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00:00:00Mom: I loved it.
00:00:01Now, who wants some snacks?
00:00:03Phineas: Thanks, mom.
00:00:04Honey, close your mouth.
00:02:04Man on radio:THIS IS STINKY DOG COMING TO You on the hottest dayof the summer.
00:02:07So, unless you liveat the beach, I say take it easyand do nothing today.
00:02:11Yup, just find yourself a shady tree and maybe an aquatic mammal of some sort and blow the whole day off.
00:02:16 if we let a little heat stop us from having the best day ever, then the morning deejays win.
00:02:22Whew! boy, it's hot today.
00:02:24So what are you up to?
00:02:25We're making our own beach right here in the backyard.
00:02:28Oh, how cute.
00:02:29Well, I'm off for my spa day.
00:02:31Boys behave yourselves and don't bother your father.
00:02:33He'sinally cleaning out the basement.
00:02:35Bye, mom! yes!
00:02:37You heard her--we can't bug dad, ..
00:02:41By default.
00:02:45Carry on.
00:02:47We're going to need more sand.
00:02:58 lawn gnomes across the tri-state area are disappearing, leaving thousands of gardens unprotected from the evils of black magic.
00:03:06We suspect doofenshmirtz.
00:03:08Get right on it!
00:03:08Aren't you a little young to be a landscape contractor?
00:03:12Yes. yes, I am.
00:03:13Girl: Hi, phineas.
00:03:14Oh, hey, isabella.
00:03:15What you doin'?
00:03:16Building a beach.
00:03:18Check it out.
00:03:21Can me and the other fireside girls be lifeguards?
00:03:23We need to earn our aquatic safety badges.
00:03:26I mean, I've been a friend of susie's longer than katie, so I should have been invited to that party first.
00:03:32I don't care if they're lab partners.
00:03:34We're locker neighbors, and ckereighbo trumps lab partners any day.
00:03:37[Gasps] sorry, sissy. got to go!
00:03:40Welcome to our beach.
00:03:42Ha! you call that a beach?
00:03:44This is way below your usual standard.
00:03:47This isn't even worth a call to mom.
00:03:49You know, if you guys ever want to be popular, you're going to have to stop playing in sandboxes.
00:03:57[Girls laughing] [hawaiian music playing] so, candace, what do you think?
00:04:02That's it! I'm calling mom.
00:04:06Girl: Hey, candace.
00:04:07Jenny? stacy?
00:04:08You never told us you had a beach in your backyard.
00:04:10You're going to be the most popular girl in the neighborhood.
00:04:12 I just saw jeremy and his buddies with their surfboards.
00:04:16Jeremy's here?
00:04:17Got to go!
00:04:19♪♪ Perry ♪♪
00:04:21[doofenshmirtz laughing] oh, yes. yes!
00:04:23Just look at my bounty of gnome riches.
00:04:27Oh, this is a strange one.
00:04:29Wait! oh, no!
00:04:32A platypus?
00:04:34Perry the platypus!
00:04:35You are mine now!
00:04:39Oh, no, wait, wait, wait-- that was the garage door opener.
00:04:42You are mine now!
00:04:45And that was the tv remote.
00:04:46I've got to start labeling these things.
00:04:49Aha! you are mine now!
00:04:52[Doofenshmirtz laughing] finally, I will rid myself of you.
00:04:57First, turn youattentn to theiant screen and-- ..maybe I need to turn the cable on first?
00:05:08Let's get this beach party started!
00:05:10♪♪ Well, we wake up early ♪♪
00:05:12♪♪ and wax our surfboards down ♪♪
00:05:14♪♪ we'll hit the beach, yeah, we'll hit the beach ♪♪
00:05:17♪♪ throw our board shorts on ♪♪
00:05:19♪♪ and head for surfin' town ♪♪
00:05:21hey, look! I can see our house from up here.
00:05:33 [groaning] All: ♪♪ How low can you go, how low can you go ♪♪
00:05:45So that's how low you can go.
00:05:46They've been asking that question for generations.
00:05:49What? what's everybody looking at?
00:05:51For winning the limbo contest, queen wahini of the beach.
00:05:57All hail queen wahini!
00:06:00[Gasps] I can't believe it.
00:06:04♪♪ Listen up, people on the beach ♪♪
00:06:06♪♪ phineas and ferb on a backyard beach ♪♪
00:06:09♪♪ every morning, phineas, he gonna say ♪♪
00:06:12 ♪♪
00:06:14♪♪ now, you see we're having fun ♪♪
00:06:15♪♪ playing under the sun ♪♪
00:06:16♪♪ and get in line, get in line ♪♪
00:06:17♪♪ 'cause the wet ski's running ♪♪
00:06:19♪♪ a backyard beach, a backyard beach ♪♪
00:06:21♪♪ nothing's out of reach ♪♪
00:06:23♪♪ we got a backyard beach ♪♪
00:06:24♪♪ you can change in the broken hut ♪♪
00:06:26♪♪ drink out of a coconut ♪♪
00:06:27♪♪ 3 games for a token ♪♪
00:06:28♪♪ but the rest is free ♪♪
00:06:29♪♪ we got ski and parasailin' ♪♪
00:06:30♪♪ surfin' and a-flailin' ♪♪
00:06:32♪♪ your contacts need saline, or else you can't see ♪♪
00:06:34♪♪ we got a backyard beach ♪♪
00:06:35♪♪ a backyard beach ♪♪
00:06:37♪♪ nothing's out of reach ♪♪
00:06:38♪♪ we got a backyard beach ♪♪
00:06:39♪♪ we got a backyard beach ♪♪
00:06:41♪♪ a backyard beach ♪♪
00:06:41♪♪ don't fall into the breach ♪♪
00:06:43♪♪ got a backyard beach ♪♪
00:06:45I've never been happier in my entire life.
00:06:50Something is very wrong.
00:06:51Not a single call from candace, not even a text message.
00:06:55Olga, hose me down. I'm going home.
00:06:57Ok, I think I finally got the right one.
00:06:59Now, perry the platypus, you will finally understand ..
00:07:06Back in gimelstob in the days of my youth, the doofenshmirtz's were a proud family.
00:07:12But those were lean times for my father, and our beloved lawn gnome was repossessed.
00:07:17Who will protect our zatzenfruit garden from witch's spells and wood trolls?
00:07:21From a tender age, my father decided that it would be me.
00:07:25[Dad speakingforeign language] while the other children played kick the shtupa and ate dunkelberries, I would stand for hours.
00:07:33[Dad speaking foreign language] all through the cold night, .. [dog howling] ..
00:07:41And my neighbor kenny.
00:07:42[Dad speaking foreign language] and since my lawn gnome was taken away from me, I will destroy every lawn gnome in the entire tri-state area!
00:07:54Behold the destructinator!
00:07:57And now, perry the platypus, to activate my creation.
00:08:06Surf contest!
00:08:08Out of my way, jennabelle.
00:08:10Hello, buford. perhaps you missed the sign.
00:08:12Buford: "No bullying, no yodelling"?
00:08:13[Austrian accent] I don't like this any more than you do.
00:08:16Announcer: First up in the surf contest is bobby nelson.
00:08:18Oh, and nelson eats it on a 5-f a curl.
00:08:22And here comes buford von stomp. oh!
00:08:25He pummels brown with a philadelphia traffic stop.
00:08:27And now he's got him in a half nelson.
00:08:29 and now he's actually beating him with bobby nelson!
00:08:33Here's the scores from our judges, and buford doesn't like it one bit.
00:08:37Next up , and it's great to see a young surfer show such confidence.
00:08:41Uh-oh! what's this?
00:08:42Oh, those kids today and their holographic projections.
00:08:45He's in the pipeline. now he's hanging 10.
00:08:48He's hanging 20! he's hanging 32!
00:08:50Now he's just hanging! the crowd loves it.
00:08:53I don't think there's a name for that.
00:08:54The crowd is doing the wave, and phineas is surfing it!
00:08:58Let's go to the judges.
00:09:0010 To the fifth power, infinity, and oh!
00:09:03It seems phineas flynn's radical surfing has made judge number 3 rethink einstein's theory of relativity.
00:09:09Cowabunga, laws of nature!
00:09:13So, are you having fun?
00:09:15[Slow music playing] ♪♪ girl ♪♪
00:09:20♪♪ the moment has arrived ♪♪ [giggles] [cell phone rings] just one second.
00:09:29Um, candace? is everything ok?
00:09:32Oh, everything is just wonderfu ..phineas and ferb?
00:09:38What are they doing?
00:09:39Oh, such wonderful things.
00:09:42Candace, honey, I'm coming home.
00:09:47Mom: I'm right around the corner.
00:09:48I'll be there in 2 minutes.
00:09:49No, wait! no, mom! you can't!
00:09:51Oh, wait, wait. stay right there.
00:09:54Got to stop her. oh, no, no, no, no, no!
00:09:56 don't come in.
00:10:11Is that a volcano?
00:10:19Boy: Run for your lives!
00:10:20It's gnome-ageddon!
00:10:22Second boy:!
00:10:25Candace, tell me the truth.
00:10:27What is going on here?
00:10:28[Sighs] phineas and ferb built a beach in the backyard, just like they said they were going to.
00:10:31But instead of just a cute little beach in their sandbox, it turned out to be this absolutely huge beach, with a coastline and palm trees and a pier and hula dancers and water skiers and tiki huts and dolphins and dancing and surfing, and everybody from the neighborhood showed up.
00:10:52Candace: And then I was just about to share a smoothie with jeremy when a coconut dropped on my head and-- and just for moment, it seemed that the wily buford would steal away the coveted surfing trophy from under the noses ofs.
00:11:07Candace: But I can only continue my benign reign and spread love, happiness, and ultimate popularity throughout my kingdom if you would just let me have my moment.
00:11:17[Water draining] oh, there you are, perry.
00:11:23[Chattering] well, everybody, looks like that's all for today.
00:11:27All: Phineas and ferb! phineas and ferb!
00:11:31Phineas and ferb!
00:11:33If you don't believe me, go see for yourself.
00:11:36That was great.
00:11:36Mom: Hey, boys. hey, mom.
00:11:38So, how was your day at the beach?
00:11:40Candace: Wait, wait! my kingdom!
00:11:42My jeremy! it was all so beautiful!
00:11:48Candace, honey, I think it's time to get you out of the sun for a little while.
00:11:52I think she had fun.
00:11:54♪♪ If summer only lasted one day ♪♪
00:11:58♪♪ summer only lasted a day ♪♪
00:12:02Man on radio: Stinky dog here with a special shout-out to my 2 new pals phineas and ferb, for hosting a beach party that was hot, hot, hot!
00:12:09And speaking of hot, slather on the sunscreen, listeners, 'cause tomorrow's weather calls for another scorcher.
00:12:14Ferb: With a slight chance of scattered lawn gnomes.
00:14:00♪♪ He's a semi-aquatic ♪♪
00:14:01♪♪ egg-layingmammal of action ♪♪
00:14:04♪♪ he's a furrylittle flatfoot ♪♪
00:14:06♪♪ who'll neverflinch from a fray ♪♪
00:14:09♪♪ he's got morethan just mad skill ♪♪
00:14:12♪♪ he's got a beaver tailand a bill ♪♪
00:14:15♪♪ and the women swoon ♪♪
00:14:17♪♪ whenever theyhear him say ♪♪
00:14:19[chattering] [all sigh] ♪♪
00:14:23 ♪♪
00:14:25captioning made possible bydisney abc cable networks group cody, you're smart.
00:18:17I have a question about outer space.
00:18:22It's up there.
00:18:23So what are they wearing in space this season?
00:18:26Well, since space is -270°, they tend to go with a neoprene-coated nylon combination of gore-tex, kevlar and nomex.
00:18:34Does that come in a skirt?
00:18:39Sure, if you don't mind exploding.
00:18:43Why the sudden interest in space?
00:18:45Daddy's having the grand opening of his new space station and he's making me go.
00:18:48There's not even a red carpet.
00:18:52Just this tube.
00:18:53- You're going to tipton 1?
00:18:53- Mm-hmm.
00:18:56Going into space has always been my life's dream.
00:18:59I thought your dream was making the world's biggestcreme brulee.
00:19:03That's my baking dream.
00:19:03This is my scientific dream.
00:19:08You know, daddy did say I could bring a friend.
00:19:11London, it would be an honor to accompany you into the vast unknown.
00:19:17Wait, I wanna go to the vast unknown too.
00:19:19I wanna eat space food.
00:19:22It's just freeze-dried regular food.
00:19:25Cool. take me.
00:19:28No, take me.
00:19:28We've been friends for years.
00:19:30I've helped you through schoolwork, boyfriend troubles.
00:19:32I let you dress me up like a girl on your webisode.
00:19:35We played