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00:00:00You almost won.
00:00:01(Rintoo) YES!
00:00:03I won again.
00:00:04Ooh, ooh, I'm the best.
00:00:07I'm better than everyone.
00:00:09I wish rintoo would stop.
00:00:10He's making me feel really bad.
00:00:13Yeah, really, really bad.
00:00:16I amthebest!
00:00:20That does it.
00:00:21I quit the dinosaur games.
00:00:25Me too.
00:00:26I quit.
00:00:27[crowd gasping] Tolee.
00:00:32Oh, no.
00:00:33Tolee and hoho quit the dinosaur games.
00:00:36We can't play the dinosaur games without them.
00:00:40♪♪ We got to, got to try ♪♪
00:00:42♪♪ to find the reason why ♪♪
00:00:44tolee and hoho quit the dinosaur games.
00:00:49Remember what happened before they quit?
00:00:55Rintoo won the race, and then he started dancing around.
00:01:00Yes! I won again.
00:01:03Ooh, ooh, I'm the best.
00:01:06I'm better than everyone.
00:01:09Oh, no.
00:01:10Look at tolee and hoho.
00:01:13They have big frowns, and their shoulders are slumped down.
00:01:17Let's listen to what they said.
00:01:19I wish rintoo would stop.
00:01:22He's making me feel really bad.
00:01:24Yeah, really, really bad.
00:01:27I amthebest!
00:01:29Hey, I think I know why tolee and hoho quit the dinosaur games.
00:01:33Because rintoo was making them feel bad.
00:01:38Do you think that's why?
00:01:42I think so too.
00:01:44Let's go ask them.
00:01:47Tolee? hoho?
00:01:49Did you quit the dinosaur games because rintoo was making you feel bad?
00:01:55Yeah, rintoo keeps saying he's the best.
00:01:59And that makes us feel bad.
00:02:06I understand how you feel, but rintoo's our friend.
00:02:10I don't think he wanted to make you feel bad.
00:02:17Yeah, you're right.
00:02:19But if he keeps saying he's the best, we don't want to play anymore.
00:02:24He's making us feel bad.
00:02:29 ♪♪
00:02:30♪♪ it's up to me and you ♪♪
00:02:32rintoo's making tolee and hoho feel bad.
00:02:37♪♪ We'll figure out ♪♪
00:02:38clap! clap! clap!
00:02:40♪♪ What to do ♪♪
00:02:41(Ye Ye) KAI-LAN?
00:02:42What happened to the dinosaur games?
00:02:45Rintoo is making tolee and hoho feel bad, so they quit.
00:02:52Every time rintoo wins, he says he's the best.
00:02:55I won the race.
00:02:57I am better than everyone.
00:03:01That makes us feel bad.
00:03:06I see.
00:03:07Rintoo is bragging.
00:03:10What's that?
00:03:11Bragging is when you cheer for yourself too much.
00:03:15You don't think about how it makes your friends feel.
00:03:21Let's play the next dinosaur game.
00:03:24No way.
00:03:25When you bragg, it made us feel bad.
00:03:30But what do you m-- [scooters puttering] (Lulu) TIME FOR THE ANTS' DINO SCOOTER RACE.
00:03:37Come on, everyone.
00:03:39Time to watch the ants' scooter race.
00:03:42[scooters puttering] [drumroll] ..
00:03:48Kai shi!
00:03:48(ants)JIA YOU! JIA YOU! JIA YOU! JIA YOU!
00:03:53(LuLu) WE HAVE A WINNER!
00:03:56I won!
00:03:57Great job racing.
00:03:59That was a close one.
00:04:00You guys are really fast.
00:04:02(all) XIE XIE.
00:04:05That was so nice.
00:04:06He made the other ants feel good, even though they lost.
00:04:10I wish rintoo had said something nice to us when we lost.
00:04:16Me too.
00:04:18I wish I said something nice too.
00:04:21I wasn't thinking about how you were feeling.
00:04:25Hey, if rintoo says something nice when he wins, then tolee and hoho won't feel bad.
00:04:32Do you think when rintoo wins, he should say something nice instead of bragging?
00:04:40Yeah! me too.
00:04:42He should say something nice.
00:04:46We got it.
00:04:48We got it.
00:04:50We got it!
00:04:52clap! clap!
00:04:54♪♪ When you win ♪♪
00:04:57♪♪ don't brag about what you did ♪♪
00:05:00♪♪ instead, say something nice nice, nice ♪♪
00:05:05yeah, that would make tolee and hoho feel good.
00:05:09Okay. hmm.
00:05:11I want to say something nice about what hoho did today.
00:05:18Hoho, you're awesome at doing somersaults.
00:05:23Xie xie,rintoo.
00:05:24And, tolee?
00:05:26You're awesome at running.
00:05:28You went so fast at the beginning of the race.
00:05:31Xie xie,rintoo.
00:05:32Do you think rintoo is making tolee and hoho feel good or bad?
00:05:41Yeah, good, because he said something nice about what they did.
00:05:46I got it. I got it.
00:05:48It's really, really true.
00:05:50I got it. I got it.
00:05:52I know just what to do.
00:05:54clap! clap!
00:05:57♪♪ When you win ♪♪
00:06:00♪♪ don't brag about what you did ♪♪
00:06:02♪♪ instead, say something nice, nice, nice ♪♪
00:06:09tolee? hoho?
00:06:12If you come back and play in the dinosaur games, I won't brag anymore.
00:06:17(both) OKAY!
00:06:20Tolee and hoho are coming back to the dinosaur games.
00:06:24[all cheering] Let's go, go, go!
00:06:29Gen wo lai.
00:06:30[all giggling] (all) DINOSAUR GAMES!
00:06:34Rawr, rawr!
00:06:36(Kai-lan) YE YE, YE YE.
00:06:37Look, tolee and hoho are back.
00:06:40And if I win, I'll say something nice so no one feels bad about losing.
00:06:46That's wonderful, rintoo.
00:06:51Kong long dan zhen da!
00:06:55Dui le. kan, wo hua de.
00:06:57Ye ye painted bouncy balls to look like dinosaur eggs.
00:07:01We have to roll them to the finish line.
00:07:05Whoever gets there first wins.
00:07:11I love rolling dinosaur eggs.
00:07:15Good luck, everybody.
00:07:16[drumroll] ..
00:07:18Kai shi!
00:07:24[crowd cheering] [all cheering loudly] Rintoo's really good at this game.
00:07:36Yes! I won!
00:07:42I know just what to do.
00:07:44clap! clap!
00:07:45♪♪ ♪♪
00:07:47♪♪ when you win ♪♪
00:07:50♪♪ don't brag about what you did ♪♪
00:07:53♪♪ instead, say something nice, nice, nice ♪♪
00:08:00Awesome rolling, kai-lan.
00:08:02Xie xie,rintoo.
00:08:03That makes me feel really good.
00:08:06I'll say something nice to tolee and hoho.
00:08:12Good, hoho.
00:08:13You're going so fast.
00:08:16[all cheering] Yes!
00:08:20I'm doing it, rintoo!
00:08:22I'm running faster!
00:08:25Awesome job, tolee.
00:08:27You're rolling your egg in a really straight line.
00:08:32Thanks, rintoo.
00:08:33I do roll it in a straight line.
00:08:36[all cheering] Ji zhang. ji zhang.
00:08:46Ji zhang.
00:08:46Thanks for saying something nice, rintoo.
00:08:50It made me feel really good.
00:08:53Me too.
00:08:54Bao-bao. bao-bao.
00:09:00It's time for the end of the dinosaur games.
00:09:04Gen wo lai.
00:09:06[all cheering] [giggling] Everybody's saying nice things to us.
00:09:17That makes me feel really good.
00:09:20Hoho, you're the youngest.
00:09:22So you get the first dinosaur games medal.
00:09:26You win the medal for best jumping with somersaults.
00:09:31[twinkling] Xie xie,ye ye.
00:09:35Bu ke qi.
00:09:36Tolee, you win the medal for straightest dinosaur egg rolling.
00:09:42[twinkling] A medal for me?
00:09:49Xie xie,ye ye.
00:09:51Bu ke qi.
00:09:53Sansan, fufu, and bubu, you win the medal for best scooter racing.
00:10:01(all) XIE XIE,YE YE.
00:10:04Bu ke qi.
00:10:04Rintoo, you win the medal for saying the nicest things to your friends.
00:10:10[twinkling] Yes!
00:10:13Kai-lan, you win the medal for being the most caring friend.
00:10:19[twinkling] Whenever one of your friends feels bad, you stop and help.
00:10:25Ye ye,xie xie.
00:10:28Bu ke qi.
00:10:31And you win the medal for being a super helper today.
00:10:36You did a super job in the dinosaur games.
00:10:39[all cheering] And now I have a special dinosaur surprise.
00:10:46I wonder what ye ye's surprise is.
00:10:56[drumroll] [insects buzzing] (all) OOH!KONG LONG HUA TI!
00:11:05(Kai-lan) WOW, THAT'S THE BIGGEST SLIDE I've ever seen.
00:11:09(Tolee) IT LOOKS LIKE A tyrannosaurus rex.
00:11:12That's my favorite kind of dinosaur.
00:11:15(all) YE YE,XIE XIE.
00:11:18Whee! yipee!
00:11:19Wo lai le.
00:11:19Come on, let's go on the dinosaur slide.
00:11:24[all laughing] There's ye ye.
00:11:36Hey, I'm going to give ye ye a big dinosaur hug.
00:11:40Do you think that will make him feel good?
00:11:46Me too.
00:11:46Ye ye, I have something special for you too.
00:11:51For me? what is it?
00:11:53[giggling] A big dinosaur hug.
00:11:58[chuckling] (Rintoo) YE YE, YE YE.
00:12:03Your dinosaur slide is awesome!
00:12:06Really awesome!
00:12:08Really, really awesome.
00:12:13[chuckles] XIE XIE.
00:12:18(all) YAY!
00:12:21[all giggling] I'm so happy you played the dinosaur games with us.
00:12:26You're really good at them.
00:12:28And you helped rintoo stop bragging and say nice things to his friends.
00:12:34You make my heart feel super happy.
00:12:38Zai jian.
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00:19:33♪Whoop-ha, ho-ho♪
00:19:35Go, Diego, go!
00:19:36♪ Deep inside the jungle where nature's running wild ♪
00:19:40♪ Coming to the rescue is a very special child ♪
00:19:44♪ Talking to the animals and swinging from a vine ♪
00:19:48♪ This rough and tough adventurer ♪
00:19:50♪ Is working all the time ♪
00:19:52♪Ya viene Diego♪
00:19:55♪ Diego ♪
00:19:58Go, Diego, go!
00:19:59♪ Alicia's on the mission ♪
00:20:01♪ We're all going for a ride ♪
00:20:02♪ Diego's on the road with Baby Jaguar by his side ♪
00:20:06♪ Discovering together, yeah, we're always having fun ♪
00:20:10♪ Helping out each other is good for everyone ♪
00:20:14♪ And there goes Diego ♪
00:20:18♪ Diego ♪
00:20:19♪ Go, Diego, go! ♪
00:20:20Captioning sponsored byNICKELODEON Hola.I'm Diego.
00:20:26I'm here at the train station.
00:20:29Do you like trains?
00:20:33I love trains.
00:20:36These trains are here to bring animals back to their homes.
00:20:43That llama's going on the mountain train.
00:20:45That emperor penguin is going on the train to the snowy coast.
00:20:54And do you see what animal's getting onto that train?
00:21:00The turtle. Right!
00:21:02The leatherback sea turtle's getting on the train to the ocean.
00:21:07(train whistle blowing) The animals are so happy to be going to their own special homes.
00:21:19That tapir doesn't know where her home is.
00:21:23She looks sad.
00:21:25(tapir whimpers) (whistles) DIEGO: Oh!
00:21:31We've got to help this tapir find her home.
00:21:35Call to the tapir with me.
00:21:38Say, "Tapir!" Tapir!
00:21:43(birds singing) Diego, Diego!
00:21:47(whistles) Tapirs love to whistle.
00:21:53Tapir's been staying at the rescue center because she doesn't have a home.
00:21:59Can you help me find a new home, Diego?
00:22:02Sure we can, Tapir.
00:22:04I can't wait to have my own home.
00:22:07Can't wait, can't wait!
00:22:09Come on,amigos.
00:22:11Let's go find out where tapirs live!
00:22:19Alicia, we need to find Tapir a new home.
00:22:24We'll find you the perfect home, Tapir.
00:22:27We need our special camera, Click, to find out where tapirs live.
00:22:32ALICIA: Say, "Click!" (camera shutter clicks) Say, "Click." Take a pic.
00:22:40Hi. I'm Click the camera.
00:22:43We need to find out where tapirs live.
00:22:46Tapirs whistle like this...
00:22:48(two short, high-pitched whistles) Let's zoom through the forest and listen for this whistle.
00:22:56(two short, high-pitched whistles) ANIMALS: ♪ Hum, hum. ♪
00:23:01CLICK: Do these sound like Tapirs?
00:23:08No, those are llamas.
00:23:13(two short, high-pitched whistles) Dothesesound like tapirs?
00:23:22Yes, they do.
00:23:24You found tapirs.
00:23:26To take a picture of the tapirs, say, "Click!" (camera shutter clicking) Got it!
00:23:35Now, you tell Diego you found tapirs.
00:23:39What did you find?
00:23:45To see where tapirs live, we've got to see more of the picture.
00:23:49We can do that if Click zooms out.
00:23:53Say, "Zoom!" DIEGO: Hey, that looks like a cloud forest.
00:24:02ALICIA: Yeah.
00:24:03Cloud forests have water for Tapir to swim in, grass for her to eat, and clouds that help keep her nice and cool.
00:24:12Wow, I want to live in the cloud forest, Diego!
00:24:16I want to live in the cloud forest!
00:24:18(train choo-choos) CHUCHO THE TRAIN: Todos abordo para el tren!
00:24:23Hey, that sounds like our train is ready for us.
00:24:27Do you want to go on a train ride to find Tapir's home?
00:24:35Ivámonos, amigos!
00:24:36We don't want the train to leave without us!
00:24:39Let's go, let's go, let's go!
00:24:42Go, Diego, go!
00:24:46Hola, Diego.
00:24:48Choo, choo!
00:24:51Hola, Chucho.
00:24:54Todos listos?
00:24:55Chucho wants to know if we're ready to go.
00:24:58Chucho the train speaks Spanish.
00:25:01To tell him that we're ready, say,"Listos." Listos.
00:25:12Clap your hands with me.
00:25:15Clap, clap, clap.
00:25:17Clap, clap, clap.
00:25:19Clap, clap, clap.
00:25:21Clap, clap, clap.
00:25:23Let's call out like tapirs.
00:25:26Say, "Whistle, whistle!" Whistle, whistle!
00:25:34♪ Go, Diego, Go! ♪
00:25:36♪ Vamos, Diego, vamos ♪
00:25:37♪ Un'aventura, amigos ♪
00:25:39♪ An adventure, my friends ♪
00:25:41♪ Un'aventura, amigos ♪
00:25:43♪ An adventure, my friends ♪
00:25:45♪ Go, Diego, go, Diego, go... ♪
00:25:47♪Vamos, Diego, vamos♪
00:25:49♪ Go, Diego, go... ♪
00:25:51♪Vamos, Diego, vamos♪
00:25:53♪ Go, Diego, go. ♪
00:25:56(train squeaking) La primera parada.
00:25:59Choo, choo!
00:26:01It's the first stop.
00:26:03Yay! We're here!
00:26:05We're here!
00:26:07I like it here!
00:26:12It's so cold here.
00:26:14That's much better.
00:26:16I'm not cold, Diego.
00:26:18I've got fur to keep me warm.
00:26:20I bet I can live here.
00:26:23Let's check my field journal to see if this can be Tapir's home.
00:26:28(chittering) Remember, Tapir needs a home that has water for her to swim in, grass for her to eat, and clouds that help keep her cool.
00:26:39There's a lake down there!
00:26:41See, Diego, I told you I could live here!
00:26:50I can't swim in this lake.
00:26:52It's frozen.
00:26:53Are you okay, Tapir?
00:26:56Yes, Diego.
00:27:00I'm not sure if this is a good place for Tapir.
00:27:04Do you see any grass?
00:27:06(wind whistling) No.
00:27:10Are there any clouds?
00:27:16Can this be Tapir's new home?
00:27:22Well, Diego, I guess thiswon't make a good home for me.
00:27:26Don't worry, Tapir.
00:27:27We'll find you just the right home in the cloud forest!
00:27:32CHUCHO: Vámonos.
00:27:33Choo, choo!
00:27:34TAPIR: Uh-oh. The train's leaving.
00:27:37Let's go catch that train.
00:27:40Run, Tapir.
00:27:41Icorre, corre!
00:27:45We've got to ask Chucho to wait for us.
00:27:49In English, we say, wait.
00:27:51In Spanish, we say,espera.
00:27:54Say,"Espera." Louder!iEspera!