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00:00:22x x Man:THE up, off!
00:00:56[ Crowd cheering ] [announcing indistinctly] doughboy?
00:01:31Doughboy -- it's a horse, mr. mason.
00:01:34A horse, naturally.
00:01:36He's running today in the fourth race, and those are the tickets I bought on doughboy to win.
00:01:43Smith -- nancy smith.
00:01:45Miss smith. naturally.
00:01:47Well, you had to buy these tickets at the racetrack, and since the windows aren't open until a half-hour before each race -- hold the tickets, andifdoughboy wins -- why didn't you stay at the track toseeif he'd won?
00:02:00 mason, there's no need to know everything.
00:02:03If doughboy doeswin the race, then I want you to go out to the track and collect the money for me.
00:02:10Oh, I'm quite prepared to pay you for it.
00:02:13Um, is $27 enough?
00:02:14Well, it seems to me, for someone who's willing to toss around the kind of moneyyoudo, and just on the nose of one horse -- I'm not that kind of person!
00:02:24I don't usually bet on horses.
00:02:26It's just that today, I simply -- please don't ask questions, mr. mason.
00:02:32Today you had a hot tip?
00:02:36Then why did you bet on doughboy?
00:02:38Because I need the money!
00:02:40Because he was wearing pretty colors!
00:02:44Because he smiled at me.
00:02:50Man:...RACING RESULTS Brought to you by sudsy bath salts.
00:02:53Perry, here's the station.
00:02:53The fourth race is next.
00:02:56...Bringing you the fourth race at five furlongs with eight horses ..
00:03:01Would you mind telling me what it's all about?
00:03:05Well, she's about 5'2", blue eyes, a few other odds and ends, and she works at a trout farm.
00:03:11Look, what kind of a crazy -- ...and they're off!
00:03:15Breaking on top ..
00:03:17 is that what this is all about?
00:03:20I got a couple of bucks bet on him myself.
00:03:22What do you know about doughboy?
00:03:25It's a horse.
00:03:26No, della, it's a dog -- dead last and fading his last two starts.
00:03:31...Coming into the stretch, it's still fisherman ..
00:03:34You could buy that plug for a couple of bucks, but what are you gonna use him for -- hobby horse, pull a lawn mower?
00:03:41Betting on long shots like that is just a waste of -- comes doughboy on the rail!
00:03:49Come on, fisherman! come on!
00:03:51...With doughboy getting up and winning it by half a length!
00:03:54He did it, perry!
00:03:55He did it! he won!
00:03:57...Over turkish dream and cling to me.
00:04:00Doughboy, son of gold digger out of fort knox ..
00:04:05That's a 100-buck ticket!
00:04:07Exactly, paul -- five of them.
00:06:07There we are -- $14,000.
00:06:13And $250.
00:06:15That's him. arrest him.
00:06:16Just a minute, mr. fremont.
00:06:17It's all right, officer.
00:06:20You're from the police department.
00:06:22I'm an attorney.
00:06:22My name is mason.
00:06:25Perry mason!
00:06:26I thought I'd seen you before someplace when you turned around there.
00:06:30I'm sergeant burdett, sir.
00:06:31Sergeant, that's my money.
00:06:32You saw him hand those tickets through the window!
00:06:35He's banks' accomplice!
00:06:36Who's your noisy friend, sergeant?
00:06:38I'm the man rodney banks stole from.
00:06:40I'm marvin fremont, just as if you didn't know it, just as if you didn't help him!
00:06:45Now, just a minute, mr. fremont.
00:06:47If you're acting as rodney banks' attorney -- don't take things for granted, sergeant.
00:06:53You're not?
00:06:54I didn't say that.
00:06:56Are you gonna stand there listening to that crooked lawyer?
00:06:58 mason, yesterday we picked up a young fella named rodney banks.
00:07:03He's accused of embezzling funds from mr. fremont.
00:07:06It seems the lad had been dipping into the office till to get dough to spend on the horses.
00:07:11He bet some of that dough on the winner -- doughboy.
00:07:14When we picked him up, he only had one ticket.
00:07:17We think he bought a lot more.
00:07:20And here you are with all those tickets on doughboy, so naturally -- what do you think you'redoing?
00:07:26You just called me a crooked lawyer in the presence of witnesses, fremont, which gives me a cause of action against you.
00:07:34Now, you just listen to a little law, mason.
00:07:37Banks stole from me I don't know how many thousands of dollars.
00:07:41If a man bets my money on a horse, iam entitled to the winnings.
00:07:46Causa sine quo no! ha!
00:07:47Sergeant, I want you to impound that briefcase and arrest that man.
00:07:52 fremont, you're not leaving here with this $14,000.
00:07:58And I'm not arresting an attorney, but I'm warning you, mason -- if those tickets you cashed are rodney banks', you sure better see to it that nothing happens to that dough.
00:08:09Good day, gentlemen.
00:08:31Hey, that's no fair!
00:08:36That's chumming.
00:08:36You allow chumming here?
00:08:40Hi, want a pole?
00:08:40Only a dollar.
00:08:42Oh, I'm not here for the fish, but thanks, nancy.
00:08:45Won't "lorraine" do?
00:08:47Very nicely.
00:08:49But what is all this?
00:08:50I thought trout farms were only for kids.
00:08:53You'd be surprised how many men stop by here on their way back from the mountains.
00:08:58Yeah, I can imagine.
00:08:59To catch the fish they didn't catch on their fishing trips.
00:09:03We'll also wrap your fish for storage or shipment.
00:09:06What a racket -- it takes less driving and you get to see prettier scenery and -- and what else is on your mind?
00:09:13Look, I have this friend who used to live in los angeles, and he met this girl who worked on a trout farm.
00:09:20And her name was nancy.
00:09:21Well, he thinks itprobablywas.
00:09:23I've already been to three places.
00:09:26Well, what I mean is, he doesn't know much about her, and he wanted me to -- Man: Lorraine?
00:09:33Lorraine, where's nancy?
00:09:33Isn't nancy here?
00:09:38Not today.
00:09:38Didn't you hear about her brother?
00:09:41That's what I wanted to talk to her about.
00:09:43Come on inside, mr. halstead.
00:09:46Mister, why don't you come back here tomorrow?
00:09:49I'm sure nancy will be here then.
00:09:51But the point is, nancy who?
00:09:54Nancy banks.
00:09:56All right, so ididlie to you about half my name, but, mr. mason, it's true!
00:10:02Rodney banksismy brother, and heisin trouble.
00:10:06So I went to the bank yesterday and I took out every single penny I have and I went out to the racetrack -- you bought those tickets with your own money?
00:10:16Of course!
00:10:17I bet every cent I owned on doughboy!
00:10:19And your brother happened to bet $50 on the same horse.
00:10:23Only, when he went to collect, he was arrested for the trouble he was in, so I suppose you got panicky and ran away, because when you came into my office, you already knew your horse had won, didn't you?
00:10:35Yes, I guess that's how it was.
00:10:39Finished, della?
00:10:41Mmm, yes.
00:10:42I had to tell you somelies.
00:10:45I was afraid if the police caught me, they'd either take away the tickets or the money.
00:10:49That's why I asked you to meet me here in this motel.
00:10:53Here. sign this.
00:10:55What is it?
00:10:56It's a receipt.
00:10:57It says you gave me certain parimutuel tickets, which I have cashed, and now you have received your winnings in full.
00:11:09You're not gonna leave me now.
00:11:11Wasn't that all you wanted?
00:11:13No, you have to get rodney out of jail!
00:11:15You just have to right now!
00:11:17If they see me with all this money -- his bail is set at $5,000.
00:11:24He's being framed somehow, and I'm the only one who can protect him!
00:11:29Nancy, tell me the truth.
00:11:30Howdidyou happen to pick doughboy to win that race?
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00:16:56O0 Nancy: Mr. mason, are you there?
00:18:34Oh, I'm so glad you're here already.
00:18:36I had car trouble, and I never thought I'd get out of town.
00:18:39It was thoughtful of you to leave that door unlocked.
00:18:45T-this afternoon, when I left, you mean.
00:18:48Did i?
00:18:49All right, now, nancy.
00:18:51What are we going to do?
00:18:51That man robbed me!
00:18:54I couldn't tell who he was.
00:18:56He had this white thing over his face.
00:18:58That's the only reason you got me here?
00:19:01I tried to call you earlier, but you must have been out to dinner or something.
00:19:06It happened about two or three hours ago right in the alley behind my apartment house.
00:19:11Why didn't you call the police?
00:19:13Oh, I couldn't!
00:19:14They might still think fremont's money, and that maybe I was trying to buy him off so that he wouldn't make any more trouble for rodney.
00:19:23Your brother makes his own trouble very nicely.
00:19:25 rodney wouldn't do anythingreallyawful!
00:19:29He just wouldn't!
00:19:29I had to take care of him!
00:19:33Now, take it easy now.
00:19:35Nancy, your hands are ice-cold.
00:19:39..i can't help it.
00:19:42Maybe you could get me a drink of water in the bathroom.
00:19:48Nancy, you're going to call the police right now from that phone right there.
00:19:53I'm going to leave you alone here so you can tell them whatever you like.
00:19:57Youcan'tleave me!
00:19:59Good night, nancy.
00:20:04Mr. mason!
00:20:05[ Sobbing ] I didn't kill him!
00:20:07I didn't kill him!
00:20:08Honest, I didn't kill him!
00:20:11Yeah, that's him, all right.
00:20:14That's my ever-loving.
00:20:22You don't sound very upset over your husband's death, mrs. fremont.
00:20:26Why should I be?
00:20:27Lieutenant, our divorce would have been final two years ago if marvin could have made an honest settlement.
00:20:35My men found you so quickly, I assumed you were at least living together.
00:20:39I wouldn't live with that man'stoothbrush.
00:20:42Look, I only justhappened to visit his house tonight.
00:20:46I only just happened to need my last two months' allowance, that's all!
00:20:51Besides, he's so stone-cold, this must have happened sometime this afternoon, don't you think?
00:20:57Tell me, what sort of business was your husband in?
00:21:00Wholesale antiques -- art objects.
00:21:04Really junk, if you know what I mean.
00:21:07Just the sort of junk nobody needs, but there's always somebody to buy it if you charge too much for it.
00:21:13[ Telephone rings ] excuse me.
00:21:18OH, McCLANAHAN.
00:21:19All set?
00:21:22Yes, right away.
00:21:23Oh, sergeant, hand me that thing over there, will you please?
00:21:30 fremont, I don't think we need to impose any longer ..time of sorrow.
00:21:40Well, andy?
00:21:41Sorry to keep you so long.
00:21:42No luck on the weapon?
00:21:44We haven't found the gun yet, no, perry.
00:21:47What's the, uh -- miss banks, this story of yours about being held up in an alley tonight -- you didn't get a very good look at the man?
00:21:54No, it was so dark, and I was so scared!
00:21:57Anyway, he had this white thing over his head with two holes in it.
00:22:01Like this?
00:22:07Yes, that's exactly what it was!
00:22:10Wait a minute, nancy.
00:22:13Where did you get that, andy?
00:22:15Side pocket of fremont's jacket.
00:22:17Do you mean it was him?
00:22:18Fremont was the one who was -- I'm surprised you didn't recognize his voice.
00:22:22You'd met him before, hadn't you, miss banks?
00:22:25Yes, I used to work for him.
00:22:25He was an awful man.
00:22:29I mean, I quit nearly a month ago.
00:22:33He kept making passes and telephoning me!
00:22:36I don't think you need to say any more about that just now.
00:22:43No, I don't think it's necessary just yet.
00:22:46Now, what's that other gadget?
00:22:50Part of a dry-ice container, perry.
00:22:53We found it under the body.
00:22:56Otherwise, I guess you would have noticed.
00:22:59A what?
00:23:00There were probably a number of these originally, and the inside of his jacket was moist in several places.
00:23:06Ididnotice how cold the body was.
00:23:08I assumed he had been dead for several hours.
00:23:10That's exactly what somebody wantedus to think.
00:23:13Body temperature is a prime way of setting the time of death.
00:23:16I guess anybody who reads mystery stories knows that.
00:23:21I still don't understand.
00:23:25Well, whoever killed him must have placed several of these dry-ice containers against the body and then later disposed of them.
00:23:33Of course, I know it's a little far-fetched.
00:23:36The killer must have been somebody who knew this method and also knew where to find dry ice in a hurry.
00:23:43It gives us enough of a lead to call signals off for a while.
00:23:47Call signals off?
00:23:49At least you're free to go now, miss banks.
00:23:52Just don't leave town, please, that's all.
00:23:55Andy, what sort of a lead -- well, the killer must have handled this, perry.
00:24:00We're pretty sure the lab downtown can develop fingerprints from it.
00:24:06Good night.
00:24:07They'll probably have you followed, so I'll drive right behind you to watch.
00:24:14Now, take the freeway.
00:24:16Drive straight to della street's apartment.
00:24:18Here's the address.
00:24:18Use the wilshire turnoff.
00:24:20I want someone to be able to account for every minute of your time -- they'll be watching me?
00:24:26Then the lieutenant wasn'ttelling the truth.
00:24:29Of course he wasn't.
00:24:30They can't get fingerprints off of paper, can they?
00:24:34Yes, they can.
00:24:35I didn't know.
00:24:37There's a great deal you don't know yet about life or how to get along in it.
00:24:41Maybe this isn't the time for a fatherly lecture, but if you would only trust me enough to -- mason, I've told you everything -- honestly.
00:24:51Except for one little lie.
00:24:53Yes, iwashere before you came, and ididsee the body first, but I just thought that if I went away and came back when you were here and we saw the b-body together, well, t-they couldn't accuse me of -- honestly.
00:25:11All right.
00:25:11We'll talk about it later.
00:25:15Now get going.
00:25:15And hurry.
00:26:59All right, miss banks.
00:27:01Thank you for not keeping us waiting.
00:27:05Take these, will you, joe?
00:27:07What -- who -- McCLANAHAN'S THE NAME, LADY -- Police.
00:27:11But here.
00:27:12You're not gonna leavethesebehind, are you?
00:27:19The murder weapon?
00:27:25I just cannot believe that that girl could have killed him.
00:27:28When I read about his death -- halstead, this is mr. paul drake.
00:27:33Oh, sothat'swho you are.
00:27:34I told him that perry was downtown with nancy.
00:27:37What's on your mind, mr. halstead?
00:27:40Fremont -- marvin fremont.
00:27:41He was a crook.
00:27:42He was no more than a crook.
00:27:44I thought you worked with him or something.
00:27:47Oh, no, I don't.
00:27:48I was called in to set up a proper bookkeeping system when fremont was threatened with tax trouble.
00:27:53I don't like the things I've been finding there the past week or two.
00:27:58You mean that embezzlement business?
00:28:00You mean banks? no.
00:28:00Oh, no.
00:28:01Well, that boy only took $3,000 or $4,000 -- according to fremont, that is.
00:28:06I'm not sure that fremont didn't egg him into it.
00:28:09He always asked the boy to bank cash.
00:28:11He was leaving money around on nights and weekends.
00:28:14Fremont knew what temptation would do to a horse player.
00:28:18All right, what else did you find?
00:28:20I think that antique shop was mostly a cover-up.
00:28:23I think fremont was a fence.
00:28:25You tell the police that?
00:28:27 mason should hear it first.
00:28:30The idea of suspecting a kid like nancy!
00:28:33Wait a minute.
00:28:33What makes you think fremont was a fence?
00:28:36Well, I wasn't sure, of course, but they did exchange and sell a lot of items with jewels in them.
00:28:43And for some strange reason, all the business fremont handled was done in cash, a lot more cash than showed on the books.
00:28:50How do you mean, mr. halstead?
00:28:52He had a private strongbox in his office.
00:28:55I just happened to spot him in there one night.
00:28:57He was taking out a wad of bills that thick.
00:29:00I had my own reputation to think of, so I figured the thing out, and I got in there myself.
00:29:06 drake, I'm positive on the day before fremont died, that strongbox contained over $30,000 in cash.
00:29:20Force this open, will you, sergeant?
00:29:22 halstead, you said you wrote down some serial numbers of bills you spotted in the box.
00:29:27I wanted to see if any of that money turned up in the outer office.
00:29:31Well, I never thought I'd live to see the day that I'd be grateful to marvin fremont, but since iamhis widow -- [ laughs ] I've been robbed!
00:29:45No, that's not possible!
00:29:47That money was there friday night!
00:29:49It was the very last time he was in this office!
00:29:52Gentlemen, believe me, there was $30,000 -- halstead, we believe you.
00:29:58Now the cupboard is bare.
00:30:04Mystery stories.
00:30:05Nothing but mysteries.
00:30:07 my sister don't have such good taste, I guess.
00:30:10And you say she mentioned this dry-ice gimmick to you?
00:30:14To everybody.
00:30:15She was always breaking everybody up about new ways to kill people.
00:30:19Covers her unconscious wish to killyou,i suppose.
00:30:22Look, that's not funny.
00:30:24I've had cops all over my own place, and I don't have to stand cracks from you.
00:30:29You're two years older than nancy, aren't you?
00:30:32Yet ever since your parents died, you've made her worry aboutyou, cover for you, bail you out of jail.
00:30:38I've never been in jail before except for -- except for delinquency, reckless driving, vandalism?
00:30:44Now embezzlement, stealing.
00:30:46It's a natural progression, I guess.
00:30:49You, shut up.
00:30:50You think you're gonna get me so rattled, I'll admit to something, don't you?
00:30:55Even if ididsay I borrowed a few bucks to play the horses, that wouldn't do nancy any good.
00:31:00Sure, I want to help her, but even if I did steal from that jerk fremont, what good would it do for me to -- excuse me, rod.
00:31:07There's a phone call for mr. mason.
00:31:10Oh, sure, baby.
00:31:11Lorraine lawton.
00:31:11She lives across the hall.
00:31:15How do you do, miss lawton?
00:31:25Oh, yes, paul, della told me you were -- it was empty?
00:31:32I understand.
00:31:41If I were you, I'd find myself the shrewdest lawyer in town.
00:31:47Oh, rod!
00:31:49They're not gonna say hekilled him.
00:31:53No, miss lawton.
00:31:53Nancy will be taken before the grand jury, then go right into trial for first-degree murder, so if you meant what you said about wanting to help her, don't worry.
00:32:03I'll see that you get your chance.
00:33:11be state that marvin fremont was a good or even an honest man.
00:33:15On the contrary, we will prove that his true business was the fencing of stolen jewelry.
00:33:21We will even concede that marvin fremont committed an armed robbery shortly before his death.
00:33:27Nor should it concern you that the defendant, nancy banks, sometimes acted in defense of her brother rodney, a brother who not only embezzled from his employer but who actually broke into marvin fremont's store andstolefrom him.
00:33:46Do you wonder that marvin fremont was upset that night?
00:33:49Do you question why he followed nancy banks to that motel room and demanded from her the return of the rest of his money?
00:34:01No, ladies and gentlemen, the one shocking fact here is that nancy banks,alone, without an accomplice, without even her brother's help, did then kill marvin fremont.
00:34:13And we will prove how she tried to create for herself afantasticalibi, how she was actually caught in the act of trying to destroy evidence, and we will demonstrate that the wean she chos was the decedent's own gun -- marvin fremont's gun.
00:34:3238, one shot fired.
00:34:34This gun was test-fired under my supervision, and I agree with the ballistics expert.
00:34:39It's the murder weapon, all right.
00:34:41A murder weapon WHICH YOUR sergeant McClanahan clearly testified he found in the trash barrel.
00:34:47That's right, sir, along with the empty dry-ice containers.
00:34:50Well, the dry ice is kept in a sort of shed there.
00:34:54It's got a padlock on it, the same as the gate.
00:34:57Did nancy banks have a key that would fit those locks?
00:35:02What I mean is, it used to be my key, only nancy borrowed it from me about a week before the murder.
00:35:08Thank you, miss lawton.
00:35:08That'll be all.
00:35:11She only borrowed it because she forgot her gloves at work.
00:35:14That'sall,miss lawton.
00:35:19Miss lawton, you stated a moment ago that the defendant once told you of discovering in a mystery story how a body could be chilled rapidly with dry ice, thereby confusing the time of death.
00:35:31Do you know if nancy ever told anyone else about it?
00:35:34Yes, she did.
00:35:35I remember.
00:35:36She said the same thing one night at a party at her brother's, because I heard her.
00:35:41So any number of people, if they wanted to blame a murder on nancy, might have used her dry-ice gimmick?
00:35:46Anybody who wanted to make it look likeshedid it would have simply planted those.
00:35:51Objection, your honor.
00:35:54The jury will disregard the witness's last remarks.
00:35:57Miss lawton, did you know marvin fremont?, not really.
00:36:04Did you ever go out with him?
00:36:06Just once.
00:36:08The day before he was killed.
00:36:10I just wanted to ask him to be nice to rodney.
00:36:13You can ask mr. halstead.
00:36:16Him, I borrowed some money from the next day to help rodney get out of trouble.
00:36:20But when I begged and begged fremont, ..
00:36:26Anyway, he wouldn't listen.
00:36:29I walked home.
00:36:31[ Laughs ] of course he chased girls -- all sorts of girls!
00:36:36I watched him.
00:36:37You watched your husband, !
00:36:40Sure, the more I could prove he ran around, the better my chances for a good settlement.
00:36:45You know how divorce courts are.
00:36:47A girl can make only one slip, but a man, he has to make10 before a silly ju-- present company excepted, your honor.
00:36:56 fremont, did you ever observe the defendant, nancy banks, in the company of your husband?
00:37:03Yes -- about three weeks ago.
00:37:06What did you see at that time?
00:37:09It was in this bar after work.
00:37:13Marvin must have whispered something to her, because she slapped him one -- a real beauty -- and walked out.
00:37:21You should have seen that place!
00:37:24He had friends there.
00:37:24They nearly died laughing.
00:37:27Me too.
00:37:28Well, I thought marvin would bust his blood vessels.
00:37:33"That little something," he said.
00:37:36"I'll fix that little something if it's the last " no, I can't state any facts that would prove fremont set out to get the girl's brother in trouble, but hedidleave money lying around, as I've said.
00:37:49Well, was there an actual cash shortage fremont's claim of embezzlement?
00:37:54Oh, yes, the police checked that.
00:37:57In three weeks' time, the books failed to balance by almost $4,000.
00:38:01 halstead, we intend to call other employees who could have known fremont had a private place for hiding his own much larger cash reserves.
00:38:11Do you know if rodney banks was aware of that private strongbox?
00:38:16No, I have no information on that.
00:38:19But this list of serial numbers you said you copied from bills you found in that strongbox.
00:38:26I only copied a half-dozen or so, mr. burger.
00:38:29I wanted to see if the money fluctuated from one place to the other -- fremont was juggling his own account.
00:38:35But these listed $20 bills were in that strongbox friday, before mr. fremont's death?
00:38:41Yes, they were.
00:38:43So between that time and the time the box was officially opened afterfremont's death, couldn't rodney banks have broken in and -- now, look here.
00:38:52I have no information that would indicate young banks stole that money.
00:38:56Good heavens, icould have taken it.
00:38:59The employees who spotted the thing -- anyonecould have taken it!
00:39:04Even mr. fremont?
00:39:05 fremont himself.
00:39:10Would you mind reading us one of these serial numbers?
00:39:14Any one will do.
00:39:15The bottom one, for example.
00:39:22" thank you, sir.
00:39:28I RECALL sergeant McClanahan to the stand, please.
00:39:36Sergeant, I show you this $20 bill.
00:39:39I ask you to read us the serial number on it, please.
00:39:43" have you ever seen that bill before?
00:39:48Yes, sir, I have.
00:39:49The day after the murder, I searched an apartment occupied by mr. rodney banks.
00:39:54In the top bureau drawer, there was $550.
00:39:57This bill was part of that money.
00:39:59 banks where he'd gotten the money?
00:40:02Yes, he said the night before, his sister -- objection, your honor.
00:40:06Aside from the fact that this is hearsay -- never mind, mr. mason.
00:40:09Objection sustained.
00:40:10Did you then discuss this money with his sister, nancy banks?
00:40:14Sgt. McClanahan: Oh, yes.
00:40:15And did she tell you that she had given the money -- your honor!
00:40:20I will not tolerate such leading and improper questions before a jury!
00:40:24I beg the court's pardon.
00:40:24I withdraw the question.
00:40:27Perhaps I should ask the sergeant to step down and call rodney banks himself to the stand.
00:40:32You're calling rodney banks for the prosecution?
00:40:35I seem to have no other choice, your honor.
00:40:37Very well.
00:40:37Sergeant, you can step down.
00:40:40If the court please, I am jarvis nettle gilmore.
00:40:45I wish the record to show that I am appearing here as counsel for rodney banks.
00:40:52Very well. so ordered.
00:40:54Uh, clerk?
00:40:58Hold up your hand, son.
00:40:59Hold up your hand.
00:41:00Clerk: Do you solemnly swear to tell nothing but the truth?
00:41:04I do.
00:41:05State your name.
00:41:05Rodney banks.
00:41:07Take the stand, please.
00:41:13We've already heard that you were arrested on charges of embezzlement.
00:41:17Do you remember the evening that you were released on bail?
00:41:21I do.
00:41:22Do you remember, on that same evening, receiving some money from your sister?
00:41:27This is plainly a hostile witness, mr. mason.
00:41:30I'm going to permit him to answer that question.
00:41:34Well, mr. banks?
00:41:35Do you remember your sister giving you money that evening?
00:41:41 banks, I show you this $20 bill, serial number k 00460975a, and I ask you if it and the balance of the $550 found in your bureau the next day by the police was all or part of the money given you that night by your sister.
00:42:05Well, mr. banks, was it?
00:42:07I refuse to answer on the ground the answer might incriminate me.
00:42:10Well, you saw the police take the $550 out of your bureau, didn't you?
00:42:18You saw them go through that money and pick out this one bill?
00:42:22Where did you get that money?
00:42:23Where did you get this bill?
00:42:26On the advice of counsel, I refuse to answer.
00:42:29Under the circumstances, this witness cannot be compelled to answer that question.
00:42:33I believe he can, your honor, under a relatively new procedure.
00:42:40I have here a written statement in which I request the court banks to answer the question.
00:42:47I also give you a written statement in which i, as district attorney, grant this witness immunity from any crime in which he may have technically participated in connection with accepting this money.
00:43:02There you are, mr. mason.
00:43:04And a copy for you, mr. gilmore.
00:43:09My client was accused of embezzlement prior to the date -- if counsel will just read a little furtherthere, you see I have granted immunity for "any crime disclosed by witness's " very well, then.
00:43:23The properly elected district attorney has granted you immunity for any crime wiin los angeles county which you may disclose in connection with this money.
00:43:33I instruct you that you must now answer the question.
00:43:36I might suggest that the court reporter repeat its exact wording, your honor.
00:43:40Of course.
00:43:41By all means.
00:43:44Question -- "all right, where did you get that money?
00:43:48Where did you get " well, mr. banks?
00:43:56I have to say?
00:43:57You have to.
00:43:58The court has so directed.
00:44:01I-i got that $20 bill from the body of marvin fremont after I murdered him.
00:44:07[ Murmuring ] !
00:44:11[ Gavel tapping ] your honor, I am not certain I heard the witness correctly.
00:44:16I ask that his last answer be read to us.
00:44:20I object!
00:44:20The witness is taking advantage of the immunity I gave him!
00:44:23The district attorney doesn't want the jury to hear a witness's proper answer?
00:44:28It wasn't a proper answer!
00:44:29The witness is lying!
00:44:31Mason: May it please the court -- burger's remarks are prejudicial misconduct.
00:44:35He's making statements about a witness which -- I agree, mr. mason.
00:44:39There are grounds here for a mistrial.
00:44:43Do you wish to make such a motion?
00:44:48I'd like a recess to think about it, your honor.
00:46:26Nancy, it's going to be all right.
00:46:29[ Crying ] ..
00:46:36Nancy, I'm sorry I couldn't have given you some warning that that might happen.
00:46:42I thought that he did it.
00:46:44That's why I tried to get rid of those dry-ice things when I found the body and saw them there.
00:46:50I knew I told him about it, and it would have been an alibi because he was in jail earlier.
00:46:56I know, nancy.
00:46:57And you got rid of the cartons.
00:46:58Only, what about the gun, nancy?
00:46:59Tell me the truth now.
00:47:02I never saw that gun before!
00:47:04I don't know how it got in the same barrel!
00:47:07If I'd only been willing to trust you, then rodney wouldn't be in all this!
00:47:12[ Sobs ] now, nancy, stop.
00:47:14Your brother was lying.
00:47:15Iknowhe was.
00:47:18He did it foryou,nancy.
00:47:21Did he?
00:47:22[ Sniffles ] did he, mr. mason?
00:47:31You put him up to that, didn't you?
00:47:33Of all the tricky, conniving stunts -- I had no idea what he was going to say.
00:47:39Oh, no.
00:47:40I know you wouldn't do anything unethical, but I'll bet you nudged him in the right direction.
00:47:45I'm gonna nail that boy for perjury if it's the last thing I do.
00:47:48Be kind of difficult, won't it?
00:47:50You'll first have to prove that hedidn'tcommit murder.
00:47:53Perry, listen, I lost my temper.
00:47:57I made a fool of myself.
00:47:59Now let's get your blasted mistrial and get out of here.
00:48:03Well, if you'd let me cross-examine young banks first without any interference, and perhaps if you'd ask the police to help paul drake do a hurry-up job.
00:48:13[ Sighs ] I don't think I understand.
00:48:18I am simply asking you how much money you have in your pockets.
00:48:23Oh, maybe $25.
00:48:25In what denomination?
00:48:28OH, UH -- UH, TWO 10s -- No, no, there's a bunch of ones.
00:48:34I GUESS I GOT TWO 5s -- In other words, you don't really know.
00:48:38How about serial numbers?
00:48:40Can you tell me the serial number ofanybill in your pocket?
00:48:44Are you kidding?
00:48:44No, of course not.
00:48:45When the police asked you about a particular $20 bill they found in your apartment -- I didn't know one bill from another, thenornow.
00:48:54But your sister did give you some money the night before?
00:48:57Yeah, I already admitted that.
00:48:59What were the circumstances?