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00:00:00Are here.
00:00:01>> This is kind of cool!
00:00:02Can you believe this?
00:00:03We're like, "we're living a " >> these guys knew they were gonna have to fight all the way, and they certainly did.
00:00:08>> On any given sunday, anybody can rise up and beat anybody.
00:00:12>> You got to believe.
00:00:13For 60 minutes, you got to believe.
00:00:15>> We had the shirts that said, " it's a 60-minute game.
00:00:18We're going to play for 60 minutes.
00:00:20>> Anybody that watched that game, you watched it for 60 minutes.
00:00:23One play at a time.
00:00:25Let's just play some football.
00:00:2660-Minute affair.
00:00:2860 Minutes.
00:00:28I don't know how this thing's gonna unfold, but I know how it's going to finish.
00:00:35>> Go!
00:00:36>> Colts and steelers ready to go.
00:00:38The afc championship and a trip to phoenix on the line here.
00:00:41He's got it!
00:00:4110, 5, Touchdown!
00:00:44>> I could taste it.
00:00:45We are going to the super bowl.
00:00:46>> We're going to win this football game, period.
00:00:48>> We knew we were going to win that football game.
00:00:51>> And the steelers look like they may come back from the jaws of defeat to the thrill of victory!
00:00:56>> One minute you're up, then another minute you're down.
00:01:00>> For the right to go to the super bowl.
00:01:02Harbaugh, on third and 1 -- five seconds left -- is back.
00:01:05>> We've been here before.
00:01:06>> This may score.
00:01:07>> He has time, and he launches a rainbow!
00:01:09>> He airs it out.
00:01:10>> The ball was in the air forever, it seemed.
00:01:12>> It's not gonna happen.
00:01:14They're not gonna score.
00:01:15>> It's starting to come down in the end zone.
00:01:17No time on the clock!
00:01:17>> What a terrific ball game, and a chance to play in the big one.
00:01:20>> At that point, you're just kind of waiting.
00:01:22It just seems like an eternity.
00:01:23>> Everybody in the end zone.
00:01:25They battle for the ball!
00:01:26>> And down there, it is juggled!
00:01:27>> And then I saw it go into the stomach of a colt.
00:01:32>> "My god, he's caught it.
00:01:33We've lost it on the last play " " " >> and this is one of the most unbelievable football games we have ever witnessed!
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00:03:53>> It's the pittsburgh steelers versus the indy colts right here in pittsburgh at three rivers stadium.
00:03:58The two teams battling for the right to go to the super bowl.
00:04:02The steelers are heavy favorites, but you will not find them overconfident because they and this whole city vividly remember what happened in the afc championship game last year when they lost to the diego chargers when they died at the 3-yard line, 3 yards short of a winning score.
00:04:20>> It was such a letdown, that '94 afc championship game with san diego.
00:04:24I'll never forget bill cowher came in at the end of the year.
00:04:28He said, "okay, we knocked on the door to go to the super bowl.
00:04:31Next year we will knock down that door and go to the super " >> this group of men have been through a lot.
00:04:37As the adversity comes, allow us our resolve to grow stronger.
00:04:43>> So that was our goal when we came back in, in '95.
00:04:46It was like, "hey, what happened last year happened, but it's not gonna happen this year.
00:04:51We put ourselves in a position " >> in 1995, it was pittsburgh that appeared to be finished after losing four of its first seven games.
00:05:01>> I remember walking in, week eight, and just said, "let's start over.
00:05:05Let's wipe the slate clean.
00:05:06I took all the previous games off the goal board.
00:05:09I put up there nine games that were left and said, "it's a " we kind of went back to re-establishing a mind-set that said, "we're gonna get back to playing tough, hard-nosed " >> it was a matter of us going back to the drawing board -- and not doing anything different, but doing it, I guess, with a lot more vigor.
00:05:28>> Fueled by their aggressive blitzburgh defense, the steelers won eight games in a row to secure a second straight afc central crown.
00:05:37>> Let's go!
00:05:38Put these guys away!
00:05:40Let's tee off, man!
00:05:42>> In the divisional playoffs, the steelers scored on five of their first seven possessions to deal buffalo a decisive defeat.
00:05:50For the second consecutive year, pittsburgh would host the afc championship game.
00:05:57Battling the steelers for the right to go to super bowl xxx were the indianapolis colts, who made a storybook run to the postseason.
00:06:06>> It was one of those magical seasons that almost didn't happen.
00:06:09They talk about perfect storms.
00:06:11That's what that season ended up being.
00:06:13>> The colts' emergence in 1995 was due in large part to the fighting spirit of quarterback jim harbaugh.
00:06:21>> In the second game of the season against the jets, we were down 24-3 at halftime.
00:06:25I sent harbaugh in, and we ended up winning the ball game.
00:06:28>> He dumps it in the flat.
00:06:29Wide open, caught by faulk!
00:06:31Touchdown, marshall!
00:06:32And the colts win 27-24!
00:06:37>> And a month later, we're in miami, and it's the same situation, although jim was now starting.
00:06:4324-3 At halftime, and jim brought us back and we won that game.
00:06:48>> Jimmy rolls out of it.
00:06:49Throws on the run into the end zone.
00:06:51Touchdown, colts!
00:06:53They have come back!
00:06:54>> If they lose those games, the season could really have careened out of control to 4-12, whatever, who knows?
00:07:00But harbaugh that year had something about him.
00:07:02Ted marchibroda called him " >> to keep finding answers and ways to win -- that team really started believing in itself, that there was no situation we couldn't overcome, nowhere we couldn't go in and have a decent shot at winning.
00:07:16>> The colts are headed to the playoffs for the first time since 1987.
00:07:22>> We played 19 games that year, and 15 of them were decided by a touchdown or less.
00:07:26So we were a battle-tested ball club.
00:07:29>> In the wild-card round, indianapolis proved its mettle.
00:07:33With top rusher marshall faulk injured, number 32, zack crockett, propelled the colts to victory with a club playoff record 147 rushing yards.
00:07:44>> We ain't even supposed to be here!
00:07:46Nobody wants us in the playoffs!
00:07:48>> They said it couldn't be done, baby.
00:07:50Here we go, kansas city.
00:07:52One more time.
00:07:54>> The following sunday, cinderella again wore a blue horseshoe as indianapolis knocked top-seeded kansas city out of the playoffs.
00:08:03>> Back to throw, harbaugh.
00:08:04Out of the shotgun.
00:08:05He throws to the corner.
00:08:06Turner's got it -- touchdown!
00:08:09The colts are going to the afc championship game!
00:08:12This has been one great season, and it's going on!
00:08:15They are now gonna play pittsburgh next sunday in pittsburgh.
00:08:21>> We go to san diego, we're double-digit underdogs.
00:08:24Going to kansas city, double-digit underdogs and no chance of winning that game.
00:08:28And then going to pittsburgh, again, double-digit underdogs.
00:08:31But our team was like, "hey, here we go again.
00:08:33We'll find a way to win.
00:08:35Don't know exactly how we're gonna do it, but we will find a " >> we don't deserve to be here, you know?
00:08:40That's what the nation thinks.
00:08:42That's what the world thinks.
00:08:43But we got a little something for 'em today.
00:08:46>> We had already lost the championship game the year before, and it still had a sour taste in my mouth.
00:08:52We knew that we were the better team in the afc.
00:08:55Everybody was kind of loose because we knew what we were capable of doing.
00:08:59>> 60 Minutes, 95.
00:09:00Let's have some fun, man.
00:09:02>> We ain't losing.
00:09:03>> I know.
00:09:03>> The colts have won in san diego and kansas city, but there's still no respect.
00:09:08They're an 11-point underdog going into this afternoon's game.
00:09:11For the colts to win, everything has to fall right.
00:09:14The colts have everything to gain and nothing to lose, and for the steelers, it's the other way around.
00:09:20The colts and the steelers.
00:09:22The afc championship game coming right up.
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00:11:57>> It's gonna come down to who wants this more!
00:11:59Whoever wants it is gonna win it.
00:12:01>> Expect to win!
00:12:03Come on, baby!
00:12:05>> We've come too far, and we're not gonna get denied.
00:12:08I don't know how this thing's gonna unfold, but I know how it's gonna finish.
00:12:12It starts with the opening kickoff through the last snap.
00:12:16>> Go!
00:12:19>> Well, you couldn't ask for a better day here in three rivers, and this crowd is obviously into it.
00:12:23Both these teams are gonna leave it all out here.
00:12:26This is what it's all about -- a chance to play in the big one.
00:12:29>> As the colts get the whistle, and gardocki puts us under way.
00:12:33High, end-over-end kick.
00:12:35Headed toward mills.
00:12:37He fields at the 6.
00:12:3810, 15, 20.
00:12:40Wedge, 25!
00:12:41Breaks into the open and knocked down at about the 34.
00:12:44>> Penalty on the play.
00:12:46>> Who's it on?
00:12:48Come on!
00:12:50>> Who was the guilty party on the hold?
00:12:53>> They called donta jones.
00:12:55>> A holding call against the steelers on the return, so there goes the field position.
00:13:00So the steelers will take the football.
00:13:02Dermontti dawson at center.
00:13:04The guards are tom newberry and brendan stai.
00:13:07The tackles, john jackson and leon searcy.
00:13:10The tight end is mark bruener.
00:13:11The split receivers, yancey thigpen and ernie mills.
00:13:14The quarterback is neil o'donnell.
00:13:16The fullback, john l. williams.
00:13:17Erric pegram will start the game as the tailback, but bam morris will see lots and lots of action.
00:13:22The steelers starting back at their own 21-yard line.
00:13:26First and 10.
00:13:27Here's the give to pegram.
00:13:29Pegram bounces it to the right, gets 5, 6 yards, maybe 7.
00:13:32Up to the 27 yard line.
00:13:34>> We got a flag on the play, did we not?
00:13:36>> At the end of the play.
00:13:38Grabbing the face mask against indy.
00:13:40That'll be 5 and a first down.
00:13:41So that brings the ball out across the 30 to the 31.
00:13:44>> The colts' defense today -- the left defensive end will be bernard whittington out of indiana.
00:13:49tony McCoy starts at left tackle.
00:13:51Tony siragusa at right tackle, tony bennett at right end.
00:13:54The linebackers, stephen grant, jeff herrod, and quentin coryatt.
00:13:57The right corner, ashley ambrose.
00:13:59At the other corner is ray buchanan.
00:14:01And the two safeties, jason belser and david tate.
00:14:04>> [ Chanting ] HERE WE GO, Steelers, here we go!
00:14:09>> Kordell stewart is in the array now as a slot man to the left side.
00:14:12Mills, the receiver to the right, in motion all the way through.
00:14:16And o'donnell to throw it.
00:14:17He's back.
00:14:18The pass is tipped and intercepted at the 40!
00:14:20Jeff herrod, the middle linebacker, with the interception.
00:14:24So the steelers turn it over, and he rambled down to the 24-yard line.
00:14:27The ball tipped at the line of scrimmage.
00:14:29>> Who was that -- siragusa in there who tipped it?
00:14:32>> Yeah, myron, it was siragusa.
00:14:33It looks like this is their game plan, defensively -- if they can't get to neil, stop and get your hands up.
00:14:40>> Goose was one of our leaders.
00:14:41He really was.
00:14:42He was a pressure point for us.
00:14:45They couldn't block him one-on one because he was so huge and so athletic.
00:14:49O'donnell's first pass he batted up into the air.
00:14:52Herrod intercepted and took us down to about the 20-yard line.
00:14:55It really helped us to get off to a good start.
00:14:58>> That's the one thing -- as a quarterback, you want to get in the rhythm early.
00:15:01Especially in big games like that one -- the afc championship game.
00:15:05When you throw an interception like that, it was kind of like, " >> let's go steelers! yeah!
00:15:14>> The big story offensively for the indianapolis colts, the surprise team of the american football conference, is jim harbaugh.
00:15:21And the impressive stats -- 17 touchdowns in the regular season, only 5 interceptions.
00:15:27>> Let's go!
00:15:29>> Let's see what the colts can do offensively.
00:15:31Round one.
00:15:31And the give is to crockett up the middle.
00:15:33Zack got about a yard.
00:15:34Still fighting!
00:15:35Still fighting.
00:15:36He got it down around the 21.
00:15:39>> You hear the crowd exhorting the defense now because the burden is on the steeler defense.
00:15:44>> It's a different look against this 3-4, and it will take a while to get adjusted in your blocking schemes.
00:15:49The secondary's done an outstanding job, and they will be tested today.
00:15:55>> Harbaugh the man under.
00:15:57Dilger, the tight end, set right.
00:15:58The give is to lamont up the middle.
00:16:00Running room at the 20.
00:16:0115-Yard line before he's finally knocked down.
00:16:04>> 27 Boss.
00:16:05Jack zero, 27 boss.
00:16:08>> Colts driving after the interception by jeff herrod.
00:16:11It'll be third down and a long yard to go for the colts at the pittsburgh 15-yard line.
00:16:16The give is to warren.
00:16:17Hit behind the line and dropped at the 16.
00:16:20Good penetration by seals and also by greg lloyd.
00:16:22Good defensive stand by pittsburgh.
00:16:24>> They thrive on getting that pressure, and ray seals just beat the block, got good penetration.
00:16:30When you're deep in the "i" formation and you get that good push into the fullback, it really fouls things up.
00:16:35Nice job there by the steeler defense.
00:16:37>> This will be a 34-yard attempt by cary blanchard out of the hold of chris gardocki.
00:16:43Waiting for the snap.
00:16:45It's there, it's down.
00:16:46His kick is up.
00:16:48It hit the crossbar and went up!
00:16:49It's good!
00:16:51That ball hits the upright and caroms across the crossbar, and the colts have an early 3-0 lead.
00:16:57>> Wait to go, cary.
00:16:58That's it.
00:16:59Way to go, way to go.
00:17:01>> Down here.
00:17:02That guy slants inside.
00:17:03Where are you going?
00:17:04>> I was coming right to him, and I ended up overreaching him on the split.
00:17:08He was down that far.
00:17:10>> Well, we just -- we can't do that.
00:17:12They're in our backfield before we get a chance to run the ball.
00:17:15>> Make sure now.
00:17:16They're gonna wide split.
00:17:17That's that counter lead back.
00:17:19They're man-blocking, so make sure you can get across the face on that.
00:17:22>> We'll come out -- >> no, we were in eagle wide.
00:17:24Yeah, I was saying on base.
00:17:26>> Yeah, they got a wide split.
00:17:27>> That's 'cause they're trying run away and bring iback to that "c" gap.
00:17:30>> We have the area here.
00:17:33Boom. dirt would be on him.
00:17:34This guy's coming around.
00:17:36You hit that.
00:17:36Dirt will come off, tackle will be on the end.
00:17:39136 Slow, where you're working inside with the mike backer, okay?
00:17:46>> Pittsburgh's first drive had lasted a mere two plays.
00:17:49On their next possession, the steelers successfully started to grind down indianapolis with number 20, erric pegram.
00:18:02>> Ron, just don't get away from the running game, because we are hammering them.
00:18:08>> However, when pittsburgh went away from its ground game, all efforts to pass the ball were thwarted by a passive colts defense.
00:18:19>> O'donnell in shotgun on third and 6.
00:18:21He's back.
00:18:22Has time.
00:18:22The pass is into and out of the hands of the intended receiver at the 44-yard line.
00:18:27Coming up empty is andre hastings.
00:18:29They're dropping eight defenders.
00:18:31>> If it was a passing situation, they would get in prevent defense.
00:18:35They would rush three, knowing that I'm not gonna outrun anyone, and they would drop eight.
00:18:40They would look like there was 13, 14 guys back there because they had everyone so spread out.
00:18:45There was a lot of bodies back there.
00:18:47>> Quentin coryatt had the coverage on andre hastings, but he couldn't quite catch up with the football.
00:18:52And so the steeler punt team is on the field.
00:18:54>> We got to get into a flow.
00:18:56We have no flow.
00:18:57We're mesmerized by the three down right now.
00:19:01>> Meanwhile, pittsburgh's three down linemen, four linebacker defensive scheme was stifling the colts' running attack.
00:19:09>> We wanted to do to this team what we had done to every team we had played all year -- make them one-dimensional.
00:19:15We'll take away the run, and if they're gonna beat us, let them beat us with throwing the ball.
00:19:21>> The nature of the game is to shut the running game down to turn an offense into a one-dimensional team.
00:19:28We got entirely too good of defensive backs and pass rushers to let jim harbaugh sit back there and throw the rock freely at will.
00:19:35>> Harbaugh, on third and 10, is back.
00:19:37He pumps once.
00:19:38Now he's in trouble.
00:19:39Now he's rolling.
00:19:40Being chased.
00:19:41Looking, looking.
00:19:42And going to be hit for a sack out of bounds on the near sideline, back inside the 20 at the 15, by chad brown.
00:19:49>> [ Cheering ] >> harbaugh in those high-top black shoes -- which I kind of like.
00:19:56It's like from the old days.
00:19:58He ain't gonna outrun no chad brown.
00:20:00Chad brown can fly, and he's got a healthy ankle now.
00:20:03So chad brown says, "hey, buddy, " >> everybody was covered by the secondary of pittsburgh, and jimmy basically had to eat the ball and ran out of bounds with it.
00:20:13>> Way to blast him.
00:20:14Good job, good job.
00:20:16Good job, lake.
00:20:18Good job.
00:20:21>> On pittsburgh's third offensive series, bam morris, number 33, received a rude welcome to the running-back rotation.
00:20:28..Depending on where they mark his forward progress.
00:20:31tony McCoy came up and greeted him.
00:20:33And the steelers, trying to establish that run, lose about a yard.
00:20:37So it's second down and 11.
00:20:39>> tony McCoy, a big defensive tackle, left unblocked and just seizes bam in a bear hug and rassles him down.
00:20:52>> With the colts throttling their ground game, the steelers found success throwing to their running backs on three consecutive plays.
00:21:01>> Third down and 6 at the 49.
00:21:02The colts counter with the nickel.
00:21:04O'donnell dumps it out of there.
00:21:05 with the football, and he dives for the first down across the 45 of indy to the 43-yard line.
00:21:12 didn't appear to have a chance to make the sticks, but he took off and dove right over the dear eugene and got the first down.
00:21:19>> A little bit too much time for neil o'donnell -- anytime you can have a chance to look down the field and let the coverage sink on you and then drop it in the flat and you're a little soft on the zones.
00:21:28>> Steelers trailing 3-0.
00:21:29Play-action fake, and o'donnell looks.
00:21:31Dumps it over the middle.
00:21:32The pass is caught.
00:21:33By gosh, they're going to bam as a pass-receiving weapon.
00:21:35>> Well, bam hasn't been that bad as a pass receiver out of the backfield, but it is unusual for him to catch a pass over the middle.
00:21:41>> The colts are doing a nice job in coverage of taking away their receivers.
00:21:45Neil's countered by doing a nice job of getting it to his backs and making something positive out of every play.
00:21:51>> The passing game was finally making headway.
00:21:54This 10-yard pass to yancey thigpen put the steelers in field-goal range.
00:22:00Wanting more than just three points, bill cowher looked to his most versatile player, kordell "slash" stewart.
00:22:07>> Ho! ho!
00:22:10Get a play, ron.
00:22:13>> We're splitting the seam right here.
00:22:16Kordell and tight end.
00:22:17Yancey's going deep, too.
00:22:20>> Slash in the slot left.
00:22:22That's the wide side.
00:22:23O'donnell straight back.
00:22:25Has time.
00:22:25Fires for the goal line!
00:22:27And the pass is incomplete.
00:22:29Kordell stewart reached up, but the ball got there just a little bit late, and he paid the price.
00:22:34He got hit, and the ball fell incomplete.
00:22:38Oh, the bump occurred just before the ball came in.
00:22:41Oh, my goodness gracious.
00:22:43Oh, my!
00:22:45Replay shows it -- definite pass interference.
00:22:48It wasn't called.
00:22:49You hear the crowd reacting.
00:22:52>> Who was that who bumped him?
00:22:53I couldn't catch it.
00:22:54>> Strong safety.
00:22:55Looked like 29.
00:22:56>> 29's THE FREE SAFETY.
00:22:57Jason belser.
00:23:01Third down and 9, a long 9, at the 19-yard line.
00:23:04The steelers trailing 3-0.
00:23:06Here's the snap.
00:23:07He's back.
00:23:07The pass is an out pattern and is complete, but it's short of the sticks on the far side to hastings.
00:23:12>> Where's the ball?
00:23:14How far?
00:23:15>> The ball is gonna be about 2 yards short.
00:23:17>> Kick it. kick it.
00:23:18Kick it. field goal.
00:23:19>> So the steelers got 7 on that last play to hastings.
00:23:23That's all.
00:23:24So on fourth and 2, norm comes out as the line of scrimmage is now the 13-yard line.
00:23:29It's a 31-yard field goal for norm to try to tie this game up.
00:23:33The holder is stark.
00:23:34The long snapper, kendall gammon.
00:23:37Angle slightly right to left.
00:23:40The kick is on its way.
00:23:41Norm's kick is up and good, and this game is tied.
00:23:44>> So the steelers do get 3 out of a lengthy drive, a very time-consuming drive.
00:23:5050 left in the first period.
00:23:54>> He'open right now -- kordell -- on that seam route.
00:23:56>> That's why I tried to fire it into him.
00:23:59>> Yeah, if you could get him a little earlier, 'cause that backer wasn't even close to him.
00:24:03You got it into him good.
00:24:08>> Colts need to get some first downs, and I would think perhaps a play-action pass might be in order because pittsburgh really hugging up on the run right now.
00:24:15>> Yeah, play-action or just drop back and throw it.
00:24:18It's time to open it up a little bit.
00:24:21>> Harbaugh takes the snap.
00:24:22Play-action. looks to throw.
00:24:24Fires quickly to warren.
00:24:25He's got across the 20, 25, and out to about the 27.
00:24:27Little screen pass to lamont warren, and the colts pick up about 7.
00:24:30It will be second down and 3.
00:24:32>> That's a nice first-down play.
00:24:33Lamont warren did a great job catching the football and getting up the field.
00:24:45>> Second and 3, colts at their own 27.
00:24:48Harbaugh fakes.
00:24:49Rolls to the right side.
00:24:51He's gonna run.
00:24:5225, 30.
00:24:53Out of bounds about the 31 or 32.
00:24:55And jim pushed as he hit the sideline.
00:24:57It is a first down for the colts, and harbaugh's all right.
00:25:01>> Obviously he was going out of bounds, and jerry olsavsky gave a late push there.
00:25:05But not enough contact to throw the flag, I guess.
00:25:07>> That's indianapolis' first first down of the football game, on a harbaugh scramble to the right side.
00:25:13>> 41 Set!
00:25:14Hut! hut! hut!
00:25:16>> Ball at the 31.
00:25:17First down, colts.
00:25:18Harbaugh, play-action.
00:25:19Drops to throw.
00:25:20Pressure coming.
00:25:20He looks, throws upfield.
00:25:22Caught by crockett at the 40.
00:25:23He's up to the 43.
00:25:24He's got a first down.
00:25:25Zack crockett out of the backfield.
00:25:27Harbaugh had to unload because he was under heavy pressure but got it away to crockett.
00:25:31Zack picks up the first down at the colts' 43-yard line.
00:25:33>> As you remember, zack crockett struggled a little bit early in the ball game against kansas city, catching the football.
00:25:39But that time looked it in, made the catch, and hung on to the football.
00:25:42>> I think that's the first time today harbaugh has gone up the field a little bit.
00:25:46>> That's the first time.
00:25:49That's the end of the first quarter of this afc title game, with the score deadlocked at 3 apiece.
00:26:41what's it's your blades pal ah man, I should have known.
00:26:45Even the best blades get worn down.
00:26:46When that happens, it's not as comfortable, see?
00:26:49When the strip turns ite ..
00:26:51For a smoother ride.
00:26:52(announcer)GILLETTE FUSION. FRESH BLADE.
00:26:54More comfortable shave.
00:28:11>> Welcome back to three rivers stadium in pittsburgh.
00:28:14A gorgeous afternoon as it turns out.
00:28:17Second quarter will start the colts moving from right to left.
00:28:20They have a first down at their own 43, trying to break a 3-3 tie.
00:28:23>> You take that little step, that guy's ramming down.
00:28:26You got to light him up.
00:28:27You got to light him up.
00:28:28Whether jason gets off of him or not, that's another thing, but you got to light him up.
00:28:32You understand what I'm saying?
00:28:33[ Whistle blows ] >> the referee, bernie kukar, has motioned that the play is ready.
00:28:40So it's the colts' football, first and 10 at their own 43-yard line.
00:28:45Four-man front.
00:28:46Harbaugh gives it to warren.
00:28:47Cuts inside.
00:28:48He's down at the 50-yard line.
00:28:50Nice pickup of about 7.
00:28:53Second down, 3, colts at midfield.
00:28:55Game tied at 3.
00:28:56We're just under way, second quarter.
00:28:58Harbaugh this time gives it to lamont warren.
00:29:00Caught behind the backfield but squirms forward and gets to the pittsburgh 48.
00:29:04>> This is the tempo the colts like.
00:29:06They don't want get in this big fast-break, score-a-lot-of-points type offense.
00:29:10>> Jim harbaugh actually has thrown only two passes so far in this game.
00:29:14Completed both of them for a total of 19 yards.
00:29:17>> Third and 1 for the colts at the pittsburgh 48.
00:29:20Harbaugh drops to throw.
00:29:22Rolls right, looks.
00:29:23Gets to the right side.
00:29:24Throws in the flat.
00:29:25Dawkins has it.
00:29:2645, 40, 35.
00:29:27Cuts inside, 30, 25, 20, and down to the 18-yard line.
00:29:31>> That's where a guy like jim harbaugh can kill you.
00:29:33They're bringing everybody on the play.
00:29:35They back it up with the zone defense.
00:29:37He ducks and darts and has the great field presence to find sean dawkins in the flat.
00:29:41A lead blocker out there.
00:29:42And turns a negative into a real positive for the colts.
00:29:46>> That's exactly the way jim played the entire season.
00:29:50Many of his biggest plays were made outside the pocket.
00:29:53And they just seemed to be always at the right time and when they were needed.
00:29:57>> Third down and 11.
00:29:59The ball at the 19-yard line.
00:30:00Jimmy waiting for the snap, gets it.
00:30:02Has protection.
00:30:03Steps up, throws to the end zone.
00:30:05May have been deflected away from floyd turner.
00:30:07He was there.
00:30:08But coming across, chris oldham was the guy that knocked it way.
00:30:12>> Big play for chris oldham, saving a touchdown.
00:30:16And it's fourth down, and the field-goal unit is on for indy.
00:30:1937-Yard -- make it a 36-yard field-goal attempt for blanchard.
00:30:23The ball is down, and blanchard's kick is on its way.
00:30:26The kick is up and good, and indy retakes the lead 6-3.
00:30:30>> Good job, baby!
00:30:31Good job, "o"!
00:30:34>> The way this game has went thus far, one thing it has done has taken the crowd out of it.
00:30:39If you're an on-the-road team like the colts, this is ideally how'd you like to start out a game.
00:30:44>> The question now is, will the steelers keep trying to run the football some or will they get itchy and decide to go to their firepower, their passing attack?
00:30:55>> Pittsburgh decided to put the ball in the air, but their high-powered passing attack continued to flounder.
00:31:03>> Diving for it was david tate, the strong safety, in front of ernie mill and he couldn't hold on.
00:31:08>> That's what these games come down to.
00:31:10That very little bit that makes a play or breaks a play.
00:31:13>> Third down and 6.
00:31:14The steelers at their own 24.
00:31:16Shotgun for o'donnell with a sidecar.
00:31:18Against a three-man rush.
00:31:19O'donnell is back.
00:31:20He dumps it over the middle.
00:31:22 is hit immediately as he gets to the 26 for 2 yards.
00:31:25It's fourth down and 4, and the punt team is on.
00:31:27>> Well, we've seen only a little more than a quarter of play so far.
00:31:31But from what we've seen, the steelers, though they came in as 11 1/2-point favorites, are gonna have a struggle on their hands today with these young indy colts.
00:31:42>> We got our work cut out for us today.
00:31:45We said we were 60-minute men.
00:31:47That's what kind of game it's gonna be.
00:31:49Hey, listen, they can't run on us.
00:31:51So what we got to expect?
00:31:53Play-action pass.
00:31:54Everybody on their feet.
00:31:55Everybody taking care of business.
00:31:57Everybody getting to the gap.
00:31:58Hey, listen -- adjustments.
00:31:59All right?
00:32:00Here we go.
00:32:01'" one, two, three, "d"!
00:32:05>> 41 Set!
00:32:06>> The colts were proving that they belonged in the afc championship game, and jim harbaugh was displaying the grit and guile he had shown throughout indianapolis' improbable playoff run.
00:32:18>> [ Chanting ] DEFENSE!
00:32:27>> Harbaugh drops to throw. the left.
00:32:29Rolls to the right side on the run.
00:32:31Jimmy, pump fake.
00:32:32He's gonna run for the sideline.
00:32:34Dives to about the 45.
00:32:35Shy of the first down by a yard or so.
00:32:37It'll bring up third down and short.
00:32:39>> Well, how many quarterbacks do you see will make a cut back towards the field, trying to get more yardage?
00:32:44That's just what jim's all about.
00:32:46>> Anytime we got a chance to hit jim harbaugh, we were going to hit him.
00:32:49Hit him.
00:32:50Hit him, shake him up.
00:32:52We knew he was a good quarterback.
00:32:53I think they called him the "comeback kid" or something like that.
00:32:56He had some kind of nickname.
00:32:58But nobody on our defense feared him.
00:33:01>> I can tell you that greg lloyd is a scary man.
00:33:05I can honestly say -- this is hard to admit, but he is the one person that I played against in my 15 years of football that I was afraid of.
00:33:13>> Third and 2.
00:33:14The ball at the pittsburgh 44.
00:33:16Big play coming up here for the colts.
00:33:18They lead 6-3 and have a nice little drive under way.
00:33:22Watch greg lloyd.
00:33:23He's coming from the right side.
00:33:25Harbaugh escapes.
00:33:25No, he doesn't, not far enough.
00:33:27Down he goes.
00:33:29>> The pocket collapsed, and lloyd met him and dropped him at the 47 of the colts.
00:33:42>> Greg came just at the right snap.
00:33:44And lloyd, from the outside right, met kevin greene from the outside left, and the colts have to punt.
00:33:52>> Every play has to be just like that.
00:33:54Every one of them.
00:33:55We cannot take this team lightly.
00:33:56You guys play pass, stay on your man.
00:33:58That's how it's got to be.
00:34:51♪♪ we must bringsalvation back ♪♪
00:34:57♪♪ where there is love ♪♪
00:35:00♪♪ I'll be there( I'll be there ) ♪♪
00:35:04♪♪ don't you know,baby, yeah ♪♪
00:35:07♪♪ I'll be there ♪♪
00:35:12♪♪ I'll be there ♪♪
00:35:46>> hey, coach, get them going now.
00:35:48Hey, coach.
00:35:50Hey, ron, let's get back.
00:35:52Run the ball.
00:35:54RIDE 34s.
00:35:5538, Detroit -- 38, 39.
00:36:02>> The indy colts leading the steelers 6-3.
00:36:05Could be a big upset in the making.
00:36:09>> In the closing minutes of the first half, pittsburgh embarked on a drive that was more than just an 80 yard journey.
00:36:17It was a statement of character.
00:36:20>> Kordell stewart is your quarterback on third and 1 at the 29 of the steelers.
00:36:24And he sneaks.
00:36:25And he drives.
00:36:26And it is a steeler first down.
00:36:29>> First down!
00:36:33>> The steelers' offense was finally hitting its stride.
00:36:37Each successful play added to pittsburgh's growing reserve of confidence and control.
00:36:48>> First and 15.
00:36:49O'donnell back.
00:36:50The out pattern, and it's complete.
00:36:52>> Good stuff.
00:36:53It's gonna be second and 5.
00:36:56Second and 5, ron.
00:36:59>> Second and 5.
00:37:00The give to the short-side sweep man.
00:37:02Peewee steps over searcy and gets about 4 yards to the 46-yard line of indianapolis, so it's third down and 1.
00:37:09Slash is in at quarterback on third and 1 at the 46.
00:37:14He's gonna run the option left.
00:37:16He's gonna turn the corner.
00:37:17He's got the first down as he gets to the 45 of the colts.
00:37:20>> So slash comes through again.
00:37:22>> The second time that stewart has gotten a key first down for the steelers.
00:37:27>> And he took yet another of those solid indianapolis hits.
00:37:31Herrod, the linebacker, belted him.
00:37:34But, hey, slash ain't no peewee.
00:37:39>> Pittsburgh continued to move with the authority of a double-digit favorite.
00:37:44>> O'donnell straight back with a deep drop.
00:37:46Look down the field.
00:37:47Nothing there.
00:37:48Pee wee gets the pass on a short flare to the right, crosses the 40, and gets down to about the 37-yard line.
00:37:53And that takes us to the two-minute warning.
00:37:55>> Bunch left, back motion, toss 29.
00:38:00>> With two minutes remaining in the half, the steelers have third and fully 2 yards to go at the colts' 32.
00:38:07The colts are making the steeler offense work for every yard they make.
00:38:11>> Slash, slot right, goes into the backfield, and they pitch it to him.
00:38:14And he turns.
00:38:15And he's hit, and he stumbles -- and he's got the first down at the 33-yard line!
00:38:20He was hit back along the 38, stumbled a little bit.
00:38:23Kept his balance enough to fall forward and get that first down.
00:38:26>> Kordell stewart has picked up all three first downs by different measures.
00:38:30>> Slash has become such a threat that as soon as he does something in a ball game -- and he darn near caught a touchdown pass -- the other team says, "we " then you hit the other guy.
00:38:40>> O'donnell, deep drop.
00:38:41Screen left. here come williams.
00:38:43Turns the corner, gets a block.
00:38:44Crosses the 30 and is knocked out of bounds as he gets to the colts' 28-yard line.
00:38:47>> Ain't nothing new about this!
00:38:49This is what the steelers been doing for months.
00:38:52End of the first half -- all of a sudden they get it up like somebody built a bonfire under their posteriors, and here they come down the field!
00:39:00>> The colts backing off right now in an area they can't afford to back off in.
00:39:03>> You're right.
00:39:04They're being way too passive, and they're not getting any pressure on neil o'donnell.
00:39:08>> Second down, 6, at the 28-yard line.
00:39:10O'donnell is back.
00:39:12Pass is caught.
00:39:13Turning at the 22-yard line and trying to get out of bounds is hastings, and he does.
00:39:17And he's got the first down for the steelers, it would appear from here.
00:39:20>> First down. first down.
00:39:23>> They're clicking now.
00:39:25This is the first sustained evidence we've seen of this famed steeler pass attack.
00:39:28>> First and 10 at the 21.
00:39:30O'donnell back with plenty of time.
00:39:31The out pattern, left side, pulled in by thigpen, and he drives to the 12 before he's knocked out of bounds on the far sideline.
00:39:37>> Neil o'donnell is 7 for 7 on this drive.
00:39:41>> We'd wear them down, just getting first down after first down.
00:39:45We knew if we could just sustain those long drives, we have a very good chance of winning.
00:39:50>> This is the 14th play of the drive.
00:39:52Second and 1 at the 12.
00:39:54Here comes john l.
00:39:55First down inside the 10.
00:39:56Rambles to the 7, down to the 6-yard line.
00:39:58And a time-out called.
00:40:01>> Hey, neil, we can go with the double delay, then you just play off a corner.
00:40:06>> Right 52 double delay.
00:40:09>> Definitely run the flags.
00:40:15>> It's been such a long, good drive that you hate to see it end in only 3 points.
00:40:21I think that is the feeling here.
00:40:25>> Here we go.
00:40:2617Th play of the drive.
00:40:27Third and goal from outside the 5.
00:40:31Back is o'donnell.
00:40:32Looks, looks.
00:40:33Now he's gonna scramble right.
00:40:34>> Look at kordell!
00:40:35>> Gets a block.
00:40:36Turns, looks for the end zone, fires.
00:40:38And it's caught in the end zone for the touchdown!
00:40:40Slash stewart pulls it in, in the right corner of the end zone.
00:40:44And the steelers cap the drive with a touchdown on the 17th play of that scoring effort.
00:40:50>> O'donnell, who has had great pass protection the past season, was getting it again.
00:40:56That play, if you would have clocked it, you would have figured that it was a milk-wagon horse running a mile or something, it took so long.
00:41:05And neil, buying about two years on the calendar, finds slash stewart in the corner!
00:41:11>> We first drafted kordell as a quarterback out of colorado.
00:41:14I used to watch him run the scout team.
00:41:16And I said, "man, this guy needs to play somewhere on this " kordell standing on the sideline wasn't doing anything for us.
00:41:23He could run and make people miss.
00:41:25And he did a lot of wonderful things for me as a receiver when I was playing quarterback.
00:41:30>> The steelers march it 80 yards, 17 plays, and they take over seven minutes off the clock.
00:41:39>> On that touchdown drive, neil o'donnell threw to eight different receivers.
00:41:43Can you believe it?
00:41:44Yoi and double yoi!
00:41:47>> That's right!
00:41:49>> While the steelers' sideline celebrated, the colts protested the score.
00:41:54>> They hit kordell stewart in the back of the end zone.
00:41:57But everybody realized, except the people that were making the call, that the guy had stepped out of bounds.
00:42:03It should have been incomplete, maybe we should have been in a 6-6 ball game at the half.
00:42:06>> What happened on the play -- kordell stewart stepped out of bounds at the back of the end zone, which makes him ineligible.
00:42:12>> He stepped out right in front of the official.
00:42:14The official's kind of looking up.
00:42:16Then as he passed him, then he watched him go down the baseline.
00:42:19So he obviously missed that one.
00:42:24>> If the referee made a call on the field -- good or bad, like it or not -- you respected it.
00:42:30Whatever the outcome of it was, you respect it and you move on.
00:42:34>> This thing is far from over, all right?
00:42:36Let's go.
00:42:37>> Big time.
00:42:39>> It was one of those plays where initially you see it, you think, "did he step out of " the more you see it, of course he did.
00:42:45The officials missed it.
00:42:46You can't go back.
00:42:46It's funny because I remember how things do tend to even out.
00:42:49Earlier in the game, jason belser really drilled kordell stewart on what should have been an interference penalty near the end zone.
00:42:56That wasn't called.
00:42:58>> Replay shows it -- definite pass interference.
00:43:00It wasn't called.
00:43:01>> Who was that who bumped him?
00:43:03I couldn't catch it.
00:43:04>> 29's THE FREE SAFETY.
00:43:05Jason belser.
00:43:06>> That one cost 7 points.
00:43:08So they tend to even out.
00:43:09>> Jason belser got tangled up with kordell stewart on the back line of the end zone and stumbled when kordell broke free.
00:43:16And again, the replays definitely show that kordell stewart was out of bounds on the play and it should have been no catch.
00:43:23And it should be 6-6 at halftime instead of 10-6, pittsburgh.
00:43:30They cheated me one earlier.
00:43:32So they got to give me one.
00:43:34>> That's right.
00:43:35>> If there had been replay, they'd have only gotten 3 points out of that drive instead of 7, and the game would have been tied.
00:43:43Would've, could've, should've.
00:43:46The fact is that they got one there.
00:43:49But I didn't feel like that was gonna keep us from winning at the time.
00:43:52>> They were a team that you could never relax against.
00:43:55They were behind, but they seemed to be very comfortable in those situations, based on that's how they had been all year.
00:44:01I felt like we had totally dominated that half and had very little to show for it, really.
00:44:05A 10-6 lead didn't seem like very much.
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00:46:42>> Everybody know what they running.
00:46:43Let's line up and do this.
00:46:44Have some fun with it.
00:46:45Let's talk about it.
00:46:46Listen, we got to get three and out of there.
00:46:48Get our offense the ball back.
00:46:50'" >> one, two, three, "d"!
00:46:52>> I really felt good about the halftime adjustments that lindy and ted came up with.
00:46:56So we felt confident coming out for the second half.
00:46:59Like, "yeah, we got some good stuff.
00:47:01Can't wait to get back on the field and run some of these " >> the colts will start inside their own 20-yard line.
00:47:07Here comes jim harbaugh and company.
00:47:09>> We could get dilger down the middle of their defense.
00:47:13We came out with a play-action pass to start the third quarter and hit dilger for a big one.
00:47:19>> Harbaugh.
00:47:20Drops to throw on play-action.
00:47:22Throws one over the middle.
00:47:23Dilger's got it at the 40, 45, and out to the 4 kenny dilger with a nice catch covering 28 yards.
00:47:28Make it 29, out to the 48-yard line.
00:47:31First down.
00:47:32Gets them out of a hole very quickly.
00:47:35Shotgun formation.
00:47:36Lamont warren stays in with jim harbaugh.
00:47:39From the pittsburgh 32.
00:47:41>> This drive looks great.
00:47:42Lindy obviously made some adjustments at halftime.
00:47:45>> Harbaugh stays in.
00:47:46Throws over the middle.
00:47:47Caught for the first down!
00:47:48Nice catch at the 23-yard line.
00:47:50It is aaron bailey who makes the catch at the 23.
00:47:53The give is to lamont off the right side.
00:47:55Cuts up the middle.
00:47:56Keeps on driving.
00:47:57Down to the 15 and the 14-yard line!
00:47:59>> The colts drove 61 yards in nine plays, taking only one shot at the end zone -- a pass to floyd turner.
00:48:06>> He's gonna throw to the end zone, intended for turner.
00:48:09Too high -- off his fingertips.
00:48:13> Blue! 28!
00:48:15Hut! hut!
00:48:16>> Harbaugh fakes to crockett.
00:48:18Steps under, and he's smashed backt the 20-yard line.
00:48:21Brentson buckner was the first guy there.
00:48:23>> Let's get hyped!
00:48:25Let's get it hyped!
00:48:27>> Hit him.
00:48:27Hit him, shake him up.
00:48:28>> Also coming on a corner blitz was carnell lake.
00:48:31And they just did a heck of a job getting to jim harbaugh.
00:48:33>> They brought everybody that time, and really jim had no place to go after the play-action fake.
00:48:38>> Pittsburgh forced indianapolis to settle for a field-goal attempt.
00:48:41>> But a nice drive by the colts to get things started in the third quarter.
00:48:44Pittsburgh, with a good defensive play, stops it.
00:48:51>> We were gonna hit him.
00:48:52If he's handing the ball off, hit him.
00:48:54If he's on his way to get some water, hit him.
00:48:56That was the name of the game.
00:48:59>> This is our house!
00:49:01This is our house!
00:49:02>> This will be a 37-yard effort.
00:49:05Gardocki takes the snap, puts it down.
00:49:07The kick is up.
00:49:08It's right down the middle, and we got a 1-point game.
00:49:12>> "We're gonna be here.
00:49:13" and as the game went on, i remember the announcers saying this is a team that one thing pittsburgh doesn't want to do is allow them to hang around.
00:49:21And that's what's happened.
00:49:23>> If anybody tells you they'd rather have a field goal than a touchdown, they're on something.
00:49:28>> We can't do that.
00:49:29They're in our backfield before we get a chance to run the ball.
00:49:37>> The steelers' ground game still hadn't shifted to high gear.
00:49:40And after a three and out, their defense was back on the field.
00:49:45>> Pittsburgh's defense asking the terrible towels be waved, and they are.
00:49:48Takes the snap.
00:49:49Drops straight back.
00:49:50Sets, throws up the middle.
00:49:53Caught by dawkins!
00:49:54First down!
00:49:5545, 50, Into pittsburgh territory.
00:49:57Little crossing route, and sean dawkins took it on the run.
00:50:00Jimmy hit him perfectly, and it's a first down at the pittsburgh 47.
00:50:03>> Nine plays gained the colts only 35 yards, setting up another field-goal attempt.
00:50:10>> 47-Yarder for cary blanchard.
00:50:12It's a tough one here.
00:50:13The snap, ball is down.
00:50:14The kick is up.
00:50:15It's gonna go wide to the left.
00:50:17So it remains 10-9, and give pittsburgh the ball at the 37-yard line with four minutes to go in the third quarter.
00:50:24And defensively the colts have to gut it up again.
00:50:27>> The steelers cannot afford to continue wasting good field position.
00:50:31They've got to do something here.
00:50:34>> O'donnell peels back.
00:50:35Rolling right, fires it on the run -- what a catch in colt territory for the first down on the near sideline by yancey thigpen!
00:50:43>> Yeah. kordell!
00:50:45>> Slash is in there, and slash is the qb.
00:50:47They set up the counter pitch.
00:50:49Here comes ernie mills.
00:50:50Gets the block from bruener!
00:50:52>> Pittsburgh had their chance at a field goal after their second drive of the third quarter stalled.
00:50:58>> Oh, cut back!
00:51:00>> The steelers leading by 1.
00:51:04Good snap.
00:51:05The ball is down.
00:51:06The kick is on its way.
00:51:07Norm's kick is up, and that kick is good.
00:51:10And the steelers extend that lead to 4 points.
00:51:13It's 13-9.
00:51:17>> This is far from over.
00:51:19It's far from being over.
00:51:55You hear that?
00:51:59It's the call of the wild.
00:52:04That indescribable thing that makes you want ..
00:52:09Because the power of my jeep wrangler isn't only under the hood, it's in me.
00:52:17I live. I ride. I am.
00:53:25>> Indianapolis' next drive took the game into the fourth quarter but took them nowhere, forcing them to punt.
00:53:35>> He gets the snap, and he drives it.
00:53:38And it's a good, long kick, driving hastings back, back.
00:53:40To his own 25.
00:53:41Slips as he gives ground, comes forward.
00:53:43Cuts left at the 30.
00:53:44Finds a wall at the 35, the 40, the 45, the 50!
00:53:48He's knocked out of bounds as he crosses midfield on the near sideline.
00:53:55>> Hey, guys, are they blitzing us now?
00:53:58Don't get away from the running game.
00:54:00Well, we did.
00:54:01We got down there and threw it three straight times.
00:54:05>> The colts' defense held, setting up another pittsburgh field-goal attempt.
00:54:10>> Good snap.
00:54:11Norm's kick is on its way.
00:54:12That kick is long, that kick is high.
00:54:14But it's no good.
00:54:15It's wide right.
00:54:18>> In some quarters, the miss wasn't entirely unexpected.
00:54:24>> I expected them to fumble the football, so we could get back on the field and play.
00:54:28I expected them to throw an interception.
00:54:30I would tell them -- "throw an interception so we can go back " >> you'd like to start mauling them at this point, when they're in lousy field position, but the mauling is not taking place.
00:54:39>> Warren's got it at the 35.
00:54:41Dances between two steelers for one more yard.
00:54:43Harbaugh throws over the middle.
00:54:44Caught by crockett.
00:54:45Into pittsburgh territory to about the 47-yard line.
00:54:48>> Nobody on our defense -- if i can say -- feared him.
00:54:52>> Ball at the pittsburgh 47.
00:54:54First down.
00:54:54Let's see what jim harbaugh and company can get started here.
00:55:04>> The longer an underdog sticks around, it gains confidence.
00:55:07And maybe on the other side, maybe pittsburgh's wondering, " >> harbaugh, long count.
00:55:17Takes the snap.
00:55:17Drops to throw.
00:55:18Pressure coming up the middle.
00:55:19He stands in.
00:55:20Throws deep down the corner, intended for floyd turner.
00:55:22He's got it!
00:55:2310, 5!
00:55:24Touchdown, floyd turner!
00:55:2747 Yards from jimmy harbaugh!
00:55:29And the colts lead it 15-13.
00:55:32>> That's what harbaugh gave you.
00:55:33Maybe the colts finally said, " >> wow, floyd broke open.
00:55:38>> I was like, "yes!
00:55:39" >> good job.
00:55:42Let's go.
00:55:43>> Hey!
00:55:44Long way to go now.
00:55:46Let's go.
00:55:47>> Floyd was the number-three receiver.
00:55:49He ended up running a corner.
00:55:50Just came wide free.
00:55:51Threw a pretty good pass, floyd caught it.
00:55:53Just picked the right time to call it.
00:55:55>> Floyd turner to the corner, all alone.
00:55:57Beautiful route.
00:55:59>> Harbaugh had time to go back and sit and go through his progression.
00:56:02As soon as he saw the corner jump the outside guy, went over the top.
00:56:05And of course we hit a 47-yard touchdown, put us ahead for the first time in the second half.
00:56:09>> Colts 16, steelers 13.
00:56:12>> We didn't throw that many downfield.
00:56:13That was the big play of the game as far as we were concerned.
00:56:17>> Unreal.
00:56:18DÉjàà vu.
00:56:19It was like déjàà vu all over again.
00:56:21>> I had a taste of victory.
00:56:22I could taste it.
00:56:23"We are going to the super " >> there still was a lot of time left to be played.
00:56:32We'd been behind a lot that year, and it seemed like we had as well.
00:56:36So we weren't uncomfortable being in that position.
00:56:39>> They have been a resilient team coming from behind.
00:56:42>> Hey, let's go!
00:56:43Greg! let's go!
00:56:45We got to play.
00:56:48>> No. no.
00:56:49I had no fear.
00:56:50I wasn't panicking.
00:56:51I wasn't nervous.
00:56:52It ain't over till the fat lady sings.
00:56:54I don't see any fat ladies warming up on the sideline.
00:56:58>> Hey, baby!
00:56:59I love you, man!
00:57:00I love you, man!
00:57:02What'd I tell you?
00:57:03>> We got to get another one.
00:57:12>> The steelers from their own 24-yard line.
00:57:14Trailing 16-13.
00:57:15O'donnell down the field.
00:57:17Thigpen was held up at the 45-yard line, and the flags fly!
00:57:21>> Pass interference, number 33.
00:57:24>> Slowly, first quarter, just start leaning on them, leaning on them.
00:57:27By the third and fourth quarter, that's when we came out and tried to score a lot of points.
00:57:32>> O'donnell's back.
00:57:33Has time.
00:57:34Looks for the dump ball.
00:57:35It's not there, so he rolls right.
00:57:37Now it's an ad lib.
00:57:38Now he's gonna run.
00:57:39He's gonna go out of bounds and maybe gain an inch or two, that's all.
00:57:42>> They're waiting on it, coach.
00:57:45>> O'donnell brings them to the line of scrimmage for a very big third-down-and-6 play at the steeler 49-yard line.
00:57:51And on fourth down the steeler punt team is on the field.
00:57:55>> Indianapolis' defense stopped the steelers again, and they got the ball back with less than seven minutes remaining.
00:58:01>> This is a game that they thought would be in the bag by this point, and it's not happened that way.
00:58:06The colts battled them all the way.
00:58:08>> Fumbled the ball!
00:58:10But the colts got it!
00:58:11Joe staysniak comes up with a great recovery!
00:58:14Joe got it on the ball bounce, and he got a first down!
00:58:17Whoa, doctor, on that play!
00:58:19>> Geez, I liked the way he looked it in after he made the catch.
00:58:22God, what a recovery.
00:58:24>> What a catch.
00:58:25Lamont warren coughed it up, but joe staysniak, on the first bounce, got it back at the 22.
00:58:31First down.
00:58:325:54 To go.
00:58:35>> 41 Set!
00:58:36Hut! hut!
00:58:37>> Harbaugh takes the feed.
00:58:38Drops to throw on first down.
00:58:40They got a flag, and it will be motion.
00:58:42..jim harbaugh wants a penalty against brentson buckner.
00:58:48The flag stopped the play.
00:58:49>> Boy, that's awful.
00:58:50>> That's a call.
00:58:52>> Everybody in the stadium could hear the whistle.
00:58:54>> Second and 9.
00:58:57Harbaugh to throw.
00:58:58Jimmy rolls to the right side.
00:58:59Throws to the sideline.
00:59:00>> An 8-yard completion to floyd turner set up a crucial third and 1.
00:59:06>> That was a whale of a throw.
00:59:08Jim had a long way to get it there.
00:59:10Threw it off his back foot.
00:59:11Fortunately floyd turner was wide open enough that he could sit there and wait for the football.
00:59:16>> It's third down.
00:59:18The clock is moving.
00:59:19Pittsburgh jams the middle of that line.
00:59:21The give is to lamont -- no!
00:59:23Lamont got tackled at the 31.
00:59:24He didn't make it.
00:59:25Coming over and making a great play for the pittsburgh steelers on that one was willie williams.
00:59:30>> Sitting on the sideline, i knew we weren't quite set right on the defense.
00:59:35It would have been a different game had he not made that play.
00:59:37I'll never forget that play he made.
00:59:39>> It probably would have been 15- or 20-yard gain, and we may have never have gotten the ball back.
00:59:43>> I saw 50 yards of running room.
00:59:46I said, "this is going out the " and all of a sudden willie williams just nicked his heel.
00:59:51Wasn't even supposed to be doing it.
00:59:53Wasn't even supposed to be blitzing.
00:59:55>> We didn't run the defense right.
00:59:57And actually, if willie had not made that play, I think warren may still be running.
01:00:03>> Instead, the steelers got the 03 remaining in the game.
01:00:09>> Here go the steelers.
01:00:12>> O'donnell back.
01:00:13Pass is caught in traffic.
01:00:15First down at the 45 by slash.
01:00:17Kordell stewart makes the first down.
01:00:19>> Slash rarely drops a football.
01:00:21It's quite amazing, this rookie.
01:00:24>> O'donnell back in shotgun.
01:00:26Dumps it out to john l.
01:00:27He's gonna hit -- knock the tackler down, get to the 50, and knocked out of bounds as he gets to the colts' 47-yard line.
01:00:33Clock at 2:34.
01:00:35Shotgun for neil o'donnell.
01:00:37He's back, looking.
01:00:39The pass is picked off and dropped!
01:00:40>> Quentin coryatt had it.
01:00:42Couldn't quite hang on.
01:00:43" if he'd have caught that, we would have won the game.
01:00:46Just on the sideline you think, "gosh darn.
01:00:49" >> they ran underneath the slant pattern.
01:00:52Neil o'donnell had no idea he was there.
01:00:54>> How do you drop that?
01:00:55>> I think mills may have got a hand on it.
01:00:57It's one of those, had he caught it, there would be no question that quentin would have been able to go all the way.
01:01:02>> If he makes that, the game's over.
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01:01:09Even the best blades get worn down.
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01:01:13When the strip turns white ..
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01:02:37>> Two-receiver side.
01:02:38No, they don't.
01:02:40They could change.
01:02:41Take a shot.
01:02:42And if not, you got the check-downs.
01:02:44>> Just like the year before, fourth down and 3 would decide pittsburgh's fate.
01:02:50>> That incompletion stops the clock at 2:25.
01:02:53>> Oh, man.
01:02:54>> Fourth down and 3 for the steelers at the colts' 47.
01:02:57>> I more or less said, "give me the ball.
01:02:59" 'cause I knew what happened the previous year.
01:03:03>> Neil o'donnell on a fourth-down play to save the season.
01:03:07Knocked down!
01:03:08It was knocked down at the goal line by san diego!
01:03:12>> So I wanted the ball back in my hands to make something happen.
01:03:16>> It's no tomorrow.
01:03:17It's fourth down and 3 for the steelers at the colts' 47-yard line.
01:03:21>> The ball is at the colts' 48.
01:03:22They're fourth down and a long 3.
01:03:24>> Three-man rush.
01:03:25O'donnell steps up.
01:03:26Looks, fires.
01:03:27Pass complete at the 45-yard line!
01:03:29And he's knocked back, is andre hastings, but that's a steeler first down on fourth down.
01:03:34>> Well, is the tension ever thick here at three rivers stadium.
01:03:37>> I tried look off the defense as much as I can, and andre did a great job getting open.
01:03:42>> Boy, o'donnell, he drilled that ball.
01:03:44>> The steelers have first down at the 38-yard line.
01:03:48>> It was a big play by neil and andre.
01:03:51>> Oh, boy.
01:03:52Everybody here is on pins and needles.
01:03:54>> First and 10 steelers at the colts' 38.
01:03:56>> Hurry up.
01:03:58>> I told them in the huddle, "guys, I'm gonna give you a " I would know where to take my shot.
01:04:04I'm gonna take a chance.
01:04:06>> Andre. hit andre.
01:04:07He's gonna be open.
01:04:08Hit andre.
01:04:09He's gonna be open.
01:04:10Oh, he went for it all.
01:04:12>> He's gonna throw it deep.
01:04:13And there's man open down there, and it is caught at the 3-yard line and out of bounds at the 1!
01:04:18What a great grab by ernie mills!
01:04:21First and goal steelers at the colts' 1!
01:04:23>> It was a double move.
01:04:25They had been sitting on us, got a couple of things on the outside.
01:04:29And we ran a double move, an out and up.
01:04:31>> 80 Semi go.
01:04:32And ernie was up the sideline on a go route.
01:04:35I knew it was close.
01:04:36I knew I had to put it on the outside shoulder of his.
01:04:38Ernie made a great play there.
01:04:40I think that was one of the biggest plays of the game because that gave us an opportunity to go up.
01:04:46>> Up until that play, I thought the colts had a chance to win.
01:04:49>> The wing back is bruener, in motion.
01:04:51Reverses back to the right.
01:04:52The steelers give it to the right.
01:04:54And driving into the end zone is bam morris for the steeler touchdown!
01:04:58And this place erupts!
01:05:00>> And the steelers look like they may come back from the jaws of defeat to the thrill of victory!
01:05:07>> Bam throws off the helmet and spikes it as he comes to the steeler bench!
01:05:1634 to go, it's pittsburgh 20 and the colts 16.
01:05:19Colts would have to score a touchdown to win.
01:05:22A field goal would do them no good.
01:05:26>> Rushing.
01:05:29>> Here's what it comes down to -- this is the last series.
01:05:33Field goal can't do it.
01:05:34They have to score a touchdown.
01:05:36>> They need a touchdown.
01:05:38>> Right.
01:05:39>> What do you think of 52 wild?
01:05:41>> That's not bad.
01:05:42That's not bad.
01:05:43>> Mixing them up.
01:05:44Stay away from pressure.
01:05:45Stay away from pressure.
01:05:47>> Not gonna pressure them.
01:05:49>> You can feel the entire crowd.
01:05:50The stands are going up and down.
01:05:52You could hear that.
01:05:54And all the jingling and the crowd noise.
01:05:56You cannot hear a thing.
01:05:58And we're in the huddle, you know?
01:06:00We've been here before.
01:06:02We got to go 85 yards.
01:06:03We need the touchdown here.
01:06:05No sacks, no turnovers, no penalties, and we'll find a way " >> hey!
01:06:09I don't give a damn how anybody on this team feels.
01:06:13We're gonna play for a minute and 34 seconds.
01:06:16Don't get nobody behind you.
01:06:18Everybody to the football.
01:06:20Let's win this game!
01:06:22>> We had worked our behinds off in the off-season.
01:06:26We are not going lose to this team.
01:06:28>> What a tremendous year it's been, and it ain't over yet.
01:06:31There's a minute and a half to go.
01:06:33>> Oh, no.
01:06:34Jim harbaugh's worked his magic before.
01:06:37>> Everybody believed in jim because we had come back so often during the course of the year.
01:06:41This was another opportunity for jim, so to speak.
01:06:44>> He may be the comeback kid, but he'd never come back on our defense.
01:06:47And we're not gonna have a pity party here on the sideline and start going, "oh, lord, here " it's not gonna happen.
01:06:53Here's what's gonna happen -- we're gonna go out here and we're gonna win this football game, period.
01:07:02>> And I kept telling the guys that jim could make some plays.
01:07:06He did that so many times that year that I knew in the back of my head, "this game's not over " >> two minutes?
01:07:12How many times do you want us to score?
01:07:14Once? twice?
01:07:15Are we down by 10?
01:07:16Let's make this a challenge.
01:09:54>> The colts would have to score a touchdown to win.
01:09:56A field goal would do them no good.
01:09:58What a tremendous year it's been.
01:10:00And it ain't over yet.
01:10:01There's a minute and a half to go.
01:10:02>> Oh, no.
01:10:03Jim harbaugh's worked his magic before.
01:10:06>> The odds of something happening at the end are not great.
01:10:09But you think, "i've seen this " >> this is -- this is kind of cool.
01:10:13Can you believe this?
01:10:14We're living a dream here.
01:10:16This is the kind of stuff that, when I was 10, 11, 12 years old, watching afc and nfc championship games, at half time, we'd run out in the snow and start playing and diving into snow piles like we were playing in that game.
01:10:31It gives you chills to think about and even talk about that i was right there in the middle of it.
01:10:37There's a blimp up there.
01:10:38The stands are going completely nuts.
01:10:40And I'm standing right here in the middle of that?
01:10:43This is -- what more can you ask for?
01:10:45Let's get going here.
01:10:47>> Harbaugh will go out of the shotgun with four wideouts and keeps lamont warren back in with him.
01:10:54Takes the snap.
01:10:55Here comes the pressure.
01:10:56Harbaugh rolls away from it.
01:10:58Rolls to the near side.
01:11:00Jimmy throws incomplete.
01:11:02Second and 10, colts, at their own 16-yard line.
01:11:06Jimmy barking signals.
01:11:08Takes the snap.
01:11:10Again the pressure coming.
01:11:11Jimmy steps up.
01:11:12Pump fake.
01:11:13Underneath to lamont warren at the 20.
01:11:15He gets a block, gets to the sideline, and out of bounds at about the 23 or 24.
01:11:18A little shy of the first down, but he stopped the clock with 1:14.
01:11:22It'll be third and 2 from the 23.
01:11:25>> Well, good job of avoiding the rush.
01:11:27That time kevin greene went inside, and they looped the tackle around outside.
01:11:31So they're gonna bring some games.
01:11:33Just do the best job you can and let jim move around back there.
01:11:36You're down to two downs now.
01:11:38Got to hang in there tough.
01:11:39>> Willie! willie!
01:11:43Double move -- stay back.
01:11:46>> Harbaugh out of the shotgun.
01:11:48Four wideouts.
01:11:49Two left, two right.
01:11:50Third and 2.
01:11:51Takes the snap.
01:11:52Sets up.
01:11:52Looks, looks.
01:11:54Throws one over the middle.
01:11:55Caught by stablein at the 40!
01:11:56He goes down at the 41.
01:11:58First down with 1:06 to go.
01:12:01They're down to about a minute to go.
01:12:02>> Great protection there.
01:12:04Brian stablein got deep.
01:12:05Deep square-in -- or a curl -- and jim found him.
01:12:13>> This is what american sports are all about, I think.
01:12:16My respect for their quarterback and how he battled that day and what a great competitor he was.
01:12:21>> Harbaugh that year had something about him.
01:12:23There was just something about the way he played.
01:12:26And you just thought, "maybe " and I think a lot of colts fans felt that way -- that "i really thought they were gonna pull it " >> 58 inside away.
01:12:36Max -- max 55.
01:12:38I don't think he's gonna scramble much.
01:12:40>> Okay.
01:12:41Where's myron?
01:12:44Get over there!
01:12:46>> Jimmy sets up.
01:12:47Looks, looks.
01:12:49Looks, looks.
01:12:50He's gonna run.
01:12:59He gets to midfield, dives to the 49.
01:13:01He better call the time-out.
01:13:02The colts need the time-out now, and they get it.
01:13:05>> He would make people miss.
01:13:07He was a scrambler.
01:13:08He was one who could get out in the perimeter, buy a little time and make plays on his feet.
01:13:14>> 39 Seconds left.
01:13:15They're at midfield.
01:13:17What a season jim harbaugh has had.
01:13:19What a season the indianapolis colts have had.
01:13:22And there are 39 seconds left in this game, the score -- pittsburgh 20, the colts 16.
01:13:29>> I think the team's confidence built from play to play to play, as long as that drive kept going.
01:13:33>> The clock seems to just take forever.
01:13:36>> There are 39 seconds left in this game.
01:13:38>> Harbaugh in the shotgun -- his team trailing by 4 points -- for the afc championship.
01:13:44Four-man rush, and he throws it under the coverage.
01:13:47And it's intercepted at the 35-yard line and then dropped!
01:13:50Oh, stepping in front of floyd turner was the steeler -- I do believe chris oldham -- and he couldn't squeeze it.
01:13:56>> Oh, my.
01:13:58>> Harbaugh gritting his teeth as he heads back to the huddle.
01:14:0233 Seconds to go.
01:14:03>> I felt very comfortable at the time -- probably until chris oldham dropped the interception.
01:14:08Then you start to wonder about fate.
01:14:11>> Jim harbaugh has it 51 yards away.
01:14:13>> They've got a chance to win.
01:14:14I never count them out, 'cause this team will never quit.
01:14:19You still like the colts' chances of pulling something out here.
01:14:22>> Oh, my!
01:14:24>> The score -- pittsburgh 20, the colts 16.
01:14:26No time-outs.
01:14:27Drops to throw.
01:14:28Throws to the sideline.
01:14:30Lamont can't get it.
01:14:32Fourth and 2 with 28 seconds to go.
01:14:36Now they got to get the first down.
01:14:38That's crucial now.
01:14:39>> That's critical.
01:14:40>> They've got to get the first down.
01:14:42It's fourth and 2.
01:14:43Dawkins and turner to the left.
01:14:44Stablein and bailey to the right.
01:14:46>> Four-man rush.
01:14:47He takes a deep drop.
01:14:48He looks, he fires.
01:14:49The pass is caught, and knocked out of bounds is sean dawkins at the steeler 38-yard line.
01:14:5421 Seconds to go.
01:14:56They move the sticks.
01:14:59>> Where's chris?
01:15:04>> They're 38 yards away from pay dirt.
01:15:07>> 21 Seconds left in the game.
01:15:08Pittsburgh 20, colts 16.
01:15:10Colts have it at the pittsburgh 38.
01:15:20>> First and 10.
01:15:22Indianapolis at the steeler 38.
01:15:2421 Seconds to go.
01:15:26They're down by 4.
01:15:27>> Want to go 55 or zone auto?
01:15:30>> I'd play zone auto.
01:15:36>> 38 Yards away from what would be an incredible finish.
01:15:40Harbaugh out of the shotgun again.
01:15:42Jimmy takes the snap.
01:15:43Drops to throw.
01:15:44Pressure, pressure.
01:15:45He steps up.
01:15:46He steps up, he's running!
01:15:47>> Give harbaugh credit.
01:15:48He is slippery as a cold fish!
01:15:50He looked doomed, but he's done that repeatedly.
01:15:53>> He's down to the 28-yard line!
01:15:54They got to get to the line of scrimmage and kill the ball.
01:15:5707 he takes the snap and kills it with 5 seconds.
01:16:01The season has 5 seconds to run.
01:16:03>> Those 7 or 8 yards made all the difference in the world.
01:16:06And I said, "he's gonna be " hey, we're playing zone!
01:16:14>> Zone auto!
01:16:18>> Typical jim all year long.
01:16:20So we had the opportunity, even though it was a long shot, and we could have won.
01:16:25>> It was a lot like an ali-frazier fight.
01:16:27It just felt like, "okay, there's some warriors out here.
01:16:30And these guys are playing ball too, and we are, and this is a " >> I knew that this finally was the last play.
01:16:41>> Everything that we had prided ourselves on, everything that we had done that whole off-season -- training camp, preseason -- and during the season had come down to, you know, one play.
01:16:54>> You're right.
01:16:55It's come down to one play.
01:16:56Let's see if they can pull it out.
01:16:59>> If they don't, what an incredible year this team has had.
01:17:03What an incredible, gutty performance every week.
01:17:06You think these steeler players think they're 11 better than this team?
01:17:11I don't think so.
01:17:12>> It was just a hail mary.
01:17:14Put three receivers out to the same side.
01:17:17Each one of them's got a responsibility.
01:17:19Aaron bailey's gonna go up.
01:17:20He's the middle guy.
01:17:21He's the guy I'm trying to throw the ball to.
01:17:24>> Try and get open near the goal line.
01:17:26>> Three to the right, one to the left.
01:17:28Harbaugh out of the shotgun.
01:17:29Takes the snap.
01:17:30Drops to throw.
01:17:31Sets. he airs it out.
01:17:32Deep into the right-hand corner.
01:17:34Everybody in the end zone.
01:17:35They battle for the ball!
01:17:38No, they say incomplete!
01:17:40No, they say incomplete!
01:17:44The colts thought they had it.
01:17:46They thought they had it.
01:17:48It's over.
01:17:53>> Way to go, bill.
01:17:54Way to go, bill.
01:17:55Good game, billy.
01:17:56>> The steelers are going to the super bowl.
01:18:05>> Then it comes down.
01:18:06It came down right where it was supposed to come down.
01:18:10 go up and get it and get his hands on it.
01:18:14And there was a big jumbled pile.
01:18:16And he comes up with the ball.
01:18:19 -- you see that.
01:18:22>> The one thing you do see is you see their guy coming down with the ball.
01:18:26And you start to think, "oh, my " >> it just seemed like it was never going to come down.
01:18:31>> The ball was in the air forever, it seemed.
01:18:34>> And my hearis pounding because I can't tell.
01:18:37>> It's over, and the steelers are going to the super bowl.
01:18:41And the colts have had a great season.
01:18:43>> It is dropped by aaron bailey in the end zone!
01:18:46The ball hit the turf!
01:18:48The ball hit the turf!
01:18:49>> I saw the players raising their hands as though it were a touchdown.
01:18:54>> I know he caught it.
01:18:56He caught the ball.
01:18:57>> First replay -- "that's a " " and then you could see a third replay where it looked like it hit the ground.
01:19:07And, it's like, you know -- but it all happened -- in maybe six seconds, it was over.
01:19:14But, you know, it feels like it was a lot longer than that.
01:19:18It was -- everything was just kind of clicking off almost frame by frame in my mind, even to this day.
01:19:25>> He caught it.
01:19:27I thought he caught it.
01:19:29Just watch it.
01:19:31Watch -- look!
01:19:33>> This organization fought to the championship game and lost by inches.
01:19:40>> Nah, right there, jim.
01:19:41>> Close.
01:19:42>> Jim, great game.
01:19:43>> Thanks.
01:19:44>> It was close like everything is close.
01:19:47And I was waiting for the referee.
01:19:49>> And in 1996, pittsburgh/indianapolis game, championship, I made the call in the end zone -- incomplete pass.
01:19:56And all of a sudden, after 25 years, I became an official.
01:20:01>> Here we go.
01:20:02For the right to go to the super bowl.
01:20:04>> Harbaugh out of the shotgun.
01:20:06He airs it out.ep into the right-hand corner.
01:20:08Everybody in the end zone.
01:20:09They battle for the ball!
01:20:12No, they say incomplete!
01:20:14No, they say incomplete!
01:20:16The colts thought they had it.
01:20:18They thought they had it.
01:20:20It's over.
01:20:21>> When I saw the ball being batted around, I slipped inside the field of play into the end zone where I could see what was happening to it.
01:20:29Because remember, if I move around and one of them tips it and that heads to the sideline, they dive, they get their feet down before they fell out of bounds, they're gonna ask me why did I leave the sideline, and it would be a good question.
01:20:42When he was in the air and the ball was coming down on his stomach, that took 10 seconds in my mind.
01:20:49It lasted a split second.
01:20:50But it was almost like in slow motion.
01:20:52And as I swung around into the field of play into the end zone, he reached for it with his right hand.
01:20:58And when he did, it turned him.
01:20:59And when he hit the ground and reached for it, the tip of the ball hit the ground.
01:21:04And he quickly snatched it up and showed me the ball.
01:21:07His teammates kind of got excited.
01:21:09And I said, "you picked it up " and the best sight that I ever saw, ronnie baynes, the line judge had come down the field, and he said, "it's incomplete.
01:21:18" he agreed.
01:21:20Wiped it out, patted the ground.
01:21:22If I don't see it hit the ground and him pick it up, wrong team goes to the super bowl.
01:21:26I got fan letters -- some -- i didn't really get any negative.
01:21:30Even the people from indianapolis just said, "we wish " I guess in some ways defined my career as I tell people how, I missed it, the next year I would have probably been bagging groceries at wylie, texas on weekends to get extra ..
01:21:45>> What an effort by the colts.
01:21:46And they gave it everything they had right down to the last play of this football game.
01:21:51>> The colts were left with a bittersweet memory of what might have been, while the steelers were able to erase the memory of the 1994 afc championship game.
01:22:02>> This football game is over!
01:22:05The lightning bolt has come to blitzburgh, has won it, will turn right at the stop sign and head to miami!
01:22:12>> Oh, man, bobby!
01:22:14You did it, bobby.
01:22:15Gosh darn it, bobby, I'm so happy!
01:22:18>> Finally.
01:22:19Finally this thing is over.
01:22:20"Hey, you're going to the super bowl, guy.
01:22:22You guys are going to the super " >> the steelers are headed to phoenix, and this is one of the most unbelievable football games we have ever witnessed!
01:22:31>> It's for you, dan.
01:22:32It's for you.
01:22:33It's for you.
01:22:34You deserve it.
01:22:35You really do.
01:22:37>> Who would have thought at 3 and 4?
01:22:39And you guys came -- it ain't over.
01:22:41We're gonna finish this thing off.
01:22:44Great job, man.
01:22:46Great job.
01:22:48Hey, everybody up.
01:22:49Listen up, listen up.
01:22:51>> Listen, listen.
01:22:52Guys, we waited for one whole year to get this trophy, and it means so much to everybody in here.
01:22:59But I don't think -- this thing rooney, it belongs here, and let's see if we can bring this damn thing back here next year along with the super bowl.
01:23:58start the year right.
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01:25:22>> jim harbaugh's 1995 season was his finest.
01:25:26Neither he nor the rest of his team was ever able to equal the accomplishments of that year.
01:25:33>> Touchdown, colts!
01:25:34Touchdown, colts!
01:25:40>> The colts are headed to the playoffs for the first time since 1987.
01:25:44>> But that group of overachievers will forever be embraced by indianapolis.
01:25:50>> Yeah, we lost, but the fans were still there.
01:25:52They embraced the team and that meant a lot to the team and the organization.
01:25:57To this day, I don't think -- it would be hard to replace that special bond that those fans and that team had.
01:26:02>> People will mention it, you know?
01:26:04"Hey, I remember when you played in the afc championship game against pittsburgh.
01:26:08" and I'll, you know, light up and start telling the story.
01:26:13And so it keeps the memory fresh in my mind a lot.
01:26:16>> You guys had a hell of a year, too.
01:26:20>> Great game, buddy.
01:26:21Good luck.
01:26:23And walked off the field and thought, "hey, maybe there " turns out, that was the only day.
01:26:30>> And the colts go to a place in your heart.
01:26:32>> Boy, you're darn right.
01:26:34>> Football is such a bottom-line business that you can never walk away from game that you lose feeling really, really good about yourselves.
01:26:42Because it's like the whole season, you wonder, "what was it all about?
01:26:46Six months and here we are, and " >> there was disappointment.
01:26:51And there was a sense of pride also because our guys believed that they could go all the way during the season, and they almost did.
01:26:59>> The colts fell into ..until years later they began to rise to the top with peyton manning at quarterback.
01:27:10Bill cowher remains the steelers head coach well into his second decade of being a perennial winner.
01:27:17The victory against the colts remains his only win in an afc championship game.
01:27:24>> So much fun.
01:27:27>> The fans of pittsburgh, baby, this is for you.
01:27:37>> I believe to this day -- and I don't want to sound like a homer -- but if the colts had gone to the super bowl, they would have beaten dallas that year.
01:27:44I truly believe that.
01:27:45>> Probably the biggest highs of my nfl career, my athletic career -- just to turn around to experience one of the biggest lows in my nfl career.
01:27:55>> The steelers initially seemed overmatched against the cowboys.
01:28:00>> Aikman to pass on first and goal from the 3.
01:28:03Wide open, jay novacek.
01:28:05>> But cowher's resilient team came back as it had all year.
01:28:09>> For the goal line -- touchdown, steelers!
01:28:12Pulling that ball in is yancey thigpen!
01:28:14And this place is on fire!
01:28:16Look at the terrible towels swirling.
01:28:18>> I'm telling you, and I love it!
01:28:21>> Eventually, pittsburgh fell just short.
01:28:27>> They're blitzing.
01:28:28>> Here's o'donnell.
01:28:29Big blitz.
01:28:29And he fires a pass.
01:28:30And it's pulled in and intercepted at the 40, the 50.
01:28:34He's at the 45, the 40.
01:28:35The dallas defender dives over a blocker.
01:28:38And with the football down at the 23-yard line is larry brown with a big interception.
01:28:43>> We're sorry.
01:28:45We'll see you in the locker room, okay?
01:28:51>> Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.
01:28:55>> Good job, bill.
01:28:57>> Get 'em next year.
01:28:59>> Espn thanks you for watching this presentation of the national football league.