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00:00:18>> Coming up on today's telecast: >> He can give you a new heart!
00:00:22Do you believe that?
00:00:23Yes, she believes it!
00:00:25In jesus' me!
00:00:27Get up off your feet!
00:00:29Oh, there he goes!
00:00:35Glory to god.
00:00:40>> Throw it!
00:00:41>> She said, "throw it"!
00:00:46Oh. hallelujah!
00:00:48The devil is a liar!
00:00:49Look it!
00:00:51There's a man who's been walking on a cane!
00:00:53Pinched nerve!
00:00:55The devil is a liar!
00:01:08Just dance a little bit!
00:01:08That's alright!
00:01:10>> God has used reverend peter popoff throughout his entire life and ministry to bring miraculous deliverance to hundreds of thousands of people around the world.
00:01:25Stay tuned as reverend popoff ministers, prays, and reveals the power of a living god able to change your life and bring you into great joy, peace, health, and supernatural abundance.
00:01:43Now, get ready for god to touch you with his miracle working power.
00:01:53>> God is touching hurting people around the world.
00:01:56>> And now he wants to touch you with his miracle working power.
00:01:59>> I'm peter popoff, this is my precious wife, liz.
00:02:02And I want to make a bold declaration today, your droughts gotond I arin t nam jes ow!
00:02:17It's a bold declaration, but liz, god has given me a powerful faith tool, the micle mixture, the same formula that god used in his word to break the drought.
00:02:27And I believe that yo droht's going to end.
00:02:31We're going too ght into a service alreadin progress.
00:02:34Peter and will be back with y in just a moment th a powerful wordaninteimie now, l'so livusadfr rouge, louian >> I was goingstart up he in theront, but I'm going toback tohe back.
00:02:54( applause ) ot I nt yo just snd on yfeet.
00:03:15Glory to god.
00:03:18I just want to rebuke the pain out of your body right now.
00:03:22Father in heaven, let our brother be made every wit whole.
00:03:27I come against the pai I come against the discomfort!
00:03:38's not going to need th o ctcanyme.
00:03:42The ointinof g wi break every yoke of the ene whoo you know, m just gngo make thl d.this just burns the vil !
00:03:53( Applause ) whoo!
00:04:04Come on over here.
00:04:07I just believe god is going to drive all of that pain out of your body!
00:04:14How ny of you be the pain igoing too to thes helwhe it belongs u seose tears of j?
00:04:21God said I'll turn your tears of sorrow!
00:04:25And ill tell you, if the devil even tries to come back, he's going to burn his nose!
00:04:29Run away and never come back.
00:04:31I'll tell you, the drought isve whoo!
00:04:33She's gointo take off and run a littleit.
00:04:35That's alright!
00:04:37Just run a little bit!
00:04:38I'll tell you, that burns the devil up!
00:04:41You had an accident?
00:04:44And you just never have recovered.
00:04:47>> It's been two years.
00:04:48>> It's been two years.
00:04:49How many of u believe that drought is about to end?
00:04:53Can I shake you a littleit?
00:04:55>> Yeah, of course!
00:04:56>> She said, " she knows she needs a little shaking >> I know I do.
00:05:03>> Whoo!
00:05:14Ill tell you, theres so much fire up here, im about to ignite!
00:05:19Holy gho!
00:05:22How many of you believe god still gives overhaul jobtoday?
00:05:30Father in heaven, let yo anointing and power flow through hi from the top of his head to the-touch his heart, make it new.
00:05:43Unclog these arteries.
00:05:45Make that art like the hea of a 25 year old.
00:05:49In jesus' name!
00:05:50Get up off your feet.
00:05:53I want you to take about 12 sps over there.
00:05:55Just make the devil mad a little bit.
00:05:57He's not even going to be winded!
00:06:01There he goes!
00:06:07>> Brother peter has been writing me, and I've been writing him, and he's been praying and agreeing with me, and he told me in the month of march I would be gettng some money.
00:06:15And so just in march, I went and purchased me a brand new 2013, paid in full.
00:06:23I own it, its my car.
00:06:25I don't pay no notes.
00:06:26It's mine.
00:06:28>> Peter popoff wrote me and said, "rosalynd, you have some unclaimed money out there, and I see it coming.
00:06:34I see the numbers " well then norplant wrote me.
00:06:39I had a norplant back in '92.
00:06:41And they said I didn't claim my money.
00:06:43They sent me a check for $10,500.
00:06:47>> $10,500!
00:06:49>> You sent me a letter and some miracle water and you said I would be receiving $2,100 from whatever source.
00:06:59I did receive $2,100.
00:07:02From an unknown source.
00:07:06In a matter of seven days.
00:07:08It was there.
00:07:11>> Just as I told her.
00:07:14$2,100 In seven days.
00:07:17>> I was diagnosed with colon cancer two years ago.
00:07:21I used your spring water.
00:07:22I drank it and im healed.
00:07:25>> She was diagnosed with colon cancer two ars ago.
00:07:29Anointed herself with the sprg water, and she was healed.
00:07:35What did your door have to say about that?
00:07:36>> He was amazed.
00:07:39>>E was amazed!
00:07:41How many of you know jesus is amazing?
00:07:43If you've been going through a financial, physical, relational or spiritual drought, don't give up!
00:07:49Your drought is about to end, abuancera is coming!
00:07:53God has given peter popoff a powerful miracle mixture, the same mixture that god used to break the treme ought >> I declare to you, your drought is going to end as you u your faith!
00:08:05Move in faith!
00:08:06Ke the steps of faith to end the drought in your body!
00:08:09Your finances!
00:08:10Your relationships!
00:08:12Can you hear that?
00:08:13It's the sound of abundance.
00:08:15Abundant finance abundant health, and abundantly satisfying relationships are about to rain down on you as never before.
00:08:24Call the number on your screen to get your very own free packet of miracle mixture and end the drought in youlife tay!
00:08:35well, liz, we've seen the drought broken in the livesof so many people, haven't we?
00:08:39>> So many people.
00:08:40>> Amen.
00:08:41In oureetings, people line up for hours to testify.
00:08:45>> Yes, they do.
00:08:46>> Of the great things that god has done.
00:08:47>> You can hardly stop them from talking, they're so excited about all of their miracles.
00:08:53And the way they came about.
00:08:55>> Amen!
00:08:56It's miraculous.
00:08:58You've seen a little bit of what's happening right now and these have happened in just the few last weeks and months we've en traveling all over the world, proclaiming this miracle working power of god to the nations.
00:09:11And we've seen such an outpouring, but read some of these testimonies, liz, that have come in >> all right.
00:09:15This is from huntington, west virnia.
00:09:17I had a big cyst or tumor on my right nd.
00:09:20You re praying and I hamy right hand on the tv.
00:09:24When youaid "tumors", I said, "i accept jesus, " when I looked, it was gone.
00:09:30It wt like letting air out of a balloon.
00:09:33>> Just think of that, just think of that- I mean, shs praying with us and when I said "tumors", the tumor just melted like- she says, "like tting air out of a balloon".
00:09:46God is still doing the micuus.
00:09:48God is still ending the drought.
00:09:51You know, when you talk about drought, you don't have to just yothink t drr lo a drought for the lack of health.
00:10:01Some of you have just gone to doctor after doctor, and it seems there is no end to the treatments, the medications, you're just tired!
00:10:10Sick and tired of being sick and tired.
00:10:12And some of you have a financial drought that doesn't seem to end.
00:10:16Well, I want to tell you, god has given me the point of contact and the faith tool for you to use.
00:10:22I call it the miracle mixture, and this ithe same formu that god used in his word to break t drought.
00:10:31And I declare to you that your droughtisbo to end.
00:10:35Ou jfollowdivine leangand rect th sha and thxte!
00:10:43Liz, just read a couple more of these.
00:10:45>> All right.
00:10:45The doctor said that my older son had heart oblems I saw you on tv and called in for prayer for him.
00:10:52When he got back to the doctor, they couldn't find anything ong and the lord called him into his mistry.
00:10:57>> Praise god!
00:10:59Called into e ministry, heart healed.
00:11:01You know how devastating it is,liz, when you have a loved one, a son or a daughter that has serious, life threatening problems.
00:11:12It's devastating!
00:11:12>> Oh, it is I can't even imagine how horrible it would be.
00:11:17>> And she movedn faith and god did a miracle.
00:11:21Well,he's no respecter of persons, he'll do the same for you.
00:11:25your drought is abt to end.
00:11:31>> As we take you to the service in birmingham, release your faith and believe god for a miracle in youlife.
00:11:39>>Thank you, jesus.
00:11:40Just a minute.
00:11:47Hallelujah sister, how long have you been walki on this cane?
00:11:53>> About four years now.
00:11:55>> Four years.
00:11:58Ll tell you, you're not going to walk on this stick the rest of your days.
00:12:02Youre going to be a mighty testimony fojesus christ.
00:12:10My lord and savior, just let your anointing flow!
00:12:16( applause ) you know, ist burns e devil upwhoo!
00:12:34The devil is a liar!
00:12:36God is going to give you your equilibrium back.
00:12:41Touch her!
00:12:44How many of you know, am,that jess lkg ths?
00:12:50l llou, youre going to kw that you can walk.
00:12:58Can I throw it?
00:12:59>> Throwt!
00:13:00>> She said, "throw it"!
00:13:06oh, hallelujah!
00:13:07The devil is a liar.
00:13:09Now, let me have that cane .
00:13:18St a minute.hold that for just a minute.
00:13:23In fact, come on out here.
00:13:27'S too crowded in here.
00:13:29is goi to you vihiropractic ent rinow.
00:13:36I ask you to make this back w.
00:13:43Ohere it is.
00:13:44There s.
00:13:48Ok at that look it!
00:13:56There's a man who's been walking on a cane!
00:13:58Pincd nerve!
00:14:00The devil is a liar!
00:14:05Look at that look at that!
00:14:14>> My husband had been without a job for seven years.
00:14:16You said he was going to get the job, he got the job.
00:14:19He's making $20 an overtime.
00:14:23You said we we going to get a car, we got 2012!
00:14:26We didnt even have a car.
00:14:27God is good.
00:14:29Gois so good.
00:14:30>> Seven years of famine and drought.
00:14:34He got the job!
00:14:35He got the car!
00:14:36>> I was in an accident.
00:14:37I was an 18 wheeler driver.
00:14:40And my partner had an accident with me and ejected me into the windshield of the truck.
00:14:49I couldn't turn my head after the accident, and the doctor said I would never walk again.
00:14:55And so you got in touch with me, and yotold me to read so scripture from matthew, and you senta little cup, told me to take thredrops of water.
00:15:06And I prayed and I got up the next morni, and I could move my head!
00:15:11And I could walk!
00:15:13Ani'm still walking!
00:15:14Im still walking!
00:15:17>> Move your haround.
00:15:18>> Movg my hd!
00:15:20and I thank god for healing my body!
00:15:25And I thank this great prophet!
00:15:27This is rebecca.
00:15:28And she's been writing you for about four years.
00:15:30>> Four years.
00:15:31>> And she has received numerous financial divine transfers.
00:15:37She says up to how many?
00:15:39>> Well, $8,000.
00:15:39$1,000, $500.
00:15:40Whatever is in the letter, whatever I need, god gives it to me.aise g.
00:15:45>> What do you think of that >> amen.
00:15:47>> Her son wrote to me and I prayed with him in agreement.
00:15:53And god delivered mom from crack cocaine.
00:15:56Four years clean.
00:15:57>> And another thing.
00:15:58I didnt have to go to no rehab.
00:16:00I stopped overnight, by the grace of god.
00:16:02>> Over night!
00:16:04>> You wrote me and I started praying with you, and you told me everything was going to be okay.
00:16:10And I drank the spring water, I received $1,900.
00:16:16My daughter got a job.
00:16:17I still got my home, im in my home.
00:16:21I was afraid I w going to losmy home.
00:16:24And I just wanted to let you know, youre true man of god.
00:16:27>> I was having panic attacks and things like that.
00:16:30And I wrote the ministry.
00:16:31And corresponding using the faith tools, and god has helped me in so many ways with this ministry.
00:16:36I praise god for it.
00:16:37>> Amen.
00:16:38And god delivered you from the panic attacks.
00:16:39>> He did.
00:16:40He did.
00:16:41If you've been going through a financial, physical, relational or spiritual drought, don't give up!
00:16:46Your drought is about to end,an abundanra is coming!
00:16:50God has given peter popoff a powerful miracle mixture, the same mixture that god used to break the extreme drought that plaed israel!
00:16:58>> Ieclare to you, your drought is going to end as you use your faith!
00:17:02Move in faith!
00:17:04Take the steps of faith to end the drought in your body!
00:17:07Your finances!
00:17:08Your relationships!
00:17:10Cahear that?
00:17:11It's the sound of abunnce.
00:17:13Abundant finances, abundant health, and abundantly satisfying relationships are about to rain down on you as never before.
00:17:22Call the number on your screen to get your very own free packet of miracle xture and end the drought in youlife today!
00:17:3341, israel was in the grips of a tremendous drought.
00:17:41Therwas famine in the land.
00:17:44And the man of god, elijah deared to the king, he said, "get ready".
00:17:50He told his servant to go to ahab.
00:17:52"Tell the king to get read get ready!
00:17:56Because an abundance " I believe the lord sent me to you with this declaration.
00:18:04Your drought is about to end.
00:18:07Abundance is about to rain down on your life.
00:18:11Get ready!
00:18:12Get ready!
00:18:13You know, sometimes you have to get ready before you're blessed.
00:18:16You can't wait until it starts raining to build the ark.
00:18:19You gotta get ready!
00:18:21And some of you can't have waited and waited and waited.
00:18:24You better start getng ready because something is about to happen.
00:18:29I said, something is about to happen.
00:18:31Someing is about to happen in your life!
00:18:35In your situation.
00:18:36Concerning the predicament that's in front of you.
00:18:39Concerning your finances.
00:18:41Something is about to happen.
00:18:44Liz, people are using the miracle mixture and seeing that drought broken!
00:18:50And the testimonies are coming in.
00:18:52>> Can I read this one?
00:18:54>> Go ahead.
00:18:54>> I just have to chuckle.
00:18:55I had a pain in my left side for so number of years now.
00:18:59And through the powe of god, I've been aled.
00:19:02Yohad sent me the miracle water and I was so excited I acdentally opened the velope before I was supposed to.
00:19:09God s healed my side d thank hi for this miracle.
00:19:12>> Well praiseod!
00:19:13You know sometimes- >> so excited.
00:19:15>> So excited.
00:19:17Sometimes the enemy ves you some nagging pain that won't go away, just to wear you down.
00:19:24To drive you to wit's end.
00:19:26But praise god, her drought ended.
00:19:30and d wants your drought to end.
00:19:33Well anyone thas been in pn for a long time knows that they don't think the pain will ever end.
00:19:39>> Oh, that's right!
00:19:40>> And then when it's gone, it must be such a relee.
00:19:44>> Amen.
00:19:45Well, wasn't a slow progression of getting better.
00:19:53She was delivered.
00:19:54You're next!
00:19:56>> If you haven't called for your vy ow amazing miracle mixture, or with ur urgent prayer needs, call now.
00:20:03Stay tuned.
00:20:04In just a few moments, peter and liz will be praying the prayer of faith r you.
00:20:09Now let's go into the crusade from atlanta, georgia.
00:20:14>> You didn't have one operation.
00:20:15You had two opations.
00:20:17Stand up on your feet.
00:20:21Ill tell you, youre going to be amazed to see the strength that is in your body even now.
00:20:25youre going to be able to walk.
00:20:29There you go.
00:20:31just make the l mad.
00:20:35imng to make ♪♪
00:20:41dance a little atgh oh, hallelujah w manyf yoknow the god who created the back, can make the back new?
00:20:56The same god who made it can make it new!
00:21:01Here it comes righnow!
00:21:03In jesus' name!
00:21:05Just move your back around now!
00:21:10Just take ofand a ttleit!amen.
00:21:12Hes going to takoff!
00:21:15( Applause ) oh, glory!
00:21:33Move your back around a little.
00:21:35What happened to the pain?
00:21:36>> Its gone, its gone!
00:21:37>> Its gone?
00:21:38>> Yes, sir.
00:21:38>> You know where went?
00:21:40>> Tiffany is here with her family.
00:21:42And her whole family has been blessed through your ministry.
00:21:44Would you tell everyone here what god has done for you?
00:21:49>> I had taken peter popoff as my prayer partner, and since then, two years ago, my fiance now was in a coma.
00:21:56They said he wasnt going to live.
00:21:58They saihiorgans were failing.
00:22:00I took this miracle spring water and I wiped hibed down.
00:22:03From the top of his head to the bottom of his feet.
00:22:05He came out with nothing wrong.
00:22:08L ov.
00:22:09>> Amen.
00:22:10The doctor said his organs were going to shut down, but god reversed that verdict.
00:22:14How many of you know our god is master of turning situations around?
00:22:20>> This is anita, and last year when we were here, anita was homeless.
00:22:24And you prophesied that she was going to get $,000, and how much did you get?
00:22:29>> $23,000.
00:22:32>> I just want to say thank you, and what you prophesied to me, through god, about my son getting his college funds was correct.
00:22:40It came to pas >> she got the miracle spring water, she put it on her back and her stomach, all the places that hurt.
00:22:47And as soon as she did that, she was instantly healed.
00:22:50But not only her, her son, who's standingver there, her son has gone on and gotten his education, and graduated.
00:23:00And his capacity to learn increased.
00:23:03And she's been blessed in every place she goes.
00:23:07She's got money.
00:23:08She got an increase in her fances.
00:23:12>> Hallelujah!
00:23:14>> And shes not excited is she?
00:23:16>> Give god the glory sister!
00:23:20>> I got a letter from you, through mail, and you told me I was going to receive $7,000.
00:23:25And I believed it, but I just needed the money right away, and I said, "well lord I dont know what to do".
00:23:31Well, about two months ago, I received aheck for $7,000 through the mail.
00:23:37And that was my financial blessing.
00:23:38And I just want to thnakou.
00:23:42>> She wrote you and she didnt know where her next meal was coming from.
00:23:46You told her to get ready to get some unexpected money.
00:23:51And two weeks later, what happened?
00:23:54>> I g $10,000.
00:23:56( Applause ) >> you told me I was going to get $20,000.
00:24:022010, March the 31st, I got $20,000.
00:24:09Plause ) >> I received a letter from him saying that money was looking for me.
00:24:14A week later, a few days later, it was less than a week, I got a phone call from a half sister of mine in arkansas.
00:24:21She said she had been looking for me.
00:24:23We had been in touch sincwe were tiny toddlers.
00:24:26Within a few months I received $236,000.
00:24:31( Plause ) >> well you've seen what god is doing in our meetings.
00:24:35And it's jusabsolutely awese.
00:24:38I have never seen, liz, god move in sh a powerful w.
00:24:43Have you?
00:24:44>> No,t's aming.
00:24:45The people just line up to give their testimony.
00:24:48>> Hour ter hour.
00:24:50Liz, I have to rejoice.