Risi's always been very outspoken on ecological issues.
00:33:32I did talk to the local sheriff-- guy by the name of Clay Boyd.
00:33:37(imitating Boyd): And he said that he was looking for her, but she, well, she just disappeared.
00:33:44Like she just fell off the face of the earth.
00:33:47He talks just like that.
00:33:48That's how he talks.
00:33:49(normal voice): I won't though.
00:33:50Says that she has a remote, mountain retreat where likes to go and paint, but he doesn't know where it is.
00:33:55Find it, McGee.
00:33:56Think I did, boss.
00:33:57I only used Risi paintings that have distinctive geographical landmarks.
00:34:00Compared them to Google Earth satellite images.
00:34:02These locations correspond to backgrounds in her paintings.
00:34:05They're all within a four-mile radius of Mount Pinos.
00:34:07Searched the area, only found one structure.
00:34:10This was taken six months ago.
00:34:12Good. See if she's there.
00:34:13Piece of cake, Probie.
00:34:17ZIVA: Ooh.
00:34:18A Ferrari.
00:34:21599 Gtb.
00:34:22You are counting your eggs before they are laid.
00:34:26Operative word is "laid." Wouldn't drink that.
00:34:35Sure I've had worse.
00:34:38What do you have?
00:34:39I think I know who's at the center of this.
00:34:41Dina Risi, the artist.
00:34:42Get this: I talked to a bartender at a place Jack and I used to hang.
00:34:46After I left Arizona, Jack used to come in with her.
00:34:48Bartender hinted they were a lot more than just friends.
00:34:51Might explain why Dina Risi sent Patterson the painting.
00:34:54You talk to her yet?
00:34:55No. She went into hiding.
00:34:56We may have a location though.
00:34:58Mount Pinos.
00:35:00That's the badlands.
00:35:02Good luck finding her up there.
00:35:09I'm e-mailing the lawyer in London.
00:35:11All right? The suspense is killing me.
00:35:14I did not ask.
00:35:16Um, I have the Scottsdale Police report on the murder of Hamilton Cooper, the local businessman.
00:35:21Yes. (typing) He was worth $20 million.
00:35:25Investigators suspected his wife hired a hit man.
00:35:28She was conveniently out of town.
00:35:30Shooter used a .22.
00:35:31Multiple hits to the body.
00:35:32One to the head, right behind the ear.
00:35:35Just like Patterson.
00:35:36Well, I guess that lets Commander Weidman off the hook.
00:35:41Tasked an NSA satellite.
00:35:42I got an infrared image of the cabin here.
00:35:48Heat signature from the fireplace.
00:35:50Somebody's there.
00:35:51Ziva, you and McGee work the case from here.
00:35:54DiNozzo, go home, pack.
00:35:55Where am I going?
00:35:56We're going to Arizona.
00:35:58Okay. (groans) Arizona and I don't get along.
00:36:04♪ If kick tomorrow, would you stick with me? ♪
00:36:08♪Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh♪
00:36:11♪ I know I'm not as straight as I would like to be ♪
00:36:15♪Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh♪
00:36:18♪ And though it's hard enough as it is ♪
00:36:25♪ Tomorrow still comes... ♪
00:36:28Sheriff Boyd?
00:36:30Yes, sir.
00:36:31Special Agent Gibbs, NCIS.
00:36:35Hey. Special Agent DiNozzo.
00:36:37How are you?
00:36:39Is that an Italian name?
00:36:42Any word on Dina Risi?
00:36:45We tried all our sources.
00:36:46No one seems to know where she went.
00:36:48You know her?
00:36:48Well, I met her. She was chained to a tree.
00:36:51I was the one with the bolt cutters and handcuffs.
00:36:53(chuckles) Let me show you where we're aiming to go, Sheriff.
00:36:58We think she's in a small cabin in, uh, this area here.
00:37:02Are you expecting to go to a dance while you're here in town, Agent DiNozzo?
00:37:10(chuckles) Why don't we take our four-wheeler.
00:37:13You know, the rental.
00:37:14You can't get up there in a vehicle.
00:37:16Only way to get up there is horses.
00:37:19Why don't we just requisition a helicopter?
00:37:22Or not.
00:37:23If the government spent that kind of money every time they interviewed somebody, government would go broke, huh?
00:37:29The government is broke.
00:37:33That was security.
00:37:34Bart Lemming is on his way up.
00:37:35Oh, maybe he's got something for us.
00:37:37(phone ringing) That could be London.
00:37:42Answer it.
00:37:43What, and have Tony harass me some more about my message-taking skills?
00:37:47No, thank you.
00:37:48I'll get it.
00:37:49Why? You're gonna tell them he's not here, they're not gonna tell you anything.
00:37:54(Ziva sighs) I think you are jealous Tony's going to inherit money.
00:37:58No, I just think that it could change him.
00:38:00Which in Tony's case would be a good thing.
00:38:03Unless he becomes more...
00:38:07I see your concern.
00:38:08But you did not change when your books made you plush.
00:38:12Thanks, Ziva, but it really wasn't that much.
00:38:14I bought my car, bought some clothes.
00:38:17What was left over, I put in a hedge fund which just crashed.
00:38:21That is why you've been so distracted lately.
00:38:24It shows, huh?
00:38:26Whoa. Easy.
00:38:31(grunting) You ever saddled a horse, DiNozzio?
00:38:39Uh... uh...
00:38:41No, not really.
00:38:42You have ridden, ain't you?
00:38:44Sure. Oh, yeah.
00:38:46Eighth birthday party.
00:38:47Pony rides and-and, uh, stuff like that.
00:38:51Well, this should be interesting.
00:38:52(chuckles): Yeah. Give me that. Give me that.
00:38:55Here you go. I got it.
00:38:56Oh, it's a lot of leather.
00:38:58Here we go.
00:38:58I'm looking for Special Agent DiNozzo.
00:39:01He is away from the office right now.
00:39:04He left me a message while I was on vacation, said it was urgent.
00:39:09I returned his call, but I haven't heard from him. And you are?
00:39:17(cell phone ringing) (neighs) Ooh.
00:39:20(phone beeps on) GIBBS: Yeah. Gibbs.
00:39:22Boss, we've got a problem.
00:39:24Um, Bartholomew Lemming from OHS is here.
00:39:27What's the problem?
00:39:28It's the real Bartholomew Lemming.
00:39:30The guy that we've been dealing with is an imposter.
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00:43:48He planted the business card on his body, knowing whoever investigated the murder would call.
00:43:53Yeah. Well, we did.
00:43:54And I briefed him on the investigation.
00:43:57Well, the guy's good, boss.
00:43:58Probably knew Lemming was on vacation.
00:44:01It's like Nicholson in Chinatown,you know?
00:44:03He used a stolen business card to make everyone think he was from the Department of Water and Power.
00:44:07Maybe he left his print on the card.
00:44:10Abby's on it.
00:44:11McGee's running facial recognition against NCIS security videos.
00:44:16Let's go!
00:44:20Ex-Excuse me, boss.
00:44:24Hey, hey, no, no, no.
00:44:25Come on around here.
00:44:27Is there a step ladder or anything?
00:44:30No. Go ahead, get up.
00:44:34No, left foot.
00:44:34DiNozzo, come on!
00:44:35I'm on my way, boss.
00:44:37You don't want to get on his bad side, do you?
00:44:40You're a good judge of character, Sheriff.
00:44:42Oh, boy.
00:44:47(grunting) There you go.
00:44:49(sighs) Oh! He's going.
00:44:52He's going.
00:44:55Oh, no! Sheriff...
00:44:57I think he lost a contact.
00:44:59ABBY: We X-rayed the painting that Patterson gave me, but we couldn't get a clear image.
00:45:03It was foggy.
00:45:04Did it four times; thought it was the equipment.
00:45:07I was about to call the technician...
00:45:09Then I got an idea.
00:45:16(clicking) Radioactive.
00:45:19It's the paint.
00:45:21Dina Risi goes to the extremes of mixing her paints and pigments with indigenous substances, much like the Mayans did.
00:45:27ABBY: She used clay containing metallic elements occurring in pitchblende-- also referred to as uraninite-- which is processed into purified uranium dioxide, UO2-- also used in manufacturing...
00:45:40Nuclear weapons.
00:45:42Gibbs's satellite.
00:45:44I already tried calling him.
00:45:46You're not gonna get ahold of him.
00:45:48It's ringing.
00:45:53It's not the painting, it's the paint.
00:45:55The little girl, the dead steer, the book, none of it means anything.
00:45:58I mean, well, I'm sure it meant something to the artist, but...
00:46:01Abs. Abby.
00:46:01Slow down. What are you trying to say?
00:46:04The painting that he sent me.
00:46:06It wasn't about the image.
00:46:08The paint is radioactive.
00:46:10Uraninite, used to make nuclear weapons.
00:46:12Dina Risi, she must have known.
00:46:14That's why she sent the painting to Patterson.
00:46:17Transfer me to McGee.
00:46:19Hey, boss.
00:46:22I haven't heard from you.
00:46:23Well, we're still running facial recognition on the fake Bartholomew Lemming.
00:46:27Uh, I am going to expand the search to Interpol.
00:46:30But based on your suggestion, we did lift a right forefinger and thumbprint from the carafe our imposter used in the conference room. Did you get a hit?
00:46:37No. He doesn't have a record.
00:46:39I want a name, McGee!
00:46:42(line disconnects) He says hi.
00:46:46(horses nickering) You know, the sun's starting to set.
00:46:51This would be a good place to camp.
00:46:53No, sir.
00:46:54No, sir. I want to keep pushing on.
00:46:56This mountain at night-- the trail starting to narrow, big drop-offs-- You got a tenderfoot.
00:47:04No, we camp.
00:47:07TONY (groaning): Can you get nerve damage in your buttocks?
00:47:11(groans) You're gonna feel worse in the morning.
00:47:14Don't say that, boss.
00:47:16Beans? GIBBS: Yeah. thanks.
00:47:18Mongo like beans.
00:47:21(chuckles) Mongo.
00:47:23(growling) (imitates explosion) Mongo.
00:47:27Blazing Saddles.
00:47:29mel Brooks-- genius.
00:47:30What the heck is he talking about?
00:47:34TONY: I'm okay.
00:47:35I mean, I'll skip the beans, Sheriff.
00:47:37Thanks for not offering, though.
00:47:38I got an energy bar at the airport, so I'm good.
00:47:42(horse whinnying) What time is it in London, DiNozzo?
00:47:46It's 3:00 a.m.
00:47:47Six hours till I can make the call.
00:47:49You gonna be with this agency much longer?
00:47:53(coyote howling) You get that inheritance, maybe you think about retiring.
00:47:57(phone ringing) That's yours.
00:48:01I would get that, boss, but I got a cramp in my leg.
00:48:04(ringing continues) (phone beeps on) Yeah, Gibbs.
00:48:07ZIVA: We played a hunch.
00:48:08If Bart is a professional hit man, he would be on his way to Arizona to silence Dina Risi. The woman who knows too much.
00:48:14ZIVA: We checked all flights from the D.C.
00:48:15area the last 24 hours, and I think we found something.
00:48:19A corporate jet filed a flight plan from Washington Executive Hyde Field to a small airport 50 miles from Mount Pintos.
00:48:26It landed two hours ago.
00:48:27Whose plane?
00:48:28ZIVA: It's registered to the Sunset Mining Corporation of Phoenix, Arizona.
00:48:31Get some sleep. (line disconnects, phone beeps off) Ever heard of Sunset Mining?
00:48:37Who are they?
00:48:38Just a slick bunch out of Phoenix.
00:48:40They got mines around here or something?
00:48:42Not yet, no.
00:48:42What's that supposed to mean?
00:48:46Negotiating for what?
00:48:47Mineral rights.
00:48:49To an abandoned gold mine.
00:48:51It's a waste of time, though.
00:48:52I got more gold in my mouth than is in that whole shaft.
00:48:56Dina and her tree huggers, they're fighting them.
00:48:58Claim that Sunset Mining will rape public lands.
00:49:03She knows they're not looking for gold.
00:49:09TONY: That's what valley fever is about, you know.
00:49:11I mean, I'm not afraid of getting it again.
00:49:12It's just that, you know, Arizona is a dangerous place.
00:49:15Whoa, whoa.
00:49:16And, uh, can we stop soon?
00:49:19Just up ahead.
00:49:24(Tony grunting and groaning) TONY: Oh! That one hit me where I live.
00:49:32(gunshot) (gunshot) Dina, stop shooting.
00:49:37(gun cocking) This is Sheriff Boyd.
00:49:50How did you find me?
00:49:53I didn't.
00:49:54These Feds did.
00:49:56They're with the Navy.
00:50:00Jack Patterson told me not to talk to anyone but him.
00:50:04Yeah, well, Jack Patterson's dead.
00:50:10I mix my own pigments.
00:50:13As the base of my earth tones, I use clay that I found near the old mine.
00:50:19When did you suspect the paint was radioactive?
00:50:22About a month ago.
00:50:23I wasn't feeling well.
00:50:27My doctor ran blood tests.
00:50:29Told me I was exposed to radiation.
00:50:31So that's what made me suspect Sunset Mining was interested in the mineral rights.
00:50:37Not for gold, but for uranium.
00:50:40You tell anyone?
00:50:41I started asking questions.
00:50:42Thought I was discreet, but, um, I started getting paranoid.
00:50:49Felt I was being followed.
00:50:50Didn't know who to trust.
00:50:53Called Jack.
00:50:56Patterson told you to send the painting?
00:50:59He said he'd have it check out.
00:51:03If the mine is a major source of uranium, it could be worth billions to Sunset Mining.
00:51:11Worth killing for.
00:51:13How did Jack die?
00:51:15He was shot on his way to see us.
00:51:17We're pretty sure it was a professional hit.
00:51:20It's not safe up here.
00:51:22We got to get down the mountain.
00:51:23Great. Just when I was getting the feeling back in my lower extremities.
00:51:36You know, you might want to let go of that horn, junior.
00:51:38Riding a horse is like making love.
00:51:40You got to relax and enjoy it.
00:51:42Sheriff, I have a strong feeling that you and I enjoy both of those activities in really different ways, no disrespect. (phone ringing) (phone beeps on) Yeah. Gibbs.
00:51:51Boss, we've got you on satellite here and Mtac.
00:51:53You've got company.
00:51:54There's an aircraft moving low over the landscape.
00:51:56What direction? West.
00:51:58ZIVA: It is closing in on you. (horse neighing) Head for the rocks.
00:52:02What's going on? Go! Move!
00:52:22Ahh! Go, DiNozzo!
00:52:26Keep going!
00:52:35The rocks.
00:52:36Take cover.
00:52:41GIBBS: All right.
00:52:42Behind the rocks.
00:52:43TONY: Boss, he's coming back!
00:52:46I'm all right, Gibbs.
00:52:49Get the Henry.
00:52:50It pulls to the right.
00:52:56(gunshots) (gun clicks empty) (horse neighing) (rifle cocking) Boss, you okay?
00:53:54GIBBS: Yeah.
00:53:56I'm fine here.
00:54:00(muttering) (groans) Well, take it easy, Sheriff.
00:54:05TONY: Now we've got to round up the horses.
00:54:07How do you do that?
00:54:15Howdy, partner.
00:54:16Welcome back to the fort.
00:54:18I'm surprised you can sit down.
00:54:20(chuckles) Ah, you humor me, Tim.
00:54:23Hey, that lawyer call?
00:54:24Tony was notified he would be calling at 9:00.
00:54:27That is just a couple minutes away.
00:54:29Yes, it is.
00:54:31How's the sheriff, boss?
00:54:32Oh, he's going to be fine.
00:54:34Driving the nurses nuts.
00:54:35McGEE: Fbi lifted a thumbprint off of his body.
00:54:38Real name is Jerome Sax.
00:54:40Lived in Oregon. Had a wife and two kids.
00:54:42(phone ringing) Oh.
00:54:43That's my future calling. Excuse me.
00:54:46Yes, Mr. Hubbard.
00:54:48How are you, sir?
00:54:48ZIVA: He was a little league coach, deacon of his church.
00:54:51Wife thought he was a factory rep who traveled out of town on company business.
00:54:54So far, Ballistics tie him to four unsolved murders.
00:54:58They think there'll be more.
00:54:59TONY (laughing): That is unbelievable!
00:55:04The Phoenix D.A.'s investigating Sunset Mining.
00:55:06Three executives are expected to be indicted for the involvement in the death of Special Agent Patterson, and the mining scam.
00:55:13Okay, well, thank you very much.
00:55:15Yes, thank you very much.
00:55:16All right. See you, pal.
00:55:19(phone beeps off) (chuckling) Did, um, Uncle Clive leave a big estate?
00:55:25(laughing) Huge!
00:55:2924 million pounds!
00:55:34Well, that's over $35 million.
00:55:37Yes! Yes, it is!
00:55:39(Tony chuckling) Yes, it is!
00:55:43And he left it all to my sniveling cousin Crispian.
00:55:48I mean, I'll give you-- granted he did take care of Uncle Clive when he was ill, and he gave a very moving eulogy.
00:55:55Hey, why is the lawyer calling you?
00:55:59Oh, yeah. When I was in college, I borrowed $10,000 from Uncle Clive, and, um, I guess I signed an IOU. I don't really remember that, but Crispian says that he found this document-- said "IOU," and that I owe him that $10,000 plus compounded interest over the last 20 years.
00:56:16Do you know how much that is, by the way?
00:56:22I am sorry for your loss.
00:56:37It's only money.
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