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00:01:28Evidence ofsexual assault?
00:01:38Thsecond bodywas only found yesterday.
00:01:40There may bea socio-economic pattern emerging.
00:01:42The first victim,bethany heminger, lived in belle meade, both are affluentneighborhoods.
00:01:49Yet there was nothing missingfrom either home.
00:01:52What did these women dofor a living?
00:01:53Bethany was a defense attorney,melissa a corporate executive.
00:01:55Two brunetteswith similar features that's not a coincidence.
00:02:00These women most likelyrepresent someone he knows.
00:02:03All right, so we need this unsub is meeting his victimsand how he's gaining access to their homes.
00:02:07And if he's stayingon pattern, most likely this guy haspicked out his next target.
00:02:11We should checkgardeners, housekeeping staff,pool attendants, floral shops, see if anyed both homes.
00:02:19Start working upa paper trail, garcia.
00:02:21Find out wherethese wome but right now, I need us allto focus on this case.
00:02:45We have less than a daybefore this unsub will strike again.
00:02:49Let's finish this thingfast.
00:03:03You must be the fbi.
00:03:05Landon kaminski.
00:03:06Reau.we spoke on the phone.
00:03:08Yeah, it's nice to meet you.
00:03:09The mayor's on my ass.
00:03:10Two prominent women killedon my watch and everyone knowswe're bracing for a third.
00:03:13Well, let's hopewith t press.
00:03:20Every woman in nashvilleneeds to know there's a serial killeron the loose.
00:03:24We need them takingpreventative measures to avoid becominghis next target.
00:03:28The mayor thinks we should beas specific as possible.
00:03:31Every woman, detective.
00:03:33His first 2 victimsmay be from the same social c well, the house hasa security system, but her friends saythat she only used it when she traveledout of town.
00:04:01He killed the dog, hid it in a storagecontainer in the garage.
00:04:04She probably thoughthe was protection enough.
00:04:07That was her first mistake.
00:04:13Thatche other crime scene.
00:04:14It looks likehe didn't hesitate to get them everywhere.
00:04:17Which typically would indicatethat he's disorganized.
00:04:20This crime scene screamsof organization.
00:04:23The roses, the dog.
00:04:27He was a stranger to these women.
00:04:28He didn't talk his way in, he was lawouldn't show up in the system.
00:04:33He had no priors, which means he was smart and most likely educated.
00:04:37This guy knew exactly what he was doing and he made sure he had enough time to do it.
00:04:40So, he knew when she'd leave the house and when she'd return.
00:04:45He's stalking them.
00:05:16So how did he get ?
00:05:21Defenswoundsonoth n.
00:05:23Moreo on thla victim.
00:05:26She foht back the rdest.
00:05:28Aturrks. ey weren't bnd.
00:05:29So h does he kem runni out?
00:05:31E he bcked the espe route, or may the threatof a knifenoug I mighbe able wer .
00:05:36Stabnds ren't the on injuries do mean?melijohnso had a concsion.
00:05:41Bethy hemingerbrokib.
00:05:43Nitissaultto prove hisominance, surey're o scared tory and esc sothing elseshouee.
00:05:52Both sto contes were theame.
00:05:54Chicn, broccolsta,ad, anred wine.
00:05:58He'sng o fanta.
00:06:00One heo col.
00:00:07Nobody deserves to have thaken away.
00:00:11Haley, in movie: That's it!
00:00:14Ooh! ooh! ooh! ooh!
00:10:27A roma eveni and repeating it with each of his victims.
00:10:30Morgan: He most likely recently had a relationship taken away from him.
00:10:56Rossi: He believes or fantasizes he's in a relationship with these woman.
00:10:59No matter how fleeting the initial interaction is, it's everything to him.
00:11:04An invitation.
00:11:05Our technical analyst has compiled a list of locations that the victims visited prior to their death.
00:11:10These are high-class establishments.
00:11:12We're going to want to visit the same places.
00:11:14So, look for men who fit the profile, but also women who match victimology.
00:11:17If somebody's been paying a little too much attention to them, talk to them.
00:11:21Get a read, then jot their name down so that we can check them out.
00:11:23All right, folks, pick up your canvassing assignments and get to work.
00:11:27Morgan: Thank you.
00:11:31[Shower running] the rain's supposed to clear up today.
00:11:39IT'S GONNA BE IN THE HIGH 50s.
00:11:44What do you want to do today?
00:11:54There are a lot of good movies playing at the green hills mall.
00:12:02You want to go see something?
00:12:27After we made love last night, you'd realize how much you mean to me.
00:12:47Don't you trust me, joe?
00:13:32[Dialing] [cell phone rings] [ring] [ring] erika?
00:13:55Grant, help!
00:14:02Why do you have a key?
00:14:10[Sobbing] aah!
00:14:13Get upstairs! go, go, go, go, go!
00:14:15Grant! grant!
00:14:20No! grant! aah!
00:14:29[Quietly] why did he have a key?
00:14:35Why did he have a key?
00:14:40cheese pounder.
00:14:42Look, scratches where bacteria cancollect and grow and bacteria cancause bad breath that's why I recommendreplacing toothpaste with polident only polident is proven to clean without it was inmy sister's neighborhood.
00:16:14It was perfect for you guys.
00:16:16Literally across the street from her sister.
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00:56:19HAWKES: Around 4:00 yesterday, the guy had a bloody nose, there was a woman with him.
00:56:26t you just head home get some rest, sleep it off.
00:56:32Hey. Hey, what's up?
00:56:33Nothing, just a big waste of time.
00:58:14ou on Stafford's body.
00:58:16They belong to the vic?
00:58:18Don't know yet; I'm waiting on a ten-card from Sid and a match in AFIS, but in the meantime, I did some digging into Stafford's background.
00:58:24Seems like he was some financial whiz kid.
00:58:26Started Kensitron Software when he was 23 years old.
00:58:29He put everything he had onomy tanked, Kensitron went down with it.
00:58:34Stafford filed for bankruptcy three months ago.
00:58:37He's liquidating the company.
00:58:38Yeah, losing everything that he built must have hit him hard.
00:58:41Maybe we're looking at a suicide?
00:58:43No, nothing else suggests he fits that profile.
00:58:51We know he ingested the poison.
00:58:52See if you can find a source.
00:58:53All right, I'll hobble my way over there.
00:58:58Martin Stafford was a healthy businessman with no prior arrests, not even a speeding ticket.
00:59:03We got a cell phone filled with contacts who all swear he was a great guy, and yet no one's called u Yeah, be that young and have no family, no close friends, I mean, it's very sad.
00:59:15A few people got close to him just before he died.
00:59:18Danny just left to process the vic's apartment, told me to give you this.
00:59:21Found two partial prints any hi Nope. It does say here that the two prints belong to women and the hair belongs to a man.
00:59:37Sounds like too many cooks in the kitchen to me.
00:59:39Yeah, it still doesn't explain why the noodle we found on his inner thigh wasunderneathhis clothing.
00:59:44(Ross laughing) This guy was kinky with his food.
00:59:48Care to elaborate on that?
00:59:54g y is an t where a group of people get together and they experience food in a, uh, sensual wa They, um, caress their bodies with foods of different textures and temperatures, and it, uh... it arouses and stimulates and...
01:00:08They say that it excites them and-and...
01:00:14r thes?
01:00:17Sploshing parties.
01:00:18Oh, you can go to a Web site and get an invitation.
01:00:23But I...
01:00:25I've just heard. I...