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00:00:00A powerful point of contact.
00:00:02You can request it.
00:00:03Call the number on your screen- we're waiting to hear from you.
00:00:06Liz is going to read your testimony next!
00:00:09>> I can't wait!
00:00:10>> Amen!
00:00:11>> And you had told me that I was going to get an increase.
00:00:14I called to see what the first check was, and I was looking for about $2,000 to $3,000, but when he told me $18,000, I'm telling you, everything went stupid.
00:00:21( Applause ) >> ( peter rejoicing ) $18,000?
00:00:26>> $18,000!
00:00:27>> I needed a miracle four months ago.
00:00:29I was unemployed.
00:00:31My mother was having a heart surgery in florida.
00:00:33I was out in california.
00:00:34I went from unemployment to an $8,000 a month job.
00:00:39( Applause ) just like that.
00:00:42>> ( Peter popoff ) was that after you use the miracle spring water?
00:00:44>> That's right, ---- >> she wasn't expecting it, but all of the sudden, she got a bag with $20, 000 cash in it.
00:00:54( Applause ) >> ( peter popoff ) sister, were you surprised?
00:00:58>> Absolutely.
00:01:00I was thrown.
00:01:01>> ( Peter popoff ) was this after you use the miracle spring water?
00:01:04>> Yes.
00:01:04>> And you sent her a letter back telling her an exact date and time and specific amount of money she was going to get before december.
00:01:13>> ( Peter popoff ) amen.
00:01:13>> And in october, a check showed up out of the blue for $10,000.
00:01:20( Applause ) >> ( peter popoff ) $10,000 divine transfer.
00:01:23( Applause ) >> --oh, tell him ..
00:01:30Andshe's been telling people ever since corresponding with the ministry: "Don't park in that spot because god's going to give me brand new truck, " and she came in here tonight on her brand new truck.
00:01:40( Applause ) >> ( peter popoff ) ooooooh!
00:01:43>> I called and asked for the miracle spring water, and I drank it, and when I drank it, and I laid hands on the tv, and the next morning, I end up getting a check for $7,000, and when I came back, I got another check, and all together, it was $25,000.
00:01:56( Applause ) >> and you've told her about money she's going to get, and she got her first divine transfer of $25, 000- >> $15,000.
00:02:06>> And then $15,000.
00:02:08( Applause ) ..
00:02:09>> And then $10,000.
00:02:10>> $7,000.
00:02:11>> I used the water for everything, and god just blessed me with over $25, 000 tax free money to pay my mortgage.
00:02:21I paid my car off.
00:02:23Money just start coming from everywhere.
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00:02:45>> -And you know, when god begin to bless you, even though it happens to you, youstillwon't understand what's going on- youstillwon't know how god is doing it- all you know is that you're coming out on top!
00:02:59You don't need to live bound by debt anymore.
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00:03:32>> $138, 000 Irs debt totally cleaned and wiped from my credit report!
00:03:38>> ( Peter popoff ) a $13,000 debt was paid off?
00:03:41>> Yes, it was- in full, and it's paid off of my credit- it's on my credit report- paid in full!
00:03:46Call the number on your screen right now, and let the power of god erase all of your debt, and live debt free once and for all!
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00:03:58[ ♪ ] >>god is supernaturally erasing debt.
00:04:04It is phenomenal to see what god is doing and bringingmoney- money- you know, i- even when I was a young christian, when I read that scripture where jesus says, "i've come that you might have life and have it more " I thought, how can you live an abundant life if you're flat broke.
00:04:22Liz, it takes a little bit of money to live an abundant life, is that right?
00:04:28>> That's right, and you have to have health.
00:04:29>>And you have to have health, but that's why god will put money into your hands supernaturally.
00:04:38Don't ever quit believing that for one second.
00:04:41Don't ever give up hope.
00:04:43>>I've been reading testimonies since 1981- >> that's right.
00:04:48>> Amen.
00:04:48>> And I only read the good ones, and there's hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them.
00:04:53>> Amen.
00:04:53>> Every time we film, I can't even read all the ones that come in.
00:04:57It's just amazing!
00:04:58>> Well, read a couple for us, liz.
00:05:00>> All right, here's one.
00:05:00It's from new jersey- montclair, new jersey: As you know, I've been out of work for a little over a year, and we lost our home.
00:05:07As we were leaving- as we were moving, my attorney called and said that he may be able to help.
00:05:12Ten minutes later, I had all the money to move into my apartment- pay movers, have the phone power and everything actually turned on and was able to sleep in my new apartment that night.
00:05:23How great he is!
00:05:24I praise his name, and thank you for your prayer.
00:05:26It all happened under an hour, completely and so much more abundantly that I can ever hope for.
00:05:32>> Oh, you see, god has solutions, and he will bring you through situations that will absolutely liz--- >> you know what's really sweet about this?
00:05:43He got to sleep through the night in his own apartment.
00:05:46>> Amen.
00:05:47>> You know, it's- when you're under all the stress of debt, you can't sleep- >> that's right.
00:05:53>> You toss and turn, but this person was able to sleep through the night ..
00:05:58>> Liz, another testimony just comes to mind.
00:06:02Another person was losing their home, and just at the last moment, they were able to sell it and make- I believe it was a $40, 000 profit instead of losing their home.
00:06:16God turned it into a $40,000 miracle!
00:06:20>>You know, nobody wants to be a slave to anyone ..
00:06:24>> Amen.
00:06:25>>And who wants to be a slave to the irs- >> amen.
00:06:28>> Or slave sot I di't have income, so you- I did exactly what you told me.
00:06:58The same day, I received enough money to pay all of my bills.
00:07:02( Applause ) ever since then, I've been receiving money every week right on time.
00:07:09>> ( Peter popoff ) ..
00:07:12>> Oh, yes, it does!
00:07:12>> ( Peter popoff ) all her bills paid!
00:07:16Wouldn't you like all your bills paid?
00:07:19>> This woman was two weeks away from losing her home.
00:07:24The bank was calling.
00:07:25They were foreclosing.
00:07:27They were getting ready to put her in the street.
00:07:30She called and got the miracle spring water.
00:07:32She got two miracle checks that not only paid back for her house, but gave her extra money, and she walked onto the car lot and bought a car for cash.
00:07:45( Applause ) >> you told her that within a certain date range, she was going to get some divine transfers, and wait 'til you hear, she started getting checks ..
00:07:57( Congregation laughing ) ( applause ) but if that's not enough- wait a minute.
00:08:04If that's not enough, she actually got check from a lawsuit she forgot about.
00:08:10>> ( Peter laughs ) isn't that just like jesus?
00:08:13( Applause ) >> she's- checks just started coming, and they wouldn't stop, from all over the place.
00:08:17( Applause ) >> ( peter popoff ) money just coming in from everywhere!
00:08:22>> And I was spending it too!
00:08:23>> My husband was like, " he brought the letter to my job that says,"it's foreclosed, " this letter on the door, and I said, "well, I'm not going to worry about anything beyond my control because peter popoff said on august 8th that god said I would not lose my house, so when I called the mortgage company, jones- well, let me see what I can do for you, " and she came back on the phone, and she said, "i got some good news for you.
00:08:50We're not going to put it on the back end of your loan.
00:08:52You don't even owe $4,100, but you're going to start out fresh, " ( applause ) ( crying ) and god just blessed me, and I still got my house, and my financial is just- every day that you gave me, it just came to pass.
00:09:06>> She couldn't work.
00:09:07She called and got the miracle spring water- didn't know what she was going to do.
00:09:12When she got the water, all of her bills have been paid, hasn't had a job, but it gets better than that, she just got ..
00:09:22( Applause ) >> her bills have been behind for several months.
00:09:26She doesn't exactly know how, but after she got the miracle spring water and followed the instructions, all of her billswere caught up.
00:09:34>> --Watch you otelevision.
00:09:35She called.
00:09:36She got the miracle spring water.
00:09:38She had a credit card debt ..
00:09:41After she got the water, the credit card debt was completely wiped free.
00:09:46( Applause ) >> ( peter popoff ) supernaturally!
00:09:50>> I'm a single mom on disability, and I had no idea where that was coming from.
00:09:55The following week, it- it just was paid.
00:09:59I got a phone call saying "it was paid"!
00:10:02It was paid!
00:10:03>> ( Peter popoff ) did you use the miracle spring water?
00:10:05>> I used the miracle spring water, and it was- it was paid!
00:10:09[ ♪ ] are you ready to be