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00:00:00To fifteen thousand employees and made small business dreams come true.
00:00:04To change california let's sendmeg whitman ..
00:00:08About a hundredand thirty miles.
00:00:47 marshall, pierce left word he wanted to see you the moment you came in.
00:00:52Where's adam conrad?
00:00:53In his office.
00:00:54Shall I ring him for you?
00:01:02This invoice from two weeks ago on that santa monica high-rise job -- did you disapprove it?
00:01:07Yes, I did.
00:01:08The materials are below specifications.
00:01:11Whose specifications?
00:01:12Three years out of engineering school and you think you know all the answers, don't you?
00:01:17Enough to do the job I'm paid to do.
00:01:18The job I order you to do.
00:01:19The way I order you to do it.
00:01:22Even if it's wrong, as this is wrong?
00:01:25Get this straight, kid -- I've been senior engineer with the pierce construction company for 25 years.
00:01:31That's almost as long as you've been alive.
00:01:33After you succeed in bootlicking your way into my job, you'll call the shots.
00:01:37Until then, I approve or disapprove invoices!
00:01:40I turned down that invoice at mr. pierce's direction.
00:01:43You were at the construction site.
00:01:45The boss's fair-haired boy with the clean hands, huh?
00:01:49Does your magic slide rule show you how long we've been doing business with this outfit?
00:01:5415 Years -- 15 years without a complaint, without one single case of defective material or failure!
00:02:00The materials were below specifications.
00:02:03Which you casually or accidentally pointed out to ed pierce !
00:02:07I don't know why you resent me, but I don't think it's fair to the company to let it affect the jobs we were both hired to do.
00:02:14Oh, you're so right, kid -- " because it's gonna be a cold, cold day before I let you shoehorn me out of mine!
00:02:23What do you take me for, pierce? a complete fool?
00:02:25This isn't an access road, it's a jigsaw puzzle.
00:02:27By the time you finish grating half a mountain range to get that road in, there won't be enough money left in the construction budget to pitch a tent, much less put up the buildings.
00:02:37Oh, come in, joe.
00:02:39 osmond, none of us knew the planned county highway would be rerouted.
00:02:44I'm not interested in the county.
00:02:46I am interested in osmond acres.
00:02:48Well, it's all because of that new recreation park.
00:02:50They had to change their county highway because of the park.
00:02:54We had to make new plans.
00:02:55Park or no park, I want that access road in there, and within the budget.
00:02:59Now, you let the cost get out of hand on this job, and I'm canceling the entire contract with your construction company, pierce.
00:03:11Beefing about budget already?
00:03:13Legitimate beef, joe.
00:03:14The figures are too far out of line.
00:03:16Too far for what?
00:03:17Too far for accident, carelessness, or just so-so planning.
00:03:21Itchy fingers?
00:03:22Almost 10% over budget on the last job we did for him.
00:03:25We're barely started, and this one looks worse.
00:03:28This time he has me tied to a default clause.
00:03:31I can't afford it, joe.
00:03:32If I find proof somebody's been padding bills or taking kickbacks, I'll swear out a complaint to the d.a.
00:03:38 can't tell us where to put an access road we suddenly got to have.
00:03:43Well, osmond's title to his tract acreage included an option somewhere for an access road, didn't it?
00:03:50Yeah, the old manzanna place.
00:03:54Oh, you could have saved miles, joe -- miles!
00:03:58Going through the canyon.
00:03:59The geologist report warned us that the canyon was a potential headache.
00:04:03There's bad slippage, the need for drains, lots of bulldozing for terraces.
00:04:07I want a preliminary survey through the canyon.
00:04:11I want the survey and a rough cost estimate on my desk monday morning, joe.
00:04:18Conrad: Yes, sir?
00:04:19The osmond building project -- get the maps over to my office.
00:04:22You're gonna get your shoes dirty this weekend.
00:04:24Now, hold on, joe.
00:04:26Wait a minute.
00:04:27You got a half a dozen kids here who can manhandle a transit.
00:04:31Adam has never been out there.
00:04:32Why bother him with a job like that?
00:04:34When I stop laying out the work for engineers at pierce, it'll be because I'm dead or because you fired me.
00:04:41[ Sighs ] bring in the maps.
00:04:44I'll tell you what I want.
00:04:47You deliberately killed a weekend for adam conrad.
00:04:52Nights, weekends -- that eager beaver's always working.
00:04:55This weekend, I don't want anybody around, especially adam conrad.
00:04:59Because I intend to find out for sure whether somebody has his hand in the cookie jar, if I have to turn the office upside down and inside out.
00:06:48What happened?
00:06:50[ Sighs ] are you hurt?
00:06:52Only my pride.
00:06:53Well, I want you to know, I don't usually give rodmen this kind of treatment.
00:06:57You're a very "civil" engineer, sir.
00:07:00[ Thunder crashes ] oh, it's gonna pour.
00:07:04Well, that's that.
00:07:05What do we do?
00:07:07I'm gonna get soaked, but there's no reason why you should.
00:07:10I think I spotted a house on the other side of the hill.
00:07:15[ Thunder rumbles ] your house is lovely, miss keith.
00:07:22Please, call me marguerite.
00:07:24Yes, I've lived here all my life.
00:07:27I love this old house.
00:07:29That tile -- my father found it in italy and brought it back in a ship especially for the fireplace.
00:07:35That little window was a port in the master's cabin of that ship -- the bonnie scott.
00:07:41And these carvings with the manzanna crest -- hand-hewn oak from my mother's family home.
00:07:50And this bar relief -- sculptured right onto the wall by one of father's european artist friends.
00:07:58I remember watching him work on it when I was a little girl.
00:08:03Did you say manzanna?
00:08:06Well, your name is keith -- miss keith.
00:08:09I may be miss keith, young man, but I did have a mother, and her name was manzanna.
00:08:15It's spanish.
00:08:16Then this is the old manzanna house I've read so much about.
00:08:19Yes, of course.
00:08:20Part of the manzanna estate.
00:08:23Why are you so interested?
00:08:26Well, the road.
00:08:29What road?
00:08:30That's what we were doing when the rain caught us -- making a road survey from the osmond property.
00:08:36Oh, no.
00:08:36There will be no road.
00:08:37I don't care what provisions my father put in the deeds when he sold off parts of the estate.
00:08:44He had no way of knowing what manzanna would come to mean.
00:08:48The only way a road will ever be built here is over my dead body.
00:08:54 marshall, you know who quincy davis is, the famous columnist?
00:08:59Well, about three years ago, he and his wife were in europe, and she died.
00:09:06Well, uh, before they left for europe, they spent their honeymoon in a house -- a house belonging to miss marguerite keith.
00:09:14Do you have a copy of those cost-estimate figures?
00:09:17Uh, yes, they're typing them now.
00:09:19Well, uh, these clippings from his column -- my girl -- the girl I'm engaged to -- she knew davis' wife.
00:09:26And, well, she saved these clippings that were written while he lived in the house.
00:09:32Davis writes that he thinks the house is over 100 years old.
00:09:35He feels it should be a landmark.
00:09:37If you're looking for a donation, hit pierce.
00:09:40He flew up to san francisco, gets back this afternoon.
00:09:43Miss marguerite keith's house is in the canyon part of the manzanna estate.
00:09:49Well, I wasn't able to survey the entire estate without trespassing, but my girl and i were in the house.
00:09:55We saw the house and the land.
00:09:57It was raining.
00:09:58You saw the runoff of that rainwater, didn't you?
00:10:00No matter where in the canyon you put that road, by the time we get through terracing -- we'll have to bulldoze that house out of the way.
00:10:09My orders are to push that road through -- period.
00:10:13I'll push it through.
00:10:14When you hit ed pierce for that donation to save the old homestead, you might show him the quincy davis column.
00:10:21It might ease his pain when he loses his shirt trying to put that access road anyplace else.
00:10:29[ Telephone rings ] adam conrad.
00:10:33Oh, hi, hilary.
00:10:35Yes, I was just talking with him.
00:10:38Well, in the old curmudgeon's own words, "we're gonna have to bulldoze " [ telephone ringing ] all right, miss gray, you knew my late wife, you know marguerite keith, and they're gonna put a road or something through her property.
00:10:54You multiplied apples and oranges and came up with quincy davis.
00:10:58I'm confused.
00:10:59I'm not sure why I'm here exactly, either, except that I want to help her and adam.
00:11:03Adam says there's really nothing anybody can do.
00:11:06Well, naturally.
00:11:07When there's nothing anybody can do, I'm the one to do it.
00:11:11Who's adam?
00:11:12The man I'm engaged to.
00:11:14Would you like me to memorialize the fact in my usual purple prose?
00:11:18How about one of quincy's quotes?
00:11:20 davis, you don't understand.
00:11:22Adam made the survey for the construction company to put the road through miss keith's property.
00:11:27He doesn't even know I came here to see you.
00:11:30Boy, this, uh, conversation takes more turns than a merry-go-round.
00:11:33Uh, look, miss gray, I don't mean to be rude or rush you -- heaven forbid -- but I've got a pressing date with a platoon of martinis, and you know how impatient olives can get.
00:11:42Don't you understand?
00:11:42Miss keith doesn't want to sell.
00:11:45Then she won't sell.
00:11:46Well, they may force her to.
00:11:47She insists that she doesn't have to, but I don't think her lawyer, perry mason, agrees.
00:11:52Apparently, when her father sold parts of the estates, the deeds provided for buying land for a road through the canyon.
00:12:00Poor miss keith once renewed those agreements without realizing what could happen.
00:12:04So dear, old marguerite will simply have to live with a smelly road running past her house.
00:12:10Notpasther house.
00:12:11They just plan to knock it down and get rid of it.
00:12:17Knock it down?
00:12:17That's what I've been trying to tell you.
00:12:20To put the road in, they've got to get rid of the house.
00:12:27This, uh, engineering boyfriend of yours -- adam what's-his-name -- are you sure he said they have to tear the house down?
00:12:36 no matter where in that canyon they run the road.
00:12:39You see, I read those columns that you wrote about the house.
00:12:43I knew how you felt about it, so I thought -- you thought what?
00:12:48Well, maybe you'd call this mr. osmond.
00:12:50He owns the property.
00:12:51He's the one the construction company is building this whole thing for.
00:12:55Osmond -- that's archer osmond, isn't it, who's got all those other tracts and houses for sale?
00:13:02Will you call him?
00:13:05Vox populi-- the voice of the people.
00:13:08They'll do the calling.
00:13:11Give me the composing room.
00:13:14The voice of the people?
00:13:15Jack, this is quince, do me a favor, huh?
00:13:17Yeah, I know it's late, but be a buddy.
00:13:19Pull my column out of tonight's paper.
00:13:21I'll have a new one for you in half an hour.
00:13:24Can do? good boy.
00:13:24Thanks, jack.
00:13:31Li in the garden of eden.
00:13:33Last name?
00:13:34Oh, wait a minute, I'm not sure.
00:13:36Do you want to help marguerite?
00:13:39Adam conrad.
00:13:42Well, don't worry, mr. osmond.
00:13:44There's nothing we can do about the column in the paper, but it'll be all right, I promise you.
00:13:49I told you what we'll do, and I'm sure it'll satisfy everybody.
00:13:54Yes, uh, you make the call now.
00:13:57Ll l you know what happens.
00:14:01Good night.
00:14:03You wanted to see me, ed?
00:14:06Adam go home?
00:14:07About an hour ago.
00:14:07Just before you got back.
00:14:09Before the bulldog edition of that paper hit the streets.
00:14:14You've seen this?
00:14:15Quincy davis?
00:14:15I read it.
00:14:17Osmond's just about in orbit.
00:14:18He says his phone hasn't stopped ringing since the paper came out with this column -- threats to boycott, even picket the houses he has up for sale.
00:14:26I can imagine.
00:14:27The way that paper paints him, he's some kind of a monster, ready to throw little, old ladies out in the cold.
00:14:32It doesn't exactly improve my image, either.
00:14:35And it's higher canyon.
00:14:36And I have to run a road through this woman's living room!
00:14:40Oh, that's a mistake.
00:14:40Nobody said that.
00:14:42What was said?
00:14:44Well, i, uh, I just admitted to the kid that no matter where we put the road in that canyon, we'd have to bulldoze the house down and make way for drains and terraces.
00:14:53"We" and "bulldoze" -- you did use the expression, joe.
00:14:57We would have to bulldoze.
00:14:59We have a right to it.
00:15:00You ordered a road, you get a road.
00:15:02I don't have enough trouble with osmond -- oh, no.
00:15:05You have to turn yourself into a stupid guardhouse lawyer!
00:15:09You want a road -- boom!
00:15:09You get a road -- boom! boom!
00:15:13Oh, come on, get off it, ed!
00:15:14This isn't the first collection of antiques we've shoved under in 25 years!
00:15:19We can't build for tomorrow and worry about yesterday!
00:15:22Did it ever occur to you that there was absolutely no necessity to talk about bulldozing, that an arrangement could be made before the road went in to move the house -- move it -- intact -- to another part of the estate?
00:15:34Well, i-i guess I didn't think it out that way.
00:15:39You didn't think -- period.
00:15:40Osmond's calling the press now to get them off our necks and to tell them we plan to move the house, not bulldoze it to ruble.
00:15:48What about the old lady?
00:15:49I called and explained yourmistake to her.
00:15:51I assured her a site would be cleared and landscaped, and her house lifted off its present foundation and moved -- intact and unharmed -- to its foundation in the new site.
00:16:02If it can be moved.
00:16:04I'm sure it can.
00:16:05I'm sure, because you, personally, are going out there to that house right now.
00:16:10And if it takes all night -- all night crawling on your stomach under and around that house -- you're going to tell me it can and how it can be moved!
00:16:18All right, ed, so I made a mistake.
00:16:20So take away my good-conduct medals.
00:16:22Only, just remember this -- I didn't go running to the newspaper.
00:16:26All I did was mention it to that little, itchy-fingered genius of yours.
00:16:30He's the one who went slobbering to quincy davis.
00:16:33You know, that's the second time you've inferred that adam conrad was a thief.
00:16:38You said that somebody mightbe getting kickbacks from the subcontractors, that somebodymightbe padding the budget and swiping what's left over.
00:16:46I spent the weekend going through that office from top to bottom, and you know what?
00:16:52 pierce, but notmight.
00:16:56There's a crook in this company, and I can prove it!
00:17:05Why, mr. pierce.
00:17:07Uh, come in, sir.
00:17:09Thank you.
00:17:12You remember hilary?
00:17:13Yes, of course.
00:17:14If you're here to ask about that column, it was -- we were just discussing it when you rang.
00:17:19I was going to call and explain.
00:17:21I did come here for an explanation, all right, but -- adam, i-i don't understand it.
00:17:28After all the trust I had in you, all the plans I had for you with the company, why did you do it?
00:17:34It wasn't his fault.
00:17:35Quiet, hilary.
00:17:36I'll accept full responsibility for the consequences of -- joe marshall is at miss keith's tonight to see about moving -- not tearing down -- her house.
00:17:44Now, before joe left, he showed me the evidence.
00:17:48I felt I owed it to you to tell you to your face, not over the phone.
00:17:55Adam, I have no choice but to turn it over to the authorities.
00:17:58But I admitted I went to see davis, so maybe that's wrong, but it's not a crime.
00:18:03And I'm not talking about any newspaper column.
00:18:05I mean evidence about your embezzling from the company, altering invoices and bills, padding accounts.
00:18:12You mean joe marshall says something without asking me -- you think I'm a thief?
00:18:16I have to believe my own eyes, adam.
00:18:19What in the name of -- so you find something wrong, and right away you decide I did it?
00:18:24All right.
00:18:25Tomorrow morning -- your office, 8:00.
00:18:28You'll have my explanation and my resignation.
00:18:43Adam, what are you gonna do?
00:18:44I'm gonna find out just what this is all about and why joe marshall accused me.
00:18:49But if you go looking for him -- I'll beat the truth out of him if I have to.
00:20:21Wait a minute, adam!
00:20:23Mr. conrad!
00:20:43[ Gasps ] ♪♪
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00:23:22don't you even wait for an invitation anymore?
00:23:25Miss keith's an old friend.
00:23:26She called me immediately after she called you.
00:23:29Maybe you'll see that she doesn't do anymorecleaningtonight.
00:23:32Ever seen such a tidy murder?
00:23:34It's my house.
00:23:34I didn't ask for a murder in it.
00:23:36All I did was straighten things up a bit.
00:23:39You're sure you didn't touch the body?
00:23:41It's lying exactly as it was when you found it?
00:23:43I did not touch him.
00:23:44I put a sheet over him, that's all.
00:23:48Know who it is, andy?
00:23:49Uh, an engineer named marshall.
00:23:51What killed him?
00:23:53A blow to the head.
00:23:54And it looks as if we've just found the murder weapon.
00:23:57When you called, you might have said the emergency involved murder.
00:24:00Do they think you did it?
00:24:02Oh, my, no.
00:24:03Then why did you call us?
00:24:05Because it's my fault, that's why.
00:24:08Your fault?
00:24:09It wouldn't have happened if I hadn't spoken to that nice young man as I did.
00:24:13I didn't realize how strongly I'd influenced him against his own company's plans.
00:24:20You have to help me, perry.
00:24:22Help you?
00:24:23Help you what?
00:24:25Why, help me protect that nice young boy adam conrad when the police find out he killed mr. marshall.
00:24:36Adam, please let me take you to a doctor.
00:24:41[ Doorbell rings ] I'm perry mason, this is my associate paul drake, and we're looking for adam conrad.
00:24:54I'm adam conrad.
00:24:55I'm marguerite keith's attorney.
00:24:57She asked me to come.
00:24:58Uh, this is hilary gray.
00:24:59Come in.
00:25:04Marguerite's all right, isn't she?
00:25:07She's worried about you.
00:25:08Looks like she has good reason.
00:25:10Must have been some fight.
00:25:11Fight? what is this?
00:25:12Just why are you here?
00:25:13 conrad, I'd like to hear your version of what happened at marguerite's tonight.
00:25:17Because in a matter of minutes, the police will be ringing your doorbell.
00:25:22The police?
00:25:22You're way ahead of me, mr. mason.
00:25:24Something's happened that I don't know about.
00:25:27All right, start with what youdoknow about.
00:25:29Well, i, uh, went out there 30 this evening, I guess.
00:25:34 pierce came here and said that joe marshall accused adam of all sorts of things.
00:25:38So you went looking for joe marshall?
00:25:40I'm still looking.
00:25:42Go on.
00:25:42You went to marguerite's.
00:25:44Well, uh, when I got there, the place was dark.
00:25:47But I thought I saw a flashlight inside, so I went in.
00:25:52The next thing I knew, I was flat on the floor.
00:25:56You didn't see who hit you?
00:25:57 no, but it must have been joe marshall.
00:26:00Then what?
00:26:02I, uh, thought I heard a car drive away.
00:26:04Then I realized where I was.
00:26:06I guess I was just coming to.
00:26:08When I was able, I stumbled out to my own car and went looking for marshall.
00:26:13Were the lights on when you arrived at marguerite's house?
00:26:16 no, I told you it was dark.
00:26:18I thought I saw a flashlight.
00:26:20You didn't turn the lights on before you left?
00:26:23No. why?
00:26:23You probably would have found joe marshall right there.
00:26:27He was lying dead on the living room floor.
00:26:30[ Doorbell rings ] I assume conrad as to why we're here, perry.
00:26:40Whyareyou here, lieutenant?
00:26:42 conrad to come downtown and answer some questions.
00:26:55I found a coffee machine.
00:26:58Look, miss gray, perry mason's with adam, and he'll take care of him.
00:27:03 now, uh, take a sip of that.
00:27:07Now, feel better?
00:27:08Okay, maybe we can find out what this is all about.
00:27:12I should never have gone to see quincy davis.
00:27:15Quincy davis the columnist?
00:27:17Quince is a friend of mine.
00:27:19Why did you go to see him?
00:27:21For support.
00:27:22I certainly got it -- more than I bargained for.
00:27:27Yeah, old quince can be quite a boy.
00:27:29I didn't mean for him to print all those things.
00:27:33You can ask him yourself.
00:27:38Yeah, maybe I can.
00:27:50Yeah, what do you want?
00:27:57Oh, isn't anything private to a private eye?
00:28:01How are you, paul?
00:28:03What -- what time is it?
00:28:05It's late, and I apologize, but I have to talk to you.
00:28:08About nothing important, I hope.
00:28:12That piece you wrote about marguerite keith's house.
00:28:15So I did a good turn for posterity.
00:28:18Give me the pulitzer prize and go away.
00:28:23Only, uh, put it down quietly.
00:28:27Quince, your column stirred up a tornado.
00:28:29You're sitting on a murder story now.
00:28:31Joe marshall was killed tonight at marguerite's house.
00:28:34The police are beginning to point the finger at adam conrad.
00:28:37Hilary gray's boyfriend?
00:28:41I hoped you might have a notion nestled among that mess of martinis.
00:28:51I got a call before -- when the paper came out.
00:28:55I thought it was just another crank.
00:28:57Yeah, this is the guy he told me about.
00:29:02You know, paul, when you've been around a while, as we have, you begin to think sneaky.
00:29:09Come here, I'll show you something.
00:29:12It'd be sad if that old house got knocked down, but not so sad that someone should get killed over it, right?
00:29:19Look here, paul.
00:29:21This is the manzanna estate -- marguerite's place.
00:29:25And here's osmond's new tract.
00:29:28Originally the highway was gonna swing up, and they planned to tie it in here.
00:29:32But now this little strip is a county park, forcing the highway to go out this way instead.
00:29:38So they have to bring their access road down here through marguerite's place.
00:29:43Or take the long way around, out here at the end of the property.
00:29:46Well, that's logical.
00:29:47But where does the sneaky part come in?
00:29:49Oh, don't you get it?
00:29:50Look -- you see all this?
00:29:52Land planned for subdivision.
00:29:53It's just waiting.
00:29:56If the access road to osmond acres were to go in here -- the long way -- it would open up this entire area.
00:30:06It belongs to a man named harley leonard.
00:30:08Now, there's a man who should have a real interest in what happens to marguerite's house and anything to prevent a road from going through her place.
00:30:16But, quince, isn't it far-fetched to think -- paul, it's this suddenly acquired, brand-new, little county park that caused the rerouting of the highway and created the whole problem, right?
00:30:27According to the person who called me before, the only reason it became a park was because the land was donated for that purpose -- given to the county for nothing by a man named harley leonard.
00:30:39 leonard, a friend of mine suggested you might give us a scoop on putting an access road through to a land-locked piece of property.
00:30:45Your friend was obviously referring to the archer osmond property that borders mine.
00:30:49 leonard, do you plan to develop the property which borders osmond's?
00:30:57How deeply were you interested in the location of osmond's road?
00:31:00Enough to donate a strip of land to the county for a park?
00:31:04It's a game, like anything else.
00:31:06Then who set up the rules you play by, mr. leonard?
00:31:09What was your relationship with joe marshall?
00:31:11I never heard of him, till I read the morning paper.
00:31:14That's a safe statement.
00:31:15He sure can't challenge it now.
00:31:17Now, look here, there's a lot of difference between encouraging somebody to get a road moved and murder.
00:31:23Encouraging someone to get a road moved, mr. leonard?
00:31:27What does that mean in your game?
00:31:33You'll have to excuse me, gentlemen.
00:31:36I'm very busy.
00:31:37Joe marshall found proof of what adam conrad was doing.
00:31:42Go on, look at it.
00:31:43Proof of adam conrad's chiseling and petty graft.
00:31:50Well, true or not, it's beside the point.
00:31:55What do you think the point is?
00:31:57The access road, mr. pierce.
00:31:59How does this affect the access road?
00:32:01Is there a motive for adam to try to influence the positioning of that road?
00:32:05Man: I have the answer to that one, perry.
00:32:07Marshall's death had nothing to do with the road.
00:32:10He was killed because he found out too much.
00:32:13The kickbacks, andy?
00:32:14Even if it were true, that's not enough motivation for murder.
00:32:18Do you think a jury would believe that a man would kill to hide $1,200 or $1,300 in kickbacks?
00:32:24Would another $25,000 be more convincing?
00:32:26We didn't find the entire $25,000, only $10,000 of it.
00:32:32In an envelope.
00:32:33$10,000 In small, unmarked bills, with a printed note saying that the remaining $15,000 would be sent on delivery.
00:32:41This envelope, lieutenant, how does it tie adam conrad in with joe marshall's death?
00:32:47There was some writing on the back of the envelope -- writing identified as joe marshall's.
00:32:52It was a statement, dated the day he died, that he'd found the envelope taped on the inside of a roll of blueprints in adam conrad's office.
00:33:00And where did you find the envelope?
00:33:02An hour ago, we found it hidden under the seat in adam conrad's car.
00:33:07Conrad's been arrested and charged with criminal homicide.
00:33:43jerrybrown schools.
00:33:45What were the facts?
00:33:46Fact: march 7, 2000.
00:33:47Brown asks votersfor new mayoral power to appoint school boardmembers.
00:33:52He gets it, and promisesbetter schools.
00:33:54But the drop out rateincreases 50%.
00:33:56The school budget goes into a100 million dollar deficit.
00:33:59The schools become so bad thestate has to take them over.
00:34:03It was "largely a bust,"he admitted.
00:34:06Jerry brown.
00:34:07Failure as governor.failure as mayor.
00:34:09Failure we can't afford now.
00:34:14found leonard's.
00:34:15Leonard withdrew $10,000 in cash from his bank.
00:34:17The exact number of bills, and in the exact denominations that andy found.
00:34:21He found it all right -- hidden in adam conrad's car.
00:34:25I've got just a whisper of a lead, but if it pans out, I think I can prove that leonard knew and had personal contact with someone inside the pierce outfit -- joe marshall.
00:34:34Paul, do you have a contact at the state department?
00:34:39..what time does the hearing start?
00:34:43We're on the calendar for 3:00 this afternoon.
00:34:45Well, that should give you enough time for some digging at the county clerk's office.
00:34:50Digging for what?
00:34:51The actual identity of the person that's hiding behind a fictitious name.
00:34:54Why, is something wrong?
00:34:56N-no, no.
00:34:57County clerk's office.
00:35:00State department.
00:35:01In a few hours, adamonrad faces a preliminary hearing on a charge of criminal homicide.
00:35:07Exactly what is it we're gonna try and prove?
00:35:09Well, the truth isn't always on the surface, paul.
00:35:12Sometimes you have to dig for it.
00:35:18That house will always mean something special to me.
00:35:21Aside from which, historically, I think it's an important landmark.
00:35:27I understand.
00:35:27How did you first learn of the danger threatening the house?
00:35:31Miss gray dropped by my office.
00:35:34She told me.
00:35:35That's hilary gray, the defendant's, uh, girlfriend.
00:35:39But I want to make it very clear -- all she every asked me to do was to make a phone call.
00:35:44Did you make that call?
00:35:46I, uh, thought there was a better way to reach the man we wanted to convince.
00:35:51I wrote a column.
00:35:52Who did you want to reach, mr. davis?
00:35:55Archer osmond.
00:36:00Telegrams, phone calls, a street outside blocked with cars.
00:36:03I tell y it's simply staggering the effect one column can have.
00:36:07And what did you do, mr. osmond?
00:36:09 davis and told him it was all a mistake -- that we did not intend to bulldoze that house into a pile of rubble.
00:36:16I told him I would personally pay -- personally -- to have the house lifted from its foundations and moved to whatever spot on her estate she chose.
00:36:24This was after I talked to ed pierce.
00:36:28From what we found out, the person in our office who was stealing never personally contacted any of the people he hit up for kickbacks.
00:36:35Just anonymous phone calls.
00:36:37Burger: Well, how were these kickbacks made, mr. pierce?
00:36:40The money was put in an envelope, taped to the inside of a roll of blueprints.
00:36:44Inside a roll of blueprints?
00:36:46The blueprints were sent by messenger to our office.
00:36:49Adam conrad received and checked out all blueprints before they were distributed.
00:36:53I see.
00:36:54 pierce, on the night of the murder, you sent the decedent, joe marshall, out to marguerite keith's house, is that right?
00:37:04 to see what would be needed to move the house.
00:37:07And what did you do that night, sir?
00:37:10I went to adam conrad's apartment, told him I'd -- I'd found out he was a thief.
00:37:16 pierce had gone, miss gray, the defendant, adam conrad, also left.
00:37:23Is that correct?
00:37:24Well -- just "yes" or "no," miss gray.
00:37:26Answer my questions " did adam conrad leave?
00:37:31By himself?
00:37:33To see joe marshall?
00:37:34And naturally, when he left he was perfectly furious?
00:37:39Mildly angry?
00:37:41A little upset, perhaps?
00:37:44No? I see.
00:37:45He'd just been told he was going to prison, so naturally he was calm, placid, totally unaffected?
00:37:51Adam went to get the truth out of joe marshall, not to kill him.
00:37:55Don't you understand?
00:37:55Adam wouldn't kill anybody.
00:38:00Of course, you're right.
00:38:02He just went for, " from joe marshall?
00:38:07Joe marshall had been telling lies, and now he had to tell the truth?
00:38:12Even if adam had to force it out of him?
00:38:14Yes, even if adam -- thank you, miss gray.
00:38:17That'll be all.
00:38:18No further questions.
00:38:19Defense has no questions.
00:38:24I realized it was wrong -- cleaning up the house the way I did, straightening things.
00:38:31I-i'm very sorry, but, you see, it was -- it was such a shock to come and find -- find what I did.
00:38:40Yes, I understand.
00:38:41Now, where were you coming home from, miss keith?
00:38:45I had a pass to the theater.
00:38:47So when joe marshall came to see you that night, you weren't home?
00:38:51 I'd gone to the show that night.
00:38:54And when you returned from the theater, did you see a man come running out of your house and then get in a car and drive away?
00:39:03And did you recognize the driver of that car, the man who had just run out of your house?
00:39:10I recognized him.
00:39:12Would you point out that man to this court, miss keith?
00:39:17That young man.
00:39:18Adam conrad.
00:39:36What the -- drive to the next corner.
00:39:39Turn right, and pull up when I tell you to stop.
00:39:42Now, listen, officer -- stop the talking.
00:39:44Let's move.
00:40:09Why don't you cops stop rousin' me?
00:40:12I ain't done nothin'.
00:40:13That's enough.
00:40:14All we want to know is the payoff.
00:40:17How much did he pay you?
00:40:19I don't know what you're talking about.
00:40:21About a week ago, you delivered a roll of blueprints to the pierce construction company.
00:40:25The man who sent those blueprints -- the man you saw just now -- how much did he pay you to forget that delivery a week ago?
00:40:32Well, he -- he paid me 100 bucks.
00:42:12Well, thank you for coming, mr. osmond.
00:42:15Mason. miss keith.
00:42:16Look, aren't we all supposed to be in court