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00:00:00( Applause/ rejoicing/ ♪ ♪ ) listen to this.
00:00:12What happened to the pain?
00:00:14>> Oh, it's gone!
00:00:15>> I've has rheumatoid arthritis from the crown of my head to the sole of my feet.
00:00:19I had to walk along the furniture to go to the bathroom.
00:00:22I had been entombed in my house for four months.
00:00:26You're looking at walking miracle.
00:00:28He said, "if you"- and when I was walking from the bathroom into the room, pastor said, "if you believe the power of prayer that god can heal you," he said, "stretch out your hands, " and he said, "i guarantee you, " I stretched out my hand.
00:00:44The next morning, something happened.
00:00:47I don't walk with a walker nor cane or anything.
00:00:50I have been totally healed.
00:00:51Glory be unto god!
00:00:52( Applause ) god touched me!
00:00:55>> ( Peter rejoicing ) ..
00:00:57Let's- just walk for us.
00:00:59Take about 20- look- look at that.
00:01:01There she goes.
00:01:02( Applause continues ) woman with rheumatoid arthritis healed by the power of god, amen!
00:01:08( Applause ) >> this sister had a 10 pound tumor in her stomach when she called for the miracle spring water.
00:01:13She followed the instructions.
00:01:15She went back to the doctor.
00:01:17They said, the tumor is totally disappeared.
00:01:21>> Yes.
00:01:21>> The favor of god has been all over me since I have been talking to you and following your instructions.
00:01:27I'm just so glad to be here.
00:01:29The doctor said he hadn't seen anymore cancer in my body anywhere, ( applause ) and I'm just so proud to be here.
00:01:36The lord is so worthy!
00:01:38>> Thank you so much!
00:01:39>> You see what god is doing.
00:01:41It's absolutely amazing.
00:01:44Liz, people are being blessed.
00:01:45Would you just read some of the financial testimonies that we've seen.
00:01:49>>Oh, I sure will, ..
00:01:50>> I mean, god has been moving, giving people new cars, new homes at this time when it's so difficult to get a new home.
00:01:57God's people are seeing new homes.
00:01:59You know, we're literally seeing a supernatural wealth transfer.
00:02:02God is moving ..
00:02:06>> Here' somebody from canada: A source paid off one of my loans which was for $800, and at the same time, paid off another loan for about $400.
00:02:17On top of that, I was given a refrigerator and a new stove and a new king-size bed.
00:02:23My home improvement prayers are answered.
00:02:25( Peter rejoicing ) thank you for your prayers and for you taking time with me.
00:02:28>> Praise god!
00:02:29A supernatural source!
00:02:30A heavenly source!
00:02:32You see, god has resources.
00:02:34Expect god's massive intervention at any moment!
00:02:40Yes, you're right on the edge of a miracle!
00:02:42You need to get this powerful faith tool!
00:02:44Use it to see your debts erased!
00:02:49Wiped out!
00:02:50Just like our sister did.
00:02:53>> When i- when you were talking about the vessels, I was thinking about how much faith it takes to have- to ask for more than one vessel- >> that's right.
00:03:03>> -And how- you know, some people will ask for one vessel and hope it is filled, but she went ahead and borrowed a lot of vessels- >> god is- >> -and how god rose to the challenge.
00:03:15>> That's right.
00:03:15God is telling you to think big!
00:03:19>> We serve a big god.
00:03:19>> How many vessels do you have faith for?
00:03:22>> Ooooooh, god wants to do a big miracle -financial miracle in your life.
00:03:30Call the number on your screen.
00:03:32Get the faith tool.
00:03:33Let me rush it to you right now.
00:03:36We're waiting to hear from you.
00:03:38( Applause ) >> how long have you been in pain?
00:03:40>> Oh, for years- for over five years.
00:03:43>> For over five years, she suffered.
00:03:46How many of you believe that's long enough?
00:03:47( Applause ) I'll tell you, the devil has tormented her long enough.
00:03:52We're going to rebuke that spirit.
00:03:54All of the pain is going to be driven from your body right now.
00:03:58Jesus, let this mighty anointing flow through our sister!
00:04:02>> Whoo!
00:04:09>> I'll tell you, that pain went back to the pits of hell where it belongs.
00:04:14>> I'm just going to claim a complete overhaul job for her from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet.
00:04:23Oh, lord, let this mighty anointing flow through her body.
00:04:27[ ♪ ] whoo!
00:04:31( Applause ) lord, let these kidneys be made new!
00:04:34Let this body be made new!
00:04:38>> Jesus!
00:04:40>> Jesus.
00:04:40Just start walking!
00:04:41You can walk now in the name of jesus.
00:04:46Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh- she's going to start running!
00:04:50( Applause ) >> god is going to burn that cancer out of your body, whew!
00:04:57Just a minute, something else is coming to me.
00:04:58Someone watching me right now on television, you got lung cancer also.
00:05:03As I pray for our sister, I'll tell you, this same anointing that's flowing here in hartford, connecticut, whoo!
00:05:09Is going to flow through you!
00:05:11( Applause ) and burn those renegade cells out of your body, amen.
00:05:19>> Oh.
00:05:20I can breath.
00:05:21>> You can breath?
00:05:22>> Yes.
00:05:23No pain >> no pain!
00:05:25I'll tell you, it went back to the pits of hell where it belongs!
00:05:30Lift up your hands and just begin to give god the glory.
00:05:33That's a blow of defeat for the devil.
00:05:35( Applause/ ♪ ♪ ) oh, glory to god!
00:05:42( Peter rejoicing ) ( applause ) [ ♪ ] now, you too can have all of your debt supernaturally erased when you use the miracle spring water and the anointed faith tools peter popoff wants to send you.
00:05:54Reverend popoff's thorough instructions will show you how to use these biblical points of contact to cancel all of your debt completely!
00:06:03>> On that exact date, she got it, over a million dollars!
00:06:06( Applause/gasps ) ..close to $11,000- when you don't have that in your wallet, $11,000 is like $2,000,000 to you!
00:06:17>> Yesterday, I received a letter for over $45,000 and that my second mortgage was paid off.
00:06:22>> In less than a week, not only did she sell her home, but the bank cancelled $120,000 in debt!
00:06:30>> God has blessed me with over $25,000!
00:06:34>> $750,000 Out of debt!
00:06:37>> She owed between chase and sears over $25,000.
00:06:43This week, she got a call, and what did they say?
00:06:47>> I'm debt free!
00:06:48Make the decision today to be financially free!
00:06:51Call the number on your screen, and ask for the miracle spring water and the anointed faith tools.
00:06:57[ ♪ ] >> liz, it is just so phenomenal to see the debts that have been cancelled.
00:07:03>> Isn't wonderful?
00:07:03>> Oh, miraculously!
00:07:06When so many people are drowning in debt- even church people are drowning in debt.
00:07:11They owe for everything- their car, their house- >> well, I know a lot of churches have seminars on how to get out of debt or how to not get in debt in the first place, but I believe that god is just touching people without a seminar, without a class- >> amen.
00:07:27>> He's just telling us how to do it in the bible.
00:07:29>> Amen.
00:07:30And as you use the supernatural faith tool that god's given me, you're going to see your debts erased.
00:07:38Now, it's free.
00:07:39You don't have to pay for this.
00:07:41The phone call is free.
00:07:44I believe that if you'll move in faith, you're going to see supernatural debt cancellation.
00:07:50Read a couple more of these testimonies.
00:07:51>> All right.
00:07:53I prayed and asked god for financial blessing, and you wrote me.
00:07:56You told me I had money coming.
00:07:58Last week, I received a check for $4325 from some land I had sold.
00:08:04You wrote my brother about six months ago and told him he would get a good job.
00:08:09He got the job making $15 an hour, and you wrote my mother and told her, she had money coming, and she got lots of it.
00:08:16>> ( Peter rejoicing ) amen.
00:08:17>> I thank god for you.
00:08:18That's from chicago, illinois.
00:08:20You see, people say, "oh, he just tells people .." when the prophet of god- when the man of god speaks unto the unction of the holy ghost, watch out!
00:08:32Watch out!
00:08:33The word declares in 2 chronicles that lis- it says, "listen to my prophets, " prosper.
00:08:43This is the same god who said, he is- "i am the one who gives you " that's right.
00:08:50Well, god is supernaturally canceling debts, erasing debts, miraculously erasing debts.
00:08:58You have one more, liz?
00:09:00>> I do, from highland, california.
00:09:01Sometime ago in a letter, you told me I would receive a $200 increase a week, but I am receiving $4, 600 a month.
00:09:10Now, I'm able to pay my bills and not be late.
00:09:12>> Well, praise god.
00:09:16Now, here's a woman- is that a woman or a man?
00:09:18>> It's a woman.
00:09:19>> A woman who got a $4,000 a month increase.
00:09:24Wouldn't you like to get that kind of increase- >> I'd like that.
00:09:27> You- you would?
00:09:28( Both laughing ) >> we'll, we're going to believe for you, and as you use the supernatural faith tool, god is going to give you a mighty miracle, and liz, so many thousands have received the miracle spring water.
00:09:40>> I like hearing about that woman that anointed her mailbox.
00:09:44I think that's a- a really great idea.
00:09:47Her mailbox, her purse, her- all the things that needed to be done around the house, she anointed them with the- >> they were all taken care off.
00:09:56>> That's right.
00:09:57>> As she used the holy water, the miracle spring water.
00:10:00We want to send it to you.
00:10:01My bookprosperity thinking, all the secrets of debt cancellation, abundant living, supernatural debt cancellation abundance-living are in this book, prosperity thinking.
00:10:17How much is the book, liz?
00:10:18>> Everything is free, pete.
00:10:19>> It's absolutely free.
00:10:21>> And let me tell you, god is not only anointed us to get you healthy and wealthy, but everything that jesus did on the cross of calvary for you is free.
00:10:33All you need to do is receive it.
00:10:37Open up and receive it.
00:10:39God wants you to receive.
00:10:41Is that true, liz?
00:10:42>> That's true.
00:10:43He wants to come into your heart and into your home and into your life.
00:10:46>> Amen, and if you'll just believe in him and do what he says, you're going to see his blessing upon your life.
00:10:55All right, liz, we're going to pray.
00:10:56We're going to release a prosperity anointing.
00:11:00Just agree with me: Father in heaven, I release this prosperity, debt-canceling anointing right now.
00:11:08Let it flow to your people.
00:11:11Let them witness this mighty, mighty debt-canceling power in their own situation in their own lives, in the mighty and the matchless name of jesus christ of nazareth, I pray, and I thank you for victory.
00:11:29Liz, I have felt that debt-canceling power, that prosperity anoint- whooo!
00:11:37It's flowing.
00:11:38Get ready!
00:11:39I feel it so strongly in my spirit right now.
00:11:44Get ready to see god's massive intervention in your life at any moment.
00:11:51You're on the edge of a miracle.
00:11:53Get ready!
00:11:56>> And in those three years, you have enlightened my heart to so many things- do you hear me- things that you could not ..
00:12:05You have asked me for a $1,000 pledge to your ministry one day.
00:12:10It was three in the morning, ..
00:12:13I called--- I got up at 3 in the morning, walked outside, down to the phone booth, raining cats and dogs this night, 3 am, and I walked, and I pledge and I said, "lord, I don't know where I'm going to get " I only have money to pay my bills.
00:12:28I said, "i'm going to pledge this $1,000, but I only have $50 to send to you now," and two weeks later, I had $100,000 in my account- did you hear me!
00:12:36( Applause ) @ >> hello, I'm dr. todd coontz.
00:14:15I don't know what you are facing today.
00:14:16You could be facing the battle in your life, in your finances, in your family, with your business.
00:14:23It could be with a child that's away from the cross of christ.
00:14:26But I'm so stirred in my spirit today to talk to the gideon's 300.
00:14:31I believe god is getting ready to turn the battle in your favor.
00:14:36The next 30 minutes will be critical to your victory, so get ready because god is getting ready to turn your battle around.
00:14:47>> Remember the lord thy god, for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth.
00:14:55Join us today as todd coontz shows you how to qualify, receive and manage wealth.
00:15:01Information is the difference between poverty and prosperity and between success and failure.
00:15:09Today you will learn the keys essential to unlocking the chains of debt.
00:15:16Rockwealth ministries presents "financial solutions" with todd coontz.
00:15:22>> Hello, I'm dr. todd coontz.
00:15:23I really believe with all of my heart that god has assigned me to what I call the gideon's 300.
00:15:31300 Uncommon men and women, you have been facing an incredible battle in your life.
00:15:38It could be in your finances.
00:15:39Maybe it's in a business.
00:15:41Maybe it's even with your health.
00:15:43Or you have someone that's very close to your heart that has broken your heart because there are -- they are away from the cross of christ.
00:15:52You could be facing some type of litigation.
00:15:55We are in a global crisis today financially.
00:15:57It's been astounding at the amount of lawsuits that attorneys are peddling today.
00:16:03For almost no reason at all.
00:16:05But you could be in that situation.
00:16:06 is breathing down your neck.
00:16:10I don't know what your battle is.
00:16:12Let me say this, too.
00:16:13Many times the battle that you are in is because you have done something.
00:16:18You have caused something.
00:16:19You have made a bad decision.
00:16:20You haven't open b -- obeyed the voice of god.
00:16:24I have done that.
00:16:25I have made bad decisions that have caused my enemies to have the weapons to come against me.
00:16:30So the battle you are in, it doesn't matter whether you caused it or you haven't done anything but tried to do what was right.
00:16:36I'm talking to you today because we're human beings.
00:16:40We make his takes.
00:16:41We fall.
00:16:43We falter.
00:16:44That's why the word of god says there will be a time in our life when even though a thousand will come at us one way, god will scatter our enemies for us.
00:16:547 is a powerful promise.
00:16:57And I'm going to come into a covenant today because I know that the battle that's raging in your life, god is going to give you the victory.
00:17:06Your battle is getting ready to turn.
00:17:08And god has given me a time frame.
00:17:10I believe over the next seven days you're going to see a change in the atmosphere of the warfare of your life.
00:17:16The bible says the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but are mighty through he pulling down of strongholds.
00:17:24Bringing every thought into captivity that rises against the knowledge and the word of god.
00:17:29God is getting ready to give you the victory.
00:17:33Oh, I know you are battle fatigued.
00:17:36I know you are weary.
00:17:37I know you said, god, I don't know what I'm going to do.
00:17:42I know the pain that you have gone through, but god spoke to me a few weeks ago and says tell my people that I see their pain.
00:17:51I see their battle.
00:17:52I see their testing.
00:17:53This is what he said for me to tell you today.
00:17:57He's going to turn your season of testing into a season of divine promotion.
00:18:03God is getting ready to turn the battle around.
00:18:06In your finances, in your family, in your business, in your health, in some type of litigation.
00:18:14Whatever your battle is today, god is getting ready to turn it around.
00:18:21You know, I feel that I am so excited today because I know you've been going through it.
00:18:24And god has assigned me to your life.
00:18:27Make no mistake about it.
00:18:29I'm not called to everyone, but I am called to you today.
00:18:34God spoke to me and said I want you to go into the studio and i want you to -- I'm going to place the words inside of you and I want you to verbally speak them out to gideon's 300.
00:18:46Gideon's 300, the only decision you have to decide today is, are you si tired of being sick and tired?
00:18:55Are you ready to make a decision to move forward, to advance?
00:18:57The bible says that the kingdom ofod suffereth violence, but the violent take it by force.
00:19:04I'm going to come into a divine covenant there with you at your home, your place of business that god is going to turn your battle around.
00:19:12Father, in the name of jesus, I'm speaking to gideon's 300.
00:19:15Lord, you have given me 10 powerful promises to speak over their life.
00:19:19I come into a covenant with you in the name of jesus that the battle is going to turn, that the next 20 minutes will be life-changing and that the words that I speak will be words of life and faith, and that your battle is going to cease.
00:19:31Your enemies will be silenced and god is going to turn it in your favor, in jesus' name, amen and amen.
00:19:38When I come back, I'm going to outline 10 promises of the covenant blessing and I'm going to focus on verse 7 in deuteronomy 28 and god is going to give us the victory.
00:19:51>> Stay tuned.
00:19:53Dr. coontz will be right back.
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00:21:06>> Hello, I'm dr. todd coontz.
00:21:07If you have just tuned in, I'm talk to the gideon's 300.
00:21:11In the next few moments, I'm going to pray for your life again.
00:21:14I really believe god is going to turn the battle in your favor.
00:21:17God spoke to me a few weeks ago and said that he has seen your pain.
00:21:22He has seen what you have been going through.
00:21:23Knows that you are battle weary, that hell has raged against your life.
00:21:29He told me to tell you that he's getting ready to turn your season of testing into a season of divine promotion.
00:21:36Satan is trying, he's attempting to stop what god has authorized.
00:21:40Hell has raged against your life, in your family, your finances, your business, even in your marriage.
00:21:47Even through some type of litigation.
00:21:49Hell has gotten an indication, has gotten a clue that promotion is around the corner.
00:21:55Satan is trying to keep all good things from coming into your life.
00:21:59But I want you to write this down.
00:22:01Battle is the seed for territory.
00:22:05Battle is the seed for territory.
00:22:08Everything in life begins with a seed.
00:22:11The principle of seedtime harvest represents every prim on the earth.
00:22:1828, as long as the earth remains there will be seedtime harvest.
00:22:23And your seed to dominate and to advance and to take territory back is the fact that you are battling.
00:22:29And the fact that you haven't quit means you are on the winning side.
00:22:33The fact that you haven't stopped means you are on the winning side.
00:22:38And I know for the gideon's 300, god gave me a specific word for you that he's getting ready to step into and fight the battle for you.
00:22:47I want to outline today 10 promises of the covenant blessing.
00:22:52I've got an incredible cd.
00:22:54This cd I want to send to the gideon's 300 today.
00:22:58I'm not going to be able to go through all of it, pastor benny hinn, I was with him not long ago taping a program with him in his school of ministry there in california, and he told me.
00:23:08He says, todd, I believe this is the best teaching I have ever heard you teach.
00:23:12And I have spoken for pastor benny a dozen times or more.
00:23:17And I wanted to share it with you today, but it's not comprehensive.
00:23:21I can't go into great detail as the cd outlines it.
00:23:24But I want to move rather quickly through the 10 promises, but I want to focus on one specific promise.
00:23:30And like everything that we receive from god, we receive by the hand of faith.
00:23:366 says without faith, we cannot please god for he that comes to god must believe that he is and that he is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him.
00:23:47Everything that we receive from god comes by faith.
00:23:50One of my greatest discoveries about god and faith is this.
00:23:54God is not moved by my need.
00:23:56He's moved by my faith.
00:23:58And faith simply means confidence.
00:24:01Faith is simply trust.
00:24:03Faith simply means I am going to believe god.
00:24:05I am going to have confidence in god.
00:24:08And there are 10 promises in deuteronomy 28 that is for you and for my life.
00:24:12And if we'll apply them by faith in spite of everything that is happening around us, the battle may be raging around you, but it doesn't have to be inside of you.
00:24:22You can't control what happens around you.
00:24:24But you can control what happens inside of you, internly.
00:24:29Your persuasions, your belief about god and the bible and his word, your belief which is called faith -- faith in god -- will decide the victory in your life.
00:24:40And I am so stirred for the gideon's 300.
00:24:44You know, gideon started out with tens of thousands but god whittled down the army to 300 uncommon men who knew how to fight.
00:24:52And I really believe that the fact that you are still warring against satan means you haven't been defeated.
00:24:57God is getting ready to fight the battle for you.
00:24:59He's going to turn the battle in your favor and he's given me a very specific word for the gideon 300, that season of testing god is going to turn to a season of divine promotion.
00:25:11I really believe you're getting ready to be promoted.
00:25:14I really believe over the next seven days you're going to see a dramatic change in your life.
00:25:20Now, I want to outline the 10 promises and then I'm going to focus on verse 7.
00:25:25And I'm going to pray and come into a covenant with the gideon 300.
00:25:31And I'm specifically going to target my faith to believe god to give me three very detailed, targeted harvests that god wants me to come into a covenant with you.
00:25:43Number one, geographical blessing.
00:25:47Deuteronomy 28 says that the blessing is upon you.
00:25:50Verse 3 says that you are blessed in the city, blessed in the field.
00:25:54No matter where you go, you have to know that it is your covenant right.
00:25:57You are heirs to the father through jesus christ.
00:26:00You are of the lneage of the king of david.
00:26:03You have been grafted into the word of god.
00:26:05You are in covenant with god.
00:26:06And the blessing is upon you.
00:26:09So no matter where you go, the blessing is on you.
00:26:12We see this with abraham a lot.
00:26:14Abraham said there's strife between us.
00:26:16I want us to separate.
00:26:17You go the opposite way and ill go the opposite way.
00:26:21And we know that lot pitched his tent towards sodom and abraham went the exact opposite way.
00:26:27We're still talking about abraham, not lot.
00:26:31Because the blessing was upon abraham.
00:26:33Number two, god says he's going to give you family, heritage and health.
00:26:38Blessed is the fruit of your body.
00:26:39I believe it is your divine right, it is your covenant right, it is your right according to what jesus did at calvary.
00:26:46And he did three things at the cross.
00:26:49Through his blood, number one, he redeemed you from sin.
00:26:53You are not safe from hell because hell was never created for you.
00:26:58You have been redeemed from sin.
00:27:02Jesus' blood washed you whiter than snow, so the first thing that happened at calvary was jesus redeemed you from sin.
00:27:08Number two, he gave you divine healing.
00:27:112 says by his stripes I am healed.
00:27:17Jesus took 39 stripes upon his back so that you and I could walk in divine health and divine healing.
00:27:24It's not god's will for you to be sick.
00:27:27It has never been god's will and it will never be god's will for you to be sick.
00:27:30At the cross, he not only redeemed you from sin and gave you eternal life through jesus and his blood, but he literally gave you divine healing and divine health.
00:27:41And number three, the third thing that jesus did for you at the cross was he purchased and bought your divine increase, ruction that god gave adam and eve in genesis